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each {determiner} (every) :: всеки {m}
eager {adj} (excited by desire in the pursuit of any object) :: нетърпелив, силно желаещ
eagerness {n} (The state or quality of being eager) :: желание, готовност, нетърпение
eagle {n} (any of several large carnivorous birds in the family Accipitridae) :: орел {m}
eagle-eyed {adj} (Having great visual acuity) :: с остър поглед
eagle-eyed {adj} (keenly perceptive) :: проницателен
eagle owl {n} (large owl of genus Bubo) :: бухал {m} /buhal/
ear {n} (organ of hearing) :: ухо {n}
ear {n} (slang: police informant) :: доносник {m}
ear {n} (fruiting body of a grain plant) :: клас {m}
ear {v} (plough) SEE: plough ::
ear {n} (external part of the organ of hearing) SEE: pinna ::
earcap {n} (A cap or cover to protect the ear from cold) :: наушник
eardrop {n} (medicine) :: капки за уши {p}
eardrop {n} (pendant) :: висяща обица {f}
eardrum {n} (membrane separating outer and middle ears) :: тъпанче {n} /tǎpanče/
earl {n} (a British or Irish nobleman) :: граф {m} /graf/
early {adj} (at a time in advance of the usual) :: ранен
early {adj} (arriving at a time before expected) :: ранен, преждевременен
early {adv} (at a time before expected) :: рано
earmark {v} (to specify or set aside for a particular purpose) :: слагам настрана, заделям {impf}, заделя {pf}
earmark {n} (A mark of the ear of an animal) :: дамга на ухото
earmuffs {n} (objects that cover ears) :: наушници
earn {v} (gain through applied effort or work) :: печеля
earn {v} (transitive: receive (money) for working) :: заработвам {impf}
earn {v} (deserve) :: заслужавам
earn {v} (intransitive: receive money for working) :: заработвам
earnest {adj} (ardent) :: сериозен, добросъвестен
earnest {adj} (intent) :: задълбочен
earnest {adj} (important, serious) :: сериозен
earnest {n} (pledge) :: капаро, депозит
earnest money {n} (money paid) :: капаро
earnings {n} (wages, money earned, income) :: доходи {p}, приходи {p}
earphone {n} (sound device held near the ear) :: слушалки {f-p}
earphones {n} (small speakers worn over the ears) :: слушалки {f-p}
earpiece {n} (speaker placed inside or held near the ear) :: слушалка
earpiece {n} (arm of pair of glasses) :: дръжка на очила
ear-piercing {adj} (extremely loud) :: пронизителен /pronizítelen/
earplug {n} (protective clothing for the ear canal) :: тапа за уши
earring {n} (piece of jewelry) :: обица {f}
earsplitting {adj} (extremely loud) :: оглушителен
earth {n} (soil) :: земя {f}, почва {f}, пръст {f}
earth {n} (any general rock-based material) :: земя {f}
earth {n} (the ground, land) :: земя {f}, суша {f}
earth {n} (electrical connection) :: заземяване {n}
earth {n} (fox's lair) :: дупка {f}
earth {n} (world of our current life, as opposed to afterlife) :: свят {m}
earth {n} (one of the four basic elements) :: земя {f}
earth {n} (one of the five basic elements) :: земя {f}
earth {v} (connect electrically to the earth) :: заземявам
earth {v} (to bury) :: заравям
earth {prop} (our planet, third out from the Sun) SEE: Earth ::
Earth {prop} (third planet of the Solar System) :: Земя {f}
earthbound {adj} (confined to the Earth) :: земен
earthbound {adj} (unimaginative or mundane) :: прозаичен, светски
earthbound {adj} (heading towards Earth) :: насочен към Земята
earthen {adj} (made of earth or mud) :: пръстен
earthen {adj} (made of clay) :: глинен
earthenware {n} (ceramic) :: глинени изделия {p}
Earthling {n} (inhabitant of the planet Earth) :: човек {m}, жител на Земята
earthly {adj} (as opposed to heaven) :: земен, светски
earth pig {n} (aardvark) SEE: aardvark ::
earthquake {n} (shaking of the surface of a planet) :: земетресение {n}
earthworm {n} (worm (animal)) :: дъждовен червей {m}
earthy {adj} (resembling dirt or soil) :: почвен, пръстен
earthy {adj} (down to earth) :: груб, естествен
earthy {adj} (resembling or of the earth) :: земен
ear trumpet {n} (conical hearing aid) :: слухов апарат {m}
earwax {n} (waxy substance secreted by the ear) :: ушна кал {f}
earwig {n} (the insect) :: щипалка {f}
earwig {v} :: нашепвам
ease {n} (comfort, see also: comfort) :: спокойствие {n}, безгрижие {n}
ease {n} (freedom from effort) :: лекота {f}, непринуденост {m}
ease {v} (To free (something) from pain, worry, agitation, etc) :: успокоявам, облекчавам
ease {v} (To alleviate, assuage or lessen (pain)) :: облекчавам
ease {v} (To loosen or slacken the tension on (something)) :: отпускам
easel {n} (upright frame for displaying or supporting something) :: статив {m} /stativ/
easily {adv} (without difficulty) :: лесно
easily {adv} (without question) :: безспорно, несъмнено
easiness {n} (the quality of being easy) :: лекота {f}, леснина {f}
east {n} (compass point) :: изток {m}
Easter {n} (Christian holiday) :: Великден {m}, Възкресение Христово {n}
Easter egg {n} (a dyed or decorated egg) :: великденско яйце {n}
Easter Island {prop} (Island in the Pacific) :: Великденски остров {m} /Velikdenski óstrov/
eastern {adj} (related to the east) :: източен /íztočen/
eastern {adj} (blowing from the east) :: източен /íztočen/
Eastern Europe {prop} (Eastern Europe) :: Източна Европа {f}
East Flanders {prop} (East Flanders) :: Източна Фламандия
East Germany {prop} (former European country) :: Източна Германия {f}
East Sea {prop} (Baltic sea) SEE: Baltic Sea ::
East Sea {prop} (Sea of Japan) SEE: Sea of Japan ::
East Sea {prop} (Dead Sea) SEE: Dead Sea ::
East Slavic {adj} (of or relating to the East Slavs) :: източнославянски /iztočnoslavjánski/
East Timor {prop} (Country in Oceania) :: Източен Тимор {m}
East Turkestan {prop} (Xinjiang) SEE: Xinjiang ::
easy {adj} (comfortable) SEE: comfortable ::
easy {adj} (requiring little skill or effort) :: лесен
easy {adj} (consenting readily to sex) :: лесен {m}, лесна {f}
easy chair {n} (a comfortable chair) :: фотьойл {m}, кресло {n}
easygoing {adj} (casual and informal) :: безгрижен, отпуснат
eat {v} (to ingest, see also: consume; ingest) :: ям {impf}, храня се {impf}
eatable {adj} (able to be eaten) SEE: edible ::
eating disorder {n} (psychological disorder) :: хранителните разстройства
eau de toilette {n} (lightly scented perfume) :: тоалетна вода {f}
eaves {n} (underside of a roof) :: стряха {f}, стреха {f}
eavesdrop {v} (to hear a conversation one is not intended to hear) :: подслушвам {impf}
eavesdrop {n} (dripping of rain from the eaves of a house) :: капчук {m}
ebb {n} (receding movement of the tide) :: отлив {m}
ebb {n} (low tide) :: отлив {m}
ebb {v} (to fall away or decline) :: спадам
ebony {n} (wood) :: абанос /abanós/
ebony {n} (tree) :: абанос {m} /abanós/
ebony {adj} (made of ebony wood) :: абаносов
e-book {n} (electronic book) :: е-книга {f}
ebullient {adj} (agitated) :: врящ, кипящ
eccentric {adj} (not at or in the centre) :: ексцентричен
eccentric {adj} (having a different center) :: ексцентричен
eccentric {adj} (deviating from the norm) :: ексцентричен, чудат
eccentric {n} (person who does not behave like others) :: ексцентрик {m} /ekscéntrik/, чудак {m} /čudák/
eccentric {n} (off-centre wheel) :: ексцентрик {m} /ekscéntrik/
eccentricity {n} (the quality of being eccentric) :: ексцентричност {f}
eccentricity {n} (eccentric behaviour) :: ексцентричност {f}
ecchymosis {n} (skin discoloration) SEE: bruise ::
ecchymosis {n} (leaking of blood into the tissues of the body as a result of a bruise) :: синина {f}
ecclesiastic {adj} (pertaining to the church) :: църковен, свещенически
ecdysiast {n} (stripper) :: стриптизьорка {f}
echelon {n} ((military) formation of troops) :: ешелон {m} /ešelón/
echelon {v} (to form troops into an echelon) :: ешелонирам
echidna {n} (any of the four species of small spined monotremes) :: ехидна {f}
echinacea {n} (plant) :: ехинацея {f}
echinoderm {n} (member of the Echinodermata) :: иглокожо {n}
echo {n} (reflected sound) :: ехо {n}, отзвук {m}
echo {v} (to reflect off of a surface and return) :: отеквам, ехтя
echolalia {n} (echoing of words or phrases) :: ехолалия {f} /exolalija/
eclair {n} (an oblong chocolate covered creme filled pastry) :: еклер {m} /eklér/
eclipse {n} (passage of a planetary object between others) :: затъмнение {n}
eclipse {v} (To cause an eclipse) :: затъмнявам
eclipse {v} (To overshadow) :: засенчвам, помрачавам
ecliptic {n} (Earth's orbital plane) :: еклиптика {f}
eco- {prefix} (concerning ecology or the environment) :: еко- /eko-/
ecology {n} (branch of biology) :: екология {f}
economic {adj} (pertaining to an economy) :: икономически, стопански
economic {adj} (cheap) :: икономичен, рентабилен
economical {adj} (relating to economy) SEE: economic ::
economical {adj} (careful with money) :: икономичен
economics {n} (study) :: икономика {f}
economy {n} (effective management of the resources of a community or system) :: икономика {f}, стопанство {n}
economy {n} (frugal use of resources) :: икономисване {n}, икономия {f}
economy {n} (production and distribution and consumption) :: икономика {f}
ecosystem {n} (system of an ecological community and its environment) :: екосистема {f}
ecru {adj} (beige) SEE: beige ::
ecstasy {n} (intense pleasure) :: екстаз {m} /ekstáz/
ecstasy {n} (intense emotion) :: екстаз {m} /ekstáz/, възторг {m} /vǎztórg/
ecstasy {n} (trance associated with mystic or prophetic exaltation) :: захлас {m}, унес {m}
ecstasy {n} (drug) :: екстази {n}
ectothermic {adj} (of or relating to ectotherm) :: студенокръвен
Ecuador {prop} (country in South America) :: Еквадор {m}
edacious {adj} (voracious, ravenous) :: лаком, ящен, ненаситен,
eddy {n} (air or water running in an opposite direction to the main current) :: вихър {m}, вихрушка {f}
edema {n} (excessive accumulation of serum in tissue) :: оток {m}
edentate {adj} (toothless) SEE: toothless ::
edentulous {adj} (toothless) SEE: toothless ::
edge {n} (boundary line of a surface) :: ръб {m}
edge {n} (joining line between two vertices of a polygon) :: страна {f}, ръб {m}
edge {n} (place where two faces of a polyhedron meet) :: ръб {m}
edge {n} (an advantage) :: преимущество {n}
edge {n} (thin cutting side of the blade of an instrument) :: резец {m}, нож {m}
edge {n} (that which cuts as an edge does, or wounds deeply) :: острие {n}
edge {n} (any sharp terminating border; a margin; a brink; extreme verge) :: ръб {m}
edge {n} (border or part adjacent to the line of division; the beginning or early part) :: ръб {m}
edible {adj} (that can be eaten without harm; suitable for consumption) :: ядлив /jadliv/, годен за ядене /goden za jadene/
edible {n} (anything edible) :: храна {f}
edict {n} (a proclamation of law) :: декрет {m}, указ {m}
edification {n} (the act of edifying, or the state of being edified) :: назидание {n}
edifice {n} (building) :: здание {n} /zdánie/
edify {v} (To instruct or improve morally or intellectually) :: поучавам, назидавам
Edinburgh {prop} (capital of Scotland) :: Единбург
Edirne {prop} (a city in Eastern Thrace) :: Одрин
edit {n} (a change to the text of a document) :: редакция {f}
edit {v} (to change a text, or a document) :: редактирам {impf}
editing {n} (an act or instance of something being edited) :: редактиране {n} /redaktírane/
edition {n} (literary work) :: издание {n}
edition {n} (whole set of copies) :: тираж {m}
editor {n} (person who edits) :: редактор {m}
editor {n} (newspaper editor) :: редактор {m}
editor {n} (program for modifying text files) :: редактор {m}
editorial {adj} (of or relating to an editor, editing, or an editorial) :: редакционен
editorial {n} (article giving the opinion of editors) :: редакционна статия {f}
Edmonton {prop} (city in Canada) :: Едмънтън
educate {v} (to instruct or train) :: образовам, обучавам, тренирам
education {n} (process or art of imparting knowledge, skill and judgment) :: образование {n}
educator {n} (teacher) SEE: teacher ::
educe {v} (to draw out or bring out; elicit or evoke) :: извличам
educe {v} (to infer or deduce) :: заключавам
eel {n} (any fish of the order Anguilliformes) :: змиорка {f}
eelpout {n} (fish of the family Zoarcidae) :: белдюга {f}
eeny, meeny, miny, moe {n} (similar children's counting-out games in other languages) :: ала бала ница турска паница, ой гиди Ванчо наш капитанчо
eerie {adj} (weird) :: странен, внушаващ суеверен страх
efface {v} (to erase) :: заличавам, премахвам
efface {v} (cause to disappear as if by rubbing out) :: изтривам, зачерквам
effect {n} (result of an action) :: резултат {m}, следствие {n}
effect {n} (movie and television industries term) :: ефект {m}
effect {n} (scientific phenomenon) :: ефект {m}
effect {v} (to make or bring about; to implement) :: извършвам, осъществявам
effective {adj} (having the power to produce a required effect or effects) :: ефективен
effective {adj} (producing a decided or decisive effect) :: резултатен
effective {adj} (efficient, serviceable, or operative) :: ефикасен
effective {adj} (actually in effect) :: действителен
effectuate {v} (bring about) :: постигам, изпълнявам
effeminate {adj} (of a man, behaving like a woman) :: женствен
effervesce {v} (to emit small bubbles) :: кипя, пеня се
effervesce {v} (to show high spirits) :: кипвам
effervescence {n} (the escape of gas from solution in a liquid) :: кипене {n}, шупване {n}
effervescent {adj} (fizzy) :: пенлив
effervescent {adj} (enthusiastic) :: възбуден, ентусиазиран
effete {adj} (lacking strength) :: изчерпан, изтощен
effete {adj} (decadent) :: упадъчен
efficacity {n} (efficacy) SEE: efficacy ::
efficacy {n} (ability to produce effect) :: действеност {f}
efficiency {n} (extent to which time is well used) :: ефективност {f}
efficiency {n} (extent to which a resource is used for the intended purpose) :: производителност {f}
efficient {adj} (making good use of resources) :: ефективен, резултатен
efficient {adj} (using a particular proportion of available energy) :: ефикасен {m}
efflower {v} (leatherworking: remove an outer surface with a knife) SEE: graze ::
effluence {n} (process of flowing out) :: изтичане {n}
effluent {n} (flow of liquid waste) :: водосток {m}
effluvium {n} (A gaseous or vaporous emission, especially a foul-smelling one) :: изпарение {n}
efflux {n} (process of flowing out) :: изтичане {n}
efflux {n} (that which has flowed out) :: отток {m}
effort {n} (endeavor) SEE: endeavor ::
effort {n} (the amount of work involved in achieving something) :: усилие {n}, старание {n}
effortless {adj} (without effort) :: лесен, без усилия
effrontery {n} (insolent and shameless audacity) :: нахалство {n} /naxálstvo/, безочливост {f} /bezočlivost/
effulgent {adj} (shining) :: сияещ, лъчезарен
eft {n} (newt) :: тритон {m}
e.g. {adv} (abbreviation for “for example”) :: напр. [например]
egg {v} (to encourage) :: подбуждам, подтиквам
egg {n} (body housing an embryo) :: яйце {n}
egg {n} (egg of domestic fowl as food item) :: яйце {n}
egg {n} (ovum) :: яйцеклетка {f}
egg cell {n} (ovum) SEE: ovum ::
eggplant {n} (plant) :: син домат {m} /sin tomát/, патладжан {m} /patladžán/
eggplant {n} (edible fruit) :: патладжан {m}
egg-shaped {adj} (having the shape of an egg) :: яйцевиден, овален
eggshell {n} (object) :: черупка {f}
egg white {n} (albumen) SEE: albumen ::
egg yolk {n} (central part of an egg) SEE: yolk ::
eglantine {n} (rose) :: дива роза {f}
egocentric {n} (person who is egocentric) :: егоцентрик {m} /egotsentri'k/
egocentrism {n} (following ones egotistical desires) :: егоцентризъм {m}
egoism {n} (tendency to think of self) :: егоизъм {m} /egoízǎm/
egoist {n} (person who talks excessively about himself or believes in his own importance or superiority) SEE: egotist ::
egotism {n} (preoccupation with oneself) :: самоизтъкване {n}
egotism {n} (belief that one is superior) :: самомнение, егоцентричност {n}
egotist {n} :: егоист {m}
egregious {adj} (conspicuous, exceptional, conspicuous) :: въпиещ, отявлен
egress {n} (exit) SEE: exit ::
egress {n} (process of exiting) :: излизане {n}
egret {n} (Any of various wading birds of the genera Egretta or Ardea) :: бяла чапла {f} /bjála čáplja/
Egypt {prop} (country in North Africa) :: Египет
Egyptian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Egypt) :: египетски
Egyptian {n} (person from Egypt) :: египтянин {m}
Egyptian {prop} (language) :: египетски
Egyptologist {n} (A person; one who is skilled professes or practices Egyptology) :: египтолог {m} /Egiptolog/, египтоложка {f} /Egiptoloshka/
Eid {prop} (Muslim religious festival) :: байрам {m}
eider {n} (duck of genus Somateria) :: гага {f} /gága/
eidetic {adj} (pertaining to a memory of perfect clarity) :: кристално ясен /kristalno yasen/
eidolon {n} (a representation of an ideal form) :: идеализиран образ {m}
eidolon {n} (a ghost or elusive entity) :: призрак {m}, привидение {n}
Eiffel Tower {prop} (tower in Paris) :: Айфелова кула {f}
eight {num} (cardinal number 8) :: осем
eight {n} (The digit/figure 8) :: осмица {f}
eight {n} (Playing card with value 8) :: осмица {f}
eighteen {num} (cardinal number) :: осемнадесет, осемнайсет
eighteenth {adj} (the ordinal form of the number eighteen) :: осемнадесети
eighth {adj} (ordinal form of the number eight) :: осми {m} /ósmi/
eight hundred {num} (cardinal number 800) :: осемстотин
eightieth {adj} (ordinal form of the number eighty) :: осемдесети
eighty {num} (80) :: осемдесет
Einstein {prop} (Albert Einstein) :: Айнщайн {m} /Ajnštajn/
einsteinium {n} (element with atomic number 99) :: айнштайний /ajnštájnij/
either {determiner} (each of two) :: всеки {m}
either {adv} ((after a negative) as well) :: също
either {conj} (introduces the first of two options) :: или...или, нито ... нито; или, един или друг {m}
ejaculate {v} (to eject abruptly) :: изхвърлям
ejaculate {v} (to say abruptly) :: възклицавам
ejaculate {v} (to eject semen or vaginal fluid) :: еякулирам {impf} {pf}
ejaculation {n} (ejection of semen through the urethra) :: еякулация {f}
eject {v} (to compel to leave) :: изгонвам
eject {v} (to compel (a sports player) to leave the field) :: изгонвам
eject {v} (to project oneself from an aircraft) :: катапултирам
eject {v} (to cause to come out of a machine) :: изпускам
eke {adv} (To increase; to add to, augment, lengthen) :: прибавям, допълвам, удължавам
elaborate {adj} (detailed) :: сложен, подробен
elaborate {adj} (flashy or fancy) :: изкусен
elaborate {v} (to give further detail or explanation) :: изпипвам, доразвивам
Elam {prop} (ancient civilization) :: Елам
elapse {v} ((of time) to pass or move by) :: изтичам /iztíčam/, изминавам /izminávam/ (време)
elastic {adj} (capable of stretching) :: еластичен
elastic {adj} (made of elastic) :: ластичен
elastic {n} (material) :: ластик {m}
elasticity {n} (physics: property by which a material can regain its original dimensions) :: еластичност {f}
elasticity {n} (quality of being elastic) :: еластичност {f}
elasticity {n} (adaptability) SEE: adaptability ::
elate {v} (to make joyful or proud) :: въодушевявам
elate {v} (to lift up, raise, elevate) :: ободрявам
elation {n} (An exhilarating psychological state of pride and optimism) :: въодушевление {f}
Elbe {prop} (European river) :: Елба {f}
elbow {n} (joint between upper arm and forearm) :: лакът {m}
elbow {n} (pipe fitting) :: коляно {n}
elbow bone {n} (ulna) SEE: ulna ::
Elbrus {prop} (mountain) :: Елбрус {m}
El Clásico {prop} (any match between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid) :: Ел Класико {n}
elder {adj} (greater than another in age or seniority) :: по-възрастен
elder {n} (Sambucus) :: бъз {m}
elder {n} :: бъз
elderberry {n} (elder tree) SEE: elder ::
elderberry {n} (fruit) :: плод от бъз {m}
elderly {adj} (old) :: възрастен
elderly {n} (elderly person) :: възрастен човек {m} /vǎzrasten čovèk/
elecampane {n} (Inula helenium) :: бял оман {m}
elect {v} (to elect) SEE: choose ::
elect {v} (to choose or make decision) :: решавам, спирам се на
elect {v} (to choose in election) :: избирам
elect {adj} (who has been elected) :: избран
electable {adj} (able to be elected to office) :: избираем
election {n} (process of choosing a new leader or representatives) :: избори {m-p}
election {n} (choice of a leader or representatives) :: избор {m}, избиране {n}
election {n} (conscious choice) :: избор {m}
elective {adj} (of or pertaining to voting or elections) :: изборен
elective {adj} (optional or discretionary) :: по избор
elector {n} (person eligible to vote) :: избирател {m} /izbirátel/
elector {n} (in the Holy Roman Empire, a participant in the election of the emperor) SEE: Elector ::
Elector {n} (elector or prince-elector) :: курфюрст {m}
electoral {adj} (of, or relating to elections) :: избирателен
electric {adj} (electrical) :: електрически /elektríčeski/
electric {adj} (emotionally thrilling) :: наелектризиращ
electric eel {n} (species of fish) :: електрическа змиорка {f}
electrician {n} (tradesman who works with electrical equipment) :: електротехник {m}
electricity {n} (form of energy) :: електричество {n}
electrification {n} (the act of electrifying, or the state of being charged with electricity) :: наелектризиране {n}
electrify {v} :: наелектризирам {n} /naelektriziram/
electromagnetic interaction {n} (electromagnetic interaction) :: електромагнитно взаимодействие {n}
electromagnetic spectrum {n} (electromagnetic spectrum) :: електромагнитен спектър {m}
electromagnetism {n} (a fundamental force) :: електромагнетизъм {m}
electron {n} (the negatively charged subatomic particles that orbit atoms) :: електрон {m}
electron hole {n} (lack of an electron) SEE: hole ::
electronic book {n} (e-book) SEE: e-book ::
electronic mail {n} (email) SEE: email ::
electronics {n} ((physics)) :: електроника {f}
electrum {n} (fossil resin) SEE: amber ::
elegance {n} (grace, refinement, and beauty in movement, appearance, or manners) :: елегантност {f}, изисканост {f}
elegance {n} (restraint and grace in style) :: изтънченост {f}
elegance {n} (beauty of an idea) :: елегантност {f}
elegant {adj} (exhibiting elegance) :: елегантен, изискан
elegy {n} (mournful or plaintive poem or song) :: елегия {f}
element {n} (simplest or essential part or principle of anything) :: елемент {m}
element {n} (chemistry: simplest chemical substance) :: елемент {m}
element {n} (alchemy: one of the four basic building blocks) :: стихия {f}
element {n} (atmospheric forces) :: стихия {f}
element {n} (place or state of being that an individual or object is better suited towards) :: стихия {f}
element {n} (set theory: object in a set) :: елемент {m}
elemental {adj} (basic, fundamental, elementary) SEE: elementary ::
elementary {adj} (relating to the basic, essential or fundamental part of something) :: елементарен
elementary {adj} (relating to an elementary school) :: начален
elementary {adj} (relating to a subatomic particle) :: елементарен
elephant {n} (mammal) :: слон {m}
elephantiasis {n} (disease) :: слонска болест {f}
elephantine {adj} (of or relating to elephants) :: слонски
elephant seal {n} (mammal of the genus Mirounga) :: морски слон {m}
elephant shrew {n} (Any member of the order Macroscelidea) :: слонска земеровка {f}
elevate {v} (raise) :: издигам
elevate {v} (elate) :: въздигам
elevate {v} (increase the intensity of) :: повишавам
elevate {v} (ennoble) SEE: ennoble ::
elevated {adj} (Above ground level) :: издигнат, повдигнат
elevated {adj} (Of a higher rank) :: възвишен
elevation {n} (act of raising) :: издигане {n}
elevation {n} (condition of being elevated) :: възвишеност {f}
elevation {n} (that which is raised) :: възвишение {n}
elevation {n} (distance of a celestial object above the horizon) :: височина {f}
elevator {n} (permanent construction) SEE: lift ::
eleven {num} (the cardinal number occurring after ten and before twelve) :: единадесет, единайсет
eleventh {adj} (ordinal form of eleven) :: единадесет
elf {n} (mythical, supernatural being) :: елф {m}
elf {n} (very diminutive person) SEE: dwarf ::
elicit {v} (to evoke, educe) :: извличам
eligible {adj} (meeting the necessary requirements to participate; worthy of being chosen) :: приемлив, подходящ
eliminate {v} (completely destroy) :: премахвам, елиминирам
eliminate {v} (kill) :: убивам
elimination {n} (act of eliminating, expelling or throwing off) :: отстраняване {n}
elimination {n} (act of causing a quantity to disappear from an equation) :: съкращаване {n}
Elisabeth {prop} (female given name) SEE: Elizabeth ::
Elista {prop} (city in Russia) :: Елиста {f}
Elizabeth {prop} (female given name) :: Eлисавета {f}
Elizabeth {prop} (mother of John the Baptist) :: Елисавета
elk {n} (Alces alces) SEE: moose ::
ellipse {n} (curve) :: елипса {f}
ellipsis {n} (typographic mark) :: многоточие {n}
ellipsis {n} (omission of word or phrase) :: пропускане на дума {n}
ellipsoid {adj} (shaped like an ellipse) SEE: elliptical ::
elliptical {adj} (oval) :: елиптичен
elm {n} (tree of genus Ulmus) :: бряст {m}
Elohim {prop} (name for God) :: Елохим {m}
elongate {adj} (lengthened) :: удължен
elongate {v} (to make long) :: удължавам, разтеглям
elongation {n} (The act of lengthening) :: удължаване {n}, разтегляне {n}
elope {v} (run away to get married) :: приставам
eloquence {n} (the quality of artistry and persuasiveness in speech or writing) :: красноречие {n}
eloquent {adj} (fluently persuasive and articulate) :: красноречив
eloquent {adj} (effective in expressing meaning) :: изразителен
El Salvador {prop} (country in Central America) :: Салвадор {m}
else {adv} (word that implies any result with the exception of the one being referred to) :: иначе, освен това
else {adv} (statement in computing that indicates the result of a conditional statement (if) evaluating as false) :: иначе
elsewhere {adv} (in or at some other place) :: другаде /drúgade/
elucidation {n} (A making clear; the act of elucidating or that which elucidates, as an explanation, an exposition, an illustration) :: разяснение {n}
elude {v} (to evade) :: избягвам, отбягвам
elusive {adj} (evading capture, comprehension or remembrance) :: неуловим, изплъзващ се
emaciate {v} ((transitive) make extremely thin or wasted) :: изтощавам, изнурявам
emaciate {v} ((intransitive) become extremely thin or wasted) :: изтощавам се
e-mail {n} (email) SEE: email ::
e-mail {v} (email) SEE: email ::
email {n} (system) :: имейл {m}
email {n} (message sent via email) :: имейл {m}
Emajõgi {prop} (river in Estonia) :: Емайъги
emanate {v} (To come from a source) :: произлизам, произтичам
emanation {n} (act of flowing) :: излъчване {n}
emanation {n} (that which flows) :: еманация {f}
emancipate {v} (To set free from the power of another) :: еманципирам
emancipation {n} (act of setting free from the power of another) :: еманципация {f} /emancipácija/
emasculate {adj} (deprived of virility or vigor) :: скопен, кастриран
emasculate {v} (to deprive of virile or procreative power; to castrate) :: скопявам, кастрирам
emasculate {v} (to deprive of masculine vigor or spirit; to weaken) :: обезсилвам
emasculation {n} (castration) :: скопяване, кастриране {n}
emasculation {n} (deprived of vigor) :: обезсилване {n}
embalm {v} (to treat a corpse in order to prevent decomposition) :: балсамирам
embankment {n} (artificial mound of earth and stone) :: дига {f}, насип {m}
embarge {n} (embargo) SEE: embargo ::
embargo {n} (a ban on trade with another country) :: ембарго {n} /embárgo/
embark {v} (to get on a boat) :: качвам се на кораб
embark {v} (to start) :: предприемам
embarrass {v} (to humiliate; to disrupt somebody's composure or comfort with acting publicly or freely) :: смущавам, обърквам
embarrassed {adj} (Having a feeling of shameful discomfort) :: смутен, объркан
embarrassment {n} (state of discomfort) :: притеснение {n}, стеснение {n}
embarrassment {n} (state of confusion) :: объркване {n}, смущение {n}
embassy {n} (organization representing a foreign state) :: посолство {n}
embed {v} (lay as in a bed; lay in surrounding matter) :: закрепвам, поставям в
embellish {v} (To make more beautiful and attractive; to decorate) :: украсявам, разкрасявам
ember {n} (glowing piece of coal or wood) :: жар {f}
ember {n} (smoldering ash) SEE: embers ::
embers {n} (the smoldering or glowing remains of a fire, smoldering ash) :: жарава {f}
embetterment {n} (improvement) SEE: improvement ::
embezzle {v} (to steal money that one has been trusted with) :: злоупотребявам
embezzlement {n} (The fraudulent conversion of property from a property owner) :: злоупотреба {f}
embiggen {v} (enlarge) SEE: enlarge ::
embitter {v} (to cause to be bitter) :: вгорчавам
emblem {n} (representative symbol) :: емблема {f}
emblematic {adj} (serving as a symbol) :: символичен
embodiment {n} (entity typifying an abstraction) :: въплъщение {n}, олицетворение {n}
embody {v} (represent in a physical form; to incarnate or personify) :: въплъщавам, олицетворявам
embolden {v} (To encourage, inspire, or motivate) :: насърчавам, окуражавам
embolism {n} (obstruction or occlusion of an artery by an embolus) :: емболия {f}
embolus {n} (An obstruction causing an embolism: a blood clot) :: тромб {m}
emboss {v} (to mark or decorate with a raised design or symbol) :: украсявам с релеф
embrace {v} (to hug (a person)) :: прегръщам
embrace {v} ((metaphorical) to enfold or include (ideas, principles, etc)) :: прегръщам
embrace {n} (hug) :: прегръдка {f}
embrasure {n} (Any of the indentations between the merlons of a battlement) :: бойница {f}, амбразура {f}
embroider {v} (to stitch a decorative design on fabric with needle and thread) :: бродирам
embroider {v} (to add imaginary detail to a narrative) :: разкрасявам
embroidery {n} (ornamentation) :: бродерия {f}
embroidery {n} (fabric) :: бродерия {f}
embroil {v} (to draw into a situation) :: забърквам
embroilment {n} (an entangled situation) SEE: imbroglio ::
embryo {n} (fertilized egg before developing into a fetus) :: зародиш {m}, ембрион {m}
embryo {n} (an organism in the earlier stages of development before it emerges from the egg, or before metamorphosis) :: ембрион {m}
embryo {n} (in humans: the cell growth up to the end of the seventh week in the mother's body) :: зародиш {m}
embryo {n} (the beginning; the first stage of anything) :: начална фаза {f}
emend {v} (to correct and revise) :: поправям
emerald {adj} (rich green colour) :: изумруден
emerald {n} (gemstone) :: изумруд {m}
emerge {v} (to come into view) :: появявам се
emerge {v} (to come out of) :: излизам /izlízam/
emerge {v} (to become known) :: изплувам
emergence {n} (The act of rising out of a fluid, or coming forth from envelopment or concealment, or of rising into view) :: изплуване {n}, появяване {n}
emergence {n} (the arising of emergent structure in complex systems) :: поява {f}
emergency {n} (situation requiring urgent assistance) :: спешен случай {m}
emergency exit {n} (exit for evacuation) :: авариен изход {m} /avaríen ízhod/
emery {n} (mineral) :: шмиргел {m}
emery cloth {n} (An abrasive material) :: шкурка {f}
emery paper {n} (abrasive material) :: шкурка {f}
emesis {n} (act of vomiting) :: повръщане {n}
emetic {adj} (causing nausea and vomiting) :: предизвикващ повръщане
Emilia-Romagna {prop} (region of Italy) :: Емилия Романя
Emily {prop} (given name) :: Емилия {f}
eminence {n} (an elevated land area or a hill) :: възвишение {n}
eminent {adj} (remarkable, great) :: знаменит
eminent {adj} (of a person: distinguished, noteworthy) :: виден, изтъкнат
emir {n} (Islamic prince or leader) :: емир {m}
emirate {n} (country ruled by an emir) :: емират {m}, емирство {m}
emissary {n} (an agent sent on a mission to represent the interests of someone else) :: емисар {m}, пратеник {m}
emission {n} (something that is emitted) :: емисия {f}
emission {n} (act of sending or throwing out) :: изпускане {n}, излъчване {n}
emissive {adj} (of, pertaining to, or having the capacity to emit radiation or matter; emitting) :: излъчващ
emit {v} (to send out or give off) :: изпускам, излъчвам
emitter {n} (that which emits) :: предавател {m}
emitter {n} (terminal of a transistor) :: емитер {m}
emmer {n} (Triticum dicoccon) :: двузърнест лимец {m}
emollient {adj} (Moisturizing) :: овлажняващ
emollient {adj} (Soothing; mollifying) :: успокояващ
emolument {n} (payment for an office or employment) :: заплата {f}, възнаграждение {n}
emotion {n} (person's internal state of being) :: чувство {n}, емоция {f}
emotional {adj} (of or relating to the emotions) :: чувствен
emotional {adj} (characterised by emotion) :: емоционален
emotional {adj} (determined by emotion rather than reason) :: емоционален
emotional {adj} (appealing to or arousing emotion) :: вълнуващ
emotional {adj} (readily displaying emotion) :: емоционален
emotionless {adj} (lacking emotion) :: студен /studén/
empathic {adj} (showing or expressing empathy) :: съпричастен
empathy {n} (intellectual identification with another person) :: съпричастие {n}
emperor {n} (ruler of an empire) :: император {m}, цар {m} [tsar]
emphasis {n} (special weight or forcefulness given to something considered important) :: акцент {m}, подчертаване {n}
emphasis {n} (prominence given to a syllable or words) :: ударение {n}
emphasize {v} (stress) :: подчертавам, изтъквам
emphatic {adj} (characterized by emphasis) :: подчертан
emphatic {adj} (stated with conviction) :: категоричен
emphatic {adj} (of emphatic consonants) :: ударен
empire {n} (political unit) :: империя {f}, царство {n}
empire {n} (group of states) :: империя {f}
empire {n} (state ruled by an emperor) :: империя {f}
empiric {n} (unqualified or dishonest practitioner) SEE: charlatan ::
empiric {adj} (empiric) SEE: empirical ::
empirical {adj} (pertaining to or based on experience) :: опитен, емпиричен
empirical {adj} (pertaining to, derived from, or testable by observations) :: емпиричен
empirical {adj} (verifiable by means of scientific experimentation) :: емпиричен
empiricism {n} (philosophical theory) :: емпиризъм {m}
emplacement {n} (A place where a thing is located) :: местоположение {n}
employ {v} (employ, apply) SEE: use ::
employ {v} (to give someone work) :: наемам, давам работа
employ {v} (to put into use) :: употребявам
employee {n} (individual who provides labor to a company or another person) :: служещ {m}
employer {n} (person or entity which employs others) :: работодател {m}
employment {n} (use, purpose) :: употреба {f}
employment {n} (the act of employing) :: използване {n}
employment {n} (the work or occupation for which one is paid) :: служба {f}
employment {n} (an activity to which one devotes time) :: занимание {n}
employment contract {n} (category of contract) :: трудов договор /trudov dogovor/
empower {v} (to give permission to) :: упълномощавам
emptiness {n} (the state or feeling of being empty) :: празнота {f}
empty {adj} (devoid of content) :: празен
empty {v} (to make empty) :: изпразвам
empty space {n} (vacuum) SEE: vacuum ::
emu {n} (Dromaius novaehollandiae) :: ему
emulate {v} :: подражавам, имитирам, копирам
emulsion {n} (suspension of one liquid in another) :: емулсия {f}
enable {v} (to give power, sanction or authorization to; to provide with abilities, means, opportunities) :: давам възможност
enable {v} (to activate a function of an electronical or mechanical device) :: активирам, включвам
enact {v} (to make (a bill) into law) :: прокарвам
enact {v} (to act the part of; to play) :: играя ролята на
enamel {n} (opaque, glassy coating baked onto metal or ceramic objects) :: емайл {m}
enamel {n} (coating that dries to a hard, glossy finish) :: глеч {f}
enamel {n} (covering on the tooth) :: емайл {m}
enamel {v} (to coat with enamel) :: емайлирам
encampment {n} (campsite) :: лагер {m}
Enceladus {prop} (moon of Saturn) :: Енцелад {m}
encephalitis {n} (inflammation of the brain) :: енцефалит {m}
enchant {v} (to attract and delight) :: очаровам
enchant {v} (to cast a spell upon) :: омагьосвам
enchanter {n} (A spellcaster, conjurer, wizard, sorcerer or soothsayer) :: чародей {m}, магьосник {m}
enchanting {adj} (having the ability to enchant) :: чаровен, очарователен
enchantment {n} (act, feeling of enchanting) :: очарование {n}, омагьосване {n}
enchantment {n} (something that enchants) :: магия {f}
encircle {v} (surround) :: обкръжавам
enclasp {v} (To hold in (or as if in) a clasp; to embrace) :: прегръщам
enclave {n} (entity completely surrounded by another) :: анклав {m}
enclose {v} (surround, fence in) :: заграждам, обграждам
enclose {v} (insert into a container) :: прилагам
enclose {v} (hold, contain) :: съдържам
enclosure {n} (something enclosed) :: приложение {n} /priložénie/
enclosure {n} (area partially or entirely enclosed by walls, fences or buildings) :: оградено място {n}
encode {v} (to convert plain text into code) :: кодирам
encomium {n} (tribute) :: възхвала {f}
encompass {v} (encircle) :: обкръжавам
encompass {v} (surround) :: обхващам, заобикалям
encompass {v} (include) :: включвам, съдържам
encore {n} (brief extra performance after the main performance is complete) :: бис {m}
encore {interj} (please perform again) :: бис!
encounter {v} (meet (someone) or find (something) unexpectedly) :: срещам случайно
encounter {v} (confront (someone or something)) :: сблъсквам се
encounter {v} (engage in conflict) :: излизам насреща на
encounter {n} (unplanned meeting) :: случайна среща {f}, среща {f} /sréšta/
encounter {n} (hostile meeting) :: стълкновение {n}
encounter {n} (sudden, often violent clash) :: схватка {f}
encourage {v} (mentally support or motivate) :: насърчавам, окуражавам
encourage {v} (spur on, recommend) :: поощрявам
encouraging {adj} (giving courage, confidence or hope) :: окуражаващ
encouraging {adj} (supporting by giving encouragement) :: насърчителен
encroach {v} (to intrude unrightfully on someone else’s rights or territory) :: навлизам незаконно
encrust {v} (To cover with a hard crust) :: хващам кора
encrust {v} (To inset or affix decorative material) :: инкрустирам
encumber {v} (to load down) :: обременявам
encumber {v} (to restrict) :: затруднявам, ограничавам
encumbrance {n} (burden) :: бреме {n}, товар {m}
encumbrance {n} (interest, right, burden or liability) :: ипотека {f}
encyclopaedia {n} (encyclopedia) SEE: encyclopedia ::
encyclopedia {n} (comprehensive reference with articles on a range of topics) :: енциклопедия {f}
end {n} (extreme part) :: край {m}
end {n} (death) :: смърт {f}
end {v} (ergative, intransitive: be finished, be terminated) :: завършвам
end {v} (transitive: finish, terminate (something)) :: приключвам
endanger {v} (to put someone or something in danger) :: излагам на опасност
endangered {adj} (in danger, at risk) :: застрашен
endeavor {n} (a sincere attempt) :: усилие {n}, старание {n}
endeavor {v} (attempt through application of effort) :: опитвам се, старая се
ending {n} (termination or conclusion) :: край {m}, завършване {n}
ending {n} (grammar: last morpheme of a word) SEE: termination ::
endive {n} (salad vegetable) :: градинска жлъчка {f}
endorse {v} (support) :: потвърждавам
endorse {v} (write on the back of a cheque) :: джиросвам
endow {v} (to enrich or furnish with anything of the nature of a gift) :: надарявам
endowment {n} (something with which a person or thing is endowed) :: дар {m}
endowment {n} (property or funds invested for the support and benefit of a person or not-for-profit institution) :: дарение
endue {v} (to clothe) :: обличам
endurable {adj} (able to be endured; tolerable; bearable) :: търпим, поносим
endurable {adj} (likely to endure; durable) :: траен
endurance {n} (the measure of a person's stamina or persistence) :: издръжливост {f}
endurance {n} (ability to endure hardship) :: издръжливост {f}
endure {v} (to endure) SEE: take ::
endure {v} (endure, undergo) SEE: suffer ::
endure {v} (to continue despite obstacles) :: издържам
endure {v} (to tolerate something) :: трая, понасям
endure {v} (to last) :: трая, продължавам
enema {n} (injection of fluid into the rectum) :: клизма {f}
enemy {n} (someone who is hostile to, feels hatred towards, opposes the interests of, or intends injury to someone else) :: враг {m}, неприятел {m}, противник {m}, душманин {m}
enemy {n} (a hostile force or nation; a fighting member of such a force or nation) :: враг {m}, неприятел {m}, противник {m}, душманин {m}
enemy {adj} (of, relating to, or belonging to an enemy) :: вражески
energetic {adj} (Possessing, exerting, or displaying energy) :: енергичен /energičen/, активен /aktiven/
energumen {n} (A person possessed by an evil ghost, spirit, or entity) :: обладан от зъл дух {m}
energumen {n} (A frantic and hysterical person) :: фанатик {m}
energy {n} (impetus behind activity) :: енергия {f}
energy {n} (capacity to do work) :: сила {f}
energy {n} (physics) :: енергия {f}
enervate {v} (to reduce strength or energy; debilitate) :: обезсилвам, омаломощавам
enforce {v} (to strengthen) :: укрепявам
enforce {v} (to affirm) :: настоявам
enforce {v} (to compel) :: принуждавам
enforce {v} (to keep up) :: налагам
enforcement {n} (act of enforcing; compulsion) :: принуда {f}
enforcement {n} (giving force to; a putting in execution) :: изпълнение {n}
engage {v} (to engross or hold the attention of someone) :: ангажирам
engage {v} (to employ or obtain the services of someone) :: наемам
engage {v} (to mesh or interlock) :: зацепвам
engage {v} (to bind through legal or moral obligation) :: задължавам
engaged {adj} (agreed to be married) :: сгоден
engaged {adj} (already involved in a telephone call) :: зает
engagement {n} (appointment) :: ангажимент {m}
engagement {n} (period of time when marriage is planned or promised) :: годеж {m}
engagement {n} (instance of active hostilities) :: сражение {n}
engaging {adj} (that engages; engrossing) :: интересен, привлекателен
engaging {adj} (charming) :: мил, очарователен
en garde {interj} :: ангард
engender {v} (to bring into existence, cause) :: пораждам
engine {n} (mechanical device) :: мотор {m}, двигател {m}
engine {n} (influential group) :: двигател {m}
engine {n} (locomotive) SEE: locomotive ::
engineer {n} (person qualified or professionally engaged in engineering) :: инженер {m}
engineer {n} (locomotive operator) :: машинист {m}
England {prop} (region of Great Britain) :: Англия {f}
English {adj} (of or pertaining to England) :: английски
English {adj} (of or pertaining to the English language) :: английски {m}
English {adj} (of or pertaining to an Englishman, Englishwoman, the English) :: англичанин {m}, англичанка {f}
English {n} (people from England) :: англичанин {m}, англичанка {f}
English {n} (the English language) :: английски (език) {m}
English Channel {prop} (The part of the Atlantic Ocean between Great Britain and France) :: Ла Манш {m}
Englishman {n} (male native or inhabitant of England) :: англичанин {m} /angličánin/
Englishwoman {n} (a female native or inhabitant of England) :: англичанка {f} /angličánka/
engorge {v} (to devour greedily) :: ям лакомо
engraft {v} (To insert, as a scion) :: присаждам, ашладисвам
engrave {v} (carve text or symbols into (something)) :: гравирам /gravíram/
engraving {n} (the practice of incising a design onto a hard, flat surface) :: гравиране {n} /gravírane/
engraving {n} (an engraved image) :: гравюра {f} /gravjúra/
engross {v} (to write in large and clear script) :: пиша с големи букви
engross {v} (to buy up wholesale) :: купувам на едро
engross {v} (to monopolize; to concentrate possession) :: монополизирам
engross {v} (to engage completely) :: завладявам
engulf {v} (overwhelm) :: обхващам
engulf {v} (surround; cover) :: поглъщам
enhance {v} (augment or make something greater) :: увеличавам, повишавам
enhance {v} (improve something by adding features) :: подобрявам
enhancement {n} (an improvement) :: подобрение, повишение {n}
enigma {n} (something puzzling, mysterious or inexplicable) :: мистерия {f}
enigma {n} (riddle, or a difficult problem) :: загадка {f}
enigmatic {adj} (pertaining to an enigma) :: загадъчен
enigmatic {adj} (mysterious) :: мистериозен
enjail {v} (put in jail) SEE: imprison ::
enjoin {v} (to lay on, as a command) :: нареждам, предписвам
enjoin {v} (to prohibit or restrain by judicial order) :: забранявам
enjoy {v} (to receive pleasure or satisfaction from something) :: радвам се, изпитвам удоволствие
enjoy your meal {phrase} (bon appétit) SEE: bon appétit ::
enkindle {v} (kindle; arouse or evoke) :: запалвам, разпалвам
enlarge {v} (make larger) :: увеличавам /uveličavam/, уголемявам /ugolemjavam/
enlargement {n} (Act of making larger) :: увеличаване {n}, уголемяване {n}
enlargen {v} (enlarge) SEE: enlarge ::
enlighten {v} (to supply with light) :: осветявам
enlighten {v} (to make clear to the intellect) :: осведомявам
enlightenment {n} (act of enlightening, state of being enlightened) :: просвета {f}
enlightenment {n} (philosophy and psychology related to achieving clarity of perception, reason and knowledge) :: просвещение {n}
enlist {v} (to join a cause or organization) :: постъпвам, записвам се
enlist {v} (to recruit or to obtain) :: вербувам
enliven {v} (to make more lively) :: оживявам, съживявам
enlivenment {n} (The act of enlivening) :: оживление {n}
enmity {n} (hostile or unfriendly disposition) :: вражда {f}, враждебност {f}
ennoble {v} (To bestow with nobility, honour or grace) :: облагородявам
ennui {n} (listlessness, boredom) :: скука {f}
enormity {n} (extreme wickedness, nefariousness, or cruelty) :: чудовищност {f}
enormous {adj} (extremely large) :: грамаден, огромен
enough {determiner} (sufficient) :: достатъчно
enough {adv} (sufficiently) :: достатъчно
enough {pron} (a sufficient or adequate number, amount, etc) :: достатъчно
enough {interj} (stop!) :: стига, достатъчно
enrage {v} (to fill with rage) :: разярявам, вбесявам
enrapture {v} (to fill with great delight or joy; to fascinate) :: очаровам
enravish {v} (to enrapture) SEE: enrapture ::
enrich {v} (to make rich(er)) :: обогатявам
enrich {v} (to adorn, ornate more richly) :: украсявам
enrich {v} (to add nutrients or fertilizer to the soil; to fertilize) :: обогатявам
enrich {v} (to increase the amount of one isotope in a mixture of isotopes) :: обогатявам
enrichment {n} (the act of enriching) :: обогатяване {n}
enrichment {n} (the process of making enriched uranium) :: обогатяване {n}
enroll {v} (to enter (a name) in a register, roll or list) :: записвам, регистрирам
ensemble {n} (a group of separate things that contribute to a coordinated whole) :: ансамбъл {m}
ensemble {n} (a coordinated costume or outfit; a suit) :: ансамбъл {m}
ensemble {n} (a group of musicians, dancers etc who perform together; the chorus of a ballet company) :: ансамбъл {m}
ensign {n} (banner) :: флаг {m}, знаме {n}
enslave {v} (to make subservient; to strip one of freedom; enthrall) :: поробвам
enslavement {n} (the act of enslaving or the state of being a slave; bondage) :: поробване {n}
ensnare {v} (To snare, to catch through a snare or trap) :: впримчвам
ensorcell {v} (to bewitch or enchant) :: омагьосвам
ensue {v} (to occur as consequence) :: последвам
ensure {v} (assure) SEE: assure ::
ensure {v} (make sure or certain) :: осигурявам
entangle {v} (twist or interweave) :: вплитам
enter {v} (to go into (a room, etc.)) :: влизам {impf}, вляза {pf}
enter {v} (to type into a computer) :: въвеждам
enteric {adj} (of, relating to, within, or by way of the intestines) :: чревен
enterprise {n} (company, business, organization, or endeavor) :: предприятие {n}
enterprise {n} (undertaking, especially a daring and courageous one) :: предприемчивост {f}
enterprise {n} (willingness to undertake projects, energy and initiative) :: инициатива {f}
enterprising {adj} (very able and ingenious in business dealings) :: предприемчив /predpriémčiv/
entertain {v} (to amuse) :: забавлявам {impf}, развличам {impf}
entertain {v} (to have over at one's home) :: приемам гости {impf}
entertaining {adj} (amusing) :: забавен, занимателен
entertainment {n} (activity designed to give pleasure or relaxation) :: забавление {n}, развлечение {n}
entertainment {n} (show for enjoyment) :: забава {f}, представление {n}
enthral {v} (hold spellbound) SEE: enthrall ::
enthral {v} (make subservient) SEE: enthrall ::
enthrall {v} (hold spellbound) :: омайвам, очаровам
enthrall {v} (make subservient) :: поробвам
enthuse {v} (to feel enthusiasm) :: ентусиазирам се
enthuse {v} (to cause (someone) to feel enthusiasm) :: ентусиазирам
enthusiasm {n} (feeling of excited, lively interest) :: въодушевление {n}
enthusiastic {adj} (with zealous fervor; excited, motivated) :: страстен, възторжен
entice {v} (to lure; to attract by arousing desire or hope) :: примамвам, съблазнявам
enticing {adj} (alluring) :: привлекателен, съблазнителен
entire {n} (stallion) SEE: stallion ::
entire {adj} (whole) :: цял, непокътнат
entirely {adv} (to the full extent) :: напълно, изцяло
entirely {adv} (to the exclusion of others) :: само, единствено
entitle {v} (to bestow the right to do something) :: давам право
entitle {v} (to give a title to a book etc.) :: озаглавявам
entitle {v} :: давам титла
entity {n} (that which exists as an individual unit) :: същество {n}
entity {n} (state or quality of existence) :: съществуване {n}
entomology {n} (study of insects) :: ентомология {f} /entomológija/
entrails {n} (internal organs) :: вътрешности {p}
entrance {n} (action of entering, or going in) :: влизане {n}
entrance {n} (place of entering) :: вход {m}
entrance {n} (right to go in) :: достъп {m}
entrance {v} (to delight) :: очаровам
entreat {v} (To beseech or supplicate successfully; to prevail upon by prayer or solicitation; to persuade) :: умолявам
entrepreneur {n} (person who organizes and operates a business and assumes the associated risk) :: предприемач {m}
entrust {v} (To trust to the care of) :: поверявам
entry {n} (act of entering) :: влизане {n} /vlizane/
entry {n} (permission to enter) :: достъп {m}
entry {n} (doorway that provides a means of entering a building) :: вход {m}
entry {n} (room immediately inside the front door) :: вестибюл {m} /vestibjúl/
entry {n} (article in a dictionary or encyclopedia) :: статия {f}
entwine {v} (twist or twine) :: сплитам
enumerate {v} (to specify each member of a sequence individually in incrementing order) :: изброявам
enunciate {v} (To articulate, pronounce) :: изговарям, произнасям
envelop {v} (to surround or enclose) :: обвивам, обгръщам
envelope {n} (wrapper for mailing) :: плик {m}
envelope {n} (something that envelops) :: обвивка {f}
enviable {adj} (Arousing or likely to arouse envy.) :: завиден
envious {adj} (feeling or exhibiting envy) :: завистлив
environment {n} (area around something) :: окръжение {n} /okrăženie/
environment {n} (natural world or ecosystem) :: околна среда {f} /okolina sreda/
environment {n} (political or social setting, arena or condition) :: обстановка {f} /obstanovka/
envisage {v} (to conceive or see something within in one's mind) :: представям си /predstavjam si/
envy {n} (resentful desire of something possessed by another) :: завист {f}
envy {v} (to feel displeasure towards (someone) because of their good fortune, possessions) :: завиждам {impf}
enwrap {v} (To wrap around, surround) :: увивам, загръщам
enzyme {n} (catalytic protein) :: ензим {m}
eon {n} (eternity) :: вечност
eon {n} (informal, hyperbolic: a long period of time) :: вечност
ephemeral {adj} (lasting for a short period of time) :: краткотраен, мимолетен
ephemeral {adj} (existing for only one day) :: еднодневен
Ephesus {prop} (ancient city) :: Ефес {m}
epic {n} (events appropriate to an epic) :: епопея {f}
epicaricacy {n} (rejoicing at or deriving pleasure from the misfortunes of others) SEE: schadenfreude ::
epicene {adj} (effeminate) SEE: effeminate ::
epicene {n} (hermaphrodite) SEE: hermaphrodite ::
epicene {adj} (androgynous) SEE: androgynous ::
epicentre {n} (point above earthquake) :: епицентър {m} /epicéntǎr/
epicycle {n} (a small circle whose centre is on the circumference of a larger circle) :: епицикъл /epitsikil/
epidemic {n} (widespread disease) :: епидемия {f}
epididymis {n} (tube) :: надсеменник {m} /nadsemennik/
epilate {v} (to remove hair) SEE: depilate ::
epilation {n} (removal of hair) :: обезкосмяване {n}
epilogue {n} (short speech at the end of a play) :: епилог {m}
epilogue {n} (brief oration or script at the end of a literary piece) :: послеслов {m}
epiphany {n} (manifestation or appearance of a divine or superhuman being) :: богоявление {n} /bogojavlénie/
epiphany {n} (illuminating realization or discovery) :: проглеждане {n}, прозрение {n}
Epiphany {n} (Christian feast) :: Богоявление {n} /Bogojavlénie/, Йордановден {m}
episode {n} (installment of a drama told in parts) :: епизод {m}
episode {n} :: случка {f} /1/, епизод {m}
epistle {n} (a letter) :: послание {n}
epitaph {n} (inscription on a gravestone) :: надгробен надпис {m}
epithelium {n} (membranous tissue) :: епителна тъкан {f}
epithet {n} (term used to characterize a person or thing) :: епитет {m} /epitet/
epithet {n} (term used as a descriptive substitute for the name or title of a person) :: прякор {m} /prjakor/
epithet {n} (abusive or contemptuous word or phrase) :: ругатня {f} /rugatnja/
epitome {n} (embodiment or encapsulation of) :: въплъщение {n} /vǎplǎšténie/
epitome {n} (summary) :: резюме {n}
epitrochoid {n} (geometric curve) :: епитрохоида {f} /epitrohóida/
epoch {n} (particular period of history) :: епоха {f}
eponym {n} (name of a person that has given rise to the name of something) :: епоним {m} /eponim/
eponym {n} (word formed from a person’s name) :: епоним {m} /eponim/
epopee {n} (an epic, saga) :: епопея {f}
equable {adj} (calm and steady) :: спокоен, уравновесен
equable {adj} (Free from extremes of heat or cold) :: равномерен, умерен
equable {adj} (not easily disturbed; tranquil) :: спокоен
equal {adj} (the same in all respects) :: еднакъв
equal {adj} (mathematics: exactly identical) :: равен
equal {v} (be equal to) :: равнявам се
equal {n} (person or thing of equal status to others) :: равен {m}
equality {n} (fact of being equal) :: равенство {n}, еднаквост {f}
equality {n} (mathematics: fact of having the same value) :: равенство {n}
equality {n} (equal treatment of people irrespective of social or cultural differences) :: равноправие {n}
equalization {n} (act of equalizing) :: изравняване {n}
equalize {v} (to make the score equal) :: изравнявам
equalizer {n} (a balancer) :: изравнител {m}, балансир
equalizer {n} (a goal that equalizes the score) :: изравнителен гол {m}
equalizer {n} (device for altering audio frequencies) :: еквилайзер
equally {adv} (in an equal manner) :: еднакво, по равно
equanimity {n} (state of being calm) :: хладнокръвие {n}, самообладание {n}
equation {n} (mathematics: assertion) :: уравнение {n}
equator {n} (circle around the earth) :: екватор {m}
equator {n} (celestial equator) SEE: celestial equator ::
equatorial {adj} (of, near, or relating to the equator) :: екваториален
Equatorial Guinea {prop} (country in Western Africa) :: Екваториална Гвинея {f}
equestrian {adj} (of horseback riding or horseback riders) :: конен
equestrian {n} (an equestrian person; one who rides on horseback) :: конник {m}
equiangular {adj} (geometry: having all internal angles equal) :: равноъгълен
equidistant {adj} (occupying a position that is an equal distance between several points) :: равноотстоящ
equilateral {adj} (referring to a polygon all of whose sides are of equal length) :: равностранен
equilibrate {v} (to balance, or bring into equilibrium) :: уравновесявам
equilibrate {v} (to balance, to be in a state of equilibrium) :: уравновесявам се
equilibrium {n} (condition of a system in which competing influences are balanced) :: равновесие {n} /ravnovésie/
equilibrium {n} (physics: state of a body at rest or in uniform motion in which the resultant of all forces on it is zero) :: равновесие {n}
equilibrium {n} (chemistry: state of a reaction in which the rates of the forward and reverse reactions are the same) :: равновесие {n}
equilibrium {n} (mental balance) :: равновесие {n}
equine {adj} (Of or relating to a horse or horses) :: конски
equinoctial {adj} (of, or relating to an equinox) :: равноденствен
equinoctial {adj} (of, or relating to an equator) :: равноденствен
equinoctial {n} (celestial equator) SEE: celestial equator ::
equinox {n} (intersection of the ecliptic with the celestial equator) :: равноденствие {n} /ravnodénstvie/
equip {v} (to furnish for service) :: обзавеждам
equip {v} (to dress up) :: екипирам
equip {v} (to prepare (someone) with a skill) :: тренирам
equipage {n} (equipment or supplies, especially military ones) :: снаряжение {n}, оборудване {n}
equipage {n} (a type of horse-drawn carriage) :: екипаж {m}
equipment {n} (the act of equipping) :: екипиране {n}
equipment {n} (whatever is used in equipping) :: снаряжение {n}, оборудване, екипировка {f}
equipoise {n} (state of balance) :: равновесие {n}
equipoise {n} (counterbalance) :: противотежест {f}
equipoise {v} (act or make to act as equipoise) :: уравновесявам
equisetum {n} (plant of genus Equisetum) :: полски хвощ {m}
equitable {adj} (fair, just, or impartial) :: справедлив, безпристрастен
equity {n} (the value of property minus liens or other encumbrances) :: нетен капитал {m}
equity {n} (ownership interest in a company) :: нетен капитал
equity {n} (justice, impartiality and fairness) :: справедливост {f}, безпристрастие {n}
equivalence {n} (condition of being equivalent) :: равностойност {f}
equivalence {n} (equivalence relation) :: тъждество {n}
equivalent {adj} (similar or identical in value) :: равностоен, еквивалентен
equivalent {adj} (relating to the corresponding elements of an equivalence relation) :: еквивалентен
equivalent {n} (anything that is virtually equal to something else) :: еквивалент {m}
equivocal {adj} (having several applicable significations) :: двусмислен
equivocal {adj} (uncertain, doubtful) :: несигурен, съмнителен
equivocate {v} (to express one's opinions in terms which admit of different senses, with intent to deceive) :: извъртам
equivocation {n} (Expression susceptible of a double signification, possibly misleading) :: двусмислица {f}
era {n} (time period) :: ера {f}, епоха {f}
eradiate {v} (To spread out light rays in all directions) :: излъчвам
eradicate {v} (to pull up by the roots) :: изкоренявам
eradicate {v} (to completely destroy; to reduce to nothing radically) :: унищожавам
erase {v} (to remove markings or information) :: изтривам {impf}
erase {v} :: изтривам, изличавам
eraser {n} (thing used to erase something written or drawn) :: гума за триене {f}, гума {f}
eraser {n} (chalkboard eraser) :: изтривалка {f}
erasure {n} (action of erasing) :: изтриване {n}, заличаване {n}
erbium {n} (chemical element) :: ербий {m}
Erdoğan {prop} (surname) :: Ердоган {m} {f}
erect {adj} (vertical in position) :: вертикален
erect {adj} (standing out perpendicularly) :: прав, изправен
erect {v} (to put up by the fitting together of materials or parts) :: издигам
erect {v} (to cause to stand up or out) :: изправям
erection {n} (act of building) :: построяване {n}
erection {n} (something erected or built) :: постройка {f}
erection {n} (rigid state of penis or clitoris) :: ерекция {f}
eremite {n} (hermit) SEE: hermit ::
ereyesterday {adv} (on the day before yesterday) SEE: day before yesterday ::
ereyesterday {n} (the day before yesterday) SEE: day before yesterday ::
erg {n} (unit of work or energy) :: eрг {m}
ergo {conj} :: следователно
Eritrea {prop} (country in Eastern Africa) :: Еритрея {f}
ermine {n} (Mustela erminea) :: хермелин {m}
ermine {n} (the white fur of this animal) :: хермелин {m}
erne {n} (Haliaeetus albicilla) SEE: white-tailed eagle ::
erode {v} (To wear away by abrasion, corrosion or chemical reaction) :: еродирам, разяждам
erogenous zone {n} (erogenous zone) :: ерогенна зона {f}
Eros {prop} (God of love) :: Ерос {m}
Eros {prop} (433 Eros (asteroid)) :: Ерос {m}
erosion {n} (the result of having being eroded) :: ерозия {f}
erosion {n} (the changing of a surface by mechanical action) :: ерозия {f}
erosion {n} (destruction by abrasive action of fluids) :: разяждане {n}
erotic {adj} (tending to arouse sexual desire) :: еротичен
err {v} (sin) SEE: sin ::
err {v} (make a mistake) :: греша /grešá/, лъжа се /lắža se/
err {v} :: греша
errant {adj} (straying from the proper course or standard) :: блуждаещ
errant {adj} (traveling in search of adventure) :: странстващ
erratic {adj} (unsteady, random; prone to unexpected changes; not consistent) :: непостоянен, изменчив
erratum {n} (corrigendum) SEE: corrigendum ::
erroneous {adj} (containing an error; inaccurate) :: грешен, неправилен
error {n} (mistake) :: грешка {f}
error {n} (difference between a measured or calculated value and a true one) :: грешка {f}, отклонение {n}
error {v} (To show an error) :: показвам грешка
error {v} (to cause or contain an error) :: съдържам грешка
error {v} ((nonstandard) To make a mistake; to result in an error) SEE: err ::
erstwhile {adv} (erstwhile) SEE: formerly ::
erudition {n} (profound knowledge, especially that based on learning and scholarship) :: ерудиция /erudícija/
erupt {v} (to violently eject) :: изригвам
erupt {v} (vomit) :: повръщам
eruption {n} (violent ejection, such as that of lava from a volcano) :: изригване {n}
eruption {n} (sudden release of pressure or tension) :: изблик {m}
eruption {n} (infection of the skin resulting in a rash or blemishing) :: обрив {m}
Erythraean Sea {prop} (Red Sea) SEE: Red Sea ::
erythronium {n} (vanadium) SEE: vanadium ::
escalate {v} (to intensify) :: ескалирам, повишавам се
escalation {n} (an increase or rise, especially one to counteract a perceived discrepancy) :: повишаване {n}, покачване {n}
escalation {n} (a deliberate or premeditated increase in the violence or geographic scope of a conflict) :: ескалация {f}
escalator {n} (mechanical device) :: ескалатор {m}
escapade {n} (daring or adventurous act; undertaking which goes against convention) :: лудория {f}, приключение {n}
escape {v} (to get free) :: отървавам се
escape {v} (to elude) :: избягвам
escape {v} (to avoid capture) :: изплъзвам се
escape {n} (act of leaving a dangerous or unpleasant situation) :: бягство {n}
escapee {n} (someone free through escaping imprisonment) :: беглец {m}
escape velocity {n} (minimum velocity) :: втора космическа скорост {f} /vtorá kosmíčeska skórost/
escapism {n} (inclination to escape) :: ескапизъм {m}
Escaut {prop} (the river Scheldt) SEE: Scheldt ::
eschew {v} (avoid, shun) :: отбягвам /otbyagvam/, избягвам /izbyagvam/
escolar {n} (Perciform fish) :: деликатесна скумрия
escort {n} (group of people who provide safety) :: ескорт {m}, конвой {m}
escort {n} (accompanying person) :: придружител {m}
escort {n} (protection, care, or safeguard on a journey or excursion) :: охрана {f}
escort {v} (To attend to in order to guard and protect) :: ескортирам, охранявам
esoteric {adj} (Understood only by a chosen few or an enlightened inner circle.) :: езотеричен
esoteric {adj} (confidential; private) :: таен, поверителен
esoterism {n} (inward forms of faith and religion) :: езотеризъм
especially {adv} (particularly) :: особено
Esperantist {n} (specialist or speaker of Esperanto) :: есперантист {m}, есперантистка {f}
Esperanto {prop} (auxiliary language) :: есперанто
espial {n} (Act of noticing or observing) :: съзиране {n}, забелязване {n}
espionage {n} (act of learning secret information through clandestine means) :: шпионаж {m}
espousal {n} (betrothal) SEE: betrothal ::
espouse {v} (become married to) :: женя се
espouse {v} (accept, support, take as one’s own) :: поддържам
esprit {n} (spirit, enthusiasm) :: дух {m}
esprit {n} (wit) :: ум {m}, интелигентност {f}
espy {v} (To catch sight of; to perceive with the eyes) :: съзирам, забелязвам
espy {v} (To inspect narrowly; to examine and keep watch upon) :: разглеждам, наблюдавам
esquire {n} (a squire) :: рицарски кандидат {m}
esquire {n} (shield bearer) :: оръженосец {m} /orǎženósec/
essay {n} (written composition) :: есе {n}, съчинение {n}
essay {n} (an attempt) :: опит {m}, проба {f}
essay {v} (To try) :: опитвам се
essence {n} (inherent nature) :: същност {f}
essence {n} (concentrate) :: есенция {f}, екстракт {m}
essence {n} (fragrance) :: парфюм {m}, аромат {m}
essence {n} (true nature of something) :: същина {f}, същество {n}
essential {adj} (necessary) :: необходим
essential {adj} (of high importance) :: важен, съществен
essential {adj} (in basic form) :: основен
establish {v} (To make stable or firm; to confirm) :: установявам, затвърждавам
establish {v} (To form; to set up in business) :: основавам
establish {v} (To found; to institute) :: основавам
establish {v} (To appoint, as officers, laws, regulations, etc.; to enact; to ordain) :: утвърждавам
establishment {n} (the act of establishing) :: основаване {n}
establishment {n} (that which is established) :: учреждение {n} /učreždénie/
estate {n} (historical: major social class or order of persons) :: съсловие {n}
estate {n} (law: nature and extent of a person's interest in, or ownership of, land) :: владение {n}
estate {n} (area of land under single ownership) :: имение {n}
estate {n} (net property, especially of a deceased person) :: имот {m}, наследство {n}
esteem {n} (favourable regard) :: уважение {n}, почит {f}
esteem {v} (to regard with respect) :: уважавам, почитам
estimate {n} (rough calculation or guess) :: пресмятане {n}, приблизителна оценка {f}
estimate {n} ((construction and business) a document specifying how much a job will probably cost) :: сметка {f}, калкулация {f}
estimate {v} (to calculate roughly) :: оценявам, пресмятам
estimation {n} (the process of making an estimate) :: оценяване {n}, пресмятане {n}
estimation {n} (value reached in an estimate) :: оценка {f}
estival {adj} (of or relating to summer) :: летен
Estonia {prop} (country) :: Естония {f}
Estonian {n} (language) :: естонски {m} /estónski/
estrange {v} (cause to feel less close or friendly; alienate) :: отчуждавам
estrangement {n} (the act of alienating) :: отчуждаване {n}
estrangement {n} (the state of being alien) :: отчужденост {f}
estuary {n} (place where ocean tides and river water merge) :: естуар {m}
esurient {adj} (avid, eager) SEE: avid ::
etc. {phrase} (and so on, see also: and so forth) :: и т.н., и така нататък
et cetera {phrase} (noting the omission of the remainder of a list) SEE: etc. ::
etch {v} (to engrave) :: гравирам
eternal {adj} (lasting forever) :: вечен
eternal life {n} (immortality) SEE: immortality ::
eternity {n} (infinite time) :: вечност {f}
eternity {n} (time extending infinitely far into the future) :: вечност {f}
eternity {n} (period of time that elapses after death) :: задгробен живот {m}
ethane {n} (aliphatic hydrocarbon, C2H6) :: етан {m}
ethanol {n} (simple aliphatic alcohol: CH3-CH2-OH) :: етанол {m} /étanol/
ether {n} (organic chemistry: a compound containing an oxygen atom bonded to two hydrocarbon groups) :: етер {m}
ether {n} (the fifth classic physical element) :: етер {m}
ether {n} (archaic: space filling substance) :: етер {m}
ether {n} (poetic and literary: the sky or heavens; the upper air) :: ефир {m}
ethereal {adj} (Pertaining to the hypothetical upper, purer air, or to the higher regions beyond the earth or beyond the atmosphere) :: ефирен
ethics {n} (study of principles governing right and wrong conduct) :: етика {f}
ethics {n} (standards of conduct) :: етика {f}
Ethiopia {prop} (country in Eastern Africa) :: Етиопия {f}
ethnic {adj} (of or relating to a group of people) :: етнически
ethnic {adj} (heathen, not Judeo-Christian-Muslim) :: езически
ethnic cleansing {n} (ethnic cleansing) :: етническо прочистване {n} /etničesko pročistvane/
etiquette {n} (forms to be observed in social or official life) :: етикет {m}, протокол {m}
etiquette {n} (customary behavior) :: обичай {m}
etymology {n} (study of the historical development of languages, particularly of individual words) :: етимология {f}
etymology {n} (account of the origin and historical development of a word) :: етимология {f}
eucalyptus {n} (any of many trees of genus Eucalyptus) :: eвкалипт /evkalipt/
Euclidean geometry {n} (mathematical system) :: евклидова геометрия {f} /evklidova geometrija/
Euler's formula {prop} (Euler's formula) :: формула на Ойлер {f} /formula na Ojler/
eulogize {v} :: възхвалявам
eulogy {n} (an oration to honor a deceased person) :: възхвала {f}, хвалебствие {n}
eulogy {n} (high praise or recommendation) :: възхвала {f}
eunuch {n} (castrated human male) :: скопец {m}
eunuch {n} (such a man who was harem guard or in Middle Eastern courts under Roman Emperors, important officials of the state) :: евнух {m}
euonymus {n} (tree of the genus Euonymus) :: чашкодрян {m}
euphemism {n} (use of a word or phrase to replace another word with one considered less offensive) :: евфемизъм {m}
euphonic {adj} (harmonious) :: благозвучен
euphony {n} :: благозвучие {n}
Euphrates {prop} (river in the Middle East) :: Ефрат {m} /Efrát/
euphuism {n} (style of writing) :: евфуизъм {m}
Eurasia {prop} (the largest landmass on Earth, consisting of Europe and Asia) :: Евразия {f}
Eurasian Economic Union {prop} (economic union, see also: EAU; EAEU) :: Евразийски съюз {m}
eureka {interj} (exclamation indicating sudden discovery) :: еврика
euro {n} (currency unit of the European Monetary Union) :: евро {n}
euro area {n} (Eurozone) SEE: Eurozone ::
Europe {prop} (European Union) SEE: European Union ::
Europe {prop} (continent) :: Европа {f}
European {adj} (relating to Europe or the European Union) :: европейски {m}
European {n} (person) :: европеец {m}
European bison {n} (the wisent species Bison bonasus) :: зубър {m}, бизон {m}
European Central Bank {prop} (central bank for the European Union) :: Европейска централна банка {f}
European hake {n} (Merluccius merluccius) :: мерлуза {f}
European hedgehog {n} (Erinaceus europaeus) :: западноевропейски таралеж
European polecat {n} (Mustela putorius) :: европейски пор {m}
European Union {prop} (European supranational organisation) :: Европейски съюз {m}, Евросъюз {m}
europium {n} (chemical element) :: европий {m}
Europol {prop} (the criminal intelligence agency of the European Union) :: Европол {m} /Evropól/
Euroscepticism {n} (scepticism of increasing powers of the EU) :: евроскептицизъм {m}
Eurozone {prop} (those European Union members whose official currency is the euro) :: еврозона {f}
euthanasia {n} (practice of killing a human being or animal) :: евтаназия {f} /evtanázija/
Euxine Sea {prop} SEE: Black Sea ::
evacuate {v} (to move out of an unsafe location into safety) :: евакуирам
evaluate {v} (to draw conclusions from by examining) :: оценявам
evaluation {n} (assessment) :: оценяване {n}, оценка {f}
evaluation {n} (completion of a mathematic operation) :: изчисление {n}
evanesce {v} (To disappear into a mist) :: изчезвам, изгубвам се
evanesce {v} (To transition from the solid state to gaseous state) :: сублимирам
Evangeline {prop} (female given name) :: Еванджелин
evaporate {v} (to transition from a liquid state into a gaseous state) :: изпарявам
evaporation {n} (process of liquid converting to the gaseous state) :: изпарение {n}
evaporation {n} (process to increase concentration) :: изпаряване {n}
evaporation {n} ((archaic) vapor) :: изпарение {n}
evaporator {n} (equipment used to evaporate) :: изпарител {m}
evaporator {n} (refrigerator part) :: изпарител {m}
evasion {n} (the act of eluding or evading or avoiding, particularly the pressure of an argument, accusation, charge, or interrogation) :: избягване {n}, извъртане {n}
evasive {adj} (Tending to avoid speaking openly or making revelations about oneself) :: уклончив /uklónčiv/
eve {n} (day or night before) :: навечерие {n}
even {adj} (flat and level) :: равен
even {adj} (without great variation) :: равномерен, еднообразен, монотонен {m}, постоянен {m}
even {adj} (equal) :: равен
even {adj} (arithmetic: divisible by two) :: четен, чифтен
even {adj} (of a number: convenient for rounding other numbers to) :: кръгъл {m}
even {v} (to make even) :: изравнявам
even {adv} (exactly, fully) :: равно, еднакво
even {adv} (implying extreme example) :: даже, дори
even {adv} (emphasising comparative) :: даже, дори, даже
even {n} (Evening of the day) :: вечер {f}
evenhanded {adj} (having no partiality) :: безпристрастен
evening {n} (time of day between the approximate time of midwinter dusk and midnight) :: вечер {m}
evening star {n} (planet Venus seen in the evening) :: вечерница {f}
evenly {adv} (so as to make flat) :: равно, равномерно
evenly {adv} (in a fair manner) :: поравно, справедливо
evenly {adv} (in a manner that leaves no remainder) :: точно
evensong {n} (religious service that takes place in the evening) :: вечерня {f}
event {n} (occurrence) :: събитие {n}
event {n} (point in spacetime (physics)) :: събитие {n}
event horizon {n} (gravitational sphere within which light cannot escape) :: радиус на Шварцшилд {m} /radius na švarcšild/, хоризонт на събитията {m} /horizont na sǎbitijata/
even though {conj} (although) :: въпреки че, макар че
eventual {adj} (pertaining to events) :: евентуален, възможен
eventual {adj} (inevitable) :: неизбежен
eventually {adv} (in the end) :: накрая
ever {adv} (always) :: винаги
ever {adv} (at any time) :: когато и да е
Everest {prop} (Mount Everest) SEE: Mount Everest ::
evergreen {adj} (of plants, that do not shed their leaves) :: вечнозелен
everlasting {adv} (Lasting or enduring forever) :: вечен
everlasting {adv} (Continuing indefinitely) :: безкраен
ever since {adv} (continuously since a specified time or event) :: от тогава /ot togava/
eversion {n} (an act of turning inside out) :: обръщане наопаки {n}
evert {v} (to turn inside out) :: обръщам наопаки
every {determiner} (all of a countable group) :: всеки
everybody {pron} (all people) :: всички {m-p}, всеки
every day {adv} (daily) SEE: daily ::
everyday {adj} (appropriate for ordinary use, rather than for special occasions) :: ежедневен
everyday {adj} (commonplace, ordinary) :: обикновен, делничен
every inch {adv} ( totally, completely) :: напълно
everyone {pron} (every person) :: всички {p}, всеки
everything {pron} (all the things) :: всичко {n}
everywhere {adv} (at all places) :: навсякъде
evict {v} (to expel) :: изгонвам, изселвам
eviction {n} (the act of evicting) :: изгонване {n}, изселване {n}
evidence {n} (facts presented in support of an assertion) :: доказателство {n}
evidence {n} (anything admitted by a court as proof) :: доказателство {n}
evidence {v} (to provide evidence) :: доказвам
evident {adj} (obviously true) :: очевиден
evidential {adj} (of or providing evidence) :: доказателствен
evil {adj} (intending to harm) :: лош {m}, зъл
evil {adj} (morally corrupt) :: зъл
evil {n} (moral badness, wickedness) :: зло {n}
evildoer {n} (person who performs evil acts) :: злодей {m}
evince {v} (show or demonstrate clearly) :: показвам, проявявам
eviscerate {v} (to disembowel) :: изкормвам
evisceration {n} (A disemboweling) :: изкормване {n}
evoke {v} (to cause the manifestation of) :: предизвиквам, събуждам
evolution {n} (general: a gradual process of development) :: развитие {n}
evolution {n} (biology: change in the genetic composition of a population over time) :: еволюция {f}
evolution {n} (mathematics: the extraction of a root from a quantity) :: извличане {n}
evolution {n} (military: One of a series of ordered movements) :: престрояване {n}
evolutionary biology {n} (sub-field of biology) :: еволюционна биология
evolve {v} (move in regular procession through a system) :: напредвам
evolve {v} (come into being; develop) :: развивам се
ewe {n} (female sheep) :: овца {f}
ewer {n} (widemouthed pitcher) :: кана {f} /kana/
ex {n} (name of the letter X, x) :: хикс {m} /hiks/
ex {n} (colloquial: former partner or spouse) :: бивш {m} /bivš/, бивша {f} /bivša/
exa- {prefix} (SI prefix) :: екса-
exacerbate {v} (make worse) :: влошавам
exacerbation {n} (increase in severity) :: влошаване {n}
exact {adj} (precisely agreeing) :: точен /tóčen/, прецизен /precízen/
exact {adj} (habitually careful) :: акуратен /akuráten/
exact {adj} (precisely conceived or stated) :: верен /véren/
exact {v} (To demand and enforce) :: изисквам
exacting {adj} (Making excessive demands; difficult to satisfy) :: взискателен, придирчив
exactitude {n} (accuracy; attention to small details.) :: прецизност, акуратност
exactly {adv} (in an exact manner) :: точно
exactly {interj} (signifying agreement or recognition) :: именно
exaggerate {v} (to overstate, to describe more than is fact) :: преувеличавам
exaggeration {n} (act of exaggerating) :: преувеличение {n}
exalt {v} (to honor) :: величая, възхвалявам
exalt {v} (to elevate in rank, status etc.) :: издигам
examination {n} (inspection by a doctor) :: преглед {m}
examination {n} (formal test) :: изпит {m}, тест {m}
examine {v} (to observe or inspect carefully or critically) :: изследвам, проучвам
examine {v} (to check the health or condition of something or someone) :: преглеждам
examine {v} (to determine the aptitude, skills or qualifications of someone by subjecting them to an examination) :: изпитвам {impf}
examine {v} (to interrogate) :: разпитвам
example {n} (something representative of a group) :: пример {m}
example {n} (something serving to explain or illustrate a rule) :: пример {m}
example {n} (something serving as a pattern of behaviour) :: модел {m}, образец {m}
example {n} (instance as a problem to be solved) :: пример {m}
exanimate {adj} (lifeless; dead) :: безжизнен
exanimate {adj} (spiritless, dispirited, disheartened, not lively) :: вял, обезсърчен
exasperate {v} (frustrate, vex, annoy) :: раздразвам, разгневявам
excavate {v} (to make a hole in (something); to hollow) :: дълбая
excavate {v} (to remove part of (something) by scooping or digging it out) :: копая
excavate {v} (to uncover (something) by digging) :: разкопавам
excavation {n} (act of excavating, or of making hollow) :: изкопаване {n}
excavation {n} (cavity formed by cutting, digging, or scooping) :: изкоп {m}
excavation {n} (uncovered cutting in the earth, in distinction from a covered cutting or tunnel) :: изкоп {m}
excavation {n} (archaeological excavation) :: разкопки {p}
excavator {n} (person who excavates) :: копач {m}
excavator {n} (vehicle, often on tracks, used to dig ditches etc; a backhoe) :: багер {m}, екскаватор {m}
exceed {v} (to be larger, greater than something else or than expected or desirable) :: превъзхождам
exceed {v} (to go beyond the limits of something) :: надвишавам, надхвърлям
excel {v} (transitive: to surpass someone or something) :: превъзхождам
excel {v} (intransitive: to be much better than others) :: отличавам се
excellence {n} (the quality of being excellent) :: превъзходство {n} /prevǎzhódstvo/
excellent {adj} (of the highest quality) :: отличен /otlíčen/, превъзходен /prevǎzhóden/
except {v} (to exclude) :: изключвам /izključvam/
except {prep} (with the exception of) :: освен /osven/, с изключение на /s izključenie na/
except {conj} (with the exception that) :: освен ако /osven ako/
exception {n} (act of excepting or excluding; exclusion) :: изключение {n}, изключване {n}
exception {n} (that which is excepted or taken out from others) :: изключение {n}
exception {n} ((law) an objection) :: отвод {m}
exception {n} (an objection; cavil; dissent; disapprobation; offense; cause of offense) :: възражение {n}
exception {n} (computing: an interruption in normal processing) :: грешка {f}
exceptional {adj} (forming an exception) :: изключителен
exceptional {adj} (superior due to exception or rarity) :: отличен
excerpt {n} (a clip, snippet, passage or extract from a larger work) :: откъс {m}, извадка {f}
excess {n} (degree by which one thing exceeds another) :: излишък {m}
excess {n} (undue indulgence of the appetite) :: невъздържаност {f}
excessive {adj} (exceeding the bounds of something) :: прекален
exchange {n} (act of exchanging or trading) :: смяна {f}, размяна {f}
exchange {n} (place for conducting trading) :: борса {f}
exchange {v} (To trade or barter) :: разменям, сменям
exchange {v} (To replace with a similar item) :: разменям
exchange rate {n} (currency rate (finance)) :: валутен курс {m}
exchequer {n} (treasury) SEE: treasury ::
excise {v} (to cut out, to remove) :: изрязвам
excise {n} (excise tax) SEE: excise tax ::
excise tax {n} (any of various taxes levied on the production or sale of certain goods) :: акциз {m} /akcíz/
excision {n} (removal of a tumor etc. but cutting) :: изрязване {n}
excitable {adj} (easily excited) :: възбудим, раздразнителен
excitant {adj} (exciting; stimulating) :: възбуждащ, възбудителен
excitation {n} (the act of producing excitement (stimulation); also, the excitement produced) :: възбуждане {n}
excitation {n} ((physiology) activity produced in an organ, tissue, or part, such as a nerve cell, as a result of stimulation) :: възбуда {f}
excitation {n} ((physics) change in state as an excited state is formed by the absorption of a quantum of energy) :: възбуждане {n}
excite {v} (to stir the emotions of) :: вълнувам
excite {v} (to arouse or bring out (eg feelings); to stimulate) :: подбуждам, стимулирам
excite {v} (to cause an electron to move to a higher than normal state) :: възбуждам
excited {adj} (having great enthusiasm) :: развълнуван, възбуден
excited {adj} (being in a state of higher energy) :: възбуден
excitement {n} (state of being excited) :: възбуда {f}, вълнение {n}
exciting {adj} (causing excitement) :: вълнуващ, интересен
exclaim {v} (to cry out) :: възкликвам
exclamation {n} (exclamation mark) SEE: exclamation mark ::
exclamation {n} (loud calling or crying out; outcry) :: възклицание {n}
exclamation {n} (word expressing outcry) :: възклицание {n}
exclamation mark {n} (punctuation “!”) :: удивителна {f}
exclamation point {n} (exclamation mark) SEE: exclamation mark ::
exclude {v} (to bar from entering; keep out) :: изключвам
exclude {v} (to refuse to accept as valid) :: отхвърлям
exclusion {n} (act of excluding or shutting out) :: изключване {n}
exclusive {adj} (excluding items or members that do not meet certain conditions) :: изключителен
exclusive {adj} (of high quality and/or renown) :: отличен
excommunicate {v} (to officially exclude someone from membership of a church or religious community) :: отлъчвам от църквата
excommunication {n} (act of excommunicating, disfellowshipping or ejecting) :: отлъчване от църквата
excoriate {v} (to wear off the skin of) :: одирам, обелвам
excoriation {n} (flaying) :: одиране {n}
excoriation {n} (skin abrasion) :: ожулване {n}
excrement {n} (human and animal solid waste) :: изпражнение {n}, фекалии {f-p}, екскременти {m-p}
excrescence {n} (something, usually abnormal, which grows out of something else) :: израстък {m}
excrete {v} (to discharge material) :: отделям
excretion {n} (process of removing from the body) :: отделяне {n}
excretory {adj} (of, or relating to excretion) :: отделителен
excruciate {v} (to inflict intense pain or mental distress on (someone); to torture) :: измъчвам, тормозя
exculpate {v} (to clear of or free from guilt; exonerate) :: оправдавам
excursion {n} (brief recreational trip) :: екскурзия {f} /ekskúrzija/
excursive {adj} (Tending to digress) :: отклоняващ се
excusable {adj} (possible to excuse) :: извиним, простим
excuse {v} (forgive, pardon) :: прощавам
excuse {v} (explain with the aim of alleviating guilt or negative judgement) :: оправдавам
excuse {n} (explanation designed to avoid or alleviate guilt or negative judgement) :: извинение {n}, оправдание {n}
excuse me {phrase} (sorry, as apology) :: извинете, пардон [colloquial]
execrable {adj} (of the poorest quality) :: долен
execrable {adj} (hateful) :: омразен
execrate {v} (To feel loathing for) :: отвращавам се
execrate {v} ((archaic) To invoke a curse) :: проклинам
execration {n} (act or instance of cursing) :: проклятие {n}
execute {v} (to kill as punishment) :: екзекутирам
execute {v} (To start a defined process and run it to completion) :: изпълнявам, извършвам
execute {v} (To start, launch or run software) :: изпълнявам
execution {n} (act of executing or the state of being executed) :: изпълнение {n}
execution {n} (act of putting to death or being put to death as a penalty) :: екзекуция {f}
execution {n} (manner or style of a performance etc) :: изпълнение {n}
execution {n} (carrying into effect of a court judgment, or of a will) :: изпълнение {n}
execution {n} (carrying out of an instruction by a computer) :: изпълнение {n}
executioner {n} (the person who carries out the execution) :: палач {m}
executive {adj} (designed for execution) :: изпълнителен
executive {n} (branch of government responsible for enforcing laws and judicial decisions) :: изпълнителна власт {f}
executive committee {n} (the cabinet of ministers for a city government) :: изпълнителен комитет {m}
exegete {n} (person skilled in exegesis) :: тълкувател {m}
exemplar {n} (something fit to be imitated) :: модел {m}, образец {m}
exemplar {n} (something typical or representative of a class) :: образец {m}, пример {m}
exemplar {n} (handwritten manuscript) :: екземпляр {m}
exemplary {adj} (deserving honour, respect and admiration) :: образцов
exemplary {adj} (of such high quality as to serve as an example, see also: ideal; perfect) :: примерен
exempt {adj} (free from duty or obligation) :: освободен
exemption {n} (act of exempting) :: освобождаване {n}
exercise {n} (any activity designed to develop or hone a skill or ability) :: упражнение {n}
exercise {n} (physical activity intended to improve strength and fitness) :: тренировка {f}
exercise {v} (to perform activities to develop skills) :: упражнявам се, тренирам
exercise {v} (to take action, enforce) :: упражнявам
exercise book {n} (booklet for students) :: тетрадка {f}
exert {v} (to put in vigorous action) :: напрягам
exert {v} (to make use of) :: упражнявам
exertion {n} (the action of exerting) :: напрягане {n}, усилие {n}
Exeter {prop} (city) :: Ексетър {m}
exfoliate {v} (to remove a layer of skin, as in cosmetic preparation) :: лющя, ексфолирам
exhalation {n} (meteor) SEE: meteor ::
exhalation {n} (act or process of exhaling) :: издишване {n}
exhalation {n} (that which is exhaled) :: дихание {n}, дъх {m}
exhale {v} (to breathe out) :: издишвам
exhaust {v} (to empty by drawing or letting out the contents) :: изчерпвам, изразходвам, изтощавам
exhaust {n} (system consisting of the parts of an engine through which burned gases or steam are discharged) :: ауспух {m}
exhaust {n} (exhaust pipe) SEE: exhaust pipe ::
exhausted {adj} (in a state of exhaustion) :: изтощен /iztošten/
exhausting {adj} (Very tiring) :: изтощителен
exhaustion {n} (point of complete depletion) :: изчерпване {n}
exhaustion {n} (supreme tiredness; having exhausted energy) :: изтощение {n}
exhaustive {adj} (including every possible element) :: изчерпателен
exhaust pipe {n} (pipe that vents waste gases from the engine) :: ауспух {m}
exhibit {v} (display or show (something) for others to see) :: показвам
exhibit {v} (demonstrate) :: проявявам
exhibit {v} (submit to a court) :: представям
exhibit {v} (display publicly) :: излагам
exhibit {n} (instance of exhibiting) :: показване {n}
exhibit {n} (something exhibited) :: експонат {m}
exhibit {n} (public showing) :: изложба {f}
exhibit {n} (article as evidence in court) :: веществено доказателство
exhibition {n} (instance of exhibiting) :: показване {n}
exhibition {n} (large scale public showing of objects or products) :: изложба {f}
exhibition {n} (financial award to a student) :: стипендия {f}
exhibition game {n} (practice game) :: приятелски мач {m}
exhibitionism {n} (practice of drawing attention to oneself) :: ексхибиционизъм {m} /eks-hibicionízǎm/
exhibitionist {n} (one who attempts by his behaviour to draw attention to himself) :: ексхибиционист {m}
exhibition match {n} (exhibition game) SEE: exhibition game ::
exhilaration {n} (the act of enlivening the spirits) :: ободряване {n}, развеселяване {n}
exhort {v} (urge) :: увещавам
exhortation {n} (Act or practice of exhorting) :: увещание {n}
exhortation {n} (Incite and encourage) :: съвет {m}
exhumation {n} (the act of digging up that which has been buried) :: изравяне {n} /izrávjane/, ексхумация {f} /ekshumácija/
exhume {v} (To dig out of the ground; to take out of a place of burial; to disinter) :: изравям /izrávjam/, ексхумирам /ekshumíram/
exigent {adj} (urgent; needing immediate action) :: неотложен, належащ
exigent {adj} (demanding; needing great effort) :: взискателен
exiguity {n} (quality of being meagre or scanty, see also: meagreness; scantiness) :: оскъдица {f}
exiguous {adj} (extremely scanty) :: оскъден, незначителен
exile {n} (the state of being banished from one's home or country) :: изгнание {n}, заточение
exile {n} (someone who is banished from one's home or country) :: изгнаник {m}, заточеник {m}
exile {v} (to send into exile) :: заточавам
exist {v} (to be) :: съществувам /sǎštestvuvam/
existence {n} (state of being, existing, or occurring) :: съществуване {n}, битие {n}
existent {adj} (existing; having life or being, current; occurring now) :: съществуващ, настоящ
existentialism {n} (philosophical movement) :: екзистенциализъм {m}
exit {n} (way out) :: изход {m}
exit {n} (passage from inside to outside) :: излизане {n}
exit {n} (action of leaving) :: напускане {n}
exit {v} (go out) :: излизам {impf}
exit {v} (leave) :: напускам
exodus {n} (sudden departure) :: изселване {n}
Exodus {prop} (book of Torah and Old Testament) :: Изходъ
exogamy {n} (marriage) :: екзогамия {f}
exonerate {v} (to free from an obligation, responsibility or task) :: освобождавам от задължение
exonerate {v} (to free from accusation or blame) :: оправдавам
exorbitant {adj} (exceeding proper limits) :: прекален
exordium {n} (beginning) :: начало {n}
exordium {n} (introduction to a paper or discourse) :: увод {m}, въведение {n}
exoteric {adj} (suitable to be imparted to the public) :: общодостъпен
exoteric {adj} (accessible, capable of being readily or fully comprehended) :: разбираем
exotic {adj} (foreign, with the connotation of excitingly foreign) :: екзотичен
expand {v} ((transitive) to change from a smaller form/size to a larger one) :: разширявам се
expand {v} ((transitive) to increase the extent, number, volume or scope of') :: разширявам
expand {v} ((transitive) to express at length or in detail) :: излагам подробно
expand {v} ((transitive) algebra: to rewrite as an equivalent sum of terms) :: развивам
expand {v} ((intransitive) to (be) change(d) from a smaller form/size to a larger one) :: увеличавам се
expanse {n} (A wide stretch, usually of sea, sky) :: шир {m}, простор {m}
expanse {n} (An amount of spread or stretch) :: протежение {n}
expansion {n} (act of expanding) :: разширение {n}, разширяване {n}
expansive {adj} (Comprehensive in scope or extent) :: обширен, просторен
expansive {adj} (Able to be expanded) :: разширяем
expatriate {n} (person living outside own country) :: изгнаник {m}
expatriate {n} (person banished from their own country) :: заточеник {m}
expatriate {v} (banish) :: заточавам
expatriate {v} (withdraw from one’s country) :: изселвам се
expatriate {v} (renounce citizenship and become a citizen of another country) :: емигрирам
expect {v} (to expect) SEE: look ::
expect {v} (to look for, look forward to, anticipate) :: очаквам
expect {v} (To consider reasonably due) :: предполагам
expectancy {n} (expectation or anticipation; the state of expecting something) :: очакване {n}
expectancy {n} (the state of being expected, or something expected) :: вероятност {m}
expectant {adj} (marked by expectation) :: чакащ, очакващ
expectant {adj} (pregnant) :: бременна
expectation {n} (act or state of expecting) :: чакане {n}, очакване {n}
expectation {n} (that which is expected or looked for) :: надежда {f}, вероятност {f}
expectorate {v} (spit) SEE: spit ::
expectorate {v} (to cough up fluid from the lungs) :: изкашлям, изхрачвам
expectoration {n} (the act) :: откашляне {n}
expectoration {n} (that which is expectorated) :: храчка {f}
expedience {n} (quality of being fit or suitable to effect some desired end) :: удобство {n}, целесъобразност {f}
expediency {n} (quality of being fit or suitable to effect some desired end) :: целесъобразност {f}
expedient {adj} (simple, easy, or quick; convenient) :: удобен, целесъобразен
expedient {n} (a means for achieving an end) :: начин {m}, способ {m}, средство {n}
expedite {v} (accelerate progress) :: ускорявам, способствам
expedite {v} (process fast and efficiently) :: изпълнявам бързо
expedition {n} (An important enterprise, implying a change of place) :: експедиция {f} /ekspedícija/
expeditious {adj} (Fast, prompt, speedy) :: бърз, експедитивен
expel {v} (to eject) :: изхвърлям
expel {v} (to remove from membership) :: изключвам
expel {v} (to deport) :: изгонвам
expend {v} (to consume resources) :: изразходвам
expend {v} (to spend money) :: харча
expendable {adj} (able to be expended) :: потребляем
expendable {adj} (designed for a single use) :: за еднократна употреба
expendable {adj} (not essential or mandatory) :: маловажен
expense {n} (a spending or consuming; disbursement; expenditure) :: харчене, изразходване
expense {n} (that which is expended, laid out, or consumed) :: разход {m}, разноски {p}
expensive {adj} (having a high price or cost) :: скъп {m}
experience {n} (event(s) of which one is cognizant) :: опит {m}
experience {n} (collection of events and/or activities from which an individual or group may gather knowledge) :: преживяване {n}
experience {v} (to observe or undergo) :: изпитвам, преживявам
experiment {n} (test under controlled conditions) :: опит {m}, експеримент {m}
experiment {v} (to conduct an experiment) :: експериментирам
experimental {adj} (of or pertaining to an experiment) :: опитен, експериментален
expert {n} (person with extensive knowledge or ability) :: експерт {m}
expiate {v} (to atone) :: изкупвам
expiation {n} (an act of atonement) :: изкупване {n}
expiatory {adj} (of or pertaining to expiation) :: изкупителен
expiration {n} (act or process of breathing out, or forcing air from the lungs through the nose or mouth; as, respiration consists of inspiration and expiration) :: издишване {n}
expiration {n} (emission of volatile matter; exhalation) :: изтичане {n}
expiration {n} (last emission of breath; death) :: последно издихание {n}
expiration {n} (coming to a close; cessation; extinction; termination; end) :: изтичане {n}, свършване {n}
expiratory {adj} (of or pertaining to expiration) :: издихателен
expire {v} (die) SEE: die ::
expire {v} (become invalid) :: изтичам
expire {v} (to exhale (something)) :: изпускам
expire {v} (exhale) SEE: exhale ::
expired {adj} (dead) SEE: dead ::
expiry {n} (death) SEE: death ::
explain {v} (report) :: обяснявам {impf}
explain {v} (excuse) :: давам обяснения
explanation {n} (the act or process of explaining) :: обяснение {n}
explanation {n} (something that explains) :: обяснение {n}
explanation {n} (euphemism for excuse) :: оправдание {n}
expletive {adj} (serving to fill up) :: вмъкнат
expletive {n} (word added to fill a syntactic position) :: вмъкната дума
expletive {n} (profane, vulgar term) SEE: swear word ::
explicit {adj} (very specific) :: изричен
explode {v} (to destroy with an explosion) :: взривявам
explode {v} (to destroy violently) :: взривявам
explode {v} (to explode (intransitive)) :: избухвам, експлодирам
exploit {n} (heroic or extraordinary deed) :: подвиг {m} /pódvig/
exploit {n} (achievement) :: постижение {n} /postižénie/
exploit {v} (use for one’s advantage) :: използвам, експлоатирам
exploitation {n} (act of exploiting) :: експлоатация {f}
exploration {n} (act of exploring) :: изследване {n}
exploration {n} (penetrating, or ranging over for purposes of (especially geographical) discovery) :: проучване {n}
exploration {n} (physical examination) SEE: physical examination ::
explore {v} (to examine or investigate something systematically) :: изследвам
explore {v} (to (seek) experience first hand) :: изучавам
explore {v} (to examine diagnostically) :: преглеждам
explorer {n} (person who explores) :: изследовател {m} /izslédovatel/
explorer {n} (person who by expedition seeks new information) :: изследовател {m} /izslédovatel/
explosion {n} (violent release of energy) :: взрив {m}, експлозия {f}
explosive {adj} (with the capability to, or likely to, explode) :: избухлив
explosive {adj} (having the character of an explosion) :: взривен
explosive {adj} (easily driven to anger) :: избухлив
explosive {n} (explosive substance) :: експлозив {m}
exponent {n} (one who expounds, represents or advocates) :: тълкувател {m}
exponent {n} ((in mathematics) the power to which something is raised) :: експонента {f}
exponential {adj} (relating to an exponent) :: експоненциален
exponential {adj} (expressed in terms of a power of e) :: експоненциален
export {adj} (of or relating to exportation or exports) :: експортен, за износ
export {n} (something that is exported) :: износ {m}
export {n} (the act of exporting) :: износ {m}
export {v} (to carry away) :: изнасям
export {v} (to sell (goods) to a foreign country) :: изнасям, експортирам
export {v} (computing: send (data) from one program to another) :: прехвърлям
expose {v} (to reveal, uncover, make visible, bring to light, introduce to) :: откривам, разкривам
expose {v} (to subject photographic film to light) :: експонирам
exposition {n} (action of exposing) :: излагане {n}, експозиция {f}
exposition {n} (action of putting something out to public view) :: излагане {n}
exposition {n} (action of declaring or describing) :: описание {n}
exposition {n} (essay or speech in which any topic is discussed in detail) :: коментар {m}
exposure {n} (condition) :: излагане {n}
exposure {n} (part exposed) :: изложение
exposure {n} (taking a photograph) :: експозиция {f}
expound {v} (explain or discuss at length) :: обяснявам
express {adj} (moving or operating quickly) :: бърз, експресен
express {adj} (specific or precise) :: изричен
express {adj} (truly depicted, exactly resembling) :: точен
express {n} (quick mode of transportation) :: експрес {m}
express {v} (to convey meaning) :: изразявам {impf}, изразя {pf}
express {v} (to excrete or cause to excrete) :: изстисквам
expression {n} (particular way of phrasing an idea) :: изразяване {n}
expression {n} (colloquialism or idiom) :: израз {m}
expression {n} (facial appearance) :: изражение {n}
expression {n} (mathematics: arrangement of symbols) :: израз {m}
expressionism {n} (movement in the arts) :: експресионизъм {m}
expressionless {adj} (without expression) :: безизразен
expressive {adj} (effectively conveying feeling) :: изразителен
expressly {adv} (in an expressive or explicit manner) :: изрично, категорично
expressway {n} (freeway) SEE: freeway ::
expropriate {v} (to deprive a person of their property) :: отчуждавам
expropriation {n} (act of expropriating) :: отчуждаване {n}
expulsion {n} (the act of expelling or the state of being expelled) :: отстраняване {n}, изгонване {n}
expunge {v} (to erase or strike out) :: задрасквам
expunge {v} (to eliminate) :: премахвам
exquisite {n} (fop, dandy) SEE: fop ::
exquisite {adj} (especially fine) :: изискан, изящен
exsanguine {adj} (Lacking blood) :: анемичен
exscind {v} (To cut out) :: режа, изрязвам
extant {adj} (still in existence) :: съществуващ
extant {adj} (currently existing; not having disappeared) :: съществуващ, наличен
extemporaneous {adj} (without preparation) :: импровизиран
extemporize {v} (to act, particularly to perform or speak, without prior planning or thought) :: импровизирам
extend {v} (to increase in extent) :: удължавам
extend {v} (to possess a certain extent) :: простирам се
extend {v} (to cause to last for a longer period of time) :: продължавам
extended {adj} (longer in length or extension; elongated) :: удължен
extended {adj} (stretched out or pulled out; expanded) :: протегнат
extended {adj} (lasting longer; protracted) :: продължителен
extended {adj} (having a large scope or range; extensive) :: обширен
extensibility {n} (capability of being extended) :: разтегаемост {f}
extensible {adj} (capable of being extended) :: разтегателен
extension {n} (act of extending or the state of being extended) :: протягане {n}, разтягане {n}
extension {n} (finance: written engagement on the part of a creditor) :: отсрочка {f}
extension {n} (medicine: operation of stretching a broken bone) :: екстензия {f}
extension {n} (telecommunication: phone extension number) :: междуградска {f}
extensive {adj} (wide) :: пространен
extent {n} (range of values or locations) :: обхват {m}
extent {n} (space, area, volume to which something extends) :: размер {m}, протежение {n}
extenuate {v} (make thin or slender) :: изтънявам
extenuate {v} (lessen; palliate) :: смекчавам
exterior {adj} (relating to the outside parts or surface) :: външен
exterior {n} (The outside part) :: външност {f}
exterior {adj} (being from outside a country) SEE: foreign ::
exterior {adj} (external) SEE: external ::
exterminate {v} (to kill all of a population) :: изтребвам
exterminate {v} (to bring a definite end to, finish completely) :: унищожавам
extermination camp {n} (death camp) SEE: death camp ::
external {adj} (outside of something) :: външен
extinct {adj} (extinguished, no longer alight (of fire, candles etc.)) :: изгаснал
extinct {adj} (having died out) :: измрял
extinct {adj} (no longer erupting) :: изгаснал
extinction {n} (the action of making or becoming extinct) :: загасване {n}, потушаване {n}
extinguish {v} (to put out, as in fire; to end burning; to quench) :: гася, потушавам
extinguish {v} (to destroy or abolish something) :: унищожавам
extinguish {v} ((literally) to hunt down (a species) to extinction) :: изтребвам
extinguisher {n} (anything that extinguishes something) :: пожарогасител {m}
extirpate {v} (to pull up by the roots) :: изкоренявам {impf}
extirpate {v} (to destroy completely) :: унищожавам {impf}
extirpation {n} (the act of extirpating) :: изкореняване {n}
extol {v} (to praise; to make high) :: възхвалявам
extort {v} (to wrest from an unwilling person by undue or illegal exercise of power or ingenuity) :: изтръгвам
extortion {n} (the practice of extorting money or other property) :: изнудване {n} /iznudvane/
extra {adj} (beyond what is due, usual) :: допълнителен, извънреден
extra {adv} (to an extraordinary degree) :: особено
extra {n} (extra edition of a newspaper) :: извънредно издание {n}
extra {n} (person in a play or movie with a minimal part) SEE: walk-on ::
extract {n} (something extracted) :: екстракт {m}
extract {n} (portion of a document) :: извадка {f}, извлечение {n}
extract {n} (solution made by drawing out from a substance) :: екстракт {m}
extract {v} (to draw out) :: вадя, изваждам
extract {v} (to withdraw in process) :: извличам
extraction {n} (extract obtained from a mixture or from a plant etc) SEE: extract ::
extraction {n} (act of extracting) :: вадене {n}, изваждане {n}
extraction {n} (one's origin, lineage or ancestry) :: произход {m}
extraction {n} (removal of a tooth from its socket) :: вадене {n}
extradite {v} (to remove a person from one state to another by legal process) :: екстрадирам /ekstradiram/
extradition {n} (a formal process by which a criminal suspect is handed over to another government) :: екстрадиране {n}, екстрадиция {f}
extrajudicial {adj} (carried out without legal authority) :: извънсъдебен
extramarital {adj} (taking place outside marriage) :: извънбрачен
extraneous {adj} (not belonging to, or dependent upon, a thing) :: външен, чужд
extraordinary {adj} (not ordinary) :: необикновен
extravagance {n} (excessive expenditure) :: разточителство {n}
extravagance {n} (prodigality) :: чудатост {f}
extravagant {adj} (exceeding the bounds of something) :: екстравагантен {m} /ekstravagánten/
extravagant {adj} (exorbitant) :: прекомерен {m} /prekoméren/
extravaganza {n} (event or display of fantastic or chaotic behaviour or conduct) :: зрелищно представление {n} /zrélištno predstavlénie/
extreme {adj} (of a place, the most remote, farthest or outermost) :: краен, най-далечен
extreme {adj} (in the greatest or highest degree; intense) :: екстремен
extreme {adj} (excessive, or far beyond the norm) :: извънреден
extreme {adj} (drastic, or of great severity) :: драстичен
extreme {adj} (of sports, difficult or dangerous; performed in a hazardous environment) :: екстремен
extreme {adj} (archaic: ultimate, final or last) :: последен
extreme {n} (greatest or utmost point, degree or condition) :: крайност {f}
extremely {adv} (to an extreme degree) :: крайно /krájno/
extremism {n} (extreme ideas or actions) :: екстремизъм {m}
extremity {n} (furthest point) :: край {m}
extremity {n} (extreme measure) :: крайност {f}
extremity {n} (hand or foot) :: крайник {m}
extremity {n} (limb) SEE: limb ::
extricate {v} (to free, disengage, loosen or untangle) :: измъквам, освобождавам
extrinsic {adj} (external, separable from the thing itself, inessential) :: външен, несвойствен
extrinsic {adj} (not belonging to, outside) :: чужд
extrude {v} (to push or thrust out) :: изтиквам, избутвам
extrude {v} (to form or shape by forcing through a die) :: щанцовам
extrusion {n} (manufacturing process) :: изтикване {n}, избутване {n}
exuberance {n} (The quality of being exuberant; cheerful or vigorous enthusiasm; liveliness) :: изобилие {n}
exuberant {adj} (abundant, luxuriant, profuse, superabundant) :: изобилен
exude {v} (to discharge through pores) :: отделям се, изпотявам се
exult {v} (rejoice) :: ликувам
exultant {adj} (very happy, especially at someone else's defeat or failure) :: ликуващ
exultation {n} (lively joy at success or victory) :: ликуване {n}
eye {n} (organ) :: око {n}
eye {n} (hole in needle) :: ухо {n}
eye {n} (of a hurricane) :: око {n}
eye {v} (to observe carefully) :: наблюдавам
eye {v} (to view narrowly) :: разглеждам
eyeball {n} (ball of the eye) :: очна ябълка {f}
eyebright {n} (any of the flowering plants of the genus Euphrasia) :: очанка {f}
eyebrow {n} (hair that grows over the bone ridge above the eye socket) :: вежда {f}
eye-catching {adj} (visually attractive) :: привлекателен {m}, засукан {m}
eye-catching {adj} (That attracts the attention; attention-grabbing) :: атрактивен {m}, привлекателен {m}
eye for an eye {n} (compensation for an injury) :: око за око, зъб за зъб, око за око
eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth {proverb} (compensation for an injury) :: око за око, зъб за зъб
eyeglass {n} (eyepiece) SEE: eyepiece ::
eyeglass {n} (a lens, especially one of a pair) :: леща {f}
eyeglass {n} (a monocle) :: монокъл {m}
eyeglasses {n} (spectacles) SEE: spectacles ::
eyehole {n} (eye socket) SEE: eye socket ::
eyelash {n} (hair growing on the edge of an eyelid) :: мигла {f}, ресница {f}
eyelid {n} ((anatomy) a thin skin membrane that covers and moves over an eye) :: клепка {f}, клепач {m}
eyepiece {n} (lens or combination of lens) :: окуляр {m}
eyeshade {n} (shield for the eyes) :: козирка {f}
eyeshade {n} (cosmetic product) :: сенки {p}
eyeshot {n} (range of vision) :: зрително поле
eyesight {n} (faculty of sight) :: зрение {n}
eye socket {n} (socket of eye) :: очна кухина {f} /óčna kuhiná/
Eyetie {n} (person of Italian descent) SEE: wop ::
eye tooth {n} (canine tooth) SEE: canine tooth ::
eyewitness {n} (person who has seen and can testify about an event) :: очевидец {m}
eyrie {n} (bird of prey's nest) :: орлово гнездо {n} /orlóvo gnezdó/