Hazarasp is taking a indefinite wikibreak for health reasons, though he will probably make small edits and corrections if he is able to.

This is the user page of User:Hazarasp (IPA(key): /ˈhæzəɹɐːsp/, /ˈhæzɹɐːsp/), as the template above helpfully conveys. I'm also around at Wikipedia.

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Stuff to checkEdit

The categories are being actively worked on; the other stuff isn't really.


English wordsEdit

Middle English wordsEdit

Useful templatesEdit

These templates aren't used that often, so it's easy to forget about them.

Interesting stuffEdit

Your tastes may vary (and mine may too; some stuff here is quite old).


Semantic developmentsEdit

English wordsEdit

This needs expansion.

English words with haplologyEdit

This needs expansion.

Middle English wordsEdit

This needs expansion.

Other wordsEdit

This really needs expansion.

Stuff I've worked onEdit

This is not merely self-aggrandisement (there's those who've done much more to further Wiktionary than me); its contents have utility as a basis for further work I do. You're welcome to take a look though.

Non-English lemmas are not included here (for now).

Categories createdEdit

Appendices createdEdit

Templates createdEdit

English lemmas createdEdit

This may need expansion.

Eye dialect forms createdEdit

English lemmas significantly expandedEdit

This needs expansion, despite my intent not being to make it exhaustive.

English terms for Vaccinium myrtillusEdit

English medieval punctuation termsEdit

English simple pasts as past participlesEdit

The entry broke was already sufficient here.

Other nonstandard past participlesEdit

Nonstandard simple pastsEdit

Syncretic past forms are included here.