See also: 聪明 and 聡明

Chinese edit

quick at hearing; wise; clever
quick at hearing; wise; clever; sharp-witted; intelligent; acute
clear; bright; to understand
clear; bright; to understand; next; the Ming dynasty
trad. (聰明)
simp. (聪明)

Pronunciation edit

Adjective edit


  1. clever; intelligent; smart; bright
    聰明聪明  ―  Tā shēng de hěn cōngmíng.  ―  He is very smart.
  2. (archaic, of hearing and vision) sharp; keen; perceptive

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Sino-Xenic (聰明):

Japanese edit

Kanji in this term
Grade: 2

Etymology 1 edit

Adjective edit

(そう)(めい) (sōmei-na (adnominal (そう)(めい) (sōmei na), adverbial (そう)(めい) (sōmei ni))

  1. wise
Inflection edit

Noun edit

(そう)(めい) (sōmei

  1. intelligence

Proper noun edit

(そう)(めい) (Sōmei

  1. a male given name

Etymology 2 edit

Proper noun edit

聰明(としあき) (Toshiaki

  1. a male given name

Korean edit

Hanja in this term

Noun edit

聰明 (chongmyeong) (hangeul 총명)

  1. Hanja form? of 총명 (intelligence).

Vietnamese edit

chữ Hán Nôm in this term

Adjective edit


  1. chữ Hán form of thông minh (clever, intelligent, smart).