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H {letter}  :: The eighth letter of the Spanish alphabet
HG {initialism}  :: Hidalgo (Mexican state)
Hañagua {prop} {f}  :: given name from the Canary Islands
Haapsalu {prop}  :: Haapsalu (town)
Haarlem {prop}  :: Haarlem (city/and/capital)
Habacuc {prop} {m}  :: Habakkuk (book)
Habacuc {prop} {m}  :: Habakkuk (prophet)
Habana {prop} {f}  :: Havana
Hacienda {f}  :: treasury, tax office (governmental organization administrating finances)
Hades {prop} {m} [Greek god]  :: Hades (god)
Hades {prop} {m} [Greek mythology]  :: Hades (underworld)
Hageo {prop} {m} [bible]  :: Haggai (the book of the Bible)
Haití {prop} {m}  :: Haiti
Halach Uinic {mf}  :: alternative form of halach uinic
Halach Uinik {mf}  :: alternative form of halach uinic
Halifax {prop} {m}  :: Halifax (city in England)
Halifax {prop} {m}  :: Halifax (city of Canada)
Halloween {m}  :: Halloween (31st of October)
Hamburgo {prop} {m}  :: Hamburgo (state)
Hamburgo {prop} {m}  :: Hamburgo (city)
Hamlet {prop} {m}  :: Hamlet (the main character of the play Hamlet)
Hamás {prop} {m}  :: Hamas (Islamic militant organization)
Hanói {prop} {f}  :: Hanoi (capital of Vietnam)
Hanóver {prop} {m}  :: Hanover, Hannover
Harare {prop}  :: Harare (capital of Zimbabwe)
Haryana {prop}  :: Haryana (state)
Haumea {prop} {f} [Hawaiian mythology]  :: Haumea (goddess of fertility and childbirth)
Haumea {prop} {f}  :: Haumea (dwarf planet)
Hauschild {prop}  :: surname
Hawái {prop}  :: Hawaii
Haydée {prop} {f}  :: given name
Hébridas {prop} {fp}  :: Hebrides (group of islands)
Hécate {prop} {f}  :: Hecate (Greek goddess)
Héctor {prop} {m} [Greek mythology]  :: Hector
Héctor {prop} {m}  :: given name
Hécuba {prop} {f} [Greek mythology]  :: Hecuba (the wife of King Priam)
Hebreos {prop} {m} [bible]  :: Hebrews (the book of the Bible)
Hebrón {prop} {m}  :: Hebron (city)
Hechos {prop} {m} [bible]  :: Acts (Acts of the Apostles) (the book of the Bible)
Hefesto {prop} {m} [Greek god]  :: Hephaestus
Hefestos {prop} {m} [Greek god]  :: Hephaestus (Greek god)
Helesponto {prop} {m}  :: Hellespont
Helios {prop} {m} [Greek god]  :: Helios (god)
Helsinki {prop}  :: Helsinki (the capital city of Finland)
Henao {prop} {m}  :: Hainaut (province of Wallonia)
Hendaya {prop} {f}  :: Hendaya (town)
Henoch {prop} {m}  :: Enoch (Biblical character)
Hera {prop} {f}  :: Hera
Heracles {prop} {m} [Greek mythology]  :: Heracles (the son of Zeus)
Heraclión {prop} {f}  :: Iraklion (the capital city of Crete)
Heráclito {prop} {m}  :: Heraclitus (a pre-Socratic Ionian philosopher)
Herculano {prop} {m}  :: Herculaneum
Heródoto {prop} {m}  :: Herodotus (ancient historian)
Hermafrodito {prop} {m} [Greek god]  :: Hermaphroditus (Greek god)
Hermes {prop} {m}  :: Hermes
Hernando {prop} {m}  :: given name.
Hernán {prop} {m}  :: Shortened form of Hernando
Hernández {prop}  :: surname
Herodes {prop} {m}  :: Herod (king)
Herrera {prop}  :: surname
Herrero {prop}  :: surname
Hesíodo {prop} {m}  :: Hesiod (greek poet)
Hespérides {prop} {fp} [Greek mythology]  :: Hesperides (a group of nymphs)
Hesse {prop} {f}  :: Hesse (state)
Hetangiano {prop} {m}  :: Hettangian
Hettangiense {prop} {m}  :: Hettangian
Hezbolá {prop} {f}  :: Hezbollah
Hidalgo {prop} {m}  :: Hidalgo (state)
Hidalgo {prop}  :: surname
Hidra {prop} {f} [astronomy]  :: Hydra (one of Pluto's moons)
Hidra de Lerna {prop} {f} [Greek mythology]  :: Hydra (mythical serpent)
Hierro {prop}  :: surname
Higuchi {prop}  :: surname
Hilario {prop}  :: given name
Hilario {prop}  :: surname deriving from the given name
Hilda {prop} {f}  :: given name, cognate to English Hilda
Himalaya {prop} {m}  :: Himalayas (a mountain range of south-central Asia)
Hincha {prop}  :: Hinche (commune in Haiti)
Hinojosa {prop}  :: surname
Hiperbórea {prop} {f}  :: Hyperborea
Hiperión {prop} {m} [Greek god]  :: Hyperion (a Titan, the son of Gaia and Uranus)
Hiperión {prop} {m} [astronomy]  :: Hyperion (moon)
Hipólito {prop} {m}  :: given name
Hipólito {prop} {m}  :: surname
Hipnos {prop} {m} [Greek god]  :: Hypnos (Greek god of sleep)
Hirano {prop}  :: surname
Hircania {prop} {f}  :: Hyrcania
Hispanoamérica {prop} {f}  :: Hispanic America, Spanish America
Hitler {prop} {m}  :: Hitler (Adolf Hitler, German dictator)
Hélice {prop} {f}  :: Helix (nebula)
Hochschild {prop}  :: surname
Holanda {prop} {f}  :: Holland, the Netherlands
Holanda Septentrional {prop} {f}  :: North Holland (province of the Netherlands)
Holandés Volador {prop} {m} [nautical folklore]  :: Flying Dutchman (mythical ghost ship)
Holguín {prop}  :: Holguín (province)
Holguín {prop}  :: Holguín (municipality)
Holguín {prop}  :: Holguín (city)
Hollywood {prop} {m}  :: Hollywood (area of Los Angeles)
Hollywood {prop} {m}  :: Hollywood (the American motion picture industry)
Holocausto {prop} {m}  :: Holocaust (the mass murder of Jews and other groups by the Nazi regime during World War II)
Homero {prop} {m}  :: Homer (poet)
Homero {prop} {m}  :: given name
Honduras {prop} {m}  :: Honduras
Hong Kong {prop} {m}  :: Hong Kong (coastal administrative region in south-east China)
Honiara {prop} {f}  :: Honiara (the capital of the Solomon Islands)
Honorio {prop}  :: given name
Hora Universal Coordinada {prop} {f}  :: Coordinated Universal Time
Horacio {prop} {m}  :: Horace (poet)
Horacio {prop} {m}  :: given name
Horologium {prop} [constellation]  :: Horologium (constellation)
Hortensia {prop} {f}  :: given name
Horus {prop} {m} [Egyptian mythology]  :: Horus
Hospitalet de Llobregat {prop} {m}  :: Hospitalet de Llobregat (city)
Héracles {prop} {m}  :: alternative form of Heracles
Hércules {prop} {m} [Roman mythology]  :: Hercules
Hrodna {prop} {f}  :: Grodno (city)
Huancayo {prop}  :: Huancayo (city)
Huang He {prop} {m}  :: Huang He (a river of northern China)
Huaraz {prop}  :: Huaraz (city)
Huberto {prop} {m}  :: Hubert
Huehuetenango {prop}  :: Huehuetenango (department)
Huelva {prop} {f}  :: Huelva (province)
Huelva {prop} {f}  :: Huelva (city)
Huesca {prop} {f}  :: Huesca (province)
Huesca {prop} {f}  :: Huesca (city)
Hugo {prop} {m}  :: given name, equivalent to Hugh
Humahuaca {prop}  :: Humahuaca (city)
Humberto {prop} {m}  :: given name, cognate to Humbert
Hungría {prop} {f}  :: Hungary
Hyderabad {prop}  :: Hyderabad (capital of Telangana)
Hydra {prop} [constellation]  :: Hydra (constellation)
Hydrus {prop} [constellation]  :: Hydrus (constellation)
h {letter}  :: letter
haba {f}  :: broad bean, horse bean (Fabaceae, Vicia faba)
haba {f}  :: bean (cocoa, coffee, etc.)
haba {f}  :: ballot ball
haba {f}  :: nodule (in stone)
haba {f}  :: nugget of ore (with gangue)
haba {f}  :: bump (caused by insect bite)
había una vez {phrase}  :: once upon a time
habanera {f}  :: habanera (music style and dance)
habanera {f}  :: feminine noun of habanero
habanero {adj}  :: native or relative to Havana
habanero {m}  :: an inhabitant or native of Havana
habanero {m}  :: a variety of hot chilli pepper
habano {adj}  :: Havanan
habano {m}  :: Havana cigar
habar {m}  :: bean patch
habas fritas {fp}  :: deep fried or roasted broad beans, popular in Spain. They can be eaten with a large selection of foods or as a snack on their own
habeas {particle}  :: only in habeas corpus
haber {v} [auxiliary verb taking past participle to build perfect tense]  :: to have
haber {v} [idiomatic]  :: to hold; to possess
haber {v} [impersonal, in third person only]  :: to exist; “there is”, “there are” (hay); “there was”, “there were” (había)
haber {v} [with “de” + infinitive]  :: to have to do
haber {v}  :: used to denote a past obligation
haber {m}  :: asset
haber {m}  :: history
haber {m}  :: credit side
haber gato encerrado {v} [idiom]  :: To have something fishy going on
habichuela {f} [Castilla La Mancha, Murcia, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico]  :: bean plant
habichuela {f} [Castilla La Mancha, Murcia, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico]  :: bean seed
habichuela {f} [Canarias, Andalucía, Cuba, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela]  :: green bean
habido y por haber {adj} [idiomatic]  :: under the sun, imaginable
habiente {mf} [formal, legal]  :: holder, haver
habilidad {f}  :: ability, skill
habilidoso {adj}  :: skilled, talented
habilitación {f}  :: enablement
habilitación {f}  :: financing
habilitación {f}  :: authorization
habilitante {adj}  :: habilitating
habilitar {v}  :: to enable (to give strength or ability to)
habilitar {v}  :: to enable (to activate a function of an electronic or mechanical device)
habilitar {v} [business]  :: to finance
habiloso {adj}  :: dexterous, skillful, adroit
habilísimo {adj}  :: superlative of hábil
habita {f}  :: short for habitación
habitabilidad {f}  :: habitability
habitable {adj}  :: habitable, inhabitable
habitación {f}  :: room (separate part of a building)
habitación {f}  :: bedroom (room with a bed for sleeping)
habitación {f}  :: habitation (the act of inhabiting)
habitación {f}  :: habitat (place where an organism occurs)
habitacional {adj}  :: habitational
habitacional {adj}  :: habitable
habitador {m}  :: liver; inhabitant
habitadora {f}  :: feminine noun of habitador
habitante {adj}  :: inhabiting; said of something that inhabits
habitante {mf}  :: inhabitant
habitar {v}  :: to live in/on; to inhabit
habitáculo {m}  :: habitacle
habitué {m}  :: habitué; regular
habituación {f}  :: habituation
habitual {adj}  :: habitual
habitualidad {f}  :: regularity
habitualmente {adv}  :: habitually, normally
habituar {v}  :: to be accustomed to by habit
habla {f}  :: speech (faculty of speech)
habla {f}  :: speaking (action)
habla inglés {phrase} [formal]  :: do you speak English?
hablador {adj}  :: talkative
habladuría {f}  :: gossip, rumor
habladurías {fp}  :: gossip, rumors, hearsay
hablando del rey de Roma {phrase}  :: speak of the devil
hablante {adj}  :: speaking
hablante {mf}  :: speaker (one who speaks)
hablante nativa {f}  :: feminine noun of hablante nativo
hablante nativo {m}  :: native speaker
hablar {vi}  :: to talk; to speak; to communicate using words
hablar {vt}  :: to speak (a language)
hablar como un papagayo {v} [simile]  :: to parrot (repeat what was said without thinking)
hablar como un papagayo {v} [simile]  :: to chatter
hablar por los codos {v} [idiomatic]  :: to run one's mouth off; to run off at the mouth; to talk nonstop
hablarse {v}  :: reflexive of hablar
hablas inglés {phrase} [colloquial]  :: do you speak English?
hablilla {f}  :: gossip; rumour
habón {m}  :: A raised bump, a wheal
habérsele pegado a uno las sábanas {v} [idiomatic]  :: To sleep in, to oversleep
hace {adv}  :: ago, has been (Note: unlike in English, hace precedes the number.)
hace poco {adv}  :: recently
hacedero {adj}  :: doable, feasible
hacedor {m}  :: maker
hacedora {f}  :: feminine noun of hacedor
hacelotodo {m}  :: handyman; jack of all trades
hacendado {m}  :: landowner
hacendar {v}  :: to transfer (property, ownership, etc.) to someone
hacendario {adj}  :: financial, relating to the treasury
hacendoso {adj}  :: punctilious in domestic matters; house-proud
hacer {v}  :: to do, to make
hacer {v}  :: to play (a part in a play)
hacer {vr}  :: to become; to get
hacer {vr}  :: to get used to
hacer ademán de {v} [idiomatic]  :: to make as if to
hacer agua {v}  :: to let in water, to leak
hacer agua {v} [idiomatic]  :: to be flawed, to be riddled with holes
hacer alarde {v} [idiomatic]  :: to show off
hacer brindis al sol {v} [idiomatic]  :: to play to the gallery
hacer buenas migas {v} [idiomatic]  :: To get along
hacer bulto {v} [idiomatic]  :: to make up the numbers
hacer caja {v} [idiomatic]  :: to cash up
hacer calceta {v} [idiomatic]  :: to knit; do knitting
hacer carrera {v} [idiom]  :: to thrive; make a killing
hacer caso {v}  :: to obey, to do what is said
hacer caso {v}  :: to pay attention, to take notice
hacer clic {v}  :: to click a computer mouse
hacer cola {v} [idiomatic]  :: to line up, queue up
hacer cosquillas {v}  :: to tickle
hacer de su capa un sayo {v} [idiomatic]  :: to do whatever one fancies, to do as one pleases
hacer el amor {v}  :: to make love, have sex
hacer el caldo gordo {v} [idiomatic]  :: to make things easy (for someone)
hacer el canelo {v} [idiomatic, colloquial]  :: to play the fool
hacer el círculo {v} [idiomatic]  :: to go round in circles
hacer el ganso {v} [idiom]  :: to clown around; prat about
hacer el ojo {v} [idiom]  :: to give the evil eye
hacer el pino {v} [idiomatic]  :: to do a handstand
hacer el primo {v} [idiomatic]  :: to play up; act silly
hacer el quite {v} [idiomatic]  :: to avoid, to slip by
hacer el vacío {v} [idiomatic]  :: to give the cold shoulder
hacer falta {v}  :: to be necessary, have need of
hacer gala {v} [idiomatic]  :: to show off
hacer la cama {v}  :: to make the bed
hacer la cimarra {v} [idiom]  :: to play hookey
hacer la cobra {v} [idiomatic]  :: To pull away (from a kiss) by leaning away
hacer la corte {vt} [idiomatic]  :: to suck up (to)
hacer la estrecha {v} [colloquial, idiomatic]  :: to play hard to get
hacer la pelota {v} [idiomatic]  :: to suck up; brown-nose
hacer la puñeta {v} [idiomatic]  :: to bug; piss off; get someone's goat
hacer la vista gorda {v} [idiomatic]  :: to turn a blind eye
hacer las paces {v} [idiomatic]  :: to make peace
hacer leña del árbol caído {v} [idiomatic]  :: to kick someone when they are down
hacer llegar {v} [idiomatic]  :: to send, pass, give
hacer los pies {v} [idiomatic]  :: to stop in someone's tracks
hacer mangas y capirotes {v} [idiom]  :: to completely ignore; send to Coventry
hacer maravillas {v} [idiom]  :: to work wonders
hacer méritos {v} [idiomatic]  :: to strive for recognition
hacer novillos {v} [idiom]  :: to play truant, to skip school, to play hooky
hacer oídos sordos {v} [idiomatic]  :: to turn a deaf ear
hacer ojitos {v} [idiomatic]  :: to flutter eyelashes
hacer papilla {v} [idiomatic]  :: to blow to smithereens, blow to bits, blow to pieces
hacer partícipe {v} [idiomatic]  :: to share news (of)
hacer pata ancha {v} [Argentina, Uruguay, colloquial, idiomatic]  :: to face a danger or difficulty
hacer pellas {v} [idiom]  :: play truant (to be absent from school without permission)
hacer por escrito {v} [idiomatic]  :: to put into words
hacer pucheros {v} [idiomatic]  :: to pout; make a face
hacer sábado {v} [idiomatic]  :: to do one's spring cleaning
hacer soga {v} [idiomatic]  :: To lag, lag behind
hacer su agosto {v} [idiomatic]  :: to make a killing
hacer sus necesidades {v} [idiomatic, euphemism]  :: to do one's business, relieve oneself (excrete)
hacer tilín {v} [idiom]  :: to set (someone's) heart aflutter; to turn on
hacer trizas {v} [idiomatic]  :: to shatter, rip to shreds
hacer un calvo {v}  :: mooning
hacer un feo {v} [idiomatic]  :: to snub; turn down
hacera {f} [obsolete]  :: sidewalk; pavement
hacerse el duro {v} [idiomatic]  :: to act tough
hacerse el leso {v} [Chile, idiom]  :: to play the fool
hacerse el sueco {v} [idiomatic]  :: to play the fool (act dumb or stupid)
hacerse humo {v} [idiomatic]  :: to vanish into thin air; to disappear
hacerse la muerte {v} [idiomatic]  :: to play dead
hacerse la picha un lío {v} [idiom, colloquial]  :: get one's knickers in a twist
hacerse pajas {v} [idiomatic, colloquial]  :: beat off, jerk off, wank
hacerse pasar por {v}  :: to personate, impersonate (pretend to be a different person)
hacerse un ovillo {v} [idiomatic]  :: to curl up in a ball
hacerse un ovillo {v} [idiomatic]  :: to tie oneself up in knots
hacerse una paja {v} [idiomatic, colloquial]  :: beat off, jerk off, wank
hacha {f}  :: axe
hacha {f} [colloquial]  :: ace, wizard
hachazo {m}  :: hit with an axe
hache {f}  :: letter: h
hachemita {adj}  :: Hashemite
hachón {m}  :: large axe
hachís {m}  :: hashish
hachuela {f}  :: small axe
hacia {prep}  :: toward, towards
hacia acá {adv}  :: here (to this place)
hacia atrás {adv}  :: backwards
hacienda {f}  :: treasury
hacienda {f}  :: hacienda
hacienda {f}  :: livestock
hacina {f}  :: stack
hacina {f}  :: pile
hacinamiento {m}  :: cluttering, pile-up, heaping up
hacinar {v}  :: to stack
hacinar {vr}  :: to pile up; to cram
hacino {adj} [obsolete]  :: miserable, wretched
hackathon {m}  :: hackathon
hackatón {m}  :: hackathon
hackear {vt} [computing]  :: to hack
hackeo {m}  :: hacking
hacker {mf}  :: alternative form of hácker
hacking {m} [computing]  :: hacking
hacktivismo {m}  :: hacktivism
hacktivista {mf}  :: hacktivist
hacot {n}  :: a harvester ant
hada {f}  :: fairy
hada madrina {f}  :: fairy godmother
hadiz {m} [Islam]  :: hadith
hado {m}  :: fate, destiny
hadrón {m} [physics]  :: hadron
hadrosaurio {m}  :: hadrosaur
hadrosáurido {m}  :: hadrosaurid
hafnio {m}  :: hafnium
hagiógrafa {f}  :: feminine noun of hagiógrafo
hagiógrafo {m}  :: hagiographer
hagiografía {f}  :: hagiography
haiga {m} [rare, pejorative, Spain]  :: a huge and flashy motorcar, automobile
haikú {m}  :: alternative form of haiku
haiku {m}  :: haiku
haitiana {f}  :: feminine noun of haitiano
haitiano {adj}  :: Haitian
haitiano {m}  :: Haitian
hala {interj}  :: come on! let’s go!
hala {interj}  :: wow! (an indication of surprise)
hala {interj}  :: hey!
halach uinic {mf}  :: halach uinic
halagado {adj}  :: flattered
halagador {adj}  :: agreeable, pleasant
halagadísimo {adj}  :: most flattered, most pleased, most cajoled, most coaxed, most buttered up
halagadísimo {adj}  :: experiencing schadenfreude (enjoyment from another's misfortune)
halagar {v}  :: to flatter
halagar {v}  :: to please
halagar {v}  :: to gratify
halagüeño {adj}  :: charming
halagüeño {adj}  :: promising
halagüeño {adj}  :: agreeable
halago {m}  :: flattery
halajá {f} [Judaism]  :: Halacha (Jewish law)
halar {v} [nautical]  :: to haul, to pull
halcón {m}  :: hawk, falcon
halcón {m} [slang]  :: An informant of the drug dealers on the street who watches for police
halcón gerifalte {m}  :: gyrfalcon, Falco rusticolus
halcón peregrino {m}  :: peregrine falcon
halconera {f}  :: falconer
halconero {m}  :: falconer
halófita {f}  :: halophyte
halógeno {m} [chemistry]  :: halogen
halibut {m}  :: halibut
halicácabo {m}  :: bladder cherry
halita {f} [mineral]  :: halite
halitosis {f}  :: halitosis
halájico {adj} [Judaism]  :: halachic
hall {m}  :: hall, lobby, lounge
hallaca {f} [Venezuela]  :: tamale
hallaquera {f}  :: feminine noun of hallaquero
hallaquero {m} [Venezuela]  :: tamale maker
hallar {v}  :: to find
hallarse {v}  :: reflexive of hallar
hallazgo {m}  :: discovery
hallazgo {m} [obsolete]  :: reward (for discovering and returning lost property to the owner)
hallux {m}  :: hallux
halo {m}  :: halo (atmospheric phenomenon)
halo {m}  :: halo (nimbus around the head of a holy figure)
haloalcano {m} [organic chemistry]  :: haloalkane
haloformo {m} [chemistry]  :: haloform
halogenación {f} [chemistry]  :: halogenation
halometano {m} [chemistry]  :: halomethane
haloterapia {f}  :: halotherapy
haltera {mf} [weightlifting]  :: barbell
halterófilo {m}  :: weightlifter (competitive)
halterofilia {f}  :: weightlifting
haluro {m} [chemistry]  :: halide
hamaca {f}  :: hammock
hamaca {f} [Argentina, Costa Rica, Cuba, Uruguay]  :: swing
hamachi {m}  :: hamachi
hamadríada {f}  :: hamadryad
hamam {m}  :: Turkish bath
hamamelis {f}  :: hamamelis
hambre {f}  :: hunger
hambriento {adj}  :: Hungry
hambriento {m}  :: Hungry
hambrón {m}  :: glutton
hambruna {f}  :: famine
hamburguesa {f}  :: hamburger
hamburguesa {f}  :: Hamburger; feminine noun of hamburgués
hamburguesa de soja {f}  :: soyburger
hamburguesa vegetariana {f}  :: gardenburger, vegeburger
hamburguesería {f}  :: a restaurant that sells hamburgers
hamburgués {adj}  :: Hamburger; of or from Hamburg
hamburgués {m}  :: Hamburger; a person from Hamburg
hamiltoniano {adj} [mathematics, physics]  :: Hamiltonian
hamletiano {adj}  :: Hamletian
hammam {m}  :: hammam
hamo {m}  :: fish-hook
hampa {f}  :: underworld (part of society that is engaged in crime or vice)
hampón {m}  :: thug, mobster, goon
hamponil {adj} [attributive]  :: thug; gang
hanball {m}  :: handball (sport)
handicap {m}  :: handicap
hanega {f}  :: fanega (Measure of grain)
hanega {f}  :: fanega (Measure of land)
hangar {m}  :: hangar
hangul {m}  :: Hangeul (Korean phonetic script)
hanseático {adj}  :: Hanseatic
hanzo {adj} [obsolete]  :: happy
hapax legomenon {m}  :: alternative form of hápax legómenon
haplogrupo {m}  :: haplogroup
haploidía {f}  :: haploidy
haploide {adj} [biology]  :: haploid
haploide {m}  :: haploid
haplotipo {m}  :: haplotype
happening {m}  :: happening
happy hour {m}  :: happy hour
hapteno {m} [immunology]  :: hapten
haraganear {vi}  :: to idle, to loaf around
haraganería {f}  :: laziness, idleness
haragán {adj}  :: lazy (unwilling to work)
haragán {m}  :: idler, loafer
harakiri {m}  :: alternative form of haraquiri
harapiento {adj}  :: shabby, raggedy
harapo {m}  :: rag
harapo {m} [in plural]  :: garb, togs, glad rags (clothes)
haraposo {adj}  :: ragged; tatty
haraquiri {m}  :: hara-kiri (ceremonial suicide by ripping open the abdomen)
hard {adj}  :: hard, heavy, hardcore
hard rock {m}  :: hard rock
hardcore {m}  :: hardcore
hardware {m} [computing]  :: hardware
harina {f}  :: flour
harina {f} [colloquial, slang, uncountable]  :: cocaine
harina de fuerza {f}  :: strong flour, hard flour
harina de otro costal {f}  :: a horse of a different color; a different matter
harinero {adj}  :: of or relating to flour
harinoso {adj}  :: floury
harki {m}  :: Harki
harlista {mf}  :: a (Latino) Harley-Davidson motorcycle rider or aficionado
harmatán {m}  :: harmattan (wind)
harén {m}  :: harem
harnear {v} [Chile]  :: to riddle; sift
harnero {m}  :: sieve
harpa {f}  :: rare spelling of arpa
harpía {f}  :: alternative form of arpía
harpía {f}  :: harpy eagle
hartamente {adv}  :: really; largely; hugely
hartar {v} [colloquial]  :: to bore, tire
hartar {v} [dated]  :: to satisfy
hartar {vrt} [vulgar, El Salvador]  :: to eat
hartazgo {m}  :: stuffing, pigging out
hartazgo {m}  :: ennui
harto {adj}  :: tired, fed up
harto {adj}  :: having the appetite satisfied; stuffed, sated
harto {adv} [formal]  :: extremely, aplenty, a lot
hartísimo {adj}  :: superlative of harto
hartura {f}  :: satiety
hartura {f}  :: surfeit
hasanía {m}  :: Hassānīya
hashtag {m}  :: hashtag
hasidismo {m}  :: alt form jasidismo
hassaniya {m}  :: Hassaniya
hassio {m}  :: hassium
hasta {prep}  :: until
hasta {prep}  :: up to, to the point of, as much as
hasta {prep}  :: even
hasta ahora {adv}  :: up to now, so far
hasta ahora {phrase}  :: see you in a bit; see you in a while
hasta el culo {adj} [idiomatic, vulgar]  :: up to here, up to one's neck
hasta el momento {adv} [idiomatic]  :: so far, up to now
hasta la fecha {adv} [idiom]  :: so far, thus far
hasta la médula {adv} [idiomatic]  :: to the bone
hasta la próxima {interj}  :: see you later! See you! (literally, until the next [time])
hasta la vista {phrase}  :: goodbye, see you later, until next time
hasta las cejas {adv} [idiomatic]  :: to the limit
hasta las narices {v} [idiomatic]  :: fed up
hasta las trancas {adv} [idiomatic]  :: to the full; excessively
hasta luego {phrase}  :: goodbye, see you later, bye, take care
hasta mañana {phrase}  :: goodbye, see you tomorrow, until tomorrow
hasta nuevo aviso {adv} [idiomatic]  :: until further notice
hasta que {conj}  :: until
hasta siempre {phrase}  :: farewell, godspeed
hastag {m}  :: hashtag
hastiado {adj}  :: tired, fed up, bored, sick and tired
hastial {m}  :: gable
hastiar {v}  :: to bore
hastiar {vr}  :: to get tired of, to get sick and tired of
hastioso {adj}  :: annoying
hastío {m}  :: boredom, tedium
hataca {f} [obsolete]  :: rolling pin
hatajo {m}  :: herd, flock
hatchback {m}  :: hatchback
hatillana {f}  :: feminine noun of hatillano
hatillano {adj}  :: Of or from El Hatillo Municipality, Venezuela
hatillano {m}  :: An inhabitant of El Hatillo Municipality, Venezuela
hatillo {m}  :: bundle
hato {m}  :: herd
hato {m}  :: flock of sheep
hato {m}  :: a clique; a ring of people
hato {m} [Latin America]  :: cattle ranch
hawaiana {f}  :: feminine noun of hawaiano
hawaiana {f} [Chile, Peru]  :: flip-flop
hawaiano {adj}  :: Hawaiian
hawaiano {m}  :: Hawaiian
hawaiano {m}  :: Hawaiian (language)
hay que joderse {phrase} [idiomatic, vulgar]  :: you're [fucking] kidding me; crap; holy crap (to express bitter disappointment)
hay que joderse {phrase} [idiomatic, vulgar]  :: would you believe it; fuck me (to express surprise)
hay ropa tendida {phrase} [idiom]  :: someone is within earshot; someone might be listening in to the conversation
haya {f}  :: beech, beech tree
hayedo {m}  :: beech wood, area of beeches
haz {f}  :: bundle
haz {f}  :: beam
haz {f}  :: face
haz {f} [archaic]  :: façade
hazaña {f}  :: feat; deed
hazara {mf}  :: Hazara
hazmerreír {m} [colloquial]  :: laughingstock
hb {f}  :: abbreviation of hora boliviana
hábil {adj}  :: suitable, able
hábil {adj}  :: deft, skillful
hábilmente {adv}  :: ably, skillfully, cleverly
hábitat {m}  :: habitat
hábito {m}  :: Habit (of a monk)
hábito {m}  :: Habit, custom
hábito {m}  :: Military rank
hábito {m}  :: Insignia (indicating a military rank)
hábito {m} [mineralogy]  :: Habit (of a crystal)
híbrido {adj}  :: hybrid
híbrido {m}  :: hybrid
hácker {mf} [computing]  :: hacker
hídrico {adj}  :: hydrous
he {adv} [poetic, dated]  :: here is
he {f}  :: he; the Hebrew letter ה
he aquí {phrase}  :: voilà; here you have; behold
headliner {m}  :: headliner
headscissors {m}  :: headscissors
heavy {adj}  :: heavy (pertaining to heavy metal)
heavy {adj}  :: heavy (intense)
heavy metal {m}  :: heavy metal (genre of music)
hebdómada {f}  :: A seven-year period
hebdómada {f} [rare]  :: week
hebdomadario {adj}  :: weekly
hebdomadario {m}  :: weekly (periodical or newspaper issued every week)
hebdomadario {m}  :: hebdomadary
hebilla {f}  :: buckle, clasp
hebra {f}  :: thread
hebra {f}  :: filament
hebra {f}  :: fiber
hebraísta {mf}  :: Hebraist
hebrea {f}  :: feminine noun of hebreo
hebreo {adj}  :: Hebrew
hebreo {m}  :: Hebrew person
hebreo {prop} {m}  :: Hebrew language
hebrero {m}  :: obsolete spelling of febrero
hecatombe {f}  :: hecatomb
hecceidad {f}  :: haecceity
heces de vino {n} [plural only]  :: lees
hecha la ley, hacha la trampa {phrase}  :: rules are made to be broken
hechicera {f}  :: feminine noun of hechicero
hechicería {f}  :: sorcery, witchcraft
hechicería {f}  :: A spell
hechicero {m}  :: magician
hechicero {adj}  :: enchanting, bewitching
hechizar {v}  :: to enchant
hechizar {v}  :: to bewitch
hechizar {v}  :: to perform magic
hechizo {adj}  :: artificial, fake
hechizo {adj} [archaic]  :: counterfeited, forged
hechizo {adj} [archaic]  :: apt, appropriate
hechizo {m}  :: magic word, spell
hechizo {m}  :: spell, enchantment (state of enchantment)
hecho {adj}  :: done or completed
hecho {adj}  :: made
hecho {m}  :: fact
hecho consumado {m}  :: fait accompli
hecho pelota {adj} [Argentina]  :: knackered; shattered; pooped
hecho un brazo de mar {adj} [idiomatic]  :: dressed to kill; dressed to the nines
hecho y derecho {adj} [idiomatic]  :: full-grown
hecho y derecho {adj} [idiomatic]  :: fully fledged
hechor {m}  :: wrongdoer
hechura {f}  :: appearance, form
hectólitro {m}  :: hectoliter
hectómetro {m}  :: hectometre
hectogramo {m}  :: hectogram
hectolitro {m}  :: hectoliter
hectopascal {m}  :: hectopascal
hectárea {f}  :: hectare
heder {v}  :: to stink
heder {v}  :: to reek
hediondez {f}  :: stench, malodor
hediondez {f}  :: something that stinks
hediondo {adj}  :: stinking
hedonismo {m}  :: hedonism
hedonista {adj}  :: hedonistic
hedonista {mf}  :: hedonist
hedor {m}  :: stench, malodor, fetidness (bad smell)
hegelianamente {adv} [philosophy]  :: In a Hegelian manner
hegeliano {adj} [philosophy]  :: Hegelian (relating to Hegel or his philosophical system)
hegemónico {adj}  :: hegemonic
hegemonía {f}  :: hegemony
hegemonismo {m}  :: hegemonism
hegemonizar {v}  :: to hegemonize
heñir {v}  :: to knead
helada {f}  :: frost
helada {f}  :: freezing
heladera {f}  :: feminine noun of heladero
heladera {f} [Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay]  :: refrigerator
heladería {f}  :: An ice cream shop, ice cream parlor
heladero {m}  :: ice-cream seller
helado {adj}  :: icy, frozen
helado {adj}  :: shocked
helado {m}  :: ice cream
helado {m}  :: popsicle, ice pop
helador {adj}  :: cold, freezing, icy
heladora {f}  :: ice cream maker
heladora {f}  :: freezer (appliance to store food)
heladísimo {adj}  :: superlative of helado
helar {vt}  :: to freeze, to cool
helar {vi} [impersonal]  :: to freeze
helarse {v}  :: reflexive of helar
helecho {m}  :: fern
helenismo {m}  :: Hellenism
helenista {adj}  :: Hellenistic
helenista {mf}  :: Hellenist
helenización {f}  :: Hellenization
helenizar {vt}  :: to Hellenize
heleno {adj}  :: Hellenic
helenístico {adj}  :: Hellenistic
helero {m}  :: glacier
helero {m}  :: névé
helicasa {f} [enzyme]  :: helicase
helicicultor {m}  :: snail farmer
helicidad {f}  :: helicity
helicoidal {adj}  :: helical, helicoidal
helicoide {m} [geometry]  :: helicoid
helicóptero {m}  :: helicopter
heliómetro {m}  :: heliometer
helión {m}  :: helion
helio- {prefix}  :: helio-
helio {m}  :: helium
heliocentrismo {m}  :: heliocentrism
heliocéntrico {adj}  :: heliocentric
heliofísica {f}  :: heliophysics
heliotropismo {m} [biology]  :: heliotropism
heliotropo {m}  :: heliotrope
helipuerto {m}  :: heliport
helitransportable {adj}  :: heliportable
hellinero {adj}  :: Of or from Hellín
hellinero {m}  :: Someone from Hellín
helmintiasis {f}  :: helminthiasis
helminto {m}  :: helminth
helmintología {f}  :: helminthology
helénico {adj}  :: Hellenic
helvético {adj}  :: Helvetian
hemaglutinina {f} [protein]  :: hemagglutinin
hemangioma {f} [pathology]  :: hemangioma
hemangiosarcoma {f}  :: hemangiosarcoma
hematófago {adj}  :: hematophagous
hematita {f} [mineral]  :: hematite
hematóloga {f}  :: feminine noun of hematólogo
hematólogo {m} [medicine]  :: haematologist
hemato- {prefix}  :: haemato-
hematocrito {m}  :: hematocrit
hematofagia {f}  :: hematophagy
hematológico {adj}  :: hematologic
hematología {f} [medicine]  :: hematology / haematology
hematoma {m} [medicine]  :: bruise
hematopoyesis {f} [hematology]  :: hematopoiesis
hematopoyético {adj}  :: hematopoietic
hembra {f}  :: female
hembrismo {m}  :: femismo
hembrita {f}  :: diminutive of hembra
heme {phrase}  :: here I am
hemeralopía {f} [medicine]  :: hemeralopia
hemerálope {adj} [medicine]  :: hemeralopic
hemeroteca {f}  :: A place, such a section of a library, where periodicals (newspapers, magazines, and so on) are archived for consultation
hemi- {prefix}  :: hemi-, half
hemiacetal {m} [organic chemistry]  :: hemiacetal
hemicelulosa {f} [organic compound]  :: hemicellulose
hemicetal {m} [organic chemistry]  :: hemiketal
hemiciclo {m}  :: semicircle
hemicordado {m} [zoology]  :: hemichordate
hemiélitro {m}  :: hemelytron
hemiparesia {f}  :: hemiparesis
hemiplejia {f}  :: hemiplegia
hemisferio {m}  :: hemisphere (all senses)
hemisferio cerebral {f}  :: cerebral hemisphere
hemisférico {adj}  :: hemispheric
hemisférico {adj}  :: hemispherical
hemistiquio {m}  :: hemistich (all senses)
hemiterpeno {m} [organic compound]  :: hemiterpene
hemiterpenoide {m} [organic compound]  :: hemiterpenoid
hemitórax {m}  :: hemithorax
hemocianina {f} [organic compound]  :: hemocyanin
hemocitoblasto {m} [cytology]  :: hematopoietic stem cell
hemoderivado {m}  :: hemoderivative
hemodiálisis {f}  :: hemodialysis
hemodinamia {f}  :: hemodynamics
hemodinámica {f}  :: hemodynamics
hemodinámico {adj}  :: hemodynamic
hemodonación {f}  :: blood donation
hemofilia {f} [pathology]  :: haemophilia/hemophilia
hemofílico {adj}  :: haemophilic
hemoglobina {f} [protein]  :: hemoglobin
hemoglobinopatía {f} [pathology]  :: hemoglobinopathy
hemograma {f}  :: hemogram
hemolítico {adj}  :: haemolytic
hemopoyesis {f}  :: alt form hematopoyesis
hemopoyético {adj}  :: alt form hematopoyético
hemoptisis {f}  :: hemoptysis
hemorragia {f} [pathology]  :: hemorrhage
hemorrágico {adj}  :: hemorrhagic
hemorroidal {adj}  :: hemorrhoidal, haemorrhoidal
hemorroide {f}  :: [usually in plural] hemorrhoid, haemorrhoid
hemorroides {fp}  :: haemorrhoids
hemostasia {f} [medicine]  :: hemostasis (keeping of blood inside a damaged vessel)
hemíptero {m}  :: hemipter, hemipteran
hemóstato {m}  :: hemostat
hemático {adj}  :: hematic; haematic
henar {m}  :: hayfield
henchir {v}  :: to swell, to fill
hendíadis {f}  :: alternative spelling of endíadis
hendedura {f}  :: alternative form of hendidura
hender {vt}  :: To split, to cleave apart
hender {vt}  :: To crack into pieces
hender {vt}  :: To mar
hendido {adj}  :: cracked, cleft (palate)
hendidura {f}  :: cleft, groove, cleavage, indentation, slot, slit
hendija {f}  :: A small groove, slit or other indentation
hendir {v}  :: to cut open
henequenera {f}  :: feminine noun of henequenero
henequenero {adj}  :: of or relating to henequens
henequenero {m}  :: henequen producer or seller
henequén {m}  :: henequen
henna {m}  :: henna
heno {m}  :: hay
henos {phrase}  :: here we are
henrio {m}  :: henry (unit of inductance)
heparina {f} [carbohydrate]  :: heparin
hepatitis {f}  :: hepatitis
hepatóloga {f}  :: hepatologist
hepatólogo {m}  :: hepatologist
hepatología {f}  :: hepatology
hepatotoxicidad {f}  :: hepatoxicity
hepatítico {adj}  :: hepatitic
heptadecágono {m} [geometry]  :: heptadecagon
heptagonal {adj}  :: heptagonal
heptano {m}  :: heptane
heptatleta {mf}  :: heptathlete
heptatlón {m}  :: heptathlon
hepteno {m} [organic chemistry]  :: heptene
heptágono {adj}  :: heptagonal
heptágono {m}  :: heptagon
hepática {f}  :: hepatica
hepáticas {adj}  :: feminine plural form of hepático
hepático {adj}  :: hepatic
heptosa {f} [organic chemistry]  :: heptose
heptóxido {m}  :: heptoxide
heraldista {mf}  :: heraldist
heraldo {m}  :: herald (messenger)
herbal {adj}  :: herbal
herbar {v}  :: to adorn or tan with grass
herbario {adj}  :: herbal
herbario {m}  :: herbarium (collection of plants)
herbazal {m}  :: grassland
herbáceo {adj}  :: herbaceous
herbicida {adj}  :: herbicidal
herbicida {m}  :: herbicide (substance used to kill plants)
herbolaria {f}  :: feminine of herbolario
herbolario {adj}  :: herbalist
herbolario {m}  :: herbalist
herboso {adj}  :: grassy
herbívoro {adj}  :: herbivorous
herbívoro {m}  :: herbivore
hercio {m}  :: hertz
hercúleo {adj}  :: Herculean
herculina {f}  :: feminine noun of herculino
herculino {adj}  :: Of or from A Coruña, Galicia
herculino {m}  :: Someone from A Coruña
heredabilidad {f}  :: heritability
heredable {adj}  :: inheritable
heredad {f} [agriculture]  :: property; estate
heredamiento {m}  :: inheritance
heredar {v}  :: to inherit
heredera {f}  :: feminine noun of heredero
heredera forzosa {f}  :: feminine noun of heredero forzoso
heredera presunta {f}  :: feminine noun of heredero presunto
heredero {m}  :: heir
heredero forzoso {m}  :: heir apparent
heredero presunto {m}  :: heir presumptive
herediana {f}  :: feminine noun of herediano
herediano {adj}  :: Of or from Heredia Province, Costa Rica
herediano {m}  :: An inhabitant of Heredia Province, Costa Rica
hereditario {adj}  :: hereditary
herejía {f}  :: heresy
hereje {adj}  :: heretic
hereje {adj} [colloquial, Latin America]  :: disrespectful
hereje {adj} [colloquial, Latin America]  :: hard (severe, harsh, unfriendly, brutal)
hereje {mf}  :: heretic
herencia {f}  :: heredity
herero {adj}  :: Herero
herero {mf}  :: Herero
heresiarca {mf}  :: heresiarch
herida {f}  :: wound
herido {adj}  :: hurt, injured
herir {v}  :: to wound
herir {v}  :: to hurt
herirse {v}  :: reflexive of herir
heráldica {f}  :: heraldry (the profession of devising and blazoning arms)
heráldico {adj}  :: heraldic
hermafrodita {adj}  :: hermaphroditic
hermafrodita {m}  :: hermaphrodite
hermana {f}  :: feminine noun of hermano, sister
hermana mayor {f}  :: elder sister
hermanamiento {m}  :: twinning
hermanar {v}  :: to untie
hermanar {v}  :: to match
hermanar {v}  :: to harmonize
hermanastra {f}  :: feminine noun of hermanastro, stepsister
hermanastro {m}  :: stepbrother (stepsister for the feminine form)
hermanastro {m} [dated]  :: half-brother (half-sister for the feminine form)
hermandad {f}  :: brotherhood
hermanita {f}  :: diminutive of hermana little sister
hermanito {m}  :: diminutive of hermano; little brother
hermano {m}  :: brother
hermano {m}  :: sibling
hermano mayor {m}  :: elder brother
hermenéutica {f}  :: hermeneutics
hermenéutico {adj}  :: hermeneutic
hermes {m}  :: Statue of Hermes
hermeticidad {f}  :: hermeticity
hermetismo {m}  :: utmost secrecy
hermetismo {m}  :: unpenetrable
hermetizar {v}  :: to seal hermetically
hermosamente {adv}  :: attractively, prettily
hermosear {vt}  :: to embellish, to beautify
hermosillense {adj}  :: Of or from the city of Hermosillo, Mexico
hermosillense {mf}  :: Someone from the city of Hermosillo, Mexico
hermoso {adj}  :: beautiful
hermosísimo {adj}  :: superlative of hermoso
hermosura {f}  :: beauty (all senses)
herméticamente {adv}  :: hermetically
hermético {adj}  :: hermetic
hernia {f} [pathology]  :: hernia
heroicamente {adv}  :: heroically
heroicidad {f}  :: heroicness
heroico {adj}  :: heroic
heroinómana {f}  :: feminine of heroinómano
heroinómano {adj}  :: addicted to heroin
heroinómano {m}  :: heroin addict
heroína {f}  :: heroine
heroína {f}  :: heroin
heroísmo {m}  :: heroism
heroísmo {m}  :: A heroic action or deed
herpes {mf}  :: herpes
herpes simple {m} [pathology]  :: herpes simplex
herpes zóster {m}  :: shingles, herpes zoster
herpetólogo {m}  :: herpetologist (one who studies reptiles, a reptile specialist)
herpetología {f}  :: herpetology
herradero {m}  :: The branding of bulls
herradero {m}  :: A pen or enclosure used to brand the bulls
herrador {m}  :: farrier (person who trims and shoes horses' hooves)
herradora {f}  :: feminine noun of herrador
herradura {f}  :: horseshoe
herraj {m}  :: charcoal made from the stones of pressed olives
herramienta {f}  :: A tool; an implement
herrar {v}  :: to horseshoe, to shoe a horse
herrar {v}  :: to brand
herreña {f}  :: feminine noun of herreño
herreño {adj}  :: Of or from the island of El Hierro in the Canary Islands
herreño {m}  :: An inhabitant of the island of El Hierro in the Canary Islands
herrera {f}  :: feminine noun of herrero
herrería {f}  :: ironworker's shop
herrería {f}  :: ironworker's workshop
herrería {f}  :: ironmonger's
herrería {f}  :: ironmongering
herrerillo común {m}  :: The blue tit. A small bird
herrero {m}  :: blacksmith
herreruelo {m}  :: Type of hat
herrete {m}  :: tag
herrete {m}  :: aglet, aiglet
herrén {m}  :: fodder
herrumbrar {v}  :: to rust, go rusty
herrumbre {f}  :: rust
herrumbroso {adj}  :: rusty
hertciano {adj}  :: alternative form of hertziano
herético {adj}  :: heretic, heretical
hertz {m}  :: hertz
hertz {m}  :: plural of hertz
hertziano {adj}  :: Hertzian
hervidero {m}  :: swarm, crowd, throng
hervidero {m}  :: hot spring
hervidero {m}  :: breeding ground, hotbed
hervidor {m}  :: kettle (for boiling water)
hervir {v}  :: to boil
hervor {m}  :: boiling
hervor {m}  :: liveliness
hervor {m} [archaic]  :: animosity
hervor {m} [archaic]  :: zeal
hervor {m} [archaic]  :: vehemence
hesitación {f}  :: hesitation
hesitar {v} [rare]  :: to hesitate
hete {phrase}  :: here you are
heteróclito {adj}  :: heteroclite
heterógeneo {adj}  :: heterogeneous
heterónimo {m} [linguistics]  :: heteronym (word having the same spelling but different pronunciation)
hetero- {prefix}  :: hetero- (other; different)
hetero {adj}  :: hetero
heteroblástico {adj} [biology]  :: heteroblastic
heterocíclico {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: heterocyclic
heterocedasticidad {f}  :: heteroscedasticity
heterociclo {m} [organic chemistry]  :: heterocycle
heterocigótico {adj}  :: heterozygous
heteroconto {m} [biology]  :: heterokont
heterocromía {f}  :: heterochromia
heterocromatina {f}  :: heterochromatin
heterodímero {m} [chemistry]  :: heterodimer
heterodoxia {f}  :: heterodoxy
heterodoxo {adj}  :: heterodox, unorthodox
heterogeneidad {f}  :: heterogeneity
heterogéneo {adj}  :: heterogeneous
heteronomía {f}  :: heteronomy
heteronormatividad {f}  :: heteronormativity
heterosexismo {m}  :: heterosexism
heterosexual {adj}  :: heterosexual
heterosexual {mf}  :: heterosexual
heterosexualidad {f}  :: heterosexuality
heteroátomo {m} [organic chemistry]  :: heteroatom
heterótrofo {m} [biology]  :: heterotroph
heterótrofo {adj}  :: heterotrophic
heurístico {adj}  :: heuristic
hevea {f}  :: rubber tree
hexaclorobenceno {m} [organic chemistry]  :: hexachlorobenzene
hexacoral {m} [zoology]  :: hexacoral
hexacosicoron {m} [geometry]  :: hexacosichoron, 600-cell
hexadecágono {m} [geometry]  :: hexadecagon
hexaedro {m}  :: hexahedron
hexafluoruro {m} [chemistry]  :: hexafluoride
hexagonal {adj}  :: hexagonal
hexagrama {f}  :: hexagram
hexano {m} [organic compound]  :: hexane
hexazina {f} [organic compound]  :: hexazine
hexeno {m} [organic chemistry]  :: hexene
hexágono {adj}  :: hexagonal
hexágono {m}  :: hexagon
hexilo {m} [organic chemistry]  :: hexyl
hexocinasa {f} [enzyme]  :: hexokinase
hexokinasa {f}  :: alt form hexocinasa
hexoquinasa {f} [enzyme]  :: hexokinase
hexosa {f} [carbohydrate]  :: hexose
hexosamina {f} [organic compound]  :: hexosamine
hexápodo {m} [zoology]  :: hexapod
hexápodo {adj}  :: hexapod
hez {f}  :: dregs, sediment
hez {f} [derogatory]  :: scum
hez {f} [in the plural]  :: excrement, dung
hígado {m}  :: liver
hágase la luz {phrase}  :: let there be light
hialino {adj}  :: hyaline
hialoclastita {f} [geology]  :: hyaloclastite
hialurónico {adj}  :: hyaluronic
hialuronidasa {f} [enzyme]  :: hyaluronidase
hiatal {adj}  :: hiatal
hiato {m}  :: hiatus (a syllable break between two vowels, without an intervening consonant)
hibernación {f} [zoology]  :: hibernation
hibernar {v}  :: to hibernate
hibisco {m}  :: hibiscus
hibridación {f}  :: hybridization (act of hybridizing)
hibridación {f} [chemistry]  :: hybridization
hibridar {v}  :: to hybridise
hico {m}  :: rope attached to a hammock
hicsa {f}  :: feminine noun of hicso
hicso {adj}  :: Hykso
hicso {m}  :: Hykso
hidalgamente {adv}  :: nobly
hidalgo {adj}  :: noble
hidalgo {m}  :: noble, nobleman
hidalguía {f}  :: the state of being an hidalgo
hidalguense {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the Mexican state of Hidalgo
hidalguización {f}  :: The process of becoming a hidalgo
hideputa {m}  :: SOB, son of a bitch
hidra {f}  :: hydra (mythical creature)
hidracina {f} [chemistry]  :: hydrazine
hidrante {m}  :: fire hydrant (a device used by firefighters to obtain water from the main)
hidrargirio {m}  :: hydrargyrum
hidratación {f}  :: hydration
hidratante {adj}  :: hydrating
hidratar {v}  :: to moisturize or hydrate
hidrato {m}  :: hydrate
hidrato de carbono {m}  :: carbohydrate
hidraulicidad {f}  :: hydraulicity
hidraulicidad {f}  :: rainfall; availability of water
hidrazina {f} [inorganic chemistry]  :: hydrazine
hidrácido {m} [chemistry]  :: hydracid
hidrófilo {adj}  :: absorbent, hydrophilic
hidrófobo {adj}  :: hydrophobic
hidrófugo {adj}  :: water-repellent
hidrófugo {adj}  :: water-repellent
hidrógeno {m}  :: hydrogen
hidrógrafa {f}  :: feminine noun of hidrógrafo
hidrógrafo {m}  :: hydrographer
hidrólisis {f}  :: hydrolysis
hidróloga {f}  :: feminine noun of hidrólogo
hidrólogo {m}  :: hydrologist
hidrómetro {m}  :: hydrometer
hidrónimo {m}  :: hydronym
hidro- {prefix}  :: hydro-
hidroacústica {f}  :: underwater acoustics
hidroala {m}  :: hydrofoil
hidroavión {m}  :: seaplane
hidroboración {f} [organic chemistry]  :: hydroboration
hidrocarburífero {adj} [attributive]  :: hydrocarbon
hidrocarburo {m} [organic chemistry]  :: hydrocarbon
hidrocefalia {f}  :: hydrocephalus
hidrocálido {adj}  :: (of a person) Of or from the Mexican state of Aguascalientes
hidroclórico {adj} [chemistry]  :: hydrochloric
hidrocodona {f}  :: hydrocodone
hidrocortisona {f} [steroid hormone]  :: hydrocortisone
hidrocristalófono {m}  :: hydrocrystalophone, glass harmonica
hidrodinámica {f}  :: hydrodynamics
hidrodinámicamente {adv}  :: hydrodynamically
hidrodinámico {adj}  :: hydrodynamic
hidroeléctrico {adj}  :: hydroelectric
hidroelectricidad {f}  :: hydroelectricity
hidrofóbico {adj}  :: hydrophobic
hidrofílico {adj}  :: hydrophilic
hidrofluorocarburo {m}  :: hydrofluorocarbon
hidrogenación {f}  :: hydrogenation
hidrogenar {v} [chemistry]  :: to hydrogenate
hidrogenosoma {m} [cytology]  :: hydrogenosome
hidrogeológico {adj}  :: hydrogeological
hidrogeología {f}  :: hydrogeology
hidrografía {f}  :: hydrography
hidrográfico {adj}  :: hydrographic
hidrohalogenación {f} [chemistry]  :: hydrohalogenation
hidroide {m} [zoology]  :: hydroid
hidrolasa {f} [enzyme]  :: hydrolase
hidrológico {adj}  :: hydrologic, hydrological
hidrolizar {v}  :: to hydrolyse
hidrología {f}  :: hydrology
hidromasaje {m}  :: hydromassage
hidromedusa {f}  :: hydromedusa
hidrometeorológico {adj}  :: hydrometeorological
hidromiel {m}  :: mead
hidrométrico {adj}  :: hydrometric
hidronio {m}  :: hydronium
hidropatía {f}  :: hydropathy; hydrotherapy
hidropedal {adj}  :: hydropedal
hidropesía {f} [pathology]  :: edema
hidroplaneo {m}  :: aquaplaning
hidropónico {adj}  :: hydroponic
hidroponía {f}  :: hydroponics
hidropático {adj}  :: hydropathic
hidroquinona {f} [organic compound]  :: hydroquinone
hidrorregulador {adj}  :: hydro-regulatory
hidrosanitario {adj}  :: hydrosanitary
hidrosfera {f}  :: hydrosphere
hidrosol {m}  :: hydrosol
hidrosoluble {adj}  :: water-soluble
hidroterapia {f}  :: hydropathy; hydrotherapy
hidrotermal {adj}  :: hydrothermal
hidroterápico {adj}  :: hydropathic
hidrovía {f}  :: waterway
hidroxibenzaldehído {m} [organic compound]  :: methoxybenzaldehyde
hidroxilación {f} [organic chemistry]  :: hydroxylation
hidroxilasa {f} [enzyme]  :: hydroxylase
hidroxilo {m} [chemistry]  :: hydroxyl
hidroxiprolina {f} [protein]  :: hydroxyproline
hidrozoo {m} [zoology]  :: hydrozoan
hidrópico {adj}  :: hydropic
hidrósfera {f}  :: alternative form of hidrosfera
hidráulicamente {adv}  :: hydraulically
hidráulico {adj}  :: hydraulic
hidruro {m} [chemistry]  :: hydride
hidruro de litio {m}  :: lithium hydride
hidróxido {m} [chemistry]  :: hydroxide
hiedra {f}  :: ivy
hiedra terrestre {f}  :: ground ivy
hiedra venenosa {f}  :: poison ivy
hiel {f}  :: bile
hielera {f}  :: cooler, portable icebox
hielo {m}  :: ice
hielo marino {m}  :: sea ice
hielo seco {m}  :: dry ice
hiemal {adj}  :: of or pertaining to winter
hiemal {m} [astronomy]  :: the winter quadrant
hiena {f}  :: hyena
hierarquía {f}  :: obsolete form of jerarquía
hieratismo {m}  :: hieratic
hierba {f}  :: herb
hierba {f}  :: grass, weeds
hierba {f} [slang]  :: marijuana
hierba buena {f}  :: mint (Mentha spicata)
hierba de San Juan {f}  :: perforate St John's-wort
hierba luisa {f}  :: lemon verbena
hierbabuena {f}  :: alternative form of hierba buena, mint
hierbajo {m}  :: weed (bad or unwanted plant)
hierbaluisa {f}  :: lemon verbena (shrub, Aloysia triphylla)
hierbatera {f}  :: feminine noun of hierbatero
hierbatero {m}  :: herbalist; one who sells medicinal herbs
hierbera {f}  :: feminine noun of hierbero
hierbero {m} [Cuba, Mexico]  :: Someone who sells or cultivates herbs, especially medicinal ones
hierbero {m} [Mexico]  :: A medicine man or other healer who uses herbs
hieroglífico {m}  :: obsolete form of jeroglífico
hieromonje {m}  :: hieromonk
hierosolimitano {adj}  :: Jerusalemite
hierosolimitano {m}  :: Jerusalemite
hierro {m}  :: iron (metal)
hierro {m}  :: branding iron
hierático {adj}  :: hieratic
hifa {f} [mycology]  :: hypha
hifal {adj} [mycology]  :: hyphal
higa {f}  :: obscene gesture made by putting the thumb between the index finger and the middle finger
higiene {f}  :: hygiene
higienista {mf}  :: hygienist
higienización {f}  :: sterilization
higienizante {adj}  :: sanitising
higienizar {v}  :: to sanitise
higiénico {adj}  :: hygienic
higo {m}  :: fig (fruit)
higo {m} [colloquial]  :: snatch, pussy (vagina)
higo chumbo {m}  :: prickly pear
higrina {f} [organic compound]  :: hygrine
higrómetro {m} [meteorology]  :: hygrometer (instrument that measures humidity)
higuera {f}  :: fig tree
higuerón {m}  :: The tree Ruprechtia apetala
hija {f}  :: daughter; feminine noun of hijo
hija de la chingada {f}  :: feminine noun of hijo de la chingada
hija de la verga {f}  :: feminine noun of hijo de la verga
hija de puta {f}  :: feminine noun of hijo de puta
hija natural {f}  :: natural child
hija única {f}  :: only child
hijadalgo {f}  :: feminine noun of hijodalgo
hijastra {f}  :: stepdaughter
hijastro {m}  :: stepchild; stepson (stepdaughter for the feminine form)
hijita {f}  :: A little daughter, daughterling
hijito {m}  :: diminutive of hijo
hijo {m}  :: son
hijo {m}  :: child (when the gender of the child is unknown)
hijo de la chingada {m} [Mexico, vulgar, pejorative]  :: motherfucker. Literally son of the raped woman
hijo de la verga {m} [Mexico, vulgar, pejorative]  :: motherfucker. Literally son of the dick
hijo de puta {m} [pejorative, vulgar]  :: son of a bitch
hijo natural {m}  :: natural child
hijo único {m}  :: only child
hijodalgo {m}  :: alternative form of hidalgo
hijoputa {m} [pejorative, vulgar]  :: son of a bitch
hijoputa {m} [pejorative, vulgar, Spain]  :: motherfucker
hijoputismo {m}  :: bastardness; dickishness
hijuela {m}  :: pejorative of hija
hijuelo {m}  :: diminutive of hijo
hijuelo {m} [botany]  :: layer; shoot
hijueputa {m} [pejorative, vulgar]  :: shortened form of hijo de puta
hijueputez {f}  :: douchebaggery; dumbfuckery
hijueputilla {m} [vulgar, El Salvador]  :: little motherfucker (said of a baby)
hijueputilla {m} [pejorative, vulgar, El Salvador]  :: variant of hijo de puta
hilacha {f}  :: loose thread, shred of fabric
hilado {m}  :: yarn
hilar {v}  :: to spin (as with thread)
hilar {v}  :: to string together, put together (words, to make coherent sentences)
hilarante {adj}  :: funny, hilarious
hilarantemente {adv}  :: hilariously
hilaridad {f}  :: hilarity
hilemorfismo {m} [philosophy]  :: hylomorphism
hilera {f}  :: row, windrow
hilillo {m}  :: diminutive of hilo
hilio {m} [anatomy]  :: hilum (porta of an organ)
hilito {m}  :: diminutive of hilo
hilo {m}  :: thread, yarn, string
hilo {m}  :: linen
hilo {m}  :: edge of something sharp
hilo {m}  :: crosshair, reticule
hilo {m}  :: "hilo de oro" -a type of stinging jellyfish, Guanacaste, Costa Rica
hilo {m}  :: thread (in the internet)
hilo dental {m}  :: dental floss
hilomorfismo {m}  :: alternative form of hilemorfismo
hilóquero {m}  :: giant forest hog
hilvanar {v} [sewing]  :: to baste
hilvanar {v} [said of someone who speaks or writes]  :: to string together
hilvanar {v}  :: to outline, to sketch
himalayo {adj}  :: Himalayan
himen {m}  :: hymen
himeneo {adj}  :: hymeneal
himenio {m} [mycology]  :: hymenium
himenóptero {m}  :: hymenopteran
himnario {m}  :: hymnal
himno {m}  :: hymn
himno {m}  :: anthem
himno nacional {m}  :: national anthem
hincapié {m}  :: stomp (with the foot)
hincapié {m}  :: emphasis
hincar {vt}  :: to thrust, drive
hincar los codos {v} [idiomatic]  :: to put one's nose to the grindstone
hincarse {vr}  :: to kneel down
hincha {f}  :: hatred
hincha {mf}  :: fan
hinchable {adj}  :: inflatable, blowup
hinchada {f}  :: Supporters (collective noun)
hinchado {adj}  :: swollen, tightened from enlarging
hinchado {adj}  :: arrogant, pompous
hinchado {v}  :: past participle of hinchar, swelled
hinchamiento {m}  :: inflation (expansion in size by injection with a gas)
hinchapelotas {m} [colloquial, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay]  :: pain in the ass
hinchar {vt}  :: To inflate or fill with air or liquid
hinchar {vt} [figuratively]  :: To exaggerate a story
hinchar {v} [vulgar, figuratively]  :: To fill someone with anger
hinchar codos {v} [idiomatic]  :: to swot up
hincharse {vr}  :: To swell, to grow tight as a result of enlarging
hincharse {vr}  :: To become overwhelmed with anger
hinchazón {f}  :: swelling
hindú {adj}  :: Hindu, Hindustani
hindú {adj}  :: Indian (of or relating to India or its people)
hindú {mf}  :: Hindu, Hindustani
hindú {mf}  :: Indian (person form India)
hindi {m}  :: Hindi; one of the official languages of India
hinduismo {m}  :: Hinduism
hinduista {adj}  :: Hindu (attributive)
hinduista {mf}  :: Hindu
hiniesta {f}  :: broom (shrub)
hiniestra {f} [archaic]  :: window
hinojo {m}  :: fennel
hinojo {m} [formal]  :: knee
hiogloso {m}  :: hyoglossus
hioscina {f}  :: hyoscine
hipantio {m}  :: hypanthium
hipanto {m}  :: hypanthium
hipar {v}  :: to hiccup
hipócrita {adj}  :: hypocritical
hipócrita {mf}  :: hypocrite (person practising hypocrisy)
hipócritamente {adv}  :: hypocritically
hipódromo {m}  :: hippodrome
hipódromo {m}  :: racetrack
hiper- {prefix}  :: hyper-
hiperaceleración {f}  :: hyperacceleration
hiperacelerado {adj}  :: hyperaccelerated
hiperactivar {vt}  :: to hyperactivate
hiperactividad {f}  :: hyperactivity
hiperactivo {adj}  :: hyperactive
hiperbólico {adj} [geometry]  :: hyperbolic
hiperbólico {adj}  :: hyperbolic; of or relating to hyperbole
hiperbárico {adj}  :: hyperbaric
hipercalórico {adj}  :: hypercaloric
hipercataléctico {adj}  :: hypercatalectic
hipercolesterolemia {f} [pathology]  :: hypercholesterolemia (an excess of cholesterol in the blood)
hipercompetente {adj}  :: incredible competent
hipercomunicado {adj}  :: extremely well-communicated
hiperconcentración {f}  :: hyperconcentration
hiperconectado {adj}  :: hyperconnected
hiperconectividad {f}  :: hyperconnectivity
hiperconexión {f}  :: hyperconnection
hiperconsumo {m}  :: hyperconsumption
hipercubo {m} [geometry]  :: hypercube (an analogue of a cube in four or more dimensions)
hiperenfocado {adj}  :: hyperfocused
hiperenlace {m} [computing]  :: link, hyperlink
hiperesfera {f} [geometry]  :: hypersphere
hiperespacio {m} [mathematics]  :: hyperspace (Euclidian space with more than three dimensions)
hiperespacio {m} [science fiction]  :: hyperspace (space that makes faster-than-light travel possible)
hiperespecialización {f}  :: hyperspecialization
hiperestesia {f}  :: hyperesthesia
hiperestimulación {f}  :: hyperstimulation
hiperestimulado {adj}  :: hyperstimulated
hipergigante {f}  :: hypergiant
hiperglobalizado {adj}  :: extremely globalized
hiperglucemia {f}  :: hyperglycemia
hiperglucemiante {adj}  :: hyperglycaemic
hipericina {f} [organic compound]  :: hypericin
hiperimperialismo {m} [neologism]  :: A new phase of imperialism
hiperinflación {f}  :: hyperinflation
hiperinflacionario {adj}  :: afflicted by hyperinflation
hiperinflacionista {adj} [attributive, ]  :: hyperinflation
hiperinflado {adj}  :: hyperinflated
hiperlordosis {f}  :: hyperlordosis
hipermasculinidad {f}  :: hypermasculinity
hipermasculino {adj}  :: hypermasculine
hipermedial {adj}  :: hypermedial
hipermercado {m}  :: hypermarket
hipermetropía {f}  :: hyperopia, longsightedness
hipermétrico {adj}  :: hypermetric
hipermétrope {adj}  :: longsighted
hipermusculado {adj}  :: extremely muscular
hiperón {m}  :: hyperon
hiperónimo {m}  :: hypernym
hiperparatiroidismo {m}  :: hyperparathyroidism
hiperpigmentación {f}  :: hyperpigmentation
hiperplasia {f}  :: hyperplasia
hiperplasticidad {f}  :: hyperplasticity
hiperreactividad {f}  :: hyperreactivity
hiperrealidad {f}  :: hyperreality
hiperrealismo {m}  :: hyperrealism
hiperrealista {adj}  :: hyperrealist
hipersensibilidad {f}  :: hypersensitivity
hipersensible {adj}  :: Extremely sensitive
hipersexualización {f}  :: hypersexualization
hipersexualizado {adj}  :: hypersexualized
hipersomnia {f}  :: hypersomnia
hipertensión {f}  :: hypertension
hipertensivo {adj}  :: hypertensive
hipertenso {adj}  :: hypertensive
hipertermia {f}  :: hyperthermia
hipertexto {m}  :: hypertext (document)
hipertextual {adj}  :: hypertextual
hipertiroidismo {m} [pathology]  :: hyperthyroidism
hipertrófico {adj}  :: hypertrophic
hipertrofia {f} [medicine]  :: hypertrophy
hipertrofiar {vr}  :: to hypertrophy
hipervelocidad {f}  :: hyperspeed
hiperventilación {f}  :: hyperventilation
hiperventilar {vi}  :: to hyperventilate
hipervisible {adj}  :: Highly visible
hipervínculo {m} [computing]  :: link, hyperlink
hipófisis {f} [anatomy]  :: hypophysis
hipismo {m}  :: horse racing
hipálage {f} [rhetoric, grammar]  :: hypallage
hipónimo {m}  :: hyponym
hipnosis {f}  :: hypnosis
hipnoterapeuta {mf}  :: hypnotherapist
hipnotismo {m}  :: hypnotism
hipnotizador {adj}  :: hypnotic
hipnotizador {m}  :: hypnotist
hipnotizadora {f}  :: feminine noun of hipnotizador
hipnotizante {adj}  :: hypnotizing; hypnotic
hipnotizar {v}  :: to hypnotize
hipnótico {adj}  :: hypnotic, mesmerizing
hipnótico {m}  :: hypnotic (a sleep-inducing drug)
hipo {m}  :: hiccup
hipo {m}  :: longing
hipo- {prefix}  :: hypo-
hipoacusia {f}  :: hearing loss
hipoalergénico {adj}  :: hypoallergenic
hipobromito {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: hypobromite
hipocampo {m} [anatomy]  :: hippocampus
hipocampo {m} [zoology]  :: sea horse
hipocampo {m} [Greek mythology]  :: hippocamp; hippocampus
hipocausto {m}  :: hypocaust
hipocentro {m} [geology]  :: hypocentre
hipocicloide {f} [geometry]  :: hypocycloid
hipoclorito {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: hypochlorite
hipocondría {f}  :: hypochondria
hipocondríaco {adj}  :: hypochondriac (affected by hypochondria)
hipocondríaco {m}  :: hypochondriac (person affected by hypochondria)
hipocondriaco {adj}  :: alternative form of hipocondríaco
hipocondriaco {m}  :: alternative form of hipocondríaco
hipocondrio {m} [anatomy]  :: hypochondrium
hipocorístico {m}  :: hypocorism
hipocorístico {adj}  :: hypocoristic
hipocresía {f}  :: hypocrisy
hipocrático {adj}  :: Hippocratic
hipodermis {f}  :: hypodermis
hipodérmico {adj}  :: hypodermic
hipoestesia {f}  :: hypoesthesia
hipoglicemia {f}  :: hypoglycemia
hipoglucemia {f}  :: hypoglycemia
hipogonadismo {m}  :: hypogonadism
hipogrifo {m}  :: hippogriff
hipología {f}  :: hippology
hipomasculinidad {f}  :: hypomasculinity
hiponatremia {f}  :: hyponatremia
hiponeuston {m}  :: hyponeuston
hiponitrito {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: hyponitrite
hipoplasia {f}  :: hypoplasia
hipopotámido {m}  :: Hippopotamid
hipopótamo {m}  :: hippopotamus
hipospadia {f}  :: alt form hipospadias
hipospadias {m} [medicine]  :: hypospadias
hipostático {adj}  :: hypostatic
hipotalámico {adj}  :: hypothalamic
hipoteca {f}  :: mortgage
hipotecar {v}  :: to mortgage
hipotecario {adj}  :: mortgage (attributive)
hipotensión {f}  :: hypotension
hipotenso {adj}  :: having low blood pressure
hipotenusa {f} [geometry]  :: hypotenuse
hipotermia {f} [pathology]  :: hypothermia
hipotetizar {v}  :: to hypothesize
hipotiroidismo {m} [pathology]  :: hypothyroidism (insufficient production of thyroid hormone)
hipotálamo {m} [anatomy]  :: hypothalamus
hipotonía {f}  :: hypotonia
hipotérmico {adj}  :: hypothermic
hipotrocoide {f} [geometry]  :: hypotrochoid
hipotéticamente {adv}  :: hypothetically
hipotético {adj}  :: hypothetical
hipovolémico {adj}  :: hypovolemic
hipoxantina {f} [organic compound]  :: hypoxanthine
hipoxemia {f} [medicine]  :: hypoxemia
hipoxia {f}  :: hypoxia
hippie {mf}  :: hippie
hippy {m}  :: hippy
hipérbato {m} [grammar, rhetoric]  :: hyperbaton
hipérbaton {m}  :: alternative form of hipérbato
hipérbola {f}  :: hyperbola (geometric curve)
hipérbole {f}  :: hyperbole (rhetorical device)
hipérico {m}  :: St John's wort
hipsómetro {m}  :: hypsometer
hipóstasis {f}  :: hypostasis
hipster {m}  :: hipster
hipsteriano {adj} [attributive]  :: hipster
hipótesis {f}  :: hypothesis
hipóxico {adj}  :: hypoxic
hiriente {adj}  :: injurious
hirsutismo {m}  :: hirsuteness
hirsuto {adj}  :: hirsute; hairy
hirudíneo {m}  :: leech
hirviente {adj}  :: boiling
hirviente {adj}  :: enraged
hisopar {v}  :: to spray or sprinkle with an aspergillium
hisopillo {m}  :: savory (herb)
hisopo {m}  :: hyssop
hisopo {m}  :: aspergillium
hisopo {m} [by extension]  :: cotton swab, abbreviation of hisopo de algodon
hisp. {adj}  :: abbreviation of hispánico
hispalense {adj}  :: Sevillian, Sevillan
hispalense {mf}  :: Sevillian, Sevillan
hispanófila {f}  :: feminine noun of hispanófilo
hispanófilo {m}  :: Hispanophile
hispanidad {f}  :: Spanishness
hispanidad {f}  :: The Spanish or Hispanic world
hispanismo {m}  :: Hispanicism (a Spanish language item as it appears in another language)
hispanista {mf}  :: Hispanist
hispanización {f}  :: Hispanicization
hispano {adj}  :: Spanish
hispano {adj}  :: Hispano-American
hispano {adj}  :: Spanish or Hispano-American and living in the United States
hispanoamericana {f}  :: feminine noun of hispanoamericano
hispanoamericanismo {m}  :: Word or phrase found in Latin America
hispanoamericano {adj}  :: Hispanic American
hispanoamericano {m}  :: Hispanic American
hispanoargentino {adj}  :: Spanish-Argentine
hispanobritánica {f}  :: feminine noun of hispanobritánico
hispanobritánico {adj}  :: Hispano-British
hispanobritánico {m}  :: Hispano-Brit
hispano-francés {adj}  :: Hispano-French
hispanoguineano {adj}  :: Spanish Guinean
hispanoguineano {m}  :: Spanish Guinean
hispanohablante {mf}  :: Spanish-speaker, Hispanophone
hispano-italiano {adj}  :: Hispano-Italian
hispanomedievalismo {m}  :: Hispanomedievalism, the study of medieval Spain
hispanomedievalista {adj}  :: hispanomedievalist, relating to the study of medieval Spain
hispanomedievalista {mf}  :: hispanomedievalist, a scholar who studies medieval Spain
hispanoparlante {adj}  :: Hispanophone: Spanish-speaking
hispano-portugués {adj}  :: Hispano-Portuguese
hispanorromano {adj} [historiography]  :: Hispano-Roman
hispanovenezolana {f}  :: feminine noun of hispanovenezolano
hispanovenezolano {adj}  :: Spanish-Venezuelan
hispánico {adj}  :: Hispanic (of or relating to Spain)
hispánico {adj}  :: Hispanic (of or relating to Spanish-speaking language or culture)
hispánico {adj}  :: Hispanic (of or relating to Hispania or the historical Iberian region)
histamina {f}  :: histamine
histaminasa {f} [enzyme]  :: histaminase
histerectomía {f} [surgery]  :: hysterectomy
histeria {f}  :: hysteria
histerismo {m}  :: hysteria
histidina {f} [amino acid]  :: histidine
histo- {prefix}  :: histo-
histocompatibilidad {f}  :: histocompatibility
histograma {m}  :: histogram
histológico {adj}  :: histologic, histological
histología {f} [biology]  :: histology
histona {f} [protein]  :: histone
histopatología {f}  :: histopathology
historia {f}  :: history
historia {f}  :: story (a sequence of events)
historia {f}  :: The letter H in the Spanish phonetic alphabet
historiador {m}  :: historian
historiadora {f}  :: feminine noun of historiador
historial {m}  :: record (such as a person's criminal, work, or clinical record)
historiar {v}  :: to depict (history), write down a history
historicidad {f}  :: historicity
historicismo {m}  :: historicism
historicista {adj}  :: historicist
historieta {f}  :: anecdote
historieta {f}  :: cartoon
historietista {mf}  :: cartoonist
historiografía {f}  :: historiography
historiográfico {adj}  :: historiographic
histéresis {f}  :: hysteresis
históricamente {adv}  :: historically
histéricamente {adv}  :: hysterically
histórico {adj}  :: historical (concerning recorded history)
histórico {adj}  :: historical (in accordance with the past)
histórico {adj}  :: historic (having significance in history)
histérico {adj}  :: hysterical (of, or arising from hysteria)
histrión {m}  :: actor, playactor
histriónico {adj}  :: histrionic
histrionismo {m}  :: Exaggerated behaviour; histrionics, melodramatics
hit {m}  :: hit (success)
hitazo {m}  :: augmentative of hito
hitchcockiano {adj}  :: Hitchcockian
hitchockiano {adj}  :: Hitchcockian
hitita {adj} [history]  :: Hittite
hitita {mf} [demonym]  :: Hittite
hitita {mf} [language]  :: Hittite
hitleriano {adj}  :: Hitlerian
hitleriano {m}  :: Hitlerite
hitlerismo {m}  :: Hitlerism
hito {m}  :: milestone
hito {m}  :: landmark
hiyab {m}  :: hijab
híjole {interj} [Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua]  :: used to denote surprise or the state of being impressed, similar to wow or whoa
hélice {f}  :: helix
hélice {f} [geometry, anatomy]  :: helix
hélice {f}  :: propellor
hálito {m}  :: waft; a brief, gentle breeze
hálito {m}  :: whiff
húmedo {adj}  :: humid
húmero {m}  :: humerus
hámster {m}  :: hamster
hna. {f}  :: feminine noun of hno.
hándbol {m}  :: handball
hándicap {m} [golf]  :: handicap
húngara {f}  :: A (female) person from Hungary: A Hungarian
húngara {f} [nonstandard]  :: A Rom, Gypsy female (confused with cíngara)
húngaro {adj}  :: Hungarian (from or native to Hungary)
húngaro {adj}  :: Hungarian (pertaining to Hungary)
húngaro {m}  :: a Hungarian (male)
húngaro {m} [nonstandard]  :: Rom, Gypsy (confused with cíngaro)
húngaro {m}  :: the Hungarian language
hno. {m}  :: abbreviation of hermano
hoacín {m}  :: hoatzin
hoatzín {m}  :: alt form hoacín
hobbit {m}  :: hobbit
hobby {m}  :: hobby (activity)
hocicón {m} [colloquial, Chile, Mexico]  :: bigmouth (who talks too much or says things which should not be said)
hocicón {m}  :: informer, tattler
hocico {m}  :: snout (mouth of a beast)
hocicona {f}  :: feminine noun of hocicón
hockey {m}  :: hockey
hockey sobre hielo {m}  :: ice hockey ; literally, hockey on ice
hoco {m}  :: curassow
hogaño {adv}  :: these days
hogaño {adv} [colloquial]  :: this year
hogar {m}  :: home
hogar {m}  :: housekeeping
hogar {m}  :: hearth
hogar {m}  :: homeland
hogareño {adj} [attributive]  :: home, house
hogareño {adj}  :: cosy, homely
hogareño {adj}  :: home-loving
hogaril {m} [Murcia]  :: hearth, fireplace
hogaza {f}  :: loaf
hoguera {f}  :: campfire
hoguera {f}  :: bonfire
hoja {f}  :: leaf
hoja {f} [of an aquatic plant]  :: pad
hoja {f}  :: (blank) sheet (of paper)
hoja {f}  :: foil
hoja {f}  :: blade of knife or sword
hoja {f}  :: glass pane
hoja {f}  :: side of bacon
hoja de higo {m}  :: fig leaf
hoja de ruta {f}  :: waybill
hoja de té {f}  :: tea leaf
hojalata {f}  :: sheet-metal
hojalata {f}  :: tinplate
hojalatera {f}  :: whitesmith, tinsmith
hojalatero {m}  :: whitesmith, tinsmith
hojalde {m}  :: puff pastry
hojaldrar {v}  :: to make into puff pastry
hojaldre {m}  :: puff pastry
hojarasca {f}  :: leaf storm
hojarasca {f}  :: foliage
hojarasca {f}  :: leaf litter
hojarasca {f}  :: rubbish
hojear {v}  :: to page or leaf through; to skim
hojita {f}  :: diminutive of hoja
hojuela {f}  :: a little leaf
hojuela {f}  :: flake (such as a cornflake)
hojuela {f}  :: a hojuela, a sweet pastry
hola {interj}  :: hello, hi
holanda {f}  :: A fine linen used for making shirts
holanda {f}  :: A small sheet of paper used for serving pastries
holandesa {f}  :: feminine noun of holandés
holando {m}  :: Holando (cow breed)
holandés {adj}  :: Dutch (from or native to the Netherlands)
holandés {adj}  :: Dutch (pertaining to the Netherlands)
holandés {m}  :: a Dutchman
holandés {m}  :: the Dutch language as spoken in the Netherlands
hold {m} [baseball]  :: hold
holding {m}  :: holding company
holdout {m} [baseball]  :: holdout
holgadamente {adv}  :: comfortably, easily
holgado {adj} [clothes]  :: baggy, loose-fitting
holgado {adj}  :: loose, vague
holgado {adj}  :: comfortable (e.g. comfortable victory)
holgado {adj}  :: well-off, well-to-do (having enough money)
holganza {f}  :: rest; time out
holganza {f}  :: lazing about
holgar {v}  :: to rest (after labor), to be idle
holgazana {f}  :: feminine noun of holgazán
holgazanear {v}  :: to lounge or laze about
holgazanería {f}  :: laggardness, idleness
holgazán {adj}  :: loafing
holgazán {m}  :: loafer, lazybones
holgorio {m}  :: archaic spelling of jolgorio
holguinera {f}  :: feminine of holguinero
holguinero {adj}  :: Of or from Holguín, Cuba
holguinero {m}  :: Someone from Holguín, Cuba
holgura {f}  :: looseness, bagginess
holgura {f}  :: state of being well-off
holismo {m}  :: holism
hollar {v}  :: to tread, trample
hollejo {m}  :: The skin or membrane covering some fruits and seeds, such as grapes, beans, etc
hollejo {m}  :: The solid remains of fruit after pressing; pomace, marc
hollinoso {adj}  :: sooty
hollín {m}  :: soot
hollywoodense {adj}  :: Hollywoodesque
hollywoodiense {adj}  :: alternative form of hollywoodense
holmio {m}  :: holmium
holán {m} [Latin America]  :: frill, ruffle (strip of pleated material used as decoration)
holónimo {m}  :: holonym
holo- {prefix}  :: holo-
holocarboxilasa {f} [enzyme]  :: holocarboxylase
holocausto {m}  :: holocaust
holoenzima {f} [enzyme]  :: holoenzyme
holografía {f}  :: holograph
holograma {m}  :: hologram
holográfico {adj}  :: holographic
holomíctico {adj}  :: holomictic
holoplancton {m} [biology]  :: holoplankton
holotipo {m}  :: holotype
holotúrido {m} [zoology]  :: holothurian
holoturoideo {m}  :: sea cucumber, holothuroidean (marine echinoderm)
holístico {adj}  :: holistic
hombría {f}  :: manhood
hombría {f}  :: manliness
hombrazo {m}  :: A big man; a machoman
hombre {m}  :: Man, in the sense of adult male human
hombre {m}  :: Man, in the sense of all humans collectively; mankind, humankind
hombre {m} [anthropology, archaeology, paleontology]  :: man, in the sense of an individual of the species Homo sapiens, the genus Homo, or the subtribe Hominina
hombre {m} [colloquial]  :: Husband
hombre {m}  :: a top in male-male sex
hombre {m}  :: a 17th century card game also called ombre
hombre {interj}  :: Man!
hombre {interj}  :: Hey!
hombre {interj}  :: Oh, come on!
hombre de Dios {m}  :: a man of God, a godly man
hombre de Dios {m}  :: a minister
hombre de Dios {m}  :: a priest
hombre de guerra {m}  :: a man of war, a military man
hombre de letras {m}  :: man of letters, a literary man
hombre de negocios {m}  :: a businessman
hombre de paja {m}  :: figurehead
hombre de pelo en pecho {m} [idiomatic]  :: a real man
hombre del mundo {m}  :: man of the world (worldly man)
hombre del saco {m}  :: sack man
hombre del tiempo {m}  :: weatherman
hombre gamba {m}  :: a man with a nice body but an ugly head
hombre lobo {m}  :: werewolf
hombre orquesta {m}  :: factotum
hombre prevenido vale por dos {proverb}  :: forewarned is forearmed
hombre rana {m}  :: frogman
hombrecillo {m}  :: diminutive of hombre, a small man
hombrecito {m}  :: diminutive of hombre, small man
hombrelobo {m}  :: werewolf
hombrera {f}  :: shoulder patch
hombrera {f}  :: shoulder padding
hombrera {f}  :: shoulderpad
hombretón {m}  :: A large or muscular man
hombrillo {m}  :: shoulder pad
hombrillo {m}  :: shoulder patch
hombrillo {m} [Venezuela]  :: hard shoulder
hombrón {m} [colloquial]  :: augmentative of hombre: a big or strong man
hombro {m}  :: shoulder
hombruna {f}  :: tomboy, masculine-looking woman
hombruno {adj} [ladies, ladies' articles]  :: unconventionally or unexpectedly masculine in deportment or appearance
home cinema {m}  :: home cinema (system)
homenaje {m}  :: homage, tribute
homenajear {vt}  :: to pay homage or tribute to
homeoestasis {f}  :: homeostasis
homeomorfismo {m}  :: homeomorphism
homeopatía {f}  :: homeopathy
homeópata {mf}  :: homeopath
homófobo {adj}  :: homophobic
homófobo {m}  :: homophobe
homófono {adj}  :: homophonous (having the same pronunciation)
homófono {adj} [music]  :: homophonic (having a single melodic line)
homófono {m}  :: homophone (word with the same pronunciation as another)
homiciana {f} [obsolete]  :: killer, murderer
homiciano {m} [obsolete]  :: killer, murderer
homicida {adj}  :: murderous, homicidal
homicida {mf}  :: murderer
homicidio {m}  :: homicide
homicidio {m}  :: manslaughter
homilía {f}  :: homily
homóloga {f}  :: counterpart
homólogo {m}  :: counterpart
homólogo {adj}  :: homologous
homólogo {adj} [biology]  :: homologous
homínido {m}  :: hominid
homónima {f}  :: feminine noun of homónimo
homónimo {adj}  :: homonymous
homónimo {m}  :: homonym
homo {adj}  :: homo (homosexual)
homo- {prefix}  :: homo-
homocedasticidad {f}  :: homoscedasticity
homocigótico {adj}  :: homozygous
homodímero {m} [chemistry]  :: homodimer
homoerotismo {m}  :: homoeroticism
homoerótico {adj}  :: homoerotic
homofóbico {adj}  :: homophobic
homofóbico {m}  :: homophobe
homofobia {f}  :: homophobia
homofonía {f}  :: homophony
homogeneidad {f}  :: homogeneity
homogeneización {f}  :: homogenization
homogeneizador {adj}  :: homogenising
homogeneizar {v}  :: to homogenize
homogenización {f}  :: homogenization
homogéneamente {adv}  :: homogeneously
homogéneo {adj}  :: homogeneous
homología {f} [biology]  :: homology
homologable {adj}  :: equivalent, comparable
homologación {f}  :: accreditation
homologar {v}  :: to standardize
homomorfismo {m}  :: homomorphism
homonimia {f}  :: homonymy
homoparental {adj}  :: same-sex (having parents of the same sex)
homoserina {f} [amino acid]  :: homoserine
homosexual {adj}  :: homosexual
homosexual {mf}  :: homosexual
homosexualidad {f}  :: homosexuality
homospora {f} [botany]  :: homospore
homotópico {adj}  :: homotopic
homérico {adj}  :: Homeric
honda {f}  :: sling
hondamente {adv}  :: deeply, profoundly
hondero {m}  :: slinger
hondo {adj}  :: deep
hondo {adj}  :: profound
hondo {adv}  :: deeply
hondonada {f}  :: low valley, gulley, gully, rift valley
hondísimo {adj}  :: superlative of hondo
hondura {f}  :: depth
hondureña {f}  :: feminine noun of hondureño
hondureño {adj}  :: Honduran
hondureño {m}  :: Honduran
honestamente {adv}  :: honestly
honestidad {f}  :: honesty
honesto {adj}  :: honorable
honesto {adj} [obsolete]  :: honest
hongkonés {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Hong Kong, Hongkongese
hongkonés {m}  :: Someone from Hong Kong, Hong Konger
hongo {m}  :: [Latin America] mushroom
hongo {m}  :: fungus
hongo {m}  :: bowler hat, or (US) derby
hongos imperfectos {mp}  :: fungi imperfecti
honor {m}  :: honor
honorabilidad {f}  :: honourability
honorable {adj}  :: honorable
honorablemente {adv}  :: honourably
honorar {v} [rare]  :: to honor/honour
honoraria {f}  :: feminine of honorario
honorario {m}  :: honorary, fee
honoríficamente {adv}  :: honorifically
honorífico {adj}  :: honorific
honradamente {adv}  :: honorably
honradez {f}  :: honesty
honrado {adj}  :: honest, truthful
honrado {adj}  :: honored
honrado {adj}  :: honorable
honradísimo {adj}  :: superlative of honrado
honrar {v}  :: to honor
honrosamente {adv}  :: honorably
honroso {adj}  :: honourable
hoodie {f}  :: hoodie
hooligan {mf}  :: hooligan
hopanoide {m}  :: hopanoid
hopi {adj}  :: Hopi
hopi {m}  :: Hopi (language)
hoplita {m}  :: hoplite
hora {f}  :: hour
hora {f}  :: time
hora de verdad {f} [idiom]  :: moment of truth
hora pico {f} [Latin America]  :: rush hour
hora punta {f}  :: rush hour
horaciano {adj}  :: Horatian
horadado {v}  :: past participle of horadar
horadar {v}  :: to bore, tunnel
horado {m}  :: A hole or other perforation that crosses something from side to side, or that crosses all of its parts
horado {m}  :: cavern
horario {adj}  :: hourly
horario {adj} [attributive]  :: hour, time
horario {m}  :: timetable, schedule
horario {m}  :: hours
horario {m}  :: time
horario de verano {m}  :: daylight saving time
horca {f}  :: gallows
horca {f}  :: pitchfork
horcajadas {n}  :: only in a horcajadas
horchata {f}  :: horchata (sweet beverage)
horcón {m}  :: pitchfork
horda {f}  :: horde
hordio {m} [archaic]  :: barley
horeca {m}  :: the hotel and catering industry
horita {f}  :: diminutive of hora
horizontal {adj}  :: horizontal
horizontalidad {f}  :: flatness
horizontalizar {v}  :: to horizontalize
horizontalmente {adv}  :: horizontally
horizonte {m}  :: horizon
horizonte de eventos {m} [astrophysics]  :: event horizon
horizonte de sucesos {m} [astrophysics]  :: event horizon
horma {f}  :: form, mold
horma {f}  :: shoe tree
horma {f}  :: hat block
hormiga {f}  :: ant
hormiga león {f}  :: antlion
hormigón {m}  :: concrete (building material)
hormigón armado {m}  :: reinforced concrete
hormigo {m}  :: A type of cake
hormigonar {v}  :: to concrete (to cover with concrete)
hormigonera {f}  :: cement mixer
hormiguear {v}  :: to give or provoke pins and needles
hormiguear {v}  :: to swarm
hormigueo {m}  :: tingling sensation, pins and needles
hormiguero {m}  :: anthill
hormiguero {m}  :: ant colony
hormiguero {m} [figuratively]  :: place with lots of people
hormiguita {f}  :: diminutive of hormiga; small ant
hormona {f}  :: hormone
hormonal {adj}  :: hormonal
hormonas de sexo {f}  :: sex hormone
hornablenda {f}  :: hornblende
hornacina {f}  :: recess (inset)
hornada {f}  :: batch
hornalla {f}  :: stove heating element; burner
hornazo {m}  :: A meat pie made with pork loin, chorizo and hard-boiled eggs
hornblenda {f}  :: alternative form of hornablenda
hornblendita {f}  :: hornblendite
hornear {v}  :: to bake
hornilla {f}  :: hob; hotplate
hornillo {m}  :: hotplate
hornista {mf}  :: hornist
horno {m}  :: oven
horno {m}  :: furnace
horno {m}  :: a very hot place
horno de microondas {m}  :: microwave oven, microwave
horóptera {f}  :: horopter
horquilla {f}  :: hairpin, hairpin turn
horquilla {f}  :: fork [of a bicycle]
horquilla {f}  :: garden fork, pitchfork
horquilla {f}  :: telephone cradle
horrendo {adj}  :: horrendous, horrific, dreadful, awful
horrible {adj}  :: horrible
horriblemente {adv}  :: horribly
horripilante {adj}  :: horrifying, shocking, ghastly, grisly
horripilar {v}  :: to horrify
horro {adj}  :: free (from slavery, etc.)
horro {adj}  :: Cattle that are given to dignitaries of the region, maintained at the expense of the owners or ranchers
horro {adj}  :: A poor quality cigarette or snuff
horror {m}  :: horror
horrorífico {adj}  :: horrific
horrorizado {adj}  :: aghast; horrified
horrorizar {v}  :: to horrify
horrorosamente {adv}  :: horrifyingly
horroroso {adj}  :: horrible
horóscopo {m}  :: horoscope (astrological forecast)
hortaliza {f}  :: vegetable
hortícola {adj}  :: horticultural
hortelano {m}  :: ortolan
hortensia {f}  :: hydrangea
hortera {adj}  :: tasteless, gaudy, tacky, cheesy
hortera {f}  :: a wooden pot
hortera {mf}  :: a tasteless person
hortera {mf} [Madrid]  :: assistant in a shop
horterada {f}  :: vulgarity, insipidity, cheesiness (quality of bad taste)
horticultor {m}  :: horticulturist
horticultora {f}  :: (female) horticulturist
horticultura {f}  :: horticulture
hortigranjero {adj} [attributive]  :: farming; from a vegatable garden
horxata {f}  :: obsolete spelling of horchata
hosco {adj}  :: sullen, surly
hospedador {m} [biology]  :: host
hospedadora {f}  :: feminine noun of hospedador
hospedaje {m}  :: lodging; accommodations
hospedante {m} [biology]  :: host (cell or organism which harbors another organism)
hospedar {v}  :: to lodge, to stay
hospedarse {v}  :: reflexive of hospedar
hospedería {f}  :: hospice
hospedera {f}  :: feminine noun of hospedero
hospedero {m}  :: host (person in charge of guests)
hospedero {m} [biology]  :: host (organism that harbors a parasitic, a mutual, or a commensal symbiont)
hosperdera {f}  :: feminine noun of hospedero
hospicio {m}  :: hospice
hospital {m}  :: hospital
hospital psiquiátrico {m}  :: mental hospital
hospitalario {adj} [attributive]  :: hospital
hospitalario {adj}  :: hospitable
hospitalario {m}  :: one of the Knights Hospitaller
hospitalense {adj}  :: From L'Hospitalet de Llobregat
hospitalense {mf}  :: Someone from L'Hospitalet de Llobregat
hospitalidad {f}  :: hospitality
hospitalización {f}  :: hospitalization
hospitalizar {v}  :: to hospitalize
hosquedad {f}  :: sullenness
host {mf}  :: host
hostal {m}  :: hostel; cheap hotel
hostel {m}  :: hostel
hostelería {f}  :: catering (the catering trade)
hostelería {f}  :: the hostel industry
hostelero {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to an inn
hostelero {m}  :: innkeeper
hostería {f}  :: hostel
hostia {f}  :: communion, communion wafer, wafer, host (religious token)
hostia {interj} [vulgar]  :: jeez (expression of surprise)
hostigador {m}  :: skirmisher
hostigamiento {m}  :: harassment
hostigar {v}  :: to lash
hostigar {v}  :: to harass
hostigar {v}  :: to pester
hostil {adj}  :: hostile
hostilidad {f}  :: hostility
hostilizar {v}  :: to lash
hostilizar {v}  :: to pester
hostilmente {adv}  :: hostilely
hot {adj}  :: hot; sexy
hot dog {m} [Mexico]  :: hot dog [the complete snack, never just the sausage]
hotcake {m}  :: hotcake
hotdog {m}  :: hot dog
hotel {m}  :: hotel
hotelazo {m}  :: great hotel, top-class hotel
hotelería {f}  :: catering (the catering trade)
hotelería {f}  :: the hostel or hotel industry
hotelera {f}  :: hotelier
hotelero {m}  :: hotelier
hotelito {m}  :: diminutive of hotel; small hotel
hotelucho {m}  :: lousy hotel
hotentote {m}  :: Hottentot (people and language)
hotspot {m}  :: hot spot
house {m}  :: house music, house
hoy {adv}  :: today
hoy día {adv}  :: alt form of hoy en día
hoy en día {adv} [idiomatic]  :: Nowadays; these days; in the present time or era
hoy por hoy {adv} [idiom]  :: for the time being
hoy por ti, mañana por mi {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours
hoyo {m}  :: hole
hoyo {m} [golf]  :: hole
hoyo negro {m}  :: black hole (celestial body)
hoyuelo {m}  :: dimple
hoz {f}  :: sickle
hoz y martillo {m}  :: hammer and sickle
hozar {vt}  :: to root, to dig with the snout
hápax {m}  :: hapax
hápax legómenon {m}  :: hapax legomenon
hípica {f}  :: horse racing
hípico {adj}  :: equine
hípico {adj}  :: equestrian
háptica {f}  :: haptics
hércules {m}  :: Hercules (strong man)
héroe {m}  :: hero
hórreo {m}  :: granary (storehouse)
hórreo {m}  :: An isolated, rectangular, wooden or rock building supported by columns, characteristic of the northwest of the Iberian peninsula and typically used to store grain or other agricultural produce
hórrido {adj}  :: horrid; horrible
húsar {m}  :: hussar (light cavalry of European armies)
huaca {f}  :: A relic in Inca culture
huacal {m}  :: alt form of guacal
huacalito {m}  :: diminutive of huacal
huacatay {m} [Peru]  :: black mint (Tagetes minuta)
huachafo {adj} [slang]  :: Of or pertaining to a person or object resulting from poor taste, not fashionable, bad personal manners or bad habits
huachana {f}  :: feminine noun of huachano
huachano {adj}  :: Of or from the city of Huacho in Peru
huachano {m}  :: An inhabitant of the city of Huacho in Peru
huachicol {m} [Mexico]  :: An adulterated alcoholic drink
huachicol {m} [Mexico]  :: Stolen and adulterated gasoline
huachicolera {f}  :: feminine noun of huachicolero
huachicolero {m} [Mexico]  :: One who sells adulterated (possibly stolen) gasoline outside of normal distribution channels
huachinango {m} [Mexico]  :: alternative form of guachinango
huacho {adj}  :: alternative form of guacho
huacho {m}  :: alternative form of guacho
huaconada {f}  :: A ritual dance from Huanca, Peru
huaico {m} [Peru]  :: landslide; mudslide
huaicochera {f}  :: feminine noun of huaicochero
huaicochero {adj}  :: of or pertaining to Athletic Club Barnechea
huaicochero {m}  :: Someone connected to Athletic Club Barnechea, as a player, coach, fan etc
huaino {m}  :: alternative spelling of huayno
huancaína {f}  :: feminine noun of huancaíno
huancaíno {adj}  :: Of or from Huancayo
huancaíno {m}  :: Someone from Huancayo
huancavelicana {f}  :: feminine noun of huancavelicano
huancavelicano {adj}  :: Of or from Huancavelica
huancavelicano {m}  :: Someone from Huancavelica
huancavilca {adj}  :: Of the southern Manteño civilization
huancavilca {mf}  :: A member of the southern Manteño civilization
huarache {m} [Mexico]  :: sandal
huarache {m} [Mexico]  :: A Mexican dish made of masa topped with various foods, usually including beans, nopales and salsa
huargo {m}  :: warg
huarique {m} [Peru, colloquial]  :: hiding place
huarizo {m}  :: huarizo
huarmeyana {f}  :: feminine noun of huarmeyano
huarmeyano {adj}  :: Of or from Huarmey
huarmeyano {m}  :: Someone from Huarmey
huaso {adj}  :: of or relating to huasos
huaso {adj} [Chile]  :: astute person characteristic of a Chilean countryman
huaso {adj} [Chile]  :: awkward rural person who cannot adapt to urban areas
huaso {m}  :: countryman, or Chilean rural laborer
huaso {m}  :: Chilean cowboy, horseman
huatón {adj}  :: alternative form of guatón
huatón {m}  :: alternative form of guatón
huaurina {f}  :: feminine noun of huaurino
huaurino {adj}  :: Of or from Huaura
huaurino {m}  :: Someone from Huaura
huauzontle {m} [Mexico]  :: A flowering plant of the goosefoot family, consumed primarily for its edible inflorescence
huayno {m}  :: huayno
huayño {m}  :: alternative form of huayno
huazontle {m}  :: alternative form of huauzontle
hub {m} [networking]  :: hub
hubris {f}  :: hubris
hucha {f} [Spain]  :: piggy bank
huebra {f} [legal]  :: acre; as much land as can be ploughed in a day
hueco {adj}  :: hollow
hueco {adj} [Chile, colloquial]  :: gay
hueco {adj} [Chile, colloquial]  :: clueless
hueco {adj} [Guatemala, pejorative]  :: homosexual man
hueco {m}  :: hole, gap
hueco {m}  :: hollow
huego {m} [rare]  :: (mostly) obsolete form of fuego
huehueteco {adj}  :: Of or from the department of Huehuetenango, Guatemala
huehueteco {m}  :: Someone from the department of Huehuetenango, Guatemala
huejutlense {mf}  :: Of or pertaining to the city of
huejutlense {mf}  :: A resident or native of the city of
huelga {f}  :: strike (work stoppage)
huelga de hambre {f}  :: hunger strike
huelga decir {phrase}  :: needless to say
huelga general {f}  :: general strike
huelgo {m}  :: breath
huelguista {mf}  :: striker (individual who is on strike)
huelguístico {adj} [attributive]  :: strike (of or pertaining to the strike of workers)
huella {f}  :: footprint
huella {f}  :: fingerprint
huella dactilar {f}  :: fingerprint
huella digital {f}  :: fingerprint
huellita {f}  :: diminutive of huella
huelveña {f}  :: A native or inhabitant of Huelva (city in Spain)
huelveño {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Huelva (city in Spain)
huelveño {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Huelva
huemul {m}  :: huemul
hueón {m}  :: alternative spelling of huevón
huequito {adj} [Chile, colloquial]  :: gay, homosexual
huequito {adj} [Chile, colloquial]  :: effeminate
huequito {adj} [Chile, colloquial]  :: clueless
huequito {m}  :: diminutive of hueco
huerfanita {f}  :: diminutive of huérfana
huerfanito {m}  :: diminutive of huérfano
huero {adj}  :: vain, empty, vacuous
huerta {f}  :: garden, vegetable garden
huerta {f}  :: orchard, cultivated land
huertecillo {m}  :: diminutive of huerto
huerto {m}  :: fruit and vegetable garden (garden used for cultivation of agricultural crops)
huesa {f}  :: grave
huesecillo {m}  :: diminutive of hueso
huesito {m}  :: diminutive of hueso
hueso {m} [anatomy]  :: bone
hueso {m} [botany]  :: a stone; the central part of some fruits, consisting of the seed and a hard endocarp layer (like those of peach, olive, avocado or mango)
hueso {m} [politics, Mexico, slang]  :: a political position (designated or elected)
hueso {m} [Spain, colloquial]  :: a strict person
hueso coxal {m}  :: hip bone, innominate bone
hueso cuboides {m}  :: cuboid bone
hueso de la cadera {m}  :: hip bone, innominate bone
hueso frontal {m}  :: frontal bone
hueso grande {m}  :: capitate bone
hueso innominado {m}  :: hip bone, innominate bone
hueso temporal {m}  :: temporal bone
huesoso {adj} [attributive]  :: bone
huesoso {adj}  :: boney
hueste {f} [usually, in the plural]  :: army, troops
hueste {f}  :: following (group of followers, supporters)
hueste {adj} [Honduras]  :: ground, finely powdered
hueste {adj} [of corn dough, Honduras]  :: Beaten and ready for the preparation of tortillas
huesudo {adj}  :: bony; having many bones
huetar {adj}  :: Huetar
huetar {mf}  :: Huetar
hueva {f}  :: spawn (eggs of an aquatic organism)
hueva {f}  :: roe (mass of eggs)
hueva {f} [colloquial]  :: sloth, laziness
huevada {f} [Chile, vulgar]  :: bullshit
huevada {f} [Chile, colloquial]  :: thing
huevazo {m}  :: big egg
huevazo {m}  :: strike with an egg
huevazos {m}  :: henpecked husband
huevear {v} [Chile]  :: to peeve, annoy
huevear {v} [Chile, vulgar]  :: to bullshit, wind up, kid
huevear {v} [Chile]  :: to mess around
huevear {v} [Peru, vulgar]  :: to fool around
huevera {f}  :: eggcup
huevina {f}  :: A substitute for raw egg, such as powdered or pasteurized egg
huevito {m}  :: diminutive of huevo
huevón {adj} [colloquial, Mexico]  :: lazy
huevón {adj} [vulgar, Central and South America]  :: stupid
huevón {m} [colloquial, Latin America]  :: a lazy or stupid person
huevón {m} [colloquial, Latin America]  :: used as an interjection, equivalent to the English "man" or "dude"
huevón {m} [slang, Perú]  :: stupid, person that does nothing, pal or buddy
huevón {m} [slang, Chile]  :: a person, pal or buddy
huevón {m} [slang, Costa Rica]  :: guy or dude
huevón {m} [Venezuela]  :: a synonym for asshole, or person who thinks with his testicles rather than his head
huevón {m}  :: large egg
huevón {m} [slang]  :: large testicle
huevón {m} [Mexico, colloquial]  :: idler, loafer
huevo {m}  :: egg
huevo {m}  :: spawn
huevo {m} [vulgar, slang]  :: testicle
huevo {m} [biology]  :: zygote
huevo {m} [biology]  :: ovule
huevo duro {m}  :: boiled egg
huevo escalfado {m}  :: poached egg
huevo frito {m}  :: fried egg
huevona {f}  :: feminine noun of huevón
huevonazo {m} [colloquial]  :: major jerk; total douche
huevos estrellados {m}  :: fried eggs
huevos motuleños {mp}  :: a breakfast food made with eggs on tortillas with black beans and cheese, often with other ingredients such as ham, peas, plantains, and salsa picante
huevos revueltos {mp}  :: scrambled eggs
huevos rotos {mp} [Spain]  :: A dish consisting of fried eggs with the yolk broken after cooking
hugonote {adj}  :: Huguenot
hugonote {m}  :: Huguenot
huiña {f}  :: Andean cat
huida {f}  :: flight (act of fleeing)
huidizo {adj}  :: shy, timid
huila {f} [colloquial, Chile]  :: rags (tattered clothes)
huila {f}  :: feminine noun of huilo
huilliche {adj}  :: Huilliche
huilliche {mf}  :: Huilliche
huilo {adj} [colloquial, Mexico]  :: crippled
huilo {m} [colloquial, Mexico]  :: a crippled person
huinca {m}  :: Person who is not Mapuche
huincha {f} [Latin America]  :: tape, ribbon
huipil {m}  :: huipil
huir {v}  :: to escape
huir {v}  :: to avoid
huir {v}  :: to flee, to run away
huisache {m}  :: The needle bush or sweet acacia (Vachellia farnesiana), a thorny tree of the genus Vachellia, native to Mexico and Central America
huitlacoche {m} [Mexico]  :: corn smut (fungus that affects maize, eaten as a delicacy)
huizache {m} [Mexico]  :: alternative form of huisache
hule {m}  :: natural rubber
hule {m} [Mexico]  :: rubber tree
hulla {f}  :: bituminous coal
hullero {m}  :: coal
huma {f} [Chile]  :: tamale
humahuaqueño {adj}  :: Of or from Humahuaca
humalista {adj}  :: Supporting Ollanta Humala, former president of Peru
humalista {mf}  :: Supporter of Ollanta Humala
humana {f}  :: (female) human
humanamente {adv}  :: humanly
humanamente {adv}  :: humanely
humancé {m}  :: humanzee
humanidad {f}  :: humanity
humanismo {m}  :: humanism
humanista {mf}  :: humanist
humanitario {adj}  :: humanitarian
humanitarismo {m}  :: humanitarianism
humanitarista {mf}  :: humanitarian
humanización {f}  :: humanization (act, process of making more human)
humanizar {v}  :: to humanize
humano {adj}  :: human
humano {adj}  :: humane
humano {m}  :: human, human being
humanoide {adj}  :: humanoid
humanoide {mf}  :: humanoid
humanístico {adj}  :: humanistic
humarada {f}  :: a billowing of smoke
humareda {f}  :: abundance of smoke
humeante {adj}  :: smoking
humeante {adj}  :: steamy, steaming (giving off steam)
humear {v}  :: to smoke
humear {v}  :: to steam
humectante {m}  :: humectant
humectar {vtr}  :: to dampen
humedad {f}  :: humidity
humedad {f}  :: moisture
humedad {f}  :: dampness
humedal {m}  :: wetland
humedecedor {m}  :: moistener, humidifier
humedecer {vtr}  :: to dampen, moisten, wet, humidify
humidad {f}  :: obsolete spelling of humedad
humidificador {m}  :: humidifier
humidificar {v}  :: to moisten, humidify
humildad {f}  :: humbleness
humilde {adj}  :: humble
humilde {adj}  :: low, lower (class)
humildemente {adv}  :: humbly
humildísimo {adj}  :: superlative of humilde
humillación {f}  :: humiliation
humillado {adj}  :: humiliated
humillante {adj}  :: humiliating
humillar {v}  :: to humiliate
humillarse {v}  :: reflexive of humillar
humita {f} [Argentina, Chile, Peru]  :: tamale
humita {f} [Chile]  :: bow tie
hummus {m}  :: hummus
humo {m}  :: smoke
humo {m}  :: fume
humo {m} [usually in plural]  :: conceit
humor {m}  :: mood
humor {m}  :: humor
humor de perros {m} [idiom]  :: bad mood
humor negro {m}  :: black humor
humorada {f}  :: little joke, witticism
humorismo {m}  :: humor
humorista {mf}  :: comedian, humorist, comic
humoroso {adj}  :: humorous
humorísticamente {adv}  :: humoristically
humorístico {adj}  :: humorous
humus {m}  :: hummus
huna {f}  :: feminine noun of huno
hundible {adj}  :: sinkable
hundimiento {m}  :: cave in, collapse
hundir {vt}  :: to sink, engulf
hundir {vt}  :: to ruin, destroy
hundir {vr}  :: to sink
hundir {vr}  :: to collapse, subside
huno {adj}  :: Of or relating to the Huns
huno {m}  :: Hun
hurí {f}  :: houri
huracanado {adj}  :: hurricane-force
huracán {m}  :: hurricane
huraño {adj}  :: shy
huraño {adj}  :: antisocial, unsociable
huérfana {f}  :: feminine noun of huérfano
huérfano {adj}  :: orphan
huérfano {m}  :: orphan
hurgar {vi}  :: to root, rummage, poke about
hurgar {vt}  :: to poke at, pick
hurgar en la herida {v} [idiomatic]  :: to rub salt in the wound
hurgarse la nariz {v} [idiomatic]  :: to pick one's nose
hurgón {m}  :: fire rake
hurgón {m}  :: stab
hurón {m}  :: ferret
huronear {v}  :: to pry into
hurra {f}  :: hurrah
hurtadillas {adv}  :: by stealth
hurtar {v}  :: to steal, purloin
hurto {m}  :: theft
hurto {m}  :: shoplifting
husillo {m}  :: leadscrew
husky {m}  :: husky (dogs)
husmar {v}  :: obsolete form of husmear
husmear {v}  :: to track by smell
husmear {v}  :: to snoop, sniff around
husmo {m}  :: strong smell; unpleasant whiff (especially of meat that has gone off)
huso {m}  :: spindle
huso horario {m}  :: time zone
huésped {m}  :: guest
huésped {m}  :: lodger
huésped {m} [biology]  :: host (cell or organism which harbors another organism)
huéspeda {f}  :: guest
hutí {adj}  :: Houthi
hutí {mf}  :: Houthi
hutspot {m}  :: hutspot
hutu {adj}  :: Hutu
hutu {mf}  :: Hutu
huy {interj}  :: expression of pain, anguish, fright
hybris {f}  :: hubris