Wiktionary:Todo/unhelpful abbreviations

These are unhelpful abbreviations used outside of quotations that are not well known by most viewers. Since we are not paper, they should be replaced with English text.


  • L. = "Latin" or {{der|..|la}}


  • Gr. = "Greek or {{der|..|el}} (or Ancient Greek/{{der|..|grc}})"
Page Section Abbreviations
बुध् Sanskrit Gr. Gr.
भुज् Sanskrit Gr.
विद् Sanskrit Gr.
सिव् Sanskrit Gr.
स्था Sanskrit Gr. Gr.
हा Sanskrit Gr.


  • esp. = "especially"
Page Section Abbreviations
तन्त्र Sanskrit esp.
नन्दक Sanskrit esp.
प्रकृति Sanskrit esp.
प्रीति Sanskrit esp.
बाहु Sanskrit esp. esp.
लिङ्ग Sanskrit esp.
वनस्पति Sanskrit esp. esp. esp.
विजय Sanskrit esp.
विद् Sanskrit esp.
वृति Sanskrit esp.


  • q.v. = usually "see"
Page Section Abbreviations
लिङ्ग Sanskrit q.v.
सीता Sanskrit q.v.

infra supraEdit

  • infra/supra = Latin for "above"/"below". If referring to another language section (usually "English" is above and the etymon language is below) use that distinction instead


Page Section Abbreviations
Afërdita Albanian cf.
Andi Albanian cf.
adresë Albanian cf.
baltë Albanian Cf.
bishtajë Albanian cf.
blej Albanian cf.
buall Albanian cf.
cjap Albanian cf.
dardhë Albanian cf.
detyrë Albanian cf.
dhogë Albanian Cf.
eci Albanian cf.
fashë Albanian Cf.
fier Albanian cf.
flojere Albanian cf.
frutë Albanian cf.
fryt Albanian Cf.
furtunë Albanian Cf.
fërgëlloj Albanian Cf.
gargull Albanian Cf.
gjysh Albanian Cf.
gudulis Albanian Cf.
herë Albanian Cf.
hundë Albanian cf.
jashtë Albanian Cf.
kalorës Albanian Cf.
kalë Albanian cf.
kopaç Albanian cf.
krah Albanian cf.
krap Albanian cf.
kreshnik Albanian cf.
kukutë Albanian cf.
kunj Albanian Cf.
kuvend Albanian Cf.
luan Albanian Cf.
mal Albanian cf.
mbret Albanian cf.
mot Albanian cf.
ngarkoj Albanian Cf.
ngujoj Albanian Cf.
ni Albanian cf.
panjë Albanian cf.
pjergull Albanian Cf.
përrua Albanian cf.
shaka Albanian cf.
shikoj Albanian cf.
shkruaj Albanian Cf.
shkurt Albanian cf.
shkurtoj Albanian Cf.
shpif Albanian cf.
shtrat Albanian Cf.
shtëpi Albanian Cf.
sorrë Albanian Cf.
tradhëtoj Albanian Cf.
unë Albanian cf.
ve Albanian cf.
virgjër Albanian Cf.
zjarm Albanian cf
βίος Ancient Greek Cf.
ζῶ Ancient Greek cf.
ζῷον Ancient Greek Cf.
μήτηρ Ancient Greek cf.
νίζω Ancient Greek Cf.
οἶος Ancient Greek cf.
πατήρ Ancient Greek cf.
πεῖρα Ancient Greek Cf.
πλατύς Ancient Greek cf.
πρόξενος Ancient Greek cf
ἄνεμος Ancient Greek Cf.
ἑκατόν Ancient Greek cf.
ἤπειρος Ancient Greek cf.
ἵππος Ancient Greek cf.
ῥεῦμα Ancient Greek Cf.
caixico Aragonese cf.
նավ Armenian cf.
abur Aromanian cf.
aestu Aromanian cf.
alavdu Aromanian Cf.
alghescu Aromanian cf.
analtsu Aromanian Cf.
analtu Aromanian cf.
baltã Aromanian Cf.
bilescu Aromanian Cf.
bizeljie Aromanian Cf.
broascã tsãstoasã Aromanian cf.
bãnedz Aromanian Cf.
cirishar Aromanian cf.
crier Aromanian cf.
cucutã Aromanian cf.
cãlãrets Aromanian Cf.
cãmbanã Aromanian Cf.
cãrunã Aromanian cf.
discultsu Aromanian cf.
disic Aromanian Cf.
dzãnã Aromanian cf.
escu Aromanian Cf.
feamin Aromanian Cf.
fumelj Aromanian Cf.
furtunã Aromanian Cf.
fãpturã Aromanian cf.
ghismãciuni Aromanian cf.
grescu Aromanian Cf.
gurguljat Aromanian Cf.
gushi Aromanian cf.
gushã Aromanian cf.
iu Aromanian Cf.
laiu Aromanian Cf.
luftã Aromanian Cf.
minciunedzu Aromanian Cf.
minciunã Aromanian Cf.
mushat Aromanian Cf.
mãndzu Aromanian Cf.
ncarcu Aromanian cf.
ngustu Aromanian cf.
njic Aromanian Cf.
njior Aromanian cf.
nuearcã Aromanian Cf.
nãs Aromanian Cf.
nãsã Aromanian Cf.
piturniclje Aromanian cf.
preftu Aromanian cf.
pulicar Aromanian Cf.
pulpã Aromanian cf.
pãstrescu Aromanian Cf.
scuru Aromanian Cf.
scutic Aromanian cf.
shcoarci Aromanian Cf.
shcurtedz Aromanian Cf.
shcurtu Aromanian Cf.
shushuredz Aromanian Cf.
sprindzeanã Aromanian Cf.
spãn Aromanian Cf.
sterpu Aromanian Cf.
stringu Aromanian cf.
stur Aromanian Cf.
sugljits Aromanian Cf. Cf.
tsupatã Aromanian Cf.
ulitsã Aromanian Cf.
vãrnu Aromanian Cf.
zburãscu Aromanian Cf.
ãnsor Aromanian cf.
𐬯𐬁𐬭𐬀 Avestan Cf.
сәскә Bashkir cf.
ahuntz Basque cf.
behi Basque cf.
behor Basque cf.
elur Basque cf.
ibar Basque cf.
ibi Basque cf.
хто Belarusian cf.
হাত Bengali cf.
maro Breton cf.
живот Bulgarian cf.
кост Bulgarian cf.
-itzar Catalan Cf.
amb Catalan Cf.
envoltar Catalan Cf.
llis Catalan Cf.
howl Cornish cf.
duha Czech cf.
hedvábí Czech cf.
kdo Czech cf.
kost Czech cf.
život Czech cf.
abandonur Dalmatian cf.
agaun Dalmatian Cf.
bajur Dalmatian Cf.
bosca Dalmatian Cf.
boscur Dalmatian Cf.
boscurd Dalmatian Cf.
botaun Dalmatian Cf.
botur Dalmatian Cf.
bramur Dalmatian Cf.
branzain Dalmatian Cf.
brusur Dalmatian cf.
búrbor Dalmatian Cf.
campanaid Dalmatian Cf.
capei Dalmatian Cf.
carnual Dalmatian Cf.
cic Dalmatian Cf.
cosuol Dalmatian Cf.
debeta Dalmatian Cf.
desmun Dalmatian Cf.
dessendiansia Dalmatian Cf.
destruar Dalmatian Cf.
disnur Dalmatian cf.
dotuar Dalmatian Cf.
dramur Dalmatian cf.
dri Dalmatian cf.
fataica Dalmatian Cf.
jasca Dalmatian cf.
juarbol Dalmatian Cf.
lois Dalmatian Cf.
mejatoira Dalmatian Cf.
mut Dalmatian cf.
ourata Dalmatian cf.
plui Dalmatian Cf.
raigno Dalmatian Cf.
samur Dalmatian cf.
scutro Dalmatian cf.
sot Dalmatian cf.
tragala Dalmatian cf.
vuarb Dalmatian Cf.
čuarv Dalmatian Cf.
arbejde Danish Cf.
forbyde Danish cf.
sjæl Danish cf.
træde Danish Cf.
Lodewijk Dutch cf.
dauw Dutch cf.
droog Dutch cf.
gaard Dutch cf.
halfslachtig Dutch cf.
lengen Dutch Cf.
naar Dutch cf.
oeros Dutch cf.
paus Dutch cf.
uil Dutch cf.
walvis Dutch cf.
zakken Dutch Cf.
Carpathians English cf.
Danish English cf.
Euphrates English cf.
Excalibur English cf.
Fleming English cf.
G English cf.
Indo-Germanic English cf.
Indus English cf.
Kalderash English Cf.
Louis English cf.
Mazda English cf.
Mephistopheles English cf.
Orange English cf.
Rome English Cf.
Ruthenia English Cf.
Thrace English cf.
Tigris English cf.
acrid English Cf.
agnotology English cf.
ass English c.f.
asshole English c.f.
auberge English cf.
avalanche English cf.
azbuka English cf.
back English cf.
bad English cf.
bagel English cf.
ban English cf.
bangstry English cf.
barn English cf.
barrier English cf.
beacon English cf.
beard English cf.
beatsauce English cf.
bleach English cf.
bleat English cf.
box English cf.
brat English cf.
brow English cf.
buck English Cf.
bureau English cf.
buro English cf.
bury English cf.
bush English cf.
cabbage English cf.
canopy English cf.
canvas English Cf.
carve English cf.
chernozem English cf.
chin English cf.
cleaver English cf.
clevis English cf.
creel English cf.
daurade English cf.
discursion English cf
ditch English cf.
dock English cf.
draw English cf.
dun English cf.
dusk English cf.
dzhigit English cf.
entrail English cf.
esperance English cf.
felly English cf.
fen English cf.
fern English cf.
flannel English cf.
flea English cf.
fleshmeat English cf.
fly English cf.
foe English cf.
foremost English cf.
frappé English cf.
full English cf.
furrow English cf.
gage English Cf.
gallon English Cf.
garden English cf.
garn English Cf.
gate English cf.
ghastly English cf.
ginger English cf.
give English cf.
glade English cf
grand English cf.
grip English cf.
grope English cf.
harbor English cf.
hare English cf.
have English cf.
hay English cf.
heap English cf.
hearken English cf.
heavy English cf.
heel English cf.
height English cf.
helm English cf.
heptameride English cf
hide English cf.
hock English cf.
hoe English cf.
hook English cf.
hough English cf.
hound English cf.
hut English cf.
incline English c.f.
knead English cf.
knot English cf.
lath English cf.
louse English cf.
lung English cf.
mare English cf.
marjoram English cf.
marsh English cf.
marten English cf.
meride English cf
middle English cf.
mildew English cf.
monogram English cf.
mortgage English Cf.
mow English cf.
mule English cf.
narghile English cf
neck English cf.
nit English cf.
nose English cf.
nut English cf.
octa- English cf.
okrug English cf.
owl English cf.
pelf English cf.
plank English Cf.
plug English cf.
pocket English Cf.
pounce English cf.
proboscis English cf.
real gone English Cf.
reward English Cf.
rice English cf.
roan English cf.
roller English cf.
rowan English cf.
sag English Cf.
sag wagon English Cf.
salt English cf.
sap English cf.
sapphire English cf.
savorous English Cf.
scarf English cf.
seat English Cf.
shake English Cf.
sharp English cf.
shed English cf.
shell English cf.
shit English cf.
shoe English cf.
shore English cf.
sindonology English cf.
skulk English cf.
skull English Cf.
sled English cf.
social English cf.
sorrow English cf.
sovereign English cf.
sovereignty English cf.
spare English cf.
spark English cf.
spite English Cf.
stammer English Cf.
stick English cf.
stone English cf.
string English cf.
swing English cf.
tare English cf.
thermotics English cf.
thumb English cf.
tuck English cf.
unknown English Cf.
vaccine English Cf.
valley of the shadow of death English c.f.
venal English cf.
very English Cf.
wage English Cf.
walk English cf.
warden English Cf.
warren English cf.
waste English cf.
weight English cf.
weld English cf.
whale English cf.
wheat English cf.
wheel English cf.
whey English cf.
wine English cf.
wold English cf.
wool English cf.
wrest English cf.
writhe English cf.
yacht English cf.
yarn English Cf.
lifto Esperanto cf.
reĝisoro Esperanto Cf.
ungo Esperanto Cf.
hobune Estonian cf.
sein Estonian cf.
võtma Estonian cf.
𐌍𐌄𐌓𐌉 Etruscan cf.
frøkna Faroese cf.
hugsjón Faroese Cf.
ingifer Faroese cf.
knútur Faroese cf.
nøs Faroese cf.
súgv Faroese Cf.
Kotus Finnish cf.
alla Finnish cf.
deejii Finnish cf.
hepo Finnish cf.
hiilari Finnish cf.
hiki Finnish cf.
huoltaa Finnish cf.
ilotyttö Finnish Cf.
kaita Finnish cf.
kalju Finnish cf.
kato Finnish cf.
kumpu Finnish cf.
kylä Finnish cf.
lauta Finnish cf.
luoti Finnish Cf.
mäyrä Finnish cf.
naaras Finnish cf.
naarmu Finnish cf.
naula Finnish cf.
nauta Finnish Cf.
panna Finnish cf.
saapas Finnish cf.
sauna Finnish cf.
umpi Finnish cf.
vaali Finnish cf.
blé French cf.
bourgeois French Cf.
bouton French Cf.
brave French Cf.
bête French Cf.
caboche French Cf.
cancre French Cf.
canevas French Cf.
capitaine French Cf.
cavalier French Cf.
champagne French cf.
change French Cf.
charpenter French cf.
chaîner French Cf.
chouraver French cf.
chute French Cf.
cireux French cf.
cossu French cf.
courrier French Cf.
coutume French Cf.
côté French Cf.
dicter French Cf.
direct French Cf.
disque French Cf.
doter French Cf.
déprécier French Cf.
enclume French Cf.
enquête French Cf.
espèce French Cf.
extorquer French Cf.
fesser French Cf.
gager French Cf.
garder French Cf.
gardien French cf.
garenne French cf.
gelée French cf.
grenouille French cf.
gésir French Cf
hirondelle French cf.
hivernage French Cf.
hostie French Cf.
inviter French Cf.
levure French Cf.
ligature French Cf.
lisser French Cf.
massue French Cf.
mensonge French Cf.
moustache French cf.
muraille French Cf.
méchant French Cf.
médian French Cf.
natal French Cf.
octobre French Cf.
plinthe French cf.
poche French cf.
pose French Cf.
pénitence French Cf.
quartier French cf.
que French cf.
quoi French cf.
ration French Cf.
roche French Cf.
salade French cf.
sanctifier French Cf.
société French Cf.
tenace French Cf.
tenaille French Cf.
tourte French cf.
tradition French Cf.
urger French cf.
vide French Cf.
virer French Cf.
vulgaire French Cf.
élaguer French cf.
éructer French Cf.
étancher French Cf.
cûr Friulian cf.
felet Friulian cf.
orele Friulian cf.
vescul Friulian cf.
zardìn Friulian cf.
ànime Friulian cf.
ìsule Friulian cf.
čhan Friulian cf.
čhandele Friulian cf.
čhase Friulian cf.
čhaval Friulian cf.
Balken German cf.
Gesäß German Cf.
Narbe German cf.
σκλάβος Greek Cf.
τράγος Greek cf.
gardin Guernésiais cf.
अजगर Hindi cf.
अश्रु Hindi cf.
आँसू Hindi cf.
द्वार Hindi cf.
परशु Hindi cfr.
माता Hindi cf.
karácsony Hungarian cf.
hnútur Icelandic cf.
inquesta Interlingua cf.
jammais Interlingua Cf.
meraviliose Interlingua Cf.
oblidar Interlingua Cf.
beatha Irish cf.
bád Irish cf.
cad Irish cf.
ceolchoirm Irish Cf.
chuig Irish Cf.
clois Irish cf.
deoir Irish cf.
nia Irish cf.
sinséar Irish cf.
tanaí Irish cf.
-izzare Italian Cf.
Genova Italian Cf.
altrettanto Italian cf.
anche Italian Cf.
avvelenare Italian Cf.
borghese Italian Cf.
brodo Italian cf.
bruciare Italian cf.
che Italian cf.
chioccia Italian Cf.
chiocciare Italian Cf.
cogitare Italian Cf.
colmo Italian Cf.
comparare Italian Cf.
corridoio Italian Cf.
cozione Italian Cf.
digiunare Italian Cf.
discendenza Italian cf.
dispregiare Italian Cf.
fetta Italian Cf.
gamba Italian cf.
gelata Italian cf.
giuntare Italian Cf.
guado Italian Cf.
guardiano Italian Cf.
lievito Italian Cf.
liscio Italian Cf.
maniscalco Italian cf.
marcire Italian Cf.
orata Italian Cf.
particella Italian Cf.
prigione Italian Cf.
quadrello Italian Cf.
razza Italian cf.
rocca Italian Cf.
roccia Italian Cf.
rogna Italian cf.
saettare Italian Cf.
scapitare Italian cf.
similare Italian Cf.
singhiozzare Italian Cf.
singhiozzo Italian Cf.
socio Italian Cf.
sortire Italian cf.
svezzare Italian Cf.
vaccino Italian Cf.
vegliare Italian cf.
veruno Italian Cf.
vuoto Italian Cf.
荒魂 Japanese c.f.
oualipe Jèrriais Cf.
pouque Jèrriais Cf.
rocque Jèrriais Cf.
êtrait Jèrriais cf.
Korean cf.
Korean cf.
agir Kurdish cf.
golik Kurdish Cf.
qaz Kurdish cf.
yek Kurdish Cf.
nascer Ladin cf
ermano Ladino cf.
Iuppiter Latin cf.
animus Latin cf.
avunculus Latin cf.
battuo Latin cf.
bustum Latin cf.
caballus Latin Cf.
canus Latin cf.
costa Latin cf.
cotoneum Latin Cf.
cucus Latin Cf.
deus Latin cf.
diu Latin cf.
erythrocephalus Latin cf.
exter Latin Cf.
extra Latin cf.
famulus Latin cf.
ferio Latin Cf.
firmamentum Latin cf.
genitus Latin Cf.
genus Latin cf.
iocus Latin Cf.
iuvencus Latin Cf.
lana Latin cf.
ligo Latin Cf.
longus Latin cf.
melior Latin Cf.
mons Latin cf.
morior Latin cf.
no Latin Cf.
nux Latin cf.
oliva Latin cf.
omnis Latin c.f.
pinso Latin Cf.
poculum Latin cf.
quid Latin cf.
quinque Latin cf.
rabio Latin cf.
rufus Latin Cf.
sanguis Latin cf.
sero Latin cf.
sinciput Latin cf.
spero Latin cf.
supra Latin Cf.
testis Latin Cf.
unda Latin Cf.
vereor Latin Cf.
vita Latin cf.
-ija Latvian cf.
-itāte Latvian cf.
-izēt Latvian cf.
-ācija Latvian cf.
-āls Latvian cf.
arka Latvian cf.
art Latvian cf.
asaris Latvian cf.
asmens Latvian cf.
ass Latvian cf. cf.
astoņi Latvian cf.
augša Latvian cf.
auksts Latvian cf.
baigs Latvian cf.
balts Latvian cf.
bruņas Latvian cf.
brīvs Latvian cf.
bulta Latvian cf.
bērzs Latvian cf.
bībele Latvian cf.
cauna Latvian cf.
ciemiņš Latvian cf.
ciems Latvian cf.
cimds Latvian cf.
dakša Latvian cf.
darbs Latvian cf.
darbības vārds Latvian cf.
darīt Latvian cf.
debess Latvian cf.
deviņi Latvian cf.
dievs Latvian cf.
dobs Latvian cf.
drēgns Latvian cf.
dumjš Latvian cf.
dzeltens Latvian cf.
dārgs Latvian cf.
elle Latvian cf.
esamība Latvian cf.
eža Latvian cf.
frekvence Latvian cf.
gudrs Latvian cf.
homiķis Latvian cf.
homo- Latvian cf.
ievads Latvian cf.
ilgs Latvian cf.
istaba Latvian cf.
jauns Latvian cf.
josta Latvian cf.
kails Latvian cf.
kas lācītim vēderā Latvian cf.
klepus Latvian cf.
korāns Latvian cf.
kreilis Latvian cf.
krusts Latvian cf.
krāsa Latvian cf.
krāsns Latvian cf.
kuteklis Latvian cf.
labība Latvian Cf.
laipns Latvian cf.
liels Latvian cf. cf.
meli Latvian cf.
menca Latvian cf.
mīksts Latvian cf.
mīlestība Latvian cf.
nauda Latvian cf.
nazis Latvian cf.
nikns Latvian cf.
pelēks Latvian cf.
perve Latvian cf.
piere Latvian cf.
pilsonis Latvian cf.
plats Latvian cf.
pliks Latvian cf.
prieks Latvian cf.
pulkstenis Latvian cf.
pērve Latvian cf.
pīle Latvian cf.
pūķis Latvian cf.
reģistrs Latvian cf.
roze Latvian cf.
sa- Latvian cf.
salds Latvian cf.
sams Latvian cf.
saule Latvian cf.
selga Latvian cf.
sieviete Latvian cf.
skaists Latvian cf.
slidens Latvian cf.
slikts Latvian cf.
slims Latvian cf.
slinks Latvian cf.
sniegs Latvian cf.
spainis Latvian cf.
spieģelis Latvian cf.
spogulis Latvian cf.
stikls Latvian cf.
strauts Latvian cf.
stārķis Latvian cf.
sudrabs Latvian cf.
suka Latvian cf.
svabads Latvian cf.
sārts Latvian cf.
tinte Latvian cf.
trīs Latvian cf.
tulks Latvian cf.
tāss Latvian cf.
tēja Latvian cf.
uts Latvian cf.
vai Latvian cf.
vaina Latvian cf.
vajadzēt Latvian cf.
valsts Latvian cf.
varde Latvian cf.
variants Latvian cf.
vecs Latvian cf.
veids Latvian cf.
veļi Latvian cf.
viens Latvian cf.
vilnis Latvian cf.
vājš Latvian cf.
vēstule Latvian cf. cf.
vēsture Latvian cf.
vīle Latvian cf. cf.
zars Latvian cf.
zaļš Latvian cf.
zelts Latvian cf.
zils Latvian cf.
zinātnieks Latvian cf.
zods Latvian Cf.
zvirbulis Latvian cf.
āpsis Latvian cf.
ārs Latvian cf.
ātrs Latvian cf.
čakls Latvian cf.
ērts Latvian cf.
ķeksis Latvian cf.
ķemme Latvian cf.
ķīsis Latvian cf.
ļauns Latvian cf.
šausmas Latvian cf.
šunelis Latvian cf.
ūdrs Latvian cf.
ūsa Latvian cf.
žurka Latvian cf.
ašara Lithuanian cf.
devyni Lithuanian cf.
gintaras Lithuanian cf.
saldus Lithuanian Cf.
vienas Lithuanian cf.
žandas Lithuanian Cf.
kósć Lower Sorbian cf.
dendam Malay cf.
idam Malay cf.
bebbuxu Maltese cf.
dsatax Maltese Cf.
erbatax Maltese Cf.
farfett Maltese Cf.
fekruna Maltese cf.
gerżuma Maltese cf.
gidi Maltese cf.
għoxrin Maltese Cf.
gżira Maltese cf.
kiber Maltese Cf.
mitejn Maltese Cf.
sbatax Maltese Cf.
sittax Maltese Cf.
tlettax Maltese Cf.
tmintax Maltese Cf.
tnax Maltese Cf.
ħdax Maltese Cf.
ħmistax Maltese Cf.
żewġ Maltese Cf.
stăpǫn Megleno-Romanian cf.
far Norwegian Bokmål Cf.
tenke Norwegian Bokmål cf.
far Norwegian Nynorsk Cf.
utlending Norwegian Cf.
-izar Occitan Cf.
գերծ Old Armenian Cf.
դուռն Old Armenian cf.
տարի Old Armenian Cf.
տիւ Old Armenian cf.
аицє Old Church Slavonic cf.
животъ Old Church Slavonic cf.
кость Old Church Slavonic cf.
къто Old Church Slavonic cf.
Norþweg Old English cf.
agnian Old English cf.
cynd Old English Cf.
dyfan Old English Cf.
dyppan Old English cf.
eow Old English cf.
fugol Old English cf.
gylt Old English Cf.
ofer Old English Cf.
sceaþ Old English cf.
set Old English Cf.
tucian Old English cf.
wiht Old English cf.
æx Old English cf.
þursdæg Old English cf.
estriver Old French Cf.
guardein Old French Cf.
noise Old French cf.
wardein Old French Cf.
knoto Old High German cf.
attá Old Irish cf.
cenn Old Irish cf.
cid Old Irish cf.
coicéile Old Irish cf.
fil Old Irish cf.
fri Old Irish cf.
fáith Old Irish cf.
gillanrad Old Irish cf.
gillarad Old Irish cf.
ibid Old Irish cf.
marb Old Irish cf.
nia Old Irish cf.
rofinnadar Old Irish cf.
tanae Old Irish cf.
óen Old Irish cf.
hjól Old Norse cf.
knútr Old Norse cf.
uebos Old Spanish cf.
иу Ossetian cf.
ارس Persian cf.
برنج Persian cf.
تو Persian cf.
خوک Persian Cf.
زر Persian Cf.
مرد Persian cf.
kość Polish cf.
kto Polish cf.
szaman Polish cf.
-izar Portuguese Cf.
besta Portuguese Cf.
cabisbaixo Portuguese cf.
clavícula Portuguese Cf.
cristão Portuguese Cf.
desejar Portuguese Cf.
duplo Portuguese Cf.
envenenar Portuguese Cf.
espaço Portuguese Cf.
esponja Portuguese cf.
estudar Portuguese Cf.
facção Portuguese Cf.
feno Portuguese Cf.
inflação Portuguese Cf.
inteiro Portuguese Cf.
irmão Portuguese cf.
leite Portuguese cf.
liso Portuguese Cf.
médio Portuguese Cf.
pão Portuguese cf.
Portuguese cf.
que Portuguese cf.
quieto Portuguese Cf.
regra Portuguese Cf.
soluço Portuguese cf.
tardio Portuguese Cf.
tradição Portuguese Cf.
vinho Portuguese cf.
आंहू Rajasthani cf.
-ez Romanian Cf.
-ție Romanian Cf.
Andrei Romanian Cf.
Brașov Romanian cf.
București Romanian Cf.
Cluj Romanian cf.
Crăciun Romanian cf. cf.
Moldova Romanian cf.
Tudor Romanian Cf.
abur Romanian cf.
aburca Romanian Cf.
acelei Romanian Cf.
acelor Romanian Cf.
acelui Romanian Cf.
acestei Romanian Cf.
acestor Romanian Cf.
acestui Romanian Cf.
adineauri Romanian Cf.
adulmeca Romanian Cf.
afâna Romanian Cf.
agrișă Romanian Cf.
ajun Romanian Cf.
alac Romanian cf.
alamă Romanian Cf.
albanez Romanian Cf.
albină Romanian cf.
alerga Romanian cf.
altar Romanian Cf.
aluat Romanian Cf.
alăpta Romanian Cf.
amnar Romanian Cf.
amu Romanian cf.
arab Romanian Cf.
arici Romanian Cf.
ascuți Romanian Cf.
atare Romanian Cf.
aușel Romanian cf.
avort Romanian Cf.
azvârli Romanian cf.
așa Romanian cf.
așchie Romanian Cf.
așeza Romanian Cf.
bale Romanian Cf.
baltă Romanian Cf.
berbecar Romanian Cf.
binecuvânta Romanian cf.
bleg Romanian cf.
broască Romanian Cf.
brumar Romanian cf.
brânză Romanian cf.
bucura Romanian cf.
bumbac Romanian Cf.
bun Romanian Cf.
bură Romanian Cf.
butuc Romanian Cf.
buză Romanian Cf.
buștean Romanian cf.
bârsă Romanian cf.
băiat Romanian cf.
bălăi Romanian Cf.
bărbie Romanian Cf.
băuna Romanian Cf.
calendar Romanian Cf.
canapea Romanian cf.
caracatiță Romanian cf.
ce Romanian cf.
cetera Romanian Cf.
chichirez Romanian Cf.
cicadă Romanian Cf.
cimpoi Romanian cf.
cioară Romanian cf.
cireșar Romanian Cf.
coajă Romanian cf.
codru Romanian cf.
colibă Romanian cf.
colindă Romanian cf.
copac Romanian Cf.
cratiță Romanian Cf.
cresta Romanian cf.
cruța Romanian cf.
cuc Romanian Cf.
cufunda Romanian Cf.
cuptor Romanian Cf.
cutare Romanian Cf.
cuteza Romanian cf.
cânepă Romanian cf.
cântecel Romanian Cf.
cârlan Romanian Cf.
cârnat Romanian Cf.
cârneleagă Romanian cf.
câștiga Romanian cf.
căciulă Romanian Cf.
călare Romanian cf.
călin Romanian Cf.
călăreț Romanian Cf.
cămin Romanian cf.
căprior Romanian cf.
căpăta Romanian cf.
căpățână Romanian Cf.
căra Romanian Cf.
cărâie Romanian Cf.
căuș Romanian Cf.
defaimă Romanian Cf.
dejuga Romanian Cf.
desculț Romanian cf.
descăleca Romanian cf.
desmăța Romanian Cf.
despre Romanian Cf.
dezmetici Romanian Cf.
dezvoalbe Romanian Cf.
dezvolta Romanian Cf.
deșidera Romanian Cf.
dintru Romanian Cf.
doborî Romanian Cf.
dospi Romanian Cf.
duh Romanian cf
dânsul Romanian Cf.
dărâma Romanian cf.
fală Romanian cf.
famen Romanian Cf.
familie Romanian Cf.
fereca Romanian cf.
flacără Romanian Cf.
flamură Romanian Cf.
fleac Romanian Cf.
flutura Romanian Cf.
foamete Romanian Cf.
focar Romanian Cf.
fruct Romanian Cf.
frâna Romanian Cf.
fuior Romanian cf.
furtună Romanian Cf.
fârtat Romanian cf.
făinar Romanian Cf.
făptură Romanian cf.
fărâma Romanian cf.
gaură Romanian Cf.
ghimpe Romanian cf.
grangur Romanian cf.
grumaz Romanian Cf.
grăi Romanian Cf.
gutuie Romanian cf.
gâdila Romanian cf.
gât Romanian Cf.
găoace Romanian Cf.
hrăni Romanian Cf.
humă Romanian Cf.
iată Romanian cf.
ienupăr Romanian Cf.
iernatic Romanian cf.
iscăli Romanian Cf.
jeț Romanian cf.
jigodie Romanian Cf.
jumătate Romanian cf. cf.
juvete Romanian cf.
lai Romanian cf.
latură Romanian Cf.
leșie Romanian cf.
limbut Romanian Cf.
locui Romanian Cf.
lua Romanian Cf.
lume Romanian Cf.
luptător Romanian cf.
lăptos Romanian Cf.
mator Romanian Cf.
mașteră Romanian Cf.
merge Romanian cf.
meser Romanian Cf.
mic Romanian cf.
minciună Romanian Cf.
mine Romanian Cf.
mistreț Romanian Cf.
morar Romanian Cf.
movilă Romanian Cf.
moș Romanian cf.
muchie Romanian Cf.
murg Romanian cf.
mustață Romanian Cf.
mușca Romanian cf.
mânz Romanian Cf.
măciucă Romanian Cf.
măgar Romanian cf.
măgură Romanian cf.
mărar Romanian Cf.
mărăcine Romanian Cf.
mătrăgună Romanian Cf.
mătură Romanian Cf.
nadă Romanian cf.
nevoie Romanian cf.
nimeni Romanian Cf.
nimic Romanian Cf.
nămol Romanian Cf.
omăt Romanian cf.
opincă Romanian Cf.
opus Romanian Cf.
orație Romanian Cf.
pască Romanian Cf.
pensie Romanian Cf.
perie Romanian Cf.
pil Romanian cf.
placentă Romanian Cf.
plai Romanian Cf.
ploșniță Romanian Cf.
plămân Romanian cf.
poală Romanian Cf.
poimâine Romanian cf.
polonic Romanian cf.
potență Romanian Cf.
potârniche Romanian cf.
praz Romanian cf.
pre- Romanian Cf.
prospăta Romanian cf.
purica Romanian Cf.
pus Romanian cf.
pâlnie Romanian cf.
pârț Romanian Cf.
păducel Romanian Cf.
pădure Romanian cf.
părticea Romanian Cf.
părăsi Romanian cf.
păstra Romanian Cf.
ramură Romanian Cf.
rană Romanian cf.
rață Romanian cf.
reteza Romanian cf.
rețea Romanian cf.
românesc Romanian Cf.
rost Romanian Cf.
rouă Romanian Cf.
rufă Romanian Cf.
râie Romanian Cf.
râios Romanian Cf.
râncheza Romanian cf.
răci Romanian Cf.
răcoare Romanian cf.
răgace Romanian cf.
răguși Romanian Cf.
războinic Romanian Cf.
scabie Romanian Cf.
schimba Romanian cf.
scorbură Romanian cf.
scormoni Romanian Cf.
scriitor Romanian cf.
scris Romanian cf.
scuipa Romanian Cf.
scula Romanian cf.
scump Romanian cf.
scurta Romanian cf.
scutec Romanian cf.
scăpăra Romanian cf.
serv Romanian Cf.
servi Romanian Cf.
sfoară Romanian Cf.
sfredel Romanian Cf.
sorti Romanian Cf.
spațiu Romanian Cf.
spinteca Romanian cf.
spiriduș Romanian Cf.
spirit Romanian Cf.
splină Romanian Cf.
sprânceană Romanian Cf.
spân Romanian Cf.
spânz Romanian cf.
spânzura Romanian Cf.
sterp Romanian Cf.
stinghie Romanian cf.
străluci Romanian Cf.
strănepot Romanian Cf.
stupi Romanian cf.
stâncă Romanian cf.
stâng Romanian Cf.
stârc Romanian cf.
stăpân Romanian Cf.
sughiț Romanian Cf.
sughița Romanian Cf.
sur Romanian Cf.
surpa Romanian Cf.
sâmbătă Romanian Cf.
sânziană Romanian cf.
tare Romanian Cf.
temelie Romanian Cf.
tigaie Romanian Cf.
toană Romanian Cf.
trufă Romanian cf.
tumbă Romanian cf.
uliță Romanian Cf.
umbla Romanian cf.
urî Romanian cf.
vai Romanian Cf.
valah Romanian Cf.
vatră Romanian cf.
veșted Romanian Cf.
viezure Romanian cf.
virgin Romanian Cf.
virtuos Romanian Cf.
visa Romanian Cf.
vișină Romanian cf.
voi Romanian cf.
voie Romanian cf.
voință Romanian cf.
vreun Romanian Cf.
zarzără Romanian cf.
zbiera Romanian Cf.
zbura Romanian cf.
zdravăn Romanian Cf.
zgău Romanian Cf
zgăura Romanian Cf.
zână Romanian cf.
îmbrăca Romanian Cf.
împlini Romanian Cf.
împutăciune Romanian cf.
închega Romanian cf.
înclina Romanian Cf.
încoace Romanian Cf.
încânta Romanian Cf.
încălzi Romanian cf.
încărca Romanian cf.
îndulci Romanian Cf.
înfiripa Romanian cf.
îns Romanian cf.
însura Romanian cf.
întuneca Romanian Cf.
înțelege Romanian cf.
șes Romanian cf.
șubred Romanian cf.
țeapă Romanian Cf.
țelină Romanian Cf.
țipar Romanian Cf
vast Romani cf.
живот Russian cf.
кефир Russian cf.
кость Russian cf.
плинтус Russian cf.
अनिल Sanskrit Cf.
अश्रु Sanskrit cf.
अस्त्र Sanskrit cf.
कण्टक Sanskrit cf. cf.
कुरु Sanskrit cf.
कृति Sanskrit cf.
खर Sanskrit cf.
गन्धर्व Sanskrit cf.
गौर Sanskrit cf. cf. cf.
जीवित Sanskrit cf.
तान Sanskrit cf.
दिव्य Sanskrit cf. cf.
दोस् Sanskrit cf.
पञ्चमी Sanskrit cf.
पर्शु Sanskrit cfr.
पृषत् Sanskrit Cf.
प्रति Sanskrit cf. cf. cf. cf. cf.
भुज् Sanskrit cf. cf.
मनु Sanskrit cf.
मनुष्य Sanskrit Cf.
मन्मथ Sanskrit cf.
मार Sanskrit cf.
मेघ Sanskrit cf.
मोक्ष Sanskrit cf. cf.
यम Sanskrit cf.
योनि Sanskrit cf.
रञ्जन Sanskrit cf.
लिङ्ग Sanskrit cf. cf. cf. cf.
वन Sanskrit cf. cf.
विजय Sanskrit cf.
विद् Sanskrit cf.
शृङ्ग Sanskrit cf.
शेष Sanskrit cf. cf.
ष्ठीवति Sanskrit cf.
सीता Sanskrit cf.
सूकर Sanskrit cf.
स्था Sanskrit cf.
हस्त Sanskrit cf.
bent Scots cf.
džehenem Serbo-Croatian Cf.
ko Serbo-Croatian cf.
kost Serbo-Croatian cf.
onda Serbo-Croatian cf.
tko Serbo-Croatian cf.
što Serbo-Croatian cf.
život Serbo-Croatian cf.
живот Serbo-Croatian cf.
ко Serbo-Croatian cf.
кост Serbo-Croatian cf.
онда Serbo-Croatian cf.
тко Serbo-Croatian cf.
што Serbo-Croatian cf.
kosť Slovak cf.
kto Slovak cf.
život Slovak cf.
kdo Slovene cf.
kost Slovene cf.
-ez Spanish cf.
-izar Spanish Cf.
Huelva Spanish cf.
agua Spanish cf.
ala Spanish cf.
alondra Spanish cf.
amigo Spanish cf.
ancestro Spanish cf.
angustia Spanish Cf.
araña Spanish cf.
arándano Spanish cf.
asaetear Spanish Cf.
aturdir Spanish cf.
azahar Spanish cf.
ballena Spanish cf.
barón Spanish cf.
beldad Spanish cf.
bisnieto Spanish cf.
bizcocho Spanish cf.
boro Spanish cf.
botón Spanish Cf.
brazo Spanish cf.
brújula Spanish cf.
cama Spanish Cf.
cambiar Spanish Cf.
canon Spanish cf.
carvallo Spanish cf.
castaño Spanish Cf.
cereza Spanish cf.
cerveza Spanish cf.
chisme Spanish Cf.
cilantro Spanish cf.
cima Spanish cf.
ciudad Spanish cf.
clavícula Spanish Cf.
corazón Spanish Cf.
corneja Spanish cf.
corredor Spanish Cf.
costumbre Spanish cf.
creación Spanish Cf.
crear Spanish Cf.
dedo Spanish cf.
delfín Spanish cf.
descendencia Spanish Cf.
desear Spanish cf.
despreciar Spanish cf.
diablo Spanish cf.
dieciséis Spanish cf.
diezmo Spanish cf.
digno Spanish Cf.
divinar Spanish cf.
docto Spanish Cf.
doncella Spanish cf.
druida Spanish cf.
débil Spanish Cf.
enemigo Spanish cf.
envenenar Spanish Cf.
ermita Spanish cf.
espalda Spanish cf.
espino Spanish Cf.
esponja Spanish cf.
espía Spanish cf.
estatus Spanish cf.
estrella Spanish cf.
estudiar Spanish Cf.
faz Spanish Cf.
finir Spanish cf.
fracasar Spanish Cf.
galardón Spanish cf.
ganso Spanish cf.
gato Spanish cf.
gemelo Spanish cf.
gobierno Spanish cf.
guirnalda Spanish cf.
gula Spanish Cf.
hablar Spanish cf.
hambre Spanish cf.
helada Spanish cf.
hierba Spanish cf.
hierro Spanish cf.
higo Spanish cf.
hogaza Spanish cf.
hueste Spanish cf.
huevo Spanish cf.
hígado Spanish cf.
igualdad Spanish cf.
imagen Spanish cf.
infierno Spanish cf.
injerto Spanish Cf.
invadir Spanish Cf.
invierno Spanish cf.
invitar Spanish Cf.
isla Spanish cf.
joven Spanish cf.
juicio Spanish cf.
lagrimear Spanish Cf.
lancear Spanish Cf.
leer Spanish Cf.
lenteja Spanish cf.
leopardo Spanish cf.
levante Spanish Cf.
león Spanish cf.
liebre Spanish cf.
limosna Spanish cf.
liso Spanish Cf.
lumbrera Spanish cf.
macarrón Spanish cf.
madera Spanish cf.
malicia Spanish Cf.
manejar Spanish Cf.
mediano Spanish Cf.
medula Spanish Cf.
mego Spanish cf.
mejorana Spanish cf.
menta Spanish cf.
mismo Spanish cf.
mocho Spanish Cf.
multitud Spanish Cf.
musaraña Spanish cf.
muñón Spanish cf.
nabo Spanish cf.
nalga Spanish cf.
narval Spanish cf.
natal Spanish Cf.
natío Spanish cf.
nieto Spanish cf.
no Spanish cf.
noche Spanish cf.
obispo Spanish cf.
onza Spanish cf.
orellano Spanish cf.
oro Spanish cf.
oronja Spanish cf.
oso Spanish cf.
oveja Spanish cf.
pan Spanish cf.
pazo Spanish cf.
pebre Spanish cf.
peridoto Spanish cf.
plano Spanish Cf.
plastrón Spanish cf.
pulmón Spanish cf.
pulpo Spanish cf.
que Spanish cf.
querella Spanish cf.
racimo Spanish cf.
raza Spanish cf.
remendar Spanish cf.
requesón Spanish cf.
retrete Spanish cf.
rocalla Spanish cf.
romance Spanish cf.
rotundo Spanish Cf.
sal Spanish cf.
salmodiar Spanish cf.
sanguja Spanish cf.
santificar Spanish Cf.
sauce Spanish cf.
siempre Spanish cf.
sien Spanish cf.
simio Spanish Cf.
simonía Spanish cf.
sobrino Spanish cf.
sollozo Spanish cf.
surtir Spanish Cf.
tallar Spanish Cf.
taltuza Spanish cf.
tardío Spanish Cf.
tejón Spanish cf.
tocayo Spanish cf.
toro Spanish cf.
tortuga Spanish Cf.
trompeta Spanish cf.
valer Spanish Cf.
vario Spanish Cf.
vendimia Spanish cf.
verdad Spanish cf.
vino Spanish cf.
virar Spanish cf.
voltear Spanish Cf.
yegua Spanish cf.
zompantli Spanish cf.
daggmask Swedish cf.
förbjuda Swedish cf.
jag Swedish cf.
knut Swedish cf.
träda Swedish Cf.
กระจับปี่ Thai cf.
กีฬา Thai Cf.
ขนมปัง Thai cf.
kukäl Tocharian A cf.
lu Tocharian A cf.
luk- Tocharian A cf.
māk Tocharian A cf.
pe Tocharian A Cf.
pält Tocharian A cf.
pärwat Tocharian A cf.
tärm- Tocharian A Cf.
want Tocharian A cf.
we Tocharian A Cf.
wäs Tocharian A Cf. cf.
āknats Tocharian A Cf.
ākär Tocharian A cf.
ānt Tocharian A Cf.
āñcäm Tocharian A cf.
aknātsa Tocharian B Cf.
akrūna Tocharian B cf.
arañce Tocharian B Cf.
kokale Tocharian B cf.
luk- Tocharian B cf.
luwo Tocharian B cf.
māka Tocharian B cf.
mālkant Tocharian B Cf.
paiyye Tocharian B Cf.
parwe Tocharian B cf.
pilta Tocharian B cf.
twere Tocharian B cf.
wase Tocharian B cf.
yasa Tocharian B Cf.
yente Tocharian B cf.
ānte Tocharian B Cf.
āñme Tocharian B cf.
śwerppewä Tocharian B Cf.
хто Ukrainian cf.
kósć Upper Sorbian cf.
آنسو Urdu cf.
دو Urdu Cf.
gudikumön Volapük Cf.
gudükumön Volapük Cf.
hikujöran Volapük cf.
hikujörans Volapük cf.
jikujöran Volapük cf.
jikujörans Volapük cf.
kujör Volapük cf.
kujöran Volapük cf.
kujöravan Volapük cf.
ledaut Volapük cf.
leson Volapük cf.
pijunamilig Volapük cf.
baedd Welsh cf.
bonedd Welsh Cf.
kin West Frisian Cf.
ticht West Frisian cf.
woansdei West Frisian cf.


  • &c. = "etc." is about 10x more common these days. Better yet, reword so as to avoid completely.
Page Section Abbreviations
σφύζω Ancient Greek

{{attention|grc|Needs conjugation, etymology, pronunciation, &c.

ὑφέν Ancient Greek

{{attention|grc|Needs inflexion &c.

Bob English # (cryptography, physics, &c.
orling English
  1. (in northern English dialects) A stunted child.[1][2]
procatarctic English passage = Procatarctic cause, called also primitive and incipient cause, is either an occasion which of its own nature does not beget a disease, but, happening on a body inclined to diseases, breeds a fever, gout &c.
stevedore English

Attested 1788 in early form stowadore,[3] included in 1828 Webster’s dictionary as stevedore.[4]

unofficial English # (pharmacology) Not listed in a national pharmacopeia &c.
biblioteko Esperanto # (computing) a library (of subroutines, procedures, &c.
faŭko Esperanto # large (especially, dark and scary) aperture, mouth of a tunnel, mine, sewer &c. # enormous aperture, mouth of a canyon, abyss, &c.
latero Esperanto
  1. (geometry) side {{gloss|of a polygon, &c.
objekto Esperanto # field of study, subject of contemplation, &c. # (linguistics) object (of a verb, preposition, &c.
teatro Esperanto # everyone related to such a building, collectively (its actors, set designers, administrators, &c.
ĉieliro Esperanto
  1. Ascension (of Enoch, Elijah, Christ, Mohammed, &c.
prérogative French
  1. prerogative (a right, or power that is exclusive to a monarch [[&c.
-cida Latin The object of the killing precedes this suffix and is in the genitive case. (e.g., fratriscida rather than fratercida &c.
et tu, Brute Latin (According to George Steevens, another 18th century Shakespearean scholar (read in A. Chalmers, The plays of William Shakspeare, printed from the text of the corrected copy left by G. Steevens, with a selection of notes from the most eminent commentators, &c.
temperantior Latin
  1. More restrained, &c.
marc Old English
  1. mark (as currency &c.
steorra Old English

{{attention|ang|needs templates, formatting, checking (especially the pron.), declension, &c.

अर्हत् Sanskrit

{{attention|sa|Needs inflexion &c.

आस्तिक Sanskrit
  1. (fr. अस्ति, ‘ there is or exists ’ Pāṇ. 4-2, 60), one who believes in the existence (of God, of another world, &c.
इह Sanskrit # now, at this time RV. &c. &c.
उपनयन Sanskrit # that ceremony in which a Guru draws a boy towards himself and initiates him into one of the three twice-born classes (one of the twelve संस्कारs or purificatory rites [prescribed in the धर्म- सूत्रs and explained in the गृह्य- सूत्रs] in which the boy is invested with the sacred thread [different for the three castes] and thus endowed with second or spiritual birth and qualified to learn the वेद by heart ; a Brahman is initiated in the eighth year [or seventh according to हिरण्यकेशिन् ; or eighth from conception, according to शाङ्खायन &c.
कृत्य Sanskrit
  1. (scil. प्रत्यय) the class of affixes forming the future. (as तव्य, अनीय, य, एलिम, &c. # a kind of evil spirit (named either with or without the addition of यक्ष, मानुष, असुर, &c.
दोस् Sanskrit
  1. (m. only R. vi, 1, 3 ; nom. acc. sg. दोस् ṠBr. ; du. दोषी Kauṡ. ; दोर्भ्याम् n. MBh. Kāv. ; pl. °भिस् Mālav. ; दोह्षु BhP.) the forearm, the arm &c.
प्रकृति Sanskrit # (Hinduism) a goddess, the personified will of the Supreme in the creation (hence the same with the शक्ति or personified energy or wife of a deity, as लक्ष्मी, दुर्गा &c.
बुध् Sanskrit # cl.4 Ā. xxvi, 63 बुध्यते (ep. also P. °ति ; pf. P. बुबोध MBh. ; Subj. बुबोधति RV. ; Ā. बुबुधे, p. बुबुधान ib. ; aor. P. Subj. बोधिषत् ib. ; Impv. बोधि ib. ; Ā. 3 pl. अबुध्रम्, °रन् ; p. बुधान ib. Subj. बुधन्त ib. ; °अभुत्सि ib. ; Prec. Ā. भुत्सीष्ट Pāṇ. 1-2, 11 Sch. ; fut. भोत्स्यति, °ते Br. &c. ; बोद्धा Gr. ; ind.p. बुद्ध्वा Yājñ. MBh. ; -बुध्य Br. &c. ; inf. बुधे Br. ; बुधि RV. ; बोद्धुम् MBh. &c. # to make a person acquainted with, remind or inform of. impart or communicate anything to (with two acc.) MBh. Kāv. &c.
वच् Sanskrit
  1. cl.2 P. (Dhātup. xxiv, 55) वक्ति (occurs only in sg. वच्मि, वक्षि, वक्ति, and Impv. वक्तु ; Ved. also cl.3 P. विवक्ति ; pf. उवाच, ऊज् RV. &c. ; उवक्थ AV. ; ववाच, ववक्षे RV. ; aor. अवोचत्, °चत RV. &c. ; in वेद also Subj. वोचति, °ते, वेचाति ; Pot. वोचेत्, °चेत ; Impv. वोचतु ; Prec. उच्यासम् Br. ; fut. वक्ता ib. &c. ; वक्ष्यति RV. &c. ; °ते MBh. ; Cond. अवक्ष्यत् Br. Up. ; inf. वाक्तुम् Br. &c. ; °तवे RV. ; °तोस् Br. ; ind.p. उक्त्वा Br. &c. ; -उच्य ib.), to speak, say, tell, utter, announce, declare, mention, proclaim, recite, describe (with acc. with or without प्रति dat. or gen. of pers., and acc. of thing ; often with double acc. e.g. तम् इदं वाक्यम् उवाच, ‘he spoke this speech to him’ ; with double acc. also ‘to name, call’ Ā. with nom ; ‘one's self’ ; with पुनर्, ‘to speak again, repeat’ ; or ‘to answer, reply’) RV. &c. # to reproach, revile (acc.) Hariv. R. : Pass. उच्यते (aor. अवाचि, or in later language अवोचि), to be spoken or said or told or uttered &c. RV. &c. # to be called or accounted, be regarded as, pass for (nom. L. also loc.) Mn. MBh. &c.: Caus. वाचयति, °ते (Pot. वाचयीत ĀṡvGṛ. ; aor. अवीवचत् ; Pass. वाच्यते), to cause to say or speak or recite or pronounce (with, double acc. ; often the object is to be supplied) Br. GṛS. MBh. &c. # to cause anything written or printed to speak i.e. to read out loud Hariv. Kāv. Kathās. &c. # (Pass.) to be meant Ṡaṃk. Sarvad. : Intens. (only अवावचीत्) to call or cry aloudRV. x, 102, 6. [cf. Gk. ἐπ for ϝεπ in ἔπος, ὄψ, ὄσσα &c.
वहति Sanskrit # to draw (a car), guide (horses &c.
विद् Sanskrit
  1. cl.2 P. (Dhātup. xxiv, 56) वेत्ति ( विद्महे Br. ; वेदति, °ते Up. MBh. ; विदति, °ते AV. &c. ; विन्दति, °ते MBh. &c. ; Impv. विदां-करोतु Pañcat. [cf. Pāṇ. 3-1, 41] ; 1. sg. impf. अवेदम्, 2. sg. अवेत् or अवेस् [Pāṇ. 8-2, 75] RV. &c. ; 3. pl. अविदुस् Br. [cf. Pāṇ. 3-4, 109] ; अविदन् MBh. &c. ; pf. वेद [often substituted for pr. वेत्ति cf. Pāṇ. 3-4, 83], 3. pl. विदुस् or विद्रे RV. ; विवेद MBh. &c. ; विदांचकार Br. &c. [cf. Pāṇ. 3-1, 38 ; accord. to Vop. also विदाम्-बभूव] ; aor. अवेदीत् ib. ; विदाम्-अक्रन् TBr. ; fut. वेदिता ṠBr. ; वेत्ता MBh. fut. वेदिष्यति, °ते Br. Up. ; वेत्स्यति, °ते MBh. &c. ; inf. वेदितुम्, °तोस् Br. ; वेत्तुम् MBh. &c. ; ind.p. विदित्वा Br. &c.), to know, understand, perceive, learn, become or be acquainted with, be conscious of, have a correct notion of (with acc., in older, language also with gen. ; with inf. = to know how to) RV. &c. # to feel, experience ṠBr. Mn. &c.: Desid. of Caus. in विवेदयिषु q.v.: Desid. विविदिषति or विवित्सति, to wish to know or learn, inquire about (acc) ṠBr. &c. &c.
वेङ्कटेश्वर Sanskrit # Name of various authors (also -कवि, -दीक्षित &c.
व्यञ्जन Sanskrit # mark of sex or gender (as the beard, breasts &c.
सिव् Sanskrit
  1. cl.4 P. (Dhātup. xxvi, 2) सीव्यति (Ved. also °ते ; pf. सिषेव Gr. ; aor. असेवीत् ib. ; fut. सेविता, सेविष्यति ib. ; ind.p. स्यूत्व or सेवित्वा ib. ; -सीव्य AV.), to sew, sew on, darn, stitch, stitch together, (fig.) join, unite RV. &c. &c.
सीता Sanskrit
  1. (less correctly written शीता; cf. सीमन्, सीर) a furrow, the track or line of a ploughshare (also personified, and apparently once worshipped as a kind of goddess resembling Pomona; in RV. iv, 57, 6, सिता is invoked as presiding over agriculture or the fruits of the earth; in VS. xii, 69-72, सिता ‘the Furrow’ is again personified and addressed, four furrows being required to be drawn at the ceremony when the above stanzas are recited; in TBr. she is called सावित्री, and in PārGṛ. इन्द्र-पत्नी, ‘the wife of इन्द्र’; in epic poetry सिता is the wife of रामचन्द्र and daughter of जनक, king of मिथिला, capital of विदेह, who was otherwise called सीरध्वज; she was named सिता because fabled to have sprung from a furrow made by जनक while ploughing the ground to prepare it for a sacrifice instituted by him to obtain progeny, whence her epithet अयोनि-जा, ‘not womb-born’; her other common names, मैथिली and वैदेही, are from the place of her birth; according to one legend she was वेदवती, q.v., in the कृत age; according to others, she was an incarnation of लक्ष्मि and of उमा; the story of राम's bending the bow, which was to be the condition of the gift of सिता, is told in R. i, 67; सीता's younger sister उर्मिला was at the same time given to लक्ष्मण, and two nieces of जनक, daughters of his brother king कुश-ध्वज, to भरत and शत्रुघ्न) RV. etc. IW. 335 n. 1; 337 &c.
स्थल् Sanskrit
  1. (connected with √1. स्था) cl.1 P. स्थलति, to stand firm, be firm. [cf. Gk. στέλλω, στόλος ; Germ. stellen, still &c.
स्था Sanskrit
  1. cl.1 P. Ā. (Dhātup. xxii, 30) तिष्ठति, °ते (pf. तस्थौ, तस्थे RV. &c. ; aor. अस्थात्, अस्थित ib. ; 3. pl. अस्थिरन् RV. AV. Br. ; आस्थत् [?] AV. ; अस्थिषि, °षत Br. &c. ; Subj. स्थाति, स्थाथः RV. ; Prec. स्थेयात् ib. ; स्थेषम्, °षुः [?] AV. ; स्थासीष्ट Gr. ; fut. स्थाता MBh. &c. ; स्थास्यति, °ते Br. &c. ; inf. स्थातुम् ib. ; °तोस् Br. GṛṠrS. ; -स्थितुम् R. ; ind.p. स्थित्वा MBh. &c. ; -स्थाय RV. &c. ; -स्थायम् Bhaṭṭ.), to stand, stand firmly, station one's self, stand upon, get upon, take up a position on (with पादाभ्याम्, ‘to stand on the feet’ ; with जानुभ्याम्, ‘to kneel’ ; with अग्रे or अग्रतस् and gen., ‘to stand or present one's self before’ ; with पुरस् and with or without gen., ‘to stand up against an enemy &c. # to remain unnoticed (as of no importance), be left alone (only Impv. and Pot.) Kāv. Pañcat. : Pass. स्थीयते (aor. अस्थायि), to be stood &c. (frequently used impers. e.g. मया स्थीयताम्, ‘let it be abided by me’ i.e. ‘I must abide’) Br. &c. &c. # to place aside, keep, save, preserve MBh. Hariv. : Desid. of Caus. -स्थापयिषति (» सं-√स्था): Desid. तिष्ठासति, to wish to stand &c.
स्थापन Sanskrit
  1. (fr. Caus.) causing to stand &c.
  2. causing to stand, fixing, establishing, founding, instituting, raising, erecting (an image &c. # strengthening (of the limbs), preservation or prolongation (of life) or a means of strengthening &c.
हन्ति Sanskrit # to repress, give up, abandon (anger, sorrow &c.
हा Sanskrit
  1. cl.3 P. (Dhātup. xxv, 8) जहाति (rarely cl.1. जहति 3. du. जह्ल्तः Impv. जहिहि [or जहाहि Pāṇ. 6-4, 117] ; जहीतात् AV. ; Pot. जह्यात् AV. &c. ; pf. जहौ, जहुः RV. &c. ; जहे Br. ; aor. अहात् ib. &c. ; अहासीत् Gr. ; 3. sg. अहास् RV. ; अहासि AV. ; हासिष्ट ib., ; fut. हाता Gr. ; हास्यति, °ते AV. &c., जहिष्यति MBh. &c. ; inf. हातुम् ib. ; ind.p. हित्वा. [q.v.] RV. &c. ; हित्वी °त्वाय RV. ; -हीत्वा Gr. ; -हाय Br., हीयम् TS.), to leave, abandon, desert, quit, forsake, relinquish (with शरीरम्, देहम्, प्राणान्, असून्, ज्वितम् &c.
uneti Serbo-Croatian # (transitive) To record, make a note of, to include (in a text, booklet, [[&c.
చర్చ Telugu
  1. smearing with fragrant unguents &c.
దొడదొడ Telugu
  1. (onomatopoeia) A rush (of water, &c.
పర Telugu
  1. A measure with which chunam, &c.
హారతి Telugu
  1. An offering of camphor, &c.
Translingual # Kyrgyz (the people, language, &c.
Translingual # Uyghur (the people, language, &c.


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Page Section Abbreviations
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