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U+3089, ら


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Stroke order

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Etymology 1 Edit

Derived in the Heian period from writing the man'yōgana kanji in the cursive sōsho style.

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  1. The hiragana syllable (ra). Its equivalent in katakana is (ra). It is the thirty-ninth syllable in the gojūon order; its position is (ra-gyō a-dan, row ra, section a).
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Etymology 2 Edit

From Old Japanese. Verb conjugation ending.

Suffix Edit


  1. (colloquial) imperfective form of the suffix .

Etymology 3 Edit

For pronunciation and definitions of – see the following entry.
[suffix] pluralizer
[suffix] qualifier, softener: around abouts
(This term, , is the hiragana spelling of the above term.)
For a list of all kanji read as , see Category:Japanese kanji read as ら.)