Appendix:Roget's thesaurus classification

Synopsis/Outline of Roget's Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases with links to relevant Wiktionary entries and Thesaurus pages.

The full thesaurus is here: Appendix:Roget MICRA thesaurus.

Class I. Words Expressing Abstract Relations


Section I. Existence

See also Category:Thesaurus:Existence
1. Being, in The Abstract
1. existence (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. existencev. exist, persist, come into beingadj. existent
2. inexistence (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. inexistencev. unexistadj. inexistent
2. Being, In The Concrete
3. substantiality (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. substanceadj. substantial
4. unsubstantiality (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. insubstantial
3. Formal Existence
5. intrinsicality (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. intrinsicality, essence, gistadj. intrinsic, innateadv. intrinsically
6. extrinsicality (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. extrinsicalityadj. extrinsic
4. Modal Existence
7. state (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. stateadj. conditionaladv. conditionally
8. circumstance (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. circumstanceadj. circumstantialadv. circumstantially

Section II. Relation

See also Category:Thesaurus:Connection
1. Absolute Relation
9. relation (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. relation, linkv. pertainadj. connected, pertinentadv. pertinently; prep. about
10. irrelation (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. irrelationadj. unconnected, irrelevantadv. parenthetically
11. consanguinity (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. consanguinity, relativeadj. related, consanguine, akin
12. correlation (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. correlationv. reciprocateadj. reciprocaladv. reciprocally
13. identity (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. sameness, selfhoodadj. identical
14. contrariety (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. antithesisv. invertadj. contrary, oppositeadv. contrarily, vice versa, upside down
15. difference (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. differencev. differadj. differentadv. differently
2. Continuous Relation
16. uniformity (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. uniformity, homogenizerv. homogenizeadj. homogeneousadv. uniformly
16A. nonuniformity (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. nonuniformityv. diversifyadj. heterogeneousadv. diversely
3. Partial Relation
17. similarity (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. similarity, counterpartv. resembleadj. similaradv. similarly
18. dissimilarity (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. dissimilarityadv. dissimilarly
19. imitation (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. imitationv. imitate, copyadj. imitable, imitative
20. nonimitation (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. non-imitationadj. inimitable
20A. variation (Gutenberg)
21. copy (Gutenberg)
22. prototype (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. model
4. General Relation
23. agreement (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. agreementv. agreeadj. agreeable, suitable
24. disagreement (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. hostile, unsuitable

Section III. Quantity

See also Category:Thesaurus:Quantities or Category:Thesaurus:Connection
1. Simple Quantity
25. quantity (Gutenberg) [Absolute quantity] Thesaurus: n. quantityv. quantifyadj. quantitativeadv. exactly
26. degree (Gutenberg) [Relative quantity] Thesaurus: n. degreeadj. comparative
2. Comparative Quantity
27. equality (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. equalityv. be equal, balance, equiponderateadj. equal, correspondentadv. equally
28. inequality (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. inequalityv. be unequaladj. unequaladv. unequally
29. mean (Gutenberg)
30. compensation (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. compensate, offsetadj. nevertheless
1 Quantity by Comparison with a Standard
31. greatness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. lotadj. large, excessive, awesomeadv. fundamentally, very
32. smallness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. modicum, finityadj. moderateadv. almost, slightly, moderately
2 Quantity by Comparison with a Similar Object
33. superiority (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. superiority, excessv. exceedadj. superioradv. superiorly
34. inferiority (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. inferiorityv. come shortadj. inferioradv. inferiorly
3 Changes in Quantity
35. increase (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. augmentationv. increase, augmentadj. augmented
36. nonincrease, decrease (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. diminutionv. decrease, diminishadj. diminished
3. Conjunctive Quantity
37. addition (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. additionv. addadj. additionaladv. additionally, incrementally, prep. in addition to
38. nonaddition, subtraction (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. removalv. removeadv. decrementally, prep. except
39. adjunct (Gutenberg) [Thing added] Thesaurus: n. adjunct
40. remainder (Gutenberg) [Thing remaining] Thesaurus: n. remainderv. remainadj. residual
40A. decrement (Gutenberg) [Thing deducted] Thesaurus: n. decrement
41. mixture (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. mixture, hybridv. mix, prep. amongst
42. simpleness (Gutenberg) [Freedom from mixture] Thesaurus: n. non-mixturev. unmix
43. junction (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. junctionv. join, tightenadj. joint, tight, close-fittingadv. jointly
44. disjunction (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. separationv. divide, disconnect, segregateadj. separate, divisible, looseadv. asunder, individually
45. connection (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. connection, connective
46. coherence (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. adhereadj. cohesive, adhesive
47. incoherence (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. deadhere, loosen
48. combination (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. coalesce
49. decomposition (Gutenberg)
4. Concrete Quantity
50. whole (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. entirety, aggregate, intactnessv. integrateadj. entire, intact
51. part (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. part, pieceadj. fragmentaryadv. partially
52. completeness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. completionadj. totaladv. completely
53. incompleteness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. incompletion
54. composition (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. compositionv. compose
55. exclusion (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. omissionv. omit, shut out
56. component (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. component
57. extraneousness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. foreigner, newcomeradj. foreign

Section IV. Order

See also Category:Thesaurus:Order or Category:Thesaurus:Relative qualities
1. Order in General
58. order (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. orderly, methodicaladv. methodically, sequentially
59. disorder (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. disorder, confusion, hodgepodgeadj. disorderlyadv. haphazardly
59A. complexity (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. complexity, complicationv. complicateadj. complex
60. arrangement (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. classify
61. derangement (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. confuseadj. confusing, confused
2. Consecutive Order
62. precedence (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. precedeadj. former
63. sequence (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. sequencev. alternate, succeedadj. subsequentadv. then
64. precursor (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. precursor, predecessor, front matteradj. precursory
65. sequel (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. queue, successor, back matter
66. beginning (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. beginningv. beginadj. natal, initialadv. initially, firstly
67. end (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. finishv. endadj. final, finishedadv. finally, lastly
68. middle (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. midpoint, body matter
69. continuity (Gutenberg) [Uninterrupted sequence] Thesaurus: n. continuityadj. continuousadv. continuously
70. discontinuity (Gutenberg) [Interrupted sequence] Thesaurus: n. discontinuityadj. discontinuousadv. discontinuously
71. term (Gutenberg)
3. Collective Order
72. assemblage (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. groupv. assemble, round up, amass
73. nonassemblage, dispersion (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. disperse
74. focus (Gutenberg)
4. Distributive Order
75. class (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. class
76. inclusion (Gutenberg)
77. exclusion (Gutenberg)
78. generality (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. genericity, generalizationv. generalizeadj. generic, comprehensive, widespreadadv. generally; pro. everybody
79. speciality (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. specificity, specializationv. specify, stand outadj. specificadv. specifically
5. Order as Regards Categories
80. normality (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. normality, mundaneadj. normal
81. multiformity (Gutenberg)
82. conformity (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. conformityv. conformadj. conformantadv. conformably, prep. for example
83. unconformity (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. strangeness, anomaly, strange personv. nonconformadj. strange, eccentricadv. strangely

Section V. Number

See also Category:Thesaurus:Mathematics
1. Number, in the Abstract
84. number (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. number
85. numeration (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. counting, statistic, variablev. calculate, count, summateadj. numerical, innumerable, incalculable
86. list (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. listv. tick off, enlist
2. Determinate Number
87. unity (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. onenessadj. unique, soleadv. solely, by oneself, once
88. accompaniment (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. associate
89. duality (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. twoness, duoadj. dual
90. duplication (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. duplicationv. duplicate, doubleadj. twofoldadv. twice
91. bisection (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. bisectionv. bisectadj. bisected
92. triality (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. threeness, triangle, trioadj. triple
93. triplication (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. triplicationv. triplicate, trebleadj. threefoldadv. thrice
94. trisection (Gutenberg)
95. four (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. fourness, quadrilateral, quartetadv. four times
96. quadruplication (Gutenberg)
97. quadrisection (Gutenberg)
98. five (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. fiveness, quintet
99. quinquesection (Gutenberg)
3. Indeterminate Number
100. plurality (Gutenberg) [More than one] Thesaurus: adj. plural
100A. fraction (Gutenberg) [Less than one]
101. zero (Gutenberg) pro. nothing
102. multitude (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. manyness, multiplicationadj. manifold
103. fewness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. fewness
104. repetition (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. repetition, reoccurrencev. repeat, reiterateadj. repeated, repetitiveadv. repeatedly; phr. say again
105. infinity (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. infinityadj. infinite, beginningless, endless

Section VI. Time

See also Category:Thesaurus:Time or Category:Thesaurus:Relative qualities

1. Absolute Time

106. time (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. interimcon. while, since, until
107. neverness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. timelessnessadj. timelessadv. never, timelessly
108. period (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. period, uncertain period
108A. contingent duration (Gutenberg)
109. course (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. elapse
110. diuturnity (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. endlessness, lastingnessadj. lastingadv. lastingly
111. transientness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. transienceadj. ephemeraladv. temporarily
112. perpetuity (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. eternity, immortalityv. eternalizeadj. eternaladv. forever
113. instantaneity (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. moment, suddenness, instantaneityadj. instantaneous, suddenadv. In no time, immediately
114. chronometry (Gutenberg)
115. anachronism (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. misdate, backdate, overdateadj. anachronistic

2. Relative Time

1. Time with Reference to Succession
116. priority (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. anteriorityv. predateadv. formerly
117. posteriority (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. posteriorityadv. subsequently
118. the present time (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. the presentadj. presentadv. currently
119. a different time (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adv. sometime
120. synchronism (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. simultaneousnessadj. simultaneous, contemporaryadv. simultaneously
121. futurity (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. the futureadj. futureadv. one day, henceforth
122. past (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. the pastadj. pastadv. long ago, hitherto
2. Time with Reference to a Particular Period
123. newness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. innovateadj. new, emergent, innovativeadv. recently
124. oldness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. oldnessadj. old, obsoleteadv. oldly
125. morning (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. morning, dawn, daytimeadj. diurnal
126. evening (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. evening, dusk, nighttimeadj. nocturnal, crepuscular
127. youth (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. young, childlikeadv. youthfully
128. age (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. old agev. to age, make olderadj. elderly
129. infant (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. child, younglingadj. childish
130. veteran (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. old person, old man, old woman
131. adolescence (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. teenager, adultadj. pubescent, mature, adultlike
3. Time with Reference to an Effect or Purpose
132. earliness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. earlinessadj. early, prompt, prematureadv. soon, prematurely
132A. punctuality (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. punctualityadj. punctualadv. punctually, just in time
133. lateness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. lateness, tardy time, delayv. procrastinate, wait, tarryadj. late, overdue, delayedadv. eventually, belatedly
134. occasion (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. timely
135. untimeliness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. untimelinessadj. untimelyadv. untimeously

3. Recurrent Time

136. frequency (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. commonadv. occasionally, often
137. infrequency (Gutenberg)
138. periodicity (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. periodic, seasonal
139. irregularity of recurrence (Gutenberg)

Section VII. Change

See also Category:Thesaurus:Change
1. Simple Change
140. change (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. changev. alter
141. permanence (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. permanence
142. cessation (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. desistint. avast!
143. continuance in action (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: int. come on!
144. conversion (Gutenberg)
145. reversion (Gutenberg)
146. revolution (Gutenberg)
147. substitution (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. substitute, scapegoat
148. interchange (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. switch
2. Complex Change
149. changeableness (Gutenberg)
150. stability (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. immutable, inveterate, immobile
151. eventuality (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. occurrencev. happenphr. "that's life"
152. destiny (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. impending

Section VIII. Causation

See also Category:Thesaurus:Connection
1. Constancy of Sequence in Events
153. cause (Gutenberg) (causation) Thesaurus: n. cause
154. effect (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: prep. because of, despite
155. attribution (Gutenberg) [Assignment of cause] con. because, even though
156. chance (Gutenberg) [Absence of assignable cause] Thesaurus: n. accident, luckadj. accidentaladv. accidentally
2. Connection between Cause and Effect
157. power (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. power
158. impotence (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. disable
159. strength (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. physiquev. strengthenadj. indomitable
160. weakness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. weak spot, milksop, worrieradj. weak, fragile, rickety
3. Power in Operation
161. production (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. build, procreate, impregnateadj. custom-made, pregnant
162. destruction (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. destructionv. destroy
163. reproduction (Gutenberg)
164. producer (Gutenberg)
165. destroyer (Gutenberg)
166. paternity (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. father, mother, grandfather
167. posterity (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. son
168. productiveness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. productive
169. unproductiveness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. sterilizeadj. sterile
170. agency (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. in action, functional
171. physical energy (Gutenberg)
172. physical inertness (Gutenberg) (inertia)
173. violence (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. explode
174. moderation (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. moderate
4. Indirect Power
175. influence (Gutenberg)
175A. absence of influence (Gutenberg) (impotence)
176. tendency (Gutenberg)
177. liability (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. dependent
5. Combinations of Causes
178. concurrence (Gutenberg)
179. counteraction (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. counteract

Class II. Words Relating to Space


Section I. Space in General

1. Abstract Space
180. space (Gutenberg)
180A. inextension (Gutenberg)
181. region (Gutenberg)
182. place (Gutenberg)
2. Relative Space
183. situation (Gutenberg)
184. location (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. settlement
185. displacement (Gutenberg)
3. Existence in Space
186. presence (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. reside, sojourn, stay behind
187. absence (Gutenberg)
188. inhabitant (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. native
189. abode (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. abode, pub
190. contents (Gutenberg)
191. receptacle (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. container, vessel

Section II. Dimensions

See also Category:Thesaurus:Dimensions
1. General Dimensions
192. size (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. size, fat personadj. large, ample
193. littleness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. small, tiny
194. expansion (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. increase
195. contraction (Gutenberg)
196. distance (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. distant
197. nearness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. nearadv. approximately
198. interval (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. interspace
199. contiguity (Gutenberg)
2. Linear Dimensions
200. length (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. lengthv. lengthenadj. long
201. shortness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. shortenadj. short, stocky
202. breadth, thickness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. widthv. widenadj. wideadv. widely
203. narrowness, thinness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. thin personv. straitenadj. narrow, slender, scrawnyadv. narrowly
204. layer (Gutenberg)
205. filament (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. string
206. height (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. tall
207. lowness (Gutenberg)
208. depth (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. deep, subaqueous, subterranean
209. shallowness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. shallow
210. summit (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. summit, apex
211. base (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. floor
212. verticality (Gutenberg)
213. horizontality (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. recumbent
214. pendency (Gutenberg)
215. support (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. support, stick
216. parallelism (Gutenberg)
216A. perpendicularity (Gutenberg)
217. obliquity (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. slope
218. inversion (Gutenberg)
219. crossing (Gutenberg)
3. Centrical Dimensions
1. General.
220. exteriority (Gutenberg)
221. interiority (Gutenberg)
222. centrality (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. focused
223. covering (Gutenberg)
224. lining (Gutenberg)
225. clothing (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. clothingv. clotheadj. clothed; see also Category:Thesaurus:Clothing
226. divestment (Gutenberg) (nudity) Thesaurus: v. reveal, undressadj. naked
227. circumjacence (Gutenberg)
228. interposition (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. intermediate
229. circumscription (Gutenberg)
230. outline (Gutenberg)
231. edge (Gutenberg)
232. inclosure (Gutenberg)
233. limit (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. definite
2. Special
234. front (Gutenberg)
235. rear (Gutenberg)
236. laterality (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adv. sideways
237. contraposition (Gutenberg)
238. dextrality (Gutenberg)
239. sinistrality (Gutenberg)

Section III. Form

See also Category:Thesaurus:Shapes or Category:Thesaurus:Dimensions
1. General Form
240. form (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. shapeadj. multiform
241. amorphism (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. amorphous
242. symmetry (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. shapely
243. distortion (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. askew, misshapenadv. skewly
2. Special Form
244. angularity (Gutenberg) (angle) Thesaurus: n. polygon, polyhedron
245. curvature (Gutenberg) (curve)
246. straightness (Gutenberg)
247. circularity (Gutenberg) (circle)
248. convolution (Gutenberg)
249. rotundity (Gutenberg)
3. Superficial Form
250. convexity (Gutenberg)
251. flatness (Gutenberg)
252. concavity (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. valley
252A. sponge (Gutenberg)
253. sharpness (Gutenberg)
254. bluntness (Gutenberg)
255. smoothness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. smooth, slippery, glossy
256. roughness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. rough, hirsute, notched
257. notch (Gutenberg)
258. fold (Gutenberg)
259. furrow (Gutenberg)
260. opening (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. holev. make hole, impale
261. closure (Gutenberg)
262. perforator (Gutenberg)
263. stopper (Gutenberg)

Section IV. Motion

See also Category:Thesaurus:Travel and movement
1. Motion in General
264. motion (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. gaitv. move, runadj. portable
265. quiescence (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. immobilize, stopadj. stationary
266. journey (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. journeyv. walk
267. navigation (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. sail
268. traveler (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. traveller, vagabond, wanderer
269. mariner (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. sailor
270. transference (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. carry
271. carrier (Gutenberg)
272. vehicle (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. vehicle, automobile, bicycle
273. ship (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. watercraft, sailboat, fleet
2. Degrees of Motion
274. velocity (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. move quickly, speed up, rushadj. quicklyadv. speedy
275. slowness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. move slowly, slow downadj. slow, gradualadv. slowly, gradually
3. Motion Conjoined with Force
276. impulse (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. hit
277. recoil (Gutenberg)
4. Motion with Reference to Direction
278. direction (Gutenberg)
279. deviation (Gutenberg)
280. precession (Gutenberg)
281. sequence (Gutenberg)
282. progression (Gutenberg)
283. regression (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. retreat
284. propulsion (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. throw
285. traction (Gutenberg)
286. approach (Gutenberg)
287. recession (Gutenberg)
288. attraction (Gutenberg)
289. repulsion (Gutenberg)
290. convergence (Gutenberg)
291. divergence (Gutenberg)
292. arrival (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: int. hello!
293. departure (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. leaveint. goodbye!
294. ingress (Gutenberg)
295. egress (Gutenberg)
296. reception (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. ingest
297. ejection (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. vomitv. regurgitate, emit, kick outint. go away!
298. food (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. food, meal, beveragev. eat, drinkadj. edible, drinkable, ingestible
299. excretion (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. defecation, urinationv. defecate, urinate
300. insertion (Gutenberg)
301. extraction (Gutenberg)
302. passage (Gutenberg)
303. transcursion (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. pass by, transcend
304. shortcoming (Gutenberg)
305. ascent (Gutenberg)
306. descent (Gutenberg)
307. elevation (Gutenberg)
308. depression (Gutenberg)
309. leap (Gutenberg)
310. plunge (Gutenberg)
311. circuition (Gutenberg)
312. rotation (Gutenberg)
313. evolution (Gutenberg)
314. oscillation (Gutenberg)
315. agitation (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. shake, sway

Class III. Words Relating to Matter

See also Category:Thesaurus:Matter

Section I. Matter in General

316. materiality (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. materialadj. bodily
317. immateriality (Gutenberg)
318. world (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. Earth, Solar System, meteoriteadj. cosmic
319. gravity (Gutenberg)
320. levity (Gutenberg)

1. Solid Matter

321. density (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. compressadj. compact
322. rarity (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. diffuse
323. hardness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. hardnessv. hardenadj. hard
324. softness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. softness, moldabilityv. softenadj. soft, flexible, moldable
325. elasticity (Gutenberg)
326. inelasticity (Gutenberg)
327. tenacity (Gutenberg)
328. brittleness (Gutenberg)
329. texture (Gutenberg) (structure)
330. pulverulence (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. granular
331. friction (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. rub
332. lubrication (Gutenberg)

2. Fluid Matter

1. Fluids In General
333. fluidity (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. liquidadj. fluidic, runny
334. gaseity (Gutenberg) (gas) Thesaurus: n. flatusv. flatulateadj. gaseous, flatulent
335. liquefaction (Gutenberg)
336. vaporization (Gutenberg)
2. Specific Fluids
337. water (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. water
338. air (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. atmosphere
339. moisture (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. wet, muggy, bedewed
340. dryness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. dry
341. ocean (Gutenberg)
342. land (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. landform
343. gulf, lake (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. lake, body of water, inlet
344. plain (Gutenberg)
345. marsh (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. wetlandadj. marshy
346. island (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. island
3. Fluids in Motion
347. stream (Gutenberg) (fluid in motion)
348. river (Gutenberg) (water in motion) Thesaurus: adj. flowing
349. wind (Gutenberg) (air in motion) Thesaurus: n. wind, storm
350. conduit (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. tube
351. airpipe (Gutenberg)

3. Imperfect Fluids

352. semiliquidity (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. goov. thickenadj. viscous, gelatinous, lacteous
353. bubble (Gutenberg) (mixture of air and water) Thesaurus: n. cloudadj. effervescent, nebulous, noneffervescent
354. pulpiness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. pulpy
355. unctuousness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. unctuous
356. oil (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. petroleum, fat
356A. resin (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. resinous

Section III. Organic Matter


1. Vitality

1. Vitality in General
357. organization (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. organism
358. inorganization (Gutenberg)
359. life (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. alive
360. death (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. deathv. dieadj. dead
361. killing (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. killing, killerv. kill, stabadj. bloodied
362. corpse (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. corpseadj. cadaverous
363. interment (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. interment, cemetery
2. Special Vitality
364. animality (Gutenberg)
365. vegetability† (Gutenberg)
366. animal (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. animal
367. vegetable (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. plant
368. zoology (Gutenberg)
369. botany (Gutenberg)
370. husbandry (Gutenberg)
371. agriculture (Gutenberg)
372. mankind (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. humankindadj. anthropic
373. man (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. man, hypermasculine man
374. woman (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. woman, female
374A. sexuality (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. sexual activity, copulation, copulatorv. copulate, masturbate, orgasmadj. promiscuous, randy; see also Category:Thesaurus:Sex
See also Category:Thesaurus:Senses
1. Sensation in General
375. physical sensibility (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. sense, sensation, perceptibilityv. perceive, produce sensationadj. perceptible, distinct, sensoryadv. perceptibly
376. physical insensibility (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. lack of sensationadj. imperceptible
377. physical pleasure (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. pleasureadj. pleasant, blissful
378. physical pain (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. pain, agony, torturev. suffer, hurtadj. agonizing, agonized, unpleasant
2. Special Sensation
(1) Touch
379. touch (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. tactitionv. feel, feel aroundadj. tactile
380. sensations (Gutenberg) (of touch)
381. numbness (Gutenberg)
(2) Heat
382. heat (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. temperatureadj. hot, warm
383. cold (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. cold
384. calefaction (Gutenberg) (heating) Thesaurus: v. kindle
385. refrigeration (Gutenberg)
386. furnace (Gutenberg)
387. refrigerator (Gutenberg)
388. fuel (Gutenberg)
388A. insulation (Gutenberg)
389. thermometer (Gutenberg)
(3) Taste
390. taste (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. gustation, flavourv. tasteadj. gustable
391. insipidity (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. insipid
392. pungency (Gutenberg) (spice) Thesaurus: n. spicinessadj. spicy
392A. saltiness (Gutenberg) (salt) Thesaurus: n. saltinessadj. salty
392B. bitterness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. bitternessadj. bitter
393. condiment (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. seasoningv. flavorize
394. savoriness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. savorinessadj. delicious
395. unsavoriness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. unpalatable
396. sweetness (Gutenberg) (sugar) Thesaurus: n. sweetnessadj. sweet
397. sourness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. sournessadj. sour
(4) Odor
398. odor (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. olfaction, smell, odoramentv. olfact, have smelladj. olfactible
399. inodorousness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. scentless
400. fragrance (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. aromaadj. fragrant
401. fetor (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. stenchv. reekadj. malodorous
401A. acridity (Gutenberg)
(5) sound
(I) Sound in General
402. sound (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. sound, abrupt sound, prolonged soundadj. noisy
403. silence (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. silencev. be silentadj. silent
404. loudness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. din
405. faintness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. murmurv. soughadj. quiet
(II) Specific Sounds
406. snap (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. snap, tap, bang
407. roll (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. humming, clatter, rumblev. hum
408. resonance (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. make soundadj. sonorous
408A. nonresonance† (Gutenberg)
409. sibilation (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. sibilationv. sibilateadj. sibilantadv. sibilantly
410. stridor (Gutenberg)
411. cry (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. shout
412. ululation (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. ululation, animal sound
(III) Musical Sounds
413. melody, concord (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. euphonyadj. euphonious
414. discord (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. cacophonyadj. cacophonous
415. music (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. musical composition
416. musician (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. musicianv. sing, play music
417. musical instrument (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. musical instrument
(IV) Perception Of Sound
418. hearing (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. auditionv. hear, listenadj. audible
419. deafness (Gutenberg)
(6) light
(I) Light in General
420. light (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. illuminate, shine, glistenadj. shining, shiny
421. darkness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. dark, dark colour
422. dimness (Gutenberg)
423. luminary (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. light source
424. shade (Gutenberg)
425. transparency (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. transparent, sheer
426. opacity (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. opaque
426A. turbidity (Gutenberg)
427. semitransparency (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. translucent
(II) Specific Light
428. color (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. coloradj. colored, gaudy, multicolored
429. achromatism (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. achromatic, pallid, decoloured
430. whiteness (Gutenberg)
431. blackness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. black coloradj. black
432. gray (Gutenberg)
433. brown (Gutenberg)
434. redness (Gutenberg)
435. greenness (Gutenberg)
436. yellowness (Gutenberg)
437. purple (Gutenberg)
438. blueness (Gutenberg)
439. orange (Gutenberg)
440. variegation (Gutenberg)
(III) Perceptions of Light
441. vision (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. eye, visionv. look, see, glance; see also Category:Thesaurus:Vision
442. blindness (Gutenberg)
443. dimsightedness (Gutenberg)
444. spectator (Gutenberg)
445. optical instruments (Gutenberg)
446. visibility (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. appearadj. visible
447. invisibility (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. indistinct
448. appearance (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. countenance, facial expression, landscapeadv. ostensibly
449. disappearance (Gutenberg)

Class IV. Words Relating to the Intellectual Faculties

See also Category:Thesaurus:Intellectual faculties

Division I. Formation of Ideas


Section I. Operations of Intellect in General

450. intellect (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. psychologyadj. intellectual
450A. absence or want of intellect (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. idiot
451. thought (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. think, ponderadj. contemplative
452. incogitancy (Gutenberg)
453. idea (Gutenberg)
454. topic (Gutenberg)

Section II. Precursory Conditions and Operations

455. curiosity (Gutenberg)
456. incuriosity (Gutenberg)
457. attention (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. attentionv. pay attention, examineadj. raptint. lo!, hey!
458. inattention (Gutenberg)
459. care (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. vigilant
460. neglect (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. ignoreadj. careless, abandoned
461. inquiry (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. study
462. answer (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. replyv. respond
463. experiment (Gutenberg)
464. comparison (Gutenberg)
464A. incomparability (Gutenberg)
465. discrimination (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. tell apart, differentiate
465A. indiscrimination (Gutenberg)
465B. identification (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. identify
466. measurement (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. measuring deviceadj. topographic

Section III. Materials for Reasoning

467. evidence (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. reference work
468. counter evidence (Gutenberg)
469. qualification (Gutenberg)
470. possibility (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. possibilityadj. possible
471. impossibility (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. impossibility
472. probability (Gutenberg)
473. improbability (Gutenberg)
474. certainty (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. certain, irrefutableadv. inevitably, certainly
475. uncertainty (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. dilemmaadj. iffy, vague

Section IV. Reasoning Processes

476. reasoning (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adv. therefore
477. intuition, sophistry (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. visceral
478. demonstration (Gutenberg)
479. confutation (Gutenberg)

Section V. Results Of Reasoning

480. judgment (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. judgement
480A. discovery (Gutenberg)
481. misjudgment (Gutenberg)
482. overestimation (Gutenberg)
483. underestimation (Gutenberg)
484. belief (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. beliefv. deem, have opinion, rely
485. unbelief, doubt (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. hesitate
486. credulity (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. gullible
487. incredulity (Gutenberg)
488. assent (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. assent, accede, acquiesceadv. yes
489. dissent (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adv. no
490. knowledge (Gutenberg)
491. ignorance (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. ignorant, unknown
492. scholar (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. linguistadj. learned
493. ignoramus (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. ignoramus
494. truth (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. truthadv. actually
495. error (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. errorv. make a mistake
496. maxim (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. saying
497. absurdity (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. absurd
498. intelligence, wisdom (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. intelligence, wisdomadj. intelligent, wiseadv. intelligently
499. imbecility, folly (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. foolish, stupid, weak-minded
500. sage (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. sage, know-it-all
501. fool (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. fool
502. sanity (Gutenberg)
503. insanity (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. insanity, mental hospitalv. go crazy, becraze, raveadj. insane
504. madman (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. mad person

Section VI. Extension of Thought

1. To the Past
505. memory (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. memorable, memorious
506. oblivion (Gutenberg)
2. To the Future
507. expectation (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. wait for
508. inexpectation (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. surpriseadj. surprising
509. disappointment (Gutenberg)
510. foresight (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. precognition
511. prediction (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. prediction, divinationv. predictadj. precognitive
512. omen (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. omen
513. oracle (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. oracle, predictor

Section VII. Creative Thought

514. supposition (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. suppositionv. suppose
514A. analogy (Gutenberg)
515. imagination (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. fantastic

Division II. Communication of Ideas

See also Category:Thesaurus:Communication

Section I. Nature of Ideas Communicated

516. meaning (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. definition
517. unmeaningness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. nonsense
518. intelligibility (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. comprehensible
519. unintelligibility (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. incomprehensible, mysterious
520. equivocalness (Gutenberg)
521. metaphor (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. figure of speech
522. interpretation (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adv. in other words
523. misinterpretation (Gutenberg)
524. interpreter (Gutenberg)

Section II. Modes of Communication

525. manifestation (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. obvious, explicitadv. obviously, explicitly
526. latency, implication (Gutenberg)
527. information (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. announce, inform, divulge
527A. correction (Gutenberg)
528. concealment (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. sneakadj. hidden, covert, arcane
529. disclosure (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. informantv. rat out, confess
530. ambush (Gutenberg)
531. publication (Gutenberg)
532. news (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. rumorphr. "how are you"
533. secret (Gutenberg)
534. messenger (Gutenberg)
535. affirmation (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. statement
536. negation (Gutenberg)
537. teaching (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. instruction
538. misteaching (Gutenberg)
539. learning (Gutenberg)
540. teacher (Gutenberg)
541. learner (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. learner, beginner
542. school (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. school
543. veracity (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. veracityadj. honestadv. honestly
544. falsehood (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. falsehoodadj. falseadv. falsely
545. deception (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. deceptionv. deceiveadj. deceptive
546. untruth (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. lie
547. dupe (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. dupe
548. deceiver (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. deceiver
549. exaggeration (Gutenberg)

Section III. Means of Communicating Ideas

1. Natural Means
550. indication (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. indication, characteristic, symptom
551. record (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. literature
552. obliteration (Gutenberg)
553. recorder (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. secretary
554. representation (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. picture
555. misrepresentation (Gutenberg)
556. painting (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. painting
557. sculpture (Gutenberg)
558. engraving (Gutenberg)
559. artist (Gutenberg)
2. Conventional Means
1. Language Generally
560. language (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. language, linguistics
561. letter (Gutenberg)
562. word (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. word, term, dictionary
563. neologism (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. jargon, cryptolect
564. nomenclature (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. namev. denominate
565. misnomer (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. whatshisname, thingy
566. phrase (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. phrase
567. grammar (Gutenberg)
568. solecism (Gutenberg)
569. style (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. wording
570. perspicuity (Gutenberg)
571. obscurity (Gutenberg)
572. conciseness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. succinctnessadj. concise
573. diffuseness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. verbosityadj. verbose
574. vigor (Gutenberg)
575. feebleness (Gutenberg)
576. plainness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. bare-bones
577. ornament (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. fustian
578. elegance (Gutenberg)
579. inelegance (Gutenberg)
2. Spoken Language
580. voice (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. utter
581. aphony (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. make silentadj. mute
582. speech (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. talk, speechv. speak, mention
583. stammering (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. mutter
584. loquacity (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. talkativeness, chatter, chatterboxadj. talkative
585. taciturnity (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. stop talkingadj. taciturn
586. allocution (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: int. hello!
587. response (Gutenberg)
588. conversation (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. tattle, gossiperv. gossip
589. soliloquy (Gutenberg)
3. Written Language
590. writing (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. pen, stationeryv. write, handwrite
591. printing (Gutenberg)
592. correspondence (Gutenberg)
593. book (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. book
594. description (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. literaturev. describe
595. dissertation (Gutenberg)
596. compendium (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. summaryv. recapitulateadv. in summary
597. poetry (Gutenberg)
598. prose (Gutenberg)
599. The drama (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. drama

Class V. Words Relating to the Voluntary Powers

See also Category:Thesaurus:Volition

Division I. Individual Volition


Section I. Volition in General

1. Acts Of Volition
600. will (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. optional
601. necessity (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. unintentional
602. willingness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. acquiescent, docile
603. unwillingness (Gutenberg)
604. resolution (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. indomitable, relentless
604A. perseverance (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. perseverancev. persevereadj. tireless
605. irresolution (Gutenberg)
606. obstinacy (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. obstinacyadj. obstinate, perverse
607. tergiversation (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. recant
608. caprice (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. whim
609. choice (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. option, dilemmav. set apart
609A. absence of choice (Gutenberg)
610. rejection (Gutenberg)
611. predetermination (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. premeditated
612. impulse (Gutenberg)
613. habit (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. accustomadj. familiaradv. mostly, normally, usually
614. desuetude (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adv. unusually
2. Causes of Volition
615. motive (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. incite
615A. absence of motive (Gutenberg)
616. dissuasion (Gutenberg)
617. pretext (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. pretext
3. Objects of Volition
618. good (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. goodnessadj. good
619. evil (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. do eviladj. evil

Section II. Prospective Volition

1. Conceptional Volition
620. intention (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. goaladj. intentional
621. chance (Gutenberg) [Absence of purpose in the succession of events]
622. pursuit (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. activity, game
623. avoidance (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. truancyv. avoid, shirk, fleeadj. avoidable
624. relinquishment (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. abandon
625. business (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. occupation, employer, area of authority
626. plan (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. designadj. planned
627. method (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. wayadv. thus, regardless
628. mid-course (Gutenberg)
629. circuit (Gutenberg)
630. requirement (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. requisite, urgent
2. Subservience to Ends
1. Actual Subservience
631. instrumentality (Gutenberg)
632. means (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: prep. by means of
633. instrument (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. instrument, device, tool
634. substitute (Gutenberg)
635. materials (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. material, fabric, metal
636. store (Gutenberg)
637. provision (Gutenberg)
638. waste (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. junkadj. depleted
639. sufficiency (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. adequacyadj. abundantadv. plentiful
640. insufficiency (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. lackadj. low-quality
641. redundancy (Gutenberg)
2. Degree of Subservience
642. importance (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. important, serious, notableadv. above all
643. unimportance (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. trifleadj. insignificantint. screw this!
644. utility (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. utility
645. inutility (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. inutility, trashadj. futile
646. expedience (Gutenberg)
647. inexpedience (Gutenberg)
648. goodness (Gutenberg) (beneficial) Thesaurus: adj. excellentadv. excellently
649. badness (Gutenberg) (harmful) Thesaurus: n. badnessadj. bad, harmful, doomed
650. perfection (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. masterpieceadj. flawless
651. imperfection (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. defectadj. mediocre, broken
652. cleanness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. make cleanadj. clean
653. uncleanness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. untidy personv. dirtyadj. unclean, unkempt
654. health (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. healthy
655. disease (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. disease, pandemicadj. ill, diseased, nauseated
656. salubrity (Gutenberg)
657. insalubrity (Gutenberg)
658. improvement (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. improveadj. improved
659. deterioration (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. injuryv. worsenadj. deteriorated, out of order, rotten
660. restoration (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. workaroundv. repair, kludge
661. relapse (Gutenberg)
662. remedy (Gutenberg) (medicine) Thesaurus: n. medicine, therapy, physician
663. bane (Gutenberg) (poison)
3. Contingent Subservience
664. safety (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. safe
665. danger (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. dangerv. endangeradj. dangerous, ramshackle
666. refuge (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. refuge
667. pitfall (Gutenberg)
668. warning (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: int. heads up!
669. alarm (Gutenberg)
670. preservation (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. preserved
671. escape (Gutenberg)
672. deliverance (Gutenberg)
3. Precursory Measures
673. preparation (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. cook
674. nonpreparation (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. impromptu, raw
675. essay (Gutenberg)
676. undertaking (Gutenberg)
677. use (Gutenberg)
678. disuse (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. lay offadj. unemployed
679. misuse (Gutenberg)

Section III. Voluntary Action

1. Simple Voluntary Action
680. action (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. action
681. inaction (Gutenberg)
682. activity (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. wakefulnessv. wake, awakenadj. active, industrious, awake
683. inactivity (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. shut-eye, sleep inducer, idlerv. sleep, go to bed, fall asleepadj. sleepy, soporific, asleep
684. haste (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. rush
685. leisure (Gutenberg)
686. exertion (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. work, drudgery
687. repose (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. vacation
688. fatigue (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. fatiguev. tireadj. fatigued, fatiguing
689. refreshment (Gutenberg)
690. agent (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. doer, worker
691. workshop (Gutenberg)
2. Complex Voluntary Action
692. conduct (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. conduct, guiseadj. behavioral
693. direction (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. administration
694. director (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. boss, bureaucrat, head of government
695. advice (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. advicev. advise
696. council (Gutenberg)
697. precept (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. law
698. skill (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. skilladj. skilled, capable, experienced
699. unskillfulness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. unskilled, inexperienced
700. proficient (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. skilled person
701. bungler (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. unskilled person
702. cunning (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. cunningadj. wily
703. artlessness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. naive

Section IV. Antagonism

See also Category:Thesaurus:Opposition
1. Conditional Antagonism
704. difficulty (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. testadj. difficult, subtle, in trouble
705. facility (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. easy thingadj. easy
2. Active Antagonism
706. hindrance (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. hindrance, spoilsportv. hinder, spoil, put a damper on
707. aid (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. nurture
708. opposition (Gutenberg)
709. cooperation (Gutenberg)
710. opponent (Gutenberg)
711. auxiliary (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. associate
712. party (Gutenberg)
713. discord (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. dispute, commotionv. squabbleadj. quarrelsome
714. concord (Gutenberg)
715. defiance (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. disobey
716. attack (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. assaultv. attack
717. defense (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. defensev. defend
718. retaliation (Gutenberg)
719. resistance (Gutenberg)
720. contention (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. fightadj. combative, hostile
721. peace (Gutenberg)
722. warfare (Gutenberg)
723. pacification (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. pacify
724. mediation (Gutenberg)
725. submission (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. surrender
726. combatant (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. soldier, mercenary
727. arms (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. weapon, firearm, sword
728. arena (Gutenberg)

Section V. Results of Voluntary Action

See also Category:Thesaurus:Opposition
729. completion (Gutenberg)
730. noncompletion (Gutenberg)
731. success (Gutenberg)
732. failure (Gutenberg)
733. trophy (Gutenberg)
734. prosperity (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. prosperadj. auspicious, lucky
735. adversity (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. difficult situation, disasteradj. unlucky, disastrousadv. disastrously
736. mediocrity (Gutenberg)

Division II. Intersocial Volition


Section I. General Intersocial Volition

737. authority (Gutenberg)
737A. government (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. government, office
737B. politics (Gutenberg)
738. laxity (Gutenberg)
739. severity (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. stern, relentless, bare-bones
740. lenity (Gutenberg)
741. command (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. command
742. disobedience (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. disobey
743. obedience (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. obeyadj. obedient
744. compulsion (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. compulsory
745. master (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. ruler
746. servant (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. attendant, slavev. serve
747. scepter (Gutenberg)
748. freedom (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. wanton
749. subjection (Gutenberg)
750. liberation (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. liberate
751. restraint (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. imprison, curb
752. prison (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. prison, jail
753. keeper (Gutenberg)
754. prisoner (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. prisoner
755. commission (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. diplomatic mission
756. abrogation (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. lay offint. go away!
757. resignation (Gutenberg)
758. consignee (Gutenberg)
759. deputy (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. deputy

Section II. Special Intersocial Volition

760. permission (Gutenberg)
761. prohibition (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. sanctionv. prohibit
762. consent (Gutenberg)
763. offer (Gutenberg)
764. refusal (Gutenberg)
765. request (Gutenberg)
766. deprecation (Gutenberg)
767. petitioner (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. beggar, scrounger

Section III. Conditional Intersocial Volition

768. promise (Gutenberg)
768A. release from engagement (Gutenberg)
769. compact (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. pactv. bargain
770. conditions (Gutenberg)
771. security (Gutenberg)
772. observance (Gutenberg)
773. nonobservance (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. fail to notice
774. compromise (Gutenberg)

Section IV. Possessive Relations

See also Category:Thesaurus:Possession
1. Property In General
775. acquisition (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. acquisitionadj. gainful
776. loss (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. lossv. loseadj. lacking
777. possession (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. propertyv. possess
777A. exemption (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. exemption
778. participation (Gutenberg) [Joint possession] Thesaurus: n. participation
779. possessor (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. possessor
780. property (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. property, ownership, stake
781. retention (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. retentionv. retainadj. retentive
782. relinquishment (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. relinquishmentv. relinquish
2. Transfer of Property
783. transfer (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. transferencev. transfer
784. giving (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. bestowal, giver, giftv. giveadj. gratis
785. receiving (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. receiving, recipientv. receive
786. apportionment (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. distribute
787. lending (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. lending, lenderv. lend
788. borrowing (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. borrowing, borrowerv. borrow
789. taking (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. taking, takerv. take, capture
790. restitution (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. restitutionv. return
791. stealing (Gutenberg) (theft) Thesaurus: n. theftv. stealadj. light-fingered, stolen
792. thief (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. thief
793. booty (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. booty
3. Interchange of Property
794. barter (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. exchangev. barter, trade
795. purchase (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. purchase, purchaserv. buy
796. sale (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. salev. selladj. marketable
797. merchant (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. merchant
798. merchandise (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. goods
799. mart (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. retail store
799A. stock market (Gutenberg)
799B. securities (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. security
4. Monetary Relations
See also Category:Thesaurus:Wealth
800. money (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. money, small changeadj. monetary
801. treasurer (Gutenberg)
802. treasury (Gutenberg)
803. wealth (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. wealth, moneybagsadj. wealthy
804. poverty (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. poverty, pauperadj. impoverished
805. credit (Gutenberg)
806. debt (Gutenberg)
807. payment (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. reimburse
808. nonpayment (Gutenberg)
809. expenditure (Gutenberg)
810. receipt (Gutenberg)
811. accounts (Gutenberg)
812. price (Gutenberg)
812A. value (Gutenberg)
812B. worthlessness (Gutenberg)
813. discount (Gutenberg)
814. dearness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. expensive
815. cheapness (Gutenberg)
816. liberality (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. generous
817. economy (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. frugal
817A. greed (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. greedadj. greedy, voracious
818. prodigality (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. prodigality, spendthriftadj. prodigal
819. parsimony (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. miseradj. stingy

Class VI. Words Relating to the Sentient and Moral Powers

See also Category:Thesaurus:Emotion or Category:Thesaurus:Personality

Section I. Affections in General

820. affections (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. predilection
821. feeling (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. emotion, enthusiasm; see also Category:Thesaurus:Emotion
822. sensibility (Gutenberg)
823. insensibility (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. apathyadj. apathetic, carefree
824. excitation (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. thrill, sexually stimulateadj. exciting
825. excitability (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. enlivenadj. hyperactive, enthusiastic
826. inexcitability (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. calmnessv. tolerateadj. calm, temperate

Section II. Personal Affections


1. Passive Affections

827. pleasure (Gutenberg) (non-physical) Thesaurus: adj. pleasant
828. pain (Gutenberg) (non-physical) Thesaurus: n. annoyance
829. pleasurableness (Gutenberg) [cause or source of pleasure] Thesaurus: adj. attractive
830. painfulness (Gutenberg) [cause or source of pain] Thesaurus: n. nuisance, annoyancev. annoyadj. annoying, annoyed, disheartening
831. content (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. satisfactory
832. discontent (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. complainer
833. regret (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. regretful
834. relief (Gutenberg)
835. aggravation (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. aggravate
836. cheerfulness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. happy
837. dejection (Gutenberg) (see depression) Thesaurus: adj. sad, lamentable
838. rejoicing (Gutenberg) [expression of pleasure] Thesaurus: n. laughter, smilev. laughint. yay!
839. lamentation (Gutenberg) [expression of pain] Thesaurus: v. complain, weepint. woe is me!
840. amusement (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. joke, prank, hobbyv. jest
841. weariness (Gutenberg) (tedium) Thesaurus: n. boreadj. wearisome, boring
842. wit (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. witty, funny
843. dullness (Gutenberg) (uninteresting)
844. humorist (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. joker, jester

2. Discriminative Affections

See also Category:Thesaurus:Appearance
845. beauty (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. beauty, beautiful personadj. beautiful
846. ugliness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. ugliness, ugly personadj. ugly
847. ornament (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. trinketv. decorateadj. marked
847A. jewelry (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. jewelry
848. blemish (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. discolored
849. simplicity (Gutenberg) (plainness)
850. taste (Gutenberg)
851. vulgarity (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. gaudy, unfashionable
852. fashion (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. fashionable
853. ridiculousness (Gutenberg)
854. fop (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. dandy
855. affectation (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. pedantadj. foppish
856. ridicule (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. ridiculev. mock, deride
857. laughingstock (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. laughingstock

3. Prospective Affections

858. hope (Gutenberg)
859. hopelessness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. scarecrow
860. fear (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. fear, terror, fearmongerv. frightenadj. frightening, afraid, nervous
861. courage (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. courageadj. brave, unafraid
862. cowardice (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. cowardice, cowardadj. cowardly
863. rashness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. reckless
864. caution (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. cautionadj. cautiousadv. cautiously
865. desire (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. desire, predilection, craving
866. indifference (Gutenberg) (lack of desire)
867. dislike (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: int. yuck!
868. fastidiousness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. fastidious, meticulous
869. satiety (Gutenberg)

4. Contemplative Affections

870. wonder (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. wonderful, astonished, indescribableint. wow!
871. expectance (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. describable
872. prodigy (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. child prodigy

5. Extrinsic Affections

873. repute (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. important personadj. famous
874. disrepute (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. disrepute, shamev. abashadj. embarrassed
875. nobility (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. nobleman
876. commonalty (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. commonalty, commoner, bumpkin
877. title (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. title
878. pride (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. pride, arroganceadj. arrogant
879. humility (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. humble
880. vanity (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. vain
881. modesty (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. shyness, shy personadj. shy
882. ostentation (Gutenberg)
883. celebration (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. celebration, party
884. boasting (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. boastful
885. insolence (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. impudence, malapertadj. cheeky, bossy
886. servility (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. suck upadj. servile, sycophantic
887. blusterer (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. braggart

Section III. Sympathetic Affections

See also Category:Thesaurus:Love and affection or Category:Thesaurus:Morality

1. Social Affections

888. friendship (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. friendly
889. enmity (Gutenberg)
890. friend (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. friend, acquaintance
891. enemy (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. enemy
892. sociality (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. greetingadj. sociable
893. seclusion, exclusion (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. recluse, outcast, solitudeadv. solitarily
894. courtesy (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. embraceadj. polite
895. discourtesy (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. impolite
896. congratulation (Gutenberg)
897. love (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. loverv. loveadj. beloved, in love, affectionate
898. hate (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. hate
899. favorite (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. sweetheart
900. resentment (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. offense, anger, tantrumv. offend, enrage, lose one's temperadj. angry
901. irascibility (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. shrewadj. irritable, peevish
901A. sullenness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. sullen
902. endearment (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. courtship, bussv. woo, indulge, kiss
903. marriage (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. intermarriage, spousev. marry, get married
904. celibacy (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. celibate, virgin
905. divorce (Gutenberg)

2. Diffusive Sympathetic Affections

906. benevolence (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. kindly
907. malevolence (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. harmadj. mean
908. malediction (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. swearword, swearingv. swearint. dammit!
909. threat (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. threatv. intimidate
910. philanthropy (Gutenberg)
911. misanthropy (Gutenberg)
912. benefactor (Gutenberg)
913. evil doer (Gutenberg) (malefactor)

3. Special Sympathetic Affections

914. pity (Gutenberg)
914A. pitilessness (Gutenberg)
915. condolence (Gutenberg)

4. Retrospective Sympathetic Affections

916. gratitude (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: int. thank you!
917. ingratitude (Gutenberg)
918. forgiveness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. forgiveness
919. revenge (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. revengev. avengeadj. vengeful
920. jealousy (Gutenberg)
921. envy (Gutenberg)

Section IV. Moral Affections

See also Category:Thesaurus:Morality

1. Moral Obligations

922. right (Gutenberg)
923. wrong (Gutenberg)
924. dueness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. deserve
925. undueness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. bastardadj. illegitimate
926. duty (Gutenberg)
927. dereliction of duty (Gutenberg)
927A. exemption (Gutenberg)

2. Moral Sentiments

928. respect (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. revere
929. disrespect (Gutenberg)
930. contempt (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. contemptv. despiseadj. despicableint. bah!
931. approbation (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. praise, applause, approvalv. approveint. well done!
932. disapprobation (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. diatribev. criticize, blameint. tut tut!
933. flattery (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. flattery
934. detraction (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. slanderv. defameadj. defamatory
935. flatterer (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. sycophant
936. detractor (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. detractor
937. vindication (Gutenberg)
938. accusation (Gutenberg)

3. Moral Conditions

939. probity (Gutenberg)
940. improbity (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. villainy, mischief
941. knave (Gutenberg)
942. disinterestedness (Gutenberg)
943. selfishness (Gutenberg)
944. virtue (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. virtuous
945. vice (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. immoral
946. innocence (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. innocentadv. innocently
947. guilt (Gutenberg)
948. good man (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. hero
949. bad man (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. villain, criminal, troublemaker
950. penitence (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. remorseful
951. impenitence (Gutenberg)
952. atonement (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. atone

4. Moral Practice

953. temperance (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. teetotaler
954. intemperance (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. recreational drug
954A. sensualist (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. sensualist
955. asceticism (Gutenberg)
956. fasting (Gutenberg)
957. gluttony (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. glutton
958. sobriety (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. sober
959. drunkenness (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. drunkenness, drunkard, alcoholic beverageadj. drunk
960. purity (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: adj. pure, virginaladv. purely
961. impurity (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. harlotizeadj. impure, obscene, pornographic
962. libertine (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. libertine, mistress, promiscuous man

5. Moral Institutions

963. legality (Gutenberg)
964. illegality (Gutenberg)
965. jurisdiction (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. police, police officer
966. tribunal (Gutenberg)
967. judge (Gutenberg)
968. lawyer (Gutenberg)
969. lawsuit (Gutenberg)
970. acquittal (Gutenberg)
971. condemnation (Gutenberg)
972. punishment (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. beating
973. reward (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. bribe
974. penalty (Gutenberg)
975. scourge (Gutenberg) [instrument of punishment] Thesaurus: n. gallows

Section V. Religious Affections


1. Superhuman Beings and Regions

976. deity (Gutenberg)
977. angel (Gutenberg)
978. satan (Gutenberg)
979. jupiter (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. god
980. demon (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. ghostadj. ghostly
981. heaven (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. afterlife, life after death
982. hell (Gutenberg)

2. Religious Doctrines

983. theology (Gutenberg)
983A. orthodoxy (Gutenberg)
984. heterodoxy (Gutenberg)
985. Judeo-Christian revelation (Gutenberg)
986. pseudo-revelation (Gutenberg)

3. Religious Sentiments

987. piety (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. religion, believerv. consecrate
988. impiety (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: v. desecrate
989. irreligion (Gutenberg)

4. Acts Of Religion

990. worship (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. worship
991. idolatry (Gutenberg)
992. sorcery (Gutenberg)
993. spell (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. amulet
994. sorcerer (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. magician

5. Religious Institutions

995. churchdom (Gutenberg)
996. clergy (Gutenberg)
997. laity (Gutenberg)
998. rite (Gutenberg)
999. canonicals (Gutenberg)
1000. temple (Gutenberg) Thesaurus: n. temple