Latin edit

Adverb edit

aliquā (not comparable)

  1. somehow
  2. to some extent

Related terms edit

Pronoun edit


  1. inflection of aliquis:
    1. feminine nominative singular
    2. neuter nominative/accusative plural

Pronoun edit


  1. feminine ablative singular of aliquis

References edit

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    • (ambiguous) Gaul is bounded by the Rhone.[TR1: Gallia Rhodano continetur (vid. sect. V. 4., note contineri aliqua re...)
    • (ambiguous) to pass one's time in doing something: tempus consumere in aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) to waste time on something: tempus terere, conterere (in) aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) to make oneself conspicuous: conspici, conspicuum esse aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) to feast one's eyes with the sight of..: oculos pascere aliqua re (also simply pasci aliqua re)
    • (ambiguous) to turn one's gaze away from an object: oculos deicere, removere ab aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) to begin with a thing: initium capere; incipere ab aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) the motive, cause, is to be found in..: causa posita est in aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) the motive, cause, is to be found in..: causa repetenda est ab aliqua re (not quaerenda)
    • (ambiguous) to originate in, arise from: ex aliqua re nasci, manare
    • (ambiguous) to originate in, arise from: ab aliqua re proficisci
    • (ambiguous) to accrue in great abundance: ex aliqua re redundare (in or ad aliquid)
    • (ambiguous) untold advantages arise from a thing: utilitas efflorescit ex aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) to a certain extent: aliqua ex parte
    • (ambiguous) to depend upon a thing: positum, situm esse in aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) to depend upon a thing: contineri aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) to depend upon a thing: consistere in aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) to depend upon a thing: pendēre ex aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) to be composed of; to consist of: constare ex aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) it is evident from..: cernitur (in) aliqua re (not ex aliqua re)
    • (ambiguous) to be induced by a consideration: adduci aliqua re (ad aliquid or ut...)
    • (ambiguous) his crowning happiness is produced by a thing; the culminating point of his felicity is..: ad felicitatem (magnus) cumulus accedit ex aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) to comfort a man in a matter; to condole with him: consolari aliquem de aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) to derive (great) profit , advantage from a thing: fructum (uberrimum) capere, percipere, consequi ex aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) to balance a loss by anything: damnum compensare cum aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) to find favour with some one; to get into their good graces: benevolentiam, favorem, voluntatem alicuius sibi conciliare or colligere (ex aliqua re)
    • (ambiguous) to show gratitude (in one's acts): gratiam alicui referre (meritam, debitam) pro aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) to thank a person (in words): gratias alicui agere pro aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) to expostulate with a person about a thing: conqueri, expostulare cum aliquo de aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) to inform a person: certiorem facere aliquem (alicuius rei or de aliqua re)
    • (ambiguous) to mention a thing: mentionem facere alicuius rei or de aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) to mention a thing incidentally, casually: mentionem inicere de aliqua re or Acc. c. Inf.
    • (ambiguous) to exert oneself very energetically in a matter: multum operae ac laboris consumere in aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) to apply oneself zealously, diligently to a thing: studium, industriam (not diligentiam) collocare, ponere in aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) to exert oneself very considerably in a matter: desudare et elaborare in aliqua re (De Senect. 11. 38)
    • (ambiguous) to strain every nerve, do one's utmost in a matter: omnes nervos in aliqua re contendere
    • (ambiguous) to be engaged upon a matter: occupatum esse in aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) to spend one's leisure hours on an object: otiosum tempus consumere in aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) to derive pleasure from a thing: voluptatem ex aliqua re capere or percipere
    • (ambiguous) to recruit oneself, seek relaxation: animum relaxare, reficere, recreare or simply se reficere, se recreare, refici, recreari (ex aliqua re)
    • (ambiguous) to draw away some one's attention from a thing: alicuius animum ab aliqua re abducere
    • (ambiguous) to fix all one's thoughts on an object: mentem in aliqua re defigere
    • (ambiguous) to infer by comparison, judge one thing by another: coniecturam alicuius rei facere or capere ex aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) to form a plan, make a resolution: consilium capere, inire (de aliqua re, with Gen. gerund., with Inf., more rarely ut)
    • (ambiguous) to be deterred from one's intention by something: a consilio deterreri aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) to deliberate together (of a number of people): consilium habere (de aliqua re)
    • (ambiguous) to deliberate, consider (of individuals): consultare or deliberare (de aliqua re)
    • (ambiguous) to win renown amongst posterity by some act: nomen suum posteritati aliqua re commendare, propagare, prodere
    • (ambiguous) to have had great experience in a thing: magnum usum in aliqua re habere
    • (ambiguous) to make progress in a subject: in aliqua re progressus facere, proficere, progredi
    • (ambiguous) to obtain a result in something: aliquid efficere, consequi in aliqua re (De Or. 1. 33. 152)
    • (ambiguous) to give advice, directions, about a matter: praecepta dare, tradere de aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) to teac: tradere (aliquid de aliqua re)
    • (ambiguous) to be closely connected with a thing: cohaerere, coniunctum esse cum aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) to derive an argument from a thing: argumentum ducere, sumere ex aliqua re or petere ab aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) to draw a conclusion from a thing: concludere, colligere, efficere, cogere ex aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) to discuss, investigate a subject scientifically: disputare (de aliqua re, ad aliquid)
    • (ambiguous) to insist on a point: tenere aliquid; stare in aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) a twofold tradition prevails on this subject: duplex est memoria de aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) to give an account of a thing (either orally or in writing): exponere aliquid or de aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) to go deeply into a matter, discuss it fully: multum, nimium esse (in aliqua re) (De Or. 2. 4. 17)
    • (ambiguous) to speak at great length on a subject, discuss very fully: fusius, uberius, copiosius disputare, dicere de aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) to go a long way back (in narrative): longe, alte (longius, altius) repetere (either absolute or ab aliqua re)
    • (ambiguous) to speak on a subject: verba facere (de aliqua re, apud aliquem)
    • (ambiguous) to be used in speaking of a thing: in aliqua re dici
    • (ambiguous) to be moved by a thing: aliqua re moveri, commoveri
    • (ambiguous) to take pleasure in a thing: laetitiam capere or percipere ex aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) to take pleasure in a thing: delectari aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) I am pained, vexed, sorry: doleo aliquid, aliqua re, de and ex aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) to be vexed about a thing: dolorem capere (percipere) ex aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) not to trouble oneself about a thing: non laborare de aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) to feel sorrow about a thing: luctum percipere ex aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) to be proud, arrogant by reason of something: inflatum, elatum esse aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) to put confidence in some one: confidere alicui (but aliqua re)
    • (ambiguous) to be answerable for a person, a thing: praestare aliquem, aliquid, de aliqua re or Acc. c. Inf.
    • (ambiguous) to incur a person's hatred: invidiam colligere (aliqua re)
    • (ambiguous) to glut one's hatred: odium explere aliqua re (Liv. 4. 32)
    • (ambiguous) to revenge oneself on another for a thing or on some one's behalf: ulcisci aliquem pro aliquo or pro aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) to be carried away by something: praecipitem ferri aliqua re (Verr. 5. 46. 121)
    • (ambiguous) to feel hurt by something: offendi aliqua re (animus offenditur)
    • (ambiguous) to take a false step in a thing; to commit an indiscretion: offendere in aliqua re (Cluent. 36. 98)
    • (ambiguous) to have an inclination for a thing: propensum, proclivem esse ad aliquid (opp. alienum, aversum esse, abhorrere ab aliqua re)
    • (ambiguous) to measure something by the standard of something else; to make something one's criterion: metiri, ponderare, aestimare, iudicare aliquid (ex) aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) to show moderation in a matter: moderationem, modum adhibere in aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) to earn a livelihood by something: victum aliqua re quaerere
    • (ambiguous) to turn the conversation on to a certain subject: sermonem inferre de aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) the conversation turned on..: sermo incidit de aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) the conversation began with..: sermo ortus est ab aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) to converse, talk with a person on a subject: sermonem habere cum aliquo de aliqua re (De Am. 1. 3)
    • (ambiguous) to congratulate a person on something: gratulari alicui aliquid or de aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) accustomed to a thing: assuefactus or assuetus aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) to transact, settle a matter with some one: transigere aliquid (de aliqua re) cum aliquo or inter se
    • (ambiguous) to devote money to a purpose: pecuniam insumere in aliquid or consumere in aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) to put money in an undertaking: pecuniam collocare in aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) to have a large income from a thing (e.g. from mines): magnas pecunias ex aliqua re (e.g. ex metallis) facere
    • (ambiguous) to demand an account, an audit of a matter: rationem ab aliquo reptere de aliqua re (Cluent. 37. 104)
    • (ambiguous) to make profit out of a thing: lucrum facere (opp. damnum facere) ex aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) to strive to gain popular favour by certain means: ventum popularem quendam (in aliqua re) quaerere
    • (ambiguous) to establish oneself as despot, tyrant by some means: tyrannidem sibi parere aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) to obtain many (few) votes in a century or tribe: multa (pauca) puncta in centuria (tribu) aliqua ferre
    • (ambiguous) to appeal to the plebeian tribunes against a praetor's decision: appellare tribunos plebis (in aliqua re a praetore) (Liv. 2. 55)
    • (ambiguous) to consult the senators on a matter: patres (senatum) consulere de aliqua re (Sall. Iug. 28)
    • (ambiguous) to hold an inquiry into a matter: quaerere aliquid or de aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) to examine a person, a matter: quaestionem habere de aliquo, de aliqua re or in aliquem
    • (ambiguous) to catch a person, find him out: deprehendere aliquem (in aliqua re)
    • (ambiguous) to decide on the conduct of the case: iudicare causam (de aliqua re)
    • (ambiguous) to punish some one: ulcisci aliquem (pro aliqua re)
    • (ambiguous) to atone for something by..: luere aliquid aliqua re (De Sen. 20)
    • (ambiguous) this can be said of..., applies to..: hoc dici potest de aliqua re