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d10 {abbr}  :: k10
d12 {abbr}  :: k12
d20 {abbr}  :: k20
d4 {abbr}  :: k4
d6 {n}  :: k6
d8 {n}  :: k8
dacha {n} (Russian villa or summer house)  :: dacza {f}
dachshund {n} (breed of dog)  :: jamnik {m}
Dacia {prop} (ancient kingdom and Roman province)  :: Dacja {f}
dacite {n} (an igneous, volcanic rock with a high iron content)  :: dacyt
Daco-Romanian {prop} (a more specific name for the Romanian language)  :: dakorumuński {m}
dactyl {n} (poetical foot of three syllables)  :: daktyl {m}
dactyloscopy {n} (forensic analysis of fingerprints)  :: daktyloskopia {f}
dad {n} (informal a father)  :: tata {m}, tato {m}, tatuś {m}
dad {n} (familiar address of one's own father)  :: tata {m}, tato {m}, tatuś {m} [diminutive]
Dada {n} (cultural movement)  :: dadaizm {m}
dadaism {n} (cultural movement)  :: dadaizm {m}
daddy {n} (father)  :: tatuś {m}
daddy longlegs {n} (harvestman)  :: kosarz {m}
daddy longlegs {n} (cranefly) SEE: cranefly  ::
dad joke {n} (unfunny joke)  :: suchar {m} [colloquial], beton {m} [colloquial]
daffodil {n} (flower)  :: żonkil {m}
daft {adj} (insane, mad)  :: zwariowany
dagesh {n} (the Hebrew symbol)  :: dagesz {m}
Dagestan {prop} (federal subject of Russia)  :: Dagestan {m}
Dagestani {n} (someone from Dagestan)  :: Dagestańczyk {m}, Dagestanka {f}
dagger {n} (a stabbing weapon)  :: sztylet {m}, kindżał {m}
dago {n} (person of Italian descent) SEE: wop  ::
dahlia {n} (any plant of the genus Dahlia)  :: dalia
daikon {n} (large white radish)  :: rzodkiew japońska, daikon
daily {adj} (that occurs every day)  :: codzienny
daily {adj} (diurnal)  :: dzienny {m}
daily {n} (newspaper)  :: dziennik {m}
daily {adv} (every day)  :: codziennie, co dzień, dziennie
dairy {n} (place, where milk is processed)  :: mleczarnia {f}
dairy {n} (products produced from milk)  :: nabiał {m}
dairyman {n} (man who works in a dairy) SEE: milkman  ::
dais {n} (raised platform)  :: podium {n}, podest {m}
daisy {n} (Bellis perennis)  :: stokrotka {f}
dale {n} (valley)  :: dolina
Dalmatia {prop} (region in Croatia)  :: Dalmacja {f}
Dalmatia {prop} (Roman province)  :: Dalmacja {f}
Dalmatian {adj} (relating to Dalmatia or its people)  :: dalmatyński, dalmacki
Dalmatian {n} (person from Dalmatia)  :: Dalmatyńczyk {m}, Dalmatynka {f}, Dalmata {m}, Dalmatka {f}
Dalmatian {n} (breed of dog)  :: dalmatyńczyk {m}
dam {n} (structure placed across a flowing body of water)  :: tama {f}, zapora {f}
damage {n} (abstract measure of something not being intact; harm)  :: uszkodzenie {n}, szkoda {f}
damage {v} (to make something less intact or even destroy it; to harm or cause destruction)  :: uszkadzać, psuć
damages {n} (money awarded to a claimant)  :: odszkodowanie {n}
Damascus {prop} (the capital city of Syria)  :: Damaszek {m}
Damian {prop} (male given name)  :: Damian {m}
dammit {interj} (expression of anger or disappointment)  :: kurde, kuźwa, cholera, w mordę jeża
damn {v} (theology: to condemn to hell)  :: przekląć
damn {adj} (generic intensifier)  :: cholerny {m}, przeklęty
damn {adv} (awfully, extremely)  :: cholernie
damn {interj} (non-vulgar expression of contempt etc.)  :: cholera!, do diabła!, psiakrew!, kurde {m}, psiamać {f}, kuźwa {f} [expressive], do pioruna, holender {m}, kurna chata, do licha
damnation {n} (The state of being damned; condemnation; openly expressed disapprobation)  :: potępienie {n}
damned {adj} (god-forsaken)  :: przeklęty {m}
damp {adj} (Being in a state between dry and wet)  :: wilgotny {m}
damsel {n} (girl, maiden (without sexual experience))  :: dziewica {f}
Danbo {n} (cheese originating in Denmark)  :: Danbo
dance {n} (movements to music)  :: taniec {m}, pląs {m} [literally]
dance {v} (move rhythmically to music)  :: tańczyć {impf}, tańcować {impf} [dated, colloquial], pląsać {impf} [dated]
dancer {n} (person who dances)  :: tancerz {m}, tancerka {f}
Dancer {prop} (reindeer of Santa Claus)  :: Tancerz {m}
dandelion {n} (plant, wild flower of the genus Taraxacum)  :: mlecz {m}, podbiał {m}, dmuchawiec {m}
dandelion {adj} (of a yellow colour)  :: żółty
dandruff {n} (skin flakes)  :: łupież {m}
dandy {adj} (like a dandy)  :: dandysowaty
dandy {n} (man very concerned about his clothes and his appearance)  :: dandys {m}
Dane {n} (person from Denmark or of Danish descent)  :: Duńczyk {m}, Dunka {f}
dang {adj} (damn) SEE: damn  ::
danger {n} (exposure to liable harm)  :: niebezpieczeństwo {n}
danger {n} (instance or cause of liable harm)  :: zagrożenie {n}
dangerless {adj}  :: bezpieczny
dangerous {adj} (full of danger)  :: niebezpieczny, groźny {m}
dangerous {adj} (causing danger, ready to do harm or injury)  :: groźny {m}
Danian {prop} (a subdivision of the Paleocene epoch)  :: Dan
Daniel {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Księga Daniela
Daniel {prop} (biblical person)  :: Daniel
Daniel {prop} (male given name)  :: Daniel {m}
Danish {prop} (language)  :: duński
Danish {n} (native of Denmark) SEE: Dane  ::
dank {adj} (dark, damp and humid)  :: wilgotny {m}, zawilgocony {m}
dank {adj} (highly potent)  :: mocny {m}
danse macabre {n} (a conventional subject of artistic painting or drawing)  :: taniec śmierci
Dante {prop} (male given name)  :: Dante {m}
Dantean {adj} (of or pertaining to Dante or his style) SEE: Dantesque  ::
Dantesque {adj} (of or pertaining to Dante or his style, with elevated tone and somber focus)  :: dantejski
Danube {prop} (river of Europe that flows to the Black Sea)  :: Dunaj {m}
dapper {adj} (stylishly or neatly dressed)  :: elegancki {m}, szykowny {m}
dappled {adj} (having a mottled or spotted skin or coat)  :: cętkowany, nakrapiany,
darbuka {n} (goblet drum) SEE: goblet drum  ::
Dardanelles {prop} (strait)  :: Dardanele {p}
dare {v} (to have courage)  :: śmieć {impf}, odważyć się {pf}
dare {v} (to defy or challenge)  :: wyzywać {impf}, wyzwać {pf}
dare {v} (to brave or face up to)  :: ośmielać się {impf}, ośmielić się {pf}
daredevil {n} (person who engages in risky behavior)  :: szaleniec {m}
Dar es Salaam {prop} (city)  :: Dar es Salaam {n}
Dari {prop} (variety of Middle Persian)  :: dari {n}
Dari {prop} (Eastern Persian)  :: dari {n}
daring {adj} (willing to take on risks)  :: śmiały {m}
Darius {prop} (any of several Persian kings)  :: Dariusz
dark {adj} (having an absolute or relative lack of light)  :: ciemny {m}
dark {adj} (hidden, secret)  :: mroczny {m}
dark {n} (a complete or partial absence of light)  :: ciemność {f}
dark {n} (ignorance)  :: mroki {n-p}
dark {n} (nightfall)  :: zmrok {m}
Dark Ages {prop} (historic period)  :: wieki ciemne {m-p}
darken {v} (to make dark by reducing light)  :: zaciemniać
dark horse {n} (possessor of unexpected talents or favorable characteristics)  :: cicha woda {f}
dark horse {n} (unexpectedly nominated candidate)  :: czarny koń {m}
dark matter {n} (particles of matter that cannot be detected by their radiation)  :: ciemna materia {f}
darkness {n} (state of being dark)  :: ciemność {f}, mrok {m}
dark red {adj} (dark red - translation entry)  :: ciemnoczerwony
darkroom {n} (a dark room, where photographs are developed)  :: ciemnia {f}
darkroom {n} (a darkened room for sexual activities)  :: darkroom {m}
darling {n} (person who is dear to one)  :: kochany {m}, kochana {f}
darling {adj} (charming)  :: czarujący {m}, czarująca {f}
darmstadtium {n} (transuranic chemical element with atomic number 110)  :: darmsztadt, darmstadt {m}
darn {adj} (damn) SEE: damn  ::
darn {interj} (damn) SEE: damn  ::
darn {v} (damn) SEE: damn  ::
darn {v} (stitch with thread)  :: cerować
Darriwilian {prop}  :: Darriwil
dart {n} (game)  :: rzutki {f-p}
Darwinism {n} (principles of natural selection)  :: darwinizm {m}
dash {n} (typographic symbol)  :: myślnik {m} (punctuation mark, any form), półpauza {f} (en dash), pauza {f} (em dash)
dash {n} (Morse code symbol)  :: kreska {f}
dash {n} (short run)  :: sprint {m}
dash {n} (small quantity of liquid etc.)  :: kropla {f}, kapka {f}
dash {v} (informal: to leave)  :: spadać, lecieć
dash {v} (to throw violently)  :: cisnąć {pf}, śmignąć {pf}, ciepnąć {pf}
dash {n} (dashboard) SEE: dashboard  ::
dashboard {n} (panel under the windscreen of a motor car or aircraft)  :: deska rozdzielcza {f}
Dasher {prop} (reindeer of Santa Claus)  :: Fircyk {m}
data {n} (information)  :: dane {n-p}
databank {n} (database) SEE: database  ::
database {n} (collection of information)  :: baza danych {f}
database administrator {n} (database administrator)  :: administrator bazy danych {m}
data centre {n}  :: serwerownia {f}
date {n} (fruit of the date palm)  :: daktyl {m-an}
date {n} (that which specifies the time of writing, inscription etc.)  :: data {f}
date {n} (point of time at which a transaction or event takes place)  :: data {f}
date {n} (point in time)  :: data {f}
date {n} (pre-arranged social meeting)  :: randka {f}, spotkanie {n}
date {n} (companion when one is partaking in a social occasion)  :: towarzysz {m-pr}, towarzyszka {f}, osoba towarzysząca {f}
date {n} (meeting with a lover or potential lover; a person so met)  :: randka {f}
date {v} (to determine the age of something)  :: datować
date {v} (to take (someone) on a series of dates)  :: chodzić (z), spotykać się
date {v} (to become old)  :: starzeć się
date {n} (date palm) SEE: date palm  ::
date of birth {n} (birthday) SEE: birthday  ::
date palm {n} (Phoenix dactylifera)  :: palma daktylowa {f}
date rape drug {n} (drug to assist rape)  :: pigułka gwałtu {f}, tabletka gwałtu {f}
date tree {n} (date palm) SEE: date palm  ::
dative {adj} (grammar: noting the case of noun which expresses indirect object)  :: celownikowy
dative {n} (dative case) SEE: dative case  ::
dative case {n} (case used to express direction towards an indirect object)  :: celownik {m-in}
datum {v} (single piece of information)  :: dana {f}
daub {n} (crude or amateurish painting)  :: bohomaz {m}
daub {v} (to apply something in hasty or crude strokes)  :: pomazać
dauber {n} (unskillful painter)  :: pacykarz {m}
Daugavpils {prop} (city in Latvia)  :: Dyneburg {m}, Dźwinów {m}, Dźwińsk {m}
daughter {n} (female offspring)  :: córka {f}
daughter-in-law {n} (wife of one's child)  :: synowa {f}, snecha {f} [dated]
dauntless {adj} (invulnerable to fear or intimidation)  :: nieustraszony {m}
dauphin {n} (eldest son of king of France)  :: delfin {m}
David {prop} (male given name)  :: Dawid {m}
David {prop} (king of Judah)  :: Dawid
Davidson {prop} (surname meaning "son of David")  :: Dawidowicz
Davis {prop} (surname derived from David) SEE: Davidson  ::
daw {n} (Coloeus monedula) SEE: jackdaw  ::
daw {v} (dawn) SEE: dawn  ::
dawn {v} (to begin to brighten with daylight)  :: świtać
dawn {n} (morning twilight period)  :: świt {m}, brzask {m}
dawn {n} (beginning)  :: świt {m}, zaranie {n}
dawn prayer {n} (fajr) SEE: fajr  ::
day {n} (period of 24 hours)  :: dzień {m-in}, doba {f}
day {n} (period from midnight to the following midnight)  :: dzień {m-in}, doba {f}
day {n} (rotational period of a planet)  :: dzień {m-in}
day {n} (part of a day period which one spends at one’s job, school, etc.)  :: dzień
day {n} (period between sunrise and sunset)  :: dzień {m-in}
day after tomorrow {n} (day after tomorrow - translation entry)  :: pojutrze
day after tomorrow {adv} (on the day after tomorrow - translation entry)  :: pojutrze
day before yesterday {n} (day before yesterday - translation entry)  :: przedwczoraj
day before yesterday {adv} (on the day before yesterday - translation entry)  :: przedwczoraj
daybook {n} (A daily chronicle; a diary) SEE: diary  ::
daybook {n} (A logbook) SEE: logbook  ::
daybreak {n} (dawn)  :: świt {m}, brzask {m}
daydream {n} (a spontaneous and fanciful series of thoughts)  :: marzenie {n}, mara {f}
daydream {v} (to have such a series of thoughts)  :: marzyć {impf}, śnić na jawie {impf}, myśleć o niebieskich migdałach {impf} [idiomatic]
day in, day out {adv} (day in, day out)  :: dzień po dniu
day lark {n} (early bird) SEE: early bird  ::
daylight {n} (daybreak) SEE: daybreak  ::
daylight savings time {n} (daylight saving time) SEE: daylight saving time  ::
daylight saving time {n} (an adjustment of the official time during summer)  :: czas letni {m}
deacon {n} (a designated minister of charity in the early Church)  :: diakon {m}
deactivate {v} (to make something inactive or no longer effective)  :: dezaktywować
dead {adj} (no longer alive)  :: martwy, zmarły, nieżywy
dead {adj} (fully and completely motionless)  :: zmartwiały, nieruchomy
dead {adj} (of a device: completely inactive; without power)  :: zepsuty
dead {n} (time when coldness, darkness, or stillness is most intense)  :: zmarli {m-p}
dead {n} (those who have died)  :: umarli {p}, zmarli {p}
dead as a doornail {adj} (unquestionably dead)  :: zimny trup
dead end {n} (street or path that goes nowhere)  :: ślepa uliczka {f}, ślepy zaułek
dead end {n} (position that offers no hope of progress)  :: ślepa uliczka
dead-end {n} (position) SEE: impasse  ::
dead-end {n} (road with no exit) SEE: dead end  ::
dead language {n} (language with no native speakers)  :: język wymarły
deadline {n} (date on or before which something must be completed)  :: nieprzekraczalny termin {m}
deadly nightshade {n} (deadly nightshade; Atropa belladonna)  :: belladonna {f}, wilcza jagoda {f}, pokrzyk wilcza jagoda, pokrzyk {m}
deadly sin {n} (any of the seven deadly sins)  :: grzech śmiertelny {m}
deadnettle {n} (plant of the genus Lamium)  :: jasnota {f}
Dead Sea {prop} (lake in the Middle East)  :: Morze Martwe {n}
deaf {adj} (unable to hear)  :: głuchy {m}
deaf {n} (deaf people considered as a group)  :: głusi {m-p}
deaf aid {n} (hearing aid) SEE: hearing aid  ::
deaf as a doorpost {adj} (stone deaf) SEE: stone deaf  ::
deaf as a post {adj} (stone deaf) SEE: stone deaf  ::
deafen {v} (to make deaf)  :: ogłuszać {impf}, ogłuszyć {pf}
deaf-mute {adj} (unable to hear or speak)  :: głuchoniemy
deaf-mute {n} (person who is unable to hear or speak)  :: głuchoniemy {m}, głuchoniema {f}
deafness {n} (condition of being deaf)  :: głuchota {f}
deal {n} (distribution of cards)  :: rozdanie (kart)
deal {n} (instance of buying or selling)  :: transakcja, interes, sprzedaż
deal {n} (agreement, arrangement)  :: porozumienie, układ, kontrakt, umowa
dealer {n} (one who deals in things, e.g. automobiles)  :: dealer {m}
dealer {n} (one who peddles illicit drugs, especially to teenagers)  :: diler {m}, dilerka {f}
dealer {n} (the person who deals the cards in a card game)  :: rozdający {m}, rozdająca {f}
deal with {v} (consider, as of an example)  :: rozważać {impf}, rozważyć {pf}, rozpatrywać {impf}, rozpatrzyć {pf}
deal with {v} (come to terms with successfully)  :: radzić sobie {impf}, poradzić sobie {pf}
dean {n} (senior official in college or university)  :: dziekan {m}
dear {adj} (loved; lovable)  :: kochany
dear {adj} (high in price; expensive)  :: drogi
dear {adj} (formal way of addressing)  :: drogi
dear {adj} (a formal way to start (often after my) addressing somebody one likes or regards kindly)  :: drogi
dear {n} (beloved#noun) SEE: beloved  ::
dearth {n} (period when food is rare)  :: niedostatek {m}, głód {m}
dearth {n} (scarcity)  :: brak {m}
death {n} (cessation of life)  :: śmierć {f}, zgon {m}
death {n} (personification of death)  :: śmierć {f}, kostucha {f}
death {n} (Tarot)  :: śmierć
deathbed {n} (the bed on which someone dies)  :: łoże śmierci {n}
deathblow {n} (strike or blow)  :: śmiertelny cios {m}
death camp {n} (facility)  :: obóz zagłady {m}, obóz śmierci {m}
death certificate {n} (document)  :: akt zgonu {m}
death erection {n} (post-mortem priapism)  :: erekcja pośmiertna {f}
deathlore {n} (study of human aspects of death)  :: tanatologia
deathmatch {n} (competitive mode)  :: deathmatch {m}
death penalty {n} (state punishment of death)  :: kara śmierci {f-p}
death rattle {n} (Gurgling sound sometimes made by a dying person)  :: rzężenia umierającego, rzężeniami przedśmiertnymi
death row {n} (the section of a prison which houses those inmates who are sentenced to death)  :: cela śmierci {f}
death sentence {n} (sentence)  :: wyrok śmierci {m}
death warrant {n} (warrant that authorizes capital punishment)  :: kara śmierci {f}
debark {v} (to disembark) SEE: disembark  ::
debate {n} (argument, or discussion, usually in an ordered or formal setting)  :: debata {f}
debauch {n} (orgy) SEE: orgy  ::
debauchery {n} (debauchery)  :: rozpusta {f}
debit {n} (sum of money taken out of a bank account)  :: debet
debit card {n} (card taking money directly from the bank account)  :: karta debetowa {f}
debris {n} (ruins of a broken-down structure)  :: ruiny {f-p}
debt {n} (action, state of mind, or object one has an obligation to perform for another)  :: zobowiązanie {n}, wdzięczność {f}, dług {m-in}
debt {n} (state or condition of owing something to another)  :: zadłużenie {n}
debt {n} (money that one person or entity owes or is required to pay to another)  :: dług {m-in}
debtor {n} (a person or firm that owes money)  :: dłużnik {m}, dłużniczka {f}
debug {v} (to search for malfunctioning elements)  :: odpluskwiać {impf}
debugger {n} (computer program)  :: odpluskwiacz {m}
debut {n} (a performer's first-time performance to the public)  :: debiut {m}
decade {n} (a period of ten years)  :: dziesięciolecie {n} [ten years]; dekada {f} [also relating to a period of ten days, weeks, months]
decade {n} (a series of ten things)  :: dziesiątka {f}
decade {n} (a series of ten Hail Marys in the rosary)  :: dziesiątka {f}
decadent {adj} (characterized by moral or cultural decline)  :: dekadencki
decalin {n} (decahydronaphthalene)  :: dekalina {f}
Decalogue {prop} (the Ten Commandments) SEE: Ten Commandments  ::
Decameron {prop} (collection of 100 novellas by Boccaccio)  :: Dekameron {m}
decapitate {v} (remove the head of) SEE: behead  ::
decapitation {n} (beheading)  :: dekapitacja {f}
decay {n} (process or result of being gradually decomposed)  :: rozkład {m}
decay {n} (deterioration of condition)  :: rozkład {m}
decay {v} (to rot)  :: gnić
deceased {adj} (no longer alive)  :: nieżywy, martwy
deceased {n} (dead person)  :: zmarły {m}
deceased {n} (plural: dead people)  :: zmarli {m-p}
deceit {n} (act or behavior intended to deceive)  :: oszustwo {n}, podstęp {m}
deceive {v} (trick or mislead)  :: oszukiwać {impf}, oszukać {pf}
December {prop} (twelfth month of the Gregorian calendar)  :: grudzień {m-in}
Decembrist {n} (sympathizer of the Decembrist revolt)  :: dekabrysta {m}, dekabrystka {f}
Decembrist {adj} (derived from the Decembrists)  :: dekabrystowski
decent {adj} (showing integrity, fairness, moral uprightness)  :: przyzwoity {m}
decent {adj} (fair; good enough; okay)  :: niezły {m}
deception {n} (instance of actions fabricated to mislead)  :: oszustwo {n}
deci- {prefix} (10-1)  :: decy-
decibel {n} (a common measure of sound intensity)  :: decybel {m}
decide {v} (to resolve or settle)  :: decydować {impf}, zdecydować {pf}, postanowić {pf}
decide {v} (give judgement)  :: zdecydować
decidedly {adv} (in a decided manner)  :: zdecydowanie
decidedly {adv} (in a manner which leaves no question)  :: zdecydowanie
deciduous {adj} (of or pertaining to trees which lose their leaves in winter or the dry season)  :: liściasty {m}
deciduous tooth {n} (baby tooth) SEE: milk tooth  ::
decimate {v} (to collect or pay a tithe) SEE: tithe  ::
decimeter {n} (decimetre) SEE: decimetre  ::
decimetre {n} (one-tenth of a metre)  :: decymetr {m}
decision {n} (choice or judgement)  :: decyzja {f}
decision {n} (firmness of conviction)  :: zdecydowanie {n}
decisive {adj} (having the power or quality of deciding a question or controversy)  :: decydujący, przesądzający, rozsądzający
deck {n} (pack of playing cards)  :: talia {f}
deck {v} (decorate) SEE: decorate  ::
deck {v} (dress up) SEE: dress up  ::
deck out {v} (decorate) SEE: decorate  ::
deck out {v} (dress up) SEE: dress up  ::
declension {n} (act)  :: deklinacja {f}, odmiana przez przypadki {f}
declension {n} (way of categorizing)  :: deklinacja {f}, odmiana (przez przypadki) {f}
declensional {adj} (pertaining to declension)  :: deklinacyjny, odmienialny
declination {n} (declension) SEE: declension  ::
decline {v} (inflect)  :: odmieniać (przez przypadki), deklinować
decoction {n} (an extraction or essence)  :: wywar {m}, odwar {m}
decollate {v} (behead) SEE: behead  ::
decommunize {v} (To divest of communism)  :: dekomunizować
decorate {v} (to furnish with decorations)  :: dekorować, zdobić
decoration {n} (act of adorning)  :: dekoracja {f}, ozdoba {f}
decoration {n} (that which adorns)  :: dekoracja {f}, ozdoba {f}
decorative {adj} (that serves to decorate)  :: ozdobny {m}, dekoracyjny {m}
decoy {n} (person or object meant to lure something to danger)  :: przynęta {f}
decrease {n} (amount of decrease)  :: spadek {m}, ubytek {m}
decree {n} (edict or law)  :: dekret {m}
decretal {n} (papal decree)  :: dekret
decrypt {v} (to convert to plain text)  :: deszyfrować, odszyfrować
dedovshchina {n} (bullying in the Soviet/Russian army)  :: diedowszczyna {f}
deductible {n} (excess) SEE: excess  ::
deductive {adj} (of, pertaining to, or based on deduction)  :: dedukcyjny {m}
deem {v} (to evaluate according to one's beliefs)  :: uznać {pf}
deem {v} (to hold as a personal opinion)  :: uznawać {impf}
deep {adj} (having its bottom far down)  :: głęboki {m}
deep {adj} (profound)  :: głęboki {m}
deep {adj} (seriously or to a significant extent, not superficial)  :: pochłonięty {m}, zaabsorbowany {m}
deep {adj} (of a sound or voice, low in pitch)  :: głęboki {m}, niski {m}
deep {adj} (of a color, dark and highly saturated)  :: głęboki {m}
deep {adj} (difficult to awake)  :: głęboki {m}
deep {adv} (deeply)  :: głęboko
deep {n} ((literary) part of a lake, sea, etc)  :: głębia {f}
deep {n} (the sea, the ocean)  :: głębiny {p}
deep-fat fryer {n} (heated vessel for frying food by immersing in hot fat or oil) SEE: deep fryer  ::
deep freeze {n} (freezer) SEE: freezer  ::
deep fryer {n} (vessel for deep frying)  :: frytkownica {f}
deeply {adv} (at depth)  :: głęboko
deepthroat {v} (To perform fellatio on a man so that his entire penis is inside the mouth)  :: głębokie gardło {n}
deer {n} (animal of the family Cervidae)  :: jeleń {m-an}
default {n} (value used when none has been given.)  :: wartość domyślna
defeat {v} (to overcome in battle or contest)  :: pokonać
defeat {n} (the act of defeating or being defeated)  :: porażka {f}
defeatism {n} (acceptance of defeat without struggle)  :: defetyzm {m}
defecate {v} (expel feces from one's bowels)  :: wypróżniać się {impf}, wypróżnić się {pf}
defecation {n} (act or process of voiding excrement)  :: wypróżnienie {n}, defekacja {f}
defecation {n} (process of removing impurities)  :: defekacja {f}
defect {n} (fault or malfunction)  :: wada {f}
defective {adj} (having only some forms)  :: ułomny {m}
defective verb {n} (verb with an incomplete conjugation)  :: czasownik ułomny {m}
defence {n} (defence) SEE: defense  ::
defenceless {adj} (defenceless) SEE: defenseless  ::
defend {v} (ward off attacks from)  :: bronić {impf}
defendant {n} (person prosecuted or sued)  :: oskarżony {m}
defender {n} (someone who defends)  :: obrońca {m}
defender {n} (sports term)  :: obrońca {m}
defenestrate {v} (eject from a window)  :: defenestrować, wyrzucić przez okno
defenestration {n} (act of throwing out a window)  :: defenestracja {f}
defense {n} (action of protecting from attack)  :: obrona {f}
defense {n} (anything employed to oppose attack)  :: obrona {f}
defense {n} (argument in support or justification of something)  :: obrona {f}
defenseless {adj} (lacking any form of defense; vulnerable; open to attack)  :: bezbronny
defensive midfielder {n} (midfield player)  :: defensywny pomocnik {m}
defer {v} ((transitive) to delay)  :: odraczać, odroczyć
deference {n} (great respect)  :: szacunek {m}
deference {n} (the willingness to carry out the wishes of others)  :: posłuszeństwo {n}
defiance {n} (the feeling of being defiant)  :: opór {m}
defined {adj} (having a definition or value)  :: zdefiniowany {m}
definite {adj} (free from any doubt)  :: jasny {m}, sprecyzowany {m}
definite article {n} (article introducing a noun and specifying it as the particular noun considered)  :: rodzajnik określony {m-in}
definite integral {n} (integral of a function)  :: całka oznaczona {f}
definitely {adv} (without question and beyond doubt)  :: na pewno, zdecydowanie
definition {n} (statement of the meaning of a word or word group or a sign or symbol)  :: definicja {f}
deflation {n} (decrease in the general price level)  :: deflacja {f}
defloration {n} (the act of deflowering)  :: defloracja {f}
deflower {v} (to take the virginity of a woman or girl)  :: rozdziewiczać
defoliant {n} (agent used to defoliate plants)  :: defoliant {m}
deform {v} (to spoil the looks of; to disfigure)  :: deformować
defragment {v} ((computing) to run a process to make file fragments on a hard disk contiguous)  :: defragmentować {impf}
defray {v} (to pay or discharge (a debt, expense etc.); to meet (the cost of something))  :: opłacać
defrost {v} (to remove frost from)  :: odmrozić, rozmrozić
defrost {v} (to thaw)  :: odmrozić, rozmrozić
deft {adj} (skillful)  :: zręczny
deftly {adv} (in a deft manner)  :: zręcznie
defunct {adj} (deceased)  :: wymarły
defuse {v} (to remove the fuse from a bomb)  :: rozbrajać
defy {n} (challenge) SEE: challenge  ::
degas {v} (To remove the gas from)  :: odgazować
degenerate {adj} (having deteriorated, degraded or fallen from normal)  :: degenerat
degenerate {adj} (having lost good or desirable qualities)  :: degenerat, zwyrodnialec {m}
degenerate {v} (to lose good or desirable qualities)  :: degenerować się, zwyrodnieć {pf}, wykolejać się {impf}
degradable {adj} (that which can be degraded)  :: podatny na rozkład
degree {n} (in geometry: unit of angle)  :: stopień {m}
degree {n} (unit of temperature)  :: stopień {m}
degree {n} (amount, proportion, extent)  :: stopień {m}
degree {n} (academic award)  :: stopień naukowy {m}
degree Celsius {n} (unit of temperature)  :: stopień Celsjusza {m}
degree of freedom {n} (minimum number of coordinates usable to describe a mechanical system)  :: stopień swobody {m}
degree of freedom {n} (independent variable required to specify the thermodynamic state)  :: stopień swobody {m}
degree of freedom {n} (mathematics: unrestricted variable)  :: stopień swobody {m}
dehiscence {n} ((medicine) rupture)  :: ewentracja {f}
dehydration {n} (act or process of freeing from water)  :: odwodnienie {n}
dehydrogenase {n} (enzyme)  :: dehydrogenaza {f}
deicing {n}  :: odladzanie {n}
deictic {adj} (pertaining to deixis)  :: deiktyczny
deification {n} (Act of deifying)  :: deifikacja {f}
deify {v} (to make a god of)  :: ubóstwiać {impf}
deign {v} ((intransitive) to condescend)  :: raczyć {impf}
Dei gratia {adv} (by the Grace of God) SEE: by the Grace of God  ::
deism {n} (belief)  :: deizm {m}
deist {n} (person who believes in deism)  :: deista {m}, deistka {f}
deity {n} (essential nature of a god, divinity)  :: bóstwo {n}, boskość {f}
deity {n} (a powerful entity that possesses numerous miraculous powers)  :: bóstwo {n}
dejection {n} (a state of melancholy or depression)  :: przygnębienie {n}, strapienie {n}
de jure {adj} (by right)  :: wedle prawa, de jure
Delaware {prop} (river)  :: Delaware {f}
Delaware {prop} (US state)  :: Delaware {m}
delay {n} (period of time before an event occurs)  :: opóźnienie
delay {v} (put off until a later time)  :: opóźnienie {n} {impf}
delete {v} (to delete) SEE: strike  ::
delete {v} (to remove)  :: usuwać
deleterious {adj} (harmful)  :: szkodliwy
deletion {n} (the act of deleting)  :: skasowanie {n}, usunięcie {n}
Delhi {prop} (National capital territory and old city in northern India)  :: Delhi
deliberate {adj} (intentional)  :: zamierzony, umyślny
delicate {adj}  :: delikatny {m}
delicatessen {n} (shop selling prepared foods)  :: delikatesy {m-p}
delicious {adj} (pleasing to taste)  :: smaczny, pyszny
delight {n} (joy, pleasure)  :: radość {f}, rozkosz {f}, przyjemność {f}, zachwyt {m}
delight {v} (to give pleasure to)  :: cieszyć, radować, zachwycać
delinquency {n} (misconduct)  :: występek {m}
delinquency {n} (a criminal offense)  :: przestępstwo {m}
delirium {n} (mental state of confusion)  :: majaczenie {n}, delirium {n}, coll. delirka {f}
delirium tremens {n} (psychosis of alcoholism)  :: delirium tremens {n}, coll. delirka {f}
deliver {v} (to bring or transport something to its destination)  :: dostarczać
delivery {n} (act of conveying something)  :: dostawa {f}
delivery {n} (act of giving birth)  :: poród {m}
dell {n} (valley) SEE: valley  ::
Delphi {prop} (city of ancient Greece)  :: Delfy {p}
Delphic {adj} (of or relating to Delphi)  :: delficki
Delphinus {prop} (constellation)  :: Delfin {m}
delta {n} (fourth letter of modern Greek alphabet)  :: delta {f}
delta {n} (landform at the mouth of a river)  :: delta {f}
delta {n} (mathematical symbol Δ)  :: delta {f}
delta {n} (electric connection)  :: trójkąt {m}
deluge {n} (a great flood)  :: potop {m}
deluge {n} (an overwhelming amount of something)  :: potop {m}, zalew {m}
Deluge {prop} (the Biblical flood)  :: Potop {m}
delusion {n} (act of deluding; deception; a misleading of the mind)  :: złudzenie {n}, omam {m}, ułuda {f}, złuda {f}, przywidzenie {n}
delusion {n} (state of being deluded or misled)  :: omamienie {n}
delusion of grandeur {n} (False belief that one is important or powerful)  :: kompleks wyższości {m}, megalomania {f}
demagnetization {n} (process of removing the magnetic field from an object)  :: odmagnesowanie {n}, rozmagnesowanie {n}
demagogue {n} (orator)  :: demagog {m}
demand {v} (to request forcefully)  :: żądać {impf}
dementia {n} (progressive decline in cognitive function)  :: demencja {f}
demesne {n} (a lord's chief manor place)  :: domena {f}
Demetrius {prop} (male given name)  :: Demetriusz {m}, Dymitr {m}
demigod {n} (a half-god or hero)  :: półbóg {m}
demigod {n} (a lesser deity)  :: bóstwo {n}
demilitarized zone {n} (area)  :: strefa zdemilitaryzowana
demine {v} (remove explosive mines from)  :: rozminowywać, rozminować
demise {n} (death, see also: death)  :: zgon {m}, śmierć {f}
demisemiquaver {n} (music)  :: trzydziestodwójka {f}
demobilization {n} (disorganization or disarming of troops)  :: demobilizacja {f}
democracy {n} (rule by the people)  :: demokracja {f}
democracy {n} (government under the rule of its people)  :: demokracja {f}
democrat {n} (supporter of democracy)  :: demokrata {m}
democratic {adj} (pertaining to democracy)  :: demokratyczny
democratically {adv} (in a democratic way)  :: demokratycznie
Democratic People's Republic of Korea {prop} (country in East Asia (official name))  :: Koreańska Republika Ludowo-Demokratyczna {f}, KRLD {f}
Democratic Republic of the Congo {prop} (large central African nation, formerly called Zaire)  :: Demokratyczna Republika Konga {f}
democratic socialism {n} (socialism based on democratic principles)  :: socjalizm demokratyczny {m}
democratization {n} (the introduction of democracy)  :: demokratyzacja {f}
Democritus {prop} (Greek philosopher)  :: Demokryt
demographic {adj} (of or pertaining to demography)  :: demograficzny
demographical {adj} (demographic) SEE: demographic  ::
demography {n} (study of human populations)  :: demografia {f}
demon {n} (evil spirit)  :: demon {m}
demoniacal {adj} (of a demon, evil, devilish) SEE: demonic  ::
demonic {adj} (Pertaining to evil spirits)  :: demoniczny
demonisation {n} (demonization) SEE: demonization  ::
demonization {n} (the act of demonizing or something demonized)  :: demonizacja {f}
demonize {v} (turn into a demon)  :: demonizować
demonology {n} (study of demons)  :: demonologia {f}
demonstrator {n} (forefinger) SEE: forefinger  ::
De Morgan's law {n} (law of formal logic)  :: prawo De Morgana {n}
De Morgan's law {n} (law of set theory)  :: prawo De Morgana {n}
demotivator {n} (one who, or that which, demotivates)  :: demotywator {m}
den {n} (home of certain animals)  :: nora {f}, barłóg {m}, jama {f}, legowisko {n}, pieczara {f}
den {n} (squalid or wretched place)  :: melina {f}, speluna {f}
denar {n} (currency of the Republic of Macedonia)  :: denar {m}
denarius {n} (silver coin)  :: denar {m}
denatured alcohol {n} (ethyl alcohol unfit for consumption)  :: denaturat {m}
Den Bosch {prop} (Dutch city)  :: Den Bosch {m}
dendrology {n} (the study of trees)  :: dendrologia {f}
dengue {n} (disease)  :: denga {f}
dengue fever {n} (disease)  :: denga {f}
denigrate {v} (to criticise so as to besmirch)  :: uwłaczać, oczerniać
denigrate {v} (to treat as worthless)  :: pomniejszyć, umniejszać
denim {n} (textile with diagonal pattern)  :: dżins {m}, jeans {m}, teksas {m}
denizen {n} (an inhabitant of a place; one who dwells in)  :: mieszkaniec {m}, mieszkanka {f}
denizen {n} (one who frequents a place)  :: bywalec {m}
Denmark {prop} (country in Western Europe)  :: Dania {f}
Dennis {prop} (male given name)  :: Dionizy {m}
denominator {n} (The number or expression written below the line in a fraction)  :: mianownik {m}
denounce {v} (to make known in a formal manner)  :: zadenuncjować
denounce {v} (to criticize or speak out against)  :: potępić
denounce {v} (to announce the termination of; especially a treaty)  :: wypowiedzieć
de novo {adv} (anew) SEE: anew  ::
dense {adj} (having relatively high density)  :: gęsty {m}
dense {adj} (compact; crowded together)  :: zwarty {m}, zbity {m}
dense {adj} (math: being a well-approximating subset)  :: gęsty {m}
dense {adj} (slow to comprehend; of low intelligence)  :: tępy {m}
density {n} (physics: amount of matter contained by a given volume)  :: gęstość {f}
density {n} (number of particles or other quantity contained by a given volume)  :: gęstość {f}
dental {adj} (of or concerning the teeth)  :: zębowy {m}
dental {adj} (of or concerning dentistry)  :: dentystyczny {m}
dental {adj} (phonetics)  :: zębowy {m}
dental floss {n} (cord of thin filaments used to clean the areas between the teeth)  :: nić dentystyczna
dentialveolar {adj}  :: zębowo-dziąsłowy, dziąsłowo-zębowy, denti-alweolarny
dentist {n} (specialized medical doctor)  :: dentysta {m}, dentystka {f}, stomatolog {m} {f}
dentistry {n} (the field of medicine which studies and treats conditions of the teeth)  :: stomatologia {f}
deny {v} (disallow) SEE: forbid  ::
deny {v} (to assert that something is not true)  :: negować {impf}
deodorant {n} (odor-controlling cosmetic for the underarm)  :: dezodorant {m}
Deo volente {interj} (God willing) SEE: God willing  ::
deoxyribonucleic acid {n} (deoxyribonucleic acid)  :: kwas dezoksyrybonukleinowy {m-in}
department store {n} (store containing many departments)  :: dom towarowy {m}
departure lounge {n} (Waiting room at an airport)  :: hala odlotów {f}
depend {v} (rely on support)  :: zależeć od
dependent {adj} (relying upon; depending upon)  :: uzależniony {m}, zależny {m}
dependent clause {n} (subordinate clause) SEE: subordinate clause  ::
depiction {n} (lifelike image)  :: przedstawienie {n}
depilate {v} (to remove hair from the body)  :: depilować
depopulate {v} (to reduce the population of a region by disease, war, forced relocation etc.)  :: wyludniać {impf}, wyludnić {pf}
depopulation {n} (act or condition of depopulating)  :: wyludnienie {n}, depopulacja {f}
deportation {n} (act of deporting or exiling)  :: deportacja {f}
deposit {n} (sediment or rock different from the surrounding material)  :: osad {m}, złoże {n}
deposit {n} (money placed in an account)  :: depozyt {m}, wpłata {f}
deposit {n} (anything left behind on a surface)  :: osad {m}, ślad {m}
deposit {n} (money given as an initial payment)  :: zaliczka {f}
deposit {n} (security for a borrowed item)  :: kaucja {f}
deposit {v} (to lay down)  :: składać {impf}, złożyć {pf}, osadzać {impf}, osadzić {pf}
deposit {v} (to entrust one's assets to the care of another)  :: powierzać {impf}, powierzyć {pf}, deponować {impf}, zdeponować {pf}
deposit {v} (to put money or funds into an account)  :: wpłacać {impf}, wpłacić {pf}
depository {n} (a place where something is deposited)  :: depozytariusz
depot {n} (warehouse or similar storage facility)  :: skład {m}, hurtownia {f}, magazyn {m}
depot {n} (bus or railway station)  :: stacja {f}
depravity {n} (The state or condition of being depraved)  :: zepsucie {n}, zdeprawowanie {n}, deprawacja {f}
depravity {n} (A particular depraved act or trait)  :: niegodziwość {f}, nierząd {m}, zbrodnia {f}, gwałt {m} [dated]
depravity {n} (Inborn corruption)  :: zepsucie {n}
depressed {adj} (severely despondent and unhappy)  :: nieszczęśliwy
depression {n} (psychology: state of mind)  :: depresja
deprivation {n} (act of depriving)  :: pozbawienie {n}
deprive {v} (take something away; deny someone of something)  :: pozbawić, pozbawiać
depth {n} (vertical distance below a surface)  :: głębokość {f}
depth-first search {n} (algorithm where one starts at the root and explores as far as possible down before going up)  :: przeszukiwanie wgłąb {n}
depths {n} (plural of depth) SEE: depth  ::
deputy {n} (representative)  :: zastępca {m}
derail {v} (to come off the tracks)  :: wykoleić się
deranged {adj} (insane)  :: obłąkany {m}
deratization {n} (deratization)  :: deratyzacja {f}, odszczurzenie {n}
Derek {prop} (given name)  :: Teodoryk {m}
derelict {adj} (abandoned)  :: porzucony
deride {v} (to harshly mock; ridicule)  :: wyśmiewać
derision {n} (act of treating with contempt)  :: wyszydzenie {n}, szyderstwo {n}
derisive {adj} (expressing or characterized by derision; mocking)  :: szyderczy {m}, drwiący {m}
derivative {n} (something derived)  :: pochodny, wtórny
derivative {n} (word that derives from another)  :: derywat {m-in}
derivative {n} (financial instrument whose value depends on the valuation of an underlying instrument)  :: instrument pochodny {m-in}, derywat {m-in}
derivative {n} (chemical derived from another)  :: pochodna {f}
derivative {n} (in analysis: value)  :: pochodna {f}
derivative {n} (in analysis: function) SEE: derived function  ::
derived {adj} (product of deriving)  :: pochodna {f}
derived function {n} (calculus: a function)  :: pochodna {f}, funkcja pochodna {f}
dermatologic {adj} (dermatological) SEE: dermatological  ::
dermatological {adj} (of or pertaining to dermatology)  :: dermatologiczny
dermatologist {n} (one who is skilled, professes or practices dermatology)  :: dermatolog {m}
derogatory {adj} (tending to lessen in value)  :: pejoratywny {m}, pogardliwy {m}
derrick {n} (framework constructed over a mine or oil well)  :: wieża wiernicza {f}
derring-do {n} (valiant deeds in desperate times)  :: bohaterstwo {n}
derring-do {n} (brave and adventurous actions)  :: brawura {f}
dervish {n} (a member of Dervish fraternity of Sufism)  :: derwisz {m}
Dervish {n} (a Sufi Muslim ascetic fraternity)  :: derwisz {m}
desalination {n} (process of removing salt from sea water in order to make drinking water)  :: odsalanie {n}
desalt {v} (to remove salt from)  :: odsalać
descendant {n} (one who is the progeny of someone)  :: potomek {m}
descent {n} (instance of descending)  :: zejście {n}
descent {n} (way down)  :: zejście {n}, droga w dół
descent {n} (sloping passage or incline)  :: zejście {n}, droga w dół
descent {n} (lineage or hereditary derivation)  :: pochodzenie {n}
describe {v} (to represent in words)  :: opisywać {impf}, opisać {pf}
description {n} (account in words)  :: opis {m}
description word {n} (adjective) SEE: adjective  ::
descry {v} (see) SEE: see  ::
descry {v} (to notice carefully; to detect)  :: zauważyć, wywnioskować
desecrate {v} (to profane or violate sacredness)  :: bezcześcić {impf}, zbezcześcić {pf}, profanować {impf}, sprofanować {pf}
desecrate {v} (to remove the consecration)  :: zeświecczyć {pf}
desecrate {v} (to inappropriately change)  :: zeszpecić {pf}
desecration {n} (act of disrespect towards sacred)  :: zbeszczeszczenie {n}, profanacja {f}
desert {n} (barren area)  :: pustynia {f}
desert {v} (to abandon)  :: opuszczać
desert {v} (to leave military service)  :: dezerterować
deserve {v} (to merit)  :: zasłużyć, zasługiwać
desideratum {n} (A wished-for or desired thing)  :: dezyderat {m}
design {n} (plan)  :: projekt {m-in}, plan {m-in}
design {n} (pattern)  :: wzór {m-in}, motyw {m-in}
design {n} (composition)  :: kompozycja {f}
design {n} (intention)  :: zamysł {m-in}, zamiar {m-in}
design {n} (appearance)  :: wzór {m-in}, krój {m-in} [of a typeface], design {m-in}, dizajn {m-in}
design {n} (art of designing)  :: wzornictwo {n}
design {v} (to plan an artwork etc.)  :: projektować {impf}
designation {n} (distinguishing mark or name)  :: oznaczenie {n}
designer {n} (person who designs)  :: projektant {m}
designer drug {n} (modified drug)  :: dopalacz {m}
design pattern {n} (general solution to a variety of similar problems)  :: wzorzec projektowy {m}
desirable {adj} (suitable to be desired)  :: pożądany {m}
desire {v} (desire) SEE: want  ::
desire {v} (wish for earnestly)  :: pragnąć, pożądać
desire {v} (want emotionally or sexually)  :: pożądać
desire {n} (something wished for)  :: pragnienie {n}, pożądanie {n}
desire {n} (strong attraction)  :: pożądanie {n}
desist {v} (to cease to proceed or act)  :: zaprzestać
desk {n} (table for writing and reading)  :: biurko {n}
desktop {n} (on-screen background)  :: pulpit {m}, biurko {n}
despair {v} (to be hopeless)  :: rozpaczać
despair {n} (loss of hope)  :: rozpacz {f}
desperate {adj} (filled with despair)  :: zdesperowany {m}
despicable {adj} (deserving to be despised)  :: nikczemny
despise {v} (to regard with contempt or scorn)  :: gardzić {impf}, pogardzać {impf}
despite {prep} (in spite of)  :: mimo, pomimo, wbrew
despot {n} (ruler with absolute power; tyrant)  :: despota {m}
despotism {n} (government by a singular authority)  :: despotyzm {m}
dessert {n} (sweet confection served as the last course of a meal)  :: deser {m}
dessertspoon {n} (spoon)  :: łyżeczka {f}
dessertspoon {n} (unit of measure)  :: łyżeczka {f}
dessertspoon {n} (volume)  :: łyżeczka {f}
destiny {n} (predetermined condition; fate; fixed order of things)  :: los {m}, przeznaczenie {n}
destroy {v} (to damage beyond use or repair)  :: niszczyć
destroyer {n} (that who/which destroys)  :: niszczyciel {m}
destroyer {n} (type of warship)  :: niszczyciel {m}
destruction {n} (act of destroying)  :: niszczenie {n}
destruction {n} (results of a destructive event)  :: zniszczenie {n}
destructive {adj} (causing destruction; damaging)  :: destrukcyjny {m}
destructor {n} (cleaning-up commands in object oriented programming)  :: destruktor {m}
destructure {v} (dismantle) SEE: dismantle  ::
desultory {adj} (jumping, or passing, from one thing or subject to another, without order or rational connection)  :: nieporządny {m}, chaotyczny {m}, bezładny {m}
detail {n} (something small enough to escape casual notice)  :: szczegół {m}
detain {v} (to detain) SEE: hold  ::
detain {v} (put under custody)  :: zatrzymać
detect {v} (to detect) SEE: notice  ::
detect {v} (to discover or find by careful search, examination, or probing)  :: wykryć, wykrywać
detection {n} (act of detecting or sensing something)  :: wykrycie {n}, wykrywanie {n}, detekcja {f}
detective {n} (police officer who looks for evidence)  :: oficer śledczy {m}, detektyw {m} {f}
detective {n} (person employed to find information)  :: detektyw {m} {f}
detector {n} (device capable of registering a specific substance or physical phenomenon)  :: wykrywacz {m}, detektor {m}
deteriorate {v} (make worse)  :: pogarszać {impf}, pogorszyć {pf}
deteriorate {v} (grow worse)  :: pogarszać się {impf}, pogorszyć się {pf}
deterioration {n} (process of making or growing worse)  :: pogorszenie {n}
determinant {n} (in mathematical sense)  :: wyznacznik {m}
determinative {n} (determiner) SEE: determiner  ::
determiner {n} (class of words)  :: określnik {m}
determinism {n} (notion in ethics)  :: determinizm {m}
deterministic {adj} (of or relating to determinism)  :: deterministyczny
deterministic {adj} (of a Turing machine)  :: deterministyczny
deterministic {adj} (having exactly predictable time evolution)  :: deterministyczny
deterministic {adj} (computing, having each stage depend only on the immediately previous state)  :: deterministyczny
detest {v} (to dislike intensely)  :: nienawidzić, nie cierpieć
detrain {v} ((intransitive) to exit from a train; to disembark)  :: wysiąść {pf}, wysiadać {impf}
detritivore {n} (organism that feeds on detritus)  :: detrytusożerca, detritofag, detrytofag, detrytusofag
dette {n} (debt) SEE: debt  ::
deuce {n} (playing card)  :: dwójka {f}
deuce {n} (side of a dice with two spots)  :: dwójka {f}
deuce {n} (cast of dice totalling two)  :: dwójka {f}
deuce {n} (tennis: tie, both players able to win by scoring two additional points)  :: równowaga {f}
deuce {n} (Devil, used in exclamations of confusion or anger)  :: diabeł {m-an}, licho {n}
deus ex machina {n} (contrived plot resolution)  :: deus ex machina
deuterium {n} (isotope of hydrogen, see also: heavy hydrogen)  :: deuter {m}
deuteron {n} (deuterium nucleus)  :: deuteron {m}
Deuteronomy {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Księga Powtórzonego Prawa {f}
Devanagari {prop} (an abugida alphabet of India and Nepal)  :: dewanagari
devastated {adj} (ruined, ravaged)  :: zniszczony, zruinowany, zdemolowany
develop {v} (to progress)  :: rozwijać się {impf}, rozwinąć się {pf}
develop {v} (to create)  :: wypracować
develop {v} (to bring out photographic images)  :: wywołać
developer {n} (real estate developer)  :: deweloper {m}
developer {n} (liquid used in chemical film processing)  :: wywoływacz {m}
developer {n} (software programmer)  :: programista {m}
development {n} (process of developing)  :: rozwój {m}
deverbal {adj} (related to something that is derived from a verb)  :: odczasownikowy {m}
deverbative {n} (deverbal) SEE: deverbal  ::
device {n} (piece of equipment)  :: urządzenie {n}, przyrząd {m}
device {n} (computing) SEE: peripheral device  ::
device driver {n} (software that communicates between operating system and hardware)  :: sterownik urządzenia {m}
devil {n} (dust devil) SEE: dust devil  ::
devil {n} (a creature of hell)  :: diabeł {m}, bies {m}, czart {m}, czort {m}
devil {n} (the devil: the chief devil)  :: diabeł {m}, szatan {m}
devil {n} (euphemistically, with an article: Hell (as an intensifier))  :: diabeł {m}
devilish {adj} (resembling or characteristic of a devil)  :: diabelski {m}, diaboliczny
devil is in the details {proverb} (specific provisions of something may be complicated)  :: diabeł tkwi w szczegółach
devil's advocate {n} (canon lawyer)  :: adwokat diabła {m}
devious {adj} (Deviating; not straightforward, not honest, not frank; not standard)  :: przebiegły, podstępny {m}
devote {v} (to commit oneself for a certain matter)  :: poświęcenie
devotee {n} (admirer)  :: wielbiciel {m}, wielbicielka {f}, entuzjasta {m}, entuzjastka {f}
devotion {n} (the act or state of devoting or being devoted)  :: poświęcenie {n}
devotion {n} (feelings of strong or fervent affection; dedication)  :: oddanie {n}, przywiązanie {n}
devotion {n} (religious veneration, zeal, or piety)  :: pobożność {f}
devotion {n} (ecclesiastical: a prayer)  :: modlitwa
devour {v} (to eat greedily)  :: pożerać [imperfective], pożreć [perfective]
dew {n} (moisture in the air that settles on plants, etc)  :: rosa {f}
dewy {adj} (covered by dew)  :: pokryty rosą {m}, zroszony {m}
dewy {adj} (bearing droplets of water)  :: mokry {m}
dexterity {n} (skill in performing tasks, especially with the hands)  :: zręczność {f}, zwinność {f}
dexterous {adj} (skillful with one's hands)  :: zręczny {m}, umiejętny {m}
dexterous {adj} (skillful in some specific thing)  :: zręczny {m}, wprawny {m}
dexterous {adj} (agile; flexible)  :: zręczny {m}, gibki {m}
dharma {n} (principle that orders the universe)  :: dharma {f}
dharma {n} (teachings of the Buddha)  :: dharma {f}
Dhivehi {prop} (an Indo-Aryan language)  :: malediwski {m}
dhole {n} (Asian wild dog)  :: cyjon {m}
diabase {n} (a fine-grained igneous rock)  :: diabaz {m}, doleryt {m}
diabetes {n} (A group of metabolic diseases)  :: cukrzyca {f}
diacritic {n} (diacritical mark) SEE: diacritical mark  ::
diacritical mark {n} (symbol)  :: znak diakrytyczny {m}
diadem {n} (ornamental headband)  :: diadem {m}
diaeresis {n} (diacritic placed over a vowel letter)  :: dwie kropki {f-p}, diereza {f}, umlaut {m}
diagnosis {n} (identification of the nature and cause of an illness)  :: diagnoza {f}, rozpoznanie
diagnostic {adj} (of, or relating to diagnosis)  :: diagnostyczny
diagonal {n} (slash) SEE: slash  ::
diagonal {adj} (geometry: joining two nonadjacent vertices)  :: przekątny, skośny
diagram {n} (graph or chart)  :: diagram {m}
dial {n} (sundial) SEE: sundial  ::
dial {n} (graduated, circular scale over which a needle moves)  :: tarcza {f}
dial {n} (disk with finger holes on a telephone)  :: tarcza {f}
dial {v} (To select a number, or to call someone, on a telephone)  :: wykręcić, wybrać
dial {n} (clock face) SEE: clock face  ::
dialect {n} (variety of a language)  :: dialekt {m-in}, narzecze {n}
dialectology {n} (the study of dialects)  :: dialektologia {f}
dialog {n} (conversation or other discourse between individuals)  :: dialog {m}
dialogue {n} (conversation or other discourse between individuals)  :: dialog {m}, rozmowa {f}, konwersacja {f}
dialysis {n} (haemodialysis) SEE: haemodialysis  ::
diamagnetic {adj} (exhibiting diamagentism)  :: diamagnetyczny {m}
diamagnetism {n} (weak form of magnetism)  :: diamagnetyzm {m}
diameter {n} (line)  :: średnica {f}
diametrically {adv} (on exactly the opposite side)  :: diametralnie
diamond {n} (rhombus) SEE: rhombus  ::
diamond {n} (uncountable: mineral)  :: diament {m}
diamond {n} (gemstone)  :: brylant {m}
diamond {n} (card games: card of the diamonds suit)  :: karo {n}
diamond {adj} (made of, or containing diamond)  :: diamentowy {m}
diamond {adj} (of, relating to, or being a sixtieth anniversary)  :: diamentowa {f}
diamond {adj} (of, relating to, or being a seventy-fifth anniversary)  :: brylantowa {f}
diamonds {n} (one of the four suits of playing cards, marked with the symbol ♦)  :: karo {n}
diaper {n} (absorbent garment worn by a baby, or by someone who is incontinent)  :: pielucha {f}, pieluszka {f}, pampers {m}
diaphragm {n} (anatomy: sheet of muscle separating thorax from abdomen)  :: przepona {f}
diarrhea {n} (medical condition)  :: biegunka {f}, sraczka {f} [vulgar]
diary {n} (daily log of experiences)  :: dziennik {m}, pamiętnik {m}
Diaspora {prop} (dispersion of a group of people)  :: diaspora
diathermy {n} (generation of heat using high-frequency electromagnetic currents)  :: diatermia {f}
diatom {n} (grouping of minute algae)  :: okrzemka {f}
diatonic {adj} (diatonic)  :: diatoniczny {m}
dice {n} (polyhedron used in games of chance) SEE: die  ::
dice {v} (to cut into small cubes)  :: kroić w kostkę
dichotomous {adj} (dividing or branching into two pieces)  :: dwudzielny {m}, dychotomiczny {m}
dichotomy {n} (such a division involving apparently incompatible or opposite principles) SEE: duality  ::
dick {n} (slang: penis)  :: chuj {m-an}, kutas {m-an}, pyta {f}, wał {m-an}, fiut {m-an}, pała {f}
dick {n} (highly contemptible person)  :: dupek {m-pr}
dickhead {n} ((slang) stupid person)  :: chujogłowy, chujoza {f}
dickhead {n} (glans penis) SEE: glans penis  ::
dickwad {n} ((vulgar, slang) A contemptible person; a fool)  :: pojeb {m}, zjeb {m}, popierdoleniec {m}, szajbus {m}
dicotyledon {n} (in botany)  :: dwuliścienne
dictaphone {n} (dictation machine) SEE: dictation machine  ::
dictate {v} (to order, command, control)  :: dyktować {impf}
dictate {v} (to speak in order for someone to write down the words)  :: dyktować {impf}, podyktować {pf}
dictation machine {n} (sound recording device)  :: dyktafon {m}
dictator {n} (totalitarian leader of a dictatorship)  :: dyktator {m}
dictatorship {n} (a government led by a dictator)  :: dyktatura {f}
diction {n} (clarity of word choice)  :: dykcja {f}
dictionaric {adj} (Of or pertaining to a dictionary)  :: słownikowy {m}
dictionary {n} (publication that explains the meanings of an ordered list of words)  :: słownik {m-in}, leksykon {m}
dictionary {n} (an associative array)  :: słownik {m-in}
dictionary attack {n} (An attack that uses a list of words from a dictionary)  :: atak słownikowy {m}
dictionary form {n} (basic form of a word)  :: forma słownikowa {f}
die {v} (to stop living)  :: umierać {impf}, umrzeć {pf}
die {n} (device for cutting into a specified shape)  :: matryca {f}
die {n} (polyhedron used in games of chance)  :: kość {f}, kostka {f}
die hard {v} (be slow in changing)  :: być powolnym w zmianach
dielectric {n} (physics: nonconducting material)  :: dielektryk {m} {m}
diencephalon {n} (region of the human brain)  :: międzymózgowie
die out {v} (to become extinct)  :: wymierać {impf}, wymrzeć {pf}
dieresis {n} (diacritic) SEE: diaeresis  ::
diet {n} (controlled regimen of food)  :: dieta {f}
dietetic {adj} (relating to diet)  :: dietetyczny {m}
dietetic {adj} (relating to preparation for those on a restricted diet)  :: dietetyczny {m}
differ {v} (not to have the same characteristics)  :: różnić się
differ {v} (to have diverging opinions, disagree)  :: nie zgadzać się, mieć inne zdanie
difference {n} (quality of being different)  :: różnica {f}
difference {n} (characteristic of something that makes it different from something else)  :: różnica {f}
difference {n} (arithmetic: result of a subtraction)  :: różnica {f}
different {adj} (not the same)  :: różny, inny
different {adj} (unlike most others)  :: odmienny, niezwykły, rozmaity, inny
differentiable {adj} (having a derivative)  :: różniczkowalny
differential {adj} (relating to a difference)  :: różnicowy
differential {adj} (relating to differentiation or differential calculus)  :: różniczkowy
differential {n} (infinitesimal change)  :: różniczka {f}
differential calculus {n} (calculus that deals with instantaneous rates of change)  :: rachunek różniczkowy {m}
differential equation {n} (equation involving the derivatives of a function)  :: równanie różniczkowe {n}
differentiate {v} (to show or be the distinction)  :: różnić się
differentiate {v} (to perceive the difference)  :: odróżniać
differentiate {v} (to modify, be modified)  :: różnicować
differentiate {v} (math: to calculate the derivative)  :: różniczkować
differentiate {v} (math: to calculate the differential)  :: różniczkować
differentiation {n} (in analysis)  :: różniczkowanie {n}
differently {adv} (in a different way)  :: inaczej
difficult {adj} (hard, not easy)  :: trudny, ciężki
difficulty {n} (state of being difficult)  :: trudność {f}
difficulty level {n} (difficulty of completing a task or objective)  :: poziom trudności {m}
diffusion {n} ((physics) the intermingling of the molecules)  :: dyfuzja {f}
dig {v} (to move hard-packed earth out of the way)  :: kopać {impf}, wykopywać {impf}, ryć {impf}
dig {v} (get by digging, take up from the ground)  :: wykopać {pf}
dig {n} (archeological investigation)  :: wykopalisko {n}
digamma {n} (letter of the Old Greek alphabet)  :: digamma
digest {v} (to separate food in the alimentary canal)  :: trawić
digestion {n} (process in gastrointestinal tract)  :: trawienie {n}
digger {n} (spade (playing card)) SEE: spade  ::
digger {n} (large piece of machinery)  :: koparka {f}
digger {n} (one who digs)  :: kopacz {m}
digger {n} (gold miner) SEE: gold digger  ::
digit {n} (finger or toe)  :: palec {m}
digit {n} (numeral)  :: cyfra
digital {adj} (having to do or performed with a finger)  :: palcowy
digital {adj} (representing discrete values)  :: cyfrowy
digital {adj} (of or relating to computers)  :: cyfrowy
digital camera {n} (electronic camera)  :: aparat cyfrowy {m}
dignified {adj} (respectable)  :: dostojny, godny
dignity {n} (quality or state)  :: godność {f}, dostojeństwo {n}
digraph {n} (pair of letters)  :: dwuznak {m}
digraph {n} (directed graph) SEE: directed graph  ::
digression {n} (departure from the subject)  :: dygresja {f}
dilapidate {v} (to fall into ruin or disuse)  :: popaść w ruinę
dilapidate {v} (to cause to become ruined or put into disrepair)  :: zrujnować się
dilapidate {v} (to squander or waste)  :: roztrwonić
dilatable {adj} (that can be dilated)  :: rozszerzalny {m}, rozciągliwy {m}
dilate {v} (To enlarge; to make bigger)  :: rozszerzać
dilation {n} (delay) SEE: delay  ::
dilemma {n} (circumstance in which a choice must be made between two alternatives)  :: dylemat {m}
dilemma {n} (in logic)  :: dylemat {m}
diligent {adj} (performing with intense concentration, focus, responsible regard)  :: pilny {m}
diligently {adv} (in a diligent manner)  :: pilnie
dill {n} (fool) SEE: fool  ::
dill {n} (herb of the species Anethum graveolens)  :: koper {m} [genus Anethum], koperek {m} [diminutive], koper ogrodowy {m}[species Anethum graveolens]
dilute {v} (to add more of a solvent to a solution; especially to add more water)  :: rozcieńczać
dilute {adj} (having a low concentration)  :: rozcieńczony {m}
dim {adj} (not bright, not colourful)  :: ciemny, przyćmiony, ciemnawy, przytępiony
dim {adj} (not smart)  :: ciemny, tępy
dim {adj} (indistinct)  :: niewyraźny, niejasny
dim {v} (to make something less bright)  :: ściemniać {impf}, przyciemniać {impf}, omroczyć {pf}, zaćmić {pf}
dim {v} (to become darker)  :: ciemnieć {impf}, ćmić {impf}, mrocznieć {impf}, mierzchnąć {impf}
dimension {n} (in geometry)  :: wymiar {m}
dimension {n} (in physics)  :: wymiar {m}
dimension {n} (in computing)  :: wymiar {m}
dimension {n} (in science fiction)  :: wymiar {m}
dimensional {adj} (having a stated number of dimensions)  :: -wymiarowy
dimer {n} (a molecule consisting of two identical halves)  :: dimer {m}
dimethylmercury {n} ((CH3)2Hg)  :: dimetylortęć {f}
diminutive {n} (grammar: word form expressing smallness)  :: zdrobnienie {n}
dimorphism {n} (biology: occurrence of two distinct forms of any part)  :: dymorfizm {m}
dimorphism {n} (biology: occurrence in an animal species of two distinct types of individual)  :: dymorfizm {m}
din {n} (loud noise)  :: hałas {m}, gwar {m}, zgiełk {m}, rumor {m}
dinar {n} (official currency of several countries)  :: dinar {m}
dine {v} (to eat; to eat dinner or supper)  :: jeść obiad
diner {n} (a small and inexpensive type of restaurant which is modelled to resemble a dining car)  :: wagon restauracyjny {m}
ding-a-ling {n} (dick) SEE: dick  ::
ding dong {interj} (onomatopoeia for the sound of a doorbell)  :: bim bom, dzyń
dingleberry {n} (cranberry) SEE: cranberry  ::
dingo {n} (wild dog native to Australia)  :: dingo
dining car {n} (restaurant carriage)  :: wagon restauracyjny {m}
dining room {n} (room, in a home or hotel, where meals are eaten)  :: jadalnia {f}
dinitrogen tetroxide {n} (binary compound nitrogen and oxygen, N2O4)  :: tetratlenek diazotu
dinner {n} (main meal of the day)  :: obiad {m}
dinner {n} (a formal meal)  :: bankiet {m}
dinner jacket {n} (tuxedo) SEE: tuxedo  ::
dinosaur {n} (extinct reptile)  :: dinozaur {m}
dinosaur {n} (person who is very old or has very old-fashioned views)  :: dinozaur {m}
diocese {n} (administrative division of the Roman Empire)  :: diecezja {f}
diocese {n} (region administered by a bishop)  :: diecezja {f}
diode {n} (electronic device)  :: dioda {f}
Diogenes {prop} (Ancient Greek name)  :: Diogenes {m}
diol {n} (organic compound)  :: diol {m}
Dionysius {prop} (Ancient Greek male given name)  :: Dionizy
dioptase {n} (Mineral)  :: dioptaz
diopter {n} (unit of measure)  :: dioptria {f}
diorama {n} (a three-dimensional display of a scenery)  :: diorama {f}
dioxide {n} (any oxide containing two oxygen atoms in each molecule)  :: dwutlenek {m}
diphallasparatus {n} (diphallia) SEE: diphallia  ::
diphallia {n} (condition of two penises)  :: difalia {f}
diphallic terata {n} (diphallia) SEE: diphallia  ::
diphallus {n} (diphallia) SEE: diphallia  ::
diphthong {n} (complex vowel sound)  :: dyftong {m}
diploma {n} (certificate)  :: dyplom {m}
diplomacy {n} (art of conducting international relations)  :: dyplomacja {f}
diplomat {n} (person who is accredited to represent a government)  :: dyplomata {m}, dyplomatka {f}
diplomatic immunity {n} (diplomat's legal immunity)  :: immunitet dyplomatyczny {m}
diplomatist {n} (diplomat) SEE: diplomat  ::
dipole {n} (any object that is oppositely charged at two points)  :: dipol {m}
dipole {n} (any molecule that has delocalised charges)  :: dipol {m}
dipper {n} (vessel)  :: chochla {f}
diprotic {adj} (tending to donate two hydrogen ions in solution)  :: dwuzasadowy {m}
dipstick {n} (a person of inferior intellect)  :: idiota {m}
diptych {n} (picture or series of pictures painted on two tablets)  :: dyptyk {m}
dire {adj} (expressing bad consequences)  :: poważny, straszny {m}
direct {v} (to aim at)  :: kierować
direct current {n} (electric current in which the electrons flow in one direction, but may vary with time)  :: prąd stały {m}
directed graph {n} (type of graphs)  :: graf skierowany {m}
direct free kick {n} (soccer)  :: rzut wolny bezpośredni {m}
direction {n} (indication of the point toward which an object is moving)  :: kierunek {m}
direction {n} (work of the director (manager))  :: kierowanie {n}
direction {n} (work of the director in cinema or theater)  :: reżyseria {f}
directions {n} (direction) SEE: direction  ::
directive {n} (instruction or guideline)  :: dyrektywa {f}
directive {n} (authoritative decision)  :: dyrektywa {f}
directive {n} (form of legislative act addressed to the EU Member States)  :: dyrektywa {f}
directly {adv} (immediately) SEE: immediately  ::
direct object {n} (the noun a verb is directly acting upon)  :: dopełnienie bliższe {n}
director {n} (supervisor, manager, see also: film director)  :: dyrektor {m}, reżyser {m} [film]
directorate {n} (an agency headed by a director)  :: dyrekcja {f}, dyrektoriat {m}
directory {n} (simulated folder)  :: katalog {m}
directress {n} (a female director)  :: reżyserka {f}
directrix {n} (a female who directs) SEE: directress  ::
directrix {n} (a line used to define a curve or surface)  :: kierownica {f}
dirigible {n} (a self-propelled airship that can be steered)  :: sterowiec {m}
dirt {n} (soil or earth)  :: ziemia {f}
dirt {n} (stain or spot (on clothes etc))  :: brud {m}
dirty {adj} (covered with or containing dirt)  :: brudny {m}
dirty {adj} (that makes one dirty)  :: brudzący {m}
dirty {adj} (morally unclean, obscene or indecent)  :: sprośny {m}, nieprzyzwoity {m}, świński {m}
dirty {adj} (dishonourable, violating standards or rules)  :: haniebny {m}
dirty {v} (to make dirty)  :: brudzić
dirty laundry {n} (Unflattering facts or questionable activities)  :: brudy {m-p}
dis {v} (diss) SEE: diss  ::
dis {n} (diss) SEE: diss  ::
disable {v} (to deactivate a function of an electronical or mechanical device)  :: wyłączać {impf}, dezaktywować {impf}, zablokować {pf}
disaccharide {n} (a sugar consisting of two monosaccharides)  :: disacharyd {m}
disadvantage {n} (weakness)  :: niekorzyść {f}
disadvantage {n} (setback or handicap)  :: wada {f}
disagreement {n} (An argument or debate)  :: spór {m}, niezgoda {f}
disallow {v} (to refuse to allow) SEE: forbid  ::
disambiguation {n} (removal of ambiguity)  :: ujednoznacznienie {n}
disappear {v} (to vanish)  :: znikać {impf}, zniknąć {pf}
disappearance {n} (action of disappearing or vanishing)  :: zniknięcie {n}
disappoint {v} (to displease)  :: rozczarować, zawieść
disappointed {adj} (defeated of hope or expectation)  :: rozczarowany, zawiedziony
disappointment {n} (emotion)  :: rozczarowanie {n}, zawód {m}
disapprove {v} (to refuse to approve) SEE: reject  ::
disarm {v} (to deprive of arms)  :: rozbrajać
disarmament {n} (the reduction of military forces and armaments)  :: rozbrojenie {n}
disassembler {n} (program that translates machine code into assembly language)  :: dezasembler {m}
disaster {n} (unexpected catastrophe causing physical damage, etc.)  :: katastrofa {f}, nieszczęście {n}, bieda {f}, gorze {n}
disband {v} (to break up or cause to cease to exist)  :: rozpuszczać
disc {n} (disk) SEE: disk  ::
discard {v} (to throw away, reject)  :: zrzucić
discard {v} (to discard, set aside) SEE: remove  ::
disc brake {n} (type of brake)  :: hamulec tarczowy {m}
discern {v} (to detect with the senses, especially with the eyes)  :: dostrzec, dostrzegać, zauważyć, zauważać
discern {v} (to distinguish something as being different from something else; to differentiate)  :: rozróżniać, rozróżnić
discharge {v} ((electricity) the act of releasing an accumulated charge)  :: rozładować {pf}, rozładowywać {impf}
discharge {v} ((medicine) to release (an inpatient) from hospital)  :: wypisać {pf}, wypisywać {impf}
disciplined {adj} (possessing mental discipline)  :: zdyscyplinowany {m}
disciplined {adj} (punished for disobedience)  :: ukarany {m}
disclaimer {n} (public disavowal)  :: zrzeczenie się {n}
disclaimer {n} (law: denial)  :: zrzeczenie się {n}
disclose {v} (make known)  :: ujawnić
disclosure {n} (the act of revealing something)  :: wyjawienie {n}, ujawnienie {n}
disco ball {n} (mirrored sphere)  :: kula dyskotekowa {f}
discord {n} (lack of agreement)  :: niezgoda {f}
discord {n} (musical dissonance)  :: kakofonia {f}
Discordianism {prop} (parodic religion based on the worship of Eris)  :: dyskordianizm {m}
discotheque {n} (nightclub)  :: dyskoteka {f}
discount {n} (reduction in price)  :: opust {m}, zniżka {f}, rabat {m}, upust {m}
discount store {n} (store with lower prices)  :: dyskont {m}
discourage {v} (to persuade somebody not to do something)  :: zniechęcać
discourse {n} (formal lengthy exposition of some subject)  :: dyskurs {m}
discourse {n} (verbal exchange or conversation)  :: konwersacja {f}
discourse {n} (in social sciences)  :: dyskurs {m}
discover {v} (find something for the first time)  :: odkrywać, odkryć
discovery {n} (something discovered)  :: odkrycie {n}
discovery {n} (the discovering of new things)  :: odkrywanie {n}
discreet {adj} (respectful of privacy or secrecy; quiet; diplomatic)  :: dyskretny
discrepancy {n} (inconsistency)  :: rozbieżność
discretization {n} (act of discretizing)  :: dyskretyzacja {f}
discretize {v} (convert continuous space into discrete space)  :: zdyskretyzować
discriminant {n} (in algebra)  :: wyróżnik {m}
discriminate {v} (to make decisions based on prejudice)  :: dyskryminować
discrimination {n} (distinct treatment on the basis of prejudice)  :: dyskryminacja {f}
discussion {n} (conversation or debate)  :: dyskusja {f}
discussion {n} (text giving further detail on a subject)  :: dyskusja {f}
discus throw {n} (athletic event where a discus is thrown)  :: rzut dyskiem {m}
disdain {n} (feeling of contempt or scorn)  :: pogarda {f}
disdain {v} (to regard with strong contempt)  :: gardzić
disdainful {adj} (showing contempt or scorn)  :: pogardliwy
disease {n} (an abnormal condition of the body causing discomfort or dysfunction)  :: choroba {f}
disembark {v} (to go ashore, to leave a train or airplane)  :: wysiadać {impf}, wysiąść {pf}
disembodied {adj} (having no material body, immaterial, incorporeal, insubstantial)  :: bezcielesny
disequilibrium {n} (the loss of equilibrium or stability)  :: nierównowaga {f}, brak równowagi
disgrace {n} (condition of being out of favor)  :: hańba {f}, sromota {f}
disgust {n} (an intense dislike or repugnance)  :: odraza {f}, wstręt {m}
dish {n} (vessel for holding/serving food)  :: naczynie, talerz {m}, półmisek {m}
dish {n} (contents of such a vessel)  :: półmisek {m}
dish {n} (specific type of food)  :: danie, potrawa {f}
dish {n} (tableware to be/being washed)  :: [pot.] gary {p}
dish {n} (type of antenna)  :: talerz {m} [colloquial], antena satelitarna {f}
dishevelled {adj} (untidy in appearance)  :: [hair] rozczochrany, [clothes] rozchełstany
dishonest {adj} (not honest)  :: nieuczciwy {m}
dishonesty {n} (characteristic or condition of being dishonest)  :: nieuczciwość {f}
dishonesty {n} (an act which is fraudulent or dishonest)  :: nieuczciwość {f}
dishonor {n} (dishonour) SEE: dishonour  ::
dishonor {v} (dishonour) SEE: dishonour  ::
dishonour {n} (shame or disgrace)  :: hańba {f}
dishwasher {n} (machine)  :: zmywarka {f}
dishwasher {n} (person)  :: pomywacz {m}, pomywaczka {f}
disillusionment {n} (feeling that arises from the discovery that something is not what it was anticipated to be)  :: rozczarowanie {n}
disinfect {v} (sterilize by the use of cleaning agent)  :: dezynfekować, odkażać
disinformation {n} (intentionally false information)  :: dezinformacja {f}
disinherit {v} (to exclude from inheritance)  :: wydziedziczyć
disintegrate {v} (break up into one's parts)  :: rozpadać się {impf}, rozpaść się {pf}
disintegration {n} (a process by which anything disintegrates)  :: dezintegracja {f}
disjunction {n} (logic)  :: alternatywa {f}
disjunctive {n} (disjunction) SEE: disjunction  ::
disk {n} (a thin, flat, circular plate)  :: dysk {m}
disk {n} (a vinyl phonograph/gramophone record)  :: płyta gramofonowa {f}, płyta winylowa {f}, płyta {f}, winyl {m}
disk {n} (a computer's hard disk)  :: dysk twardy {m}
diskette {n} (small, flexible, magnetic disk for storage and retrieval of data)  :: dyskietka {f}
dismantle {v} (take apart)  :: rozłożyć {pf}, rozkładać {impf}, rozebrać {pf}, rozbierać {impf}, rozmontować {pf}
dismay {n} (a sudden loss of courage)  :: przerażenie {n}
dismember {v} (remove limbs)  :: rozczłonkowywać
dismember {v} (cut into pieces)  :: ćwiartować
dismount {v} (to get off)  :: zsiąść {pf}, zsiadać {impf}
Disneyan {adj} (of or relating to Walt Disney or his company)  :: disnejowski, disneyowski
Disneyland {prop} (Disneyland, theme park)  :: Disneyland {m}
disobedience {n} (refusal to obey)  :: nieposłuszeństwo {n}
disorder {n} (absence of order)  :: nieporządek {m}, nieład {m}
disorder {n} (physical or psychical malfunction)  :: zaburzenie {n}
disorganization {n} (act of disorganizing)  :: dezorganizacja {f}
disorganized schizophrenia {n} (disorganized schizophrenia)  :: schizofrenia zdezorganizowana {f}, hebefrenia {f}
disparage {v} (to ridicule)  :: poniżać
dispassionate {adj} (not showing, and not affected by emotion, bias, or prejudice)  :: bezstronny
dispel {v} (to drive away by scattering)  :: rozwiewać
dispensation {n} (act of dispensing)  :: dyspensa {f}
dispenser {n} (object used to dispense other items)  :: dozownik {m}
disperse {v} (to scatter)  :: rozproszyć
displacement {n} (physics: vector quantity which denotes distance with a directional component)  :: przemieszczenie {n}
display {n} (electronic screen)  :: wyświetlacz {m}
display {v} (to show conspicuously)  :: wyświetlać
disproportionate {adj} (not proportionate)  :: nieproporcjonalny, niewspółmierny
disproportionate {adj} (out of proportion)  :: nieproporcjonalny, niewspółmierny
disregard {v} (disregard) SEE: neglect  ::
disregard {v} (to ignore)  :: lekceważyć
disrespectful {adj} (lacking respect)  :: lekceważący {m}
disrespectfully {adv} (in a disrespectful manner)  :: lekceważąco
disrobe {v} (undress someone or something)  :: rozbierać
disruption {n} (interruption)  :: zakłócenie
disruptive {adj} (causing disrupt or unrest)  :: rozpraszający, zakłócający spokój {m}
diss {v} (to put someone down or show verbal disrespect)  :: dissować {impf}, pociskać {impf}, jechać {impf}, cisnąć {impf}
dissect {v} (to study a dead animal's anatomy by cutting it apart)  :: przeprowadzić sekcję
dissemble {v} (to disguise or conceal something)  :: ukrywać, maskować, symulować
dissemble {v} (to deliberately ignore something)  :: ignorować, udawać
dissemble {v} (to falsely hide one's opinions or feelings)  :: ukrywać
disseminate {v} (transitive: to sow and scatter principles, etc. for propagation, like seed)  :: rozsiewać {impf}, rozsiać {pf}, rozpowszechniać {impf}, rozpowszechnić {pf}, rozprzestrzeniać {impf}, rozprzestrzenić {pf}, szerzyć {impf}
disseminate {v} (intransitive: to become scattered)  :: szerzyć się {impf}, rozprzestrzeniać się {impf}
disseminate {v} (to disseminate) SEE: disperse  ::
dissent {v} (to disagree)  :: nie zgadzać się , buntować się
dissenter {n} (someone who dissents)  :: dysydent {m}
dissertation {n} (formal exposition of a subject)  :: doktorat {m}
disservice {n} (an ill turn or injury)  :: niedźwiedzia przysługa {f} [bear's service]
dissident {n} (person who opposes the current political structure, group or laws)  :: dysydent {m}, dysydentka {f}
dissipate {v} (to dissipate) SEE: disperse  ::
dissolution {n} (termination of an organized body or legislative assembly)  :: rozwiązanie {n}
dissolve {v} (to terminate a union of multiple members actively)  :: rozwiązywać {impf}, rozwiązać {pf}, rozpuszczać {impf}, rozpuścić {pf}
dissolve {v} (transitive: to disintegrate into a solution by immersion)  :: rozpuszczać {impf}, rozpuścić {pf}
dissolve {v} (intransitive: to be disintegrated into a solution by immersion)  :: rozpuszczać
distaff {n} (part of a spinning wheel)  :: kądziel {f}
distal {adj} (remote from the point of attachment or origin)  :: dalszy {m}
distance {n} (amount of space between two points)  :: odległość {f}, droga {f}, dystans {m}
distance {v} (move away)  :: dystansować się
distant {adj} (far off)  :: daleki, odległy
distasteful {adj} (having a bad or foul taste)  :: niesmaczny
distasteful {adj} (unpleasant)  :: niesmaczny, przykry
distillation {n} (separation of a substance)  :: destylacja {f}
distinction {n} (that which distinguishes)  :: różnica
distinction {n} (a feature that causes someone or something to be better)  :: odznaczenie, wyróżnienie
distinctive {adj} (that is characteristic or typical of something)  :: charakterystyczny {m}
distort {v} (to give false account of)  :: wypaczać
distress {n} (serious danger)  :: zagrożenie {n}, niebezpieczeństwo {n}
distribute {v} (to distribute) SEE: disperse  ::
distribution {n} (act of distribution or being distributed)  :: dystrybucja {f}
distribution {n} (distribution in statistics)  :: rozkład {m}
distributive {adj} (math: property of functions)  :: rozdzielny {m}
district {n} (administrative division)  :: dzielnica {f}
disused {adj} (no longer in use)  :: nieużywany {m}
ditch day {n} (a day on which a group of students, generally the senior class, leaves the campus and its responsibilities for a day)  :: Święto Lasu {n}
ditransitive {adj} (having both a direct and indirect object, see also: ditransitive verb)  :: dwuprzechodni
ditransitive verb {n} (verb that requires a direct object and an indirect object)  :: czasownik dwuprzechodni {m}
ditto {n} (the aforesaid)  :: jak wyżej, to samo
diurnal {adj} (happening during daylight; primarily active during the day)  :: dzienny {m}, dzienna {f}, dzienne {n}, dzienni {m-p}, dzienne {f-p} {n-p}
divan {n} (council)  :: dywan {m}
dive {v} (to swim under water)  :: nurkować
dive {v} (to descend)  :: zanurzać się {impf}, zanurzyć się {pf}
dive {n} (seedy bar)  :: knajpa {f}, speluna {f}, mordownia {f}, melina {f}
diver {n} (someone who dives)  :: nurek {m}
diverge {v} (to run apart)  :: rozchodzić się, rozbiegać się, rozdzielać się
diverge {v} (to have no limit)  :: rozbiegać
divergence {n} (the degree of divergence)  :: rozbieżność {f}, odchylenie {n}
divergence {n} (mathematical operator)  :: dywergencja {f}
divergent {adj} (growing further apart; diverging)  :: rozbieżny
divergent {adj} (of a series, not converging)  :: rozbieżny {m}
diverse {adj} (various)  :: rozmaity, różnorodny, różny
diverse {adj} (different)  :: odmienny, rozmaity {m}
diversion {n} (tactic used to draw attention away from the real threat or action)  :: dywersja {f}
diversion {n} (A detour, such as during road construction)  :: objazd {m}
diversion {n} (rerouting of cargo or passengers to a new transshipment point or destination)  :: objazd
diversity {n} (quality of being diverse; difference)  :: różnorodność {f}
divertimento {n} (eighteenth-century composition in several short movements)  :: divertimento {n}
divest {v} (undress) SEE: undress  ::
divide and conquer {v} (Divide and conquer)  :: dziel i rządź
dividend {n} (arithmetic: a number or expression)  :: dzielna {f}
dividend {n} (finance: a payment of money by a company to its shareholders)  :: dywidenda {f}
dividual {adj} (separate, distinct)  :: oddzielny {m}
divine {n} (a deity) SEE: deity  ::
divine {adj} (of or pertaining to a god)  :: boski
diving {n} (sport of jumping head first into water)  :: skoki do wody {m-p}
diving {n} (practice of swimming underwater)  :: nurkowanie {n}
diving board {n} (springboard) SEE: springboard  ::
diving header {n} (ball)  :: szczupak {m}, strzał szczupakiem {m}
divinity {n} (property of being divine)  :: boskość {f}, bóstwo {n}
divisibility {n} (property of being divisible)  :: podzielność {f}
divisible {adj} (capable of being divided)  :: podzielny
divisible {adj} (of an integer, that when divided leaves no remainder)  :: podzielny
divisim {adv} (formal: separately) SEE: separately  ::
division {n} (act or process of dividing anything)  :: podział {m}
division {n} (arithmetic: process of dividing a number by another)  :: dzielenie {n}
division {n} (arithmetic: calculation involving this process)  :: dzielenie {n}
division {n} (large military unit)  :: dywizja {f}
division ring {n} (algebraic concept)  :: pierścień z dzieleniem {m}, [dated] ciało nieprzemienne {n}
division sign {n} (Symbol)  :: znak dzielenia {m}
divisor {n} (arithmetic: a number or expression)  :: dzielnik {m}
divorcé {n} (a divorced man)  :: rozwodnik {m}, rozwiedziony {m}
divorce {n} (legal dissolution of a marriage)  :: rozwód {m}
divorcée {n} (a divorced woman)  :: rozwódka {f}, rozwiedziona {f}
divorcee {n} (a person divorced)  :: rozwodnik {m}, rozwódka {f}
divulgation {n} (disclosure of a secret)  :: wyjawienie {n}
divulge {v} (to make public)  :: ujawnić
divulge {v} (to indicate publicly; to proclaim)  :: rozgłaszać
Djibouti {prop} (Republic of Djibouti)  :: Dżibuti
déjà vu {n} (Something which one has or suspects to have seen or experienced before)  :: déjà vu
Dmitry {prop} (transliteration of Дмитрий)  :: Dymitr {m}, Demetriusz {m}
DNA {phrase} (abbreviation of deoxyribonucleic acid (see deoxyribonucleic acid for full forms))  :: DNA
Dnieper {prop} (river to the Black Sea)  :: Dniepr {m}
do {v} (perform, execute)  :: robić {impf}, zrobić {pf}, czynić {impf}, uczynić {pf}
do {v} (slang: have sex with)  :: bzykać (kogoś/sb), przelecieć (kogoś/sb)
doable {adj} (possible to do) SEE: feasible  ::
dobbin {n} (old broken-down horse)  :: chabeta {f}, szkapa {f}
Dobermann {n} (large dog originating in Germany)  :: doberman {m}
dobra {n} (official currency of São Tomé and Príncipe)  :: dobra
docile {adj} (yielding to control)  :: potulny
docile {adj} (accepting instructions)  :: pojętny {m}
docker {n} (dockworker) SEE: dockworker  ::
docking {n} (process of connecting one spacecraft to another)  :: dokowanie
dockworker {n} (worker at a dock)  :: portowiec {m}, doker {m}
doctor {n} (physician)  :: lekarz {m}, lekarka {f}, medyk {m}
doctor {n} (person who has attained a doctorate)  :: doktor {m}
doctor {n} (veterinarian) SEE: veterinarian  ::
doctorand {n} (postgrad aiming at doctorate)  :: doktorant {m}, doktorantka {f}
doctorate {n} (highest degree awarded by a university faculty)  :: doktorat {m}
document {n} (original or official paper)  :: dokument {m}
documentarian {n} (person whose profession is to create documentary films)  :: dokumentalista {m}
documentary {n} (documentary film)  :: film dokumentalny {m}
documentation {n} (documents that explain the operation of a particular machine or software program)  :: dokumentacja {f}
dodecahedron {n} (a polyhedron with 12 faces)  :: dwunastościan foremny {m}
Dodecanese {prop} (an island chain consisting of twelve main islands)  :: Dodekanez {m}
dodecaphony {n} (dodecaphony)  :: dodekafonia {f}
dodo {n} (Raphus cucullatus)  :: dodo {m}
doe {n} (female deer)  :: łania {f}
doe {n} (female hare)  :: zajęczyca {f}
doe {n} (female kangaroo)  :: kangurzyca {f}
does anyone here speak English {phrase} (does anyone here speak English?)  :: czy ktokolwiek tutaj mówi po angielsku?, czy jest ktoś tutaj kto mówi po angielsku?
dog {n} (slang: man) SEE: guy  ::
dog {n} (animal)  :: pies {m}, suka {f}
dog {n} (male canine)  :: pies {m}
dogbane {n} (Apocynum)  :: toina {f}
dog days {n} (the days between early July and early September)  :: kanikuła {f}
doge {n} (chief magistrate in the republics of Venice and Genoa)  :: doża {m-pr}
dog-ear {n} (folded corner of a page)  :: ośle ucho {n}
dogfish {n} (bowfin) SEE: bowfin  ::
dogfish {n} (small sharks of the Scyliorhinidae, Dalatiidae and Squalidae families)  :: koleń {m}
doghouse {n} (kennel) SEE: kennel  ::
doghouse bass {n} (instrument) SEE: double bass  ::
dog in the manger {n} (one who denies to others something that he or she cannot use)  :: pies ogrodnika {m} (gardener's dog), pies na sianie (dog on a haystock)
dogma {n} (authoritative principle, belief or statement of opinion)  :: dogmat {m}
dogma {n} (doctrine)  :: dogmat {m}, doktryna {f}
dogmatism {n} (arrogance in stating opinion)  :: dogmatyzm {m}
dog rose {n} (the species Rosa canina)  :: dzika róża {f}
dog shit {n} (deceitful statements, etc) SEE: bullshit  ::
Dog Star {prop} (Sirius) SEE: Sirius  ::
dog tag {n} (identification tag worn around the neck by military personnel)  :: nieśmiertelnik {m}
dogwood {n} (tree or shrub of the genus Cornus)  :: dereń {m}
d'oh {interj} (expression of frustration)  :: wrr
Doha {prop} (capital of Qatar)  :: Dauha {f}, Ad-Dauha {f}, Doha {f}
do I know you {phrase} (do I know you?)  :: czy ja cię znam? [informal], czy ja pana znam? {m} [formal], czy ja panią znam? {f} [formal], czy my się znamy? [neutral]
do in {v} (to kill or end)  :: wykończyć
do it yourself {n} (practice of doing home improvements and maintenance oneself)  :: majsterkowanie {n}
dolce vita {n} (life of self-indulgence and luxury)  :: słodkie życie {n}
dolefully {adv} (in a doleful manner)  :: smutno
dolerite {n} (a fine-grained basaltic rock)  :: doleryt {m}, diabaz {m}
doll {n} (a toy in the form of a human)  :: lalka {f}, kukła {f}
dollar {n} (designation for specific currency)  :: dolar {m-an}
dollop {n} (considerable lump)  :: porcja {f}
dolmen {n} (tomb consisting of a capstone supported by two or more upright stones)  :: dolmen {m}
dolomite {n} (mineral)  :: dolomit {m}
Dolomites {prop} (section of the Alps)  :: Dolomity {p}
dolorous {adj} (solemnly or ponderously sad)  :: boleściwy
dolphin {n} (aquatic mammal)  :: delfin {m}
dolphin {n} (dauphin) SEE: dauphin  ::
dolt {n} (A stupid person; a blockhead or dullard)  :: głupek {m}
domain {n} (geographic area owned or controlled by a single person or organization)  :: dziedzina {f}
domain {n} (a field or sphere of activity, influence or expertise)  :: dziedzina {f}
domain {n} (group of related items)  :: dziedzina {f}
domain {n} ((mathematics) the set on which a function is defined)  :: dziedzina {f}
domain {n} (DNS domain name)  :: domena {f}
domain {n} (collection of DNS domain names)  :: domena {f}
domain {n} (collection of information)  :: domena {f}
domain {n} (collection of computers)  :: domena {f}
domain of discourse {n} (in formal logic)  :: obszar rozważań {m}
dome {n} (architectural element)  :: kopuła {f}
Dome of the Rock {prop} (shrine in Jerusalem)  :: Kopuła na Skale
domestic {adj} (of or relating to the home)  :: domowy {m}
domestic {adj} (of or relating to activities normally associated with the home, wherever they actually occur)  :: domowy {m}
domestic {adj} ((of a domesticated animal) kept by someone)  :: domowy {m}
domestic {adj} (internal to a specific country)  :: krajowy {m}
domestic violence {n} (violence committed in a domestic setting)  :: przemoc domowa {f}
domicile {n} (home or residence)  :: domicyl {m}
dominance {n} (state of being dominant)  :: dominacja {f}
dominate {adj} (to govern, rule or control by superior authority or power)  :: dominować, przewyższać
dominate {adj} (to exert an overwhelming guiding influence over something or someone)  :: dominować
dominate {adj} (to overlook from a height)  :: dominować
Dominic {prop} (male given name)  :: Dominik
Dominica {prop} (Commonwealth of Dominica)  :: Dominika {f}
Dominican {n} (person from Dominica)  :: Dominikanin {m}
Dominican {n} (member of religious order)  :: dominikanin {m}
Dominican {adj} (of or belonging to the religious order)  :: dominikański {m}
Dominican Republic {prop} (country in the Caribbean)  :: Dominikana
dominion {n} (a kingdom, nation, or other sphere of influence)  :: królestwo {n}
domino {n} (block used in dominoes)  :: domino {n}
domino {n} (person wearing the costume)  :: domino {n}
dominoes {n} (game)  :: domino {n}
Domodedovo {prop} (airport in Russia)  :: Domodiedowo {n}
don {n} (professor) SEE: professor  ::
Don {prop} (River in European Russia)  :: Don {m}
Donald {prop} (male given name)  :: Donald {m}
Donald Duck {prop} (one of the Disney characters)  :: Kaczor Donald {m}
donate {v} (to give away something of value)  :: podarować {pf}
donation {n} (a voluntary gift or contribution for a specific cause)  :: dar {m}, darowizna {f}
Donbas {prop} (An industrial region in eastern Ukraine.)  :: Donbas {m}
Donbass {prop} (Donbas) SEE: Donbas  ::
doner kebab {n} (Turkish dish of grilled meat served with pita)  :: kebs {m}
Donets {prop} (one of several rivers)  :: Doniec {m}
Donetsk {prop} (city)  :: Donieck {m}
Donetsk People's Republic {prop} (secessionist state in Donechchyna, the Ukraine)  :: Doniecka Republika Ludowa
Don Juan {n} (a man who obsessively seduces women; a philanderer)  :: donżuan {m}, lowelas {m}, casanova {m}, Romeo {m}, bałamut {m}, kobieciarz {m}, uwodziciel {m}
donkey {n} (a domestic animal, see also: ass)  :: osioł {m}, oślica {f} [female]
Donna {prop} (female given name)  :: Donna {f}
Donner {prop} (reindeer of Santa Claus)  :: Profesorek {m}
donor {n} (one who donates)  :: darczyńca
do not disturb {phrase} (do not disturb)  :: nie przeszkadzać
Don Quixote {prop} (the protagonist of a famous Spanish novel)  :: Don Kichot {m}
don't {v} (do not)  :: nie
don't count your chickens before they're hatched {proverb} (don't count on things if you don't have them yet)  :: [don't divide the pelt of the bear not yet killed] nie dziel skóry na niedźwiedziu
don't let the door hit you on the way out {phrase} (good riddance) SEE: good riddance  ::
don't look a gift horse in the mouth {proverb} (a phrase referring to unappreciatively questioning of a gift or handout too closely)  :: darowanemu koniowi nie zagląda się w zęby, darowanemu koniowi w zęby się nie zagląda, darowanemu koniowi nie zaglądaj w zęby, darowanemu koniowi w zęby się nie patrzy
don't mention it {phrase} (it is too trivial to warrant thanks)  :: nie ma o czym mówić, nie ma za co
don't try to teach grandma how to suck eggs {proverb} (don't teach an expert)  :: nie ucz ojca dzieci robić
donut {n} (deep-fried piece of dough) SEE: doughnut  ::
doodad {n} (thingy) SEE: thingy  ::
doodah {n} (thingy) SEE: thingy  ::
doodle {n} (penis)  :: siusiak {m}
doodle {v} (to draw or scribble aimlessly)  :: bazgrać
doofus {n} (person with poor judgement and taste)  :: głupek {m}
doohickey {n} (a thing)  :: wihajster {m}
doom {n} (historical: judgment or decision)  :: sąd {m}, osąd {m}
doom {n} (historical: sentence or penalty)  :: wyrok {m}
doom {n} (death)  :: zguba {f}
doom {n} (destiny, especially terrible)  :: fatum {n}
doom {n} (undesirable fate)  :: zagłada {f}, zguba {f}
doom {n} (feeling of danger)  :: groza {f}
doom {n} (Last Judgment) SEE: Last Judgment  ::
doomsday {n} (day when God is expected to judge the world)  :: Dzień Sądu Ostatecznego {m}
do one's bit {v} (to make one's individual contribution to the whole)  :: robić swoje {impf}, zrobić swoje {pf}
door {n} (portal of entry into a building, room or vehicle)  :: drzwi {n-p}
doorbell {n} (device on or adjacent to an outer door for announcing one's presence)  :: dzwonek do drzwi {m}
doorknob {n} (circular device attached to a door, the rotation of which permits the unlatching of a door)  :: klamka {f}
doormat {n} (coarse mat that appears at the entrance to a house)  :: wycieraczka {f}
doorstep {n} (threshold of a doorway)  :: próg {m}
doorway {n} (passage of a door)  :: wejście
dopamine {n} (the neurotransmitter)  :: dopamina
dope {n} (aeronautics: varnish used to waterproof, strengthen, etc.)  :: aerożel {m}
dope {n} (slang: a stupid person)  :: debil {m}
doping {n} (use of drugs to improve athletic performance)  :: doping {m}
doppelganger {n} (ghostly double of a living person)  :: sobowtór {m}
doppelganger {n} (remarkably similar double)  :: sobowtór
Doppler effect {n} (change in frequency or wavelength)  :: efekt Dopplera {m}
Dorado {prop} (a particular constellation)  :: Złota Ryba {f}
Doric {prop} (Greek dialect)  :: dorycki {m}
dormant volcano {n} (inactive volcano that may return active)  :: wulkan drzemiący {m}
dormer {n} (dormer-window) SEE: dormer-window  ::
dormer-window {n} (upright window in a roof)  :: facjata
dormitory {n} (building or part thereof)  :: akademik {m}
dormouse {n} (rodent)  :: popielica {f}
Dorothea {prop} (female given name) SEE: Dorothy  ::
Dorothy {prop} (female given name)  :: Dorota {f}
dorsal fin {n} (fin on a marine animal's back)  :: płetwa grzbietowa {f}
Dorset {prop} (county of England)  :: Dorset {m}
Dortmund {prop} (a city in western Germany)  :: Dortmund {m}
dose {n} (measured portion of medicine)  :: dawka {f}
dose {n} (quantity of an agent administered at any one time)  :: dawka {f}, doza {f}, porcja {f}, miarka {f}
dose {v} (to administer a dose)  :: dozować, dawkować
dossier {n} (A collection of papers and/or other sources)  :: dossier {n}, akta
dot {n} (small spot or mark)  :: kropka {f}, punkt {m}
dot {n} (punctuation mark)  :: kropka {f}
dot {n} (diacritical mark)  :: kropka {f}
dot {n} (decimal point)  :: przecinek {m} (as decimal comma), kropka {f} (as decimal period)
dot {n} (morse code symbol)  :: kropka {f}
dot {n} (dot in URL's or email addresses)  :: kropka {f}
Dot {prop} (diminutive of Dorothy)  :: Dosia {f}
do the dishes {v} (to wash up dishes)  :: zmywać {impf}
dot product {n} (scalar product) SEE: scalar product  ::
dot the i's and cross the t's {v} (Take care of every detail)  :: dopiąć na ostatni guzik
double {adj} (made up of two matching or complementary elements)  :: podwójny {m}, podwójna {f}, ppodwójne {n}
double {n} (a person resembling or standing for another)  :: sobowtór {m}
double act {n} (comic pairing)  :: duet {m}
double agent {n} (spy)  :: podwójny agent {m}
double-barrelled shotgun {n} (type of shot-firing gun)  :: dubeltówka {f}
double bass {n} (largest instrument of violin family)  :: kontrabas {m}
double-blind test {n} (form of scientific testing)  :: podwójnie ślepa próba
double-decker bus {n} (bus that has two levels of seating)  :: piętrowy autobus {m}
double-digit {adj} (between 10 and 99 inclusive)  :: dwucyfrowy
double Dutch {n} (incomprehensible language)  :: chińszczyzna {f}
double-edged sword {n} (idiomatic)  :: miecz obosieczny {m}
double life {n} (double life)  :: podwójne życie {n}
double penetration {n} (The simultaneous penetration of one or more orifices of one person by two other people)  :: podwójna penetracja {f}, na dwa baty [colloquial]
double room {n} (a hotel room with one double bed)  :: pokój dwuosobowy {m}
doubles {n} (a game between pairs of players)  :: debel {m}
double sheet bend {n} (knot)  :: węzeł bramszotowy {m}
doublethink {n} (The power of holding two contradictory beliefs)  :: dwójmyślenie {n}
double-u {n} (name of the letter W, w)  :: wu {n} [read: vu]
doubloon {n} (former Spanish gold coin)  :: dublon {m}
doubt {n} (uncertainty)  :: wątpliwość {f}
doubt {v} (to lack confidence in something)  :: wątpić {impf}
doubting Thomas {n} (one who requires proof)  :: niewierny Tomasz {m}
doubtless {adj} (characterized by no doubt)  :: bez wątpliwości
doubtlessly {adv} (doubtless) SEE: doubtless  ::
dough {n} (mix of flour and other ingredients)  :: ciasto {n}
dough {n} (money (slang))  :: forsa
doughnut {n} (deep-fried piece of dough or batter)  :: pączek {m} [filled donut], oponka {f} [ring-shaped donut]
dour {adj} (stern, harsh and forbidding)  :: srogi
dour {adj} (expressing gloom or melancholy)  :: ponury
Douro {prop} (river in northern Portugal and Spain)  :: Douro, Duero
dove {n} (bird of the family Columbidae)  :: gołąb {m}
dovecot {n} (dovecote) SEE: dovecote  ::
dovecote {n} (house or box in which domestic pigeons breed)  :: gołębnik {m}
dovehouse {n} (dovecote) SEE: dovecote  ::
dovelet {n} (a baby dove)  :: gołębię {n}
doveling {n} (a baby dove)  :: gołębię {n}
down {adv} (from a high to a low position, downwards)  :: na dół, w dół
down {adv} (in a lower position)  :: na dole
down {n} (soft, immature feathers)  :: puch {m}
downburst {n} (air current)  :: nawałnica {f}, szkwał {m}
downfall {n} (precipitous decline in fortune; death or rapid deterioration, as in status or wealth)  :: upadek {m}
downhill {adj} (easy) SEE: easy  ::
downing {n} (defeat) SEE: defeat  ::
down in the dumps {adj} (sad)  :: [informal] zdołowany
download {n} (file transfer to the local computer)  :: pobieranie {n}
download {v} (to transfer data from a remote computer to a local one)  :: ściągać [colloquial], ściągnąć [colloquial], pobrać, pobierać
downpour {n} (heavy rain)  :: ulewa {f}
downspout {n} (vertical pipe or conduit)  :: rura spustowa {f}
Down's syndrome {prop} (condition caused by chromosomal deficiency) SEE: Down syndrome  ::
downstairs {adv} (downstairs (adverb))  :: na dole [where], na dół [where to]
Down syndrome {prop} (condition caused by chromosomal deficiency)  :: zespół Downa {m}
downvote {n} (instance of downvoting)  :: negatywna ocena {f}, łapka w dół {f} [colloquial]
downvote {v} (assert a vote against)  :: oceniać negatywnie {impf}
down with {interj} (away with (...!))  :: precz z
dowry {n} (property or payment given at time of marriage)  :: posag {m}, wiano {n}
dowser {n} (one who uses the dowser or divining rod)  :: różdżkarz {m}, różdżkarka {f}, radiesteta {m}, radiestetka {f}
doxology {n} (expression of praise to God, especially a short hymn)  :: doksologia {f}
do you accept credit cards {phrase} (do you accept credit cards?)  :: czy akceptujecie karty kredytowe?
do you believe in God {phrase} (do you believe in God?)  :: wierzysz w Boga?
do you have a menu in English {phrase} (phrase)  :: masz menu w angielskie?
do you have children {phrase} (do you have children?)  :: (informal) masz dzieci?
do you know {phrase} (do you know? (of knowledge))  :: czy wiesz? [informal], czy Pan wie? [formal, to a man], czy Pani wie? [formal, to a woman], czy Państwo wiedzą? [formal, plural]
do you need help {phrase} (Do you need help?)  :: czy potrzebuje Pan pomocy? [formal, to a man], czy potrzebuje Pani pomocy? [formal, to a woman], czy potrzebujesz pomocy? [informal]
do you speak English {phrase} (do you speak English? (English specifically))  :: [informal] czy mówisz po angielsku?
do you speak English {phrase} (do you speak...? (fill with the name of the current foreign language))  :: [informal] mówisz po polsku?, [formal, to male] mówi pan po polsku?, [formal to female] mówi pani po polsku?
do you think you can walk {phrase} (do you think you can walk?)  :: czy myślisz, że możesz chodzić? [informal], czy myśli pan, że może chodzić? [formal, addressing a man], czy myśli pani, że może chodzić? [formal, addressing a woman], czy myśli panna, że może chodzić? [formal, dated, addressing an unmarried woman]
doze {v} (to sleep lightly or briefly)  :: drzemać {impf}, podrzemać {pf}
dozen {n} (twelve)  :: tuzin {m}
dozen {n} (dozens: a large number)  :: tuziny, dziesiątki, kilkadziesiąt (usually less than 100)
dozy {adj} (sleepy)  :: śpiący
DPRK {initialism} (Democratic People's Republic of Korea)  :: KRLD {f}
Dr {n} (Doctor)  :: dr {m}
Draco {prop} (constellation)  :: Smok {m}
Draco {prop} (Athenian lawgiver)  :: Drakon {m}
Dracula {prop} (former prince of Wallachia)  :: Wład Palownik {m}
draft {n} (early version of a written work)  :: zarys {m}, szkic {m}
draft {n} (preliminary sketch)  :: szkic {m}
draft {n} (depth of water needed to float ship)  :: zanurzenie {n}
draft {n} (current of air)  :: przeciąg {m}, cug {m}
draft {n} (draw through a flue)  :: ciąg {m}, cug {m}
draft {n} (amount of liquid that is drunk in one swallow)  :: łyk {m}
draft {n} (order for money to be paid)  :: przelew {m}
draft {n} (conscription)  :: pobór {m}
draft {v} (to write a law)  :: pisać {impf}
draft {v} (to conscript a person)  :: powołać {pf}
draft {adj} (Referring to drinks on tap)  :: beczkowy, z kija
drafting table {n} (drafting table) SEE: drawing board  ::
drag {n} (street) SEE: street  ::
drag {n} (someone or something that is disappointing)  :: rozczarowanie {n}
drag {v} (to pull along a surface)  :: wlec {impf}
drag {v} (to move slowly)  :: wlec się {impf}
dragée {n} (a sweet or confection, originally used to administer drugs, medicine, etc.)  :: drażetka {f}, draża {f} [colloquial]
dragline excavator {n} (any of several very large vehicles used for lifting)  :: koparka zgarniakowa {f}
dragon {n} (mythical creature)  :: smok {m}
dragon {n} (pejorative: unpleasant woman)  :: smoczyca {f}
dragon {n} (Komodo dragon) SEE: Komodo dragon  ::
dragon {n} (lizard of the genus Draco) SEE: Draco  ::
dragon {n} (constellation Draco) SEE: Draco  ::
dragonfly {n} (insect of the infraorder Anisoptera)  :: ważka {f}
dragon fruit {n} (fruit)  :: pitaja {f}, smoczy owoc {m}
dragon's wort {n} (tarragon) SEE: tarragon  ::
dragoon {n} (horse soldier)  :: dragon {m}
drain {n} ((electronics) name of one terminal of a transistor)  :: dren {m}
drain {v} (dry out a wet place)  :: osuszyć
drainage basin {n} (topographic region in which all water drains to a common outlet)  :: dorzecze {n}
draisine {n} (light auxiliary rail vehicle)  :: drezyna {f}
drake {n} (male duck)  :: kaczor {m}
drama {n} (composition)  :: dramat {m}
drama {n} (brought through the media)  :: dramat {m}
drama {n} (theatrical plays)  :: dramat {m}
drama {n} (dramatic situation)  :: dramat {m}
dramatic {adj} (of or relating to the drama)  :: dramatyczny {m}
dramatically {adv} (in a dramatic manner)  :: dramatycznie
dramatist {n} (playwright) SEE: playwright  ::
dramatize {v} (to present something in a dramatic or melodramatic manner)  :: dramatyzować
drape {n} (curtain, drapery) SEE: curtain  ::
drastic {adj} (extreme, severe)  :: drastyczny
draught {n} (game piece)  :: pionek warcabowy
draughts {n} (game for two players)  :: warcaby {f-p}
Drava {prop} (river)  :: Drawa {f}
draw {v} (to produce a picture)  :: rysować {impf}, narysować {pf}
draw {v} (to pull out)  :: wyciągać, wyrywać
draw {v} (to attract)  :: pociągać
draw {v} (to deduce or infer)  :: wyciągać wniosek
draw {v} (to rely on)  :: polegać
draw {v} (to close curtains etc.)  :: zasuwać
draw {v} (to end a game with neither side winning)  :: remisować
draw {v} (to determine the result of a lottery)  :: ciągnąć los
draw {n} (tie as a result of a game)  :: remis {m}
draw {n} (procedure by which the result of a lottery is determined)  :: losowanie {n}
draw {v} (to cause) SEE: cause  ::
draw {v} (to inhale) SEE: inhale  ::
drawback {n} (a disadvantage)  :: wada {f}
drawbridge {n} (bridge which can be raised)  :: most zwodzony {m}
drawer {n} (open-topped box in a cabinet used for storing)  :: szuflada {f}
drawer {n} (one who draws something)  :: rysownik {m}
drawers {n} (plural of drawer) SEE: drawer  ::
drawing {n} (picture, likeness, diagram or representation)  :: rysunek {m}
drawing {n} (graphic art form)  :: rysunek {m}
drawing board {n} (plane surface or table to which paper can be fastened for drawing purposes)  :: deska kreślarska {f}
drawing pin {n} (tack for attaching paper) SEE: thumbtack  ::
draw up {v} (to compose a document)  :: sporządzić
dreaded {adj} (Causing fear, dread or terror)  :: straszny {m}
dream {n} (imaginary events seen while sleeping)  :: sen {m}, sny {p}
dream {n} (hope or wish)  :: marzenie {n}
dream {v} (see imaginary events while sleeping)  :: śnić
dream {v} (to hope, to wish)  :: marzyć
dream {v} (daydream) SEE: daydream  ::
dreamcatcher {n} (decorative Native American object)  :: łapacz snów {m}
dreamer {n} (ladybird) SEE: ladybird  ::
dreamer {n} (one who dreams)  :: marzyciel {m}
dreamer {n} (someone whose beliefs are far from realistic)  :: marzyciel {m}
dreamish {adj} (resembling a dream) SEE: dreamlike  ::
dreamlike {adj} (like something from a dream)  :: oniryczny {m}
dream up {v} (have an imaginative, unusual or foolish idea, invent something unreal)  :: wyśnić, zmyślić
dreamy {adj} (resembling a dream) SEE: dreamlike  ::
dreg {n} (sediment in a liquid)  :: osad {m}
dreggy {adj} (muddy) SEE: muddy  ::
dregs {n} (settled sediment)  :: fusy {p}
Drenthe {prop} (province of the Netherlands)  :: Drenthe {n}
Dresden {prop} (capital city of the German Federal State of Saxony)  :: Drezno {n}
dress {n} (garment)  :: sukienka {f}, suknia {f}
dress {n} (apparel)  :: strój {m}, ubiór {m}
dress {v} (to clothe (something or somebody))  :: ubierać
dress {v} (to clothe oneself)  :: ubierać się
dresser {n} (kitchen furniture)  :: kredens {m}
dressing {n} (material applied to a wound)  :: opatrunek {m}
dressing gown {n} (item of clothing)  :: szlafrok {m}, podomka {f}
dressing table {n} (low table equipped with mirror for dressing and makeup)  :: toaletka {f}
dressmaker {n} (person who makes women's clothes)  :: krawcowa {f}
dress up {v} (to wear fancy dress)  :: przebierać się, przebrać się
dried fruit {n} (small fruit that have been preserved by drying)  :: bakalie {p}
drift {n} (shallow place in a river) SEE: ford  ::
drift {n} (act or motion of drifting)  :: dryft {m}
drift {n} (mass of matter which has been driven or forced onward together in a body, or thrown together in a heap, etc.)  :: zaspa
drill {v} (to make a hole)  :: wiercić, borować, świdrować
drill {v} (to practice)  :: ćwiczyć, musztrować
drill {n} (tool)  :: wiertarka {f}
drill {n} (driving part of a drill)  :: wiertło {n}
Drina {prop} (river that flows northward 160 miles along the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia)  :: Drina {f}
drink {v} (consume liquid through the mouth)  :: pić {impf}
drink {v} (consume alcoholic beverages)  :: pić {impf}, chlać {f} [pejorative], tankować {impf} [colloquial], alkoholizować się {impf}, ciągnąć {impf} [colloquial], grzać {impf} [colloquial], golić {impf} [colloquial], przepić {pf} [to outdrink someone or to drink after raising your glass to somebody's direction ], odpić [to drink after raising your glass in somebody's direction as an answer for his same precedent action of drinking after raising his glass in your direction ], zapijać {impf} [to consume alcohol in order to manage problems or hangover], podpijać {impf} [to drink alcohol on somebody's cost, or to drink his alcohol], przepijać {pf} [to spend money on alcohol]
drink {n} (served beverage)  :: napój {m-in}
drink {n} (served alcoholic beverage)  :: drink {m-an}
drink {n} (action of drinking)  :: picie {n}
drink {n} (type of beverage)  :: napój {m-in}
drink {n} (alcoholic beverages in general)  :: trunki {p}
drinking-bout {n} (period of drinking)  :: ciąg {m} [prolonged period of alcoholic drinking]
drinking straw {n} (a long plastic or paper tube through which a drink is drunk)  :: słomka {f}
drinking water {n} (water for humans)  :: woda do picia
drink like a fish {v} (drink alcohol heavily)  :: pić jak szewc
drip {v} (to fall one drop at a time)  :: kapać
drip {v} (to leak slowly)  :: ciec, przeciekać
drip {v} (to put a small amount of a liquid on something, drop by drop)  :: nakapać
drip {n} (a drop of a liquid)  :: kropla {f}
drip {n} (an apparatus that slowly releases a liquid)  :: kroplówka {f}
drive {n} (trip made in a motor vehicle)  :: przejażdżka {f}
drive {n} (computing: apparatus for reading and writing to or from a storage device)  :: stacja dysków {f}, napęd {m}
drive {n} (computing: mass-storage device)  :: stacja {f}, napęd {m}
drive {v} (herd (animals) in a particular direction)  :: gnać {impf}
drive {v} (move something by hitting it with great force)  :: wbijać {impf}, wbić {pf}
drivel {n} (senseless talk)  :: bełkot {m}
driver {n} (person who drives a motorized vehicle, such as a car or a bus)  :: kierowca {m}, szofer {m}
driver {n} (program acting as interface between an application and hardware)  :: sterownik {m}
driver's licence {n} (document) SEE: driver's license  ::
driver's license {n} (documenting permitting this person to drive)  :: prawo jazdy {n}
driving {n} (action of operating a motor vehicle)  :: jazda {f}
driving licence {n} (document) SEE: driver's license  ::
drizzle {v} (to rain lightly)  :: mżyć
drizzle {v} (to pour slowly and evenly)  :: skropić
drizzle {v} (to urinate)  :: sikać
drizzle {n} (light rain)  :: mżawka {f}
dromedary {n} (Camelus dromedarius, the single-humped camel)  :: dromader {m}
drone {n} (male bee)  :: truteń {m}
drone {n} (unmanned aircraft)  :: samolot bezzałogowy {m}, dron {m}
drone {n} (a low-pitched hum or buzz)  :: buczeć, brzęczeć
drone {n} (speak in a monotone way)  :: mówić monotonnie
drone {n} (hum or buzz)  :: buczenie {n}, brzęczenie {n}
drone {n} (fixed-pitch pipe in bagpipe)  :: piszczałka burdonowa {f}
drool {v} (to secrete saliva in anticipation of food)  :: ślinić się
drop {n} (small mass of liquid)  :: kropla {f}
drop {n} (space into which someone or something could fall)  :: spadek {m}, obniżenie {n}
drop {n} (a fall)  :: upadek {m}
drop {n} (place where items may be left)  :: zrzut {m}
drop {n} (small, round piece of hard candy)  :: dropsy {m-p}
drop {v} (to fall)  :: upadać
drop {v} (to fall straight down)  :: upaść {pf}, spaść {pf}, spadać {impf}
drop {v} (to allow to fall from one's grasp)  :: upuszczać
drop {v} (to lower oneself quickly to the ground)  :: padnąć
drop {v} (to decrease in value)  :: tracić na wartości
drop {v} (slang: to swallow a drug)  :: zarzucić, wrzucić, zapodać
drop {v} (to eject, remove, dismiss)  :: usuwać, wyrzucać, odwołać
drop in the bucket {n} (an effort or action having very little influence, especially as compared to a huge problem)  :: kropla w morzu
drop in the ocean {n} (drop in the bucket) SEE: drop in the bucket  ::
droplet {n} (very small drop)  :: kropelka {f}
dropsy {n} (swelling)  :: puchlina wodna {f}, puchlina {f}
droshky {n} (open horse-drawn carriage, especially in Russia)  :: dorożka {f}
drought {n} (a period of unusually low rain fall)  :: susza {f}
drown {v} (to be suffocated in fluid)  :: tonąć {impf}, utonąć {pf}
drown {v} (to deprive of life by immerson in liquid)  :: utopić {pf}
drown one's sorrows {v} (to drink alcohol heavily to deal with miserable feelings)  :: topić smutki
drowsy {adj} (inclined to drowse)  :: senny, ospały
drudgery {n} (tedious work)  :: harówka {f}
drug {n} (substance used as a medical treatment) SEE: medicine  ::
drug {n} (psychoactive substance ingested for recreational use, especially illegal and addictive one)  :: narkotyk {m}
drug addict {n} (person with a chemical or psychological dependency on drugs)  :: narkoman
drug addiction {n} (dependency on illegal drugs)  :: narkomania {f}
drugstore {n} (pharmacy) SEE: pharmacy  ::
drum {n} (musical instrument)  :: bęben {m}
drum {n} (hollow, cylindrical object)  :: bęben {m}
drum {n} (barrel etc. for liquid)  :: beczka {f}
drum {v} (to beat a drum)  :: bębnić
drum and bass {n} (genre of electronic music)  :: drum and bass {m}
drumhead court-martial {n} (field court-martial)  :: sąd wojenny {m}, sąd polowy {m}
Drumian {prop}  :: Drum
drummer {n} (one who plays the drums)  :: perkusista {m}
Drummond light {n}  :: światło Drummonda
drumstick {n} (stick used to play drums)  :: pałki {f}, pałeczki {f}
drumstick {n} (leg bone of a chicken or other fowl)  :: nóżka {f}
drunk {adj} (intoxicated after drinking too much alcohol)  :: pijany, wstawiony {pf} [drunk a bit], spity {pf} [drunk a lot or sleeping], podpity [drunk a bit], napity {pf} [drunk or drunk a bit], zapity [sleeping or died], przepity [outdrinked], upity [strongly drunk or maked drunk by somebody]
drunk {n} (habitual drinker)  :: pijak {m}, pijaczka {f}
drunkard {n} (person who is habitually drunk) SEE: drunk  ::
drupe {n} (stone fruit) SEE: stone fruit  ::
Druskininkai {prop} (town in Lithuania)  :: Druskieniki {f-p}
dry {adj} (free from liquid or moisture)  :: suchy
dry {v} (to become dry)  :: schnąć {impf}, wysychać {impf}, wyschnąć {pf}
dry {v} (to make dry)  :: suszyć {impf}, osuszać {impf}, wysuszyć {pf}
dryad {n} (female tree spirit)  :: driada {f}
dry cough {n} (coughing without expectoration)  :: kaszel suchy {m}
dryer {n} (household appliance for drying clothing)  :: suszarka {f}
dry ice {n} (carbon dioxide frozen in the solid state)  :: suchy lód {m}
Düsseldorf {prop} (a city in Germany)  :: Düsseldorf {m}
Düsseldorf {prop} (an administrative region of North Rhine-Wesphalia)  :: rejencja Düsseldorf {f}
dual {adj} (having two components)  :: dwoisty, podwójny
dual {adj} (double)  :: podwójny
dual {adj} (in grammar)  :: podwójna {f}
dual {n} (grammatical number of a noun marking two of something)  :: liczba podwójna {f}
duality {n} (a classification into two subclasses or opposed parts)  :: dwoistość {f}, dualność {f}
duality {n} (the mathematical equivalence of two seemingly different theoretical descriptions of a physical system)  :: dualność {f}
dual number {n} (Grammatical number denoting a quantity of exactly two) SEE: dual  ::
dual number {n} (mathematics: an element of the algebra of dual numbers)  :: liczba dualna {f}
Dubai {prop} (one of the emirates of the United Arab Emirates)  :: Dubaj {m}
Dubai {prop} (city)  :: Dubaj {m}
dubbing {n} (replacement of voice)  :: dubbing {m}
dubious {adj} (in disbelief, uncertain)  :: niepewny, nieprzekonany
Dublin {prop} (the capital of the Republic of Ireland)  :: Dublin {m}
dubnium {n} (chemical element)  :: dubn {m}
Dubrovnik {prop} (Croatian port-city)  :: Dubrownik {m}
dubstep {n} (A genre of electronic music)  :: dubstep {m}
duchess {n} (female spouse or widow of a duke)  :: księżna {f}
duchess {n} (female ruler of a duchy)  :: księżna {f}
duchy {n} (a dominion or region ruled by a duke or duchess)  :: księstwo {n}
duck {n} (aquatic bird of the family Anatidae)  :: kaczka {f}
duck {n} (female duck)  :: kaczka {f}
duck {n} (flesh of a duck used as food)  :: kaczka {f}
Duckburg {prop} (fictional city where Donald Duck lives)  :: Kaczogród {m}
duckling {n} (young duck)  :: kaczę {n}, kaczątko {n}
duck soup {n} (something which is easy) SEE: piece of cake  ::
duckweed {n} (plant)  :: rzęsa {f}
ductus deferens {n} (vas deferens) SEE: vas deferens  ::
dude {n} (dandy) SEE: dandy  ::
dude {n} (colloquial: man)  :: koleś
dude {n} (colloquial: term of address for a young man)  :: koleś {m}, koleżka {m}, ziomek {m}, typek {m},
duduk {n} (Armenian musical instrument)  :: duduk
due {adj} (owed or owing, to be paid by the stated time)  :: należny {m}
due {adj} (of an event, scheduled, expected)  :: spodziewany {m}
due date {n} (expected date of giving birth)  :: termin {m}, termin porodu {m}
due date {n} (date by which a book borrowed from a library must be returned)  :: data zwrotu {f}
duel {n} (combat between two persons)  :: pojedynek {m-in}
duet {n} (a musical composition for two performers)  :: duet {m}
due to {prep} (caused by)  :: z powodu + genitive
duffel coat {n} (hooded coat made from duffel)  :: budrysówka {f}
duke {n} (male ruler of a duchy)  :: książę {m}
dulcimer {n} (musical instrument)  :: cymbały
dulcour {n} (sweetness; dulcitude; suavitude) SEE: sweetness  ::
dull {adj} (lacking the ability to cut easily; not sharp)  :: tępy
dull {adj} (boring)  :: nudny
dull {adj} (not shiny)  :: matowy {m}
dull {adj} (not bright or intelligent)  :: tępy {m}, tępa {f}, tępe {n}
dull {v} (to render dull)  :: stępić
dull {v} (to become dull)  :: stępić się
dullard {n} (A stupid person; a fool)  :: głupek {m}, tępak {m}, ciemniak {m}, nudziarz {m}
dulse {n} (reddish brown seaweed that is eaten)  :: rodymeria palczasta {f}
duly {adv} (properly)  :: należycie
duma {n} (lower house of Russian national parliament)  :: Duma {f}
dumb {adj} (unable to speak) SEE: mute  ::
dumb {adj} (extremely stupid)  :: durny, tępy, pustogłowy, bezmyślny, idiotyczny, debilny
dumbbell {n} (a weight with two disks attached to a short bar)  :: hantel {m}, ciężarek {m}
dumbbell {n} (a stupid person)  :: głupek {m}, tuman {m}
dumb blonde {n} (female)  :: głupia blondynka {f}
dumbledore {n} (beetle) SEE: beetle  ::
dumbledore {n} (bumblebee) SEE: bumblebee  ::
dumbledore {n} (dandelion) SEE: dandelion  ::
dummy {n} (an unintelligent person)  :: głupek {m}
dummy {n} (something constructed with the size and form of a human)  :: manekin {m}, kukła {f}
dummy {n} (a deliberately nonfunctional placeholder)  :: atrapa {f}
dummy {n} ((bridge) the partner of the winning bidder, who shows his or her hand.)  :: dziadek {m}
dummy {n} (pacifier) SEE: pacifier  ::
dump {n} (a place where waste or garbage is left)  :: śmietnik {m}
dump {v} (to release)  :: upuścić
dump {v} (to discard, to get rid of)  :: pozbyć się
dump {v} (to end a relationship)  :: zerwać, rzucić [colloquial]
dumpling {n} (food)  :: pieróg {m}
dump truck {n} (heavy truck for carrying loose, bulk cargo)  :: wywrotka {f}
Dunajec {prop} (river)  :: Dunajec {m}
dunce {n} (One backward in book learning)  :: nieuk {m}
dune {n} (a ridge or hill of sand piled up by the wind)  :: wydma, diuna {f}
dung {n} (manure)  :: gnój {m}, nawóz {m}
dungeon {n} (underground prison or vault)  :: loch {m}, ciemnica {f}
dungeon {n} (the main tower of a motte or castle; a keep or donjon)  :: donżon {m}
Dunkirk {prop} (town in France)  :: Dunkierka {f}
dunno {contraction} (do (does) not know)  :: nie wiem, nie wie
duodenum {n} (first part of the small intestine)  :: dwunastnica {f}
duotheism {n} (belief)  :: duoteizm {m}
duotheist {n}  :: duoteista {m}
dupe {v} (to swindle, deceive, or trick)  :: oszukiwać
duplicitous {adj} (Given to or marked by deliberate deceptiveness in behavior or speech)  :: dwulicowy {m}
duplicity {n} (intentional deceptiveness)  :: dwulicowość {f}
durability {n} (Permanence by virtue of the power to resist stress or force)  :: żywotność, czas życia (maszyny)
duration {n} (amount of time)  :: czas trwania {m}
Durex {prop} (condom) SEE: condom  ::
Durex {prop} (adhesive tape) SEE: adhesive tape  ::
durian {n} (fruit)  :: durian {m}, zybuczkowiec {m}
during {prep} (within a given time interval)  :: podczas
Dushanbe {prop} (capital of Tajikistan)  :: Duszanbe
dusk {n} (period of time at the end of day when sun is below the horizon but before full onset of night)  :: zmierzch {m}
dust {n} (fine, dry particles)  :: kurz {m}, pył {m}
dust bunny {n} (a small clump of dust)  :: kłaki kurzu {m}
dustcart {n} (rubbish collection vehicle) SEE: garbage truck  ::
dust devil {n} (a swirling dust in the air)  :: trąba pyłowa {f}
dustman {n} (garbage collector) SEE: garbage collector  ::
dustpan {n} (flat scoop for assembling dust)  :: szufelka {f}, śmietniczka {f}
dusty {adj} (covered with dust)  :: zakurzony
dusty {adj} (powdery and resembling dust)  :: pylisty
dusty {adj} (grey in parts)  :: zgaszony, złamany
Dutch {adj} (of the Netherlands, people, or language)  :: holenderski, niderlandzki
Dutch {prop} (the Dutch language)  :: język niderlandzki
Dutch {prop} (people from the Netherlands)  :: Holendrzy, Niderlandczycy
Dutch cap {n} (contraceptive device) SEE: cervical cap  ::
Dutch elm disease {n} (disease of elm trees)  :: holenderska choroba wiązu {f}
Dutchman {n} (a Dutch man)  :: Holender {m}
Dutchwoman {n} (a Dutch woman)  :: Holenderka {f}
duty {n} (that which one is morally or legally obligated to do)  :: obowiązek {m}
duty {n} (period of time)  :: służba {f}
duty {n} (tax; tariff)  :: cło {n}
duvet {n} (quilt)  :: pierzyna {f}, kołdra {f}
dwarf {n} (being from folklore, underground dwelling nature spirit)  :: krasnolud {m} [fantasy], karzeł {m} [mythology], krasnoludek {m} [folklore]
dwarf {n} (small person)  :: karzeł {m}
dwarf {n} (something much smaller than the usual of its sort)  :: karzeł {m}
dwarf {n} (astronomy: relatively small star)  :: karzeł {m}
dwarf {adj} (miniature)  :: karłowaty
dwarf elder {n} (Sambucus ebulus)  :: bez hebd {m}
dwarfism {n} (condition of being a dwarf)  :: karłowatość {f}
dwarf planet {n} (a type of celestial body)  :: planeta karłowata {f}
dwell {v} (live, reside)  :: mieszkać, zamieszkiwać
dweller {n} (inhabitant) SEE: inhabitant  ::
dwelling {n} (a place or house in which a person lives)  :: mieszkanie {n}
dwindle {v} ((intransitive) to decrease, shrink, vanish)  :: umniejszać
dyad {n} (a set of two different elements)  :: diada, para
dye {n} (die) SEE: die  ::
dye {n} (a colourant, especially one that has an affinity to the substrate to which it is applied)  :: barwnik {m-in}, farba {f}
dye {v} (to colour with dye)  :: barwić, farbować
dyed {adj} (colored with dye)  :: barwiony, farbowany
DYEL {n} (somebody out of shape)  :: suchoklates
dyer {n} (one whose occupation is to dye)  :: farbiarz {m}, farbiarka {f}
dyery {n} (factory where fabric is dyed)  :: farbiarnia {f}
dyestuff {n} (soluble pigment)  :: barwnik {m}
dying {adj} (approaching death)  :: umierający
dyke {n}  :: lesba {f}
dynamic IP address {n} (An IP address which changes periodically)  :: dynamiczny adres IP {m}, dynamiczne IP {n}
dynamic IP addressing {n} (The state of using a dynamic IP address)  :: dynamiczne adresowanie IP {n}
dynamics {n} (branch of mechanics)  :: dynamika {f}
dynamite {n} (class of explosives)  :: dynamit {m}
dyscalculia {n} (pathology: difficulty with numbers)  :: dyskalkulia, dyskalkulia rozwojowa
dysgraphia {n} (language disorder)  :: dysgrafia {f}
dyslexia {n} (learning disability)  :: dysleksja
dyspeptic {adj} (of, relating to, or having dyspepsia)  :: dyspeptyczny {m}, niestrawny {m}
dyspeptic {adj} (irritable or morose)  :: nieznośny {m}
dyspeptic {n} (A dyspeptic person)  :: dyspeptyk {m}, cierpiący na niestrawność
dysphagia {n} (difficulty in swallowing)  :: dysfagia {f}
dysphemism {n} (word or phrase used to replace another in this way)  :: dysfemizm {m}
dysphoria {n} (state of feeling unwell, unhappy, restless or depressed)  :: dysforia
dysprosium {n} (chemical element)  :: dysproz {m}
dystrophy {n} (dystrophy)  :: dystrofia {f}
dzhigit {n} (a brave equestrian in the Caucasus and Central Asia)  :: dżygit {m}