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Etymology 1Edit

The hiragana character (ta) with a dakuten ().


(romaji da)

  1. The hiragana syllable (da). Its equivalent in katakana is (da).
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Etymology 2Edit

  • Forms beginning with だ or で: Contraction of である (de aru).
  • Forms beginning with な: From classical Japanese なり, whence Modern Japanese (na-inflection ending).


(intransitive, rōmaji da)

  1. Used when a sentence has a nominal as its predicate, usually but not always equal to the English verb "to be".
     () (ぶつ) (しょう) (どく)
    Obutsu wa shōdoku da.
    The filth should be disinfected.
    Okawari da.
    (Of a second helping) one more please.
     (ふゆ) (やす)みは明日 (あした)から
    Fuyu yasumi wa ashita kara da.
    Winter vacation is from tomorrow. (Winter vacation starts from tomorrow.)
Usage notesEdit
  • である (de aru)
  • (ya) (Kansai dialect)
  • じゃ (ja) (Some western dialects. Also used in archaic speech in fictional characters)
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