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Welcome to Wiktionary's Translations of the week! Each week, we hope to add new translations to a handful of words or phrases. These can be common words that are lacking in translations, or peculiar terms that can be seen as translation pitfalls. If you're looking for a place to start with translations, try Wiktionary:Translations to be checked or Wiktionary:Translation requests.

To nominate an entry as a future translation of the week, add {{TOW}} to the page and it will be added to Category:TOW nominations. Make sure it has decent formatting and definitions, though. Keep also in mind that, while virtually every word is currently a good TOW candidate, those with many "translations to be checked" should have priority now. The idea is to get rid of these sections as quickly as possible, and the TOW might help with that.

Upon updating, The new TOW should be published in Wikipedia's language Reference Desk and Meta:Babylon

Current translations of the week edit

Click on a word and start translating it into any languages that you are sure of. Please take into account Wiktionary's formatting rules and translations practices. The English Wiktionary precedes each translation with its full language name rather than an ISO language code template (but we do use other templates, including {{trans-top}}, {{t}}, and {{m|f}}). Please do not copy translations from translating dictionaries (whether print dictionaries or online), as this could be seen as constituting copyright violation. The TOWs are updated every Sunday at 00:00 UTC. This is week 48. (edit)

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Upcoming translations of the week edit

Please remember to pull from Template talk:TOW about a month at a time, and strikeout the ones that have been done.
Perhaps add a new section to Tea room for each week, summarizing the previous week's success?
Also remember to clear out Special:Whatlinkshere/Template:treq, a redundant approach.
Occasionally check also Special:Mostcategories.