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always; to assemble; gather; total; overall; head; chief; general; in every case
to manage; to heed; to put in order; reason; logic; science; inner principle or structure
trad. (總理)
simp. (总理)




  1. premier; prime minister; president
    總理 / 总理  ―  Zhōu Zǒnglǐ  ―  Premier Zhou

Usage notesEdit

The translation of prime minster in Chinese varies according to the country in question. For example, the prime minister of the United Kingdom, Japan and Belgium is translated as 首相 (shǒuxiàng), while the prime minister of members of the Commonwealth of Nations (other than the UK) and Thailand is translated as 總理总理 (zǒnglǐ), the same term used to refer to the premier of the People's Republic of China.


  • Tibetan: ཙུང་ལི (tsung li)
  • Zhuang: cungjlij

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