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-e {suffix} [now chiefly unproductive]  :: used to form nouns from adjectives, sometimes with umlaut of the root vowel; the nouns express the quality of the adjective
-e {suffix}  :: used to form the plural of some nouns; in masculines and feminines, but not in neuters, usually triggering umlaut of the root vowel
-e {suffix} [chiefly dated]  :: used to form the dative of strong masculine and neuter nouns ending in a stressed syllable
-e {suffix}  :: used to form various declined adjective forms, notably the nominative/accusative feminine singular
-e {suffix}  :: used to form the 1st person singular present indicative (and subjunctive) of a verb
-e {suffix}  :: used to form the 3rd person singular present subjunctive of a verb
-e {suffix}  :: used to form the 1st and 3rd person singular past subjunctive of a verb
-e {suffix} [colloquial]  :: contraction of du after 2nd person singular forms of a verb
E {letter}  :: letter
E605 {noun}  :: parathion
E/A {abbr}  :: abbreviation of Eingabe/Ausgabe Input/output; I/O
Ebbe {f}  :: ebb, low tide
ebben {v}  :: to ebb
Ebbs {prop}  :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
ebd. {adv}  :: abbreviation of ebenda ibid.
ebd. {adv}  :: abbreviation of ebendort ibid.
ebda. {adv}  :: At the same place, ibidem
Ebeje {prop} [archaic]  :: Ebeye, Kwajalein atoll
eben {adj}  :: flat, smooth, even (of a surface)
eben {adv} [modal particle]  :: so, just, simply, indicating that something is generally known, or cannot be changed, or the like; often untranslatable
eben {adv} [modal particle]  :: just, quickly, indicating that something is done fast or without much complication
eben {adv}  :: just; a moment ago
eben {adv} [literary, with dieser]  :: exactly, very
Ebenbild {n}  :: counterpart (something that resembles something else)
ebenbürtig {adj}  :: on a par (evenly matched); of equal birth
ebenbürtig {adj}  :: equivalent, coequal, equal
ebenda {adv}  :: just there, at the same place
ebenda {adv}  :: ibidem
ebendieser {pron}  :: he, she, it
ebendort {adv}  :: just there, at the same place
ebendort {adv}  :: ibidem
Ebene {f}  :: plain
Ebene {f}  :: plane
Ebene {f}  :: storey, floor
ebenerdig {adj}  :: ground level
ebenfalls {adv}  :: also, likewise, as well
ebengleich {adj}  :: alike, similar
Ebenholz {n}  :: ebony (wood)
Ebenholz {prop} {}  :: A village in Vaduz, Liechtenstein
ebenholzfarben {adj}  :: ebony (colour)
ebenso {adv} [formal]  :: equally, as much
ebenso {adv} [formal]  :: likewise
ebenso {interj}  :: same to you!, you too!
ebensowenig {adj}  :: just as little
ebent {particle} [dialectal, chiefly Berlin, nonstandard]  :: alternative form of eben, used to express agreement; exactly
Eber {m}  :: boar
Eberesche {f}  :: rowan (tree)
Eberhard {prop}  :: given name
Ebern {prop} {n}  :: A town in Bavaria, Germany
Ebeye {prop}  :: Ebeye, Kwajalein atoll
EBK {abbr} [apartment listing]  :: Abbreviation of Einbauküche
eblaitisch {adj}  :: Eblaite (related to the ancient city of Ebla or to the Eblaite language)
Eblaitisch {n}  :: Eblaite (the Eblaite language)
ebnen {v}  :: to level
E-Book {n}  :: e-book
Ebro {prop} {m}  :: Ebro
Ecgonin {n}  :: ecgonine
echauffieren {vr}  :: to get steamed, to get excited
Echo {n}  :: reflected sound, echo
Echo {prop} {f}  :: the nymphe Echo
Echolalie {f}  :: echolalia
Echse {f}  :: lizard
Echse {f}  :: saurian
echt {adj}  :: authentic, genuine, true
echt {adj} [chiefly colloquial]  :: real; factual
echt {adj} [maths]  :: proper
echt {adv} [chiefly colloquial]  :: really; indeed
echte Karettschildkröte {f}  :: hawksbill turtle, Eretmochelys imbricata
Echtheit {f}  :: authenticity
Echtzeit {f} [computing]  :: real time
Eckard {prop}  :: given name, a variant of Ekkehard
Eckard {prop}  :: surname derived from the given name
Eckardt {prop}  :: given name, a less common spelling of Eckard and Eckart, from Ekkehard
Eckardt {prop}  :: surname derived from the given name
Eckart {prop}  :: given name, a variant of Ekkehard
Eckart {prop}  :: surname derived from the given name
Eckchen {n}  :: diminutive of Ecke
Eckdaten {np} [plurale tantum]  :: key data
Ecke {f}  :: corner, edge
Ecke {f}  :: a roughly triangular or quadrangular piece of something
Ecke {f} [chiefly colloquial]  :: region; area; neighbourhood
Ecke {f} [graph theory]  :: vertex, node
Ecke {f} [sports]  :: corner
Eckehard {prop}  :: given name, a spelling variant of Ekkehard
Ecker {f} [dated, rare]  :: beechnut
Ecker {f} [obsolete]  :: acorn
Eckert {prop}  :: surname
Eckhard {prop}  :: given name, a variant of Ekkehard
Eckhard {prop}  :: surname derived from the given name
Eckhardt {prop}  :: given name, a less common spelling of Eckhard, from Ekkehard
Eckhardt {prop}  :: surname derived from the given name
Eckhart {prop}  :: given name, a variant of Ekkehard
Eckhart {prop}  :: surname derived from the given name
eckig {adj}  :: angular
Eckigkeit {f}  :: angularity
Eckpfeiler {m}  :: pillar (in the corner of a room)
Eckpfeiler {m}  :: cornerstone (all senses)
Eckstoß {m} [soccer]  :: corner kick
Eckwert {m}  :: guidance value
Eckzahn {m}  :: a canine (tooth)
Ecstasy {n}  :: ecstasy (drug MDMA)
Ectasium {prop}  :: the Ectasian
Ecuador {prop} {n}  :: Ecuador
Ecuadorianer {m}  :: Ecuadorian (man from Ecuador)
Ecuadorianerin {f}  :: Ecuadorian (woman from Ecuador)
ecuadorianisch {adj}  :: Ecuadorian (pertaining to Ecuador)
Edamer {m}  :: An inhabitant of the Dutch town Edam
Edamer {m}  :: Edam cheese
edaphisch {adj}  :: edaphic
Edda {prop} [Norse mythology]  :: Edda
Edda {prop}  :: given name, shortened from Germanic compound names beginning with Ed- or Edel-
edel {adj} [of people]  :: noble (having a noble character)
edel {adj} [of people, archaic]  :: noble (being a member of the nobility)
edel {adj} [of deeds]  :: noble
edel {adj} [of things]  :: elegant, classy, high-quality
Edelgas {n}  :: noble gas
Edelgaskonfiguration {f} [physics, chemistry]  :: noble gas configuration
Edelgasverbindung {f} [inorganic chemistry]  :: noble gas compound
Edelmann {m}  :: nobleman, noble
Edelmetall {n}  :: noble metal
edelmütig {adj}  :: high-minded, noble, magnanimous, selfless
Edelmut {m}  :: generosity; kind-heartedness
edelsüß {adj}  :: Very sweet
Edelstahl {m}  :: stainless steel (corrosion-free alloy)
edelstahlartig {adj}  :: steely, steel-like
Edelstein {m}  :: gemstone
Edel-Uni {f}  :: Ivy League
Edelweiß {n}  :: edelweiss
Edelweiss {noun}  :: alternative spelling of Edelweiß
Eder {prop}  :: surname
Eder {prop}  :: A river in Germany
Edgar {prop} {n}  :: given name
Ediacarium {prop}  :: the Ediacaran
edieren {v} [scholarly]  :: to publish
edieren {v}  :: to edit
Edikt {n}  :: An edict, type of legislative and/or judicial proclamation, originally emanating from a Roman magistrate
Edith {prop}  :: given name borrowed from in the 19th century
editierbar {adj}  :: editable
Editierbarkeit {f} [computing]  :: editability
Editor {m}  :: editor (male or of unspecified sex)
editorisch {adj}  :: editorial
Edmund {prop}  :: given name of origin
edomitisch {adj}  :: Edomite (related to Edom or to the Edomite language)
Edomitisch {n}  :: Edomite (the Edomite language)
Eduard {prop}  :: given name, derived from Edward via French Édouard in the 18th century
Edukt {n} [chemistry]  :: reactant (participant at the start of a chemical reaction)
EDV {initialism} [computer]  :: initialism of elektronische Datenverarbeitung "electronic data processing"
EDV-gestützt {adj}  :: computerised
Efeu {m} {n}  :: ivy
Effekt {m}  :: effect
effektiv {adj}  :: effective
effektiv {adj}  :: actual
effizient {adj}  :: efficient
Effizienz {f}  :: efficiency
Effusionsgeschwindigkeit {f} [physics]  :: effusion rate
e-Form {f} [linguistics]  :: e-form
EG {abbr}  :: Abbreviation of Erdgeschoss
EG {abbr}  :: Abbreviation of Europäische Gemeinschaft, in terminology superseeded by Europäische Union, EU
egal {adj} [usually predicative only]  :: all the same, unimportant
egal {adj} [dated, still used by some older speakers]  :: the same, matching, alike
egal {adv}  :: no matter
egalisieren {v} [sports]  :: to level, equalise
Egalitarismus {m}  :: egalitarianism
egalitär {adj}  :: egalitarian
Egalität {f} [politics]  :: equality
Egel {m}  :: leech
Egeln {prop} {n}  :: A town in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany
Egge {f}  :: harrow
eggen {v}  :: to harrow
Eggert {prop}  :: given name, a Low German variant of Ekkehard
Ego {n}  :: ego
Egoismus {m}  :: egoism
Egoist {m}  :: egoist
egoistisch {adj}  :: egoistic
Egon {prop}  :: given name, popular during the first half of the 20th century
Ego-Shooter {m}  :: first-person shooter
Egozentrik {f}  :: egocentricity, egocentrism
Egozentriker {m}  :: egocentric
egozentrisch {adj}  :: egocentric
Egozentrismus {m}  :: egocentrism
egressiv {adj}  :: egressive
Egypten {prop} {n}  :: obsolete spelling of Ägypten
eh {conj} [colloquial]  :: before
eh {adv} [colloquial]  :: anyway
eh {adv} [colloquial, Austrian]  :: well, admittedly (for which in Germany only schon is used)
E.H. {abbr} [music]  :: abbreviation of Englisch Horn
ehe {conj}  :: before, ere
ehe {conj}  :: rather than
Ehe {f}  :: marriage (state of being married; life as a married couple)
ehebrecherisch {adj}  :: adulterous
Ehebruch {m}  :: adultery
Ehefrau {f}  :: wife
Ehegatte {m}  :: husband
Ehegatte {m}  :: spouse
Ehegattin {f}  :: married woman, wife; female form of Ehegatte
ehelich {adj}  :: marital
ehelich {adj}  :: born in wedlock
ehelichen {vt}  :: to espouse
ehem. {abbr}  :: abbreviation of ehemalig
ehem. {abbr}  :: abbreviation of ehemals
ehemalig {adj}  :: former, erstwhile
Ehemalige {f}  :: a (female) former (student, lover, office holder - context must clarify)
ehemalige jugoslawische Republik Mazedonien {prop} {f}  :: former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
ehemals {adv}  :: formerly
Ehemann {m}  :: married man, husband
Ehepaar {n}  :: married couple
Ehepartner {m}  :: spouse
eher {adv}  :: rather, quite
eher {adv}  :: comparatively, somewhat
eher {adv}  :: earlier
Ehering {m}  :: wedding ring
ehern {adj} [archaic, poetic]  :: made of metal, particularly iron, bronze or copper
ehern {adj} [figurative, of a, rule, will, etc.]  :: iron, inflexible
Ehr {f} [poetic, dialectal, otherwise archaic]  :: alternative form of Ehre
ehrbar {adj}  :: respectable
ehrbar {adj}  :: honorable; reputable
Ehre {f}  :: honour; honor
Ehre {f}  :: credit
Ehre {f}  :: kudos
Ehre ist wichtiger als Ehren {proverb}  :: "Honor is more important than honours"
ehren {v}  :: to honor
ehrenamtlich {adj}  :: voluntary (working without pay)
ehrenhaft {adj}  :: honourable, respectable
ehrenhaft {adj}  :: reputable
ehrenkäsig {adj}  :: touchy in matters of honour
Ehrenmitgliedschaft {f}  :: honorary membership
Ehrenmord {m}  :: honor killing
ehrenrührig {adj}  :: defamatory
ehrenrührig {adj}  :: scurrilous
Ehrenschuld {f}  :: debt of honour
ehrenwert {adj}  :: honourable
ehrenwert {adj}  :: reputable
Ehrenwort {n}  :: One's word of honor, linking a claim or promise to one's personal integrity
ehrenwörtlich {adj}  :: Based on one's word of honour
ehrerbietig {adj}  :: deferential, respectful, reverent
Ehre, wem Ehre gebührt {phrase}  :: credit where credit's due; used to justly praise someone, or to break the solemnity of praising
ehrfürchtig {adj}  :: awestruck, reverent
Ehrfurcht {f}  :: awe, reverence
Ehrgeiz {m}  :: ambition
ehrgeizig {adj}  :: ambitious
ehrgeiziger {adj}  :: comparative of ehrgeizig
ehrlich {adj}  :: honest
ehrlicher {adj}  :: comparative of ehrlich
ehrlicherweise {adv}  :: in all honesty, honestly
Ehrlichkeit {f}  :: honesty
ehrlich währt am längsten {proverb}  :: honesty is the best policy; implying that dishonesty will eventually be exposed
ehrlos {adj}  :: dishonourable
ehrrührig {adj}  :: defamatory
Ehrung {f}  :: recognition
Ehrung {f}  :: honour
ehrwürdig {adj}  :: venerable, reverend
ehst. {adj}  :: abbreviation of ehstnisch, i.e. obsolete form of est. (Estonian)
ehstnisch {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of estnisch
Ehstnisch {prop} {n}  :: obsolete spelling of Estnisch
-ei {suffix}  :: site or building where a characteristic activity is conducted
-ei {suffix}  :: used to create abstract nouns denoting a state, condition, or quality, like English -y
-ei {suffix}  :: alternative form of -erei, used with verb stems ending -el- or -er-
Ei {n}  :: egg (all biological senses)
Ei {n}  :: something egg-shaped
Ei {n} [colloquial, usually plural]  :: testicle; ball [also figuratively]
Ei {n} [colloquial, plural]  :: bucks (money)
Ei {n} [colloquial, usually vocative, mildly pejorative]  :: clown; foolish bloke
Eiß {m} [regional, Southern German, Switzerland, chiefly dialectal]  :: purulent ulcer, running sore
Eibe {f}  :: yew (tree or shrub)
eiben {adj}  :: yew (attributive), yewen
Eibisch {m}  :: marshmallow (plant)
Eibohphobie {noun}  :: aibohphobia, that is, the fear of palindromes
Eichbaum {prop}  :: surname
Eiche {f} [countable]  :: An oak tree, an oak, Quercus; the common tree
Eiche {f} [uncountable]  :: oak; the wood of the tree
Eichel {f}  :: An acorn, the fruit of an oak tree
Eichel {f}  :: acorns, a suit in German playing cards (See image at žaludy)
Eichel {f} [anatomy]  :: The glans
Eichelhäher {m}  :: European jay (bird), Garrulus glandarius
eichen {v}  :: to calibrate, to gauge
eichen {adj}  :: oaken, oak (made of oak wood)
Eichenlaub {n} [collective]  :: oakleaves (leaves of the oak tree)
Eichenlaub {n} [military]  :: oakleaf (military award)
Eichhorn {n}  :: squirrel
Eichhörnchen {n}  :: squirrel (in the narrow sense, Sciurus vulgaris)
Eichinger {prop}  :: surname
Eichkatze {f}  :: squirrel
Eichner {prop}  :: surname
Eichstrich {m}  :: calibration mark
Eid {m}  :: oath
Eidam {m} [dated]  :: son-in-law
Eidechse {f}  :: lizard
Eidechse {f}  :: a member of Lacertidae, the family of the wall lizards, or true lizards
Eidechse {f} [constellation]  :: Lacerta (astronomical constellation)
Eidechsenfisch {m}  :: lizardfish, any member of the Synodontidae family
Eiderente {f}  :: eider (duck of genus Somateria), Somateria mollissima
Eidgenosse {m}  :: confederate
Eidgenosse {m}  :: Swiss (citizen of Switzerland)
Eidgenossenschaft {f}  :: confederation, confederacy
eidgenössisch {adj}  :: confederate
eidgenössisch {adj}  :: Swiss
Eidotter {m} {n}  :: egg yolk
Eierbecher {m}  :: egg cup, eggcup
Eierbecher {m} [colloquial, sports]  :: jockstrap
Eierdotter {m} {n} [chiefly archaic]  :: alternative form of Eidotter
Eierklar {n} [Austria]  :: alternative form of Eiklar
Eierkuchen {m}  :: pancake, crêpe
Eierlaufen {n}  :: egg and spoon race
eierlegend {adj}  :: egg-laying, oviparous
eierlegende Wollmilchsau {f} [colloquial, often disapprovingly]  :: An all-in-one device or person which has (or claims to have) only positive attributes and which can (or attempts to) do the work of several specialized tools
eiern {v} [colloquial]  :: to wobble [of a wheel]
Eiersalat {m}  :: egg salad
Eierschale {f}  :: eggshell
eierschalenfarben {adj}  :: eggshell (colour)
Eierschalensollbruchstellenverursacher {m} [humorous]  :: A device used to create breaking points in egg shells in order to allow one to easily remove the top part of an egg using a knife without causing the shell to splinter; used for the humorous effect of its overly-formal construction (resembling Amtsdeutsch)
Eierspeise {f}  :: an egg dish (specific type of prepared food featuring eggs)
Eierspeise {f}  :: scrambled egg in Austria
Eierstock {m}  :: ovary (female organ)
Eiertanz {m} [idiomatic]  :: tortuous maneuvering [literally: egg dance]
Eieruhr {f}  :: egg timer
Eifel {prop} {f}  :: a relatively low mountain range in western Germany which occupies parts of southwestern North Rhine-Westphalia and northwestern Rhineland-Palatinate
Eifer {m}  :: eagerness, alacrity
eifersüchtig {adj}  :: jealous
eifersüchtiger {adj}  :: comparative of eifersüchtig
Eifersucht {f}  :: jealousy
Eiffelturm {prop} {m}  :: Eiffel Tower
eifrig {adj}  :: avid, eager, diligent
eifrig {adv}  :: enthusiastically, gladly
eifrig {adv}  :: religiously
eiförmig {adj}  :: egg-shaped, oval
Eigelb {n}  :: yolk [usually only in a culinary context]
eigen {adj}  :: own
eigen {adj}  :: appropriate
eigen {adj}  :: idiosyncratic
eigen {adj}  :: innate
eigen {adj}  :: peculiar
eigen {adj}  :: private
eigen {adj}  :: proprietary
Eigenart {f}  :: peculiarity, characteristic
eigenartig {adj}  :: peculiar, characteristic
eigenartig {adj}  :: strange, odd
eigenartigerweise {adv}  :: strangely, oddly
Eigenartigkeit {f}  :: peculiarity, characteristic
Eigenartigkeit {f}  :: strangeness, oddness
Eigenbrötelei {f}  :: solitary ways
Eigenbrötler {m}  :: solitary person, recluse, loner
Eigenbrötlerei {f}  :: alternative form of Eigenbrötelei
Eigenbrötlerin {f}  :: A female solitary person, recluse
eigenbrötlerisch {adj}  :: solitary, reclusive
Eigenfunktion {f} [mathematics]  :: eigenfunction
Eigengrau {n}  :: eigengrau
Eigenheim {n}  :: privately owned home
Eigenheit {f}  :: singularity (the state of being singular, distinct, peculiar, uncommon or unusual)
Eigenheit {f}  :: behavior, mannerism (a distinctive behavioral trait)
eigenhändig {adj}  :: with one's own hand; handmade, handwritten
eigeninitiativ {adj}  :: on one's own initiative
Eigenkapital {n} [finance]  :: equity; capital
Eigenname {m}  :: proper noun
eigennützig {adj}  :: selfish
eigens {adv} [formal]  :: specifically (just for this purpose)
Eigenschaft {f}  :: feature, property, characteristic; quality
Eigenschaftswort {n}  :: adjective
eigensüchtig {adj}  :: selfish, self-centred
Eigensinn {m}  :: idiosyncrasy, self-willedness, the quality of having an own mind without being prone to change it
eigensinnig {adj}  :: self-willed, stubborn, defiant
eigensprachlich {adj}  :: In one's own language
eigenständig {adj}  :: independent
eigenständig {adj}  :: discrete
eigenständig {adj}  :: autonomous
eigentlich {adv}  :: actually
eigentlich {adj}  :: actual, proper
Eigentümer {m}  :: owner, proprietor
eigentümlich {adj}  :: typical, specific
eigentümlich {adj}  :: peculiar
Eigentümlichkeit {f}  :: peculiarity
Eigentor {n}  :: own goal
Eigentum {n}  :: property
Eigentum {n} [legal]  :: title, ownership
Eigentumswohnung {f}  :: condominium, freehold flat [UK]
Eigent.-Whg. {f}  :: abbreviation of Eigentumswohnung
Eigenurin {m}  :: urine from the same person that uses it for urine therapy
Eigenvektor {m}  :: eigenvector
eigenverantwortlich {adj}  :: directly responsible, on one's own responsibility, on one's own authority
eigenverantwortlicher {adj}  :: comparative of eigenverantwortlich
Eigenverantwortlichkeit {f}  :: direct responsibility, one's own responsibility, one's own authority
eigenverantwortlichsten {adj}  :: superlative of eigenverantwortlich
Eigenwert {m} [literally]  :: an entity's intrinsic value
Eigenwert {m} [mathematics]  :: eigenvalue (specific value related to a matrix)
Eigenwertproblem {n} [mathematics]  :: eigenvalue problem
eigenwillig {adj}  :: headstrong, self-willed
eigenwillig {adj}  :: unusual, peculiar, idiosyncratic
Eigenwärme {f}  :: body heat (heat generated by a person, animal, machine etc)
eignen {vr}  :: to suit
Eignung {f}  :: aptitude, qualification, suitability
Eigt.-Whg. {f}  :: abbreviation of Eigentumswohnung
Eike {prop} {f}  :: given name
Eiklar {n}  :: egg white
Eiland {n} [literary]  :: a small island, typically isolated
Eiland {n} [literary]  :: an island of any size; occasionally used to avoid repitition of Insel, otherwise poetic
Eile {f}  :: hurry
Eileiter {m}  :: Fallopian tube
eilen {v}  :: to hurry, to rush
eilen {v}  :: to be urgent
eilf {num}  :: obsolete form of elf
eilfertig {adj}  :: express finished
eilig {adj}  :: speedy, hasty
eilig {adj}  :: urgent
eim {contraction}  :: contraction of einem
Eimer {m}  :: bucket
Eimer {prop} {mf}  :: surname
ein {num}  :: one
ein {art}  :: a, an
ein- {prefix}  :: A prefix, usually indicating (concrete or abstract/metaphorical) motion into something
einander {pron}  :: each other
ein Apfel und ein Ei {phrase}  :: alternative form of 'n Appel und 'n Ei
einarmig {adj}  :: one-armed
einatmen {v}  :: to inhale, breathe in
Einatmung {f}  :: inspiration (act of breathing in)
einatomar {adj}  :: monatomic
einatomig {adj} [physics, chemistry]  :: monatomic
Einbahnstraße {f}  :: one-way street
einbalsamieren {v}  :: to embalm
Einbalsamierung {f}  :: embalming
Einbau {m}  :: installation, fitting, fixture, assembly
einbauen {v}  :: to build in, to build into, to install
Einbauküche {f}  :: built-in kitchen
Einbauteil {m} [chiefly in the plural]  :: fixture(s), fittings
einbeinig {adj}  :: one-legged
einbekennen {v} [Austria]  :: to acknowledge
einbetonieren {v}  :: to concrete: to encase in or cover with concrete
einbetten {v}  :: to embed
Einbettung {f} [mathematics]  :: embedding
einbeziehen {v}  :: To include
einbeziehen {v}  :: To integrate (into)
Einbeziehung {f}  :: inclusion, involvement
einbezogen {v}  :: past participle of einbeziehen
ein Bild sagt mehr als tausend Worte {proverb}  :: a picture paints a thousand words
Einbildung {f}  :: illusion, imagination
Einbildung {f}  :: conceit (overly high self-esteem)
einbinden {v}  :: to bind something
einbinden {v}  :: to integrate
einbinden {v}  :: to involve somebody/something
einbleuen {v} [dated]  :: alternative form of einbläuen (impress (something) upon (someone))
Einblick {m}  :: insight
einbläuen {v}  :: to beat (something) into (someone), to impress (something) upon (someone)
einbläuen {v}  :: to make (something) blue; to blue
einbrechen {v}  :: to break in
einbrechen {v}  :: to break down
Einbrecher {m}  :: agent noun of einbrechen; burglar, picklock, housebreaker
einbrennen {v}  :: to inburn
einbringen {v}  :: to bring in, harvest, yield, fetch (a price)
einbringen {v}  :: to bring into, contribute
einbringen {v} [politics, law]  :: to introduce (a bill), file (an action)
Einbringen {n}  :: insertion, introduction, placement
Einbringung {f}  :: insertion, introduction
Einbruch {m}  :: burglary, break-in
Einbruch {m} [economy]  :: slump
Einbruchdiebstahl {m}  :: burglary
Einbuße {f}  :: loss
Einbuße {f}  :: detriment, damage
Einbuße {f}  :: forfeit
einchecken {v}  :: to check in
eindampfen {v}  :: To evaporate
eindampfen {v}  :: To vaporize
Eindampfung {f}  :: evaporation
Einöde {f}  :: deserted, remote, isolated land; wasteland
eindecken {vt}  :: to cover, to roof
eindecken {vt} [gastronomy, of tables]  :: to prepare, to lay
eindecken {vr}  :: to stock up, to buy a lot
eindeutig {adj}  :: unambiguous, unequivocal, explicit, unique
eindeutig {adj}  :: clear, definite
eindeutig {adv}  :: unambiguously
eindeutig {adv}  :: clearly, obviously
eindeutiger {adj}  :: comparative of eindeutig
eindeutschen {v}  :: to Germanize: to adapt to the German language and its orthography, phonology and/or morphology
eindeutschen {v}  :: to make (something) a part of Germany
eindimensional {adj}  :: one-dimensional, unidimensional
eindosen {v}  :: to tin (place into a tin in order to preserve)
eindringen {v}  :: to intrude
eindringlich {adj}  :: urgent, insistent
eindringlich {adj}  :: emphatic
Eindringling {m}  :: intruder
Eindringling {m}  :: interloper
Eindringling {m}  :: trespasser
Eindringtiefe {f}  :: penetration depth
Eindruck {m}  :: impression
eindrucksvoll {adj}  :: impressive
eindrucksvoller {adj}  :: comparative of eindrucksvoll
eine {pron}  :: feminine nominative of einer ("one")
eine {pron}  :: feminine accusative of einer ("one")
eine Affäre haben {v}  :: to have an affair
eineiig {adj} [of twins]  :: monozygotic; identical
eineindeutig {adj} [maths]  :: bijective, biunique
eineingeschüchtert {v}  :: past participle of einschüchtern
eineinhalb {num}  :: one and a half (1½), sesqui-
eine Kette ist nur so stark wie ihr schwächstes Glied {phrase}  :: a chain is only as strong as its weakest link
eine lange Nase machen {v} [idiomatic]  :: to thumb one's nose
eine Leiche im Keller haben {f}  :: skeleton in the cupboard, skeleton in the closet
einelementige Menge {f}  :: synonym of Einermenge
einem {pron}  :: masculine dative of einer ("one")
einem {pron}  :: neuter dative of einer ("one")
einem geschenkten Gaul schaut man nicht ins Maul {proverb}  :: don't look a gift horse in the mouth
einen {pron}  :: masculine accusative of einer ("one")
einen an der Klatsche haben {v} [idiomatic]  :: have a screw loose
eine Nase drehen {v} [idiomatic]  :: to thumb one's nose
einen Bären aufbinden {phrase}  :: to trick; to cheat somebody
einen Dachschaden haben {v} [idiomatic, colloquial]  :: to have a screw loose [literally: to have a roof damage]
einen runterholen {v}  :: [with dative, reflexive] to jerk off
einen runterholen {v}  :: [with dative, transitive] to jerk off
eine Nummer zu groß {adj} [idiomatic]  :: out of one's league
einen Vogel haben {phrase}  :: To have a few screws loose; be nuts; be crazy
einen Vogel zeigen {phrase}  :: literally "to show a bird". making a cuckoo sign
einer {num}  :: (masculine nominative without noun) one
einer {num}  :: (genitive use with genitive of feminine noun) (of) one
einer {num}  :: (dative use with dative of feminine noun or without noun) one
einer {art}  :: (genitive use with genitive of feminine noun) (of) a/an
einer {art}  :: (dative use with dative of feminine noun) a/an
einer {pron}  :: one
einer {pron}  :: someone, somebody
Einer {m} [mathematics]  :: unit
Einer {m} [mathematics]  :: units' place, ones' place (place value of a number)
Einer {m} [sports]  :: single scull
Einer {m} [swimming]  :: one-meter diving board
einerlei {adv}  :: all the same, not of consequence
Einermenge {f} [mathematics]  :: singleton
einerseits {adv}  :: on the one hand
eines {pron}  :: neuter nominative and accusative of einer ("one")
eine Schraube locker haben {v} [idiomatic]  :: to have a screw loose
eines Tages {adv}  :: one day, someday
einesteils {adv}  :: on the one hand
einestheils {adv}  :: obsolete spelling of einesteils
Eine-Verantwortlichkeit-Prinzip {prop} {n} [programming, object-oriented]  :: single responsibility principle
ein Exempel statuieren {v} [idiomatic]  :: to set a warning example [literally: to set an example]
einfach {adj}  :: easy
einfach {adj}  :: simple; plain
einfach {adj}  :: single; one-way
einfach {adv}  :: just; simply
Einfachbindung {f} [chemistry]  :: single bond
einfacher {adj}  :: comparative of einfach
Einfachheit {f}  :: simplicity
einfach so {adv} [idiomatic]  :: just like that
einfach so {adv} [idiomatic]  :: just because
einfachsten {adj}  :: superlative of einfach
einfahren {v}  :: to drive in
einfahren {v} [a train into a station]  :: to arrive, to pull in
Einfahrt {f}  :: entry, entrance, way in
Einfahrt {f}  :: driveway
Einfall {m}  :: idea
Einfall {m}  :: invasion, inroad
einfallen {v} [with dative]  :: to occur (to somebody), to come (to somebody); to come to mind
einfallen {v} [with dative]  :: to remember
einfallen {v}  :: to invade
einfallsreich {adj}  :: imaginative, inventive, ingenious
Einfallsreichtum {m}  :: ingenuity, inventiveness, resourcefulness
Einfalt {f}  :: simplicity, naivety
Einfaltspinsel {m}  :: simpleton
Einfamilienhaus {n}  :: single family house
Einfang {m}  :: capture
einfangen {v}  :: to capture
Einfangquerschnitt {m} [physics]  :: capture cross section (of a neutron capture reaction)
Einfangrate {f}  :: capture ratio
Einfarbameisenwürger {m}  :: uniform antshrike
einfarbig {adj}  :: unicolored, monochrome
Einfarbralle {f}  :: uniform crake
einfügen {v}  :: to insert; put in the middle; put in between
einfühlsam {adj}  :: sensitive, perceptive, empathic, compassionate
Einfühlungsvermögen {n}  :: empathy
einführen {v}  :: to introduce
einführen {v} [economics]  :: to import
einführen {v}  :: to initiate
einführen {v}  :: to insert
Einführung {f}  :: introduction
Einführungsjahr {n}  :: year of introduction
Einführungsjahr {n}  :: [of a company] founded
Einführungsleitfaden {m}  :: introductory guide
einfüßig {adj}  :: one-footed
einfinden {vr}  :: to arrive at a specific location
einflößen {v}  :: to feed to; to pour into someones mouth
einflößen {v} [figuratively]  :: to inspire with; to fill with
einflüstern {v}  :: to whisper, to prompt
einflüstern {v} [figuratively]  :: to insinuate, to suggest
einfältig {adj}  :: simple, naïve
einfältigerweise {adv}  :: naively, oafishly
Einfältigkeit {f}  :: simple-mindedness, simplicity, artlessness, innocence, naïvety, sheepishness
Einfluß {noun}  :: alternative spelling of Einfluss
Einfluss {m}  :: influence
einflussreich {adj}  :: influential
einfärben {v} [to colour with dye]  :: to dye
Einfärben {n}  :: coloring, (mainly British:) colouring
einfrieren {v}  :: to freeze (to lower something's temperature to freezing point)
einfrieren {v}  :: to freeze (wages, prices, etc.)
einförmig {adj}  :: monotonous, humdrum
einförmig {adj}  :: unchanging
Einfuhr {f} [economics]  :: import (the practice of importing)
Eingabe {f}  :: input
Eingabeaufforderung {f} [computing]  :: command prompt
Eingang {m}  :: entrance, entry
Eingang {m}  :: arrival
Eingang {m}  :: input
Eingang {m}  :: entrance gate, doorway, hall, passage
Eingang {m}  :: orifice
Eingang {m}  :: inlet, mouth (of a river)
Eingang {m}  :: introduction
Eingang {m}  :: importation
Eingang {m}  :: access
Eingang {m}  :: beginning, preface, preamble, prologue
Eingang {m}  :: receipt
eingangs {adv}  :: at the beginning
Eingangstür {f}  :: entrance door
eingeatmet {v}  :: past participle of einatmen
eingeatmet {adj}  :: inhaled
eingeben {v}  :: to input
eingebildet {adj}  :: big-headed, conceited
eingeblasen {v}  :: past participle of einblasen - blown (in or into), insufflated
eingeboren {adj}  :: indigenous, aboriginal, native
eingeboren {adj}  :: innate, inborn
eingebracht {v}  :: past participle of einbringen - brought, introduced, yielded
eingebunden {adj}  :: integrated (into)
eingebunden {adj}  :: involved (with)
Eingebung {f}  :: inspiration, impulse, intuition
eingedampft {v}  :: past participle of eindampfen
eingedenk {adj}  :: mindful
eingedenk {prep}  :: mindful, remembering
eingedeutscht {adj}  :: adapted to the orthography, phonology and/or morphology of the German language; Germanized
eingeengt {v}  :: past participle of einengen
eingeengt {adj}  :: cramped, constrained, constricted
eingefallen {adj}  :: hollow, sunken
eingeführt {adj}  :: introduced, established, inaugurated
eingeführt {adj}  :: imported
eingefleischt {adj}  :: inveterate, dyed-in-the-wool, ingrained, chronic
eingefüllt {v}  :: past participle of einfüllen - poured in
eingeflüstert {v}  :: past participle of einflüstern
eingeflößt {v}  :: past participle of einflößen
eingefroren {adj}  :: frozen
eingefroren {adj}  :: icebound
eingegossen {v}  :: past participle of eingießen
eingegossen {adj}  :: infused
eingegossen {adj}  :: ingrained
eingehalten {v}  :: past participle of einhalten
eingeheimst {v}  :: past participle of einheimsen
eingehen {vi} [_, with in + accusative, chiefly dated, literary]  :: to enter; to go inside
eingehen {vi}  :: to contract; to shrivel; to shrink
eingehen {vi} [botany, otherwise disrespectful]  :: to die
eingehen {vi} [_, with auf + accusative]  :: to discuss; to treat; to elaborate on
eingehen {vi} [_, with auf + accusative]  :: to respond to; to take (a question)
eingehen {vt}  :: to contract; to conclude (an agreement)
Eingehen {n}  :: shrinkage
eingehend {adj}  :: extensive, detailed, thorough, exhaustive
eingeklemmt {adj}  :: stuck; hemmed in
eingekocht {v}  :: past participle of einkochen
eingeladen {v}  :: past participle of einladen
eingelagert {v}  :: past participle of einlagern
eingelagert {adj}  :: stored
eingelagert {adj}  :: incorporated
eingelassen {adj}  :: embedded
eingelassen {adj}  :: flush
eingelegt {v}  :: past participle of einlegen
eingelegt {adj}  :: pickled, soused
eingeleitet {v}  :: past participle of einleiten
eingeloggt {v}  :: past participle of einloggen
eingelöst {v}  :: past participle of einlösen
eingemacht {v}  :: past participle of einmachen
eingemischt {v}  :: past participle of einmischen
eingemottet {v}  :: past participle of einmotten
eingeordnet {v}  :: past participle of einordnen
eingeordnet {adj}  :: classified
eingeplant {adj}  :: scheduled
eingepresst {v}  :: past participle of einpressen
eingepresst {adj}  :: pressed (in)
eingeprägt {v}  :: past participle of einprägen
eingereicht {v}  :: past participle of einreichen
eingereist {v}  :: past participle of einreisen
eingeräumt {v}  :: past participle of einräumen
eingeschlagen {v}  :: past participle of einschlagen
eingeschlechtig {adj}  :: unisexual
Eingeschlossensein-Syndrom {n} [colloquial]  :: synonym of Locked-in-Syndrom
eingeschmolzen {v}  :: past participle of einschmelzen - melted down
eingeschossig {adj}  :: one-story (buildings)
eingeschränkt {adj}  :: restricted, constrained, limited
eingesetzt {adj}  :: used, introduced, deployed, applied
eingespart {v}  :: past participle of einsparen
eingespeist {adj}  :: injected
eingespeist {adj}  :: fed (into)
eingesperrt {adj}  :: confined
eingesperrt {adj}  :: caged
eingesperrt {adj}  :: imprisoned, incarcerated, jailed
eingesprüht {v}  :: past participle of einsprühen - sprayed
eingestanden {v}  :: past participle of einstehen
eingestehen {v}  :: To admit, confess, concede, acknowledge
eingestellt {adj}  :: adjusted
eingestellt {adj}  :: appointed, recruited
eingestellt {adj}  :: ceased, abandoned, closed
eingestimmt {v}  :: past participle of einstimmen
eingestürzt {v}  :: past participle of einstürzen
eingestuft {v}  :: past participle of einstufen
eingestuft {adj}  :: classified, classed, rated, categorized
eingetaucht {v}  :: past participle of eintauchen
eingetaucht {adj}  :: immersed, dipped
eingetaucht {adj}  :: submerged
eingewandt {v}  :: past participle of einwenden
eingeweckt {v}  :: past participle of einwecken
eingeweicht {v}  :: past participle of einweichen
Eingeweide {n}  :: (mostly plural) guts, internal organs
eingeweiht {adj}  :: privy
Eingeweihte {m}  :: insider, initiate
eingewendet {v}  :: past participle of einwenden
eingewilligt {v}  :: past participle of einwilligen
eingießen {v}  :: to pour in
eingleisig {adj}  :: single-track (railway)
eingliedern {v}  :: to integrate
Eingliederung {f}  :: integration
eingängig {adj}  :: catchy
eingreifen {v}  :: to intervene
Eingrenzung {f}  :: containment, barrier
Eingrenzung {f}  :: limitation
Eingriff {m}  :: intervention
Eingriff {m} [medicine]  :: operation
Einguß {m}  :: obsolete spelling of Einguss
Einguss {m}  :: (in-pouring) the pouring of the metal into a mold
Einguss {m}  :: (sprue) the opening of the mold, through which the metal is poured
Einhalt {m} [formal]  :: stop
einhalten {v}  :: to keep (an appointment, a promise etc.), observe, follow (a tradition, rule, diet etc.)
einhalten {v}  :: to abide by, to comply with (a decision, rules etc.)
einhalten {v}  :: to maintain (speed, direction, course etc.)
einhalten {v} [dated]  :: discontinue, stop doing (something) [mit (etwas)]
Einhaltung {f}  :: adherence, compliance (with a law, etc.)
einheben {v} [Austria]  :: to collect a fee
einheimisch {adj}  :: domestic (internal to a specific country)
einheimsen {v}  :: to earn
Einheit {f}  :: unit
Einheit {f}  :: unity
Einheit {f}  :: unity - 20th Century Military concept: This idea was promulgated by Heinz Guderian in order to explain the concept of mobile, Combined Arms doctrine during the inter-war period of 1933-1939. Einheit fostered the intergration (unity) of infantry and armored units at the tactical level: company/battalion
einheitlich {adj}  :: uniform
einheitlicher {adj}  :: comparative of einheitlich
einheitlichsten {adj}  :: superlative of einheitlich
Einheitspartei {noun} [GDR, politics]  :: Unity Party (the main party of a state)
Einheitspsychose {f} [psychiatry]  :: Unitary psychosis, a 19th-century belief that all forms of psychosis were surface variations of a single underlying mental illness
einheizen {vi}  :: to put/turn the heating on
einheizen {vt}  :: to put (the oven) on
einheizen {vt} [colloquial]  :: to give (someone) hell, haul over the coals
einhellig {adj}  :: unanimous
einhergegangen {v}  :: past participle of einhergehen
einhergehen {vi} [constructed with mit]  :: To accompany
einhergeht {v}  :: past participle of einhergehen - accompanied
ein Hühnchen rupfen {vi} [idiomatic, + mit, chiefly infinitive with müssen or haben zu]  :: to take to task; to have a rebuking talk with
einhändig {adj}  :: one-handed, single-handed
einholen {v}  :: to catch up to
einholen {v}  :: to reel
Einhorn {n}  :: unicorn
einhundert {num}  :: one hundred
einhunderterste {adj}  :: hundred-and-first
einhundertste {adj}  :: hundredth
einhunderttausend {num} [cardinal]  :: one hundred thousand
einig {adj} [attributive only]  :: some, a few, plenty
einig {adj}  :: united
einig {adj} [predicative only]  :: agreed, in agreement
einige {pron}  :: some, few
einigen {v}  :: To unite or unify
einigermaßen {adv}  :: somewhat
einigermaßen {adv}  :: fairly, moderately, rather
Einigkeit {f}  :: unity
Einigkeit {f}  :: consensus, agreement
Einigung {f}  :: unification
Einigung {f}  :: agreement
einimpfen {v} [ditransitive]  :: to inculcate (teach by repeated instruction)
einkapseln {v}  :: to encapsulate
Einkauf {m}  :: purchase (the act or process of seeking and obtaining something)
Einkauf {m}  :: whole set of purchased goods
einkaufen {v}  :: To shop
Einkaufsbummel {m}  :: shopping spree, leisure shopping stroll
Einkaufsliste {f}  :: shopping list, list of things to buy
Einkaufswagen {m}  :: shopping cart, shopping trolley
Einkaufszentrum {n}  :: shopping center, shopping mall
Einkerbung {f}  :: notch, indent, score
einkettig {adj} [chemistry]  :: single-chain
Einklang {m}  :: harmony
Einklang {m}  :: conformity
einkochen {v}  :: to boil down
einkochen {v}  :: to preserve, to bottle (to preserve food by heating and sealing in a can, jar or bottle)
Einkommen {n}  :: income
Einkommenssteuer {f}  :: income tax
Einkommensteuer {f}  :: income tax
Einkristall {m}  :: monocrystal, single crystal
einladen {v}  :: to invite
einladen {v}  :: to load (something into a container)
Einladung {f}  :: invitation
Einlage {f}  :: insert, insertion, inlay
Einlage {f} [medicine, orthopedics, for shoes]  :: insert, insole
Einlage {f} [cooking, in soups]  :: garnish
Einlage {f} [feminine hygiene]  :: pad
Einlage {f} [theater]  :: interlude, intermezzo
Einlage {f} [banking]  :: deposit
Einlage {f} [finance]  :: share, investment
einlagern {v}  :: To store, deposit
Einlagerung {f}  :: storage
Einlagerung {f} [chemistry]  :: intercalation
Einlagerungsverbindung {f} [chemistry]  :: intercalation compound
einlassen {v}  :: to let in
einlassen {v}  :: (sich einlassen auf): to get involved with
einlassen {v}  :: (ein Bad einlassen): to run a bath
einlassen {v}  :: to embed
einlaufen {vi} [auxiliary: "sein"]  :: to run in
einlaufen {vi} [of clothing, auxiliary: "sein"]  :: to shrink (by washing)
einlaufen {vi} [of ships, auxiliary: "sein"]  :: to enter port
einlaufen {vt} [of shoes, auxiliary: "haben"]  :: to break in
einlaufen {vr} [sports, auxiliary: "haben"]  :: to warm up (by running)
einleben {vr}  :: to settle in
einlegen {v}  :: to insert
einlegen {v}  :: to put in
einlegen {v}  :: to inlay
einlegen {v} [a break]  :: to have
einlegen {v} [a protest or appeal]  :: to file
einlegen {v} [cooking]  :: to pickle
einleiten {v}  :: to commence, initiate, trigger, instigate, start
Einleiten {n}  :: initiation, commencement, triggering
Einleitung {f}  :: introduction
Einleitung {f}  :: preamble
Einleitung {f}  :: inlet (of water)
Einleitung {f}  :: induction (of labour)
einölen {v}  :: to oil
einlesen {v}  :: to input
einlesen {v}  :: to read
einlesen {v}  :: to swipe
einlesen {v} [computing]  :: to read, to read in
einloggen {v} [computing]  :: to log in (gain access to a computer system)
einlösen {vt} [banking, of a security or bond]  :: to redeem
einlösen {vt} [banking, of a check]  :: to cash
einlösen {vt} [of a promise]  :: to redeem
Einlösung {f} [banking, of a security or bond]  :: redemption
Einlösung {f} [banking, of a check]  :: cashing
Einlösung {f} [of a promise]  :: redemption
einmachen {vt} [cooking]  :: to can (to preserve food by heating and sealing in a can or jar)
einmachen {v}  :: to fix, to fit into
ein Machtwort sprechen {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: to decide a matter; to exercise one's authority
einmal {adv}  :: once, one time
einmal {adv}  :: sometime
Einmaleins {n}  :: 101
Einmaleins {n}  :: time table
Einmaleins {n} [arithmetic]  :: (multiplication) table
einmalig {adj}  :: non-recurring, one-time
einmalig {adj}  :: singular, unique
einmalig {adj}  :: unheard-of
einmal ist keinmal {proverb}  :: Once doesn’t count; one swallow does not a summer make
einmal ist keinmal {proverb}  :: One slip is allowed; everyone deserves a second chance
einmal ist keinmal {proverb}  :: One time won’t hurt; just try it
Einmannpackung {f} [Bundeswehr]  :: field ration, combat ration
einmarschieren {v}  :: to invade
einminütig {adj}  :: one-minute
einmischen {vr}  :: to interfere, to intervene
einmischen {vt} [rare]  :: to mix into, to blend into
Einmischung {f}  :: interference, intervention
einmonatig {adj}  :: one-month (attributive)
einmotorig {adj}  :: single-engined
einmotten {vt}  :: to mothball
einmütig {adj}  :: unanimous
Einnahme {f}  :: receipt, revenue
Einnahme {f} [medicine]  :: taking (of a drug)
Einnahme {f} [military]  :: taking, capture
einnehmen {v} [military]  :: to conquer
einnehmen {v} [of meals or medicine]  :: to take, to have
ein offener Feind ist besser als ein ungewisser Freund {proverb}  :: "An openly hostile enemy is better than an unknown friend"
einordnen {v}  :: to classify (to determine the class of an item)
Einordnung {f}  :: classification
Einordnung {f}  :: grading
einpacken {vt} [a gift, etc.]  :: to wrap up; to pack up
einpennen {v}  :: to doze off, to conk out
Einpersonenhaushalt {m}  :: one-person household
einprägen {vt}  :: to imprint (to leave a print, impression, image, etc.)
einprägen {vr} [dative, _]  :: to memorize
einprägen {vr} [accusative, _]  :: to etch into one’s mind (make a lasting impression)
einprägsam {adj}  :: memorable
einprogrammieren {vt}  :: to program, to program into
einprozentig {adj}  :: one-percent
Einrad {n}  :: unicycle
einreden {v}  :: to talk into (doing/believing something), convince, persuade
einreichen {v}  :: to send in, to hand in, to submit
einreihig {adj}  :: single-breasted; arranged in a row
Einreise {f}  :: entry (into a country)
einreisen {v}  :: to enter (a country)
einrühren {v}  :: to stir in
einrichten {v}  :: to furnish
einrichten {v}  :: to arrange
Einrichtung {f}  :: facility, institution
Einrichtung {f}  :: constitution, installation, establishment
Einrichtung {f}  :: furnishing, furniture
einräumen {v}  :: To grant, concede, admit
eins {num}  :: one
eins {num} [colloquial]  :: one o'clock
eins {pron}  :: alternative form of eines; neuter nominative and accusative of einer
eins {adv} [somewhat, colloquial]  :: in the constructions "sich eins sein" (to agree) and "eins werden" (to arrive at an agreement)
Eins {f}  :: one (digit or figure)
einsam {adj}  :: lonely, lone
Einsamkeit {f}  :: loneliness
Einsamkeit {f}  :: solitude, lonesomeness
einsargen {v}  :: to coffin
Einsatz {m}  :: use
Einsatz {m}  :: effort
Einsatz {m}  :: risk
Einsatz {m} [games]  :: stake
Einsatz {m} [military]  :: mission
Einsatz {m}  :: input
Einsatz {m} [music]  :: entry, entrance; cue
Einsatzbereich {m}  :: operating / application range
Einsatzbereich {m}  :: field / area of use
einsatzbereit {adj}  :: ready for action, ready for operation, ready for use
einsatzbereit {adj} [sports]  :: fit for play
einsatzbereit {adj} [military]  :: combat-ready
Einsatzgebiet {n}  :: application, field
Einsatzgebiet {n} [military]  :: theatre of operations
Einsatzkraft {f}  :: A member of a rescue team
Einsatzmöglichkeit {f}  :: (field of) application
Einsatzort {m}  :: site (of a factory etc)
einsaugen {v}  :: to suck in
einsaugen {v}  :: to absorb
einschaltbereit {adj}  :: ready to be switched on
einschalten {vt}  :: to switch on, to turn on (to turn a switch to the “on” position in order to stop or disable a device)
einschalten {vt} [computing]  :: to enable (to activate a function of an electronic or mechanical device)
einschalten {vt}  :: to call in
einschalten {vr}  :: to intervene
einschüchtern {v}  :: to intimidate
Einschüchterung {f}  :: intimidation
einschenken {v}  :: to pour [a drink into a glass or cup]
einschiffig {adj}  :: (of a church) single-nave; having a single nave
einschlafen {v}  :: to fall asleep
Einschlag {m}  :: impact (the force or energy of a collision of two objects)
Einschlag {m}  :: wrapper, wrapping
einschlagen {vt}  :: to smash
einschlagen {vt}  :: to gouge
einschlagen {v}  :: to strike (of lighting)
einschlagen {v}  :: to take (a path etc.)
Einschlagklappe {f}  :: book flap
einschläfernd {adj}  :: soporific, somniferous
einschlägig {adj}  :: relevant, pertinent, appropriate
einschließen {v}  :: to lock up
einschließen {v}  :: to include
einschließlich {prep}  :: including, comprising
einschließlich {adv}  :: inclusively
einschliessen {v}  :: alternative spelling of einschließen
Einschlußkomplex {m} [chemistry]  :: inclusion complex, inclusion compound
Einschluss {m}  :: inclusion
Einschluss {m}  :: involvement
Einschlussverbindung {f} [chemistry]  :: inclusion compound
einschmeicheln {vr}  :: to ingratiate oneself (get favor through flattery)
einschneiden {v}  :: to engrave; to carve
einschneien {vi} [auxiliary sein]  :: to be snowed in
einschneien {vt} [auxiliary haben]  :: to snow in
Einschnitt {m}  :: incision
Einschnitt {m}  :: cut, financial cut, cutback
einschreiben {vr}  :: to enroll, enlist
Einschreiben {n}  :: registered mail
Einschreibung {f}  :: enrollment (Am.) / enrolment (Br.)
Einschreibung {f}  :: matriculation
einschreiten {v}  :: to intervene, to interfere, to step in
einschränken {vt}  :: to constrain
einschränken {vr}  :: to economize
Einschränkung {f}  :: constraint, restraint
einschätzen {v}  :: to judge, to assess
Einschätzung {f}  :: assessment, estimation
Einschulungsuntersuchung {f}  :: examination of children entering elementary school
einsehen {v} [separable prefix]  :: to comprehend, understand, recognize, realize, accept
einsehen {v} [separable prefix]  :: to see into
einseifen {v}  :: to soap
einseitig {adj}  :: one-sided
einseitig {adj}  :: unbalanced
einseitig {adj}  :: biased
einseitig {adj}  :: unidirectional
einseitig {adj}  :: unrequited (love)
einsenden {v}  :: to send in
Einser {m} [schools, slang]  :: grade one
einsetzbar {adj}  :: usable, applicable
einsetzen {v}  :: to put in; set in; insert
einsetzen {v}  :: to use; employ
einsetzen {v}  :: to appoint
einsetzen {v}  :: to risk
einsetzen {v}  :: to stake
einsetzen {vr}  :: to speak up for
einsetzend {adj}  :: incipient
Einsicht {f}  :: insight (power of acute observation and deduction)
Einsicht {f}  :: a view, a look (into e.g. a room)
einsichtig {adj}  :: reasonable
Einsiedler {m}  :: hermit
Einsiedlerin {f}  :: feminine noun of Einsiedler
einsilbig {adj}  :: monosyllabic
einsparen {v}  :: To save on
einsparen {v}  :: To reduce, cut down on
Einsparung {f}  :: saving, economy
Einsparung {f}  :: retrenchment
Einsparung {f}  :: economizing
einsperren {vt}  :: to lock up, to imprison, to jail
Einspänner {m}  :: one-horse carriage
Einsprache {f} [Switzerland, law]  :: objection
einsprachig {adj}  :: monolingual
Einsprachigkeit {f}  :: monolingualism
Einsprengsel {n}  :: inset, sprinkling, interspersion (state)
einspritzen {v} [technology]  :: to inject
Einspruch {m} [legal, court]  :: objection
einspurig {adj}  :: single-lane, single-track
einst {adv}  :: once, formerly (during some period in the past)
einst {adv}  :: one time, at one point (sometime in the future)
einstöckig {adj}  :: one-story (buildings)
einstehen {v}  :: To vouch (for), take responsibility (for)
einsteigen {v}  :: to get in
einsteigen {v}  :: to get on
Einsteiger {m}  :: beginner, rookie, newbie
Einstein {prop}  :: surname, notably of Albert Einstein
Einstein {m}  :: an extremely intelligent person
Einsteinium {n}  :: einsteinium
Einsteinkonstante {f}  :: Einstein's constant
einstellen {v}  :: to employ, to hire
einstellen {v}  :: to adjust
einstellen {vr}  :: to prepare
einstellen {vr}  :: to appear
einstellen {v}  :: to cease, to stop
einstellig {adj}  :: unary, monadic, single-digit
Einstellung {f}  :: attitude
Einstellung {f}  :: hiring, beginning of an employment
Einstellung {f}  :: cessation, discontinuation
Einstellung {f} [legal]  :: dismissal (of action)
Einstellung {f} [technology]  :: adjustment, setting, calibration (of a machine)
Einstellung {f} [medicine]  :: adjustment (of medication)
Einstellung {f} [film]  :: take
einstens {adv} [formal, literary]  :: once, one day
Einstieg {m}  :: entrance
Einstieg {m}  :: start
Einstiegsdroge {f}  :: gateway drug
einstig {adj}  :: former, erstwhile
einstimmen {v}  :: to join in
einstimmig {adj}  :: unanimous
einstündig {adj}  :: one-hour
Einstrahlung {f}  :: irradiation
Einstrahlung {f}  :: insolation
einstreuen {v}  :: to intersperse
Einstrom {m}  :: influx
einstürzen {v}  :: [building or other construction] to collapse
einstufen {v}  :: to categorize, to class, to classify
einstufig {adj}  :: single-stage
Einstufung {f}  :: classification, ranking, grading
Einsturz {m} [of a building or other construction]  :: collapse
Einsturzgefahr {f}  :: danger of collapse, risk of collapse
einstweilen {adv}  :: for the time being
einstweilen {adv}  :: in the meantime
einstweilig {adj}  :: temporary
einstweilig {adj}  :: provisional, interim
Eintagsfliege {f}  :: mayfly
eintauchen {v}  :: to plunge
eintauchen {v}  :: to immerse, to dip, to steep
eintausend {num} [cardinal]  :: one thousand
eintausendsechshundert {num}  :: one thousand six hundred; 1,600
eintausendsiebenhundert {num}  :: one thousand seven hundred; 1,700
einteilen {v}  :: to divide up
Einteilung {f}  :: classification, arrangement
Einteilung {f}  :: division
eintägig {adj}  :: one-day (attributive)
eintippen {v}  :: to type in
eintönig {adj}  :: monotonous, humdrum
Eintönigkeit {f}  :: monotony
Eintopf {m}  :: stew
Eintracht {f}  :: concord
Eintracht {f}  :: harmony
Eintracht {f}  :: unity
Eintrag {m}  :: entry (in dictionary, record in log)
eintragen {v}  :: to enter, to record
einträchtig {adj}  :: harmonious, peaceful, united
Einträchtigkeit {f}  :: concord
Einträchtigkeit {f}  :: harmony
Einträchtigkeit {f}  :: unity
eintreffen {v}  :: to arrive
eintreffen {v}  :: to come true
eintreten {v}  :: to enter
eintreten {v}  :: to occur, to eventuate
einträglich {adj}  :: profitable
Eintritt {m} [countable]  :: entry, entrance
Eintritt {m} [uncountable]  :: entrance, access (right to go in)
Eintrittskarte {f}  :: ticket (piece of paper that allows entrance into somewhere)
eintrudeln {v} [colloquial]  :: to arrive (often late and/or one by one)
einäugig {adj}  :: one-eyed
einundachtzig {num} [cardinal]  :: eighty-one (81)
einunddreißig {num} [cardinal]  :: thirty-one (31)
einunddreißigste {adj} [ordinal]  :: thirty-first
einunddreissig {num}  :: alternative spelling of einunddreißig
einundfünfzig {num} [cardinal]  :: fifty-one (51)
einundneunzig {num} [cardinal]  :: ninety-one (91)
einundsechzig {num} [cardinal]  :: sixty-one (61)
einundsiebzig {num} [cardinal]  :: seventy-one (71)
einundvierzig {num} [cardinal]  :: forty-one
einundzwanzig {num} [cardinal]  :: twenty-one
einundzwanzigfach {adj}  :: twenty-one-fold
einundzwanzigjährig {adj}  :: twenty-one-year-old
einundzwanzigmal {adv}  :: twenty-one times
einundzwanzigste {adj} [ordinal]  :: twenty-first
einundzwanzigwöchig {adj}  :: twenty-one-week
Einvernehmen {n}  :: consent, agreement
einvernehmlich {adj}  :: amicable
einvernehmlich {adv}  :: amicably
einverstanden {adj} [predicative adjective]  :: In agreement, agreeing
einverstanden {adj} [as interjection]  :: okay, agreed
einverständlich {adj}  :: by mutual consent
einverständlich {adj}  :: amicable
Einverständnis {n}  :: agreement, consent
Einwand {m}  :: objection (statement expressing opposition)
Einwanderer {m}  :: immigrant
einwandern {v}  :: to immigrate
Einwanderung {f}  :: immigration
einwandfrei {adj}  :: perfect, impeccable
einwandig {adj}  :: single-walled
einwöchig {adj}  :: one-week
einwecken {v}  :: to can (to preserve by heating and sealing in a jar)
Einweckglas {n}  :: Weck jar
einweichen {v}  :: to soak
Einweichen {n}  :: soaking, soak
einweihen {v}  :: to initiate
einweihen {v}  :: to inaugurate, to consecrate
einweisen {v}  :: to brief, instruct
einweisen {v}  :: to take to a medical facility
Einweisung {f}  :: briefing, introduction
einwenden {v}  :: to object
einwenden {v}  :: to oppose
einwenden {v}  :: to argue
einwenden {v}  :: to demur
einwertig {adj}  :: monovalent
einwertig {adj}  :: univalent
einwickeln {v}  :: to envelop, wrap up, wrap (enclose in fabric, paper, etc.)
einwickeln {v}  :: to fool, take in (deceive, hoodwink)
einwilligen {v}  :: to consent (to), to agree (to)
Einwilligung {f}  :: consent
einwirkend {adj}  :: acting on
Einwirkung {f}  :: influence (on), exposure (to)
Einwirkung {f}  :: effect, impact
Einwirkzeit {f}  :: exposure / application time / duration
Einwohner {m}  :: inhabitant
einwohnerarm {adj}  :: small (having a small population)
einwohnerreich {adj}  :: populous (having a large population)
Einwohnerzahl {f}  :: population, number of inhabitants
Einwurf {m} [soccer]  :: throw-in
Einwurf {m}  :: insertion; opening
Einwurf {m}  :: slit; slot
Einwurf {m}  :: interjection (in a discussion)
Einzahl {f} [grammar]  :: singular
einzahlen {v} [banking]  :: to deposit (to put money or funds into an account)
einzel- {prefix}  :: single
Einzeldosis {f}  :: single dose
Einzelfall {m}  :: individual case; isolated case
Einzelfallbetrachtung {f}  :: consideration of cases on an individual basis
Einzelgänger {m}  :: loner
einzelgängerisch {adj}  :: solitary
Einzelhandel {m}  :: retail (sale of goods directly to the consumer)
Einzelheit {f}  :: detail
Einzelkind {n}  :: only child
Einzeller {m}  :: unicell, unicellular
einzellig {adj}  :: unicellular
einzeln {adj}  :: single; lone
einzeln {adj}  :: separate; discrete
einzeln {adj}  :: individual
einzeln {adj}  :: sporadic; occasional
einzeln {adv}  :: singly
einzeln {adv}  :: individually; one by one
Einzelnachweis {m}  :: itemization, specification
Einzelner {m}  :: nominalization of einzelner: individual (a single human being)
einzelsprachlich {adj}  :: pertaining to one or more individual languages
Einzelzimmer {n}  :: single room
einziehbar {noun}  :: retractable
einziehen {v}  :: [auxiliary sein] to move in
einziehen {v}  :: [auxiliary haben] to reel
einziehen {v}  :: [auxiliary haben] to retract
einzig {adj}  :: only, sole
einzig {adj}  :: unique
einzig {adv}  :: only
einzigartig {adj}  :: unique
einzigartig {adv}  :: uniquely
einzigst {adj} [colloquial, nonstandard]  :: alternative form of einzig
Einzug {m}  :: move, moving in (the act of moving to a particular dwelling)
Einzug {m}  :: ceremonial entry, entrance, such as of soldiers into a city, dancers into a hall, etc
Einzug {m} [sports]  :: advancement (the reaching of the next round in a tournament)
Einzug {m} [banking]  :: collection of payments due; withdrawal of banknotes
Einzug {m} [typography]  :: indentation
Einzugsparty {f}  :: housewarming party
einzäunen {v}  :: to fence in, fence, enclose
Eis {n}  :: ice
Eis {n}  :: ice cream
Eis {n} [music]  :: E sharp
Eisbahn {f}  :: ice rink
eisbedeckt {adj}  :: ice-covered
Eisbein {n} [regional, northern and central Germany, cooking]  :: pork knuckle
Eisberg {m}  :: iceberg
Eisblume {f}  :: frost pattern, frost flower
Eisbohrkern {m} [geology]  :: ice core
Eisbär {m} [zoology]  :: polar bear (Ursus maritimus)
Eisbrecher {m}  :: icebreaker (ship designed to break through ice)
Eisbrecher {m}  :: starkwater, starling (structure to protect a bridge from ice floating on a river)
Eiscafé {n}  :: ice cream parlor
Eischnee {n}  :: egg white foam
Eiscreme {f}  :: ice cream
Eiscrème {f} [Switzerland]  :: alternative spelling of Eiscreme
Eisdiele {f}  :: ice cream parlor (shop or café selling ice cream)
eisen {v}  :: To freeze
eisen {adj} [obsolete]  :: of iron
Eisen {n}  :: iron (chemical element, Fe)
Eisenach {prop}  :: Eisenach (independent city in Thuringia, Germany)
Eisenarsenid {n} [inorganic compound]  :: iron arsenide
Eisenbahn {f}  :: railway, railroad (transporting system)
Eisenbahn {f} [somewhat, colloquial]  :: train
Eisenbahnüberführung {f}  :: railway overpass
Eisenbahnunterführung {f}  :: railway underpass
Eisenbasislegierung {f}  :: ferrous (iron-based) alloy
eisenbewehrt {adj}  :: reinforced with iron (or steel)
Eisenblech {n}  :: sheet metal (iron)
Eisencarbid {n} [inorganic compound]  :: iron carbide
Eisencarbonyl {n} [inorganic compound]  :: iron carbonyl
Eisenerz {n}  :: iron ore
Eisenerzgrube {f}  :: iron ore mine
eisenfarben {adj}  :: steely (having a gray colour of iron or steel)
Eisengießer {m}  :: iron founder (person who works in an iron foundry
Eisengießerie {f}  :: iron foundry
Eisengranat {m} [mineral]  :: iron garnet
Eisengruppe {f} [inorganic chemistry]  :: iron group
eisenhaltig {adj}  :: ferrous, chalybeate (iron-bearing)
Eisenhauer {prop}  :: surname
Eisenhydroxid {n} [inorganic compound]  :: iron hydroxide (ferrous or ferric)
Eisenion {n}  :: iron ion
Eisenkies {m} [mineral]  :: pyrite
Eisenkraut {n} [uncountable]  :: Verbena (a genus of herbaceous plants)
Eisenkraut {n} [specifically]  :: common vervain [Verbena officinalis]
Eisenkraut {n}  :: lemon verbena (Aloysia citrodora)
Eisenkraut {n} [countable]  :: A plant of any of the above taxa
Eisenmangel {m} [pathology]  :: iron deficiency
Eisenmangelanämie {f} [pathology]  :: iron-deficiency anaemia
Eisenmeteorit {m}  :: iron meteorite
Eisennagel {m}  :: iron nail
Eisenoxid {n} [inorganic compound]  :: iron oxide
Eisenpentacarbonyl {n} [inorganic compound]  :: iron pentacarbonyl
Eisenplatte {f}  :: iron plate
Eisenpräparat {n} [medicine]  :: iron supplement (or similar preparation)
eisenreich {adj}  :: iron-rich
Eisensilikat {n} [inorganic compound]  :: iron silicate
Eisenspat {m} [mineral]  :: siderite
Eisenspäne {noun}  :: iron filings
Eisenstein {m}  :: ironstone
Eisensulfat {n} [inorganic compound]  :: ferrous sulfate
Eisensulfid {n} [inorganic compound]  :: ferrous sulfide
Eisenverhüttung {f}  :: ironmaking (iron smelting)
Eisenwaren {fp}  :: hardware (fixtures, equipment, tools and devices used for general purpose construction and repair of a structure or object)
Eisenwarenladen {m}  :: small hardware store, typically locally owned
Eisenwerkstoff {m}  :: ferrous material
Eisenzeit {f}  :: Iron Age
eisern {adj}  :: iron
eisern {adj}  :: ironclad
eisern {adj}  :: staunch, unyielding
Eiserne Krone {prop} {f}  :: Iron Crown of Lombardy
Eiserner Vorhang {prop} {m}  :: Iron Curtain
Eiserne Vorhang {m} [no plural]  :: Iron Curtain
Eiseskälte {f}  :: icy cold
Eiseskälte {f} [figuratively]  :: icy manner
Eisessig {m} [organic compound]  :: glacial acetic acid
eisfrei {adj}  :: free of ice
eisgekühlt {adj}  :: iced (cooled by the addition of ice)
Eisheilige {f} [in the plurale tantum]  :: a period in May with increased likelihood of night frost, falling on the name days of certain saints
Eisheilige {f}  :: an "ice saint": one of the saints on whose feast days such frost is likely
Eisheiliger {m} [plurale tantum]  :: ice saints, a period in May with increased likelihood of night frost falling on the name days of certain saints
Eisheiliger {m}  :: any male of these saints
Eishockey {n}  :: ice hockey
Eishockeyspieler {m}  :: ice hockey player (male or of unspecified sex)
eisig {adj}  :: icy
eisiger {adj}  :: comparative of eisig
eisigsten {adj}  :: superlative of eisig
Eiskaffee {m}  :: iced coffee
eiskalt {adj}  :: ice-cold
Eiskrem {f}  :: alternative spelling of Eiscreme
Eiskreme {f}  :: alternative spelling of Eiscreme
Eiskunstlauf {m}  :: figure skating
Eiskunstläufer {m}  :: figure skater
eislaufen {v}  :: ice-skate
Eis laufen {v}  :: Spelling reform of 1996 spelling of eislaufen
Eislaufmutti {f} [pejorative]  :: soccer mom (woman overly ambitious with her children's success)
Eisleben {prop}  :: A town in Saxony-Anhalt, now named Lutherstadt Eisleben
Eismeergarnele {f}  :: pink shrimp, deepwater prawn, deep-sea prawn, great northern prawn, crevette nordique, northern shrimp, Pandalus borealis
Eisnebel {m}  :: ice fog
Eisregen {m}  :: freezing rain
Eiss {m}  :: alternative spelling of Eiß
Eisschicht {f}  :: icecap, ice sheet
Eisschnelllauf {m}  :: speed skating
Eisschnellläufer {m}  :: speed skater
Eisscholle {f}  :: ice floe
Eisstein {m} [mineral]  :: cryolite
Eisstocksport {m} [sports]  :: curling
Eisstockstiel {m} [sports]  :: curling stick
Eistaucher {m}  :: great northern diver [Gavia immer]
Eistee {m}  :: iced tea, ice tea
Eisverkäufer {m}  :: ice-cream vendor
Eisvogel {m}  :: kingfisher (any of various birds of the suborder Alcedines)
Eiswein {m}  :: ice wine (a sweet wine made from grapes that are harvested after the first frost)
Eiswürfel {m}  :: ice cube (small piece of ice used for cooling drinks)
Eiszapfen {m}  :: icicle
Eiszeit {f}  :: ice age
eitel {adj}  :: vain (overly proud of oneself, especially one’s outer appearance)
eitel {adj} [religion, otherwise dated]  :: vain; void; futile (having no value or effect)
eitel {adj} [dialectal, otherwise obsolete]  :: empty
Eitelkeit {f}  :: vanity
Eiter {m} [pathology]  :: pus
Eiterbeule {f}  :: boil, furuncle
eiterig {adj}  :: purulent, suppurating, festering
eitern {v}  :: to suppurate (form or discharge pus)
eitrig {adj}  :: purulent, suppurating, festering
Eiweiß {n}  :: albumin / albumen, egg white
Eiweiß {n}  :: protein
eiweißhaltig {adj}  :: albuminous
eiweißhaltig {adj}  :: proteinaceous
Eiweißstoff {m}  :: protein
Eiweißstoff {m}  :: albumin / albumen
Eiweißsynthese {f} [biochemistry]  :: protein synthesis
Eizelle {f}  :: ovum
Ejakulat {n}  :: ejaculate (the liquid ejected during ejaculation)
ejakulieren {v}  :: to ejaculate (of a male, to eject semen, or, of a female, to eject vaginal fluid during an orgasm)
EJRM {prop}  :: initialism of ehemalige jugoslawische Republik Mazedonien
Ekel {m}  :: disgust
ekelerregend {adj}  :: disgusting, revolting, nauseating, sickening, repugnant
ekelhaft {adj}  :: disgusting
ekelig {adj}  :: alternative form of eklig
ekeln {vr} [with vor]  :: to be disgusted
ekeln {vt} [more formal]  :: to disgust
Ekis {prop} {n} [Austria]  :: acronym of Elektronischen Kriminalpolizeilichen Informationssystem; the Austrian internet surveillance system
Ekkehard {prop}  :: given name
ekkrin {adj}  :: eccrine
Eklat {m}  :: scandal, stir
eklatant {adj}  :: striking
eklatant {adj}  :: blatant
eklektisch {adj}  :: eclectic
eklektizistisch {adj}  :: eclectic
eklektizistisch {adj}  :: Related to eclecticism
eklig {adj}  :: disgusting, yucky
Ekliptik {f}  :: ecliptic
ekliptisch {adj}  :: ecliptical
Ekranoplan {noun} [aviation, nautical]  :: ekranoplan
Ekstase {f}  :: ecstasy
ekstatisch {adj}  :: ecstatic
Ektoplasma {n}  :: ectoplasm
ektropisch {adj}  :: ectropic
Ekzem {n}  :: eczema (acute or chronic inflammation of the skin)
EL {m}  :: initialism of Esslöffel
elaboriert {adj}  :: elaborated
Elan {m}  :: elan, verve
elastisch {adj}  :: elastic
elastisch {adj}  :: flexible
elastisch {adj}  :: resilient
elastisch {adj}  :: springy, bouncy
elastischer {adj}  :: comparative of elastisch
elastischsten {adj}  :: superlative of elastisch
Elastizität {m}  :: elasticity
Elastizitätsmodul {m}  :: modulus of elasticity
elastomer {adj}  :: elastomeric
Elastomer {n}  :: elastomer
Elb {m}  :: elf
Elba {prop} {n}  :: Elba (Italian island)
Elbe {prop} {f}  :: the Elbe
Elbe {m}  :: alternative form of Elb (elf)
Elbenvolk {n}  :: the race of elves
elbisch {adj}  :: Elbian; of, located by or pertaining to the Elbe
elbisch {adj}  :: elven, elfish
Elbmetropole {f}  :: metropolis on the Elbe
Elbmetropole {f} [in particular, no plural]  :: Dresden or Hamburg
Elbstadt {f}  :: city on the Elbe
Elch {m}  :: moose, elk (largest member of the deer family)
-elchen {suffix} [standard]  :: used to make diminutives of nouns with a stem ending in -ch, and a few with a stem ending in -g
-elchen {suffix} [regional]  :: used to make diminutives of words with other final sounds, particularly -k and -ng
Elchtest {m}  :: elk test, moose test
Electoral College {n} [politics]  :: electoral college
Elefant {m}  :: elephant (male or of unspecified sex)
Elefantenhochzeit {f} [economics, colloquial]  :: huge merger
Elefantenhochzeit {f} [politics, colloquial]  :: grand coalition
Elefantenrüsselmuschel {f}  :: geoduck, a species of clam (Panopea abrupta or Panope generosa)
elefantös {adj}  :: elephantine (all senses)
elegant {adj}  :: elegant
eleganter {adj}  :: comparative of elegant
elegantesten {adj}  :: superlative of elegant
Eleganz {f}  :: elegance
Elegie {f}  :: elegy (mournful or plaintive poem or song)
elegisch {adj}  :: elegiac
elegisch {adj}  :: plaintive
Elektor {m} [politics]  :: elector (male or of unspecified sex)
Elektricität {f}  :: obsolete spelling of Elektrizität
Elektrik {n} [colloquial]  :: synonym of Elektrizität
Elektriker {m}  :: electrician (male or of unspecified sex) (a person who installs, repairs and maintains electrical wiring and equipment)
Elektrikerin {f}  :: electrician (female) (a person who installs, repairs and maintains electrical wiring and equipment)
elektrisch {adj}  :: electric
Elektrischer Wels {m}  :: electric catfish
elektrische Zigarette {f}  :: electronic cigarette
elektrisieren {v}  :: electrify (supply electricity to)
elektrisieren {v}  :: electrify (excite suddenly)
elektrisiert {adj}  :: electrified
elektrisiren {v}  :: obsolete spelling of elektrisieren
elektrisirt {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of elektrisiert
Elektrizität {f}  :: electricity
Elektrizitätswerk {n}  :: (electric) power station
elektro- {prefix}  :: electro-
elektrochemisch {adj} [chemistry]  :: electrochemical
Elektrode {f}  :: electrode
Elektrodenpotential {n} [physics, chemistry]  :: electrode potential
Elektrodynamik {f} [physics]  :: electrodynamics
elektrodynamisch {adj} [physics]  :: electrodynamic
Elektroenergie {f}  :: electric energy
Elektroenzephalografie {f}  :: electroencephalography
Elektrofahrzeug {n}  :: electric vehicle
elektrogen {adj}  :: electrogenic
Elektrogitarre {f}  :: electric guitar (a guitar which requires electronic amplification to produce sufficient sound)
Elektrogravimetrie {f} [inorganic chemistry]  :: electrogravimetry
Elektrogrill {m}  :: electric grill
Elektroindustrie {f}  :: electrical industry
Elektroingenieur {m}  :: electrical engineer
Elektroinstallation {f}  :: electrical installation
Elektrokeramik {f}  :: electroceramic
Elektrolokomotive {f} [transportation, train]  :: train locomotive
Elektrolyse {f} [chemistry]  :: electrolysis
Elektrolysezelle {f} [physics, chemistry]  :: electrolytic cell
elektrolysiert {v}  :: past participle of elektrolysieren - electrolyzed
Elektrolyt {m}  :: electrolyte
elektrolytisch {adj}  :: electrolytic
elektrolytisch {adv}  :: electrolytically
Elektrolytkondensator {m}  :: electrolytic capacitor
Elektromagnet {m}  :: electromagnet
elektromagnetisch {adj}  :: electromagnetic
elektromagnetische Wechselwirkung {f} [physics]  :: electromagnetic interaction
Elektromagnetismus {m} [physics]  :: electromagnetism
elektromechanisch {adj}  :: electromechanical
Elektromobilität {f}  :: electromobility
Elektromotor {m}  :: electric motor
Elektron {n}  :: electron
elektronegativ {adj}  :: electronegative
Elektronegativität {f}  :: electronegativity
Elektronenaffinität {f} [physics]  :: electron affinity
Elektronenakzeptor {m} [chemistry]  :: electron acceptor
Elektronenübertragung {f} [chemistry]  :: electron transfer
Elektronendonator {m} [chemistry]  :: electron donor
Elektronendonor {m} [chemistry]  :: electron donor
Elektroneneinfang {f} [physics]  :: electron capture
Elektronenfehlstelle {f} [physics]  :: electron hole
Elektronenkonfiguration {f} [physics, chemistry]  :: electron configuration
Elektronenmangel {m} [chemistry]  :: electron deficiency
Elektronenmasse {f} [physics]  :: electron mass
Elektronenmikroskop {n}  :: electron microscope (any of several forms of microscope that use a beam of electrons rather than one of light)
Elektronenpaar {n} [physics, chemistry]  :: electron pair
Elektronenschale {f} [physics]  :: electron shell
Elektronenstrahl {m}  :: electron beam
elektronenstrahlgeschmolzen {adj}  :: electron-beam-melted
Elektronenvolt {n}  :: electron volt (eV)
Elektronenzahl {f} [physics, chemistry]  :: electron number
Elektronik {f}  :: electronics
Elektronikindustrie {f}  :: electronics industry
Elektronikschrott {m}  :: e-waste
elektronisch {adj}  :: electronic
elektronische Datenverarbeitung {f} [computing]  :: electronic data processing (EDP), computer data processing
elektronische Zigarette {f}  :: electronic cigarette
Elektroofen {m}  :: electric fire
Elektroofen {m}  :: electric oven, furnace or kiln
elektrophil {adj}  :: electrophilic
Elektrophil {n}  :: electrophile
Elektrophysiologie {f}  :: electrophysiology
elektropositiv {adj}  :: electropositive
Elektroschrott {m}  :: e-waste
Elektroschweißen {n}  :: electronic welding
Elektroskop {n} [physics]  :: electroscope
elektrostatisch {adj}  :: electrostatic
Elektrotechnik {f} [electrical engineering]  :: electrical engineering
elektrotechnisch {adj}  :: electrotechnical
Element {n}  :: element
elementar {adj}  :: rudimentary, basic, elementary
elementar {adj}  :: fundamental
Elementaranalyse {f}  :: elementary analysis
Elementarladung {f} [physics]  :: elementary charge
Elementarteilchen {n}  :: elementary particle (fundamental particle)
Elementarzelle {f}  :: unit cell
Elementbezeichnung {f}  :: element's name
Elementhalbleiter {m}  :: single-element semiconductor
Elementhäufigkeit {f}  :: frequency (relative abundance) of the elements
Elementsymbol {n} [chemistry]  :: chemical symbol
Elementwasserstoff {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: binary hydride (simple compound of an element and hydrogen)
Elen {m} {n}  :: moose [US], elk [UK] Alces alces
Elena {prop}  :: given name
Elenantilope {f}  :: eland
elend {adj}  :: miserable
elend {adj}  :: wretched
elend {adj}  :: sordid
Elend {n}  :: misery
elenktisch {adj}  :: elenctic
Eleonora {prop}  :: given name, variant of Eleonore (Eleanor)
Eleonore {prop}  :: given name, cognate to Eleanor
Elephant {m}  :: elephant. obsolete form of Elefant
Elephant {m} [chess, obsolete]  :: castle, rook
eleusinisch {adj}  :: Eleusinian
elf {num} [cardinal]  :: eleven
Elf {f}  :: football team (so called because eleven is the number of players on such a team)
Elf {m}  :: elf
Elfe {m}  :: alternative form of Elf
Elfe {f}  :: female elf
Elfe {f}  :: fairy
Elfe {f}  :: pixie
elfeckig {adj}  :: hendecagonal
Elfenbein {n}  :: ivory (material)
elfenbeinfarben {adj}  :: ivory (having colour of ivory)
Elfenbeinküste {prop} {f}  :: Ivory Coast, Côte d'Ivoire (country)
Elfenbeinturm {m} [idiomatic]  :: ivory tower
Elfer {m}  :: someone or something with the number eleven (a bus line, a football player etc.)
Elfer {m}  :: penalty kick (in association football, taken from eleven metres from the goal)
elffach {adj}  :: elevenfold
elfhundert {num}  :: eleven hundred
elfmal {adv}  :: eleven times
Elfmeter {m} [executed to determine the outcome of a game]  :: penalty kick
Elfmeterschießen {n}  :: penalty shoot-out
Elfriede {prop}  :: given name, cognate to Elfreda
elfstellig {adj}  :: eleven-digit
elfstündig {adj}  :: eleven-hour
elfte {adj} [ordinal]  :: eleventh
ELGA {initialism} [healthcare, Austria]  :: initialism of w:de:Elektronische Gesundheitsakte (electronic health records)
Elia {prop}  :: Elijah [biblical character]
Elia {prop}  :: given name, much more common in the form Elias
Elias {prop}  :: given name of biblical origin
Elimination {f}  :: elimination
eliminieren {v}  :: to eliminate
Eliminierung {f} [organic chemistry]  :: elimination (reaction)
Elisa {prop}  :: given name, short for Elisabeth
Elisa {prop}  :: Elisha [biblical character]
Elisabeth {prop}  :: Elizabeth [biblical character]
Elisabeth {prop}  :: given name of biblical origin
elisabethanisch {adj}  :: Elizabethan
elisabethinisch {adj} [rare]  :: alternative form of elisabethanisch
Elise {prop}  :: given name derived from Elisabeth
Elitarismus {m}  :: elitism
Elite {f}  :: elite
Eliteeinheit {f}  :: elite unit (eg of a military)
Elitist {m}  :: elitist
elitär {adj}  :: elite
elitär {adj}  :: elitist
Elixier {n} [alchemy]  :: elixir (liquid which was believed to turn non-precious metals to gold; liquid which was believed to cure all ills)
Elixier {n} [pharmacy]  :: elixir (sweet taste-masking liquid)
Elke {prop}  :: given name, a Low German and West Frisian diminutive of Adelheid; popular in the mid-twentieth century
-ell {suffix}  :: pertaining or adhering to; adjectival suffix attaching to nouns
Ella {prop}  :: given name, similar to English Ella
Ellbogen {m}  :: elbow
Elle {f} [skeleton]  :: ulna
Elle {f}  :: ell
Ellebogen {m} [colloquial, regional]  :: alternative form of Ellbogen
Ellen {prop}  :: given name of English and Danish origin
Ellenbogen {m}  :: alternative form of Ellbogen
Ellenbogengesellschaft {f}  :: dog-eat-dog society (world, jungle), survival-of-the-fittest world, everyone-for-himself society
ellenlang {adj}  :: incredibly long
Elli {prop}  :: given name, diminutive of Elisabeth
Ellipse {f} [mathematics]  :: ellipse
Ellipse {f}  :: ellipsis
Ellipsoid {n}  :: ellipsoid (surface all of whose cross sections are elliptic or circular)
elliptisch {adj}  :: elliptical (ellipse-shaped)
elliptisch {adj}  :: elliptical (showing ellipsis)
Elly {prop}  :: given name, short for Elisabeth
Elma {prop} {f}  :: given name, cognate to English Elma
Elmar {prop}  :: given name, shortened from Adelmar, roughly equivalent to English Elmer
Elmen {prop} {n}  :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
Elmo {prop}  :: given name, cognate to the English Elmo
eloquent {adj}  :: eloquent
Eloquenz {f}  :: eloquence
eloxieren {v}  :: To anodize
eloxiert {v}  :: past participle of eloxieren
eloxiert {adj}  :: anodized
Elsaß {prop} {n}  :: Alsace
Elsa {prop}  :: given name
El Salvador {prop} {n}  :: El Salvador
Elsass {prop} {n}  :: Alsace (region of France)
Elsbeth {prop}  :: given name, shortened form of Elisabeth
Elschenbroich {prop}  :: surname
Else {prop}  :: given name borrowed from Danish
Elsässer {m}  :: Alsatian (man from Alsace)
Elsässerin {f}  :: Alsatian (woman from Alsace)
elsässisch {adj}  :: Alsatian (related to Alsatia, its inhabitants or its languages)
Elsässisch {prop} {n}  :: Alsatian (language)
Elster {f}  :: magpie
elterlich {adj}  :: parental
Eltern {mf} {n} [plural only]  :: parents
Elternabend {m} [schools]  :: parent-teacher conference night
elternlos {adj}  :: parentless(without a (living) parent)
Elternschaft {f}  :: parenthood (state of being parents), parenting (process of raising and educating a child)
Elternschaft {f}  :: [collective noun] parents (of a school or community as a whole)
Elternteil {m}  :: parent
Elvira {prop}  :: given name, cognate to English Elvira
EM {initialism}  :: Europameisterschaft
Email {n}  :: enamel (opaque, glassy coating baked onto metal or ceramic objects)
E-Mail {f}  :: e-mail (system; letter)
Emaille {f}  :: enamel, vitreous enamel, porcelain enamel
Emaillefarbe {f}  :: enamel paint
emaillieren {v}  :: to enamel
Emaillierung {f}  :: enamelling
emanatistisch {adj}  :: emanationist
Emanuel {prop}  :: given name, cognate to English Emmanuel
Emanze {f} [colloquial]  :: women's libber
Emanzipation {f}  :: emancipation
emanzipieren {v}  :: emancipate
Embargo {n}  :: embargo
Emblem {n}  :: emblem, symbol, logo
emblematisch {adj}  :: emblematic
Embolie {f} [pathology]  :: embolism (obstruction or occlusion of an artery by an embolus)
Embryo {m} {n}  :: embryo
embryonal {adj}  :: embryonic
embryonentoxisch {adj}  :: embryotoxic
Emden {prop}  :: Emden (independent city in Lower Saxony, Germany)
Emelie {prop}  :: given name, variant of Emilie or Amelie
Emely {prop}  :: given name, variant of Emilie or Amelie
emendieren {v}  :: to emend (to correct and revise)
Emergenz {f} [philosophy, psychology, physics]  :: emergence (arising of emergent structure in complex systems)
emeritiert {adj}  :: emeritus
Emetikum {n} [medicine]  :: emetic (an agent that induces vomiting)
Emigrant {m}  :: emigrant
Emigration {f}  :: emigration
emigrieren {v}  :: to emigrate
Emil {prop} {m}  :: given name of Latin origin
Emilia {prop}  :: given name, a latinate variant of Emilie
Emilie {prop}  :: given name, cognate to Emily
Emily {prop}  :: given name, an English type spelling of Emilie
Eminenz {f}  :: eminence
Eminenz {f}  :: (His) Eminence
Emir {m}  :: emir (title of a prince, commander or other leader or ruler in an Islamic nation)
Emirat {n}  :: emirate (country or province ruled by an emir)
emisch {adj}  :: emic
Emission {f}  :: emission
Emission {f}  :: issue, launch
emissionsarm {adj}  :: low-emission
Emissionslinie {f} [physics]  :: emission line
Emissionsquelle {f} [physics]  :: source (radioactive)
Emissär {m}  :: emissary
emittieren {v}  :: to emit; send out; give off
emittieren {v} [finance]  :: to issue
Emma {prop}  :: given name
Emmeline {prop}  :: given name, cognate to the English Emmeline
Emmentaler {m}  :: Emmentaler
Emmer {m}  :: emmer (a particular species of wheat, Triticum dicoccon)
Emmerich {prop}  :: given name, borne by an 11th century Hungarian saint
Emmetropie {f}  :: emmetropia
Emmi {prop}  :: given name, variant spelling of Emmy
Emmy {prop} {f}  :: given name, diminutive of Emilie and Emma
Emoji {n}  :: emoji (ideogrammatic icon used in text messaging)
Emotion {f}  :: emotion
emotional {adj}  :: emotional
emotionaler {adj}  :: comparative of emotional
emotionalsten {adj}  :: superlative of emotional
emotionslos {adj}  :: emotionless
emotiv {adj}  :: emotive
emp- {prefix}  :: Inseparable prefix that denotes a kind of negation to the verb. The older meaning of "ent" ‘gegen, entgegen’ (against, towards) is almost hidden. Compare empfangen <-> entgegennehmen <-> to receive. The 'emp' form of 'ent' is only kept in the three words mentioned above
Empathie {f}  :: empathy
empathisch {adj}  :: empathic, empathetic
Emperativ {noun}  :: used mockingly to describe a grammatical mistake where a person uses e rather than i in an imperative
Empfang {m} [social engagement or ability to receive radio signals or reaction]  :: reception
Empfang {m} [act of receiving]  :: receipt
empfangen {vt}  :: to receive
empfangen {vt}  :: to greet; to welcome
empfangen {vti} [biology]  :: to conceive; to become pregnant (with)
Empfangschef {m}  :: male receptionist, male desk attendant
Empfangsdame {f}  :: female receptionist
Empfangsgerät {n} [electronics]  :: receiver
Empfangsherr {m} [rare]  :: male receptionist
empfehlen {vt}  :: to recommend; to advocate
empfehlen {vr}  :: to offer one's services
empfehlenswert {adj}  :: advisable, recommendable, commendable
Empfehlung {f}  :: recommendation
empfinden {v}  :: to feel (to sense)
empfindlich {adj}  :: sensitive
empfindlicher {adj}  :: comparative of empfindlich
Empfindlichkeit {f}  :: sensitivity, sensibility
Empfindlichkeit {f} [photography]  :: speed (of film)
empfindlichsten {adj}  :: superlative of empfindlich
empfindsam {adj}  :: sensitive, tender, compassionate
Empfindung {f}  :: sensation
Empfindung {f}  :: feeling, emotion
Empfänger {m}  :: receiver
Empfänger {m}  :: addressee
Empfänger {m}  :: receptor
empfänglich {adj}  :: susceptible, receptive
Empfängnisverhütung {f} [rather formal]  :: contraception (use of a device or procedure to prevent conception as the result of sexual activity)
empfohlen {adj}  :: recommended, endorsed
Emphase {f} [formal]  :: emphasis
emphatisch {adj}  :: emphatic
empirisch {adj}  :: empirical
empor {adv}  :: up, upward
empor- {prefix}  :: Separable verb prefix that indicates movement to the top of something
Emporkömmling {m}  :: social climber
emporstreben {v}  :: to strive to a height, to aim to a height
empören {vr}  :: to be outraged
empören {vt}  :: to outrage
Empörung {f}  :: indignation
emsig {adj}  :: industrious
Emu {m}  :: emu
emulieren {v} [computing]  :: to emulate
Emulsion {f}  :: emulsion
Emydisch {noun}  :: emydid
-en {suffix}  :: A suffix of all verbs in their infinitive form
-en {suffix}  :: A suffix indicating the 1st and 3rd person plural forms (except the present indicative sind of sein)
-en {suffix}  :: A suffix appended to strong verb stems to form the past participle
-en {suffix}  :: A suffix appended to some nouns in all of their plural forms. These nouns are so-called “weak” or “mixed” nouns; they are most often feminine, often masculine, rarely neuter
-en {suffix}  :: A suffix appended to weak masculine nouns in all oblique cases of the singular, and to some mixed nouns in the singular dative and accusative
-en {suffix}  :: A suffix appended to most other nouns, the so-called “strong” nouns, in their plural dative
-en {suffix}  :: A suffix (in fact, the most common declensional ending) which is appended to determiners, adjectives, and participles, for multiple forms of all grammatical cases, both singular and plural
-en {suffix}  :: A suffix which is used to create adjectives that most often refer to materials
-en {suffix} [chemistry]  :: -ene (alkene suffix)
-en- {interfix}  :: alternative form of -n-
enaktiv {adj}  :: enactive
Enantiomer {n} [chemistry]  :: An enantiomer
Enargit {m} [mineral]  :: enargite
-end {suffix}  :: A suffix forming the present participle of German verbs, analogous to English -ing
Endbetrag {m}  :: final amount
Enddarm {m}  :: rectum
Ende {n}  :: end, finish
Ende {n}  :: conclusion
Ende Gelände {proverb}  :: Proverb to say something has ended
endemisch {adj}  :: endemic
Endemit {m} [biology]  :: endemic (individual or species that is endemic)
enden {v}  :: to end
Endergebnis {n}  :: end result, final outcome
endesgefertigt {adj}  :: finished (typically with a signature)
endgeil {adj} [colloquial]  :: great, excellent; hip, cool
endgelagert {v}  :: past participle of endlagern
endgültig {adj}  :: final, ultimate
endgültig {adj}  :: definitive
Endlager {n}  :: A final storage facility for radioactive waste, deep geological repository
endlagern {v} [of waste, especially radioactive waste]  :: to store permanently, to dispose of permanently
Endlagerung {f} [of waste, especially radioactive waste]  :: final storage, final disposal
endlich {adj}  :: finite, limited
endlich {adv}  :: eventually, at last, finally, endly
endlos {adj}  :: endless
Endlösung {f} [no plural, euphemistic]  :: Nazi term for the planned and attempted mass murder of the European Jews, the Holocaust
Endlösung {f} [dated]  :: the final or definitive solution to a question or problem
Endlösung {f} [chemistry, possibly dated]  :: the final solution: the solution reached after the last of several dissolutions of solute(s) in solvent(s)
Endogamie {f}  :: endogamy (the practice of marrying within one's own social group)
endogenetisch {adj} [genetics]  :: endogenetic
Endokard {n} [anatomy, cardiology]  :: endocardium (membrane that lines the interior of the heart)
Endokrinologe {m}  :: endocrinologist (male or of unspecified sex)
Endokrinologie {f}  :: endocrinology
Endokrinologin {f}  :: endocrinologist (female)
Endometrium {n}  :: endometrium
endophytisch {adj}  :: endophytic
endoplasmatisch {adj} [cytology]  :: endoplasmic (of, or relating to endoplasm)
Endoskop {n}  :: endoscope
Endoskopie {f}  :: endoscopy
endoskopisch {adj}  :: endoscopic
endoskopisch {adv}  :: endoscopically
endothelial {adj}  :: endothelial
endotherm {adj}  :: endothermic
endothym {adj} [psychology]  :: endothymic (determined by feelings; coming from the spiritual area of the subconscious, the affective, and the emotional)
endotracheal {adj}  :: endotracheal
endotracheal {adv}  :: endotracheally
endozentrisch {adj}  :: endocentric
Endplatte {f}  :: endplate
Endprodukt {n}  :: end product
Endpunkt {m} [chemistry]  :: endpoint
Endspiel {n} [sports]  :: final
Endspurt {m}  :: final sprint
Endstation {f}  :: end of the line, terminus
endsunterschrieben {adj}  :: signed (of a document)
Endung {f}  :: ending
Endung {f} [linguistics]  :: ending, desinence, termination
Endung {f} [linguistics, obsolete]  :: case
Endzeit {f}  :: end times
Endzustand {m}  :: final state or condition
Endzweck {m}  :: ultimate goal, purpose, objective
energetisch {adj}  :: energetic
energetisch {adv}  :: energetically
Energie {f}  :: energy
energiearm {adj}  :: low-energy
Energieaufnahme {f}  :: energy intake or absorption
Energieaufwand {m}  :: energy expenditure / input
energieaufwändig {adj}  :: energy-intensive
Energiedichte {f} [physics]  :: energy density, flux
Energieerzeugung {f}  :: (electrical) power generation
Energiefreisetzung {f}  :: release of energy
energiegeladen {adj} [of a person]  :: energetic
Energiegewinnung {f}  :: energy production
Energieinhalt {m}  :: energy content
energieintensiv {adj}  :: energy-intensive
energieliefernd {adj}  :: energy-supplying
Energieniveau {n} [physics]  :: energy level
energiepolitisch {adj}  :: energy policy (attributive)
Energiequelle {f}  :: energy source
energiereich {adj}  :: energized (rich in energy)
energierelevant {adj}  :: relevant to the production and use of energy
energiesparend {adj}  :: energy-saving
Energiespeicher {m}  :: energy store or storage
Energiestoffwechsel {m} [physiology]  :: energy metabolism
Energiesystem {n}  :: energy system
Energietechnik {f}  :: energy technology
Energietransfer {m} [physics]  :: energy transfer
Energieträger {m}  :: energy carrier
Energieverbrauch {m}  :: energy consumption / expenditure
energieverbrauchsrelevant {adj}  :: relevant to energy consumption
Energieversorgung {f}  :: energy supply
Energieversorgung {f}  :: power supply
Energiezufuhr {f}  :: energy supply or input
Energiezufuhr {f}  :: power supply
Energiezustand {n} [physics]  :: energy level
energisch {adj} [of a person]  :: energetic, firm
Enfant terrible {n}  :: enfant terrible
eng {adj}  :: narrow, tight
Engagement {n} [hiring of an artist]  :: engagement
Engagement {n}  :: commitment
engagieren {vt} [to hire an artist]  :: to engage
engagieren {vr}  :: to get involved, to be involved
engagiert {adj}  :: committed, dedicated
engagierter {adj}  :: comparative of engagiert
enganliegend {adj}  :: close-fitting, snug
Engel {m}  :: angel
Engel {prop}  :: surname
Engelbert {prop} {m}  :: given name
Engelbrecht {prop} {m}  :: given name, rare today
Engelbrecht {prop} {m}  :: surname
engelgleich {adj}  :: alternative form of engelsgleich
engelhaft {adj}  :: angelic
Engelhai {m}  :: angel shark
Engels {prop}  :: surname
engelsgleich {adj}  :: angelic
Engelstrompete {f}  :: angel's trumpet, Brugmansia
Engerling {m}  :: white, dirt-dwelling maggot of the cockchafer or botfly
engherzig {adj}  :: petty, pedantic, narrow-minded
engl. {adj}  :: abbreviation of englisch
England {prop} {n}  :: England
England {prop} {n} [somewhat, colloquial]  :: Great Britain
England {prop} {n} [somewhat, colloquial]  :: United Kingdom
England {prop} {n} [colloquial, proscribed]  :: the British Isles (including the Republic of Ireland)
englisch {adj}  :: English
englisch {adj} [of steak etc]  :: rare
englisch {adj} [archaic]  :: angelic, angelical
Englisch {prop} {n}  :: the English language
englische Härte {f} [idiomatic, football]  :: The degree of tough defending one must expect or cope with when playing against an English side, or under an English referee
englische Härte {f} [idiomatic, figurative]  :: A course of action that may seem unfair, but is considered within the limits of common practices
englischer Gruß {m} [Roman Catholicism]  :: Angelic Salutation, Hail Mary
englischsprachig {adj}  :: anglophone (English-speaking)
Engländer {m}  :: an English person (male or of unspecified sex), an Englander; an Englishman
Engländer {m} [somewhat, colloquial]  :: any English-speaking person of origins unknown to the speaker
Engländer {m} [colloquial]  :: a British person
Engländer {m}  :: an adjustable spanner [UK] or adjustable wrench [US]
Engländerin {f}  :: Englishwoman, an English person (female) (woman or girl from England)
engmaschig {adj}  :: continuous (control etc)
engmaschig {adj}  :: fine-meshed
Engpass {m}  :: bottleneck
Engpass {m}  :: supply shortfall
en gros {adv}  :: in bulk, wholesale
engstirnig {adj}  :: narrow-minded
enigmatisch {adj}  :: enigmatic
enkaptisch {adj}  :: encaptic
Enkel {m}  :: grandchild
Enkel {m}  :: grandson
Enkelin {f}  :: granddaughter
Enkelkind {n}  :: grandchild
Enklave {f}  :: enclave
enklitisch {adj}  :: enclitic
en masse {adv}  :: in large amounts
enneaeterisch {adj}  :: enneatical
Enolase {f} [enzyme]  :: enolase
enorm {adj}  :: enormous
enossal {adj}  :: intraosseous
enostal {adj}  :: alternative form of enossal
Enquete {f}  :: inquiry, investigation
enragiert {adj}  :: angry, furious
-ens {suffix}  :: plural suffix for family names that end in a sibilant consonant
-ens {suffix} [dated]  :: genitive suffix for personal names that end in a sibilant consonant
-ens {suffix} [dated]  :: genitive suffix for personal names that end in -ia
-ens {suffix}  :: forms adverbs from superlatives and ordinal numbers
Ensemble {n}  :: ensemble
Enstatit {m} [mineral]  :: enstatite
ent- {prefix}  :: Inseparable verb prefix indicating removing something from the object, from, away from, off
ent- {prefix}  :: Inseparable verb prefix indicating a conversion to the opposite, a reversion
ent- {prefix}  :: Inseparable verb prefix indicating the beginning of something
entaktogen {adj}  :: entactogenic
entarten {v}  :: degenerate
entartet {adj}  :: degenerate
entbehren {v}  :: to do without, to dispense with
entbehren {v}  :: to be deprived of
entbehren {v} [+ genitive]  :: to be without, to lack, to miss
entbehrlich {adj}  :: dispensable, superfluous, unnecessary
entbehrungsreich {adj}  :: deprived
entbieten {v} [literary, ditransitive, with accusative and dative]  :: to present (one's greetings etc.)
entbieten {v} [literary, archaic, ditransitive, with accusative and zu]  :: to summon
entbinden {v}  :: to birth a child
entbinden {v}  :: to free someone from a job or duty; to release; to set free
Entbindung {f}  :: liberation (from something, especially an obligation)
Entbindung {f} [medicine]  :: childbirth; delivery
Entbindungspfleger {m}  :: midwife (male or of unspecified sex)
entblößen {v}  :: to divest, to denude
entblößen {v}  :: to free oneself of, to deprive of
entblößen {v}  :: to expose something hidden, to reveal
entblößt {v}  :: past participle of entblößen
entbrennen {vi}  :: to burst
Entchen {n}  :: diminutive of Ente
Entchen {n}  :: duckling
entdecken {v}  :: to discover, to spot
Entdecker {m}  :: agent noun of entdecken
Entdecker {m}  :: discoverer
Entdecker {m}  :: explorer (A person who by expedition seeks new information.)
entdeckt {adj}  :: discovered, detected
Entdeckung {f}  :: discovery
Ente {f}  :: duck (aquatic bird of the family Anatidae)
Ente {f} [typically]  :: mallard; by far the most common duck species in the area, thought of as the duck per se
Ente {f} [colloquial nickname]  :: Citroën 2CV
Ente {f} [medicine]  :: urinal (vessel for holding urine)
Ente {f} [journalism]  :: canard (false or misleading report)
Enteignung {f}  :: expropriation
enteisen {v}  :: to deice (remove ice)
enteist {v}  :: past participle of enteisen
entenartig {adj}  :: ducklike
Entenbraten {m}  :: roast duck
Entenbrust {m}  :: duck breast
Entenhausen {prop} {n}  :: Duckburg (fictional city where Donald Duck lives)
Entenküken {n}  :: duckling
Ententeich {m}  :: duckpond
enterben {v}  :: to disinherit
Enterich {m}  :: drake (male duck)
enterisch {adj}  :: enteric, intestinal
entern {v}  :: to board (an enemy ship)
enterohepatisch {adj}  :: enterohepatic
enterohämorrhagisch {adj}  :: enterohaemorrhagic
Entf {abbr} [computing]  :: Del
entfachen {v}  :: to kindle
entfachen {v}  :: to stir up
entfacht {v}  :: past participle of entfachen
entfallen {v}  :: To drop or be dropped
entfallen {v}  :: To lapse or be cancelled
entfallen {v}  :: To slip one's memory
entfallen {adj}  :: omitted
entfallen {adj}  :: cancelled
entfalten {v}  :: to unfold (to undo a folding)
entfalten {v}  :: to unfold; develop; pan out
entfaltet {v}  :: past participle of entfalten
entfernen {vt}  :: to remove
entfernen {vr}  :: to gradually move away; to recede; to retreat; to diverge
entfernen {vr}  :: to stray; to deviate; to depart (from a group, a route, etc.)
entfernen {vr} [military or related context]  :: to desert; to go absent; to leave without permission
entfernen {vr} [formal]  :: to leave a place; to remove oneself
Entfernen {n}  :: removal
Entfernen {n}  :: detachment
entfernt {adj}  :: distant
entfernt {adj} [with a measurement]  :: away
entfernter {adj}  :: comparative of entfernt
Entfernung {f}  :: distance
Entfernung {f}  :: removal
entfesseln {v}  :: to unchain
entführen {vt}  :: to abduct, to kidnap
Entführer {m}  :: agent noun of entführen; abductor
Entführung {f}  :: abduction, kidnapping
Entführung {f}  :: elopement
entflammbar {adj}  :: inflammable
entfliehen {vit} [with dative]  :: to escape
entflohen {v}  :: past participle of entfliehen
entfolgen {v} [Internet, with dative]  :: to unfollow (unsubscribe from a particular information feed)
entfärben {v}  :: To discolour or bleach
entfärbt {v}  :: past participle of entfärben
entfärbt {adj}  :: discoloured, faded, bleached
Entfärbung {f}  :: decolouration
Entfärbung {f}  :: decolourization
Entfärbungsmittel {n}  :: decolorant
entfremden {v} [ditransitive]  :: to estrange, to alienate
entfremdet {v}  :: past participle of entfremden
Entfremdung {f}  :: alienation, estrangement
Entfremdung {f}  :: misappropriation
Entfreundung {f}  :: unfriending
entfrosten {v}  :: to defrost
Entfroster {m}  :: defroster
entgast {v}  :: past participle of entgasen
entgast {adj}  :: degassed
Entgasung {f}  :: degassing
entgegen {adv}  :: against
entgegen {postp} [with dative]  :: toward
entgegen- {prefix}  :: Separable verb prefix that indicates movement towards or against something
entgegeneilen {v}  :: to hasten towards (something), to rush to meet (someone)
entgegengeschlagen {v}  :: past participle of entgegenschlagen
entgegengesetzt {adj}  :: opposed, opposite, opposing, contrary
entgegengesetzt {adj}  :: inverse
entgegengesetzt {adj}  :: past participle of entgegensetzen
entgegengewirkt {v}  :: past participle of entgegenwirken
entgegenkommen {v}  :: to come towards the face of something or somebody
entgegenkommend {adj}  :: accommodating, obliging, complaisant
entgegenschlagen {v} [often metaphorical]  :: to assail someone, to be faced by someone, to throw against someone
entgegenstreben {v}  :: to strive towards a certain direction [+ dat]
entgegenstreben {v}  :: to endeavor against something [+ dat]
entgegenwirken {v}  :: To counteract or counter, [+ dat]
entgegenwirken {v}  :: To thwart, [+ dat]
entgehen {vt}  :: to miss
entgehen {v}  :: to slip
entgehen {vi}  :: to escape
entgeistert {adj}  :: dumbfounded
Entgelt {n}  :: charge, payed money
entgeltlich {adj}  :: in return for payment
entgeltlich {adj} [finance, legal]  :: to purchase
entgeltlich {adj} [legal]  :: for for valuable consideration
Entgiftung {f}  :: detoxification
entgleisen {vi}  :: to derail, come off the tracks [also figuratively]
Entgleisung {f} [train or figuratively]  :: derailment
Entgleisung {f}  :: slip, lapse, blunder
entgratet {v}  :: past participle of entgraten
entgratet {adj}  :: deburred
Enthaarung {f}  :: depilation
Enthaarungsmittel {n}  :: depilatory
Enthalpie {f}  :: enthalpy
enthalten {v}  :: to contain, comprise or include
enthalten {vr} [with genitive]  :: to abstain from
enthalten {v}  :: past participle of enthalten
enthalten {adj}  :: contained, included, covered
enthaltend {adj}  :: containing
enthaltsam {adj}  :: abstinent
Enthaltsamkeit {f}  :: abstinence
enthaupten {v}  :: to behead, to decapitate
enthauptet {v}  :: past participle of enthaupten
Enthauptung {f}  :: beheading, decapitation
entheiligen {v}  :: to desecrate
enthüllen {v}  :: to unveil
Enthüllung {f}  :: unveiling
Enthüllung {f}  :: revelation
enthärten {v}  :: To soften
enthärtet {v}  :: past participle of enthärten
Enthärtung {f}  :: softening
Enthusiasmus {m}  :: enthusiasm
enthusiastisch {adj}  :: enthusiastic
entionisieren {v}  :: To deionize
entionisiert {v}  :: past participle of entionisieren
entionisiert {adj}  :: deionized
entjungfern {v}  :: to deflower (to take somebody’s virginity)
entjungfert {v}  :: past participle of entjungfern
entkeimen {v}  :: to disinfect
entkernt {adj}  :: seedless
entkoffeiniert {adj}  :: decaffeinated
Entkohlung {f}  :: decarbonization, decarburization
entkokainisieren {v}  :: to decocainize
entkokainisiert {adj}  :: decocainized
entkommen {v}  :: to escape
Entkommen {n}  :: escape, getaway
entkoppelt {v}  :: past participle of entkoppeln
entkoppelt {adj}  :: uncoupled
entkoppelt {adj}  :: decoupled
Entkopplung {f}  :: decoupling
entkorken {v}  :: to uncork
entkorkt {v}  :: past participle of entkorken
entkräften {v}  :: to refute
entkräftet {adj}  :: invalidated
entkräfteter {adj}  :: comparative of entkräftet
entkräftetsten {adj}  :: superlative of entkräftet
entkriminalisieren {v}  :: to decriminalize
entkörperlichen {v}  :: to disembody
Entkörperlichung {f}  :: disembodiment
entladen {v}  :: to unload, to discharge
Entladung {f}  :: discharge, unloading, venting
Entladungsröhre {f}  :: discharge tube
entlang {postp}  :: along
entlang {prep}  :: along
entlangfahren {v}  :: to drive along
entlanggefahren {v}  :: past participle of entlangfahren
entlassen {v} [a prisoner or patient]  :: to release
entlassen {v} [from a job]  :: to dismiss, to fire
Entlassung {f}  :: release
Entlassung {f}  :: dismissal
entlasten {v}  :: To relieve, ease
entlasten {v}  :: To discharge, release
entlasten {v}  :: To exonerate
entlastet {v}  :: past participle of entlasten
Entlastung {f}  :: discharge, release
Entlastung {f}  :: exoneration
entlauben {v}  :: to defoliate
Entlaubung {f}  :: defoliation
Entlaubungsmittel {n}  :: defoliant
entleeren {v}  :: to empty (to make empty)
entleert {v}  :: past participle of entleeren
entlegen {adj}  :: out-of-the-way
entlehnen {v}  :: To borrow
entlehnt {v}  :: past participle of entlehnen
entlehnt {adj}  :: borrowed
Entlehnung {f} [linguistics, lexicography]  :: borrowing
Entlein {n}  :: diminutive of Ente; little duck, duckling
Entlüftung {f}  :: vent; ventilation
Entlüftung {f}  :: deaeration, degassing
Entlüftungsanlage {f}  :: ventilation system
entmachten {vt}  :: To deprive someone/something of his/its power, to depower
Entmachtung {f}  :: depriving of power
entmagnetisiert {adj}  :: demagnetized
entmilitarisiert {adj}  :: demilitarized
entmineralisieren {v}  :: to demineralize
entmineralisiert {adj}  :: demineralized
entmischen {v}  :: To unmix or demix
entmischen {v}  :: To exsolve
entmischt {v}  :: past participle of entmischen
Entmischung {f}  :: decomposition, segregation, unmixing
entmutigen {v}  :: to discourage [to take away or reduce the courage of]
entmutigend {adj}  :: discouraging
Entnahme {f}  :: taking, removal
Entnahme {f}  :: withdrawal
Entnazifizierung {f}  :: denazification (the removing of Nazis)
entnehmen {v}  :: to take from
entnehmen {v}  :: to extract, withdraw, unload, remove
entnehmen {v}  :: to learn from
entnervt {adj}  :: exasperated
entnervt {adj}  :: burnt out, worn down
entnommen {v}  :: past participle of entnehmen
entnommen {adj}  :: obtained, removed, abstracted
Entomologie {f} [biology, zoology]  :: entomology (study of insects)
Entourage {f}  :: entourage
entpacken {v} [computing]  :: to unpack, decompress
entrückt {adj}  :: transported, enraptured
entrückt {adj}  :: lost in thought; absentminded, meditating
Entrée {n}  :: alternative spelling of Entree
Entrecote {n}  :: entrecôte (a premium cut of beef)
Entree {n} [dish served before main course]  :: entrée
entreißen {v}  :: To wrest (from)
entrichten {v}  :: to pay
entrissen {v}  :: past participle of entreißen
entrümpeln {v}  :: to remove junk
entrümpelt {v}  :: past participle of entrümpeln
Entrümpelung {f}  :: junk removal
Entrümplung {f}  :: alternative form of Entrümpelung
Entropie {f}  :: entropy
entropisch {adj}  :: entropic
entrüstet {adj}  :: indignant, outraged, incensed
Entrüstung {f}  :: indignation
enträtseln {v}  :: to solve, to disentangle, to unravel, to unriddle
enträtselt {v}  :: past participle of enträtseln
entsaften {v}  :: to juice, to extract the juice of
entsaftet {v}  :: past participle of entsaften
entsagen {v}  :: [+ dative] to renounce, to relinquish
entsagen {v}  :: to disclaim, to waive, to abandon
entsagen {v}  :: to abjure, to abnegate
entsagen {v}  :: to abdicate
entsagt {v}  :: past participle of entsagen
Entsagung {f}  :: renunciation, abjuration
Entsagung {f}  :: resignation
Entsalzung {f}  :: desalination
Entsalzungsanlage {f}  :: desalination plant
entschädigen {v}  :: to compensate; to indemnify
entschädigt {v}  :: past participle of entschädigen
Entschädigung {f}  :: compensation, indemnification
entscheiden {vti}  :: to decide
entscheidend {adj}  :: decisive
Entscheidung {f}  :: decision
Entscheidungsbefugnis {f}  :: authority to make a decision, power to decide, power to will, decision-making power
Entscheidungsbereich {m}  :: range of decision-making authority
Entscheidungsproblem {n} [mathematics, logic]  :: Entscheidungsproblem
entschieden {adj}  :: determined, resolute
entschieden {adj}  :: decided
Entschiedenheit {f}  :: resoluteness
entschlafen {v} [poetic, euphemistic, death]  :: to fall asleep [often in the phrase: sanft entschlafen]
entschleiern {v}  :: to unveil
entschleiert {v}  :: past participle of entschleiern
Entschleunigung {f} [colloquial]  :: slow movement (cultural shift toward slowing down life's pace)
entschließen {vr}  :: to decide
entschlossen {adj}  :: determined, set, resolute
Entschlossenheit {f}  :: determination, resolution
entschlüsseln {v}  :: to decrypt
entschlüsselt {v}  :: past participle of entschlüsseln
Entschlüsselung {f}  :: decryption
Entschluß {noun}  :: alternative spelling of Entschluss
Entschluss {m}  :: resolution, conclusion
Entschluss {m}  :: decision, resolve, determination
entschlussfreudig {adj} [of a person]  :: decisive
entschärfen {v}  :: to defuse
Entschärfung {f}  :: defusing
entschuldigen {vt}  :: to excuse
entschuldigen {vi} [chiefly in imperative]  :: to excuse/forgive something
entschuldigen {vr}  :: to apologize, to apologise
Entschuldigung {f}  :: apology
Entschuldigung {f}  :: excuse
Entschuldigung {interj}  :: excuse me; pardon
entschwefelt {v}  :: past participle of entschwefeln - desulfurized
Entschwefelung {f}  :: desulfurization
entsenden {v}  :: to dispatch
entsendet {v}  :: past participle of entsenden
entsetzen {v}  :: to shock, to horrify, to appall
entsetzen {v} [military, dated]  :: to relieve (a town or fortress from a siege)
Entsetzen {n}  :: horror
entsetzlich {adj}  :: horrible, terrible, horrendous, appalling
entsetzlich {adv}  :: horribly, terribly
entsetzt {v}  :: past participle of entsetzen
entsinnen {vr}  :: to recall; to remember; to recollect
entsonnen {v}  :: past participle of entsinnen
entsorgen {v} [waste, especially nuclear or toxic]  :: to dispose of
Entsorgung {f} [waste, especially nuclear or toxic]  :: disposal
entspannen {v}  :: to relax
Entspannung {f}  :: relaxation
Entspannung {f}  :: recreation
Entspannung {f}  :: catharsis
Entspannung {f}  :: detente
entsprechen {v}  :: to correspond (be equivalent or similar in character, etc.)
entsprechen {v}  :: to meet (satisfy, comply with)
entsprechend {adj}  :: corresponding
entsprechend {adj}  :: adequate, appropriate
entsprechend {adj}  :: respective
entsprechend {adv}  :: accordingly
entsprechend {prep}  :: according to
Entsprechung {f}  :: equivalent
entspringen {v}  :: to arise, originate, spring (start to exist)
entsprochen {v}  :: past participle of entsprechen
entsprungen {v}  :: past participle of entspringen
entstammen {v}  :: To come from
entstammen {v}  :: To derive or stem from
entstammt {v}  :: past participle of entstammen
entstanden {adj}  :: originated
entstanden {adj}  :: spontaneous
entstehen {v}  :: to come into being
entstehen {v}  :: to arise
entstehen {v}  :: to develop
entstehend {adj}  :: originating, emerging, emerging
entstehend {adj}  :: nascent
Entstehung {f}  :: creation
Entstehung {f}  :: origin
Entstehung {f}  :: development
Entstehung {f}  :: formation
Entstehungszeit {f}  :: time of origin / formation
entsteigen {v} [literary]  :: to get out of
entsteinen {v}  :: to pit; to remove the pit of [an apricot, cherry, etc]
entsteint {adj}  :: pitted; having had the pit removed
entsteint {v}  :: past participle of entsteinen
entstellen {vt}  :: to disfigure somebody's looks
entstellen {vt}  :: to distort the truth
entstellen {vt}  :: to disrupt text or code
entstellt {v}  :: past participle of entstellen
entstellt {adj}  :: disfigured, distorted, maimed, deformed
entstellt {adj}  :: garbled
enttarnen {v} [espionage, of a spy or an agent]  :: to expose, to unmask, to uncover
enttarnt {v}  :: past participle of enttarnen
Enttarnung {f} [espionage, of a spy or an agent]  :: unmasking, exposing
entteeren {v}  :: to remove the tar
entteert {v}  :: past participle of entteeren
entthronen {v}  :: to dethrone
entthront {v}  :: past participle of entthronen
enttäuschen {v}  :: to disappoint
enttäuschend {adj}  :: disappointing
enttäuscht {adj}  :: disappointed (defeated of hope or expectation)
Enttäuschung {f}  :: disappointment
entvölkern {v}  :: to depopulate
entwaffnen {v}  :: to disarm
entwarnen {v}  :: to give the all-clear
Entwarnung {f}  :: all-clear
entweder {conj}  :: either
entweichen {v}  :: To escape
entweichen {v}  :: To leak (of gas)
entwenden {v}  :: to steal
entwerfen {v}  :: to sketch, to draft
entwerfen {v}  :: to devise, design
entwerten {v}  :: to devalue
entwerten {v}  :: to invalidate
entwerten {v} [a ticket]  :: to punch, to stamp, to validate
Entwerter {m} [travel]  :: clipping of Fahrscheinentwerter
entwichen {v}  :: past participle of entweichen - leaked, escaped
entwickeln {vt}  :: to develop
entwickeln {vr}  :: to shape up
Entwickler {m}  :: developer
Entwicklerin {f}  :: female developer
Entwicklung {f}  :: evolution
Entwicklung {f}  :: development
Entwicklungshilfe {f}  :: (overseas) development aid / assistance
Entwicklungsland {n}  :: developing country
Entwicklungspotenzial {n}  :: development potential
Entwicklungsprozess {m} [technology]  :: development process
entwirren {v}  :: to disentangle, to unravel
entwirrt {v}  :: past participle of entwirren
entwischen {v}  :: to escape
entwürdigen {v}  :: to debase
Entwürdigung {f}  :: indignity
entwässern {v}  :: To drain
entwässern {v}  :: To dehydrate or desiccate
entwässernd {adj}  :: draining
entwässert {v}  :: past participle of entwässern
Entwurf {m}  :: draft
Entwurf {m}  :: design, model, sketch
Entwurf gemäß Vertrag {m} [software, design]  :: synonym of Design by Contract (design by contract)
Entwurfsmuster {n} [architecture, design, software, design]  :: design pattern
Entwurzelung {f}  :: uprooting
Entwurzelung {f} [figurative]  :: uprooting, uprootedness, rootlessness, deracination, dislocation
entzückend {adj}  :: lovely
entzückend {adj}  :: adorable, gorgeous, desirable, attractive
entzückt {adj}  :: enchanted, thrilled, delighted, charmed
Entzückung {f}  :: delight
entziehen {v}  :: to revoke [a right or permission]
entziehen {v}  :: to withdraw (to remove, stop providing)
entziehen {v}  :: to extract (to withdraw by a mechanical or chemical process)
entziehen {vr}  :: to shirk, escape, avoid [one's responsibilities, the consequences of one's actions, etc.]
entziehend {adj}  :: depriving, detracting, privative
entziffern {v}  :: decipher
entzünden {vt}  :: to ignite, to inflame
entzünden {vr}  :: to ignite, to inflame
entzünden {vr} [medicine]  :: to inflame
entzündlich {adj}  :: inflammable / flammable
entzündlich {adj}  :: inflammatory
Entzündlichkeit {f}  :: flammability, inflammability
Entzündung {f} [fire or medicine]  :: inflammation
Entzündungsaktivität {f} [pathology]  :: inflammatory activity (production of inflammation)
entzündungshemmend {adj}  :: antiinflammatory
entzogen {v}  :: past participle of entziehen - revoked, withdrawn
Entzug {m}  :: revoking
Entzug {m}  :: withdrawal (an act of withdrawing; metabolic shock when an addictive substance is withheld)
entzwei {adj}  :: halved, divided (in two)
entzweien {v}  :: to divide
Enzephalitis {f}  :: encephalitis (inflammation of the brain)
Enzephalopathie {f} [pathology]  :: encephalopathy
Enzian {m}  :: gentian
Enzian {m}  :: gentian schnapps, enzian
enzootisch {adj}  :: enzootic
Enzyklika {f}  :: encyclical
Enzyklopädie {f}  :: encyclopedia (comprehensive reference with articles on a range of topic)
enzyklopädisch {adj}  :: encyclopedic
Enzym {n}  :: enzyme
enzymatisch {adj}  :: enzymatic
enzymkatalysiert {adj}  :: enzyme-catalyzed
Eoarchaikum {prop}  :: the Eoarchean
Eosin {n} [organic compound]  :: eosin
Epffel {noun}  :: obsolete spelling of Äpfel
Eph. {noun} [music]  :: abbreviation of Euphonion
ephebisch {adj}  :: ephebic
Ephedrin {n}  :: ephedrine
ephemer {adj}  :: ephemeral
Epibiont {m} [biology]  :: epibiont (organism that lives on the surface)
Epichlorhydrin {n} [organic compound]  :: epichlorohydrin
Epidemie {f}  :: epidemic (widespread disease)
Epidemiologie {f} [epidemiology]  :: epidemiology (branch of medicine dealing with transmission and control of disease in populations)
epidemisch {adj}  :: epidemic
epifaszial {adj} [anatomy]  :: epifacial
epigastrisch {adj} [anatomy]  :: epigastric
Epigenetik {f} [genetics]  :: epigenetics (the study of the processes involved in the genetic development of an organism, especially the activation and deactivation of genes)
epigenetisch {adj}  :: epigenetic
Epiglottis {m}  :: epiglottis
Epigone {m}  :: epigone (follower, disciple)
Epigone {m}  :: epigone (imitator of artist or style)
epigonisch {adj}  :: epigonal
Epigramm {n}  :: epigram
epigrammatisch {adj}  :: epigrammatic
Epik {f}  :: epic poetry
Epikard {n} [anatomy, cardiology]  :: epicardium (layer of tissue between the pericardium and the heart)
Epiker {m}  :: epicist
epikureisch {adj}  :: epicurean, Epicurean
Epilepsie {f}  :: epilepsy
epileptisch {adj}  :: epileptic
epilieren {v}  :: to epilate (remove body hairs)
Epilog {m}  :: epilogue
episch {adj}  :: epic
Episkopat {n}  :: episcopate
Episode {f}  :: episode (something that took place)
episodisch {adj}  :: episodic
epistemisch {adj}  :: epistemic
Epistemologie {f} [philosophy]  :: epistemology
epistemologisch {adj}  :: epistemological
epitaktisch {adj}  :: epitaxial
Epitaph {n}  :: epitaph (inscription on a gravestone)
Epitaxie {f} [crystallography]  :: epitaxy
epithetisch {adj}  :: epithetic
Epitheton {n}  :: epithet (word in the scientific name of a taxon following the name of the genus or species)
epochal {adj}  :: epochal
Epoche {f}  :: epoch
eponymisch {adj}  :: eponymous
Epos {n}  :: epic
Epoxid {n} [organic chemistry]  :: epoxide
Eprouvette {f}  :: test tube
Epsilon {n}  :: epsilon (Greek letter)
Epsomit {m} [mineral]  :: epsomite
Equilibrium {n}  :: balance, equilibrium
er {pron} [personal]  :: he
er {pron} [personal]  :: it (when the grammatical gender of the object/article/thing/animal etc., being referred to, is masculine (der))
-er {suffix}  :: Forms agent nouns etc. from verbs, suffixed to the verb stem
-er {suffix}  :: -s [indicating a time of ten years]
-er {suffix}  :: Forms nouns indicating an inhabitant of a place, or a person originating from a place
-er {suffix}  :: Forms invariable adjectives indicating origin from a place, or association with a place
-er- {interfix}  :: used to link elements in some compounds
er- {prefix}  :: Inseparable verbal prefix that indicates a successful conclusion, leads to the wanted result
er- {prefix}  :: Inseparable verbal prefix that indicates killing or dying
er- {prefix}  :: Prefix signifying a notion of getting something (either by conscious effort or (rarely) producing the effect of coming to have it unintentionally) by specific means
Er {m}  :: a person or animal of male gender, a male
Er {pron} [archaic]  :: you (form of address to a male person)
erachten {v}  :: To consider
erachten {v}  :: To deem
erachtet {v}  :: past participle of erachten
erachtet {adj}  :: deemed, considered
erahnt {v}  :: past participle of erahnen - guessed, divined, surmised
erarbeiten {v}  :: To work out
erarbeiten {v}  :: To obtain by hard work
erarbeiten {v}  :: To develop
erarbeiten {v}  :: To assemble, compose
Erastes {m}  :: erastes
erbarmen {vr}  :: to take pity on, to have mercy for
Erbarmen {n}  :: commiseration, compassion
erbarmt {v}  :: past participle of erbarmen
erbarmungslos {adj}  :: pitiless
erbarmungslos {adv}  :: pitilessly
erbauen {v}  :: to build, erect
erbaut {v}  :: past participle of erbauen
erbaut {adj}  :: built
Erbe {m}  :: heir
Erbe {n}  :: heritage
erben {v}  :: to inherit
Erbfeind {m}  :: historical enemy, inherited enemy
Erbfeind {m} [historical]  :: inherited, essential enemy, believed to be hostile for generations or even since time immemorial [often in relation to France, or by extensions the Romans]
Erbfolge {f}  :: (hereditary) succession
Erbgut {n} [biology]  :: genetic material
Erbin {f}  :: heiress
Erbinformation {f}  :: genetic information
erbittert {adj}  :: acrimonious, grim
Erbium {n}  :: erbium
Erbkrankheit {f} [pathology]  :: congenital / hereditary disease
erblassen {v} [literally]  :: to turn pale; to turn white
erblassen {v} [metaphorically]  :: to die
erblasst {v}  :: past participle of erblassen
erblich {adj}  :: hereditary, heritable
Erblindung {f}  :: blinding
Erbobergespan {m} [Medieval Hungary]  :: a hereditary Hungarian Lord-Lieutenant of counties, a hereditary Hungarian count
Erbobergespann {m}  :: alternative form of Erbobergespan
Erbonkel {m} [colloquial, humorous]  :: rich uncle (An uncle from whom an inheritance is expected.)
erbost {adj}  :: angry, infuriated, furious
erbracht {v}  :: past participle of erbringen
erbracht {adj}  :: rendered, performed
erbrechen {vr} [formal]  :: to vomit
erbrechen {vit} [significantly less formal]  :: to vomit (something) (out)
erbrechen {vt} [archaic]  :: to break something open
Erbrechen {n}  :: vomiting
Erbrechen {n}  :: regurgitation
Erbrecht {n} [legal, no plural]  :: inheritance law (area of law pertaining to passing on property, titles, debts, rights, and obligations upon the death of an individual)
Erbrecht {n} [legal]  :: right to inherit
erübrigen {vr}  :: to become unimportant or redundant
erbringen {v}  :: To render, yield, produce, give, furnish
erbärmlich {adj}  :: pitiful, miserable
erbärmlicher {adj}  :: comparative of erbärmlich
erbärmlichsten {adj}  :: superlative of erbärmlich
erbrochen {v}  :: past participle of erbrechen
erbrüten {v}  :: to hatch, to breed
Erbrütung {f}  :: hatching, breeding
Erbschaft {f}  :: inheritance, heritage
Erbse {f}  :: pea
Erbsensuppe {f}  :: pea soup
Erbsünde {f} [Christianity]  :: original sin (state of sinfulness in all human beings)
Erbstück {n}  :: heirloom
Erbtante {f} [colloquial, humorous]  :: rich aunt (an aunt from whom inheritance is expected)
erbötig {adj}  :: willing
Erdalkalimetall {n}  :: alkaline earth metal
Erdalkalimetallion {n}  :: alkaline earth metal ion
Erdaltertum {prop}  :: synonym of Paläozoikum
Erdaltzeit {prop}  :: synonym of Paläozoikum
Erdanziehungskraft {f}  :: force of gravity, gravitational force
Erdapfel {m} [Switzerland, Austria, Southern Germany, dialectal elsewhere]  :: a potato
Erdatmosphäre {f}  :: Earth's atmosphere
Erdball {m}  :: globe, Earth
Erdbeben {n}  :: earthquake
erdbebengefährdet {adj}  :: earthquake-prone
erdbebensicher {adj}  :: earthquake-proof, antiseismic
Erdbeerbaum {m}  :: strawberry tree
Erdbeere {f}  :: strawberry
erdbeerfarben {adj}  :: strawberry-coloured
erdbeerrot {adj}  :: strawberry-red (in colour)
Erdbewohner {m}  :: inhabitant of the planet Earth
Erdbirne {f} [rare]  :: a potato
Erdboden {m}  :: ground
Erde {f} [uncountable]  :: soil
Erde {f} [uncountable]  :: the ground
Erde {f} [countable]  :: a world; a space to live in
Erde {prop} {f}  :: the planet Earth
erden {v}  :: to earth [electrically]
erdenken {v}  :: to think up
Erderwärmung {f}  :: global warming
erdfarben {adj}  :: earthy in colour
Erdferkel {n}  :: aardvark
erdfeucht {adj}  :: moist as soil
Erdfrühzeit {prop}  :: synonym of Präkambrium
Erdgas {n}  :: natural gas
Erdgasfeld {n}  :: natural gas field
Erdgasquelle {f}  :: natural gas well
erdgeschichtlich {adj}  :: geological (concerning the history of the Earth)
Erdgeschoß {n} [alternative or Austria]  :: first floor
Erdgeschoss {n}  :: first floor [US], ground floor [UK]
erdhaltig {adj}  :: earthy
Erdhülle {f}  :: geosphere
erdähnlich {adj}  :: earthlike
erdig {adj}  :: earthy (resembling dirt or soil)
erdiger {adj}  :: comparative of erdig
erdigsten {adj}  :: superlative of erdig
Erdkabel {n}  :: buried cable
Erdkern {m}  :: Earth's core
Erdklumpen {m} [lump of earth]  :: clod
Erdkörper {m}  :: terrestrial body (e.g. Earthlike planet)
Erdkruste {f}  :: Earth's crust
Erdkugel {f}  :: globe
Erdkunde {f} [now chiefly as a school subject]  :: geography
Erdöl {n}  :: oil, petroleum
Erdölfraktion {f}  :: petroleum fraction (component, separated by fractionation)
Erdling {m}  :: Earthling
Erdölprodukt {n} [chiefly in the plural]  :: petroleum product
erdölreich {adj}  :: petroleum-rich, petroliferous
Erdölvorrat {m} [chiefly in the plural]  :: oil stock(s)
Erdmagnetfeld {n}  :: Earth's magnetic field
Erdmantel {m}  :: Earth's mantle
Erdmittelalter {prop}  :: synonym of Mesozoikum
Erdmittelzeit {prop}  :: synonym of Mesozoikum
Erdmännchen {n}  :: meerkat
Erdmute {prop}  :: given name
erdnah {adj}  :: near-Earth
Erdnatter {f}  :: eastern ratsnake (Pantherophis alleghaniensis, syn. Pantherophis obsoletus)
Erdneuzeit {prop}  :: synonym of Känozoikum
Erdnuß {f}  :: alternative spelling of Erdnuss
Erdnuss {f}  :: peanut, goober
Erdnussbutter {f}  :: peanut butter
Erdoberfläche {f}  :: surface of the Earth
Erdrauch {m}  :: fumitory (plant)
erdrücken {vt}  :: to squeeze dead, to kill by squeezing
erdrückt {v}  :: past participle of erdrücken
Erdreich {n}  :: soil, earth
Erdreich {n}  :: earth
Erdrinde {f}  :: Earth's crust
erdrosseln {v}  :: to strangle, throttle
Erdrutsch {m}  :: landslide
Erdstoß {m}  :: Earth tremor
Erdteil {m}  :: continent (large contiguous landmass)
Erdtrabant {m}  :: the Moon; the moon of the Earth
Erdtrabant {m}  :: satellite (man-made)
Erdung {f} [electricity]  :: earthing system
-erei {suffix}  :: Used to form verbal nouns, which often have an informal and/or negative overtone
ereignen {vr}  :: to occur
ereignet {v}  :: past participle of ereignen
Ereignis {n}  :: event (occurrence of social or personal importance)
ereignisbasiert {adj} [programming]  :: synonym of ereignisgesteuert
ereignisgesteuert {adj} [programming]  :: event-driven
Ereignishorizont {m} [astrophysics]  :: event horizon
ereignisorientiert {adj} [programming]  :: event-based
ereignisorientierte Programmierung {f} [programming, paradigm]  :: event-driven programming
ereignisreich {adj}  :: eventful
erektil {adj}  :: erectile
Erektion {f}  :: erection (rigid penis)
Eremit {m}  :: hermit
Eremitin {f}  :: feminine noun of Eremit
eremitisch {adj}  :: hermitic, hermitlike, eremitic
ererbt {adj}  :: inherited
ererbt {adj}  :: inbred
erethisch {adj} [pathology]  :: erethic
erfahren {adj}  :: experienced
erfahren {v}  :: to find out, learn, to come to know
erfahren {v}  :: to experience
Erfahrung {f}  :: experience
erfahrungsgemäß {adj}  :: empirical
erfahrungsgemäß {adv}  :: empirically
Erfahrungswert {m}  :: empirical value
erfassen {v}  :: to grasp, grip
erfassen {v}  :: to realize, conceive, comprehend
erfassen {v}  :: to capture, collect, measure, record
Erfassung {f}  :: capture
Erfassung {f}  :: collection
eröffnen {v} [a ceremony, game, shop, etc.]  :: to open
eröffnen {v} [figuratively, a possibility, perspective, etc.]  :: to open up
Eröffnung {f}  :: opening
Eröffnung {f} [chess]  :: opening
erfinden {vt}  :: to invent
erfinden {vt}  :: to fabricate (something untrue); to make up (a story)
erfinden {vt}  :: to find out, to discover
Erfinder {m}  :: inventor (male or of unspecified sex)
Erfinderin {f}  :: inventor (female)
Erfindung {f}  :: invention
Erfindung {f}  :: fabrication
erfüllbar {adj}  :: feasible
erfüllen {vt}  :: to fill (with something physical or abstract)
erfüllen {vt}  :: to fulfill / fulfil
erfüllen {vr}  :: to come true
Erfüllung {f}  :: fulfillment
Erfolg {m}  :: success
erfolgen {v}  :: To happen, occur, take place
erfolgen {v}  :: To follow, ensue
erfolglos {adj}  :: unsuccessful
erfolgreich {adj}  :: successful
erfolgreicher {adj}  :: comparative of erfolgreich
erfolgreichsten {adj}  :: superlative of erfolgreich
erfolgswirksam {adj} [economics]  :: affecting net income
erfolgt {v}  :: past participle of erfolgen
erfolgversprechend {adj}  :: promising
erforderlich {adj}  :: necessary, required, essential
erfordern {v}  :: to necessitate, to require
Erfordernis {n}  :: need, necessity
erforschen {v}  :: To explore
erforscht {adj}  :: explored
erforscht {adj}  :: investigated
erforscht {v}  :: past participle of erforschen
Erforschung {f}  :: exploration
erfragen {vt}  :: to inquire
erfreuen {v}  :: to please
erfreuen {vr}  :: to enjoy
erfreuend {adj}  :: pleasing, delighting
erfreulich {adj}  :: pleasant, pleasing
erfreulicher {adj}  :: comparative of erfreulich
erfreulicherweise {adv}  :: happily
erfreulichsten {adj}  :: superlative of erfreulich
Erfrierung {f}  :: frostbite
erfrischen {v}  :: to refresh [to renew or revitalize, especially by consuming beverages]
erfrischend {adj}  :: refreshing, freshening, recreating, bracing
Erfrischung {f}  :: refreshment
erfunden {v}  :: past participle of erfinden
erfunden {adj}  :: invented, contrived
erfunden {adj}  :: fictional
erfunden {adj}  :: imaginary
erfunden {adj}  :: bogus
Erfurt {prop}  :: Erfurt
erg. {abbr}  :: [abbreviation of ergänze] add, complete (imperative mode)
erg. {abbr}  :: [abbreviation of ergänzt] added (participle)
ergattern {vt} [colloquial]  :: to grab; to snatch; to get
ergeben {adj}  :: loyal, devoted, humble, obedient
ergeben {v}  :: to yield, produce
ergeben {vr}  :: to surrender
ergeben {v}  :: to arise, result, turn out
ergeben {vp} [impersonal]  :: to happen
Ergeber {m}  :: agent noun of ergeben
Ergebnis {n}  :: result
ergebnislos {adj}  :: unsuccessful, fruitless
ergebnislos {adj}  :: inconclusive, indecisive
ergebnisoffen {adj}  :: open-ended
ergehen {vi} [formal]  :: to go out, to be issued
ergehen {vi}  :: to go (well, badly etc. for someone)
ergehen {vr}  :: to hold forth, expatiate (über [+ acc] on)
ergehen {vr}  :: to indulge (oneself) (in [+ dat] in)
ergehen {vr} [literary]  :: to take a stroll
ergiebig {adj}  :: productive, fertile
ergiebig {adj}  :: abundant
ergiebig {adj}  :: fat, heavyset
ergießen {vr}  :: to gush
ergänzen {vt}  :: to fill, fill out, complete
ergänzen {vt}  :: to add
ergänzend {adj}  :: additional, supplementary, complementary
Ergänzung {f}  :: supplement
Ergänzung {f} [grammar]  :: object
Ergänzungssatz {m} [linguistics]  :: A subordinate clause which replaces an object
ergo {adv}  :: ergo
Ergonomie {f}  :: ergonomics
ergonomisch {adj}  :: ergonomic
ergossen {v}  :: past participle of ergießen
ergrauen {v}  :: to grey (to become grey)
ergraut {v}  :: past participle of ergrauen
ergreifen {v}  :: to seize
ergreifen {v}  :: to take up (a job, etc.)
ergriffen {v}  :: past participle of ergreifen
ergrimmen {vi}  :: to become incensed, become furious
ergrimmen {vt}  :: to anger, to make wroth
ergötz {v}  :: past participle of ergötzen
ergötzen {vt}  :: (with genitive) to compensate (someone for some damage)
ergötzen {vt}  :: to delight, amuse or gladden
ergötzen {vr}  :: sich ergötzen (an) to cherish, to be amused (by)
Erguss {m}  :: Leakage of fluid to another area
Erguss {m}  :: Emergence of feelings in words
erhaben {adj}  :: sublime, exalted
erhaben {adj}  :: elevated, lofty
erhaben {adj}  :: unassailable
Erhalt {m}  :: receipt, reception, acceptance
Erhalt {m}  :: preservation
erhalten {v}  :: to maintain, uphold
erhalten {v}  :: to receive, obtain
erhalten {v}  :: to save
erhalten {v}  :: past participle of erhalten - obtained, received etc
erhalten {adj}  :: surviving, extant
Erhaltung {f}  :: maintenance, preservation
Erhaltungszustand {m}  :: conservation status, state of preservation
Erhard {prop}  :: given name
Erhard {prop}  :: surname derived from the given name
Erhardt {prop}  :: given name, spelling variant of Erhard
Erhardt {prop}  :: surname derived from the given name
Erhart {prop}  :: given name, spelling variant of Erhard
Erhart {prop}  :: surname derived from the given name
erhaschen {v}  :: to grab, to seize
erheben {v}  :: to raise, lift (e.g. arm, voice)
erheben {v}  :: to levy, charge
erheben {v}  :: to gather, collect (e.g. data, material)
erheben {v}  :: to bring (charges)
erheben {v}  :: rise (to one's feet, from one's seat, etc.)
erheben {v}  :: rise (e.g. mountain, tower)
erheben {v}  :: rise up
erheben {v}  :: to feel superior
erheblich {adj}  :: considerable, substantial, significant
erheblich {adv}  :: considerably
Erhebung {f}  :: elevation
Erhebung {f}  :: uprising
Erhebung {f}  :: survey
erhellen {v} [also figuratively]  :: to illuminate, to brighten
erhellen {vri} [figurative]  :: to illuminate, to brighten
erhöhen {v}  :: to heighten, raise
erhöhen {v}  :: to increase
erhöhen {v}  :: to exalt
erhöhend {adj}  :: enhancing, elevating
erhöht {adj}  :: increased, elevated, raised, heightened, enhanced
erhöht {v}  :: past participle of erhöhen
Erhöhung {f}  :: increase, elevation, rise, increment
Erhöhung {f}  :: enhancement
erhitzen {vt}  :: To heat (to cause an increase in temperature of an object or space); to warm; to inflame
erhitzen {vr}  :: To grow hot or warm; to become heated; to fly into a passion
Erhitzen {n}  :: heating (act of)
erhitzt {v}  :: past participle of erhitzen
erhitzt {adj}  :: heated
erhitzt {adj}  :: igneous
Erhitzung {f}  :: heating (up)
Erhitzung {f}  :: excitement, inflammation
Erhitzung {f}  :: calefaction
erhältlich {adj}  :: available, obtainable
erhoffen {v}  :: To hope (for); desire; want (to)
erholen {vr}  :: to relax, to recover, to recuperate
erholsam {adj}  :: restful, restorative, relaxing, refreshing
Erholung {f}  :: recovery, convalescence
Erholung {f}  :: recreation
erhärten {v}  :: To harden
erhärten {v}  :: To affirm, corroborate, substantiate
erhärten {v}  :: To petrify
Eric {prop}  :: given name, variant of Erich borrowed from English or from French Éric
Erica {prop}  :: given name, a less common spelling of Erika
Erich {prop} {m}  :: given name, cognate to Eric
Eriesee {prop} {m}  :: (Lake) Erie
Erik {prop}  :: given name, variant of Erich borrowed from Scandinavia
Erika {f}  :: heath ( genus Erica)
Erika {prop}  :: given name interpreted as a flower name, and as a Scandinavian feminine form of Erik. Spelling variant: Erica
Erikativ {m} [humorous]  :: the "erikative"/"ericative" verb form, the verb stem without any personal ending, which is used to imitate a sound or indicate that an action is occurring
erinnerlich {adj}  :: recalled, remembered
erinnern {vt}  :: to remind
erinnern {vr}  :: to remember
erinnern {vt} [colloquial, rare]  :: to remember
Erinnerung {f}  :: memory (recall); remembrance
Eris {prop} [astronomy]  :: Eris (dwarf planet)
eristisch {adj}  :: eristic
er ist was er isst {proverb}  :: you are what you eat
Eritrea {prop} {n}  :: Eritrea
eritreisch {adj}  :: Eritrean (Of, from, or pertaining to Eritrea, the Eritrean people or the Eritrean culture)
Eriwan {prop}  :: Yerevan
erkalten {vi}  :: To cool down
erkaltet {v}  :: past participle of erkalten
erkennbar {adj}  :: recognizable, discernible, visible, identifiable
erkennen {v}  :: to recognize
erkennen {v}  :: to realize
erkenntlich {adj} [in the idiom "sich erkenntlich zeigen"]  :: grateful
erkenntlich {adj}  :: perceptible
Erkenntlichkeit {f}  :: sign of gratitude, sign of appreciation
Erkenntnis {f}  :: realization, recognition, insight, perception
Erkenntnistheorie {f} [philosophy]  :: theory of knowledge
Erkennung {f}  :: recognition, identification
Erkennung {f}  :: detection
Erkennung {f}  :: cognition
Erker {m}  :: oriel; bay (on houses)
erkiesen {v}  :: to pick, go for, choose
erklecklich {adj} [of an amount or value]  :: considerable
erklimmen {vt}  :: to climb
erklingen {v}  :: to sound (to produce a sound)
erklären {v}  :: to explain
erklären {v}  :: to declare
erklären {v}  :: to assert
Erklärung {f}  :: explanation
Erklärung {f}  :: declaration, statement
erkälten {vr}  :: to catch a cold
Erkältung {f}  :: cold (illness)
Erkältungskrankheit {f}  :: cold
Erkältungskrankheit {f}  :: (especially in plural) coughs and sneezes
Erkraftung {f}  :: the event of getting or receiving power, enlightenment
erkranken {v}  :: to fall ill, to sicken
erkrankt {v}  :: past participle of erkranken
Erkrankung {f}  :: falling ill
Erkrankung {f}  :: illness
Erkrankung {f}  :: disease
erkunden {v}  :: to explore, to investigate
erkundet {v}  :: past participle of erkunden
erkundigen {vr}  :: to inquire (to get information)
erkundigt {v}  :: past participle of erkundigen
Erkundung {f}  :: exploration, investigation, reconnaissance
-erl {suffix}  :: suffix used to create a diminutive form, mostly in southern Germany and Austria; e.g., HäfnHäferl
Erl {prop} {n}  :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
Erlaß {m}  :: alternative spelling of Erlass
erlaben {v}  :: invigorate, refresh
erlabt {v}  :: past participle of erlaben
erlangen {v}  :: to achieve, to obtain, to gain
Erlangen {n}  :: attainment
Erlangen {prop} {n}  :: Erlangen (independent city in Bavaria, Germany)
erlangt {v}  :: past participle of erlangen
erlangt {adj}  :: acquired
erlangt {adj}  :: achieved, gained, attained
Erlass {m}  :: decree
erlassen {vt}  :: to issue (a law, an act); to promulgate, to enact (a regulation)
erlassen {vt}  :: to let off (a penalty)
erlassen {vt}  :: to abate (debt, taxes)
erlassen {vt}  :: to waive (a fee)
erlassen {vt}  :: to remit (a liability)
erlauben {v}  :: (with dative) to permit
Erlaubnis {f}  :: permission (authorisation)
erlaubt {adj}  :: allowed, allowable
erlaucht {adj}  :: illustrious
Erle {f}  :: alder
erleben {v}  :: to experience
erleben {v}  :: to see, live to see, witness
erleben {v}  :: to undergo
Erlebnis {n}  :: experience (event of which one is cognizant)
erlebnisreich {adj}  :: eventful
erlebt {v}  :: past participle of erleben
erledigen {v}  :: to finish, to complete
erledigen {v}  :: to take care of, to see to, to handle
erlegen {v}  :: past participle of erliegen
erlegen {v} [causative]  :: to make erliegen, to make succumb
erlegen {v} [wild game]  :: to hunt down
erlegen {v} [euphemistic]  :: to cull [livestock]
-erlei {suffix}  :: Produces adjectives describing the number of kinds of a thing
erleichtern {v}  :: to facilitate
erleichtern {vr}  :: to relieve oneself
Erleichterung {f}  :: relief
Erleichterung {f}  :: ease
Erleichterung {f}  :: alleviation
erleiden {vt}  :: to suffer, to endure, to undergo
erlen {adj}  :: aldern
Erlen {prop} {n}  :: A municipality in Thurgovia, Switzerland
Erlenmeyerkolben {m} [chemistry]  :: Erlenmeyer flask
Erlernung {f} [dated]  :: learning [e.g. of a language]
erlesen {v}  :: To select, choose
erlesen {adj}  :: delicate
erlesen {adj}  :: choice, select
erlesen {adj}  :: exquisite
erleuchtet {adj}  :: illuminated, enlightened
erliegen {v}  :: To succumb (all senses), yield
erliegen {v}  :: To indulge
Erlkönig {m}  :: erl-king
Erlös {m}  :: proceeds
erlöschen {vi}  :: to extinguish; to become extinct
erlöschen {vi}  :: to go out; to die out
erlöschen {vi}  :: to lapse; to expire
erlösen {v}  :: to deliver, to set free
erlösen {v} [Christianity]  :: to deliver; to redeem; to save (to free from sin, its destructive power and its punishment)
Erlöser {m}  :: one who delivers someone; redeemer; saviour
Erlöser {m} [Christianity]  :: Redeemer; Saviour (Jesus Christ)
Erlösung {f}  :: deliverance; liberation
Erlösung {f} [Christianity]  :: deliverance; redemption; salvation (liberation from sin, its destructive power and its punishment)
erläutern {v}  :: to explain
Erläuterung {f}  :: explanation (the act or process of explaining)
ermächtigen {v}  :: to authorize
Ermächtigung {f}  :: authorization
Ermächtigung {f}  :: empowerment
ermüden {v}  :: to tire; to fatigue
ermüdend {adj}  :: tedious, tiring, fatiguing, exhausting
Ermüdung {f}  :: fatigue
Ermüdung {f}  :: weariness, tiredness
Ermüdungsfestigkeit {f}  :: fatigue strength
ermöglichen {vt}  :: to make possible
Ermöglichen {n}  :: enablement
ermöglicht {v}  :: past participle of ermöglichen - enabled
Ermöglichung {f}  :: enablement
ermäßigt {adj}  :: reduced (lowered in price; having a discount price)
Ermäßigung {f}  :: discount
ermittelbar {adj}  :: ascertainable
ermitteln {v}  :: To ascertain, determine, investigate, detect, identify
ermittelt {v}  :: past participle of ermitteln - determined, ascertained
ermittelt {adj}  :: determined
Ermittler {m}  :: agent noun of ermitteln
Ermittler {m}  :: investigator
Ermittler {m}  :: detective
Ermittlung {f}  :: investigation, inquiry
Ermittlung {f}  :: determination, ascertaining
Ermittlungsverfahren {n}  :: preliminary / investigatory proceedings
ermorden {vt}  :: to murder
Ermordung {noun}  :: assassination, murder
ermuntern {v}  :: to wish on; to encourage
ermuntern {v}  :: to cheer up; to give hope
ermunternd {adj}  :: encouraging
ermutigen {v}  :: to encourage
ermutigend {adj}  :: encouraging
Erna {prop}  :: given name
ernüchtern {v}  :: to sober [to make or become sober]
ernüchternd {adj}  :: sobering, disillusioning, disappointing
Ernüchterung {f}  :: disillusionment, sobering experience
Ernde {f}  :: obsolete spelling of Ernte
ernennen {v}  :: to appoint, to name
Ernennung {f} [act of appointing]  :: appointment
erneuerbar {adj}  :: renewable, sustainable
erneuern {vt}  :: to renew
erneuernd {adj}  :: renewing, restoring, renewable, regenerative
Erneuerung {f}  :: renewal, replacement
Erneuerung {f}  :: innovation
Erneuerung {f}  :: renovation
erneut {adj}  :: renewed
erneut {adj}  :: repeated
erneut {adv}  :: again, anew
ernähren {vt}  :: to nourish, to feed
Ernährer {m}  :: breadwinner
Ernährung {f}  :: nutrition
Ernährungsgewohnheit {f} [chiefly in the plural]  :: eating habit(s)
Ernährungsmedizin {f} [medicine]  :: clinical nutrition
Ernährungsphysiologie {f}  :: nutritional physiology
Ernährungssicherung {f}  :: food security
Ernährungswissenschaft {f}  :: trophology
Ernährungswissenschaft {f}  :: nutrition (science of)
Ernährungszustand {m}  :: nutritional status
erniedrigen {v}  :: to abase (to lower so as to hurt feelings), to dishonor, to humble
erniedrigt {v}  :: past participle of erniedrigen
erniedrigt {adj}  :: degraded, humiliated, humbled
erniedrigt {adj}  :: abject
Erniedrigung {f}  :: humiliation, abasement
Erniedrigung {f}  :: degradation
Erniedrigung {f}  :: lowering, depression
Erniedrigung {f}  :: In music, a flat note (abvreviated "es" for "Erniedrigungs Zeichen"
ernst {adj}  :: serious, severe, grave
Ernst {prop}  :: given name, a cognate (and the origin) of English Ernest
ernsthaft {adj} [important; weighty]  :: serious
ernstzunehmend {adj}  :: serious (to be taken seriously)
Ernte {f}  :: harvest
Erntedankfest {m}  :: Thanksgiving
Ernteertrag {m}  :: crop, yield
ernten {v}  :: to harvest
Ernting {prop} {m} [obsolete]  :: August
erobern {vt}  :: to conquer
erobern {vt}  :: to win
Eroberung {f}  :: conquest
Eroberung {f}  :: capture
Eroberungszug {m} [military]  :: conquest, invasion
erogene Zone {f}  :: erogenous zone
Erosion {f}  :: erosion
Erotik {f}  :: erotica, eroticism
erotisch {adj}  :: erotic
erotisch {adv}  :: erotically
erotischer {adj}  :: comparative of erotisch
erotischsten {adj}  :: superlative of erotisch
erotomanisch {adj}  :: erotomanic
Erpel {m}  :: drake (male duck)
erpicht {adj}  :: keen, eager
erpicht {adj}  :: obsessed
erpressen {v}  :: to blackmail
Erpresser {m}  :: blackmailer
Erpressung {f}  :: blackmail
Erpressungssoftware {f} [computing]  :: ransomware
erproben {v}  :: To test
erproben {v}  :: To prove
Erprobung {f}  :: testing
Erprobung {f}  :: test, trial
erquickend {adj}  :: refreshing, invigorating
erraten {v}  :: to determine (something) through advise or empathy
erraten {v}  :: to guess (something) correctly, to divine
erratisch {adj}  :: erratic
errechenbar {adj}  :: calculable
errechnen {v}  :: To reckon, calculate, compute
errechnet {v}  :: past participle of errechnen
erregbar {adj}  :: excitable, emotional
erregbar {adj}  :: irritable, irascible
erregen {v}  :: to thrill; arouse; excite; titillate
Erreger {m} [medicine]  :: pathogen, agent, germ
erregt {adj}  :: excited, thrilled
erregt {adj} [sex]  :: aroused
erregt {adj}  :: agitated, incensed, upset
erregt {adv}  :: excitedly
erregt {adv}  :: hotly, heatedly
Erregung {f}  :: excitation
Erregung {f}  :: arousal, stimulation
Erregung {f}  :: agitation
Erregung {f}  :: thrill
erreichbar {adj}  :: reachable, achievable, attainable
erreichbar {adj}  :: accessible, approachable
erreichen {v}  :: to reach, to catch, to accomplish
errichten {v}  :: to build, construct
Errichtung {f}  :: establishment, construction
Errichtung {f}  :: foundation, formation, erection
erringen {v}  :: to gain, to achieve
erröten {v}  :: to blush
erörtern {v}  :: to discuss (to converse or debate concerning a particular topic)
Erörterung {f}  :: discussion, examination
errötet {v}  :: past participle of erröten
errungen {adj}  :: gained, achieved
Errungenschaft {f}  :: accomplishment, achievement, attainment
Ersatz {m}  :: replacement, substitute
Ersatz {m}  :: compensation
Ersatzbank {f} [soccer]  :: substitutes' bench
Ersatzdehnung {f} [phonetics]  :: compensatory lengthening
Ersatzfrau {f} [female person]  :: substitute, stand in
Ersatzfrau {f} [sports, female person]  :: replacement
ersatzlos {adj}  :: Without compensation
ersatzlos {adj}  :: Without replacement
Ersatzmann {m} [male person]  :: substitute, stand in
Ersatzmann {m} [sports, male person]  :: replacement
Ersatzrad {n}  :: spare wheel
Ersatzreifen {m}  :: spare tyre, spare tire
Ersatzspieler {m}  :: substitute (player; male or of unspecified sex)
Ersatzstoff {m}  :: substitute, replacement
Ersatzstoff {m}  :: surrogate
Ersatzteil {n}  :: spare part (component kept in reserve)
erschaffen {vt}  :: to create; to produce; to make
erschallen {vi}  :: to sound; to ring
erschallt {v}  :: past participle of erschallen
erschauern {v}  :: to shiver
erschauern {v}  :: to tremble
erschauern {v}  :: to thrill
erscheinen {v}  :: to appear
erscheinen {v}  :: to come out, be released
erscheinen {v}  :: to appear, to seem
Erscheinung {f}  :: appearance
Erscheinung {f}  :: apparition, phenomenon
Erscheinung {f}  :: emergence, occurrence
Erscheinungsbild {n}  :: appearance, semblance, aspect
Erscheinungsform {f}  :: manifestation, appearance
Erscheinungsform {f} [biology]  :: phenotype
Erscheinungsform {f} [chemistry]  :: allotrope
erschießen {v}  :: to shoot dead
erschienen {adj}  :: published, released
erschiessen {v}  :: alternative spelling of erschießen
Erschießung {f}  :: execution by shooting
erschlagen {v}  :: to slay, to strike dead
erschließen {v}  :: To exploit or develop
erschließen {v}  :: To tap
erschließen {v}  :: To infer or deduce
Erschließung {f}  :: development
Erschließung {f}  :: indexing
erschlossen {v}  :: past participle of erschließen
erschlossen {adj}  :: exploited, developed
erschollen {v}  :: past participle of erschallen
erschöpfen {v}  :: to exhaust
erschöpfend {adj}  :: exhausting
erschöpft {adj}  :: exhausted
erschöpft {adj}  :: weary
Erschöpfung {f}  :: depletion
Erschöpfung {f}  :: exhaustion
Erschöpfung {f}  :: fatigue
Erschöpfungszustand {m}  :: (state of) exhaustion
erschröcklich {adj}  :: terrible, terrifying
erschrecken {vi} [standard, auxiliary sein]  :: to be frightened; to be startled
erschrecken {vr} [chiefly colloquial, auxiliary haben]  :: to be frightened; to be startled
erschrecken {vt} [dated, auxiliary haben]  :: to frighten; to scare (someone)
erschrecken {vt}  :: to frighten; to scare (someone)
erschrecken {vr}  :: to be frightened; to be startled
erschrocken {adj}  :: past participle of erschrecken
erschrocken {adj}  :: shocked, taken aback, startled
erschüttern {v}  :: to shake
Erschütterung {f}  :: concussion
Erschütterung {f}  :: vibration
Erschütterung {f}  :: shock
erschütterungsfrei {adj}  :: vibration-free
erschweren {v}  :: to complicate, to make hard or harder
erschwert {adj}  :: aggravated
erschwert {adj}  :: complicated, difficult
erschwinglich {adj}  :: affordable
Ersetzbarkeitsprinzip {n} [programming, object-oriented]  :: synonym of liskovsche Substitutionsprinzip
ersetzen {v}  :: to replace, to substitute
ersichtlich {adj}  :: apparent, clear, obvious
ersinnen {v}  :: to imagine, think up
ersparen {vt}  :: to save, to save up, to put aside
ersparen {vt}  :: to save, to spare (To spare somebody from something bad.)
Ersparnis {n}  :: saving (an of)
Ersparnis {n} [in plural]  :: savings
erspart {v}  :: past participle of ersparen
ersprießlich {adj}  :: beneficial, profitable, fruitful
erst {adv}  :: first
erst {adv}  :: only [with time]
erst {adv}  :: not until, not for [with reference to the passage of time]
erstarren {v}  :: to congeal, set or stiffen
erstarren {v}  :: to freeze, to become motionless
Erstarren {n}  :: setting, gelation
erstarrend {adj}  :: solidifying
erstarrt {v}  :: past participle of erstarren
erstarrt {adj}  :: congealed, solidified
erstarrt {adj}  :: numbed, petrified
Erstarrung {f}  :: solidification
Erstarrung {f}  :: stiffness, rigidity
Erstarrung {f}  :: numbness, deadness
erstatten {vt}  :: to reimburse
erstattet {v}  :: past participle of erstatten
erstaunen {v}  :: to astonish, astound
Erstaunen {n}  :: astonishment
erstaunlich {adj}  :: amazing, wondrous, astonishing
erstaunlicher {adj}  :: comparative of erstaunlich
erstaunlicherweise {adv}  :: amazingly, astonishingly, surprisingly
erstaunlichsten {adj}  :: superlative of erstaunlich
erstaunt {v}  :: past participle of erstaunen
erstbeste {adj}  :: first (and assumed to be best)
erstbester {adj}  :: which seems the best out of a random selection; the first that comes along
erste {adj} [ordinal]  :: first
Erste {f}  :: feminine noun of Erster
erstechen {v}  :: to stab (to pierce or wound with pointed tool or weapon)
erstehen {vt} [colloquial]  :: to buy
erstehen {vi}  :: to arise
Erste Hilfe {f} [medicine]  :: first aid (basic care)
ersteigern {vt}  :: to buy at an auction
erste Klasse {noun}  :: first class
erste-Klasse {noun}  :: attributive of erste Klasse
erstellen {v}  :: to create
erstellt {v}  :: past participle of erstellen
erstellt {adj}  :: created
erstellt {adj}  :: rendered, prepared
Erstellung {f}  :: creation
Erstellung {f}  :: preparation, generation
Erstellung {f}  :: building, construction
erstenmal {n}  :: obsolete spelling of ersten Mal
erstens {adv}  :: first, firstly, in the first place
erster {adj} [ordinal]  :: first
Erster {m}  :: winner (person in first place)
ersterben {v} [rare]  :: to die
ersterben {v}  :: to die away, to gradually stop
ersterer {adj}  :: former (first of aforementioned two items)
Erster Golfkrieg {prop} {m}  :: the Iran-Iraq War of 1980-88
Erster Weltkrieg {prop} {m}  :: The First World War, World War I
erstes Mal {noun} [music]  :: the first time playing a section
erste Wahl {f}  :: first choice
erstgeboren {adj}  :: firstborn
ersticken {v}  :: to suffocate
ersticken {v}  :: to smother
erstickend {adj}  :: suffocating, stifling
Erstickung {f}  :: suffocation, asphyxia, asphyxiation
erstklassig {adj}  :: first-class, first-rate
Erstkommunion {f} [Roman Catholicism]  :: First Communion
erstmal {adv}  :: first (before anything else)
erstmalig {adj}  :: first time (attributive)
erstmalig {adv}  :: for the first time
erstmals {adv}  :: for the first time
erstochen {v}  :: past participle of erstechen
erstrangig {adj}  :: first rate, first class
erstreben {vt}  :: to aim at, to strive for
erst recht {adv} [idiomatic]  :: all the more; a fortiori; not less, but indeed more; even more definitely or determinedly
erstrecken {vr} [of an object having a certain spatial extent]  :: to extend
erstrecken {vr} [of an object having a certain temporal extent]  :: to range
erstrecken {vr} [of an object having a certain thematic extent]  :: to cover
erstreiten {v}  :: to win, to gain, to achieve
erstürmen {vt}  :: to take by storm
Erstsprache {f} [linguistics]  :: native language
Ersttäter {m}  :: first-time offender
ersuchen {v}  :: to ask or beseech (somebody to do something)
ersuchen {v}  :: to request (something from somebody)
Ersuchen {n}  :: request
ersucht {v}  :: past participle of ersuchen
ertappen {v}  :: to catch
ertödten {v}  :: obsolete spelling of ertöten
erteilen {v}  :: to issue; to give (especially orders)
erteilen {v} [legal]  :: to grant
ertönen {vi} [formal]  :: to sound; to ring out
Ertrag {m}  :: yield (quantity of something produced)
ertragen {v}  :: to bear, to stand
erträglich {adj}  :: bearable
ertrinken {v}  :: to drown
Eruption {f}  :: eruption, usually of a volcano
eruptiv {adj}  :: eruptive
eruptiv {adj} [geology]  :: igneous
erwachen {vi}  :: to awake [also figuratively]
Erwachen {n}  :: awakening
erwachsen {adj}  :: adult, grown-up, grown, full-grown
erwachsen {vi}  :: to grow up, to grow
erwachsen {v}  :: to spring up, to spring from, to proceed from
erwachsen {v}  :: to accrue
erwachsen {v}  :: to grow out of
erwachsen {v}  :: to arise (difficulties, tasks)
Erwachsene {f}  :: adult (fully grown female human)
Erwachsenenalter {n}  :: adulthood, adult age
erwachsener {adj}  :: comparative of erwachsen
Erwachsener {m}  :: adult (fully grown human); grown-up
erwachsensten {adj}  :: superlative of erwachsen
Erwachsenwerden {n}  :: growing up; coming of age, rite of passage
erwartbar {adj}  :: predictable, foreseeable
erwarten {v}  :: to expect
erwarten {v}  :: to await
erwartend {adj}  :: expecting, awaiting
erwartend {adj}  :: expectant
erwartet {adj}  :: expected, anticipated
Erwartung {f}  :: expectation, expectancy
erwartungsfroh {adj}  :: expectant
erwartungsgemäß {adj}  :: expected
erwartungsgemäß {adv}  :: as expected
Erwartungshaltung {f}  :: expectations, expectancy
erwartungsvoll {adj}  :: expectant
erwecken {vt}  :: to awake, to arouse
erweckt {v}  :: past participle of erwecken
-erweise {suffix}  :: forms adverbs from adjectives; these adverbs are used to modify phrases or sentences
erweisen {v}  :: to prove, accord
Erweiterbarkeit {f}  :: extensibility
erweitern {v}  :: to extend, to expand
erweiterte Realität {f} [computing]  :: augmented reality
Erweiterung {f}  :: extension, expansion; addon/add-on
Erwerb {m}  :: acquisition
Erwerb {m}  :: earnings
erwerben {v}  :: to acquire
erwerbslos {adj}  :: unemployed, jobless
erwerbsmäßig {adj}  :: professional
erwägen {v}  :: to consider
Erwägung {f}  :: consideration
erwählt {adj}  :: selected
erwähnen {v}  :: to mention (to speak of something)
erwähnenswert {adj}  :: noteworthy
erwähnt {adj}  :: mentioned
Erwähnung {f}  :: mention
erwidern {v}  :: to reply
erwidern {v}  :: to reciprocate
erwidert {adj}  :: reciprocated, returned
Erwiderung {f}  :: reply, response, retort
Erwiderung {f}  :: return, reciprocation
Erwin {prop}  :: given name . It was popular during the first half of the 20th century
erwirtschaften {v}  :: To earn
erwirtschaften {v}  :: To generate (a profit)
erwirtschaftet {v}  :: past participle of erwirtschaften
erwischen {v}  :: to catch
erwünscht {adj}  :: desirable, desired, wanted
erwogen {v}  :: past participle of erwägen
erwürgen {v}  :: to strangle
erwärmen {v}  :: to warm, to heat
erwärmen {vr}  :: to warm up, to heat up
Erwärmen {n}  :: warming
erwärmt {v}  :: past participle of erwärmen
erwärmt {adj}  :: heated, warmed
Erwärmung {f}  :: warming
Erythem {n}  :: erythema
erythematös {adj}  :: erythematous
Erythrozyt {m}  :: erythrocyte
erz- {prefix}  :: arch-, ultra-
Erz {n}  :: ore
Erzabtei {f}  :: an archabbey, especially one of the Benedictine Order
Erzbischof {m} [Christianity]  :: archbishop (male or of unspecified sex)
Erzdiözese {f}  :: archdiocese
Erzdruide {m}  :: archdruid
erzdumm {adj}  :: Very stupid
erzen {vt} [historical]  :: to address using the pronoun Er (he)
erzen {adj}  :: oren, made of ore
Erzengel {m} [religion]  :: archangel
erzeugen {v}  :: to produce
erzeugen {v}  :: to generate
erzeugen {v}  :: to cause
erzeugend {adj}  :: generating, causing, producing
Erzeuger {m}  :: producer, manufacturer
Erzeuger {m}  :: grower
Erzeuger {m}  :: creator
Erzeugnis {n}  :: product, manufacture
Erzeugnis {n}  :: commodity
Erzeugnis {n}  :: produce
erzeugt {adj}  :: produced, generated
Erzeugung {f}  :: generation, creation
Erzeugung {f}  :: generating, producing
Erzeugung {f}  :: manufacture
Erzeugungsmuster {n} [software, object-oriented]  :: The creational pattern
Erzfeind {m}  :: archenemy
Erzgang {m} [mineralogy]  :: lode, vein
Erzgebirge {prop}  :: A mountain range on the Czech border of Germany
erzgebirgisch {adj}  :: Relating to the Erzgebirge mountain range; mountainous
Erzgebirgskreis {prop}  :: A district of Saxony
erzhaltig {adj}  :: containing ore
Erzherzog {m}  :: archduke
Erzherzogin {f}  :: archduchess [daughter or granddaughter of the Emperor of Austria-Hungary]
Erzherzogshütchen {n}  :: diminutive of Erzherzogshut
Erzherzogshut {m}  :: archducal hat
Erzherzogtum {n}  :: An archduchy, the princely territory of an archduke
erzählen {v}  :: to tell, to narrate
Erzähler {m}  :: narrator
Erzählerin {f}  :: (female) narrator
Erzählung {f}  :: tale, story; narration
erziehen {v}  :: to educate
Erzieher {m}  :: agent noun of erziehen; educator (male or of unspecified sex)
erzieherisch {adj}  :: educational, educative, pedagogic
Erziehung {f}  :: education (process or art of imparting knowledge, skill and judgment)
Erziehung {f}  :: upbringing
Erziehung {f}  :: training (of a pet)
Erziehungsanstalt {f}  :: reform school, approved school, borstal
Erziehungsberechtigte {m}  :: parent, (legal) guardian
erzielen {v}  :: to achieve, to obtain, to attain, to reach, to arrive, to realize
erzielen {v}  :: to score (to earn points in a game)
erzielt {v}  :: past participle of erzielen - achieved, scored
erzielt {adj}  :: achieved
Erzielung {f}  :: attainment
erzittern {v}  :: to tremble, quake
Erzkanzler {m} [Medieval, Holy Roman Empire]  :: archchancellor
erzkonservativ {adj}  :: ultraconservative
Erzlager {n} [mineralogy]  :: ore deposit
erzogen {v}  :: past participle of erziehen
Erzpriester {m} [Roman-Catholic, Orthodox, Old Catholic Church]  :: archpriest
Erzvorkommen {n}  :: ore deposit
erzwingen {v}  :: to force (cause to occur, overcoming resistance)
erzwungen {adj}  :: forced; enforced
es {pron}  :: it (referring to things)
es {pron}  :: he (with reference to male creatures, people etc. that are grammatically neuter)
es {pron}  :: she (with reference to female creatures, people etc. that are grammatically neuter)
es {pron} [for impersonal verbs]  :: it
es {art} [regional, colloquial]  :: alternative form of das
-es {suffix}  :: alternative form of -s (genitive ending)
-es {suffix}  :: [music] flat,
-es- {interfix}  :: Genitival interfix used to link elements in some compounds
Es {n} [psychology]  :: id
Es {n} [music]  :: E-flat
Eschatologie {f} [religion]  :: eschatology (system of doctrines concerning final matters, such as death, the end of the world)
eschatologisch {adj}  :: eschatological
Esche {f}  :: ash (tree)
Esche {prop}  :: (A village in Czechia)
eschen {adj}  :: ashen (made of ash-wood)
Eschen {prop} {n}  :: A municipality in Liechtenstein
Eschen {prop} {n}  :: A village in the Moselle department of Lothringen
Escher {prop}  :: surname
Es-Dur {n} [music]  :: E-flat major
Esel {m}  :: ass, donkey
Eselhaftigkeit {f}  :: stubbornness, foolishness
Eselhase {m}  :: (Lepus californicus), black-tailed jackrabbit
Eselsbrücke {f} [colloquial]  :: mnemonic (a short sentence used to help remember something)
Eselsohr {n}  :: ear of a donkey
Eselsohr {n}  :: dogear (folded page corner)
Eselspinguin {m}  :: gentoo, gentoo penguin
es heißt {phrase}  :: they say, it is said
esier {pron} [non-standard]  :: it, she, he
es ist nicht alles Gold, was glänzt {proverb}  :: all that glitters is not gold
es ist noch kein Meister von Himmel gefallen {proverb}  :: "a master has never come falling from heaven"; to become good at something, effort is required; don’t rely on providence
-esk {suffix}  :: Used to form adjectives from nouns. Example: kafkaesk (Kafkaesque), from Kafka (the writer Franz Kafka)
Eskalation {f}  :: escalation
eskalieren {v}  :: to escalate
Eskapade {f}  :: escapade
Eskapismus {m}  :: escapism
eskapistisch {adj}  :: escapist
Eskimo {m}  :: an Eskimo
Eskorte {f}  :: escort
Eskorte {f}  :: motorcade
eskortieren {v}  :: to escort
es lebe {v}  :: long live
ESM {initialism} [finance, EU]  :: initialism of Europäischer Stabilitätsmechanismus
Esoterik {f}  :: esotericism, esoteric knowledge
esoterisch {adj}  :: esoteric
ESP {initialism}  :: elektronisches Stabilitätsprogramm; ESP (electronic stability program)
Espe {f}  :: aspen (a tree)
espen {adj} [rather rare]  :: aspen (made of aspen wood)
Esperantist {m}  :: Esperantist
Esperanto {prop} {n}  :: Esperanto
Esperantologie {f}  :: Esperantology
Esplanade {f}  :: esplanade
Espresso {m}  :: espresso
Espressokanne {f}  :: moka (Italian-style aluminium coffee-maker)
Esprit {m}  :: esprit
Esra {prop}  :: Ezra (Biblical figure)
Esra {prop}  :: the Book of Ezra
Essay {m}  :: essay, usually on scientific, cultural or sociological subjects for publication in a newspaper or magazine
essayistisch {adj}  :: essayistic
essbar {adj}  :: edible (that can be eaten without harm; suitable for consumption)
Essbesteck {n}  :: cutlery
Esse {f}  :: chimney-hood over a stove
Esse {n} [uncountable]  :: existence
es sei denn {conj}  :: unless
essen {vt}  :: to eat
essen {vi}  :: to eat; to dine
Essen {n}  :: eating
Essen {n}  :: meal
Essen {n}  :: food
Essen {n}  :: groceries
Essen {prop} {n}  :: A large industrial city in Germany
Essen auf Rädern {n}  :: meals on wheels
essend {adj}  :: eating
Essener {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Essen
Essensmarke {f}  :: food stamp
essensmäßig {adj}  :: food, cooking (attributive)
essentiell {adj}  :: essential, crucial
essentiell {adv}  :: essentially
Essenz {f}  :: essence
essenziell {adj}  :: essential
essenziell {adv}  :: essentially
essgestört {adj}  :: having eating disorder
essgestört {adj}  :: related to eating disorder
Essig {m}  :: vinegar
Essigfliege {f}  :: fruit fly (Drosophilidae)
essigsauer {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: acetic
Essigsäure {f}  :: acetic acid (clear colourless organic acid, CH3COOH)
Essigsäurechlorid {n}  :: acetyl chloride
Essigsäureethylester {n} [organic compound]  :: ethyl acetate
Esskastanie {f}  :: chestnut, sweet chestnut
Esslöffel {m}  :: tablespoon
esslöffelweise {adj}  :: tablespoon (attributive)
Esslingen {prop} {n}  :: A town near Stuttgart in Baden-Württemberg
Esslinger {prop}  :: surname
Essstäbchen {n}  :: chopstick
Essstörung {f}  :: eating disorder
Esstisch {m}  :: table upon which meals are eaten; eating table; dinner table
Esswaren {noun}  :: foodstuffs
Esszimmer {n}  :: dining room (room, in a home or hotel, where meals are eaten)
est. {adj}  :: abbreviation of estnisch
Eßstäbchen {n}  :: alternative spelling of Essstäbchen
Este {m}  :: Estonian ((male or female) man from Estonia)
Ester {n} [organic chemistry]  :: ester
Ester {prop}  :: Esther [biblical character]
Ester {prop}  :: the book of Esther
Ester {prop}  :: given name, often spelled Esther
Estergruppe {f} [organic chemistry]  :: ester group (functional group)
Esther {prop}  :: Esther [biblical character]
Esther {prop}  :: the book of Esther
Esther {prop}  :: given name, a popular spelling variant of Ester
Estin {f}  :: female Estonian
Estland {prop} {n}  :: Estonia
estn. {adj}  :: abbreviation of estnisch
estnisch {adj}  :: Estonian (of, from, or pertaining to the country of Estonia, or its people)
estnisch {adj}  :: Estonian (in or pertaining to the language of Estonia)
Estnisch {prop} {n}  :: Estonian (language)
Estrade {f}  :: estrade
Estragon {m}  :: tarragon, estragon (perennial herb Artemisia dracunculus)
Estragon {m}  :: tarragon, estragon (the leaves of this plant used as a seasoning)
Estrich {m}  :: stone floor
Estrich {m} [Switzerland]  :: attic
es tut mir leid {phrase}  :: Sorry
Eszett {n}  :: letter: ß, also the sharp s in English
Esztisch {m}  :: obsolete spelling of Esstisch
Eszwaren {noun}  :: obsolete spelling of Esswaren
Eta {n}  :: eta (Greek letter)
etablieren {v}  :: to establish
Etablissement {n}  :: establishment
Etage {f}  :: floor; storey
Etappe {f}  :: stage, leg (stage of journey)
Etat {m}  :: budget
Etatismus {m}  :: statism, etatism
etatistisch {adj}  :: statist, etatist
etatmäßig {adj}  :: state (attributive)
etatmäßig {adj}  :: budgetary
etc. {adv}  :: etc.
etc. pp. {adv}  :: and so on; on and on; implying that the list is particularly long, and often that something is a burden
Etüde {f} [music]  :: etude
etepetete {adj} [colloquial, dated, usually only predicative]  :: hoity-toity, finical, affected, stilted
Ethan {n}  :: ethane (aliphatic hydrocarbon, C2H6)
Ethanol {n}  :: ethanol
Ethanthiol {n} [organic compound]  :: ethanethiol
Ethen {n} [organic compound]  :: ethene, ethylene
Ether {n} [organic chemistry]  :: ether
Ethergruppe {f} [organic chemistry]  :: ether group (functional group)
Ethik {f}  :: ethics (study of principles governing right and wrong conduct)
Ethin {n}  :: acetylene
ethisch {adj}  :: ethic, ethical
Ethnie {f}  :: ethnicity
ethnisch {adj}  :: ethnic (of an ethnic group or culture)
ethnische Säuberung {f} [euphemistic]  :: ethnic cleansing
Ethnologe {m}  :: ethnologist
Ethnologie {f} [anthropology]  :: ethnology (branch of anthropology)
Ethnologin {f}  :: a female ethnologist
ethnologisch {adj}  :: ethnologic, ethnological
Ethologie {f}  :: ethology
ethologisch {adj}  :: ethological
Ethoxylat {n} [organic chemistry]  :: ethoxylate
Ethyl {n} [organic chemistry]  :: alternative form of Äthyl
Ethylalkohol {n} [organic compound]  :: ethyl alcohol
Ethylen {n} [organic compound]  :: ethylene
Ethylendiamin {n} [organic compound]  :: ethylenediamine
Ethylendiamintetraessigsäure {m} [organic compound]  :: ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid
Ethylenoxid {n} [organic compound]  :: ethylene oxide
Etikett {n}  :: label
Etikette {f}  :: etiquette
etikettieren {v}  :: to label, to tag
etiolieren {v} [horticulture]  :: to etiolate (to make pale through lack of light, especially a plant)
etisch {adj}  :: etic
Eßtisch {m}  :: alternative spelling of Esstisch
etlich {adj}  :: several, a bunch, a number, a good deal
etliche {pron} [indefinite]  :: scores (of), a number (of), several, quite a few (of)
Etrurien {prop} {n}  :: Etruria
etrusk. {adj}  :: abbreviation of etruskisch
Etrusker {m}  :: Etruscan (man from Etruria)
Etruskerin {f}  :: Etruscan (woman from Etruria)
etruskisch {adj}  :: Etruscan (related to ancient Etruria)
Etruskisch {n}  :: Etruscan, the Etruscan language
Etter {m}  :: fence
Etter {m} [southern Germany, archaic]  :: the surrounding border of a village
Etter {m}  :: boundary or border of an area or location
Etter {m}  :: the central area of a locality
Etui {n}  :: case, étui
ETW {f} [real estate]  :: initialism of Eigentumswohnung (condominium, owner-occupied flat)
etwa {adv}  :: approximately
etwa {adv}  :: for instance
etwa {adv}  :: by any chance
etwa {adv} [modal]  :: really (expresses the expectation of a negative answer)
etwaig {adj}  :: possible, any
etwas {pron}  :: something
etwas {adv}  :: somewhat, slightly
etwas {adv}  :: a little, a bit
etwas unter den Teppich kehren {phrase}  :: sweep something under the rug
etwer {pron} [dated, dialectal]  :: someone, somebody; neuter something
Etymologe {m}  :: etymologist (person who specializes in etymology)
Etymologie {f}  :: etymology
etymologisch {adj}  :: etymological
euch {pron}  :: accusative and dative of ihr; you, yourselves
Eucharistie {f} [Roman Catholicism]  :: Eucharist (sacrament)
Eudialyt {m} [mineral]  :: eudialyte
EUdSSR {initialism} [pejorative]  :: The European Union
euer {determiner}  :: your [addressing two or more people informally]
Eugen {prop}  :: given name, cognate to Eugene
Eugenie {prop}  :: given name, cognate to English Eugenia
Eugenik {f}  :: eugenics
Eukalyptus {m}  :: eucalyptus (any of many trees of genus Eucalyptus)
Eukalyptus {m}  :: eucalyptus oil
eukaryontisch {adj}  :: alternative form of eukaryotisch
Eukaryot {m}  :: eukaryote
eukaryotisch {adj}  :: eukaryotic
Euklas {m} [mineral]  :: euclase
Euklid {prop} {m}  :: Euclid
euklidisch {adj}  :: Euclidean
EU-Kommission {f}  :: synonym of Europäische Kommission
Eule {f}  :: owl
Eule {f}  :: a moth of the family Noctuidae
Eulen nach Athen tragen {v} [idiom]  :: bring owls to Athens, carry coals to Newcastle
eulersche Formel {prop} {f} [complex analysis]  :: Euler's formula
eulersche Identität {prop} {f} [complex analysis]  :: Euler's identity
Eunuch {m}  :: eunuch (castrated human male)
Euphemismus {m}  :: euphemism
euphemistisch {adj}  :: euphemistic
euphonisch {adj}  :: euphonic
Euphorie {f}  :: euphoria (an excited state of joy)
euphorisch {adj}  :: euphoric
euphotometrisch {adj}  :: euphotometric
Euphrat {prop} {m}  :: Euphrates (Middle Eastern river)
Eurasien {prop} {n}  :: Eurasia
eurasisch {adj}  :: Eurasian
eure {pron} [possessive]  :: Feminine Nominative singular form of euer
eure {pron} [possessive]  :: Feminine Accusative singular form of euer
eure {pron} [possessive]  :: Nominative plural form of euer
eure {pron} [possessive]  :: Accusative plural form of euer
euretwegen {adv}  :: because of you [2nd person plural], for your sake
euretwegen {adv}  :: as far as you [2nd person plural] are concerned (you don't mind if); for all you care
Euro {m}  :: euro (currency)
Eurodeterrent {prop}  :: Eurodeterrent (unified nuclear deterrent of the European Union)
Euromünze {f}  :: euro coin
Europa {prop} {f}  :: (neuter) The continent Europe
Europa {prop} {f} [Greek mythology]  :: (feminine) A Phoenician princess abducted to Crete by Zeus
Europa {prop} {f}  :: (feminine) A moon of Jupiter
europamüde {adj}  :: tired of Europe
Europameister {m} [sports]  :: European champion
Europameisterschaft {f}  :: European championship
europatauglich {adj}  :: suited to or fit for Europe
Europawahl {f}  :: European election, European Parliament election (election of the European Parliament)
europaweit {adj}  :: Europewide
europazentriert {adj}  :: Eurocentric
Europäer {m}  :: European (person)
Europäerin {f}  :: European (female person)
europid {adj}  :: Caucasian
europäid {adj}  :: European
europäisch {adj}  :: European
Europäische Forelle {f}  :: brown trout
Europäische Kommission {f} [EU, politics]  :: European Commission
Europäischer Stabilitätsmechanismus {prop} {m} [finance, EU]  :: European Stability Mechanism
Europäische Äsche {f}  :: grayling [Thymallus thymallus]
Europäische Union {prop} {f}  :: European Union
europäische Wildkatze {f}  :: European wildcat Felis silvestris ornata
europäisieren {v}  :: to Europeanize
europäisiert {v}  :: past participle of europäisieren
Europium {n}  :: europium
euroskeptisch {adj}  :: eurosceptic
eurozentrisch {adj}  :: eurocentric
euryhalin {adj}  :: euryhaline
euryhygr {adj}  :: euryhygric
euryök {adj}  :: euryoecious
Eutektikum {n} [physics]  :: eutectic (mixture)
eutektisch {adj}  :: eutectic
Euter {n}  :: udder
Euthanasie {f}  :: euthanasia (the practice of intentionally and painlessly killing a human being or animal for humane reasons, especially in order to end great suffering or poor quality of life)
euthyreot {adj} [medicine]  :: euthyroid, having normal thyroid function
eutroph {adj}  :: eutrophic
Eutrophierung {f}  :: eutrophication
Euxenit {m} [mineral]  :: euxenite
e.V. {abbr} [sometimes proscribed]  :: abbreviation of eingetragener Verein
Eva {prop} {f}  :: Eve [wife of Adam]
Eva {prop} {f}  :: given name. Diminutive form: Evchen
evakuieren {v}  :: to evacuate
Evakuierung {f}  :: evacuation
evaluativ {adj}  :: evaluative
evaluieren {v}  :: to evaluate
evangelikal {adj} [Christianity, Protestantism]  :: evangelical (pertaining to the contemporary, US-based movement of evangelicalism)
Evangelisation {f}  :: evangelism, evangelization
evangelisch {adj} [Christianity]  :: evangelical (pertaining to the gospel)
evangelisch {adj} [Christianity, Protestantism]  :: Lutheran
evangelisch {adj} [Christianity, Protestantism]  :: pertaining to “orthodoxProtestantism in continental Europe, including the Lutheran, Calvinist (“Reformed”) and Lutheran-Calvinist (“United”) churches
evangelisieren {v}  :: to evangelize
evangelisiren {v}  :: obsolete spelling of evangelisieren
Evangelist {m} [biblical]  :: Evangelist
Evangelium {n}  :: gospel (in the Bible, the "good news" of salvation through Jesus)
Evaporit {m}  :: evaporite
evasiv {adj}  :: evasive
Evelyn {prop}  :: given name borrowed from English
eventuell {adj}  :: possible, potential
eventuell {adv}  :: possibly, potentially
ever {adv} [colloquial, youth slang]  :: ever [with superlative]
Evolution {f}  :: evolution
Evolutionismus {m}  :: evolutionism
Evolutionist {m}  :: A (male) evolutionist
Evolutionistin {f}  :: A (female) evolutionist
evolutionistisch {adj}  :: evolutionist, evolutionistic
evolutionär {adj}  :: evolutionary
evolutionärer {adj}  :: comparative of evolutionär
evolutionärsten {adj}  :: superlative of evolutionär
Evolutionstheorie {f} [biology]  :: theory of evolution (after Charles Darwin)
Ewald {prop}  :: given name
Eßwaren {noun}  :: alternative spelling of Esswaren
EWG {initialism}  :: Europäische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft
ewig {adj}  :: eternal, everlasting
ewig {adv}  :: eternally, for ever
ewig {adv} [chiefly colloquial]  :: always
ewiges Talent {n}  :: a person, particularly a sportsperson, who is continuously noted for their great talent but remains unable to live up to it
ewiggestrig {adj} [politics, pejorative]  :: reactionary (of someone who keeps holding on to old positions; unwilling to change)
Ewigkeit {f}  :: eternity
ewiglich {adj} [poetic]  :: eternal, everlasting
EWSA {initialism} [telecommunication, EWSD]  :: initialism of w:EWSA (Analogue Electronic Dialing System, the predecessor of the EWSD)
EWSD {initialism} [telecommunication, EWSD]  :: initialism of w:EWSD (Digital Electronic Dialing System)
Ex {f} [colloquial]  :: ex-girlfriend
Ex {f} [colloquial]  :: ex-wife
Ex {m} [colloquial]  :: ex-boyfriend
Ex {m} [colloquial]  :: ex-husband
exakt {adj}  :: exact
exakter {adj}  :: comparative of exakt
Exaktheit {f}  :: exactness
exaltiert {adj}  :: agitated
exaltiert {adj}  :: eccentric
Examen {n}  :: exam (particularly at the end of university studies e.g. Final Exam)
Exbibyte {n}  :: exbibyte (260 bytes)
Exception {f} [computing]  :: exception
Excimerlaser {m} [physics]  :: excimer laser
Exegese {f}  :: exegesis (formal written exposition or explanatory essay)
exegetisch {adj}  :: exegetic
exekutieren {v}  :: to execute (kill)
exekutiv {adj}  :: executive
Exekutive {f}  :: executive (branch of government which is responsible for enforcing laws and judicial decisions)
Exempel {n} [dated or part of idiomatic expressions]  :: example
Exemplar {n}  :: exemplar
Exemplar {n}  :: specimen
Exemplar {n}  :: copy
exemplarisch {adj}  :: generic, quintessential
exemplarisch {adj}  :: exemplary
exen {v} [slang]  :: to down (to drink or swallow) quickly
exen {v} [slang]  :: to chug; to guzzle down
Exergie {f}  :: exergy
exergon {adj}  :: exergonic
Exhibitionismus {m}  :: exhibitionism
Exhibitionist {m}  :: exhibitionist
exhibitionistisch {adj}  :: exhibitionist
Exi {noun}  :: A member of a German existentialist movement popular in the 1960s
Exil {n}  :: exile [the state of being banished from one's home or country]
Exilant {m}  :: exile [person]
Existentialismus {m}  :: existentialism
Existentialist {m}  :: existentialist
existentialistisch {adj}  :: alternative form of existenzialistisch
existentiell {adj}  :: alternative spelling of existenziell
Existenz {f}  :: existence
Existenzialismus {m}  :: alternative spelling of Existentialismus
Existenzialist {m}  :: alternative spelling of Existentialist
existenzialistisch {adj}  :: existentialistic
existenziell {adj}  :: existential
existieren {v}  :: to exist
existierend {adj}  :: existing
Exklave {f} [geography]  :: exclave
exklusiv {adj}  :: exclusive (of high quality and/or reknown)
Exkrement {n}  :: (formal) excrement, feces
Exkretion {f} [biology]  :: excretion
Exkursion {f}  :: excursion, field trip
Exmatrikulation {f}  :: deregistration, removal from a school's register of students (due to graduation, withdrawal, expulsion, etc)
exmatrikulieren {v}  :: to deregister, to unenroll, to (as a school) remove (someone) from the register of students (due to that person's graduation, withdrawal, expulsion, etc)
exmatrikuliert {adj}  :: deregistered, unenrolled, removed from a school's register of students (due to graduation, withdrawal, expulsion, etc)
ex nunc {adv} [legal]  :: ex nunc
Exodus {m}  :: exodus (sudden departure)
Exodus {prop} {m} [religion]  :: Exodus (second book of the Bible, following Genesis)
exogenetisch {adj} [genetics]  :: exogenetic
Exonym {n}  :: exonym
Exoplanet {m}  :: exoplanet
exorbitant {adj}  :: exorbitant
exorzieren {v}  :: to exorcise
Exorzismus {m}  :: exorcism
Exoskelett {n}  :: exoskeleton (hard outer structure)
Exosphäre {f}  :: exosphere
Exot {m} [people or plant or animals]  :: exotic
exotherm {adj}  :: exothermic
Exotik {f}  :: exoticism
exotisch {adj}  :: exotic
exotischer {adj}  :: comparative of exotisch
exozentrisch {adj}  :: exocentric
expandieren {v}  :: to expand
expandiert {v}  :: past participle of expandieren
Expansion {f}  :: expansion
Expansion {f}  :: growth
Expansionskühlung {f}  :: expansion cooling
Expedition {f}  :: expedition
Experiment {n}  :: experiment
Experimentalphysik {f}  :: experimental physics
experimentell {adj}  :: experimental
experimentieren {v}  :: to experiment
experimentierfreudig {adj}  :: willing to experiment or try new things
Experte {m}  :: expert
Expertin {f}  :: a female expert
Expertise {f}  :: expertise
explizieren {vt}  :: to explicate (to explain meticulously or in great detail; to elucidate; to analyze)
explizit {adj}  :: explicit
explodieren {v}  :: to explode
explorativ {adj}  :: exploratory
Explosion {f}  :: explosion
explosionsartig {adj}  :: explosive
explosionsartig {adv}  :: explosively
explosionsfähig {adj}  :: explosive
Explosionsgefahr {f}  :: danger of explosion
explosionsgefährdet {adj}  :: explosive (liable to explode)
explosionsgefährlich {adj}  :: explosive
explosiv {adj}  :: explosive
Explosivstoff {m}  :: explosive
Exponat {n} [something exhibited in a museum etc.]  :: exhibit
Exponent {m} [mathematics]  :: exponent
exponentiell {adj}  :: exponential (relating to an exponent)
Export {m} [economics]  :: export (the act of exporting)
Export {m}  :: a type of beer
Exporteur {m}  :: exporter
exportieren {v}  :: to export
exportorientiert {adj}  :: export-oriented
Exposé {n}  :: alternative spelling of Exposee
Exposee {n}  :: synopsis, exposé
Exposition {f}  :: exposition (action of putting something out to public view)
Exposition {f} [music]  :: exposition
Exposition {f} [art]  :: exposition; exhibition
Expressionismus {m}  :: expressionism
expressiv {adj}  :: expressive
exquisit {adj}  :: exquisite
extemporieren {v}  :: to extemporize
extern {adj}  :: external
extinkt {adj}  :: extinct
Extinktion {f}  :: extinction
Extinktion {f} [physics]  :: absorbance
Extinktionskoeffizient {m} [physics]  :: extinction coefficient, absorption coefficient
extra- {prefix}  :: extra-
extra {adv}  :: specifically (for a given purpose)
extra {adv} [colloquial]  :: on purpose
extra {adv} [colloquial]  :: aside, apart, separately
extra {adv} [colloquial]  :: particularly, very
extradiegetisch {adj}  :: extradiegetic
extragalaktisch {adj}  :: extragalactic
extrahieren {v}  :: to extract
Extrakt {m} {n}  :: extract
Extraktion {f}  :: extraction
Extraktionsverfahren {n}  :: extraction method
extramundan {adj}  :: extramundane
Extranet {n} [computing]  :: extranet
extrapoliert {v}  :: past participle of extrapolieren - extrapolated
extrasolar {adj} [astrophysics]  :: extrasolar
extrasolarer Planet {m} [astronomy, planetology]  :: exoplanet
Extrasystole {f}  :: extrasystole
extraterrestrisch {adj}  :: extraterrestrial
extravagant {adj}  :: extravagant
extravaganter {adj}  :: comparative of extravagant
extravertiert {adj}  :: extroverted
Extrawurst {f}  :: A kind of Austrian Brühwurst (parboiled sausage)
Extrawurst {f}  :: special treatment
Extrazellularraum {m} [biology]  :: extracellular space
extrazellulär {adj}  :: extracellular
extrem {adj}  :: extreme
extrem {adv}  :: extremely
Extrem {n}  :: extreme, extremity
Extrembedingung {f} [chiefly in the plural]  :: extreme condition(s)
extremer {adj}  :: comparative of extrem
Extremismus {m}  :: extremism
Extremist {m}  :: extremist (male or of unspecified sex)
extremistisch {adj}  :: extremist
extremistischer {adj}  :: comparative of extremistisch
Extremität {f}  :: extremity, limb
extremsten {adj}  :: superlative of extrem
Extremum {n} [mathematics]  :: extremum
Extremwert {m} [mathematics]  :: extremum
extrinsisch {adj}  :: extrinsic
extrovertiert {adj}  :: extroverted
extrovertierter {adj}  :: comparative of extrovertiert
extrudieren {v}  :: To extrude
Extrudieren {n}  :: extrusion (process)
extrudiert {v}  :: past participle of extrudieren
ex tunc {adv} [legal]  :: ex tunc
exzellent {adj}  :: excellent
Exzellenz {f}  :: Excellency (form of address for certain high officials or dignitaries)
Exzentriker {m} [person]  :: eccentric
exzentrisch {adj} [not at or in the centre or deviating from the norm]  :: eccentric
exzentrischer {adj}  :: comparative of exzentrisch
Exzeptionalismus {m}  :: exceptionalism
exzeptionell {adj}  :: exceptional
Exzerpt {n}  :: excerpt
Exzess {m}  :: excess
exzessiv {adj}  :: excessive
exzessiver {adj}  :: comparative of exzessiv
ey {interj} [colloquial]  :: used to call someone’s attention
eytel {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of eitel
Eytelkeit {noun}  :: obsolete spelling of Eitelkeit
EZB {initialism}  :: ECB (Europäische Zentralbank)
Ezechiel {prop} {m}  :: Ezekiel [biblical character]
Ezechiel {prop} {m}  :: the book of Ezekiel
E-Zigarette {f}  :: e-cigarette