Uncertain. Perhaps from extension of Old Khmer sgāla, sgãla, sgal(to know, be acquainted or familiar with), corresponding to Modern Khmer ស្គាល់(skéal).

Compare Modern Khmer សំគាល់(sâmkéal), សម្គាល់(sâmkéal, to notice, to take note of; to distinguish, to recognise; mark, sign; etc).

Reborrowed by Modern Khmer as សំខាន់(sâmkhan, important; excellent, magnificent; remarkable; exemplary, model; etc).

Compare also Lao ສຳຄັນ(sam khan).


Orthographic สำคัญ
s å g ạ ɲ
Phonemic สำ-คัน
s å – g ạ n
Paiboon sǎm-kan
(Bangkok) IPA(key) /säm˩˩˦.kʰän˧/


สำคัญ (sǎm-kan) (abstract noun ความสำคัญ)

  1. distinct; notable; noteworthy; special; remarkable.
  2. chief, key, main, principal; important, significant; first, major, prime.
  3. precious; valuable.

Derived termsEdit


สำคัญ (sǎm-kan)

  1. distinction; mark; sign.


สำคัญ (sǎm-kan) (abstract noun การสำคัญ)

  1. to believe, consider, think, or understand, especially groundlessly or incorrectly.
  2. to matter; to signify; to be of importance.
  3. (used negatively or sarcastically) to regard or view as important; to hold in high esteem.
    • อย่าสำคัญตัว  ―  yàa sǎm-kan dtuua  ―  Don't think too much of yourself!
    • เลิกสำคัญตัว  ―  lə̂ək sǎm-kan dtuua  ―  Get over yourself! — (literally) Quit thinking too much of yourself!

Derived termsEdit