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m {letter} :: letter
m. {abbr} :: mark
M {letter} :: The thirteenth letter of the Dutch alphabet
ma {m} [colloquial] :: mother
-ma {suffix} :: occurring in Dutch surnames of Frisian origin, ma is probably a shortened form of the old Frisian genitive plural -monna, 'the men's'. After this suffix had fallen into disuse in the Frisian language, it came to be considered as a suffix to form family names
maag {f} :: stomach, gut
maagaandoening {f} :: stomach ailment
maagbloeding {f} :: bleeding from the stomach
maagd {f} :: maiden, virgin
maagd {f} [astrology] :: a Virgo; someone born with the star sign Virgo
maagd {f} [dated] :: young girl
Maagd {prop} {f} [zodiac constellations] :: Virgo
maag-darmcatarre {f} {m} :: catarrh of the stomach or the gut
maag-darmkanaal {n} :: digestive tract
maag-darmstelsel {n} :: digestive system
maagdelijk {adj} :: virgin (adj)
maagdelijkheid {f} [literally] :: virginity (state of being a virgin)
maagdelijkheid {f} [figuratively] :: innocence, inexperience
maagdenpalm {m} :: vinca
maagdenvlies {n} :: The hymen, a membrane which occludes the vagina and is supposed to remain intact only in virgin females
maaghevel {m} [medicine] :: siphon to empty a stomach
maaginhoud {m} :: stomach content
maagkanker {m} :: stomach cancer
maagklacht {f} {m} :: stomach complaint
maaglijder {m} :: Someone who suffers from a stomach disease
maagpatiënt {m} :: Someone who suffers from a stomach disease
maagpijn {f} :: stomachache
maagzuur {n} :: stomach acid
maagzweer {c} :: stomach ulcer
maaien {v} :: to mow
maaier {m} :: reaper
maaiveld {n} :: the average or mean height of a piece of land
maakbaar {adj} :: achievable, maleable
maakbaarheid {f} [politics, society] :: malleability
maak dat de kat wijs {interj} :: Sarcastically indicates skepticism on the part of the speaker
maak je geen zorgen {phrase} :: don't worry
maaksel {n} [geology] :: fabric
maaksel {n} :: something that has been made, a product
maakster {f} :: Female maker (woman that makes, produces or repairs something)
maakt niet uit {phrase} :: it's all right, it's ok, it doesn't make a difference
maal {n} :: meal
maal {f} :: time, turn, occurrence
maal {n} :: stain
maal {n} :: mark, marking
maal {f} [obsolete] :: calf [young cow]
maalderij {f} :: millhouse
maalsteen {m} :: millstone
maalstroom {m} :: An aquatic vortex, maelstrom, large whirlpool; especially a tidal vortex
maalstroom {m} [also, figurative] :: Any kind of vortex
maalteken {n} :: multiplication sign (symbol denoting multiplication, as in "a x b" or "c.d")
maaltijd {m} :: meal
maan {f} :: moon
maan {f} :: mane
-maan {suffix} :: -maniac
Maan {prop} {f} :: the Moon (Earth's natural satellite)
maanbeving {f} :: moonquake
maand {f} :: month
maandag {m} :: Monday
maandagmorgen {m} :: Monday morning
maandagmorgenproduct {n} :: faulty product as if it were made on a Monday morning when the workers are not yet fit for work
maandblad {n} :: monthly (publication that is published once a month, possibly excepting one or more holiday months)
maandelijks {adv} :: monthly, related to a month, occurring during a month or every month
maandnaam {m} :: month name
maaneclips {f} {m} :: lunar eclipse
Ma'anjan {prop} {n} :: Ma'anyan (language)
maanlandschap {n} :: lunar landscape, moonscape
maanlicht {n} :: moonlight
maanogig {adj} :: affected by the chronic, equine inflammatory eye disease moon blindness
maanoog {n} :: The chronic, equine inflammatory eye disease moon blindness
maansikkel {f} :: a thin crescent of the moon; a moonsickle
maansondergang {m} :: moonset
maansopgang {m} :: moonrise
maansopkomst {f} :: moonrise
maansverduistering {f} :: lunar eclipse
maanzaad {n} :: The tiny seed(s) of a member of the genus Papaver, especially of the intoxicating poppy which produces opium
maanziek {adj} [dated] :: epileptic
maanziek {adj} [uncommon] :: lunatic, silly
maar {adv} :: only, just
maar {adv} :: as long as; only
maar {adv} :: just; a modal particle indicating a certain degree of indifference towards the result
maar {conj} :: but
maar {conj} :: yet; only
maar {conj} :: but then
maarja {adv} [colloquial, speech act] :: anyway, anyhow, anyhoo
maar liefst {adv} :: no less than, as much as (indicating a certain amount of amazement)
maarschalk {m} [military] :: marshal, field marshal
maart {m} :: March
Maarten {prop} :: given name, cognate to English Martin
Maartje {prop} :: given name. The feminine form of Martin
maar toch {conj} :: yet; and yet, but still
Maas {prop} {f} :: the Meuse (major European river)
Maasdriel {prop} :: Maasdriel (municipality)
Maastricht {prop} {n} :: Maastricht (city/and/capital)
Maastricht {prop} {n} :: Maastricht (municipality)
maat {f} :: size, measure
maat {m} :: mate, buddy
maat {m} :: shipmate etc
maatbeker {m} :: measuring cup, measuring jug
maatje {noun} :: short for maatjesharing, a young herring
maatje {noun} :: (literally) a small maat:
maatje {noun} :: a small size, measure etc
maatje {noun} :: a young or tiny mate; also used as an informal address for a male
maatlepel {m} :: measuring spoon
maatregel {m} :: measure (tactic, strategy, or piece of legislation)
maatschap {f} :: partnership, venture
maatschappelijk {adj} :: social
maatschappelijk werk {n} :: social work
maatschappij {f} :: company
maatschappij {f} :: society
maatschappijleer {f} :: civics
maatstaf {m} :: standard, criterion
maatstreep {f} :: A musical bar, vertical line across a staff
macaroni {m} :: macaroni
macaronipinguïn {m} :: macaroni penguin, Eudyptes chrysolophus
Maced. {abbr} :: Macedonisch
Macedonië {prop} {n} :: Macedonia
Macedonisch {adj} :: Macedonian
Macedonisch {prop} {n} :: Macedonian language
machinaal {adj} :: mechanical
machine {f} :: machine (mechanical or electrical device)
machinegeweer {n} :: machine gun
machinerie {f} :: machinery
machinist {m} :: A machine-operator, engineer; notably:
machinist {m} :: locomotive operator
machinist {m} :: steam engines operator on a vessel
machinist {m} :: machinist, scenery operator in a theater
machocultuur {f} :: a culture characterized by machismo
macht {f} :: power, might, capability
macht {f} :: political power, control
macht {f} [mathematics] :: power
machteloos {adj} :: powerless
machthebber {m} :: someone who holds power
machtig {adj} :: powerful (having or capable of exerting power potency or influence)
machtig {adj} [of food] :: heavy
machtig {adv} :: powerfully
machtigen {v} :: to authorize (US); to authorise (UK)
machtsovernemer {m} :: usurper
machtsverheffen {v} [arithmetic] :: to raise to a power, exponentiate
machtsverheffing {f} [mathematics] :: exponentiation, the activity or action of raising something to the power of something
machtsvertoon {n} :: Show of power
machtswellust {f} {m} :: hunger for power, lust for power
machtswellusteling {m} :: power-hungry person; tyrant
macrokosmos {m} :: macrocosm
macron {m} [orthography] :: macron
macrotoestand {m} [physics, statistics] :: macrostate
Madagaskar {prop} :: Madagascar (country in Southern Africa)
Madagaskar {prop} :: Madagascar (the island in Southern Africa with the above-mentioned country)
madam {f} :: madam
madam {f} :: female pimp
made {f} :: maggot; a fly larva that eats decomposing flesh
made {f} [archaic] :: grassland, meadow
madelief {n} :: common daisy, Bellis perennis (flower)
Madelief {prop} {f} :: given name, which means Daisy
Madrid {prop} {n} :: Madrid, Spanish capital city and province
madrigaal {n} :: madrigal (unaccompanied polyphonic song)
maf {adj} :: mad, silly, odd/eccentric
maffen {v} [colloquial] :: to sleep
maffia {f} {m} :: mafia
mafkees {m} [slang] :: weirdo, goofball, nutjob
mafketel {m} [slang] :: weirdo, goofball, nutjob
magenta {n} :: magenta (pinkish purple colour)
magenta {adj} :: magenta (being of the magenta colour)
mager {adj} :: lean, (nearly) without fat
mager {adj} :: meager, skinny, thin
mager {adj} :: poor, pitiful, skim
mager {adj} :: infertile (said of soil); weak
magie {f} :: Occult, black or white magic, sorcery; hence supernatural occurrences or phenonomenons
magie {f} [figuratively] :: A magical, surprising, facinating ... feat
magie {f} :: The art illusionism
magiër {m} :: mage, sorcerer
magiër {m} :: magus, Zoroastrian priest
magiër {m} :: magician, illusionist
magisch {adj} :: magical, controlled or determined by supernatural magic (not illusionism)
magisch {adj} [figuratively] :: enchanting, spell-bound etc
magistergraad {m} [obsolete] :: master's degree
magistraat {m} :: magistrate, judge or high executive state official
magistraat {m} :: magistracy; city council
magnaat {m} :: magnate, tycoon, mogul (wealthy, powerful and influential person, especially in business)
magneet {m} :: magnet
magneetveld {n} [physics] :: magnetic field
magneetvisser {m} :: a person using a type of fishing rod, with a magnet attached to the end, to haul metal objects out of a body of water
magnesium {n} :: magnesium
magnetisch {adj} :: magnetic
magnetisch veld {n} [physics] :: magnetic field
magnetisme {n} :: magnetism
magnetostaart {m} [astronomy] :: magnetotail
magnetron {m} [chiefly Netherlands] :: microwave oven (fast heating device with mainly culinary use)
magnetronoven {m} :: (chiefly Netherlands) microwave oven, a fast heating device with mainly culinary use
maharadja {m} :: maharaja
mailen {v} :: to email, e-mail
maillot {n} {m} :: maillot
mais {m} :: corn, maize
maisgeel {adj} :: having the color of corn/maize
maiskolf {f} :: ear of maize/corn
maja {interj} :: maar ja; anyway, anyhow
majem {m} {n} [colloquial, Bargoens] :: water
majem {m} {n} [colloquial, Bargoens] :: city canal
majesteit {f} :: majesty
majesteitsschennis {f} :: A lese majesty, high crime against the person of a monarch, or the monarchy or crown; by extension even against any sovereign state (which in Roman law was the original holder of 'majesty', only later a ruler's title)
majoor {m} :: major, a rank above captain
majoor {m} :: in compounds, -majoor can also mean major - (senior)
mak {adj} :: tame (domesticated, tamed)
mak {adj} :: calm, tame (in a calm state of mind. not agitated)
makaak {m} :: macaque (any monkey of the genus Macaca)
makak {m} [Belgium, derogatory] :: someone of Moroccan or Maghreb origin
makelaar {m} :: broker
makelaardij {f} :: real estate agency
makelij {f} :: manufacture, production, origin, construction (origin of a processed commodity)
maken {vt} :: to make
maken {vt} :: to fix, to repair, to mend
maken {vt} :: to take (a photo)
maker {m} :: maker (person or thing that makes, produces or repairs something)
makke {m} [colloquial, Bargoens] :: blow
makke {m} [colloquial, Bargoens] :: misfortune
makke {m} [colloquial, Bargoens] :: problem, shortcoming
makkelijk {adj} :: easy
makkelijk {adj} :: complacent
makkelijker gezegd dan gedaan {adj} [idiomatic] :: easier said than done
makken {v} [colloquial, Bargoens] :: to spend money
makker {m} :: A mate, fellow, colleague, companion, (not very close) friend, ally etc
makker {?} :: alternative form of makkel
makreel {m} :: mackerel
mal {f} :: mold, cast (device to help creating shapes)
mal {adj} :: funny, crazy, lacking common sense
malaria {f} :: malaria
Malayalam {prop} {n} :: Malayalam
Malayo-Polynesisch {adj} :: Malayo-Polynesian
malcontent {adj} :: dissatisfied
malcontent {m} :: A discontent person
malcontent {m} [historical, Roman Catholicism] :: A Dutch Roman Catholic noble who served the Spanish cause early in the Dutch revolt
malcontent {m} [historical, Protestantism] :: A liberal Protestant in the early 20th century who rejected conventional liberalism and almost deistic theology and advocated social gospel theology and politics
maldoenerij {f} :: silly behaviour or activity, buffoonery
Maleier {m} :: An ethnic Malay
Maleier {m} :: A Malay speaker
Maleis {adj} :: Malay, relating to people and/or language
Maleis {n} :: The Malay language
Maleise {f} :: female Malay person
Maleisië {prop} {n} :: Malaysia
Maleisisch {adj} :: Malaysian
malen {v} :: to grind
malen {v} [obsolete] :: to paint
Malgasy {prop} :: Malagasy (language)
malie {f} :: a link of chainmail
maligne {adj} [medicine] :: malignant
malkaar {pron} [archaic] :: each other
malkander {pron} [archaic] :: each other
mallemolen {f} [dated, dialect] :: carousel, merry-go-round
mallemolen {f} [figurative] :: madhouse (overwhelming chaotic place, experience or situation)
mallemolen {f} [obsolete] :: vortex
mallerd {m} :: silly/crazy person
malloot {f} :: fool, idiot, moron
malloot {f} [archaic] :: exuberant, hyperactive or foolish woman
malloot {adj} [uncommon] :: foolish
mallotig {adj} :: foolish, silly
mals {adj} :: soft, succulent
mals {adj} [figuratively] :: forgiving, lenient, soft
malt {m} {n} [especially in diminutive] :: malt beer
Malta {prop} {n} :: Malta
Maltees {adj} :: Maltese
Maltees {prop} {n} :: Maltese (language)
Maltese {f} :: A Maltese woman
maltose {c} :: maltose
malverseren {v} :: to embezzle, to peculate, to malversate
mam {f} :: mother
mama {f} :: mama, mother
mamma {f} :: mamma, breast
mammoet {m} :: mammoth
man {m} :: man, human male, either adult or age-irrespective
man {m} :: husband, male spouse
-man {suffix} :: Someone (implied male) who is an expert in an area; e.g. sportman 'sportsman', zakenman 'businessman'
-man {suffix} :: Someone (implied male) who is employed or holds a position in an area; e.g brandweerman 'fireman', politieman 'policeman'
-man {suffix} :: Someone (implied male) who has special characteristics relating to an area, e.g. dolleman 'madman', landsman 'countryman'
-man {suffix} :: In certain cases, someone (implied male) who derives from a particular nationality; e.g. Schotsman, Fransman
Man {prop} :: Isle of Man
management {n} [management] :: management
manbeer {m} [uncommon] :: werebear
manchet {f} :: cuff (part of shirt)
manchet {f} :: sabot (munition)
manco {n} :: shortage
mand {f} :: basket
mandaat {n} :: mandate
mandag {m} :: (unit of measurement) one day of labour by one person; a man-day
mandarijn {m} :: A mandarin, Far Eastern (notably Chinese Imperial) high official
mandarijn {m} [figuratively] :: A pundit, someone in/with authority
mandarijn {m} :: (usually in the diminutive: mandarijntje ) A tangerine, orange-like fruit
Mandarijns {prop} :: Mandarin
mandeeër {m} :: Mandaean
Maneblusser {m} [humorous, Belgium] :: An inhabitant of the city of Mechelen, Belgium
manen {v} :: to urge, admonish
manen {v} :: to demand, dun (especially a payment)
man en paard noemen {v} [idiom] :: to call a spade a spade, to call it as one sees it
maneschijn {m} :: moonshine, moonlight (light from the moon)
manga {m} :: manga
mangaan {n} :: manganese
mangat {n} :: manhole
mangelen {vi} [archaic] :: To lack
mangelen {vi} [obsolete] :: To fail, fall short
mangelen {vt} :: To wring laundry (manually) trough a mangle (cognate; handle-operated device)
mangelen {vt} :: To flatten with some similar device
mangelen {vt} [obsolete] :: To mingle, mix, share
mangelen {vt} [archaic] :: To exchange (for ...), barter, trade, switch (with ...)
mangelen {vr} :: To mutate, change (into ...)
mangelen {vi} :: also used : To engage in barter
mango {m} :: mango
mangoeste {f} :: mongoose
maniak {m} :: maniac, a manic individual
maniak {m} :: maniac, obsessive, fanatic
manicuren {v} :: to manicure
manie {f} :: mania
-manie {suffix} :: -mania
manier {f} :: way, manner
manifest {n} :: manifest
manifest {adj} :: manifest; obvious, undeniable
manifestatie {f} :: manifestation
manifestatie {f} :: protest, demonstration
manifesteren {v} :: to manifest
maniok {m} :: manioc
maniok {m} :: cassava root, root of the manioc plant
manipel {m} [Christianity] :: maniple, ornamental scarf or band worn over the left arm by priests
manipel {m} [historical] :: maniple, Roman unit of around 60 to 120 infantrymen
manipuleren {v} :: to manipulate
manisme {n} [jargon] :: ancestor worship
mank {adj} :: lame
mankement {n} :: defect
manken {vi} :: to limp
mankeren {v} :: to be sick, to ail
mannekesblad {n} [Belgium] :: early comic
mannekesblad {n} [Belgium, derogatory] :: overly busy, chaotic piece of writing or print; by extension, any overly ornamented object
mannelijk {adj} :: masculine
mannelijk {adj} :: manly
-mannen {suffix} :: Like -lieden and -lui, plural form of Dutch suffix -man
mannenbroeder {m} [Netherlands] :: orthodox Reformed Protestestant [in contemporary Dutch this strongly suggests that the referent is gereformeerd]
mannenbroeder {m} [Netherlands, archaic] :: brother [as a title not necessarily denoting actual kinship]
mannequin {m} :: A clothes model or fashion model, a mannequin
mannetje {noun} :: The male of a species of animal or plant
mannetje {noun} [colloquial] :: Man who performs odd jobs for money, usually without paying tax
mannetjes- {prefix} :: male, he-
mannetjeseend {m} :: drake (male duck)
mannetjeskat {m} :: male cat, tomcat
manschap {n} {m} :: homage, a feudal pledge of loyalty
manschap {n} {m} :: (only common in the plural) a soldier, especially enlisted, as unit of military manpower
manschap {n} {m} :: crew, which mans a ship etc
mantel {m} :: cloak, mantle
mantel {m} :: surface (literal), lack of substance (figurative)
mantelzorg {f} :: provision of care to disabled, old or ill people by non-professionals in their environment
mantelzorger {m} :: caregiver
manticus {m} :: mantic
mantiek {f} :: manticism
mantisch {adj} :: mantic
Mantsjoe {n} :: Manchu (language)
Mantsjoerije {prop} :: Manchuria
manueel {adj} :: manual
manuscript {n} :: A manuscript, written (not printed) text or composition
manuscript {n} :: A manuscript submitted for reproductive publication
manusje-van-alles {n} :: handyman (man who does odd tasks), jack of all trades
manuur {n} :: man-hour
Manx {adj} :: pertaining to the Isle of Man and/or its Celtic people
Manx {adj} :: of or relating to Manx Gaelic
Manx {prop} {n} :: Manx Gaelic, the Goidelic language spoken on the Isle of Man
maçonniek {adj} [freemasonry] :: Masonic
maoïsme {n} :: Maoism
maoïst {m} :: a Maoist
maoïsties {adj} [obsolete] :: nonstandard spelling of maoïstisch
maoïstisch {adj} :: Maoist
map {f} :: folder
map {f} [computing] :: directory, folder
maquillage {m} [Belgian] :: makeup
marathon {m} :: marathon
marchanderen {vi} :: to haggle, to bargain
marcheren {v} :: to march (walk with long, regular strides, as a soldier does)
Marcus {prop} :: Mark (book of the Bible)
mardijker {m} :: Former European (especially Dutch) slave, who was converted to christianity. Mostly used in the time of the VOC presence in Indonesia
mare {f} [archaic] :: message, report, story
mare {f} [archaic] :: rumor
mare {f} :: depression in non-volcanic stone, compare maar
mare {f} :: a nocturnal monster or spirit that torments its victims while they are sleeping
mare {f} :: nightmare
mare {f} :: witch
marechaussee {f} :: military police
marechaussee {f} :: member of the military police
marechaussee {f} [historical] :: lightly armed soldier belonging to counterguerrilla troops
maren {v} :: to announce, to make known
maren {v} [colloquial] :: to say "but", to protest
marge {f} {m} :: margin
marginaal {adj} [literally] :: marginal, in or at the margin or edge(s)
marginaal {adj} [figuratively] :: at the edge; borderline; destitute
marginaal {adj} [figuratively] :: socially outcast
marginaal {adj} [figuratively] :: (almost) insignificant, of minor importance
marginaal {adv} :: marginally, slightly
marginaal {m} :: A marginal person, an outcast
marginaal {m} :: A freak
marginaal nut {n} :: marginal utility
marginaliteit {f} :: The status marginality, being marginal, outcast etc
marginaliteit {f} :: (absolute use, direct article only: de marginaliteit) A marginal way of life, life on the edge, living as an outcast
Margreet {prop} :: given name, cognate to English Margaret
margriet {f} {m} :: daisy (flower)
Margriet {prop} :: given name, cognate to English Margaret, but which also means Daisy
Maria {prop} :: Mary (Biblical character)
Maria {prop} :: given name. Variants include Maaike, Marie, Marieke, Marijke, Marije, Mieke, Mie, and numerous others
Marie {prop} {f} :: given name, cognate to Mary
Marieke {prop} {f} :: given name
Marietje {prop} {f} :: given name, hypocoristic form of Marie
Marije {prop} {f} :: given name
Marijke {prop} {f} :: given name
Mariëlle {prop} {f} :: given name. A diminutive of Marie
marimba {c} :: marimba
marina {f} [Belgium] :: common, ordinary girl (often with a pejorative meaning)
marine {f} [navigation] :: A navy
marine {f} [military] :: An armed navy (naval branch of armed forces)
marineblauw {adj} :: navy [in a blue colour]
marineblauw {n} :: navy (a blue colour)
marinier {m} :: marine
marionet {f} :: puppet (doll with movable parts operated with strings or rods)
marionettenproces {n} [rare] :: show trial
marist {m} [Roman Catholicism] :: Marist
maritiem {adj} :: maritime
maritieme oorworm {m} :: maritime earwig
Maritje {prop} :: given name, a hypocoristic form of Maria
Mark {prop} :: given name, cognate to English Mark
markeerstift {f} :: highlighter
markeren {v} :: To mark
markies {m} :: marquis
markies {m} :: type of shade (in front of window)
marksisme {n} [obsolete] :: nonstandard spelling of marxisme
marksisties {adj} [obsolete] :: nonstandard spelling of marxistisch
markt {f} :: market
marktaandeel {n} :: market share
marktconform {adj} [chiefly wages] :: in accordance with market conventions, using market practices as a yardstick
marktconform {adv} [chiefly wages] :: in accordance with market conventions, using market practices as a yardstick
marktdenken {n} :: market ideology, market thinking (ideology that favours market mechanisms)
marktleider {m} :: market leader
marktwaarde {f} :: market value
marmelade {f} :: marmalade
marmer {n} :: marble (type of stone)
marmeren {adj} :: made of marble, marble-coloured
marmeren {v} :: to dye or paint in marble colour
Marokkaan {m} :: Moroccan
Marokkaans {adj} :: Moroccan
Marokko {prop} {n} :: Morocco
mars {m} :: march
mars {interj} :: march! (military command)
mars {f} :: basket (usually worn on the back like a rucksack)
mars {f} [nautical] :: the platform at the top of the lower mast of a sailing ship
Mars {prop} :: [astronomy] Mars (planet)
Mars {prop} :: Mars (Roman god)
marsepein {m} :: marzipan (sweet confection made of almond paste, sugar and egg white); a portion of it
Marshallees {adj} :: in, from or relating to the Micronesian island state Marshall Islands
Marshallees {adj} :: belonging or relating to the people of those islands
Marshallees {adj} :: in or relating to their language
Marshallees {m} :: A Marshallese person
Marshallees {prop} {n} :: The Marshallese language
Marshalleilanden {prop} :: The Pacific island state Marshall Islands (Republic of the Marshall Islands)
martelaar {m} :: martyr
martelares {f} :: (female) martyr
martelen {v} :: to torture
marteling {f} :: torture (intentional causing of somebody's experiencing agony)
marteltuig {n} :: torture device
marter {m} :: marten (mammal)
Martijn {prop} :: given name, cognate to English Martin
Martinus {prop} :: given name, equivalent to English Martin
marxisme {n} [philosophy] :: Marxism
marxisme-leninisme {n} :: Marxism-Leninism
marxist {mf} :: a Marxist
marxisties {adj} [obsolete] :: nonstandard spelling of marxistisch
marxisties-leninisties {adj} [obsolete] :: nonstandard spelling of marxistisch-leninistisch
marxistisch {adj} :: Marxist
marxistisch-leninistisch {adj} :: Marxist-Leninist
maïs {n} :: alternative spelling of mais
mascara {f} {m} :: mascara
mascotte {f} {m} :: mascot
masker {n} :: mask
maskeren {v} :: to mask
maskesvlees {n} [Belgium] :: a kind of chewy marshmallow often covered in a layer of white frosting
maïskoek {m} :: Mexican tortilla
massa {f} {m} :: mass, large amount
massa {f} {m} [physics] :: mass
massa {f} {m} :: multitude, mass, throng
massaal {adj} :: massive
massaal {adv} :: massively, en masse
Massachusetts {prop} :: Massachusetts
massademonstratie {f} :: mass demonstration
massage {f} :: physical massage
massagebed {n} :: massage bed
massagebed {n} :: mass prayer
massahysterie {f} :: mass hysteria
massamoord {mf} :: mass murder
massamoordenaar {m} :: mass murderer
massaproductie {f} :: mass production
massavernietigingswapen {n} :: weapon of mass destruction
masseren {v} :: To (give a) massage
masseren {v} [figuratively] :: To work on, prepare, position etc.; notably in billiards, give a head-shot with side-effect
masseur {m} :: masseur
masseuse {f} :: masseuse
massief {adj} :: massive
mast {m} :: mast
mast {m} :: mast, fodder for pigs or other animals made up of acorns and beechnuts
masturberen {v} :: To masturbate
mat {mf} :: rug, mat
mat {mf} [hairstyle] :: mullet
mat {n} :: checkmate
mat {adj} :: matte, not reflecting light
mat {adj} :: dull, uninteresting
mataglap {adj} [Netherlands] :: out of one's mind, insane [especially out of rage], enraged
mate {f} :: A measure, degree: quantity or intensity of something abstract
mateloos {adj} :: immoderate, excessive
mateloos {adv} :: immoderately, excessively
matennaaier {m} [pejorative] :: someone who betrays a friend, a backstabber
materiaal {n} :: material (matter)
materie {f} :: matter
materieel {adj} :: material
matheid {f} :: listlessness, lethargy, lack of energy and enthusiasm
mathematicus {m} :: A mathematician, person studying or versed in mathematics
mathematisch {adj} :: mathematical
-matig {suffix} :: appended to a noun, this suffix yields an adjective whose meaning is "relating to the thing or concept referred to (by the stem)"
matig {adj} :: moderate
matigen {v} :: to moderate
matineus {adj} :: early rising, being an early bird
matrak {c} [Belgium] :: a club, cudgel (weapon used by police)
matras {n} {f} :: A mattress (a firm pad on which a person can recline and sleep)
matras {n} {f} :: By extension, a technical bedding or padding to protect something
matras {n} {f} [slang, pejorative] :: A slut, harlot, a girl so easy that 'everybody does her'; sometimes extended to men who are promiscuous
matras {?} [obsolete] :: A container of several types:
matras {?} :: an alchemist's long-necked glass receiver
matras {?} :: a leather bag
matras {?} :: a urinal
maître {m} :: master [expert, qualified teacher]
matriarch {f} :: matriarch
matriarchaal {adj} :: matriarchal
matriarchaat {n} :: matriarchy
matrijs {f} :: mould, matrix
matrijs {f} :: die (a device for cutting things into a specified shape or for stamping coins and medals)
matrix {f} [mathematics] :: matrix (type of array)
matroos {m} :: sailor, seaman
matrozenpak {n} :: sailor suit
matten {v} :: to partake in a fist fight
matten {vt} :: to dull or render mat
mattenklopper {m} :: carpet beater
Matteüs {prop} [biblical character] :: Matthew
Matteüs {prop} :: gospel of Matthew (book of the Bible)
Matthijs {prop} :: given name, cognate to English Matthew
mattie {f} {m} [slang] :: friend, mate, buddy
Mauretanië {prop} {n} :: Mauritania
Mauritanië {prop} {n} :: Mauritania
Mauritius {prop} {n} :: Mauritius (country)
Maurits {prop} :: given name, cognate to Maurice
mausoleum {n} :: mausoleum
mauwer {m} :: A meower, usually a cat
mauwer {m} [figuratively] :: A (noisy, winy) infant
mavo {prop} {c} {n} [Netherlands] :: initialism of Middelbaar algemeen voortgezet onderwijs
MAVO {prop} {c} {n} [Netherlands] :: alternative case form of mavo
m.a.w. {abbr} :: met andere woorden: in other words
maximaal {adj} :: maximal
maximaliseren {v} :: to maximize
Maximiliaan {prop} :: given name, cognate to Maximilian
maximum {n} :: maximum
maximumloon {n} :: maximum wage
Maya {c} :: A Maya; a member of the Maya people
Maya {prop} {f} :: given name
mayonaise {m} :: The dressing mayonnaise, made from raw egg yolks and oil
mazelen {p} :: The acute, highly contagious viral disease measles
mazzel {interj} [Netherlands, slang] :: see you later, bye
mazzel {m} [Netherlands] :: lucky, fortune
mazzelpik {f} [Netherlands, slang] :: lucky dog
mbo {initialism} :: middelbaar beroepsonderwijs (intermediate vocational education/training)
m.b.t. {abbr} :: met betrekking tot
me. {prop} {n} :: abbreviation of MiddelengelsMiddle English (language)
mecanicien {m} [chiefly Belgium] :: mechanic
mechaniek {f} {n} :: mechanism, device
mechanisch {adj} :: mechanical, related to mechanics and/or machinery
mechanisch {adj} :: done by machine(s)
mechanisch {adj} :: automatical, like machines work mindlessly
mechanisme {n} :: mechanism
Mechelen {prop} {n} :: Mechelen
Mecklenburg-Voor-Pommeren {prop} {n} :: Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
medaille {f} :: medal (stamped metal disc)
medaille {f} :: such decoration, awarded as a prize or in recognition of merit
mede {adv} :: co-
mede {adv} :: With someone or something else (mee)
mede {f} :: mead (drink)
mede- {prefix} :: co-
mededelen {v} :: alternative form of meedelen
mededeling {f} :: notice; communication; announcement
medeklinker {m} [phonetics] :: consonant
medeklinkergradatie {f} [linguistics] :: consonant gradation
medeleven {n} :: condolence
medelijden {n} :: compassion, sympathy for the suffering of another
medemisdadiger {m} :: fellow criminal
medemisdadiger {m} :: accomplice
medeoprichter {m} :: common alternative spelling of mede-oprichter
mede-oprichter {m} :: cofounder, founding member
medeplichtig {adj} :: sharing in guilt
medeplichtig {adj} [legal] :: accessory (assisting a crime)
medeplichtige {mf} :: accomplice
medeplichtige {mf} [legal] :: accessory (assisting a crime)
mederij {f} :: meadery
mede-uitvinder {m} :: co-inventor
medewerker {m} :: employee
medewerking {f} :: Cooperation (working together)
medeweten {n} :: knowledge
medezeggenschap {f} {n} :: (employee) codetermination
medezeggenschapsorgaan {n} :: body or organisation through which codetermination is implemented
medezeggenschapsraad {m} :: employee council, codetermination council
mediaan {f} {m} :: median (statistical measure of central tendency)
mediaan {f} {m} [printing, dated] :: pica: 12-point type
mediaevist {m} :: medievalist (scholar studying the Middle Ages)
mediaoorlog {m} :: media war
mediastrijd {m} :: media battle
medicatie {f} :: medication, medical treatment
medicijn {n} :: medicine, cure, medication (substance)
medicijnman {m} :: medicine man, witch doctor
medicineren {v} :: to medicate
medicineren {v} :: to ingest (medicine)
medicus {m} :: doctor, physician
mediene {f} [Judaism, Netherlands] :: Jewish communities in the Netherlands outside Amsterdam; the provinces, hinterland
mediopassief {n} :: mediopassive (a voice that combines a middle voice and a passive voice)
mediopassief {adj} :: mediopassive
medisch {adj} :: medical
meditatie {f} :: meditation
medium {n} :: means, system or instrument for fulfilling an end
medium {n} [physics] :: medium which a wave or force traverses
medium {n} [grammar] :: middle voice
medium {n} [communications, media] :: means of communication, media outlet
medium {n} [communications] :: data medium, something that contains data
medium {n} :: channeler, someone who claims to access the dead
medium {n} :: something of medium size
medium {adj} :: of medium size
medium {adj} [of meat] :: medium rare
mediëvist {m} :: medievalist
medley {m} :: several songs strung together
mee {adv} :: along, together
meebetalen {v} :: to pay one's share of the cost
meebrengen {v} :: to bring along, bring with
meecalculeren {v} [literal and figurative] :: to take into account, to include in a calculation
Meed {m} :: Mede, Median
meedelen {v} :: to communicate, to disseminate (share information)
meedeling {f} :: notice
meedenken {v} :: to think along
meedingen {v} :: to compete
meedoen {v} :: to take part, participate
meedogenloos {adj} :: ruthless, merciless
mee eens {phrase} :: "I agree"
mee-eten {vi} :: to eat along with others, to join others for a meal
meegaan {v} :: to go along
meekomen {v} :: to come along with; accompany; join
meekomen {v} :: to keep up with rhythm
meel {n} :: flour, farina, meal
meeleveren {v} :: to include, supply with
meelij {n} :: alternative form of medelijden
meelijwekkend {adj} :: causing pity or sympathy
meelijwekkend {adj} :: pitiful, pathetic
meeloper {m} :: passive follower, fellow traveller
meeloper {m} :: bystander [in the context of bullying]
meelworm {m} :: mealworm
meelzak {f} [Brabantian] :: overripe, starchy apple
meemaken {v} :: to participate in, attend
meemaken {v} :: to experience
meeneemrestaurant {n} [Belgium] :: takeaway (restaurant)
meenemen {vt} :: To take along, take away, carry off/along
meenemen {vt} [Belgium, of university courses] :: To drop a course or postpone it to the next year, either deliberately or by necessity
meent {f} :: communal pasture, common land for grazing
meent {f} [archaic] :: community
meer {n} :: lake
meer {determiner} :: comparative of veel; more
meer {adv} :: anymore, any longer
-meer {suffix} :: -mer, -mere
meerder {adj} [rare] :: greater, superior
meerdere {determiner} :: more, several, multiple
meerdere {mf} :: someone higher in rank; a superior or boss
meerderheid {f} :: majority
meerekenen {vt} :: to include, to take into account
meerjarig {adj} :: perennial
meerjarig {adj} :: lasting actively throughout the year, or all the time
meerjarig {adj} [botany, of a plant] :: having a life cycle of more than two years
meerkat {f} :: guenon (one of a number of monkeys of the genus Cercopithecus)
meerkeuzevraag {c} :: multiple-choice question
meerkoet {m} :: Eurasian coot (Fulica atra)
meerlagig {adj} :: multilayered
meerlettergrepig {adj} :: polysyllabic
meermaals {adv} :: many times, repeatedly
meermalen {adv} :: several times
meerman {m} :: merman
meermin {f} :: mermaid
meerpaal {m} :: a maritime bollard
meert {m} [Groningen, dialectal] :: polecat
meertalig {adj} :: multilingual
meertaligheid {f} :: multilingualism (condition of being able to speak several languages)
meertrapsraket {f} :: multistage rocket
meerval {m} :: catfish
meervoud {n} :: plural
mees {f} :: tit (bird)
meesmuilen {v} :: to laugh in a jeering or mocking fashion
meest {determiner} :: most; superlative of veel
meestal {adv} :: mostly, most of all, for the most part
meestal {adv} :: usually
meestentijds {adv} [archaic] :: Most of the time, usually
meester {m} :: master
meester {m} [rail transport] :: train driver
meestergraad {m} :: master's degree
meesterschap {n} :: mastery
meesterstuk {n} :: masterpiece
meesterwerk {n} :: masterpiece
meesttijds {adv} :: most of the time, usually
meet {f} :: The finish line in a competition
meetbaar {adj} :: measurable, which can be measured (up)
meetinstrument {n} :: A measuring instrument (device to record numerically)
Meetjesland {prop} {n} :: A historical region in the north-west of the province East Flanders in Belgium
meetkunde {f} :: geometry
meetlat {f} :: A graduated flat ruler or yardstick, fit for measuring small distances
meetronen {v} :: to bring along, to drag (someone) along
meetsysteem {n} :: measurement system
meeuw {f} :: seagull
Meeuwis {prop} {m} :: given name
meevallen {v} :: to be better than expected, to be not so bad
meevaller {m} :: an outcome better than expected, a surprise, a relief
meewaaien {vt} [of the wind] :: to take along
meewaaien {v} [unaccusative] :: to be blown along [with the wind, someone's breath or another movement of air]
meewarig {adj} :: pitying
meewerken {v} :: to cooperate
meewerkend voorwerp {n} [grammar] :: indirect object
meezang {f} :: a sing along
meezingen {v} :: to sing along
mega- {prefix} :: mega-
mega-ampère {m} :: mega-ampere: 106 amperes
megacalorie {f} :: megacalorie
megaseconde {f} :: megasecond: 106 seconds
megastal {m} :: A particularly large stable, that can house hundreds of cattle or thousands of other livestock
megasteradiaal {m} :: megasteradian: one million steradians
Megleno-Roemeens {prop} {n} :: Megleno-Romanian language
mei {m} :: May
meid {f} :: girl, lass
meid {f} :: maid
meid {f} :: Commonly used as an address for female pets, especially female dogs
meidje {noun} :: diminutive of meid
meidje {noun} :: girl (female child)
meidoorn {m} [botany] :: any species of the genus Crataegus including hawthorn and mayblossom
meier {m} [historical] :: bailiff
meier {m} [Netherlands, colloquial] :: honderdje, a 100 guilder banknote, nowadays, however less frequently, used for a 100 euro banknote
meierij {f} [historical] :: bailiwick
Meierij {prop} {f} :: A region in the Netherlands located south of 's-Hertogenbosch
meikever {m} :: The cockchafer, beetle Melolontha melolontha
meiklokje {n} [botany] :: lily of the valley, the spring-flowering plant Convallaria majalis
meiklokje {n} :: its white, fragrant flower
meinedig {adj} :: perjurious
meinedig {adj} :: treacherous
meineed {m} :: perjury
meiose {f} :: The processus meiosis, reductive cell division
meis {f} [familiar, colloquial, Netherlands, mostly used as a term of address] :: girl
meisje {noun} :: girl [especially of a premature age]
meisjesnaam {m} :: A given name to a female person or girl
meisjesnaam {m} :: The surname of a woman before she is married and adopted the surname of her husband
meiske {noun} [dialect] :: alternative form of meisje
meitnerium {n} :: meitnerium
mejuffrouw {f} :: Miss (title)
mejuffrouw {f} :: unmarried woman
mejuffrouw {f} :: female primary school teacher
mekaar {pron} [colloquial, dialectal] :: each other
mekander {pron} [dialectal] :: each other
melaats {adj} :: leprous
melaatse {noun} :: leper
melaatsheid {f} [pathology] :: leprosy (the infectious skin-disease caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium leprae)
melancholiek {adj} :: melancholic
Melanesië {prop} :: Melanesia
melanoom {n} [pathology] :: melanoma, type of skin tumor
melasse {f} :: the thick brownish syrup molasses, the remnant after refining raw sugar (cane)
melatonine {?} :: melatonin
melden {vt} :: to report, communicate; let know
melding {f} :: a report, notification, message, notice
melig {adj} :: mealy
melig {adj} :: hokey, sappy, cheesy
melisoen {n} [historical, otherwise obsolete] :: dysentery
melk {f} :: Milk, nutritious liquid produced by a lactating mammalian mother
melk {f} [botany] :: Various resembling 'milky' juices, as secreted by certain plants and insects
melkaar {pron} [archaic] :: each other
melkander {pron} [archaic] :: each other
melkboer {m} :: milkman
melkchocolade {m} :: milk chocolate (chocolate that includes milk powder as one of its ingredients)
melken {v} :: to milk
melker {m} :: A milker (one who milks)
melker {m} :: A bird fancier, a bird keeper
melkfles {f} :: milk bottle
melkfles {f} [colloquial] :: pale human leg
melkgebit {n} :: milk teeth
melkglas {n} [countable, uncountable] :: milk glass, white opal glass
melkglas {n} [countable] :: milk glass, glass from which one drinks milk
melkiet {m} :: An Eastern Catholic of the Byzantine rite in communion with the Holy See
melkiet {m} [historic, pejorative] :: An Orthodox Christian in the Byzantine Empire who adhered to the outcome of the council of Chalcedon
melkklier {f} :: mammary gland
melkkoe {f} :: milch cow, dairy cow
melkkoe {f} :: cash cow
melkman {m} :: A milkman, dairy seller and/or - deliver
melkmuil {m} :: An immature person, notably an ignorant novice
melkslang {f} :: milk snake
melksuiker {m} :: lactose
melkvee {n} [collective] :: milch cow, cattle kept for milk production
melkveehouderij {f} [uncountable] :: dairy husbandry, milk husbandry
melkveehouderij {f} :: dairy farm, milk farm (farm where animals are raised for their milk)
Melkweg {f} [astronomy] :: Milky Way
melkwegstelsel {n} [astronomy] :: galaxy
melkzuur {n} :: lactic acid
melm {m} :: dry earth, dry or sandy soil
melodie {f} :: melody (sequence of notes that makes up a major musical phrase)
melodieus {adj} :: melodious
melodisch {adj} :: melodic
meloen {f} {m} :: melon
membraan {n} :: A membrane, thin, often separating, layer of (skin or other) tissue in (animal - or plant -) anatomy
membraan {n} :: An artefact similar in function and/or construction, e.g. as mechanical part
memorabel {adj} :: memorable
memoriseren {v} :: to memorize (US), memorise (UK)
men {pron} [indefinite] :: One, they, (the) people; indefinite third-person singular pronoun: Men zegt dat... (People say that...; It is said that...)
men {pron} :: All humanity, everyone; public opinion
Menaldumadeel {prop} :: Menaldumadeel (municipality)
mendelevium {n} :: mendelevium
meneer {m} :: sir, mister
menen {v} :: to think
menen {v} :: to mean
mengelen {v} :: to mix
mengelend {adj} :: mixing
mengeling {f} :: mixture
mengen {v} :: to mix
mengsel {n} :: mixture
mengteelt {f} :: polyculture
mengvoeder {n} [agriculture] :: mixed fodder
menhir {m} :: menhir
menie {f} :: red lead
menievogel {m} :: minivet
menig {determiner} :: many a
menigmaal {adv} :: often, frequently
menigte {f} :: crowd
menigte {f} :: multitude
mening {f} :: opinion
meningsuiting {f} :: expression (of opinions)
meningsverschil {n} :: disagreement, difference of opinion
mennen {vt} [literally] :: To lead (a) draught animal(s)
mennen {vt} :: To drive a drawn vehicle (especially chariot) or plow
mennen {vt} :: To deliver the load of such transport
mennen {vt} [figuratively] :: To take the lead, conduct, guide, command (troops), steer people/ events
mennen {vi} :: To be engaged in any of the above senses, e.g. to have the lead, be in charge
menner {m} :: driver of animals
menner {m} [especially] :: a charioteer
Menno {prop} :: given name
menopauze {f} :: menopause
menora {f} :: menorah
menroede {f} :: driver's rod, used to control draught animals
mens {m} :: human, man (as a species), humanity
mens {n} [colloquial, pejorative] :: woman
mensaap {m} :: ape (humanoid primate)
mensch {m} {n} :: obsolete spelling of mens
menschelijk {adj} :: archaic spelling of menselijk
mensdom {n} :: humanity
menselijk {adj} :: human
menselijk {adj} :: humane
menselijkheid {f} :: humanity, humaneness (quality of being humane)
mensenhaai {m} :: great white shark
mensenhandel {m} :: human trafficking
mensenkind {n} :: human child
mensensmokkel {m} :: people smuggling
mensensmokkelaar {m} :: people smuggler
Mensenzoon {prop} {m} [Christianity] :: Son of Man
mensheid {f} :: humanity (totality of humans, all members of the genus Homo)
mensonterend {adj} :: Violating one's basic human dignity; extremely degrading to humans
menstruatie {f} :: menstruation
menswaardig {adj} :: Respecting or congruent with human dignity
mentaal {adj} :: mental (relating to the mind)
mentaliteit {f} :: mentality (mindset)
mentor {m} :: A mentor, wise/grey adviser, tutor etc
menu {n} :: menu
menubalk {m} [graphical user interface] :: menu bar
mep {f} {m} :: slap, smack, spank
Meppel {prop} :: Meppel (city)
Meppel {prop} :: Meppel (municipality)
meppen {v} :: to smack, slap, swat
mercapto- {prefix} [functional group prefix] :: mercapto-
Mercurius {prop} {m} :: the planet Mercury
Mercurius {prop} {m} :: Mercury, the Roman god
mercuur {m} [historical] :: early type of newspaper/magazine, from the seventeenth or eighteenth century [originally centred on factual reporting, later on becoming a satirical magazine]
mercuur {m} [uncommon] :: mercury (metal, element)
Mercuur {prop} {m} [obsolete, Roman mythology] :: Mercury
merel {m} :: blackbird
meren {vti} :: to moor
merendeel {n} :: majority, largest proportion
merg {n} :: marrow
mergel {m} [geology] :: marl
mergelgrot {f} {m} :: cave carved in marl
merk {n} :: mark
merk {n} :: logo
merk {n} :: brand
merken {v} :: to mark
merken {v} :: to notice
merkstift {f} {m} :: permanent marker (type of pen)
merkwaardig {adj} [literally] :: remarkable, notable
merkwaardig {adj} :: odd, strange, bizarre
merrie {f} :: A mare, female equine (mostly horse)
Merwede {prop} :: A river near the Drechtsteden, and part of the Rhine–Meuse–Scheldt delta
mes {n} :: knife, cleaver
mes {n} [colloquial] :: blade
mesdjid {m} [uncommon, dated] :: mosque
mesjogge {adj} :: crazy, insane
meson {n} [physics] :: meson
Mesopotamië {prop} {n} :: Mesopotamia (Oriental region between Euphrates and Tigris)
Mesopotamisch {adj} :: Mesopotamian
messias {m} :: messiah
messing {adj} :: brazen, made of brass
messing {n} :: brass
mest {m} :: dung
mest {m} :: fertilizer
mesten {vt} [chiefly of livestock] :: to fatten
mesthoop {m} :: dung heap
mestkever {m} [zoology] :: A dung beetle
mestvee {n} [collective] :: fattened livestock raised for meat
mestvork {f} :: pitchfork
met {prep} :: with, along with (another person)
met {prep} :: with, using (a tool, instrument or other means)
met {prep} :: at, for, during (a holiday/festivity)
metaal {n} :: metal (atomic element or material made of such atoms)
metaal {n} [heraldry] :: metal
metaaldetector {m} :: metal detector
metaboliet {m} :: metabolite
metabolisme {n} :: metabolism
metafoor {f} [linguistics] :: metaphor, figure of speech
metaforisch {adj} :: metaphoric, metaphorical
metafysica {f} :: metaphysics
metafysisch {adj} :: metaphysical
metalen {adj} :: metallic, metal -, made of metal or resembling it in color or other properties
met alle winden meewaaien {v} [idiom, chiefly unaccusative] :: to turn with every wind, to be inconsistent, to succumb easily to outside influence
metallurgie {f} :: metallurgy, the science and technology of metals
metalumlaut {n} :: a decorative umlaut over a letter in the name of a heavy metal band; an heavy metal umlaut
metamorf gesteente {n} [geology] :: metamorphic rock
metamorfose {f} :: metamorphosis, transformation
metamorfose {f} :: shapeshifting
metamorfoseren {v} :: to metamorphosize, to transform
met betrekking tot {prep} :: concerning
met de benenwagen {phrase} [colloquial] :: on foot
met de kippen op stok gaan {vi} [idiom] :: to go to bed early
met de klok mee {adv} :: clockwise
met de nek bezien {v} [idiomatic] :: look down upon (somebody)
met de paplepel ingegoten zijn {v} [idiomatic, of children] :: to learn at an early age
met de poepers zitten {vi} [Belgium, idiom] :: to be nervous, anxious or frightened
met de schrik vrijkomen {v} :: to escape unharmed
meteen {adv} :: immediately; at once
met een korreltje zout {adv} [idiomatic] :: with a grain of salt
meten {vt} :: to measure
meten {vr} :: to measure up [+ met (object) = to]
meteoor {m} :: meteor
meteoor {m} [obsolete] :: luminary (light-emitting celestial object)
meteoriet {m} :: meteorite
meteorologie {f} :: meteorology
meter {m} :: measurer (person who measures something)
meter {m} :: meter (device that measures things or indicates a physical quantity)
meter {m} :: meter, metre (unit of distance)
meter {f} :: godmother
metgezel {m} :: companion
meth- {prefix} [hydrocarbon chain prefix] :: meth-
methaan {n} [organic compound] :: methane
methaanzuur {n} [organic compound] :: methanoic acid
methanal {m} [organic compound] :: methanal
met hand en tand {phrase} [idiomatic] :: tooth and nail; with all the strength and means at one's disposal
methanol {m} [organic compound] :: methanol
met het verkeerde been uit bed stappen {v} [idiomatic] :: to get up on the wrong side of the bed
methode {f} :: method
Methoni {prop} {n} :: Methoni
methyl {n} [organic chemistry] :: methyl
meticuleus {adj} :: meticulous
met inbegrip van {prep} :: including
meting {f} :: measurement
met man en muis {adv} [idiomatic] :: with everyone without exception
met mij gaat het goed, dank u {phrase} :: I'm fine, thank you
met name {adv} :: especially, in particular
metoniem {n} :: metonym
metonymia {f} [literature] :: A metaphor by which an inclusive term stands for something included, or vice versa; a metaphor in which a part is spoken of as the whole (hand for laborer) or vice-versa (the court for the judge)
met opzet {adv} :: deliberately
metriek {adj} :: metric
metrisch {adj} :: metric, metrical
metrohalte {f} :: railway stop
metropolis {f} :: metropolis
metropool {f} {m} :: metropolis, metropole
metroseksueel {adj} :: metrosexual
met rust laten {v} :: to leave alone, to not bother or disturb
metselaar {m} :: bricklayer, mason
metselaarster {m} :: female bricklayer
metselen {vi} :: to lay bricks
metselen {vt} :: to build
met sint-juttemis {adv} [idiomatic] :: When pigs fly. Never
met smart {prep} :: See: met smart
met smart {prep} :: With great anticipation, eagerly
metteko {noun} [Brabantian] :: stupid, awkward person (or, by extension, thing)
metteko {noun} [Brabantian, region around the Rupel river] :: shoulder
metteko {noun} [Brabantian, region around the Rupel river] :: back
met uitzondering van {prep} :: except, exempted
met vuur spelen {v} :: to play with fire
met zijn neus in de boter vallen {vi} [idiom] :: to be lucky, to be in luck
met zijn talenten woekeren {v} [idiom] :: to exploit one talents (gifts) to the full
meubel {n} :: piece of furniture
meubelstoffeerderij {f} :: upholstery shop
meubelstuk {n} :: an item of furniture, (usually) in a room
meubilair {n} :: furniture
meubileren {v} :: to furnish
meug {m} [Brabantian] :: one's liking
meuk {c} [colloquial] :: junk, stuff
meuken {v} [archaic] :: To simmer
meur {m} [colloquial] :: stench, foul smell
meuren {v} [Netherlands, colloquial] :: to sleep
meuren {v} [Netherlands, colloquial] :: to reek, to stink
meuren {v} [Netherlands, colloquial] :: to fart
meurg {adj} :: drunk
meurg {adj} :: exhausted
meurg {adj} :: cooked
meurrig {adj} [Brabantian] :: in an unclear state of mind
meute {f} :: pack, rout, crowd
meutte {f} [Brabantian] :: young cow
meutte {f} [Brabantian] :: awkward, stupid person
mevrouw {f} :: madam, miss
Mexicaans {adj} :: Mexican
Mexico {prop} {n} :: Mexico (country)
Mexico {prop} {n} :: Mexico City
mezekouw {c} :: machicolation
mezelf {pron} :: myself
mezenkooi {f} :: a series of floor holes in a castle to drop or shoot projectiles; a machicolation
mezenkooi {f} :: a bird-cage for a tit
mgr. {abbr} :: abbreviation of markgraaf
mgr. {abbr} :: abbreviation of monseigneur
mgrs. {abbr} :: markgraafschap
mhd. {adj} :: abbreviation of Middelhoogduits
mi {f} [music] :: mi
m.i. {abbr} :: mijns inziens
miasma {n} :: miasma (noxious atmosphere or influence)
miasma {n} [medicine, historical] :: miasma (emanation from rotting organic matter causing diseases)
miauwen {vi} :: To meow, make a feline's gentle, yet shrill type of cry
miauwerik {m} :: A cat, notably when it meows
micellair {adj} :: micellar
micellair water {noun} :: micellar water
Michel {prop} :: given name, cognate to Michael
michels {pron} [Southern Dutch, dated, Bargoens] :: I, me
micro- {prefix} :: micro-
microampère {m} :: micro-ampere: 10-6 of an ampere
microbe {f} [microbiology] :: microbe
microbiologie {f} :: microbiology (branch of biology dealing with microorganisms)
microcandela {mf} :: microcandela: 10-6 of a candela
microcefalie {f} :: microcephaly
microfoon {m} :: microphone
microgolf {f} :: microwave (electromagnetic wave in the band between infrared and radio waves)
microgolf {m} [Belgium] :: microwave oven, a fast heating device with mainly culinary use
microgolfoven {m} [chiefly Belgium] :: microwave oven, a fast heating device with mainly culinary use
microkosmos {m} :: microcosm
micrometer {m} :: micrometer (unit of measure)
micrometer {m} :: micrometer (measuring device)
micronatie {f} :: micronation
Micronesië {prop} :: Micronesia
micro-ohm {m} {n} :: microohm: 10-6 ohm
micro-organisme {n} :: micro-organism
microscoop {m} :: A microscope, a magnifying optical instrument
Microscoop {prop} {m} [constellation] :: Microscopium
microscopisch {adj} :: microscopic
microseconde {f} :: microsecond
microsteradiaal {m} :: microsteradian: 10-6 of a steradian
microtoestand {m} [physics, statistics] :: microstate (particular configuration of a macrostate)
middag {m} :: midday, noon
middag {m} :: afternoon
middageten {n} :: lunch
middagmaal {n} :: lunch, midday meal
middagstond {f} [archaic or poetic] :: midday
middaguur {n} :: midday, noon
middel {n} :: means
middel {n} :: medicine, cure
middel {n} {m} :: waist
middel- {prefix} :: middle, centre, between
middelbaar {adj} :: secondary
middelbare school {f} {m} [historical] :: high school
Middelburg {prop} :: Middelburg (city/and/capital)
Middelburg {prop} :: Middelburg (municipality)
middeleeuwen {p} [with definite article] :: The Middle Ages
middeleeuwer {m} :: A person living in the Middle Ages
middeleeuws {adj} :: medieval
middelen {vt} :: to take the average of
middelen {vi} [dialectal] :: to mediate
Middelengels {prop} {n} [linguistics] :: Middle English, the ancestor language of Modern English spoken between the 11th and 15th centuries
Middelengels {adj} :: Middle English
Middelfrans {prop} {n} :: Middle French
Middelfrans {adj} :: Middle French
middelgroot {adj} :: medium-sized
Middelhoogduits {prop} {n} :: Middle High German
Middelhoogduits {adj} :: Middle High German
Middeliers {prop} {n} :: Middle Irish
Middeliers {adj} :: Middle Irish
Middellandse Zee {prop} {f} :: Mediterranean Sea
middellijn {f} :: diameter (diametrical chord)
middelmatig {adj} :: mediocre, average
middelmatigheid {f} :: Mediocrity: being mediocre
middelnaam {m} :: Unusual translation of tweede naam. Often the forced translation of the Anglo-Saxon middle name
middelnaam {m} [figuratively] :: a trait, activity, or action closely associated with a person
Middelnederduits {prop} {n} :: Middle Low German
Middelnederduits {adj} :: Middle Low German
Middelnederlands {prop} {n} :: Middle Dutch
Middelnederlands {adj} :: Middle Dutch
middelpunt {n} :: middle point, centre
middelpuntvliedende kracht {f} :: centrifugal force
middelpuntzoekende kracht {f} :: centripetal force
middels {prep} :: by means of
Middelsaksisch {prop} {n} :: Middle Saxon, Middle Low German
Middelsaksisch {adj} :: Middle Saxon, Middle Low German
middelvinger {m} :: middle finger
midden {adv} :: in the middle
midden- {prefix} :: middle, center
Midden-Amerika {prop} {n} :: Central America, the part of the Americas between North America and South America, either with or without the West Indies in the Caribbean Sea
middenbouw {m} :: the middle-level classes of a school, e.g. the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades of a grammar school in the Netherlands
Midden-Drenthe {prop} :: Midden-Drenthe (municipality)
Midden-Europa {prop} :: Central Europe
middenfrequentie {f} [radio] :: intermediate frequency
middengolf {f} :: medium wave
middenklasse {f} :: middle class
Midden-Oosten {prop} {n} :: Middle East
middenrif {n} :: midriff, diaphragm
middenst {adj} :: middlemost, midmost
middenstand {m} [business] :: retail, small business
middenstand {m} :: middle-class
middenstander {m} :: a small business owner
middenstijl {m} :: mullion
midden van nergens {n} :: middle of nowhere
middenveld {n} :: midfield
middenvelder {mf} [sports] :: midfielder
middenweg {m} :: middle ground, compromise, moderation
middernacht {m} :: midnight
middernachtzon {f} :: midnight sun
Mie {prop} {f} :: given name
miegen {v} [obsolete] :: to urinate
Miek {prop} {f} :: given name. Short form the name Maria, the Dutch equivalent of Mary
Mieke {prop} {f} :: given name, pet form of Maria
Miep {prop} {f} :: given name. Short form the name Maria, the Dutch equivalent of Mary
mier {f} [zoology] :: ant
mier {f} [figuratively] :: insignificant individual
mierenboerderij {f} :: formicarium, antfarm
mierenbroodje {n} [botany] :: elaiosome
mierenegel {m} :: echidna, monotreme of the family Tachyglossidae
miereneter {m} :: anteater
mierenhoop {m} :: anthill
mierenleeuw {m} :: antlion, any larve of the family Myrmeleontidae
mierenleeuw {m} :: larve of Myrmeleon formicarius
mierenneuken {v} [vulgar] :: to nitpick, to be fastidious
mierenneuker {m} [pejorative, coarse] :: a petty person who makes a pointless fuss about insignificant details or issues; a nitpicker
mierenneukerij {f} [vulgar] :: nitpickery
mierenzuur {n} [organic compound] :: formic acid
mierikswortel {m} :: The root of the horseradish, harvested as a pungent condiment and formerly a remedy for scorbut
mierikswortel {m} :: horseradish, Armoracia rusticana
mierzoet {adj} :: cloyingly sweet
Mies {prop} {f} :: given name. A pet form of Maria
mieteren {vt} [colloquial] :: to hurl, to smite
mieteren {vi} [colloquial] :: to fall, to plunge
miezer {m} :: drizzle
miezer {m} :: alternative form of miezerd
miezerd {m} :: a puny guy
miezeren {v} :: to drizzle, rain lightly
miezerig {adj} :: damp, drizzly
miezerig {adj} :: measly
miezerregen {m} :: drizzle, light rain
migraine {f} :: migraine
migrant {m} :: migrant
mij {pron} :: First-person singular, objective: me
mijden {v} :: to avoid
mijl {m} :: a mile
mijlpaal {m} :: milestone
mijmeren {v} :: To think to oneself
mijmering {f} :: reverie
mijn {determiner} :: belonging to me: my
mijn {f} :: mine (place where ore is taken out of the ground)
mijn {f} :: mine (device meant to explode when stepped upon or touched)
mijn {f} [historical] :: mine (tunnel used for sapping enemy defence works or lines)
mijn {f} [entomology] :: shaft dug by an insect larva in plant organs, such as leaves
mijnarbeider {m} :: miner (mine worker, someone who works in mining)
mijnbouw {m} :: mining (mining sector; mining as an economic activity)
mijnen {vti} :: to mine (to excavate mineral resources)
mijnen {vti} :: to sap, to mine (to undermine the enemy with tunnelling and explosives)
mijnenveld {n} :: minefield
mijner {pron} :: mine [feminine singular genitive or dative possessive determiner; plural genitive or dative possessive determiner]
mijner {m} [archaic, historical] :: buyer or bidder at a public auction
mijner {m} [uncommon] :: miner
mijngas {n} :: firedamp, mine gas
mijnheer {m} :: alternative form of meneer
mijnhout {n} :: wood of which support beams in mines are made; usually conifer wood
mij niet gezien {phrase} [idiomatic] :: no way I'm doing that!
mijningenieur {m} :: mining engineer
mijnramp {mf} :: mine disaster, mining disaster
mijnschacht {m} :: mineshaft
mijns inziens {adv} :: In my opinion, as far as I'm concerned
mijnsteenberg {m} [Netherlands] :: spoil heap (mound made up of rubble from mining excavations)
mijnstreek {f} :: region where mining takes place
mijnwagen {m} :: minecart
mijnwerker {m} :: A miner, a laborer in mining
mijnwerkershelm {m} :: A mining helmet, a hard hat worn by miners that usually carries a light on the front
mijnwerkerslamp {f} :: A mining lamp, lamp used in mines, often worn on miners' helmets
mijnwerkertje {n} [historical] :: A copper coin with a nominal value of 50 centimes
mijnwet {f} :: mining law (law regulating the practice of mining)
mijnwezen {n} :: mining (mining sector; mining as an economic activity)
mijt {f} [zoology] :: mite (a tiny, arachnid bug)
mijt {f} :: stack, neatly laid pile
mijt {f} [numismatics] :: a former copper coin, 1/24 of a groot
mijt {f} :: pittance
mijter {m} :: mitre (headgear worn on solemn occasions by church dignitaries)
mijter {m} :: The insect mite, notably as wood corruptor
mijter {m} :: Any wood affected by the above
mijter {m} :: A grump
mijzelf {pron} :: myself
mik {m} :: loaf of bread
mik {m} :: mouth
mikado {m} [history] :: mikado, a former title of the emperors of Japan during a certain period
mikado {m} [literary] :: any emperor of Japan
mikado {m} :: mikado (game of skill)
mikken {v} :: to aim, to target
mikken {v} [figuratively] :: to intend
mikmak {m} :: hodgepodge, mishmash
Milaan {prop} {n} :: Milan (city in Northern Italy)
Milaan {prop} {n} :: Milan (province in the Lombardy region of Italy)
mild {adj} :: mild
milieu {n} :: environment
milieu {n} :: milieu
milieuambtenaar {m} :: An environmental officer in some public service
milieubelasting {f} :: environmental tax
milieubewust {adj} :: environmentally conscious
milieugekkie {m} [slang, pejorative, Netherlands] :: An environmentalist perceived to be radical
milieuheffing {f} :: environmental tax
milieupartij {f} [politics] :: environmentalist party, green party
milieupolitiek {f} :: set of policies regarding the environment; environmental politics
milieutaks {f} [chiefly Belgium] :: environmental tax
milieuverontreiniging {f} :: environmental pollution
milieuvervuiling {f} :: A case of, or the phenomenon, environmental pollution
milieuvriendelijk {adj} :: environmentally friendly
militair {m} :: soldier
militair {adj} :: military
militant {adj} :: militant (belligerent, tending to violence, defensive)
militant {m} :: militant, combatant
militaristisch {adj} :: militaristic
miljaar {interj} [Belgium, Dutch Limburg] :: damnit!
miljard {n} :: (in the short scale) a billion, a milliard, 109
miljardair {m} :: billionaire
miljoen {n} :: A million, 106
miljoenennota {f} :: annual budget of the kingdom of the Netherlands, as presented in the miljoenenrede (a formal speech in the Tweede Kamer by the Dutch Minister of Finance)
miljoenenstad {f} :: city of a million or more inhabitants
miljoenpoot {m} :: millipede
miljonair {m} :: millionaire
millennium {n} :: millennium
milli- {prefix} :: milli-
milliampère {m} :: milli-ampere: one thousandth of an ampere
milliare {f} :: milliare: one thousandth of an are
millicandela {mf} :: millicandela: one thousandth of a candela
millioenpoot {m} :: obsolete spelling of miljoenpoot
milliohm {m} {n} :: milliohm: one thousands of an ohms
millisteradiaal {m} :: millisteradian: one thousandth of a steradian
milonga {f} :: milonga, style of dance related to tango
milonga {f} :: tango session
milonga {f} :: place for dancing tango
milt {f} :: spleen
miltvuur {n} :: The highly contagious disease anthrax which kills humans and animals
miltvuurbrief {m} :: anthrax letter
min {f} :: wetnurse
min {f} :: maid, especially a nursemaid
min {prep} :: minus
min {adj} :: few, little, less common synonym of weinig
min {adj} :: opprobrious, unpleasant
min- {prefix} :: dis-, mis-, indicating an opposite
minachten {v} :: to show contempt, to look down, to scorn
minachting {f} :: contempt
minaret {f} {m} :: minaret
minbar {m} [Islam] :: minbar, pulpit in a mosque
minder {determiner} :: comparative of weinig; less, fewer
minder {adv} :: comparative of weinig; less
minder {adj} :: worse, not as good
minder {adj} :: less fortunate
minderbroeder {m} :: friar minor, Franciscan
minderheid {f} :: minority
minderheidskabinet {n} [politics] :: minority cabinet
minderheidsregering {n} [politics] :: minority government
minderjarig {adj} :: underage
minderjarige {mf} :: minor, underage person
mindervalide {adj} :: disabled, handicapped
minderwaardig {adj} :: inferior; low in quality
minderwaardig {adj} :: third-rate
mineraal {adj} :: mineral
mineraal {n} :: mineral
mineraalwater {n} [uncountable] :: mineral water (especially bottled)
mineraalwater {n} [countable] :: a glass of it
mineraloge {f} :: (female) mineralogist
mineralogie {f} :: mineralogy
mineraloog {m} :: mineralogist
mineren {vti} :: to sap, to mine (to undermine the enemy with tunnelling and explosives)
mineren {vti} [entomology] :: to dig shafts in plant organs [of larvae]
mineur {m} :: sapper, one who undermines enemy lines and fortifications
mineur {m} :: military engineer
mineur {m} {n} [music] :: minor scale
mineur {adj} :: minor [mostly limited to technical jargon]
mineur {adj} :: down, depressed, sad
mingodin {f} [archaic] :: goddess of love
miniatuur {f} :: miniature (manuscript illustration)
minimaal {adj} :: minimal
minimaliseren {v} :: to minimize
minimalistisch {adj} :: minimalist
minimumloon {n} :: Minimum wage
ministaat {m} :: ministate, microstate
minister {m} :: A minister, a person who is commissioned by the government for public service
ministerie {n} :: ministry
ministersploeg {f} :: parliamentary cabinet
minister van Buitenlandse Zaken {m} :: foreign minister
minivarken {n} :: minipig
minkukel {mf} [colloquial] :: An unintelligent simpleton, blockhead, dolt
minnaar {m} :: lover
minnares {f} :: mistress, lover
minnegod {m} [archaic] :: cupid
minnehoen {n} [historical] :: A chicken or other fowl eaten by newlyweds on the morning after the wedding night
minnemoeder {f} [obsolete] :: wetnurse
minnen {vt} :: to love
minnen {vt} :: to neck, cuddle
minnen {vt} :: to have an affinity for
min of meer {adv} :: more or less, approximately
Minoïsch {adj} :: Minoan
minpunt {n} :: Disadvantage, downside, negative characteristic
minstens {adv} :: at least
minuscuul {adj} :: minute (very small)
minuut {c} :: minute [unit of time]
minzaam {adj} :: affable, approachable
minzaamheid {f} :: affability, gentleness, niceness
minziek {adj} [dated] :: in love
miraculeus {adj} :: miraculous
mirakel {n} :: miracle
Miranda {prop} :: Miranda
Miriam {prop} {f} :: given name, variant of Mirjam
Mirjam {prop} {f} [biblical character] :: Miriam
Mirjam {prop} {f} :: given name, also spelled Miriam
mis {f} :: mass (church service)
mis {adj} :: wrong
mis {adj} :: missed, not a hit
mis- {prefix} :: mis-
misandrie {f} :: misandry
misbaar {n} :: clamor, theatrical misconduct
misbaksel {n} [literally] :: A failed baking product
misbaksel {n} [figuratively] :: A failure, any faulty product
misbaksel {n} [figuratively] :: An ugly one, a mongrel
misbruik {n} :: abuse
misbruiken {v} :: to misuse, to abuse (one's power)
misbruiken {v} :: to mistreat, to abuse
misbruiker {m} :: abuser
misbruikster {f} :: abuser (femimine form of misbruiker)
misdaad {f} :: crime
misdaadbestrijding {f} :: crime prevention
misdaad tegen de menselijkheid {f} [Netherlands] :: crime against humanity
misdaad tegen de mensheid {f} [Belgium] :: crime against humanity
misdaadwereld {f} :: that part of society that is engaged in crime or vice; underworld
misdader {m} [obsolete term] :: alternative form of misdadiger
misdadig {adj} :: criminal
misdadiger {m} :: criminal
misdienaar {m} [religion] :: acolyte
misdienette {f} :: a female acolyte
misdoen {v} :: to misdo, to do wrong
misdrijf {n} [legal] :: crime, felony
mishandelen {v} :: to abuse, mistreat, maltreat, hurt
mishandeling {f} :: physical abuse, mistreatment
misjpoge {f} [Judaism, Jewish culture] :: family
miskennen {vt} :: to fail to acknowledge
miskenning {f} :: misunderstanding
miskenning {f} :: mistreatment
miskraam {f} :: miscarriage
misleiden {v} :: to mislead
misleiding {f} :: Deception
mislopen {v} :: to miss; to go wrong
mislukkeling {f} :: failure, loser
mislukken {v} :: to fail
mislukking {f} :: failure
mislukt {adj} :: failed
mismeesteren {v} [Belgium] :: to mess up completely
misogynie {f} :: misogyny
mispel {f} :: medlar tree, of the genus Mespilus, now Crataegus sect. Mespilus
mispel {f} :: medlar (fruit)
misprijzen {v} :: to disapprove of, reproach
mispunt {n} [billiards, obsolete] :: foul, miss
mispunt {n} [by extension] :: jerk, prick, nasty
misrekening {f} :: miscalculation
misrekening {f} :: disappointment
miss {f} :: A winner of a beauty contest
miss {f} :: A beauty
miss {f} :: A girl with a high self-esteem
misschien {adv} :: perhaps, maybe
misselijk {adj} :: nauseous, nauseated, having the urge to vomit
misselijkheid {f} :: nausea
misselijkheid {f} :: vileness
missen {v} :: to miss, to go without
missen {v} :: to spare, to afford (going without)
missen {v} :: to miss someone
missie {f} :: mission, task
missie {f} [Roman Catholicism] :: mission (proselytisation)
misstand {m} :: misuse, abuse
mist {m} :: fog, mist
misten {v} :: to fog, become covered with mist
mistgordijn {n} :: fog
mistgordijn {n} :: smokescreen
mistig {adj} [weather] :: misty
mistig {adj} [figuratively] :: vague, unclear
mistigheid {f} :: mistiness
mistigheid {f} :: vagueness
mistroostig {adj} :: despondent, miserable
misverstand {n} :: misunderstanding
mitaine {f} :: fingerless glove
mitella {f} :: sling (hanging bandage)
mitose {f} :: mitosis (division of a cell nucleus)
mitrailleur {m} :: machine-gun
mits {conj} :: provided that, as long as
mitsdien {adv} :: therefore, consequently
mitsgaders {prep} [archaic] :: besides, together with, as well as
mitsgaders {adv} [archaic] :: besides, furthermore
m.i.v. {abbr} :: met ingang van: (lit) going in ...: meaning 'starting ...'
mix {m} :: mix, mixture
mix {m} :: hybrid
mixen {v} :: mix
MKZ-epidemie {f} :: epidemic of foot-and-mouth disease
m.n. {abbr} :: met name
mnd. {abbr} :: abbreviation of Middelnederduits
mobiel {adj} :: mobile
mobiel {m} :: mobile phone, cellphone, mobile
mobiele telefoon {m} :: mobile phone, cell phone
mobieltje {noun} :: mobile phone
mobilisatie {f} :: mobilisation (UK), mobilization (US)
mobiliseren {v} :: to mobilize
mobiliteit {f} :: mobility
mobiliteit {f} [Belgium] :: (general state of) transport (in an area)
mochelen {noun} [card game, Belgium] :: solitaire
mochelen {v} :: play solitaire
mocro {m} [slang] :: (usually Belgian or Dutch) Moroccan
mocro {adj} [slang, often in compounds] :: Moroccan
modaal {adj} :: modal
modder {m} :: mud
moddergevecht {n} [literally] :: A mud fight, where opponents wrestle in mud or other dirt
moddergevecht {n} [figuratively] :: A dirty duel, involving verbal mudslinging
modderlawine {f} :: mudslide
modderpad {n} :: mud path
modderstroom {m} :: mudflow, mudslide
moddervet {adj} :: very fat, extremely obese
moddervet {adj} :: extremely fat (containing a lot of lipids)
moddervet {adj} :: very cool, awesome
mode {f} :: fashion, trend
modegek {m} :: A fashion freak, someone who obsesses about fashion 'like mad'
modegril {f} :: A freak of fashion, something intrinsically weird that lasts only the season when fashion dictates it
model {n} :: model (all senses)
modelmigrant {m} :: model migrant (a migrant who is considered exemplary), typically used of immigrants rather than emigrants
modem {m} {n} :: modem
modern {adj} :: modern
moderniseren {v} :: to modernize (US), modernise (UK)
modernisering {f} :: modernisation (UK), modernization (US)
modernisme {n} [ideology, culture, religion, art, science] :: modernism
modernistisch {adj} :: modernist
moderniteit {f} :: modernity
modieus {adj} :: genteel (stylish, elegant)
modieus {adj} :: fashionable (characteristic of or influenced by a current popular trend or style)
modificeren {v} :: to modify
modulatie {f} :: modulation
moduleren {v} :: to modulate
moe {adj} :: tired, weary
moe {f} [colloquial, dialectal] :: mother
moed {m} :: courage, bravery, daring
moed {m} [obsolete] :: mood; internal nature, mental disposition
moedeloos {adj} :: despondent, discouraged (in low spirits from loss of hope or courage)
moedeloosheid {f} :: spiritlessness, despondence
moeder {f} :: mother, female parent
moederbord {n} [computer hardware] :: motherboard
Moederdag {m} :: Mother's Day, a day (in May) in informal celebration of mothers and motherhood
moedergodin {f} :: mother goddess
moederhuis {n} :: motherhouse, from which other monastic 'houses' are founded and/or governed
moederhuis {n} [colloquial, Belgium] :: maternity, a specialized hospital ward for childbirth and neonatal care
moederland {n} :: motherland
moederlijk {adj} :: maternal
moederloog {f} [dated, chemistry] :: mother liquor
moedermelk {f} :: breast milk
moedermoord {m} :: matricide, parricide of one's own mother
moedermoord {m} [figuratively] :: defamation of a motherlike authority figure (a person or an organization such as a hospital)
moederschap {n} :: motherhood
moederschapsrust {f} {m} [Belgium] :: maternity leave
moederschip {n} :: mothership (ship functioning as a base for other vessels)
moedersterfte {f} :: maternal mortality [in childbirth]
moedertaal {f} :: mother tongue
moedertaalspreekster {f} :: feminine noun of moedertaalspreker
moedertaalspreker {m} :: native speaker
moedervlek {f} :: mole, naevus, beauty spot
moederziel alleen {adj} :: all alone
moedig {adj} :: brave
moedjahedien {noun} :: mujahideen (Muslim holy warriors)
moed putten uit {v} :: To derive courage from something
moedwil {m} :: evil intent, malevolence
moef {c} [Belgium, pejorative] :: alternative form of mof
moeflon {m} :: mouflon
moeial {mf} :: busybody
moeien {vt} :: to annoy, to bother
moeien {vt} :: to involve
moeien {vr} :: to involve oneself
moeilijk {adj} :: hard, difficult
moeilijkheid {f} :: difficulty
moeite {f} :: effort
moeite {f} :: difficulty
moeiteloos {adj} :: effortless
moeiteloos {adv} :: effortlessly
moeizaam {adj} :: laborious
moeizaam {adv} :: with difficulty
moelje {f} [archaic] :: breakwater, mole
moer {f} [rare, archaic] :: mother
moer {f} :: a queen bee
moer {f} :: a female hare
moer {f} :: a female rabbit
moer {f} :: a female ferret
moer {f} :: a type of fastener with a threaded hole; a nut
moer {f} [colloquial] :: something small and insignificant (in the phrase geen moer)
moer {f} :: sediment formed in various alcholic drinks and vinegar; compare French: mère de vinaigre
moer {n} :: morass, marsh, peat
moer {?} :: alternative form of muur chickweed
moeras {n} :: swamp, morass
moerasboot {m} :: airboat
moeraskat {f} :: jungle cat, Felis chaus
moerasschildpad {f} :: terrapin (North American turtle species)
moerassig {adj} :: morassy, swampy, marshy, boggy
moerbei {c} :: mulberry (the berry)
moerbei {c} :: the mulberry tree, which bears this fruit
moerdijk {m} :: a dyke built around a peat or salt excavation site
Moerdijk {prop} {m} :: Moerdijk (village)
Moerdijk {prop} {m} [colloquial, by extension] :: part of the Hollands Diep at the village Moerdijk
moeren {vt} :: to excavate a peat
moerhoen {n} :: black grouse, blackgame, Lyrurus tetrix (syn. Tetrao tetrix)
moerstaal {f} :: native language
moes {f} {n} :: mush, pulp (of food)
moes {f} [colloquial, often in the diminutive] :: mom, mother
moeskoppen {vt} [obsolete, especially in relation to the countryside] :: to plunder, to maraud
moesson {m} :: monsoon
moestuin {m} :: vegetable garden, kitchen garden
moeten {vi} :: to be necessary, to be required
moeten {v} [auxiliary] :: to have to, must
moeten {v} [auxiliary] :: should, be meant to
moeten {vi} [colloquial] :: to need to go to the toilet
moet er nog zand zijn {phrase} [Belgium, exclamation] :: Can you top that?
moet er nog zand zijn {phrase} :: What a dumb/self-explanatory/superfluous remark!
moet er nog zand zijn {phrase} [more neutral] :: Is that enough or do you want some more?
moetje {noun} :: a must, especially used for a marriage in the case of pregnancy; a shotgun wedding
Moezel {prop} {f} :: the Moselle river
mof {f} :: muff
mof {f} [plumbing] :: Piece to protect pipes where they are poorly connected
mof {m} [pejorative] :: German
mof {m} [obsolete] :: foreigner, immigrant
moffenzeef {f} [historical, somewhat, derogatory] :: a directional loop antenna designed to block out Nazi jamming signals while receiving radio stations from the Allies
mogelijk {adj} :: possible
mogelijk {adj} [zo ... mogelijk] :: as ... as possible
mogelijk {adv} :: possibly
mogelijkheid {f} :: possibility
mogen {vi} [auxiliary] :: may, can, be allowed to
mogen {vt} :: may, can (used as a polite way to request something)
mogen {vt} :: to like (of food or of a person)
mogendheid {f} :: power
mogge {interj} [colloquial] :: short for goedemorgen
mogolisch {adj} [vulgar] :: mogool-like
mogool {c} :: eye dialect of mongool
mohammedaan {m} :: Mohammedan [exonym, sometimes disfavoured by Muslims]
moheel {m} [Judaism] :: mohel
mok {f} {m} :: mug, large cup with handle
moker {m} :: lump hammer
mokerslag {m} :: a blow from a sledgehammer
mokerslag {m} [figuratively] :: crushing blow, winning hit
mokkel {n} {f} [colloquial, Netherlands] :: broad, babe
mokkel {n} {f} [pejorative, offensive, Netherlands] :: slut
mokkel {n} {f} [colloquial, Netherlands] :: chubby woman or girl
mokkel {n} {f} [obsolete] :: kiss
mokken {v} :: to sulk
Mokum {prop} {n} [colloquial] :: The city of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Mokveld {prop} :: A family surname
mol {m} :: mole (animal)
mol {m} [chemistry] :: mole
mol {m} :: mole, infiltrator, infiltrant
mol {f} [music] :: flat (musical note)
mol {c} [chemistry] :: mole
Moldavië {prop} {n} :: Moldova
molecuul {n} :: A molecule, group of atoms held together by chemical bonds, the smallest natural unit of any given substance
molen {m} :: mill
molenaar {m} :: miller
molensteen {m} :: millstone
molentocht {mf} :: A small waterway that connects all the other waterways in a polder to a windmill that can drain surplus water
mollen {vt} [slang] :: to wreck, to destroy
molm {m} {n} :: mould
molm {m} {n} :: powdery product left behind by rotten wood
molotovcocktail {m} :: Molotov cocktail
molshoop {m} :: A molehill
moluur {f} [Belgium] :: decorative moulding that connects ceiling with wall
molybdeen {n} :: The metallic element molybdenum, atomic number 42
mom {f} {m} {n} :: mask
mom {f} {m} {n} :: a specific kind of beer
mombakkes {n} {m} :: mask
momboor {m} [archaic] :: guardian, custodian
moment {n} :: moment (very brief period of time)
momenteel {adv} :: at the moment, currently
mompelen {v} :: to mumble
Monaco {prop} {n} :: Monaco (country and capital city)
monarch {m} :: monarch
monarchie {f} :: monarchy
monarchvlinder {m} :: monarch (butterfly)
mon chou {m} :: a sort of soft French cheese
mond {m} :: mouth
mond {f} [obsolete] :: hand
mondaard {m} [dated] :: dialect
monddood {noun} :: silenced, (made) unable to communicate one's thoughts
mondeling {adj} :: oral
mondharmonica {f} [musical instruments] :: harmonica
mondholte {f} :: oral cavity
mondiaal {adj} :: global, worldwide
mondiale zonsverduistering {f} :: global dimming
mondialiseren {v} :: to globalize
mondialisering {f} :: globalisation (UK), globalization (US)
mondig {adj} :: adult
mondig {adj} :: assertive
monding {f} :: mouth (of a river or other such current of water)
mondjesmaat {adv} :: in a barely sufficient quantity
mond-op-mondbeademing {f} :: mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, mouth-to-mouth ventilation
mondorgel {n} :: harmonica, mouth organ
mondvol {m} :: mouthful
mondvol {m} :: morsel; bite
mondvoorraad {f} :: food provisions, in particular when travelling
mong {m} [slang] :: mong, shortened version of mongool
Mongolië {prop} {n} :: Mongolia
mongool {m} [vulgar, offensive] :: A person with Down's syndrome
mongool {m} [vulgar, offensive] :: retard
Mongool {m} :: a Mongol, someone from Mongolia
Mongools {adj} :: Mongolian
Mongools {adj} :: Mongolic
Mongools {prop} :: Mongolian language
Monica {prop} {f} :: given name
Moniek {prop} {f} :: alternative spelling of Monique
Monika {prop} {f} :: uncommon spelling of Monica
Monique {prop} {f} :: given name
monitor {m} :: screen, display
monitor {m} [audio] :: speaker boxes for monitoring sound, on stage directed at musicians or aimed at a sound engineer in a studio
monnik {m} :: monk
monniksgier {m} [zoology] :: The bird of prey species black vulture
monnikskap {f} [literally] :: A monk's hood, notably part of his habit
monnikskap {f} [botany] :: The herbs known as monkshood, of genus Aconithum; notably the very toxic species Aconithum napellus and its ornamental cultivars
mono- {prefix} :: mono-
monochroom {adj} :: monochrome
monocle {m} :: monocle
monocultuur {f} :: monoculture
monocultuur {f} [agriculture] :: single-crop cultivation
monocultuur {f} [society, sociology] :: rather homogeneous, undiverse culture
monofyletisch {adj} [taxonomy] :: monophyletic
monopool {f} [physics] :: monopole
monopoolterm {m} [physics] :: monopole term
monorail {m} :: monorail
monotheïsme {n} :: monotheism
monotheïstisch {adj} :: monotheistic
monotoon {adj} :: monotonous
monoxide {n} [chemistry] :: monoxide
monseigneur {m} :: Monsignor
monster {n} :: A monster, terrifying and dangerous creature
monster {n} :: An extremely antisocial person, especially a criminal
monster {n} :: sample; small, representative quantity of a substance or material, as used for analysis or selection
monsteren {vt} :: to inspect, to sample
monsteren {vt} [nautical] :: to enroll, to be recruited
monsteren {vt} :: to muster (troops for inspection)
monsterfles {f} :: sample bottle, as used for promotion or demonstration
monsterlijk {adj} :: monstrous
montage {f} :: An assembly
montage {f} :: A montage of images, especially cinema editing
Montenegrijns {adj} :: Montenegrin, of Montenegro (or its language)
Montenegrijns {prop} {n} :: Montenegrin (language)
Montenegro {prop} {n} :: Montenegro
monteren {v} :: to assemble
monteur {m} :: mechanic
Montferland {prop} :: Montferland (municipality)
montuur {n} :: A setting, bezel, frame etc. onto/into which an object is mounted
monument {n} :: monument
monumentaal {adj} :: monumental
mooi {adj} :: beautiful, pretty, handsome
mooi {adj} :: nice, good
moonwalk {m} [dance] :: moonwalk
moor {m} :: Something black, notably a black horse
moor {m} :: A whistling kettle, used to boil water in, as for tea or coffee
moord {m} :: murder
moordcijfer {n} :: murder rate
moorddroom {m} :: a dream about murder, usually with the dreamer as the murderer
moorden {v} :: To kill, murder
moordenaar {m} :: murderer
moordenares {f} :: murderess
moot {m} :: A thick slice or a cut, especially of fish
moot {m} [by extension] :: A chunk of any whole; a part
mop {m} :: a joke, jest
mop {m} :: a mop (an implement for washing floors, etc.)
moppen {v} :: to mop
moppentapper {m} :: joker, person who tells or likes to tell jokes
mopperen {v} :: to grumble
moraal {f} :: moral, morals
moraal {f} [sports] :: motivation
moraalridder {m} :: moral crusader
moraalwetenschap {f} :: ethics
moralisch {adj} [obsolete] :: moral
moraliteit {f} :: morality
moraliteit {f} [archaic] :: morality play
morbide {adj} :: morbid
morbiditeit {f} :: morbidity
mordicus {adv} :: fiercely, persistently, intransigently
more {mf} :: The unit of length (short or long) in poetic metre
morene {f} :: moraine, deposit of rocks formed by a glacier
morene {f} :: glacially formed landscape
mores {p} [college] :: customs, rules
morfeem {n} [morphology] :: A morpheme
-morfisme {suffix} :: -morphism
morfologie {f} [linguistics] :: morphology , [geology], [biology]
morgen {adv} :: tomorrow
morgen {m} :: morning
morgendauw {m} :: morning dew
morgengave {f} :: morning gift (the gift given by the bridegroom to the bride on the morning after the wedding night)
morgenrood {n} :: red sky at morning
morgenster {f} [military] :: morningstar
morgenstond {f} [archaic or poetic] :: the break of day
moriaan {m} [archaic] :: negro, nigger
moriaan {m} [archaic] :: Arab, Moor
mormel {n} :: mongrel, mutt, cur, inferior, ugly dog
mormel {n} [by extension] :: unattractive creature
morrelen {v} :: to fiddle
morren {v} :: to grumble
morsdood {adj} :: stone dead; utterly dead
morsen {vt} :: To spill, drop something, especially mindlessly and/or so that it spreads out
morsen {vi} :: To be dirty or be occupied with soil, make a mess
morsen {vt} [obsolete] :: To conceal, hide something
morsen {vi} [obsolete] :: To sketch, make a test draw
morsig {adj} :: dirty, unclean, untidy
morsig {adj} :: immoral, obscene
mortaliteit {f} [literally] :: mortality, condition of being susceptible to death
mortaliteit {f} :: (commonly) statistical mortality number(s), death rate
mortuarium {n} :: mortuary
mos {n} :: moss
moskee {f} :: mosque
moskeeganger {m} :: mosque-goer
Moskou {prop} {n} :: Moscow, capital of Russia
Moskovië {prop} {n} :: Muscovy
Moskoviër {m} :: A Muscovian (person)
Moskovisch {adj} :: Muscovian
Moskovische {f} :: A female Muscovian person
moslim {m} :: Muslim; a Muslim person, adherent to Islam
mossel {f} {m} :: mussel
mossel noch vis {phrase} [Belgium] :: neither fish nor fowl
mosterd {m} :: mustard
mosterdgeel {adj} [color] :: mustard
mot {f} :: nocturnal butterfly-like insect: moth
mot {f} :: a slap, a blow, a hit (physical aggression with hands or fists)
mot {f} :: (by extension) a quarrel, tiff
mot {f} :: a female pig; a sow
mot {f} :: (by extension) a lewd woman
mot {f} :: light rain; drizzle
motie {f} :: motion, vote, proposal
motief {n} :: Motive
motief {n} :: Motif (in music and other arts)
motivatie {f} :: motivation
motiveren {v} :: to motivate
motor {m} :: engine (mechanical device)
motor {m} :: (short for motorrijwiel) motorbike
motorboot {f} {m} :: motorboat
motorboten {v} [colloquial] :: to motorboat
motorcoureur {m} :: motorcycle racer
motorcrosser {m} :: motocross racer
motorfiets {f} :: motorcycle, motorbike, open-seated motor-powered vehicle with two wheels
motoriek {f} :: motor skill
motorkap {f} :: bonnet, hood
motormuis {c} [Netherlands] :: A police officer on a motorcycle
motormuis {c} :: A biker
motorolie {f} :: motor oil
motorreis {f} {m} :: motorcycle trip
motorrijder {m} :: motorbiker, motorcyclist
motorrijtuig {n} :: motorised vehicle
motorrijwiel {n} [archaic, formal] :: motorbike
motregen {m} :: drizzle (light rain)
motregenen {v} :: to drizzle, rain lightly
motte {?} :: a raised earth mound, often topped with a wooden or stone structure and surrounded with a ditch
motten {vi} :: to fight, to row
mottenbal {m} :: A mothball, chemically bugs-repelling ball
mottenbal {m} [figuratively, in the plural] :: Long-term storage; unsavory state (of conservation)
mottig {adj} [archaic] :: murky due to drizzle
mottig {adj} [Brabant] :: ugly
mottig {adj} [Brabant] :: nauseatic
motto {n} :: motto
motto {n} [heraldry] :: motto
motu proprio {adv} :: motu proprio
moude {f} :: mold, loose earth
mouillering {f} [linguistics] :: softening, including
mouillering {f} :: lenition
mouillering {f} :: palatalisation
mousserende wijn {m} [Netherlands] :: sparkling wine
mout {m} :: malt
moutsuiker {m} :: maltose
mouw {f} :: sleeve
mozaïek {n} :: mosaic (inlaid artwork)
Mozambique {prop} {n} :: Mozambique
mozaïsch {adj} :: Mosaic
Mozes {prop} {m} :: Moses
mr. {m} :: abbreviation of meester
Mérida {prop} :: The city Mérida in Spain's western region Estremadura, in Badajoz province
Mérida {prop} :: Latin American cities named Mérida after the above:
Mérida {prop} :: in Mexico, capital of Yucatan state
Mérida {prop} :: in Venezuela, an eponymous district capital in Guzman province
m/s {abbr} :: meter per seconde: metres per second
Ms. {abbr} :: Majesteits - Majesty
mud {n} :: An old measure of volume, varying in content over time and regions; nowadays usually 1 hectoliter
mud {n} :: A wooden container having such content; again used as measure for bulk wares sold in it, such as cereals
mud {n} :: A land measure, presumably supposedly the area sown which that much seed
mud {n} :: A small measure for liquids, about 1 deciliter
muesli {m} :: A breakfast and snack granola food
muesli {m} :: mixed food for herbivores
muf {adj} :: stale (having lost its freshness)
mug {f} {m} :: mosquito, except the larger tropical species, which are called muskiet
mug {f} {m} [figuratively] :: bug, insignificant individual
muggenziften {v} :: to nitpick, to be fastidious
muggenzifter {m} [derogatory] :: nitpicker
mui {f} :: break or neck in a sandbar
mui {f} [by extension] :: riptide (a strong flow of water)
muide {f} :: mouth of a river
muil {m} :: An animal's mouth and muzzle or snout
muil {m} [pejorative] :: A person's face
muil {m} :: (notably in muilen trekken) A funny, angry ... face one makes, facial expression
muil {m} :: (usually as plural diminutive muiltjes) A flat type of footwear
muil {m} :: A mule, an equine crossbreed between a stallion (horse) and a she-ass (donkey)
muildier {n} :: mule (offspring of male donkey and female horse)
muilen {v} [colloquial, Belgium] :: To kiss
muilezel {m} :: A hinny, infertile hybrid offspring of a female horse and a male donkey
muilkorf {c} :: muzzle (to prevent an animal from biting)
muilkorven {v} :: to muzzle
muilkorven {v} [figurative] :: to silence (an opinion)
muilpeer {f} :: A slap in the face, usually a painfully hard blow
muilperen {vt} :: To box someone's ear(s), administer at least one cuff on the ear
muis {f} :: mouse
muis {f} [computing] :: mouse
muisaanwijzer {m} [computing] :: mouse cursor
muisarm {m} [colloquial, uncountable] :: repetitive strain injury, particularly from use of a computer mouse
muisarm {m} [colloquial, countable] :: an instance of RSI in the arm
muishond {m} [Flemish, Brabant, South Africa] :: weasel
muishond {m} [obsolete] :: cat
muisje {noun} [in the plural] :: sprinkles of aniseed covered with sugar
muisknop {m} :: mouse button, a computer input device
muismat {f} [computing] :: mouse mat
muisstil {adj} :: quiet as a mouse (completely silent, noiseless)
muistroom {m} :: riptide
muiten {v} :: to mutiny
muiter {m} :: mutineer
muiterij {f} :: mutiny
muizenval {m} :: mouse trap (conctraption for capturing or killing mice)
mulat {m} [pejorative, dated] :: mulatto
mulattin {f} [pejorative, dated] :: female mulatto
muleta {f} {m} [bullfighting] :: muleta (red flag used by toreadors)
multi- {prefix} :: multi-
multiculti {adj} [colloquial, ironic, often, derogatory, often in compounds] :: clipping of multicultureel
multiculti {adv} [colloquial, ironic, sometimes, derogatory] :: multiculturally
multiculturalisme {n} :: multiculturalism
multicultureel {adj} :: multicultural
multicultureel {adv} :: multiculturally
multilateraal {adj} :: multilateral
multinational {m} :: a multinational company
multipool {f} [physics] :: multipole
multipoolexpansie {f} [physics] :: multipole expansion
mungboon {f} {m} :: mung bean
municipaliteit {f} [historical, otherwise obsolete] :: municipality [mainly in reference to the period of French rule]
munificent {adj} :: generous
munitie {f} :: ammunition, munition
munitie {f} [figuratively] :: sharp remarks with which to assault someone
munt {f} :: coin
munt {f} :: currency
munt {f} :: tails (side of a coin)
munt {f} :: mint (institution)
munt {f} :: mint (plant), of genus Mentha
munt {f} [mainly, diminutive] :: confection flavored with mint
munteenheid {f} :: monetary unit, unit of currency
munten {vt} :: To mint, to coin (hard) money
munten {vt} :: To aim at, to target
muntgeld {n} :: coinage, coins, coin money, hard cash
muntkunde {f} :: numismatics (discipline), collection and study of coins
muntslag {m} [literally] :: A mintage or coinage, physical production of coins
muntslag {m} :: The issuing of money (including bills) as legal tender; the right to do so
muntslag {m} [obsolete] :: The produced coins; their efigee
muntsoort {f} :: currency type, valuta
muntstuk {n} :: A coin, metallic piece of cash
muntunie {f} :: currency union, monetary union
muon {n} [physics] :: muon
muonneutrino {n} :: muon neutrino
Murks {prop} {n} :: A lect distinguished by unusual intonation and pronunciation and deliberate grammatical errors, used by youths to imitate and mock non-native speakers who are mostly from Turkey and Morocco
murw {adj} :: weak, soft
mus {f} {m} :: sparrow
museum {n} :: museum
musicoloog {m} :: musicologist
musicus {mf} :: musician (a person who plays or sings music)
muskiet {m} :: tropical mosquitoes that feed on nectars (compare mug)
muskiet {m} :: any species of mosquito (not scientifically correct, but generally accepted)
muskietennet {n} :: mosquito net
muskus {f} :: musk
muskuskat {m} [historical, obsolete] :: raccoon
muskuskat {m} [historical, obsolete] :: civet
muskusos {m} :: musk ox
muskusrat {f} :: muskrat
mutageen {adj} :: mutagenic
mutageen {n} :: mutagen
mutant {m} :: mutant
mutatie {f} :: mutation
muteren {v} :: to mutate
muts {f} :: tuque (knitted winter cap)
muts {f} [derogatory] :: a badly dressed woman
mutsaard {m} :: faggot (bundle of branches, sticks or twigs, especially firewood)
mutsaard {m} [dated] :: pyre used for burning at the stake
muur {m} :: wall
muur {m} :: chickweed
muurbloem {f} :: wallflower (Cheiranthus cheiri)
muurbloem {f} [figuratively] :: A woman or a girl that isn't asked for a dance (and therefore only stands against the wall) (usually in the diminutive)
muurdam {m} :: (external) pier (piece of wall between two frames or openings, such as windows or doors)
muurschildering {f} :: mural
muurvarken {n} [Southern Dutch] :: pillbug, isopod
muurvast {adj} :: extremely firm and strong
m.u.v. {abbr} :: met uitzondering van: (lit) with the exception of, excluding
muz. {abbr} :: muziek
muziek {f} :: music
muziekinstrument {n} :: A musical instrument, music-producing device
muziekje {noun} :: tune
muziekkorps {n} :: A band of musicians, especially in the military and brass band traditions
muziekleraar {m} :: A music teacher
muziekzender {m} :: music channel (radio or television channel that (exclusively or mostly) broadcasts music)
muzikaal {adj} :: musical
muzikaal {adj} :: musically gifted
muzikant {m} :: musician (a person who plays or sings music)
mv. {abbr} :: meervoud
mvg {interj} [internet slang] :: acronym of met vriendelijke groet
Myceens {adj} :: Mycenaean
mycologie {f} :: mycology
myelogram {n} :: bone marrow smear
myelum {n} :: spinal cord
myelum {n} :: myeloma
mynheer {m} :: obsolete spelling of mijnheer
Mynheer {prop} :: surname
myriade {f} :: myriad
mysterie {n} :: mystery
mystificatie {f} [literature] :: mystification (deception about the provenance of a certain piece of literature)
mythe {f} {m} :: myth
mythisch {adj} :: mythical, mythic
mythologie {f} :: mythology (collection and study of myths)