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These are the Jinmeiyō kanji ((じん)(めい)(よう)(かん)() (personal name use kanji)), the kanji used for names that are not on the Jōyō kanji (everyday use, common kanji) list. These are sometimes referred to as Grade 8. Note that sometimes “Jinmeiyō kanji” refers to both the Jōyō and the Jinmeiyō; this category includes only the Jinmeiyō proper; the Jōyō are in Common kanji. As of September 27, 2004, there are 983 characters in the Jinmeiyō kanji.

There are also 209 variant forms of Jōyō kanji and 19 variant forms of Jinmeiyō kanji (mostly traditional (きゅう)()(たい) (kyūjitai) forms) that are acceptable for use in names; these do not currently have a separate category.

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