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mañana {adv} (tomorrow) SEE: tomorrow  ::
macadam {n} (surface of a road)  :: makadam {m}
macaque {n} (any monkey of the family Macaca)  :: makak {m}
macaroni {n} (type of pasta)  :: makaróny {m-p}
Macau {prop} (a city just west of Hong Kong)  :: Macao
macaw {n} (various parrots)  :: ara
mace {n} (weapon)  :: palcát {m}
mace {n} (ceremonial form of this weapon)  :: žezlo {n}
mace {n} (a spice)  :: muškátový květ {m}
Macedonia {prop} (ancient kingdom)  :: Makedonie {f}
Macedonia {prop} (former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, see also: former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)  :: Makedonie {f}
Macedonia {prop} (region of northern Greece)  :: Makedonie {f}
Macedonian {adj} (of Macedonia or its people or language)  :: makedonský
Macedonian {n} (person from Macedonia)  :: Makedonec {m}, Makedoňan {m}
Macedonian {prop} (Slavic language of Macedonia)  :: makedonština {f}
machete {n} (a sword-like tool)  :: mačeta {f}
Machiavellianism {n} (philosophy)  :: machiavelismus {m}
machine {n} (mechanical or electrical device)  :: stroj {m}, mašina {f} [colloquial]
machine {n} (archaic: vehicle, automobile)  :: mašina {f}
machine {n} (a person who is very proficient)  :: stroj {m}
machine code {n} (machine language) SEE: machine language  ::
machine gun {n} (type of firearm)  :: kulomet {m}
machine language {n} (set of instructions for a computer)  :: strojový kód {m}
machine learning {n} (field of study)  :: strojové učení {n}
machine translation {n} (act of translating something by means of a machine)  :: strojový překlad {m}
machinist {n} (constructor of machines and engines)  :: mechanik {m}
machinist {n} (one skilled in the use of machine tools)  :: strojník {m}
Mach number {n} (the ratio of the velocity of a body to that of sound in the surrounding medium)  :: Machovo číslo {f}
mackerel {n} (edible fish)  :: makrela {f}
mackintosh {n} (raincoat in general) SEE: raincoat  ::
macro {n} (an abbreviation of complicated input)  :: makro {n}
macrocosm {n} (the universe) SEE: universe  ::
macroeconomics {n} (study of the entire economy)  :: makroekonomie {f}
macroeconomy {n} (the large-scale economy)  :: makroekonomika {f}
macromolecular {adj} (of or relating to a macromolecule)  :: makromolekulární
macromolecule {n} (large molecule)  :: makromolekula {f}
macrophage {n} (type of white blood cell)  :: makrofág {m}
macroscopic {adj} (visible to the unassisted eye)  :: makroskopický
macrostate {n} (group of properties)  :: makrostav {m}
macula {n} (anatomy: yellow spot near the center of retina)  :: žlutá skvrna {f}
mad {adj} (insane (adj.))  :: šílený {m}
Madagascar {prop} (country in Southern Africa)  :: Madagaskar {m}
madam {n} (polite term of address to a woman)  :: paní {f}
madam {n} (woman who manages a brothel)  :: bordelmamá {f}
mad cow disease {n} (bovine spongiform encephalopathy)  :: nemoc šílených krav {f}
made in China {adj} (manufactured in the PRC)  :: vyrobeno v Číně
madeleine {n} (small gateau in the shape of a scallop shell)  :: madlenka {f}
madness {n} (insanity)  :: šílenství {n}
Madonna {prop} (Virgin Mary) SEE: Virgin Mary  ::
Madrid {prop} (capital of Spain)  :: Madrid
madrone {n} (strawberry tree) SEE: strawberry tree  ::
mad scientist {n} (stock character in popular fiction)  :: šílený vědec {m}
mafia {n} (a crime syndicate)  :: mafie {f}
Mafia {prop} (international criminal organisation of Sicilian origin)  :: mafie {f}
Mafia {prop} (organized criminal syndicate)  :: mafie {f}
Mafioso {n} (member of the mafia, see also: mobster)  :: mafián {m}
magazine {n} (periodical)  :: časopis {m}, [colloquial] časák {m}
magazine {n} (ammunition storehouse)  :: muniční sklad {m}
magazine {n} (ammunition clip)  :: zásobník {m}
Magdalene {prop} (female given name)  :: Magdaléna {f}
Magdeburg {prop} (city)  :: Magdeburk {m}
mage {n} (magician, wizard or sorcerer)  :: mág {m}, čaroděj {m}, kouzelník {m}
maggot {n} (dipterous insect's larva that eats decomposing flesh)  :: larva {f}, červ {m}
maggot {n} (worthless person)  :: červ {m}
magic {n} (use of supernatural rituals, forces etc.)  :: kouzla {n}, magie {f}, čarování {n}
magic {adj} (having supernatural talents, properties or qualities)  :: kouzelný {m}
magical {adj} (relating to magic)  :: magický {m}
magician {n} (practitioner of allegedly supernatural magic)  :: kouzelník {m}
magic wand {n} (wand used to perform magic)  :: kouzelný proutek {m}
magma {n} (molten matter)  :: magma {f}
magmatic {adj} (of, related to, or produced by magma)  :: magamatický
Magna Carta {prop} (Magna Carta)  :: Magna charta libertatum {f}
Magna Graecia {prop} (Ancient Greek colonies in Italy and Sicily)  :: Magna Graecia
magnanimity {n} (The quality of being magnanimous; greatness of mind; elevation or dignity of soul)  :: velkodušnost
magnanimous {adj} (noble and generous in spirit)  :: velkodušný {m}
magnanimously {adv} (in a magnanimous manner)  :: velkodušně
magnesium {n} (chemical element)  :: hořčík {m}
magnet {n} (piece of material that attracts some metals by magnetism)  :: magnet {m}
magnetic {adj} (of, relating to, caused by, or operating by magnetism)  :: magnetický
magnetic {adj} (having the properties a magnet)  :: magnetický
magnetic {adj} (determined by earth's magnetic fields)  :: magnetický
magnetic field {n} (a field of magnetic force)  :: magnetické pole {n}
magnetic tape {n} (acrylic tape used for recording data)  :: magnetická páska {f}
magnetism {n} (the property of being magnetic)  :: magnetismus {m}
magnetosphere {n} (region around a planet)  :: magnetosféra {f}
magnify {v} (to make larger)  :: zvětšit
magnifying glass {n} (instrument)  :: lupa {f}
magnolia {n} (tree)  :: magnólie {f}
magpie {n} (bird of genus Pica)  :: straka {f}
Magyar {adj} (Hungarian) SEE: Hungarian  ::
maharaja {n} (a Hindu prince ranking above a raja)  :: mahárádža {m}
Mahilyow {prop} (Mogilev) SEE: Mogilev  ::
mahogany {n} (wood)  :: mahagon {m}
maid {n} (female servant or cleaner)  :: služka {f}
maiden {n} (unmarried young female)  :: panna {f}, slečna {f}, děvče {n}
maiden {n} (female virgin)  :: panna {f}
maiden {adj} (virgin) SEE: virgin  ::
maiden name {n} (married woman's original last name)  :: dívčí jméno {n}, jméno za svobodna {n}
maiden voyage {n} (first trip of a vessel)  :: panenská plavba {f}
maieutics {n} (Socratic method) SEE: Socratic method  ::
mail {n} (postal delivery system)  :: pošta {f}
mail {n} (organisation)  :: pošta {f}
mail {n} (parcels and letters)  :: pošta {f}
mailbox {n} (box into which mail is put)  :: poštovní schránka {f}
maillechort {n} (nickel silver) SEE: nickel silver  ::
mailman {n} (post office employee)  :: pošťák {m}, listonoš {m}
maim {v} (to cause permanent loss of a part of the body)  :: zmrzačit {pf}, zohavit {pf}
main {adj} (principal)  :: hlavní {m}
main {n} (strength) SEE: strength  ::
Main {prop} (river in southern Germany)  :: Mohan {m}
main diagonal {n} (diagonal line of a matrix)  :: hlavní diagonála {f}
Maine {prop} (province in France)  :: Maine
Maine {prop} (US State)  :: Maine
maintain {v} (to maintain, to consider) SEE: hold  ::
maintain {v} (to keep up)  :: udržovat
maintainability {n} (ease with which something can be maintained)  :: udržovatelnost {f}
maintenance {n} (keeping a machine or system in service)  :: údržba {f}
maintenance {n} (legal: payment made to a spouse after a divorce) SEE: alimony  ::
Mainz {prop} (the state capital of Rhineland-Palatinate)  :: Mohuč {f}
maize {n} (corn; a type of grain of the species Zea mays)  :: kukuřice {f}
majestic {adj} (having splendor or royalty)  :: majestátní
majestical {adj} (majestic) SEE: majestic  ::
majesty {n} (the quality of being impressive and great)  :: majestátnost {f}
Majesty {pron} (term of address for royalty and imperiality)  :: veličenstvo {n}
major {n} (military rank)  :: major {m}
major {adj}  :: hlavní
major arcana {n} (Tarot cards)  :: velká arkána
major axis {n} (longest diameter of an ellipse)  :: hlavní osa {f}
Majorca {prop} (island)  :: Mallorca {f}, Malorka {f}
Majorcan {adj} (of Majorca)  :: mallorský
Majorcan {n} (someone from Majorca)  :: Mallorčan {m}
majordomo {n} (head servant)  :: majordomus {m}
majorette {n} (dancer)  :: mažoretka {f}
majority {n} (more than half)  :: většina {f}
majuscule {n} (upper-case letter) SEE: capital letter  ::
make {v} (to construct)  :: stavět
make {v} (to create)  :: vyrábět, dělat, tvořit, vytvářet, udělat
make {v} (to cause to be)  :: činit
make {v} (to force to do)  :: přimět, donutit, přinutit
make {v} (to cover with bedclothes)  :: ustlat, stlát
make {n} (brand )  :: značka {f}
make a living {v} (earn enough income)  :: uživit se
make amends {v} (to repair a relationship; to make up; to resolve an argument or fight; to make reparations or redress)  :: usmířit se
make a mountain out of a molehill {v} (to treat a problem as greater than it is)  :: dělat z komára velblouda
make a virtue of necessity {v}  :: z nouze ctnost
make do {v} (to get by (with))  :: vystačit
make ends meet {v} (get by financially)  :: vystačit s penězi do příští výplaty
make hay while the sun shines {proverb} (act while an opportunity exists)  :: kuj železo, dokud je žhavé
make head or tail of {v} (understand even minimally)  :: to nedává ani hlavu ani patu [only negative]
make love {v} (to engage in sexual intercourse)  :: souložit, milovat
make sense {v} (be coherent)  :: dávat smysl
makeshift {n} (temporary substitution)  :: provizórium {n}, dočasná náhrada {f}
makeshift {adj} (made to work or suffice)  :: provizorní, dočasný {m}, improvizovaný {m}
Makhachkala {prop} (capital of Dagestan, Russia)  :: Machačkala
makhorka {n} (Nicotiana rustica)  :: tabák selský {m}
Malachi {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Malachiáš {m}
Malachi {prop} (minor prophet)  :: Malachiáš {m}
Malachi {prop} (male given name)  :: Malachiáš {m}
malachite {n} (mineral)  :: malachit {m}
Malagasy {n} (person)  :: Malgaš {m}
Malagasy {prop} (the language of the Malagasy, when considered one language)  :: malgaština {f}
Malagasy {adj} (pertaining to Madagascar)  :: malgašský
malaise {n} (bodily feeling)  :: malátnost {f}
malar {n} (cheekbone) SEE: cheekbone  ::
malar bone {n} (cheekbone) SEE: cheekbone  ::
malaria {n} (disease)  :: malárie {f}
Malawi {prop} (Republic of Malawi)  :: Malawi {n}
Malawian {n} (A person from Malawi or of Malawian descent)  :: Malawijec {m}
Malawian {adj} (Of, from, or pertaining to Malawi or the Malawian people)  :: malawský, malawiský
Malay {adj} (of the Malay people)  :: malajský
Malay {adj} (of or pertaining to Malaysia)  :: malajský
Malay {n} (Malay person)  :: Malajec {m}
Malay {prop} (the Malay language)  :: malajština {f}
Malayalam {prop} (language)  :: malajálamština {f}, malajalámský
Malaysia {prop} (country in Southeast Asia)  :: Malajsie {f}
Malaysian {prop} (Malay) SEE: Malay  ::
Malaysian {adj} (Pertaining to Malaysia)  :: malajsijský
Malaysian {n} (a native of Malaysia)  :: Malajsijec {m}, Malajsijka {f}
Maldives {prop} (country in South Asia)  :: Maledivy {p}
Maldivian {n} (person)  :: Maledivan {m}, Maledivec {m}
Maldivian {adj} (Of, from, or pertaining to the Maldives, the Maldivian people or the Maldivian language.)  :: maledivský
Maldivian {prop} (language) SEE: Dhivehi  ::
male {adj} (grammatically masculine) SEE: masculine  ::
male {adj} (belonging to the sex having testes and/or XY chromosomes)  :: mužský (of humans), samčí (of animals and plants)
male {adj} (having an external plug)  :: samčí
male {n} (human of masculine sex or gender)  :: muž {m}
male {n} (animal of masculine sex)  :: samec {m}
male {n} (plant of masculine sex)  :: samec {m}
maledict {v} (curse) SEE: curse  ::
malediction {n} (curse) SEE: curse  ::
male member {n} (penis) SEE: penis  ::
malfeasance {n} (wrongdoing)  :: zločin {m}, trestný čin {m}, přestoupení {n} zákona
malfeasance {n} (sabotage that causes damage)  :: sabotáž {f}
Mali {prop} (a country in Western Africa)  :: Mali {n}
Malian {n} (A person from Mali or of Malian descent)  :: Malijec {m}
Malian {adj} (Of, from, or pertaining to Mali or the Malian people)  :: maliský, malijský
malic acid {n} (the organic acid)  :: kyselina jablečná {f}
malice {n} (intention to harm)  :: zlomyslnost {f}
malicious {adj} (Of, pertaining to, or as a result of malice or spite)  :: záludný
malicious {adj} (Deliberately harmful; spiteful)  :: škodolibý, zlomyslný, zlovolný {m}
malignant {adj} (tending to produce death)  :: zhoubný {m}, maligní
mallard {n} (a common and widespread dabbling duck, Anas platyrhynchos)  :: kachna divoká
Mallarméan {adj} (of or relating to Stéphane Mallarmé)  :: mallarméovský
malleable {adj} (able to be hammered into thin sheets)  :: kujný
mallet {n} (small maul)  :: palice {f}
malleus {n} (the small hammer-shaped bone of the middle ear)  :: kladívko {n}
mallow {n} (any of a group of plants in several genera of the taxonomic family Malvaceae)  :: sléz {m}
malnutrition {n} (lack of adequate nourishment)  :: podvýživa {f}
malpractice {n} (the improper treatment of a patient by a physician that results in injury or loss)  :: nedbalost {f}
malpractice {n} (improper or unethical conduct by a professional or official person)  :: zneužití úřední moci {n}
malt {n} (sprouted grain used in brewing)  :: slad {m}
Malta {prop} (republic)  :: Malta {f}
Malta {prop} (island)  :: Malta {f}
Maltese {n} (inhabitant of Malta)  :: Malťan {m}
Maltese {prop} (language of Malta)  :: maltština {f}
Maltese {adj} (pertaining to Malta or its language)  :: maltský
Malthusian {adj} (of, or relating to Malthus or his views)  :: malthusiánský
maltreatment {n} (cruel or harmful treatment)  :: týrání {n}
malware {n} (software developed to cause harm to a computer system)  :: malware {m}, škodlivý software {m}
mama {n} (mother) SEE: mother  ::
mama {n} (mum) SEE: mum  ::
mamba {n} (venomous snake)  :: mamba {f}
mambo {n} (Latin American dance)  :: mambo {n}
mamma {n} (mother) SEE: mother  ::
mamma {n} (mum) SEE: mum  ::
mammal {n} (animal of the class Mammalia)  :: savec {m}
mammalian {n} (any mammal) SEE: mammal  ::
mammary gland {n} (milk-secreting gland)  :: mléčná žláza {f}
mammillary body {n} (anatomy)  :: mamilární tělísko {n}
mammograph {n} (machine for taking X-ray pictures of the breasts)  :: mamograf {m}
mammographic {adj} (of, or pertaining to, mammography)  :: mamografický
mammography {n} (X-ray examination of the breasts)  :: mamografie {f}
mammoth {n} (elephant-like mammal)  :: mamut {m}
Man {prop} (genus Homo)  :: člověk {m}
manage {v} (to direct or be in charge)  :: spravovat, řídit
manage {v} (to handle or control a situation or job)  :: řídit {impf}, zvládat {impf}, zvládnout {pf}
manage {v} (to handle a tool with ease)  :: ovládat {impf}, zvládat {impf}
manage {v} (to succeed at an attempt)  :: zvládnout, uspět {pf}
manage {v} (to achieve without fuss, or without outside help)  :: dosáhnout {pf}
manageable {adj} (capable of being managed)  :: zvládnutelný, řiditelný {m}, dosažitelný {m}
management {n} (administration; the process or practice of managing)  :: řízení {n}, management {m}
manager {n} (person whose job is to manage something (for female equivalents, see manageress))  :: manažer {m}, správce {m}, ředitel {m}
managing director {n} (the chief executive of a limited company)  :: jednatel {m}
Manchuria {prop} (Manchuria)  :: Mandžusko {n}
mandarin {n} (Chinese Imperial bureaucrat)  :: mandarín {m}
mandarin {n} (elitist bureaucrat)  :: mandarín {m}
mandarin {n} (informal: senior civil servant)  :: mandarín {m}
mandarin {n} (fruit) SEE: mandarin orange  ::
mandarin {n} (tree) SEE: mandarin orange  ::
mandarin {n} (mandarin duck) SEE: mandarin duck  ::
Mandarin {prop} (Standard Mandarin, see also: Chinese)  :: mandarínština {f}
mandarin duck {n} (bird)  :: kachnička mandarinská {f}
mandarin orange {n} (tree)  :: mandarinkovník {m}
mandarin orange {n} (fruit)  :: mandarinka {f}
mandatory {adj} (obligatory)  :: povinný {m}
Mandelbrot set {n} (set of complex numbers c)  :: Mandelbrotova množina {f}
mandible {n} (lower jaw)  :: dolní čelist {f}
mandible {n} (mouthpart of an arthropod)  :: kusadlo {n}
mandola {n} (musical instruments)  :: mandola
mandolin {n} (musical instrument)  :: mandolína {f}
mandrake {n} (botany)  :: pokřín, pekřín
mane {n} (longer hair growth on back of neck of a horse)  :: hříva {f}
mane {n} (longer hair growth around head of male lions)  :: hříva {f}
man-eater {n} (animal that eats humans)  :: lidožrout {m}
man-eater {n} (cannibal)  :: lidožrout {m}, lidojed {m}, kanibal {m}
maneuver {n} (a movement, often one performed with difficulty)  :: manévr {m}
maneuver {n} (a large training exercise of military troops)  :: manévry {p}
maneuver {v} (to move (something) carefully, and often with difficulty, into a certain position)  :: manévrovat
manga {n} (comic originated in Japan)  :: manga {f}
manga {n} (comic done in Japanese style)  :: manga
manganese {n} (chemical element)  :: mangan {m}
manger {n} (trough for animals to eat from)  :: koryto {n}, žlab {m}
mangle {v} (to change, mutilate or disfigure)  :: mrzačit {impf}
mangle {v} (to wring laundry)  :: mandlovat {impf}, ždímat {impf}
mangle {n} (a hand-operated device with rollers for wringing laundry)  :: mandl {m}
mango {n} (tropical fruit tree Mangifera indica)  :: mangovník {m}
mango {n} (fruit)  :: mango {n}
mangosteen {n} (fruit)  :: mangostana lahodná {f}, mangostan {m}
manhater {n} (misanthrope) SEE: misanthrope  ::
manhood {n} (state of being human)  :: lidství
manhood {n} (state of being a man as distinguished from a child or a woman.)  :: mužství
manhood {n} (qualities ascribed to manliness)  :: mužnost
manhood {n} (male genitalia)  :: mužství
man-hour {n} (amount of work)  :: člověkohodina {f}
maniac {n} (insane person)  :: maniak
maniac {n} (fanatic, obsessive)  :: maniak {m}
manic depression {n} (bipolar disorder)  :: maniodepresivní psychóza {f}
manic-depressive {adj} (exhibiting manic depression)  :: maniodepresivní
manicure {n} (cosmetic treatment for the fingernails)  :: manikúra {f}
manicurist {n} (manicurist)  :: manikér {m}, manikérka {f}
manifestation {n} (medicine: symptoms or observable conditions)  :: projev {m}
manifesto {n} (a public declaration of principles, policies, or intentions, especially that of a political party)  :: manifest {m}
-manifold {n} (manifold) SEE: manifold  ::
manifold {n} (locally Euclidean space)  :: varieta {f}
manifold {v} (multiply)  :: rozmnožit
manifold {n} (omasum) SEE: omasum  ::
Manila {prop} (capital of the Philippines)  :: Manila {f}
Manila hemp {n} (the fibre of the abaca)  :: manilské konopí {n}, abaka {f}
manipulatable {adj} (gullible) SEE: gullible  ::
manipulator {n} (person)  :: manipulátor {m}
mankind {n} (human race)  :: lidstvo {n}
mankind {n} (the human race) SEE: humankind  ::
manly {adj} (having the characteristics of a man)  :: mužný
manna ash {n} (Fraxinus ornis)  :: jasan zimnář
mannequin {n} (model of the human body used for the displaying of clothes)  :: figurína {f}
manner {n} (way of performing or effecting; method or style)  :: způsob {m}, styl {m}
mannitol {n} (alcohol)  :: manitol {m}
man of the world {n} (worldly man)  :: světák {m}
manometer {n} (instrument)  :: manometr {m}
man proposes, God disposes {proverb} (things don't always work out as they were planned)  :: člověk míní, pánbůh mění
manslaughter {n} (act of killing unlawfully)  :: zabití z nedbalosti, zabití {n}, neúmyslné zabití
mantilla {n} (Spanish lace veil worn over a woman's hair and shoulders)  :: mantila {f}
mantis {n} (any of various large insects of the order Mantodea)  :: kudlanka {f}
mantissa {n} (part of a logarithm after the decimal point)  :: mantisa {f}
mantling {n} (heraldry: drapery behind and around a coat of arms)  :: přikryvadla {f}
Mantua {prop} (city)  :: Mantova
manual {n} (handbook or booklet that instructs)  :: příručka {f}, manuál {m}
manual {n} (manual transmission)  :: manuál {m}
manual {adj} (performed with the hands)  :: ruční, manuální
manufacture {n} (anything made, formed or produced; product)  :: manufaktura {f}
manufacture {v} (to make things)  :: vyrobit, vyrábět
manufacturer {n} (one who manufactures)  :: výrobce {m}
manul {n} (Otocolobus manul)  :: manul, kočka stepní
manure {n} (excrement)  :: hnůj {m}
manus {n} (hand) SEE: hand  ::
manuscript {n} (book, composition or any other document, written by hand)  :: rukopis {m}
manuscript {n} (book, article etc, submitted for reproductive publication)  :: rukopis {m}
Manx cat {n} (mammal)  :: Manská kočka {f}
Manx shearwater {n}  :: buřňák severní {m}
many {determiner} (an indefinite large number of)  :: mnoho
manyplies {n} (omasum) SEE: omasum  ::
many thanks {phrase} (many thanks)  :: mockrát děkuji
Maoism {n} (philosophy espoused by Mao Zedong)  :: maoismus {m}
Maoist {adj} (of Maoism)  :: maoistický
Maoist {n} (Maoist advocate)  :: maoista {m}
Maori {prop} (indigenous people of Aotearoa New Zealand)  :: Maoři
Maori {prop} (language of the Māori)  :: maorština {f}
map {n} (visual representation of an area)  :: mapa {f}
map {n} (function)  :: zobrazení {n}
map {n} (butterfly)  :: babočka síťkovaná {f}
maple {n} (tree of the Acer genus)  :: javor {m}
maple syrup {n} (syrup made from the sap of the sugar maple)  :: javorový sirup {m}
mapping {n} (function that maps every element of a given set to a unique element of another set)  :: zobrazení {n} (any function)
Mapuche {n} (Mapuche tribe)  :: mapučové
marabou {n} (large wading bird native to Africa)  :: marabu {m}
Marathi {prop} (language of Maharashtra)  :: maráthština {f}
Marathi {adj} (pertaining to Maharashtra or its language)  :: maráthský {m}
marathon {n} (road race)  :: maraton {m}
marauder {n} (one who moves about in roving fashion looking for plunder)  :: nájezdník {m}
marble {n} (crystalline limestone)  :: mramor {m}
marble {n} (spherical ball)  :: kulička {f}, kuličky {f-p}
Marcel {prop} (male given name)  :: Marcel {m}
Marcella {prop} (female given name)  :: Marcela
march {n} (formal, rhythmic way of walking)  :: pochod {m}
march {n} (political rally or parade)  :: pochod {m}
march {n} (song in the genre of music written for marching)  :: pochod {m}
march {v} (walk with long, regular strides)  :: pochodovat
march {v} (go to war; make military advances)  :: pochodovat
march {n} (obsolete: border region)  :: pomezí {n}, marka {f}
march {n} (region at a frontier governed by a marquess)  :: pomezí {n}, marka {f}
March {prop} (third month of the Gregorian calendar)  :: březen {m}
mare {n} (female horse)  :: klisna {f}, kobyla {f}
Margaret {prop} (female given name)  :: Markéta {f}
margarine {n} (spread)  :: margarín
margin {n} (edge of the paper that remains blank)  :: okraj {m}
margin {n} (yield or profit)  :: marže {f}
marginal cost {n} (additional unit production cost)  :: mezní náklady {m-p}
margravate {n} (territory governed by a margrave)  :: markrabství {n}
margrave {n} (military officer in charge of German border area)  :: markrabě {m}
margrave {n} (hereditary prince)  :: markrabě {m}
marguerite {n} (oxeye daisy) SEE: oxeye daisy  ::
mari complaisant {n} (husband who tolerates his wife's adultery)  :: spokojený paroháč
Marie {prop} (female given name) SEE: Mary  ::
marigold {n} (Calendula)  :: měsíček {m}
marigold {n} (Tagetes)  :: afrikán {m}, aksamitník {m}
marijuana {n} (the drug)  :: marihuana {f}
marijuana {n} (the plant Cannabis sativa)  :: konopí {n}
Marina {prop} (female given name)  :: Marina
marinade {v} (marinate) SEE: marinate  ::
marinate {v} (soak in marinade)  :: marinovat
marine {adj} (of or pertaining to the sea)  :: mořský
marine {n} (member of a marine corps)  :: mariňák {m}
mariner {n} (sailor) SEE: sailor  ::
mariner's compass {n} (compass) SEE: compass  ::
marionette {n} (string puppet)  :: marioneta {f}
marital {adj} (pertaining to marriage)  :: manželský
maritime {adj} (bordering on the sea)  :: přímořský
Mariupol {prop} (city)  :: Mariupol {m}
marjoram {n} (plant)  :: majoránka {f}
marjoram {n} (culinary herb)  :: majoránka {f}
mark {n} (indication for reference or measurement)  :: značka
mark {n} (academic score)  :: známka
mark {v} (indicate)  :: označit
mark {n} (unit of currency)  :: marka
Mark {prop} (male given name)  :: Marek {m}
Mark {prop} (the Evangelist)  :: Marek {m}, Marka {m}
Mark {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Marka {m}
market {n} (spacious site for trading)  :: tržnice {f}, trh {m}
market {n} (organised event of trading)  :: trh {m}
market {n} (group of potential customers)  :: trh {m}
market {n} (geographical area where a commercial demand exists)  :: trh {m}
market {n} (total sum of trading)  :: trh {m}
market {n} (used attributively)  :: tržní
market {v} (to make available and promote)  :: uvést na trh, nabízet
market {v} (to sell) SEE: sell  ::
market {n} (flea market) SEE: flea market  ::
market capitalization {n} (the total market value of the equity in a publicly traded entity)  :: tržní kapitalizace {f}
market economy {n} (economy in which and services are exchanged in a free market)  :: tržní hospodářství {n}
marketer {n} (one who designs and executes marketing campaigns)  :: marketér {m}
market failure {n} (a situation in which the allocation of goods and services by a free market is not efficient)  :: tržní selhání
market research {n} (analysis of commercial data)  :: průzkum trhu {m}, výzkum trhu {m}
market risk {n} (type of risk)  :: tržní riziko {n}
Markov chain {n} (probability theory)  :: Markovův řetězec {m}
Markov process {n} (stochastic process)  :: Markovův proces {m}
marksman {n} (a man skilled in shooting at a target)  :: střelec {m}
markup {n} (notation used to indicate how text should be displayed)  :: značkování {n}
markup language {n} (computer language using markups)  :: značkovací jazyk {m}
marmalade {n} (jam)  :: marmeláda {f}
marmoset {n} (small monkey)  :: kosman {m}
marmot {n} (rodent of the genera Marmota)  :: svišť {m}
marquess {n} (title of nobility)  :: markýz {m}
marquis {n} (nobleman) SEE: marquess  ::
Marrakech {prop} (city in Morocco)  :: Marrákéš {m}
marriage {n} (state of being married)  :: sňatek {m}, manželství {n}
marriage {n} (union of two people)  :: sňatek {m}, manželství {n}
marriage {n} (wedding)  :: svatba {f}
marriage {n} (close union)  :: vztah {m}
marriage of convenience {n} (marriage motivated by some reason other than love)  :: sňatek z rozumu {m}
married {adj} (In a state of marriage; having a wife or a husband)  :: ženatý {m}, vdaná {f}
marron glacé {n} (chestnut preserved in sugar or syrup and flavoured with vanilla)  :: kandovaný kaštan {m}, marron glacé {m}
marrow {n} (substance inside bones)  :: kostní dřeň {f}, morek {m}
marry {v} (to take a husband or wife)  :: ženit se (of man), vdát se [of a woman]
marry {v} (to be joined in marriage)  :: ženit se, brát se
marry up {v} (join) SEE: join  ::
Mars {prop} (planet)  :: Mars {m}
Mars {prop} (god of war)  :: Mars {m}
Mars {prop} (brand of chocolate bar)  :: Mars {m}
Marseille soap {n} (kind of hard soap)  :: marseillské mýdlo {n}
marshal {n} (officer in the household of a medieval prince or lord)  :: maršál {m}
marshal {n} (military officer of the highest rank)  :: maršál {m}
Marshallese {prop} (language)  :: maršalština
Marshall Islands {prop} (Republic of the Marshall Islands)  :: Marshallovy ostrovy {m-p}
Marshall-Lerner condition {n} (Marshall-Lerner condition)  :: Marshall–Lernerova podmínka {f}
marshmallow {n} (plant)  :: proskurník lékařský {m}
marsh marigold {n} (plant)  :: blatouch bahenní {m}
marshrutka {n} (share taxi)  :: maršrutka {f}
marsh tit {n} (bird)  :: sýkora babka {f}
marsupial {n} (mammal of which the female typically has a pouch)  :: vačnatec {m}
marten {n} (mammal)  :: kuna {f}
martial {adj} (of, relating to, or suggestive of war; warlike)  :: bojový {m}
martial art {n} (fighting style)  :: bojové umění {n}
martial law {n} (rules by military authorities)  :: stanné právo {n}
Martian {n} (imaginary inhabitant of the planet Mars)  :: Marťan {m}
Martin {prop} (given name)  :: Martin {m}
Martina {prop} (female given name)  :: Martina {f}
martingale {n} (piece of harness)  :: martingal {m}
martyr {n} (one willing to be killed for religion)  :: mučedník {m}
martyr {v} (torture) SEE: torture  ::
martyrdom {n} (condition of a martyr)  :: mučednictví {n}
martyrdom {n} (great suffering)  :: mučení {n}
marvel {n} (miracle) SEE: miracle  ::
marvellous {adj} (exciting wonder) SEE: marvelous  ::
marvelous {adj} (exciting wonder or surprise)  :: úžasný {m}, udivující, obdivuhodný {m}
Marxism {n} (philosophy)  :: marxismus {m}
Marxism {n} (ideology)  :: marxismus {m}
Marxism-Leninism {prop} (communist ideological stream)  :: marxismus-leninismus {m}
Mary {prop} (female given name)  :: Marie {f}
Mary {prop} (biblical mother of Jesus)  :: Marie {f}
Maryland {prop} (a state of the United States of America)  :: Maryland {m}
marzipan {n} (confection of almond paste, sugar and egg white)  :: marcipán {m}
Masarykian {adj} (of or relating to Masaryk)  :: masarykovský
mascara {n} (eyelash cosmetic)  :: řasenka {f}
mascot {n} (something used to symbolize a sports team or other group)  :: maskot {m}
masculine {adj} (of the male sex; biologically male, not female; manly)  :: mužský
masculine {adj} (having male qualities, not feminine or effeminate)  :: mužský, mužný
masculine {adj} (grammar: being of the masculine class, being inflected in the masculine manner)  :: mužský {m}
masculine {n} ((grammar))  :: mužský rod {m}
masculinity {n} (degree or property of being masculine)  :: mužství {n}
masdar {n} (verbal noun) SEE: verbal noun  ::
mash {n} (a mass of mixed ingredients)  :: kaše {f}
masjid {n} (mosque) SEE: mosque  ::
mask {n} (cover for the face)  :: maska {f}
masochism {n} (the enjoyment of receiving pain or humiliation)  :: masochismus {m}
masochist {n} (someone who enjoys pain or humiliation)  :: masochista {m}
masochistic {adj} (deriving pleasure from abuse, being punished, or dominated)  :: masochistický
mason {n} (one who builds with stone or brick)  :: zedník {m}
mason {n} (Freemason) SEE: Freemason  ::
masonry {n} (art or occupation of a mason)  :: zednictví {n}
masquerade {n} (party of people wearing masks, and amusing themselves)  :: maškaráda {f}
masquerade {v} (disguise) SEE: disguise  ::
Masr {prop} (Egypt) SEE: Egypt  ::
mass {n} (quantity of matter cohering together to make one body)  :: hmota {f}
mass {n} (bulk; magnitude; body; size)  :: spousta {f}
mass {n} (principal part)  :: většina {f}
mass {n} (physics: quantity of matter which a body contains)  :: hmotnost {f}, váha {f}
mass {n} (religion: celebration of the Eucharist)  :: mše {f}
Mass {n} (Roman Catholic Church: the principal liturgical service)  :: mše {f}
Massachusetts {prop} (a state of the United States of America)  :: Massachusetts {m}
massacre {n} (intentional mass killing)  :: masakr {m}
massacre {v} (to kill in considerable numbers)  :: masakrovat
massage {n} (rubbing, kneading, or hitting muscled part of a body)  :: masáž {f}
masseter {n} (the large muscle which raises the under jaw, and assists in mastication)  :: žvýkací sval {m}
masseur {n} (a person who performs massage)  :: masér {m}
masseuse {n} (a female masseur)  :: masérka {f}
massive {adj} (massive)  :: masivní
mass media {n} (public communication that reaches a large audience)  :: masmédia {n-p}, hromadné sdělovací prostředky {m-p}, masová média {n-p}, média {p}
mass transit {n} (transportation system)  :: hromadná doprava {f}
mast {n} (support of a sail)  :: stěžeň {m}
mast cell {n} (cell)  :: žírná buňka {f}
master {n} (someone who has control over something or someone)  :: pán {m}
master {n} (owner of an animal or slave)  :: pán {m}
master {n} (expert at something)  :: mistr {m}
master {n} (tradesman who is qualified to teach apprentices)  :: mistr {m}
masterpiece {n} (piece of work that has been given much critical praise)  :: mistrovské dílo {n}, majstrštyk {m} [colloquial]
master's thesis {n} (thesis)  :: diplomová práce {f}
masterwork {n} (piece of quality indicative of having been made by a master) SEE: masterpiece  ::
mastery {n} (philosopher's stone) SEE: philosopher's stone  ::
mastery {n}  :: ovládnutí {n}
masticate {v} (chew) SEE: chew  ::
mastitis {n} (inflammation of a breast)  :: mastitida {f}
mastocytosis {n} (disorder caused by an overabundance of mastocytes in the body)  :: mastocytóza {f}
masturbate {v} (to masturbate)  :: masturbovat, onanovat
masturbation {n} (manual erotic stimulation of the genitals)  :: masturbace {f}, onanie {f}
mat {n} (foot wiping device or floor covering)  :: rohožka {f}
matador {n} (bullfighter)  :: matador {m}
match {n} (sporting event)  :: zápas {m}
match {v} (to agree; to equal)  :: odpovídat
match {n} (device to make fire)  :: zápalka {f}, [colloquial] sirka {f}
matchmaker {n} (someone who finds suitable marriage partners)  :: dohazovač {m}, dohazovačka {f}
matchmaking {n} (Attempt to make two people romantically interested in each other)  :: námluvy
matchstick {n} (piece of wood)  :: zápalka {f}, sirka {f} [colloquial]
mate {n} (checkmate) SEE: checkmate  ::
material {adj} (related to matter)  :: materiálový
material {adj} (worldly)  :: hmotný, materiální
material {n} (matter)  :: materiál {m}
materialism {n} (concern over material possessions)  :: materialismus {m}
materialistic {adj} (being overly concerned with possessions)  :: materialistický, hmotařský
materialize {v} (to cause to take physical form or to appear)  :: zhmotnit
materialize {v} (to take physical form or to appear seemingly from nowhere)  :: zhmotnit se
maternal {adj} (of or pertaining to a mother)  :: mateřský
maternal aunt {n} (one's mother's sister)  :: teta {f}
maternal grandfather {n} (one's mother's father)  :: děda {m}, děd {m}
maternal uncle {n} (brother of one's mother)  :: ujec {m}
maternity {n} (ward or department in a hospital in which babies are born)  :: porodnické oddělení {n}
maternity leave {n} (leave of absence)  :: mateřská dovolená {f}
math {n} (short form of mathematics)  :: matika {f}
mathematical {adj} (of, or relating to mathematics)  :: matematický {m}
mathematically {adv} (according to or using mathematics)  :: matematicky
mathematician {n} (expert in mathematics)  :: matematik {m}
mathematics {n} (field of study)  :: matematika {f}
maths {n} (short form of mathematics)  :: matika {f}
Matilda {prop} (female given name, cognates and transliterations)  :: Matylda {f}
matinee {n} (a showing of a movie or theatrical performance in the afternoon)  :: matiné {n}
matriarchy {n} (social system)  :: matriarchát {m}
matriarchy {n} (system of government)  :: matriarchát {m}
matricide {n} (The killing of one's mother.)  :: matkovražda {f}
matricide {n} (A person who kills their mother.)  :: matkovrah {m}
matriculation {n} (enrollment in a college or university)  :: imatrikulace {f}
matrix {n} (womb) SEE: womb  ::
matrix {n} (math: rectangular arrangement of numbers or terms)  :: matice {f}
matrix {n} (two-dimensional array)  :: matice
matryoshka {n} (Russian doll) SEE: Russian doll  ::
Matsue {prop} (a city of Japan)  :: Macue
Matsuyama {prop} (a city of Japan)  :: Macujama
matte {adj} (not reflective of light)  :: matný {m}
matter {n} (basic structural component of the universe)  :: hmota {f}
matter {n} (kind of substance)  :: hmota {f}, látka {f}
matter {n} (cause)  :: důvod {m}
matter {v} (to be important)  :: záležet
Matthew {prop} (male given name)  :: Matěj {m}, Matyáš {m}, Matouš {m}
Matthew {prop} (biblical disciple)  :: Matouš {m}
Matthew {prop} (gospel of Matthew)  :: Matouš {m}, Matěj {m}
mattock {n} (agricultural tool)  :: motyka {f}
mattress {n} (a pad on which a person can recline and sleep)  :: matrace {f}
matura {n} (final exam in certain European countries)  :: maturita {f}
mature {adj} (fully developed)  :: dospělý, zralý
maul {v} (handle in a rough way)  :: hrubě zacházet
maul {v} (savage)  :: potrhat
maul {v} (to criticise rudely)  :: ztrhat
Mau Mau {prop} (card game)  :: prší {n}
maunch {v} (munch) SEE: munch  ::
Maurice {prop} (male given name)  :: Moric
Mauritania {prop} (Islamic Republic of Mauritania)  :: Mauritánie {f}, Mauretánie {f}
Mauritanian {n} (Mauritanian person)  :: Mauritánec {m}
Mauritanian {adj} (Mauritanian)  :: mauritánský
Mauritian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Mauritius, its people, or their language or culture)  :: Mauricijec {m}
Mauritian {n} (person from Mauritius or of Mauritian descent)  :: mauricijský
Mauritius {prop} (Republic of Mauritius)  :: Mauricius {m}
mausoleum {n} (large tomb)  :: mauzoleum {n}
maven {n} (expert in a given field)  :: expert {m}, odborník {m}, odbornice {f}
maverick {adj} (showing independence)  :: podivínský {m}, nezapadající, nepřizpůsobivý {m}, nekonformní, individualistický {m}
maverick {n} (unbranded range animal)  :: neoznačkovaný dobytek {m}
maverick {n} (one who does not abide by rules)  :: nonkonformista, nepřizpůsobivý {m}
maverick {n} (one who creates or uses unconventional and/or controversial ideas or practices)  :: nonkonformista, podivín {m}, volnomyšlenkář {m}
maxillary sinus {n} (paranasal sinus)  :: čelistní dutina {f}
maxillofacial {adj} (of or relating to the jaw and face)  :: maxilofaciální
maxim {n} (moral precept)  :: maxim {m}, poučka {f}
maximal {adj} (Largest, greatest, highest, most)  :: maximální
Maximilian {prop} (male given name)  :: Maxmilián
maximization {n} (act of raising something to its greatest value or extent)  :: maximalizace {f}
maximize {v} (to make as large as possible)  :: maximalizovat
maximum {n} (highest limit)  :: maximum {n}
maximum {n} (math: greatest value)  :: maximum {n}
may {v} (have permission to)  :: smět
may {v} (possibly, but not certainly)  :: moci (moct)
May {prop} (fifth month of the Gregorian calendar)  :: květen {m}
maybe {adv} (indicating a lack of certainty)  :: asi, možná
maybe {adv} (as a pro-sentence)  :: možná
May bug {n} (cockchafer) SEE: cockchafer  ::
mayfly {n} (insect of order Ephemeroptera)  :: jepice {f}
mayhem {n} (chaos)  :: zmatek {m}
mayonnaise {n} (dressing)  :: majonéza {f}
mayor {n} (leader of a city)  :: starosta {m}
may the Force be with you {phrase} (wish someone luck)  :: ať tě provází Síla, necht te sila provazi
maze {n} (Puzzle to get through)  :: bludiště {n}
mazurka {n} (dance)  :: mazurka {f}
Möbius band {n} (Möbius strip) SEE: Möbius strip  ::
Möbius strip {n} (one-sided surface)  :: Möbiova páska {f}
McDonald's {prop} (fast-food restaurant)  :: McDonald's, [slang] mekáč
mâche {n} (Valerianella locusta)  :: polníček {m}
me {pron} (direct object of a verb)  :: , mne
me {pron} (obsolete reflexive)  :: se
me {pron} (object of a preposition)  :: , mne, mnou
me {pron} (indirect object of a verb)  :: mně, mi
me {pron} (reflexive indirect object of a verb)  :: si
me {pron} (complement of the copula)  ::
me {pron} (marking ownership)  :: můj
me {pron} (subject of a verb with “and”)  ::
mea culpa {phrase} (My fault, due to my error)  :: moje chyba, moje vina
mead {n} (alcoholic drink)  :: medovina {f}
meadow {n} (field or pasture)  :: louka {f}
meadowlark {n} (songbird)  :: vlhovec {m}
meadow mushroom {n} (Agaricus campestris) SEE: field mushroom  ::
meadowrue {n} (plant)  :: žluťucha
meal {n} (food that is prepared and eaten)  :: jídlo {n}
meal {n} (coarse-ground edible part of various grains)  :: šrot {m}
mealworm beetle {n} (mealworm beetle, Tenebrio molitor)  :: potemník moučný {m}
mean {v} (to intend; plan on doing)  :: chtít, plánovat
mean {v} (to convey, indicate)  :: znamenat {impf}
mean {v} (to signify)  :: znamenat
mean {n} (method by which something is done)  :: prostředek {m}
mean {n} (arithmetic mean)  :: aritmetický průměr {m}
meander {n} (winding, crooked or involved course)  :: meandr {m}
meaning {n} (symbolic value of something)  :: význam {m}
meaning {n} (definition or connotation of a word)  :: význam {m}, smysl {m}
meaningful {adj} (having meaning, significant)  :: smysluplný
meaningfulness {n} (state or measure of being meaningful)  :: smysluplnost {f}
meaningless {adj} (lacking meaning)  :: bezvýznamný
meaning of life {n} (hypothetical answer to life's ultimate questions)  :: smysl života {m}
mean proportional {n} (geometric mean) SEE: geometric mean  ::
means {n} (resources)  :: prostředky {m-p}
meanwhile {adv} (during the time)  :: mezitím
measles {n} (acute highly contagious viral disease)  :: spalničky {f-p}
measurability {n} (susceptibility to measurement)  :: měřitelnost {f}
measurable {adj} (able to be measured)  :: měřitelný
measure {n} (size ascertained by measuring)  :: míra {f}
measure {n} (musical designation)  :: takt {m}
measure {n} (action to achieve some purpose)  :: opatření {n}
measure {n} (special mathematical function)  :: míra {f}
measure {v} (ascertain the quantity of a unit)  :: měřit {impf}, změřit {pf}
measurement {n} (act of measuring)  :: měření {n}
measure theory {n} (branch of mathematical analysis)  :: teorie míry {f}
measure twice and cut once {proverb} (plan and prepare in a careful, thorough manner before taking action)  :: dvakrát měř, jednou řež
measuring tape {n} (tape measure) SEE: tape measure  ::
meat {n} (animal flesh used as food)  :: maso {n}
meat {n} (type of meat)  :: maso {n}
meat {n} (any sort of flesh)  :: maso {n}
meat {n} (totem) SEE: totem  ::
meat jelly {n} (aspic) SEE: aspic  ::
meatloaf {n} (mixture of ground meat)  :: sekaná {f}
meaty {adj} (of, relating to, or containing meat)  :: [1], [2] masový; [4] pořádný, figurative výživný
Mecca {prop} (city in Saudi Arabia)  :: Mekka {f}
mechanic {n} (skilled worker)  :: mechanik {m}
mechanical {adj} (physics: related to mechanics)  :: mechanický {m}
mechanical engineering {n} (subfield of engineering)  :: strojní inženýrství {n}
mechanical pencil {n} (pencil with a lead that wears away with use)  :: mikrotužka {f}
mechanics {n} (a branch of physics)  :: mechanika {f}
mechanism {n} (mechanical means for the conversion or control of motion)  :: mechanismus {m}
mechanized {adj} (equipped with armoured motor vehicles)  :: mechanizovaný
Mecklenburg {prop} (region of Germany)  :: Meklenbursko {n}
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania {prop} (one of the component states of Germany)  :: Meklenbursko-Přední Pomořansko {n}
medal {n} (stamped metal disc)  :: medaile {f}
medalist {n} (one who has received a medal)  :: medailista {m}
meddle {v} (to interfere in affairs)  :: vměšovat
meddle {v} (to have sex) SEE: have sex  ::
Medea {prop} (enchantress in Greek mythology)  :: Médea {f}
media {n} (means and institutions for publishing and broadcasting information)  :: média {p}
mediaeval {adj} (medieval) SEE: medieval  ::
medially {adv} (in or relating to the middle)  :: středně
median {n} (statistics: measure of central tendency)  :: medián {m}
media studies {n} (academic discipline)  :: mediální studia
mediate {adj} (intermediate) SEE: intermediate  ::
mediator {n} (one who negotiates between parties seeking mutual agreement)  :: zprostředkovatel {m}, mediátor {m}
medic {n} (doctor) SEE: doctor  ::
medical {adj} (of the practice of medicine)  :: lékařský
medication {n} (one or all the medicines regularly taken by a patient)  :: léky {m-p}
medicine {n} (substance which promotes healing)  :: lék {m}
medicine {n} (treatment or cure)  :: léčba {f}
medicine {n} (field of study)  :: lékařství {n}
medicine {n} (profession)  :: lékařství {n}
medicine cabinet {n} (cupboard for drugs)  :: lékárnička
medicine chest {n} (medicine cabinet) SEE: medicine cabinet  ::
medieval {adj} (of or relating to the Middle Ages)  :: středověký {m}
medieval studies {n} (medieval studies)  :: medievalistika {f}
medina {n} (old town of Arab cities)  :: medina {f}
mediocre {adj} (having no peculiar or outstanding features)  :: průměrný {m}
mediocrity {n} (condition of being mediocre)  :: průměrnost {n}
meditate {v} (contemplate)  :: meditovat
meditate {v} (rest)  :: meditovat
meditation {n} (devotional contemplation)  :: rozjímání {n}, meditace {f}
Mediterranean {adj} (Of or pertaining to the Mediterranean Sea and the region around it)  :: středozemní
Mediterranean {prop} (region surrounding the Mediterranean Sea)  :: Středomoří {n}
Mediterranean {prop} (Mediterranean Sea) SEE: Mediterranean Sea  ::
Mediterranean Sea {prop} (the sea between Europe and Africa)  :: Středozemní moře {n}
medium {n} (format for communicating or presenting information)  :: médium {n}
medium {n} (someone who supposedly conveys information from the spirit world)  :: médium {n}
medulla oblongata {n} (lower portion of the brainstem)  :: prodloužená mícha {f}
Medvedev {prop} (transliteration of Медве́дев)  :: Medveděv {m}
meek {adj} (humble, modest, or self-effacing)  :: skromný {m}, mírný {m}, pokorný {m}
meek {adj} (submissive, dispirited)  :: poddajný {m}, pokorný, mírný {m}, tichý {m}
meerkat {n} (small carnivorous mammal)  :: surikata {f}
meet {v} (encounter by accident)  :: potkat
meet {v} (see through arrangement)  :: sejít se, setkat se
meet {v} (converge and touch)  :: setkat se
meet {v} (gather for a formal discussion)  :: zasedat
meet {v} (comply with)  :: splnit
meeting {n} (gathering for a purpose)  :: schůze {n}, shromáždění {n}, zasedání {n}
meeting {n} (people at such a gathering)  :: shromáždění {n}, účastníci {p} {m}
meeting {n} (encounter between people)  :: setkání {n}
meeting {n} (place or instance of junction or intersection)  :: schůze {n}, shromáždění {n}, zasedání {n}
meeting {n}  :: schůze {n}, shromáždění {n}, zasedání {n}; schůze {n}, shromáždění {n}, zasedání {n}
megabat {n} (bat of the family Pteropodidae)  :: kaloň {m}
megafarm {n} (large farm)  :: velkofarma {f}
megahertz {n} (one million cycles per second)  :: megahertz {m}
megakaryoblast {n} (precursor cell in hematopoiesis)  :: megakaryoblast
megakaryocyte {n} (large cell found in bone marrow)  :: megakaryocyt {m}
megalomania {n} (psychopathological condition characterized by delusional fantasies of wealth, power, or omnipotence)  :: velikášství {n}
megaphone {n} (portable device used to amplify a person's voice)  :: megafon {m}
meh {adj} (mediocre; lackluster; unexceptional; uninspiring)  :: nic moc
meh {interj} (slang: expressing indifference or lack of enthusiasm)  :: hm
meiosis {n} (cell division)  :: meióza {f}
Meissen {prop} (city)  :: Míšeň
meitnerium {n} (chemical element)  :: meitnerium
melancholic {adj} (filled with or affected by melancholy)  :: melancholický {m}, melancholická {f}, melancholické {n}
melancholy {adj} (Affected with sadness or depression)  :: melancholický
melancholy {n} (Sadness or depression)  :: melancholie {f}
melange {n} (collection containing a variety of miscellaneous things)  :: směs {f}
melanin {n} (dark pigment)  :: melanin {m}
melanoma {n} (type of skin tumor)  :: melanom {m}
melisma {n} (a passage of several notes sung to one syllable of text)  :: melisma
melodrama {n} (romantic drama)  :: melodram {m}
melodramatic {adj} (of or pertaining to melodrama)  :: melodramatický {m}
melody {n} (sequence of notes that makes up a musical phrase)  :: melodie {f}
melon {n} (fruit)  :: meloun {m}
melongene {n} (eggplant) SEE: eggplant  ::
melt {v} (intransitive: to change from a solid to a liquid)  :: tavit
melt {v} (transitive: to change or be changed from a solid to a liquid)  :: tát, roztávat, roztát
melt {n} (idiot) SEE: idiot  ::
meltdown {n} (severe overheating of the core of a nuclear reactor)  :: roztavení reaktoru {n}
melting {n} (process of changing the state of a substance)  :: tání {n}
melting point {n} (temperature at which solid and liquid phases are in equilibrium)  :: bod tání {m}
member {n} (in set theory) SEE: element  ::
member {n} (one who officially belongs to a group)  :: člen {m}
member {n} (organ, limb)  :: končetina {f}, úd {m}
member {n} (penis)  :: úd {m}, pohlavní úd
member {n} (logic: one of the propositions making up a syllogism) SEE: premise  ::
Member of Parliament {n} (representative)  :: poslanec {m}
membership {n} (fact of being a member)  :: členství {n}
membrane {n} (enclosing or separating tissue)  :: membrána {f}, blána {f}
membrane {n} (a mechanical, thin, flat flexible part that can deform or vibrate when excited by an external force)  :: membrána {f}, blána {f}
meme {n} (unit of cultural information)  :: mem {m}
memetics {n} (study of memes)  :: memetika {f}
memorial service {n} (funeral) SEE: funeral  ::
memorize {v} (to commit to memory, to learn by heart)  :: memorovat
memory {n} (ability to recall)  :: paměť {f}
memory {n} (stored record)  :: vzpomínka {f}
memory {n} (RAM or ROM)  :: paměť {f}
men {n} (human people)  :: lidé {m-p}
mend {v} (to repair)  :: opravit, spravit
mendacious {adj} (false) SEE: false  ::
mendacious {adj} (lying, untruthful or dishonest)  :: prolhaný
Mendeleev {prop} (Russian surname)  :: Mendělejev
mendelevium {n} (chemical element)  :: mendelevium
meningeal {adj} (relating to the meninges)  :: meningeální
meningioma {n} (tumour)  :: meningiom {m}
meningitis {n} (inflammation of the meninges)  :: meningitida {f}, zánět mozkových blan {m}
meninx {n} (membrane)  :: mozková blána {f}
meniscus {n} (either of two parts of the human knee)  :: meniskus {m}
menopause {n} (ending of menstruation)  :: menopauza {f}
Menshevik {n} (member of a faction of the Russian revolutionary movement)  :: menševik {m}
menstrual {adj} (of or having to do with the menses)  :: menstruační
menstrual cycle {n} (recurring cycle)  :: menstruační cyklus {m}
menstruate {v} (to undergo menstruation)  :: menstruovat
menstruation {n} (periodic discharging of the menses)  :: menstruace {f}
mental {adj} (relating to the mind)  :: duševní
mental breakdown {n} (nervous breakdown) SEE: nervous breakdown  ::
mental hospital {n} (facility designed to treat persons with mental disorders)  :: blázinec {m} [colloquial], psychiatrická léčebna {f}, cvokhaus {m} [colloquial], cvokárna {f} [colloquial]
mental illness {n} (mental disorder (countable))  :: duševní choroba {f}
mental institution {n} (psychiatric hospital) SEE: mental hospital  ::
menthol {n} (cyclic monoterpene alcohol)  :: mentol {m}
mention {v} (mention) SEE: cover  ::
mention {n} (a speaking or notice of anything, usually in a brief or cursory manner)  :: zmínka {f}
mention {v} (make a short reference to something)  :: zmínit
menu {n} (details of the food to be served at a banquet)  :: jídelní lístek {m}
menu {n} (printed list of dishes offered in a restaurant)  :: jídelní lístek {m}
menu {n} (list from which the user may select an operation to be performed)  :: nabídka {f}, menu {n}
menu bar {n} (rectangular region of a graphical user interface where computer menus are housed)  :: panel nabídek {m}
meow {interj} (cry of a cat)  :: mňau
meow {n} (cry of a cat)  :: mňoukání {n}, zamňoukání {n}
meow {v} (of a cat, to make its cry)  :: mňoukat
MEP {initialism} (Member of the European Parliament)  :: europoslanec {m}
mercenary {n} (person employed to fight)  :: žoldák {m}, žoldnéř {m}
merchandise {n} (commodities offered for sale)  :: zboží {n}
merchant {n} (person who traffics in commodities)  :: kupec {m}, obchodník {m}
merchantability {n} (state of being merchantable)  :: obchodovatelnost {f}
merchantable {adj} (fit for market)  :: obchodovatelný {m}
merchantman {n} (merchant) SEE: merchant  ::
merciless {adj} (showing no mercy; cruel and pitiless)  :: nemilosrdný {m}
mercilessly {adv} (in a merciless manner)  :: nemilosrdně
mercury {n} (element)  :: rtuť {f}
Mercury {prop} (planet)  :: Merkur
Mercury {prop} (Roman god)  :: Merkur {m}
mercy {n} (relenting; forbearance to cause or allow harm to another)  :: milost
mercy killing {n} (euthanasia) SEE: euthanasia  ::
merely {adv} (only, just, and nothing more)  :: pouze
merge {v} (to combine into a whole)  :: sloučit
mergirl {n} (mermaid) SEE: mermaid  ::
meridian {n} (imaginary great circle on the Earth's surface)  :: poledník {m}
merit {n} (something deserving recognition)  :: zásluha {f}
meritocracy {n} (rule by merit)  :: meritokracie {f}
Merkel {prop} (surname)  :: Merkel {m}, Merkelová {f}
merlin {n} (small falcon)  :: dřemlík tundrový {m}
mermaid {n} (mythological woman with a fish's tail)  :: mořská panna {f}
merry {adj} (jolly and full of high-spirits)  :: veselý
merry Christmas {phrase} (good wishes at Christmas time)  :: Veselé Vánoce
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year {phrase} (traditional greeting for the Christmas and the new year)  :: Veselé Vánoce a šťastný nový rok!
merry-go-round {n} (carousel)  :: kolotoč {m}
mesencephalon {n} (midbrain) SEE: midbrain  ::
mesh {n} (structure)  :: síť {f}
mesmerize {v} (to exercise mesmerism on)  :: uchvátit, okouzlit, fascinovat
mesne {adj} (intermediate) SEE: intermediate  ::
Mesolithic {n} (Mesolithic period)  :: mezolit
Mesopotamia {prop} (region between Euphrates and Tigris)  :: Mezopotámie {f}
Mesopotamian {adj} (of or pertaining to Mesopotamia)  :: mezopotámský
mesothelioma {n} (uncommon malignant tumour of the mesothelium)  :: mezoteliom {m}
mesothorax {n} (the middle of the three segments of the thorax of an insect)  :: středohruď {f}
Mesozoic {prop} (Mesozoic era)  :: druhohory {f-p}, mezozoikum {n}
mess {n} (disagreeable mixture or confusion of things)  :: nepořádek {m}
mess {n} (church service) SEE: Mass  ::
message {n} (communication, concept or information conveyed)  :: zpráva {f}
messenger {n} (one who brings messages)  :: posel {m}, kurýr {m}
messiah {n} (ordained to lead the people of Israel)  :: mesiáš {m}
Messiah {prop} ((Christianity) Jesus)  :: Mesiáš {m}
messianic {adj} (of, relating to, or resembling a messiah, the Messiah)  :: mesiášský
meta-analysis {n} (statistics)  :: metaanalýza {f}
metabolic {adj}  :: metabolický
metabolic pathway {n} (series of chemical reactions)  :: metabolická dráha {f}
metabolism {n} (complete set of chemical reactions that occur in living cells)  :: metabolismus {m}, metabolizmus {m}
metal {n} (atomic element or material made of such atoms)  :: kov {m}
metal {n} (certain category of rock music)  :: metal {m}
metalanguage {n} (linguistical term)  :: metajazyk {m}
metallic {adj} (related to metal)  :: kovový
metallic {adj} (made of metal)  :: kovový {m}
metallurgist {n} (person skilled in metallurgy)  :: metalurg {m}
metallurgy {n} (science of metals)  :: hutnictví {n}, metalurgie {f}
metal master {n} (metal sheet used in offset printing)  :: kovolist {m}
metamorphic rock {n} (one of the major groups of rock that makes up the crust of the Earth)  :: přeměněná hornina {f}, metamorfovaná hornina {f}
metamorphosis {n} (in biology)  :: proměna {f}
metaphor {n} (uncountable: figure of speech)  :: metafora {f}
metaphysics {n} (branch of philosophy that studies first principles)  :: metafyzika {f}
metaprogramming {n} (writing of computer programs that write or manipulate other programs (or themselves) as their data)  :: metaprogramování {n}
metastasis {n} (the transference of a bodily function or disease to another part of the body)  :: metastáza {f}
metastatic {adj} (relating to metastasis)  :: metastatický
metathorax {n} (the hindmost of the three sections of the thorax of an insect)  :: zadohruď {f}
meteor {n} (streak of light)  :: meteor {m}, povětroň {m}, létavice {f}
meteorite {n} (remains of a meteor)  :: meteorit {m}
meteorologic {adj} (meteorological) SEE: meteorological  ::
meteorological {adj} (relating to meteorology)  :: meteorologický
meteorologist {n} (person who studies meteorology)  :: meteorolog {m}
meteorology {n} (science)  :: meteorologie {f}
meter {n} (measuring instrument)  :: metr {m}, měřič {m}
meter {n} (unit of length) SEE: metre  ::
meter {v} (to measure) SEE: measure  ::
methacholine {n} (synthetic choline ester)  :: metacholin {m}
methadone {n} (synthetic opioid analgesic)  :: metadon
methamphetamine {n} (the drug (S)-N-methyl-1-phenylpropan-2-amine)  :: pervitin {m}, metamfetamin {m}
methanal {n} (formaldehyde) SEE: formaldehyde  ::
methane {n} (the compound CH4)  :: metan {m}
methionine {n} (amino acid)  :: methionin {m}
method {n} (process by which a task is completed)  :: metoda {f}
method {n} ((programming) subroutine or function in object-oriented languages)  :: metoda {f}
Methodism {n} (Methodist Christian movement founded by John Wesley)  :: metodismus {m}
methodological {adj} (of, pertaining to, or using methodology)  :: metodologický
methodology {n} (the study of methods used in a field)  :: metodologie {f}
methodology {n} (a collection of methods, practices, procedures and rules used by those who work in some field)  :: metodika {f}
Methuselah {prop} (Biblical character)  :: Metuzalém {m}
methyl {n} (univalent hydrocarbon radical, CH3)  :: metyl {m}
meticulous {adj} (characterized by very precise, conscientious attention to details)  :: pečlivý, puntíčkářský {m}, akurátní
metonymy {n} (figure of speech)  :: metonymie {f}
metre {n} (unit of length)  :: metr {m}
metric {adj} (relating to metric system)  :: metrický {m}
metric {n} (notion in mathematics)  :: metrika {f}
metric space {n} (space (mathematics))  :: metrický prostor {m}
metro {n} (underground railway)  :: metro {m}
metro {n} (train of underground railway)  :: metro
metrological {adj} (of or pertaining to metrology)  :: metrologický {m}
metrology {n} (science of measurement)  :: metrologie {f}
metrology {n} (system of weights and measures)  :: měrný systém {m}
metronidazole {n} (antibiotic of the nitroimidazole group)  :: metronidazol {m}
metronome {n} (a device used in music)  :: metronom {m}
metropole {n} (city) SEE: metropolis  ::
metropolis {n} (large, busy city)  :: velkoměsto {n}
metropolis {n} (metropolitan archbishop) SEE: archbishopric  ::
metropolitan {adj} (pertaining to a metropolis)  :: metropolitní
metrosexual {n} (man concerned with personal appearance)  :: metrosexuál
mettle {n} (metal) SEE: metal  ::
Metz {prop} (the capital city of the région of Lorraine)  :: Méty
mew {n} (crying sound of a cat) SEE: meow  ::
mew {v} (meow) SEE: meow  ::
Mexican {n} (person from Mexico or of Mexican descent)  :: Mexičan {m}, Mexičanka {f}
Mexican {adj} (of or pertaining to Mexico)  :: mexický {m}
Mexican {n} (Nahuatl language) SEE: Nahuatl  ::
Mexican {adj} (of or pertaining to Nahuatl language) SEE: Nahuatl  ::
Mexico {prop} (country)  :: Mexiko {n}
mezuzah {n} (piece of parchment attached to the doorpost of a house)  :: mezuza {f}
MFA {initialism} (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)  :: MZV {n}
Miami {prop} (city in Florida, United States)  :: Miami
mica {n} (hydrous aluminosilicate minerals)  :: slída {f}
Micah {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Micheáš {m}
Micah {prop} (Biblical character: minor prophet and author)  :: Micheáš
Micah {prop} (Biblical character: Ephraimite featured in Judges 17–18)  :: Micheáš
Micah {prop} (male given name)  :: Micheáš
micelle {n} (colloidal aggregate)  :: micela {f}
Michael {prop} (male given name)  :: Michal {m}
Michael {prop} (archangel)  :: Michael {m}
Michaela {prop} (feminine form of Michael)  :: Michaela {f}
Michal {prop} (biblical character)  :: Míkal {f}
Michal {prop} (female given name)  :: Míkal {f}
Michelle {prop} (female given name) SEE: Michaela  ::
Michigan {prop} (US state)  :: Michigan {m}
micro- {prefix} (very small)  :: mikro-
micro- {prefix} (one millionth)  :: mikro-
microbe {n} (microorganism)  :: mikrob {m}
microbicide {n} (substance that is harmful to microorganisms)  :: mikrobicid {m}
microbiologist {n} (scientist whose speciality is microbiology)  :: mikrobiolog {m}
microbiology {n} (branch of biology dealing with microorganisms)  :: mikrobiologie {f}
microcomputer {n} (computer designed around a microprocessor)  :: mikropočítač
microeconomics {n} (study of small-scale economic activities)  :: mikroekonomie
microelectronics {n} (the study, science, subject, or manufacture of microelectronic devices)  :: mikroelektronika {f}
microfilm {n} (roll of film)  :: mikrofilm {m}
microgram {n} (µg)  :: mikrogram {m}
microkernel {n} (a minimal operating system kernel)  :: mikrojádro {n}
micrometer {n} (one millionth of a meter)  :: mikrometr {m}
micrometer {n} (instrument)  :: mikrometr {m}
micrometre {n} (micrometer) SEE: micrometer  ::
micron {n} (micrometer)  :: mikron {m}
microorganism {n} (an organism too small to be seen by unaided eye)  :: mikroorganismus {m}
microphone {n} (transducer of sound waves to electricity)  :: mikrofon {m}
microprocessor {n} (the entire CPU of a computer on a chip)  :: mikroprocesor {m}
microregion {n} (micro-region) SEE: micro-region  ::
micro-region {n} (parthership of municipalities in the Czech Republic)  :: mikroregion {m}
microscope {n} (an optical instrument)  :: mikroskop {m}
microscopic {adj} (so small that it can only be seen using a microscope)  :: mikroskopický
microscopy {n} (use of microscopes)  :: mikroskopie {f}
microsecond {n} (unit of time equal to 10−6 seconds)  :: mikrosekunda {f}
microsleep {n} (brief period of sleep, usually of a few seconds)  :: mikrospánek {m}
microstate {n} (a very small country)  :: ministát {m}, státeček {m}
microstate {n} (microscopic configuration)  :: mikrostav {m}
microswitch {n} (electrical switch)  :: mikrospínač {m}
microwave {n} (microwave oven) SEE: microwave oven  ::
microwave {n} (electromagnetic wave)  :: mikrovlna {f}
microwave oven {n} (oven using microwave energy)  :: mikrovlnná trouba {f}, mikrovlnka {f}
micturate {v} (urinate) SEE: urinate  ::
micturition {n} (physiology: urination)  :: močení {n}
midbrain {n} (part of brain)  :: střední mozek {m}
midclavicular {adj} (in the middle of the clavicle)  :: medioklavikulární
midday {n} (12 o'clock during the day) SEE: noon  ::
middle {n} (centre, midpoint)  :: střed {m}
middle {adj} (located in the middle; in between)  :: prostřední
Middle Ages {prop} (historical period)  :: středověk {m}
middle class {n} (social and economic class)  :: střední třída {f}
middle ear {n} (cavity in the ear)  :: střední ucho {n}
Middle Earth {prop} (Earth) SEE: Earth  ::
Middle East {prop} (region comprising southwest Asia and northeast Africa)  :: Blízký východ {m}, Střední východ {m}
middle finger {n} (finger between the forefinger and the ring finger)  :: prostředník {m}, prostředníček {m}
Middle High German {prop} (Middle High German)  :: střední horní němčina {f}, středohornoněmčina {f}
Middle Kingdom {prop} (a nickname for China)  :: Říše středu {f}
middleman {n} (intermediary) SEE: intermediary  ::
middle name {n} (name between given name and surname)  :: prostřední jméno {n}, druhé jméno {n}
middle of nowhere {n} (remote place; a place lacking population, interesting things or defining characteristics)  :: prdel světa {f} [vulgar]
midfielder {n} (player)  :: záložník {m}
Midgard {prop} (Earth) SEE: Earth  ::
midget {n} (person of small stature of adult height less than 4'10")  :: trpaslík {m}
midget {n} (derogatory: any short person)  :: zakrslík {m}
midget {n} (attributively: that is the small version of something)  :: mini-, malý, maličký
midhusband {n} (accoucheur) SEE: accoucheur  ::
mid-life crisis {n} (emotional period of doubt)  :: krize středního věku {f}
midnight {n} (12 am)  :: půlnoc {f}
midshipman {n} (officer of the lowest rank)  :: poručík {m}
midsummer {n} (Midsummer Day)  :: letní slunovrat
midwife {n} (person who assists women in childbirth)  :: porodní bába {f}
midwifery {n} (the practice and science of being a midwife)  :: porodnictví {n}
Mie {prop} (a prefecture in Japan)  :: Mie
mielie {n} (maize) SEE: maize  ::
MiG {n} (any of a series of Soviet and Russian fighter aircraft)  :: MiG {m}, mig {m}
might {n} (personal power)  :: moc {f}
might {n} (physical strength)  :: síla {f}
might {n} (ability)  :: zdatnost {f}
mighty {adj} (very strong, possessing might)  :: mocný
migraine {n} (headache usually affecting only one side of the head)  :: migréna {f}
migration {n} (moving a place to live to another)  :: migrace {f}
migratory {adj} ((of birds, etc) that migrate)  :: stěhovavý {m}
mikveh {n} (ritual bath in which various Jewish purifications are performed)  :: mikve {f}
Milan {prop} (city and capital)  :: Milán {m}
Milan {prop} (male given name)  :: Milan {m}
Milanese {adj} (pertaining to Milan)  :: milánský
Milanese {n} (native or inhabitant of Milan)  :: Miláňan {m}
mild {adj} (gentle; pleasant; kind; soft)  :: mírný {m}
mildew {n} (growth of minute fungi)  :: plíseň {f}
mildew {v} (to become tainted with mildew)  :: zplesnivět {pf}, plesnivět {impf}
mile {n} (measure of length)  :: míle {f}
milestone {n} (one of a series of numbered markers placed along a road at regular intervals)  :: milník {m}
milestone {n} (important event)  :: mezník {m}, milník {m}
militarism {n} (militarism)  :: militarismus {m}
military {adj} (characteristic of members of the armed forces)  :: vojenský {m}, válečný
military {adj} (relating to war)  :: válečný {m}
military {adj} (relating to armies or ground forces)  :: armádní
military {n} (armed forces)  :: vojsko {n}
military service {n} (service in an army)  :: vojenská služba {f}, vojna {f}
military tactics {n} (military techniques)  :: vojenská taktika {f}
militia {n} (army of trained civilians called upon in time of need)  :: milice {f}
milk {n} (liquid)  :: mléko {n}
milk {v} (to express milk from mammal)  :: dojit, podojit
milk {n} (semen) SEE: semen  ::
milk chocolate {n} (Chocolate that includes milk powder as one of its ingredients)  :: mléčná čokoláda {f}
milkmaid {n} (a young woman who milked the cows on a farm)  :: dojička {f}
milkman {n} (man who delivers milk early in the morning)  :: mlékař {m}
milk powder {n} (pulverized milk solids)  :: sušené mléko
milkshake {n} (milk and ice cream beverage)  :: koktejl {m}
milksop {n} (weak, easily frightened or ineffectual person)  :: bačkora {c}
milk tooth {n} (tooth of the first set of teeth)  :: mléčný zub {m}
milky {adj} (resembling milk in color or consistency)  :: mléčný
Milky Way {prop} (galaxy)  :: Mléčná dráha {f}
Milky Way {prop} (light in night sky)  :: Mléčná dráha {f}
mill {n} (grinding apparatus)  :: mlýn {m}
mill {n} (building housing a grinding apparatus)  :: mlýn
mill {n} (manufacturing plant)  :: továrna {f}
millennium {n} (thousand-year period)  :: tisíciletí {n}
millennium {n} (year when a period of 1000 years ends and another begins)  :: milénium {n}
miller {n} (person)  :: mlynář {m}
miller {n} (Clitopilus prunulus)  :: mechovka obecná {f}
miller {n} (milling machine) SEE: milling machine  ::
millet {n} (any of a group of various types of grass or its grains used as food)  :: proso {n}
milli- {prefix} (prefix)  :: mili-
Millian {adj} (of or relating to John Stuart Mill)  :: millovský
milliard {num} (10^9)  :: miliarda
milligram {n} (milligram)  :: miligram {m}
milliliter {n} (milliliter) SEE: millilitre  ::
millilitre {n} (a unit of volume)  :: mililitr {m}
millimeter {n} (millimetre) SEE: millimetre  ::
millimetre {n} (unit of measure)  :: milimetr {m}
milling machine {n} (machine)  :: frézka {f}
million {num} (cardinal number)  :: milión {m}
millionaire {n} (somebody whose wealth is greater than one million)  :: milionář {m}
millipede {n} (elongated arthropod)  :: mnohonožka {f}
millisecond {n} (one one-thousandth of a second)  :: milisekunda {f}
mills of the gods grind slowly {proverb} (justice cannot be avoided)  :: boží mlýny melou pomalu, ale jistě
millstone {n} (large round stone used for grinding grain)  :: mlýnský kámen {m}
millstone {n} (heavy responsibility)  :: mlýnský kámen {m}
milt {n} (fish semen)  :: mlíčí {n}
milt {n} (the organ spleen) SEE: spleen  ::
mime {n} (pantomime)  :: pantomima {f}
mime {n} (pantomime actor)  :: mim {m}
mimic {n} (imitation) SEE: imitation  ::
minaret {n} (mosque tower)  :: minaret {m}
mince {n} (finely chopped meat)  :: sekaná {f}
mind {n} (ability for rational thought)  :: mysl {f}, rozum
mind {v} (to remember) SEE: remember  ::
mindfulness {n} (awareness) SEE: awareness  ::
mindlessly {adv} (in a mindless manner)  :: bezmyšlenkovitě
mind map {n} (diagram)  :: myšlenková mapa {f}
mind one's own business {v} (to concern oneself only with what is of interest to oneself and not interfere in the affairs of others)  :: hledět si svého
mine {pron} (that which belongs to me)  :: můj {m}
mine {n} (place from which ore is extracted)  :: důl {m}
mine {n} (exploding device)  :: mina {f}
mine {v} (remove from the ground)  :: dolovat
mine {v} (sow mines in)  :: zaminovat, podminovat
minefield {n} (area in which mines have been hidden)  :: minové pole {n}
minefield {n} (dangerous situation)  :: minové pole {n}
minelayer {n} (ship capable of laying mines)  :: minonoska {f}
miner {n} (a person who works in a mine)  :: havíř {m}, horník {m}
miner {n} (an operator of mines and other explosives in an army)  :: minér {m}
mineral {n} (in geology)  :: minerál {m}, nerost {m}
mineral {n} (as opposed to animal and vegetable)  :: minerál {m}
mineral {n} (mineral water)  :: minerální voda
mineral {adj} (relating to or containing minerals)  :: minerální
mineral lick {n} (salt lick) SEE: salt lick  ::
mineralogy {n} (the study or science of minerals)  :: mineralogie {f}
mineral water {n} (water containing dissolved minerals)  :: minerálka {f}, minerální voda {f}
miner's disease {n} (eye condition) SEE: nystagmus  ::
Minerva {prop} (goddess of wisdom, especially strategic warfare, and the arts)  :: Minerva {f}
mineshaft {n} (mineshaft)  :: šachta {f}
minesweeper {n} (vehicle, device or person for the removal of mines)  :: minolovka {f} (a ship)
minesweeper {n} (video game)  :: hledání min {n}
mingle-mangle {n} (collection of miscellaneous things) SEE: hodgepodge  ::
minibus {n} (a small bus)  :: minibus {m}
minimal {adj} (The smallest possible amount, quantity, or degree)  :: minimální
minimalism {n} (style of art)  :: minimalismus {m}
minimalist {adj} (believing in or seeking a minimal state)  :: minimalistický
minimalist {n} (one who believes in or seeks a minimal state)  :: minimalista {m}
minimization {n} (act of lowering something to its smallest value or extent)  :: minimalizace {f}
minimize {v} (To make small as possible)  :: minimalizovat
minimum {n} (lowest limit)  :: minimum {n}
minimum wage {n} (lowest rate of pay that an employer can legally pay)  :: minimální mzda {f}
mining {n} (activity of removing solid valuables from the earth)  :: hornictví {n}, těžba {f}
minion {n} (loyal servant of another more powerful being)  :: oblíbenec
miniskirt {n} (skirt)  :: minisukně {f}
minister {n} (politician who heads a ministry)  :: ministr {m}
ministry {n} (government department)  :: ministerstvo {n}
minium {n} (red lead)  :: suřík
mink {n} (mammal)  :: norek {m}
mink {n} (mink coat) SEE: mink coat  ::
mink coat {n} (coat)  :: norek {m}, norkový kožich {m}
Minnesota {prop} (a state of the United States of America)  :: Minnesota {f}
minnow {n} (a small freshwater fish)  :: střevle {f}
minor {adj} (of little importance)  :: vedlejší {m}
Minorca {prop} (An island of Spain)  :: Menorca {f}
minority {n} (subgroup that does not form a numerical majority)  :: menšina {f}
minority language {n} (language spoken by a minority)  :: menšinový jazyk {m}
minor planet {n} (celestial body)  :: planetka {f}
minotaur {n} (monster with the head of a bull and the body of a man)  :: mínotaurus {m}, mínotaur {m}, minotaur {m}, minotaurus {m}
Minsk {prop} (capital of Belarus)  :: Minsk {m}
minstrel {n} (medieval traveling entertainer)  :: minstrel {m}
mint {n} (money-producing building or institution)  :: mincovna {f}
mint {v} (to reproduce coins)  :: razit {m}
mint {n} (plant)  :: máta {f}
mint {n} (herb flavouring)  :: máta {f}
minuend {n} (number from which another is subtracted)  :: menšenec {m}
minuet {n} (dance)  :: menuet {m}
minuet {n} (music accompanying the dance)  :: menuet {m}
minus {n} (minus sign) SEE: minus sign  ::
minus {prep} (mathematics: less)  :: mínus
minus {n} (downside or disadvantage)  :: mínus {n}
minuscule {n} (lower-case letter)  :: miniskule {f}
minus sign {n} (symbol used to denote the operation of subtraction and to indicate that a number is negative)  :: mínus {n}
minute {n} (unit of time)  :: minuta {f}
minute {n} (short but unspecified period of time)  :: minuta {f}, minutka {f}, vteřina {f}, chvilka {f}
minute {n} (unit of angular measure)  :: minuta {f}
minute {n} (record of meeting)  :: zápis {m}
minute {n} (minute of use of telephone network)  :: minuta {f}
minute {v} (to write the minutes of)  :: zapisovat
minute {adj} (very small)  :: drobný, nepatrný
minute {adj} (very careful and exact, giving small details)  :: podrobný
minyan {n} (minimum number of ten adult Jews required for a communal religious service)  :: minján {m}, minjan {m}
Miocene {prop} (Miocene epoch)  :: miocén {m}
mirabelle plum {n} (Prunus domestica subsp. syriaca)  :: mirabelka {f}
miracle {n} (wonderful event attributed to supernatural powers)  :: zázrak {m}, div {m}
miraculous {adj} (by supernatural or uncommon causes)  :: zázračný
mirage {n} (an optical phenomenon)  :: fata morgána {f}, přelud {m}
mirage {n} (illusion) SEE: illusion  ::
mire {n} (deep mud)  :: močál {m}
mire {v} (to sink into mud)  :: zapadnout do bláta
Miriam {prop} (female given name)  :: Miriam {f}
mirror {n} (smooth reflecting surface)  :: zrcadlo {n}, zrcátko {n}
misanthrope {n} (one who hates all mankind)  :: mizantrop {m}
misanthropist {n} (misanthrope) SEE: misanthrope  ::
misanthropy {n} (hatred or dislike of people or mankind)  :: misantropie {f}
misbegotten {n} (one born out of wedlock) SEE: bastard  ::
miscarriage {n} (termination of pregnancy)  :: potrat {m}
miscarry {v} (to abort a foetus)  :: potratit
miscellaneous {adj} (consisting of a variety of ingredients or parts)  :: rozmanitý, různorodý, smíšený
miscellany {n} (Miscellaneous items)  :: směs {f}, směsice {f}, všehochuť {f}
mischief {n} (harm or evil caused by an agent or brought about by a particular cause)  :: darebáctví {n}, rošťárna {f}, škoda {f}, spoušť {f}
mischief {n} (one who causes mischief)  :: darebák {m}, rošťák {m}, vandal {m}
mischief {n} (vexatious or annoying conduct)  :: darebáctví {n}
miscomprehend {v} (misunderstand) SEE: misunderstand  ::
miscreant {adj} (lacking in conscience or moral principles; unscrupulous)  :: ničemný
miscreant {adj} (holding an incorrect religious belief)  :: kacířský
miscreant {n} (one who has behaved badly or illegally)  :: ničema {m}
miscreant {n} (one not restrained by moral principles)  :: ničema {m}
miscreant {n} (one who holds a false religious belief; an unbeliever)  :: kacíř {m}, nevěrec {m}
misdemeanor {n} (small crime)  :: přečin, přestupek {m}
mise en scène {n} (the arrangement of props and actors on a stage or for film)  :: insenace {f}
miser {n} (skinflint or scrooge)  :: lakomec {m}
miserable {adj} (in a state of misery)  :: nešťastný, bědný
miserable {adj} (very bad (at))  :: mizerný {m}
miserliness {n} (property of being miserly)  :: lakota {f}
miserly {adj} (like a miser; very covetous; stingy)  :: lakomý {m}
misery {n} (great unhappiness)  :: neštěstí {n}, bída {f}
misfire {v} (To fail to ignite in the proper sequence)  :: střílet
misfortune {n} (bad luck)  :: smůla {f}, pech {m} [colloquial]
misfortunes never come singly {proverb} (bad things come in groups) SEE: it never rains but it pours  ::
mishmash {n} (a collection of miscellany)  :: mišmaš {m}, všehochuť {f}
misinformation {n} (disinformation) SEE: disinformation  ::
mislead {v} (lead in a false direction)  :: svést, klamat
mislead {v} (trick or mislead) SEE: deceive  ::
misleading {adj} (tending to mislead)  :: zavádějící
misogyny {n} (hatred or contempt for women)  :: misogynství {n}, nenávist k ženám {f}
miss {v} (to fail to hit)  :: minout, netrefit
miss {v} (to feel the absence of someone or something)  :: postrádat
miss {v} (to avoid)  :: vyhnout se
miss {v} (to fail to attend)  :: chybět
miss {v} (to be late for something)  :: zmeškat
miss {n} (unmarried woman)  :: slečna {f}
miss {n} (Miss) SEE: Miss  ::
Miss {n} (title)  :: slečna {f}
missile {n} (air-based weapon)  :: střela {f}
missile {n} (self-propelled, guidable projectile)  :: střela {f}
missing person {n} (person whose whereabouts are unknown)  :: pohřešovaný
mission {n} (set of tasks that fulfills a purpose)  :: poslání {n}, mise {f}
missionary {n} (person traveling to spread a religion)  :: misionář {m}
missionary {n} (missionary position) SEE: missionary position  ::
missionary position {n} (position for sexual intercourse)  :: misionářská poloha {f}, misionářská pozice {f}
Mississippi {n} (state)  :: Mississippi
Mississippi {n} (river)  :: Mississippi {f}
Missouri {prop} (US state)  :: Missouri
Missouri {prop} (river)  :: Missouri
mist {n} (Water or other liquid finely suspended in air)  :: mlha {f}
mistake {n} (an error)  :: chyba {f}, omyl {m}
mistake {v} (to take one thing for another)  :: zaměnit
mister {n} (title of adult male)  :: pán {m}
mistle thrush {n} (Turdus viscivorus)  :: drozd brávník
mistletoe {n} (either species of such evergreen plant)  :: jmelí {n}
mistress {n} (woman in extramarital relationship)  :: milenka {f}
misunderstand {v} (to understand incorrectly, while believing one has understood correctly)  :: neporozumět, špatně pochopit
misunderstanding {n} (mistake)  :: nedorozumění {n}
misuse {n} (incorrect, improper or unlawful use)  :: zneužití {n}
misuse {v} (to abuse or mistreat something or someone)  :: zneužít
mite {n} (arachnid)  :: roztoč {m}
mitigate {v} (to reduce, lessen, or decrease)  :: zmírnit, snížit
mitochondrion {n} (respiratory organelle)  :: mitochondrie {f}
mitosis {n} (division of a cell nucleus)  :: mitóza {f}
mitre {n} (a covering for the head, worn on solemn occasions by church dignitaries)  :: infule {f}, mitra {f}
mitt {n} (mitten) SEE: mitten  ::
mitten {n} (glove with a separate sheath for the thumb only)  :: palcová rukavice {f}, palčák {m}
mix {v} (stir two or more substances together)  :: míchat
mixed {adj} (having two or more separate aspects)  :: smíšený {m}
mixed drink {n} (alcoholic drink)  :: míchaný nápoj {m}
mixer {n} (blender)  :: mixér {m}
mixture {n} (something produced by mixing)  :: směs {f}
Miyagi {prop} (Miyagi, Japan)  :: Mijagi
Miyazaki {prop} (Miyazaki, Japan)  :: Mijazaki
mizzen {n} (mizzenmast) SEE: mizzenmast  ::
mizzenmast {n} (nautical: aftmost mast)  :: zadní stěžeň {m}
mnemonic {adj} (related to mnemonics)  :: mnemonický, mnemotechnický
mnemonics {n} (study of techniques for improving memory)  :: mnemotechnika {f}
moa {n} (extinct bird)  :: moa
moan {n} (a low cry of pain)  :: nářek {m}
moan {v} (to make a moan or similar sound)  :: sténat
moat {n} (defensive ditch)  :: vodní příkop {m}, příkop {m}
mob {n} (unruly group of people)  :: dav {m}
mob {n} (group of animals)  :: stádo {n}
mob {n} (the lower classes of a community)  :: chátra {f}
mob {n} (mafia) SEE: mafia  ::
mobile {adj} (capable of being moved)  :: mobilní, pohyblivý
mobile {n} (mobile phone) SEE: mobile phone  ::
mobile phone {n} (portable telephone)  :: mobilní telefon {m}, mobil {m}
mobile telephone {n} (mobile phone) SEE: mobile phone  ::
mobilisation {n} (mobilization) SEE: mobilization  ::
mobility {n} (ability to move)  :: pohyblivost {f}, mobilita {f}
mobilization {n} (marshalling of troops and national resources in preparation for war)  :: mobilizace {f}
mocker {n} (one who mocks)  :: posměváček {m}
mockery {n} (action of mocking; ridicule, derision)  :: výsměch {m}, zesměšnění {n}, posměch {m}
mockingbird {n} (songbird of the family Mimidae)  :: drozd mnohohlasý {m}
modal {n} (modal verb) SEE: modal verb  ::
modal logic {n} (formal system)  :: modální logika {f}
modal verb {n} (a kind of verb)  :: modální sloveso {n}, způsobové sloveso {n}
mode {n} (in music)  :: modus {m}
mode {n} (in statistics)  :: modus {m}
mode {n} (in computing)  :: režim {m}, mód {m}
mode {n} (grammatical mood) SEE: grammatical mood  ::
model {n} (person)  :: model {m}, modelka {f}, manekýn {m}, manekýna {f}, manekýnka {f}
model {n} (miniature)  :: model {m}
model {n} (simplified representation)  :: model {m}
model {n} (style)  :: model {m}
model {n} (structural design)  :: model
model {n} (praiseworthy example)  :: vzor {m}
modem {n} (device that encodes digital computer signals into analog/analogue telephone signals)  :: modem {m}
moderate {adj} (not excessive)  :: mírný
moderate {v} (to preside over as a moderator)  :: moderovat
moderately {adv} (in a moderate manner)  :: mírně
moderately {adv} (to a moderate degree)  :: mírně, středně
moderation {n} (state or quality of being moderate; avoidance of extremes)  :: umírněnost {f}
moderator {n} (someone who moderates)  :: moderátor {m}, moderátorka {f}
modern {adj} (pertaining to the current time and style)  :: moderní
Modern Greek {prop} (Modern Greek)  :: novořečtina {f}, moderní řečtina {f}
modernization {n} (process of modernizing)  :: modernizace {f}
modernize {v} (bring something up to date)  :: modernizovat
modest {adj} (not bragging or boasting about oneself or one's achievements)  :: skromný {m}
modesty {n} (the quality of being modest)  :: skromnost {f}
modification {n} (act or result of modifying or condition of being modified)  :: úprava {f}
modification {n} (alteration or adjustment)  :: úprava {f}
modifier {n} (grammar: qualifying word, clause or phrase)  :: přívlastek {m}
modular {adj} (of or relating to a module or modules)  :: modulární
module {n} (self-contained component of a system)  :: modul {m}
module {n} (abelian group) SEE: abelian group  ::
Mogilev {prop} (city)  :: Mohylev {m}, Mogilev {m}, Mahiljov {m}, Mahiljoŭ {m}
mohair {n} (fine hair of the Angora goat)  :: mohér
Mohammad {prop} (male given name) SEE: Muhammad  ::
Mohammad {prop} (prophet) SEE: Muhammad  ::
Mohican {prop} (Native American tribe)  :: mohykán {m}
Mohican {n} (member of tribe)  :: Mohykán {m}
moiety {n} (half) SEE: half  ::
moiety {n} ((chemistry) a specific segment of a molecule)  :: skupina {f}
moist {adj} (slightly wet)  :: vlhký
moisten {v} (to make moist)  :: navlhčit
moisture {n} (a moderate degree of wetness)  :: vlhkost {f}
molar {n} (back tooth)  :: stolička {f}
molar {adj} (containing one mole of solute per litre of solution)  :: molární
molar {adj} (relating to a complete body of matter)  :: molární
molasses {n} (thick brownish syrup refined from raw sugar)  :: melasa {f}
mold {n} (hollow form or matrix for shaping a fluid or plastic substance)  :: forma {f}
mold {n} (woolly or furry growth of tiny fungi)  :: plíseň {f}
Moldavia {prop} (Moldova) SEE: Moldova  ::
Moldavia {prop} (region made up of the country of Moldova and northeastern Romania)  :: Moldavsko {n}
Moldavian {n} (inhabitant of the Republic of Moldova)  :: Moldavan {m}, Moldavanka {f}
Moldavian {prop} (language)  :: moldavština {f}
Moldavian {adj} (relating to Moldova)  :: moldavský
Moldavian SSR {prop} (name for the Republic of Moldova)  :: Moldavská SSR {f}
Moldova {prop} (country)  :: Moldavsko {n}
Moldovan {n} (Moldavian) SEE: Moldavian  ::
Moldovan {prop} (Moldavian) SEE: Moldavian  ::
Moldovan {adj} (Moldavian) SEE: Moldavian  ::
moldy {adj} (mouldy) SEE: mouldy  ::
mole {n} (dark spot on the skin)  :: mateřské znaménko {n}
mole {n} (burrowing insectivore)  :: krt {m}, krtek {m}
mole {n} (unit of amount)  :: mol {m}
mole cricket {n} (insect of Gryllotalpidae)  :: krtonožka {f}
molecular {adj} (relating to molecules)  :: molekulární
molecular formula {n} (a notation indicating the number of atoms of each element present in a compound)  :: sumární vzorec {m}, molekulární vzorec {m}
molecule {n} (group of atoms held together by chemical bonds)  :: molekula {f}
molehill {n} (A small mound of earth)  :: krtina {f}
moll {adj} (minor) SEE: minor  ::
mollie {n} (Molotov cocktail) SEE: Molotov cocktail  ::
mollusc {n} (soft-bodied invertebrate of phylum Mollusca, see also: clam; oyster; mussel)  :: měkkýš {m}
mollycoddle {n} (person who is pampered and overprotected)  :: mazánek {m}
mollycoddle {v} (to be overprotective and indulgent toward)  :: rozmazlovat
Molotov cocktail {n} (simple incendiary bomb)  :: Molotovův koktejl {m}
molybdenum {n} (chemical element)  :: molybden {m}
mom {n} (mother) SEE: mum  ::
moment {n} (very brief period of time)  :: okamžik {m}, moment {m}
moment {n} (moment of force)  :: moment síly {m}
momentary {adj} (lasting for only a moment)  :: chvilkový {m}
moment of force {n} (moment of force)  :: moment síly {m}
moment of inertia {n} (physical measure)  :: moment setrvačnosti {m}
momentous {adj} (of outstanding importance or great consequence)  :: důležitý {m}, významný {m}, závažný {m}
momentum {n} (product of mass and velocity)  :: hybnost {f}
mommy {n} (mum) SEE: mum  ::
Monaco {prop} (country in Europe)  :: Monako {n}
monarch {n} (ruler)  :: panovník {m}, monarcha {m}
monarchism {n} (advocacy of the monarchistic political system)  :: monarchismus {m}
monarchist {n} (an advocate of, or believer in, monarchy)  :: monarchista {m}
monarchy {n} (form of government with a hereditary head of state)  :: monarchie {f}
monastery {n} (building for monks)  :: klášter {m}, monastýr {m}
monastic {adj} (of or relating to monasteries or monks)  :: mnišský
monasticism {n} (religious practice)  :: mnišství {n}
Monastir {prop} (former name of Bitola in Macedonia)  :: Bitola
Monday {n} (day of the week)  :: pondělí {n}
monetary {adj} (of or relating to money)  :: peněžní
monetary policy {n} (process)  :: monetární politika {f}
money {n} (means of exchange and measure of value)  :: peníze {m-p}
money {n} (currency)  :: peníze {m-p}
moneybags {n} (wealthy person)  :: pracháč {m}
money laundering {n} (act of obscuring the origin of money that has been obtained illegally)  :: praní špinavých peněz {m}
money market {n} (market)  :: peněžní trh {m}
Monégasque {n} (a native or inhabitant of Monaco)  :: Monačan {m}
Monégasque {adj} (of or relating to Monaco or its inhabitants)  :: monacký
Mongol {n} (A person from Mongolia; a Mongolian) SEE: Mongolian  ::
Mongolia {prop} (Central Asian country)  :: Mongolsko {n}
Mongolian {adj} (of or relating to Mongolia or its peoples, languages, or cultures)  :: mongolský {m}
Mongolian {n} (native or inhabitant of Mongolia)  :: Mongol {m}, Mongolka {f}
Mongolian {n} (language of Mongolia)  :: mongolština {f}
Mongolian {n} (person of Mongoloid physical type)  :: mongoloid {m}
mongoose {n} (a small carnivore of the family Herpestidae)  :: mangusta {f} [genera Bdeogale, Crossarchus, Cynictis, Dologale, Helogale, Ichneumia, Liberiictis, Mungos, Paracynictis and Rhynchogale], promyka {f} [genera Atilax, Galerella and Herpestes], surikata {f} [genus Suricata]
Monica {prop} (female given name)  :: Monika {f}
Monika {prop} (female given name) SEE: Monica  ::
moniker {n} (personal name or nickname)  :: přezdívka {f}
moniker {n} (signature) SEE: signature  ::
monism {n} (doctrine of the oneness and unity of reality)  :: monismus {m}
monitor {n} (computer display)  :: monitor {m}
monitor {n} (class of armored warship)  :: monitor {m}
monitor {n} (monitor lizard) SEE: monitor lizard  ::
monitor lizard {n} (lizard of the genus Varanus)  :: varan
monk {n} (slang: judge) SEE: judge  ::
monk {n} (male member of monastic order)  :: mnich {m}
monk {n} (slang: loner) SEE: loner  ::
monkey {n} (primate)  :: opičák {m}, opice {f}
monkey-eating eagle {n} (Philippine eagle) SEE: Philippine eagle  ::
monkey wrench {n} (adjustable wrench)  :: klíč nastavitelný
monoamine oxidase {n} (biochemistry: enzyme that degrades biogenic amines)  :: monoaminooxidáza {f}
monocle {n} (a single lens)  :: monokl {m}
monocotyledon {n} (Plant belonging to Monocotyledones or Liliopsida)  :: jednoděložné
monocracy {n} (autocracy) SEE: autocracy  ::
monoculture {n} (the cultivation of a single crop)  :: monokultura {f}
monocyte {n} (type of blood leukocyte)  :: monocyt {m}
monocytic {adj} (of or pertaining to monocytes)  :: monocytární
monocytosis {n} (increase in the number of circulating monocytes)  :: monocytóza {f}
monodrama {n} (a play in the form of a monologue)  :: monodrama
monogram {n} (a design composed of one or more letters used as an identifying mark)  :: monogram {m}
monograph {n} (scholarly book or treatise)  :: monografie {f}
monoid {n} (type of set)  :: monoid {m}
monolingual {adj} (only knowing or spoken in one language)  :: jednojazyčný
monolith {n} (block of stone)  :: monolit {m}
monomer {n} (small molecule, bonded covalently to form polymers)  :: monomer {m}
mononucleosis {n} (infectious mononucleosis, glandular fever)  :: mononukleóza {f}
monopole {n} (magnetic monopole)  :: monopól {m}
monopole {n} (antenna)  :: monopól {m}
monopoly {n} (situation of exclusive supply)  :: monopol {m}
monopoly {n} (exclusive possession)  :: monopol {m}
monopoly {n} (privilege granting such control)  :: monopolní postavení {f}
monopoly {n} (holder of such control)  :: monopol {m}
monoreme {n} (Translations)  :: monoréma {f}
monosemic {adj}  :: monosémický {m}
monosemy {n} (property of terms of having single meaning)  :: monosémie {f}
monosodium glutamate {n} (mono sodium salt of the amino acid, glutamic acid)  :: glutaman sodný {m}
monosyllabic {adj} (consisting of one syllable)  :: jednoslabičný {m}
monosyllabic {adj} (using monosyllables)  :: jednoslabičný {m}
monotheism {n} (belief in one God)  :: monoteismus {m}
monotheistic {adj} (believing in a single god)  :: monoteistický
monotone {adj} (having a single pitch)  :: jednotvárnost jeho hlasu
monotonous {adj} (having an unvarying tone or pitch)  :: monotónní
monotonous {adj} (tedious, repetitious or lacking in variety)  :: monotónní
monovular {adj} (derived from the same ovum)  :: jednovaječný
monsoon {n} (tropical rainy season)  :: monzun {m}
mons pubis {n} (fleshy protuberance over the pubic bones)  :: stydký pahorek {m}, Venušin pahorek {m}, hrma {f} [archaic]
monster {n} (terrifying dangerous creature)  :: nestvůra {f}, příšera {f}, potvora {f}
monstrance {n} (ornamental in which the consecrated host is placed for veneration)  :: monstrance {f}
Montana {prop} (US state)  :: Montana {f}
Montenegrin {adj} (relating to Montenegro)  :: černohorský
Montenegrin {n} (person from Montenegro)  :: Černohorec {m}, Černohorka {f}
Montenegro {prop} (country in Europe)  :: Černá Hora {f}
Montevideo {prop} (capital of Uruguay)  :: Montevideo {n}
month {n} (period into which a year is divided)  :: měsíc {m}
monthly {adj} (Occurring every month)  :: měsíční
monthly {n} (a publication that is published once a month)  :: měsíčník {m}
monthly {n} ((euphemism) the menstrual period)  :: měsíčky {f-p}
monument {n} (structure built for commemorative or symbolic reasons)  :: památník {m}, monument {m}, pomník {m}
moo {n} (characteristic sound made by a cow or bull)  :: bučení {n}
moo {v} (to make a lowing sound)  :: bučet
moo {interj} (sound made by a cow or bull)  ::
mood {n} (mental state)  :: nálada {f}
mood {n} (grammatical mood) SEE: grammatical mood  ::
moody {adj} (Given to sudden or frequent changes of mind; temperamental)  :: náladový
moon {n} (largest natural satellite of planet Earth)  :: měsíc
moon {n} (any substantially sized natural satellite of a planet)  :: měsíc {m}
moon {n} (month)  :: měsíc {m}
Moon {prop} (sole natural satellite of the Earth)  :: Měsíc {m}
moon-blind {adj} (night-blind) SEE: night-blind  ::
moon blindness {n} (night blindness) SEE: night blindness  ::
moonbounce {n} (bouncing castle) SEE: bouncing castle  ::
moonstone {n} (translucent gemstone)  :: měsíček
moor {n} (region with poor, marshy soil, peat and heath)  :: vřesoviště {n}
moose {n} (largest member of the deer family (Alces alces))  :: los {m}
moot {n} (debate) SEE: debate  ::
moot {n} (discuss) SEE: discuss  ::
moot point {n} (issue that is open for debate)  :: předmět diskuse {m}
moped {n} (two-wheeled vehicle)  :: moped {m}
moraine {n} (accumulation of rocks and debris)  :: moréna {f}
moral {adj} (relating to principles of right and wrong)  :: morální
moral code {n} (set of rules prescribing behavior)  :: morální kodex {m}
morale {n} (capacity)  :: morálka {f}
morality {n}  :: morálnost {f}
moral philosophy {n} (ethics) SEE: ethics  ::
Morava {prop} (river in Central Europe)  :: Morava {f}
Moravia {prop} (historical region)  :: Morava {f}
Moravian {adj} (pertaining to Moravia)  :: moravský
Moravian {n} (person from Moravia)  :: Moravan {m}, Moravanka {f}, Moravák {m}
mordacious {adj} (corrosive) SEE: corrosive  ::
more {determiner} (comparative of many)  :: víc, více
more {determiner} (comparative of much)  :: víc, více
more {adv} (comparative of much)  :: víc, více
more {adv} (word to form a comparative)  :: (uses a suffix)
more {adv}  :: víc, více
more haste, less speed {proverb} (when one is in a hurry, one often ends up completing a task more slowly)  :: spěchej pomalu
morel {n} (genus Morchella)  :: smrž {m}
moreover {adv} (in addition to what has been said)  :: nadto
mores {n} (a set of accepted moral norms or customs)  :: mravy {m-p}, mrav {m}
Morgan le Fay {prop} (half-sister of King Arthur)  :: Morgana Le Fay {f}
morgue {n} (place for dead people)  :: márnice {f}
morgue {n} (haughty attitude) SEE: arrogance  ::
morion {n} (type of helmet)  :: morion
Mormon {n} (member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)  :: mormon {m}
Mormon {adj} (pertaining to the faith established by Joseph Smith, Jr)  :: mormonský {m}, mormonská {f}
morna {n} (a genre of Cape Verdean music)  :: morna
morning {n} (part of the day between dawn and midday)  :: ráno {n}, dopoledne {n}
morning {n} (the part of the day after midnight and before midday)  :: ráno {n} [shortly after sunrise], dopoledne {n}
morning after {n} (hangover) SEE: hangover  ::
morning star {n} (planet Venus as seen around dawn)  :: jitřenka {f}
morning star {n} (spiked weapon on staff)  :: kropáč {m}, morgenštern
Morning Star {prop} (planet Venus as seen around dawn)  :: jitřenka {f}
Moroccan {n} (person from Morocco)  :: Maročan {m}, Maročanka {f}
Moroccan {adj} (pertaining to Morocco)  :: marocký
Morocco {prop} (country)  :: Maroko {m}
moron {n} (idiot) SEE: idiot  ::
morph {n} (allomorph) SEE: allomorph  ::
morpheme {n} (smallest linguistic unit)  :: morfém {m}
Morpheus {prop} (Morpheus, the Greek god of dreams)  :: Morfeus
morphine {n} (crystalline alkaloid)  :: morfin {m}, morfium {n}
morphological {adj} (relating to morphology)  :: morfologický
morphology {n} (linguistic study of the form and structure)  :: morfologie {f}, tvarosloví {n}
morrow {n} (morning)  :: ráno {n}
mortal {adj} (susceptible to death)  :: smrtelný {m}
mortal {n} (human; someone susceptible to death)  :: smrtelník {m}
mortality {n} (condition of being susceptible to death)  :: smrtelnost {f}
mortality {n} (death rate)  :: mortalita {f}
mortality rate {n} (the number of deaths)  :: úmrtnost {f}
mortal sin {n} (grave sin)  :: smrtelný hřích {m}
mortar {n} (mixture of lime or cement, sand and water)  :: malta {f}
mortar {n} (short large-bore cannon)  :: minomet {m}
mortar {n} (vessel used to grind ingredients)  :: hmoždíř {m}, moždíř {m}
mortgage {n} (special form of secured loan)  :: hypotéka {f}
mortician {n} (undertaker) SEE: undertaker  ::
mortification {n} (death of a body part)  :: odumírání {n}, ponížení {n}
mortmain {n} (inalienable possession of lands)  :: nezcizitelný pozemek {m}
mortuary {n} (morgue) SEE: morgue  ::
mosaic {n} (artwork)  :: mozaika {f}
mosaic {n} (genetically diverse individual)  :: mozaika {f}
mosaic {n} (viral disease)  :: mozaika {f}
mosaic {n} (composite picture)  :: koláž {f}
Moscow {prop} (Capital city of Russia)  :: Moskva {f}
Moses {prop} (the biblical patriarch)  :: Mojžíš {m}
mosh pit {n} (mosh dance floor)  :: kotel {m}
mosque {n} (a place of worship for Muslims)  :: mešita {f}
mosquito {n} (small flying insect of the family Culicidae, known for biting and sucking blood)  :: komár {m}
moss {n} (bog) SEE: bog  ::
moss {n} (plants of the division Bryophyta)  :: mech {m}
most {determiner} (majority of)  :: většina
most {adv} (adverb forming superlative)  :: nejvíce
mostly {adv} (for the most part)  :: převážně, většinou, vesměs
mote {n} (A small particle; a speck)  :: smítko {n}
motel {n} (type of hotel)  :: motel {m}
moth {n} (insect similar to a butterfly)  :: můra {f}, noční motýl {m}
mother {n} (motherfucker) SEE: motherfucker  ::
mother {n} (female (human) who parents a child, gives birth to a baby, or is pregnant)  :: matka {f}
mother {n} (one’s female parent)  :: matka {f}
motherfucker {n} (generic term of abuse)  :: zkurvysyn {m}, mamrd {m}, svině {f}, hajzl
motherhood {n} (the state of being a mother)  :: mateřství {n}
mother-in-law {n} (spouse’s mother)  :: tchýně {f}, tchyně {f}
motherland {n} (the country of one's ancestors)  :: vlast {f}, domovina {f}
motherland {n} (the country of one's birth)  :: vlast {f}
Mother of God {prop} (mother of Jesus Christ)  :: Matka Boží {f}, Bohorodička {f}
mother-of-pearl {n} (the hard pearly inner layer of certain mollusk shells)  :: perleť {f}
mother tongue {n} (one's native tongue)  :: mateřský jazyk {m}, rodný jazyk {m}, mateřština
motif {n} (recurring or dominant element; a theme)  :: motiv {m}
motion {n} (state of progression from one place to another)  :: pohyb {m}
motionless {adj} (at rest, not moving)  :: nehybný
motion picture {n} (movie) SEE: movie  ::
motion sickness {n} (nausea or dizziness in a moving vehicle)  :: kinetóza {f}
motivate {v} (to encourage)  :: motivovat
motivation {n} (willingness of action especially in behavior)  :: motivace {f}
motive {n} (a cause to commit a crime)  :: motiv {m}, pohnutka {f}
motive {adj} (causing motion)  :: hybný
motor {n} (engine)  :: motor {m}
motor {adj} (biology)  :: motorický
motorbiker {n} (motorcyclist) SEE: motorcyclist  ::
motorcar {n} (enclosed passenger vehicle powered by engine) SEE: automobile  ::
motorcycle {n} (open-seated motor-powered vehicle with two wheels)  :: motocykl {m}
motorcyclist {n} (someone who rides a motorcycle)  :: motocyklista {m}, motocyklistka {f}
motorway {n} (broad highway)  :: dálnice {f}
mottled {adj} (spotted)  :: strakatý
motto {n} (sentence, phrase or word forming part of an heraldic achievement)  :: motto {n}
motto {n} (suggestive sentence, phrase or word)  :: motto {n}
mouflon {n} (sheep)  :: muflon
mould {n} (mould) SEE: mold  ::
mould {v} (mould) SEE: mold  ::
mouldwarp {n} (mole) SEE: mole  ::
mouldy {adj} (neglected) SEE: neglected  ::
mouldy {adj} (covered with mould)  :: plesnivý {m}
mound {n} (vulva) SEE: vulva  ::
mount {n} (mountain) SEE: mountain  ::
mount {v} (computing: to attach a drive or device)  :: připojit
mountain {n} (large mass of earth and rock)  :: hora {f}
mountain {n} (large amount)  :: kopa {f}
mountain bike {n} (bicycle especially designed for off-road riding)  :: horské kolo
mountain climbing {n} (mountaineering) SEE: mountaineering  ::
mountaineer {n} (one who climbs mountains for sport or pleasure)  :: horolezec {m}
mountaineering {n} (sport)  :: horolezectví {n}
mountain lion {n} (Puma concolor) SEE: cougar  ::
mountainous {adj} (having many mountains)  :: hornatý {m}
mountainous {adj} (resembling a mountain)  :: ohromný {m}, obrovský {m}
mountain range {n} (line of mountains)  :: pohoří {n}, horské pásmo {n}
mountain range {n} (series of mountain lines)  :: pohoří {n}, horské pásmo {n}
mourn {v} (express sadness for, grieve over)  :: truchlit
mouse {n} (rodent of the genus Mus)  :: myš {f}, myšák {m} (male)
mouse {n} (shy person)  :: myška {f}
mouse {n} (computing: input device)  :: myš {f}
mousekin {n} (little mouse)  :: myška {f}
mousetrap {n} (device for killing mice)  :: past na myši {f}, pastička {f}
mouse wheel {n} (disc used for scrolling)  :: skrolovací kolečko {n}
moustache {n} (hair on upper lip)  :: knír {m}
mouth {n} (the opening of a creature through which food is ingested)  :: ústa {n-p} [especially human], pusa {f} [informal], tlama {f} [especially animal]
mouth {n} (the end of a river out of which water flows)  :: ústí {n}
mouth organ {n} (mouth organ) SEE: harmonica  ::
mouth-to-mouth resuscitation {n} (first aid technique)  :: dýchání z úst do úst {n}
mouth wash {n} (liquid used to clean your mouth)  :: ústní voda {f}
mouthwash {n} (liquid used to clean one's mouth)  :: ústní voda {f}
move {v} (to change place or posture; to go)  :: pohnout se, hýbat se
move {v} (to act; to take action)  :: pohnout se
move {v} (to change residence)  :: stěhovat se
move {v} (to change the place of a piece)  :: pohnout
move {v} (to cause to change place or posture; to set in motion)  :: pohnout, hýbat
move {v} (to transfer from one space or position to another)  :: pohnout
move {v} (to excite to action)  :: pohnout
move {v} (to arouse the feelings or passions of)  :: pohnout, dojmout, dojímat
move {v} (to propose; to recommend)  :: podat
move {n} (the act of moving; a movement)  :: pohyb {m}
move {n} (an act for the attainment of an object or purpose)  :: tah {m}
move {n} (the event of changing one's residence)  :: stěhování {m}
move {n} (the act of moving a token on a gameboard)  :: tah {m}
movement {n} (physical motion)  :: pohyb {m}
movement {n} (trend in various fields or social categories)  :: hnutí {n}
movement {n} (music: division of a larger musical composition)  :: věta {f}
movie {n} (motion picture)  :: film {m}
moviehouse {n} (cinema) SEE: cinema  ::
movie theater {n} (cinema) SEE: cinema  ::
moving {adj} (that causes someone to feel emotion)  :: dojemný
moving average {n} (statistical technique)  :: klouzavý průměr {m}
mow {v} (to cut something down)  :: kosit {impf}, sekat {impf}, žnout {impf}
mower {n} (lawnmower) SEE: lawnmower  ::
Mozambican {n} (person from Mozambique or of Mozambican descent)  :: Mosambičan {m}, Mozambičan {m}
Mozambican {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Mozambique, or the Mozambican people)  :: mosambický, mozambický
Mozambique {prop} (country in Southern Africa)  :: Mozambik {m}, Mosambik {m}
mozzarella {n} (soft Italian cheese)  :: mozzarella {f}
MP3 {initialism} (MPEG Layer 3)  :: MP3 {f}
MP3 player {n} (electronic device for playing digital audio files in the MP3 format)  :: MP3 přehrávač {m}, empétrojka {f} [colloquial]
Mr. {n} (Mr) SEE: Mr  ::
Mr {n} (abbreviation of Mister)  :: p.
Mrs {abbr} (title before woman's name)  :: p.,
mu {n} (Greek letter)  ::
Muay Thai {n} (the martial art/sport)  :: Muay Thai
much {determiner} (a large amount of)  :: mnoho
much {adv} (to a great extent)  :: moc, mnohem
much obliged {adj} (thank you) SEE: thank you  ::
much obliged {adj} (grateful) SEE: grateful  ::
mucosal {adj} (of or pertaining to the mucous membranes)  :: slizniční
mucous membrane {n} (membrane which secretes mucus)  :: sliznice {f}
mucus {n} (slippery secretion)  :: sliz {m}
mud {n} (mixture of soil and water)  :: bláto {n}
muddiness {n} (the characteristic of being muddy)  :: zákal {m}
muddy {adj} (covered with mud)  :: blátivý
mudguard {n} (a cover over, or a flap behind, the wheels of a vehicle)  :: blatník {m}
mudra {n} (symbolic hand postures of India)  :: mudra {f}
mud volcano {n} (conical structure)  :: bahenní sopka {f}
muesli {n} (breakfast dish)  :: müsli {n}
muezzin {n} (person who issues call to prayer)  :: muezzin {m}
muff {n} (a piece of fur or cloth for keeping the hands warm)  :: rukávník {m}
muffler {n} (scarf) SEE: scarf  ::
mug {n} (large cup)  :: hrnek {m}
mug {n} ((slang) the face)  :: [slang] ksicht {m}
muggle {n} (Muggle) SEE: Muggle  ::
Muggle {n} (non-magical person)  :: Mudla {m}
mugwort {n} (any of several artemisias)  :: černobýl {m}
mugwort {n} (Artemisia vulgaris)  :: pelyněk černobýl {m}
Muhammad {prop} (the prophet who introduced Islam)  :: Mohamed {m}
mujahid {n} (a Muslim engaging in jihad)  :: mudžáhid {m}
mujahideen {n} (mujahid) SEE: mujahid  ::
mujik {n} (Russian peasant)  :: mužik {m}
mulberry {n} (the tree)  :: moruše {f}
mulberry {n} (the fruit)  :: moruše {f}
mule {n} (offspring of male donkey and female horse)  :: mula {f}
Mulhouse {prop} (a city in France)  :: Mulhúzy {p}
mulled wine {n} (wine with spices served hot)  :: svařené víno {n}, svařák {m}
mullein {n} (plants of the genus Verbascum)  :: divizna {f}
mullet {n} (fish of the family Mugilidae (grey mullets))  :: parmice {f}
mullet {n} (hairstyle)  :: deka {n}
multi- {prefix} (pertaining to many)  :: multi-
multicellular {adj} (having many cells)  :: mnohobuněčný
multicultural {adj} (relating to several different cultures)  :: multikulturní
multidimensional {adj} (having more than two dimensions)  :: vícerozměrný
multidisciplinary {adj} (relating to multiple areas of study)  :: víceoborový {m}, multidisciplinární
multifarious {adj} (having multiplicity)  :: rozmanitý
multifocal {adj} (of lens, having multiple focusing areas)  :: multifokální
multi-hydrocarbon {n} (petroleum jelly) SEE: petroleum jelly  ::
multilateral {adj} (involving more than one party)  :: multilaterální {m}, vícestranný {m}
multilingual {adj} (pertaining to multiple languages)  :: vícejazyčný {m}
multilingualism {n} (ability to speak several languages)  :: vícejazyčnost
multiple {adj} (having more than one element, part, component or function)  :: mnohonásobný
multiple {n} (a number that may be divided by another number with no remainder)  :: násobek {m}
multiple inheritance {n} (in programming: inheriting from multiple superclasses)  :: vícenásobná dědičnost {f}
multiple sclerosis {n} (chronic disease of the brain and spinal cord)  :: roztroušená skleróza {f}
multiplication {n} (process)  :: násobení {n}
multiplication table {n} (in arithmetic)  :: tabulka násobilky {f}, násobilka {f}
multiplier {n} (ratio used to estimate total economic effect for a variety of economic activities)  :: multiplikátor {m}
multiply {v} (transitive: perform multiplication on (a number))  :: násobit, vynásobit, znásobit
multiply {v} (intransitive: perform multiplication)  :: násobit
multiresistant {adj} (resistant to multiple drugs)  :: multirezistentní
multiset {n} (container)  :: multimnožina {f}
multisyllabic {adj} (having more than one syllable)  :: víceslabičný
multiverse {n} (hypothetical group of all possible universes)  :: mnohovesmír {m}
multi-word {adj} (consisting of more than one word)  :: víceslovný {m}
mum {n} (mother (informal, familiar))  :: máma {f}, maminka {f}
Mumbai {prop} (state capital of Maharashtra, see also: Bombay)  :: Bombaj {f}
mumble {v} (to speak unintelligibly)  :: mumlat
mumble {n} (quiet vocalization)  :: mumlání {n}
mummer {n} (actor in a pantomime)  :: mim {m}
mummy {n} (embalmed corpse)  :: mumie {f}
mummy {n} (child's term for mother)  :: máma {f}, maminka {f}
mumps {n} (contagious disease)  :: příušnice {f-p}
munch {v} (to chew)  :: přežvykovat, žmoulat
mundane {adj} (worldly)  :: pozemský {m}
mundane {adj} (ordinary)  :: obyčejný {m}, obvyklý {m}, všední, přízemní
mundane {adj} (tedious)  :: nudný {m}, jednotvárný {m}, úmorný {m}, otravný {m}
Munich {prop} (capital of Bavaria)  :: Mnichov {m}
municipal {adj} (pertaining to city)  :: městský {m}
municipality {n} (a district with a government that typically encloses no other governed districts)  :: obec {f}
munificence {n} (the quality of being munificent; generosity)  :: štědrost {f}
munificent {adj} ((of a person or group) very liberal in giving or bestowing)  :: velkomyslný, velkorysý
munificent {adj} ((of a gift, donation, etc.) very generous; lavish)  :: velkomyslný, velkorysý
munificently {adv} (in a munificent manner)  :: vekomyslně, bohatě, štědře
muntjac {n} (deer of the genus Muntiacus)  :: muntžak {m}
murder {n} (an act of deliberate killing)  :: vražda {f}
murder {n} (the crime of deliberate killing)  :: vražda {f}
murder {n} (terrible to endure)  :: porod {m}
murder {n} (flock of crows)  :: hejno {n}
murder {v} (deliberately kill)  :: zavraždit
murder {v} (defeat decisively)  :: zničit
murder {v} (express one’s anger at)  :: zabít
murder {v} (devour)  :: sprovodit ze světa
murder {v} (to murder someone) SEE: remove  ::
murderer {n} (person who commits murder)  :: vrah {m}
murderess {n} (woman who commits murder)  :: vražedkyně {f}
murder weapon {n} (weapon used to commit a murder)  :: vražedná zbraň {f}
murky {adj} (gloomy) SEE: gloomy  ::
murky {adj} (obscure) SEE: obscure  ::
Murphy's law {prop} (adage which states that if anything can go wrong it will)  :: Murphyho zákon {m}
murrey {n} (mulberry) SEE: mulberry  ::
Muscat {prop} (capital city)  :: Maskat
muscle {n} (contractile tissue)  :: sval {m}
muscleman {n} (bodyguard) SEE: bodyguard  ::
muscleman {n} (man with developed muscles)  :: svalovec {m}
muscle relaxant {n} (drug)  :: myorelaxans {n}
Muscovite {n} (resident of Moscow)  :: Moskvan {m}
Muscovite {adj} (Relating to Moscow)  :: moskevský
muscular {adj} (of or relating to muscles)  :: svalový {m}
muscular {adj} (having strength)  :: svalnatý {m}
musculature {n} (collection of muscles)  :: svalstvo {n}
muse {n} (a source of inspiration)  :: múza {f}
muse {v} (to become lost in thought)  :: dumat
muse {v} (to say with due consideration)  :: dumat
museum {n} (building or institution)  :: muzeum {n}
museum piece {n} (old item)  :: muzeální kousek
mushroom {n} (fruiting body of a fungus)  :: houba {f}, hřib {m} [regional]
mushroom {n} (fungus itself)  :: houba {f}
mushroom {v} (to gather mushrooms)  :: houbařit
mushroom {n} (champignon) SEE: champignon  ::
mushroom cloud {n} (mushroom shaped cloud)  :: atomový hřib
music {n} (sound, organized in time in a melodious way)  :: hudba {f}, muzika {f}
music {n} (any pleasing or interesting sounds)  :: hudba {f}
music {n} (sheet music)  :: notace {f}, partitura {f}
musical {n} (stage performance, show or film)  :: muzikál {m}
musical instrument {n} (a device, object, contrivance or machine used to produce musical notes or sounds)  :: hudební nástroj {m}
musical scale {n} (a set of musical notes, typically ordered in pitch)  :: hudební stupnice {f}
musician {n} (person who performs or writes music)  :: hudebník {m}, muzikant {m}
musicologist {n} (one who studies musicology)  :: muzikolog {m}
musicology {n} (study of music)  :: muzikologie {f}
music stand {n} (stand for holding sheet music)  :: stojan na noty {m}
music to someone's ears {n} (good news; pleasing sound or expression)  :: hudba pro něčí uši {f}
musing {n} (thought)  :: dumání {n}
musk {n} (greasy secretion with powerful odour)  :: pižmo {n}
musk deer {n} (small deer inhabiting uplands of central Asia)  :: kabar pižmový {m}
musket {n} (firearm)  :: mušketa {f}
musketeer {n} (foot soldier)  :: mušketýr {m}
musketeer {n} (member of French royal bodyguard)  :: mušketýr {m}
musk ox {n} (an arctic mammal)  :: pižmoň {m}
muskrat {n} (Ondatra zibethicus)  :: ondatra
Muslim {n} (believer of Islam)  :: muslim {m}
Muslim {adj} (relating to believers of Islam)  :: muslimský
muslin {n} (very different styles of fabric) SEE: fabric  ::
muslin {n} (thin cotton cloth)  :: mušelín {m}
musquash {n} (Ondatra zibethicus) SEE: muskrat  ::
muss {n} (mess) SEE: mess  ::
mussel {n} (any small edible bivalve shellfish, see also: clam; oyster; mollusc)  :: slávka {f}
must {v} (be required to)  :: musit
must {n} (Fruit juice that will ferment or has fermented, usually grapes)  :: mošt {m}
mustache {n} (moustache) SEE: moustache  ::
mustard {n} (plant)  :: hořčice {f}
mustard {n} (condiment)  :: hořčice {f}
muster {v} (to show, exhibit) SEE: show  ::
muster {n} (assembling or review of troops)  :: nástup {m}
muster {v} (to be gathered together)  :: shromáždit se
muster {v} (to call or assemble together)  :: svolat, shromáždit
mutagenic {adj} (capable of causing mutation)  :: mutagenní
mutant {n} (something that has mutated)  :: mutant {m}
mutate {v}  :: mutovat
mutation {n} (mutant) SEE: mutant  ::
mutation {n} (heritable change in genetic material)  :: mutace {f}
mute {adj} (not having the power of speech)  :: němý {m}
mute {n} (person unable to speak)  :: němý {m}
muteness {n} (characteristic of being mute)  :: němota
mutiny {n} (organized rebellion)  :: vzpoura {f}
mutism {n} (psychological disorder)  :: mutismus {m}
mutt {n} (a mongrel dog)  :: vořech
mutton {n} (the flesh of sheep used as food)  :: skopové {n}
mutual {adj} (having the same relationship, each to each other)  :: vzájemný {m}
mutual admiration society {n} (group)  :: my hoši co spolu mluvíme, partička {f}, kamarádíčkové {m-p}
mutually {adv} (in the same way, each to the other; reciprocally)  :: vzájemně
muzzle {n} (part of animal's head)  :: čenich {m}, čumák {m}
muzzle {n} (open end of a gun)  :: ústí {n}
muzzle {n} (device to stop an animal from biting)  :: náhubek {m}
my {determiner} (belonging to me)  :: můj {m}
myalgia {n} (muscular pain or tenderness)  :: myalgie {f}
Myanmar {prop} (Southeast Asian country)  :: Myanmar {m}
Myanmar {prop} (Burmese) SEE: Burmese  ::
mycologist {n} (a person who studies, professes or practices mycology)  :: mykolog {m}
mycology {n} (study of fungi)  :: mykologie {f}
mycosis {n} (an infection caused by a fungus)  :: mykóza
mycotic {adj} (of or relating to a fungus)  :: mykotický
myelin {n} (white, fatty material, composed of lipids and lipoproteins)  :: myelin {m}
myelin sheath {n} (envelope of myelin)  :: myelinová pochva {f}
myeloblast {n} (cell)  :: myeloblast
myeloblastic {adj} (of, pertaining to or containing myeloblasts)  :: myeloblastický
myeloid {adj} (of or pertaining to bone marrow)  :: myeloidní
myeloma {n} (malignant tumor of bone marrow)  :: myelom {m}
myelopathy {n} (disorder in which the tissue of the spinal cord is diseased or damaged)  :: myelopatie {f}
my name is {phrase} (a way to identify oneself)  :: jmenuji se...
myocardial infarction {n} (heart attack) SEE: heart attack  ::
myocarditis {n} (inflammation of the myocardium)  :: myokarditida {f}
myocardium {n} (muscles that surround and power the heart)  :: myokard {m}
myopia {n} (disorder of vision)  :: krátkozrakost {n}
myopic {adj} (unable to see distant objects unaided)  :: krátkozraký {m}
my pleasure {interj} (a polite reaction to receiving thanks)  :: potěšení na mé straně
myriad {n} (vast diversity or number)  :: myriáda {f}
myrrh {n} (dried sap of the myrrha tree)  :: myrha {f}
myrrhic {adj} (related to myrrh)  :: myrhový {m}
myrtle {n} (evergreen shrub)  :: myrta {f}
myself {pron} (me, reflexive case of I)  :: se, sebe
mysterious {adj} (of unknown origin)  :: tajemný {m}, záhadný {m}
mysterious {adj} (having unknown qualities)  :: tajuplný
mysteriously {adv} (in a mysterious manner)  :: tajemně, záhadně, tajuplně
mysteriousness {n} (the quality of being mysterious)  :: tajemnost {f}, záhadnost {f}, tajuplnost {f}
mystery {n} (something secret or unexplainable)  :: záhada {f}
mystic {n} (someone who practices mysticism)  :: mystik {m}
myth {n} (divine story)  :: mýtus {m}
mythologic {adj} (mythological) SEE: mythological  ::
mythological {adj} (of, or relating to myths or mythology)  :: mytologický
mythologically {adv} (in a mythological fashion)  :: mytologicky
mythology {n} (myths of a people)  :: mytologie
mythology {n} (collection and study of myths)  :: mytologie {f}, mythologie {f}
myxedema {n} (form of edema)  :: myxedém {m}
myxoma {n} (tumor of primitive connective tissue)  :: myxom
myxomatosis {n} (rabbit disease)  :: myxomatóza {f}