U+2161, Ⅱ

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II (upper case Roman numeral, lower case ii)

  1. two (2)
  2. Second, especially in the names of monarchs or popes the second.
  3. (inorganic chemistry) Specifying an oxidation state of 2
  4. (spectroscopy) Describing an atom that has lost one electron
    He IIsingly ionized helium

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II (plural IIs)

  1. (Hong Kong) Initialism of illegal immigrant.
    • 1987 April 11, Jim Mann, “Border Net Porous : Hong Kong: Old Magnet for Chinese”, in Los Angeles Times[1]:
      “When I came here eight years ago, it was easy to spot an II (illegal immigrant),” one British official here said. “They came across in dark navy clothes. Now, they come in designer T-shirts and Levis, and it’s hard to tell them from residents of Hong Kong.”
    • 1995 February 22, parliamentary debates (Hong Kong Legislative Council)‎[2], page 2228:
      Hong Kong can also follow the international trend of phasing out the rule that a child born by an II will automatically be granted citizenship of the place where he or she is born, in order to eradicate the problems of stowaways and II children.
    • 1999 March 2, “Truck Driver Arrested for Arranging IIs to Hong Kong”, in (Please provide the book title or journal name)[3]:
      The spokesman urged the Mainlanders not to put their lives at risk because hiding underneath a goods vehicle is very dangerous. He also reiterated that all IIs caught will be repatriated immediately, and their aidors and abettors prosecuted accordingly.
    • 2000 January 18, parliamentary debates (Hong Kong Legislative Council)‎[4], page 5:
      Conveying a wrong message that an II could not be repatriated once he succeeded in seeking legal aid for court proceedings on his ROA claim might result in a massive influx of IIs and large number of overstayers.
    • 2002 December, David Poon, “Ting Kok: a conservation issue”, in Porcupine[5], page 19:
      When there is sudden rustling of grasses and the weather is calm, you may guess that there must be something moving in the grass patch but ...What is it? A bird? A dog? An II (Illegal Immigrant)? Or a porcupine?

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Initialism of English illegal immigrant.

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  1. (Hong Kong Cantonese) illegal immigrant