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U+307D, ぽ
Composition: [U+307B] + ◌゚ [U+309A]


Japanese edit

Stroke order

Pronunciation edit

Etymology 1 edit

The hiragana character (ho) with a handakuten ().

Syllable edit


  1. The hiragana syllable (po). Its equivalent in katakana is (po).
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Etymology 2 edit

See っぽい (-ppoi).

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Suffix edit


  1. (informal, slang) Alternative form of っぽい, -like
    • 2016, りんな [1]
      Tsuikin shiyō ka to omotta kedo, yappa tsuikin muripo \(^o^)/
      Tried to ban myself from Twitter… nope 🙃
    • 2015 June 12, 1mm[2], archived from the original on 27 September 2020:
      “Mō muri-po” shigoto, ren'ai, ningenkankei de ochikonda toki ni tsukaeru jū no taishohō
      10 techniques to use when you’re feeling “Dang, it’s nearly impossible” about work, love, or relationships