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en This user is a native speaker of English.
enm-2 þes user haþ a forþgon knowleche of Englisch.
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This user has an intermediate understanding of the International Phonetic Alphabet.
This user has an advanced understanding of the Cyrillic alphabet.
This user has an intermediate understanding of the Greek alphabet.
This user has a basic understanding of the old Cyrillic alphabet.
{{t}}-2 This user can use wiki templates with ease, and can write some simple ones.
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This is the user page of User:Hazarasp (IPA(key): /ˈhæzəɹɐːsp/, /ˈhæzɹɐːsp/), as the template above helpfully conveys. If you want, you can:


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This needs expansion.

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This needs expansion, despite my intent not being to make it exhaustive.

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This needs expansion.

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This really needs expansion.

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