Latin edit

Etymology edit

From hīc. See also hūc.

Pronunciation edit

Adverb edit

hinc (not comparable)

  1. hence, from this place.
  2. henceforth.
  3. from this side, on this side, here
    Synonym: citrā
    Antonyms: ultrā, ultrō
  4. because of this, from this cause.
    Synonyms: , ideō
  5. next, afterwards

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References edit

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    • hence these tears; there's the rub: hinc illae lacrimae (proverb.) (Ter. And. 1. 1. 99; Cael. 25. 61)
    • it follows from this that..: ex quo, unde, hinc efficitur ut
    • the conversation began in this way: hinc sermo ductus est

Middle Dutch edit

Verb edit


  1. first/third-person singular past indicative of hangen

Middle English edit

Pronoun edit


  1. Alternative form of inc