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The zMoo list, of English entries that have French translations from his pronunciation collection.

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dictionary dog encyclopedia encyclopaedia cat book pound pond raven brown December month January February march April may June July September October November day Monday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday dialect hour alphabetical minute swap trade verb adjective adjectival deal merchandise product eagle head fable abacus abaft abandon abandonment abase abash abatement abbess abbot abbreviate abdication abdomen abdominal aberration abhor abhorrence abide abjure ablative able abnormal abode abolish abominable abominate abort abortion abound abreast abridge abruptly abscess abscissa odd calendar week watchlist winter servant robot English absolutely absolutism abundantly accept acceptable accidental accidentally accordion alien season autumn summer color die in lens whatever debt orange seven birth wolf planet star sky can zero digit numeral alphabet achievement acid lightspeed quarter grass two three four five AD crude letter year Irish second century clock meat beer umbrella chairman bit sun man be quotidian quality dickhead motherfucker port cod date language adverb transitive because flute railway eight nine singular everybody musician brassiere weapon stock pencil Dutch music secret most war peace country nullify wage currently now bank tax apple economics slow policy mammal husband government morning send market food world take but say last increase company forecast add acacia TDMA network wireless first digital radio FDMA shadowing political pseudonym blood comma colon early new love French feature turkey skill current industrial automatic computer Spanish Portuguese absence absolute absorption absorbent abstention absorb abstraction absurd abuse abundance abundant abyss abysm academic academy accelerate acceleration accelerator accomplished accentuate access accompany acclimatization accompaniment Greek accost accountable accredit accrue accumulation accumulator accuracy accusation accusative accuse accustom acetate acetylene ache achieve quotation general map storm money ask night army win drink cow Schadenfreude baby stand pronunciation Icelandic president security thin ground close know Indian o'clock create kill drug after next plant absinthe Finnish Catalan give dare banana tiger eleven twelve bomb church small tomato cherry Japanese Slovene bench beige black blue green grey red silver white yellow grapefruit fourth third fifth trumpet cane seventh eighth ninth Italian young you yet wrong writer write weave wound worst woman kindle queen sausage Korean see mouse noon keyboard age weekend weekday nickel pip nature person Hebrew Russian Polish Slovak Flemish thirteen fourteen cube parallel eleventh twelfth thirteenth rational quaff fifteen seventeen nineteen twenty thirty forty fifty sixty thousand symbol invest thee humor zeal compass eighteen currency blowjob ass cock tick some percent coin animal too toe for handsome fall pristine deer zebra ostrich elk tonight xylophone X-ray hunt tree cockroach example boy girl affirmative their concrete vowel case subject future neuter regular stem tense interjection Castilian Spaniard leather again quack advertisement island species bird fish quail quantity quarrel almost amount angle answer ant any argument as moon accident adore advice Indonesian north south west earth snake thick wax beeswax laundry left right father mother brother child son daughter grandfather grandmother grandson uncle aunt nephew niece cousin mother-in-law son-in-law parents bee bathroom rite car wing cold hot warm temperature lukewarm fresh cool rainbow pimple other finger flower male thumb Norwegian duck vegetable habit Galician theirs very kingdom hole wood anterior astronaut complete project visit experiment learn how azure monthly weekly mortgage chocolate cream bombard candidate martyr update rat unvariable atmosphere navy room benzoic turtle hut pupa vertebra backbone antler comet pajamas recipe suffix tide olive plum tortoise pen copper chair salmon tin alloy chain retreat mosquito hello hi 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songstress coppersmith infamous newspaper deserve glass strong serpent useless beach Egyptian element pole tie affect ampere kilogram litre whereas limb score trademark Luxembourgish shadow grain worker electricity nipple wart watch salad turnover honeybee hound lathe photograph pliers unicycle banjo banjax stand-in standpoint crossword slowly check majesty eel archaeology altar knock prototype mushroom Antwerp diamonds club visible borrow signal curiosity event ladybug humour onion atheism unmarried tuna barber farmer stepson kingfisher wheel panda fat goldfish hybrid grease sick land lip cent atrocity horseradish scent horn something weak hyena jackal leopard hippopotamus flag agglutinative baboon monkey erase fair fare valley fountain wheat witch template lizard steel tea miner minor parrot barrow subtle perspective proper shelf heating carry transport farm retail request substitute propaganda random reputation offer cocoa potato history research melon linen don papa heater peanut 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flex harelip eavesdrop potter teeny cobweb pen-name buttercup temptation amputate craftsman locked saddle stairs stair timekeeping daylight convenient hoard anthrax detain fervor flagstaff bonk inception skateboard pillar balcony allegoric chemicals strident blender blockquote zing amplitude corkscrew haven liverwurst façade obviously pharmacy socket revolt slippery suppress happily bedtime parsley bramble moonquake attacker disciple horsefly elevate assimilate postprandial caterwaul dextrous coalfish circulate confiscate invoice airlift welterweight egress excursion navigate bonfire mantle graveyard laters goblin denounce mouthpiece romanisation campsite breadcrumb authorize inlet bowtie contrail linden textbook wigeon sealskin assignment ramp bobcat mockumentary custard handcuff midriff bavarois buckwheat satisfied hickory forthwith poplar headlock breadfruit flyleaf mantelpiece crossbar throw-in second-rate wholeheartedly tom-tit sullen needy cat-o'-nine-tails reconnoiter backstabber archaeological let-down scallop thin-skinned thistle man-at-arms comfy furbelow threefold projecting nightclub fisher tombstone monopolize teahouse recorder unbroken blacklist whitelist sob rescind speciality bespectacled admittedly sandstorm time-out snowshoe contradictory manna envisage Toyland slant foreman lighthouse salon redshift discus succour necktie flutter diseased cleanliness miller Slovenian asphalt overcoat paperback exemplar typesetting motherboard foghorn Apus fiord consulate handyman hotline steal stamp-collecting pacemaker headhunter hacksaw sandpaper ambergris stockholder lemongrass pressie liquidate limpid clownfish insistently manhole plumbago lettering medfly southbound windsurfing caveman conformable higgledy-piggledy handstand Letzeburgesh anonymity anonymousness fishhook liquidizer varactor raincoat lumpsucker hardback flowerbed straitjacket calumniate namespace supermajority privation comber midfielder hatless remotely quarterfinalist markup redcurrant top-level chaulk Siberian gingerbread slaver handpicked slanting tiddlywinks waggon seatbelt manpower workspace neanderthal networking goatskin fourscore gladiolus windsurf competently sweetbread flagpole notetaking dishwashing Volans nonprofit

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