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entry short definition tag languages present to be recovered
baba grandmother tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
баба grandmother tag Serbian
babe i žabe (idiomatic) apples and oranges
бабе и жабе (idiomatic) apples and oranges
babun baboon
бабун baboon
bacanje throwing, casting (act or process of)
bacanje kugle shot put
бацање кугле shot put
бацање throwing, casting (act or process of)
бацати (transitive) to throw, cast (also figurat ...
baciti (transitive) to throw, cast (also figurat ... Croatian
бацити (transitive) to throw, cast (also figurat ...
badava free, gratis Croatian
бадава free, gratis
badem almond Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бадем almond Serbian
badnjak Yule log
бадњак Yule log
bahat haughty, arrogant
бахат haughty, arrogant
bahato haughtily, arrogantly
бахато haughtily, arrogantly
bahatost haughtiness, arrogance (behavior, property or ...
бахатост haughtiness, arrogance (behavior, property or ...
Bahrein (uncountable) Bahrain Croatian
Бахреин (uncountable) Bahrain
bajagi ostensibly, allegedly, seemingly
бајаги ostensibly, allegedly, seemingly
bajam almond
бајам almond
bajat stale, not fresh
бајат stale, not fresh
bajka fable, fairy-tale Croatian,Serbian
бајка fable, fairy-tale
Bajram (uncountable, Islam) Eid Bosnian,Serbian
Бајрам (uncountable, Islam) Eid Serbian
bajt byte Croatian
бајт byte
baka grandma Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бака grandma Serbian
bakalar cod Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бакалар cod Serbian
bakar (uncountable) copper Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бакар (uncountable) copper Serbian
baklava baklava (dessert) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
баклава baklava (dessert) Serbian
baklja torch Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бакља torch Serbian
baksuz jinx, bad luck Bosnian,Serbian
баксуз jinx, bad luck Serbian
bakterija bacterium Croatian
бактерија bacterium
balada ballad
балада ballad
balast ballast Croatian
баласт ballast
balavac sniveler, slobberer
балавац sniveler, slobberer
balavica sniveler, slobberer
балавица sniveler, slobberer
balega manure Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
балега manure Serbian
balerina ballerina Bosnian,Serbian
балерина ballerina Serbian
balet ballet Bosnian,Serbian
балет ballet Serbian
balija (pejorative) Bosniak tag
балија (pejorative) Bosniak tag
Balkan (uncountable) the Balkan Peninsula; the B ... Bosnian,Serbian
Балкан (uncountable) the Balkan Peninsula; the B ... Serbian
Balkanac inhabitant of the Balkans
Балканац inhabitant of the Balkans
balkanski of or pertaining to the Balkans or its inhabi ...
балкански of or pertaining to the Balkans or its inhabi ...
балкон balcony Serbian
balon balloon Croatian
балон balloon
balta ax, axe Croatian,Serbian
балта ax, axe
Baltik (uncountable) Baltic Sea
Балтик (uncountable) Baltic Sea
baltički Baltic
балтички Baltic
bambus bamboo (plant)
бамбус bamboo (plant)
bambusov of, pertaining to or made of bamboo
бамбусов of, pertaining to or made of bamboo
banalan banal
баналан banal
banalno banally
банално banally
banalnost banality
баналност banality
banana banana Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
банана banana Serbian
bandera pole (as in telephone pole or electric pole) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бандера pole (as in telephone pole or electric pole) Serbian
bandit bandit
бандит bandit
Bangladeš (uncountable) Bangladesh Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Бангладеш (uncountable) Bangladesh Serbian
banka bank Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
банка bank Serbian
bankar banker
банкар banker
bankarski banking (of or pertaining to banks, bankers o ...
банкарски banking (of or pertaining to banks, bankers o ...
bankrot bankruptcy Croatian
банкрот bankruptcy
bar public house, bar Croatian
бар public house, bar
bara puddle Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бара puddle Serbian
barbar barbarian
барбар barbarian
barbarizam barbarism
барбаризам barbarism
barbarski barbarian
барбарски barbarian
barbika Barbie Croatian
барбика Barbie
barem at least Croatian
барем at least
barijera barrier
баријера barrier
barikada barricade Croatian
барикада barricade
barjak flag, banner Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
барјак flag, banner Serbian
barjaktar flag-bearer Bosnian,Serbian
барјактар flag-bearer Serbian
barka boat (especially at the Mediterranean) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
барка boat (especially at the Mediterranean) Serbian
barut gunpowder Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
барут gunpowder Serbian
baršun velvet (uncountable) Croatian
баршун velvet (uncountable)
baršunast velvety
баршунаст velvety
baskijski Basque Croatian
баскијски Basque
basna fable Serbian
басна fable
batina club (stick) Croatian
батина club (stick)
bavarski Bavarian
баварски Bavarian
baviti (reflexive) to deal with, attend, engage ... Croatian
бавити (reflexive) to deal with, attend, engage ...
baza base Croatian
база base
базга elder
bazirati (transitive) to base
базирати (transitive) to base
baća (hypocoristic) brother Croatian
баћа (hypocoristic) brother
bačiti (archaic, regional, transitive) to throw, c ... Croatian*
bačva barrel Croatian
бачва barrel
baš (used for emphasis, or as an intensifier) ...
баш (used for emphasis, or as an intensifier) ...
bašta garden Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
башта garden Serbian
baština heritage Croatian
баштина heritage
bašča (nonstandard, regional) garden Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
башча (nonstandard, regional) garden Serbian
beba baby Croatian
beda misery tag Croatian,Serbian
беда misery Serbian
bedan poor, destitute tag
бедан poor, destitute
бедем rampart
bedno poorly, destitutely tag
бедно poorly, destitutely
bedro thigh Croatian
бедро thigh
behar blossom Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бехар blossom Serbian
bekstvo (Bosnian, Serbian) escape tag
бекство (Bosnian, Serbian) escape tag
bel Alternative form of (beo, bȅo).
бел Alternative form of (бео, бе̏о).
bela vrana (idiomatic) black sheep tag
бела врана (idiomatic) black sheep
belac white, Caucasian male tag
белац white, Caucasian male
belaj misfortune, calamity, trouble
белај misfortune, calamity, trouble
beleška written note tag
белешка written note
Belgija (uncountable) Belgium Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Белгија (uncountable) Belgium Serbian
Belgijanac Belgian
Белгијанац Belgian
belgijski Belgian
белгијски Belgian
beloruski Belarusian tag
белоруски Belarusian
bengalski Bangladeshi
бенгалски Bangladeshi
Benin Benin Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Бенин Benin Serbian
benzen benzene (aromatic compound C6H<sub ...
бензен benzene (aromatic compound C6H<sub ...
benzin gasoline
бензин gasoline
beo white tag Croatian
бео white
Beograd Belgrade (capital of Serbia) tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Београд Belgrade (capital of Serbia) tag Serbian*
beogradski Belgradian
београдски Belgradian
Beograđanin Belgradian
Београђанин Belgradian
Berber Berber (member of the Berber ethnic group)
Бербер Berber (member of the Berber ethnic group)
berberski Berber
берберски Berber
Berlin (uncountable) Berlin Bosnian,Serbian
Берлин (uncountable) Berlin Serbian
Berlinac Berliner (inhabitant of Berlin)
Берлинац Berliner (inhabitant of Berlin)
berlinski of or pertaining to Berlin
берлински of or pertaining to Berlin
bes rage tag Croatian,Serbian
бес rage Serbian
besan furious tag
бесан furious
beseda (archaic) word tag Croatian,Serbian
беседа (archaic) word Serbian
besjeda (archaic) word tag Bosnian,Croatian*
бесједа (archaic) word
beskorisno uselessly
бескорисно uselessly
beskorisnost (uncountable) uselessness
бескорисност (uncountable) uselessness
beskoristan useless
бескористан useless
beskućnica homeless person (female)
бескућница homeless person (female)
beskućnik homeless person
бескућник homeless person
beskućnički homeless
бескућнички homeless
besmisao (uncountable) senselessness, absurdness Croatian
бесмисао (uncountable) senselessness, absurdness
besmislen senseless, reasonless, absurd Croatian
бесмислен senseless, reasonless, absurd
besmrtan immortal Croatian
бесмртан immortal
бесмртница immortal (female)
бесмртник immortal (male)
besmrtnost (uncountable) immortality Croatian
бесмртност (uncountable) immortality
besno angrily, furiously tag
бесно angrily, furiously
besplatan free (obtainable without payment) Croatian
бесплатан free (obtainable without payment)
bespomoćan helpless
беспомоћан helpless
besposlen idle Croatian
беспослен idle
besraman shameless Croatian
бесраман shameless
bestelesan bodiless, incorporeal tag
бестелесан bodiless, incorporeal
bestidan shameless Croatian
бестидан shameless
bestjelesan bodiless, incorporeal tag Croatian
бестјелесан bodiless, incorporeal
besvestan unconscious tag
бесвестан unconscious
besvjestan unconscious tag Croatian
бесвјестан unconscious
beta beta, the Greek letter, Β, β
бета beta, the Greek letter, Β, β
бетон concrete Serbian
bez (with genitive) without, excluding, not c ... Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
без (with genitive) without, excluding, not c ... Serbian
bezbožan godless Croatian
безбожан godless
bezbrižan carefree Croatian
безбрижан carefree
bezdan abyss Croatian
бездан abyss
bezdušan heartless, merciless
бездушан heartless, merciless
bezdušno heartlessly, mercilessly
бездушно heartlessly, mercilessly
bezgraničan limitless, boundless, endless
безграничан limitless, boundless, endless
bezimen nameless
безимен nameless
bezizgledan hopeless
безизгледан hopeless
bezizgledno hopelessly
безизгледно hopelessly
bezizglednost (uncountable) hopelessness
безизгледност (uncountable) hopelessness
bezizlazan hopeless (situation, problem etc.)
безизлазан hopeless (situation, problem etc.)
bezjak Muggle (non-magical person in the works of J. ... tag Croatian
безјак Muggle (non-magical person in the works of J. ...
bezličan impersonal, dispassionate
безличан impersonal, dispassionate
bezlično impersonally, dispassionately
безлично impersonally, dispassionately
bezmalo almost, nearly
безмало almost, nearly
beznadan hopeless Croatian
безнадан hopeless
beznačajan insignificant
безначајан insignificant
beznačajno insignificantly
безначајно insignificantly
beznačajnost (uncountable) insignificance
безначајност (uncountable) insignificance
beznađe hopelessness, despair Croatian,Serbian
безнађе hopelessness, despair
bezobrazan impudent, insolent
безобразан impudent, insolent
bezopasan harmless
безопасан harmless
bezočan insolent, impudent
безочан insolent, impudent
bezuman insane, mindless Croatian
безуман insane, mindless
bezumnik insane or deranged person
безумник insane or deranged person
bezumno mindlessly
безумно mindlessly
bećar bachelor Bosnian,Serbian
бећар bachelor Serbian
bećaruša bachelorette Bosnian,Serbian
бећаруша bachelorette Serbian
Beč Vienna (capital of Austria) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Беч Vienna (capital of Austria) Serbian
Bečanin Viennese
Бечанин Viennese
bečki Viennese
бечки Viennese
beživotan lifeless Croatian
беживотан lifeless
biber pepper (spice) Bosnian,Serbian
бибер pepper (spice) Serbian
библиотека library Serbian
bibliotekar librarian
библиотекар librarian
bicikl bicycle Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
biciklo (colloquial) bicycle Bosnian,Serbian
biftek beefsteak
bijeda misery tag Bosnian
биједа misery
bijedan poor, destitute tag Croatian
биједан poor, destitute
bijedno poorly, destitutely tag
биједно poorly, destitutely
bijeg escape
бијег escape
bijel white tag Croatian
бијел white
bijela vrana (idiomatic) black sheep tag
бијела врана (idiomatic) black sheep
бијелац white, Caucasian male
bijes rage tag Croatian Bosnian
бијес rage
bijesan furious tag Croatian
бијесан furious
bijesno angrily, furiously tag
бијесно angrily, furiously
bik ox, bull Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бик ox, bull Serbian
bilingvalan bilingual
билингвалан bilingual
bilingvizam bilingualism
билингвизам bilingualism
bilje (collectively) plants, herbs Croatian
биље (collectively) plants, herbs
bilješka written note tag Croatian
биљешка written note
biljka plant (living organism) Croatian Bosnian,Serbian
биљка plant (living organism) Serbian
biljni vegetable (of or pertaining to plants) Croatian
биљни vegetable (of or pertaining to plants)
biljojed herbivore Croatian
биљојед herbivore
biljožder herbivore Croatian
биљождер herbivore
bimbaša (military) centurion
binarni binary
бинарни binary
био Alternative form of (бијел, бије̑л).
biograf biographer
биограф biographer
biografija biography Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
биографија biography Serbian
biografski biographical
биографски biographical
biolog biologist
биолог biologist
biologija biology Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
биологија biology Serbian
biralište voting or polling place
биралиште voting or polling place
birati (transitive) to pick, choose, select Croatian
бирати (transitive) to pick, choose, select
birač voter, elector
бирач voter, elector
biračica voter, elector (female)
бирачица voter, elector (female)
birački of or pertaining to voters; electoral
бирачки of or pertaining to voters; electoral
biseksualnost bisexuality
бисексуалност bisexuality
biser pearl Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бисер pearl Serbian
biseran of or pertaining to pearls
бисеран of or pertaining to pearls
biskup bishop (church official) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бискуп bishop (church official) Serbian
bistar clear (clean) Bosnian,Serbian
бистар clear (clean) Serbian
bistrina clarity Bosnian,Serbian
бистрина clarity Serbian
bistro bistro
бистро bistro
bit essence Croatian
бит essence
bitan essential, inherent, vital
битан essential, inherent, vital
biti (intransitive) to be Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бити (intransitive) to be Serbian
bitka battle
битка battle
bitnost essence, essentiality
битност essence, essentiality
bivati (intransitive) to be from time to time]], ...
бивати (intransitive) to be from time to time]], ...
bivol (countable) buffalo Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
bivši former
бивши former
bizantijski Byzantine (of or pertaining to Byzantium)
бизантијски Byzantine (of or pertaining to Byzantium)
bizantinski Byzantine Croatian
бизантински Byzantine
bizantski Byzantine (of or pertaining to Byzantium)
бизантски Byzantine (of or pertaining to Byzantium)
bizaran bizarre
бизаран bizarre
biznismen businessman Croatian
бизнисмен businessman
bizon bison Bosnian,Serbian
бизон bison Serbian
biće creature Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
биће creature Serbian
bič whip Bosnian,Serbian
бич whip Serbian
bičak knife
бичак knife
bičevati (intransitive) to whip Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бичевати (intransitive) to whip Serbian
bičva (Chakavian) (regional) sock (covering ... tag Croatian*
bjekstvo (Bosnian, Serbian) escape tag
бјекство (Bosnian, Serbian) escape tag
bjeloruski Belarusian tag
бјелоруски Belarusian
blag soft Croatian
благ soft
blagajna cash register
благајна cash register
blasfemija blasphemy Croatian
бласфемија blasphemy
blatan muddy Croatian
блатан muddy
blatnjav muddy Croatian
блатњав muddy
blato mud Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian*
блато mud Serbian
blazina (regional, Croatian) pillow tag
блазина pillow
blazinja (regional, Croatia) pillow tag
bled pale, pallid tag
блед pale, pallid
bledilo (uncountable) pallor, paleness tag
бледило (uncountable) pallor, paleness
bledoća (uncountable) paleness, pallor tag
бледоћа (uncountable) paleness, pallor
blesak flash (of light) tag
блесак flash (of light)
bleštati (intransitive) to glitter, dazzle, glitte ... tag
блештати (intransitive) to glitter, dazzle, glitte ...
bleštav dazzling, glaring tag
блештав dazzling, glaring
blijed pale, pallid tag
блијед pale, pallid
blijesak flash (of light) tag
блијесак flash (of light)
bliještati (intransitive) to glitter, dazzle, glitte ... tag
блијештати (intransitive) to glitter, dazzle, glitte ...
blistati (intransitive, reflexive) to glitter, glis ...
блистати (intransitive, reflexive) to glitter, glis ...
blistav radiant (bright, glowing or filled with light)
блистав radiant (bright, glowing or filled with light)
blizak near, close to Croatian
близак near, close to
близанац twin
blizina proximity, vicinity, nearness
близина proximity, vicinity, nearness
bljedilo (uncountable) pallor, paleness tag
бљедило (uncountable) pallor, paleness
bljedoća (uncountable) paleness, pallor tag
бљедоћа (uncountable) paleness, pallor
blještav dazzling, glaring tag
бљештав dazzling, glaring
bljuzgavica slush Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бљузгавица slush Serbian
blog blog Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
блог blog Serbian
blogosfera blogosphere
блогосфера blogosphere
blok block (a cuboid piece)
блок block (a cuboid piece)
blokada blockade
блокада blockade
blud bawdry, carnality, fornication
блуд bawdry, carnality, fornication
bludan carnal, lascivious, lewd
блудан carnal, lascivious, lewd
bludnica drag, harlot, minx (one indulging in bawdry)
блудница drag, harlot, minx (one indulging in bawdry)
bludnik rake, wanton (man habituated to immoral conduct)
блудник rake, wanton (man habituated to immoral conduct)
bludničenje harlotry, prostitution
блудничење harlotry, prostitution
bob broad bean Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian*
боб broad bean Serbian
boca bottle Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
боца bottle Serbian
Bocvana Botswana Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Боцвана Botswana Serbian
bodar alert, brisk, keen
бодар alert, brisk, keen
бодеж dagger
bodljikav prickly, spiny Croatian
бодљикав prickly, spiny
bodro briskly, alertly, keenly
бодро briskly, alertly, keenly
bodrost (uncountable) alacrity, alertness, vivacity
бодрост (uncountable) alacrity, alertness, vivacity
Bog God Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
bog god Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian*
Бог God Serbian*
бог god Serbian*
bogalj cripple
богаљ cripple
bogat rich, wealthy Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
богат rich, wealthy Serbian
bogataš rich man Croatian
богаташ rich man
bogatašev rich man's
богаташев rich man's
bogato richly, lavishly, profusely
богато richly, lavishly, profusely
bogatstvo wealth
богатство wealth
boginja goddess Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
богиња goddess Serbian
bogohulan blasphemous
богохулан blasphemous
bogohulnik blasphemer
богохулник blasphemer
bogomoljka praying mantis
богомољка praying mantis
Bogorodica Blessed Virgin, Our Lady
Богородица Blessed Virgin, Our Lady
boj battle Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бој battle Serbian
boja color Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
bojati (reflexive) to fear, be afraid of Croatian
бојати (reflexive) to fear, be afraid of
bojazan fear Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бојазан fear Serbian
bojiti (transitive) to colour Croatian
бојити (transitive) to colour
bojkot boycott Croatian
бојкот boycott
bojnik (military, Croatian) major tag Croatian*
bok side Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бок side Serbian
bol A pain, aching Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бол pain, aching Serbian
болесник sick man
болест sickness, disease
bolestan sick, ill Croatian
болестан sick, ill
Bolivija (uncountable) Bolivia Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Боливија (uncountable) Bolivia Serbian
Bolivijac Bolivian
Боливијац Bolivian
bolivijski Bolivian
боливијски Bolivian
bolnica hospital Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
болница hospital Serbian
болничар nurse (male)
болничарка nurse (female)
bomba bomb Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бомба bomb Serbian
bor pine Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
bora wrinkle Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бора wrinkle Serbian
borac fighter
борац fighter
boravak sojourn, stay
боравак sojourn, stay
boravišni residential (of or pertaining to residence)
боравишни residential (of or pertaining to residence)
boravište abode, dwelling-place
боравиште abode, dwelling-place
borba fight Croatian
борба fight
borben aggressive, militant
борбен aggressive, militant
borbeno aggressively, militantly
борбено aggressively, militantly
borbenost (uncountable) militancy
борбеност (uncountable) militancy
bordel brothel
бордел brothel
boriti (reflexive) to fight, struggle Croatian
борити (reflexive) to fight, struggle
bos barefoot Croatian
бос barefoot
Bosanac Bosnian (male) tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
bosanski Bosnian tag Bosnian*,Serbian
босански Bosnian tag Serbian
bosiljak basil (plant and seasoning) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Bosna (uncountable) Bosnia tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Босна (uncountable) Bosnia tag Serbian
bosonog barefoot
босоног barefoot
bosti (transitive) to stab Croatian
бости (transitive) to stab
botun (Chakavian) button tag Croatian
bočni lateral Croatian
бочни lateral
Bošnjak Bosniak tag
Бошњак Bosniak tag
bošnjački Bosniak tag Serbian
бошњачки Bosniak tag Serbian
bošča veil, kerchief
бошча veil, kerchief
božanski divine Croatian
божански divine
božanstven divine
божанствен divine
božanstvo deity, god Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
божанство deity, god Serbian
božica goddess Serbian Bosnian,Croatian
божица goddess Serbian
Božić (uncountable) Christmas Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
Божић (uncountable) Christmas Serbian
božićni Christmas (of or pertaining to) Croatian
божићни Christmas (of or pertaining to)
božji of or pertaining to God; divine Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
божји of or pertaining to God; divine Serbian
brada beard Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
брада beard Serbian
bradavica nipple Croatian
брадавица nipple
brak marriage Croatian
брак marriage
brana dam Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
брана dam Serbian
braniti (transitive, reflexive) to defend Croatian
бранити (transitive, reflexive) to defend
brat brother Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
брат brother Serbian
bratac (hypocoristic) brother Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
братац (hypocoristic) brother Serbian
brati (transitive) to pick (grasp and pull with ... Croatian
брати (transitive) to pick (grasp and pull with ...
bratski fraternal Croatian
братски fraternal
bratstvo fraternity Croatian
братство fraternity
brava lock (of door) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
брава lock (of door) Serbian
brazda furrow Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
brazilski Brazilian
бразилски Brazilian
braća (collective) brothers Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
браћа (collective) brothers Serbian
Brač An island off the coast of Dalmatia.
Брач An island off the coast of Dalmatia.
bračni marital (of or pertaining to marriage)
брачни marital (of or pertaining to marriage)
brašno (uncountable) flour Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
брашно (uncountable) flour Serbian
brbljati (intransitive) to chatter, babble Croatian
брбљати (intransitive) to chatter, babble
brbljav chatty, talkative Croatian
брбљав chatty, talkative
brbljavost (uncountable) talkativeness Croatian
брбљавост (uncountable) talkativeness
brdo hill Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian*
брдо hill Serbian
brdovit hilly Croatian
брдовит hilly
brdski hill, mountain (of or pertaining to hills)
брдски hill, mountain (of or pertaining to hills)
breg hillock (smaller hill) tag Serbian
брег hillock (smaller hill) Serbian
breme burden, load Croatian
бреме burden, load
breskva peach Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бресква peach Serbian
bretonski Breton
бретонски Breton
brevijar breviary
бревијар breviary
breza birch (tree) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian*
бреза birch (tree) Serbian
brežuljak hillock Croatian
брежуљак hillock
bridž bridge (card game) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бриџ bridge (card game) Serbian
briga worry Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
брига worry Serbian
brijeg hillock (smaller hill) tag Bosnian,Croatian
бријег hillock (smaller hill)
brineta brunette
бринета brunette
brinuti (transitive, reflexive) to worry Croatian
бринути (transitive, reflexive) to worry
bris (medicine) swab, smear
брис (medicine) swab, smear
brisati (transitive) to wipe Croatian
брисати (transitive) to wipe
brisač wiper
брисач wiper
Britanac a Briton Bosnian,Serbian
Британац a Briton Serbian
Britanija (uncountable) Britain Croatian
Британија (uncountable) Britain
britanski British
британски British
brižan attentive, careful
брижан attentive, careful
brižljiv attentive, careful Croatian
брижљив attentive, careful
brk moustache Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
брк moustache Serbian
brlog puddle Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
брлог puddle Serbian
brod ship Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian*
брод ship Serbian
brodogradilište shipyard
бродоградилиште shipyard
brodograditelj shipbuilder
бродоградитељ shipbuilder
broj number Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
број number Serbian
brojan numerous
бројан numerous
brojanje counting, count
бројање counting, count
brojač counter (object used in counting)
бројач counter (object used in counting)
brojka figure, cipher, number
бројка figure, cipher, number
brom (chemical element) bromine Croatian
бром (chemical element) bromine
bruka shame, disgrace
брука shame, disgrace
brukati (transitive) to shame, humiliate, bring d ...
брукати (transitive) to shame, humiliate, bring d ...
brusnica cranberry Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian*
брусница cranberry Serbian
brutalan brutal
бруталан brutal
brutalnost (uncountable) brutality
бруталност (uncountable) brutality
brz fast Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
брз fast Serbian
brzina speed Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
брзина speed Serbian
brzo quickly, rapidly
брзо quickly, rapidly
брзоплет hasty, rash
bršljan ivy (plant) Serbian Croatian
bubamara ladybug, ladybird Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бубамара ladybug, ladybird Serbian
bubanj drum Croatian
бубањ drum
bubnjar drummer
бубњар drummer
bubnjati (intransitive) to play drum
бубњати (intransitive) to play drum
bubreg kidney Croatian
бубрег kidney
Buda (uncountable) Buddha Bosnian,Serbian
Буда (uncountable) Buddha Serbian
budala fool Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
будала fool Serbian
budalast foolish, goofy
будаласт foolish, goofy
budan awake Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
будан awake Serbian
Budimpešta Budapest, the capital of Hungary Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Будимпешта Budapest, the capital of Hungary Serbian
buditi (transitive, reflexive) to awaken, rouse f ...
будити (transitive, reflexive) to awaken, rouse f ...
budnost alertness, vigilance
будност alertness, vigilance
budući future, coming (having to do with or occurrin ... Croatian
будући future, coming (having to do with or occurrin ...
budućnost future Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
будућност future Serbian
budzašto cheaply (at low price)
будзашто cheaply (at low price)
budžet budget Croatian
буџет budget
Bugarin Bulgarian
Бугарин Bulgarian
Bugarska (uncountable) Bulgaria Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Бугарска (uncountable) Bulgaria Serbian
bugarski Bulgarian Croatian
бугарски Bulgarian
buka noise (various sounds, usually unwanted) Croatian
бука noise (various sounds, usually unwanted)
bukagije (plurale tantum) gyves (shatters for leg)
букагије (plurale tantum) gyves (shatters for leg)
bukač noisemaker
букач noisemaker
Bukurešt Bucharest Bosnian,Serbian
Букурешт Bucharest Serbian
bukva beech
буква beech
bukvalno literally
буквално literally
buljina a species of owl (Bubo bubo)
буљина a species of owl (Bubo bubo)
bumbar bumblebee Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бумбар bumblebee Serbian
buna rebellion, uprising, mutiny Croatian
буна rebellion, uprising, mutiny
бунар well (hole sunk into the ground)
bunda coat (usually a fur coat) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бунда coat (usually a fur coat) Serbian
bundeva pumpkin
бундева pumpkin
buniti (reflexive) to rebel Croatian
бунити (reflexive) to rebel
bura bora (wind) Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
бура bora (wind) Serbian
bure barrel Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
буре barrel Serbian
burek a type of baked or fried filled pastry Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бурек a type of baked or fried filled pastry
burgija wimble Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бургија wimble Serbian
burka burka, burqa (female garment that covers the ... Bosnian,Serbian
бурка burka, burqa (female garment that covers the ... Serbian
burma wedding ring Bosnian,Serbian
бурма wedding ring Serbian
burmanski Burmese
бурмански Burmese
but thigh Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бут thigh Serbian
Butan Bhutan Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
butan (uncountable) butane Bosnian,Serbian
Бутан Bhutan Serbian
бутан (uncountable) butane Serbian
bučan loud, noisy Croatian
бучан loud, noisy
bučati Alternative infinitive of (bučiti, búčiti).
бучати Alternative infinitive of (бучити, бу́чити).
bučiti (intransitive) to make loud noise, boom, ...
бучити (intransitive) to make loud noise, boom, ...
buđelar (Bosnian, Serbian) wallet tag Bosnian,Serbian
буђелар (Bosnian, Serbian) wallet tag Serbian