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Saami {prop} (Saami language)  :: Sami
Saanen goat {n} (white or cream-colored goat)  :: Saanenziege {f}
Saar {prop} (river in France and Germany)  :: Saar {f}
Saaremaa {prop} (island and county)  :: Saaremaa, Ösel
Saarland {prop} (state)  :: Saarland
Saarlander {n} (Demonym of Saarland)  :: Saarländer {m}, Saarländerin {f}
SaaS {n} (Software as a Service)  :: SaaS {f}
Sabaean {adj} (of or pertaining to Sabaean culture)  :: sabäisch
Sabaean {prop} (an extinct Semitic language)  :: Sabäisch {n}
Sabaean {n} (an individual of the ancient Sabaean people)  :: Sabäer {m}, Sabäerin {f}
Sabbatarian {n} (sixth-day Sabbatarian, Friday-keeper)  :: Sabbatarier {m}, Sabbatarierin {f}, Sabbatist {m}, Sabbatistin {f}
Sabbatarian {n} (seventh-day Sabbatarian, Sabbath-keeper, Saturday-keeper)  :: Sabbatarier {m}, Sabbatarierin {f}, Sabbatist {m}, Sabbatistin {f}
Sabbatarianism {n} (Sabbath observance, Sabbathkeeping)  :: Sabbatariertum {n}, Sabbatismus {m}
Sabbath {n} (Jewish Saturday)  :: Sabbat {m}, Schabbat {m}, Schabbes {m}
Sabbath {n} (Christian Sunday)  :: Sonntag {m}
Sabbath {n} (Muslim Friday)  :: Freitag {m}
Sabbath {n} (witches' Sabbath)  :: Hexensabbat {m}, Hexentanz {m}, Teufelstanz {m}
Sabbath-day {n} (Sabbath day, Sabbath-day, day of the Sabbath)  :: Sabbattag {m}, [rare] Sabbatstag {m}, Schabbattag {m}
sabbatical {n} (extended period of leave)  :: Sabbatjahr {n}
sabbatize {v} (to sanctify, keep or observe the Sabbath, as the Sabbath)  :: den Sabbat heiligen, den Sabbat heilig halten, den Sabbat einhalten, den Sabbat halten
Sabellian {prop} (language)  :: Sabellisch {n}
saber {v} (sabre) SEE: sabre  ::
saber-toothed tiger {n} (sabre-toothed tiger) SEE: sabre-toothed tiger  ::
Sabian {n}  :: Sabäer {m}, Sabier {m}
Sabina {prop} (female given name)  :: Sabine
sable {n} (animal)  :: Zobel {m}
sable {n} (fur)  :: Zobel
sable {n} (heraldic colour)  :: Schwarz
sable {adj} (of black colour on a coat of arms)  :: schwarz
sabotage {n} (deliberate action of subversion, obstruction, disruption, destruction)  :: Sabotage {f}
sabotage {n} (act with intent to injure)  :: Sabotage {f}
sabotage {v} (deliberate destruction to prevent success)  :: sabotieren
saboteur {n} (a person who intentionally causes the destruction of property)  :: Saboteur {m}
sabre {n} (light sword, sharp along the front edge, part of the back edge, and at the point)  :: Säbel {m}
sabre {n} (modern fencing sword modeled after the sabre)  :: Säbel
sabre-rattling {n} (display of military power as an implied threat)  :: Säbelrasseln {n}
sabre-rattling {n} (figuratively: any threat)  :: Säbelrasseln {n}
sabre saw {n} (portable electric jigsaw)  :: Säbelsäge {f}, Tigersäge {f}
sabre-toothed {adj} (having massive curved upper canine teeth)  :: Säbelzahn-
sabre-toothed tiger {n} (prehistoric cat)  :: Säbelzahntiger {m}, Säbelzahnkatze {f}
saccharification {n} (hydrolysis of soluble polysaccharides)  :: Verzuckerung {f}
saccharify {v} (convert soluble polysaccharides)  :: verzuckern
saccharin {n} (white crystalline powder)  :: Saccharin {n}
sac fungus {n} (fungus of the phylum Ascomycota) SEE: ascomycete  ::
sachet {n} (small, sealed packet)  :: Sachet {n}
sack {n} (bag for commodities or items)  :: Sack {m}, Papiersack {m}, Beutel {m}, Tüte {f}
sack {n} (amount that can be put in a sack)  :: Sack voll {m}, [old spelling] Sackvoll {m}
sack {n} (successful tackle of the quarterback)  :: Sack {m}
sack {v} (to plunder)  :: plündern
sackbut {n} (brass instrument)  :: Posaune
sackcloth {n} (cloth)  :: Sackleinen {n}
sacker {n} (someone who plunders a village)  :: Plünderer {m}
sack race {n} (type of children's game)  :: Sackhüpfen {n}
sacral {adj} ((anatomy) of the sacrum)  :: Kreuzbein-, sakral
sacral {adj} (sacred)  :: sakral
sacrament {n} (sacred act or ceremony)  :: Sakrament {n}
sacramental {n} (an object or action which spiritually aids its faithful users)  :: Sakramentale
sacred {adj} (made holy)  :: heilig
sacred baboon {n} (Papio hamadryas) SEE: hamadryas  ::
sacred fir {n} (Abies religiosa)  :: Heilige Tanne {f}
sacrifice {v} (to offer as a gift to a deity)  :: opfern
sacrifice {v} (to give away something valuable in order to gain something else of value)  :: opfern
sacrifice {n} (something sacrificed)  :: Opfer {n}
sacrificial anode {n} (piece of corrodible metal)  :: Opferanode {f}
sacrilege {n} (desecration, profanation, misuse or violation of something sacred)  :: Sakrileg {n}
sacrilegious {adj} (committing sacrilege)  :: gotteslästerlich
sacristan {n} (person who maintains the sacristy)  :: Küster {m}, Küsterin {f}
sacristy {n} (room in a church)  :: Sakristei {f}
sacrosanct {adj} (beyond alteration, criticism, or interference, especially due to religious sanction; inviolable)  :: sakrosankt, unantastbar
sacrosanct {adj} (sacred)  :: sakrosankt, heilig
sacrum {n} (bone at the base of the spine)  :: Kreuzbein {n}
sad {adj} (of colours: dark, sombre, dull)  :: trist
sad {adj} (feeling sorrow)  :: traurig
Saïda {prop} (port city in Lebanon) SEE: Sidon  ::
sadden {v} (make sad or unhappy)  :: betrüben
sadden {v} (become sad or unhappy)  :: traurig werden, betrüben
saddle {n} (seat on an animal)  :: Sattel {m}
saddle {n} (seat on a bicycle etc)  :: Sattel {m}
saddle {n} (cut of meat)  :: Rücken {m}
saddle {n} (low point, in the shape of a saddle, between two hills)  :: Sattel {m}
saddle {v} (to put a saddle on)  :: satteln, besatteln
saddle {v} (to get into a saddle)  :: aufsatteln
saddle {v} (to burden)  :: (sich etw.) aufhalsen
saddlebag {n} (covered pouch)  :: Satteltasche {f}
saddlecloth {n} (blanket placed under a saddle)  :: Satteldecke {f}
saddlemaker {n} (saddler) SEE: saddler  ::
saddle point {n} (geometry)  :: Sattelpunkt {m}
saddle point {n} (game theory)  :: Sattelpunkt {m}
saddler {n} (someone who makes and repairs saddles)  :: Sattler {m}, Sattelmacher {m}
Sadducee {prop} (member of an ancient Jewish sect)  :: Sadduzäer {m}, Sadduzäerin {f}
sadism {n} (psychology: the enjoyment of inflicting pain or humiliation)  :: Sadismus {m}
sadism {n}  :: Sadismus {m}
sadist {n} (one who derives pleasure through cruelty or pain to others)  :: Sadist {m}, Sadistin {f}
sadistic {adj} (of a person)  :: sadistisch
sadly {adv} (unfortunately) SEE: unfortunately  ::
sadly {adv} (in a sad manner)  :: traurig, traurigerweise
sadness {n} (state/emotion)  :: Traurigkeit {f}
sadomasochism {n} (practices of sadism and masochism collectively)  :: Sadomasochismus {m}
sad to say {adv} (unfortunately) SEE: unfortunately  ::
safari {n} (a trip into any undeveloped area)  :: Safari {f}
safe {adj} (not in danger)  :: sicher, gefahrlos
safe {adj} (free from risk)  :: sicher
safe {adj} (providing protection from danger)  :: sicher
safe {adj} (properly secured)  :: sicher
safe {n} (box in which valuables can be locked for safekeeping)  :: Tresor {m}, Safe {m}, Geldschrank {m}
safe and sound {adj} (having come to no harm)  :: wohlbehalten, ganz und heil
safecracker {n} (translation one who practices safecracking)  :: Geldschrankknacker {m}
safeguard {n} (something that serves as a guard or protection; a defense)  :: Sicherung {f}, Schutz {m}
safe mode {n} ((computing) troubleshooting mode)  :: abgesicherter Modus {m}
safe room {n}  :: Panikraum {m}
safe sex {n} (sexual activity that minize risks)  :: safer Sex {m}, geschützter Sex {m}
safety {n} (condition or feeling of being safe)  :: Sicherheit {f}, Gefahrlosigkeit {f}
safety {n} (mechanism to prevent accidental firing)  :: Griffsicherung {f}
safety belt {n} (seat belt) SEE: seat belt  ::
safety-conscious {adj} (aware of the need for safety)  :: sicherheitsbewusst
safety glass {n} (safety glass)  :: Sicherheitsglas {n}
safety glasses {n} (glasses for protecting the eyes)  :: Schutzbrille {f}
safety pin {n} (pin in the form of a clasp)  :: Sicherheitsnadel {f}
safety valve {n} (a relief valve set to open at a pressure below that at which a container would burst)  :: Sicherheitsventil {n}
saffron {n} (plant)  :: Safran {m}
saffron {n} (spice)  :: Safran {m}
saffron {n} (dye)  :: Safran {m}
saffron {n} (colour)  :: Safranfarbe {f}, Safrangelb {n}
saffron {adj} (colour)  :: safrangelb, safranfarbig
saga {n} (Old Norse Icelandic prose)  :: Saga {f}
saga {n} (long epic story)  :: Sage {f}
sagacious {adj} (having or showing keen discernment)  :: klug, scharfsinnig, weise
sagacity {n} (quality of being sage)  :: Weisheit {f}
saganaki {n} (a Greek dish cooked in a frying pan, espescially a cheese appetizer)  :: Saganaki {m} {n}
sage {adj} (wise)  :: weise
sage {n} (wise person)  :: Weiser {m}, Weise {f}
sage {n} (plant)  :: Salbei {m}
sage grouse {n} (Centrocercus urophasianus)  :: Beifußhuhn {n}
saggar {n}  :: Brennkapsel {f}
Sagitta {prop} (constellation)  :: Pfeil {m}
Sagittarius {prop} (constellation)  :: Schütze {m}
Sagittarius {prop} (astrological sign)  :: Schütze {m}
sago {n} (a powdered starch obtained from certain palms used as a food thickener)  :: Sago {m}
sago {n} (any of the palms from which sago is extracted)  :: Sago {m}
saguaro {n} (large cactus)  :: Saguaro {m}
Sahara {prop} (desert)  :: Sahara {f}
Sahel {prop} (A region in Africa)  :: Sahelzone {f}, Sahel {m}
Sahrawi {adj} (related to Western Sahara)  :: der Westsahara
Sahrawi {n} (a person from Western Sahara)  :: Sahraoui {m} {f}, Saharawi {m} {f}
said and done {adj} (agreed to and accomplished or finished)  :: gesagt getan
saiga {n} (antelope)  :: Saiga
sail {n} (a piece of fabric attached to a boat)  :: Segel {n}
sail {n} (a trip in a boat)  :: Törn {m}
sail {n} (the blade of a windmill)  :: Windmühlenflügel {m}
sail {v} (to ride in a boat, especially sailboat)  :: segeln
sail {v} (to move briskly and gracefully through the air)  :: segeln
sail {v} (to move briskly)  :: segeln
sailboat {n} (a boat propelled by a sail)  :: Kutter {m}, Segelboot {n}
sailcloth {n} (fabric)  :: Segeltuch {n}
sailing {n} (motion across water)  :: Segeln {n}
sailing {adj} (travelling by ship)  :: segeln
sailing ship {n} (type of ship)  :: Segelschiff {n}
sailor {n} (worker on a ship)  :: Matrose {m}, Seemann {m}
sailplane {n} (sailplane) SEE: glider  ::
sainfoin {n} (perennial herbs)  :: Esparsette {f}
saint {n} (person proclaimed as saint)  :: Heiliger {m}, Heilige {f}
saint {n} ((figuratively) a person with positive qualities)  :: Heilige {f}
Saint {n} (title given to a saint)  :: Sankt {n}
Saint Andrew's cross {n} (cross that has a form of two intersecting oblique bars)  :: Andreaskreuz {n}
Saint Barbara {prop} (saint)  :: die heilige Barbara {f}, Sankt Barbara, St. Barbara
Saint Bernard {n} (Saint Bernard breed of Dog)  :: Bernhardiner {m}
Saint-Denis {prop} (administrative capital of Réunion)  :: Saint-Denis {n}
Saint Gallen {prop} (A canton)  :: Kanton Sankt Gallen, Kanton St. Gallen
Saint Gallen {prop} (A city)  :: Sankt Gallen
Saint George {prop} (Patron saint of England and several other places)  :: der heilige Georg {m}, Sankt Georg, St. Georg
Saint Helena {prop} (island in the Atlantic Ocean)  :: St. Helena {n}
Saint John's bread {n} (carob) SEE: carob  ::
Saint Kitts and Nevis {prop} (a country in the Caribbean)  :: St. Kitts und Nevis
Saint Lawrence River {prop} (river)  :: Sankt-Lorenz-Strom
Saint Lucia {prop} (country in the Caribbean)  :: Saint Lucia {n}
Saint Lucian {n} (Someone from Saint Lucia or of Saint Lucian descent)  :: Lucianer {m}, Lucianerin {f}
Saint Mary {prop} (the mother of Jesus Christ)  :: die heilige Maria {f}, Sankt Maria {f}, St. Maria {f}
Saint Nicholas {prop} (Santa Claus) SEE: Santa Claus  ::
Saint Nicholas {prop} (4th-century Greek bishop, patron of children and marines)  :: der heilige Nikolaus {m}, Sankt Nikolaus, St. Nikolaus
Saint Petersburg {prop} (city)  :: Sankt Petersburg {n}
Saint Pierre and Miquelon {prop} (overseas territory of France)  :: Sankt Pierre und Miquelon
saint's day {n} (saint's day)  :: Heiligenfest {n}, Namenstag {m}
Saint Valentine's Day {prop} (Saint Valentine's Day)  :: Valentinstag {m}
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines {prop} (country in the Caribbean)  :: St. Vincent und die Grenadinen
Saiph {prop} (a blue star in the constellation Orion)  :: Saiph
sake {n}  :: Willen {m}
sake {n} (Japanese rice wine)  :: Sake {m}
saker {n} (falcon)  :: Sakerfalke {m}
Sakhalin {prop} (island in Russia)  :: Sachalin {n}
Sakmarian {prop} (subdivision of the Permian period)  :: Sakmarium
sakura {n} (cherry) SEE: cherry  ::
sakura {n} (blossom of the Japanese cherry tree, see also: cherry blossom)  :: Kirschblüte {f}, Sakura {f}
sakura {n} (cherry blossom) SEE: cherry blossom  ::
sakura {n} (cherry tree) SEE: cherry tree  ::
salaam {interj} (a Muslim greeting)  :: salem
salaam alaikum {interj} (Muslim greeting)  :: salem aleikum
salacious {adj} (promoting sexual desire or lust)  :: anzüglich, aufreizend, heiß, schlüpfrig
salacious {adj} (lascivious, bawdy, obscene, lewd)  :: lüstern, schmutzig
salad {n} (food)  :: Salat {m}
salad dodger {n} (one who does not normally eat salad)  :: Salatverschmäher {m}
Salafism {n} (a Sunni Islamic movement)  :: Salafismus {m}
salamander {n} (amphibian)  :: Salamander {m}
salamander {n} (mythical creature)  :: Salamander {m}
salamander {n} (metal utensil)  :: Salamander {m}
salamander {n} (small broiler)  :: Salamander {m}
salami {n} (penis) SEE: penis  ::
salami {n} (sausage)  :: Salami {f}
salami tactics {n} (piecemeal removal)  :: Salamitaktik {f}
salami technique {n} (reach a goal using small steps)  :: Salamitaktik {f}
sal ammoniac {n} (rare mineral)  :: Salmiak {m}
salary {n} (fixed amount of money paid on monthly or annual basis)  :: Gehalt {n}, Lohn {m}
salat {n} (Islamic prayer)  :: Salat {n}
sale {n} (exchange of goods or services for currency or credit)  :: Verkauf {m}
sale {n} (sale of goods at reduced prices)  :: Schlussverkauf {m}, Ausverkauf {m}
sale {n} (act of putting up for auction to the highest bidder)  :: Auktion {f}
saleable {adj} (suitable for sale)  :: verkäuflich
Salekhard {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Salechard {n}
Salerno {prop} (province)  :: Salerno
Salerno {prop} (town)  :: Salerno
salesman {n} (man whose job it is to sell things)  :: Verkäufer {m}
salesperson {n} (salesman or saleswoman)  :: Verkäufer {m}, Verkäuferin {f}
sales pitch {n} (presentation to persuade a customer)  :: Verkaufstechnik {f}, Verkaufstaktik
sales slip {n} (receipt for a purchase)  :: Kassenzettel {m}
saleswoman {n} (woman whose occupation is to sell things)  :: Verkäuferin {f}
salience {n} (condition of being salient)  :: Hervorspringen {n}
salience {n} (highlight; perceptual prominence, or likelihood of being noticed)  :: [linguistics] perzeptuelle Prominenz {f}, [psychology] Salienz {f}
saline {n} (solution) SEE: saline solution  ::
saline {adj} (salty)  :: salzhaltig
saline solution {n} (solution)  :: Kochsalzlösung {f}, Salzlösung {f}
saliva {n} (liquid secreted into the mouth)  :: Speichel {m}
salivary {adj} (of or pertaining to saliva)  :: Speichel-
salivary gland {n} (Any of exocrine glands producing saliva to break down carbohydrates in food enzymatically)  :: Speicheldrüse {f}
salivate {v} (to produce saliva)  :: speicheln, geifern, sabbern
salivate {v} (to show eager anticipation)  :: geifern, keifen
sally {n} (a willow rod)  :: Weidengerte
sally {n} (a sortie)  :: Ausfall {m}
sally {n} (a sudden rushing forth)  :: Ausfall {m}
sally {n} (an excursion or side trip)  :: Ausflug {m}
sally {v} (to make a sudden attack from defended position)  :: ein Ausfall machen
sally {n} (willow) SEE: willow  ::
salmon {n} (fish)  :: Lachs {m}
salmon {n} (colour)  :: lachsfarben, lachsfarbig, lachsrot, lachsrosa
salmon {adj} (colour)  :: lachsfarben
salmonella {n} (any of several rod-shaped bacteria, of the genus Salmonella)  :: Salmonelle {f}
salmon trout {n} (rainbow trout) SEE: rainbow trout  ::
salo {n} (non-rendered pig fat)  :: Salo {n}
salon {n} (large room)  :: Salon {m}, Halle {f}, Saal {m}
salon {n}  :: Saal {m}
saloon {n} (sedan) SEE: sedan  ::
salp {n} (free-swimming tunicate of the genus Salpa)  :: Salpe {f}
salpinx {n} (Fallopian tube) SEE: Fallopian tube  ::
salt {n} (sodium chloride)  :: Salz {n}, Kochsalz {n}
salt {n} (compound of an acid and a base)  :: Salz {n}
salt {adj}  :: salzig
salt {v} (to add salt to)  :: salzen
salt {n} (salt marsh) SEE: salt marsh  ::
saltbush {n} (plant of the genus Atriplex)  :: Melde {f}
salt cellar {n} (container holding salt for use in the kitchen or on a dining table)  :: Salzfässchen {n}, Salzstreuer {m}
salt cod {n} (Cod that has been dried and salted)  :: Klippfisch {m}
salted {adj} (to which salt has been added)  :: gesalzen
saltfree {adj}  :: salzfrei
salting {n} (salt marsh) SEE: salt marsh  ::
saltire {n} (Saint Andrew's cross) SEE: Saint Andrew's cross  ::
salt lake {n} (body of water with a high concentration of salts)  :: Salzsee {m}
Salt Lake City {prop} (capital city of Utah, USA)  :: Salt Lake City
saltless {adj} (free of salt)  :: salzlos
salt lick {n} (block of salt)  :: Salzlecke {f}, Leckstein {m}
salt marsh {n} (marsh of saline water)  :: Salzmarsch {f}, Salzwiese {f}
salt of the earth {n} (a decent, dependable person)  :: Salz der Erde {n}
saltpetre {n} (sodium nitrate) SEE: sodium nitrate  ::
saltpetre {n} (potassium nitrate) SEE: potassium nitrate  ::
salt shaker {n} (a small container designed to hold salt and facilitate sprinkling)  :: Salzstreuer {m}, Salzfässchen {n}
salt water {n} (brine) SEE: brine  ::
salt water {n} (any water containing dissolved salt)  :: Salzwasser {n}
salty {adj} (tasting of salt)  :: salzig
salty {adj} (containing salt)  :: salzhaltig
salty dog {n} (seadog) SEE: seadog  ::
salubrious {adj} (promoting health)  :: bekömmlich, heilsam, zuträglich
salubrity {n} (The quality of being salubrious)  :: Heilsamkeit {f}
Saluki {n} (Saluki breed of dog)  :: Saluki {m}
salutation {n} (greeting)  :: Anrede {f}
salutation {n} (title)  :: Titel {m}
salute {n}  :: Salut {m}
salute {v}  :: salutieren
salutiferous {adj} (healthy or health-giving)  :: heilbringend
Salvadoran {n} (a person from El Salvador)  :: Salvadorianer {m}, Salvadorianerin {f}
Salvadoran {adj} (of or pertaining to El Salvador)  :: salvadorianisch
Salvadorian {n} (Salvadoran) SEE: Salvadoran  ::
Salvadorian {adj} (Salvadoran) SEE: Salvadoran  ::
salvage {v} (to rescue)  :: bergen, retten
salvage {v} (to put to use)  :: retten
salvageable {adj} (capable of being salvaged)  :: zu retten sein
salvation {n} (the process of being saved (religion))  :: Erlösung {f}, Rettung {f}
Salvation Army {prop} (protestant Christian charitable and evangelical organization)  :: Heilsarmee {f}
salve {n} (ointment, cream or balm)  :: Salbe {f}, Balsam {m}
salvo {n} (concentrated fire from pieces of artillery)  :: Salve {f}
salvo {n} (any volley, as in an argument or debate)  :: Salve {f}
salvo {n} (salute paid by a simultaneous firing of a number of cannons)  :: Salve {f}
Salzburg {prop} (state)  :: Salzburg {n}
Salzburg {prop} (capital)  :: Salzburg {n}
Salzburgian {n} (person from Salzburg)  :: Salzburger
SAM {n} (surface-to-air missile)  :: FlaRak {f}
Samantha {prop} (female given name)  :: Samantha
Samara {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Samara {n}
Samaria {prop} (Both city and part of ancient Palestine)  :: Samaria {n}
Samaritan {n} (a native or inhabitant of Samaria)  :: Samariter {m}, Samariterin {f}
samarium {n} (chemical element)  :: Samarium {n}
Samarkand {prop} (city in Uzbekistan)  :: Samarkand {n}
samba {n} (Brazilian ballroom dance)  :: Samba {m}
sambadrome {n} (exhibition place for samba schools in Brazil)  :: Sambódromo {n}, Sambodromo {n}
same {adj} (not different as regards self; identical)  :: selbe, derselbe
same {adj} (similar, alike)  :: gleich, derselbe (often proscribed)
same {pron} (the identical thing)  :: derselbe
same old story {n} (the repetition of an annoying occurrence)  :: die selbe Leier {f}
same sex {n} (the same gender to which one is referring)  :: gleiches Geschlecht {n}
same-sex {adj} (restricted to members of a single sex)  :: gleichen Geschlechts
same-sex {adj} (of or relating to homosexual men or women)  :: gleichgeschlechtlich
same-sex marriage {n} (gay marriage) SEE: gay marriage  ::
same to you {phrase} (I wish to you what you have just wished to me)  :: ebenfalls, gleichfalls, auch so
Sami {prop} (any of the languages of the Sami)  :: Sami
samizdat {n} (underground publishing)  :: Samisdat {m}, Samizdat {m}
Samland {prop} (peninsula which juts into the Baltic)  :: Samland {n}
samlaw {n} (pedicab) SEE: pedicab  ::
Samnium {prop} (region of Italy)  :: Samnium {f}
Samoa {prop} (Independent State of Samoa)  :: Samoa
Samoan {n} (person)  :: Samoaner {m}, Samoanerin {f}
Samoan {adj} (of or pertaining to Samoa)  :: samoanisch
Samogitia {prop} (Samogitia)  :: Samogitien {f}, Schamaiten {f}
Samogitian {adj} (Of, from, or pertaining to the region of Samogitia, or its people)  :: Schemaitisch, Žemaitisch
Samogitian {prop} (Baltic language spoken in Samogitia)  :: Schemaitisch, Žemaitisch
samogon {n} (moonshine) SEE: moonshine  ::
Samos {prop} (an island belonging to the Sporades and a city)  :: Samos,
Samos {prop} (a prefecture in the eastern part of the Aegean)  :: Samos,
Samosata {prop} (city in Commagene)  :: Samosata
samovar {n} (metal urn with a spigot, for boiling water for making tea)  :: Samowar {m}
Samoyedic {prop} (group of languages)  :: Samojedisch {n}, samojedische Sprachen {f-p}
sampan {n} (Chinese boat)  :: Sampan {m}
sample {n} (part taken for inspection)  :: Probe {f}, Muster {n}
sample {n} (statistics)  :: Stichprobe {f}
sample {v} (to take or to test a sample or samples of)  :: probieren, kosten [food]
sampling {n} (measurement, at regular intervals, of the amplitude of a varying waveform in order to convert it to digital form)  :: Abtastung {f}
Samson {prop} (Israelite judge)  :: Samson (Catholic), Simson (Protestant)
Samuel {prop} (male given name)  :: Samuel
Samuel {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Samuel
Samuel {prop} (biblical person)  :: Samuel
samurai {n} (feudal Japanese warrior)  :: Samurai {m}
Sana'a {prop} (capital of Yemen)  :: Sanaa
San Antonio {prop} (Texan city)  :: San Antonio
sanation {n} (act of healing or curing)  :: Heilung {f}
sanatorium {n} (institution that treats chronic diseases, and provides supervised recuperation and convalescence)  :: Sanatorium {n}, Sanatorien {p}
séance {n} (a ceremony where people try to communicate with the spirits)  :: Séance {f}
sanctifier {n} (one who sanctifies (makes holy))  :: Heiligmacher {m}, Heiligmacherin {f}
sanctify {v} (to make holy)  :: heiligen
sanctimonious {adj} (making a show of being morally better than others, especially hypocritically)  :: frömmelnd, scheinheilig
sanction {n} (approval, by an authority, that makes something valid)  :: Billigung {f}, Billigung {f}, Sanktionierung {f}
sanction {n} (penalty, coercive measure)  :: Sanktion {f}
sanction {n} (stipulation specifying the above)  :: Sanktionierung {f}
sanction {v}  :: Sanktion
sanctity {n} (holiness) SEE: holiness  ::
sanctuary {n} (place of safety or protection)  :: Zuflucht {f}, Herberge {f}
sanctuary {n} (state of being protected)  :: Asyl {n}
sanctum sanctorum {n} (Holy of Holies)  :: Allerheiligste {n}
sand {n} (finely ground rock)  :: Sand {m}
sand {n} (beach)  :: Sand {m} [sandy islet], Sandstrand {m}
sand {n} (colour)  :: Sand {n}, Sandfarbe {f}
sand {v} (to abrade with sand or sandpaper)  :: schleifen, schmirgeln
sand {v} (to cover with sand)  :: versanden [to be covered]; mit Sand bedecken
sandal {n} (type of footwear)  :: Sandale {f}
sandal {n} (sandalwood) SEE: sandalwood  ::
sandalwood {n} (any of various tropical trees of the genus Santalum)  :: Sandelholz {n}
sandalwood {n} (the aromatic heartwood of the trees of the genus Santalum)  :: Sandelholz {n}
sandalwood {n}  :: Sandelholz, Santelholz, Santalholz
sandbag {n} (a bag filled with sand)  :: Sandsack {n}
sandbank {n} (ridge of sand)  :: Sandbank {f}
Sandbian {prop} (subdivision of the Ordovician period)  :: Sandbium
sandbox {n} (box with sand for children)  :: Sandkasten {m}, Sandkiste {f}
sandbox {n} (wiki sandbox)  :: Spielwiese {f}
sandbox {n} (isolated program execution area)  :: Sandbox {f}
sandcastle {n} (a sculpture made of sand and resembling a miniature castle)  :: Sandburg {f}
sand cat {n} (small wild cat)  :: Sandkatze {f}
sand down {v} (treat or polish with sandpaper)  :: schmirgeln, abschmirgeln
sand dune {n} (mound of windblown sand)  :: Wanderdüne {f}
sander {n} (machine for sanding)  :: Schleifmaschine {f}
sander {n} (device which spreads sand to improve traction)  :: Sandstreuer {m}
sanderling {n} (Calidris alba)  :: Sanderling {m}
sand flea {n} (a crustacean that lives in sand on beaches)  :: Strandfloh {m}
sandfly {n} (fly of Lutzomyia or Phlebotomus)  :: Sandfliege {f}
sandgrouse {n} (birds in the family Pteroclididae)  :: Flughuhn {n}
sandhi {n} (phonological process)  :: Sandhi {n}
sandhill crane {n} (Grus canadensis)  :: Kanadakranich {m}
sandhopper {n} (sand flea) SEE: sand flea  ::
sanding sheet {n} (sheet of sanding paper)  :: Schleifpapierbogen
sandman {n} (figure who brings good sleep and dreams)  :: Sandmann {m}, Sandmännchen {n}
sand martin {n} (bird)  :: Uferschwalbe {f}
sandpaper {n} (paper coated with abrasive material)  :: Schleifpapier {n}, Schmirgelpapier {n}, Sandpapier {n}
sandpaper {n} (a sheet)  :: Schleifpapierbogen
sandpaper {v} (to polish or grind a surface)  :: abschleifen, abschmirgeln
sandpit {n} (children's play area)  :: Sandkasten {m}
sandstone {n} (sand/clay sedimentary rock)  :: Sandstein {m}
sandstorm {n} (strong wind carrying clouds of sand)  :: Sandsturm {m}
sandwich {n} (snack consisting of two slices of bread)  :: belegtes Brot {n}, Sandwich {n} {m}, Stulle {f}, Schnitte {f}
sandwich {v} (to place one item between two other, usually flat, items)  :: einklemmen, einzwängen
sandwich {n} (open sandwich) SEE: open sandwich  ::
sandy {adj} (covered with sand)  :: sandig
sandy {adj} (sand-coloured)  :: sandfarben
San Francisco {prop} (San Francisco, California city)  :: San Francisco {n}, San Franzisko
sangfroid {n} (composure, self-possession or imperturbability)  :: Gelassenheit {f}, Seelenruhe {f}, Kaltblütigkeit {f}
sang-froid {n} (composure, level-headedness, coolness in trying circumstances)  :: Kaltblütigkeit {f}
Sango {prop} (language)  :: Sango {n}
sangria {n} (Spanish wine drink with fruit, sugar and soda)  :: Sangria {m} {f}
sanguinary {adj}  :: blutbefleckt, blutdürstig, mörderisch
sanguine {adj} (having the colour of blood; red)  :: blutrot
sanguinolent {adj} (containing or tinged with blood)  :: blutbefleckt, bluttriefend, blutig, blutbesudelt, blutbeschmiert
sanicle {n} (plant)  :: Sanikel {m}
sanitary napkin {n} (pad of cotton or other absorbent material)  :: Binde, Damenbinde {f}, Monatsbinde {f}
sanitary towel {n} (pad of cotton) SEE: sanitary napkin  ::
sanitation {n} (the hygienic disposal or recycling of waste)  :: Kanalisation {f}, Abwasserentsorgung {f}, Abfallwirtschaft {f}
sanitize {v} (to free from microorganisms)  :: keimfrei machen, hygienisch machen
sanity {n} (the condition of being sane)  :: Verstand {m}, [law] Zurechnungsfähigkeit {f}
sanity {n} (reasonable and rational behaviour)  :: Vernunft {f}, Vernünftigkeit {f}
San José {prop} (the capital of Costa Rica)  :: San José {n}
San José {prop} (A city in California, USA) SEE: San Jose  ::
San Jose {prop} (a city in California, USA)  :: San Jose
San Marinese {adj}  :: san-marinesisch
San Marino {prop} (Republic of San Marino)  :: San Marino {n}
sans {prep} (without) SEE: without  ::
sans-culottide {n} (any of the five or six days added at the end of Fructidor)  :: Sansculottide {f}
Sanskrit {prop} (language)  :: Sanskrit {n}
sans serif {adj} (without serifs)  :: serifenlos
Santa {prop} (Santa Claus) SEE: Santa Claus  ::
Santa Catarina {prop} (state in southern Brazil)  :: Santa Catarina {n}
Santa Claus {prop} (fictional figure)  :: Weihnachtsmann {m} (Christmas), Christkind {n} (Christmas; different figure with same role), Nikolaus {m} (6 December), Samichlaus {m} [Switzerland]
Santa hat {n} (red and white hat associated with Santa Claus)  :: Weihnachtsmannmütze {f}
Santonian {prop} (subdivision of the Late Cretaceous epoch)  :: Santonium
Santorini {prop} (Greek island)  :: Santorin {n}
sap {n} (juice of plant)  :: Saft {m}
sap {n} (sapwood of a tree)  :: Mantelholz {n}, Splint {m}
sap {n} (slang: saphead)  :: Einfaltspinsel {m}, Heulsuse {f}, Simpel {m}
sap {v} (gradually weaken)  :: aufzehren, erschöpfen
sapling {n} (young tree)  :: junger Baum {m}
sapling {n} (youth)  :: grüner Junge {m}, Grünschnabel {m}, Jüngling {m}
sapper {n} (one who saps; combat engineer)  :: Sappeur {m}
sapphic {adj} (relating to lesbianism)  :: sapphisch
Sapphic {adj} (sapphic) SEE: sapphic  ::
sapphire {n} (gem)  :: Saphir {m}
sapphism {n} (lesbianism)  :: Sapphismus
Sappho {prop} (Greek female name)  :: Sappho {f}
saprophyte {n} (organism that lives on dead organic matter)  :: Saprophyt {m}
sapwood {n} (wood just under the bark)  :: Splintholz {n}
Sara {prop} (female given name) SEE: Sarah  ::
Saracen {n} (member of a nomadic people from the Sinai near the Roman province of Arabia in the early centuries CE)  :: Sarazene {m}
sarafan {n} (a traditional long, trapeze-shaped Russian pinafore worn by women and girls.)  :: Sarafan {m}
Sarah {prop} (Wife of Abraham)  :: Sara {f}
Sarah {prop} (given name from Hebrew)  :: Sara, Sarah
Sarajevo {prop} (city)  :: Sarajevo, Sarajewo
Saratov {prop} (city)  :: Saratow {n}
sarcasm {n} (derision, facetiousness)  :: Sarkasmus {m}
sarcastic {adj} (Containing sarcasm)  :: sarkastisch
sarcastic {adj} (Having the personality trait of expressing sarcasm)  :: sarkastisch
sarcomere {n} (contractile unit in a striated muscle's myofibril)  :: Sarkomer {n}
sarcophagus {n} (coffin)  :: Sarkophag {m}
sardine {n} (fish)  :: Sardine {f}
Sardinia {prop} (island of Italy)  :: Sardinien {n}
Sardinian {prop} (language)  :: Sardisch {n}
Sardinian {adj} (relating to Sardinia)  :: sardisch, sardinisch
Sardinian {n} (person from Sardinia)  :: Sarde {m}, Sardin {f}, Sardinier {m}, Sardinierin {f}
sardonic {adj} (scornfully mocking)  :: hämisch, mokant
sardonic {adj} (ironically humorous)  :: bitter, sarkastisch, sardonisch
Sargon {prop} (emperor)  :: Sargon {m}
sari {n} (cloth)  :: Sari {m}
sarin {n} (neurotoxin)  :: Sarin {n}
Sarkozy {prop} (surname)  :: Sarkozy
Sarmatism {n} (belief that the people of the Polish Commonwealth descended from the ancient Sarmatians)  :: Sarmatismus {m}
sarong {n} (garment made of printed cloth wrapped about the waist)  :: Sarong {m}
sarsaparilla {n} (vine of the genus Smilax)  :: Sarsaparille {f}, Sarsaparilla {f}
sash {n} (decorative length of cloth)  :: Schärpe {f}
sash {n} (opening part of a window)  :: Schiebeflügel {m}, Fensterflügel {m}, Schieberahmen {m}
Sasha {prop} (male given name)  :: Sascha {m}
Sasha {prop} (female given name)  :: Sascha {f}
sashimi {n} (dish of slices of raw fish or meat)  :: Sashimi {n}
sash window {n} (type of window)  :: Schiebefenster {n}
Saskatchewan {prop} (Province in western Canada)  :: Saskatchewan {n}
Saskatchewanian {n} (an inhabitant of Saskatchewan)  :: Saskatschewaner {m}, Saskatschewanerin {f}, Saskatchewaner {m}, Saskatchewanerin {f}
Saskatchewanian {adj} (of or relating to Saskatchewan)  :: saskatschewanisch, saskatchewanisch
Saskatonian {n} (a native or inhabitant of Saskatoon)  :: Saskatooner {m}, Saskatoonerin {f}, [more Germanized spelling] Saskatuner {m}, [more Germanized spelling] Saskatunerin {f}
Saskatonian {adj} (of or relating to Saskatoon)  :: Saskatooner, [more Germanized spelling] Saskatuner, saskatoonisch, [more Germanized spelling] saskatunisch
Saskatoon {prop} (the largest city in Saskatchewan, Canada)  :: Saskatoon {n}, [Germanized, rare] Saskatun {n}
sasquatch {n} (a hairy humanoid creature)  :: Sasquatch {m}
sassafras {n} (tree of the species Sassafras)  :: Sassafras {m}, Sassafrasbaum {m}, Fenchelholzbaum {m}, Nelkenzimtbaum {m}
sassafras {n} (dried bark of the sassafras tree)  :: Sassafrasrinde {f}
Sassanian {n} (member of the Sassanid Dynasty)  :: Sassanide {m}, Sassanidin {f}
sassy {adj} (bold and spirited, cheeky, impudent, saucy)  :: frech, keck, patzig, unverschämt
sassy {adj} (lively, vigorous)  :: lebendig, vital
Sat {abbr} (abbreviation of Saturday)  :: Sa.
Satan {prop} (the Devil)  :: (der) Satan {m}, Teufel {m}
Satan {n} (the Devil)  :: (ein) Satan {m}, Teufel {m}
satanic {adj} (relating to Satan)  :: satanisch
satanic {adj} (evil)  :: satanisch
satanic {adj} (relating to Satanism)  :: satanisch
satanical {adj} (satanic) SEE: satanic  ::
Satanism {n} (devil worship)  :: Teufelsanbeterei {f}, Satanismus {m}
Satanism {n} (a religion founded by Anton Szandor LaVey)  :: Satanismus {m}
satay {n} (dish)  :: Satay, Saté
satchel {n} (bag or case with one or two shoulder straps)  :: Ranzen {m}, Schulranzen {m}, Schultasche {f}, Umhängetasche {f}
sate {v} (To satisfy; fill up)  :: sättigen
satellite {n} (attendant on an important person)  :: Begleiter {m}, Gefolgsmann {m}
satellite {n} (smaller body orbiting a larger one)  :: Trabant {m}, Begleiter {m}, Satellit {m}
satellite {n} (man-made apparatus designed to be placed in orbit around a celestial body)  :: Satellit {m}, Orbiter {m}, umkreisender Raumflugkörper {m}
satellite dish {n} (parabolic antenna)  :: Parabolantenne {f}, Satellitenschüssel {f}
satellite navigation system {n} (navigation system using artificial satellites as radio signal sources and position references)  :: Satellitennavigationssystem {n}
satellite phone {n} (mobile telephone that connects to a satellite)  :: Satellitentelefon {n}
Saterland Frisian {prop} (language)  :: Saterfriesisch {n}
Sathmar Swabian {n} (member of the German community in Sathmar)  :: Sathmarer Schwabe, Sathmarschwabe
Sathmar Swabian {adj} (of or pertaining to this group or its lect)  :: sathmarschwäbisch
satiate {v} (satisfy)  :: sättigen
satiate {v} (satisfy to excess)  :: übersättigen
satiation {n} (satiety) SEE: satiety  ::
satiety {n} (state of being perfectly satiated)  :: Sattheit {f}, Sättigung {f}
satin {n} (cloth with a glossy surface and a dull back)  :: Satin {m}
satire {n} (literary technique)  :: Satire {f}
satiric {adj} (satirical) SEE: satirical  ::
satirical {adj} (of or pertaining to satire)  :: satirisch
satirist {n} (a person who writes satire)  :: Satiriker {m}, Satirikerin {f}
satirize {v} (make a satire)  :: satirisieren, verspotten, verhöhnen
satisfaction {n} (fulfillment of a need or desire)  :: Befriedigung {f}
satisfaction {n} (pleasure obtained by such fulfillment)  :: Zufriedenheit {f}
satisfactory {adj} (adequate or sufficient)  :: befriedigend
satisfied {adj} (in a state of satisfaction)  :: zufrieden, befriedigt
satisfy {v} (to meet needs, to fulfill)  :: befriedigen, zufriedenstellen
satisfy {v} (to satisfy) SEE: respond  ::
satisfying {adj} (that satisfies)  :: befriedigend
satrap {n} (governor of a Persian province)  :: Satrap {m}
saturate {v} (to become penetrated or soaked)  :: sättigen
saturate {v} (to cause a substance to become inert by chemical combination with all that it can hold)  :: sättigen
saturated {adj} (full; unable to hold or contain any more)  :: gesättigt, saturiert
saturated {adj}  :: gesättigt
saturation {n} (the act of saturating or the process of being saturated)  :: Sättigung {f}
saturation {n}  :: Sättigung {f}
Saturday {n} (day of the week)  :: Samstag {m}, Sonnabend {m}, Sabbat {m}, Satertag {m} [Westphalian, East Frisian]
Saturn {prop} (planet)  :: Saturn {m}
Saturn {prop} (god)  :: Saturn {m}
saturnism {n} (lead poisoning) SEE: plumbism  ::
satyr {n} (Greek mythology)  :: Satyr {m}
sauce {n} (liquid condiment)  :: Soße {f}, Sauce {f}
saucepan {n} (deep cooking vessel)  :: Kochtopf {m}, Topf {m}, Kasserolle {f}
saucer {n} (small dish)  :: Untertasse {f}
Saudi {n} (person from Saudi Arabia)  :: Saudi-Araber {m}, Saudi-Araberin {f}
Saudi {adj} (pertaining to Saudi Arabia)  :: saudisch, saudi-arabisch
Saudi Arabia {prop} (country in the Middle East)  :: Saudi-Arabien {n}
Saudi Arabian {n} (person from Saudi Arabia)  :: Saudi-Araber {m}, Saudi-Araberin {f}
Saudi Arabian {adj} (pertaining to Saudi Arabia)  :: saudi-arabisch, saudisch
Sauer {prop} (river)  :: Sauer {f}
sauerbraten {n} (sauerbraten)  :: Sauerbraten {m}
sauerkraut {n} (a dish made by fermenting finely chopped cabbage)  :: Sauerkraut {n}, Sauerkohl {m}
sauerkraut soup {n} (sauerkraut soup)  :: Sauerkrautsuppe {f}
Sauk {prop} (the tribe)  :: Sauk, Sac
Saul {prop} (first king of Israel)  :: Saul
Saul {prop} (original name of Paul)  :: Saulus
sauna {n} (sauna room or house)  :: Sauna {f}
sauna {n} (act of using a sauna)  :: Saunieren
sauna {v} (to use a sauna)  :: saunieren
saunter {v} (stroll or walk at a leisurely pace)  :: müßig umherschlendern, bummeln (to saunter about)
saunter {n} (a leisurely walk or stroll)  :: Umherschlendern, gemächliche Wanderung; Schlendergang
saunterer {n} (one who saunters)  :: Müßiggänger(in), Pflastertreter(in)
sausage {n} (a food made of minced meat packed into a tubular casing)  :: Wurst {f}
sausage {n} (small, uncooked)  :: Würstchen {n}, Wurst {f}
Sava {prop} (river)  :: Save {f}
savage {adj} (Wild, not cultivated)  :: wild
savage {adj} (Barbaric, not civilized)  :: wild, wüst, unbebaut
savage {adj} (Fierce and ferocious)  :: unbändig, rasend, wütend
savage {adj} (Brutal, vicious or merciless)  :: roh, barbarisch, grausam
savage {n} (uncivilized or feral person)  :: Wilder {m}, roher Mensch {m}, Barbar {m}
savage {v} (To attack or assault someone or something ferociously or without restraint)  :: angreifen, anfallen, bestürmen, herfallen über
savage {v} (To criticise vehemently)  :: beleidigen
savage {v} (To attack with the teeth)  :: beißen, zerfleischen
savageness {n} (property of behaving savagely)  :: Wildheit, Roheit, Grausamkeit, Wut, Bissigkeit
savagery {n} (Being savage)  :: Wildheit {f}
savanna {n} (tropical grassland with scattered trees)  :: Savanne {f}
savannah monitor {n} (Varanus exanthematicus)  :: Steppenwaran {m}
savant {n} (a person of learning)  :: Gelehrter {m}, Gelehrte {f}
save {v} (to help someone to survive, or rescue someone)  :: retten
save {v} (theology: to redeem or protect someone from eternal damnation)  :: erretten
save {v} (to store for future use)  :: sichern, speichern
save {v} (computing: to write a file to a storage medium)  :: speichern
save {v} (to economize)  :: sparen
save {v} (to accumulate money)  :: sparen
save {v}  :: aufbewahren , speichern
save face {v} (preserve reputation)  :: das Gesicht wahren
save up {v} (to accumulate money for a specific purpose)  :: zusammensparen
savin {n} (Juniperus sabina)  :: Stinkwacholder {m}
saving {n} (something that is saved)  :: Ersparnisse {f-p}
savings account {n} (a type of bank account that yields a better interest than a current account)  :: Sparkonto {n}
savings bank {n} (financial institution)  :: Sparkasse {f}
savior {n} (a person who saves someone, rescues another from harm)  :: Erlöser {m}, Erlöserin {f}, Retter {m}, Retterin {f}, Erretter {m}, Erretterin {f}
savor {n} (the specific taste or smell of something)  :: Aroma {n}, Geschmack {m}
savor {v} (to possess a particular taste or smell, or a distinctive quality)  :: schmecken, riechen
savor {v} (to appreciate, enjoy or relish something)  :: genießen
savory {adj} (Tasty, attractive to the palate)  :: schmackhaft, köstlich
savory {adj} (Salty or non-sweet)  :: herzhaft
savory {n} (herb of genus Satureja)  :: Bohnenkraut {n}
savour {v} (savour) SEE: savor  ::
Savoy {prop} (a historical region of western Europe)  :: Savoyen {n}
Savoy {n} (Savoy cabbage) SEE: Savoy cabbage  ::
Savoy cabbage {n} (a hardy cabbage with dense, crinkled leaves)  :: Wirsing {m}
savvy {adj} (well-informed and perceptive)  :: clever, klug, schlau
savvy {v} ((informal) to understand)  :: kapieren, schnallen, verstehen
savvy {interj} ((informal) do you understand?)  :: kapiert?
saw {n} (tool)  :: Säge {f}
saw {v} (cut with a saw)  :: sägen
saw {n} (saying or proverb)  :: Spruch {m}, Sprichwort {n}
saw {n} (sawtooth wave) SEE: sawtooth  ::
sawdust {n} (dust created by sawing)  :: Sägemehl {n}, Sägespäne {m}
sawfish {n} (ray with saw-shaped snout)  :: Sägefisch {m}, Sägerochen {m}
sawm {n} (Islamic fasting)  :: Saum
sawmill {n} (machine, building or company)  :: Sägewerk {n}, Sägemühle {f}
sawtooth {n} (cutting bit of a saw)  :: Sägezahn {m}
sawtooth {n} (sawtooth wave) SEE: sawtooth wave  ::
sawtooth wave {n} (function or waveform that ramps upwards and then sharply drops)  :: Sägezahnschwingung {f}
sawyer {n} (one who saws timber)  :: Säger {m}
saxhorn {n} (a brass instrument)  :: Bügelhorn {n}, Saxhorn {n}
saxifrage {n} (plant)  :: Steinbrech {m}
Saxon {n} (member of Saxon tribe)  :: Sachse {m}
Saxon {n} (native or inhabitant of Saxony)  :: Sachse {m}, Sächsin {f}
Saxon {n} (2-point type)  :: Non Plus Ultra, Viertelpetit
Saxon {prop} (language of the Saxons)  :: Sächsisch {n}, Altsächsisch {n}
Saxon {adj} (of Saxons, Saxony or Saxon language)  :: sächsisch
Saxony {prop} (state)  :: Sachsen {n}
Saxony-Anhalt {prop} (state)  :: Sachsen-Anhalt
saxophone {n} (a musical instrument of the woodwind family)  :: Saxofon {n}
saxophonist {n} (person who plays or practices with the saxophone)  :: Saxophonist {m}, Saxophonistin {f}
say {v} (to pronounce)  :: sagen
say {v} (to recite)  :: sagen, verrichten
say {v} (to communicate verbally or in writing)  :: sagen
say {v} (to have a common expression)  :: es heißt, man sagt
say {v} (imperative: let's say)  :: sagen wir
say {v}  :: sagen
say {v} (to say) SEE: tell  ::
say goodbye {v} (wish someone farewell upon their leaving)  :: Abschied nehmen, sich verabschieden
say grace {v} (say a prayer of thanks)  :: das Tischgebet sprechen
saying {n} (proverb or maxim)  :: Sprichwort {n}, Ausspruch {m}
sayonara {interj} (goodbye, adieu) SEE: farewell  ::
sb {pron} (abbreviation of somebody in explanation)  :: jmd, jmd.
scab {n} (mange) SEE: mange  ::
scab {n} (incrustation over a wound)  :: Schorf {m}
scab {n} (scabies) SEE: scabies  ::
scabbard {n} (the sheath of a sword)  :: Schwertscheide {f}, Scheide {f}
scabies {n} (an infestation of parasitic mites, Sarcoptes scabiei)  :: Krätze {f}
scaffold {n} (structure made of scaffolding for workers to stand on)  :: Gerüst {n}
scaffold {n} (platform for executions)  :: Schafott {n}
scaffolding {n} (system of tubes or poles used to support people and material)  :: Gerüst {n}
scaffold protein {n} (protein)  :: Gerüstprotein
scalability {n} (property of being scalable)  :: Skalierbarkeit {f}
scalar function {n} (mathematical function)  :: skalare Funktion {f}
scalar product {n} (product of two vectors)  :: Skalarprodukt {n}
scald {v} (to burn with hot fluid)  :: verbrühen
scald {v} (to heat almost to boiling)  :: brühen
scald {n} (burn with hot liquid)  :: Verbrühung {f}
scale {n} (sequence for measurement)  :: Skala {f}
scale {n} (size or scope)  :: Ausmaß {n}
scale {n} (ratio of distances)  :: Maßstab {m}
scale {n} (series of notes)  :: Tonleiter {f}
scale {v} (to change size of)  :: skalieren
scale {v} (to climb)  :: besteigen, erklimmen
scale {n} (keratin pieces covering the skin of certain animals)  :: Schuppe {f}
scale {n} (flake of skin)  :: Schuppe {f}
scale {n} (scale mail)  :: Schuppenpanzer {m}
scale {v} (remove the scales of)  :: entschuppen
scale {v} (become scaly)  :: schuppen
scale {n} (dish of a balance)  :: Waagschale {f}
scale {n} (mathematics: base for a numeral system) SEE: radix  ::
scale {n} (ladder) SEE: ladder  ::
scale {n} (device) SEE: scales  ::
scale insect {n} (small parasitic insect of superfamily Coccoidea)  :: Schildlaus {f}
scale model {n} (three-dimensional copy or representation of something)  :: Miniaturmodell
scalene {adj} (sides of different lengths)  :: ungleichseitig
scales {n} (device for weighing goods for sale)  :: Waage {f}
scallion {n} (Allium fistulosum)  :: Lauchzwiebel {f}
scallop {n} (mollusc)  :: Jakobsmuschel {f}, Pilgermuschel {f}
scalloped {adj} (baked in layers...)  :: überbacken
scalp {n} (bed of shellfish) SEE: scaup  ::
scalp {n} (part of head where the hair grows)  :: Skalp {m}, Kopfhaut {f}
scalpel {n} (small straight knife)  :: Skalpell {n}
scalper {n} (one who sells tickets unofficially)  :: Skalpierer {m}
scaly {adj} (covered or abounding with scales; as, a scaly fish)  :: schuppig
scaly anteater {n} (pangolin) SEE: pangolin  ::
scam {n} (fraudulent deal)  :: Vorschussbetrug {m}, Trickdiebstahl {m}, Trickbetrug {m}
scam {v} (to defraud or embezzle)  :: betrügen
scamp {n} (rascal, swindler)  :: Gauner {m}
scamp {n} (mischievous youngster)  :: Schlingel {m}
scan {v} (create a digital copy of an image using a scanner)  :: scannen, abtasten, einscannen
scan {v} (form a poetic metre)  :: skandieren
scan {n} (instance of scanning)  :: Abtastung {f}, Scan {m}
scan {n} (result or output of a scanning process)  :: Scan {m}
scandal {n} (incident that brings disgrace)  :: Skandal {m}
scandalous {adj} (wrong, immoral, causing a scandal)  :: skandalös
scandalous {adj} (malicious, defamatory)  :: skandalös
Scandinavia {prop} (Denmark, Norway, and Sweden)  :: Skandinavien {n}
Scandinavia {prop} (Scandinavian Peninsula) SEE: Scandinavian Peninsula  ::
Scandinavian {n} (someone from Scandinavia)  :: Skandinavier {m}, Skandinavierin {f}
Scandinavian {adj} (of Scandinavia)  :: skandinavisch
Scandinavian Defence {n} (chess opening)  :: Skandinavische Verteidigung {f}
Scandinavian Peninsula {prop} (peninsula in Northern Europe, see also: Scandinavia)  :: Skandinavien {n}
scandium {n} (chemical element)  :: Skandium {n}, Scandium {n}
scandium group {n} (group 3 of the periodic table)  :: Scandiumgruppe {f}
Scania {prop} (region of Sweden occupying the southernmost tip of the Scandinavian peninsula)  :: Schonen {n}
scanlation {n} (the process of scanlation)  :: Scanlation {f}
scanner {n} (device which scans documents)  :: Scanner {m}, Abtaster {m}
scanner {n}  :: Abtaster, Blattabtaster, Scanner {m}
scansion {v} (the rhythm or meter of a line or verse)  :: Skandierung
scant {adj} (very little)  :: spärlich, gering, dürftig, knapp, kaum
scanty {adj} (somewhat less than is needed in amplitude or extent)  :: dürftig
scanty {adj}  :: knapp
scapegoat {n} (a goat imbued with the sins of the people)  :: Sündenbock {m}
scapegoat {n} (someone punished for someone else's error(s))  :: Sündenbock {m}, Prügelknabe
scapegoat {v} (to punish someone for the error of someone else)  :: zum Sündenbock machen
scapula {n} (large flat bone) SEE: shoulder blade  ::
scar {n} (cliff) SEE: cliff  ::
scar {n} (permanent mark on the skin)  :: Narbe {f}
scarab {n} (Scarabaeus sacer)  :: Skarabäus {m}
scarab {n} (symbol)  :: Skarabäus {m}
scarce {adj}  :: spärlich
scarce copper {n} (butterfly)  :: Dukatenfalter {m}
scarcity {n} (the condition of something being scarce or deficient)  :: Mangel {m}, Knappheit {f}
scare {n} (minor fright)  :: Schreck {m}
scare {v} (to frighten)  :: erschrecken, beängstigen, ängstigen
scarecrow {n} (an effigy made to scare the birds away)  :: Vogelscheuche {f}
scared {adj} (afraid, frightened)  :: erschrocken, bange, ängstlich
scaredy-cat {n}  :: Angsthase {m}
scaremonger {n} (alarmist)  :: Panikmacher {m}
scaremongering {v}  :: Panikmache {f}
scare quote {n} (quotation mark used to provoke reaction)  :: ironisches Anführungszeichen {n}
scare up {v} (to frighten an animal)  :: aufscheuchen
scare up {v} (to find or get something difficult)  :: auftreiben, zusammenkriegen
scarf {n} (long garment worn around the neck)  :: Schal {m}
scarf {v} (eat very quickly)  :: verschlingen
scarf {n} (headscarf) SEE: headscarf  ::
scarlatina {n} (scarlet fever) SEE: scarlet fever  ::
scarlet {n} (colour)  :: Scharlachrot {n}, Scharlach {m}
scarlet {adj} (colour)  :: scharlachrot
scarlet {adj}  :: scharlach
scarlet fever {n} (streptococcal infection)  :: Scharlach {m}
scar tissue {n} (type of tissue formed in a place where an injury has healed)  :: Narbengewebe {n}
scary {adj} (causing, or able to cause, fright)  :: schrecklich, furchterregend, beängstigend
scathe {n} (harm; damage; injury; hurt; misfortune)  :: Schaden {m}
scathing {adj} (harshly or bitterly critical)  :: ätzend, bitter, bissig
scathing {adj} (harmful or painful)  :: bitter, grausam
scatology {n} (study or analysis of faeces)  :: Kroprologie {f}, Skatologie {f}
scatology {n} (filthy epithet)  :: Fäkalsprache {f}
scatter {v} (to cause to separate)  :: zerstreuen
scatter {v} (to distribute loosely)  :: streuen
scatter {v} (to scatter) SEE: disperse  ::
scatterbrain {n} (A flighty, disorganized or forgetful person.)  :: Wirrkopf {m}, Schussel {m}
scatterbrained {adj} (absent-minded) SEE: absent-minded  ::
scattering {n} (physical process)  :: Streuung {f}
scaup {n} (diving-duck)  :: Bergente {f}
scavenge {v} (to collect and remove refuse)  :: durchstöbern
scavenge {v} (to remove unwanted material)  :: reinigen
scavenger {n} (Someone who scavenges, especially one who searches through rubbish for food or useful things)  :: Abfalldurchstöberer {m}, Mülldurchstöberer {m}
scavenger {n} (animal feeding on decaying matter)  :: Aasfresser {m}
scavenger {n} (street sweeper)  :: Straßenkehrer {m}
scavenger {n} (substance to remove impurities)  :: Spülmittel {n}
scenario {n} (outline of the plot of a dramatic or literary work)  :: Szenario {n}, Szenarium {n} [theatre], Drehbuch {n}
scenario {n} (outline or model of an expected or supposed sequence of events)  :: Szenario {n}
scenario {n}  :: Drehbuch {n}
scene {n} ((theater) the stage) SEE: stage  ::
scene {n} (the location of an event that attracts attention)  :: Szene {f}
scene {n} (landscape, scenery) SEE: scenery  ::
scenery {n} (view, natural features, landscape)  :: Landschaft {f}
scenery {n} (stage backdrops, property and other items on a stage that give the impression of the location of the scene)  :: Kulisse {f}
scenester {n} (non-musician active in musical scene)  :: Fan {m}, Scene-Insider {m}, Anhänger {m}, Gefolge {p} {n}, Entourage {p} {f}, Anhängerschaft {p} {f}
scent {n} (distinctive odour or smell)  :: Geruch {m}, Duft {m}
scent {n}  :: Geruch {m} , Duft {m} , Duftstoff {m} , Parfüm {n} , Fährte {f}
scent {v} (to detect the scent of)  :: wittern
scent {v} (to impart an odour to)  :: parfümieren
sceptre {n} (ornamental staff)  :: Zepter {n}
schadenfreude {n} (malicious enjoyment derived from observing someone else's misfortune) SEE: epicaricacy  ::
Schaerbeek {prop} (city in Belgium)  :: Schaerbeek {n}, Schaarbeek {n}
Schaffhausen {prop} (canton)  :: Kanton Schaffhausen
Schaffhausen {prop} (city)  :: Schaffhausen
schedule {n} (time-based plan of events)  :: Termin {m}, Programm {n}, Zeitplan {m}
schedule {v} (to create a schedule)  :: planen
schedule {v} (To plan an activity at a specific date or time)  :: planen
scheelite {n} (mineral)  :: Scheelit {n}
Scheherazade {prop} (female given name)  :: Scheherazade {f}, Scheherezade {f}
Scheldt {prop} (river)  :: Schelde {f}
schema {n} (Formal description of the structure of a database)  :: Schema {n}
schema {n}  :: Schema {m}
schematic {adj} (represented simply)  :: schematisch, schemenhaft, vereinfacht, vereinfachend, grob
schematic {adj} (sketchy, incomplete)  :: schematisch, skizzenhaft, skizziert
schematic {adj} (relating to a schema)  :: schematisch
scheme {n} (a systematic plan of future action)  :: Programm {n}, Plan {m}, Projekt {n}
scheme {n} (orderly combination of related parts)  :: Schema {n}
scheme {n} (chart or diagram)  :: Übersicht {f}, Schema {n}, Bild {n}
scheme {n}  :: Schema {n}
scheming {adj} (tending to scheme)  :: intrigant
Schengen {prop} (city in Luxembourg)  :: Schengen {n}
Schengen Area {prop} (group of European countries)  :: Schengen-Raum {m}
scherzo {n} (music)  :: Scherzo {n}
Schiller {prop} (surname)  :: Schiller
schilling {n} (old currency of Austria)  :: Schilling {m}
schism {n} (split, division, separation, discord)  :: Zerwürfnis {n}, Spaltung {f}, Schisma {n}
schism {n} (division within a religious body)  :: Schisma {n}
schism {n} (split within Christianity)  :: Schisma {n}
schismatic {adj} (religion: of or pertaining to a schism)  :: schismatisch
schismatic {n} (religion: a person involved in a schism)  :: Schismatiker {m}, Schismatikerin {f}
schist {n} (crystalline foliated rock)  :: Glimmerschiefer {m}
schistosomiasis {n} (various diseases)  :: Schistosomiasis
schizophrenia {n} (illness)  :: Schizophrenie {f}
schizophrenia {n} (informal: condition in which disparate activities coexist)  :: Schizophrenie {f}
schizophrenic {adj} (of a person: afflicted with schizophrenia)  :: schizophren
schizophrenic {adj} (slang: behaving as if one has more than one personality)  :: schizophren
schizophrenic {n} (a person suffering from schizophrenia)  :: Schizophrener {m}, Schizophrene {f}
schizotypal {adj} (pertaining to or displaying mild signs of schizophrenia)  :: schizotypische
schlager {n} (style)  :: Schlager {m}
schlager {n} (piece)  :: Schlager {m}
Schlemm's canal {n} (channel in the eye)  :: Schlemm-Kanal {m}
schlep {v} (To carry or drag)  :: (sich) schleppen
Schleswig-Holstein {prop} (state)  :: Schleswig-Holstein {n}
schlimazel {n} (a chronically unlucky person)  :: Pechvogel {m}
schmaltzy {adj} (Overly sentimental, emotional, maudlin or bathetic)  :: schmalzig
Schmidt Island {prop} (island)  :: Schmidt-Insel
schnapps {n} (liquor)  :: Schnaps {m}
schönite {n} (double sulfate of potassium and magnesium)  :: Schönit {m}
schnitzel {n} (a meat dish)  :: (paniertes) Schnitzel {n}
schnoz {n} (schnozzle) SEE: schnozzle  ::
schnozzle {n} (slang: human nose)  :: Rüssel {m}, Riecher {m}
scholar {n} (a student; one who studies at school or college, typically having a scholarship)  :: Student {m}
scholar {n} (specialist in a particular branch of knowledge)  :: Gelehrte {m}
scholar {n} (learned person)  :: Gelehrte {m}
scholarliness {n} (state or condition of being scholarly)  :: Gelehrtheit
scholarship {n} (study allowance)  :: Stipendium {n}
scholarship {n} (knowledge)  :: Gelehrsamkeit {f} [archaic]
scholar's mate {n} (checkmate which occurs after the moves 1.e4 e5 2.Qh5 Nc6 3.Bc4 Nf6 4.Qxf7#)  :: Schäfermatt {n}, Schäferzug {m}, Schustermatt {n}
scholasticism {n} (school of philosophy)  :: Scholastik {f}, Schulwissenschaft {f}
school {n} (a group of fish in body of water etc...)  :: Schwarm {m}
school {n} (an institution dedicated to teaching and learning)  :: Schule {f}
school {n} (college or university)  :: Universität {f}, Hochschule {f}
school {n} (a department/institute at a college or university)  :: Schule {f}, Fakultät
school {n} (an art movement)  :: Schule {f}
school {n} ((collectively) the followers of a particular doctrine)  :: Schule {f}
school {v} (educate, teach, or train)  :: unterrichten, schulen
schoolbag {n} (satchel)  :: Schultasche {f}, Schulranzen {m}
schoolbook {n} (textbook used in school)  :: Schulbuch {n}
schoolboy {n} (young male student)  :: Schüler {m}, Schuljunge {m}
school bus {n} (transport for schoolchildren)  :: Schulbus {m}
schoolchild {n} (young person attending school or of an age to attend school)  :: Schulkind {n}, (boy, or unspecified sex) Schüler {m}, (girl) Schülerin {f}
school counselor {n} (school-oriented counselor)  :: Schulberater {m}, Schulberaterin {f}
schooldays {n} (period of one's life when one attends school)  :: Schulzeit {f}
schoolgirl {n} (girl attending school)  :: Schülerin {f}, Schulmädchen {n}
schoolie {n} (schoolteacher) SEE: teacher  ::
schoolie {n} (school-leaver)  :: Absolvent {m}, Absolventin {f}, Abiturient {m}, Abiturientin {f}, Schulabgänger {m}, Schulabgängerin {f}
schoolmate {n} (person who attended school with the subject)  :: Schulkamerad {m} (Schulkameradin {f}), Mitschüler {m} (Mitschülerin {f})
school of hard knocks {n} (source of education by adverse experience)  :: Schule des Lebens {f} [school of life]
school of thought {n} (opinion subscribed to by some connected or arbitrary group)  :: Schule {f}, wissenschaftliche Schule {f} [science]
school shark {n} (Galeorhinus galeus)  :: Hundshai
school sores {n} (impetigo) SEE: impetigo  ::
schoolteacher {n} (schoolteacher) SEE: teacher  ::
school uniform {n} (uniform items to be worn by students in a school)  :: Schuluniform {f}
school year {n} (academic year of a school)  :: Schuljahr {n}
schooner {n} (sailing ship)  :: Schoner {m}
Schopenhauerian {adj} (of or relating to Arthur Schopenhauer)  :: schopenhauerisch
Schottky diode {n} (metal-semiconductor diode)  :: Schottky-Diode {f}
Schrödinger {prop} (surname)  :: Schrödinger {m} {f}
Schrödinger's cat {prop} (thought experiment)  :: Schrödingers Katze {f}
schwa {n} (schwa)  :: Schwa {n}, Murmelvokal {m}
sciatica {n} (neuralgia of the sciatic nerve)  :: Ischias {f} {m} {n}
sciatic nerve {n} (large nerve)  :: Ischiasnerv {m}
science {n} (collective discipline of learning acquired through the scientific method)  :: Wissenschaft {f}
science {n} (particular discipline or branch of learning)  :: Wissenschaft {f}
science {n} (fact of knowing something)  :: Wissen {n}
science {n} (knowledge gained through study or practice)  :: Kenntnis {n}, Erfahrung {f}, Wissen {n}
science fiction {n} (fiction)  :: Science-Fiction {f}
science fiction {n} (technology which is not yet practical)  :: Science-Fiction {f}
scientia potentia est {proverb} (knowledge is power) SEE: knowledge is power  ::
scientific {adj} (of or having to do with science)  :: wissenschaftlich
scientifically {adv} (using science or methods of science)  :: wissenschaftlich
scientifically {adv} (from a scientific perspective)  :: wissenschaftlich
scientificity {n} (quality or state of being scientific)  :: Wissenschaftlichkeit {f}
scientific method {n} (method of discovering knowledge)  :: wissenschaftliche Methode {f}
scientism {n} (belief)  :: Szientismus {m}
scientist {n} (one whose activities make use of the scientific method)  :: Wissenschaftler {m}, Wissenschaftlerin {f}, Wissenschafter {m}, Wissenschafterin {f}
Scientologist {n} (follower of Scientology)  :: Scientologe {m}, Scientologin {f}
Scientology {prop} (belief system developed by L. Ron Hubbard)  :: Scientologie {f}
scimitar {n} (sword with curved blade)  :: Krummsäbel {m}, Scimitar {m}
scimitar horned oryx {n} (Oryx dammah)  :: Säbelantilope {f}
scintillate {v} (to twinkle)  :: flackern, funkeln
scion {n} (descendant)  :: Nachkomme {m}, Nachkommin {f}, Nachfahr {m}, Nachfahre {m}, Nachfahrin {f}, Abkomme {m}, Abkommin {f}, Nachkömmling {m}, Abkömmling {m}, Spross {m}, Sprössling {m}
scion {n} ((detached) shoot or twig)  :: Spross {m}, Sprössling {m}, Ableger {m}, Pfropfreis {n}, Reis {n}, Steckling {m}
scion {n} (heir to a throne)  :: Thronfolgerin {f}, Thronfolger {m}, Prinz {m}, Prinzessin {f}
scission {n} (the act of division)  :: Spaltung {f}
scissor {n} (one blade on a pair of scissors)  :: Schere {f}
scissors {n} (tool used for cutting)  :: Schere {f}
sclerosis {n} (abnormal hardening of body tissues)  :: Sklerose {f}
scoff {n} (derision; ridicule; mockery)  :: Spott {m}
scoff {v} (to jeer; laugh at with contempt and derision)  :: spotten, spötteln
scoff {v} (to eat food quickly)  :: verschlingen
scold {v} (rebuke)  :: beschimpfen, schelten, tadeln, ausschimpfen
scoliosis {n} (condition in which there is abnormal lateral curvature of the spine)  :: Skoliose {f}
sconce {n} (light fixture on a wall)  :: Wandlampe {f}, Wandleuchte {f}, Wandleuchter {m}
scoop {n} (any cup- or bowl-shaped object)  :: Schaufel {f}, Schippe {f}, Kelle {f}
scoop {n} (amount held by a scoop)  :: Kaffeelöffel {m} [of coffee]; Kugel {f} [of icecream]
scoop {n} (news learned and reported before anyone else)  :: Exklusivmeldung {f}, Scoop {m}
scoop {n} (digging attachment on a front-end loader)  :: Schaufel {f}
scoop {v} (to lift, move, or collect with or as though with a scoop)  :: schaufeln
scoop up {v} (pick up by scooping)  :: aufschaufeln, zusammenschaufeln
scoopwheel {n}  :: Wurfrad {m}
scooter {n} (a child's foot-operated vehicle)  :: Tretroller {m}, Trittroller {m}
scooter {n} (motor-scooter)  :: Motorroller {m}
scope {n} (breadth, depth or reach of a subject; a domain)  :: Umfang, Bereich {m}, Umgebung {m}, Rahmen {m}, Feld {n}, Raum {m}, Gebiet {n}, Ziel {n}
scope {n} (scope of an identifier)  :: Gültigkeitsbereich {m}
-scope {suffix} (suffix to name viewing instruments)  :: -skop {m}
-scopy {suffix} (observation, viewing)  :: -skopie {f}
scorch {v} (to burn the surface of something so as to discolour it)  :: verbrennen
scorch {v} (to wither, parch or destroy something by heat or fire)  :: verbrennen
scorch {v} (to move at high speed)  :: rasen
scorched {adj} (dried, damaged, burnt by exposure to sunlight or heat)  :: verbrannt
scorched earth {n}  :: verbrannte Erde {f}
score {v} (to score) SEE: strike  ::
score {n} (number of points earned)  :: Spielergebnis {n}, Spielstand {m}
score {n} (sheet music showing all parts)  :: Partitur {f}
score {v} (to cut a groove in a surface)  :: anritzen
score {v} (to earn points in a game)  :: treffen, erzielen, (einen Treffer) landen, (ein Tor) schießen, (einen Punkt) machen
scoreboard {n} (board that displays the score in a game of contest)  :: Anzeigetafel {f}
scorecard {n} (card allowing spectators to identify players and record progress)  :: Scorecard {f}
scorer {n} (one who scores)  :: Torschütze {m} [goal scorer]
scores {pron} (many) SEE: many  ::
scorn {v} (to feel contempt or disdain for something or somebody)  :: verachten
scorn {v} (to scoff or express contempt)  :: verspotten
scorn {v} (to reject)  :: verschmähen
scorn {n} (contempt, disdain)  :: Verachtung {f}
scorned {adj} (hated, despised, or avoided)  :: verachtet, zurückgewiesen, abgewiesen, gemieden
scornful {adj} (showing scorn or disrespect; contemptuous)  :: verächtlich
scornfully {adv} (in a scornful manner)  :: verachtend
Scorpio {prop} (astrological sign)  :: Skorpion {m}
Scorpio {prop} (constellation) SEE: Scorpius  ::
scorpion {n} (any of various arachnids of the order Scorpiones)  :: Skorpion {m}
scorpionfish {n} (fish)  :: Skorpionsfisch {m}
scorpionfly {n} (any insect of the family Panorpidae)  :: Skorpionsfliege {f}
Scorpius {prop} (astrological sign) SEE: Scorpio  ::
Scorpius {prop} (constellation)  :: Skorpion {m}
scorzonera {n} (black salsify) SEE: black salsify  ::
Scot {n} (a person born in or native to Scotland)  :: Schotte {m}, Schottin {f}
scotch {v} (To prevent (something) from being successful)  :: blockieren {}, verhindern {}, durchkreuzen {}
Scotch {n} (uncountable: whisky made in Scotland)  :: Scotch {m}
Scotch crow {n} (hooded crow) SEE: hooded crow  ::
Scotch tape {n} (adhesive tape) SEE: adhesive tape  ::
Scotch whisky {n} (alcoholic drink)  :: Scotch Whisky {m}
scotfree {adv} (scot-free) SEE: scot-free  ::
scot-free {adv} (free of scot; free of tax)  :: steuerfrei
scot-free {adv} (without consequences or penalties)  :: ungeschoren, ungestraft, staffrei
Scotland {prop} (country in northwest Europe to the north of England)  :: Schottland {n}
scotophobia {n} (fear of darkness)  :: Skotophobie {f}
Scots {prop} (Lowland Scots language)  :: Niederschottisch {n}, niederschottische Sprache {f} Schottisch {n}, schottische Sprache {f}
Scots {adj} (Scottish)  :: schottisch
Scots Gaelic {prop} (Scottish Gaelic) SEE: Scottish Gaelic  ::
Scotsman {n} (a man from Scotland)  :: Schotte {m}
Scotswoman {n} (a woman from Scotland)  :: Schottin {f}
Scottish {adj} (of a person)  :: schottisch
Scottish {adj} (of a thing or concept)  :: schottisch
Scottish {prop} (the people of Scotland)  :: Schotten {m-p}
Scottish English {prop} (dialect of English spoken in Scotland)  :: schottisches Englisch {n}
Scottish Gaelic {prop} (The Gaelic language of Scotland)  :: Schottisch-Gälisch {n}
scoundrel {n} (villain)  :: Schurke {m}, Gauner {m}
scour {v} (to clean, polish, or wash something by scrubbing it vigorously)  :: scheuern, reinigen, putzen, abbürsten, abreiben, ausscheuern, wegscheuern, blankscheuern, kratzen, wegkratzen, schrubben, fegen
scour {v} (to remove dirt and debris by purging)  :: spülen, durchspülen, wegspülen, abspülen, ausspülen
scour {v} (to search an area thoroughly)  :: absuchen, sondieren, abkämmen, durchkämmen, durchsuchen, durchforsten, durchstreifen
scour {n} (removal of sediment by swiftly moving water)  :: Auswaschen {n}, Ausspülen {n}, Erosion {f}
scour {n} (place scoured out by running water)  :: Auswaschung {f}, Erosionsfläche {f}, Ausspülung {f}, Kolk {m}
scourge {n} (a persistent pest, illness, or source of trouble)  :: Plage, Geißel, Last {f}, Bürde {f}, Heimsuchung {f}, Pest {f}
scourge {n} (a whip often of leather)  :: Geißel, Peitsche {f}
scourge {v} (to strike with a scourge)  :: plagen, geißeln, heimsuchen, peitschen
scout {n} (person sent out to gain and bring in tidings)  :: Kundschafter {m}, Kundschafterin {f}, Späher {m}, Späherin {f}
scout {n} (member of the scout movement)  :: Pfadfinder {m}, Pfadfinderin {f}
scout {v} (to explore a wide terrain)  :: aufklären, auskundschaften, ausspähen, beobachten, erkunden, spähen
scouting {n} (the Scouting movement)  :: Pfadfinderbewegung {f}
scowl {n} (wrinkling of the brows or face)  :: Stirnrunzeln {n}
scowl {v} (to wrinkle the brows)  :: die Stirn runzeln
scrabble {v} (to scribble) SEE: scribble  ::
Scrabble {prop} (board game with interlocking words)  :: Scrabble
scraggly {adj}  :: wild, rau
scram {v} (go away)  :: abhauen, weggehen
scramble {v} (to move hurriedly to a location using all limbs against a surface)  :: drängeln, krabbeln
scramble {v} (to proceed to a location or an objective in a disorderly manner)  :: drängeln
scramble {v} (to mix food ingredients in a mix to be cooked into a loose mass)  :: verrühren
scramble {v} (to process telecommunication signals to make them unintelligable to an unauthorized listener)  :: verschlüsseln, [computing] chiffrieren
scramble {v} (to ascend rocky terrain as a leisure activity)  :: klettern, kraxeln
scramble {n} (a rush or hurry)  :: Gedrängel {n}
scrambled egg {n} (dish)  :: Rührei {n}
scrambling {v}  :: scrambling, kletternd
scrambling {n}  :: Scrambling {n}, Verwürfelung {f}
scrap {n} (small leftover piece)  :: Stückchen {n}, Fetzen {m}
scrap {n} (leftover food)  :: Reste {m-p}, Speisereste {m}, Essensreste {m-p}
scrap {n} (discarded metal)  :: Altmaterial {n}, Altmetall {n}, Schrott {m}, Abfall {m}
scrap {v} (to discard)  :: wegwerfen, verschrotten
scrap {v} (to dispose at the scrapyard)  :: verschrotten, abwracken
scrape {v} (draw an object along while exerting pressure)  :: abkratzen, kratzen, schaben, scharren, schrammen
scraper {n} (an instrument by which anything is scraped)  :: Schaber {m}
scrapheap {n} (junkyard) SEE: junkyard  ::
scrapheap {n} (pile of junk)  :: Schrotthaufen {m} [metal], Müllhaufen {m}, Abfallhaufen {m}
scrapie {n} (A degenerative prion disease)  :: Traberkrankheit {f}, Scrapie
scrap paper {n} (used paper, to be reused for jotting notes)  :: Schmierblatt {n} [colloquial]
scrapyard {n} (a junkyard, a place where scrap is stored, discarded or resold)  :: Schrottplatz {m}
scratch {v} (To rub a surface with a sharp object)  :: kratzen
scratch {v} (To rub the skin with rough material)  :: kratzen
scratch {v} (To mark a surface with a sharp object)  :: zerkratzen, verkratzen
scratch {n} (disruption or mark on a surface)  :: Kratzer {m}
scratch card {n} (lottery ticket)  :: Rubbellos {n}
scratchpad {n} (pad of paper)  :: Notizblock {m}, Schmierblock {m}
scratch paper {n} (paper used for preliminary work, considered ephemeral)  :: Schmierpapier {n}
scrawl {n} (irregular handwriting)  :: Gekritzel {n}
scrawl {v} (to write hastily or illegibly)  :: kritzeln, krakeln, dahin schmieren
scrawl {v} (to write in an irregular or illegible manner)  :: kritzeln
scrawny {adj} (Thin, malnourished and weak)  :: dürr
scream {n} (loud exclamation)  :: Schrei {m}
scream {v} (to make the sound of a scream)  :: schreien
screamer {n} (bird of family Anhimidae)  :: Wehrvogel
scream queen {n} (actress who appears in several horror movies)  :: Scream-Queen {f}
screech owl {n} (Megascops)  :: Kreischeule {f}
screech owl {n} (Tyto alba)  :: Schleiereule {f}, Baumkauz {m}, Waldkauz {m}
screed {n} (written harangue)  :: Tirade {f}, Schmähschrift {f}, Pamphlet {n}
screed {n} (tool to smoothen still wet surface)  :: Abziehlatte {f}, Kartätsche {f}
screed {n} (smooth flat layer of concrete or similar material)  :: Estrich {m}
screen {n} (physical divider)  :: Schirm {m}
screen {n} (informational viewing area)  :: Bildschirm {m}
screen {n} (viewing area of a movie)  :: Leinwand {f}
screen {n}  :: Schirm
screencap {n} (screenshot) SEE: screenshot  ::
screen capture {n} (picture or image captured from a computer screen; a screenshot)  :: Bildschirmfoto {n}
screencast {n} (digital recording)  :: Screencast {m}
screened cable {n} (cable with incorporated shield)  :: abgeschirmtes Kabel {n}
screen printing {n} (printing method)  :: Siebdruck {m}
screensaver {n}  :: Bildschirmschoner {m}
screenshot {n} (image of computer screen output)  :: Screenshot {m}, Bildschirmfoto {n}, Bildschirmabzug {m} [obsolete], Hardcopy {f} [obsolete]
screenwriter {n} (one who writes for the screen)  :: Drehbuchautor {m}, Drehbuchautorin {f}, Drehbuchschreiber {m}, Drehbuchschreiberin {f}, Filmautor {m}, Filmautorin {f}, Filmszenarist {m}, Filmszenaristin {f}, Szenarist {m}, Szenaristin {f}
screw {n} (fastener)  :: Schraube {f}
screw {n} (ship’s propeller)  :: Schraube {f}
screw {v} (to connect or assemble pieces using a screw)  :: schrauben, anziehen
screw {v} (to have sexual intercourse with)  :: ficken, vögeln, bumsen, rammeln
screw {v} (to cheat or treat unfairly)  :: betrügen
screw {v} (to apply pressure on)  :: unter Druck setzen, Druck ausüben
screw cap {n} (cap of a bottle or jar which screws onto the threaded lip of the container)  :: Schraubverschluss {m} [bottle]; Schraubdeckel {m} [jar]
screwdriver {n} (tool)  :: Schraubenzieher {m}, Schraubendreher {m}
screw thread {n} (helical ridge or groove)  :: Gewinde {n}, Gewindegang {m}
screwup {n} (person who often makes substantial mistakes)  :: Versager {m}
scribble {v} (to write or draw carelessly and in a hurry)  :: schmieren
scribble {v}  :: kritzeln
scribbler {n} (one who scribbles; hasty or untalented writer)  :: Schreiberling {m}, Kritzler {m}, Kritzlerin {f}, Schmierer {m}, Schmiererin {f}, Skribent {m}, Skribentin {f}, Skribler {m}, Skriblerin {f}, Skritzler {m}, Skritzlerin {f}, Schmock {m} [obsolete, plurals: Schmöcke, Schmocke, Schmocks]
scribbler {n} (untalented artist)  :: , Schmierer {m}, Schmiererin {f}
scribe {n} (one who writes; a draughtsman)  :: Schreiber {m}
scribe {n} (writer and doctor of the law)  :: Schriftgelehrter {m}
scribe {v} (to write)  :: schreiben
scrimmage {n} (practice game) SEE: exhibition game  ::
script {n} (writing; written document)  :: Skript {n}, Skriptum {n}
script {n} (written characters, style of writing)  :: Handschrift {f}
script {n} (text of the dialogue and action for a drama)  :: Drehbuch {n}, Skript {n}
script {n} (procedure or program in computing)  :: Skript {n}
script {n} (a system of writing)  :: Schrift {f}
scripting language {n}  :: Skriptsprache {f}
script kiddie {n} (hacker who compromises files on others' computers)  :: Scriptkiddie {n}
scriptorium {n} (room set aside for the copying, writing, or illuminating of manuscripts)  :: Skriptorium {n}
scripture {n} (any sacred writing or book)  :: Schrift {f}
Scripture {n} (Tanakh) SEE: Tanakh  ::
Scripture {n} (Bible) SEE: Bible  ::
scriptwriter {n} (screenwriter) SEE: screenwriter  ::
scrivener {n} (professional writer)  :: Schreiber {m}
scrofulous {adj} (corrupt) SEE: corrupt  ::
scroll {n} (roll of paper or parchment)  :: Schriftrolle {f}, Rolle {f}, Buchrolle {f}
scroll {n} (ornament)  :: Volute {f}, Schnörkel {m}, Spirale {f}
scroll {n} (mark or flourish)  :: Schnörkel {m}, Kringel {m}, Schwung {m}
scroll {n} (end of a violin)  :: Schnecke {m}
scroll bar {n} (graphical widget)  :: Bildlaufleiste {f}, Scrollleiste {f}
scrooge {n} (miserly person)  :: Geizhals {m}, Geizkragen {m}
scrotal {adj} (scrotal)  :: skrotal
scrotum {n} (the bag of the skin and muscle that contains the testicles)  :: Skrotum {n}, Hodensack {m}
scrounge {v} (To hunt about, especially for something of nominal value; to scavenge or glean)  :: abstauben, klauben, stibitzen
scrounge {v} (To obtain something of moderate or inconsequential value from another)  :: schnorren
scrounge {n} (scrounger) SEE: scrounger  ::
scrounger {n} (one who scrounges)  :: Schnorrer {m}
scrub {n} (vegetation of inferior quality)  :: Gestrüpp {n}
scrub {v} (to rub hard)  :: scheuern, schrubben
scrub {n} (clothing worn in surgery)  :: Kasack {m}
scrub {n} (cancellation) SEE: cancellation  ::
scruffy {adj} (untidy in appearance)  :: vergammelt
scrum {n} (a tightly-packed and disorderly crowd of people)  :: Gedränge {n}, Rummelei {f}, Getümmel {n}
scrum-half {n} (rugby player)  :: Gedrängehalb {m}
scrummage {n} (rugby formation of all forwards) SEE: scrum  ::
scrumptious {adj} (delicious; delectable)  :: lecker
scrunchie {n} (small elasticated ring of fabric)  :: Haargummi {n}
scruple {n} (hesitation from the difficulty of determining what is right)  :: Skrupel {m}
scrupulous {adj} (meticulous)  :: sorgfältig, gründlich
scrupulous {adj} (having principles)  :: gewissenhaft
scrutinise {v} (scrutinize) SEE: scrutinize  ::
scrutinize {v} (to examine with great care)  :: gründlich prüfen, hinterfragen, gewissenhaft überprüfen
scrutiny {n} (intense study)  :: genaue Untersuchung {f}
scrutiny {n}  :: genaue Untersuchung , prüfender od. forschender Blick
scrutore {n} (escritoire) SEE: escritoire  ::
scuba diving {n} (underwater swimming)  :: Tauchen {n}, Gerätetauchen {n}
scuffle {n} (rough, disorderly fight or struggle at close quarters)  :: Handgemenge {n}, Rauferei {f}
scuffle {v} (to fight or struggle confusedly at close quarters)  :: raufen, balgen
scuffle {v} (to walk with a shuffling gait)  :: schlurfen
scull {n} (small boat)  :: Skiff {m}
sculpin {n} (small fish of the family Cottidae)  :: Groppe {f}
sculpt {v} (be a sculptor)  :: bildhauerisch gestalten, bildhauerisch tätig sein, formen, meißeln
sculpted {adj} (well shaped)  :: geformt, skulptiert
sculptor {n} (a person who sculpts)  :: Skulpteur {m}, Bildhauer {m}, Bildhauerin {f}
Sculptor {prop} (constellation)  :: Bildhauer {m}
sculpture {n} (art of sculpting)  :: Bildhauerkunst {f}, Skulptur {f}
sculpture {n} (work of art created by sculpting)  :: Skulptur {f}
scum {n} (person or persons considered to be reprehensible)  :: Abschaum {m}
scumbag {n} (condom) SEE: condom  ::
scupper {n} (nautical: drainage hole)  :: Speigat {n}, Speigatt {n}
scurrilous {adj} (foul-mouthed)  :: ordinär, flegelhaft, pöbelhaft, niederträchtig, gemein
scurrilous {adj} (coarse, vulgar, abusive, or slanderous)  :: vulgär, obszön, ehrenrührig, verleumderisch, unflätig, zotig
scurrilous {adj} (gross, vulgar and evil)  :: bösartig, widerlich, übel
scurry {v} (to run away with quick light steps)  :: hasten, huschen, vorbeihuschen
scurry away {v} (to run away with quick light steps)  :: davonhasten, davonhuschen, hastig weglaufen
scurvy {n} (deficiency of vitamin C)  :: Skorbut {m}, Scharbock {m}
scurvy-grass {n} (Cochlearia)  :: Löffelkraut {n}
scutch {n} (implement used to separate the fibres of flax)  :: Schwinge, Hanfschwinge, Flachsschwinge
scutch grass {n} (couch grass) SEE: couch grass  ::
scuttle {n} (a container like an open bucket)  :: Eimer {m}, Kohleneimer {m}
scuttle {n} (a small hatch or opening in a boat)  :: Luke {f}
scuttle {v} (To deliberately sink a ship (often by order of the captain))  :: versenken
scuttle {v} (To move hastily, to scurry)  :: flitzen, hoppeln, krabbeln, trippeln
Scutum {prop} (constellation)  :: Schild {m}
Scylla {prop} (personification of the rock)  :: Skylla
scythe {n} (farm tool)  :: Sense {f}
scythe {v} (to cut with a scythe)  :: sensen, mähen
Scythian {n} (an inhabitant of Scythia)  :: Skythe {m}, Skythin {f}, Szythe {m}, Szythin {f}
Scythian {adj} (relating to Scythia or Scythians)  :: skythisch, szythisch
Sczedrzik {prop} (Szczedrzyk) SEE: Szczedrzyk  ::
sea {n} (body of water)  :: Meer {n}, See {f}
sea anemone {n} (polyp)  :: Seeanemone {f}
seabag {n} (duffel bag used by sailors or marines)  :: Seesack {m}
sea bass {n} (salt-water fish)  :: Wolfsbarsch
seabed {n} (floor or bottom of the sea or ocean)  :: Meeresboden {m}
seabird {n} (any bird that spends most of its time in coastal waters)  :: Seevogel {m}, Meeresvogel {m}
seaborgium {n} (chemical element with atomic number 106)  :: Seaborgium {n}
sea bream {n} (any of several species of marine fish)  :: Goldbrasse {f}
sea buckthorn {n} (shrub of the genus Hippophae)  :: Sanddorn
sea cucumber {n} (sea cucumber)  :: Seegurke {f}
seadog {n} (sailor accustomed to the sea)  :: [lit.: sea bear] Seebär {m}
sea eagle {n} (genus Haliaeetus)  :: Seeadler
sea eagle {n} (Haliaeetus albicilla) SEE: white-tailed eagle  ::
seafarer {n} (sailor) SEE: sailor  ::
seafarer {n} (one who travels by sea)  :: Seefahrer {m}
seafaring {adj} (fit to travel on the sea) SEE: seagoing  ::
seafloor spreading {n} (outward movement of the seafloor)  :: Ozeanbodenspreizung {f}
seafoam {n} (foam created by wave action - often washed up on to beaches)  :: Meeresschaum {m}
seafood {n} (fish, shellfish, seaweed and other edible aquatic life)  :: Meeresfrüchte {p} {f}
seagoing {adj} (made for or used on the high seas)  :: seetüchtig
seagoing {adj} (fit for the high seas)  :: seetüchtig
seagull {n} (bird of the family Laridae)  :: Möwe {f}, Möwenvogel {m}
sea holly {n} (Eryngium maritimum)  :: Stranddistel {f}
sea holly {n} (Eryngium)  :: Mannstreu {m}
sea horse {n} (walrus) SEE: walrus  ::
sea horse {n} (fish)  :: Seepferdchen {n}
seal {n} (pinniped)  :: Robbe {f}, Seehund {m}
seal {n} (design or insignia associated with organization or official role)  :: Siegel {n}, Petschaft {n}
seal {n} (something which will be visibly damaged when a covering or container is opened)  :: Siegel
seal {n} (something designed to prevent leaking)  :: Dichtung {f}
seal {n} (tight closure)  :: Siegel, Dichtung {f}
seal {n} (chakra) SEE: chakra  ::
sea lamprey {n} (animal)  :: Meerneunauge {n}
sealant {n} (material used to seal a surface so as to prevent passage of a fluid)  :: Dichtungsmittel {n}
sealed {adj} (closed by a seal)  :: versiegelt
sealed {adj} (preventing entrance)  :: dicht
sea leopard {n} (Hydrurga leptonyx) SEE: leopard seal  ::
sealer {n} (person who hunts seals)  :: Robbenjäger {m}
sea lettuce {n} (seaweed of genus Ulva)  :: Meersalat {m}
sea level {n} (nominal height of the surface of the oceans above which heights of geographical features and aircraft flight levels are measured)  :: Meeresspiegel {m}
sealing {n} (hunting of seals)  :: Robbenjagd {f}
sea lion {n} (member of the Otariidae family)  :: Seelöwe {m}
seam {n} (folded back and stitched piece of fabric)  :: Saum {m}, Naht {f}
seam {n} (suture)  :: Naht {f}
seam {n} (thin stratum of mineral)  :: Flöz {n}, Schicht {f}
seaman {n} (mariner or sailor)  :: Seemann {m}, Matrose {m}
seaman {n} (naval rank)  :: Matrose {m}
seaman {n}  :: Matrose {m}
seamanship {n} (skill and knowledge used in handling a vessel)  :: Seemannskunst {f}, Seemannserfahrung {f}
seamless {adj} (Having no seams)  :: fugenlos, nahtfrei, nahtlos
seamless {adj} (Without interruption; coherent)  :: nahtlos, [figurative] makellos
sea monster {n} (large, aggressive creature in the sea)  :: Seeungeheuer {n}, Meerungeheuer {n}
seamount {n} (underwater mountain)  :: Tiefseeberg {m}
seamster {n} (person who sews clothes)  :: Näher {m}
seamstress {n} (a woman who sews clothes professionally)  :: Näherin {f}, Weißnäherin {f}
Sea of Azov {prop} (sea)  :: Asowsches Meer {n}
Sea of Galilee {prop} (lake in northern Israel)  :: See Genezareth {m}, See von Galiläa {m}
Sea of Japan {prop} (the sea between Japan and the rest of Asia)  :: Japanisches Meer {n}
Sea of Okhotsk {prop} (sea)  :: Ochotskisches Meer {n}
sea otter {n} (Enhydra lutris)  :: Seeotter {m}
sea-parrot {n} (puffin) SEE: puffin  ::
seaplane {n} (an aircraft)  :: Wasserflugzeug {n}
seaport {n} (town or harbour for seagoing ships)  :: Seehafen {m}, Hafenstadt {f}, [inland] Binnenseehafen {m}
seapower {n} (naval military power)  :: Seemacht {f}
seaquake {n}  :: Seebeben {n}
sear {v} (To char, scorch, or burn the surface of something with a hot instrument)  :: ausbrennen, versengen, scharf anbraten, ausdörren, verbrennen, austrocknen, einbrennen
sear {n} (Part of a gun that retards the hammer until the trigger is pulled)  :: Abzugsstück {n}, Fangklinke {f}
search {v} (to search) SEE: look  ::
search {n} (an attempt to find something)  :: Suche {f}
search {v} (to look throughout (a place) for something)  :: suchen, absuchen, durchsuchen
search {v} ((followed by "for") to look thoroughly)  :: suchen
searchable {adj} (capable of being searched)  :: durchsuchbar, suchbar
search engine {n} (application that searches for data)  :: Suchmaschine {f}
search engine optimization {n} (1. improvement of a web site's ranking in search engines)  :: Suchmaschinenoptimierung {f}
searcher {n} (One who searches)  :: Suchender {m}
search party {n} (group of people who search for someone or something lost)  :: Suchmannschaft {f}
search tree {n} (tree data structure)  :: Suchbaum {m}
search warrant {n} (court order authorising the search of a place)  :: Durchsuchungsbefehl {m}
searocket {n} (Cakile)  :: Meersenf {m}
sea salt {n} (salt prepared by evaporating sea water)  :: Meersalz {n}
seascape {n} (piece of art that depicts the sea or shoreline)  :: Seestück {n}
sea serpent {n} (sea monster)  :: Seeschlange {f}
seashell {n} (shell)  :: Muschelschale {f}, Muschel {f}
seashore {n} (foreshore) SEE: foreshore  ::
seasick {adj} (ill due to the motion of a ship at sea.)  :: seekrank
sea-sickness {n} (seasickness) SEE: seasickness  ::
seasickness {n} (a feeling of nausea caused by the motion of a ship)  :: Seekrankheit {f}, Naupathie {f}
season {n} (quarter of a year)  :: Jahreszeit {f}
season {n} (part of year with something special)  :: Saison {f}
season {n} (a group of episodes)  :: Staffel {f}
season {v} (to flavour food)  :: würzen
season {v} (to make fit for any use by time or habit)  :: anpassen, abhärten
season {v} (to prepare by drying or hardening)  :: trocknen
season {v} (to become mature)  :: altern
season {v} (to become dry and hard)  :: austrocknen
seasonal {adj} (of, related to or reliant on a season)  :: jahreszeitlich, saisonal
seasoning {n} (Cooking ingredient)  :: Gewürz {n}, Würze {f}
season ticket {n} (ticket that is valid for all of the events in a series)  :: Saisonkarte {f}, Abonnement {n}
season ticket {n} (public-transit ticket for multiple rides)  :: Zeitkarte {f}
seat {n} (place in which to sit)  :: Sitz {m}, Sitzplatz {m}
seat {n} (piece of furniture)  :: Stuhl {m}
seat {n} (location of a governing body)  :: Sitz {m}
seat {n}  :: Sitzplatz {m}
seat belt {n} (restraining belt)  :: Sicherheitsgurt {m}
seat cushion {n} (something you can sit on)  :: Sitzkissen {m}
seat of government {n} (the centre of authority to govern)  :: Regierungssitz {m}
seat reservation ticket {n} (ticket with guaranteed firm seating)  :: Platzkarte {f}
Seattle {prop} (city in Washington state, USA)  :: Seattle
sea turtle {n} (any turtle that inhabits oceans)  :: Meeresschildkröte {f}
sea urchin {n} (any of many marine echinoderms of the class Echinoidea)  :: Seeigel {m}
seawall {n} (Coastal defence in the form of an embankment)  :: Damm {m}, Deich {m}
seawater {n} (saltwater of a sea or ocean)  :: Meerwasser {n}, Salzwasser {n}
seaweed {n} (marine plants and algae)  :: Algen {p}, Tang {m}, Seetang {m}
seaworthiness {n} (property of being fit to go to sea)  :: Seetüchtigkeit {f}
seaworthy {adj} (fit for the sea)  :: seetüchtig
sebaceous gland {n} (gland of skin secreting sebum)  :: Talgdrüse {f}
Sebastian {prop} (given name)  :: Sebastian
sebum {n} (thick oily substance)  :: Talg {m}
secant {n} (in geometry)  :: Sekante {f}
secede {v} (To split from or to withdraw from membership of a political union, an alliance or an organisation)  :: abspalten
secession {n} (The act of seceding)  :: Sezession {f}, Secession {f}, Abspaltung {f}
secluded {adj} (in seclusion, isolated, remote)  :: abgeschieden, abgesondert, abgelegen (location), einsam (e.g. house)
seclusion {n} (The act of secluding, or the state of being secluded; a shutting out or keeping apart, or the state of being shut out)  :: Abgeschiedenheit {f}
second {adj} (second (numeral))  :: zweiter
second {adj} (that which comes after the first)  :: zweiter
second {n} (manufactured item that fails to meet quality control standards)  :: zweite Wahl {f}
second {n} (additional helping of food)  :: Nachschlag
second {n} (music: interval between two adjacent notes))  :: Sekunde {f}
second {n} (one-sixtieth of a minute; SI unit of time)  :: Sekunde {f}
second {n} (unit of angular measure)  :: Sekunde {f}
second {n} (short, indeterminate amount of time)  :: Sekunde {f}, Augenblick {m}, Moment {m}
second {v} (to assist, support, back)  :: unterstützen
second {v} (to agree as a second person)  :: beipflichten, sekundieren [rare]
second {n} (attendant of a duel or boxing match standing in for a contestant)  :: Sekundant {m}
secondary {adj} (succeeding first)  :: sekundär
secondary school {n} (school)  :: Mittelschule {f} [the age of 10 to 16], Oberschule {f} [various types of schools]
secondary smoking {n} (passive smoking) SEE: passive smoking  ::
secondary source {n} ((historiography) document that draws on primary sources)  :: Sekundärquelle {f}
second-class {adj} (inferior in quality or standing)  :: zweiter Klasse, zweitklassig
second-class object {n} (programming entity)  :: Second-Class-Objekt {n}
second-degree burn {n} (burn that blisters the skin)  :: Verbrennung zweiten Grades
second fiddle {n}  :: zweite Geige
Second French Empire {prop} (empire ruled by Napoleon III)  :: Zweites Kaiserreich {m}
second-growth forest {n} (forest which has been harvested and is regrowing)  :: Sekundärwald {m}
second-guess {v} (to vet or evaluate)  :: in Frage stellen, überdenken, überprüfen
second half {n} (period of play after half time)  :: zweite Halbzeit {f}
second-half {n} (second half) SEE: second half  ::
second hand {n} (the hand or pointer that shows the number of seconds that have passed)  :: Sekundenzeiger {m}
second hand {adj} (secondhand) SEE: secondhand  ::
secondhand {adj} (not new; previously owned and used by another)  :: gebraucht, Second-Hand
secondhand embarrassment {n} (embarrassment felt for someone else: vicarious embarrassment) SEE: vicarious embarrassment  ::
second-hand smoke {n} (smoke from cigarettes, that any person including non-smokers could breathe in)  :: Passivrauch {m}
second helping {n} (a second portion of the same thing (usually of food))  :: Nachschlag {m}
second last {adj} (penultimate) SEE: penultimate  ::
second lieutenant {n} (the rank below a lieutenant)  :: Leutnant {m}
secondly {adv} (in the second place)  :: zweitens
secondment {n} (temporary transfer)  :: Abordnung
second person {n} (the form of a verb used when the subject of a sentence is the audience)  :: zweite Person {f}
second-person plural {n} (the linguistic category referring to multiple people being addressed by the speaker of an utterance)  :: zweite Person Plural {f}
second-person singular {n}  :: zweite Person Singular
seconds {n} (second serving)  :: Nachschlag {m}
second to last {adj} (penultimate) SEE: penultimate  ::
second wind {n} (renewed feeling of energy)  :: neuer Auftrieb {m}
Second World War {prop} (World War II) SEE: World War II  ::
secrecy {n} (concealment)  :: Geheimhaltung {f}
secrecy {n} (habit of keeping secrets)  :: Geheimniskrämerei {f}
secret {n} (knowledge that is hidden)  :: Geheimnis {n}
secret {adj} (being or kept hidden.)  :: geheim
secret agent {n} (member of an intelligence agency whose identity or affiliation is kept confidential)  :: Geheimagent {m}, Geheimagentin {f}
secretariat {n} (the office or department of a government secretary)  :: Sekretariat {n}
secretary {n} (person keeping records and handling clerical work)  :: Sekretär {m}, Sekretärin {f}
secretary {n} (head of a department of government)  :: Staatssekretär {m}
secretary {n} (leading or managerial position in certain organizations)  :: Sekretär {m}
secretary {n} (type of desk)  :: Schreibsekretär {m}, Sekretär {m}
secretary {n} (sagittarius serpentarius)  :: Sekretär
secretary bird {n} (member of bird family)  :: Sekretär {m}
Secretary General {n} (chief administrator of an international body)  :: Generalsekretär {m}
Secretary of State {n} (government position)  :: Staatssekretär {m}
secrete {v} ((transitive) produce by secretion)  :: ausscheiden, aussondern, absondern, sezernieren
secretion {n} (act of secreting)  :: Sekretion {f}
secretive {adj} (having an inclination to secrecy)  :: verschlossen, heimlichtuerisch
secretly {adv} (in a secret manner)  :: heimlich, insgeheim
secret police {n} (police operating outside normal boundaries of law)  :: Geheimpolizei {f}
secret Santa {n}  :: Wichteln {n}
secret service {n} (government organization)  :: Geheimdienst, Nachrichtendienst {m}
sect {n} (religious movement)  :: Sekte {f}
sectarian {adj} (of, or relating to a sect)  :: sektiererisch, Sekten- (prefix)
sectarian {adj} (dogmatic or partisan)  :: parteiisch, dogmatisch
sectarian {adj} (parochial or narrow-minded)  :: engstirnig, beschränkt, eng, provinziell
sectarian {adj} (bigoted)  :: voreingenommen, eifernd, bigott, stur, engstirnig
sectarian {n} (member of a sect)  :: Sektenmitglied {n}, Angehöriger einer Sekte {m}, Sektenangehöriger {m}
sectarianism {n} (rigid adherence to a particular sect, party or denomination)  :: Sektierertum {n}
section {n} (cutting, part cut out)  :: Abschnitt {m}, Teil {n}, Stück {n}
section {n} (part, piece or subdivision of anything)  :: Sektion {f}
section {n} (part of a document)  :: Abschnitt {m}, Paragraf {m}
section sign {n} (typographical character marking sections)  :: Paragraphenzeichen {n}
sectoral {adj} (pertaining to a sector)  :: sektoral
secular {adj} (not specifically religious)  :: säkular, weltlich
secularism {n} (The related political belief in the separation of church and state)  :: Säkularismus {m}
secularization {n} (transformation of values from religious to non-religious)  :: Säkularisation {f}
secure {adj} (free from attack or danger; protected)  :: sicher
secure {adj} (free from the danger of theft; safe)  :: sicher
secure {adj} (free from the risk of eavesdropping, interception or discovery; secret)  :: sicher
secure {adj} (free from anxiety or doubt; unafraid)  :: sicher
secure {adj} (Firm and not likely to fail; stable)  :: zuverlässig
secure {adj} (Free from the risk of financial loss; reliable)  :: sicher, zuverlässig
secure {v} (To make secure)  :: sichern, absichern
securely {adv} (in a secure manner)  :: sicher
securitization {n} (process of securitizing assets)  :: Verbriefung {f}
security {n} (condition of not being threatened)  :: Sicherheit {f}
security {n} (something that secures)  :: Sicherheit {f}, Schutz {m}
security {n} (organization or department responsible for providing security)  :: Sicherheitsdienst {m}
security {n} (something that secures the fulfillment of an obligation)  :: Sicherheit {f}
security {n} (finance: property temporarily relinquished)  :: Sicherheit {f}
security blanket {n} (blanket used to produce secure feeling)  :: Kuscheldecke {f}
Security Council {prop} (UN Security Council) SEE: UN Security Council  ::
security deposit {n} (amount of money paid in advance as security)  :: Kaution {f}
security forces {n} (euphemism for army)  :: Sicherheitskräfte {p}
security guard {n} (person employed to provided security)  :: Sicherheitsbeamter {m}, Sicherheitsbediensteter {m}, Sicherheitsmann {m}
security hole {n} (security vulnerability in a computer system)  :: Sicherheitslücke {f}, Sicherheitsmangel {m}
security service {n} (government organisation established to protect its nation and its secrets from enemies)  :: Sicherheitsdienst {m}
security theater {n} (measures which provide a sense of security without providing security)  :: Sicherheitstheater {n}
sedan {n} (enclosed chair carried by porters)  :: Sänfte {f}
sedan {n} (body style for cars)  :: Limousine {f}
sedate {v} (to tranquilize)  :: sedieren, ruhig stellen
sedative {n} (an agent or drug that sedates)  :: Beruhigungsmittel {n}
sedative {adj} (calming, soothing, inducing sleep, tranquilizing)  :: beruhigend, sedativ
sedentary {adj} (not moving, not migratory)  :: ortsgebunden
sedentary {adj} (not moving much; sitting around)  :: sitzend
sedevacantism {n} (belief that actual pope is not a true and legitimated one)  :: Sedisvakantismus {m}
sedge {n} (any plant of the genus Carex)  :: Segge {f}, Riedgras {n}
sedge warbler {n} (Acrocephalus schoenobaenus)  :: Schilfrohrsänger {m}
sediment {n} (collection of small particles)  :: Sediment {n}, Satz {m}, Bodensatz {m}
sedimentary rock {n} (one of the major groups of rock that makes up the crust of the Earth)  :: Sedimentgestein {n}
sedimentation {n} (separation of a suspension of solid particles into a slurry)  :: Sedimentation {f}
sedimentology {n} (study of natural sediments)  :: Sedimentologie {f}
sedition {n} (incitement)  :: Aufwiegelung {f}, Verhetzung {f}, Volksverhetzung {f}
sedition {n} (insurrection or rebellion)  :: Aufruhr {m}
seditionary {n} (promoter of sedition)  :: Aufwiegler {m}, Unruhestifter {m}, Aufrührer {m}, Volksverführer {m}, Hetzredner {m}, Agitator {m}, Scharfmacher {m}, Demagoge {m}
seduce {v} (to beguile or lure someone away from duty, accepted principles, or proper conduct; to lead astray)  :: verführen
seduce {v} (to entice or induce someone to engage in a sexual relationship)  :: verführen, verleiten
seducer {n} (someone who seduces, especially a man who seduces a woman)  :: Verführer {m}
seduction {n} (act of seducing)  :: Verführung {f}
seductive {adj} (attractive, alluring, tempting)  :: verführerisch
seductress {n} (woman who seduces)  :: Verführerin {f}
see {v} (perceive with the eyes)  :: sehen, schauen
see {v} (understand)  :: verstehen
see {n} (diocese)  :: Bischofssitz {m}
see also {phrase}  :: siehe auch
seed {n} (fertilized grain)  :: Same {m}, Samen {m}, Saat {f}, Samenkorn {n}
seed {n} (amount of fertilized grain)  :: Samen {m}, Aussaat {f}, Saat {f}
seed {n} (precursor)  :: Saat {f}, Ursprung {m}
seed {n} (semen)  :: Samen {m}, Sperma {n}
seed {n} (offspring, descendants, progeny)  :: Samen {m}, Brut {f}
seed {v} (to plant or sow seeds)  :: säen, aussäen
seed {v} (assign a position to in a tournament)  :: klassifizieren
seedbed {n} (ground prepared for planting of seeds)  :: Saatbett {n}, Saatbeet {n}
seed crystal {n} (crystal from which a larger crystal is grown)  :: Impfkristall {m}
seedless {adj} (not having seeds)  :: kernlos
seedling {n} (young plant grown from seed)  :: Sämling {m}
seed money {n} (Money used to set up a new business venture.)  :: Startkapital {n}
seed potato {n} (a potato which is planted in the ground in order to grow a potato plant)  :: Saatkartoffel {f}
seeing {n} (the action of the verb to see; eyesight)  :: Sehen {n}
seeing-eye dog {n} (seeing-eye dog) SEE: guide dog  ::
seeing is believing {proverb} (you need to see something to believe it)  :: ein Bild sagt mehr als tausend Worte
seek {v} (to try to find)  :: suchen
seek and ye shall find {proverb} (one finds what one looks for)  :: suche und du wirst finden, wer suchet, der findet
seeker {n} (One who seeks)  :: Suchender {m}, Sucher {m}, Sucherin {f}
seel {v} (To blind) SEE: blind  ::
seem {v} (to appear, to seem) SEE: look  ::
seem {v} (to appear)  :: scheinen, dünken
seemingly {adv} (apparently) SEE: apparently  ::
seemly {adj} (appropriate)  :: schicklich, anständig, gesittet, passend, vernünftig, korrekt, angebracht, angemessen
see Naples and die {proverb} (since nothing compares to the beauty of Naples, you can die after you've seen it)  :: Neapel sehen und sterben, siehe Neapel und stirb
see off {v} (to defeat) SEE: defeat  ::
see off {v} (to accompany someone to a point of departure)  :: begleiten
seep {v} (to ooze through pores)  :: durchsickern
seer {n} (someone who foretells the future)  :: Seher {m}, Seherin {f}, Wahrsager {m}, Wahrsagerin {f}, Weissager {m}, Weissagerin {f}, Hellseher {m}, Hellseherin {f}, Visionär {m}, Visionärin {f}, Prophet {m}, Prophetin {f}
see red {v} (to become angry)  :: rotsehen
see red {v} (to receive a red card)  :: Rot sehen
seesaw {n} (structure moving up and down, balanced in the middle)  :: Wippe {f}, Schaukel {f}, Schaukelbrett {n}, Gigampfi {f} (in Allgäu und in der Schweiz)
seesaw {v} (to use a seesaw)  :: wippen
seesaw {v}  :: schaukeln
see stars {v} (experience flashing lights)  :: alle Sterne am Himmel leuchten sehen
seethe {v} (to boil vigorously)  :: sieden
seethe {v} (to foam in an agitated manner, as if boiling)  :: schäumen
see the forest for the trees {v} (to be overwhelmed by detail to the point where it obscures the overall situation)  :: den Wald vor lauter Bäumen nicht sehen
see through {v} (to find something to be transparent)  :: durchschauen
see through {v} (avoid being deceived)  :: durchschauen
see through {v} (to recognize someone's true motives)  :: durchblicken, durchschauen
see-through {adj} (transparent) SEE: transparent  ::
see-through {adj} (translucent) SEE: translucent  ::
see ya {interj} (see you) SEE: see you  ::
see you {phrase} (see you later)  :: bis bald, bis dann, tschüss, wir sehen uns
see you later {phrase} (goodbye)  :: auf Wiedersehen, bis später, tschüss, man sieht sich
see you soon {interj} (goodbye)  :: bis bald
see you tomorrow {phrase} (see you tomorrow)  :: bis morgen
segment {n} (length of some object)  :: Segment {n}
segment {v} (to divide into segments or sections)  :: segmentieren
segment {n} (line segment) SEE: line segment  ::
segmentation {n} (the act or an instance of dividing into segments)  :: Segmentierung {f}
segmentation {n} (the state of being divided into segments)  :: Segmentierung {f}
Segorbe {prop} (municipality in Castellón, Spain)  :: Segorbe
segregation {n} (setting apart or separation)  :: Trennung {f}
segregation {n} (politics, public policy, see also: apartheid)  :: Rassentrennung {f} [racial segregation], Geschlechtertrennung {f} [sexual segregation]
segregation {n} (sociology, see also: apartheid)  :: Rassentrennung {f} [racial segregation], Geschlechtertrennung {f} [sexual segregation]
segue {v} (to move smoothly from one topic to another)  :: überleiten
segue {n} (an instance of segueing, a transition)  :: Übergang {m}
Seine {prop} (river of northern France)  :: Seine {f}
seisin {n} ((historical) feudal right to possession)  :: Gewere {f}
seismic {adj} (related to, or caused by an earthquake or other vibration of the Earth)  :: seismisch
seismograph {n} (instrument that detects and records earthquakes)  :: Seismograf {m}, Seismograph {m}
seismologic {adj} (relating to the field of seismology) SEE: seismological  ::
seismological {adj} (Relating to seismology)  :: seismologisch
seismologist {n} (person who practices seismology)  :: Seismologe {m}, Seismologin {f}
seismology {n} (the study of the vibration of the Earth's interior)  :: Seismologie {f}
seismometer {n} (device used by seismologists to measure seismic waves)  :: Seismometer {n}
seitan {n} (wheat gluten)  :: Seitan {m} {n}
sei whale {n} (whale of the rorqual family)  :: Seiwal {m}
seize {v} (grab)  :: ergreifen, fassen
seize {v} (take possession of (by force, law etc))  :: beschlagnahmen
seize the day {v} (enjoy the present)  :: nutze den Tag
seizure {n} (act of taking possession, as by force or right of law)  :: Beschlagnahme {f}
seizure {n} (sudden attack or convulsion)  :: Anfall {m}
seizure {n} (sudden onset of pain or emotion)  :: Anfall {m}
Sejm {prop} (the lower house of the Polish parliament)  :: Sejm {m}
sejunct {adj} (separate) SEE: separate  ::
Selandian {prop} (subdivision of the Paleocene epoch)  :: Seelandium
Selangor {prop} (western Malaysian state)  :: Selangor
seldom {adv} (infrequently, rarely)  :: selten
select {v} (to choose one or more elements from a set)  :: auswählen
selectable {adj} (capable of being selected)  :: ansteuerbar, auswählbar, wählbar
selection {n} (process or act of selecting)  :: Anwahl {f}, Auswahl {f}, Wahl {f}, [computing] Aufruf {m}, Aussonderung {f}
selection {n} (something selected)  :: Auslese {f}, Auswahl {f}, [computing] Markierung {f}, [sports] Nominierung {f}, [sports] Sichtung {f} (talents)
selection {n} (variety of items taken from a larger collection)  :: Auslese {f}, Auswahl {f}, [computing] Markierung {f}, [sports] Nominierung {f}, [sports] Sichtung {f} (talents)
selection {n}  :: Auswahl , Selektion
selective {adj} (choosy, fussy or discriminating when selecting)  :: wählerisch
selective breeding {n} (artificial selection) SEE: artificial selection  ::
Selena {prop} (female given name)  :: Selina {f}, Celina {f}, Celine {f}
Selenite {n} (inhabitant of the Moon) SEE: Lunarian  ::
selenium {n} (chemical element)  :: Selen {n}
selenium hexafluoride {n} (SeF6)  :: Selenhexafluorid {n}
selenium yeast {n} (material that has selenium atoms incorporated into the amino acid methionine)  :: Selenhefe {f}
selenologist {n} (one who is skilled, professes or practices selenology)  :: Selenologe {m}, Selenologin {f}
selenology {n} (the study of the moon and several satellites)  :: Selenologie
selenophosphate {n} (anion)  :: Selenophosphat {n}
selenophosphate synthetase {n} (enzyme)  :: Selenphosphatsynthetase {f}
Seleucia {prop} (city)  :: Seleukia
Seleucus {prop} (Ancient Greek name)  :: Seleukos
self {n} (individual person as the object of his own reflective consciousness)  :: Selbst {n}
self- {prefix} (of, by, in or with oneself or itself)  :: selbst-, auto-
self-actualization {n} (psychological development)  :: Selbstverwirklichung {f}
self-actualize {v} (to achieve self-actualization)  :: sich selbst verwirklichen
self-adhesive {adj} (adhesive)  :: selbstklebend
self-adjoint {adj}  :: selbstadjungiert
self-assurance {n} (state or quality of being confident in oneself)  :: Selbstsicherheit {f}
self-assured {adj} (confident on one's abilities)  :: selbstsicher
self-awareness {n} (state of being self-aware)  :: Selbstbewusstsein {n}
selfbow {n}  :: Primitiv-Bogen
self-confidence {n} (state of being self-confident)  :: Selbstvertrauen {n}
self-confidence {n} (measure of one's belief in one's own abilities)  :: Selbstvertrauen {n}
self-confident {adj} (confident in one's abilities)  :: selbstsicher
self-conscious {adj} (socially ill at ease)  :: gehemmt
self-consciousness {n} (awareness of the self as an entity)  :: Selbstbewusstsein {n}
self-consciousness {n} (shyness)  :: Befangenheit {f}, Gehemmtheit {f}, Verlegenheit {f}
self-contained {adj} (not requiring external or additional support)  :: autark, autonom, selbstständig
self control {n} (the control of oneself)  :: Selbstkontrolle
self-control {n} (ability to control one's desires and impulses)  :: Selbstkontrolle {f}, Selbstbeherrschung {f}
self-criticism {n} (criticism of oneself)  :: Selbstkritik {f}
self-deception {n} (fooling oneself)  :: Selbstbetrug {m}
self-defense {n} (means of defending oneself from attack)  :: Selbstverteidigung {f}
self-defense {n} ((law) Defense for oneself against violence)  :: Selbstverteidigung {f}
self-denial {n} (action that sacrifices one's own benefit for the good of others)  :: Selbstverleugnung {f}
self-denial {n} (refusal to recognize unpleasant realities)  :: Selbstverleugnung {f}
self-deportation {n} (act of deporting oneself)  :: freiwillige Ausreise {f}
self-deprecating {adj} (critical of oneself)  :: selbstironisch
self-destruction {n} (voluntary destruction of something by itself)  :: Selbstzerstörung {f}
self-destructive {adj} (that causes injury to oneself or harm to one's interests)  :: selbstzerstörerisch
self-determination {n} (political independence of a people)  :: Selbstbestimmung {f}
self-esteem {n} (confidence in one's own worth)  :: Selbstwertgefühl {n}, Selbstachtung {f}
self-evidence {n} (the quality of being self-evident)  :: Selbstverständlichkeit {f}
self-evident {adj} (obviously true)  :: selbstverständlich
self-explanatory {adj} (explaining itself)  :: selbsterklärend
self-fulfilling {adj} (describing a prediction that causes itself to occur as predicted)  :: selbsterfüllend {m}
self-fulfilling prophecy {n} (A prediction that, by being voiced, causes itself to come true)  :: selbsterfüllende Prophezeiung {f}
self-harm {n} (deliberate injuring of one's body)  :: Selbstverletzung {f}, Selbstverletzendes Verhalten {n}
self-hatred {n} (hatred of oneself)  :: Selbsthass {m}
selfheal {n} (plant of genus Prunella)  :: Brunelle {f}, Braunelle {f}
self-help {n} (bettering oneself without relying on the assistance of others)  :: Selbsthilfe {f}
selfie {n} (photographic self-portrait)  :: Selfie {n}
selfie stick {n} (extendable arm to hold a camera)  :: Selfie-Stange {f}, Selfie-Stab {m}, Selfie-Stick {m}
self-image {n} (way a person views themself)  :: Selbstbild {n}
self-immolation {n} (setting oneself on fire)  :: Selbstverbrennung {f}
self-indulgence {n} (excessive or immoderate indulgence of one's own personal desires and needs)  :: Maßlosigkeit {f}, Zügellosigkeit {f}
self-indulgent {adj} (exhibiting tendencies of self-indulgence)  :: maßlos, zügellos
selfish {adj} (holding one's self-interest as the standard for decision making)  :: egoistisch, selbstsüchtig
selfish {adj}  :: selbstsüchtig, egoistisch
selfishness {n} (quality of being selfish)  :: Egoismus {m}, Selbstsucht {f}
self-knowledge {n} (knowledge or insight into one's own nature and abilities)  :: Selbsterkenntnis {n}
self-learning {n} (learning done by oneself)  :: Selbststudium {n}
selfless {adj} (having, exhibiting or motivated by no concern for oneself; unselfish)  :: selbstlos, uneigennützig
self-love {n} (regard for oneself)  :: Selbstliebe {f}
self-made {adj} (made by oneself)  :: selbstgemacht
self-obsession {n} (preoccupation with self)  :: Selbstbesessenheit
self-pity {n} (feeling of pity for oneself)  :: Selbstmitleid {n}
self pollination {n} (self pollination) SEE: self-pollination  ::
self-pollination {n} (Pollination of a flower by its own pollen)  :: Selbstbestäubung {f}
self-preservation {n} (self-preservation)  :: Selbsterhaltung {f}
self-proclaimed {adj} (announced by oneself)  :: selbsternannt
self-referential {adj} (that or who refers to itself or oneself)  :: selbstbezüglich
self-reliance {n} (independence)  :: Selbständigkeit {f}, Selbstständigkeit {f}
self-reliant {adj} (reliant upon oneself)  :: sich selbst vertrauend, auf sich selbst vertrauend, auf sich selbst verlassend, eigenständig
self-respect {n} (knowledge of one's own worth)  :: Selbstachtung {f}
self-righteous {adj} (piously self-assured and smugly moralistic)  :: selbstgerecht
self-righteousness {n} (confident in one's own righteousness, self-assured, smug)  :: Selbstgerechtigkeit {f}
self-sacrifice {n} (giving up of one's own benefit)  :: Selbstaufopferung {f}
selfsame {adj} (the very same)  :: derselbe {m}, dieselbe {f}, dasselbe {n}
self-satisfaction {n} (contentment with one's own accomplishments or situation)  :: Selbstzufriedenheit {f}
self-satisfied {adj} (satisfied with oneself)  :: selbstzufrieden
self-service {n} (the practice of serving oneself)  :: Selbstbedienung {f}
self-serving {adj} (showing interest only in oneself)  :: selbstsüchtig, eigennützig, egoistisch
self-study {n} (study without the aid of a formal education institution)  :: Selbststudium {n}, Selbstunterricht {m}
self-sufficiency {n} (condition of being self-sufficient)  :: Selbstversorgung {f}
self-worth {n} (value one assigns to oneself)  :: Selbstwert {m}
Seljuk {adj} (Of or pertaining to the Seljuk dynasty)  :: seldschukisch
Seljuk {n} (A member of the Seljuk dynasty)  :: Seldschuke
Selkup {n} (people)  :: Selkupen {m-p}
Selkup {prop} (language)  :: Selkupisch {n}
sell {v} (to agree to transfer goods or provide services)  :: verkaufen
sell-by date {n} (final date on which a product can be sold)  :: Mindesthaltbarkeitsdatum {n}, MHD, Verfallsdatum {n}
seller {n} (someone who sells)  :: Verkäufer {m}, Verkäuferin {f}
selling price {n} (price at which an item is sold)  :: Verkaufspreis {m}
sellotape {n} (adhesive tape) SEE: adhesive tape  ::
Sellotape {n} (adhesive tape) SEE: adhesive tape  ::
sell out {v} (sell all of a product)  :: ausverkaufen
semantic {adj} (of or relating to semantics or the meanings of words)  :: semantisch
semantically {adv} (in the manner of or referring to semantics)  :: semantisch
semantics {n} (science of the meaning of words)  :: Bedeutungslehre, Semantik {f}
semaphore {n} (computing term)  :: Semaphor {m}
semelfactive {adj} (of or relating to the semelfactive aspect)  :: Semelfaktiv-, punktuell
semelfactive {n} (semelfactive aspect)  :: Semelfaktiv {m}
semelfactive aspect {n} (grammar aspect)  :: Semelfaktiv {m}
semen {n} (semen (fluid)) SEE: sperm  ::
semen {n} (male reproductory fluid)  :: Samen {m}
semester {n} (half of school year)  :: Semester {m}, Halbjahr {n}
semi {n} (semi-detached house)  :: Doppelhaushälfte {f}
semi- {prefix} (half (prefix))  :: halb-; semi-
semiannual {adj} (half-yearly)  :: halbjährlich
semiarid {adj} (25 to 50 cm rainfall annually)  :: semiarid
semi-automatic {adj} (partially automatic)  :: halb automatisch, halbautomatisch
semi-automatic {adj} (of a firearm, loading the next shell but requiring the trigger to be squeezed for each shot)  :: halb automatisch, halbautomatisch
semi-automatic {n} (semi-automatic firearm)  :: halb automatische Schusswaffe {f}, halbautomatische Schusswaffe {f}
semi-automatic {n} (semi-automatic transmission)  :: Halbautomatik {f}
semibreve {n} (whole note)  :: ganze Note {f}
semicircle {n} (half of a circle)  :: Halbkreis {m}
semicolon {n} (punctuation mark ';')  :: Strichpunkt {m}, Semikolon {n}
semiconductor {n} (substance with electrical properties)  :: Halbleiter {m}
semi-deponent {n} (verb whose present system is normal but whose perfect system is deponent (or vice versa))  :: Semideponens {n}, Halbdeponens {n}
semi-detached {adj} (having one wall shared)  :: Doppel-
semi-detached {n} (house)  :: Doppelhaushälfte {f}, Doppelhaus {n}
semifinal {n} (competition)  :: Halbfinale {n}, Semifinale {n}
semifinalist {n} (person who competes in the semifinals)  :: Halbfinalist {m}, Halbfinalistin {f}
Semigallia {prop} (A region in southern Latvia)  :: Semgallen {?}
semigroup {n} (set for which a closed associative binary operation is defined)  :: Halbgruppe {f}
semimajor axis {n} (Half of the major axis of a circle or ellipse)  :: Ellipsenhalbachse {f}, Halbachse {f} der Ellipse
seminal {adj} (of or relating to seed or semen)  :: Saat-
seminal {adj} (creative or having the power to originate)  :: fruchtbar, produktiv
seminal {adj} (highly influential)  :: einflussreich, grundlegend, bahnbrechend
seminar {n} (class held for advanced studies)  :: Seminar {n}
seminar {n} (meeting held for the exchange of useful information)  :: Kolloquium {n}
seminarist {n} (student at a seminary)  :: Seminarist {m}
seminary {n} (theological school)  :: Seminar {n}
Seminole {n}  :: Seminole {m}
seminoma {n} (form of testicular cancer)  :: Seminom {n}
seminomad {n} (seminomadic person)  :: Halbnomade {m}
seminomadic {adj} (partly nomadic)  :: halbnomadisch
seminude {adj} (half-naked) SEE: half-naked  ::
semi-official {adj} (having some degree of official authority)  :: halboffiziell
semiotic {adj} (of or relating to semiotics or to semantics)  :: semiotisch
semiotician {n} (linguist specialized in semiotics)  :: Semiotik, Semiotiker
semiotics {n} (study of signs)  :: Semiotik {f}
semipermeable {adj} (permeable to some things and not to others)  :: halbdurchlässig
semipornographic {adj} (partly pornographic)  :: halbpornografisch
semipostal {n} (type of stamp) SEE: semi-postal stamp  ::
semi-postal stamp {n} (type of postage stamp)  :: Zuschlagmarke {f}
semiquaver {n} (music)  :: Sechzehntelnote {f}
semiquinone {n} (intermediate free radical)  :: Semichinon {n}
Semite {n} (descendant of any of these peoples)  :: Semit {m}, Semitin {f}
Semitic {adj} (pertaining to the Semitic subdivision of Afro-Asiatic languages)  :: semitisch, schemitisch
Semitic {adj} (pertaining to the Semites)  :: semitisch
Semitics {n} (study of Semitic languages, cultures and peoples)  :: Semitistik {f}
Semitism {n} (Jewishness)  :: Semitismus {m}
semi-trailer {n} (trailer without a front axle and with wheels only at the trailing end)  :: Auflieger {m}, Sattelauflieger {m}
semi-trailer {n} (tractor-trailer or big rig)  :: Sattelzug {m}
semivowel {n} (sound in speech)  :: Halbvokal, Semivokal
semi-weekly {adv} (twice a week)  :: zweimal pro Woche, zweimal in der Woche
semla {n} (pastry)  :: Semla {f}
semolina {n} (hard grains of flour left after milling)  :: Grieß {m}
semolina pudding {n} (dessert)  :: Grießbrei {m}
senate {n} (the upper house in some bicameral legislative systems)  :: Senat {m}
Senate {prop} (legislative body)  :: Senat {m}
Senate {prop} (Roman senate)  :: Senat {m}
senator {n} (member in the house or chamber of a legislature called a senate)  :: Senator {m}
send {v} (make something go somewhere)  :: senden, schicken
send back {v} (to return something to its origin)  :: zurückschicken
sender {n} (someone who sends)  :: Absender {m}, Absenderin {f}, Sender {m}, Senderin {f}
send for {v} (summon)  :: holen lassen, nach ... schicken
sendoff {n} (farewell party)  :: Abschiedsfeier {f}
send shivers down someone's spine {v} (terrify)  :: jemandem kalt den Rücken runterlaufen
send-up {n} (satirical imitation)  :: Parodie {f}
Seneca {prop} (tribe)  :: Seneca
Senegal {prop} (Republic of Senegal)  :: Senegal
Senegalese {adj} (pertaining to Senegal)  :: senegalesisch
Senegalese {n} (person from Senegal)  :: Senegalese {m}, Senegalesin {f}
senescence {n} (biology: the state or process of aging)  :: Alterungsprozess {m}
senescent {adj} (growing old)  :: alternd
senescent {adj} (characteristic of old age)  :: Alters-
senile {adj} (exhibiting the deterioration in mind)  :: senil
senility {n} (the losing of memory and reason)  :: Senilität {f}
senior {adj} (older)  :: älter
senior captain {n} (army)  :: Stabshauptmann
senior colonel {n} (military rank)  :: Oberführer
seniority {n} (time)  :: Anciennität {f}, Seniorität {f}
Senkaku Islands {prop} (islands)  :: Senkaku-Inseln {f-p}, Diaoyu-Inseln {f-p}, Diaoyutai-Inseln {f-p}
sensation {n} (physical feeling)  :: Gefühl {n}
sensation {n} (widespread excitement)  :: Sensation {f}
sensationalism {n} (use of style and subject matter that is intentionally controversial, lurid, or attention-grabbing)  :: Sensationsmache {f}
sense {n} (method to gather data)  :: Sinn {m}
sense {n} (conscious awareness)  :: Gefühl {n}, Sinn {m}
sense {n} (sound judgement)  :: Sinn {m}
sense {n} (meaning or reason)  :: Verstand {m}
sense {n} (natural ability)  :: Sinn
sense {n} (semantics term)  :: Sinn {m}, Bedeutung {f}
sense {v} (use biological senses)  :: wahrnehmen
sensei {n} (martial arts instructor)  :: Sensei {m}
sensei {n} (a Japanese teacher)  :: Sensei {m}
senseless {adj} (lacking meaning or purpose)  :: sinnlos
senselessness {n} (being senseless)  :: Sinnlosigkeit {f}
sense of humour {n} (quality of an individual to find certain things funny)  :: Sinn für Humor {m}
sense organ {n} (an organic sensor)  :: Sinnesorgan
sensibility {n}  :: Sensibilität, {f}
sensible {adj} (perceptible by the mind)  :: wahrnehmbar
sensible {adj} (easily perceived, appreciable)  :: spürbar
sensible {adj} (acting with or showing good judgement)  :: vernünftig
sensitive {adj} (responsive to stimuli)  :: empfindlich, sensibel
sensitive {adj} (easily offended)  :: empfindlich, sensibel
sensitivity {n} (the ability of an organism or organ to respond to external stimuli)  :: Empfindlichkeit
sensitization {n} (process of making something sensitive)  :: Sensitivierung {f}
sensitize {v} (to make increasingly aware of)  :: sensibilisieren {n}
senso lato {phrase} (in the broad sense)  :: im weiteren Sinne (i. w. S.)
sensor {n} (device or organ that detects certain external stimuli)  :: Sensor {m}
senso stricto {phrase} (in the strict sense)  :: im engeren Sinne (i. e. S.); stricto sensu [dated]
sensual {adj} (inducing pleasurable or erotic sensations)  :: sinnlich, lustvoll
sensuous {adj} (appealing to the senses)  :: sinnenfreudig, sinnlich, sinnenhaft
sensuous {adj} (relating to the senses; sensory)  :: sensorisch, Sinnes-, sinnlich
sent {v} (past participle of "to send")  :: gesendet
sentence {n} (decision of a jury)  :: Urteil {n}
sentence {n} (judicial order for punishment, conviction)  :: Verurteilung {f}, Schuldspruch {m}
sentence {n} (punishment imposed on a person convicted of a crime)  :: Strafe {f}
sentence {n} (grammatically complete series of words consisting of a subject and predicate)  :: Satz {m}
sentence {v} (declare a sentence on a convicted person)  :: verurteilen
sentential {adj} (relating to a sentence)  :: satzwertig
sentience {n} (state or quality of being sentient)  :: Empfindungsvermögen {n}
sentimental {adj} (characterized by sentiment, sentimentality or excess emotion)  :: sentimental
sentimentality {n} (act of being sentimental)  :: Sentimentalität {f}, [colloquial] Schmalz {m}, Empfindsamkeit {f}, Gefühlsseligkeit {f}, Rührseligkeit {f}
sentimental value {n} (value of something from associated personal memories)  :: Liebhaberwert {m}
sentinel {n} (A sentry or guard)  :: Wache {f}, Wachposten {m}, Wächter {m}, Wächterin {f}
sentinel {n} (a unique phrase of characters)  :: Markierung {f}, Schlüsselwort {n}
sentinel {v} (To watch over something as a guard)  :: bewachen
sentinel event {n} (unusual event in a medical setting which results in death or serious physical injury)  :: Hinweissymbolfall
sentry {n} (guard)  :: Wache {f}, Wachposten {m}, Schildwache {f}
sentry-box {n} (booth)  :: Schilderhaus {n}
Seoul {prop} (capital of South Korea)  :: Seoul {n}, [rare] Söul {n}, Soul {n}
sepal {n} (part of calyx)  :: Kelchblatt {n}, Sepalum {n}
separable {adj} (able to be separated)  :: separabel, trennbar
separable prefix {n} (a prefix that can be detached from the verb)  :: trennbare Vorsilbe {f}
separate {adj} (apart from; not connected to)  :: einzeln, getrennt, separat
separate {adj} (followed by "from": not together with)  :: getrennt, separat
separate {v} (disunite something from one thing)  :: separieren, teilen, trennen, scheiden
separate {v} (cause (things or people) to be separate)  :: separieren, unterscheiden
separate {v} (divide itself into separate pieces or substances)  :: sich trennen, auseinanderfallen
separated {adj} (detached; not connected or joined)  :: getrennt
separated {adj} (estranged; living apart but not divorced)  :: getrennt
separately {adv} (in a separate manner)  :: getrennt
separate the wheat from the chaff {v} (to select only that which is of value)  :: die Spreu vom Weizen trennen
separation {n} (act of disuniting two or more things)  :: Trennung {f}
separation of concerns {n} (programming: separating a computer program into distinct features)  :: Separation of Concerns {f}
separatism {n} (separatism)  :: Separatismus {m}
separatist {n} (political separatist)  :: Separatist {m}, Separatistin {f}
Sephardic {adj} (relating to the culture of the Sephardi Jews)  :: sephardisch
sepoy {n} (A native soldier of the East Indies)  :: Sepoy {m}
seppuku {n} (ritual suicide by disembowelment)  :: Seppuku {n}
sepsis {n} (serious medical condition in which the whole body is inflamed)  :: Sepsis {f}
September {prop} (ninth month of the Gregorian calendar)  :: September {m}, Scheiding {m}
septic {adj} (of or pertaining to sepsis)  :: septisch
septicemia {n} (disease caused by pathogens in the blood)  :: Blutvergiftung {f}, Sepsis {f}
septic tank {n} (watertight treatment system for domestic sewage)  :: Klärgrube {f}
septillion {num} (a trillion trillion, 1024)  :: Quadrillion {f}
septillion {num} (a billion quintillion, 1042)  :: Septillion {f}
septuagenarian {n} (One who is between the age of 70 and 79)  :: Siebzigjährige {f}, Siebzigjähriger {m}
Septuagesima {n} (9th Sunday before Easter)  :: Septuagesima {f}
Septuagint {prop} (an ancient translation of the Hebrew Bible into Greek)  :: Septuaginta
septuplet {n} (one of seven babies born at the same birth)  :: Siebenling {m}
sepulchral {adj} (hollow and deep)  :: düster
sepulchre {n} (burial chamber)  :: Grabkammer {f}, Gruft {f}
sequel {n} (a narrative written after another narrative set in the same universe)  :: Folge {f}
sequence {n} (set of things in a set order)  :: Reihenfolge {f}
sequence {n} (series of musical phrases where a theme or melody is repeated)  :: Sequenz {f}
sequence {n} (in mathematics, an ordered list of objects)  :: Folge {f}
sequencer {n} (device that activates components according to a preplanned sequence)  :: Sequenzer {m}
sequent {adj} (that comes after) SEE: subsequent  ::
sequential continuity {n} (property of a function)  :: Folgenstetigkeit {f}
sequester {v} (to separate from all external influence)  :: absondern
sequin {n} (Italian/Turkish coin)  :: Zechine {f}
sequin {n} (sparkling spangle used for decoration of ornate clothing:)  :: Paillette {f}
sequoia {n} (tree)  :: Mammutbaum {m}
serac {n} (a sharp ridge of ice between crevasses of a glacier)  :: Sérac {m}
seraglio {n}  :: Serail {n}
seraph {n} (highest order of angels)  :: Seraph {m}
Seraphina {prop} (female given name)  :: Seraphina
Serb {n} (person of Serb descent, see also: Serbian)  :: Serbe {m}, Serbin {f}
Serb {adj} (of or pertaining to the Serbs or their culture)  :: serbisch
Serbia {prop} (a country in southeastern Europe)  :: Serbien {n}
Serbia and Montenegro {prop} (former country on the Balkan Peninsula)  :: Serbien und Montenegro
Serbian {n} (person from Serbia, see also: Serb)  :: Serbe {m}, Serbin {f}
Serbian {prop} (the standardized variety of Serbo-Croatian)  :: Serbisch {n}
Serbian {adj} (pertaining to Serbia and Serbians)  :: serbisch
Serbian {adj} (pertaining to the Serbian language)  :: serbisch
Serbian {n} (Serb) SEE: Serb  ::
Serbo-Croatian {prop} (South Slavic language)  :: Serbokroatisch {n}
Serbo-Croatian {adj} (pertaining to the Serbo-Croatian language)  :: serbokroatisch
sere {adj} (without moisture)  :: trocken, verwelkt, verdorrt, vertrocknet
serenade {n} (love song)  :: Serenade {f}
serenade {n} (instrumental composition)  :: Serenade {f}
serendipity {n} (unsought, unintended... and/or learning experience that happens by accident)  :: unerwartete Entdeckung {f}, überraschende Erfahrung {f}, überraschendes Erlebnis {n}, freudige Überraschung {f}, Zufallstreffer {m}, Serendipität {f}
serendipity {n} (a combination of events which are not individually beneficial, but occurring together produce a good or wonderful outcome)  :: glückliche Fügung {n}, wunderbares Geschehen {n}, unverhofftes Glück {n}, wunderbares Zusammentreffen {n}, überraschendes Ereignis {n}, glücklicher Zufall {m}, Zufallstreffer {m}, Serendipität {f}
serendipity {n}  :: Serendipität {f}, zufällige Entdeckung {f}
serene {adj} (peaceful, calm)  :: gelassen, ruhig
serenity {n} (state)  :: Gelassenheit {f}
serenity {n} (lack of agitation)  :: Ruhe {f}
serenity {n} (title given to a prince or other dignitary)  :: Durchlaucht
serf {n} (semifree peasant)  :: Leibeigener {m}
serfdom {n} (state of being a serf)  :: Leibeigenschaft {f}, Eigenbehörigkeit {f}
serfdom {n} (feudal system)  :: Leibeigenschaft {f}, Eigenbehörigkeit {f}
sergeant {n} (non-commissioned officer rank)  :: Stabsunteroffizier
Sergey {prop} (transliteration of Сергей)  :: Sergei {m}, Sergej {m}
Sergius {prop} (male given name)  :: Sergei {m}, Sergej {m}
serialize {v} (convert an object into a byte sequence that can be converted back)  :: serialisieren
serial killer {n} (person who commits multiple murders)  :: Serienmörder {m}
serial number {n} (unique number assigned to unit)  :: Seriennummer {f}, Serialnummer {f}
seric {adj} (made of silk) SEE: silken  ::
Serie A {prop} (division)  :: Serie A {f}
series {n} (a number of things that follow on one after the other)  :: Serie {f}
series {n} (television or radio program)  :: Serie {f}, Fernsehserie {f} [TV]
series {n} (in analysis: sum of the terms of a sequence)  :: Reihe {f}
series finale {n} (the final episode of a television series)  :: Reihe Zusammenfassung
serif {n} (short line in a font)  :: Serife {f}
serigraphy {n} (screen printing) SEE: screen printing  ::
serine {n} (nonessential amino acid; CH2OH.CH(NH2)COOH)  :: Serin {n}
serious {adj} (without humor or expression of happiness)  :: ernst
serious {adj} (important; weighty; not trifling; leaving no room for play)  :: ernst, ernsthaft, schwerwiegend
serious {adj} (really intending what is said; being in earnest)  :: ernsthaft
seriously {adv} (in a serious or literal manner)  :: ernst, ernsthaft
sermon {n} (religious discourse)  :: Predigt {f}
sermon {n} (speech of reproval)  :: Predigt {f}, Moralpredigt {f}, Strafpredigt {f}
Sermon on the Mount {prop} (public discourse given by Jesus)  :: Bergpredigt {f}
serotonin {n} (the compound 5-hydroxytryptamine)  :: Serotonin {n}
serow {n} (any of several species of Asian ungulates of the genus Capricornis)  :: Serau {m}
Serpens {prop} (large summer constellation of the northern sky)  :: Schlange {f}
serpent {n} (snake)  :: Schlange {f}, [poetic] Wurm {m}
serpent {n} (musical instrument)  :: Serpent {m} {n}
Serpentarius {prop} (Ophiuchus) SEE: Ophiuchus  ::
serpentine {adj} (sinuous, curving)  :: gewunden, sich schlängelnd
serpentine {adj} (having the form of a snake)  :: schlangenförmig
serpentine {n} (mineral)  :: Schlangenstein {m}
serpentinite {n} (metamorphic rock)  :: Serpentinit
serpentwood {n} (Rauwolfia serpentina)  :: Schlangenwurzel {f}
Serpukhovian {prop} (subdivision of the Carboniferous period)  :: Serpukhovium
Serravallian {prop} (subdivision of the Miocene epoch)  :: Serravallium
serum {n} (yellowish fluid obtained from blood)  :: Serum {m}
serval {n} (medium-sized African wild cat)  :: Serval {m}
servant {n} (one who is hired to perform regular household or other duties, and receives compensation)  :: Diener {m}, Dienerin {f}, Lakai {m}, Kammerdiener {m}, Zofe {f}, Bediensteter {m}, Bediener {m}, Dienstbote {m}; (rural:) Knecht {m}, Magd {f}
servant {n} (one who serves another, providing help in some manner)  :: Helfer {m}, Helferin {f}
serve {v} (to work for)  :: dienen
serve {v} (to bring food to)  :: servieren
serve {v} (to be a servant)  :: dienen
serve {n} (AUS: portion of food) SEE: serving  ::
server {n} (one who serves)  :: Diener {m}, Dienerin {f}
server {n} (preferred unisex term for a waitress or waiter)  :: [unisex] Bedienung {f}, Kellner {m}, Kellnerin {f}
server {n} (computing: a program which provides services to other programs or users)  :: Server {m}
server {n} (computing: a computer dedicated to running server programs)  :: Server {m}
server {n}  :: Server {m}
serve someone right {v} (happen to someone who deserves it)  :: jemandem recht geschehen
serve someone right {v} (serves you right!)  :: geschieht dir recht!
serve time {v} (to be in prison) SEE: do time  ::
Servian {adj} (Serbian) SEE: Serbian  ::
Servian {n} (Serbian) SEE: Serbian  ::
service {n} (economics: work performed)  :: Dienstleistung {f}
service {n} (computing: function provided by one program or machine for another)  :: Service {m}
service {n} (state of being subordinate or employed)  :: Dienst {m}
service {n} (the military)  :: Dienst {m}, Wehrdienst {m}
service {n} (set of dishes or utensils)  :: Service {n}
service {n} (sports: act of initially serving the ball)  :: Aufschlag {m}, Angabe {f}
service {n} (religious rite or ritual)  :: Gottesdienst {m}
service {v} (to serve)  :: bedienen
service {v} (to perform maintenance)  :: warten
serviceberry {n} (plant)  :: Felsenbirne {f}
serviceberry {n} (berry)  :: Felsenbirne {f}
service economy {n} (a service oriented economy)  :: Dienstleistungsgesellschaft {f}
serviceman {n} (man who serves in the armed forces)  :: Militärangehöriger {m}
service-oriented architecture {n} (software architectural concept)  :: dienstorientierte Architektur {f}, serviceorientierte Architektur {f}
service provider {n} (company providing a service)  :: Dienstleister {m}
service station {n} (gas station) SEE: gas station  ::
serviette {n} (napkin) SEE: napkin  ::
servile {adj} (of or pertaining to a slave)  :: sklavisch
servile {adj} (submissive or slavish)  :: unterwürfig
servility {n} (condition of being servile)  :: Servilität {f}, Servilismus {m}, [pejorative] Speichelleckerei {f}
serving {n} (portion of food)  :: Portion {f}
sesame {n} (plant)  :: Sesam {m}
sesame {n} (seed)  :: Sesam, Sesamsamen
sesame oil {n} (oil extracted from sesame seeds)  :: Sesamöl {n}, Sesamsamenöl {n}
Sesame Street {prop} (Sesame Street)  :: Sesamstraße
sesquipedalian {adj} (of long words)  :: vielsilbig, schwülstig
sessile {adj} (zoology)  :: ortsfest, festgewachsen, festsitzend, sitzend, sessil
sessile {adj} (botany)  :: ungestielt, stiellos, sessil, sitzend
session {n} (period devoted to a particular activity)  :: Sitzung {f}
sesterce {n} (sestertius) SEE: sestertius  ::
sestertius {n} (Roman coin)  :: Sesterz {m}
set {v} (to put something down)  :: setzen, legen, stellen, aufstellen
set {v} (to determine)  :: festsetzen, festlegen, bestimmen, aufstellen
set {v} (to adjust)  :: stellen, einstellen, justieren
set {v} (to arrange with dishes and cutlery)  :: decken
set {v} (to introduce)  :: einführen, aufstellen
set {v} (to arrange type)  :: setzen
set {v} (to devise and assign work)  :: vergeben
set {v} (to solidify)  :: härten, aushärten, fest werden
set {v} (of a heavenly body: to disappear below the horizon)  :: untergehen
set {n} (device for receiving broadcast radio waves; a radio or television)  :: Gerät {n}
set {adj} (ready, prepared)  :: fertig, bereit
set {n} (matching collection of similar things, such as a set of tables)  :: Satz {m}, Set {m}
set {n} (collection of various objects for a particular purpose, such as a set of tools)  :: Set {m}
set {n} (set theory: collection of objects)  :: Menge {f}
set {n} (group of people, usually meeting socially)  :: Gruppe {f}
set {n} (scenery for a film or play)  :: Set {m}
set {n} (in tennis)  :: Satz {m}
set {v} (to sit) SEE: sit  ::
set {n} (badger’s home) SEE: sett  ::
set {n} (plural: set theory) SEE: set theory  ::
Set {prop} (Egyptian god)  :: Seth {m}
setback {n} (obstacle)  :: Hindernis {n}
set down {v} (to place on a surface)  :: hinsetzen, hinlegen, ablegen, absetzen
set forth {v} (to start) SEE: start  ::
set forth {v} (to state; to describe)  :: darlegen
set forth {v} (to present for consideration)  :: darlegen
set forth {v} (to begin a journey)  :: ausziehen
set free {v} (release, free, give freedom to)  :: frei machen
set function {n}  :: Mengenfunktion {f}
Seth {prop} (the third son of Adam and Eve)  :: Seth (Catholic), Set (Protestant)
Seth {prop} (Egyptian god)  :: Seth {m}
set in motion {v} (to trigger movement, to get going)  :: in Bewegung setzen
set off {v} (To offset) SEE: offset  ::
set off {v} (To cause to explode)  :: zünden, abbrennen
set on fire {v} (cause to begin to burn)  :: anzünden, entzünden
set on fire {v} (arouse passionate feelings in)  :: entflammen
set out {v} (to leave)  :: sich aufmachen
set phrase {n} (idiomatic expression)  :: feststehende Redensart {f}, Floskel {f}
set point {n} (tennis)  :: Satzball {m}
setpoint {n} (command signal or value)  :: Sollwert {m}
set sail {v} (to embark on a voyage by boat)  :: abfahren
set screw {n} (screw with threads along the entire length and no head)  :: Gewindestift {m}, Madenschraube {f}, Wurmschraube {f} [Austria]
set square {n} (flat triangular piece of plastic or other material used in technical drawing)  :: Geodreieck {n}, Geometrie-Dreieck {n}
sett {n} (home of a badger)  :: Dachsbau {m}
sett {n} (paving stone)  :: Pflasterstein
settee {n} (long seat)  :: Sitzbank {f}, Sofa {n}, Couch {f}
setter {n} (one who sets something)  :: Setzer {m}, Setzerin {f}
setter {n} (breed of dog)  :: Setter {m}, Vorstehhund {m}, Vorstehhündin {f}
set theory {n} (mathematical theory of sets)  :: Mengenlehre {f}, Mengentheorie {f}
set the Thames on fire {v} (to achieve something amazing)  :: die Welt aus den Angeln heben
setting {n} (time, place, circumstance)  :: Kontext {m}
setting {n} (placement of a control)  :: Einstellung {f}
setting {n} (music)  :: Vertonung {f}
setting {adj} (that disappears below the horizon)  :: untergehend
settle {v} (to fix one's residence)  :: siedeln
settlement {n} (state)  :: Regelung {f}, Regulierung {f}, Erledigung {f}
settlement {n} (newly established colony)  :: Ansiedlung {f}, Siedlung {f}, Niederlassung {f}, Kolonie {f}
settlement {n} ((law) resolution)  :: Vergleich {m}
settlement agreement {n} (agreement)  :: Vergleich {m} [settlement outside court]; Prozessvergleich {m} [settlement as result of judicial process]
settler {n} (someone who settles in a new location, especially one who makes a previously uninhabited place his home)  :: Siedler {m}, Ansiedler {m}, Kolonist {m}
set to music {v} (to adapt a literary work)  :: vertonen
set-top box {n} (device that connects some source of signal to a television set)  :: Set-Top-Box {f}
set upon {v} (to attack)  :: sich stürzen
Sevastopol {prop} (city)  :: Sewastopol {n}
sevdalinka {n} (genre of folk music)  :: Sevdalinka {f}
seven {num} (cardinal number 7)  :: Sieben
seven {n} (the figure seven)  :: Sieben {f}
seven {n}  :: Sieben {f}
seven deadly sins {n} (the cardinal sins)  :: sieben Todsünden {f-p}
sevenfold {adv} (by a factor of seven (adverb))  :: siebenfach
seven hundred {num} (cardinal number 700)  :: siebenhundert
seven hundred and fifty {n} (the figure 750)  :: Siebenhundertfünfzig {f}
seven-league boots {n} (boots enabling great stride)  :: Siebenmeilenstiefel {m-p}
sevennight {n} (period of seven consecutive days and nights) SEE: week  ::
seven o'clock {n} (the start of the eighth hour)  :: sieben Uhr
sevens {n} (rugby sevens) SEE: rugby sevens  ::
Seven Sages {prop} (the seven ancient Greeks)  :: (die) sieben Weisen von Griechenland {m-p}
seven seals {n} (Christian concept)  :: Buch mit sieben Siegeln {n}
seven seas {n} (all of the Earths oceans)  :: sieben Meere
seventeen {num} (cardinal number)  :: siebzehn
seventeenth {num} (ordinal number)  :: siebzehnter
seventeenth {n} (one of seventeen equal parts of a whole)  :: siebzehnte {m}
seventh {adj} (ordinal form of the number seven)  :: siebente (abbreviation 7.), siebte
seventh {n} (musical interval)  :: Septime {f}
seventh heaven {n} (state of great joy and satisfaction)  :: siebenter Himmel
seventhly {adv} (in the seventh place)  :: siebentens, siebtens
seventies {n} (the decade of the 1970s)  :: siebziger Jahre {n-p}, Siebziger {p}
seventieth {adj} (ordinal form of the number seventy (70))  :: siebzigste
seventieth {n} (the person or thing in the seventieth position)  :: Siebzigste
seventieth {n} (one of seventy equal parts of a whole)  :: Siebzigstel {n}
seventy {num} (cardinal number)  :: siebzig {f}
seventy-eight {num} (78)  :: achtundsiebzig
seventy-first {num} (ordinal number 71st)  :: einundsiebzigste
seventy-five {num} (75)  :: fünfundsiebzig
seventy-four {num} (74)  :: vierundsiebzig
seventy-nine {num} (79)  :: neunundsiebzig
seventy-one {num} (71)  :: einundsiebzig
seventy-seven {num} (77)  :: siebenundsiebzig
seventy-six {num} (76)  :: sechsundsiebzig
seventysomething {n} (septuagenarian) SEE: septuagenarian  ::
seventy-three {num} (73)  :: dreiundsiebzig
seventy-two {num} (72)  :: zweiundsiebzig
seven virtues {n} (seven heavenly virtues)  :: sieben Tugenden
sever {v} (to cut free)  :: abtrennen, durchtrennen, abbrechen, trennen
several {determiner} (consisting of a number more than two, but not very many)  :: mehrere, einige
several {determiner}  :: verschiedene, einige
severe {adj} (strict or harsh)  :: streng
severe acute respiratory syndrome {n} (form of pneumonia)  :: Schweres Akutes Atemwegssyndrom {n}
severely {adv} (in a severe manner)  :: streng
severity {n} (degree of something undesirable; badness)  :: Härte {f}, Stärke {f}, Gewichtung {f}
Seville {prop} (city in Spain)  :: Sevilla {n}
Seville orange {n} (Seville orange) SEE: bitter orange  ::
Sevortyan {prop} (surname)  :: Sewortjan
sew {v} ((transitive) use a needle)  :: nähen
sew {v} ((intransitive) use a needle)  :: nähen
sewage {n} (suspension of water and waste)  :: Abwasser {n}
sewellel {n} (mountain beaver)  :: Stummelschwanzhörnchen {n}
sewer {n} (pipes used to remove human waste and to provide drainage)  :: Kanalisation
sewer {n} (person who sews clothing)  :: Näher {m}, Näherin {f}
sewerage {n} (sewage) SEE: sewage  ::
sewerage {n} (sewer system)  :: Kanalisation {f}
sewing {n} (action of the verb to sew)  :: Nähen {n}
sewing machine {n} (device)  :: Nähmaschine {f}
sex {n} (act of sexual intercourse)  :: Sex {m}, Geschlechtsverkehr {m}
sex {n} (gender (female or male))  :: Geschlecht {n}
sex {v} (to determine the sex of)  :: das Geschlecht bestimmen, sexen
sex {v} (informal: to have sex with)  :: Sex haben
Sexagesima {n} (8th Sunday before Easter)  :: Sexagesima {f}
sex appeal {n} (sexual attractiveness)  :: Sexappeal {m}, Sex-Appeal {m}
sex bomb {n} (someone highly sexy)  :: Sexbombe {f}
sex change {n} (change in sex)  :: Geschlechtsumwandlung {f}
sexdecillion {num} (1051)  :: Oktilliarde
sexdecillion {num} (1096)  :: Sexdezillion
sex drive {n} (tendency to engage in sexual activity)  :: sexuelle Begierde {f}, Sexualtrieb {m}, Geschlechtstrieb {m}
sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll {n} (indulgent and pleasurable activities)  :: Wein, Weib und Gesang
sex economy {n}  :: Sexualökonomie
sex education {n} (sex education)  :: Sexualkunde {f}
sexfoil {n} (shape)  :: Sechspass {m}
sex gland {n} (gland in which sex cells are produced) SEE: gonad  ::
sexism {n} (gender discrimination or dislike)  :: Sexismus {m}
sexist {n} (a person who discriminates on grounds of sex)  :: Sexist {m}, Sexistin {f}
sexless {adj} (not having gender)  :: geschlechtslos
sex life {n} (part of a person's life that is directly concerned with sexual activity)  :: Liebesleben {n}, Sex-Leben {n}
sexology {n} (The study of sex and sexuality)  :: Sexualwissenschaft {f}
sex organ {n} (organ used in sexual reproduction)  :: Geschlechtsorgan {n}
sex partner {n} (someone that one has sex with)  :: Sexualpartner {m}, Sexualpartnerin {f}
sex position {n} (sex position)  :: Sexualpraktik {f}, Sexualposition {f}
sex ratio {n}  :: Geschlechterverteilung, Verhältnis Männer / Frauen {n}, Geschlechterverhältnis {n}, Geschlechtsverhältnis {n}, Sexualproportion {f}
sex shop {n} (shop that sells sexual merchandise)  :: Sexshop {m}
sex slave {n} (slave kept for the purpose of sexual exploitation)  :: Sexsklavin {f}
sex symbol {n} (person with sexual ideals)  :: Sexsymbol {n}
sext {n} (noon) SEE: noon  ::
Sextans {prop} (dim spring constellation of the northern sky)  :: Sextant {m}
sextant {n} (navigational instrument)  :: Sextant {m}
sextet {n} (composition for six voices or instruments)  :: Sextett {n}
sextet {n} (group of six singers or instrumentalists)  :: Sextett {n}
sextillion {num} (a trillion billion, 1021)  :: Trilliarde
sextillion {num} (a million quintillion, 1036)  :: Sextillion
sexton {n} (church official)  :: Küster {m}, Küsterin {f}, Sigrist {m} [Switzerland], Sigristin {f}
sex tourism {n} (travel for sex)  :: Sextourismus {m}
sex toy {n} (sex aid)  :: Sexspielzeug {n}
sextuplet {n} (one of six born together)  :: Sechsling {m}
sexual {adj}  :: sexuell
sexual appetite {n} (sexual desire)  :: Wollust {f}
sexual harassment {n} (sexual harassment)  :: sexuelle Belästigung {f}
sexual intercourse {n} (sexual intercourse) SEE: intercourse  ::
sexual intercourse {n} (sexual interaction)  :: Geschlechtsverkehr {m}, Koitus {m}
sexual intercourse {n} (the coming together of male and female in sexual intercourse) SEE: copulation  ::
sexual intercourse {n} (sexual interaction) SEE: coitus  ::
sexualism {n} (sexual prejudice or discrimination)  :: Sexismus {m}, Chauvinismus {m}
sexuality {n} (sexual orientation) SEE: sexual orientation  ::
sexuality {n} (concern with or interest in sexual activity)  :: Sexualität {f}
sexuality {n} (sexual identity)  :: Geschlecht {n}, Geschlechtlichkeit {f}
sexuality {n}  :: Sexualität {f}
sexualization {n}  :: Sexualisierung {f}
sexually {adv} (in a sexual manner)  :: sexuell
sexually mature {adj} (able to reproduce)  :: geschlechtsreif
sexually transmitted disease {n} (contagious disease spread through sexual intercourse) SEE: venereal disease  ::
sexually transmitted disease {n} (disease contracted through sexual contact)  :: Geschlechtskrankheit {f}
sexual minority {n} (those outside mainstream sexual expression)  :: sexuelle Minderheit {f}
sexual orientation {n} (sexual orientation)  :: sexuelle Orientierung {f}
sexual partner {n} (of breeding animal: sexual partner) SEE: mate  ::
sexual predator {n} (person seen as threatening for wanting sex)  :: sexuelles Raubtier {n}
sexual reproduction {n} (process whereby a new organism created by combining the genetic material of two organisms)  :: geschlechtliche Fortpflanzung, sexuelle Fortpflanzung
sexual selection {n} (type of natural selection)  :: sexuelle Selektion {f}, sexuelle Auswahl {f}
sexual slavery {n} (criminal activity)  :: Zwangsprostitution {f}
sex work {n} (job in which sex is involved)  :: Sexarbeit {f}
sex worker {n} (person who supplies sexual services for money)  :: Sexarbeiter {m}, Sexarbeiterin {f}
sexy {adj} (having sexual appeal)  :: sexy
sexy {adj} (slang: very attractive or appealing)  :: sexy
Seychelles {prop} (country in East Africa)  :: Seychellen
SEZ {initialism} (Special Economic Zone)  :: Sonderwirtschaftszone {f}
SH {initialism} (self-harm)  :: SVV {n}
SH {initialism} (Schleswig-Holstein)  :: SH
shabbiness {n} (The property of being shabby.)  :: Schäbigkeit {f}
shabbos goy {n} (gentile servant)  :: Schabbes-Goj {m}
shabby {adj} (torn or worn; poor; mean; ragged)  :: schäbig
shabby {adj} (clothed with ragged, much worn, or soiled garments)  :: schäbig
shabby {adj} (mean; paltry; despicable)  :: schäbig
shabrack {n} (saddlecloth of a cavalry horse)  :: Schabracke {f}
shack {n} (crude hut)  :: Hütte {f}, Bude {f}
shackle {n} (restraint fit over an appendage)  :: Handschellen, Fessel
shackle {n} (a U-shaped piece of metal)  :: Schäkel {m}
shackle {n} (stubble) SEE: stubble  ::
shackles {n} (paired wrist or ankle restraints)  :: Handschellen
shad {n} (fishes of the herring family)  :: Maifisch {m}
shadbush {n} (serviceberry) SEE: serviceberry  ::
shadchen {n} ((Jewish) marriage broker, matchmaker)  :: Schadchen {m} {n}
shadda {n} (diacritic used in the Arabic script)  :: Schadda {n}, Taschdid {m}
shade {n} (darkness where light is blocked)  :: Schatten {m}
shade {n} (something that blocks light, particularly in a window)  :: Vorhang {m}
shade {n} (variety of color)  :: Farbton {m}
shade {v}  :: schattieren
shade horsetail {n} (Equisetum pratense)  :: Wiesen-Schachtelhalm {m}
shadoof {n} (device used to gather water)  :: Schaduff {m}
shadow {n} (dark image projected onto a surface)  :: Schatten {m}
shadow {v} (to block light or radio transmission)  :: beschatten
shadow {v} (to secretly track or follow another)  :: beschatten
shadowbox {n} (diorama) SEE: diorama  ::
shadow-box {n} (diorama) SEE: diorama  ::
shadowboxing {n} (form of solo exercise, involving throwing punches at the air, and not at an opponent)  :: Schattenboxen {n}
shadow government {n} (government-in-waiting that is prepared to take control)  :: Schattenregierung {f}
shadowing {n} (speech shadowing)  :: Schattenlesen {n}
shadow play {n} (form of storytelling using opaque figures in front of an illuminated backdrop)  :: Schattenspiel {n}
shaft {n} (long narrow body of spear or arrow)  :: Schaft {m}
shaft {n} (main axis of a feather)  :: Schaft {m}
shaft {n} (long passage sunk into the earth)  :: Schacht {m}
shaft {n} (vertical passage housing a lift)  :: Schacht {m}
shaft {n} (ventilation or heating conduit)  :: Schacht {m}
shaft {n} (the shaft of the penis)  :: Schaft {m}
shaft furnace {n} (furnace)  :: Schachtofen {m}
shag {n} (sea bird)  :: Krähenscharbe {f}
shag {v} (to have sexual intercourse with)  :: bumsen
shaggy {adj} (rough with long or thick hair, fur or wool; unshaven, ungroomed, or unbrushed)  :: struppig, strubbelig, zerzaust
shah {n} (king of Persia)  :: Schah {m}
shahada {n} (Islamic declaration of belief)  :: Schahada {f}
shaheed {n} (martyr) SEE: martyr  ::
shake {v} (transitive: to cause to move)  :: schütteln, erschüttern
shake {v} (to move one's head from side to side)  :: schütteln
shake {v} (transitive: to disturb emotionally)  :: erschüttern
shake {v} (intransitive: to move from side to side)  :: schütteln
shake {v} (intransitive: to shake hands)  :: händeschütteln, schütteln
shake {n} (act of shaking)  :: Schütteln {n}
shake {n} (milkshake)  :: Milchshake {m}
shake {n} (building material: thin shingle)  :: Schindel {f}
shake {n} (beverage made of ice cream and carbonated drink) SEE: float  ::
shake down {v} (cause something to fall down)  :: herunterschütteln
shake down {v} (to extort money using threats)  :: erpressen
shake down {v} (to search exhaustively)  :: durchsuchen, filzen
shakedown {n} (extortion)  :: Erpressung {f}
shakedown {n} (a thorough search)  :: Durchsuchung {f},, Razzia {f}
shakedown {n} (trial or test period)  :: Probebetrieb {m}, Versuchsbetrieb {m}, Testbetrieb {m}
shakedown {n} (an improvised bed)  :: Klappbett {n}, Gästebett {m}, Liege {f}
shakedown {adj} (that tests the performance)  :: test-, probe-
shake hands {v} (grasp another person's hands)  :: Hände schütteln
shake off {v} (to remove by shaking)  :: abschütteln
shake off {v} (to lose someone)  :: abschütteln
shake one's head {v} (move one's head from side to side)  :: den Kopf schütteln
shake out {v} (to flap a piece of flexible material to remove dirt)  :: ausschütteln
Shakespearean {adj} (pertaining to Shakespeare or his works)  :: shakespearienisch
Shakespearean sonnet {n} (type of sonnet)  :: Shakespeare-Sonett {n}, englishes Sonett {n}, elisabethanisches Sonett {n}
shako {n} (military dress hat)  :: Tschako
shale {n} (sedimentary rock)  :: Tonschiefer {m}
shale gas {n} (natural gas)  :: Schiefergas {n}
shall {v} (indicating the simple future tense)  :: sollen
shallop {n}  :: Schaluppe {f}
shallot {n} (vegetable in the onion family)  :: Schalotte {f}
shallow {adj} (having little depth and significantly less deep than wide)  :: seicht, flach
shallow {adj} (extending not far downward)  :: seicht
shallow {adj} (concerned mainly with superficial matters)  :: oberflächlich
shallow {adj} (lacking interest or substance)  :: oberflächlich
shallow {n} (shallow portion of an otherwise deep body of water)  :: Untiefe {f}
shalom {interj} (transliteration of the Jewish greeting or farewell)  :: Schalom
sham {n} (fake, imitation)  :: Fälschung {f}, Imitat {n}
sham {n} (trickery, hoaxing)  :: Schwindel {m}, Mogelei {f}, Betrug {m}
sham {v} (to cheat or deceive)  :: sich verstellen
shaman {n} (a medium between the concrete and spirit worlds)  :: Schamane {m}
shamanism {n} (range of traditional beliefs)  :: Schamanismus {m}
shamble {v} (to walk while shuffling or dragging the feet)  :: schlurfen, schleichen, watscheln
shambles {n} (a scene of great disorder or ruin)  :: Durcheinander {n}, Tohuwabohu {n}, Schlachtfeld {n}, Trümmerhaufen {m}
shambles {n} (a great mess or clutter)  :: Durcheinander {n}, Chaos {n}, Scherbenhaufen {m}, Saustall {m}
shambles {n} (a scene of bloodshed, carnage or devastation)  :: Schlachtfeld {n}
shambles {n} (a slaughterhouse)  :: Schlachthaus {n}
shambles {n} ((archaic) a butcher's shop)  :: Fleischerei {f}, Fleischhauer {m}, Metzgerei {f}
shame {n} (uncomfortable or painful feeling)  :: Scham {f}
shame {n} (something to regret)  :: Schande {f}
shame {v} (to cause to feel shame)  :: beschämen
shameful {adj} (causing or meriting shame or disgrace)  :: schandbar, beschämend
shameless {adj} (having no shame)  :: schamlos, unverschämt
shaming {n} (the activity of shaming)  :: Beschämen {n}
sham marriage {n} (fake marriage)  :: Scheinehe {f}
shampoo {n} (product for washing the hair or other fibres)  :: Shampoo {n}, Schampu {n}, Schampon {n}, Schampun {n}, Haarwaschmittel {n}
shampoo {n} (instance of washing the hair with shampoo)  :: Haarwäsche {f}
shampoo {n} (humorous slang: champagne)  :: Schampus {m}
shampoo {v} (to wash hair with shampoo)  :: schamponieren
shampoo {v} (to wash (the hair, carpet, etc.) with shampoo)  :: schampunieren, schamponieren, shampoonieren, das Haar waschen, den Kopf waschen, den Teppich schampunieren
shamrock {n} (any of several small plants, forms of clover) SEE: clover  ::
shamrock {n} (trefoil leaf of any clover)  :: Kleeblatt {n}
shandy {n} (mixture of lemonade and beer)  :: Alsterwasser {n}, Radler {n}
shandy {n} (a serving of this mixture)  :: Alsterwasser {n}, Radler {n}
shanghai {v} (to force or trick into joining a ship)  :: schanghaien
Shanghai {prop} (Chinese city as provincial-level municipality)  :: Schanghai {n}
shank {n} (lower part of the leg)  :: Unterschenkel {m}
shank {n} (meat from that part of animal)  :: Beinstück {m}
shantytown {n} (area containing a collection of shacks and shanties)  :: Informelle Siedlung, Marginalsiedlung, Barackenstadt, Elendsviertel, Slum
shape {n} (status or condition)  :: Zustand {m}, Form {f}
shape {n} (condition of personal health, especially muscular health)  :: Form {f}
shape {n} (appearance or outline)  :: Form {f}
shape {n} (figure)  :: Form {f}
shape {v} (to give something a shape)  :: formen
shaped {adj} (having been given a shape)  :: -förmig
shapeshift {v} (change shape)  :: gestaltwandeln
shape-shifter {n} (a person who can transform)  :: Formwandler {m}
shape up {v} (to improve; correct one's bad habits)  :: sich entwickeln
sharaga {n} (sharashka) SEE: sharashka  ::
sharashka {n} (a Soviet gulag R&D lab)  :: Scharaschka {f}
sharbat {n} (sherbet) SEE: sherbet  ::
shard {n} (piece of glass or pottery)  :: Scherbe {f}
share {n} (portion of something)  :: Anteil {m}, Teil {m}
share {n} (financial instrument)  :: Aktie {f}
share {n} (resource shared over a computer network)  :: Freigabe {f}
share {v} (to give)  :: teilen
share {v} (to have in common)  :: teilen
share {v} (to divide and distribute)  :: teilen
share {n} (plowshare) SEE: plowshare  ::
sharecropper {n} (a farmer paying rent with crops to the landowner)  :: Naturalpächter {m}, Halbpächter {m}
sharecropping {n} (system)  :: Naturalpacht {f}
shared {adj} (used multiply)  :: gemeinsam, geteilt, verteilt
shareholder {n} (one who owns shares of stock)  :: Aktionär {m}
shareowner {n} (shareholder) SEE: shareholder  ::
shareware {n} (type of software)  :: Shareware {f}
shari'a {n} (Islamic religious law)  :: Scharia {f}
sharing {n}  :: Aufteilung {f}, Teilung {f}
shark {n} (fish)  :: Hai {m}, Haifisch {m}
shark fin {n} (fin of a shark)  :: Haifischflosse {f}
shark fin soup {n} (soup made from shark fins)  :: Haifischflossensuppe {f}
sharp {adj} (able to cut easily)  :: scharf
sharp {adj} (intelligent)  :: scharfsinning
sharp {adj} (pointed, able to pierce easily)  :: spitz, scharf
sharp {adj} (of a note, played a semitone higher than usual)  :: -is
sharp {adj} (musically higher-pitched than desired)  :: hoch
sharp {adj} (having an intense, acrid flavour)  :: scharf
sharp {adj} (intense and sudden (of pain))  :: stechend
sharp {adj} (stylish or attractive)  :: scharf
sharp {n}  :: Erhöhungszeichen {n}
sharpen {v} (to make sharp)  :: schärfen
sharpener {n} (device for making things sharp)  :: Spitzer {m}
sharpness {n} (cutting ability of an edge)  :: Schärfe
sharpshooter {n} (marksman)  :: Scharfschütze {m}, Scharfschützin {f}
sharp-witted {adj} (clever, keen of intellect, swift of thought)  :: scharfsinnig
shashlik {n} (skewered dish)  :: Schaschlik {m}
shave {v} (to remove hair from)  :: rasieren
shave {v} (to remove hair from one's face)  :: sich rasieren
shave {n} (an instance of shaving)  :: Rasur {f}
shaven {adj} (having been shaved)  :: rasiert
shaver {n} (boy) SEE: boy  ::
shaver {n} (barber) SEE: barber  ::
shaver {n} (electric razor)  :: Rasierapparat {m}, Elektrorasierer {m}
shaving {n} (A thin, shaved off slice of wood, metal, or other material)  :: Span {m}
shaving cream {n} (a substance that is applied to the face to provide lubrication and avoid razor burn during shaving)  :: Rasierschaum {m}
shaw {n} (thicket) SEE: thicket  ::
shawarma {n} (Middle Eastern sandwich-like wrap)  :: Schawarma {f}
shawl {n} (a square piece of cloth worn as a covering for the head, neck, and shoulders)  :: Schal {m}
shawm {n} (wind instrument)  :: Schalmei {f}
shchi {n} (a type of Russian soup)  :: Schtschi {f}
she {pron} (person)  :: sie, es [in reference to some neuter common nouns like Mädchen]
she {pron} (ship)  :: es [in reference to Schiff, Boot], sie [in reference to proper nouns of ships like Titanic]
she- {prefix} (the prefix she- for a female animal or a woman)  :: (suffix) -in
shea {n} (tree)  :: Karitébaum {m}
shea butter {n} (fat extracted from the fruit of the shea tree)  :: Sheabutter
sheaf {n} (bundle of grain or straw)  :: Garbe {f}
sheaf {n} (any collection of things bound together; a bundle)  :: Bündel {n}
sheaf {n} (mathematical construct)  :: Garbe {f}
sheaf {n} (sheave) SEE: sheave  ::
shear {v} (to cut)  :: abschneiden, schneiden
shear {v} (to remove the fleece from a sheep)  :: scheren
shears {n} (tool consisting of two blades with bevel edges)  :: Schere {f}
shearwater {n} (seabird)  :: Sturmtaucher {m}
she-ass {n} (female ass, female donkey, jenny)  :: Eselin {f}
sheath {n} (condom) SEE: condom  ::
sheath {n} (scabbard)  :: Scheide {f}
sheath {n} (long case)  :: Hülle {f}, Futteral {n}
sheath {v} (put (a sword) into its sheath)  :: ummanteln
sheath {v}  :: umhüllen
sheathe {v} (to put something, such as a knife, into a sheath)  :: in die Scheide stecken
sheathe {v}  :: umhüllen
sheave {n} (wheel having a groove)  :: Scheibe {f}
Sheba {prop} (biblical kingdom)  :: Saba
she-bear {n} (a female bear)  :: Bärin {f}
she-cat {n} (a female cat)  :: [♀] Kätzin {f}, Katze {f} [colloquial]
shed {v} (to part or divide)  :: teilen
shed {v} (to cast off, to let fall, be divested of)  :: abwerfen
shed {v} (to pour; to make flow)  :: vergießen
shed {v} (to allow to flow or fall)  :: vergießen
shed {v} (to radiate, cast, give off)  :: verströmen
shed {n} (temporary structure to shelter something)  :: Schuppen {m}, (backyard shed) Schuppen im Hinterhof {m}
shed {n} (poor quality automobile)  :: Karre {f}, Rostlaube {f}
she-devil {n} (bad-tempered woman)  :: Teufelin {f}, Teufelsweib {n}, Drachen {m}
she-devil {n} (female devil)  :: Teufelin {f}
sheen {n} (splendor; radiance; shininess)  :: Glanz {m}
sheep {n} (Animal)  :: Schaf {n}
sheepdog {n} (dog used for herding sheep)  :: Schäferhund {m}, Schäferhündin {f}, Hirtenhund {m}, Hirtenhündin {f}
sheepfold {n} (enclosure)  :: Schafstall {m}
sheepherder {n} (shepherd) SEE: shepherd  ::
sheepherder {n} (person herding sheep)  :: Schafhirt {m}, Schafhirte {m}, Schafhirtin {f}, Schäfer {m}
sheeple {n} (the sheeple, one of the sheeple)  :: [one of the] Herdenmensch {m}, Herdenmenschen {m-p}
sheepskin {n} (skin of a sheep)  :: Schafspelz {m}, Schafpelz {m}, Schaffell {n}, Schafsfell {n}, Schafleder {n}, Schafsleder {n}
sheer {adj} (pure) SEE: pure  ::
sheer {adj} (very thin or transparent)  :: hauchdünn, transparent, durchsichtig
sheer {adj} ((used to emphasize))  :: bloß, schier, pur, rein
sheer {adj} (straight up and down; vertical; perpendicular)  :: steil, vertikal, senkrecht
sheet {n} (sheet of paper)  :: Blatt {n}
sheet {n} (sheet for baking)  :: Blech {n}
sheet {n} (sheet of material)  :: Blatt {n}, Platte {f}, Lage {f}
sheet {n} (expanse of material on the ground)  :: Schicht {f}
sheet {n} (rope to adjust sail)  :: Schot {f}
sheet {n} (bedsheet) SEE: bedsheet  ::
sheet bend {n} (knot)  :: Schotstek {m}
sheet lightning {n} (broad flash of lightning)  :: Wetterleuchten {n}
sheet metal {n} (Metal worked into a thin, flat sheet)  :: Blech {m}
sheet music {n} (hand-written or printed form of musical notation)  :: Noten {f}, Musiknoten {f}, Partitur {f}
sheet protector {n} (clear plastic sleeve for documents)  :: Schutzhülle {f}, Dokumentenschutzhülle {f}
sheet weaver {n} (any spider of the family Linyphiidae)  :: Baldachinspinne {f}
Sheffield {prop} (city)  :: Sheffield
Sheffield stand {n} (bike staple)  :: Fahrradbügel {m}
shegetz {n} (non-Jewish male)  :: Schegez {m}
she-goat {n} (female goat)  :: Ziege {f}, Geiß {f}, Zicke {f}, Zibbe {f}
sheik {n} (leader of an Arab village, family or small tribe)  :: Scheich {m}
sheik {n} (Islamic religious clergy)  :: Scheich {m}
sheik {n} (Gulf countries: official title for members of the royal family)  :: Scheich {m}
Sheinwoodian {prop} (subdivision of the Silurian period)  :: Sheinwoodium
shekel {n} (ancient unit of weight)  :: Schekel {m}, Sekel {m}
shekel {n} (sheqel) SEE: sheqel  ::
shelduck {n} (waterfowl)  :: Kasarka {m}
shelf {n} (structure)  :: Regal {n}
shelf {n} (reef, shoal, sandbar)  :: Schelf {m}
shelf life {n} (the length of time a product will last without deteriorating)  :: Lagerfähigkeit {f}, Lagerbeständigkeit {f}, Haltbarkeit {f}
shell {n} (hard calcareous or chitinous external covering of many invertebrates)  :: Schale {f}
shell {n} (hard covering of an egg)  :: Schale {f}, Eierschale {f}
shell {n} (covering of a nut)  :: Schale {f}
shell {n} (casing of an artillery projectile)  :: Hülse {f}
shell {n} (hollow usually spherical or cylindrical projectile fired from a mortar or a cannon)  :: Granate {f}
shell {n} (any hollow structure; framework, or exterior structure)  :: Hülle {f}
shell {n} (computing: general-purpose environment)  :: Shell {f}
shell {n} (chemistry: set of atomic orbitals that have the same principal quantum number)  :: Hülle {f}
shell {n}  :: Schale {f}
shell {n} (by extension, any mollusks having such a covering)  :: Schalentier {n} [general], Muschel {f} [mollusk]
shellac {n} (processed secretion of the lac insect)  :: Schellack {m}
shellfish {n} (aquatic food that has a shell)  :: Schalentier {n}
shell game {n} (game which requires the bettor to guess under which of three small cups a pea-sized object has been placed)  :: Hütchenspiel {n}
shell shock {n} (psychiatric condition characterized by fatigue caused by battle)  :: Kriegszitterer
shelter {n} (a refuge or other protection)  :: Zuflucht {f}, Obdach {n}, Zufluchtsort {m}
shemale {n} (a male-to-female transsexual or transgender person)  :: Shemale {f} [anglicism, uncommon]
shenanigan {n} (shenanigans) SEE: shenanigans  ::
shenanigans {n} (trickery, games; skulduggery)  :: Schummelei {f}, Pfuscherei {f}, Streiche {f}
shepherd {n} (a person who tends sheep)  :: Hirt {m}, Hirte {m}, Schafhirt {m}, Schafhirte {m}, Schafhirtin {f}, Schäfer {m}, Schäferin {f}
shepherd {n} (someone who watches over or guides)  :: Hirt {m}, Hirte {m}, Hirtin {f}, Hüter {m}, Hüterin {f}
shepherdess {n} (female shepherd)  :: Hirtin {f}, Schäferin {f}, Schafhirtin {f}
shepherd's pie {n} (a kind of meat pie)  :: Shepherd's Pie {m}
shepherd's purse {n} (Capsella bursa-pastoris)  :: Hirtentäschel {n}, Hirtentäschelkraut {n}
sheqel {n} (currency unit in Israel)  :: Schekel {m}
sherbet {n} (frozen fruit juice)  :: Sorbet {n}, [dated] Scherbet {n}
sherbet {n} (powder)  :: Brausepulver {n}
Sheremetyevo {prop} (airport in Russia)  :: Scheremetjewo {n}
sheriff {n} (all meanings)  :: Sheriff {m}
Sherman {n}  :: Sherman {m}, Sherman-Panzer {m}
Sherpa {n} (member of an ethnic group)  :: Sherpa {m}
Sherpa {prop} (language)  :: Sherpa
sherry {n} (fortified wine)  :: Sherry {m}
she's unconscious {phrase} (she's unconscious)  :: sie ist bewusstlos
she-tiger {n} (tigress) SEE: tigress  ::
Shetland {prop} (Shetland Islands) SEE: Shetland Islands  ::
Shetland Islands {prop} (group of islands)  :: Shetlandinseln, Shetland-Inseln
she-wolf {n} (female wolf)  :: Wölfin {f}
shh {interj} (requesting silence)  :: still, pst, pscht
Shi'a {n} (branch of Islam)  :: Shia {f}
Shi'a {n} (follower of Shi'a Islam)  :: Schiit {m}, Schiitin {f}
Shia Islam {prop} (denomination of Islam)  :: Schia {f}
shiatsu {n} (shiatsu)  :: Shiatsu {f}
shibboleth {n} (a word, especially seen as a test, to distinguish someone as belonging to a particular nation, class, profession etc)  :: Schibboleth {n}
shibboleth {n} (a common or longstanding belief, custom, or catchphrase associated with a particular group, especially one with little current meaning or truth)  :: according to the particular context: Ansicht {f}, Klischee {n}, Parole {f}, Schlagwort {n}, Slogan {m}
shield {n} (lavatory) SEE: toilet  ::
shield {n} (outhouse) SEE: outhouse  ::
shield {n} (armor)  :: Schild {m}
shield {n} (anything that protects or defends)  :: Schutz {m}
shield {v} (to protect, to defend)  :: beschützen
shield {n} (toilet seat) SEE: toilet seat  ::
shield fern {n}  :: Schildfarn {m}
shieldmaiden {n} (virgin who had chosen to fight in battle)  :: Schildmaid
shield volcano {n} (volcano)  :: Schildvulkan {m}
shift {n} (type of women's undergarment) SEE: slip  ::
shift {n} (change of workers)  :: Schicht {f}
shift {n} (act of shifting)  :: Verschiebung {f}, Verlagerung {f}, Verstellung {f}
shift {n} (gear mechanism in a motor vehicle)  :: Gangschaltung {f}, Schaltung {f}
shift {n} (button on a keyboard)  :: Umschalten, Shift, Shifttaste {f}, Umschalttaste {f}, Hochstelltaste {f}
shift {v} (to move from one place to another)  :: verschieben, verlagern, verstellen
shift {v} (to change gears)  :: umschalten
shift key {n} (key on a typewriter)  :: Umschalttaste {f}
shift key {n} (key on a personal computer or terminal keyboard)  :: Umschalttaste {f}
shiftwork {n} (rotating mode of work)  :: Schichtarbeit {f}
shifu {n} (martial arts instructor) SEE: sifu  ::
shiitake {n} (Lentinula edodes, an edible mushroom)  :: Shiitake {m}
Shiite {n} (Shi'a) SEE: Shi'a  ::
Shiite {adj} (of or pertaining to the Shi'a branch of Islam)  :: schiitisch
Shiite {adj} (of or pertaining to the Shiites)  :: schiitisch
shikimic acid {n} (shikimic acid)  :: Shikimisäure {f}
shiksa {n} (non-Jewish girl)  :: Schickse {f}, also: Schicks {f}, Schicksel {n}, {f}, Schicksl {n}, {f}
shilajit {n} (tar-like substance used in traditional medicine)  :: Mumijo {n}
shill {n} (a person paid to endorse a product favourably)  :: Anreißer {m}, Anreisser {m} [Swiss German], Anreißerin {f}, Anreisserin {f} [Swiss German]
shill {n} (an accomplice at a confidence trick)  :: Lockvogel {m}, Gehilfe des Schaustellers {m}, Gehilfe des Hausierers {m}, Gehilfin des Schaustellers {m}, Gehilfin des Hausierers {m}
shill {v} (to promote or endorse in return for payment)  :: Ware anpreisen
shilling {n} (former coin)  :: Schilling {m}
shilling {n} (currency)  :: Schilling {m}
shim {n} (wedge)  :: Keil {m}
shim {n} (thin piece of material used for alignment or support)  :: Unterlage {f}, Abstandhalter {m}, Abstandsblech {n}, Unterlegscheibe {f}, Zwischenstück {n}, Klemmstück {n}, Distanzstück {n}, Futterblech {n}, Futterholz {n}, Ausgleichsblech, Ausgleichsstück {n}, Passstück {n}, Beilagscheibe {f}, Beilagescheibe {f}
shim {n} (small metal device to pick a lock)  :: Dietrich {m}
shim {n} (person characterised by male and female traits)  :: Transsexueller {m}, Transsexuelle {f}, Transe {f}
shimmer {v} (to shine with a veiled light; to gleam faintly; to glisten; to glimmer)  :: schimmern
shimmer {n} (faint or veiled and tremulous gleam or shining; a glimmer)  :: Schimmer {m}, Schimmern {n}
Shimshon {prop} (given name) SEE: Samson  ::
shin {n} (front part of the leg below the knee)  :: Schienbein {n}, Tibia
shin {n} (Semitic letter)  :: Schin {n}
shinbone {n} (inner bone of the hind limb below the knee)  :: Schienbein {n}
shine {v} (to emit light)  :: leuchten, scheinen
shine {v} (to reflect light)  :: glänzen
shine {n} (brightness from a source of light)  :: Schein {m}
shine {n} (brightness from reflected light)  :: Glanz {m}
shine {n} (excellence in quality or appearance)  :: Brillanz {f}, Glanz {m}, Bravour {f}
shine {n}  :: Glanz {m}, Schein, {m}
shine {v} (to polish)  :: polieren, bohnern
shine {n} (slang: moonshine) SEE: moonshine  ::
shine {n} (sunshine) SEE: sunshine  ::
shine {n} (shoeshine) SEE: shoeshine  ::
shiner {n} (black eye) SEE: black eye  ::
shingle {n} (small, thin piece of building material)  :: Schindel {f}
shingle {v} (to cover with shingles (building material))  :: mit Schindeln decken
shingles {n} (herpes zoster)  :: Gürtelrose {f}
shinkansen {n} (bullet train) SEE: bullet train  ::
Shinto {prop} (religion)  :: Schintoismus {m}, Shintoismus {m} (Sintoismus)
Shintoism {prop} (Shinto) SEE: Shinto  ::
shiny {adj} (reflecting light)  :: glänzend
shiny {adj} (emitting light)  :: leuchtend, funkelnd
shiny {adj} (excellent)  :: wunderbar
ship {n} (large water vessel)  :: Schiff {n}
ship {n} (vessel which travels through any medium other than land)  :: Schiff {n}
ship {v} (to send a parcel or container)  :: verschicken, versenden
ship {v} (to send by water-borne transport)  :: verschiffen
-ship {suffix} (Property or state of being)  :: -schaft
shipbuilder {n} (person)  :: Schiffbauer {m}
shipbuilding {n} (construction of ships)  :: Schiffbau {m}
ship of the desert {n}  :: Wüstenschiff {n}
shipping {n} (transportation of goods)  :: Schifffahrt {f}
ship-to-air {adj} (of a missile fired from a ship at an aircraft)  :: Schiff-Luft
ship-to-ground {adj} (of a missile fired from ship at a target on the ground)  :: Schiff-Boden
ship-to-ship {adj} (fired from a a ship to another ship)  :: Schiff-Schiff
shipwreck {n} (A ship that has sunk or run aground so that it is no longer seaworthy.)  :: Schiffswrack {n}
shipwreck {n} (An event where a ship sinks or runs aground.)  :: Schiffbruch {m}
shipyard {n} (place to build and repair ships)  :: Werft {f}
Shiraz {prop} (a city in southern Iran)  :: Schiraz {n}
Shiraz {n} (variety of black grape)  :: Syrah
shire {n} (former administrative area of Britain; a county)  :: Grafschaft {f}
shirk {v} (avoid a duty)  :: sich drücken, umgehen, meiden, ausweichen, aus dem Weg gehen, kneifen
shirker {n} (Someone who shirks)  :: Drückeberger {m}, Verpisser {m}
shirker {n} (Someone who is lazy)  :: Faulpelz {m}, Faulenzer {m}
shirt {n} (article of clothing)  :: Hemd {n}
shit {n} (solid excretory product evacuated from the bowel)  :: Scheiße {f}, Kacke {f}
shit {n} (definite plural: diarrhea)  :: Durchfall {m}
shit {n} (rubbish)  :: Scheiß {m}
shit {n} (nonsense, bullshit)  :: Scheiß {m}
shit {n} (nasty, despicable person)  :: [man] Scheißkerl {m}, Drecksack {m}, Mistkerl {m}
shit {v} (to defecate)  :: scheißen, kacken
shit {v} (vulgar: to excrete (something) through the anus)  :: scheißen
shit {v} (vulgar: to be stricken with fear)  :: Schiss haben
shit {interj} (expression of worry, failure)  :: Scheiße!
shit ass {n} (shitass) SEE: shitass  ::
shitass {n} (mean or rude person)  :: Scheißkerl {m}
shiteater {n} (a coprophagous animal (vulgar))  :: Scheissfresser {m}, Scheissfresserin {f}
shitfaced {adj} (very drunk)  :: sturzbesoffen, stinkbesoffen
shit-for-brains {adj} (Very stupid)  :: saublöd, blöd dumm
shit happens {phrase} (expression of acceptance of misfortune) SEE: such is life  ::
shithead {n} (stupid or contemptible person)  :: Scheißkopf {m}, Arschloch {n}
shithouse {n}  :: Scheisshaus {n}, Plumpsklo {n}
shithouse {adj} (Of poor quality) SEE: shitty  ::
shittah {n} (a type of tree and its wood)  :: Seyal-Akazie {f}
shitter {n} (coarse slang for the anus) SEE: anus  ::
shitty {adj} (drunk) SEE: drunk  ::
shitty {adj} (high) SEE: high  ::
shitty {adj} (Unpleasant as shit)  :: beschissen
shitty {adj} (Of such poor quality as to resemble shit)  :: Scheiss-, beschissen
shiver {v} (to tremble or shake)  :: zittern
shiver {n} (the act or result of shivering)  :: Zittern {n}
Shlomo {prop} (given name) SEE: Solomon  ::
Shoah {prop} (the systematic mass murder of 6 million Jews) SEE: Holocaust  ::
shoal {n} (sandbank)  :: Sandbank {f}
shoal {n} (group of fish)  :: Fischschwarm {m}
shock {n} (something surprising)  :: Schock {m}
shock {n} (electric shock)  :: Schlag {m}
shock {n}  :: Schock {m}
shock {v} (to cause to be emotionally shocked)  :: schockieren
shock {v} (to give an electric shock)  :: einen Stromstoß versetzen
shock absorber {n} (device to absorb shocks)  :: Stoßdämpfer {m}
shocked {adj} (surprised, startled, confuded)  :: schockiert
shock wave {n} (A powerful compression wave)  :: Stoßwelle {f}, Schockwelle {f}
shod {adj} (wearing shoes)  :: beschuht [of a human], beschlagen [of a horse etc.]
shod {adj} (having tires equipped)  :: bereift
shoddy {adj} (of poor quality)  :: minderwertig, billig, schäbig, schlampig
shoddy {n} (low-grade cloth made from used wool or wool byproducts)  :: Reißwolle {f}
shoe {n} (protective covering for the foot)  :: Schuh {m}, Lackschuh {m} [patent leather]
shoe {n} (something resembling a shoe (e.g. brake shoe))  :: Schuh {m}
shoe {v} (to put horseshoes on a horse)  :: beschlagen
shoe {v}  :: beschuhen
shoe {n} (piece of metal designed to be attached to a horse’s foot) SEE: horseshoe  ::
shoebill {n} (wading bird)  :: Schuhschnabel {m}
shoeblack {n} (shoeshiner) SEE: shoeshiner  ::
shoebox {n} (box in which shoes are sold)  :: Schuhschachtel {f}, Schuhkarton {m}
shoehorn {n} (tool used to assist the foot)  :: Schuhanzieher {m}, Schuhlöffel {m}
shoehorn {v} (to use a shoehorn)  :: ein Schuhlöffel benutzen
shoehorn {v} (to exert great effort to insert or include something)  :: hineinzwängen, reinzwängen, reinquetschen
shoelace {n} (for fastening a shoe)  :: Schnürsenkel {m}, Schuhband {n}
shoemaker {n} (a person who makes shoes)  :: Schuhmacher {m}, Schuhmacherin {f}, Schuster {m}, Schusterin {f}
shoemaking {n} (shoemaking)  :: Schuhherstellung {f}, Schuhmacherei {f}, Schusterei {f}
shoe polish {n} (product used to make shoes shine)  :: Schuhcreme {f}, Schuhpasta {f}, Schuhpaste {f}, Schuhwichse {f}
shoeshine {n} (the act of polishing shoes)  :: Schuheputzen {n}, Schuhputzen {n}
shoeshine boy {n} (shoeshiner) SEE: shoeshiner  ::
shoeshine girl {n} (shoeshiner) SEE: shoeshiner  ::
shoeshiner {n} (a person who shines shoes and other footwear, usually for a fee)  :: Schuhputzer {m}, Schuhputzerin {f}
shoe shop {n} (a shop that sells footwear and related items)  :: Schuhladen {m}
shoe store {n} (shoe shop) SEE: shoe shop  ::
shoe tree {n} (device to preserve the shape of a shoe)  :: Schuhspanner {m}
shoetree {n} (device to preserve the shape of a shoe) SEE: shoe tree  ::
shofar {n} (ram’s-horn trumpet)  :: Schofar {m}, Schofarhorn {n}, Halljahrposaune {f}, Hallposaune {f}
shogi {n} (variant of chess)  :: Shōgi {n}
shogun {n} (shogun)  :: Shōgun {m}, Shogun {m}
shogunate {n} (shogunate, bakufu)  :: Shogunat {n}, Shōgunat {n}
shoo {v} (to induce someone to leave)  :: scheuchen, verscheuchen
shoo {interj} (go away)  :: husch!, weg
shoo {v} (usher) SEE: usher  ::
shoot {v} (to fire a shot)  :: schießen
shoot {v} (to fire multiple shots)  :: schießen
shoot {v} (to hit with a shot)  :: [not killing] anschießen, [killing] erschießen
shoot {n} (emerging stem and embryonic leaves of a new plant)  :: Ableger {m}
shoot {interj}  :: Mist! , verdammt! , Los! , leg los!
shoot down {v} (to cause to fall by shooting)  :: niederschießen, abschießen
shooter {n} (person)  :: Schütze {m}
shooter {n} (firearm)  :: Knarre {f}
shooter {n} (game)  :: Ballerspiel {n}
shooting {n} (instance of shooting)  :: Schießen {n}, Schießerei {f}
shooting gallery {n} (carnival game)  :: Schießbude {f}
shooting range {n} (a facility designed for firearms practice)  :: Schießplatz {m}
shooting star {n} (meteor)  :: Sternschnuppe {f}
shoot oneself in the foot {v} (to act against one's own interest)  :: sich ins eigene Knie schießen
shoot one's mouth off {v} (make reckless or exaggerated statements)  :: aufschneiden
shootout {n} (decisive battle)  :: Schießerei {f}, Schusswechsel {m}
shoot up {v} (To inject (a drug) intravenously)  :: schießen
shop {n} (establishment that sells goods)  :: Laden {m}, Geschäft {n}
shop {n} (workshop)  :: Werkstatt {f}
shop {v} (to visit shops)  :: einkaufen
shop {v} (to digitally edit a picture or photograph) SEE: photoshop  ::
shopaholic {n} (one who shops very frequently)  :: Kaufsüchtiger
shopaholic {n}  :: Kaufsüchtig: Kauf-purchace süchtig-addicted
shopaholism {n} (addiction)  :: Kaufsucht {f}
shop assistant {n} (shop employee)  :: Verkäufer {m}, Verkäuferin {f}
shopfloor {n} (productive area of a factory)  :: Produktionsstätte {f}, Fabrikhalle {f}
shopkeeper {n} (trader who sells goods in a shop)  :: Ladenbesitzer {m}, Ladenbesitzerin {f}, Ladeninhaber {m}, Ladeninhaberin {f}, Geschäftsinhaber {m}, Geschäftsinhaberin {f}, Händler {m}, Händlerin {f}, Krämer {m}, Krämerin {f}, Lädler {m} [regional], Lädlerin {f}, Einzelhändler {m}
shoplift {v} (transitive: to steal something)  :: klauen, stehlen
shoplift {v} (intransitive: to steal)  :: Ladendiebstahl begehen
shoplifter {n} (one who steals from shops)  :: Ladendieb {m}
shoplifting {n} (action of the verb to shoplift)  :: Ladendiebstahl {m}
shoppe {n} (shop) SEE: shop  ::
shopper {n} (a person who shops)  :: Käufer {m}, Käuferin {f}
shopping {n} (activity of buying)  :: Einkaufen {n}, Einkauf {m}, Einkäufe {p} {m}, Shopping {n}
shopping {n} (things bought)  :: Einkäufe {m-p}
shopping bag {n} (strong bag for carrying purchases)  :: Einkaufsbeutel {m}, Einkaufstasche {f}
shopping basket {n} (basket for groceries and merchandise)  :: Warenkorb {m}
shopping cart {n} (conveyance used to carry items while shopping)  :: Einkaufswagen {m}, Karren {m}
shopping center {n} (shopping centre) SEE: shopping centre  ::
shopping centre {n} (large retail outlet)  :: Einkaufszentrum {n}
shopping list {n} (list of items that need to be bought)  :: Einkaufsliste {f}
shopping mall {n} (shopping centre) SEE: shopping centre  ::
shopping trolley {n} (shopping cart) SEE: shopping cart  ::
shop talk {n} (discussion about one's trade)  :: Fachgespräch {n}
shop window {n} (large window at the front of a shop)  :: Schaufenster {n}, Vitrine {f}
Shor {prop} (language)  :: Schorisch {n}
shore {n} (land adjoining a large body of water)  :: Ufer {n}
shore {v} (support) SEE: shore up  ::
shore up {v} (to reinforce (something at risk of failure))  :: abstützen, stützen, unterstützen, verstärken
shoring {n} (temporary bracing used to prevent collapse)  :: Abstützung {f}, Verbau {m}
short {adj} (having a small distance between ends or edges)  :: kurz
short {adj} (constituting an abbreviation (for))  :: kurz (für)
short {adj} (of a person, of comparatively little height)  :: klein
short {adj} (having little duration)  :: kurz
short {v} (transitive: to cause a short circuit)  :: kurzschließen
short-acting {adj} (having a pharmaceutical effect in the short term)  :: kurzwirksam
shortage {n} (lack or deficiency)  :: Mangel {m}, Knappheit {f}
short-chain {adj} (having a chain of fewer than about six carbon atoms)  :: kurzkettig
short circuit {n} (unintentional connection)  :: Kurzschluss {m}
shortcoming {n} (deficiency)  :: Schwäche {f}, Manko {n}
short corner {n} (field hockey: penalty corner)  :: kurze Ecke, Strafecke {f}
shortcut {n} (path)  :: Abkürzung
shortcut {n} (method)  :: Abkürzung {f}
shortcut {n} (symlink)  :: Verknüpfung, Shortcut {m}, Tastenkombination {f}
shortcut {n} (keyboard shortcut) SEE: keyboard shortcut  ::
short-eared owl {n} (owl)  :: Sumpfohreule {f}
shorten {v} (to make shorter)  :: verkürzen
shorten {v} (to become shorter)  :: kürzer werden
shorthand {n} (a compendious and rapid method of writing)  :: Kurzschrift {f}, Stenografie {f}, Stenographie {f}
shorthand {n} (any brief or shortened way of saying or doing something)  :: Stenogramm {n}
shorthand typist {n} (shorthand typist)  :: Stenotypist {m}, Stenotypistin {f}
shorthorn sculpin {n} (species of fish)  :: Seeskorpion {m}
short-lived {adj} (not existent for very long)  :: kurzlebig
shortness {n} (The property of being short, of being small of stature or brief)  :: Kürze {f}
shortness of breath {n} (dyspnea)  :: Lufthunger, Atemlosigkeit, Atemnot, Dyspnoe {f}
short of {phrase} (except) SEE: except  ::
short order {adj} (prepared and served quickly)  :: in kurzer Zeit
short s {n} (the character s)  :: in fraktur: s; in antiqua: rundes s {n}, Rund-s {n}, kurzes s {n}
shorts {n} (plural of short) SEE: short  ::
shorts {n} (pants worn primarily in the summer that do not go lower than the knees)  :: Shorts {p}, kurze Hose {f}
short sale {n} (sale of a security that one does not own, delivery obligation met by borrowing the security from another owner)  :: Leerverkauf {m}
short-sighted {adj} (myopic) SEE: myopic  ::
short-sighted {adj} (lacking foresight)  :: kurzsichtig
short story {n} (work of fiction)  :: Kurzgeschichte {f}, Erzählung {f}, Novelle {f}
short-tailed parrot {n} (Graydidascalus brachyurus)  :: Kurzschwanzpapagei
short-term {adj} (of the near or immediate future)  :: kurzfristig
short-term {adj} (of a short duration of time)  :: kurzzeitig
shortwave {adj} (of radio waves)  :: kurzwellig
shortwave {n} (A wave)  :: Kurzwelle {f}
Shoshone {prop} (Amerind people)  :: Shoshone
Shoshone {prop} (Amerind language)  :: Shoshone
shot {n} (result of launching a projectile)  :: Schuss {m}
shot {n} (launching of a ball or similar object toward a goal)  :: Wurf {m}
shot {n} (measure of alcohol)  :: Shot {m}
shot {n} (photography: single unbroken sequence of photographic exposures)  :: Aufnahme {f}
shot {n} (vaccination or injection)  :: Spritze {f}
Shota {prop} (male given name)  :: Schota
shot across the bow {n} (warning)  :: Schuss vor den Bug {m}
shot glass {n} (small glass)  :: Schnapsglas {n}, Pinnchen {n} [regional]
shotgun {n} (gun)  :: Flinte {f}
shotgun {n} (front seat)  :: Beifahrersitz {m}
shot put {n} (athletics event)  :: Kugelstoßen {n}
shot-putter {n} (athlete)  :: Kugelstoßer {m}, Kugelstoßerin {f}
should {v} (expressing obligation)  :: sollen, sollte, müsste
should {v} (expressing likelihood)  :: dürfen
should {v}  :: sollte
shoulder {n} (joint between arm and torso)  :: Schulter {f}
shoulder {n} (part of a road where drivers may stop in an emergency)  :: Standstreifen {m}
shoulder {v} (carry (something) on one's shoulders)  :: schultern
shoulderbag {n} (bag worn on the shoulders)  :: Schultertasche {f}
shoulder blade {n} (bone)  :: Schulterblatt {n}
shoulder pole {n} (carrying pole) SEE: carrying pole  ::
shout {n} (a loud burst of voice)  :: Schrei {m}
shout {v} (to utter a sudden and loud outcry)  :: schreien
shout {v} (to utter with a shout)  :: schreien
shout {v} (to treat with shouts or clamor)  :: anschreien
shout {v} (to buy food or drinks for others)  :: spendieren, schmeißen
shout down {v} (to shout louder than someone in order to force through one's argument)  :: niederbrüllen
shove {v} (push roughly)  :: schubsen, schieben, drängen
shove {n} (rough push)  :: Schubs {m}
shovel {n} (spade) SEE: spade  ::
shovel {n} (tool for moving portions of material)  :: Schaufel {f}, Schüppe
shovel {v} (to move materials with a shovel)  :: schaufeln, schippen
shoveler {n} (duck in the genus Anas)  :: Löffelente {f}
show {v} (to display)  :: zeigen, darstellen
show {v} (to indicate (a fact) to be true)  :: zeigen
show {n} (entertainment)  :: Show {f}, Schau {f}
show {n} (demonstration)  :: Demonstration {f}, Schau {f}
show {n} (broadcast program(me))  :: Sendung {f}, Programm {n}
showboat {n} (showoff) SEE: showoff  ::
show business {n} (entertainment industry)  :: Showbusiness {f}
showbusiness {n} (entertainment industry)  :: Showbusiness {f}
showcase {n} (a case for displaying merchandise or valuable items)  :: Vitrine {f}, Schaukasten {m}, Schaufenster {n} [figurative]
showcase {n} (a setting for displaying something favorably)  :: Schaufenster {n}, Vitrine {f}
showcase {v}  :: (etwas) darbieten, (etwas) demonstrieren, (etwas) präsentieren, (etwas) vorführen
showdown {n} (the final battle between two nemeses, in which there can be but one victor)  :: Showdown {n}, entscheidender Machtkampf {m}
shower {n} (brief fall of rain)  :: Schauer {m}, Fälle {f}
shower {n} (device for bathing)  :: Dusche {f}, Brause {f}
shower {n} (instance of using of this device)  :: [eine Dusche nehmen] Dusche {f}, Brause {f}
shower {v} (to spray with)  :: besprühen, einsprühen
shower {v} (to bathe using a shower)  :: duschen
shower {v} (to bestow liberally)  :: überschütten mit
shower {n} (baby shower) SEE: baby shower  ::
shower cap {n} (waterproof headgear worn in shower)  :: Duschhaube {f}
shower curtain {n} (waterproof curtain)  :: Duschvorhang {m}
shower gel {n} (gel shower soap)  :: Duschgel {n}
shower head {n} (part of a shower where the water comes out)  :: Duschkopf {m}
showerhead {n} (perforated nozzle that showers water on a bather)  :: Duschkopf {m}
showman {n} (person skilled in dramatic or entertaining presentation)  :: Schausteller {m}, Schaustellerin {f}
showman {n} (person who produces or presents shows as a profession) SEE: impresario  ::
show off {v} (to exhibit, to demonstrate something for the purpose of bragging)  :: angeben, aufschneiden, sich wichtigmachen, renommieren, sich aufblasen, wichtigtun
show-off {n} (one who shows off)  :: Angeber {m}
showoff {n} (person who attempts to demonstrate prowess or ability)  :: Angeber {m}
show one's true colors {v} (to reveal how one really is)  :: Farbe bekennen, sein wahres Gesicht zeigen
showroom {n} (room for display of products)  :: Ausstellungsraum {m}, Showroom {f}
show trial {n} (a trial held for appearance's sake)  :: Schauprozess {m}
show up {v} (to appear)  :: auftauchen
show up {v} (to expose)  :: sich zeigen
showy {adj} (for show)  :: protzig, auffällig, schreiend, grell
shrapnel {n} (artillery shell)  :: Schrapnell {n}
shrapnel {n} (fragments and debris thrown out by an exploding device)  :: Schrapnell {n}, Granatsplitter {m}
shrapnel {n} (loose change) SEE: loose change  ::
shred {v} (to cut or tear into narrow pieces or strips)  :: zerkleinern, zerfetzen
shredder {n} (machine)  :: Schredder {m}
shrew {n} (mouselike animal)  :: Spitzmaus {f}
shrew {n} (woman)  :: Megäre {f}
shrewd {adj} (showing clever resourcefulness in practical matters)  :: klug, clever, gewitzt
shrewd {adj} (artful, tricky or cunning)  :: schlau, listig, raffiniert
shrewd {adj} (streetwise)  :: pfiffig, gewieft, gerissen
shriek {n} (a sharp, shrill outcry or scream)  :: Kreischen {n}
shriek {v} (to utter a loud, sharp, shrill sound or cry)  :: kreischen
shriek {v} (to utter sharply and shrilly)  :: kreischen
shrift {n} (confession to a priest)  :: Beichte {f}
shrike {n} (Any of various passerine birds of the family Laniidae)  :: Würger {m}
shrill {adj} (high-pitched and piercing)  :: schrill
shrill {adj} (Sharp or keen to the senses)  :: scharf
shrimp {n} (decapod crustacean)  :: Garnele {f}
shrine {n} (a holy place dedicated to a specific figure of respect)  :: Schrein {m}
shrink {v} (intransitive: to contract, to become smaller)  :: schrumpfen
shrink {v} (transitive: to cause something to shrink)  :: schrumpfen, abnehmen
shrink {v} (intransitive: to attempt to avoid an unwanted or intimidating duty)  :: sich drücken
shrink {n} (psychiatrist or therapist (informal, belittling))  :: [literally: Soul Plumber] Seelenklempner {m}
shrive {v} (confess) SEE: confess  ::
shrivel {v} (become wrinkled)  :: schrumpeln, verschrumpeln
shroom {n} (mushroom) SEE: mushroom  ::
shroom {n} (hallucinogenic fungus) SEE: magic mushroom  ::
shroud {n} (dress for the dead)  :: Leichentuch {n}
shroud {n} (mast support)  :: Want {f} {n}
Shrove Tuesday {n} (day before the beginning of Lent)  :: Faschingsdienstag {m}
shrub {n} (woody plant)  :: Busch {m}, Strauch {m}
shrubbery {n} (shrubs collectively)  :: Strauchwerk {n}, Gesträuch {n}
shrub celery {n} (the crisp thick leafstalk of the celery plant)  :: Bleichsellerie, Stangensellerie
shrug {n} (gesture)  :: Schulterzucken {n}, Achselzucken {n}
shrug {v} (to raise the shoulders to express uncertainty, lack of concern, etc.)  :: mit den Schultern zucken, mit den Achseln zucken
shrunk {v} (past participle of shrink)  :: geschrumpft
shtetl {n} (a Jewish village or small town)  :: Schtetl {n}, Stetl {n}
shtick {n} (characteristic trait)  :: Stück {n}, Nummer {f}
shtick {n} (gimmick)  :: Trick {m}, Masche {f}, Nummer {f}
shtum {adj} (silent; speechless; dumb)  :: stumm
shudder {n} (shivering tremor)  :: Schauder {m}
shudder {n} (moment of almost pleasurable fear; a frisson)  :: Schauder {m}
shudder {v} (to shake nervously, as if from fear)  :: schaudern
shudder {v} (to vibrate jerkily)  :: zittern
shuffle {n} (act of shuffling cards)  :: Mischen {n}, Mischeln {n} [southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland]
shuffle {v} (to put in a random order)  :: mischen, mischeln [southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland]
shuffle {v} (to walk without picking up one's feet)  :: schlurfen
shufti {n} (glance) SEE: glance  ::
shun {v} (to avoid)  :: aus dem Weg gehen, ausweichen, meiden, scheuen
shun {v} (to escape)  :: flüchten, ausweichen
shunt {v} (to turn away or aside)  :: verlagern
shunt {v} (to move a train or carriages)  :: rangieren
shunter {n} (a railway locomotive used for shunting)  :: Rangierlokomotive {f}
shut {v} (to close)  :: schließen, zumachen
shut down {v} (to close, terminate, or end)  :: schließen, verschließen
shutdown {n} (action of closing)  :: Herunterfahren {n}
shut one's trap {v} (shut up) SEE: shut up  ::
shutter {n} (protective panels over windows)  :: Fensterladen {m}
shutter {n} (part of a camera)  :: Verschluss {m}
shuttle {n} (transport service)  :: Pendelverkehr {m}, [bus] Shuttlebus {m}
shuttlecock {n} (badminton ball)  :: Federball {m}
shut up {v} (intransitive: to stop talking or making noise)  :: den Mund halten
shut up {v} (imperative: "Shut up!", see also: hold one's tongue)  :: halt den Mund, halt dein Maul, halt die Fresse, halt die Klappe [sg.], halt's Maul, halt den Rand
shvitz {n} (sweat) SEE: sweat  ::
shy {adj} (easily frightened)  :: schüchtern, scheu
shy {adj} (reserved)  :: scheu
shy {adj} (embarrassed)  :: verlegen
shylock {n} (loan shark) SEE: loan shark  ::
shyness {n} (quality of being shy)  :: Schüchternheit, Scheu {f}, Scheuheit {f}
Siam {prop} (the former name of Thailand)  :: Siam {n}
Siamese {adj} (Thai)  :: siamesisch
Siamese {prop} (Thai language)  :: Siamesisch {n}
Siamese {n} (Siamese cat)  :: Siamkatze {f}
Siamese {n} (Siam inhabitant)  :: Siamese {m}, Siamesin {f}
Siamese cat {n} (mammal)  :: Siamkatze {f}
Siamese fighting fish {n} (a freshwater fish)  :: Siamesischer Kampffisch
Siamese twin {n} (conjoined twin)  :: siamesischer Zwilling {m}
sib {n} (sibling) SEE: sibling  ::
sib {n} (kindred) SEE: kin  ::
sib {n} (kinsman) SEE: kinsman  ::
Siberia {prop} (region of Russia)  :: Sibirien {n}
Siberian {adj} (from, of or pertaining to Siberia)  :: sibirisch
Siberian {n} (a person from Siberia)  :: Sibirier {m}, Sibirierin {f}
Siberian {n} (domestic cat breed)  :: Sibirische Katze {f}
Siberian Husky {n} (Siberian Husky dog)  :: sibirischer Husky {m}
Siberian tiger {n} (Panthera tigris altaica)  :: Sibirischer Tiger {m}
sibilant {n} (phonetics: a hissing sound)  :: Zischlaut {m}, Sibilans {f}, Sibilant {m}
Sibiu {prop} (city)  :: Hermannstadt {f}
sibling {n} (person who shares same parents)  :: Geschwisterchen {n}, Geschwisterkind {n}, Bruder [male sibling, brother], Schwester [female sibling, sister], Geschwister {p}
sibyl {n} (a pagan female oracle)  :: Sibylle {f}
Sibyl {prop} (female given name)  :: Sibylle
sibylline {adj} (mysterious)  :: sibyllinisch
sic {adv} (thus, thus written)  :: sic
sic {v} (incite an attack by)  :: hetzen
siccity {n} (dryness) SEE: dryness  ::
sich {n} (administrative and military centre for Cossacks)  :: Sitsch {f}
Sicilian {adj} (relating to Sicily or its inhabitants)  :: sizilianisch
Sicilian {prop} (language)  :: Sizilianisch {n}
Sicilian {n} (person)  :: Sizilianer {m}, Sizilianerin {f}
Sicilian {n} (chess opening) SEE: Sicilian Defence  ::
Sicilian Defence {n} (chess opening)  :: Sizilianische Verteidigung {f}
Sicily {prop} (island)  :: Sizilien
sick {adj} (having an urge to vomit)  :: übel [with subject in dative]
sick {adj} (tired (of), annoyed (by))  :: leid
sick {n} (vomit)  :: Kotze {f}
sick {adj} (ill) SEE: ill  ::
sick and tired {adj} (frustrated and annoyed) SEE: fed up  ::
sickbay {n} (a room or area for the treatment of the sick or injured)  :: [military] Sanitätsbereich {m}, [military] Sanitätszimmer {n}, [Navy] Schiffshospital {n}, [school, college, office] Krankenzimmer {n}
sickening {adj} (causing sickness or disgust)  :: ekelhaft, widerlich
sickhouse {n} (infirmary) SEE: infirmary  ::
sickle {n} (agricultural implement)  :: Sichel {f}
sick leave {n} (a type of leave from work)  :: Arbeitsunfähigkeit {f}, Krankenstand {m} [Austrian]
sickle cell anaemia {n} (sickle cell anaemia) SEE: sickle-cell anemia  ::
sickle-cell anaemia {n} (sickle-cell anaemia) SEE: sickle-cell anemia  ::
sickle-cell anemia {n} (disease characterized by sickle-shaped red blood cells)  :: Sichelzellenanämie {f}
sickle-cell disease {n} (sickle-cell disease) SEE: sickle-cell anemia  ::
sickly {adj} (frequently ill)  :: kränklich, [Switzerland] fehlbar, kränkelnd, siech, dahinsiechend
sickly {adj} (having the appearance of sickness)  :: (persons) depending on the context: blass, fahl, kränklich, unwohl; (plants) welk, ungesund, krankhaft, matt, abgeschlagen
sickly {adj} (weak, faint)  :: schwächlich, (smile) fahl, schwach, matt, blass, ungesund
sickly {adj} (Overly sweet)  :: übersüß
sick man of Europe {prop} (Ottoman Empire)  :: kranker Mann am Bosporus {m}
sickness {n} (the quality or state of being sick or diseased; illness; disease or malady)  :: Krankheit {f}
sickness {n} (nausea; qualmishness; as, sickness of stomach)  :: Übelkeit {f}
side {n} (bounding straight edge of an object)  :: Seite {f}
side {n} (flat surface of an object)  :: Seite {f}
side {n} (left or right half)  :: Seite {f}
side {n} (portion of the human torso generally covered by the arms)  :: Seite {f}
side {n} (surface of a sheet of paper)  :: Seite {f}
side {n} (television channel) SEE: channel  ::
side {n} (side dish) SEE: side dish  ::
sideband {n} (band of frequencies on each side of the frequency of a carrier wave)  :: Seitenband {n}
sidebar {n} ((computing) information placed at the side of a webpage)  :: Seitenleiste {f}
sideboard {n} (sideburns) SEE: sideburns  ::
sideboard {n} (furniture)  :: Anrichte {f}, Sideboard {n}, Büfett {n}
sideburn {n} (sideburns) SEE: sideburns  ::
sideburns {n} (facial hair reaching from the top of the head down the side of the face to the side of the chin)  :: Koteletten {n-p}, Backenbart {m}
side by side {adv}  :: Seite an Seite
side-by-side {adj} (adjacent)  :: nebeneinander
sidecar {n} (one-wheeled attachment to a motorcycle)  :: Beiwagen {m}, Seitenwagen {m}
side dish {n} (serving of food meant as an accompanying dish)  :: Beilage {f}, Beigabe {f}
sidedish {n} (side dish) SEE: side dish  ::
side effect {n} (unintended consequence of any action)  :: Nebenwirkung {f}, Nebeneffekt {m}
side effect {n} (medicine: an adverse effect)  :: Nebenwirkung {f}
side effect {n} (computing: a state change caused by a function call)  :: Nebeneffekt {m}, Seiteneffekt {m}
side entrance {n} (entrance to building through its side)  :: Seiteneingang {m}, Nebeneingang {m}
sidelock {n} (sidelock)  :: Schläfenlocker {f}, Seitenlocke {f}
side order {n} (accompaniment to main course) SEE: side dish  ::
sideproduct {n} (byproduct) SEE: byproduct  ::
sidereal {adj} (of or relating to the stars)  :: siderisch, Stern-
sidereal {adj} (relating to a measurement of time relative to the position of the stars)  :: siderisch
sidereal day {n} (day of sidereal time)  :: siderischer Tag {m}, Sterntag {m}
sidereal time {n} (time measured by apparent motion of vernal equinox)  :: Sternzeit {f}
sidereal year {n} (orbital period)  :: siderisches Jahr {n}
side street {n} (side street)  :: Nebenstraße {f}, Seitenstraße {f}, Seitengasse {f}
side-striped jackal {n} (side-striped jackal)  :: Streifenschakal {m}
sidewalk {n} (paved footpath)  :: Bürgersteig {m}, Gehweg {m}, Gehsteig {m}, Trottoir {n} [Switzerland, SW Germany]
sidewalk cafe {n} (an outdoor portion of a restaurant)  :: Straßencafé {n}, Strassencafé {n} [Switzerland & Liechtenstein]
sideward {adj} (toward a side)  :: seitwärts
sidewards {adj} (sideward) SEE: sideward  ::
sidewards {adv} (sideward) SEE: sideward  ::
sideways {adj} (moving or directed towards one side)  :: seitlich, Seiten-
sideways {adj} (positioned sideways)  :: seitlich
sideways {adj} (neither moving up nor moving down)  :: auf der Stelle tretend
sideways {adv} (with a side to the front)  :: seitlich
sideways {adv} (towards one side)  :: seitwärts, zu Seite
sideways {adv} (askance)  :: schräg, schief, seitwärts
sideways {adv} (neither upward nor downward)  :: auf der Stelle
sidewinder {n} (Snake Crotalus cerastes)  :: Seitenwinder-Klapperschlange {f}
siding {n} (material to cover the sides of a building)  :: Wandbekleidung {f}
siding {v} (siding with one party or another)  :: zu jemandem halten
siding {n} (side track)  :: Nebengleis {n}, Abstellgleis {n}
sidle {v} (To advance in a furtive, coy or unobtrusive manner)  :: schleichen
Sidon {prop} (city state of Phoenicia)  :: Sidon
siege {n} (lavatory) SEE: toilet  ::
siege {n} (outhouse) SEE: outhouse  ::
siege {n} (military blockade of settlement)  :: Belagerung {f}
siege {v} (besiege) SEE: besiege  ::
Sieg Heil {phrase} (Nazi greeting)  :: Sieg Heil
siemens {n} (derived unit of electrical conductance)  :: Siemens {n}
Sierra Leone {prop} (Republic of Sierra Leone)  :: Sierra Leone
Sierra Leonean {adj} (from or of Sierra Leone)  :: sierra-leonisch
siesta {n} (an afternoon nap)  :: Mittagsruhe {f}, Siesta {f}, Mittagsschlaf {m}
sieve {n} (device to separate larger and smaller objects)  :: Sieb {n}
sieve {v} (to strain, sift or sort using a sieve)  :: sieben, durchsieben
sieve of Eratosthenes {prop} (ancient algorithm)  :: Sieb des Eratosthenes {n}
sievert {n} (SI unit of radiation dose)  :: Sievert {n}
sift {v} (to sieve or strain (something))  :: sieben
sift {v} (to separate or scatter (things) as if by sieving)  :: sieben
sifu {n} (martial arts instructor)  :: Shifu {m} {f}
sigh {n} (act of sighing)  :: Seufzen {n}, Seufzer {m}
sigh {v} (to inhale a larger quantity of air than usual, and immediately expel it)  :: seufzen
sight {n} (something worth seeing)  :: Sehenswürdigkeit, Gesicht {n}
sight {n} (device used in aiming a firearm)  :: Visier {n}
sight {v} (visually register)  :: sehen
sight {v} (get sight of)  :: erblicken
sight {v} (take aim at)  :: anvisieren
sight {n} (eyesight) SEE: eyesight  ::
sighthound {n} (sighthound)  :: Windhund {m}
sighting {n} (act of catching sight of something, especially something searched for)  :: Sichtung {f}
sightseeing {n} (tourism)  :: Sightseeing {n}, Tourismus {m}, Besichtigen {n} von Sehenswürdigkeiten, Besichtigung {f} von Sehenswürdigkeiten
sight translation {n} (act of translating a written text out loud)  :: Vom-Blatt-Übersetzung {f}, Stegreifübersetzung {f}
sigil {n} (seal, signature or signet)  :: Siegel {m}
sigillography {n} (study of seals and sigils)  :: Sphragistik {f}
sigma {n} (letter of the Greek alphabet)  :: Sigma {n}
sign {n} (visible indication)  :: Zeichen {n}, Anzeichen {n}
sign {n} (flat object bearing a message)  :: Schild {n}
sign {n} (meaningful gesture)  :: Gebärde {f}, Zeichen {n}
sign {n} (any of several specialized non-alphabetic symbols)  :: Zeichen {n}, Sonderzeichen {n}
sign {n} (positive or negative polarity)  :: Vorzeichen {n}
sign {n} (linguistic unit in sign language)  :: Gebärde {f}
sign {n} (sign language in general)  :: Gebärdensprache {f}, Zeichensprache {f}
sign {n} (omen)  :: Zeichen {n}, Vorzeichen {n}
sign {v} (to make (a document) official by writing one's signature)  :: unterzeichnen
sign {v} (to write one's signature on a document)  :: unterschreiben, unterschriften, unterzeichnen
sign {v} (to write one's signature somewhere)  :: unterschreiben, signieren
sign {v} (intransitive: to communicate using sign language)  :: gebärden
sign {v} (transitive: to communicate using sign language)  :: gebärden
sign {n} (astrological sign) SEE: astrological sign  ::
sign {n} (traffic sign) SEE: traffic sign  ::
signage {n} (Signs taken collectively)  :: Beschilderung {f}
signal {n} (sign made to give notice)  :: Signal {n}
signal {n} (device to give indication)  :: Signal {m}
signal {v} (to indicate)  :: signalisieren
signal aspect {n}  :: Signalbild {n}
signal crayfish {n} (Pacifastacus leniusculus)  :: Signalkrebs {m}
signal indication {n}  :: Signalbegriff {n}
signatory {n} (one who signs or signed)  :: Unterzeichner {m}, Unterzeichnerin {f}
signature {n} (person’s autograph name)  :: Unterschrift {f}
signboard {n} (a board carrying a sign)  :: Schild {n}, Tafel {f}
signet ring {n} (signet ring)  :: Siegelring {m}
significance {n} (extent to which something matters)  :: Bedeutung {f}, Signifikanz {f}
significance {n} (meaning)  :: Bedeutung {f}
significant {adj} (having noticeable effect)  :: signifikant, bedeutend
significantly {adv} (in a significant manner: notably)  :: wesentlich, beträchtlich
significant other {n} (romantic partner, regardless of marital status)  :: Lebensgefährte {m}, Lebensgefährtin {f}
signify {v} (to give something a meaning)  :: bedeuten
sign in {v} (log in) SEE: log in  ::
sign language {n} (sign language)  :: Gebärdensprache {f}
sign of the cross {n} (gesture)  :: Kreuzzeichen {n}; Bekreuzigung {f}
sign of the times {n} (symbol of an era)  :: Zeitzeichen {n}
signpost {n} (post bearing a sign that gives information on directions)  :: Signalposten {m}, Wegweiser {m}
signpost {v} (install signposts)  :: ausschildern
signum function {n} (function)  :: Signumfunktion {f}
sign up {v} (to add one's own name to the list of people who are participating in something)  :: anmelden
Sigrid {prop} (female given name)  :: Sigrid
Sikh {n} (an adherent of Sikhism)  :: Sikh {m}
Sikhism {prop} (religion)  :: Sikhismus {m}
silage {n} (fodder stored in a silo)  :: Silage {f}
silence {n} (lack of any sound)  :: Stille {f}, Schweigen {n} [when nobody talks]
silence {n} (Right to not speak during arrest)  :: Schweigen {n}
silence {v} (To suppress criticism)  :: zum Schweigen bringen
silence {interj} (common imperative instructing the addressed to remain silent)  :: Ruhe!
silence camp {n} (any of the NKVD special camps)  :: Schweigelager
silence is golden {proverb} (proverb)  :: Schweigen ist Gold, Reden ist Silber, Schweigen ist Gold
silencer {n} (attachment)  :: Schalldämpfer {m}
silent {adj} (free from sound or noise; absolutely still; perfectly quiet)  :: still, [verb "to be silent"] schweigen
silent {adj} (not speaking; indisposed to talk; speechless; mute; taciturn)  :: schweigsam
silent {adj} (keeping at rest; inactive; calm; undisturbed)  :: still
silent {adj} (not pronounced; having no sound; quiescent)  :: stumm
silent {adj} (to refrain from speaking) SEE: be silent  ::
silent as the grave {adj} (to say absolutely nothing)  :: wie ein Grab schweigen (be silent like a grave)
silent film {n} (film without sound)  :: Stummfilm {m}
Silesia {prop} (region)  :: Schlesien {n}
Silesian {adj} (of or pertaining to Silesia)  :: schlesisch
Silesian {n} (Slavic language)  :: Schlesisch {n}, Schlonsakisch {n}, Wasserpolnisch {n}, Wasserpolackisch {n}
Silesian {n} (inhabitant of Silesia)  :: Schlesier {m}, Schlesierin {f}, Schlonsake {m}, Schlonsakin, Wasserpole {m}, Wasserpolin {f}, Wasserpolack {m}, Wasserpolacke {m}, Wasserpolackin {f}
Silesian German {prop} (West Germanic language)  :: Schlesisch
silhouette {n} (representation of the outlines of an object filled in with a black color)  :: Silhouette {f}, Schattenriss {m}
silica gel {n} (granular form of silica)  :: Kieselgel {n}
silicate {n} (salt or mineral)  :: Silikat {n}
siliceous {adj} (relating to silica)  :: kieselhaltig, kieselartig, Kiesel-
silicic acid {n} (any of a range of hydrates of silica)  :: Kieselsäure {f}
silicon {n} (non-metallic element)  :: Silizium {n}, Silicium {n} (professional jargon)
silicon dioxide {n} (SiO2)  :: Siliciumdioxid {n}, Siliziumdioxid {n}
silicone {n} (any of a class of inert compounds of silicon)  :: Silikon {n}
siliconized {adj} (coated with silicone)  :: silikonisiert
Silicon Valley {prop} (nickname for region in San Francisco)  :: Silicon Valley {n}, Silizium-Tal {n}
silk {n} (fiber)  :: Seide {f}
silk {n} (fabric)  :: Seide {f}
silken {adj} (made of silk)  :: seiden
silken {adj} (having a texture like silk)  :: seiden
Silk Road {prop} (Silk Road)  :: Seidenstraße {f}
silk-screen printing {n} (screen printing) SEE: screen printing  ::
silkworm {n} (caterpillar)  :: Seidenspinner {m}, Seidenraupe {f}
silky {adj} (similar in texture or appearance to silk)  :: seidig, seidenweich
sill {n} (base of a window)  :: Fensterbank {f}, Sims {m} {n}
sill {n} (horizontal member bearing the upright portion of a frame)  :: Schwelle {f}
sill {n} (layer of igneous rock)  :: Lagergang {m}, Sill {m}
silly {adj} (foolish, showing a lack of good sense and wisdom)  :: doof
silly {adj} (playful, giggly)  :: albern
silly goose {n} (silly person)  :: dumme Gans {f}
silly season {n} (period when news media tend to place increased emphasis on reporting bizarre stories)  :: Sommerloch {n}, Sauregurkenzeit {f}
silo {n} (vertical building for storing grain)  :: Silo {m}, Kornspeicher {m}
silo {n} (underground bunker)  :: Raketensilo {m} {n}
silovik {n} (former member of the security services and the military, any power structure (Russia))  :: Silowik {m}
silt {n} (fine earth deposited by water)  :: Schlamm {m}, Schlick {m}, Schluff {m}
silver {n} (metal)  :: Silber {n}
silver {adj} (made from silver)  :: silbern
silver {adj} (having a color/colour like silver)  :: silbern, silberfarbig, silberfarben, silbrig
silver ball {n} (pinball) SEE: pinball  ::
silver bullet {n} (solution perceived to have great effectiveness or bring miraculous results)  :: Königsweg {m}
silver carp {n} (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix)  :: Silberkarpfen {m}
silver fir {n} (Abies alba)  :: Weißtanne {f}, Weißtanne {f}
silverfish {n} (type of bristletail)  :: Silberfisch {m}, Silberfischchen {n}, Zuckergast {m}
silver fox {n} (fox with pale yellow fur)  :: Silberfuchs {m}, Silberfüchsin {f}
silver goal {n} (first goal scored during the first half of extra time)  :: Silver Goal {n}
silver medal {n} (medal made of, or having the colour of, silver)  :: Silbermedaille {f}
silvern {adj} (made from silver) SEE: silver  ::
silver paper {n} (aluminium foil)  :: Silberpapier {n}
silverside {n} (fish of the family Atherinidae)  :: Ährenfisch {m}
silversmith {n} (person who makes articles out of silver)  :: Silberschmied {m}, Silberschmiedin {f}, Gold- und Silberschmied {m}, Gold- und Silberschmiedin {f}
silver sulfide {n} (Ag2S)  :: Silbersulfid {n}
silverware {n} ((US) knives, forks and spoons)  :: Tafelsilber {n}, Essbesteck {n}
silver wedding {n} (anniversary celebration)  :: Silberhochzeit {f}, silberne Hochzeit {f}
silvery {adj} (resembling silver)  :: silbrig
silvery-cheeked antshrike {n} (Sakesphorus cristatus)  :: Silberwangen-Ameisenwürger {m}
Silvia {prop} (female given name)  :: Silvia, Sylvia
silviculture {n} (forestry)  :: Waldbau {m}, Forstwissenschaft {f}
Silvius {prop} (male given name)  :: Silvio {m}, Sylvio {m}
SIM card {n} (small, removable card which stores mobile phone data)  :: SIM-Karte {f}
Simferopol {prop} (city)  :: Simferopol {n}
similar {adj} (Having traits or characteristics in common; alike, comparable)  :: ähnlich, vergleichbar
similarity {n} (closeness)  :: Ähnlichkeit {f}
similarly {adv} (in a similar style or manner)  :: ähnlich
simile {n} (figure of speech in which one thing is compared to another)  :: Vergleich {m}
simmer {v} ((intransitive) to cook or undergo heating slowly)  :: sieden, köcheln
simmer {v} ((transitive) to cause to cook or undergo heating slowly)  :: sieden, köcheln
Simon {prop} (biblical characters)  :: Simon
Simon {prop} (male given name)  :: Simon
Simone {prop} (female given name)  :: Simone {f}
simony {n} (act of buying and selling ecclesiastical offices and pardons)  :: Simonie {f}, Ämterkauf {m}
simoom {n} (hot, dry wind)  :: Samum {m}
simper {v} (To smile in a frivolous manner)  :: verschmitzt lachen
simple {adj} (uncomplicated)  :: einfach, simpel
simple {adj} (simple-minded)  :: einfach, simpel
simpleness {n} (property of being simple)  :: Einfachheit {f}
simple past {n} (the simple past tense)  :: Präteritum {n}
simple present {n} (present tense)  :: Gegenwart
simple sentence {n} (sentence containing one independent clause and no dependent clause)  :: einfacher Satz {m}
simpleton {n} (simple person lacking common sense)  :: Einfaltspinsel {m}
simplex {n} (an analogue in any dimension of the triangle or tetrahedron)  :: Simplex {n}
simplex {n} (a simple word)  :: Simplex {n}
simplicial {adj} (having to do with simplices)  :: simplizial
simplicity {n} (quality or state of being simple, unmixed, or uncompounded; as, the simplicity of metals or of earths)  :: Einfachheit {f}
simplification {n} (act of simplifying)  :: Vereinfachung {f}
Simplified Chinese {prop} (Chinese written using simplified characters)  :: vereinfachtes Chinesisch {n}
Simplified Chinese {prop} (simplified characters)  :: Kurzzeichen {n}
simplify {v} (to make simpler)  :: vereinfachen
simplify {v} (to become simpler)  :: sich vereinfachen
simply {adv} (in a simple manner)  :: einfach
simulacrum {n} (faint trace)  :: Scheinbild {n}
simulate {v} (to model, replicate, duplicate the behavior)  :: simulieren, nachahmen
simulation {n} (something which simulates)  :: Simulation {f}
simulation {n} (process of simulating)  :: Simulation {f}
simulation {n} (soccer: attempt of feigning a foul)  :: Schwalbe {f}
simulator {n} (machine or system)  :: Simulator {m}
simultaneity {n} (the quality or state of being simultaneous)  :: Gleichzeitigkeit {f}, Simultanität {f}
simultaneous {adj} (occurring at the same time)  :: gleichzeitig, simultan
simultaneously {adv} (occurring at the same time)  :: gleichzeitig
simultaneousness {n} (the quality or state of being simultaneous)  :: Gleichzeitigkeit {f}, Simultanität {f}
sin {n} (violation of religious law)  :: Sünde {f}
sin {n} (misdeed)  :: Sünde {f}
sin {v} (to commit a sin)  :: sündigen
Sinai {prop} (peninsula)  :: Sinai-Halbinsel {f}
Sinai {prop} (mountain)  :: Sinai {m}
since {adv} (from a specified time in the past)  :: seitdem, seither
since {prep} (from (time))  :: seit
since {conj} (from the time that)  :: seitdem
since {conj} (because)  :: weil, da
sincere {adj} (earnest)  :: aufrichtig
sincereness {n} (sincerity) SEE: sincerity  ::
sincerity {n} (quality of being sincere)  :: Aufrichtigkeit {f}, Ehrlichkeit {f}
since when {adv} (from what time)  :: seit wann
Sindhi {prop} (language)  :: Sindhi {n}
sine {n} (trigonometric function)  :: Sinus {m}
sinecure {n} (a position that requires no work but still gives a payment)  :: Sinekure {f}
Sinemurian {n} (subdivision of the Jurassic period)  :: Sinemurium
sine qua non {n} (prerequisite)  :: absolute Notwendigkeit {f}, notwendige Bedingung {f}, unerlässliche Voraussetzung {f}, Conditio sine qua non {f}
sinew {n} (tendon) SEE: tendon  ::
sinful {adj} (evil) SEE: evil  ::
sinful {adj} (constituting sin)  :: sündig
sing {v} (to produce harmonious sounds with one’s voice)  :: singen
sing along {v} (sing at the same time)  :: mitsingen
Singapore {prop} (Republic of Singapore)  :: Singapur {n}
Singaporean {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Singapore)  :: singapurisch
Singaporean {n} (a person from Singapore)  :: Singapurer {m}, Singapurerin {f}
Singapore dollar {n} (official currency of Singapore)  :: Singapur-Dollar {m}
singe {v} (to burn slightly)  :: ansengen, versengen
singer {n} (person who sings)  :: Sänger {m}; [female] Sängerin {f}; [diminutive] Sängerlein {n}
Singer {prop} (surname)  :: Singer
singeress {n} (songstress) SEE: songstress  ::
singer-songwriter {n} (singer-songwriter)  :: Singer-Songwriter {m}, Singer-Songwriterin {f}, Liedermacher {m}, Liedermacherin {f}
singing {n} (the act of using the voice to produce musical sounds; vocalizing)  :: Singen {n}, Gesang {m}
single {adj} (not accompanied by anything else)  :: einzeln, einzig, allein
single {adj} (not divided in parts)  :: einzig, einheitlich, vereint, gemeinsam
single {adj} (designed for the use of only one)  :: einzel
single {adj} (not married nor dating)  :: ledig, unverheiratet, alleinstehend, single, solo
single {n} (45 RPM vinyl record)  :: Single {f}
single {n} (popular song)  :: Single {f}, Singleauskopplung {f}
single {n} (one who is not married)  :: Alleinstehender {m}, Alleinstehende {f}, [dating jargon] Solomann {m}, [dating jargon] Solofrau {f}, Junggeselle {m}, Junggesellin {f}, [obsolete] Jungfrau {f}, [obsolete] Hagestolz {m}, Single {m}
single {n} (bill valued at $1)  :: Einer {m}
single {n} (one-way ticket) SEE: one-way ticket  ::
single {v} (farming: to thin out) SEE: thin out  ::
single celled {adj} (consisting of one cell) SEE: unicellular  ::
single-chain {adj} (having only a single chain of carbon atoms)  :: einkettig
single-click {n} (action or event of pushing mouse-button once)  :: Einzelklick {m}
single-handedly {adv} (alone; without assistance; by oneself)  :: eigenhändig
single-lens reflex {n} (of a camera allowing one to view through the same lens used to take a photograph)  :: Spiegelreflexkamera {f}
single market {n} (a trade bloc)  :: Binnenmarkt {m}
single-minded {adj} (intensely focused)  :: unbeirrbar
single mother {n} (a woman raising a child on her own)  :: alleinerziehende Mutter {f}
single responsibility principle {prop} (programming principle)  :: Eine-Verantwortlichkeit-Prinzip {n}, Single-Responsibility-Prinzip {n}
single room {n} (a hotel room with one single bed)  :: Einzelzimmer {n}
singlet {n} (sleeveless shirt)  :: Unterhemd {n}
single ticket {n} (one-way ticket) SEE: one-way ticket  ::
singleton {n} (computing: class)  :: Singleton {n}
singleton {n} (math: set)  :: einelementige Menge {f}, Einermenge {f}
singleton pattern {n} (software: design pattern)  :: Singleton {n}
single transferable vote {n} (voting system)  :: übertragbare Einzelstimmgebung
singly even {adj} (singly even)  :: einzeln gerade
singular {adj} (being only one of larger population)  :: einzeln
singular {adj} (being the only one of a kind)  :: einzigartig
singular {adj} (distinguished by superiority)  :: einzigartig
singular {adj} (being out of the ordinary)  :: ungewöhnlich
singular {adj} (linear algebra: of matrix: having no inverse)  :: singulär
singular {n} (grammar: form of a word that refers to only one thing)  :: Einzahl {f}, Singular {m}
singulare tantum {n} (grammar, noun having the singular form only)  :: Singularetantum {n}, Singularwort {n}
singularity {n} (peculiar state or occurrence)  :: Eigenheit {f}
singularity {n} (point where infinite value is reached)  :: Singularität {f}
singularity {n} (mathematics: value for which a derivative does not exist)  :: Singularität {f}
singularity {n} (physics: point of infinite density)  :: Singularität {f}
singular value decomposition {n} (linear algebra: type of factorisation of a matrix)  :: Singulärwertzerlegung {f}
Sinhala {prop} (Sinhalese) SEE: Sinhalese  ::
Sinhalese {adj} (of or pertaining to Sri Lanka)  :: singhalesisch
Sinhalese {n} (Sinhalese person)  :: Singhalese {m}, Singhalesin {f}
Sinhalese {prop} (the language)  :: Singhalesisch {n}
sinicization {n} (process of sinicising)  :: Sinisierung {f}, Sinifizierung {f}
sinister {adj} (ominous)  :: sinister
sinister {adj} (evil)  :: böse
sinister {adj} (of the left)  :: sinister, links, linksseitig
sinister {adj} (heraldic "left")  :: linker {m}
sinistromanual {adj} (left-handed) SEE: left-handed  ::
Sinitic {adj} (relating to the group of Chinese languages)  :: sinitisch, chinesisch
sink {v} (descend into liquid, etc)  :: sinken
sink {v} (push (something) into)  :: senken, versenken
sink {n} (basin)  :: Waschbecken {n}
sink {n} (wastewater drain)  :: Abfluss {m}
sink {n} (sinkhole) SEE: sinkhole  ::
sinker {n} (weight used in fishing)  :: Bleigewicht {n} [lead sinker]
sinkhole {n} (geology: hole formed in soluble rock)  :: Doline {f}
Sinkiang {prop} (Xinjiang) SEE: Xinjiang  ::
sinking ship {n} (something doomed)  :: sinkendes Schiff {n}
sinless {adj} (without sin)  :: sündenfrei, sündenlos
sinner {n} (person who has sinned)  :: Sünder {m}, Sünderin {f}
Sino- {prefix} (relating to China or Chinese)  :: sino-, Chinesisch-
Sinocentrism {n} (belief that China is the center of the Earth)  :: Sinozentrismus {m}
sinologist {n} (a student, or expert in sinology)  :: Sinologe {m}, Sinologin {f}
sinology {n} (Chinese studies) SEE: Chinese studies  ::
Sinophobia {n} (the fear of China or Chinese)  :: Sinophobie {f}
Sinophone {adj} (speaking Chinese)  :: chinesischsprachig
Sinophone {n} (a speaker of Chinese)  :: Chinesischsprachiger {m}, Chinesischsprachige {f}
Sino-Tibetan {adj} (related to Chinese and Tibetan)  :: sinotibetisch
sinter {v} (to compact and heat a powder to form a solid mass)  :: sintern
sintering {n} (A process in which the particles of a powder are welded together by pressure and heating to a temperature below its melting point)  :: Sintern {n}
sinuosity {n} (the property of being sinuous)  :: Windungen {f}
sinuous {adj} (having curves in alternate directions; meandering)  :: kurvenreich, gewunden
sinus {n} (pouch or cavity in any organ or tissue)  :: Sinus {m}, [paranasal] Nasennebenhöhle {f}
sinus {n}  :: Nasennebenhöhle {f}
sinusitis {n} (inflammation)  :: Sinusitis {f}
sinusoid {n} (sine curve)  :: Sinuskurve {f}
sinusoid {n} (anatomy: channel for venous blood)  :: Sinusoid {n}
Sion {prop} (capital of Valais, a canton in Switzerland)  :: Sitten
sip {v} (To drink slowly, small mouthfuls at a time)  :: nippen
siphon {n} (a bent pipe or tube with one end lower than the other)  :: Heber {m}
sir {n} (address to any male, especially if his name or proper address is unknown)  :: Herr {m}, mein Herr {m} (my lord)
siren {n} (nymph of Greek mythology)  :: Sirene {f}
siren {n} (device for making a sound alarm)  :: Sirene {f}
Sirius {prop}  :: Sirius {m}
sirloin {n} (cut of beef)  :: (UK) Roastbeef {n}, (US) Rumpsteak {n}
sirocco {n} (wind)  :: Scirocco {m}, Schirokko {m}
sirup {n} (syrup) SEE: syrup  ::
sis {n} (sister)  :: Schwesterchen {n}
siskin {n} (small European finch) SEE: Eurasian siskin  ::
sissy {n} (an effeminate boy or man)  :: Tunte {f}
sissy {n} (a timid, unassertive or cowardly person)  :: Weichling {m}, Weichei {n}, Schlappschwanz {m}, Memme {f}
sissy {n} (sister) SEE: sis  ::
sister {n} (woman or girl having the same parents)  :: Schwester {f}
sister {n} (a nun; a female member of a religious community)  :: Schwester {f}, Nonne {f}
sister {n} (senior nurse)  :: Schwester {f}, Krankenschwester {f}
sister {n} (any woman or girl with whom a bond is felt)  :: Schwester {f}
sister {n} (form of address to a woman)  :: Schwester {f}
sister {n} (attributively: of an entity that has a special relationship with another)  :: Schwester-, Partner-
sister city {n} (city in a relationship of cordiality)  :: Partnerstadt {f}
sister-in-law {n} (wife's sister)  :: Schwägerin {f}
sister-in-law {n} (husband's sister)  :: Schwägerin {f}
sister-in-law {n} (brother's wife)  :: Schwägerin {f}
sister-in-law {n} (wife's brother's wife)  :: Schwägerin {f}
sister-in-law {n} (husband's brother's wife)  :: Schwägerin {f}
sisterly {adj} (of or characteristic of a sister or sisters)  :: schwesterlich, geschwisterlich
sisterly {adv} (like a sister)  :: schwesterlich, geschwisterlich
Sisyphism {n} (infinite labor that produces nothing)  :: Sisyphusarbeit {f}
Sisyphus {prop} (figure)  :: Sisyphos {m}
sit {v} (of a person, be in a position in which the upper body is upright and the legs are supported)  :: sitzen
sit {v} (move oneself into such a position)  :: sich setzen, sich hinsetzen
sit {v} (of an object: occupy a given position permanently)  :: liegen
sit {v} (to be a member of a deliberative body)  :: sitzen, angehören
sitar {n} (musical instrument)  :: Sitar {f}
sit back {v} (to recline while still in a seated position)  :: sich zurücklehnen
sit back {v} (to relax, to not exert oneself)  :: sich zurücklehnen
sitcom {n} (situation comedy, see also: situation comedy)  :: Sitcom {f}
sit down {v} (to assume a sitting position from a standing position)  :: sich setzen
site {n} (place where anything is fixed; situation; local position)  :: Standort {m}
site {n} (a website)  :: Webseite {f}, Website {f}, Webpräsenz {f}
site map {n} (webpage that lists the contents of a website)  :: Sitemap {f}
sit-in {n} (type of protest)  :: Sitzblockade {f}
sitting {n} (a period during which one is seated for a specific purpose)  :: Sitzung {f}
sitting {n} (a legislative session)  :: Sitzung {f}
sitting {n} (the act (of a bird) of incubating eggs; the clutch of eggs under a brooding bird)  :: Brüten {n}
sitting room {n} (living room) SEE: living room  ::
situated {adj} (located in a specific place)  :: gelegen
situation {n} (position vis-à-vis surroundings)  :: Lage {f}
situation {n} (location)  :: Lage {f}, Ort {m}, Platz {m}
situation {n} (one's status with regard to circumstances)  :: Lage {f}, Situation {f}, Zustand {m}
situation {n} (state of affairs)  :: Situation {f}
situation {n} (position of employment)  :: Stellung {f}
situation comedy {n} (episodic comedy television program, see also: sitcom)  :: Situationskomik {f}
situationism {n} (school of thought)  :: Situationismus, Personismus {m}
sit up {v} (to rise to a sitting position)  :: sich aufsetzen
six {num} (cardinal number)  :: sechs
six {n} (digit)  :: Sechs {f}
six {n}  :: Sechs {f}
six o'clock {n} (the start of the seventh hour)  :: sechs Uhr
six of one, half a dozen of the other {proverb} (two alternatives are equivalent or indifferent)  :: Jacke wie Hose [jacket (is) like pants]
six pack {n} (set of six beverage cans)  :: Sechserpack {n}
six pack {n} (bodybuilding: highly developed set of abdominal muscles)  :: Waschbrettbauch {m}, sex
six-pack {n} (set of six beverage cans)  :: Sechserpack {n}
six-pack {n} (highly developed set of abdominal muscles)  :: Waschbrettbauch {m}
six perfections {n} (six virtues in Mahayana Buddhism)  :: sechs Tugenden, sechs Vollkommenheiten
six-sided {adj} (having six sides)  :: sechsseitig
sixteen {num} (cardinal number 16)  :: sechzehn
sixteenth {num} (the ordinal form of the number sixteen)  :: sechzehnte
sixteenth {n} (one of sixteen equal parts of a whole)  :: Sechzehntel {n}
sixteenthly {adv} (in the sixteenth place)  :: sechzehntens
sixteenth note {n} (sixteenth note) SEE: semiquaver  ::
sixth {adj} (ordinal form of the number six)  :: sechste
sixth {n} (person or thing in sixth place)  :: Sechster {m}
sixth {n} (one of six equal parts of a whole)  :: Sechstel {n}
sixth {n} (interval)  :: Sexte {f}
sixth form {n} (final two years of secondary schooling)  :: Sekundarstufe II
sixth sense {n} (extrasensory perception)  :: sechster Sinn {m}
sixties {n} (decade of the 1960s)  :: sechziger Jahre {n-p}, Sechziger {p}
sixtieth {adj} (the ordinal form of the number sixty)  :: sechzigste
sixtieth {n} (person or thing in the sixtieth position)  :: sechzigste
sixtieth {n} (one of sixty equal parts of a whole)  :: sechzigste
sixty {num} (cardinal number)  :: sechzig {f}
sixty-eight {num} (cardinal number)  :: achtundsechzig
sixty-first {num} (ordinal number)  :: einundsechzigste
sixty-five {num} (cardinal number)  :: fünfundsechzig
sixty-four {num} (cardinal number)  :: vierundsechzig
sixty-nine {n} (cardinal number)  :: neunundsechzig
sixty-nine {n} (sex position)  :: Neunundsechzig {f}
sixty-one {num} (cardinal number)  :: einundsechzig
sixty-second {num} (ordinal number)  :: zweiundsechzigste
sixty-seven {num} (cardinal number)  :: siebenundsechzig
sixty-six {num} (cardinal number)  :: sechsundsechzig
sixty-three {num} (cardinal number)  :: dreiundsechzig
sixty-two {num} (cardinal number)  :: zweiundsechzig
size {n} (dimensions or magnitude of a thing)  :: Größe {f}
size {n} (a specific set of dimensions for clothing)  :: Größe {f}, Kleidergröße {f}, Konfektionsgröße {f}
sizzle {v} (to make the sound of water hitting a hot surface)  :: zischen
sizzle {n} (the sound of water hitting a hot surface)  :: Zischen {n}
skald {n} (a Nordic poet of the Viking Age)  :: Skalde
skandha {n} (any of the five aspects constituting the sentient being in Buddhism)  :: skandha
skate {n} (ice skate or roller skate)  :: Schlittschuh {m}, Rollschuh {m}
skate {n} (act of skateboarding)  :: Skateboardfahren {n}, Skateboarden {n}
skate {n} (act of skating or ice skating)  :: Schlittschuhlaufen {n}, Eislaufen {n}, Eislauf {m}
skate {v} (to move along a surface (ice or ground) using skates)  :: Schlittschuh laufen
skate {n} (fish of family Rajidae)  :: Skat {m}
skateboard {n} (platform on wheels)  :: Skateboard {n}
skater {n} (person who skates)  :: Schlittschuhläufer {m}, Schlittschuhläuferin {f}
skater {n} (ice hockey: player other than goaltender)  :: Feldspieler {m}
skater {n} (insect) SEE: water strider  ::
skating {n} (action or sport)  :: Schlittschuhlaufen {n}, Skaten {n}, Eislaufen {n}
skating rink {n} (frozen surface for skating)  :: Eisbahn {f}
skating rink {n} (roller skating rink)  :: Rollschuhbahn {f}
skedaddle {v} (move or run away quickly)  :: abhauen, türmen
skeeter {n} (mosquito) SEE: mosquito  ::
skeg {n} (Rudder-supporting structure)  :: scheg
skein {n} (quantity of yarn)  :: Strang {m}
skein {n} (zoology: wild fowl in flight)  :: Schar {f}
skein {n} (winning streak) SEE: winning streak  ::
skeletal {adj} (of, or relating to the skeleton)  :: skelettal, Skelett-, Knochen-, skelett-
skeleton {n} (system that provides support to an organism)  :: Skelett {n}, Gerippe {n}
skeleton {n} (frame that provides support to a building)  :: Rohbau {m}
skeleton {n} (very thin person)  :: Haut und Knochen
skeleton {n} (type of tobogganing)  :: Skeleton {n}
skeleton {n} (computing: client-helper procedure)  :: Skeleton {n}
skeleton in the closet {n} (shameful secret) SEE: skeleton in the cupboard  ::
skeleton in the cupboard {n} (shameful secret)  :: eine Leiche im Keller {f}, Dreck am Stecken {m}
skeptic {n} (someone who habitually doubts beliefs and claims)  :: Skeptiker {m}, Skeptikerin {f}
skeptical {adj} (having, or expressing doubt)  :: skeptisch
skeptical {adj} (related to skepticism)  :: skeptisch
skepticism {n} (general disposition to doubt)  :: Skeptizismus {m}, Skepsis {f}
sketch {v}  :: skizzieren
sketch {n} (quick freehand drawing)  :: Skizze {f}
sketch {n} (brief musical, dramatic or literary work etc.)  :: Sketch {m}
sketch {n} (lookout) SEE: lookout  ::
sketchbook {n} (book or pad with blank pages for sketching)  :: Skizzenbuch {n}
sketchy {adj} (Roughly or hastily laid out; intended for later refinement)  :: skizzenhaft
skew {adj} (neither perpendicular nor parallel)  :: schräg, schief, windschief
skewed {adj} (twisted at an angle)  :: verdreht, verzogen, abgeschrägt, schräg, schief
skewed {adj} (biased, distorted)  :: verzerrt, voreingenommen, gefärbt, parteiisch, unausgewogen, tendenziös, eingenommen, befangen
skewer {n} (pin used to secure food during cooking)  :: Spieß {m}, Spießchen {n}
skewer {v} (to impale on a skewer)  :: aufspießen
ski {n} (one of a pair of long flat runners designed for gliding over snow)  :: Ski {m}, Schi {m}
ski {v} (to move on skis)  :: Ski fahren, Ski laufen
skid {n} (ski shaped runner or supporting surface as found on an aircraft)  :: Kufe {f}
skid {v} (to slide in an uncontrolled manner)  :: (weg-)rutschen, schleudern (in case of a car)
skid mark {n} (black mark left on a road surface from tires)  :: Bremsspur {f}
skidmark {n} (black mark left on a road surface from tires)  :: Bremsspur {f}
skidmark {n} (visible stain left on underpants)  :: Bremsspur {f}
skier {n} (someone who practices skiing)  :: Skifahrer {m}, Skifahrerin {f}
skiff {n} (Any of various types of boats small enough for sailing or rowing by one person)  :: Skiff {n}
skiing {n} (sport or activity)  :: Schifahren {n}, Skifahren {n}
ski jumper {n} (someone who competes in ski jumping)  :: Skispringer {m}, Skispringerin {f}
ski jumping {n} (a winter sport)  :: Skispringen {n}
skilful {adj} (possessing skill, skilled)  :: geschickt, gewandt
skill {n} (capacity to do something well)  :: Fähigkeit {f}, Fertigkeit {f}, Geschicklichkeit {f}, Kunst {f}, Talent {n}
skilled {adj} (having or showing skill)  :: geschickt, gekonnt, gewandt
skilled {adj} (requiring special abilities or training)  :: fachlich ausgebildet, fachlich unterwiesen, fachlich trainiert
skilled {adj}  :: erfahren
skillet {n} (pan for frying)  :: Bratpfanne {f}
skillful {adj} (possessing skill)  :: geschickt, gewandt
skim {v} (throw an object so it bounces on water)  :: übers Wasser hüpfen lassen
skim {v} (ricochet)  :: abprallen
skim {v} (read quickly, skipping some detail)  :: überfliegen
skim {v} (scrape off; remove (something) from a surface)  :: abschöpfen, abstreichen
skimmed milk {n} (skim milk) SEE: skim milk  ::
skim milk {n} (milk with removed cream)  :: entrahmte Milch {f}, Magermilch {f}
skimp {v} (to slight; to do carelessly; to scamp)  :: nachlässig erledigen, [colloquial] schludern
skimp {v} (to make insufficient allowance for; to scant; to scrimp)  :: knausern
skimp {v} (to save; to be parsimonious or stingy)  :: knapp halten, [colloquial] knausern
skin {n} (outer covering of the body of a person or animal)  :: Haut {f}
skin {n} (the outer protective layer of any plant or animal)  :: Fell {n}
skin {n} (image used as the background of graphical user interface)  :: Design {n}
skin {v} (to injure the skin of)  :: aufschürfen
skin {v} (to remove the skin of)  :: häuten
skin and bones {n} (emaciated; very skinny)  :: Haut und Knochen
skin cancer {n} (malignant growth on the skin)  :: Hautkrebs {m}
skin color {n} (color of human skin)  :: Hautfarbe {f}, Teint {m}
skin color {n} (ethnicity)  :: Hautfarbe {f}
skinflint {n} (one who is excessively stingy or cautious with money)  :: Geizhals {m}, Geizkragen {m}, Knauser {m}, Knauserin {f}, Knicker {m}, Knickerin {f}, Pfennigfuchser {m}, Pfennigfuchserin {f}
skinhead {n} (member of skinhead subculture)  :: Skinhead {m}
skinny {adj} (thin)  :: mager
skinny-dip {v} (swim in the nude)  :: nackt baden
skinny-dipper {n} (someone who swims in the nude)  :: Nacktbader {m}, Nacktbaderin {f}
skinny dipping {n} (practice of swimming in the nude)  :: Nacktbaden {n}
skint {adj} (penniless, poor, impecunious, broke)  :: abgebrannt
skip {v} (to move by hopping on alternate feet)  :: hüpfen, hopsen
skip {v} (to leap about lightly)  :: springen
skip {v} (to skim, ricochet or bounce over a surface)  :: springen, hüpfen
skip {v} (to omit or disregard intermediate items or stages)  :: weglassen, überspringen
skip {v} (not to attend)  :: schwänzen
skip {n} (leaping, jumping or skipping movement)  :: Hüpfer {m}, Hopser {m}, Sprung {m}
skip {n} (An open-topped rubbish bin)  :: Container {m}
skipper {n} (master of a ship)  :: Schiffer {m}, Kapitän {m}, Schiffskapitän {m}
skipper {n} (captain of sports team)  :: Kapitän {m}, Teamkapitän, Teamchef {m}
skipping rope {n} (rope for play or exercise)  :: Springseil {n}, Sprungseil {n}
skip rope {n} (rope used) SEE: skipping rope  ::
skip rope {v} (to jump over a rope) SEE: jump rope  ::
ski resort {n} (resort for skiers)  :: Skigebiet {n}, Skiort {m}
skirmish {n} (brief battle between small groups)  :: Scharmützel {n}, Geplänkel {n}
skirmish {n} (minor dispute)  :: Wortgeplänkel {n}
skirmisher {n} (soldier)  :: Scharmützler, Plänkler
skirt {n} (clothing)  :: Rock {m}
skirt {n} (part of dress)  :: Rock {m}
skirt {n} (something resembling a skirt)  :: Rock {m}, Schurz {m}
skirt {n} (slang for woman)  :: Rock {m}, Weiberrock {m}
skirt {n} (border)  :: Saum {m}
skirt {v} (to be on or from the border of)  :: umgehen, umrunden
skirt {v}  :: säumen
skirt chaser {n} (man who seeks out female companionship)  :: Schürzenjäger {m}
skirting board {n} (panel between floor and interior wall)  :: Scheuerleiste {f}
ski school {n} (place where skiing lessons are taught)  :: Skischule {f}
skit {n} (comedy)  :: [art] Darbietung, Parodie {f}, Satire {f}, Seitenhieb {m}, Spott {m}
skit {v} (poke fun)  :: verspotten
ski track {n} (trail from/for skis)  :: Loipe {f}, Skipiste {f}, Piste {f}
skitrack {n} (ski track) SEE: ski track  ::
skitter {v} (to move hurriedly)  :: huschen
skive {v} (To slack off)  :: schwänzen
Skolt Sami {prop} (language)  :: Skoltsamisch
Skopje {prop} (Macedonia) SEE: Macedonia  ::
Skopje {prop} (capital of Macedonia)  :: Skopje {n}
skua {n} (predatory seabird of the family Stercorariidae)  :: Raubmöwe {f}, Skua {f}
skull {n} (cranium)  :: Schädel {m}, Kranium {n}
skull {n} (death's-head, skull)  :: Totenkopf {m}
skull and crossbones {n} (symbol of death)  :: Totenkopf {m}
skullcap {n} (cap that covers the area from the forehead to just above the back of the neck)  :: Kippa {f}, Schädeldecke {f}, Scheitelkäppchen {n}
skullcap {n} (flowering plant)  :: Helmkraut {n}
skunk {n} (animal)  :: Stinktier {n}, Skunk {m}
skunk {n} (skunkweed) SEE: marijuana  ::
sky {n} (atmosphere above a point)  :: Himmel {m}
sky {n} (specific view, condition)  :: Luft {f}, Himmel {m}
sky {n} (heaven)  :: Luft {f}, Himmel {m}
sky blue {adj} (colour)  :: himmelblau, azurblau
sky blue {n} (colour)  :: Himmelblau {n}
sky burial {n} (a Tibetan funeral practice)  :: Himmelsbestattung {f}
skyclad {adj} (nude) SEE: nude  ::
skydive {n} (an instance of skydiving)  :: Fallschirmsprung {m}
skydive {v} (be in freefall)  :: Fallschirm springen
skydiver {n} (someone who skydives)  :: Fallschirmspringer {m}, Fallschirmspringerin {f}
skydiving {n} (jumping out of an aircraft and freefalling)  :: Fallschirmspringen {n}, Skydiving {n}
sky-high {adj} (extremely tall)  :: himmelhoch
sky-high {adj} (excessive, exorbitant)  :: himmelhoch
skyhook {n} (imaginary hook suspended in the air)  :: Skyhook {m}
skyhook {n} (helicopter that lifts and transports heavy objects)  :: Skyhook {m}
skylark {n} (small brown passerine bird)  :: [♂♀] Feldlerche {f}, [♂] Feldlerchenmännchen {n}, [♀] Feldlerchenweibchen {n}, [♂♀] Lerche {f}, [♂] Lerchenmännchen {n}, [♀] Lerchenweibchen {n}
skylight {n} (opening in the roof)  :: Dachluke {f}, Dachfenster {n}, Dachflächenfenster {n}
skyline {n} (horizon) SEE: horizon  ::
skyline {n} (silhouette against city or buildings)  :: Horizont {m}, Silhouette {f}, Skyline {f}
skype {v} (make a Skype telephone call)  :: skypen
skyrocket {n} (pocket) SEE: pocket  ::
skyrocket {n} (type of firework)  :: Feuerwerksrakete {f}
skyrocket {v} (to increase suddenly and extremely)  :: emporschnellen, hochschnellen, explodieren
skyscraper {n} (tall building)  :: Wolkenkratzer {m}, Hochhaus {n}
skywards {adv} (In the direction of the sky)  :: himmelwärts
skywriter {n} (one who does skywriting)  :: Himmelsschreiber {m}, Himmelsschreiberin {f}
skywriting {n} (messages, left by leaving a trail of smoke from an airplane)  :: Himmelsschreiben {n} [in general], Himmelsschrift {f} [specifically the writing]
slab {n} (flat piece of material)  :: Scheibe {f}, Platte {f}, Tafel {f}, Bodenelement {n}, Wandelement {n}
slab {n} (paving stone)  :: Fliese {f}, Platte {f}, Steinplatte {f}, Fliesenplatte {f}, Gehwegplatte {f}, Steinfliese {f}, Bodenplatte {f}, Bodenfliese {f}, Pflasterstein {m}
slabstone {n} (flagstone) SEE: flagstone  ::
slack {n} (small coal, coal dust)  :: Schlacke {f}
slack {adj} (not tense)  :: schlaff
slack {adj} (weak)  :: schlaff
slack {adj} (not using due diligence or care)  :: trödelig, schlampig, schlampig; lasch
slack {v} (to procrastinate)  :: trödeln, bummeln, faulenzen, faul sein
slack {v} (to refuse to exert effort)  :: (anstrengende) Arbeit scheuen
slacken {v} (to make less taut) SEE: loosen  ::
slag {n} (the impurities which result and are separated out when melting a metal or refining it from its ore)  :: Schlacke {f}
slag {n} (the scoria of a volcano)  :: Schlacke {f}, Lava {f}
slag {n} (a woman (sometimes a man) who has loose morals relating to sex)  :: Schlampe {f}
slag {v} (to make slag)  :: verschlacken
slag {v} (to talk badly about someone; to denigrate someone)  :: herunterputzen
slag heap {n}  :: Schlackenhalde {f}, Abraumhalde {f}, Schlackehaufen {m}
slagless {adj} (free from slag)  :: schlackenlos
slaglessness {n} (quality of being free from slag)  :: Schlackenlosigkeit
slake {v} (To become less energetic)  :: nachlassen, ermüden
slake {v} (To slacken)  :: ermüden, entspannen, erschlaffen
slake {v} (To become less intense)  :: abschwächen, nachlassen
slake {v} (To satisfy thirst)  :: Durst stillen, Durst löschen, erlöschen, stillen, befriedigen
slake {v} (To cool with water)  :: abkühlen, kühlen
slaked lime {n} (calcium hydroxide, see also: calcium hydroxide)  :: Löschkalk {m}, Weißkalk {m}, Weißkalkhydrat {n}, Kalkhydrat {n}, Calciumhydroxid {n}, Sumpfkalk {m}
slalom {n} (sports)  :: Slalom {m}
slalom {n} (course used for the sport of slalom)  :: Slalom {m}
slalom {n} (race or competition)  :: Slalom {m}
slam {v} (to shut with sudden force and noise)  :: zuschlagen, zuknallen
slam {v} (to speak badly of)  :: ausschimpfen
slander {n} (false or unsupported spoken malicious statement)  :: mündliche Verleumdung {f}
slander {v} (utter a slanderous statement)  :: mündlich verleumden, mündlich verunglimpfen
slanderer {n} (One who slanders)  :: Verleumder {m}, Verleumderin {f}
slanderous {adj} (Both untrue and harmful to a reputation)  :: verleumderisch
slang {n} (jargon) SEE: jargon  ::
slang {n} (slang)  :: Slang {m}, Jargon {m}, Umgangssprache {f}
slang {n} (cant) SEE: cant  ::
slant {n} (typography: slash) SEE: slash  ::
slant {n} (slope or incline)  :: Schräge {f}
slant {n} (bias)  :: einseitige Ausrichtung {f}
slant {n} (pejorative: person of Asian descent)  :: Schlitzauge {n}
slant {v} (to lean, slope or incline)  :: abschrägen, neigen
slant {v} (to bias or skew)  :: einseitig ausrichten
slap {n} (A blow.)  :: Klaps {m}, Schlag {m}
slap {n} (Makeup, cosmetics.)  :: Makeup {n}, Schminke {f}
slap {v} (to give a slap)  :: klatschen, (leicht) schlagen, patschen, ohrfeigen
slapdash {adj} (done hastily)  :: schludrig, flüchtig, hopplahop, blindlings, oberflächlich, hudelig, schlampert, schlampig
slapdash {adv} (in a hasty or careless manner)  :: hopplahopp, schludrig, schlampig
slap in the face {n} (slap in the face or on the cheek)  :: Ohrfeige {f}
slapper {n} (prostitute)  :: Nutte {f}, Hure {f}
slapper {n} (female of loose morals)  :: Schlampe {f}
slash {n} (swift cut with a blade)  :: Hieb {m}
slash {n} (typography: / symbol)  :: Bruchstrich {m}, Schrägstrich {m}
slash {v} (to make a broad cut with an edged weapon)  :: aufschlitzen
slash and burn {n} (technique)  :: Brandrodung {f}, Schwenden {n}
slat {n} (thin, narrow strip)  :: Leiste {f}, Streifen {m}, Lamelle {f}
slate {adj} (bluish-grey/gray like slate)  :: schiefergrau
slate {n} (rock)  :: Schiefer {m}
slate {n} (colour/color)  :: Schiefergrau {n}
slate {n} (sheet of slate for writing on)  :: Tafel {f}, Schiefertafel {f}
slate {n} (tile)  :: Dachschiefer {m}
slate {n} (record of money owed)  :: Schuldentafel {f}, [put something on the slate] etwas anschreiben
slate {n} (list of candidates for an election)  :: Liste {f}, Kandidatenliste {f}
slate {v} (criticise/criticize harshly)  :: verreissen
slate {v} (schedule)  :: ansetzen, planen
slate {v} (destine)  :: vorsehen, bestimmen
slater {n} (one who lays slate)  :: Schieferdecker {m}
slattern {n} (prostitute) SEE: prostitute  ::
slattern {n} (slut) SEE: slut  ::
slaughter {n} (killing of animals (also kosher and halal rituals))  :: Schlachtung {f}, rituelles Schlachten {n}, Schächten {n}, Schächtung {f}
slaughter {n} (killing of many people)  :: Schlachtung {f}, Schlächterei {f}, Gemetzel {n}, Metzelei {f}
slaughter {v} (to butcher animals, generally for food (also kosher and halal rituals))  :: schlachten, [Jewish / Muslim] schächten
slaughter {v} (to massacre people in large numbers)  :: abschlachten
slaughter {v} (to kill in a particularly brutal manner)  :: abschlachten
slaughterer {n} (a person who slaughters)  :: [also figurative] Schlächter {m}, [also figurative] Schlächterin {f}
slaughterer {n} (a butcher)  :: Fleischer {m}, Fleischerin {f}, Schlachter {m}, Schlachterin {f}, [also figurative] Schlächter {m}, [also figurative] Schlächterin {f}, Metzger {m}, Metzgerin {f}, Fleischhacker {m}, Fleischhackerin {f}, Fleischhauer {m}, Fleischhauerin {f}, Metzler {m}, Metzlerin {f}, Knochenhauer {m}, Knochenhauerin {f}, [from Yiddish] Katzoff {m}
slaughterer {n} (a ritual slaughterer)  :: Schächter {m}, Schächterin {f}
slaughterhouse {n} (abattoir) SEE: abattoir  ::
slaughterous {adj} (prone to slaughtering)  :: mörderisch
Slav {n} (a member of a group of peoples in Eastern Europe speaking a Slavic language)  :: Slawe {m}, Slawin {f}
slave {n} (person owned by another)  :: Sklave {m}, Sklavin {f}
slave {n} (person forced to work for another)  :: Sklave {m}, Sklavin {f}
slave {n} (person who is forced to perform sexual acts)  :: Sklave {m}, Sklavin {f}, Sexsklave {m}, Sexsklavin {f}
slave {n} (engineering: device that is controlled by another device)  :: Slave {m}, Folgegerät {n}
slave-girl {n} (female slave)  :: Sklavin {f}
slave-girl {n} (sex slave) SEE: sex slave  ::
slaveholder {n} (someone who owns slaves)  :: Sklavenhalter {m}
slaveowner {n} (anyone that has control over another human being)  :: Sklavenhalter {m}
slaver {v} (to drool saliva)  :: sabbern
slaver {n} (slave trader)  :: Sklavenhändler {m}
slavery {n} (institution or practice of owning human beings)  :: Sklaverei {f}
slavery {n} (condition of servitude endured by a slave)  :: Sklaverei {f}
slavery {n} (condition in which one is captivated or subjugated)  :: Sklaverei {f}
slave trade {n} (traffic in slaves)  :: Sklavenhandel {m}
Slavic {adj} (of the Slavs, their culture or languages)  :: slawisch
Slavicist {n} (a scholar who specializes in the study of the Slavic family of languages)  :: Slawist {m}, Slawistin {f}
Slavic studies {n} (academic discipline)  :: Slawistik {f}
slavish {adj} (in the manner of a slave)  :: sklavisch
Slavism {n} (a Slavic idiom or phrase)  :: Slawismus {m}
Slavistics {n} (Slavic studies) SEE: Slavic studies  ::
Slavo- {prefix} (Slavic)  :: Slawo-
Slavonia {prop} (region of Croatia)  :: Slawonien
Slavonic {adj} (Slavic) SEE: Slavic  ::
Slavonic studies {n} (Slavic studies) SEE: Slavic studies  ::
Slavyansk {prop} (Slovyansk) SEE: Slovyansk  ::
slaw {n} (coleslaw)  :: Krautsalat {m}
slay {v} (to kill, murder)  :: töten, umbringen, erschlagen
slayer {n} (one who slays)  :: Töter {m}, Abmurkser {m}
sleazy {adj} (Marked by low quality; inferior; inadequate)  :: mies
sleazy {adj} (Dishonorable; base; vulgar; raunchy)  :: vulgär, frivol, schäbig
sled {n} (sledge) SEE: sledge  ::
sledder {n} (person who rides a sled)  :: Rodler {m}, Rodlerin {f}
sledge {n} (sledgehammer) SEE: sledgehammer  ::
sledge {n} (sleigh or sled)  :: Schlitten {n}
sledgehammer {n} (kind of hammer)  :: Vorschlaghammer {m}
sleek {adj} (smooth)  :: glatt
sleek {adj} (not rough or harsh)  :: geschmeidig
sleek {adj}  :: glänzend
sleep {v} (to rest in state of reduced consciousness)  :: schlafen
sleep {v} (to accommodate)  :: unterbringen
sleep {n} (state of reduced consciousness)  :: Schlaf {m}
sleep {n} (informal: act or instance of sleeping)  :: Schlaf {m}, Schläfchen {n}, Nachtruhe {f}
sleep {n} (substance found in the corner of the eyes / figurative objectification of sleep)  :: Schlaf {m}
sleep apnea {n} (brief interruptions of breathing during sleep)  :: Schlafapnoe-Syndrom {n}
sleep deprivation {n} (condition of forcibly being kept awake)  :: Schlafentzug {m}
sleep disorder {n} (medical disorder of sleep patterns)  :: Schlafstörung {f}
sleeper {n} (someone who sleeps)  :: Schläfer {m}
sleeper {n} (saboteur or terrorist)  :: Schläfer {m}
sleeper {n} (type of pajama for a person that covers the whole body, including the feet)  :: Strampelanzug {m}
sleeper {n} (railroad sleeping car) SEE: sleeping car  ::
sleeper {n} (railroad tie) SEE: railroad tie  ::
sleeper cell {n} (group of people who remain dormant in a community until activated)  :: Schläferzelle {f}
sleep in {v} (to sleep late)  :: ausschlafen [have a good sleep], verschlafen [oversleep]
sleepiness {n} (property of being sleepy)  :: Schläfrigkeit {f}
sleeping {adj} (used for sleep; used to produce sleep)  :: Schlaf- [prefix]
sleeping {n} (state or act of being asleep)  :: Schlaf {m}
sleeping {adj} (asleep) SEE: asleep  ::
sleeping bag {n} (padded or insulated bag)  :: Schlafsack {m}
Sleeping Beauty {prop} (fairy tale)  :: Dornröschen
Sleeping Beauty {prop} (main character in this story)  :: Dornröschen
sleeping car {n} (a railroad car with sleeping facilities for passengers travelling overnight.)  :: Schlafwagen {m}
sleeping pill {n} (a pill having a soporific effect)  :: Schlafmittel {n}, Schlaftablette {f}
sleeping sickness {n} (infectious disease)  :: Schlafkrankheit {f}
sleepless {adj} (absence of sleep)  :: schlaflos
sleeplessness {n} (property of being sleepless)  :: Schlaflosigkeit {f}
sleep like a log {v} (to sleep well, without disturbance)  :: schlafen wie ein Murmeltier, schlafen wie ein Stein
sleep on {v} (to postpone a decision at least overnight)  :: eine Nacht darüber schlafen
sleep over {v} (to sleep over)  :: übernachten
sleepwalk {v} (somnambulate) SEE: somnambulate  ::
sleepwalker {n} (somnambulist) SEE: somnambulist  ::
sleepwalking {n} (act of walking while not conscious or aware of it, during sleep)  :: Schlafwandeln {n}, Somnambulismus {m}, Somnambulie {f}
sleep with {v} (have sex with)  :: mit ... schlafen
sleepy {adj} (feeling the need for sleep)  :: schläfrig
sleepy head {n} (a sleepy person) SEE: sleepyhead  ::
sleepyhead {n} (sleepy person)  :: [colloquial] Schlafmütze {f}, [South German] Schlafhaube {f}
sleet {n} (mixture of rain and snow)  :: Schneeregen {m}
sleet {n} (rain which freezes before reaching the ground)  :: Eisregen {m}
sleeve {n} (part of a garment that covers the arm)  :: Ärmel {m}
sleeve {n} (mechanical covering or lining)  :: Hülse
sleeve {n} (record cover)  :: Schallplattenhülle {f}
sleeveless {adj} (of a garment, having no sleeves)  :: ärmellos
sleigh {adj} (sly) SEE: sly  ::
sleigh {n} (vehicle on runners) SEE: sledge  ::
sleight of hand {n} (skill)  :: Fingerfertigkeit {f}
sleight of hand {n} (performance)  :: Taschenspielertrick {m}
slender {adj} (thin)  :: schlank
slender-horned gazelle {n} (Gazella leptoceros)  :: Dünengazelle {f}
sleuth {n} (bloodhound)  :: Bluthund {m}, Bluthündin {f}, Schweißhund {m}, Schweißhündin {f}, [Swiss German] Schweisshund {m}, Schweisshündin {f}, Bloodhound {m}, Spürhund {m}
sleuth {n} (detective)  :: Schnüffler {m}, Spürnase {f}, Detektiv {m}
sleuth {v} (detective)  :: nachspüren, untersuchen, beschatten, schnüffeln
slice {n} (thin, broad piece cut off)  :: [gastr.] Brotscheibe {f}, Scheibe {f}, Anteil {m}, Teil {m}, Stück {n}
slice {n} (golf shot)  :: Slice {m}
slice {v} (to cut into slices)  :: schneiden, aufschneiden, hobeln, [histolog.] Schnitte anfertigen {f}, in Scheiben schneiden {p}
sliced bread {n} (bread that is sold sliced into pieces)  :: Schnittbrot {n}
slick {adj} (slippery due to a covering of liquid)  :: glitschig
slick {adj} (appearing expensive or sophisticated)  :: gekonnt
slick {adj} (superficially convincing but actually untrustworthy)  :: schlau
slick {adj} (extraordinarily great or special)  :: raffiniert, schlau
slick {n} (A covering of liquid, particularly oil)  :: Schlick {m}, Ölschlick {m}, Ölteppich {m}
slide {v} (to cause to move in contact with a surface)  :: gleiten
slide {v} (to move in continuous contact with a surface)  :: gleiten
slide {v} (to move with low friction)  :: rutschen
slide {v} (to lose balance)  :: ausrutschen
slide {n} (item of play equipment)  :: Rutsche {f}
slide {n} (rubble, earth and stones moving down)  :: Erdrutsch {m}
slide {n} (transparent image for projecting)  :: Dia {n}, Klarsichtfolie {f}
slide {n} (microscope slide)  :: Objektträger {m}
slide fastener {n} (zip fastener) SEE: zip fastener  ::
slide projector {n} (a device that projects an enlarged image of a photographic slide onto a screen)  :: Diaprojektor {m}
slider {n} ((software, graphical user interface) a widget allowing the user to select a value or position)  :: Schieberegler {m}
slide rule {n} (analog calculator)  :: Rechenschieber {m}
slideshow {n} (presentation)  :: Tonbildschau {f}, Diashow {f}
sliding door {n} (door)  :: Schiebetür {f}
slight {adj} (insignificant)  :: geringfügig, leicht, gering, unbedeutend, wenig, schlank, schwach
slight {v} (to treat with a lack of respect; to make light of)  :: vernachlässigen, kränken, zurücksetzen, beleidigen, abschätzig behandeln
slight {n} (act of slighting)  :: Geringschätzung {f}, Kränkung {f}, Herabschätzung {f}, Beleidigung {f}
slightly {adv} (to a small extent or degree)  :: ein wenig, leicht
Sligo {prop} (county)  :: Sligo
Sligo {prop} (town)  :: Sligo
slim {adj} (slender)  :: schlank, schmal, dünn, schmal
slime {n} (mucilaginous substance or mucus-like substance)  :: Schleim {m}
slimy {adj} (like slime; glutinous)  :: schleimig
sling {v} (to throw)  :: schleudern, schmeißen
sling {n} (instrument for throwing)  :: Schleuder {f}
sling {n} (bandage)  :: Armschlinge {f}, Armschlaufe {f}
sling {n} (strap attached to a firearm)  :: Schulterriemen {m}
sling {n} (the act of hurling as with a sling)  :: Schleudern {n}
sling {n}  :: Schleuder {f} (Verified! See here: Schleuder)
slingshot {n} (Y-shaped stick)  :: Schleuder {f}, Steinschleuder {f}, Zwille {f}
slip {n} (nautical: space for a ship to moor) SEE: berth  ::
slip {n} (small piece of paper)  :: Stück Papier
slip {v} (to lose one's traction)  :: ausrutschen
slip {v} (to err)  :: irren, sich irren, Fehler machen
slip {v} (to pass)  :: reichen
slip {v} (to move quickly)  :: schlüpfen
slip {n} (women’s undergarment)  :: Unterkleid {n}
slip {n} (error)  :: Ausrutscher
slip of the pen {n} (mistake in handwriting)  :: Schreibfehler {m}
slip of the tongue {n} (mistake in speech)  :: Versprecher {m}
slipped disc {n} (protruding vertebral disc)  :: Bandscheibenvorfall
slipper {n} (low shoe usually worn indoors)  :: Hausschuh {m}, Pantoffel {m}
slipper animalcule {n} (paramecium) SEE: paramecium  ::
slipper-orchid {n} (lady's slipper) SEE: lady's slipper  ::
slippery {adj} (of a surface)  :: rutschig
slippery as an eel {adj} (slippery)  :: aalglatt
slippery jack {n} (mushroom in genus Suillus)  :: Butterröhrling {m}, Butterpilz {m}
slip road {n} (a segment of roadway that joins a motorway to ordinary roads)  :: Abfahrt {f}
slipshod {adj} (done poorly or too quickly)  :: schludrig, schlampig
slipstick {n} (slide rule) SEE: slide rule  ::
slipstream {n} (the low pressure zone)  :: Sog {m}, Windschatten {m}
slip through the cracks {v} (to escape notice)  :: durch das Raster fallen
slit {n} (narrow cut or opening; a slot)  :: Nut {f}, Schlitz {m}
slit {n} (vulgar, slang: opening of the vagina)  :: Schlitz {m}, Schamritze {f}, Ritze {f}, Schamspalte {f}, Spalte {f}
sliver {n} (a long piece cut or rent off; a sharp, slender fragment)  :: Splitter {m}, kleiner Teil {m}, kleines Stück {n}
sliver {n} (strand or slender roll of cotton or other fiber in a loose, untwisted state)  :: Band {n}, Faserband {n}
slob {n} (lazy, slovenly person)  :: Dreckspatz {m}, Schmutzfink {m}
slobber {v} (To allow saliva or liquid to run from one's mouth)  :: sabbern
sloe {n} (fruit of Prunus spinosa)  :: Schlehe {f}
sloe {n} (tree of the genus Prunus bearing dark-purple fruit)  :: Schlehe {f}, Schlehdorn {m}
sloe {n} (tree Prunus spinosa) SEE: blackthorn  ::
sloe gin {n} (liqueur)  :: Schlehenlikör {m}
slog {v} (to strike something with a heavy blow, especially a ball with a bat)  :: verprügeln
slogan {n} (phrase associated with a product, used in advertising)  :: Devise {f}, Losung {f}, Motto {n}, Parole {f}, (Leit-, Werbe-, Wahl-)Spruch {m}; Schlachtruf {m}
sloop {n} (single-masted sailboat)  :: Slup {f}, Schaluppe {f}
slope {n} (area of ground that tends evenly upward or downward)  :: Steigung {f}, Hang {m}
slope {n} (degree to which a surface tends upward or downward)  :: Steigung {f}
slope {n} (mathematics)  :: Steigung {f}
slope {n} (math: slope of the line tangent to a curve at a given point)  :: Steigung {f}, Ableitung {f}, Gradient {m}
slope {n} (offensive: person of East Asian descent)  :: Schlitzauge {n}, Schlitzi {m} {f}
sloppy {adj} (messy; not neat, elegant, or careful)  :: schlampig
slosh {v} (of a liquid, to shift chaotically; to splash noisily)  :: platschen, schwappen
slot {n} (wooden bar for fastening door)  :: Türriegel {m}
slot {n} (narrow depression, perforation, or aperture)  :: Schlitz {m}, Nut {f}
slot {n} (the allocated time for an aircraft's departure or arrival at an airport's runway)  :: Startfenster {n}
sloth {n} (laziness)  :: Trägheit {f}, Faulheit {f}, Müßiggang {m}
sloth {n} (mammal)  :: Faultier {n}
slot machine {n} (vending machine) SEE: vending machine  ::
slot machine {n} (any coin-operated machine)  :: Münzautomat {m}
slot machine {n} (gambling machine)  :: Spielautomat {m}
slouch hat {n} (broad-brimmed felt hat)  :: Schlapphut {m}
slough {v} (to shed (skin))  :: sich häuten
slough {v} (to commit truancy)  :: schwänzen
Slovak {adj} (of Slovakia or its language)  :: slowakisch
Slovak {n} (native of Slovakia)  :: Slowake {m}, Slowakin {f}
Slovak {prop} (language of Slovakia)  :: Slowakisch {n}
Slovakia {prop} (Slovakia)  :: Slowakei {f}
Slovene {adj} (adjective)  :: slowenisch, windisch
Slovene {n} (a person)  :: Slowene {m}, Slowenin {f}, Windischer {m}, Windische {f}
Slovene {prop} (the language)  :: Slowenisch {n}, Windisch {n}
Slovenia {prop} (country in Europe)  :: Slowenien {n}
Slovenian {adj} (Slovene) SEE: Slovene  ::
Slovenian {prop} (Slovene) SEE: Slovene  ::
Slovenian {n} (Slovene) SEE: Slovene  ::
slovenly {adj} (having an untidy appearance; unkempt)  :: schluderig
slovenly {adj} (careless or negligent; sloppy)  :: schluderig, nachlässig, schlampig
Slovincian {prop} (extinct language of the Slovincian people)  :: Slowinzische {n}
Slovio {prop} (an artificial Slavic language)  :: Slovio {n}
Slovyansk {prop} (city)  :: Slowjansk
slow {adj} (not quick in motion)  :: langsam
slow {adj} (of reduced intellectual capacity)  :: dumm
slow cooker {n} (kitchen appliance)  :: Schongarer {m}
slow down {v} (to reduce speed)  :: verlangsamen
slowly {adv} (At a slow pace)  :: langsam
slow match {n} (slow burning fuse)  :: Lunte {f}
slow motion {n} (film stretched in time)  :: Zeitlupe {f}
slowness {n} (quality of being slow)  :: Langsamkeit {f}, Trägheit {f}
slow news day {n} (day of nothing exciting to report)  :: Sauregurkenzeit
slowworm {n} (Anguis fragilis)  :: Blindschleiche {f}, Haselwurm {m}, Hartwurm {m}
sludge {n} (generic term for separated solids)  :: Schlamm {m}, Matsch {m}
sludge {n} (residual material from a process)  :: Abwasserschlamm {m}
sluff {n} (slough) SEE: slough  ::
sluff {v} (slough) SEE: slough  ::
slug {n} (gastropod)  :: Nacktschnecke {f}
sluice {n} (passage for water)  :: Schleuse {f}, Schleusentor {n}, Siel {n}
slum {n} (dilapidated neighborhood)  :: Slum {m}
slumber {n} (a very light state of sleep)  :: Halbschlaf {m}, Schlummer {m}
slumber {v} (to be in a very light state of sleep)  :: schlummern, dösen
slump {v} (to collapse heavily)  :: absinken, zusammensacken, zusammenbrechen
slump {n} (helpless collapse)  :: Zusammenbruch {m}, Zusammenfall {m}, Kollaps {m}
slump {n} (measure of the fluidity of fresh concrete)  :: Ausbreitmaß {n}
slump {n} (a boggy place)  :: Morast {m}
slump {n} (noise made by anything falling into a soft, miry place)  :: Plumps {m}
slumping {adj}  :: plumpsend (collo.)
slumping {n}  :: Bergrutsch {m}, Erdrutsch {m}
slur {n} (insult or slight)  :: Verunglimpfung {f}, Beleidigung {f}
slur {n} (symbol indicating a legato passage)  :: Bindebogen {m}
slur {v} (to articulate poorly)  :: undeutlich reden
slurp {v} (drink noisily)  :: schlürfen
Slurpee {n} (flavored shaved ice served as a drink) SEE: slush  ::
slurry {n} (agriculture: mixture of animal waste, other organic material and sometimes water used as fertilizer)  :: Jauche {f}
slush {n} (half-melted snow)  :: Schneematsch {m}
slush {n} (liquid mud or mire)  :: Matsch {m}
slush {n} (flavored shaved ice served as a drink)  :: Slush {n}, Slusheis {n}, Slush Eis {n}
slushie {n} (flavored shaved ice served as a drink) SEE: slush  ::
Slush Puppie {n} (slush) SEE: slush  ::
slushy {n} (flavored shaved ice served as a drink) SEE: slush  ::
slut {n} (prostitute) SEE: whore  ::
slut {n} (sexually promiscuous woman)  :: Schlampe {f}, Luder {n}, Flittchen {n}
slut {n} (untidy person)  :: Schlampe {f}, Schlonz {m}, Schlumpe {f}, Schluse {f}
slut {n} (bold, outspoken woman)  :: Wortführerin {f}, Großsprecherin {f}, Marktweib {n}
slut {n} (a female dog)  :: Hündin {f}
slut {n} (a maid)  :: Dienstmädchen {n}, Hausmädchen {n}, Magd {f}, Dienstmagd {f}, Mädchen {n}, Hausangestellte {f}
sluttery {n} (a slutty act)  :: Schlampigkeit {f}
sluttery {n} (sluttishness, whoredom)  :: Hurerei {f}
sluttery {n} (untidiness)  :: Schweinerei {f}; Austrian German: Hurerei {f}
slutty {adj} (Of or resembling a slut)  :: schlampig
sly {adj} (artfully cunning; secretly mischievous; wily)  :: schlau, gerissen, listig, verschmitzt
sly as a fox {adj} (very sly)  :: schlau wie ein Fuchs
smack {v} (to strike a child as a form of discipline) SEE: spank  ::
smack {n} ((slang) heroin) SEE: horse  ::
small {adj} (not large)  :: klein, gering
small {adj} (young)  :: klein, jung
small arms {n} (weapon)  :: Kleinwaffe {f}
small change {n} (a minor or insignificant amount of money)  :: Kleingeld {n}
smaller {adj} (comparative of small)  :: kleiner
smallest room {n} (toilet) SEE: toilet  ::
small intestine {n} (upper part of the intestine)  :: Dünndarm {m}
small-minded {adj} (selfish; not mindful of the big picture)  :: kleingeistig
smallness {n} (state of being small)  :: Kleinheit {f}
small of the back {n} (lumbar region of the back)  :: Kreuz {n}
small pica {n}  :: Brevier, Rheinländer, Maintzer, Descendiain, Descendian
smallpox {n} (disease)  :: Pocken {f-p}, Blattern {f-p}
small-scale {adj} (having a modest scope or extent)  :: kleinangelegt / klein angelegt
small talk {n} (idle conversation)  :: Alltagsgespräch {n}, Plauderei {f}, Smalltalk {m} {n}, Plaudern {n}
small town {n} (a small town)  :: Kleinstadt {f}
smalltown {adj} (small town) SEE: small town  ::
small wonder {n} (unsurprising occurrence)  :: kein Wunder (dass ...)
smaragdine {n} (emerald) SEE: emerald  ::
smart {v} (to hurt or sting)  :: schmerzen
smart {adj} (exhibiting intellectual knowledge, such as that found in books)  :: klug, intelligent, gescheit
smart ass {n} (one promoting his own personality, wishes or views) SEE: smartass  ::
smartass {n} (one who is particularly insolent)  :: Klugscheißer {m}, Klugscheißerin {f}, Besserwisser {m}, Besserwisserin {f}
smartphone {n} (electronic handheld device)  :: Smartphone {n}
smash {v} (to break violently)  :: zerschellen, zerschmettern, zertrümmern, zerbrechen
smash {v} (hit extremely hard)  :: zusammenschlagen, schmettern
smash hit {n} (something tremendously successful)  :: Bombenerfolg {m}
smatter {v} (intransitive: talk superficially)  :: radebrechen
smattering {n} (superficial knowledge)  :: Halbwissen {n}, oberflächliche Kenntnis {f}, bruchstückhafte Kenntnis {f}, Vorkenntnis {f}, rudimentäre Kenntnis {f}
smattering {n} (small number)  :: Handvoll {f}, kleine Menge {f}, geringe Anzahl {f}
Smíchov {prop} (district of Prague)  :: Smichow
smear {v} (to spread (a substance))  :: schmieren
smear {v} (to spread (a surface) with a substance)  :: beschmieren
smear {v} (to damage someone's reputation by slandering, making false accusations)  :: diffamieren, verleumden
smear {n} (Pap smear) SEE: Pap smear  ::
smear campaign {n} (negative propaganda)  :: Hetzkampagne {f}, Schmutzkampagne {f}
smegma {n} (sebaceous secretion)  :: Smegma {n}
smell {n} (sensation)  :: Geruch {m}
smell {n} (sense of smell)  :: Geruchssinn {m}, Riechen {n}
smell {v} (sense with nose)  :: riechen
smell {v} (to have a particular smell, whether good or bad; if descriptive, followed by "like" or "of")  :: riechen, stinken (unpleasant smell)
smellable {adj} (that can be detected by smell)  :: riechbar
smell-brain {n} (part of brain involved with smelling)  :: Riechhirn {n}
smelly {adj} (having a bad smell)  :: stinkend
smelt {n} (fish of the family Osmeridae)  :: Stint {m}
smelt {n}  :: schmelzen, verhütten
smelt {v} (to fuse two things into one)  :: verschmelzen
smelt {n} (production of metal, especially iron, from ore) SEE: smelting  ::
smelter dust {n} (smoke or dust released during the refining of metals)  :: Hüttenrauch {m}
smelting {n} (process of melting or fusion, especially to extract a metal from its ore)  :: Schmelzen {n}
smetana {n} (type of soured cream)  :: Schmand {m}, Schmant {m}, Milchrahm {m}
smidgen {n} (very small amount)  :: Quentchen {n}, Quäntchen {n}
smilax {n} (plant genus Smilax)  :: Smilax, Stechwinden {p}
smile {n} (a happy face expression using mouth, but without producing voice)  :: Lächeln {n}
smile {v} (to have a smile on one's face)  :: lächeln
smiley {n} (representation of a smiling face)  :: Emoticon {n}, Smiley {n}
smiley {n} (emoticon) SEE: emoticon  ::
smirch {v} (to dirty)  :: beschmutzen, verschmutzen
smite {v} (to hit)  :: schlagen
smith {n} (craftsperson who works metal, see also: blacksmith)  :: Schmied {m}, Schmiedin {f}
Smith {prop} (surnames derived from the equivalents of “smith”)  :: Schmidt, Schmied
Smith {prop} (most common surnames by language)  :: Müller, Schmidt
smithsonite {n} (mineral)  :: Smithsonit
smithy {n} (forge) SEE: forge  ::
smitten {adj} (made irrationally enthusiastic)  :: verzaubert, verzückt, bezaubert, hingerissen, ergriffen, eingenommen, ergriffen, befallen, heimgesucht, geschlagen
smitten {adj} (in love)  :: verzaubert, hingerissen, verliebt, verknallt, verguckt
smog {n} (urban air pollution)  :: Smog {m}
smoke {n} (visible particles and vapour given off by burning material)  :: Rauch {m}
smoke {v} (to inhale and exhale smoke from a burning cigarette)  :: rauchen
smoke {v} (to inhale and exhale tobacco smoke regularly or habitually)  :: rauchen
smoke {v} (to give off smoke)  :: rauchen
smoke {v} (to preserve or prepare by treating with smoke)  :: räuchern
smoke alarm {n} (smoke detector) SEE: smoke detector  ::
smoked {adj} (of food, preserved by treatment with smoke)  :: geräuchert
smoke detector {n} (device)  :: Rauchmelder {m}
smoked meat {n} (smoked meat in general)  :: Rauchfleisch {n}
smoked salmon {n} (edible salmon that is cured by smoking)  :: Räucherlachs {m}
smoke-free {adj} (reserved for non-smokers)  :: rauchfrei
smoke grenade {n} (bomb that generates thick smoke)  :: Nebelgranate {f}
smoke like a chimney {v} (to smoke tobacco frequently)  :: Rauchen wie ein Schlot
smoke out {v} (to drive out using smoke)  :: ausräuchern
smoker {n} (person who smokes tobacco habitually)  :: Raucher {m}, Raucherin {f}
smokescreen {n} (disguise, mask, cover)  :: Nebelwand {f}
smoke signal {n} (ancient method of communication)  :: Rauchzeichen {n}
smoke signal {n} (distress signal)  :: Rauchsignal {n}
smokestack {n} (a conduit or group of conduits atop a structure allowing smoke to flow out) SEE: chimney  ::
smoking {n} (smoking of tobacco)  :: Rauchen {n}
smoking room {n} (room designated for smokers)  :: Raucherzimmer {n}
smoko {n} (cigarette break)  :: Rauchpause {f}
smolder {v} (To burn with no flame and little smoke)  :: schwelen
smolder {v}  :: glosen
smooch {v} ((informal) to kiss)  :: knutschen
smooth {adj} (lacking friction, not rough)  :: glatt
smooth {adj} (without difficulty)  :: reibungslos, problemlos
smooth {adj} (bland; glib)  :: glatt
smooth {adj} (mathematics, of a function: Having derivatives of all finite orders at all points within the function’s domain)  :: glatt
smooth {v} (make smooth)  :: glätten
smooth {v} (statistics: capture important patterns in the data, while leaving out noise)  :: glätten
smooth breathing {n} (diacritic mark in Ancient Greek)  :: Spiritus lenis {m}
smoothen {v} (make smooth)  :: glätten
smoothie {n} (smooth-talker)  :: aalglatter Bursche {m}
smoothie {n} (drink)  :: Smoothie {m}
smoothness {n} (condition of being smooth)  :: Glätte {f}
smooth snake {n} (Coronella austriaca)  :: Schlingnatter {f}
smorgasbord {n} (buffet with many small dishes, see also: buffet)  :: Smörgåsbord {n}, skandinavische Büfett {n}
smother {v} (to suffocate)  :: ersticken
smother {v} (to extinguish or deaden)  :: ersticken
smother {v} (to reduce to a low degree of vigor or activity)  :: dämpfen, unterdrücken
SMS {n} (a text message sent on a cell phone)  :: SMS {f} {n}, SMS-Nachricht {f}, Textnachricht {f}
smudge {n} (a blemish; a smear)  :: Fleck {m}
smudge {v} (to soil or smear with dirt)  :: verschmieren, verwischen
smug {adj} (irritatingly pleased with oneself; self-satisfied)  :: blasiert, eingebildet, selbstgefällig, süffisant, selbstzufrieden, dünkelhaft, arrogant, überheblich
smuggle {v} (to import or export, illicitly or by stealth, without paying lawful customs charges or duties)  :: schmuggeln
smuggler {n} (One who smuggles things)  :: Schmuggler {m}
smuggling {n} (an act of smuggling)  :: Schmuggel {m}
smugness {n} (state or quality of being smug)  :: Selbstgefälligkeit {f}
smurf {n} (fictional character)  :: Schlumpf {m}
smut {n} (promiscuous woman) SEE: slut  ::
smut {n} (soot) SEE: soot  ::
Smyrna {prop} (city)  :: Smyrna
snack {n} (a light meal)  :: Imbiss {m}, Happen {m}, Snack {m}, Jause {f} [Austria]
snack {n} (an item of food eaten between meals)  :: Zwischenmahlzeit {f}
snack {v} (to eat a light meal)  :: jausnen [Austria]
snack bar {n} (a small restaurant serving light meals)  :: Imbissstube {f}, Imbiss {m}
snafu {n}  :: chaotisch, Panne {f}, Chaos {n}
snail {n} (any animal of the class Gastropoda having a shell)  :: Schnecke {f} (any animal of the class Gastropoda, also without shell), Gehäuseschnecke {f}
snail mail {n} (postal mail)  :: Schneckenpost {f}, Snailmail {f} Snail-Mail {f}
snail's pace {n} (A very slow pace)  :: Schneckentempo {n}
snake {n} (legless reptile)  :: Schlange {f}, Wurm {m} [poetic]
snake {v} (to move in a winding path)  :: winden, sich winden, schlängeln
snakebite {n} (the bite of a snake)  :: Schlangenbiss {m}
snakebite {n}  :: Schlangenbiß {m}
snake charmer {n} (snake charmer)  :: Schlangenbeschwörer {m}, Schlangenbeschwörerin {f}
snake charming {n} (snake charming)  :: Schlangenbeschwörung {f}
snake eagle {n} (bird of prey)  :: Schlangenadler {m}
snakefly {n} (insect of order Raphidioptera)  :: Kamelhalsfliege {f}
snakehead {n} (fish)  :: Schlangenkopffisch {m}
snap {n} (quick breaking or cracking sound or the action of producing such a sound)  :: Knacken {n}, Knallen {n}
snap {n} (attempt to seize, bite, attack, or grab)  :: Schnappen {n}, Zuschnappen {n}
snap {n} (act of hitting a middle or ring finger against the palm)  :: Schnippen {n}, Schnalzen {n}
snap {n} (fastening device)  :: Schnappverschluss {m}
snap {n} (photograph)  :: Schnappschuss {m}
snap {n} (thin circular cookie or similar good)  :: Keks {m}
snap {n} (brisk, cold weather that passes quickly)  :: Brise {f}
snap {n} (very short period of time)  :: Augenblick {m}
snap {n} (football: hike)  :: Snap {m}
snap {v} (to break apart suddenly or at once)  :: abbrechen
snap {v} (to give forth or produce a sharp cracking noise; to crack)  :: krachen
snap {v} (to attempt to seize with the teeth or bite)  :: zuschnappen
snap {v} (to attempt to seize with eagerness)  :: schnappen
snap {v} (to speak abruptly or sharply)  :: blaffen
snap {v} (to give way abruptly and loudly)  :: zerreißen
snap {v} (to suffer a mental breakdown)  :: durchdrehen, ausrasten [colloquial], überschnappen
snap {v} (to flash or appear to flash as with light)  :: aufblitzen
snap {v} (to fit or fasten together with a snapping sound)  :: zusammenschnappen, zuschnappen
snap {v} (to snatch with or like with the teeth)  :: beißen, zuschnappen
snap {v} (to pull apart with a snapping sound)  :: abreißen
snap {v} (to say abruptly or sharply)  :: schnappen
snap {v} (to speak to abruptly or sharply; to treat snappishly)  :: schnappen
snap {v} (to close something using a snap as a fastener)  :: zuschanppen
snap {v} (to snap one's fingers)  :: schnipsen, schnalzen, schnippen
snap {v} (to take a photograph; to photograph)  :: knipsen, einen Schnappschuss machen
snap {v} (to pass the ball from the center to a back, to hike the ball)  :: zurückpassen
snap {v} (to misfire)  :: losgehen
snapdragon {n} (any plant of the genus Antirrhinum)  :: Löwenmäulchen {n}, Löwenmäuler {n-p}
snap election {n} (an election called earlier than expected)  :: vorgezogene Neuwahl {f}
snap fastener {n} (fastening mechanism)  :: Druckknopf {m}
snappish {adj} (likely to snap or bite)  :: bissig
snappish {adj} (exhibiting irritation)  :: patzig, schnippisch
snapshot {n} (A photograph)  :: Schnappschuss {m}
snapshot {n} (A glimpse of something)  :: Momentaufnahme {f}
snare {n} (trap)  :: Schlinge {f}, Falle {f}
snare drum {n} (tubular drum)  :: kleine Trommel {f}, Schnarrtrommel {f}, Snare {f}, Rührtrommel {f}
Snares penguin {n} (Penguin)  :: Snaresinselpinguin {m}
Snark {prop} (fantastical monster)  :: Schnark, Schnatz
snarky {adj} (sarcastic and irreverent)  :: bissig, spöttelnd, sarkastisch, beißend, maliziös, abfällig
snarl {n} (knot or complication of hair, thread, or the like, difficult to disentangle)  :: wirres Knäuel {n}
snarl {n} (act of snarling)  :: Fletschen {n}
snarl {v} (To growl)  :: knurren
snatch {v} (to steal)  :: klauen, stehlen
snatch {n} (competitive weightlifting event)  :: Reißen {n}
snath {n} (shaft of a scythe)  :: Sensenwurf
snazzy {adj} (elegantly dressed, stylish, flashy)  :: schick
sneak {n} (a cheat; con artist; trickster)  :: Duckmäuser {m}, Duckmäuserin {f}, Kriecher {m}, Kriecherin {f}
sneak {v} (to creep)  :: schleichen
sneak {v} (to take something stealthily)  :: stehlen
sneaker {n} (one who sneaks)  :: Schleicher {m}, Schleicherin {f}
sneaker {n} (leisure shoes, often worn for sports; trainers)  :: Turnschuhe {m-p}, Leinenschuhe {m-p}, Schnürschuhe {m-p}, Sneakers {m-p}, Sportschuhe {m-p}, Tennisschuhe {m-p},
sneak up on {v} (to approach)  :: sich anschleichen
sneaky {adj} (Dishonest; deceitful)  :: duckmäuserig
sneer {v} (raise a corner of the upper lip slightly in scorn)  :: grinsen
sneeze {v} (expel air as a reflex)  :: niesen
sneeze {n} (act of sneezing)  :: Niesen {n}
snell {n} (short line to attach a hook or lure to heavier line)  :: Mundschnur {f}
snicker {n} (stifled laugh)  :: Kichern {n}
snicker {v} (to emit a snicker)  :: kichern
snide {adj} (nasty, sarcastic)  :: abfällig, verächtlich, herabsetzend, spöttisch
sniff {v} (to make a short audible inhalation)  :: schnüffeln
snifter {n} (pear-shaped glass)  :: Kognakglas {n}, Kognakschwenker {m}
snipe {n} (bird of the family Scolopacidae)  :: Schnepfe {f}
sniper {n} (a person using long-range small arms for precise attacks from a concealed position)  :: Heckenschütze {m}, Heckenschützin {f}, Scharfschütze {m}, Scharfschützin {f}
snippet {n} (a tiny piece or part)  :: Stück {n}, Teil {n}, Schnipsel {m}
snitch {v} (steal)  :: klauen, stibitzen
snitch {v} (inform on)  :: petzen, verpetzen, verpfeifen
snitch {n} (informer, usually one who betrays his group)  :: Spitzel {m}
snivel {n}  :: schniefen
Sněžka {prop} (mountain)  :: Schneekoppe
snob {n} (person who seeks to be a member of the upper classes)  :: Snob {m}, Wichtigtuer {m}, Schnösel {m}, Schickimicki {m}
snobbery {n} (the property or trait of being a snob)  :: Snobismus {m}
snobbish {adj} (having the property of being a snob)  :: snobistisch, versnobt, verschnöselt
snobby {adj} (characteristic of a snob)  :: snobistisch, versnobt, Schickimicki
snood {n} (hairnet) SEE: hairnet  ::
snood {n} (band or ribbon for keeping the hair in place)  :: Haarnetz {n}, Haarband {n}
snood {n} (short line to attach a fishhook to a line)  :: Mundschnur {f}
snood {n} (neckwarmer) SEE: neckwarmer  ::
snooker {n} (cue sport)  :: Snooker
snoop {v} (to be devious and cunning so as not to be seen)  :: spionieren
snoop {v} (to secretly spy on or investigate, especially into the private personal life of others)  :: spionieren, schnüffeln
snoop {n} (the act of snooping)  :: Schnüffeln {n}
snoop {n} (one who snoops)  :: Schnüffler {m}, Schnüfflerin {f}
snoop {n} (a private detective)  :: Schnüffler {m}, Privatdetektiv {m}
snoop around {v} (to snoop)  :: herumspionieren, spionieren
snoot {n} (slang: human nose) SEE: schnozzle  ::
snootful {n} (significant amount of ingested alcohol)  :: sternhagelvoll
snooze {v} (To sleep, especially briefly; to nap)  :: dösen, nicken, ein Nickerchen machen
snooze {n} (A period of sleep; a nap)  :: Schläfchen {n}, Nickerchen {n}
snore {v} (breathe during sleep with harsh noises)  :: schnarchen
snore {n} (act and noise of snoring)  :: Schnarchen {n}
snorer {n} (person who snores)  :: Schnarcher {m}, Schnarcherin {f}
snoring {n} (action or sound)  :: Schnarchen {n}
snoring rail {n} (bird)  :: Schnarchralle {f}
snorkel {n} (hollow tube used for breathing underwater)  :: Schnorchel {m}
snorkel {v} (use a snorkel)  :: schnorcheln
snort {n} (sound made by exhaling roughly through the nose)  :: Schnauben {n}
snort {v} (to exhale roughly through the nose)  :: schnupfen, schnauben
snort {v} (to inhale (usually a drug) through the nose)  :: schnupfen
snot {n} (mucus)  :: Rotz {m}, Rotze {f}, Schnodder {m}, Nasenschleim {m} (from nose only)
snot {n} (contemptible child)  :: Rotznase {f}
snottiness {n} (state or quality of being snotty)  :: Rotzigkeit {f}
snotty {adj} (dirtied with snot)  :: rotzig
snotty {adj} (ill-tempered, impertinent)  :: patzig, rotzig, rotznäsig
snout {n} (long, projecting nose, mouth, and jaw of a beast)  :: Schnauze {f}, Hundeschnauze {f}, Rüssel {m}, Schweinerüssel {m}
snout beetle {n} (a weevil)  :: Rüsselkäfer {m}
snout moth {n} (eggar) SEE: eggar  ::
snow {n} (precipitation)  :: Schnee {m}
snow {n} (colour)  :: schneeweiß
snow {n} (TV noise)  :: Schnee {m}, Grieß {m}
snow {n} (cocaine)  :: Schnee {m}
snow {n} (collective precipitation)  :: Schneefall {m}
snow {v} (have snow fall from the sky)  :: schneien
snow angel {n} (design)  :: Schneeengel {m}
snowball {n} (ball of snow)  :: Schneeball {m}
snowball fight {n} (play fight)  :: Schneeballschlacht {f}
snow-blind {adj} (blinded by abundance of reflected light)  :: schneeblind
snow blindness {n} (condition of the eyes caused by exposure to UV rays)  :: Schneeblindheit {f}
snowblower {n} (a device for clearing a path or road of snow)  :: Schneefräse {f}
snowboard {n} (board)  :: Snowboard {n}
snowboard {v} (to ride a snowboard)  :: snowboarden; [Switzerland] snöben
snowboarder {n} (someone who snowboards)  :: Snowboarder {m}, Snowboarderin {f}; Snowboardfahrer {m}, Snowboardfahrerin {f}; [Switzerland] Snöber {m}, Snöberin {f}
snow bunting {n} (bird)  :: Schneeammer {f}
snow cannon {n} (machine that spurts out snow over pistes)  :: Schneekanone {f}
snow chain {n} (a chain put on a wheel of a vehicle to give it more traction)  :: Schneekette {f}
snow-covered {adj} (covered with snow)  :: schneebedeckt
snow cream {n} (dessert made with milk or cream and snow)  :: Schneemilch
snow cream {n} (dessert made with cream, rosewater and sugar, which looks like snow)  :: Schneemilch
snow drift {n} (accumulation of snow)  :: Schneeverwehung {f}
snowdrift {n} (bank of snow)  :: Schneewehe {f}, Schneeverwehung {f}
snowdrop {n} (plant)  :: Schneeglöckchen {n}
snowed in {adj} (unable to get out of a place due to snow)  :: eingeschneit
snowfall {n} (instance of falling of snow)  :: Schneefall {m}
snowflake {n} (crystal)  :: Schneeflocke {f}
snowflake {n} (flower of the genus Leucojum)  :: Märzenbecher {m}
snowflake {n} (Plectrophenax nivalis) SEE: snow bunting  ::
snow fox {n} (arctic fox) SEE: arctic fox  ::
snow globe {n} (decorative object)  :: Schneekugel {f}
snow in {v} (prevent from moving by a large snowfall)  :: einschneien
snow leopard {n} (a large feline mammal, Uncia uncia)  :: Schneeleopard {m}, Irbis {m}
snowless {adj} (without snow)  :: schneefrei, aper
snow load {n} (live load due to the weight of snow on a roof)  :: Schneelast {f}
snowman {n} (figure made of snow)  :: Schneemann {m}
snowmobile {n} (vehicle)  :: Schneemobil {n}
snowmobiler {n} (snowmobile operator)  :: Schneemobilfahrer {m}, Schneemobilfahrerin {f}
snowmobilist {n} (snowmobiler) SEE: snowmobiler  ::
snow pea {n} (cultivar of pea)  :: Kefe
snow petrel {n} (small, pure white fulmarine petrel)  :: Schneesturmvogel {m}
snow plow {n} (vehicle)  :: Schneepflug {m}
snow plow {n} (in skiing)  :: Stemmbogen {m}, Pizzastück {n}
Snow Queen {prop} (fairy tale character with power over snow and ice)  :: Schneekönigin {f}
snow sheep {n} (Ovis nivicola)  :: Schneeschaf {n}
snowshoe {n} (flat footwear worn to facilitate walking in deep snow)  :: Schneeschuh {m}
snow shovel {n} (a shovel designed specifically for the shovelling of snow)  :: Schneeschaufel {f}
snowstorm {n} (bad weather involving blowing winds and snow)  :: Schneesturm {m}
snow-white {adj} (as white as snow)  :: schneeweiß, schlohweiß
Snow White {prop} (character from Snow White (Schneewittchen))  :: Schneewittchen {n}
Snow White {prop} (character from Snow-White and Rose-Red (Schneeweißchen und Rosenrot))  :: Schneeweißchen {n}
snowy {adj} (covered with snow)  :: schneebedeckt, verschneit
snowy {adj} (as white as snow)  :: schneeweiß
snowy owl {n} (large white owl)  :: Schneeeule {f}, Schnee-Eule {f}
snub {n} (deliberate affront or slight)  :: Brüskierung {f}
snub {v} (to slight, ignore, behave coldly toward)  :: brüskieren, jemanden vor den Kopf stoßen
snub {v} (to turn down, dismiss)  :: ablehnen, abtun, ausschlagen [offer]
snub nose {n} (a small stubby nose)  :: Stupsnase {f}
snuff {n} (fine-ground tobacco)  :: Schnupftabak {m}
snuffbox {n} (small box)  :: Schnupftabakdose {f}, Tabakdose {f}, Tabatiere {f}
snug {adj} (close fitting)  :: enganliegend [clothing]; passgenau [engineering]
snuggle {v} (to lie close to another person or thing, hugging or being cosy)  :: drücken, kuscheln
snugly {adv}  :: behaglich, gemütlich, mol