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entry short definition tag languages present to be recovered
da that tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
да that tag Serbian
dabar beaver Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
дабар beaver Serbian
dagnja mussel
дагња mussel
dah breath
дах breath
daidža uncle (mother’s brother) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
даиџа uncle (mother’s brother) Serbian
dakako of course, surely, certainly
дакако of course, surely, certainly
dakle thus, therefore Croatian
дакле thus, therefore
daktil dactyl
дактил dactyl
dalek far, distant Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
далек far, distant
daleko far (distance)
daleko od očiju, daleko od srca (idiomatic) long absent, soon forgotten
далеко од очију, далеко од срца (idiomatic) long absent, soon forgotten
далеко far (distance)
daljina distance
даљина distance
daljinski pertaining to distance, or that can be done f ...
даљински pertaining to distance, or that can be done f ...
Dalmacija (uncountable) Dalmatia Croatian
Далмација (uncountable) Dalmatia
Dalmatinac Dalmatian (person from Dalmatia) Croatian
Далматинац Dalmatian (person from Dalmatia)
dalmatinski Dalmatian Croatian
далматински Dalmatian
dalmatski of or pertaining to Dalmatae, they Illyrian t ...
далматски of or pertaining to Dalmatae, they Illyrian t ...
dama lady Croatian
дама lady
dan day Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
дан day Serbian
Danac Dane
Данац Dane
danas today Croatian,Serbian
данас today
današnji present-day, today's Croatian
данашњи present-day, today's
današnjica nowadays, entirety of everything existing or ... Croatian
данашњица nowadays, entirety of everything existing or ...
Danica (uncountable) morning star
Даница (uncountable) morning star
danomice daily, every day Croatian
даномице daily, every day
Danska (uncountable) Denmark Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Данска (uncountable) Denmark Serbian
danski Danish Bosnian,Serbian
дански Danish Serbian
dar gift Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
дар gift Serbian
darivati (transitive) to gift Croatian
даривати (transitive) to gift
darovati (transitive) to gift Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
даровати (transitive) to gift Serbian
darovit talented, gifted
даровит talented, gifted
daska board Croatian
даска board
dati (ambitransitive) to give Croatian
дати (ambitransitive) to give
dativ the dative case Croatian
датив the dative case
datoteka file Croatian
датотека file
datum date (as in day, month, and year) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
датум date (as in day, month, and year) Serbian
davati (ambitransitive) to give Croatian
давати (ambitransitive) to give
davni ancient, olden Croatian
давни ancient, olden
davnina ancient times, antiquity
давнина ancient times, antiquity
davno long ago Croatian
давно long ago
daščica a thin or small board
дашчица a thin or small board
dažd rain Croatian
дажд rain
debata debate, discussion
дебата debate, discussion
debeljko fatty, fatso
дебељко fatty, fatso
debeljuškast plump, stout
дебељушкаст plump, stout
debelo (expressively) outrageously, excessively (of ...
дебело (expressively) outrageously, excessively (of ...
debeo fat Croatian
дебео fat
debilan moronic, imbecilic, feebleminded
дебилан moronic, imbecilic, feebleminded
debljati (reflexive) to grow fat, gain weight, put ...
дебљати (reflexive) to grow fat, gain weight, put ...
debljina fatness Croatian
дебљина fatness
deblo trunk (of a tree) Croatian,Serbian
дебло trunk (of a tree)
deca (collective) children tag
деца (collective) children
deceleracija deceleration Croatian
децелерација deceleration
ded grandfather tag Serbian
дед grandfather Serbian
defekt defect, flaw
дефект defect, flaw
defektan defective
дефектан defective
defetizam defeatism Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
дефетизам defeatism Serbian
deficit deficit (financial)
дефицит deficit
definicija definition Croatian
дефиниција definition
definitivan definitive
дефинитиван definitive
degenerik a degenerate (person exhibiting psychological ...
дегенерик a degenerate (person exhibiting psychological ...
deizam deism Croatian
деизам deism
deka blanket
дека blanket
dekada decade
декада decade
dekadentan decadent
декадентан decadent
deklaracija declaration
декларација declaration
deklinacija (grammar) declension Serbian
деклинација (grammar) declension
dekret decree
декрет decree
delegacija delegation
делегација delegation
delfin dolphin (mammal) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
делфин dolphin (mammal)Category:sh:Mammals Serbian
deliti (transitive) to divide, separate tag
делити (transitive) to divide, separate
delić small part tag
делић small part
deljiv partible tag
дељив partible
delo work tag
дело work Serbian
delom partly, partially tag
делом partly, partially
delotvoran efficient, effective tag
делотворан efficient, effective
delovanje action, act tag
деловање action, act
delovati (intransitive) to work, perform, function ... tag
деловати (intransitive) to work, perform, function ...
delta delta, the Greek letter Δ, δ
делта delta, the Greek letter Δ, δ
demagog demagogue, demagogdemagog
демагог demagogue, demagog
demagogija demagoguery
демагогија demagoguery
deminutiv diminutive Croatian
деминутив diminutive
demokracija (Croatian) democracy tag Croatian
демокрација (Croatian) democracy tag
demokratija (Bosnian, Serbian) democracy tag Bosnian,Serbian
демократија (Bosnian, Serbian) democracy tag Serbian
demokratski democratic Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
демократски democratic Serbian
demon demon
демон demon
demonski demonic
демонски demonic
денотација denotation
dental a dentale Croatian
дентал a dentale
deo part tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
део part Serbian
deoba division, partition tag
деоба division, partition
depopulacija depopulation Croatian
депопулација depopulation
depresija depression
депресија depression
derati (transitive) to tear, pull apart
дерати (transitive) to tear, pull apart
derbi local derby Croatian
дерби local derby
derivacija derivation Croatian
деривација derivation
derište badly behaved kid, little brat
дериште badly behaved kid, little brat
dernek fair
дернек fair
derviš Dervish Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
дервиш Dervish Serbian
desert dessert Croatian
десерт dessert
deset (cardinal) ten (10) Bosnian*,Croatian*,Serbian*
десет (cardinal) ten (10) Serbian*
desetar (military, Serbian) corporal tag
desetina one tenth
десетина one tenth
desetnik (military, army, Croatian) corporal tag Croatian
desetorica (collectively) ten men Croatian
десеторица (collectively) ten men
deskriptivan descriptive
дескриптиван descriptive
desni (plurale tantum) gums Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
десни (plurale tantum) gums Serbian
desnica right hand
десница right hand
desničar rightist, right-winger
десничар rightist, right-winger
desno right (in a right direction)
десно right (in a right direction)
despot despot
деспот despot
destinacija destination
дестинација destination
destrukcija destruction
деструкција destruction
destruktivan destructive
деструктиван destructive
destruktivno destructively
деструктивно destructively
detalj detail
детаљ detail
detaljan detailed
детаљан detailed
detao woodpecker tag Serbian
детао woodpecker Serbian
dete child, kid tag Serbian
дете child, kid Serbian
detektirati (Croatian) to detect tag
детектирати (Croatian) to detect tag
detektiv detective Croatian
детектив detective
detektor detector
детектор detector
detelina clover tag
детелина clover
detence (uncountable, diminutive) small child tag
детенце (uncountable, diminutive) small child
determinacija determination, determinacy
detinjast childish tag
детињаст childish
detinjasto childishly tag
детињасто childishly
detinji childlike tag
детињи childlike
detinjstvo childhood tag
детињство childhood
detlić woodpecker tag Serbian
детлић woodpecker Serbian
detonacija detonation
детонација detonation
deva camel (mammal)Category:sh:Mammals tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
дева camel (mammal)Category:sh:Mammals Serbian
devalvacija devaluation
девалвација devaluation
devastacija devastation
девастација devastation
devedeset (cardinal) ninety Croatian
деведесет (cardinal) ninety
dever brother-in-law (one's husband's brother) tag Serbian
девер brother-in-law (one's husband's brother) Serbian
devet (cardinal) nine (9) Bosnian*,Croatian*,Serbian*
девет (cardinal) nine (9) Serbian*
devetina one ninth
деветина one ninth
devetnaest (cardinal) nineteen
деветнаест (cardinal) nineteen
devetorica (collectively) nine men Croatian
деветорица (collectively) nine men
devica virgin tag Serbian
девица virgin Serbian
devijacija deviation
девијација deviation
devojka girl, maiden tag
девојка girl, maiden tag
devojče maiden, girl tag
девојче maiden, girl
devojčica girl, lass tag
девојчица girl
dezerter deserter Croatian
дезертер deserter
dezertirati (intransitive) to desert (leave a militar ...
дезертирати (intransitive) to desert (leave a militar ...
dezinfekcija disinfection
дезинфекција disinfection
dezinficirati (Croatian) (transitive) to disinfect tag
дезинфицирати (Croatian) (transitive) to disinfect tag
dezinsekcija debugging, fumigation, deinsectization, disin ...
дезинсекција debugging, fumigation, deinsectization, disin ...
dezorganizacija disorganization, disarrangement
дезорганизација disorganization, disarrangement
dezorijentacija (uncountable) disorientation
дезоријентација (uncountable) disorientation
dečak a boy, youngster tag Serbian
дечак a boy, youngster Serbian
dečakom (inflection of, (l, sh, dečak), s, ins) Serbian
dečaštvo boyhood tag
дечаштво boyhood
dečji of or pertaining to children or infants tag
дечји of or pertaining to children or infants
dečko boy Croatian
дечко boy
dežuran on duty, on call
дежуран on duty, on call
diftong diphthong Croatian
дифтонг diphthong
дифтонгизација (phonology) diphthongization
difuzan diffuse
дифузан diffuse
difuzija (physics) diffusion Croatian
дифузија (physics) diffusion
dignuti Alternative infinitive form of (dići, dȉći). Croatian
дигнути Alternative infinitive form of (дићи, ди̏ћи).
digresija digression
дигресија digression
dijabetes diabetes
дијабетес diabetes
dijaboličan diabolical
дијаболичан diabolical
dijagnoza diagnosis
дијагноза diagnosis
dijagonala diagonal
дијагонала diagonal
dijagonalan diagonal
дијагоналан diagonal
dijagram diagram Croatian
дијаграм diagram
dijahronija (Bosnian, Serbian) (linguistics) diac ... tag Bosnian,Serbian
дијахронија (Bosnian, Serbian) (linguistics) diac ... tag
dijakronija (Croatian) (linguistics) diachrony tag
dijalektologija dialectology Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
dijalog dialogue Croatian
дијалог dialogue
dijamant diamond
дијамант diamond
dijareja diarrhea Bosnian,Serbian
дијареја diarrhea Serbian
dijeliti (transitive) to divide, separate tag
дијелити (transitive) to divide, separate
dijelom partly, partially tag
дијелом partly, partially
dijeta diet Croatian
дијета diet
dijete child, kid tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
дијете child, kid Serbian
dikcija diction, elocution Croatian
дикција diction, elocution
diktat dictate
диктат dictate
diktator dictator Bosnian,Serbian
диктатор dictator Serbian
diktatorski dictatorial
диктаторски dictatorial
diktatura dictatorship
диктатура dictatorship
diktirati (ambitransitive) to dictate
диктирати (ambitransitive) to dictate
dilema dilemma
дилема dilemma
diler drug dealer
дилер drug dealer
diletant dilettante
дилетант dilettante
dilo (Chakavian) (Ikavian) work; piece of ... tag Croatian*
dim smoke Croatian
дим smoke
dimenzija dimension Croatian
димензија dimension
dimiti (reflexive) to give off smoke Croatian
димити (reflexive) to give off smoke
dimnjak chimney Croatian,Serbian
димњак chimney
dimnjačar chimney sweep Croatian
димњачар chimney sweep
dinamika dynamics
динамика dynamics
dinamit dynamite Croatian
динамит dynamite
dinar dinar Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
динар dinar Serbian
dinastija dynasty
династија dynasty
dio part tag Bosnian,Croatian
дио part
dioba division, partition tag
диоба division, partition
diploidan (cytology) diploid
диплоидан (cytology) diploid
diploma (education) diploma Bosnian,Serbian
диплома (education) diploma Serbian
dirati (transitive) to touch Croatian
дирати (transitive) to touch
direktan direct, straight Croatian
директан direct, straight
direktno directly, straight Croatian
директно directly, straight
direktor director (one who directs) Croatian
директор director (one who directs)
dirigent conductor (music)
диригент conductor (music)
dirnuti (transitive) to touch Croatian
дирнути (transitive) to touch
disati (ambitransitive) to breathe, take breath Croatian
дисати (ambitransitive) to breathe, take breath
disciplina discipline Croatian
дисциплина discipline
дисимилација (phonology) dissimilation
diskreditirati (Croatian) (transitive) to discredit tag
дискредитирати (Croatian) (transitive) to discredit tag
diskretan discrete
дискретан discrete
diskretno discretely
дискретно discretely
diskriminacija discrimination (unfair treatment on the basis ...
дискриминација discrimination (unfair treatment on the basis ...
diskriminirati (Croatian) (ambitransitive) to discri ... tag
дискриминирати (Croatian) (ambitransitive) to discri ... tag
diskusija discussion
дискусија discussion
diskutirati (Croatian) (ambitransitive) to discuss tag
дискутирати (Croatian) (ambitransitive) to discuss tag
diskvalificirati to disqualify
diskvalifikacija disqualification
дисквалификација disqualification
dislokacija dislocation
дислокација dislocation
disocijacija dissociation
дисоцијација dissociation
distinktivno distinctively
дистинктивно distinctively
distorzija distortion Croatian
дисторзија distortion
distribucija distribution Serbian Croatian
дистрибуција distribution
div giant Bosnian,Serbian
див giant Serbian
divan wonderful
диван wonderful
diver (Chakavian) (Ikavian) brother-in-law ... tag
diviti (reflexive) to admire, wonder at (+ dative)
дивити (reflexive) to admire, wonder at (+ dative)
divljak barbarian Bosnian,Serbian
дивљак barbarian Serbian
divljati (intransitive) to act wildly
дивљати (intransitive) to act wildly
divljač venison Croatian
дивљач venison
divljački barbarian, savage Bosnian,Serbian
дивљачки barbarian, savage Serbian
divlji wild, savage Bosnian,Serbian
дивљи wild, savage Serbian
divljina (uncountable) wilderness
дивљина (uncountable) wilderness
divovski giant, gigantic, colossal
дивовски giant, gigantic, colossal
dizajn design
дизајн design
dizajner designer
дизајнер designer
dizalica crane (mechanical lifting device)
дизалица crane (mechanical lifting device)
dizalo elevator, lift (platform used for the moving ... Croatian
дизало elevator, lift (platform used for the moving ...
dizati (transitive) to lift, raise, elevate (cau ...
дизати (transitive) to lift, raise, elevate (cau ...
dići (transitive) to lift, raise, elevate (cau ... Croatian
дићи (transitive) to lift, raise, elevate (cau ...
djeca (collective) children tag
дјеца (collective) children
djed grandfather tag Bosnian,Croatian
дјед grandfather
djelić small part tag
дјелић small part
djeljiv partible tag
дјељив partible
djelo work tag Croatian
дјело work
djelotvoran efficient, effective tag Croatian
дјелотворан efficient, effective
djelovanje action, act tag Croatian
дјеловање action, act
djelovati (intransitive) to work, perform, function ... tag
дјеловати (intransitive) to work, perform, function ...
djetao woodpecker tag Bosnian,Croatian
дјетао woodpecker
djetelina clover tag
дјетелина clover
djetence (uncountable, diminutive) small child tag
дјетенце (uncountable, diminutive) small child
djetinjast childish tag
дјетињаст childish
djetinjasto childishly tag
дјетињасто childishly
djetinji childlike tag Croatian
дјетињи childlike
djetinjstvo childhood tag Croatian
дјетињство childhood
djetlić woodpecker tag Bosnian
дјетлић woodpecker
djeva (poetically) maiden tag Bosnian Croatian*,Serbian
дјева (poetically) maiden Serbian
djever brother-in-law (one's husband's brother) tag Bosnian
дјевер brother-in-law (one's husband's brother)
дјевица virgin
djevojka girl, maiden tag Croatian*
дјевојка girl, maiden tag
djevojče maiden, girl tag Croatian
дјевојче maiden, girl
djevojčica girl, lass tag Croatian
дјевојчица girl
dječak a boy, youngster tag Croatian
дјечак a boy, youngster
dječaštvo boyhood tag
дјечаштво boyhood
dječji of or pertaining to children or infants tag Croatian
дјечји of or pertaining to children or infants
dlaka a single hair Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
длака a single hair Serbian
dlakav hairy, shaggy
длакав hairy, shaggy
dlakavost (uncountable) hairiness, shagginess
длакавост (uncountable) hairiness, shagginess
dlan the palm of the hand Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
длан the palm of the hand Serbian
dlačica a single little hair
длачица a single little hair
dleto chisel tag Serbian
длето chisel Serbian
dlijeto chisel tag Bosnian,Croatian
длијето chisel
dnevnik diary Croatian
дневник diary
dno bottom Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
дно bottom Serbian
do only, except tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian*
do viđenja (alternative spelling of, doviđenja) Croatian
до виђења (alternative spelling of, довиђења) Serbian
до only, except tag Serbian
dob age Croatian
доб age
doba time Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
доба time Serbian
dobaciti (ambitransitive) to throw as far as, thro ...
добацити (ambitransitive) to throw as far as, thro ...
dobacivati (ambitransitive) to throw as far as, thro ...
добацивати (ambitransitive) to throw as far as, thro ...
dobar good Croatian
добар good
dobavljač purveyor, supplier
добављач purveyor, supplier
dobavljiv obtainable
добављив obtainable
dobit profit Croatian
добит profit
dobitak profit, proceeds
добитак profit, proceeds
dobiti (transitive) to receive, get, obtain, acq ... Croatian
добити (transitive) to receive, get, obtain, acq ...
dobitnica winner (female)
добитница winner (female)
dobitnik winner
добитник winner
dobivati (transitive) to receive, get, obtain, acq ... Croatian
добивати (transitive) to receive, get, obtain, acq ...
dobrobit well being Croatian
добробит well being
dobrodošao welcome Croatian
добродошао welcome
dobrodošlica welcome Croatian
добродошлица welcome
dobrota goodness Croatian
доброта goodness
dobrotvor benefactor, patron Croatian
добротвор benefactor, patron
dobrotvoran charitable, philanthropic
добротворан charitable, philanthropic
dobrotvorka benefactress
добротворка benefactress
dobrovoljac volunteer
добровољац volunteer
dobročinitelj benefactor Croatian
доброчинитељ benefactor
dobročinstvo benefaction, beneficence
доброчинство benefaction, beneficence
dodatak addition, a thing being added Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
додатак addition, a thing being added Serbian
dodatan additional
додатан additional
dodati (transitive) to add
додати (transitive) to add
dodatno additionally
додатно additionally
dodavati (transitive) to add
додавати (transitive) to add
dodeliti (transitive) to allot, award, grant, give ... tag
доделити (transitive) to allot, award, grant, give ...
dodeljivati (transitive) to allot, award, grant, give ... tag
додељивати (transitive) to allot, award, grant, give ...
dodijeliti (transitive) to allot, award, grant, give ... tag
додијелити (transitive) to allot, award, grant, give ...
dodirivati (transitive) to touch
додиривати (transitive) to touch
dodirnuti (transitive) to touch
додирнути (transitive) to touch
dodjeljivati (transitive) to allot, award, grant, give ... tag
додјељивати (transitive) to allot, award, grant, give ...
doduše on the other hand, although
додуше on the other hand, although
događaj event Croatian
догађај event
događati (reflexive) to happen Croatian
догађати (reflexive) to happen
dogma dogma
догма dogma
dogmatski dogmatic
догматски dogmatic
dogoditi (reflexive) to happen Croatian
догодити (reflexive) to happen
договор agreement
dohodak income
доходак income
dohvat range, scope, reach
дохват range, scope, reach
doista truly, indeed
доиста truly, indeed
dojam impression Croatian
дојам impression
dojilja wet nurse Croatian
дојиља wet nurse
dojiti (transitive) to breast feed, suckle
дојити (transitive) to breast feed, suckle
dojka breast (female organ) Croatian
дојка breast (female organ)
dokapitalizacija recapitalization
докапитализација recapitalization
dokaz proof Croatian
доказ proof
dokazati (ambitransitive) to prove Croatian
доказати (ambitransitive) to prove
dokaziv provable
доказив provable
dokazivati (ambitransitive) to prove Croatian
доказивати (ambitransitive) to prove
dokolica idleness Croatian
доколица idleness
dokon idle
докон idle
doktor doctor, physician Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
доктор doctor, physician Serbian
doktorat doctorate, doctoral degree
докторат doctorate, doctoral degree
dokumentacija (uncountable) documentation
документација (uncountable) documentation
dokumentaran documentary
документаран documentary
dokučiti (transitive) to comprehend, grasp
докучити (transitive) to comprehend, grasp
dokučivati (transitive) to comprehend, grasp
докучивати (transitive) to comprehend, grasp
dol dale, small valley
дол dale, small valley
dolar dollar Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
долар dollar Serbian
dolazak arrival, advent Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
долазак arrival, advent Serbian
dolaziti (intransitive) to arrive, come Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
долазити (intransitive) to arrive, come Serbian
dolikovati (intransitive) to be appropriate, be proper
доликовати (intransitive) to be appropriate, be proper
dolina valley, especially one in limestone Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
долина valley, especially one in limestone Serbian
doličiti (intransitive) to be appropriate, be proper
доличити (intransitive) to be appropriate, be proper
dom home, house Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
domaći domestic
домаћи domestic
domaćica housewife
домаћица housewife
domaćin master / head of the house
домаћин master / head of the house
domaćinski domestic (of or pertaining to master of the h ...
домаћински domestic (of or pertaining to master of the h ...
domaćinstvo household Croatian
домаћинство household
dominacija domination
доминација domination
dominantan dominant, predominant
доминантан dominant, predominant
dominirati (intransitive) to dominate, predominate, ...
доминирати (intransitive) to dominate, predominate, ...
domisliti (intransitive) to think of, conceive of s ... Croatian
домислити (intransitive) to think of, conceive of s ...
domišljat clever, smart, witty
домишљат clever, smart, witty
domišljati (intransitive) to think of, conceive of ( ... Croatian
домишљати (intransitive) to think of, conceive of ( ...
domišljatost (uncountable) cleverness, smartness, witt ...
домишљатост (uncountable) cleverness, smartness, witt ...
domoljub patriot Croatian
домољуб patriot
domoljublje patriotism Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
домољубље patriotism Serbian
domovina homeland Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
домовина homeland Serbian
donator donor, donator
донатор donor, donator
donesti Alternative infinitive form of {{i|donijeti|d ... Croatian
донести Alternative infinitive form of {{i|донијети|д ...
doneti (transitive) to bring, carry (in, long) tag
донети (transitive) to bring, carry (in, long)
donijeti (transitive) to bring, carry (in, long) tag Croatian
донијети (transitive) to bring, carry (in, long)
donji lower
доњи lower
donositi (transitive) to bring, carry (in, along) Croatian
доносити (transitive) to bring, carry (in, along)
dopadati (intransitive) to get into, receive, be h ...
допадати (intransitive) to get into, receive, be h ...
dopasti (intransitive) to get into, receive, be h ...
допасти (intransitive) to get into, receive, be h ...
dopirati to reach, penetrate, get through (+ {{i|do||t ...
допирати to reach, penetrate, get through (+ {{i|до||t ...
dopisati (transitive) to add (by writing)
дописати (transitive) to add (by writing)
dopisivati (reflexive) to correspond (exchange messa ... Croatian
дописивати (reflexive) to correspond (exchange messa ...
doplivati (intransitive) to reach by swimming, to s ...
допливати (intransitive) to reach by swimming, to s ...
doploviti (intransitive) to arrive or reach by sail ...
допловити (intransitive) to arrive or reach by sail ...
dopreti to reach, penetrate, get through (+ {{i|do||t ... tag
допрети to reach, penetrate, get through (+ {{i|до||t ...
doprijeti to reach, penetrate, get through (+ {{i|do||t ... tag Croatian
допријети to reach, penetrate, get through (+ {{i|до||t ...
doprinos contribution Croatian
допринос contribution
dopuna addition Croatian
допуна addition
dopunski complementary, additional
допунски complementary, additional
dopust holidays, free time (gained by official appoi ... Croatian
допуст holidays, free time (gained by official appoi ...
dopustiti (transitive) to allow, permit Croatian
допустити (transitive) to allow, permit
dopustiv permissible, allowable
допустив permissible, allowable
dopustivo permissibly, allowably
допустиво permissibly, allowably
dopuštati (transitive) to allow, permit Croatian
допуштати (transitive) to allow, permit
dopuštenje permission, allowing
допуштење permission, allowing
doraditi (transitive) to finish off, put the finis ...
дорадити (transitive) to finish off, put the finis ...
dorađivati (transitive) to finish off, put the finis ...
дорађивати (transitive) to finish off, put the finis ...
doručak breakfast Bosnian,Serbian
доручак breakfast Serbian
dosad until now, so far
досад until now, so far
dosada boredom Croatian
досада boredom
dosadan boring Croatian
досадан boring
doseg range, scope, reach
досег range, scope, reach
dosegnuti (transitive) to reach Croatian
досегнути (transitive) to reach
doseliti (transitive, reflexive) to settle, move, m ...
доселити (transitive, reflexive) to settle, move, m ...
doseljavati (transitive, reflexive) to settle, move, m ...
досељавати (transitive, reflexive) to settle, move, m ...
doseljenik immigrant Bosnian,Serbian
досељеник immigrant Serbian
dosezati (transitive) to reach Croatian
досезати (transitive) to reach
doseći Alternative infinitive of {{i|dosegnuti|doség ... Croatian
досећи Alternative infinitive of {{i|досегнути|досе́ ...
dosjetka drollery, joke tag Croatian
dosle hitherto tag
досле hitherto
dosledan consistent, consequent tag
доследан consistent, consequent
dosledno consistently tag
доследно consistently
doslednost consistency tag
доследност consistency
dosljedan consistent, consequent tag
досљедан consistent, consequent
dosljedno consistently tag
досљедно consistently
dosljednost consistency tag
досљедност consistency
doslovno literally
дословно literally
dospeti (intransitive) to arrive, reach, get to ( ... tag
доспети (intransitive) to arrive, reach, get to ( ...
dospevati (intransitive) to arrive, reach, get to ( ... tag
доспевати (intransitive) to arrive, reach, get to ( ...
dospijevati (intransitive) to arrive, reach, get to ( ... tag Croatian
доспијевати (intransitive) to arrive, reach, get to ( ...
dospjeti (intransitive) to arrive, reach, get to ( ... tag Croatian
доспјети (intransitive) to arrive, reach, get to ( ...
dosta enough, sufficiently Croatian
доста enough, sufficiently
dostava delivery Croatian
достава delivery
dostaviti (transitive) to deliver Croatian
доставити (transitive) to deliver
dostavljati (transitive) to deliver Croatian
достављати (transitive) to deliver
dostižan reachable
достижан reachable
dostojan deserving, worthy (+genitive)
достојан deserving, worthy (+genitive)
dostojanstvo dignity Croatian
достојанство dignity
dostojno worthily
достојно worthily
dostupan available, accessible, attainable, reachable
доступан available, accessible, attainable, reachable
dotični respective, in question, concerned Croatian
дотични respective, in question, concerned
dotrčati (intransitive) to come running
дотрчати (intransitive) to come running
dotrčavati (intransitive) to come running
дотрчавати (intransitive) to come running
doušnik informer
доушник informer
dovde to this place, this far
довде to this place, this far
doveka forever, always tag
довека forever, always
dovesti (transitive) to transfer something by dri ... Croatian
довести (transitive) to transfer something by dri ...
dovijeka forever, always tag
довијека forever, always
doviđenja goodbye! Bosnian*,Serbian*
довиђења goodbye!
dovoditi (transitive) to bring, lead, take someone ... Croatian
доводити (transitive) to bring, lead, take someone ...
dovoljan sufficient, adequate
довољан sufficient, adequate
dovoljno enough, sufficiently
довољно enough, sufficiently
dovoziti (transitive) to transfer something by dri ... Croatian
довозити (transitive) to transfer something by dri ...
dovršetak completion, finish, end
довршетак completion, finish, end
doza dose, dosage
доза dose, dosage
dozivati (ambitransitive) to call (back or for help)
дозивати (ambitransitive) to call (back or for help)
doznati (intransitive) to find out
дознати (intransitive) to find out
doznavati (intransitive) to find out
дознавати (intransitive) to find out
dozvati (ambitransitive) to call (back or for help)
дозвати (ambitransitive) to call (back or for help)
dozvola permission, permit, license
дозвола permission, permit, license
dozvoliti (intransitive) to allow, permit
дозволити (intransitive) to allow, permit
dozvoljavati (intransitive) to allow, permit
дозвољавати (intransitive) to allow, permit
doći (intransitive) to come, arrive Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
доћи (intransitive) to come, arrive Serbian
дочасник (military) non-commissioned officer
doček reception (social engagement)
дочек reception (social engagement)
dośetka (regional) drollery, joke tag
došljak newcomer, immigrant
дошљак newcomer, immigrant
došljakinja newcomer, immigrant
дошљакиња newcomer, immigrant
doživeti (transitive) to live to see tag
доживети (transitive) to live to see
doživjeti (transitive) to live to see tag
доживјети (transitive) to live to see
доживљај experience, adventure
doživljavati (transitive) to live to see
доживљавати (transitive) to live to see
doživotan lifelong, for life
доживотан lifelong, for life
doživotno lifelong
доживотно lifelong
drag dear Croatian
драг dear
dragocen valuable (due to high price) tag
драгоцен valuable (due to high price)
dragocenost (uncountable) valuableness, preciousness tag
драгоценост (uncountable) valuableness, preciousness
dragocjen valuable (due to high price) tag Croatian
драгоцјен valuable (due to high price)
dragocjenost (uncountable) valuableness, preciousness tag Croatian
драгоцјеност (uncountable) valuableness, preciousness
dragulj jewel (valuable object for ornamentation) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
драгуљ jewel (valuable object for ornamentation) Serbian
dramatičan dramatic
драматичан dramatic
dramatično dramatically
драматично dramatically
dramski dramatic
драмски dramatic
drastičan drastic
драстичан drastic
drastično drastically
драстично drastically
drati Alternative infinitive of (derati, dèrati).
драти Alternative infinitive of (дерати, дѐрати).
dravidski Dravidian
дравидски Dravidian
draž charm Croatian
драж charm
dražestan charming, cute
дражестан charming, cute
dražiti (transitive) to irritate, provoke, tease
дражити (transitive) to irritate, provoke, tease
drek (regional) shit, crap Croatian
дрек (regional) shit, crap
dremati (intransitive) to doze, slumber, take a nap tag
дремати (intransitive) to doze, slumber, take a nap
dremnuti (intransitive) to doze, slumber, take a nap
дремнути (intransitive) to doze, slumber, take a nap
drhtati (intransitive) to tremble, shiver Croatian
дрхтати (intransitive) to tremble, shiver
drhtjeti Alternative infinitive of {{i|drhtati|dr̀htat ... Croatian
дрхтјети Alternative infinitive of {{i|дрхтати|др̀хтат ...
drijemati (intransitive) to doze, slumber, take a nap tag Croatian
дријемати (intransitive) to doze, slumber, take a nap
drkati (vulgar) to masturbate Croatian
дркати (vulgar) to masturbate
drob intestines Croatian
дроб intestines
drobnjak chive
дробњак chive
drolja (vulgar) slut
дроља (vulgar) slut
drozd thrush (bird) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
дрозд thrush (bird) Serbian
drsko impudently, insolently
дрско impudently, insolently
друг friend Serbian*
drugar comrade
другар comrade
drugačiji different Croatian
другачији different
drukčiji different Croatian
друкчији different
drum road Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
društven social Croatian
друштвен social
društvo society (group of people sharing culture) Croatian
друштво society (group of people sharing culture)
družina troupe, band (of artists) Bosnian,Serbian
дружина troupe, band (of artists Serbian
drven wooden (made of wood) Croatian
дрвен wooden (made of wood)
drveće (collectively) trees
дрвеће (collectively) trees
drvlje (collectively) trees
дрвље (collectively) trees
drvo tree Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
дрво tree Serbian
drvored a row of trees along the street, in a park etc. Bosnian,Serbian
дрворед a row of trees along the street, in a park etc. Serbian
drvoseča woodcutter tag
дрвосеча woodcutter
drvosječa woodcutter tag Croatian
дрвосјеча woodcutter
drzak impudent, insolent
дрзак impudent, insolent
drznica impudent, insolent woman
дрзница impudent, insolent woman
drznik impudent, insolent person
дрзник impudent, insolent person
drznuti (reflexive) to dare
дрзнути (reflexive) to dare
držak handle (of a tool, weapon, etc.)
држак handle (of a tool, weapon, etc.)
držati (transitive) to hold, grasp Croatian
држати (transitive) to hold, grasp
država country Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
држава country Serbian
državica statelet
државица statelet
državljanin citizen Bosnian,Serbian
држављанин citizen Serbian
državni state (of or pertaining to state)
државни state (of or pertaining to state)
дубина depth
dubljina (poetic, archaic, rare) depth
дубљина (poetic, archaic, rare) depth
dubok deep Croatian
дубок deep
duboko deeply Croatian
дубоко deeply
dubrovački of or pertaining to Dubrovnik
дубровачки of or pertaining to Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik Dubrovnik Bosnian,Serbian
Дубровник Dubrovnik Serbian
dud mulberry (fruit) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
dug debt Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
дуг debt Serbian
duga rainbow Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
дуга rainbow Serbian
dugajlija tall, thin man Croatian
дугајлија tall, thin man
dugačak long
дугачак long
dugmad (collective) buttons Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
дугмад (collective) buttons Serbian
dugme button (knob or small disc serving as a fas ... Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
дугме button (knob or small disc serving as a fas ... Serbian
dugo for a long time Croatian
дуго for a long time
dugoročan long-term
дугорочан long-term
dugoročno in the long run
дугорочно in the long run
dugovati (transitive) to owe Croatian
дуговати (transitive) to owe
dugovečan long-lived tag
дуговечан long-lived
dugovječan long-lived tag
дуговјечан long-lived
duh ghost Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
дух ghost Serbian
духан (uncountable) tobacco tag
duhati (intransitive) to blow tag Croatian
духати (intransitive) to blow tag
duhnuti (intransitive) to blow tag Croatian
духнути (intransitive) to blow tag
duhovit witty, funny Croatian
духовит witty, funny
dukat ducat (gold coin)
дукат ducat (gold coin)
duljina length Croatian
дуљина length
Dunav (uncountable) Danube Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Дунав (uncountable) Danube Serbian
dunja quince (tree and fruit) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
дуња quince (tree and fruit) Serbian
dunjaluk world, mankind
дуњалук world, mankind
dunuti (colloquial) Alternative infinitive of {{ ... Croatian
дунути (colloquial) Alternative infinitive of {{ ...
dupe (vulgar) ass
дупе (vulgar) ass
dupin dolphin
duvan (uncountable) tobacco tag
дуван (uncountable) tobacco tag
duvar wall
дувар wall
duvati (intransitive) to blow tag
дувати (intransitive) to blow tag
duvnuti (intransitive) to blow tag
дувнути (intransitive) to blow tag
dućan A shop. Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
дућан A shop. Serbian
duša soul Bosnian,Serbian
душа soul Serbian
dušek mattress tag Bosnian,Serbian
душек mattress tag Serbian
dušman (expressively) a fierce enemy Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
душман (expressively) a fierce enemy Serbian
duž along, down Croatian
дуж along, down
dužan owing, in debt
дужан owing, in debt
dužina (geometry) line segment
дужина (geometry) line segment
dužnik debtor
дужник debtor
dužnost duty Croatian
дужност duty
dva (cardinal) two (2) Bosnian*,Croatian*,Serbian*
два (cardinal) two (2) Serbian*
dvadeset (cardinal) twenty Croatian
двадесет (cardinal) twenty
dvanaest (cardinal) twelve
дванаест (cardinal) twelve
dvanaestorica (collectively) twelve men Croatian
дванаесторица (collectively) twelve men
dvaput twice Croatian
двапут twice
dvica (colloquial) two (digit or figure) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
dvoglas diphthong Croatian,Serbian
двоглас diphthong
dvojica (collectively) two men Croatian
двојица (collectively) two men
dvojina (linguistics) dual
двојина (linguistics) dual
dvojka two (digit or figure) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
двојка two (digit or figure) Serbian
dvor castle Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
двор castle Serbian
dvorac castle Croatian
дворац castle
dvorana auditorium, hall Croatian
дворана auditorium, hall
dvoranin courtier
дворанин courtier
dvosed two-seater tag
dvosjed two-seater tag Croatian
dvostruk double, twofold Croatian
двострук double, twofold
dvoumica dilemma
двоумица dilemma
dvośed (regional) two-seater tag