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R {letter}  :: letter: är, er
raa’annokka {n} [nautical]  :: yardarm (outer end of a yard)
raa’asti {adv}  :: cruelly, brutally, savagely
raadanta {n}  :: drudgery
raadella {v}  :: To savage, maul (to attack with the teeth)
raadollinen {adj}  :: unscrupulous
raadollisuus {n}  :: unscrupulousness
raadon {n} [obsolete]  :: radon (noble gas)
raadonsyöjä {n}  :: scavenger, necrophage
raadonsyönti {n}  :: necrophagy
raaempi {adj}  :: comparative of raaka
raaentaa {vt}  :: To make more brutal
raaentua {v} [nonstandard]  :: alternative form of raaistua
raahaantua {vi}  :: to be dragged
raahata {v}  :: To drag, haul
raahautua {vi}  :: To be dragged
Raahe {prop}  :: Raahe
raahustaa {vi}  :: To shamble, saunter, slog
raain {adj}  :: superlative of raaka
raaistaa {vt}  :: to brutalise/brutalize, make more brutal
raaistua {v}  :: to become more brutal
raaja {n} [anatomy]  :: limb
-raajainen {adj}  :: legged
raajapari {n}  :: pair of limbs
raajarikko {n}  :: [of animal] lame
raajarikkoinen {adj}  :: crippled
raajaton {adj}  :: limbless
raaka {adj}  :: raw
raaka {adj}  :: crude
raaka {adj}  :: rude, brutal
raaka {n} [nautical]  :: yard
raaka-aine {n} [manufacturing]  :: raw material
raaka-aine {n} [business]  :: commodity (primary product as object of trade in an exchange)
raakakypsyttää {vt}  :: to hang (meat)
raakalainen {n}  :: A brute, a brutal or uncivilized person
raakalainen {n}  :: An ogre (brutish man whose behavior resembles that of the mythical ogre)
raakalaismainen {adj}  :: barbaric
raakalaisuus {n}  :: barbarianism, savagery
raakaöljy {n}  :: crude oil
raakamalmi {n} [metallurgy]  :: raw ore
raakametalli {n}  :: raw metal (intermediate product in metallurgy, having high metallic content but not being good for end use in metalworking industry or elsewhere without further processing)
raakapurje {n} [nautical]  :: square sail
raakapuu {n}  :: raw wood
raakapuu {n} [nautical]  :: yard
raakasokeri {n}  :: raw sugar, jaggery
raakata {v} [colloquial]  :: to discard, reject, eliminate
raakata {v} [dialectal]  :: to shave (beard)
raakatalja {n}  :: rawhide
Raakel {prop}  :: Rachel [biblical character]
Raakel {prop}  :: given name of biblical origin
raakile {n}  :: A raw or unripe fruit or berry
raakile {n}  :: draft, sketch
raakimus {n}  :: brute
raakki {n}  :: crock (person)
raakku {n}  :: freshwater pearl mussel (Margaritifera margaritifera)
raakku {n} [mining]  :: alternative term for sivukivi
raakkua {vi} [of a bird]  :: To caw
raakua {v}  :: alternative form of raakkua
raakuus {n}  :: rawness
raakuus {n}  :: cruelty
raamattu {n}  :: A bible
Raamattu {prop}  :: The Bible
raamattuvyöhyke {n}  :: Bible Belt (area in which Evangelical Protestantism is a pervasive or dominant part of the culture)
raamatullinen {adj}  :: biblical
raamatunselitysoppi {n}  :: exegesis, exegetics (explanation and interpretation of the texts of the Bible)
raami {n}  :: frame
raamikas {adj}  :: robust (body shape)
raana {n}  :: faucet
raani {n} [plant]  :: shoreweed (Littorella uniflora)
raanu {n}  :: A traditional heavy woven rug, used as bed cover and wall textile
raapaista {vt}  :: To scratch, scrape (once)
raapaisu {n}  :: A graze; light scratch
raape {n}  :: The material loosened by scratching
raapia {vt}  :: To scratch, scrape
raappa {n}  :: scraper
raapustaa {v}  :: to scrawl, scribble (e.g. of notes)
raaputin {n}  :: scraper
raaputtaa {vt}  :: to scratch
raaputus {n}  :: scratching
raaskia {v} [colloquial]  :: To dare (to have enough courage to do something because of emotional reasons)
raastaa {v}  :: To tear, pull
raastaa {v}  :: To grate
raaste {n} [cooking]  :: grated food
raastin {n}  :: grater
raastupa {n}  :: courtroom
raastuvanoikeus {n} [legal, dated]  :: Until Dec. 1993 the court of first instance in the cities of Finland, since then replaced by käräjäoikeus. English-language equivalents vary by jurisdiction, at least following are used: magistrates court (UK), municipal court (US)
raasu {n}  :: wretch
raataa {vi}  :: to drudge, toil, sweat, slave (to work very hard and during long hours)
raate {n}  :: bogbean, buckbean, Menyanthes trifoliata
raatelu {n}  :: savaging, mauling
raateluhammas {n}  :: eyetooth, canine tooth; especially a well-developed one which is particularly suited for tearing meat
raatelunokka {n}  :: raptorial beak
raati {n} [old-fashioned]  :: jury (body of judges in a competition)
raati {n} [archaic]  :: city council
raatihuone {n} [historical]  :: city hall, town hall
Raatikainen {prop}  :: surname
raato {n}  :: An animal carcass, corpse
raato {n} [colloquial]  :: A dead human corpse
raatokukka {n}  :: rafflesia
raatsia {v}  :: alternative form of raaskia
raavas {adj}  :: robust, strong
raavinta {n}  :: scratching
rabbi {n}  :: rabbi
rabbiini {n}  :: rabbi
rabdomyolyysi {n} [pathology]  :: rhabdomyolysis
raclette {n}  :: raclette (dish)
radža {n}  :: A rajah
radiaalinen {adj}  :: radial
radiaani {n} [geometry]  :: radian (unit of angle)
radiaatio {n}  :: radiation
radiaattori {n}  :: radiator
radianssi {n} [physics]  :: radiance (the flux of radiation emitted per unit solid angle in a given direction by a unit area of a source)
radiantti {n} [astronomy]  :: radiant
radikaalein {adj}  :: superlative of radikaali
radikaali {adj}  :: radical
radikaali {n}  :: A radical person or one who acts radically
radikaali {n} [chemistry]  :: radical
radikaalimpi {adj}  :: comparative of radikaali
radikaalinen {adj}  :: radical
radikaalisesti {adv}  :: radically
radikaalistaa {vt}  :: to radicalize
radikaalisti {adv}  :: radically
radikaalistua {vi}  :: to become radicalized
radikaalisuus {n}  :: radicalness
radikaalius {n}  :: radicalness
radikalismi {n}  :: radicalism
radikalisoida {vt}  :: To radicalize
radikalisoitua {vi}  :: To be radicalized
radio {n}  :: radio
radioaakkonen {n}  :: in plural only, radio alphabet, spelling alphabet (set of standard words used in radiotelephony to represent the letters of alphabet when spelling in conditions where misunderstanding may easily happen)
radioaakkonen {n}  :: spelling word (word used to represent a letter when spelling)
radioaallot {n}  :: radio waves
radioaktiivinen {adj}  :: radioactive
radioaktiivinen jäte {n}  :: radioactive waste
radioaktiivisesti {adv}  :: radioactively
radioaktiivisuus {n}  :: radioactivity
radioamatööri {n}  :: A ham (ham radio operator)
radioantenni {n}  :: radio antenna
radioasema {n}  :: radio station
radioastronomia {n}  :: radio astronomy
radiobiologia {n}  :: radiobiology
radiografia {n}  :: radiography (science of analyzing radiographs)
radiografia {n} [rare]  :: radiography (process of producing radiographs)
radiogramofoni {n}  :: radiogram (device combining radio and gramophone)
radiohiili {n}  :: radiocarbon
radiohiiliajoitus {n}  :: radiocarbon dating
radiohiljaisuus {n}  :: radio silence
radioida {v}  :: To radio
radioisotooppi {n}  :: radioisotope
radioitse {adv}  :: By radio
radiokanava {n}  :: radio channel
radiokasettisoitin {n}  :: radio cassette player
radiokemia {n}  :: nuclear chemistry
radiokemia {n}  :: radiochemistry
radiokeskustelu {n}  :: a radio conversation
radiokommunikaatio {n}  :: radiocommunication
radiokuva {n} [rare]  :: alternative term for röntgenkuva
radio-levysoitin {n}  :: radiogram (device combining radio and record player)
radiolähetin {n}  :: radio (transmitter)
radiolähetys {n}  :: radio transmission
radioliikenne {n}  :: radio communication
radiologia {n}  :: radiology
radiologinen {adj}  :: radiological
radiolyysi {n}  :: radiolysis
radiomajakka {n}  :: A radio beacon
radiometria {n}  :: radiometry
radionuklidi {n} [physics]  :: radionuclide (radioactive nuclide)
radio-ohjattava {adj}  :: radio-controlled (controlled remotely using radio signals)
radio-ohjattu {adj}  :: radio-controlled
radio-ohjaus {n}  :: radio control
radiopuhelin {n}  :: radiotelephone
radiopuhelin {n}  :: walkie-talkie
radiosanoma {n}  :: radiogram (message, like telegram, sent over radio)
radiosignaali {n}  :: radio signal
radioteitse {adv}  :: by radio
radiotekniikka {n}  :: radio technology
radioteleskooppi {n}  :: radio telescope
radiotähtitiede {n} [astronomy]  :: radio astronomy
radiovastaanotin {n}  :: radio (receiver)
radioviestintä {n} [biology]  :: radiocommunication
radium {n}  :: radium
radiumkloridi {n} [chemistry]  :: radium chloride
radon {n}  :: radon
radonfluoridi {n} [chemistry]  :: radon fluoride
rae {n}  :: hailstone, hail
rae {n} [materials science]  :: grain (a region within a material having a single crystal structure or direction)
raejuusto {n}  :: A Finnish fresh cheese similar to cottage cheese
raekoko {n}  :: grain size
raesade {n}  :: hail, hailstorm
Rafael {prop}  :: Raphael [biblical character]
Rafael {prop}  :: given name
raffinoida {vt}  :: To refine
rafflesia {n}  :: rafflesia
rafla {n} [slang]  :: restaurant
ragnarök {n} [mythology]  :: Ragnarok
ragoût {n}  :: ragout
raguu {n}  :: ragout
raha {n}  :: money (see the usage notes below)
raha {n} [obsolete]  :: squirrel pelt
rahakas {adj}  :: wealthy, rich
rahakas {adj}  :: lucrative, bringing much wealth
rahakasvi {n}  :: cash crop
rahake {n}  :: token (substitute for money)
rahaliitto {n}  :: monetary union
rahallinen {adj}  :: monetary
rahamarkkinat {n} [finance]  :: money market
rahamies {n} [colloquial]  :: moneybags
rahanahne {adj}  :: mercenary
rahanhimoinen {adj}  :: extortionate, greedy
rahanlainaaja {n}  :: moneylender
rahanlainaus {n}  :: money lending
rahanpesu {n}  :: money laundering
rahanvaihtaja {n}  :: money changer
rahanvaihto {n}  :: money exchange
rahapaja {n}  :: mint (where money is produced)
rahapeli {n}  :: gamble (game with money involved)
rahapolitiikka {n}  :: monetary policy
rahapula {n}  :: shortage of money
rahapussi {n}  :: A purse
rahapuu {n}  :: jade plant (Crassula ovata)
raha ratkaisee {phrase}  :: money talks
rahastaa {v}  :: to collect money, as e.g. at the entrance of something
rahastaa {v}  :: to cash in (to profit from)
rahastaja {n}  :: conductor (person whose job is to collect fares in a bus or tram)
rahasto {n}  :: fund
rahasto {n}  :: war chest (fund for a special campaign)
rahastojen rahasto {n} [finance]  :: fund of funds (investment fund that invests primarily in other funds)
rahastonhoitaja {n}  :: A treasurer in a club or other similar organization
rahastus {n} [public transport]  :: fare collection
rahastus {n}  :: rip-off (unfair pricing or business strategy aimed at maximizing profit)
rahastuslaukku {n} [public transport]  :: conductor's bag
rahatiede {n}  :: numismatics
rahaton {adj}  :: penniless, impecunious, broke, busted, skint (lacking money, temporarily and/or because of being poor)
rahavaranto {n} [economics]  :: money supply
rahayksikkö {n}  :: unit of currency, monetary unit
rahdata {v}  :: (transitive) to haul
rahi {n} [dated]  :: low bench
rahi {n}  :: footstool, stool
rahina {n} [onomatopoetic]  :: rasping sound, rattle
rahina {n} [pathology]  :: rale, rales, crackles (abnormal sound from the lungs)
rahista {vi} [onomatopoetic]  :: To rasp (to make a rasping sound)
rahistaa {vt} [onomatopoetic]  :: to make rasp (to cause to make a rasping sound)
rahje {n} [horsemanship]  :: A leather strap used to join the shafts of a carriage, sled etc. to the horse collar
rahje {n} [figuratively]  :: In plural, the capacity, potential or capabilities of e.g. a person or an organization, whether financial, intellectual, physical or other
rahjus {n}  :: frail person
rahjustaa {v}  :: To shamble
rahka {n}  :: quark (food)
rahkahapero {n}  :: A brittlegill, Russula sphagnophila
rahkahopeatäplä {n}  :: Frigga fritillary, Boloria frigga (syn. Clossiana frigga)
rahkarousku {n}  :: A milk-cap, Lactarius sphagneti
rahkasammal {n} [botany]  :: sphagnum, peat moss
rahkasammalinen {adj}  :: sphagnous
rahkasara {n} [plant]  :: few-flowered sedge (Carex pauciflora)
rahkaseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: A webcap, Cortinarius huronensis
Rahkonen {prop}  :: surname
Rahkonen {prop}  :: A placename
rahna {n} [colloquial]  :: money
rahoittaa {vt}  :: To finance, fund, pay for, support financially, provide financial/monetary support/backing for; to sponsor
rahoittaja {n}  :: financier
rahoittamaton {adj}  :: unfunded, unfinanced
rahoittaminen {n}  :: financing, funding
rahoitus {n}  :: financing
rahoituserä {n} [accounting]  :: financial item (item on the financial statement of a bookkeeping entity which deals with financing, as opposed to the real process of producing goods and services)
rahoitusjohtaja {n}  :: chief financial officer, CFO, treasurer, financial director (head of finance in a company)
rahoituskriisi {n}  :: financial crisis
rahoituslaitos {n}  :: financial institution
rahti {n}  :: freight, cargo
rahtialus {n}  :: cargo vessel
rahtilaiva {n}  :: cargo ship
rahtilentokone {n}  :: cargo plane
rahtimaksu {n}  :: freight (payment)
rahtitavara {n}  :: cargo
rahtu {n}  :: A very small amount of something, a jot, an iota. Normally used only in the idiom "ei rahtuakaan" (not at all, not the slightest bit)
rahtunen {n}  :: A very small amount of something, a jot, an iota. Normally used only attributively
rahvaanomainen {adj}  :: vulgar, common, plebeian (not sophisticated)
rahvaanomaisempi {adj}  :: comparative of rahvaanomainen
rahvaanomaisesti {adv}  :: vulgarly
rahvaanomaisin {adj}  :: superlative of rahvaanomainen
rahvaanomaisuus {n}  :: vulgarity
rahvas {n} [relatively derogatory]  :: The peasantry, common/ordinary people/folks, lower-class people (often used of those people in the past, in distinction from the rich and/or influential proportion of a people), the riff-raff
rahvas {n} [playfully]  :: people, folks
raidakas {adj}  :: striped
raidakkaampi {adj}  :: comparative of raidakas
raidakkain {adj}  :: superlative of raidakas
raidallinen {adj}  :: striped
raidallinen {adj}  :: streaky
raidanrousku {n}  :: A milk-cap, Lactarius aspideus
raide {n}  :: track, railroad track
raide {n}  :: numbered track or platform at a railway station
raideleveys {n} [automotive]  :: track, track width, gauge, track gauge (distance between two opposite wheels on a same axletree)
raihnaantua {vi} [especially of older people]  :: To become ailing, frail
raihnas {adj} [of people]  :: dilapidated, wasted, deteriorated, in bad shape
raihnautua {vi}  :: alternative form of raihnaantua
Raija {prop}  :: given name
raikaa {v} [rare, literary]  :: to blare, resound
raikas {adj}  :: fresh
raikastaa {vt}  :: To freshen
raikastin {n}  :: A freshener (device that freshens something, especially air)
raikastua {vi}  :: To freshen
raikkaampi {adj}  :: comparative of raikas
raikkaus {n}  :: freshness
raikua {vi}  :: to blare, resound
Raila {prop}  :: given name
railakas {adj}  :: lively, sociable
railakka {adj}  :: alternative form of railakas
railata {v} [colloquial]  :: Same as interrailata
Raili {prop}  :: given name popular in the 1930s and the 1940s
railo {n}  :: crack, crevasse (on ice)
Raimo {prop}  :: given name
raina {n}  :: filmstrip
raina {n} [colloquial]  :: movie
raina {n}  :: [papermaking] pulp slurry
Raine {prop}  :: given name derived form the German Rainer
Raino {prop}  :: given name
raippa {n}  :: crop (short whip)
Raisa {prop}  :: given name of Finnish speakers
Raisa {prop}  :: A transliteration of the Russian female given name Раи́са.
Raisio {prop}  :: A town in SW Finland
Raisio {prop}  :: A publicly held company engaged in cereal products and animal feeds, known internationally as Raisio Group
raiska {n}  :: dung
raiska {n}  :: wretch
raiskaaja {n}  :: rapist, raper
raiskaantua {vi}  :: alternative form of raiskautua
raiskata {vt}  :: To rape (to force sexual intercourse)
raiskata {vt}  :: To rape (to abuse an object in an extreme manner)
raiskata {vt} [figuratively]  :: To ruin, damage, spoil, not do justice to
raiskaus {n}  :: rape
raiskausyritys {n}  :: attempted rape
raiskautua {vi}  :: To be ruined, spoiled
raita {n}  :: stripe
raita {n}  :: band
raita {n}  :: track
raita {n}  :: goat willow, Salix caprea
raita {n} [heraldry]  :: bendlet
Raita {prop}  :: surname
Raita {prop}  :: given name
raitahiiri {n}  :: barbary striped grass mouse, Lemniscomys barbarus (small rodent native to northwest Africa, name species of its genus)
raitahiiri {n}  :: striped grass mouse (rodent of the genus Lemniscomys)
raitahiiri {n} [in plural]  :: Lemniscomys (genus)
raitainen {adj}  :: striped
raitapuumuura {n}  :: barred antshrike
raitasardelli {n}  :: broad-striped anchovy, Anchoa hepsetus
raitiotie {n}  :: tramway (tracks for a tram)
raitiovaunu {n}  :: tram, tram car, streetcar
raitiovaunupysäkki {n}  :: tram stop
raitis {adj}  :: sober (not intoxicated)
raitis {adj}  :: fresh (e.g. fresh air)
raitis {n}  :: teetotaller/teetotaler
Raitis {prop} [very, rare]  :: given name
raitistaa {vt}  :: to refresh
raito {n}  :: A line of reindeer which pull an ahkio
raitsikka {n} [colloquial]  :: tram
raitti {n}  :: village road
raittius {n}  :: temperance (abstinence from intoxicants, especially from alcohol)
raittius {n}  :: sobriety (state of being sober)
raittiusaate {n}  :: The cause of temperance
raittiusjuoma {n} [dated]  :: Any non-alcoholic drink suggested or offered as an alternative to alcohol
raittiuslautakunta {n}  :: A municipal board for promotion of temperance
raittiusliike {n}  :: The temperance movement
raittiuslupaus {n}  :: A pledge of temperance, the pledge (promise to abstain from drinking alcohol)
raittiusmies {n}  :: A supporter of temperance movement
raittiusseura {n}  :: A temperance association
raittiusväki {n}  :: The supporters of temperance movement collectively
raivaamaton {adj}  :: uncleared
raivaaminen {n}  :: clearing, bulldozing
raivain {n} [military]  :: machine used in demining
raivari {n} [colloquial]  :: a fit of rage
raivata {v}  :: to clear, bulldoze
raivata {v} [military]  :: to demine; often used with an object such as miinakenttä (minefield), miinoja (mines) (to remove mines)
raivaustraktori {n}  :: bulldozer
raivio {n}  :: clearing (in forest)
raivo {n}  :: Fury, rage
raivo {n} [anatomy, rare]  :: Back of the head
raivoaminen {n}  :: raging
raivohullu {n}  :: raving mad
raivoisa {adj}  :: rabid, frantic, frenzied
raivoissaan {adv}  :: furious, raging (about = elative); apoplectic
raivokas {adj}  :: fierce, frenetic, raging
raivokkaasti {adv}  :: fiercely
raivokkuus {n}  :: ferocity
raivokohtaus {n}  :: fit of rage
raivonpuuska {n}  :: tantrum
raivopäinen {adj}  :: raging, mad
raivopäinen {adj}  :: ferocious
raivoraitis {n}  :: teetotaler (person who never consumes alcohol)
raivoraitis {adj}  :: being a teetotaler
raivostua {vi}  :: to get furious/mad, lose one's temper, fly off the handle, blow one's top, blow a fuse, hit the roof, go off
raivostuttaa {vt}  :: to infuriate, incense
raivota {vi}  :: To rage, stomp/storm around furiously, rampage, rant and rave
raivotar {n} [Greek mythology]  :: A Fury
raivotauti {n} [pathology]  :: rabies, hydrophobia
raivotautinen {adj}  :: rabid
raja {n}  :: [geographically] boundary (line), border(line), frontier; a (city) limit; a (county) line
raja {n}  :: [socially; mentally] limit, bound, confine
raja {n} [sports]  :: line
raja-aita {n}  :: border fence
raja-alue {n}  :: frontier (a boundary region)
raja-arvo {n} [mathematics]  :: limit
raja-asema {n}  :: border station
raja-asukas {n}  :: frontiersman
rajahyöty {n} [economics]  :: marginal utility, marginal benefit
rajajoki {n}  :: boundary river
rajakahakka {n}  :: A border skirmish
rajakivi {n}  :: borderstone
rajakreivi {n}  :: A margrave
rajakustannus {n} [economics]  :: marginal cost
Rajala {prop}  :: surname
Rajala {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
rajallinen {adj}  :: Limited, restricted
rajamaa {n}  :: borderland
Rajamäki {prop}  :: A population centre in the municipality of Nurmijärvi in the Uusimaa region
Rajamäki {prop}  :: surname
rajanylityspaikka {n}  :: border crossing
rajapyykki {n}  :: landmark
rajaseutu {n}  :: frontier, borderland (part of a country which fronts or faces another country or an unsettled region)
rajata {vt}  :: To limit, confine
rajata {vt}  :: To crop (an image)
rajatiede {n}  :: fringe science
rajaton {adj}  :: boundless, limitless, unlimited
rajattomasti {adv}  :: unlimitedly
rajattomuus {n}  :: limitlessness, boundlessness, infiniteness
rajattu {adj}  :: limited
rajaus {n}  :: limiting
rajaus {n}  :: cropping
rajauskynä {n}  :: eyeliner
rajavalvonta {n}  :: border control
rajavartija {n}  :: border guard
rajavartiolaitos {n}  :: border guard (agency)
rajaviiva {n}  :: A borderline
rajoite {n}  :: constraint
rajoitettu {adj}  :: limited
rajoitettu {adj}  :: restricted
rajoitettu {adj}  :: bounded
rajoitetusti {adv}  :: limitedly
rajoitin {n}  :: limiter
rajoittaa {vt}  :: To restrict, limit
rajoittaa {vt}  :: To inhibit
rajoittamaton {adj}  :: unlimited
rajoittamaton {adj}  :: unobstructed
rajoittamaton {adj}  :: uncontrolled
rajoittamaton {adj}  :: untrammelled
rajoittamaton {adj}  :: unrestricted
rajoittamaton {adj}  :: free (unobstructed)
rajoittamaton {adj}  :: absolute (free from any limitation or condition)
rajoitteinen {adj}  :: challenged (lacking some physical or mental attribute or skill)
rajoittua {vi}  :: To abut, be limited, limit oneself, be restricted, restrict oneself
rajoittuva {adj}  :: adjacent, marginal (sharing a border)
rajoitus {n}  :: limit, limitation, restriction, constraint
rajoni {n}  :: district, raion (administrative division in Russia and some other East European countries)
raju {adj}  :: fierce, violent (involving extreme force or motion)
raju {adj}  :: rapid, sudden fast
raju {adj}  :: brave, daring, courageous
rajuilma {n}  :: storm, tempest
rajuin {adj}  :: superlative of raju
rajumpi {adj}  :: comparative of raju
rajusti {adv}  :: fiercely, intensely, fervently
rajuus {n}  :: Fierceness
rajuus {n}  :: Violence, extreme force (of something abstract or inanimate)
rakas {adj}  :: dear, beloved, cherished
rakas {n}  :: A darling, sweetheart, love
rakastaa {vt} [+ partitive]  :: to love
rakastaja {n}  :: lover
rakastajatar {n}  :: female lover, mistress
rakastamaton {adj}  :: unloved
rakastan sinua {phrase}  :: I love you
rakastavainen {n}  :: [usually plural] lover
rakastella {vi}  :: To make love
rakastelu {n}  :: lovemaking
rakastelukohtaus {n} [film]  :: love scene
rakastettava {adj}  :: lovable
rakastettavasti {adv}  :: lovably
rakastettu {adj}  :: beloved, loved
rakastettu {n}  :: beloved
rakastua {v}  :: to fall in love with, enamor
rakastuminen {n}  :: falling in love
rakastunut {adj}  :: in love, enamored
rakeinen {adj}  :: Granular
rakeistaa {v}  :: to granulate
rakenne {n}  :: structure
rakenne {n}  :: texture
rakenneanalyysi {n}  :: structural analysis
rakennekaava {n} [chemistry]  :: structural formula
rakennelma {n}  :: structure, edifice (building, structure)
rakennemuutos {n}  :: restructuring
rakennerahasto {n}  :: A financial tool set up to implement the Regional policy of the European Union with the aim of reducing regional disparities in terms of income, wealth and opportunities
rakennetyöttömyys {n}  :: structural unemployment
rakennevika {n}  :: construction flaw, structural defect
rakennus {n}  :: A building
rakennusala {n}  :: construction, construction branch, construction business (trade of building structures)
rakennushanke {n}  :: construction project, development project
rakennushanke {n}  :: real estate development (group of buildings planned as a whole)
rakennusinsinööri {n}  :: civil engineer
rakennuslaki {n} [legal]  :: building act (law regulating construction and maintenance of buildings)
rakennuslaki {n}  :: A similar law in another jurisdiction
rakennusliike {n}  :: construction firm
rakennuslupa {n} [zoning]  :: construction permit, building permit
rakennusmateriaali {n}  :: building material, construction material
rakennusmestari {n}  :: A polytechnic level degree in construction, aimed at training foremen; often translated as Master Builder (occupation) into English
rakennusmestari {n} [colloquial]  :: A Construction foreman, site foreman
rakennusmies {n}  :: construction worker
rakennusmääräys {n}  :: An individual regulation included in a building code
rakennusmääräys {n}  :: In plural (rakennusmääräykset), a building code
rakennusoikeus {n} [zoning]  :: the maximum total constructed floor area allowed on a given lot; equal to the product of floor area ratio and the area of the lot
rakennusosa {n}  :: building block (component that is part of a larger construction)
rakennuspaikka {n}  :: building site (place where a building is located, is currently under construction, or shall be constructed)
rakennuspaikka {n} [archaeology]  :: building site (site of a former structure)
rakennuspalikka {n}  :: building block (block made of wood or plastic that is used as a children's toy)
rakennuspalikka {n} [colloquial]  :: building block (component that is part of a larger construction)
rakennustyö {n}  :: construction (the process of constructing)
rakennustyömaa {n}  :: construction site
rakennustyyli {n}  :: building style
rakennuttaa {vt}  :: to have something built, constructed
rakennuttaja {n}  :: developer (of real estate)
rakentaa {vt}  :: to build, construct
rakentaja {n}  :: builder
rakentaja {n} [programming]  :: constructor
rakentamaton {adj}  :: unbuilt
rakentaminen {n}  :: construction, building (act or process of constructing)
rakentaminen {n}  :: construction, building trade (trade of building)
rakentaminen {n}  :: real estate development (process or amount of building activity)
rakentava {adj}  :: constructive
rakentavampi {adj}  :: comparative of rakentava
rakentavin {adj}  :: superlative of rakentava
rakenteellinen {adj}  :: structural
rakenteilla {adv}  :: under construction
rakenteistaa {v}  :: to structure
rakentua {vi}  :: to consist of, to be made of
rakentua {v}  :: to be based on, to be founded upon
raketinheitin {n} [military]  :: A multiple rocket launcher
raketti {n}  :: rocket
raketti {n} [colloquially]  :: firework
rakettimainen {adj}  :: rocketlike
rakettimoottori {n}  :: rocket engine
rakettipolttoaine {n}  :: rocket fuel
rakettireppu {n}  :: jet pack
rakettireppu {n} [literally]  :: A backpack of fireworks
rakettitiede {n}  :: rocket science (literal and figurative sense)
rakettitieteilijä {n}  :: rocket scientist
raki {n}  :: raki
rakiitti {n} [disease]  :: rachitis, rickets
rakka {n}  :: tor (craggy outcrop of rock on the summit of a hill)
rakkaampi {adj}  :: comparative of rakas
rakkahin {adj} [poetic]  :: superlative of rakas
rakkaudella {adv}  :: with love (written at the end of a letter, before the signature)
rakkaudeton {adj}  :: loveless
rakkaus {n}  :: love, affection
rakkauselämä {n}  :: love life
rakkauskertomus {n}  :: love story
rakkauskirje {n}  :: love letter
rakkauslaulu {n}  :: love song
rakkausruno {n}  :: love poem
rakkaussuhde {n}  :: love affair (amorous relationship)
rakkaussuhde {n}  :: love affair (fondness)
rakki {n} [disparaging]  :: mongrel, mutt, pooch, cur (mixed-breed dog)
rakki {n} [slang]  :: pooch (dog)
rakki {n} [nautical]  :: truss (rope or iron used to keep the centre of a yard to the mast)
rakkine {n} [colloquial, deprecating]  :: A machine or device working poorly or not at all; a contraption
rakko {n}  :: bladder
rakko {n}  :: blister
rakkolevä {n}  :: bladderwrack, Fucus vesiculosus (common seaweed)
rakkomato {n}  :: bladderworm (larva of tapeworm)
rakkula {n}  :: A blister, vesicle
rakkula-aste {n} [embryology]  :: blastula
rakkulakasvain {n} [pathology]  :: ganglion cyst
rakkularauhanen {n} [anatomy]  :: seminal vesicle
rakletti {n}  :: raclette
rako {n}  :: slit, slot
rako {n}  :: crack
rako {n}  :: chink (narrow opening)
rako {n}  :: olla raollaan: to be ajar
rako {n}  :: jättää raolleen: to leave ajar
rakoilematon {adj}  :: uncracked
rakonen {n}  :: small and narrow opening, slit, crack
rakonokka {n}  :: openbill (bird of the genus Anastomus)
rakotulkki {n}  :: feeler gauge
rakovalkea {n}  :: A type of open fire where the fire burns in a crack between two large logs; the fire burns slowly yet warmly
raksa {n} [colloquial]  :: construction site
raksaa {v}  :: alternative form of raksahdella
raksahdella {vi}  :: To crackle
raksahdus {n}  :: snap (sound)
raksi {n}  :: hanging loop (small loop sewn into a jacket, towel etc. for hanging)
raksia {v}  :: to unpick (to undo sewing stitches)
raksu {n} [colloquial]  :: darling, dear (term of endearment)
raksua {v}  :: alternative form of raksahdella
raksutella {v}  :: to make ticking or cracking sounds repeatedly, with some regularity
raksuttaa {v}  :: to tick
raksuttaa {v}  :: to clack (to make repetitive abrupt, sharp sounds, such as by two colliding hard objects colliding)
raksutus {n}  :: tick, ticking (relatively quiet but sharp sound generally made repeatedly by moving machinery)
rakuuna {n}  :: dragoon (cavalryman)
rakuuna {n}  :: tarragon (plant and its leaves used as spice)
Ralf {prop}  :: given name
ralli {n} [motor racing]  :: rally
ralli {n}  :: song
ralli {n} [dialectal]  :: grating
ralliauto {n}  :: racecar
ralliautoilija {n}  :: racing car driver
ralliautoilu {n}  :: auto racing
raloksifeeni {n}  :: raloxifene
ramadan {n} [Islam]  :: Ramadan
rambutani {n}  :: rambutan
rami {n} [card games]  :: grand (in tuppi and similar games, bid to win majority of tricks in a game with no trumps)
rami {n}  :: ramie (plant and fiber)
Rami {prop}  :: given name
ramina {n} [cards]  :: A certain card game
rampa {adj}  :: Physically lame
rampa {n}  :: A lame person
rampaantua {v}  :: alternative form of rampautua
rampata {v}  :: To go to and fro
rampata {v}  :: To tramp on doing a massage
rampauttaa {vt}  :: To lame
rampauttaa {vt} [figuratively]  :: To disable
rampautua {vi}  :: To be crippled, maimed
ramppi {n}  :: ramp (inclined surface that connects two levels)
ramppi {n}  :: apron, ramp (area for parking, servicing, loading and unloading aircraft at an airport)
ramppikuume {n}  :: stage fright
ranapalkki {n} [nautical]  :: A cathead
rangaista {vt}  :: To punish, penalise/penalize, mete out a penalty/punishment for
rangaistava {adj}  :: punishable
rangaistus {n}  :: punishment
rangaistus {n}  :: penalty
rangaistus {n}  :: comeuppance
rangaistusaika {n}  :: penalty time
rangaistusaitio {n} [ice hockey]  :: the penalty box
rangaistusalue {n} [soccer]  :: penalty area (rectangular area in front of a soccer goal)
rangaistusmaali {n} [sports]  :: A penalty goal
rangaistuspotku {n} [soccer]  :: penalty kick
rangaistuspotkukilpailu {n}  :: penalty shootout (a series of penalty kicks)
ranka {n}  :: pole (delimbed but not debarked stem of a thin tree that is not cut to a specified length)
ranka {n}  :: stalk (supporting member of a plant part, such as a leaf or inflorescence)
ranka {n}  :: spine (short for selkäranka)
rankaisija {n}  :: punisher
rankaisu {n}  :: punishment
rankalauta {n} [emergency medicine]  :: spine board
rankata {v} [slang]  :: to rank (to give something a rank)
ranketa {vi}  :: To become harder, more intense
ranki {n}  :: rank (position of a person)
rankka {adj}  :: hard (demanding a lot of effort to endure)
rankka {adj}  :: intense (of high intensity)
rankkari {n} [soccer, colloquial]  :: A penalty kick
rankkasade {n}  :: rainstorm, cloudburst
rankkuri {n}  :: animal control officer
ranko {n}  :: alternative form of ranka
ranne {n}  :: wrist
rannekanava {n} [anatomy]  :: carpal tunnel
ranneke {n}  :: wristband
rannekello {n}  :: A wristwatch
ranneluu {n} [skeleton]  :: A carpal or carpal bone
rannempi {adj}  :: (Located) closer to beach
rannenivel {n} [anatomy]  :: any of the joints of the wrist, or those joints collectively
rannevaltimo {n}  :: radial artery
rannikko {n}  :: A coast
rannikkoalue {n}  :: coastal region
rannikkoilmasto {n}  :: coastal climate
rannikkojalkaväki {n} [military]  :: marine corps
rannikkojääkäri {n} [military]  :: A marine (private in the Finnish marine corps)
rannikkokaupunki {n}  :: coastal town
rannikkolaivurin radiotodistus {n} [nautical]  :: A Short Range Certificate, SRC (British), Maritime Restricted Radio Operator's Certificate, ROC(M) (US, Canadian)
rannikkopuumuura {n}  :: Sooretama slaty antshrike
rannikkovaltio {n}  :: coastal state
rannikkovartiosto {n}  :: coast guard
rannimmainen {adj}  :: One closest to the beach
ranska {n}  :: French (language)
Ranska {prop}  :: France
ranskalainen {n}  :: A Frenchman or a Frenchwoman
ranskalainen {n}  :: In plural (ranskalaiset), when speaking of the natives or inhabitants of France collectively, "the French"
ranskalainen {n}  :: In plural (ranskalaiset), short for ranskalaiset perunat, the French fries
ranskalainen {adj}  :: French
ranskalainen {adj}  :: In combined terms appears usually in the form ranskalais-, the English equivalent being franco- or Franco-
ranskalainen peruna {n}  :: A french fry
ranskalaiset {n}  :: Plural (nominative) of the term ranskalainen (Frenchman, Frenchwoman)
ranskalaiset {n}  :: Short form of ranskalaiset perunat (the French fries)
ranskalaiset {adj}  :: Plural (nominative) of the term ranskalainen (French)
ranskalaiset perunat {n}  :: French fries [British], french fries [US]
ranskalaiset perunat {n}  :: chips [British]
ranskalaistaa {vt}  :: to make French
ranskalaistua {vi}  :: To become French
ranskalaisuus {n}  :: Frenchness
Ranskan Guayana {prop}  :: French Guiana (French department in South America)
ranskankerma {n}  :: crème fraîche
ranskankielinen {n}  :: Francophone (speaker of French)
ranskankielinen {adj}  :: Francophone, French-speaking
ranskanleipä {n}  :: French roll
ranskannos {n}  :: French translation
ranskanperuna {n}  :: A french fry [US]
ranskanperuna {n}  :: A chip [British]
ranskanperunat {n}  :: French fries [British], french fries [US]
ranskanperunat {n}  :: chips [British]
Ranskan Polynesia {prop}  :: French Polynesia (overseas territory of France)
ranskantaa {v}  :: To translate into French
Ranskan ympäriajo {prop}  :: Tour de France (famous bicycle race)
ranskatar {n}  :: A Frenchwoman
ranta {n}  :: shore (the border of a body of water and land in general)
ranta {n}  :: beach (sandy shore)
ranta {n}  :: bank (shore of a river)
ranta {n}  :: [rarely] strand
Ranta {prop}  :: surname
Ranta {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
rantaantua {v}  :: alternative form of rantautua
rantajalkapallo {n}  :: beach soccer
rantakana {n}  :: rail, crake (any bird of the family Rallidae)
rantakaura {n}  :: beachgrass, marram (grass of the genus Ammophila)
rantakaura {n}  :: beachgrass, marram, European beachgrass, European marram grass, Ammophila arenaria (coarse grass native to sandy beaches of Europe (north to Iceland) and northwest Africa)
rantakäärme {n}  :: grass snake, Natrix natrix
rantakukka {n}  :: purple loosestrife, Lythrum salicaria (semi-aquatic herbaceous plant)
rantakurvi {n}  :: Terek sandpiper, Xenus cinereus
Rantala {prop}  :: surname
Rantala {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
rantaleinikki {n}  :: creeping spearwort, Ranunculus reptans (a flowering plant in the genus Ranunculus)
rantalentopallo {n}  :: A beach volleyball, as a game as well as a ball
Rantanen {prop}  :: surname
rantaneula {n}  :: spined loach (small needle-like Eurasian sweetwater fish, Cobitis taenia)
rantaneula {n}  :: in plural (rantaneulat) also the family Cobitidae, the true loach
rantanuoliainen {n}  :: spined loach (small needle-like Eurasian sweetwater fish, Cobitis taenia)
rantapallo {n}  :: beach ball
rantapenger {n}  :: bank (bank along the border of a body of water)
rantapyyhe {n}  :: beach towel
rantaryssä {n} [pejorative]  :: A Russian-speaking Finn (lit. Coast Russian)
rantaryssä {n} [pejorative]  :: An Estonian
rantasauna {n}  :: A sauna that is located on lakeside
rantasipi {n}  :: common sandpiper, Actitis hypoleucos
rantatuoli {n}  :: deck chair
rantautua {v} [nautical]  :: to beach, strand, landfall
rantautuminen {n} [nautical]  :: landfall
rantavaltio {n}  :: coastal state
rantavehnä {n}  :: sand ryegrass, lyme grass, sea lyme grass, Leymus arenarius (grass native to the sandy coasts of Atlantic and Northern Europe)
rantavehnä {n}  :: wild rye (any grass of the genus Leymus)
rantavehnä {n} [in plural]  :: The genus Leymus
rantaviiva {n}  :: shoreline
rantaviiva {n}  :: coastline
ranteen veneluu {n} [anatomy]  :: The scaphoid bone (navicular bone of the wrist)
rantsu {n} [slang]  :: beach
rantu {n}  :: A stripe (marking)
Ranua {prop}  :: Ranua
ranunculus {n} [rare, botany]  :: ranunculus (plant of the genus Ranunculus)
raottaa {v}  :: To crack (to open slightly)
raottua {vi}  :: To open slightly, to ajar
rap {n}  :: rap, rap music
rapa {n}  :: dirt, mud
rapakivi {n} [geology]  :: rapakivi
rapakko {n}  :: puddle
rapakko {n}  :: pond (Atlantic ocean)
rapakunto {n} [colloquial]  :: A poor physical condition
raparperi {n}  :: rhubarb, especially Rheum rhaponticum
rapata {v}  :: to plaster
rapatessa roiskuu {phrase}  :: that's how the cookie crumbles, that's the way the mop flops, that's the way the ball bounces
rapattu {adj}  :: plastered
rapauttaa {vt}  :: to erode
rapautua {vi} [of stone]  :: To crumble, erode
rapautuminen {n} [geology]  :: weathering
rapea {adj}  :: crispy, crunchy
rapeakuorinen {adj}  :: crispy-crusted
rapeutua {v}  :: To become crispier
rapiiri {n}  :: rapier (slender, straight, sharply pointed sword)
rapina {n}  :: rustle
rapista {vi}  :: To rustle
rapistaa {vt} [onomatopoetic]  :: To rustle
rapistua {v}  :: To deteriorate
rap-musiikki {n} [music]  :: rap
raportoida {vt}  :: To report
raportti {n}  :: A report
rappaaja {n}  :: plasterer
rappari {n}  :: plasterer
rappari {n}  :: rapper (performer of rap music)
rappari {n} [dated]  :: pillager, robber
rappaus {n}  :: plastering (on buildings)
rappeuma {n}  :: degeneration (the result of degenerating)
rappeuttaa {v}  :: to degenerate
rappeuttaa {v}  :: to erode
rappeutua {vi} [of buildings etc.]  :: To decay
rappeutua {vi}  :: To degenerate
rappeutuma {n}  :: degeneration (the result of degenerating)
rappeutuminen {n}  :: degeneration (process of degenerating)
rappeutuminen {n}  :: dystrophy (process of wasting body tissue)
rappio {n}  :: decay
rappio {n}  :: decline
rappio {n}  :: gutter
rappioitua {v}  :: alternative form of rappeutua
rappiotila {n}  :: state of decline
rappiotila {n}  :: run-down farm
rappu {n}  :: A stairstep
rappu {n}  :: A section of an apartment building connected by a staircase
rappukäytävä {n}  :: A stairwell
rapsaa {vi}  :: to rustle
rapse {n}  :: rustle
rapsi {n}  :: rapeseed (plant Brassica napus)
rapsi {n}  :: rapeseed (seeds of that plant collectively)
rapsinsiemen {n}  :: rapeseed (individual seed)
rapsodia {n}  :: rhapsody
rapsutella {v}  :: To scratch
rapsutin {n}  :: scratcher (piece of equipment used to scratch part of the body to relieve an itch)
rapsuttaa {v}  :: to scratch
rapsutus {n}  :: scratching
rapu {n}  :: European crayfish, noble crayfish, broad-fingered crayfish, Astacus astacus
rapu {n}  :: signal crayfish, Pacifastacus leniusculus
rapu {n}  :: crayfish, crawfish [Southern US], crawdad [central and western US], freshwater lobster, mountain lobster, mudbug [US, rare], yabby [Australia] (freshwater decapod crustacean resembling small lobster)
rapu {n}  :: decapod (any crustacean of the order Decapoda)
rapu {n}  :: crab
Rapu {prop}  :: alternative spelling of Krapu
rapukausi {n}  :: crayfish season (in Finland, the time of year when it is legal to catch crayfish)
rapumerta {n}  :: A pot, crayfish trap (trap for fishing crayfish)
rapurutto {n}  :: crayfish plague
rapuvoi {n}  :: crab butter (greasy yellow-to-white jelly-like substance that accumulates on the inside of the shell of a crayfish or a crab)
rapuvoi {n}  :: tomalley, also crab butter (hepatopancreas of a crayfish when consumed as food, considered as delicacy by many, especially in Sweden and coastal Finland)
rapuvoi {n}  :: Butter flavored by simmering it with crayfish shells, used e.g. as base for soups
rariteetti {n}  :: rarity
rarotonga {n}  :: Cook Islands Maori, Rarotongan
rasagiliini {n}  :: rasagiline
rasahtaa {v}  :: to crackle, rustle
raseeminen {adj} [biochemistry]  :: racemic
rasemisaatio {n}  :: racemization (formation of racemate)
rasi {n} [agriculture]  :: A forest that has been cleared for slash and burn but has not yet been burnt
rasia {n}  :: A casket, box
rasismi {n}  :: racism
rasisti {n}  :: A racist
rasistinen {adj}  :: racist
rasistisempi {adj}  :: comparative of rasistinen
rasistisin {adj}  :: superlative of rasistinen
rasite {n}  :: burden
rasite {n} [legal]  :: servitude; encumbrance
rasittaa {vt}  :: to strain, wear out
rasittava {adj}  :: painful, arduous
rasittava {adj}  :: tiresome
rasittava {adj}  :: irritating
rasittavasti {adv}  :: tiresomely
rasittavasti {adv}  :: irritatingly
rasittua {vi}  :: To become strained
rasittua {vi}  :: To become exhausted
rasitus {n}  :: strain (act of straining, or the state of being strained)
rasitus {n}  :: stress
rasitusrintakipu {n} [pathology]  :: angina pectoris
rasitusvamma {n} [pathology]  :: repetitive strain injury
raskaaksi {adv}  :: tulla ~ to become pregnant
raskaampi {adj}  :: comparative of raskas
raskaana {adv}  :: olla ~ to be pregnant
raskaasti {adv}  :: heavily
raskas {adj}  :: strenuous
raskas {adj}  :: heavy
raskasmetalli {n}  :: heavy metal (type of metal)
raskasmielinen {adj}  :: melancholic
raskasmielisyys {n}  :: melancholy
raskasrakenteinen {adj}  :: heavily built
raskassarja {n} [sports]  :: heavyweight division
raskassoutuinen {adj}  :: tedious
raskastekoinen {adj}  :: heavily built
raskas vesi {n}  :: heavy water
raskasvesi {n}  :: heavy water
raskas vety {n}  :: deuterium, heavy hydrogen
raskasvety {n}  :: alternative spelling of raskas vety
raskaudenaika {n}  :: pregnancy period
raskaudenkeskeytys {n}  :: Abortion (an induced abortion of a human fetus)
raskaus {n}  :: heaviness, weight
raskaus {n}  :: seriousness, gravity
raskaus {n}  :: pregnancy, gravidity; especially of a human
raskausaika {n}  :: pregnancy, gestation (period of time between conception and birth)
raskausarpi {n}  :: A stretch mark, stria
raskausmyrkytys {n} [pathology, colloquial]  :: preeclampsia ‎(complication of pregnancy)
raskaustesti {n}  :: pregnancy test
raskauttaa {v} [legal]  :: to aggravate
raskauttava {adj} [legal]  :: aggravating
raskia {v}  :: alternative form of raaskia
rasko {n}  :: weight (gravitational force)
raspata {v}  :: To rasp (to use a rasp)
raspata {v}  :: To rasp (to work something with a rasp)
raspaus {n}  :: dental (cleaning of horse's teeth)
raspi {n}  :: A rasp (coarse filing tool)
rassata {v}  :: to tinker (to fiddle with something mechanical in an attempt to fix, mend or improve it, especially in an experimental or unskilled manner)
rassata {v} [impersonal, colloquial]  :: to bug, annoy
rassi {n}  :: pipe cleaner
rassukka {n}  :: alternative form of rassu
rasta {n}  :: rasta
rastafari {n}  :: Rastafarianism (movement)
rastafari {n}  :: Rastafarian (supporter of that movement)
rastaletti {n}  :: dreadlocks
rastas {n}  :: thrush (any of several species of songbirds of the family Turdidae)
rastaskerttunen {n}  :: great reed warbler, Acrocephalus arundinaceus
rastat {n}  :: dreadlocks
rasteroida {vt} [computing]  :: To rasterize
rasterointi {n}  :: rasterizing
rasti {n}  :: X, cross (mark or sign that resembles the letter X)
rasti {n} [orienteering]  :: checkpoint
rasti {n}  :: bugloss (plant of the genus, Anchusa)
rastia {v}  :: alternative form of rastittaa
rastittaa {v}  :: To check (to mark with checkmarks)
rastuli {n}  :: solitaire (several bird species in the genus Myadestes)
rastulit {n}  :: the genus Myadestes
rasva {n}  :: fat (tissue, substance)
rasva {n}  :: grease (animal fat, oily or fatty matter)
rasva {n}  :: ointment
rasva {n}  :: (medical, facial) cream
rasva {n}  :: lotion
rasva-alkoholi {n} [organic chemistry]  :: fatty alcohol
rasvaantua {v}  :: alternative form of rasvautua
rasva-apina {n} [slang]  :: A grease monkey (mechanic, often with the specific connotation of an automobile mechanic)
rasvaevä {n} [anatomy, of a fish]  :: an adipose fin
rasvahappo {n} [chemistry]  :: fatty acid
rasvaimu {n} [medicine]  :: liposuction
rasvainen {adj}  :: greasy
rasvainen {adj}  :: fatty
rasvainen {adj}  :: sebaceous
rasvainen {adj} [of price]  :: steep, stiff, jacked up
rasvainen {adj} [of story, joke etc.]  :: greasy, gross
rasvaisin {adj}  :: superlative of rasvainen
rasvakala {n}  :: lumpsucker (Cyclopterus lumpus)
rasvakeitin {n}  :: deep fryer, deep-fat fryer
rasvakovettumistauti {n} [pathology]  :: atherosclerosis
rasvakudos {n} [anatomy]  :: adipose tissue, fatty tissue, fat tissue
rasvamaksa {n} [pathology]  :: fatty liver
rasvamonttu {n}  :: grease pit, inspection pit
rasvanippa {n}  :: grease nipple
rasvaprässi {n}  :: grease gun
rasvari {n} [slang]  :: A grease gun
rasvari {n} [slang]  :: Any device to apply grease
rasvari {n} [slang]  :: A grease monkey
rasvasolu {n} [cytology]  :: adipocyte
rasvata {v}  :: To grease, oil
rasvaton {adj}  :: fat-free, non-fat
rasvaton {adj} [milk]  :: skimmed [British], skim [US]
rasvatyyni {adj}  :: dead calm (of a body of water, completely still with no waves)
rasvaus {n}  :: greasing
rasvautua {vi}  :: To become greasy
rasvavilla {n}  :: Unwashed sheep wool
rasvoittua {vi}  :: To get greasy
rasvoittua {vi} [of internal organs]  :: To gather fat
rata {n} [rail transport]  :: railroad track
rata {n} [sports]  :: track, lane, course
rata {n} [curling]  :: sheet (area of ice on which one game of curling is played)
rata {n}  :: orbit (path of one object around another)
rata {n}  :: course (sequence of events)
rata {n}  :: trajectory, course [path of a body as it travels through space]
Rata {prop}  :: the Finnish name of the Financial Supervision Authority, the authority supervising financial markets and participants
ratagolf {n}  :: miniature golf
ratamestari {n}  :: roadmaster (one in charge of a railroad track)
ratamo {n}  :: plantain (plant of the genus Plantago)
rataosa {n}  :: railway section
ratapiha {n}  :: rail yard
ratapölkky {n}  :: railroad tie [US], sleeper [UK] (heavy, preserved piece of timber or concrete slab laid crossways to and supporting the rails of a railroad)
ratas {n}  :: cogwheel
rataseläin {n}  :: A rotifer
ratatui {n}  :: ratatouille
ratifioida {vt} [legal]  :: To ratify
ratifiointi {n}  :: ratification
ratikka {n} [colloquial]  :: A tram
Ratilainen {prop}  :: surname
ratina {n}  :: rustle
rationaalifunktio {n}  :: rational function
rationaaliluku {n} [mathematics]  :: rational number
rationaalinen {adj}  :: rational
rationaalisesti {adv}  :: rationally
rationaalistaa {v}  :: alternative form of rationalisoida
rationaalistua {v}  :: alternative form of rationalisoitua
rationaalisuus {n}  :: rationality
rationalismi {n}  :: rationalism
rationalisoida {vt}  :: To rationalize
rationalisoitua {vi}  :: To become (more) rational
rationalisti {n}  :: rationalist
rationaliteetti {n}  :: rationality
rationoida {v}  :: To rationalize
ratkaisematon {adj}  :: unsolved
ratkaisematon {adj}  :: indecisive
ratkaiseminen {n}  :: solving
ratkaiseva {adj}  :: crucial, pivotal
ratkaiseva {adj}  :: decisive
ratkaisevasti {adv}  :: crucially
ratkaisevasti {adv}  :: decisively
ratkaisija {n}  :: solver
ratkaista {vt}  :: To solve (a problem)
ratkaista {v}  :: To decide; to make a decision in a complicated issue
ratkaisu {n}  :: solution, answer (to a problem)
ratkaisu {n}  :: conclusion (of a war, story, etc.)
ratkaisuehdotus {n}  :: proposed solution
ratkaisuehdotus {n} [European Union law]  :: opinion (judicial opinion delivered by an Advocate General to the European Court of Justice for a legal solution in a case)
ratketa {vi}  :: To be resolved
ratketa {vi}  :: To tear
ratki {adv}  :: really, totally
ratki {adv}  :: ripped, broken (cloth)
ratkoa {v}  :: To solve
ratkoa {v}  :: To rip, unpick a seam
ratsailla {adv}  :: olla ratsailla: to be mounted
ratsaille {adv}  :: nousta ratsaille: to mount a horse
ratsailta {adv}  :: nousta/laskeutua ratsailta: to unmount a horse
ratsain {adv}  :: horseback, ahorse, ahorseback (on the back of a horse)
ratsastaa {vi}  :: To ride (on a horse)
ratsastaja {n}  :: (horse) rider
ratsastajapatsas {n}  :: equestrian statue (statue depicting a person on horseback)
ratsastaminen {n}  :: riding
ratsastus {n}  :: horseriding, equestrianism, equitation (act or action of sitting on and controlling a horse for sport, recreation or transport)
ratsastus {n}  :: riding (act or action of sitting on and controlling any animal for sport, recreation or transport)
ratsastus {n}  :: horse racing (horseback riding as competitive sport)
ratsastus {n} [billiards]  :: combination shot (shot in which the white hits first other than the actual target ball)
ratsastusasento {n}  :: cowgirl position (sex position)
ratsastuskoulu {n}  :: riding school
ratsastustaito {n}  :: horsemanship
ratsata {vt}  :: to raid
ratsia {n}  :: raid (by police), roundup
ratsia {n}  :: stop check
ratsu {n}  :: riding horse or other animal used for riding
ratsu {n} [humorous]  :: anything else used for riding
ratsu {n} [chess]  :: knight
ratsukko {n}  :: A horse and its rider
ratsumestari {n} [military ranks, archaic]  :: A captain in the cavalry
ratsumies {n}  :: horseman
ratsumies {n}  :: cavalryman (soldier in the cavalry)
ratsupiiska {n}  :: riding crop
ratsupoliisi {n}  :: mounted police
ratsutie {n}  :: bridleway
ratsuväki {n}  :: cavalry
rattaat {n}  :: baby buggy, pushchair; short of lastenrattaat
rattaat {n}  :: wagon, cart, carriage (unmotorized wheeled vehicle)
ratti {n}  :: steering wheel
ratti {n}  :: funnel (vessel)
rattijuoppo {n}  :: drunken driver
rattijuoppous {n}  :: drunk driving
rattijuopumus {n}  :: drunk driving
rattikelkka {n}  :: bobsleigh
rattikelkka {n}  :: snow racer
rattikelkkailija {n}  :: bobsledder (one who rides a bobsled)
ratto {n}  :: pleasure
rattoisa {adj}  :: enjoyable
rattopoika {n}  :: gigolo
rattopoika {n}  :: male prostitute, rent boy
rattu {n}  :: New World rat (any of a large number of small rat-like rodents native to the Americas)
ratustaa {v}  :: to crunch (when eating)
raudanvarastoitumistauti {n} [pathology]  :: hemochromatosis (metabolic disorder)
raudikko {n}  :: chestnut horse, bay (reddish-brown horse)
raudoite {n}  :: reinforcement (in cement)
raudoittaa {v}  :: to iron (to furnish or arm with iron)
rauduskoivu {n}  :: silver birch (Betula pendula)
raueta {vi}  :: to abort, to lapse
rauha {n}  :: peace, harmony, calm (state of tranquility, quiet, and harmony)
rauha {n}  :: peace (state free of oppressive and unpleasant thoughts and emotions)
rauha {n}  :: peace (state free of war)
Rauha {prop}  :: given name
rauhaantua {v} [rare]  :: rauhoittua
rauhaarakastava {adj}  :: peaceable, peace-loving (in favor of piece)
rauhaisa {adj}  :: peaceful
Rauhala {prop}  :: surname
rauhallinen {adj}  :: Peaceful, quiet, restful, serene, tranquil
rauhallisempi {adj}  :: comparative of rauhallinen
rauhallisesti {adv}  :: in a calm manner; calmly
rauhallisesti {adv}  :: quietly
rauhallisuus {n}  :: peace, calm, tranquility
rauhanaika {n}  :: peacetime
rauhanaikainen {adj}  :: peacetime (taking place or being in force during peace)
rauhanen {n} [anatomy]  :: gland
rauhanlähettiläs {n}  :: peace envoy
rauhanliike {n}  :: peace movement
rauhanneuvottelu {n}  :: peace talks, peace negotiations
rauhanomainen {n}  :: peaceful, non-violent, peaceable, inoffensive
rauhanomaisesti {adv}  :: peaceably
rauhanoppositio {n} [historical]  :: In the Finnish history, a group of politicians who, towards the end of WWII were working for concluding a separate peace treaty with the Soviet Union; usually translated as peace opposition into English
rauhanoppositio {n} [by extension]  :: Any opposition group in any country which works for peace, either in order to end an ongoing war or to prevent a threatening war
rauhanpiippu {n}  :: A peace pipe
rauhanprosessi {n}  :: peace process
rauhansopimus {n}  :: peace treaty
rauhansuunnitelma {n}  :: peace plan
rauhantekijä {n}  :: peacemaker
rauhanteko {n}  :: peacemaking
rauhantuomari {n}  :: Justice of the Peace
rauhanturvaaja {n}  :: peacekeeper (member of a peacekeeping force)
rauhanturvaaminen {n}  :: peacekeeping
rauhanturvajoukko {n} [normally in plural]  :: peacekeeping force (military force with the task of preserving peace between hostile groups)
rauhanturvaoperaatio {n}  :: peacekeeping operation
rauhasmainen {n} [anatomy]  :: glandiform
rauhas-rasvakasvain {n} [pathology]  :: adenolipoma (benign lipoma of a gland containing both glandular and fat tissue)
rauhassa {adv}  :: in peace
rauhastulehdus {n} [pathology]  :: adenitis (glandular inflammation)
rauhaton {adj}  :: restless
rauhoite {n}  :: sedative
rauhoitella {vt}  :: To pacify, appease, reassure, calm (down), quiet (down) (in an continuous or indifferent manner)
rauhoitettu {adj}  :: protected (of a species, protected by law against hunting, fishing, picking or destroying of habitat etc.)
rauhoittaa {vt}  :: To pacify, appease, reassure, calm (down), quiet (down)
rauhoittaa {vt} [medicine]  :: To sedate, settle
rauhoittaa {vt}  :: To protect, preserve, reserve (a land area, a species; to withhold from present use)
rauhoittaja {n}  :: pacifier (one who pacifies)
rauhoittava {adj}  :: pacifying, appeasing, reassuring, calming, soothing
rauhoittava {adj} [medicine]  :: sedative, tranquilizing, depressant, ataractic, ataraxic
rauhoittava {n} [medicine]  :: tranquilizer/tranquilliser, sedative, depressant
rauhoittua {vi}  :: To calm down, relax, unwind
rauhoitusaika {n} [fishing, hunting]  :: close season
raukea {adj}  :: limp, listless, languid
raukea {adj}  :: drowsy; calm, relaxed
raukein {adj}  :: superlative of raukea
raukka {n}  :: wretch
raukka {n}  :: coward
raukka {n}  :: poor thing (someone or something to be pitied)
Rauli {prop}  :: given name
Rauma {prop}  :: Rauma, a city in Finland
Rauna {prop}  :: given name
Rauni {prop}  :: given name, cognate to Swedish Ragnhild
Rauni {prop}  :: given name, a rather rare variant of Rauno
raunikki {n}  :: baby's breath (plant of the genus Gypsophila)
raunio {n}  :: A ruin
raunioittaa {vt}  :: to ruin
rauniokaupunki {n}  :: ruined city
rauniokoira {n}  :: search and rescue dog
rauniolinna {n}  :: ruined castle
Rauno {prop}  :: given name
rausku {n}  :: A ray (fish)
rausku {n}  :: A skate (ray)
rauta {n}  :: iron (metal)
rauta {n} [golf]  :: iron club
rauta {n}  :: In plural raudat, the shackles, irons
rauta {n}  :: In plural raudat, a trap [heavy metal device designed to catch animals by catching hold of part of the body]
rauta {n}  :: In plural raudat, shortened form of hammasraudat, or braces
rauta {n}  :: [computer slang] hardware
rautaesine {n}  :: ironwork (anything made wholly or largely of iron)
rautaesirippu {n}  :: The Iron Curtain
rautahammas {n}  :: permanent tooth (tooth that replaces a milk tooth)
rautainen {adj}  :: iron
rautainen {adj} [figuratively]  :: iron
rautainen {adj}  :: mettlesome (of great mettle, courageous)
rautakaivos {n}  :: iron mine
rautakanki {n}  :: iron bar
rautakarbidi {n}  :: iron carbide
rautakauppa {n}  :: hardware store
rautakausi {n}  :: Iron Age
rautakeuhko {n}  :: iron lung (outdated respiratory device)
rautakiihdytys {n} [computing, slang]  :: hardware acceleration
rautakoriste {n}  :: ironwork (decoration made wholly or largely of iron)
rautalanka {n}  :: iron wire, steel wire (wire made of iron, often used indiscriminately also of steel wire)
rautalanka {n}  :: instrumental rock (music genre)
Rautamaa {prop}  :: surname
rautamalmi {n}  :: iron ore
rautamuuri {n} [colloquial, computer security]  :: firewall implemented on hardware
rautaneitsyt {n}  :: iron maiden
rautaoksidi {n} [chemistry]  :: iron oxide
rautapata {n}  :: iron pot
rautapitoinen {adj}  :: ferrous (containing iron)
rautapuu {n}  :: Persian ironwood, Parrotia persica
rautaristi {n}  :: Iron Cross (German military decoration and symbol)
rautarouva {n}  :: A strong and powerful (in terms of influence) female; especially the former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher, known as the Iron Lady in English
rautasaha {n}  :: hacksaw
rautasälpä {n} [mineral]  :: siderite
rautasulfaatti {n}  :: iron sulfate
rautatammi {n}  :: holm oak, holly oak, Quercus ilex (evergreen oak, native to the Mediterranean region)
rautatavara {n}  :: hardware (metal implements)
rautateitse {adv}  :: By railway
rautatie {n}  :: railway, railroad
rautatieasema {n}  :: railroad station, railway station
rautatieläinen {n}  :: railwayman
rautatieristeys {n}  :: railroad crossing
rautatiesilta {n}  :: railroad bridge
rautatiet {n}  :: railway (transport system)
rautatietunneli {n}  :: railroad tunnel
rautatievaunu {n}  :: railroad car
rautatieverkko {n}  :: railway network
rautatieyhteys {n}  :: railroad connection
Rautavaara {prop}  :: surname
Rautavaara {prop}  :: A municipality in the Northern Savonia region
rautavihtrilli {n} [chemistry]  :: ferrous sulfate, copperas
rautayhdiste {n} [chemistry]  :: iron compound
rautiainen {n}  :: dunnock (Prunella modularis)
Rautiainen {prop}  :: surname
rautias {n}  :: chestnut horse, bay (reddish-brown horse)
rautio {n}  :: smith
Rautio {prop}  :: surname
Rautjärvi {prop}  :: Rautjärvi
rautu {n}  :: Arctic char, Salvelinus alpinus
ravakka {adj}  :: brisk
ravata {vi} [of a horse]  :: To trot
ravata {vi} [of a person]  :: To run or trot
ravata {vi} [colloquial]  :: To visit (too) frequently, go (too) frequently
raveliini {n}  :: ravelin (fortification outside a castle used to split an attacking force)
ravi {n}  :: [horsemanship] trot
ravi {n}  :: trot (rapid gait of a person)
ravihevonen {n}  :: race horse
raviini {n}  :: ravine
ravinne {n}  :: nutrient
ravinteikas {adj}  :: nutritious
ravinto {n}  :: A "technical" term for food and fodder; nutrition, nourishment, nutriment
ravinto {n}  :: As a modifier in compound terms, nutritional
ravintoaine {n}  :: nutrient
ravintoarvo {n}  :: nutritional value
ravintoketju {n} [ecology]  :: food chain
ravintokuitu {n}  :: dietary fibre
ravintola {n}  :: restaurant (an eating establishment in which diners are served food at their tables)
ravintolavaunu {n}  :: dining car
ravintolisä {n}  :: dietary supplement
ravintoloitsija {n}  :: restaurateur, restaurant keeper
ravintotiheä {adj}  :: nutrient dense (having high content of nutrients per calorie intake)
ravintoympyrä {n}  :: [US] food pyramid (diagram giving advice on how to eat healthily)
ravirata {n}  :: harness racing course
ravistaa {vt}  :: To shake (to cause to move)
ravistella {vt}  :: To shake (cause to move; indifferently and/or repeatedly)
ravistelu {n}  :: A shake (act of shaking)
ravistin {n}  :: cocktail shaker
ravistus {n}  :: A shake (act of shaking)
ravit {n}  :: harness racing event
ravita {vt}  :: to nourish
ravitseminen {n}  :: nourishment (act of nourishing)
ravitsemus {n}  :: nutrition (organic process)
ravitsemusasiantuntija {n}  :: nutritionist
ravitseva {adj}  :: nutritious
ravunsyöjäkoira {n}  :: crab eating raccoon (Procyon cancrivorus)
ravunsyöjäsupi {n}  :: crab-eating raccoon (Procyon cancrivorus)
ravuri {n}  :: trotter (horse)
ravustaa {v}  :: To catch crayfish
ravustaa {v}  :: To crab (to fish for crabs)
ravustaja {n}  :: crayfish catcher
ravustaja {n}  :: crabber
ravustus {n}  :: Fishing for crabs; crabbing
ravustuskausi {n}  :: crayfish season (in Finland, a period in the late summer when catching crayfish is permitted)
Ray-Banit {n} [slang]  :: The glasses of Ray-Ban
Raynaudin oireyhtymä {n}  :: alternative spelling of Raynaud’n oireyhtymä
Raynaud’n oireyhtymä {n} [pathology]  :: Raynaud's disease
reaaliaikainen {adj}  :: realtime
reaaliaikaisesti {adv}  :: In real time
reaaliakseli {n}  :: real axis
reaaliansio {n}  :: real income
reaaliarvoinen {adj}  :: real-valued
reaalikaasu {n} [physics]  :: real gas
reaaliluku {n} [mathematics]  :: real number
reaalinen {adj}  :: real
reaaliosa {n}  :: real part
reaalipalkka {n}  :: real income
reaalipolitiikka {n}  :: realpolitik
reaalipääoma {n} [economics]  :: Real capital
reaalisosialismi {n}  :: real socialism
reaalisosialisti {n}  :: real socialist
reaalisosialistinen {adj}  :: real socialistic
reaalistaa {v} [rare]  :: to realise/realize (to make real)
reaaliunioni {n}  :: real union
reaganismi {n}  :: Reaganism
reaganisti {n}  :: Reaganist
reagenssi {n} [chemistry]  :: reagent
reagoida {vi} [+ illative]  :: to react on
reagoimaton {adj}  :: unresponsive
reagoimaton {adj}  :: inert
reagointi {n}  :: The act of reacting
reaktanssi {n}  :: reactance
reaktiivinen {adj}  :: reactive
reaktiivisuus {n}  :: reactivity
reaktio {n}  :: A reaction
reaktioaika {n}  :: reaction time
reaktiomoottori {n}  :: reaction engine
reaktionopeus {n}  :: reaction speed
reaktori {n}  :: reactor
reaktorisydän {n}  :: reactor core (the part of a nuclear reactor which contains the fuel components that are undergoing nuclear reactions)
realisaatio {n}  :: realization
realismi {n}  :: realism
realisoida {vt}  :: To realise/realize (to make real)
realisoida {v}  :: To sell assets to raise cash (realization of assets)
realisointi {n}  :: realization
realisoitua {vi}  :: To be realized
realisti {n}  :: realist
realistinen {adj}  :: realistic
realistisesti {adv}  :: realistically
realiteetti {n}  :: Fact, reality
rebec {n} [music]  :: rebec
Rebekka {prop}  :: Rebekah [biblical character]
Rebekka {prop}  :: given name of biblical origin, cognate to English Rebecca
redi {n} [nautical]  :: alternative spelling of reti
reduktio {n}  :: reduction
reduktionismi {n}  :: reductionism
redundanssi {n}  :: redundancy
redundantti {adj}  :: redundant
redusoida {vt}  :: to reduce
redusointi {n}  :: reduction
redusoitua {vi}  :: To reduce
redusoitua {vi} [chemistry]  :: To reduce
redutti {n} [military, historical]  :: redoubt (a small supplementary fortification outside a larger fort)
reelinki {n} [nautical]  :: gunwale
reesusapina {n}  :: A rhesus macaque
reesustekijä {n}  :: The Rhesus factor
Reeta {prop}  :: given name
Reetta {prop}  :: given name
referee {n}  :: referee
referenssi {n}  :: reference
referenssikirjasto {n}  :: reference library
referoida {v}  :: To summarize
reflaatio {n} [economics]  :: reflation
refleksi {n}  :: reflex
refleksiivinen {adj}  :: reflexive
refleksiivipronomini {n} [grammar]  :: an reflexive pronoun
refleksiiviverbi {n} [grammar]  :: reflexive verb
refleksologia {n}  :: reflexology
reformaatio {n}  :: reformation
reformaatio {n} [Christianity]  :: Reformation (religious movement initiated by Martin Luther)
reformi {n}  :: reform
reformismi {n}  :: reformism
reformisti {n}  :: reformist
reformistinen {adj}  :: reformist
reformoida {vt}  :: To reform
reformoija {n}  :: reformer
reformointi {n}  :: reformation
refraktaarinen {adj} [medicine]  :: refractory (difficult to heal)
refraktorinen {adj} [medicine]  :: refractory (difficult to heal)
refrengi {n}  :: refrain (chorus or burden of a song repeated at the end of each verse or stanza)
regatta {n}  :: regatta (boat race)
regeneraatio {n}  :: regeneration
regeneroida {vt}  :: To regenerate
regenerointi {n}  :: regeneration
regeneroitua {vi}  :: To regenerate
regentti {n}  :: regent (person or group of persons selected to act as head of state because the ruler is a minor, not present, or debilitated)
reggae {n}  :: reggae
regiimi {n}  :: regime
regionaalinen {adj}  :: regional
regoliitti {n} [geology]  :: regolith
regressiivinen {adj}  :: regressive
regressio {n}  :: regression
regressio {n} [statistics]  :: regression
regressioanalyysi {n} [statistics]  :: regression analysis
regressiomalli {n} [statistics]  :: regression model
reguloida {vt}  :: To regulate
rehabilitaatio {n}  :: rehabilitation
rehabilitoida {vt}  :: To rehabilitate
rehabilitointi {n}  :: rehabilitation
rehdisti {adv}  :: honestly
rehellinen {adj}  :: honest
rehellisempi {adj}  :: comparative of rehellinen
rehellisesti {adv}  :: honestly
rehellisyys {n}  :: honesty, sincerity
rehellisyys {n}  :: integrity
rehennellä {vi}  :: to brag, boast
rehentelijä {n}  :: braggart
rehentely {n}  :: swagger, boasting, bragging
rehevä {adj}  :: lush, exuberant
rehevä {adj}  :: [water bodies] eutrophic
rehevä {adj}  :: buxom
rehevöittää {v}  :: to eutrophicate (to cause to become eutrophic)
rehevöityä {v}  :: To eutrophicate (to become eutrophic)
rehevöityminen {n} [ecology]  :: eutrophication
rehevämpi {adj}  :: comparative of rehevä
rehevyys {n}  :: lushness
rehevyys {n}  :: [water bodies] The amount of eutrophication
rehkiä {v}  :: to work hard; to toil, to drudge
Rehn {prop}  :: surname
rehottaa {vi}  :: to grow with ease, to flourish, to sprawl
rehti {adj}  :: honest
rehtori {n}  :: A rector, schoolmaster/schoolmistress, headmaster/headmistress
rehu {n}  :: fodder, animal feed
rehujuurikas {n}  :: mangelwurzel
rehunauris {n}  :: The varieties of turnip (Brassica rapa) grown primarily as fodder
rehustaa {v}  :: to feed animals with fodder
rehvakas {adj}  :: self-important
rehvastelija {n}  :: braggart
reidet {n}  :: thighs
rei’ikäs {adj}  :: synonym of reikäinen
rei’itin {n}  :: hole punch
rei’ittää {v}  :: to punch (to employ a punch)
rei’ittää {v}  :: to hole (especially when making several small holes)
rei'ittäjä {n}  :: hole punch (office tool)
rei’ittyä {vi}  :: to become holey
Reija {prop}  :: given name
Reijo {prop}  :: given name
Reijonen {prop}  :: surname
reikä {n}  :: hole
reikä {n}  :: puncture (hole, cut, or tear created by a sharp object)
reikä {n} [slang, doubled, in expressions of time]  :: zero
reikä {n} [bowling]  :: split
reikä {n} [vulgar]  :: cunt
reikiintyä {vi}  :: to become holey
reikiintyä {vi} [teeth]  :: to decay
reikäinen {adj}  :: holey
reikäinen {adj}  :: cavitied
reikäisempi {adj}  :: comparative of reikäinen
reikäkortti {n}  :: punch card
reikäleipä {n}  :: A type of Finnish rye bread that is flat and has a hole in the middle of it
reikäpää {n} [pejorative]  :: airhead (having no brain, used often of a person who takes unnecessary risks e.g. when driving or in sports)
reikärauta {n} [colloquial]  :: shooting iron (handgun, especially a revolver)
reiäkäs {adj}  :: holey
reikäsaha {n}  :: hole saw
reilata {v}  :: To interrail (to travel with InterRail rail pass)
reilu {adj}  :: fair, just
reilu {adj}  :: generous [more than adequate]
reilu {adj}  :: sincere, frank, honest
reiluin {adj}  :: superlative of reilu
reilu meininki {phrase}  :: great atmosphere (said e.g. of a party or festival)
reilumpi {adj}  :: comparative of reilu
reilusti {adv}  :: fairly, justly
reilusti {adv}  :: well, much
reiluus {n}  :: fairness
reima {adj} [rare]  :: brisk
Reima {prop}  :: given name
Rein {prop}  :: the Rhine
Reinikainen {prop}  :: surname
Reininmaa {prop}  :: Rhineland
reinkarnaatio {n}  :: reincarnation
Reino {prop}  :: given name
reipas {adj}  :: brave
reipas {adj}  :: brisk
reipas {adj}  :: generous
reipas {adj}  :: breezy
reipas {adj}  :: cheery
reippaasti {adv}  :: briskly
reippaasti {adv}  :: much more/less
reippain {adj}  :: superlative of reipas
reisi {n}  :: thigh
reisi {n}  :: femur (section of an insect's leg)
reisilaskimo {n} [anatomy]  :: femoral vein
reisiluu {n} [skeleton]  :: A femur or thighbone
reisityrä {n} [pathology]  :: hernia femoralis
reissata {v} [colloquial]  :: To travel
reissu {n} [colloquial]  :: A trip (journey)
reititin {n}  :: router
reitti {n}  :: route
reittitaksi {n}  :: share taxi, also called marshrutka, matatu, service etc. depending on country (minibus or other vehicle used as type of mass transport in many countries, usually operating a fixed route, scheduled or unscheduled)
reivata {v} [nautical]  :: To reef
reivata {v}  :: To rave (to attend a rave)
reivi {n} [nautical]  :: A reef (arrangement to reduce the area of a sail in a high wind)
reiviseisinki {n} [nautical]  :: reefing line (short line attached to a sail for tying up the reefed part of the sail to the boom or yard)
reivisolmu {n} [dialectal]  :: reef knot
reivit {n}  :: A rave (all night dance party filled with electronic dance music)
rekanveturi {n}  :: A tractor (truck used to pull a trailer or a semi-trailer)
rekapituloida {v} [rare]  :: to recapitulate (to summarize or repeat in concise form)
rekapituloida {v}  :: to recapitulate (to repeat the evolutionary stages of an organism during its embryonic development)
reki {n}  :: A relatively large sledge or sleigh equipped with runners and shafts, and typically drawn by a horse or a motorized vehicle
rekisteri {n}  :: register (formal recording)
rekisteri {n}  :: registrar (official keeper of records)
rekisteröidä {vt}  :: To register, enter in a register
rekisterikilpi {n}  :: license plate, registration plate
rekisteröinti {n}  :: registration
rekisterinumero {n}  :: license number, plate number
rekisteriote {n}  :: vehicle license; pink slip [informal, US], logbook [UK] (official document which verifies the ownership and other officially recorded data of a vehicle)
rekisteriote {n}  :: An extract or excerpt of any register
rekisteritappi {n} [music]  :: organ stop (knob near the keyboard of an organ used to select different timbres)
rekisteröity {adj}  :: registered
rekisteröity {adj}  :: of record (officially recorded; documented)
rekisteröity parisuhde {n} [legal]  :: civil partnership, civil union, domestic partnership, registered partnership (An officially confirmed union, comparable in most respects with a marriage for its legal effects, between two persons of same sex)
rekisteröity yhdistys {n} [legal]  :: registered association
rekka {n} [slang]  :: A semi-trailer
rekka {n} [slang]  :: A semi (US), artic (UK)
rekka {n} [colloquial]  :: Any truck/tractor and trailer/semi-trailer combination
rekka {n} [colloquial]  :: A truck
rekka {n}  :: A horse-drawn sleigh especially designed for dragging tree trunks from forest
rekka-auto {n} [colloquial]  :: A semi, semi-trailer, artic, articulated lorry (tractor/truck - semitrailer combination)
rekka-auto {n} [colloquial]  :: Any combination of a truck/tractor and semi-trailer/trailer
rekka-auto {n} [colloquial]  :: A truck, lorry
rekkakuski {n} [colloquial]  :: trucker
rekkaparkki {n}  :: truck stop [US], transport café [UK]
rekki {n} [gymnastics]  :: horizontal bar, high bar
reklaami {n} [dated]  :: advertisement
reklamaatio {n}  :: consumer complaint, complaint
reklamaatio {n}  :: reclamation (of land, for example)
reklamoida {vi}  :: To make a complaint of a product that one has purchased
Rekola {prop}  :: surname
Rekola {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
rekombinaatio {n} [biology]  :: recombination
rekonstruktio {n}  :: reconstruction
rekonstruoida {vt}  :: To reconstruct (to create a copy e.g. of a relic; to reconstruct a situation)
rekonstruointi {n}  :: reconstruction
rekrytoida {vt}  :: To recruit (people)
rekrytointi {n}  :: recruiting
rekrytointimessut {n}  :: job fair, career fair, career expo
rekryytti {n}  :: recruit
reksi {n} [colloquial]  :: principal (school administrator)
rektaskensio {n} [astronomy]  :: right ascension
rektio {n} [grammar]  :: case governance, case government
rekursiivinen {adj} [mathematics, philosophy, computing]  :: recursive
rekursiivisuus {n} [mathematics, philosophy, computing]  :: recursivity
rekursio {n}  :: recursion
rekviemi {n}  :: requiem
rekvisiitta {n}  :: prop, property (in theatre/film)
rekyyli {n}  :: recoil
rekyylitön {adj}  :: recoilless
rela {adj} [slang]  :: relaxed
relaatio {n}  :: relation
relaatiotietokanta {n} [computing]  :: relational database
relaksantti {n}  :: relaxant
relata {v} [Helsinki slang]  :: To relax
relatiivilause {n} [grammar]  :: A relative clause
relatiivinen {adj}  :: relative
relatiivipronomini {n} [grammar]  :: relative pronoun
relatiivisuus {n}  :: relativity
relativismi {n}  :: relativism
relativisti {n}  :: relativist
relativistinen {adj}  :: relativistic
rele {n} [electronics]  :: relay
relevanssi {n}  :: relevance
relevantti {adj}  :: relevant
reliaabeli {adj} [statistics]  :: reliable
reliabiliteetti {n} [statistics]  :: reliability
reliefi {n}  :: relief (type of artwork)
reliikki {n}  :: relic
reliikki {n} [religion]  :: relic
relikti {n} [biology]  :: relict
relikvaario {n} [religion]  :: A reliquary
rellestää {vi}  :: to revel
remburssi {n} [finance]  :: A letter of credit, LC, L/C
remissi {n}  :: remittance
remissio {n} [medicine]  :: remission
remmi {n}  :: leash (strap, cord or rope with which to restrain an animal)
remmi {n}  :: strap (long, narrow, pliable strip of leather, cloth etc.)
remmi {n} [colloquial]  :: group of people; gang, lot
remmiapeli {n}  :: spanking with a strap
remontoida {v}  :: To repair, refurbish (a building, room etc.)
remontti {n}  :: renovation
remonttiryhmä {n}  :: reform group, renewal team (group of people working for renewal of something, usually an organization from within)
remonttiryhmä {n}  :: Reform Group (Finland) (short-lived political party in Finland, active in 1998 - 2001)
rempata {vt} [colloquial]  :: to remodel, to refurbish, to decorate (a house)
rempseä {adj}  :: free and easy, easygoing
rempseä {adj}  :: rakish
remu {n}  :: noisy or boisterous celebration
remuisa {adj}  :: raucous, boisterous
remuta {v}  :: To celebrate etc. noisily
renaalinen {adj} [professional, academic]  :: renal (of or relating to kidneys)
renderöidä {v} [computer graphics]  :: To render
renessanssi {n}  :: Renaissance (both in history and figuratively)
renessanssiaika {n}  :: Renaissance (period of transition from medieval to modern times)
rengas {n}  :: ring, loop, hoop
rengas {n}  :: tyre, tire
rengas {n} [gymnastics, on plural]  :: rings, still rings (apparatus)
rengasjärjestelmä {n} [astronomy]  :: ring system (combained structure of rings)
rengaslaji {n} [biology]  :: ring species
rengaslukko {n}  :: boot (parking control device)
rengasmainen {adj}  :: ring-shaped, annular
rengaspanssari {n}  :: mail (armour consisting of metal rings or plates linked together)
rengasrikko {n}  :: puncture, flat
rengassilikaatti {n} [mineralogy]  :: cyclosilicate (mineral)
rengastaa {v} [ornithology]  :: To ring, band
rengastaa {v}  :: To circle (draw a circle around)
rengastus {n}  :: ringing, banding (technique used in study of wild birds)
renium {n}  :: rhenium
renki {n} [dated]  :: farmhand; (Peräpohjola dialects, obsolete) a boychild; term of endearment "own son" ( < Norwegian dreng "a boy, lad")
renksu {n}  :: synonym of ripustuslenkki
renniini {n} [chemistry]  :: rennin, chymosin
rennompi {adj}  :: comparative of rento
rennosti {adv}  :: relaxedly
rennosti {adv}  :: casually, informally
rento {adj}  :: easygoing, laid-back, relaxed
rentous {n}  :: relaxedness
rentoute {n}  :: relaxant
rentouttaa {vt}  :: to relax (to relieve (something) from stress)
rentoutua {v}  :: to relax
rentoutunut {adj}  :: relaxed
rentoutus {n}  :: relaxation
renttu {n}  :: bum, yob
rentukka {n}  :: kingcup, marsh marigold (Caltha palustris)
reologia {n}  :: rheology
repale {n}  :: scrap, rag, tatter
repata {v}  :: alternative form of reputtaa
repeentyä {v}  :: alternative form of repeytyä
repeillä {v}  :: to tear (repeatedly)
repertoaari {n}  :: repertoire (list of dramas, operas, pieces, parts, etc., which a company or a person has rehearsed and is prepared to perform or display)
Repe Sorsa {prop}  :: Daffy Duck
repeytyä {vi}  :: to tear (to become torn)
repiä {vt}  :: To tear, shred, rip
repäistä {v}  :: To suddenly rip something
repäistä {v} [figurative]  :: To surprisingly do something unexpectedly and/or radically
repäisykorkki {n}  :: pull-off cap
repivä {adj}  :: deconstructive
repliikki {n}  :: line (sentence of dialogue, especially in a play, movie or the like)
repliikki {n}  :: reply, retort, especially a short contradicting remark to somebody else's speech in a meeting
replika {n}  :: replica
replikaatio {n} [genetics]  :: replication
replikantti {n}  :: replicant
replikoida {vt}  :: To replicate
replikoitua {vi}  :: To replicate
repo {n} [dated]  :: A fox (Vulpes vulpes)
Repo {prop}  :: surname
repolainen {n} [archaic, poetic]  :: A fox (Vulpes vulpes)
repolarisaatio {n} [neurology]  :: repolarization
reportaasi {n}  :: reportage
reportteri {n}  :: reporter
reppana {n} [colloquial]  :: poor thing, someone to be pitied, a miserable person
reppana {n}  :: weakling
reppu {n}  :: Originally any bag, but now mostly refers to a backpack
reppu {n} [slang, idiomatic]  :: In plural (reput), failure in an exam
reppumatkaaja {n}  :: backpacker (traveler)
reppuryssä {n} [historical]  :: An alternative term for laukkuryssä
representaatio {n}  :: representation
reproduktio {n}  :: reproduction
reprodusoida {v}  :: To reproduce
reps {interj}  :: lol, short for repesin nauruun (I ruptured into a laugh)
repsikka {n} [colloquial]  :: handyman, odd-jobber
republikaani {n}  :: A republican (someone who favors republic over other forms of government)
republikaani {n}  :: A Republican (supporter of a Republican party of the United States)
republikaaninen {adj}  :: Republican (of or pertaining to a Republican Party)
repullinen {adv} [colloquial]  :: bagful, sackful (summary measure of volume, roughly the size of a backpack)
repulsiivinen {adj}  :: repulsive
repulsio {n}  :: repulsion
reputtaa {v}  :: to fail in an examination, flunk
reseda {n}  :: reseda
resepti {n}  :: A prescription (a written order for the administration of a medicine)
resepti {n}  :: A prescription (formal description of the lens geometry needed for spectacles)
resepti {n}  :: A recipe (instructions for making or preparing food)
resepti {n}  :: A recipe (any mixture instructions)
reseptilääke {n}  :: prescription drug
reseptio {n}  :: reception
reseptionisti {n}  :: receptionist
reseptivapaa {adj} [pharmacy]  :: over-the-counter
reseptori {n}  :: receptor
reserpiini {n} [chemistry]  :: reserpin
reservaatio {n}  :: reservation
reservaatti {n}  :: reservation (tract of land)
reservi {n}  :: reserve (that which is reserved)
reservi {n} [military]  :: reserve (body of troops kept in the rear of an army drawn up for battle)
reserviläinen {n}  :: reservist
reserviupseerikoulu {n} [military]  :: The Reserve Officers Training Corps, ROTC
resessiivinen {adj}  :: recessive
residenssi {n} [literary]  :: residence
residuaali {n}  :: residual
resignaatio {n}  :: resignation
resignoitua {vi}  :: To resign (to give up passively)
resiina {n}  :: handcar
resiina {n}  :: draisine
resiprookkipronomini {n} [grammar]  :: reciprocal pronoun
resistanssi {n} [physics]  :: resistance
resistenssi {n}  :: resistance (against drugs, antibiotics etc.)
resistentti {adj}  :: resistant (bacteria etc.)
resistiivisyys {n} [physics]  :: resistivity
resistori {n}  :: resistor (an electronic component that transmits current in direct proportion to the voltage across it)
resitaali {n}  :: recital
resitaatio {n}  :: recitation
resitatiivi {n}  :: recitative
resitoida {v}  :: To recite
reskontra {n} [accounting]  :: personal ledger (book for keeping the personal accounts, i.e. the sales ledger and the purchase ledger)
resoluutio {n}  :: resolution (formal statement)
resoluutio {n}  :: resolution (degree of fineness)
resonaattori {n}  :: resonator
resonanssi {n}  :: resonance
resonantti {n} [phonetics]  :: resonant
resonoida {vi}  :: To resonate
resonointi {n}  :: resonance
resoribletti {n} [medicine]  :: resoriblette (tablet ment to slowly dissolve in the mouth)
resorsinoli {n} [chemistry]  :: resorcinol
respa {n} [colloquial]  :: reception (front desk)
respekti {n} [colloquial, anglicism]  :: respect
respiittiaika {n}  :: A period of time, a "grace period", during which an unqualified person, who has been elected to an office, must obtain the required qualifications
respiraattori {n} [medicine]  :: ventilator
ressu {n}  :: wretch
ressu {n} [military slang]  :: reservist
Ressu {prop}  :: Snoopy
ressukka {n}  :: A poor person or thing, wretch
restauraatio {n}  :: restoration
restauroida {v}  :: To restore (building, painting etc. to its original condition)
restaurointi {n}  :: restoration
restonomi {n}  :: bachelor of hospitality management
restriktioentsyymi {n} [genetics]  :: restriction enzyme
resu {n}  :: rag
resultantti {n}  :: resultant
resupekka {n}  :: rag (shabby, beggarly fellow)
resursoida {vt}  :: To resource
resursointi {n}  :: The act of providing appropriate resources for an individual or organization to help it fulfill its objectives
resurssi {n}  :: resource
resurssit {n}  :: resources
resveratroli {n} [chemistry]  :: resveratrol
retale {n}  :: rag, shred
retale {n}  :: scoundrel, wretch
reteä {adj}  :: relaxed, easygoing
reti {n} [nautical]  :: A roadstead
retiisi {n}  :: radish
retikka {n}  :: A variety of radish, Raphanus sativus niger
retikkaseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: A webcap, Cortinarius scutulatus
retikulosyytti {n}  :: reticulocyte
retinoblastooma {n} [oncology]  :: retinoblastoma
retinoli {n}  :: retinol
retinopatia {n} [disease]  :: retinopathy
retkeilijä {n}  :: hiker
retkeilijä {n}  :: backpacker
retkeilijä {n}  :: explorer
retkeillä {vi}  :: to hike
retkeily {n}  :: hiking
retkeilymaja {n}  :: hostel (establishment where travellers can procure lodging, often also food and drink; cheaper and more modest than an inn or a hotel)
retkeilyreitti {n}  :: hiking route
retki {n}  :: trip
retki {n}  :: expedition
retkikunta {n}  :: expedition (body of people)
retkiluistelu {n}  :: tour skating
retkiluistin {n}  :: touring skate
retkiopas {n}  :: tour guide
retku {n}  :: scoundrel
retku {n} [usually plural]  :: rags and tatters
retkue {n}  :: A group, party (of travelers)
retoriikka {n}  :: rhetoric
retorikko {n}  :: rhetorician
retorinen {adj}  :: rhetorical
retorisesti {adv}  :: rhetorically
retoromaani {n}  :: Romansh; also Romansch, Rumantsch, or Romanche
retortti {n} [chemistry]  :: A retort
retostaa {v} [colloquial]  :: to boast
retostaa {v} [colloquial]  :: to scrape by
retribuutio {n}  :: retribution
retriitti {n} [religion]  :: religious retreat
retrogradinen {adj} [medicine]  :: retrograde
retronyymi {n}  :: retronym
retrospektiivinen {adj}  :: retrospective
retsina {n}  :: retsina
rettelö {n}  :: trouble (violent occurrence)
rettelöidä {v}  :: To wrangle, riot, make trouble
rettelöijä {n}  :: troublemaker
rettelöinti {n}  :: troublemaking
rettelöitsijä {n}  :: troublemaker
retusoida {vt}  :: To retouch
retustaa {v}  :: alternative form of retuuttaa
retuuttaa {vt}  :: to toss around (carry, throw)
retuuttaa {vi}  :: to scrape by
reuhata {vi}  :: to rage
reuhka {n} [colloquial]  :: A fur hat, especially a koivistolainen
reuhka {n} [colloquial]  :: Any old, worn-out hat
reuhtoa {vi}  :: alternative form of riuhtoa
reuma {n} [pathology]  :: rheumatism
reumaatikko {n} [pathology]  :: A person affected by rheumatism
reumaattinen {adj}  :: rheumatic
reumaattisesti {adv}  :: rheumatically
reumakuume {n} [pathology]  :: rheumatic fever
reumatismi {n} [pathology]  :: rheumatism
reumatologi {n}  :: rheumatologist
reumatologia {n} [medicine]  :: rheumatology
reuna {n}  :: rim
reuna {n}  :: brink, edge
reunaehto {n} [mathematics]  :: boundary condition
reunaehto {n} [figuratively]  :: precondition
reunaelementtimenetelmä {n}  :: boundary element method
reunahuomautus {n}  :: marginal remark (remark written at the margin of a book)
reunakiveys {n}  :: curb
reunalista {n} [nautical]  :: fiddle, fiddle rail (rail or batten around the edge of a table or stove to prevent objects falling off at sea)
reunama {n}  :: fringe, outskirts
reunameri {n}  :: A marginal sea
reunamoreeni {n} [geology]  :: terminal moraine
reunamuodostuma {n} [geology]  :: terminal moraine
reunus {n}  :: skirt, edge, border
reunusta {n}  :: border, edge, margin
reunustaa {vi}  :: To border, edge, bound
reva {n} [vulgar]  :: vagina
reva {n} [slang]  :: cross brace
revalvaatio {n}  :: revaluation
revalvoida {v}  :: To revalue (upward)
revalvointi {n}  :: revaluation
revalvoitua {vi} [economics, of currency]  :: To increase in value
revansismi {n}  :: revanchism
revansisti {n}  :: revanchist
revansistinen {adj}  :: revanchist
revanssi {n}  :: A rematch (in a game etc.)
revanssiottelu {n}  :: A revenge match
revari {n} [colloquial]  :: revisionist
reversiibeli {adj}  :: reversible
revetä {vi}  :: To rupture
revetä {v}  :: (slang) to burst out laughing
revähdys {n} [medicine]  :: sprain
revähtää {v}  :: to rupture, to be torn (of soft tissue, to be injured as if by pulling apart)
revähtää {v}  :: to be torn (to open with sudden movement)
reviiri {n} [zoology]  :: territory (area that an animal of a particular species consistently defends against its conspecifics)
reviiri {n} [psychology]  :: personal space (area which a person regards as private or otherwise belonging to him)
reviirikäyttäytyminen {n}  :: territorial behavior
revisio {n}  :: revision
revisionismi {n}  :: revisionism
revisionisti {n}  :: revisionist
revisionistinen {adj}  :: revisionist
reväistä {v} [dialectal]  :: To suddenly rip something
revittää {vt}  :: to have something torn
revittää {vt}  :: to rev
revolutionismi {n}  :: revolutionism
revolutionisti {n}  :: revolutionist
revoluutio {n}  :: revolution
revolveri {n}  :: revolver
revonrousku {n}  :: A milk-cap, Lactarius fulvissimus
revontulet {n}  :: northern lights
revyy {n}  :: revue (type of theatrical performance)
Reykjavik {prop}  :: Reykjavik
Reykjavík {prop}  :: alternative spelling of Reykjavik
röh {interj}  :: oink
rähinä {n}  :: brawl, ruction (noisy quarrel or fight)
röhinä {n}  :: A low rasping sound (in lungs, throat etc.)
rähinöidä {v}  :: To rumble, brawl
rähinöitsijä {n}  :: brawler
rähinäkänni {n}  :: beer muscles (aggressive attitude resulting from consumption of an alcoholic beverage)
rhinoplastia {n} [surgery]  :: rhinoplasty (type of plastic surgery, used to improve the function or appearance of a person's nose)
rähinäremmi {n} [colloquial]  :: synonym of komentohihna
rähistä {vi}  :: To brawl
rähjäinen {adj}  :: ragged
rähjätä {v}  :: to yell at (to scold, to rebuke - often by yelling)
röhkiä {v}  :: to grunt (to make repeatedly pig's grunts)
röhkinä {n}  :: pig's grunt
röhkäistä {vi}  :: To grunt (to make one pig's grunt)
rähmä {n}  :: rheum, sleep (substance found in the corner of the eye)
rähmällään {adv}  :: prone (lying face down)
rähmällään {adv}  :: olla ~ : to grovel (to be prone on the ground)
rähmällään {adv} [figuratively]  :: olla ~ : to grovel (to abase oneself before another person)
Rh-negatiivinen {adj}  :: Rh negative (not having Rhesus factor in one's blood)
rhodesialainen {adj}  :: Rhodesian
rhodesialainen {n}  :: A Rhodesian person
rhodesiankoira {n}  :: Rhodesian ridgeback, Rhodesian Ridgeback (southern African breed of dog, famous for its ability to control a lion)
rhoo {n}  :: rho (Greek letter)
Rh-positiivinen {adj}  :: Rh positive (having Rhesus factor in one's blood)
Rh-tekijä {n}  :: The Rhesus factor
-ri {suffix}  :: Used to create names of occupations from nouns or verbs
-ri {suffix} [slang]  :: Used to create terms meaning "supporter of something"
Riad {prop}  :: Riyadh
rial {n}  :: rial
riboflaviini {n}  :: riboflavin
ribonukleaasi {n} [chemistry]  :: ribonuclease
ribonukleiinihappo {n} [biochemistry]  :: ribonucleic acid
riboosi {n}  :: ribose
ribosomi {n}  :: A ribosome
rickrollata {vt} [Internet slang, neologism]  :: rickroll
rickrollaus {n} [Internet slang, transitive, neologism]  :: Rickrolling
riebeckiitti {n} [mineral]  :: riebeckite
riebekkiitti {n}  :: alternative spelling of riebeckiitti
riehakas {adj}  :: boisterous, frantic, raucous, wild
riehakka {adj}  :: alternative form of riehakas
riehakkaasti {adv}  :: boisterously, franticly
riehakkuus {n}  :: boisterousness
riehua {v}  :: to rage, rampage
riehua {v}  :: to play intensively
riehuminen {n}  :: rampage
riehunta {n}  :: rampage
riekale {n}  :: shred, tatter
Riekkinen {prop}  :: surname
riekko {n}  :: willow grouse (Lagopus lagopus)
riekkokana {n}  :: female willow grouse
riekkokukko {n}  :: male willow grouse
riekonmarja {n}  :: mountain bearberry, alpine bearberry, black bearberry (Arctostaphylos alpina)
riemastua {vi}  :: To be overjoyed, exhilarate
riemastuttava {adj}  :: exhilarating
riemu {n}  :: joy, elation, glee
riemuisa {adj}  :: elated, joyful, jubilant
riemuita {vi}  :: to rejoice
riemuiten {adv}  :: jubilantly
riemuitseva {adj}  :: jubilant, rejoicing, rejoiceful
riemukaari {n}  :: triumphal arch
riemukas {adj}  :: jubilant, joyful
riemukkaasti {adv}  :: jubilantly
riemurasia {n} [rare, euphemistic]  :: vagina
riemusaatto {n}  :: triumph (any triumphal procession; pompous exhibition etc.)
riemuvoitto {n}  :: triumph
riena {n}  :: blasphemy, profanity
rienaaja {n}  :: blasphemer
rienata {vti}  :: To blaspheme
rienaus {n}  :: blasphemy
rientää {v}  :: to rush, hurry (to move rapidly somewhere)
riepoa {vi} [monopersonal]  :: To anger
riepotella {v}  :: to whack or shake in a violent and repetitive or continuous manner
riepottaa {v}  :: to drag, haul or pull in a violent manner
riepottaa {v}  :: to maul, mishandle (to handle roughly)
riepu {n}  :: A rag
riepu {adj}  :: poor
riesa {n}  :: nuisance, annoyance, peeve
riesa {n}  :: pain in the ass, pain in the neck
rieska {n}  :: A traditional thin unleavened bread made from barley or oat, sometimes with potato as additional ingredient. There are many regional varieties of rieska, some of them similar to the Norwegian lefse or the Swedish tunnbröd
rieska {n}  :: (archaic) milk
rietas {adj}  :: wanton, lewd, lascivious
rietastella {vi}  :: to behave lecherously, lead a loose life, lead a dissolute life; lech [slang]
rievä {n}  :: barley bread, bread made from barley
riffi {n} [music]  :: riff
rihkama {n}  :: bauble (cheap piece of jewellery)
rihkama {n}  :: odds and ends, trinkets, junk
rihla {n}  :: rifling (the grooves)
rihlata {v}  :: to rifle (to create a rifling)
rihlaton {adj} [firearms]  :: unrifled
rihlattu {adj}  :: rifled (having a spiral groove inside a gun barrel)
rihlaus {n}  :: rifling
rihma {n}  :: thread
rihmasto {n}  :: mycelium
rihmasto {n} [philosophy]  :: rhizome (philosophical concept developed Gilles Deleuze)
Riianlahti {prop}  :: The Gulf of Riga
riiata {v}  :: to date (to take on a series of dates)
riiata {v}  :: to woo, to court
riidanalainen {adj}  :: disputed
riidanhaluinen {adj}  :: Belligerent
riidankylväjä {n}  :: A stirrer, person who agitates
riidellä {vi}  :: To quarrel
riidenlieko {n} [plant]  :: An interrupted clubmoss, Lycopodium annotinum
riidenmarja {n}  :: mezereon (Daphne mezereum)
riidoissa {adv}  :: at sixes and sevens (in a state of dispute or disagreement)
riihi {n} [agriculture, historical]  :: A traditional Scandinavian and Russian grain drying and threshing cabin, in which the grain was dried in the heat and smoke of a chimneyless stove and then threshed on the floor
riihi {n} [by extension]  :: As head of compound terms, a workshop; see also entries for individual compound terms
Riihimäki {prop}  :: A town in the Uusimaa region of Finland
Riihimäki {prop}  :: surname
Riika {prop}  :: Riga
Riika {prop}  :: given name
riikinkukko {n}  :: peafowl (bird of the genus Pavo)
riikinkukko {n}  :: peacock (male of peafowl)
Riikinkukko {prop}  :: The constellation Pavo
riikinkukkomainen {adj}  :: pavonine
riikinkukkovaltaistuin {n}  :: Peacock Throne (golden throne once used in Persia)
riikinkukkovaltaistuin {n}  :: Peacock Throne (former Persian monarchy)
riikinruotsi {n}  :: The Swedish language spoken in Sweden as opposed to Finnish Swedish; rikssvenska
riikintaalari {n}  :: alternative form of riikintaaleri
riikintaaleri {n} [historical]  :: riksdaler (Swedish unit of currency used between 1777 and 1873)
Riikka {prop}  :: given name
Riikonen {prop}  :: surname
riimi {n}  :: rhyme
riimihärkä {n}  :: salted beef
riimiruno {n}  :: rhyming poem
riimitellä {v}  :: To rhyme (to put words together so that they rhyme)
riimu {n} [dialect]  :: scratch
riimu {n}  :: rune (letter)
riimu {n} [dialect]  :: chain
riimu {n}  :: halter (horse's headgear)
riimukirjain {n}  :: rune (letter)
riimukirjoitus {n}  :: runes (rune writing)
riimukivi {n}  :: runestone
Riina {prop}  :: given name, short for Katariina ( =Catherine)
riipaista {vt}  :: to cause to weep or tear up, to tug at one's heartstrings
riippua {vi}  :: To hang, dangle, be suspended (from = elative)
riippua {vi}  :: To depend (on = elative)
riippuen {prep}  :: depending (on something)
riippuen {postp}  :: depending (on something)
riippuliidin {n}  :: hang glider (aircraft)
riippuliitää {v}  :: to hang-glide, hang glide
riippuliitäjä {n}  :: hang glider (person)
riippuliito {n}  :: hang gliding
riippulukko {n}  :: padlock
riippumaton {adj}  :: independent
riippumatto {n}  :: hammock (swinging couch or bed of canvas or net, suspended at the ends)
riippumattomasti {adv}  :: independently
riippumattomuus {n}  :: independence
riippusilta {n}  :: suspension bridge
riippuva {adj}  :: hanging
riippuva {adj}  :: dependent
riippuvainen {adj}  :: dependent
riippuvaisuus {n}  :: reliance
riippuva muuttuja {n} [mathematics]  :: dependent variable
riippuvuus {n}  :: dependence
riippuvuus {n}  :: addiction
riipunta {n}  :: hanging
riipus {n}  :: pendant
riipustaa {v}  :: to scrawl
riipustella {v}  :: To doodle (to draw or scribble something aimlessly)
riiputtaa {vt}  :: to dangle
riisi {n}  :: rice (plant and seeds)
riisi {n}  :: ream (quantity of 500 sheets of paper)
riisi {n} [dated, pathology]  :: rachitis
riisi {n} [obsolete, pathology]  :: of almost any (childhood) disease
riisi {n} [obsolete, pathology]  :: animal disease
riisihiutale {n}  :: rice flake
riisihärö {n}  :: saw-toothed grain beetle (Oryzaephilus surinamensis)
riisijauho {n}  :: rice flour
riisikulho {n}  :: rice bowl
riisikuppi {n}  :: rice bowl
riisimuro {n}  :: puffed rice
riisinkeitin {n}  :: rice cooker, rice steamer
riisinviljely {n}  :: rice growing
riisipaperi {n}  :: rice paper
riisipelto {n}  :: rice paddy, paddy field, ricefield
riisipurilainen {n}  :: riceburger
riisipussi {n}  :: rice pouch (pouch of rice)
riisipussi {n} [slang, pejorative]  :: A Japanese automobile
riisipuuro {n}  :: rice pudding
riisipuuro {n}  :: rice porridge
riisirattu {n}  :: rice rat (New World rat of the genus Oryzomys, having an exceptionally long tail)
riisiryynipuuro {n}  :: synonym of riisipuuro
riisitauti {n} [disease]  :: rickets (malformation of bones caused by shortage of vitamin D)
riisitautinen {adj}  :: rickety (affected with or suffering from rickets)
riisivanukas {n}  :: rice pudding
riisiviina {n}  :: distilled beverage made from rice, such as mao tai
riisiviini {n}  :: rice wine
riistää {vt} [concretely + genitive-accusative]  :: To take, rip, wrench, snatch
riistää {vt} [figuratively]  :: To deprive, bereave (someone = ablative, of something = genitive-accusative)
riistää {vt} [_, + partitive]  :: To oppress, exploit
riista {n}  :: game (animals that are hunted)
riistaeläin {n}  :: A game (wild animal hunted for food)
riistamaaliammunta {n} [sports]  :: running target (shooting event shot at a target that moves sideways)
riistanhoitaja {n}  :: gamekeeper (person employed to maintain the game for hunting and all associated materials and effects)
riistanhoito {n}  :: gamekeeping (measures to maintain and promote the game stock in order to ensure good catch for the hunters)
riistanhoitopiiri {n}  :: gamekeeping district; in Finland one of the 15 regional organizations of the National Hunter's Association, which bear the main responsibility for gamekeeping in their area. Their tasks are regulated in the law, they e.g. grant the hunting permissions for the regulated species
riistäjä {n}  :: exploiter, depriver
riisto {n}  :: deprivation
riisto {n}  :: exploitation
riistäytyä {v}  :: To break loose
riistäytyä {v}  :: To break out
riisua {vt}  :: To undress, strip, take off
riisunta {n}  :: undressing
riisunta {n}  :: stripping
riisunta {n}  :: aseiden~: disarmament
riisuuntua {vi}  :: To undress
riisuutua {vi}  :: To undress
riita {n}  :: quarrel
riitaisa {adj}  :: quarrelsome
riitasointu {n} [music]  :: discord, dissonance
riitasointuinen {adj}  :: discordant, dissonant
riite {n}  :: frazil ice (loose, randomly oriented needle-shaped ice crystals in water; first phase in formation of ice cover on a body of water)
riitelijä {n}  :: quarreler
riittää {vi}  :: to do, suffice
Riitta {prop}  :: given name
Riitta-Liisa {prop}  :: given name
riitti {n}  :: A rite
riittämätön {adj}  :: Insufficient, deficient, inadequate
riittoisa {adj}  :: sufficient, ample
riittävä {adj}  :: sufficient
riittävästi {adv}  :: sufficiently
riittyä {vi} [rare]  :: to freeze thinly on the surface; to be covered with a thin layer of ice
riiustaa {v}  :: alternative form of riiata
riiuu {n} [colloquial]  :: courtship, wooing
riiuuyöaie {n}  :: intention for a dating night (intention of doing something in the night when dating someone)
riivaaja {n}  :: evil spirit, demon [one that needs to be exorcised]
riivata {vt} [of something very negative]  :: To obsess
riivata {vt} [of evil forces]  :: To possess
riivattu {adj}  :: wretched
riivattu {adj}  :: possessed
riiviö {n}  :: rascal, badly behaving child
röijeli {n}  :: When used alone, a royal sail
röijeli {n}  :: Compounded with other words, used in sailing terminology as the adjective royal is used in English
räikää {vi}  :: To blare
rikša {n}  :: rickshaw
rikas {adj}  :: rich
rikas {adj}  :: wealthy
rikas {adj}  :: opulent
rikastaa {vt}  :: To enrich, concentrate (e.g. ore)
rikaste {n}  :: concentrate
rikastin {n} [automotive]  :: choke (of a carburetor)
rikastua {v}  :: to get rich
rikastua {v}  :: to become enriched (e.g. via some process)
rikastuttaa {v}  :: To make rich, to enrich
rike {n} [legal]  :: minor offence/offense, misdemeanor, infraction
räikeä {adj}  :: glaring, blatant
räikeä {adj}  :: garish, loud
räike {n}  :: The sound of a ratchet
Rikhard {prop}  :: Richard, as the name of kings and other historical persons
riki {n} [nautical]  :: rig
räikinä {n}  :: alternative form of räike
rikinhaju {n}  :: smell of sulfur
rikinkatku {n}  :: smell of sulfur
rikinpoisto {n}  :: desulfurization
rikittää {vt} [chemistry]  :: to sulfur, sulfurate, sulphurate (to treat with sulfur)
räikkä {n} [music]  :: ratchet
räikkä {n}  :: crake, forest rail (any of the galliform birds in the genus Rallina native to Asia and Australasia, and one species in the genus Porzana)
rikka {n}  :: mote, litter (small particle of waste or unwanted material)
rikka {n}  :: short for rikkakasvi
rikkaampi {adj}  :: comparative of rikas
rikkaa ristiin {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: squat (of doing, nothing)
rikkakasvi {n}  :: weed (any plant regarded as unwanted)
rikkalapio {n}  :: dustpan
rikkaruoho {n}  :: weed [unwanted grassy plant]
rikkaruohomyrkky {n}  :: weedkiller
rikkaus {n}  :: richness
rikkaus {n}  :: riches; usually in plural: rikkaudet
rikkaus {n}  :: wealth
rikki {n}  :: sulfur, sulphur
rikki {adv}  :: broken
rikkiatomi {n}  :: sulfur atom
rikkidioksidi {n}  :: sulfur dioxide, sulphur dioxide (SO2)
rikkihapoke {n} [chemistry]  :: sulfurous acid, sulphurous acid, H2SO3
rikkihappo {n} [chemistry]  :: sulphuric acid [UK], sulfuric acid [US], H2SO4
rikkiheksafluoridi {n} [chemistry]  :: sulfur hexafluoride
rikkikiisu {n} [mineral]  :: pyrite
rikkimonoksidi {n} [inorganic compound]  :: sulfur monoxide
rikkinäinen {adj}  :: broken (not working properly)
rikkinäinen puhelin {n}  :: Chinese whispers (children's game)
rikkioksidi {n}  :: sulfur oxide
rikkipitoinen {adj}  :: sulfurous (containing sulfur)
rikkirousku {n}  :: yellowdrop milk-cap, Lactarius chrysorrheus
rikkitrioksidi {n} [chemistry]  :: sulfur trioxide
rikkivety {n} [inorganic chemistry]  :: hydrogen sulfide
rikkiviisas {adj}  :: cheeky, smartass, pedantic
rikkiyhdiste {n} [chemistry]  :: sulfur compound
Räikkönen {prop}  :: surname
rikko {n} [botany]  :: saxifrage
rikkoa {vt}  :: to break
rikkoa {vt}  :: to violate
rikkoa {v}  :: (transitive/intransitive) to offend, to transgress (something = partitive, against something = partitive + vastaan):
rikkoa {vt}  :: to renege
rikkoa {vt}  :: ~ rauhaa = to disturb the peace
rikkomaton {adj}  :: unbroken
rikkominen {n}  :: breaking
rikkomus {n}  :: breach, transgression, infraction (violation of a law, command or duty that is lesser than a crime)
rikkomus {n}  :: wrongdoing (violation of standards of behavior)
rikkoutua {vi}  :: to break, break up, fall apart
rikkua {vi} [dialectal]  :: To break
rikkumaton {adj}  :: unbroken
rikkuri {n}  :: A strikebreaker, scab
rikollinen {adj}  :: criminal
rikollinen {n}  :: A criminal
rikollisempi {adj}  :: comparative of rikollinen
rikollisesti {adv}  :: criminally
rikollisjengi {n}  :: criminal gang
rikollisjärjestö {n}  :: A criminal organization
rikollisjärjestö {n}  :: organized crime (criminal organization)
rikollisuus {n}  :: The crime (practice or habit of committing crimes)
rikollisuus {n}  :: The criminality, criminalness (state of being criminal)
rikos {n} [legal]  :: crime, offence/offense, criminality (criminal act)
rikos {n}  :: (törkeä) ~ a felony
rikosilmoitus {n}  :: report of an offence
rikoskomisario {n}  :: detective inspector [official translation]; a detective rank in Finnish police, equal in seniority to komisario (inspector)
rikoslaki {n} [legal]  :: criminal code (a law sanctioning criminal activity)
rikosoikeudellinen {adj} [legal]  :: criminal-law, criminal (of or pertaining to criminal law)
rikosoikeus {n} [law]  :: criminal law
rikosoppi {n}  :: criminology
rikospaikka {n}  :: crime scene
rikospoliisi {n}  :: detective police, criminal police
rikospsykologi {n}  :: criminal psychologist
rikospsykologia {n}  :: criminal psychology
rikosrekisteri {n}  :: criminal record
Rikosseuraamuslaitos {prop}  :: The Criminal Sanctions Agency (official translation); government authority under the direction of the Ministry of Justice, which enforces prison sentences and community sanctions
rikossyyte {n}  :: criminal charge
rikostekninen {adj}  :: forensic
rikostiedustelu {n}  :: criminal intelligence (activity of compiling, analyzing and/or disseminating information in an effort to anticipate, prevent, or monitor criminal activity)
rikostutkija {n}  :: criminalist [US], crime inspector
rikosylikonstaapeli {n}  :: detective sergeant [official translation]; a detective rank in Finnish police, equal in seniority to ylikonstaapeli (police sergeant)
riksa {n}  :: alternative spelling of rikša
riksi {n} [historical]  :: riksdaler
Riku {prop}  :: given name
räikyä {vi}  :: To blare
räikynä {n}  :: alternative form of räike
rilli {n}  :: white-eye (any of the small passerine birds of the family Zosteropidae, typically having a ring of white around their eyes)
rillit {n} [colloquial, pluralonly]  :: glasses, eyeglasses, spectacles
rillit {n}  :: (plural only) Zosteropidae (family of birds, commonly called white-eyes in English)
rima {n}  :: lath
rima {n} [sports]  :: bar, hurdle
rimantadiini {n} [chemistry]  :: rimantadine
räimiä {v}  :: to beat, lash (to strike repeatedly)
rimmata {v}  :: to rhyme
rimpi {n}  :: A quagmire or morass (swampy, soggy spot)
rimpuilla {vi}  :: To struggle, wriggle (when attempting to escape after being caught)
rinkeli {n}  :: A ring-shaped baked good; used mainly as head in compound terms:
rinki {n}  :: A ring of people
rinkilä {n}  :: doughnut
rinkka {n}  :: A backpack mounted on a light frame
rinkula {n} [colloquial]  :: ring
rinnakkain {adv}  :: side by side (close to each other)
rinnakkainen {adj}  :: parallel
rinnakkaiselo {n} [politics]  :: coexistence (state of two or more countries, political systems, groups of people, etc. or of people in general existing near each other or in the same area)
rinnakkaisistunto {n}  :: parallel session
rinnakkaislaskenta {n} [computing]  :: parallel computing
rinnakkaisluokka {n}  :: A different classroom of students in the same grade in the same school, whose students stay with their own class (for example, in an elementary school, class 4a and class 4b)
rinnakkaisteksti {n}  :: parallel text
rinnakkaistodellisuus {n}  :: parallel reality
rinnakkaistuonti {n}  :: parallel import (import without permission of the intellectual property owner)
rinnalla {adv}  :: beside (next to)
rinnalle {adv}  :: to the side of (next to)
rinnan {adv}  :: synonym of rinnakkain
rinnanpoistoleikkaus {n} [surgery]  :: mastectomy (surgical procedure to remove all or part of a breast)
rinnastaa {v}  :: to assimilate, to regard as tantamount, equivalent or comparable (to compare a thing to something similar)
rinnastaa {v} [rare]  :: to contrast, compare (to set in opposition in order to show the difference or differences between)
rinnasteinen {adj} [grammar]  :: appositive
rinnastus {n}  :: comparison
rinnastuskonjunktio {n} [grammar]  :: coordinating conjunction
rinne {n}  :: A slope, hillside
rinne {n} [skiing]  :: A piste
rinnusta {n}  :: front, breast
rinofaryngiitti {n}  :: nasopharyngitis, rhinopharyngitis (inflammation of the nasal passages and upper pharynx)
rinologi {n}  :: rhinologist
rinologia {n} [pathology]  :: rhinology
rinta {n}  :: breast
rinta {n}  :: chest, especially the front side of it (thorax)
rintaelin {n} [anatomy]  :: thoracic organ
rintaelinkirurgia {n}  :: thoracic surgery
rintaevä {n} [anatomy, of a fish]  :: pectoral fin
rintakarva {n}  :: chest hair (single)
rintakarvat {n}  :: chest hair (collectively)
rintakehä {n} [skeleton]  :: rib cage
rintakehä {n}  :: chest wall, thoracic wall
rintakehä {n}  :: breast, chest, thorax (region of the mammalian body between the neck and abdomen)
rintakehä {n}  :: thorax (cavity containing the heart and lungs)
rintakehäkirurgia {n}  :: cardiothoracic surgery, thorax surgery (field of medicine involved in surgical treatment of diseases affecting organs inside the thorax)
rintakipu {n}  :: chest pain
rintakirurgia {n}  :: thoracic surgery
rintakoru {n}  :: brooch
rintakukka {n}  :: boutonniere (flower worn in buttonhole)
rintakuppi {n}  :: breast cup
rintakuva {n}  :: bust
rintalappu {n}  :: bib
rintalapsi {n}  :: A breastfed baby
rintalasta {n} [skeleton]  :: breastbone, sternum
rintalastantakainen {adj} [anatomy, medicine]  :: retrosternal
rintaliha {n}  :: brisket (meat)
rintalihas {n}  :: pec (breast muscle)
rintaliivit {n}  :: A bra, brassiere
rintama {n} [military]  :: front, battlefront (region or line along which opposing armies engage in combat)
rintama {n} [meteorology]  :: front
rintama {n} [military]  :: theater
rintamaa {n}  :: heartland
rintamahyökkäys {n}  :: frontal assault
rintamaito {n}  :: breast milk
rintamakarkuri {n}  :: deserter
rintamakirjeenvaihtaja {n}  :: war correspondent operating at a battlefront
rintamalinja {n}  :: battlefront (region or line along which opposing armies engage in combat)
rintamalinja {n}  :: battlefront (area in which opponents or opposing ideas meet)
rintamamies {n}  :: battlefront soldier
rintamamiestalo {n}  :: A type of detached house build after the Second World War for the families of soldiers who fought in the battlefront
rintamapalvelus {n}  :: frontline service
rintamasotilas {n}  :: battlefront soldier
rintamaukkonen {n} [weather]  :: frontal thunderstorm
rintamaveteraani {n}  :: veteran who has served in the front line
rintamerkki {n}  :: badge
rintamus {n}  :: breast, front
rintanappi {n}  :: A button (a button-like badge worn on clothes)
rintaneula {n}  :: brooch
rintanikama {n} [skeleton]  :: A thoracic vertebra
rintaontelo {n} [anatomy]  :: thoracic cavity, chest cavity
rintaperillinen {n} [legal]  :: descendant (in inheritance law, the offspring of the deceased)
rintapumppu {n}  :: breast pump
rintarauhanen {n} [anatomy]  :: mammary gland
rintareppu {n}  :: A child carrier or baby carrier carried on the front of the body
rintaruokinta {n}  :: breastfeeding
rintasyöpä {n}  :: breast cancer
rintasyöpäseulonta {n}  :: breast cancer screening
rintatasku {n}  :: breast pocket
rintatiehyt {n} [anatomy]  :: thoracic duct
rintauinti {n}  :: breaststroke (swimming stroke)
rintava {adj}  :: full-bosomed, big-breasted, buxom
rintsikat {n} [colloquial]  :: A bra
ripa {n}  :: handle
ripari {n} [slang]  :: alternative term for rippikoulu
ripaska {n} [dance]  :: trepak
ripaus {n}  :: pinch (small amount)
ripauttaa {v}  :: to dash, sprinkle
ripauttaa {v}  :: to rain shortly and lightly
ripe {n}  :: the leftovers, remains
ripeä {adj}  :: rapid, prompt
ripeksiä {v}  :: To be sprinkling (of rain)
ripeästi {adv}  :: promptly
ripeys {n}  :: promptness, alacrity, swiftness, briskness, celerity, haste (rapidity of an action)
ripeyttää {v}  :: to speed up
ripinä {n}  :: rustle
ripittäytyä {vi} [religion]  :: To confess oneself
ripittäytyjä {n}  :: confessor [one who confesses]
riposti {n} [fencing]  :: riposte, ripost
ripotella {v}  :: To sprinkle
ripottaa {v}  :: to strew, sprinkle, scatter
rippi {n} [Christianity]  :: A confession (disclosure of one's sins to a priest)
rippi {n} [colloquial]  :: A confirmation (sacrament of sealing and strengthening in many Christian religions)
rippi {n} [colloquial]  :: A Communion (Holy Communion)
rippikoulu {n} [Christianity]  :: Literally, a confirmation school; in the Finnish Lutheran tradition, religious classes that a person is required to complete before being allowed a Christian wedding or being accepted to become a godparent. It normally consists of 80 hours of teaching and is done in the age of 15. At the end of rippikoulu the children receive the confirmation
rippipuku {n}  :: Literally, the suit a young man wears in his confirmation (sense: sacrament)
rippipuku {n}  :: A man's first suit; often used mockingly of a suit that is too small for the wearer
rippu {n}  :: nugget, pinch
rippunen {n}  :: diminutive of rippu
rippunen {n}  :: nugget, pinch
ripsi {n}  :: lash
ripsi {n} [anatomy]  :: eyelash
ripsi {n} [biology]  :: cilium
ripsiä {v}  :: to rain or snow
ripsieläin {n} [biology]  :: ciliate
ripsiäinen {n} [insects]  :: A thrips (any of the insects in the order Thysanoptera)
ripsipiirakka {n} [humorous, vulgar]  :: female genitalia
ripsiväri {n}  :: mascara
ripsu {n}  :: fringe
ripsua {v}  :: ripsiä (to rain lightly and sporadically)
ripsua {v} [rare]  :: rispaantua
ripuli {n} [pathology]  :: diarrhea
ripulinen {adj}  :: suffering from diarrhea
ripuloida {v}  :: To have diarrhea
ripustaa {vt}  :: To hang, hang up (e.g. clothes)
ripustautua {vi}  :: to hang, dangle oneself (not to kill oneself; see hirttäytyä)
ripustin {n}  :: A hanger (that by which a thing is suspended)
ripustuslenkki {n}  :: hanging loop (small loop of any material for hanging something)
risa {adj}  :: broken
risa {n} [anatomy]  :: tonsil
risahyytelöjäkälä {n}  :: Collema multipartitum (a lichen)
risakas {n} [mushroom]  :: A mushroom of the genus Inocybe
risareunaseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: A webcap, Cortinarius incisus
risiini {n}  :: castor oil plant, Ricinus communis
risiini {n}  :: ricin (toxic protein extracted from the castor bean)
risiinikasvi {n}  :: castor oil plant
risiiniöljy {n}  :: castor oil (pale yellow vegetable oil extracted from the castor bean)
risiinimyrkky {n}  :: ricin
risiinipapu {n}  :: castor bean
riskaabeli {adj}  :: risky
riskeerata {v} [colloquial]  :: To risk or incur risk (to something)
riski {adj}  :: strong (capable of producing great physical force, said of a person or an animal)
riski {adj}  :: sturdy (of firm build, said of a person or an animal)
riski {n}  :: risk (possible, usually negative, outcome, e.g., a danger)
riski {n}  :: risk (likelihood of a negative outcome)
riski {n}  :: risk (potential ,conventionally negative, impact of an event)
riski {n}  :: chance (risk)
räiskiä {v}  :: to bang (to make sudden loud noises, and often repeatedly, especially by exploding or hitting something)
räiskiä {v} [rare]  :: to splatter
riskialtis {adj}  :: risky, dodgy
riskianalyysi {n}  :: risk analysis
riskilä {n}  :: guillemot (seabird in the genus Cepphus of the auk family)
riskilä {n}  :: in plural (riskilät), the genus Cepphus
riskilä {n}  :: black guillemot, tystie, Cepphus grylle (type species of the genus)
riskinhallinta {n}  :: risk management
riskinottohalu {n} [finance]  :: risk appetite (amount of risk which an investor is willing to accept in pursuit of profit)
räiskintä {n}  :: potshot
riskiryhmä {n}  :: risk group
riskitekijä {n}  :: risk factor
riskitön {adj}  :: riskless, risk-free
räiskäle {n}  :: A thin pancake, crepe
räiskynä {n}  :: alternative form of räiske
Räisänen {prop}  :: surname
risoa {vi} [monopersonal]  :: to annoy, vex
risotto {n}  :: risotto
rispaantua {vi}  :: To fray, unravel
rispautua {vi}  :: alternative form of rispaantua
risperidoni {n} [chemistry]  :: risperidone
Rissanen {prop}  :: surname
risteilijä {n} [nautical, military]  :: A cruiser (class of warships)
risteilijä {n} [nautical]  :: A cruiser (civilian yacht designed for cruising)
risteilijä {n} [military, slang]  :: A plate or other container provided on a military mess table for collection of potato peels and other debris
risteillä {vi} [nautical]  :: To cruise
risteillä {vi} [figuratively]  :: To crisscross (to move around, from place to place)
risteily {n}  :: cruise
risteilyalus {n}  :: cruise ship, cruiser (passenger ship used for pleasure voyages)
risteilyohjus {n}  :: cruise missile
ristetä {vi}  :: to intersect, cross
risteys {n}  :: crossing, intersection
risteyskohta {n}  :: crossing, intersection, meeting
risteyttää {vt}  :: To crossbreed, cross
risteytyä {vi}  :: To crossbreed, cross
risteytys {n} [genetics]  :: crossover
risti {n}  :: cross
risti {n} [cards]  :: club
risti {n} [music, colloquial]  :: sharp (symbol ♯in notation)
risti {n}  :: short of ristiselkä (small of the back); used especially of animals
ristiä {vt}  :: to christen, baptise/baptize
ristiä {vt}  :: to cross
ristiaallokko {n}  :: cross sea
ristibarbi {n}  :: spanner barb, t-barb, Puntius lateristriga
ristidipoli {n}  :: turnstile antenna
ristiin {adv}  :: across
ristiin {adv}  :: criss, in the expression ristiin rastiin (criss-cross, crisscross)
ristiinnaulita {vt} [religion]  :: to crucify
ristiinnaulitseminen {n}  :: A crucifixion
ristiinnaulitunkuva {n}  :: crucifix
ristiin rastiin {adv}  :: crisscross (crossing one another)
ristiintaulukointi {n} [statistics]  :: cross tabulation, cross tab
ristiäiset {n}  :: christening
Ristijärvi {prop}  :: Ristijärvi
ristijätkä {n}  :: jack of clubs, knave of clubs
ristikakkonen {n} [cards]  :: two of clubs
ristikasi {n} [cards]  :: eight of clubs
ristikko {n}  :: lattice
ristikko {n}  :: grating
ristikko {n}  :: crosswords
ristikoe {n} [pathology]  :: Coombs test
ristikoida {v}  :: To add a lattice
ristikolmonen {n} [cards]  :: three of clubs
ristikukkainen {adj} [botany]  :: cruciferous
ristikuningas {n}  :: king of clubs
ristikuningatar {n}  :: queen of clubs (a playing card)
ristikuulustella {v}  :: To cross-examine
ristikuulustelu {n}  :: A cross-examination
ristikuutonen {n} [cards]  :: six of clubs
ristikymppi {n} [cards]  :: ten of clubs
ristilaukka {n} [horsemanship]  :: cross-canter, disunited canter
ristilimitys {n} [masonry]  :: English bond
ristiluu {n} [skeleton]  :: sacrum
ristimänimi {n}  :: Christian name
ristinelonen {n} [cards]  :: four of clubs
ristinikama {n} [skeleton]  :: A sacral vertebra
ristinmerkki {n} [Christianity]  :: sign of the cross
ristinmuotoinen {adj}  :: cruciform
ristinmuotoinen {adj}  :: cross-shaped
ristinmuotoinen {adj}  :: cruciate
ristinolla {n}  :: tic-tac-toe (game)
ristinpuu {n}  :: cross
ristipisto {n}  :: cross-stitch (double stitch that forms a cross)
ristipistotyö {n}  :: cross-stitch (embroidery or needlework made using cross-stitches)
ristipääruuvimeisseli {n}  :: Phillips screwdriver
ristipääruuvimeisseli {n}  :: Pozidriv screwdriver
ristipääruuvitaltta {n}  :: Phillips screwdriver
ristipääruuvitaltta {n}  :: Pozidriv screwdriver
ristiretkeläinen {n}  :: A Crusader
ristiretki {n}  :: Crusade
ristiriidaton {adj}  :: consistent
ristiriipunta {n} [gymnastics]  :: iron cross, crucifix
ristiriita {n}  :: contradiction (a logical incompatibility among two or more elements or propositions)
ristiriita {n}  :: disagreement, conflict
ristiriitainen {adj}  :: contradictory
ristiriitainen {adj}  :: conflicting
ristiriitainen {adj}  :: ambivalent (simultaneously experiencing or expressing opposing or contradictory feelings, beliefs, or motivations)
ristiritari {n}  :: crusader
ristirouva {n}  :: queen of clubs
ristisana {n} [games]  :: crossword
ristisanatehtävä {n} [games]  :: A crossword puzzle
ristiseiska {n} [cards]  :: seven of clubs
ristiselkä {n} [anatomy]  :: lumbar region, small of the back
ristisiitos {n}  :: crossbreeding
ristisorsa {n}  :: shelduck (any bird in the genus Tadorna)
ristisorsa {n}  :: common shelduck, Tadorna tadorna
ristiässä {n} [cards]  :: ace of clubs
ristituli {n}  :: crossfire
ristitulo {n} [vector algebra]  :: vector product
ristiturpa {n}  :: A nickname for a hare
ristivaikutus {n} [electronics]  :: crosstalk
ristiveto {n}  :: cross-draught, draught
ristivitonen {n} [cards]  :: five of clubs
ristiysi {n} [cards]  :: nine of clubs
Risto {prop}  :: given name
Risto {prop}  :: The letter "R" in the Finnish tavausaakkoset, a spelling system similar to ICAO spelling alphabet
Risto Reipas {prop}  :: A male who is brave and brisk up to the point of being annoying
risu {n}  :: stick, dry twig
risu {n}  :: brickbat (criticism or uncomplimentary remark)
risuaita {n}  :: A fence made of brushwood
risuaita {n} [colloquial]  :: hash, pound sign, square (# -symbol)
risuaita {n} [colloquial]  :: hashtag
risukko {n}  :: thicket
risuparta {n} [pejorative]  :: An unkempt beard, clearly longer than just a stubble, especially on a young man
risupartainen {adj}  :: scruffy-bearded
rita {n} [hunting]  :: A type of trap
ritari {n}  :: knight (warrior of the Middle Ages)
ritari {n}  :: knight (person on whom a knighthood has been conferred by a monarch)
ritari {n} [in Finland]  :: knight (member of any of the three official honorary orders of Finland)
ritarikunta {n}  :: An order, order of knighthood, order of chivalry (society of knights)
ritarillinen {adj}  :: chivalrous, gallant
ritarillisesti {adv}  :: chivalrously, gallantly
ritarillisuus {n}  :: gallantry (chivalrous courtliness, especially towards women)
ritariperhonen {n}  :: swallowtail (butterfly of the family Papilionidae)
ritariperhonen {n}  :: Old World swallowtail (Papilio machaon)
ritaristo {n}  :: knighthood (knights collectively)
ritilä {n}  :: grate, grill
ritilä {n}  :: grating
ritinä {n}  :: crackle
ritirati {n} [games]  :: Short of "ritirati sanapeli"; the game of scrabble
ritirati {interj}  :: Of a crackling sound, especially that caused by thin ice crackling under one's feet
Riti-Rati sanapeli {prop} [dated]  :: Scrabble (board game)
ritistä {vi}  :: To crackle
Ritola {n} [humorous]  :: escape, flight; used in the idiomatic expression ottaa Ritolat (to run away, take to the hills, lit. take the Ritolas)
ritsa {n}  :: A slingshot, (small) catapult
Ritu {prop}  :: given name
rituaali {n}  :: A ritual
rituaalimurha {n}  :: ritual murder
rituaalinen {adj}  :: ritualistic
ritva {n}  :: a slender, hanging branch, as of a birch or a willow
Ritva {prop}  :: given name
riuhtaista {v}  :: to break away, break loose, pull, snatch, tear, wrench, jerk
riuhtaisu {n}  :: A yank
riuhtoa {vt}  :: to yank, tug (to pull hard repeatedly)
riukiunkaniini {n}  :: Amami rabbit, Pentalagus furnessi
riuku {n}  :: pole (delimbed and usually not debarked stem of a small tree, especially one cut to a specified length for a purpose)
riuku {n}  :: beanstalk (tall and slim person)
riuku {n}  :: A latrine equipped with seats by supporting poles between trees
riukuaita {n}  :: roundpole fence (traditional Scandinavian wooden pole fence)
riukuaita {n}  :: log fence
riukuaita {n}  :: split rail fence
riuna {n} [dated]  :: hryvnia
riuska {adj}  :: brisk
riuskin {adj}  :: superlative of riuska
riutta {n}  :: reef
riutua {v}  :: to languish, (to lose strength and become weak)
riutua {v}  :: often with ikävästä (for yearning), to pine away (to long or yearn so much that it causes suffering)
rivakasti {adv}  :: briskly
rivakin {adj}  :: superlative of rivakka
rivakka {adj}  :: brisk
rivi {n}  :: row, line
rivi {n}  :: line (in a text)
rivi {n} [chess]  :: rank
rivi-ilmoitus {n}  :: classified advertisement
riviin järjesty {interj} [military]  :: fall in! (command to get into position in a rank)
rivijäsen {n}  :: rank-and-filer
rivikirjoitin {n}  :: line printer
rivimies {n}  :: rank-and-filer
rivimies {n} [in plural]  :: rank and file
rivimoottori {n}  :: straight engine
rivinsiirto {n} [computing]  :: return
rivinväli {n}  :: line spacing
rivistö {n} [military]  :: column (body of troops or army vehicles strung out along a road)
rivistö {n}  :: lines (something arranged in lines)
rivitalo {n}  :: terrace (row of residential houses with no gaps between them; a group of row houses)
rivitalo {n}  :: rowhouse, row house, terraced house, rowhome, town house, townhouse (one of a row of houses situated side by side and sharing a common wall)
rivitaloasunto {n}  :: rowhouse, row house, terraced house, rowhome, town house, townhouse (one of a row of houses situated side by side and sharing a common wall)
riviväli {n}  :: line spacing
rivo {adj}  :: Obscene
rivompi {adj}  :: comparative of rivo
rivopuheinen {adj}  :: foulmouthed
rivosti {adv}  :: obscenely
rivosuinen {adj}  :: coarse-mouthed
rivous {n}  :: obscenity (meaning both the feature and an obscene act)
räjähde {n}  :: explosive (explosive device)
räjähde {n}  :: explosive (explosive substance)
räjähdeaine {n}  :: alternative form of räjähdysaine (explosive substance)
räjähdellä {vi}  :: To explode (repeatedly), blow up (repeatedly)
räjähdys {n}  :: explosion
räjähdysaine {n}  :: explosive (explosive substance)
räjähdyselohopea {n} [chemistry]  :: mercury(II) fulminate
räjähdysherkkä {adj}  :: explosive (having high tendency to explode)
räjähdysmäinen {adj}  :: explosive (having the character of an explosion)
räjähdysmäisesti {adv}  :: explosively
räjähdysvaara {n}  :: danger of explosion
räjähtää {v}  :: to explode, burst, blow up
räjähtää {vi}  :: to blow one's top, go ape, go apeshit, hit the roof, hit the ceiling, lose one's rag (to become explosively angry)
räjähtänyt {adj}  :: blasted (describing something that has been subjected to explosion)
räjähtänyt {adj}  :: exploded (describing something that has exploded)
räjähtänyt {adj} [figuratively]  :: destructed, rickety, ramshackle (in poor or abysmal condition)
räjäytellä {vt}  :: To detonate, blow up, blast, explode in a continuous/indifferent manner
räjäytetty {adj}  :: blasted (describing something that has been subject to intentional blasting)
räjäytin {n}  :: detonator
räjäyttää {vt}  :: to detonate, blow up, blast, explode
räjäyttää pankki {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: to break the bank (win more money than is available to be paid)
räjäytys {n}  :: A controlled explosion, blast
räjäytyskuva {n}  :: exploded view (drawing)
räkä {n}  :: snot (viscous)
räkä {n}  :: rheum, water (watery)
räkä {n} [colloquial]  :: saliva
röökata {v} [slang]  :: To smoke
rööki {n} [Helsinki slang]  :: A fag (cigarette)
räkiä {v} [colloquial]  :: To spit (saliva)
räkäinen {adj}  :: snotty
räkäisempi {adj}  :: comparative of räkäinen
rääkäistä {vi}  :: To shriek
räkäistä {vi}  :: To gob
rääkäisy {n}  :: screech (harsh, shrill cry)
rökittää {v}  :: to trounce someone, to beat someone in a fight
rökittää {v} [sports]  :: to trash (to beat soundly in a game)
räkäjarrut {n} [pejorative]  :: moustache
räkkä {n}  :: In the summer of Lapland, the period of vast number of blood-sucking insects
rääkkä {n}  :: In plural (rääkät), the genus Crax in the galliform family Rallidae, rantakanat
rääkkä {n}  :: As headword in compound terms translated as crake or rail into English in names of galliform birds of several genera
räkki {n}  :: rack (series of shelves)
rääkkiäinen {n}  :: rail (bird of the genus Coturnicops)
räkäklöntti {n} [colloquial]  :: gob of snot; bogie (piece of mucus from the nose)
rääkkyä {v}  :: [of a crow etc.] to croak
Rääkkylä {prop}  :: Rääkkylä
räkälä {n}  :: Inexpensive, run-down bar
räkälä {n} [pejorative]  :: pub
rkl {abbr}  :: tbsp (tablespoon, as unit of measure)
räkänokka {n} [literally]  :: snot-nosed youngster
räkänokka {n}  :: snotnose, whippersnapper
räkänokkainen {adj}  :: snot-nosed
räkäpää {n} [military slang]  :: blank, blank round
RKP {prop}  :: Ruotsalainen Kansanpuolue; a political party in Finland defending the interests of the Swedish-speaking minority, in English "The Swedish People's Party"
räkärätti {n} [colloquial]  :: kleenex, hanky
räksä {n} [colloquial]  :: fieldfare, Turdus pilaris
räksyttää {v}  :: to yap; to bark, especially with high pitch like small dogs would do
räksyttää {v}  :: alternative form of raksuttaa
rääkätä {v}  :: to torture, torment (especially an animal)
räkättää {v}  :: talk or shout noisily, to make a racket
räkättirastas {n}  :: fieldfare, Turdus pilaris
rääkyä {vi}  :: To cry loudly (like a small baby; a somewhat disparaging expression)
rääkynä {n}  :: alternative form of rääyntä
rääkyntä {n}  :: crow's croak
räkyttää {v}  :: To bark, especially in an annoying manner
rölli {n}  :: bentgrass, bent (grass of the genus Agrostis)
rälläköidä {v} [colloquial]  :: to cut or grind with an angle grinder
rälläkkä {n} [colloquial]  :: angle grinder
rälläkkä {n} [colloquial]  :: Salvation Army
rällästää {v}  :: alternative form of rällätä
rällätä {v}  :: to revel
rämä {adj}  :: ramshackle
räme {n}  :: A boreal swamp type characterized by sparse growth of pine, a thick layer of sphagnum on the ground and dense growth of woody shrubs
räme {n}  :: Any forested swampland in other climate zones
rämeä {adj} [of sound]  :: brassy
römeä {adj} [of voice]  :: gruff
rämeikkö {n}  :: quagmire, morass
rämeseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: A webcap, Cortinarius tubarius
rämin {adj}  :: superlative of rämä
räminä {n}  :: rattle
rämistä {vi}  :: to clatter, rattle
rämistää {vt}  :: to clatter, rattle
rémouladekastike {n}  :: remoulade
rämpiä {v}  :: To wade
rämpyti {interj}  :: A verbal emulation of a thrumming sound
rämpyttää {v}  :: to thrum (to cause a steady rhythmic vibration, usually by plucking; to play a stringed instrument idly)
RNA-polymeraasi {n} [biochemistry]  :: RNA polymerase
ränni {n} [colloquial]  :: Often in plural (rännit), a system for collecting the rainwater from the roof and leading it down to a drain or to the ground
ränni {n} [colloquial]  :: Any of the main components of such system, particularly a downspout (syöksytorvi) or a gutter (sadevesikouru)
ränni {n}  :: A trough which is open in one or both ends, especially when used as component in a liquid handling system
ränni {n} [mining]  :: A launder (trough used by miners to separate metal-rich pieces from the crushed ore by washing)
ränni {n} [sports]  :: In ice hockey, the boards when used to steer the puck
ränni {n} [slang]  :: vein, especially when referred to in connection of intravenous drug use
ränsistää {vt}  :: To cause something (such as a building) to decay
ränsistyä {v}  :: to deteriorate, go to pot
ränsistynyt {adj}  :: ramshackle (in disrepair or disorder; poorly maintained; lacking upkeep)
ränsistyttää {v}  :: alternative form of ränsistää
rönsy {n} [botany]  :: A runner or stolon (shoot that grows along the ground)
rönsyleinikki {n}  :: creeping buttercup, Ranunculus repens (a flowering plant in the genus Ranunculus)
räntä {n}  :: sleet
röntgen {n}  :: A röntgen, roentgen (physical unit)
röntgen {n}  :: X-ray (when used as modifier in compound terms)
röntgendiffraktio {n} [physics]  :: X-ray diffraction
röntgenium {n}  :: roentgenium
röntgenkristallografia {n}  :: X-ray crystallography
röntgenkuva {n}  :: X-ray photograph, X-ray (photograph made with X-rays)
röntgenkuvaus {n}  :: radiography (process of producing radiographs)
röntgenlähde {n} [astronomy]  :: X-ray source
röntgenologia {n}  :: radiology
röntgenputki {n}  :: X-ray tube
röntgensäde {n} [physics]  :: X-ray
röntgensäteily {n} [physics]  :: X-rays {p}, X-radiation, Röntgen radiation
röntgenteleskooppi {n}  :: X-ray telescope
räntäsade {n}  :: sleet
ränttü {n} [Finglish]  :: rent
Robert {prop}  :: given name
robinsonadi {n}  :: Robinsonade
robotiikka {n}  :: robotics
robotisoida {vt}  :: To robotize
robotisointi {n}  :: automation
robotisoitua {vi}  :: To be robotized
robotoida {vt}  :: To robotize
robotointi {n}  :: alternative form of robotisointi
robotti {n}  :: robot
rock {n}  :: rock (style of music)
rockbändi {n}  :: rock band
rockmusiikki {n}  :: rock music
rocktähti {n}  :: rockstar
rockvideo {n}  :: rock video
rockyhtye {n}  :: rock band
rodeo {n}  :: rodeo
rodium {n}  :: rhodium
rodokrosiitti {n} [mineral]  :: rhodochrosite
rodoniitti {n} [mineral]  :: rhodonite
rodopsiini {n}  :: rhodopsin
rodriguezindodo {n}  :: solitaire, Pezophaps solitaria (extinct bird)
rodullinen {adj}  :: racial
rohdin {n}  :: crash (thread, linen)
rohdinkangas {n}  :: crash (linen)
rohdos {n}  :: herb
rohdos {n}  :: medicine, drug
rohina {n}  :: rhonchus
rohinga {n}  :: Rohingya (language spoken in Burma in the coastal area from Irawadi delta to Indian border)
rohinga {n}  :: Rohingya (person who speaks this language)
rohjeta {vt} [auxiliary + infinitive]  :: To bring oneself (to do), dare (to do), venture (to do), have the nerve (to do)
rohkaiseva {adj}  :: encouraging
rohkaista {vt}  :: to encourage
rohkea {adj}  :: brave, courageous, valiant
rohkea {adj}  :: bold, daring, audacious
rohkea {adj}  :: mildly erotic, racy, risqué
rohkea {adj} [of an outfit]  :: revealing, racy
rohkeampi {adj}  :: comparative of rohkea
rohkea rokan syö, kaino ei saa kaaliakaan {proverb}  :: proverb used to motivate someone to do a certain thing (literally, a brave man gets to eat soup, a shy man can't even eat cabbage)
rohkea rokan syö, kaino ei saa kaaliakaan {proverb}  :: Fortune favors the brave
rohkeasti {adv}  :: bravely, courageously, valiantly
rohkeus {n}  :: courage, bravery
rohmu {n} [pejorative]  :: A greedy hoarder
rohmu {n}  :: One who possesses or takes a lot of something
rohmuta {v}  :: To hoard
rohto {n}  :: a herb used for medical purposes
rohto {n}  :: medicine, drug in general
rohto {n}  :: remedy
rohtokoirankieli {n}  :: hound's tongue, Cynoglossum officinale
rohtosalkoruusu {n}  :: marshmallow (Althaea officinalis, species of mallow that grows in marshy terrain)
rohtua {vi}  :: to get chapped
roihahtaa {v}  :: to burst into flames
roihu {n}  :: A blaze (fast-burning fire producing a lot of flames and light)
roihuta {vi}  :: To blaze, flare
roikaa {vi}  :: to blare
roikka {n} [colloquial, dated]  :: troika
roikka {n} [colloquial, dated]  :: gang, crowd, group, caboodle
roikka {n} [colloquial]  :: extension cord
roikkua {vi}  :: To hang
roikkua {v}  :: To hang around
roikottaa {vt}  :: to dangle
roikua {vi} [impersonal, colloquial]  :: To cause (especially fiercely resounding) loud voice
roikuksissa {adv}  :: hanging (in the hanging state)
roilotiili {n}  :: conduit brick (brick with grooves or holes for constructing conduits for installation of electric cables or waterpipes within the wall structure)
roima {adj}  :: sturdy
roimasti {adv}  :: a great deal more
roimia {v}  :: to beat, pound, strike, repeatedly and quite forcefully
roina {n} [colloquial]  :: junk (miscellaneous items of little value)
roina {n} [bodybuilding, sports, slang]  :: roid
roisi {adj} [colloquail]  :: ragged, untidy
roisi {adj}  :: (colloquial) gross, greasy, indecent
roisisti {adv} [colloquail]  :: raggedly, untidily
roisisti {adv}  :: (colloquial) grossly, greasily, indecently
roiske {n}  :: splash, spray, splatter
roiskeläppä {n}  :: mudguard
roiskia {vt}  :: to splatter
roiskua {vi}  :: To splash, splatter, scatter
roisto {n}  :: villain
roisto {n}  :: thug
roistomainen {adj}  :: thuggish
roistomaisesti {adv}  :: thuggishly
roistomaisuus {n}  :: thuggishness
rojalismi {n}  :: royalism
rojalisti {n}  :: royalist
rojalistinen {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to royalism or to royalists
rojalti {n}  :: royalty (the form of payment)
rojottaa {vi}  :: To be laying (carelessly, lazily)
roju {n}  :: junk
rok {n}  :: roc (mythical bird)
rokata {v} [colloquial]  :: to rock (to play rock music)
rokka {n}  :: pea soup
rokka {n} [dialectal]  :: soup
rokkapata {n}  :: pea soup pot
rokkari {n} [colloquial]  :: rock musician
rokki {n}  :: rock music
rokkibändi {n}  :: alternative form of rockbändi
rokkimusiikki {n}  :: alternative form of rockmusiikki
rokkivideo {n}  :: alternative form of rockvideo
rokkiyhtye {n}  :: alternative form of rockyhtye
rokko {n}  :: pock (pus-filled swelling caused by pox or similar disease)
rokko {n} [pathology]  :: pox (disease characterized by purulent skin eruptions that may leave pockmarks)
rokko {n}  :: As head word in compound terms, used of some plant diseases which cause pock-like lesions on the surface of the plant, e.g. kuorirokko
rokkoinen {adj} [medicine]  :: poxy
rok-lintu {n}  :: Alternative term for rok (mythical bird)
rokokoo {n}  :: rococo
rokokooaika {n}  :: rococo (historical period)
rokonarpi {n}  :: pockmark
rokonarpinen {adj}  :: pockmarked
rokote {n} [immunology]  :: A vaccine
rokottaa {vt}  :: To vaccinate, inoculate
rokottaminen {n}  :: inoculation
rokotus {n}  :: vaccination
rokotusarpi {n}  :: vaccination mark (small scar left on the skin by vaccination)
rollaattori {n}  :: rollator; walker (walking frame equipped with wheels)
romaani {n}  :: novel (book of fiction)
romahdella {vi}  :: To crumble, collapse in a continuous manner
romahdus {n}  :: A collapse (act of collapsing)
romahdus {n}  :: A meltdown (situation being likened to a nuclear meltdown)
romahduttaa {vt}  :: To make something collapse
romahtaa {vi} [of a construction]  :: to collapse, crash down, come down, tumble down, topple down, cave in, crumple
romahtaa {vi} [of economy]  :: to crash, collapse, slump; (of prices, rates) to go into a tailspin, spiral downwards, plummet
romahtaa {vi} [of sb's nerves]  :: To collapse, break down, crack up
romani {n}  :: a Rom, a Romani [a person, a member of the Roma community or descendant thereof]
romani {n}  :: Romani [language]
romania {n}  :: The Romanian language
Romania {prop}  :: Romania
romanialainen {n}  :: Romanian
romanialainen {adj}  :: Romanian
romanialaisuus {n}  :: Romanianness (state or quality of being Romanian)
romanikieli {n}  :: Romani (macrolanguage)
romanikieli {n}  :: short for Suomen romanikieli (Kalo Finnish Romani)
romanimies {n}  :: A Rom
romanisti {n}  :: A Romanicist
romanivastaisuus {n}  :: antigypsyism, antiziganism (hostility, prejudice or racism toward Romani people)
romanssi {n}  :: romance
romantiikka {n} [arts]  :: Romanticism
romantiikka {n}  :: romanticism
romantiikka {n}  :: romance
romantikko {n}  :: romanticist
romantisoida {vt}  :: to romanticize (to view something in a romantic manner)
romantisoitu {adj}  :: romanticized, romanticised (interpreted in idealized fashion)
romanttinen {adj}  :: romantic
romanttisesti {adv}  :: romantically
romanttisuus {n}  :: romanticism
romauttaa {v}  :: To collapse (to cause to collapse)
rombi {n} [geometry]  :: rhombus
rombi-ikosidodekaedri {n} [geometry]  :: rhombicosidodecahedron (Archimedean solid)
romina {n}  :: rattle
romisko {n}  :: screamer (any bird of the family Anhimidae)
romisko {n}  :: any large and ugly object, used e.g. of furniture
romista {vi} [rare]  :: synonym of rämistä
rommi {n}  :: rum (liquor)
rommi {n}  :: rummy (card game)
rompe {n} [colloquial]  :: stuff, junk
romppu {n}  :: CD-ROM
romu {n}  :: scrap, junk, especially one that consists of metal objects
romu {n}  :: wreck, wreckage
romuluinen {adj}  :: gangly
romuralli {n}  :: A demolition derby
romurauta {n}  :: scrap iron
romuttaa {v}  :: to scrap
romuttaa {v}  :: to wreck
romuttaa {v}  :: to debunk (to discredit, or expose to ridicule the falsehood or the exaggerated claims of something)
romuttamo {n}  :: scrapyard, junkyard
romuttua {vi}  :: to become wreck
romutus {n}  :: scrapping
romutus {n}  :: wrecking
rondonianmuura {n}  :: Rondonia bushbird
Roni {prop}  :: given name
Ronja {prop}  :: given name of modern usage
Ronkainen {prop}  :: surname
ronkeli {adj} [dialectal, colloquial]  :: picky, choosy, demanding
ronkkia {v}  :: to fiddle
rontti {n}  :: scoundrel
rooli {n}  :: role
roolimalli {n}  :: role model
roolipeli {n} [gaming]  :: role-playing game
Rooma {prop}  :: The city of Rome
Rooma {prop}  :: The Roman Empire
roomalainen {adj}  :: Roman
roomalainen {n}  :: A Roman
roomalainen numero {phrase}  :: Roman numeral
roomalaisempi {adj}  :: comparative of roomalainen
roomalaiskatolinen {adj}  :: Roman Catholic, Catholic (of the Western Christian church, as opposed to the Orthodox church)
roomalaiskatolinen {n}  :: A Roman Catholic person
roomalaiskatolisuus {n}  :: Roman Catholicism
roomalaistaa {vt}  :: To make Roman
roomalaistua {vi}  :: to become Roman
roomalaisuus {n}  :: Romanness (state or quality of being Roman)
Rooman imperiumi {prop}  :: The Roman Empire
roomankumina {n}  :: cumin (plant)
roomansalaatti {n}  :: Romaine lettuce, cos lettuce, Lactuca sativa longifolia (variety of lettuce)
Rooman valtakunta {prop}  :: The Roman Empire
roomatar {n}  :: A Roman woman
Roope {prop}  :: given name
roosa {adj}  :: pink
Roosa {prop}  :: given name
roottori {n}  :: rotor
roottori {n} [mathematics, physics]  :: curl
rope {n} [gaming]  :: RPG (role-playing game)
ropeloida {v}  :: alternative form of käpälöidä
ropina {n}  :: pitter-patter (sound of rain on roof)
ropista {vi}  :: to patter
ropo {n}  :: lepton, mite (smallest coin in circulation in Palestine at the time of Christ)
ropo {n}  :: A trifle amount of money, especially when given as donation or contribution
ropo {n} [rare]  :: coin
roponen {n} [usually in plural]  :: A trifle amount of money
roppakaupalla {adv} [colloquial]  :: lots of, loads of
ropse {n}  :: rattle
ropsia {vt}  :: to slap
rosé {n}  :: alternative form of rosee
rosasiitti {n} [mineral]  :: rosasite
rosee {n}  :: rosé
roseepippuri {n}  :: alternative form of rosépippuri
roseeviini {n}  :: rosé wine
rosella {n}  :: rosella (parrot of the genus Platycercus)
Rosettan kivi {prop}  :: The Rosetta Stone
rosetti {n}  :: rosette (ornament)
roska {n}  :: litter, trash, rubbish
roskaa {interj}  :: rubbish (expresses that what was recently said is untruth or nonsense)
roska-auto {n}  :: garbage truck
roskakala {n}  :: rough fish
roskakori {n}  :: wastepaper basket, wastebasket (small container for dry household or office waste)
roskakori {n}  :: (computing) recycle bin
roskakuski {n} [colloquial]  :: garbage collector, bin man, dustman, garbage man, garbo, refuse collector, sanitation engineer, trashman
roskalava {n}  :: skip, dumpster
roskalehti {n} [colloquial]  :: asswipe (periodical which has the habit of publishing questionable truths)
roskapankki {n}  :: A bad bank
roskapönttö {n} [colloquial]  :: garbage can
roskaposti {n}  :: junk mail, spam
roskapussi {n}  :: trash bag, garbage bag (small paper or plastic bag used for disposal of household waste)
roskaruoka {n}  :: junk food
roskasäkki {n}  :: trash bag, garbage bag (large, usually plastic bag used for disposal of household and other waste)
roskata {v}  :: To litter (to drop or throw trash without properly disposing of it)
roskaväki {n} [colloquial, derogatory]  :: trash (people of low social status or class), riffraff
roskaväki {n} [derogatory]  :: scum (reprehensible persons as group)
roskienkeräin {n} [computing]  :: garbage collector
roskis {n} [colloquial]  :: Any container meant for collection and temporary storage of garbage, such as wastepaper basket, garbage can, dustbin, bin etc
rosmariini {n}  :: rosemary
rosmota {v} [childish]  :: to steal, rob
roso {n}  :: Any small uneven part or defect on a surface
rosoinen {adj}  :: jagged
rosépippuri {n}  :: Peruvian pepper (Schinus molle)
rospuutto {n}  :: rasputitsa
rospuuttoaika {n}  :: rasputitsa
rosvo {n}  :: A robber, bandit, brigand
rosvopaisti {n}  :: A hunk of meat, preferably a leg of lamb, prepared for food in an earth oven
rosvota {v}  :: To rob, plunder
rosvous {n}  :: robbery
rotaatio {n}  :: rotation
rotankolo {n}  :: rathole
rotanmyrkky {n}  :: rat poison, rodenticide
rotari {n}  :: A Rotarian
rotavirus {n}  :: rotavirus
roteva {adj}  :: robust, sturdy
rotevuus {n}  :: robustness (quality of being robust)
rotko {n}  :: gulley
rotko {n}  :: gorge, ravine
rotkolaakso {n}  :: canyon
rotkotulkku {n}  :: Mongolian finch, Bucanetes mongolicus
rotsi {n} [slang]  :: jacket, coat
rotta {n}  :: rat
rottabaari {n}  :: A box with a poisoned bait for killing rats, similar to hiiribaari (mouse bar), but larger and with more potent poison
rottamainen {adj}  :: ratlike
rottamaki {n}  :: Coquerel's dwarf lemur, formerly also Coquerel's giant mouse lemur, southern giant mouse lemur, Mirza coquereli (small nocturnal lemur endemic to Madagascar)
rottasiili {n}  :: gymnure, moonrat (mammal of the subfamily Galericinae, related to hedgehogs)
rottasota {n}  :: A campaign to destroy rats in a given area, often carried out in late autumn - early winter when the rats seek shelter in heated buildings. During such campaign houseowners are encouraged to install rat traps in their premises so as to leave the rats as few places to hide as possible
rottinki {n}  :: rattan (material)
rottinkipalmu {n}  :: rattan (climbing palm of the genus Calamus)
rottweiler {n}  :: Rottweiler (breed of dog)
rotu {n}  :: breed (as in dog breed)
rotu {n}  :: race (as in racism)
rotuerottelu {n}  :: racial segregation
rotuhygieenikko {n}  :: eugenicist
rotuhygienia {n}  :: eugenics
rotukissa {n}  :: purebred cat
rotukoira {n}  :: purebred dog
rotumellakka {n}  :: race riot
rotuoppi {n}  :: racism (in the original sense)
rotusorto {n}  :: racial discrimination
rotusyrjintä {n}  :: racial discrimination
rotuviha {n}  :: race hatred
roudari {n}  :: roadie (member of the crew for a musical group)
roudarinteippi {n}  :: gaffer tape (sturdy adhesive tape)
roudittua {v}  :: alternative form of routaantua
rouhe {n}  :: kibble
rouhia {v}  :: To grind coarsely, to kibble
rouhiintua {v}  :: alternative form of rouhiutua
rouhiutua {vi}  :: To become ground
rouske {n}  :: crunch (sound)
rousku {n}  :: A milk-cap (mushroom of the genus Lactarius)
rouskuttaa {v}  :: to munch (to chew with a grinding, crunching sound)
rouskuttaa {v}  :: to crunch (to crush something with a noisy crackling sound, especially with reference to food)
rouskutus {n}  :: crunch, munch (the sound of munching or crunching)
rouskutus {n}  :: crunching, munching (the action of munching or crunching)
rouste {n}  :: pipkrake
routa {n}  :: Frost in the ground; ground frost
routaantua {vi}  :: To freeze (of ground)
routainen {adj}  :: [of ground] frozen
routaraja {n}  :: soil frost limit
routavuosi {n} [history, pluralonly]  :: in Finnish history, first of the two periods (1899–1905 and 1908–1917) when the Russian Empire aimed at limiting the autonomy of the Grand Duchy of Finland and Russifying the country culturally
routavuosi {n}  :: Any individual year falling within this period
routia {vi} [of ground]  :: to freeze
routiintua {v}  :: alternative form of routaantua
rouva {n}  :: lady
rouva {n}  :: madam
rova {n} [obsolete, now only in placenames]  :: forested esker
Rovaniemi {prop}  :: Rovaniemi
rovasti {n}  :: canon, provost (ecclesiastical title)
rovastinna {n} [rare, dated]  :: Wife of a dean (officer in the church)
rove {n}  :: Small container made of birch bark
rovio {n}  :: bonfire (large, controlled outdoor fire)
rovio {n}  :: pyre, bonfire (funeral fire or fire to burn unwanted or disreputable items or people)
räpiköidä {v}  :: to act or move clumsily, make clumsy attempts
rääpäle {n}  :: A runt
räppi {n} [colloquial]  :: rap music
rääppiäiset {n}  :: A leftovers party
räppimusiikki {n} [music]  :: rap music
räppänä {n}  :: Vent, flap
räppäri {n}  :: A rapper
räpsiä {v}  :: to snap
räpätä {v}  :: to rap (to speak lyrics in the style of rap music)
räpylä {n}  :: webfoot
räpylä {n}  :: swim fin
räpylä {n}  :: baseball mitt
räpylä {n} [slang, colloquial]  :: hand
räpyläjalka {n} [zoology]  :: webfoot, webbed foot (type of foot in which the toes are connected with a fold of skin, common among waterbirds but also among other aquatic animals)
räpyläsara {n}  :: bird's foot sedge Carex ornithopoda
rääpynen {n} [dialect, Eastern-Finnish]  :: vendace
räpäyttää {v}  :: To blink (eyes, once)
räpyttää {v}  :: to blink (eyes, repeatedly)
räpyttää {v}  :: to flap (as wings)
rööri {n}  :: (colloiqual, slang) pipe
rääseikkö {n}  :: A type of swampy forest
Räsänen {prop}  :: surname
rästi {n} [colloquial]  :: anything undone, uncompleted or left over; often in plural; translations into English vary by case, e.g. loose ends
rääsy {n}  :: rag
räsy {n}  :: rag
rääsyläinen {n}  :: rag (person who is dressed in rags due to poverty)
räsynukke {n}  :: rag doll
räätikkä {n} [dialectal]  :: swede, rutabaga
rätinä {n}  :: crackle
rätistä {vi}  :: To crackle
rötkäle {n}  :: A large and flabby thing
räätäli {n}  :: tailor
räätäli {n}  :: tailorbird (any bird of the genus Artisomis in Cisticolidae family)
räätälöidä {vt}  :: To tailor
räätäliliike {n}  :: tailor's
räätälinlihas {n} [anatomy]  :: sartorius
räätälöity {adj}  :: tailor-made, tailored
rötös {n}  :: wrongdoing, evildoing, crime, especially one against property, such as theft, robbery, fraud or embezzlement
rätti {n}  :: A rag (a piece of cloth torn off; a tattered piece of cloth; a shred; a tatter; a fragment)
rätti {n} [colloquial]  :: A rag (any piece of canvas)
rätti {n} [colloquial, pejorative]  :: A garment
rätti {n} [nautical, slang]  :: A sail
rätti {adj} [colloquial]  :: exhausted
rättipää {n} [offensive]  :: raghead
rättisitikka {n}  :: A nickname of the French carmaker Citroën's 2 CV model
rättäri {n}  :: A nickname of the French carmaker Citroën's 2 CV model
rätvänä {n}  :: tormentil
rötvätä {v} [military slang]  :: To lie e.g. in a bed
Räty {prop}  :: surname
Ruanda {prop}  :: Rwanda
rubidium {n}  :: rubidium
rubiini {n}  :: ruby
rubiinihapero {n}  :: A brittlegill, Russula rubra
rubiinihippiäinen {n}  :: ruby-crowned kinglet, Regulus calendula
rubiinikolibri {n}  :: Brazilian ruby, Clytolaema rubricauda
rubiinikurkkukolibri {n}  :: ruby-throated hummingbird (Archilochus colubris)
rubiininpunainen {adj}  :: ruby
rubiininpunainen {n}  :: ruby
rubiinisatakieli {n}  :: Siberian rubythroat, Luscinia calliope
rubiinitetra {n}  :: glowlight tetra, Hemigrammus erythrozonus
Rubikin kuutio {n}  :: Rubik's cube
rubriikki {n}  :: rubric, headline
rucola {n}  :: commercial name for arugula, rocket (Eruca sativa or Eruca vesicaria, a grassy plant used for salad)
rudimentaarinen {adj}  :: rudimentary
rudimentti {n} [rare]  :: rudiments (the basics of something, especially of a field of learning)
rudimentti {n} [biology]  :: rudiment (organ that has lost its original function)
rudimentti {n} [music]  :: rudiment (basic drumming pattern)
ruhje {n}  :: synonym of ruhjevamma
ruhjevamma {n} [pathology]  :: contusion
ruhjevyöhyke {n} [geology]  :: shear zone
ruhjoa {v}  :: to mangle, mutilate
ruhjoontua {v}  :: alternative form of ruhjoutua
ruhjoutua {vi}  :: To be maimed
ruho {n}  :: carcass, dead body
ruhtinaallinen {adj}  :: regal, sumptuous, fit for a king
ruhtinaallisesti {adv}  :: sumptuously
ruhtinas {n}  :: prince (sovereign)
ruhtinaskunta {n}  :: principality
ruhtinatar {n}  :: princess (female ruler of a principality)
ruhtinatar {n}  :: princess (wife of a prince, sense "ruler of principality")
Ruija {prop}  :: Finnmark (county in Norway)
ruijanesikko {n}  :: Primula nutans (species of primrose native to northernmost parts of Scandinavia and neighbouring parts of Russia)
ruijanpallas {n}  :: Atlantic halibut, Hippoglossus hippoglossus
ruikuttaa {v} [colloquial]  :: to whine (negative connotation)
ruikuttaja {n}  :: whiner
ruinata {vi} [colloquial]  :: to beg
ruipelo {adj}  :: scrawny
ruis {n}  :: rye
ruisjauho {n}  :: rye flour
ruiskaunokki {n}  :: cornflower, bachelor's button, bluebottle, boutonniere flower, hurtsickle, cyani flower, Centaurea cyanus
ruiske {n}  :: An injection
ruiske {n}  :: A syringe
ruisku {n}  :: sprayer, squirt, douche
ruisku {n}  :: syringe
ruiskukka {n}  :: cornflower, bachelor's button, Centaurea cyanus
ruiskuta {vi}  :: To squirt
ruiskute {n}  :: spray
ruiskuttaa {vt}  :: to squirt, spray
ruiskuttaa {vt}  :: to inject (using a syringe)
ruiskutuspumppu {n}  :: injection pump
ruiskuvalukone {n}  :: injection molding machine
ruisleipä {n}  :: rye bread (bread made entirely or mostly of rye)
ruislimppu {n}  :: rye loaf
ruislintu {n}  :: corncrake, Crex crex
ruisrääkkä {n}  :: corncrake, landrail (Crex crex)
ruisvehnä {n}  :: triticale (grain crop, a hybrid of wheat and rye, that gives a high yield, used chiefly as forage and fodder)
rujo {adj}  :: Hideous
rujompi {adj}  :: comparative of rujo
RUK {initialism} [military]  :: ROTC
rukata {vt} [dated]  :: To fix, to adjust
rukka {adv}  :: poor (pitiful); used always together with a noun or proper noun that shows the object of pitying
rukkanen {n}  :: A mitten or mitt made of non-textile material such as leather or rubber
rukki {n}  :: A spinning wheel
ruko {n}  :: haystack
rukoileminen {n}  :: praying
rukoilevaisuus {n} [Christianism]  :: A Lutheran revivalist movement in Finland; the name has not been translated into English
rukoilija {n}  :: prayer (the person who prays)
rukoilijasirkka {n}  :: praying mantis
rukoilla {vti} [religion]  :: to pray
rukoilla {vti} [figuratively]  :: to pray, beg, implore, beseech
rukoilu {n}  :: praying
rukous {n}  :: A prayer (act of praying)
rukous {n}  :: A rogation (deeply serious and somber prayer)
rukoushuone {n}  :: chapel
rukouskirja {n}  :: A breviary, prayer book (book containing prayers, hymns, and so on for everyday use)
rukouslippu {n}  :: prayer flag
rukousnauha {n}  :: prayer beads; rosary
rukouspesu {n} [Islam]  :: abdest
ruksata {v}  :: alternative form of kruksata
ruksi {n}  :: alternative form of kruksi
ruksia {v}  :: to check (to mark with checkmarks)
rulettaa {v} [slang]  :: To rule (to excel)
ruletti {n}  :: roulette
ruljanssi {n}  :: rigmarole, an obnoxiously complex procedure
rulla {n}  :: roll
rulla {n}  :: roller, as in "roller skates"
rulla {n}  :: reel, as in "cable reel"
rulla {n}  :: wheel, as in "wheelchair"
rulla {n}  :: wrap (type of food consisting of various ingredients wrapped in an unleavened flatbread, used especially in compounds)
rullaketju {n}  :: roller chain
rullakko {n}  :: trolley (wheeled platform for carrying goods)
rullalaakeri {n}  :: roller bearing
rullalauta {n}  :: skateboard (platform on wheels)
rullalautailija {n}  :: skateboarder
rullalautailu {n}  :: skateboarding
rullaluistelija {n}  :: rollerskater
rullaluistelija {n}  :: rollerblader
rullaluistella {v}  :: to roller skate, rollerblade
rullaluistelu {n}  :: roller skating
rullaluistelu {n}  :: rollerblading
rullaluistin {n}  :: roller skate
rullaovi {n}  :: revolving door
rullaportaat {n}  :: escalator
rullapyörä {n}  :: caster (wheeled assembly)
rullata {v}  :: to roll
rullata {v} [of aircraft]  :: taxi
rullata {vt} [slang]  :: to steal from, to rob
rullatuoli {n} [colloquial, dated]  :: synonym of pyörätuoli
rullaustie {n} [aviation]  :: taxiway
ruma {adj}  :: ugly (displeasing to the eye or ear)
ruma {adj}  :: ugly, dirty (offensive to one's sensibilities or morality)
ruma {adj}  :: dirty (of a word or language in general: something considered vulgar)
ruma ankanpoikanen {n}  :: ugly duckling
rumahko {adj}  :: Somewhat ugly
rumannäköinen {adj}  :: ugly-looking
rumanvärinen {adj}  :: ugly-colored
rumasti {adv}  :: uglily
rumasti {adv}  :: nastily, maliciously
rumba {n}  :: rumba (dance)
rumbata {v}  :: to rumba (to dance rumba)
rumeliini {n}  :: ugli fruit
rumempi {adj}  :: comparative of ruma
rumentaa {vt}  :: To deform, uglify
rumentua {vi}  :: to become less attractive; to become more ugly
rumeta {vi}  :: To grow uglier
rumilus {n}  :: An ugly person or creature
ruminaatio {n}  :: rumination (act of ruminating)
ruminaatio {n} [psychology]  :: rumination (negative cyclic thinking)
ruminaatio {n} [pathology]  :: rumination (eating disorder)
rumistaa {v}  :: to make uglier
rumistua {v}  :: to become uglier
rummuttaa {vti}  :: To drum (also figuratively)
rummutus {n}  :: drumming
rumpali {n}  :: drummer
rumpu {n}  :: A drum (musical instrument)
rumpu {n}  :: (usually rotating) A cylinder (e.g. in washing machine)
rumpu {n}  :: An underpass built under e.g. roads to allow drainage
rumpujarru {n}  :: drum brake
rumpukalvo {n}  :: drum head
rumpukalvo {n} [anatomy, dated]  :: An eardrum
rumpukapula {n}  :: A drumstick (stick used to play drums)
rumpukone {n} [musical instruments]  :: drum machine
rumpupalikka {n} [colloquial]  :: A drumstick (stick used to play drums)
rumpusetti {n}  :: drum kit
rumpusoolo {n} [music]  :: drum solo
rumuus {n}  :: ugliness
runebergiläinen {adj}  :: Runebergian
runebergintorttu {n}  :: Runeberg's tart, a Finnish pastry
runkata {vti} [vulgar]  :: to beat, jerk, jack off, wank
runkkari {n} [vulgar]  :: wanker
runkkaus {n} [vulgar]  :: wanking, wank
runkku {n} [vulgar]  :: A jerk-off; an annoying (usually male) person
runkku {n} [vulgar]  :: A session of masturbation; a wank
runkku {n} [vulgar]  :: A (usually of a male) person who masturbates a lot; a wanker
runko {n}  :: trunk (of a tree)
runko {n}  :: hull
runko {n}  :: body (of a car)
runko {n}  :: fuselage (of an airplane)
runkonopeus {n} [nautical]  :: hull speed
runko-ohjattu {adj}  :: articulated (of a vehicle, constructed with articulated sections and steered by pivoting the front in relation to the back by hydraulic rams)
runko-ohjaus {n}  :: articulated steering (system by which a four-wheel drive vehicle is split into front and rear halves and is steered by changing the angle between the halves)
runkosarja {n} [sports]  :: season [UK], regular season [North America], home and away season [Australia] (the part in an icehockey, football etc. season, during which the clubs play each other according to a predefined schedule)
runkotie {n}  :: arterial road
runnella {v}  :: to disfigure (to change the appearance of something/someone to the negative)
runnella {v}  :: to mangle, mutilate, maul
runnella {v}  :: to tear, used especially with "war"
runnoa {vt}  :: to mangle (to change, mutilate or disfigure by cutting, tearing, rearranging etc.)
runo {n}  :: poem
runo {n}  :: poetry
runo {n}  :: rune (only in the rare sense of a Finnish poem, or a division of one, especially a division of the Kalevala)
runoelma {n}  :: poem
runoilija {n}  :: poet
runoilijatar {n}  :: poetess
runojalka {n} [prosody]  :: foot
runokieli {n}  :: poetic language
runollinen {adj}  :: poetic
runollisesti {adv}  :: poetically
runomitta {n} [prosody]  :: meter [US], metre [UK]
runotar {n}  :: muse (of a poet)
runous {n}  :: poetry
runousoppi {n}  :: poetics (theory of poetry)
runsaasti {adv}  :: plenty
runsaiten {adv}  :: Most plenty
runsas {adj}  :: abundant
runsas luku {n} [number theory]  :: abundant number
runsaslukuinen {adj}  :: numerous
runsasmuotoinen {adj}  :: voluptuous, full-figured
runsasravinteinen {adj}  :: eutrophic (rich in nutriets)
runsassiemeninen {adj}  :: seedy (full of seeds)
runsaudensarvi {n}  :: A cornucopia, a horn of plenty
runsaus {n}  :: An abundance, profusion, plenty (a large quantity, more than a sufficient amount)
ruoanlaitto {n}  :: cooking
ruoansulatus {n}  :: digestion
ruoansulatuselimistö {n}  :: digestive system
ruoansulatushäiriö {n} [pathology]  :: indigestion, dyspepsia (mild disorder of digestion characterized by stomach pain, nausea, heartburn and/or discomfort; it may have a number of underlying reasons and is a symptom rather than a disease)
ruoansulatusjärjestelmä {n}  :: digestive system
ruoansulatuskanava {n} [anatomy]  :: A digestive tract
ruoansulatusneste {n}  :: digestive fluid
ruoansulatusvaivat {n} [pathology]  :: indigestion, dyspepsia (mild disorder of digestion characterized by stomach pain, nausea, heartburn and/or discomfort; it may have a number of underlying reasons and is a symptom rather than a disease)
ruoanvalmistus {n}  :: cookery
ruode {n}  :: rib
ruodinta {n}  :: deboning (of fish)
ruodoton {adj}  :: boneless (free of fishbones)
ruohikko {n}  :: grass
ruohikko {n}  :: lawn
ruoho {n}  :: grass (mass noun); blade of grass (individual specimen)
ruoho {n} [slang]  :: marijuana
ruohoinen {adj}  :: grassy
ruohokanukka {n}  :: bunchberry, especially the Eurasian bunchberry or northern bunchberry (Cornus suecica)
ruoholaukka {n}  :: chive (Allium schoenoprasum)
ruohomatto {n}  :: carpet of grass (even and usually wide growth of grass, may be used both of natural grassland and man-made lawn)
Ruohonen {prop}  :: surname
ruohonkerääjä {n}  :: thatcher (device, often a lawnmower attachment, which collects the grass clippings)
ruohonleikkuri {n}  :: A lawnmower
ruoho on aina vihreämpää aidan toisella puolella {proverb}  :: the grass is always greener on the other side (literally, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence)
ruohosipuli {n}  :: chive (Allium schoenoprasum)
ruoikko {n}  :: reed bed
ruoja {n}  :: scoundrel, wretch, dog
ruoka {n}  :: food
ruoka {n}  :: meal
ruoka-aine {n}  :: foodstuff
ruoka-aineympyrä {n}  :: food circle
ruokabanaani {n}  :: plantain
ruokahalu {n}  :: appetite
ruokahaluttomuus {n}  :: lack of appetite
ruokailija {n}  :: diner [one who dines]
ruokailla {vi}  :: to have one's meal, to eat
ruokailu {n}  :: eating (the act of eating food)
ruokailuaika {n}  :: eating time
ruokailuvälineet {n}  :: cutlery (eating and serving utensils)
ruokaisa {adj}  :: [of food] filling
ruokakala {n}  :: foodfish (fish used as human food)
ruokakauppa {n} [colloquial]  :: grocery, grocer's, grocery store
ruokakilometri {n}  :: food miles (measure of the environmental impact of food production)
ruokakomero {n}  :: pantry, larder (cool room used as food storage)
ruokakuljetus {n}  :: meals on wheels (service in which food is delivered to those unable to cook for themselves)
ruokakulttuuri {n}  :: culinary art
ruokakulttuuri {n}  :: cuisine
ruokakuponki {n}  :: food stamp, especially when distributed as social welfare
ruokala {n}  :: dining hall, canteen (small cafeteria or snack bar, especially one in a military establishment or place of work)
ruokalaji {n}  :: dish, course
ruokalappu {n}  :: bib
ruokalista {n}  :: menu, bill of fare
ruokaöljy {n}  :: cooking oil
ruokalukutaito {n}  :: food literacy
ruokalusikallinen {n}  :: tablespoonful
ruokalusikka {n}  :: tablespoon
ruokamyrkytys {n}  :: food poisoning
ruokaomena {n}  :: cooking apple (apple used as ingredient for various dishes, as opposed to an apple eaten fresh)
ruokapalvelu {n}  :: A usually municipal central kitchen which supplies the food to schools, daycare centers, municipal homes for elderly and other spots in which the municipality is responsible for providing food
ruokaparsa {n}  :: asparagus plant, Asparagus officinalis
ruokaporno {n}  :: foodporn
ruokapula {n}  :: food shortage
ruokapöytä {n}  :: dinner table
ruokarukous {n} [religion]  :: A grace (short prayer of thanks before or after a meal)
ruokasali {n}  :: dining room
ruokasieni {n}  :: edible mushroom
ruokasooda {n}  :: baking soda, NaHCO3
ruokasuola {n}  :: table salt
ruokatauko {n}  :: meal break, bait
ruokatorvi {n} [anatomy]  :: oesophagus, esophagus; in compound terms also translated with the adjective oesophageal, esophageal
ruokatunti {n}  :: meal break (break in work or school for having a meal; despite the name the duration is usually less than one hour)
ruokatunti {n}  :: lunchtime, lunch break, lunch hour (break in work or school usually at about midday for eating lunch; duration varies from 30 minutes up)
ruokavalio {n}  :: diet
ruokinta {n}  :: feeding
ruokintapaikka {n}  :: haunt (feeding place for animals)
ruokki {n}  :: auk (birds of the family Alcidae)
ruokki {n}  :: in plural (ruokit), the family Alcidae
ruokki {n}  :: razorbill, Alca torda (type species of the family)
ruokkia {vt}  :: To feed (an animal)
ruokko {n} [dated]  :: alimony
ruokkoamaton {adj}  :: unkempt
ruoko {n}  :: reed, cane
ruokohelpi {n}  :: reed canarygrass, Phalaris arundinacea
ruokokieli {n} [music]  :: reed (part of the mouthpiece of certain woodwind instruments)
Ruokolahti {prop}  :: Ruokolahti
ruokosirkkalintu {n}  :: Savi's warbler, Locustella luscinioides
ruokosokeri {n}  :: cane sugar
ruokota {v}  :: tidy up
ruokota {v}  :: keep clean
ruokoton {adj}  :: untidy
ruokoton {adj}  :: scurrilous
ruopata {v}  :: to dredge
ruoppaaja {n} [nautical]  :: A dredger
ruoppaus {n}  :: dredging
ruori {n} [nautical]  :: helm (steering wheel of a vessel)
ruorimies {n} [nautical]  :: A helm, helmsman (member of crew in charge of steering)
ruoska {n}  :: whip
ruoskia {vt}  :: To whip, (figurative) lash
ruoskija {n}  :: whipper
ruoste {n}  :: rust (oxidized iron)
ruoste {n}  :: rust [plant disease]
ruoste {n}  :: rusty; inessive case is sometimes better translated into English with the adjective
ruosteenruskea {adj}  :: rusty (of the rust color, reddish)
ruosteenruskea {n}  :: rust (the rust color)
ruostegueretsa {n}  :: red colobus monkey (Old World monkey of the genus Procolobus)
ruostegueretsa {n} [dated]  :: western red colobus, Procolobus badius (West African monkey)
ruostehelttaseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: A webcap, Cortinarius fervidus
ruosteinen {adj}  :: rusty
ruostekurkkusirkku {n}  :: Cretzschmar's bunting, Emberiza caesia
ruostenopsasiipi {n}  :: brown hairstreak, Thecla betulae (species of butterfly)
ruostepapurikko {n}  :: wall brown, Lasiommata megera
ruostepääsky {n}  :: red-rumped swallow, Hirundo daurica
ruostepyrstö {n}  :: rufous bush robin, Cercotrichas galactotes
ruostepyrstöjakamari {n}  :: rufous-tailed jacamar, Galbula ruficauda
ruosterastas {n}  :: dusky thrush, Turdus naumanni
ruostesirppimatkija {n}  :: brown thrasher, Toxostoma rufum
ruostesorsa {n}  :: ruddy shelduck (Tadorna ferruginea)
ruostetäpläkissa {n}  :: rusty-spotted cat, Prionailurus rubiginosus
ruostua {vi}  :: To rust, to get rusty
ruostumaton {adj} [metallurgy]  :: stainless, rustproof
ruostumaton {n}  :: Short for ruostumaton teräs, stainless steel
ruostumaton teräs {n}  :: stainless steel
ruostumattomuus {n} [metallurgy]  :: stainlessness
ruostuttaa {vt}  :: To rust (to cause to rust)
ruoti {n} [architecture]  :: rib
ruoti {n} [botany]  :: rib (main, or any of the prominent veins of a leaf)
ruotia {vt}  :: To debone (a fish)
ruoto {n}  :: fishbone, bone (bone of a fish)
ruoto {n}  :: shaft, stem (main axis of a feather)
ruoto {n} [colloquial]  :: spine, chine (backbone, especially of an animal)
ruotoinen {adj}  :: bony (having a lot of fish bones)
ruotomuura {n}  :: spot-backed antshrike
ruotsalainen {n}  :: Swede
ruotsalainen {adj}  :: Swedish (of or relating to Sweden)
ruotsalainen {adj}  :: Swedish (relating to the Swedish language)
Ruotsalainen {prop}  :: surname
ruotsalainen oo {n}  :: letter: å
ruotsalaisittain {adv}  :: In a Swedish way
ruotsalaistaa {vt}  :: to make (more) Swedish
ruotsalaistua {vi}  :: to become Swedish
ruotsalaisuus {n}  :: Swedishness (state or property of being Swedish)
ruotsi {n}  :: Swedish (language)
Ruotsi {prop}  :: Sweden
ruotsin kieli {n}  :: Swedish (language)
ruotsinkielinen {adj}  :: Swedish-speaking
ruotsinkielinen {adj}  :: Swedish (being expressed in the Swedish language)
Ruotsin kuningaskunta {prop}  :: The Kingdom of Sweden
ruotsinlaiva {n}  :: Any of the large, well-equipped, even luxurious ferries that run regular traffic between Sweden and Finland
ruotsinlaiva {n}  :: Used also attributively to refer to the somewhat showy style in which these ferries are decorated
ruotsinlapinkoira {n}  :: Swedish lapphund
ruotsinruotsi {n}  :: The Swedish language spoken in Sweden (as opposed to the Swedish spoken in Finland)
ruotsinsuomalainen {n}  :: Finnish Swede
ruotsinsuomalainen {adj}  :: Finnish-Swedish
ruotsintaa {vt}  :: To translate into Swedish
Ruovesi {prop}  :: Ruovesi
ruovikko {n}  :: alternative form of ruoikko
rupatella {v}  :: To chat
rupi {n}  :: scab (incrustation over wound)
rupi {n}  :: eschar (dry, dark scab or scar, especially as a result of burning)
rupi {n}  :: scab (potato disease)
rupi {n}  :: scab (plant disease)
rupia {n}  :: rupee
rupia {n}  :: rupia
rupikonna {n}  :: common toad, European toad, toad, Bufo bufo
rupilisko {n}  :: great crested newt, Triturus cristatus
rupinen {adj}  :: scabby
rupisammakko {n} [colloquial]  :: toad, Bufo bufo
rupla {n}  :: ruble (Russian monetary unit)
rupsahtaa {vi}  :: to lose one's beauty or handsomeness, especially regarding the shape and firmness of body
ruptuura {n} [medicine]  :: rupture
rusahdella {vi}  :: To crunch, crack
rusahtava {adj} [nonstandard]  :: brownish (of a colour which resembles brown)
rusakko {n}  :: European hare or brown hare, Lepus europaeus
rusehtava {adj} [dialectal]  :: brownish (of a colour which resembles brown)
rusentaa {vt}  :: To crush
rusertava {adj} [dialectal]  :: brownish (of a colour which resembles brown)
rusetti {n}  :: A bowtie
rusikoida {v}  :: To pound
rusikointi {n}  :: pounding
rusina {n}  :: raisin
rusina {n} [pejorative]  :: old woman
rusinanpoimija {n}  :: cherry picker (one who picks the best for themself)
rusinanpoiminta {n}  :: cherry picking
rusistiikka {n} [linguistics]  :: The study of Russian language
ruska {n}  :: The process of leaves turning various shades of red, yellow, purple, and brown in the autumn, autumn foliage, fall foliage
ruska {n}  :: The time when this happens
ruskaa {v}  :: alternative form of rusahdella
ruskea {adj}  :: brown
ruskea {n}  :: A brown color
ruskeahko {adj}  :: brownish (of a colour, brown with hints of other colours; quite brown)
ruskeakarhu {n}  :: brown bear, (Ursus arctos)
ruskeakaulalaiskiainen {n}  :: brown-throated three-toed sloth, Bradypus variegatus
ruskeakielinen {n} [pejorative]  :: brownnoser; sycophant
ruskeakielinen {adj}  :: brownnosing
ruskea kääpiö {n} [astronomy]  :: brown dwarf
ruskeanharmaa {adj}  :: taupe, brownish gray
ruskeanharmaa {n}  :: taupe, brownish gray
ruskeankirjava {adj}  :: of color, consisting of many shades with brown as the dominating color, often streaky or spotted; brindled
ruskea sokeri {n}  :: brown sugar (partially refined sugar which still contains molasses)
ruskehtava {adj}  :: brownish (of a colour which resembles brown)
ruskein {adj}  :: superlative of ruskea
ruskettaa {vt}  :: to tan, suntan
ruskettua {vi}  :: to tan, suntan (to obtain a suntan)
ruskettunut {adj}  :: tanned, suntanned
rusketus {n}  :: tan
rusketusvoide {n}  :: sunless tanning lotion (lotion that contains chemicals which, when applied to the skin, produce an effect similar in appearance to a suntan)
rusketusvoide {n}  :: indoor tanning lotion (lotion that accelerates the tanning process induced by a tanbed or similar device by promoting the production of melanin)
ruskeus {n}  :: brownness (quality of being brown)
ruskeutua {vi}  :: To brown
ruskistaa {vt}  :: To brown (to cook)
ruskistua {vi} [of food]  :: To brown (to become brown)
rusko {n}  :: brown horse
rusko {n}  :: dawn, twilight (in compounds with aamu- and ilta- respectively)
ruskohaikara {n}  :: purple heron, Ardea purpurea
ruskohapero {n}  :: A brittlegill, Russula mustelina
ruskoherkkusieni {n}  :: An agaric, Agaricus mediofuscus
ruskohiili {n}  :: lignite
ruskohiirimaki {n}  :: brown mouse lemur, Microcebus rufus
ruskohyeena {n}  :: brown hyena (Parahyaena brunnea)
ruskojalohaukka {n}  :: brown falcon, Falco berigora
ruskokerttu {n}  :: Dartford warbler, Sylvia undata
ruskokiivi {n}  :: tokoeka, Apteryx australis
ruskokärpässieni {n}  :: royal fly agaric, brown fly agaric, Amanita regalis (highly poisonous species of mushroom)
ruskokruunukerttuli {n}  :: palm warbler, Dendroica palmarum
ruskolevä {n}  :: brown alga
ruskomaki {n}  :: brown lemur, Eulemur fulvus
ruskomäntypistiäinen {n}  :: A pine sawfly, of the Diprionidae
ruskomäntypistiäinen {n}  :: Neodiprion sertifer, common pest of pine forests
ruskonuppiseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: A webcap, Cortinarius rufoolivaceus
rusko-orakas {n} [mushroom]  :: terracotta hedgehog (Hydnum rufescens)
ruskosotka {n}  :: ferruginous duck, Aythya nyroca
ruskouunilintu {n}  :: dusky warbler, Phylloscopus fuscatus
ruskua {vi}  :: to crunch, crack
ruskuainen {n}  :: yolk
ruskuaispussi {n}  :: yolk sac
rusohapero {n}  :: A brittlegill, Russula rosea
rusoherkkusieni {n}  :: An agaric, Agaricus lutosus
rusokas {n} [mushroom]  :: A mushroom of the genus Entoloma
rusokki {n}  :: beggarticks, any species in genus Bidens
rusokärpässieni {n}  :: blusher, Amanita rubescens
rusokylkikerttuli {n}  :: chestnut-sided warbler, Dendroica pensylvanica
rusomonninen {n}  :: Adolfo's catfish, Corydoras adolfoi
rusoposkikerttuli {n}  :: cape may warbler, Dendroica tigrina
rusoreunahapero {n}  :: A brittlegill, Russula depallens
rusorintakerttu {n}  :: subalpine warbler, Sylvia cantillans
rusorypykkä {n}  :: wrinkled crust, Phlebia radiata (species of wood-decaying fungi)
rusotasku {n}  :: black-eared wheatear, Oenanthe hispanica
rusotähtianis {n}  :: star anise (evergreen tree Illicium verum, the fruit of which are used as spice)
rusotyviseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: A webcap, Cortinarius roseolimbatus
russakka {n}  :: German cockroach, Blatta germanica
russistiikka {n}  :: alternative form of rusistiikka
russofobia {n}  :: Russophobia (fear of Russians)
rustata {v} [colloquial]  :: to write
rustiikka {n}  :: bossage
rusto {n} [anatomy]  :: cartilage (tough connective tissue)
rusto {n}  :: gristle (cartilage, when present in meat)
rustoinen {adj}  :: cartilaginous (comprising of cartilage)
rustokala {n}  :: cartilaginous fish
rustottua {v}  :: To form cartilage, gristle
rustoutua {v}  :: to form cartilage, gristle
rusty nail {n}  :: rusty nail (cocktail)
rutarousku {n}  :: A milk-cap, Lactarius lacunarum
rutata {v}  :: to crush
rutata {v}  :: to crumple, rumple, crinkle
ruteeni {n}  :: A Rusyn person
ruteeni {n}  :: The Rusyn language
rutenium {n}  :: ruthenium
rutherfordium {n}  :: rutherfordium
rutiini {n}  :: routine
rutiini {n}  :: rutin
rutiininomainen {adj}  :: routine (according to established procedure)
rutiininomainen {adj}  :: routine (regular; habitual)
rutiininomainen {adj}  :: routine (ordinary with nothing to distinguish it from all the others)
rutiininomainen {adj}  :: routined (regulated by routine)
rutikuiva {adj}  :: bone-dry
rutiköyhä {adj}  :: poverty-stricken, extremely poor; poor as a church mouse
rutiköyhä {n}  :: pauper (extremely poor person)
rutina {n}  :: crackle, crunch (sound of sand between gears)
rutina {n} [colloquial]  :: constant complaint
rutinoida {vt}  :: to routinize, routinise (to make routine)
rutinoitua {vi}  :: to become routined
rutista {v}  :: To make a continuous crunchy voice
rutista {v} [colloquial]  :: To groan, to complain
rutista {v} [colloquial, euphemism]  :: To flatulate audibly
rutistaa {v}  :: To crush
rutistaa {v}  :: To squish
rutistaa {v}  :: To squeeze
rutistaa {v}  :: To crumple
rutjake {n}  :: scoundrel
rutka {adj} [colloquial, rare]  :: plentiful
rutkasti {adv} [colloquial]  :: a lot, plentifully
rutosidi {n}  :: rutin
rutosti {adv} [colloquial]  :: lots of
ruttaantua {vi}  :: To be crushed
ruttautua {v}  :: alternative form of ruttaantua
rutto {n} [pathology]  :: plague
ruttoinen {adj}  :: plagued (affected by a plague)
ruttojuuri {n}  :: butterbur, a plant of the genus Petasites
ruttotautinen {adj}  :: plagued; affected by plague
ruttu {n}  :: dent
ruttu {n}  :: wrinkle
ruttuinen {adj}  :: wrinkly
Ruuben {prop}  :: Reuben (Biblical figure)
Ruuben {prop} [rather rare]  :: given name of biblical origin
ruudikas {adj}  :: powerful
ruudukas {adj}  :: checkered
ruudukko {n}  :: grid (rectangular array of squares or rectangles of equal size)
ruudullinen {adj}  :: checkered
ruuduttaa {v}  :: to grid (to mark with a grid)
ruuhi {n}  :: A dugout (boat)
ruuhi {n}  :: A flat-bottomed boat
ruuhilaakso {n}  :: A U-shaped valley
ruuhka {n}  :: Congestion, lots of traffic, (paha ruuhka) traffic jam
ruuhka {n}  :: A jam, logjam, blockage
ruuhka {n}  :: A backlog
ruuhka-aika {n}  :: rush hour
ruuhkaantua {vi}  :: alternative form of ruuhkautua
ruuhkatunti {n}  :: rush hour
ruuhkautua {vi}  :: To be congested; to bottleneck
ruukki {n}  :: ironworks
ruukku {n}  :: pot
ruukku {n}  :: jar
ruukku {n} [archaeology]  :: situla (deep ceramic vase with a wide opening)
Ruukkujen tasanko {prop}  :: Plain of Jars
ruuma {n} [nautical]  :: cargo hold
ruuma {n} [aviation]  :: cargo bin, luggage hold (compartment in the plane used to transport check-in luggage)
ruumen {n}  :: husk
ruumiillinen {adj}  :: corporal (of or pertaining to the body)
ruumiillinen {adj}  :: manual, when making reference to manual labor (=ruumiillinen työ)
ruumiillinen {adj}  :: bodily
ruumiillinen {adj}  :: physical (having to do with the body)
ruumiillistuma {n}  :: embodiment, epitome, incarnation
ruumiillistuma {n}  :: avatar
ruumiinavaus {n}  :: autopsy, dissection, post mortem
ruumiinjäsen {n}  :: body part (extremity of a body)
ruumiinkieli {n}  :: body language
ruumiinkuva {n}  :: body image
ruumiinlämpö {n}  :: body heat
ruumiinlämpö {n}  :: body temperature
ruumiinmato {n} [pathology, archaic]  :: cancer
ruumiinneste {n} [anatomy]  :: bodily fluid (any liquid portion of the body)
ruumiinosa {n}  :: body part (organ or part of an organism)
ruumiinpeite {n}  :: An integument (outer protective covering of the body of an animal, such as skin or shell)
ruumiinpesijä {n}  :: washer of the dead (one who washes a dead body before burial)
ruumiinrangaistus {n}  :: corporal punishment
ruumiintarkastus {n}  :: body search
ruumiintoiminto {n}  :: bodily function
ruumiinvalvojaiset {n}  :: deathwatch
ruumiiton {adj}  :: bodiless, incorporeal
ruumis {n}  :: body
ruumis {n}  :: corpse, cadaver
ruumisarkku {n}  :: coffin
ruumisarkkukoroke {n}  :: catafalque (platform used to display or convey a coffin during a funeral, often ornate)
ruumisarkunnaula {n} [colloquial, humorous]  :: coffin nail (cigarette)
ruumisauto {n}  :: hearse (car)
ruumishuone {n}  :: A morgue
ruumiskoira {n}  :: cadaver dog
ruumispaarit {n}  :: bier, hearse
ruumispussi {n}  :: body bag
ruumissaatto {n}  :: funeral procession
ruumisvaunut {n}  :: hearse
ruuna {n}  :: gelding
ruunata {vt}  :: to castrate a horse
ruunata {vt} [dialectal]  :: to crown
ruunikko {n}  :: bay (horse)
ruunu {n} [dialectal]  :: crown
ruunu {n} [dialectal]  :: krona (Swedish currency)
ruunu {n}  :: coronet (ring of tissue between a horse's hoof and its leg)
Ruuska {prop}  :: surname
ruustinna {n}  :: wife of rovasti
ruusu {n}  :: rose
ruusu {n} [pathology]  :: erysipelas
ruusufinni {n} [pathology]  :: rosacea (chronic condition characterized by redness of the face)
ruusuhapero {n}  :: A brittlegill, Russula roseipes
ruusuhiottu {adj} [gemmology]  :: rose cut (of gems, cut such that it is entirely covered with facets on the surface, and flat below)
ruusuinen {adj}  :: rosy
ruusukaali {n}  :: Brussels sprout
ruusukakadu {n}  :: galah, rose-breasted cockatoo or galah cockatoo, Eolophus roseicapilla
ruusukapustahaikara {n}  :: roseate spoonbill, Platalea ajaja or Ajaja ajaja
ruusukasvi {n}  :: A plant of the family Rosaceae
ruusuke {n}  :: rosette
ruusukvartsi {n} [mineral]  :: Pink quartz (pink variety of quartz)
ruusukvitteni {n}  :: A plant of the genus Chaenomeles
ruusunmarja {n}  :: rose hip, rose haw
ruusunnuppu {n}  :: rosebud
ruusunpunainen {adj}  :: rose-colored
ruusupapu {n}  :: runner bean, Phaseolus coccineus
ruusupeippo {n}  :: red-billed firefinch, Lagonosticta senegala
ruusupippuri {n}  :: Peruvian pepper, Schinus molle
ruusupuu {n}  :: rosewood
ruusuruoho {n}  :: field scabious, Knautia arvensis
ruususiipitulkku {n}  :: crimson-winged finch, Rhodopechys sanguineus
ruusutimantti {n}  :: rose diamond
Ruut {prop}  :: Ruth [biblical character]
Ruut {prop}  :: given name of biblical origin
ruutana {n}  :: crucian carp, crucian (Carassius carassius)
ruuti {n}  :: gunpowder
ruutitynnyri {n}  :: powder keg
ruutu {n}  :: square (in other than mathematical context)
ruutu {n}  :: rectangle (in other than mathematical context)
ruutu {n}  :: box (a small square on a form that may e.g. be checked)
ruutu {n}  :: hash, square, pound sign (#-symbol)
ruutu {n} [card games]  :: diamond; diamonds
ruutu {n}  :: screen (informational viewing area of electronic output devices)
ruutu {n}  :: pane (individual sheet of glass in a window)
ruutu {n}  :: check (a square or rectangular in a checkered pattern)
ruutu {n}  :: hopscotch, hoppers (child's game)
ruutu {n} [heraldry]  :: fusil
Ruutu {prop}  :: surname
ruutuhapero {n}  :: A brittlegill, Russula virescens
ruutujätkä {n}  :: jack of diamonds, knave of diamonds
ruutukaava {n}  :: grid plan (type of city plan)
ruutukakkonen {n} [cards]  :: two of diamonds
ruutukasi {n} [cards]  :: eight of diamonds
ruutukolmonen {n} [cards]  :: three of diamonds
ruutukoodi {n}  :: QR code (Quick Response code, a two-dimensional barcode)
ruutukuningas {n}  :: king of diamonds
ruutukuningatar {n}  :: queen of diamonds (a playing card)
ruutukuutonen {n} [cards]  :: six of diamonds
ruutukuvio {n}  :: checks (pattern)
ruutukymppi {n} [cards]  :: ten of diamonds
ruutulippu {n}  :: chequered flag
ruutumonninen {n}  :: banded corydoras or bearded catfish, Scleromystax barbatus
ruutunelonen {n} [cards]  :: four of diamonds
ruutupaperi {n}  :: grid paper, graph paper
ruuturouva {n}  :: queen of diamonds
ruutuseiska {n} [cards]  :: seven of clubs
ruutuässä {n}  :: ace of diamonds
ruutuvitonen {n} [cards]  :: five of diamonds
ruutuysi {n} [cards]  :: nine of diamonds
ruuvata {vt}  :: To screw, fasten with screws, twist (a screw)
ruuvi {n}  :: screw
ruuvikierre {n}  :: thread (of a screw or nut)
ruuvikierre {n}  :: helix
ruuvimeisseli {n} [colloquial]  :: A screwdriver (tool)
ruuvipuristin {n}  :: vise
ruuvitaltta {n}  :: screwdriver
ruuviviiva {n} [mathematics]  :: helix
ruveta {v}  :: To begin or start to do something
ruveta {v}  :: To take up (to begin doing an activity on a regular basis)
ruveta {v}  :: To become or wish to become something in the future
rva {abbr}  :: Mrs
Rva {abbr}  :: Mrs
Rääveli {prop} [archaic]  :: Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia
räävitön {adj}  :: obscene, coarse, rude
räävittömin {adj}  :: superlative of räävitön
räävittömämpi {adj}  :: comparative of räävitön
räväkkä {adj}  :: smart, bold, pert, piquant, saucy
rääväsuinen {n}  :: potty-mouthed, scurrilous (using vulgar language, especially strong profanities)
rääväsuisuus {n}  :: potty mouth (characteristic of regularly using vulgar language, especially strong profanities)
rääväsuu {n}  :: A potty mouth (person having the characteristic of regularly using vulgar language, especially strong profanities)
ry {abbr}  :: rekisteröity yhdistys
röyh {interj}  :: burp!
ryhdikäs {adj}  :: straight (posture opposite to slouch)
ryhdistää {v}  :: to straighten
ryhdistää {v}  :: to make more upright
ryhdistäytyä {v}  :: to get a grip of oneself, to take hold of oneself, to brace oneself
röyhelö {n}  :: ruffle, frill, furbelow
röyhelöinen {adj}  :: frilly, frilled
röyhelöisempi {adj}  :: comparative of röyhelöinen
räyhähenki {n}  :: A poltergeist
ryhähärkä {n}  :: zebu, Bos primigenius indicus
röyhistää {v}  :: to puff up (proudly)
röyhkeä {adj}  :: insolent
röyhkeä {adj}  :: arrogant
röyhkeä {adj}  :: presumptuous
röyhkeämpi {adj}  :: comparative of röyhkeä
röyhkeys {n}  :: insolence, arrogance, impudence
ryhmä {n}  :: group, team
ryhmä {n} [military]  :: squad
ryhmä {n}  :: troupe
ryhmä {n} [mathematics]  :: group
ryhmittymä {n}  :: alliance, group
ryhmäkanne {n} [legal]  :: class action, class action lawsuit (chiefly US, a lawsuit brought by a single plaintiff as a representative of a large group of others having a common interest)
ryhmäkeskeisyys {n}  :: ethnocentrism
ryhmäpaine {n}  :: peer pressure
ryhmäseksi {n}  :: group sex
ryhmäteoria {n}  :: group theory
ryhmäterapia {n}  :: group therapy
ryhmätyö {n}  :: teamwork
ryhmy {n}  :: A knob
ryhmyinen {adj}  :: gnarled, gnarly
ryhmysauva {n}  :: cudgel
räyhätä {vi}  :: To rage, storm; to brawl
ryhti {n}  :: carriage (manner)
röyhtäillä {vi}  :: to burp, belch (repeatedly)
röyhtäistä {vi}  :: To burp, belch
röyhtäisy {n}  :: A burp, belch
ryhtivika {n}  :: posture fault
ryhtyä {vt} [auxiliary, + active 3rd infinitive in illative]  :: to set out (to do something), start (doing something), begin (to do)
ryhtyä {vi} [+ translative]  :: to become (usually a proponent of a profession)
ryhtymään {v}  :: infinitive of ryhtyä
röyhtäys {n}  :: burp, belch
ryhtyä varastettuun tavaraan {v} [legal]  :: To take possession of stolen goods
ryhävalas {n}  :: humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae)
röyhy {n} [botany]  :: panicle, panicled spike
röyhyttää {vt}  :: To cause something to smoke heavily
röyhyvihvilä {n} [plant]  :: common rush, soft rush (Juncus effusus)
ryijy {n}  :: rya (type of rug)
ryijy {n} [vulgar]  :: beaver (female pubic hair)
ryittää {v}  :: To make somebody to cough
rykelmä {n}  :: A cluster
rykiä {vi}  :: to clear one's throat
rykiä {vi}  :: to cough
rykiä {v} [dialectal]  :: to be in rut; said especially of reindeer
rykimäaika {n}  :: reindeer rut (period of sexual desire of the reindeer)
rykäistä {vi}  :: to clear one's throat, to harrumph
röykkiö {n}  :: heap (collection of things laid in a body, or thrown together so as to form an elevation)
röykkiöittäin {adv}  :: loads of something, heaps of something, mounds of something
ryökäle {n}  :: scoundrel, wretch, dog
rykmentti {n}  :: A regiment
ryömiä {vi}  :: To crawl, creep
ryömijä {n}  :: crawler (one who crawls by dragging oneself forward with hands and legs keeping the body down)
ryömijä {n}  :: rover (vehicle for exploring extraterrestrial bodies)
ryminä {n}  :: rumble, clash
ryömintä {n}  :: creep, creeping
rymistä {vi}  :: To rumble (to emit a low-pitched irregular noise, such as a truck on a bumpy road or stones being unloaded from a dumper)
rymistää {v}  :: to rumble
rymytä {vi} [onomatopoetic]  :: to rumble, to make a rumbling noise
ryönä {n}  :: waste, rubbish, trash
rynkky {n} [colloquial]  :: assault rifle
rynniä {vi}  :: to barge (to intrude or break through in an unwelcome manner)
rynnistää {v} [military]  :: to rush (to make a swift or sudden attack)
rynnäköidä {vi} [military]  :: To sally, to charge
rynnäkkö {n}  :: A charge (attack)
rynnäkkökivääri {n}  :: assault rifle
rynnäkköpanssarivaunu {n} [military]  :: infantry fighting vehicle
rynnäs {n}  :: breast
rynnätä {vi}  :: To rush (to run directly somewhere)
rynnätä {vi}  :: To charge, attack
rääyntä {n}  :: loud cry of a baby
ryoliitti {n} [geology]  :: rhyolite
rypeä {v}  :: To wallow
rypistää {v}  :: To crease, wrinkle (to make a crease in)
rypistää {v}  :: To frown, knot, pucker (to form wrinkles in the forehead)
rypistää {v}  :: To crumple, rumple, crinkle (to press into wrinkles by crushing together)
rypistyä {vi}  :: to become wrinkled, to frill, to crumple
rypistymätön {adj}  :: wrinkle-free
rypistymätön {adj}  :: uncreased
rypäle {n}  :: grape
rypäle {n}  :: cluster
rypälepommi {n}  :: cluster bomb
rypälesokeri {n}  :: glucose
ryppy {n}  :: wrinkle
ryppy {n}  :: crinkle
ryppy {n}  :: crease
ryöppy {n}  :: torrent, gush, gust
ryöppy {n}  :: rain
ryöppy {n}  :: burst
ryppyinen {adj}  :: wrinkled
ryppylimaseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: Cortinarius elatior
ryöppäys {n} [cooking]  :: The act of parboiling mushrooms in order to remove poison from them
rypäs {n}  :: cluster
rypsi {n}  :: field mustard, turnip mustard, Brassica rapa (a crop plant similar to rapeseed)
rypsiöljy {n}  :: rapeseed oil (oil pressed from the seeds of field mustard [Brassica rapa, rypsi] or closely related rapeseed [Brassica napus, rapsi], especially when used for technical purposes)
rypsiöljy {n}  :: canola oil (food quality rapeseed oil)
ryöpätä {v} [cooking]  :: to parboil (to boil shortly, especially some mushrooms in order to remove poison or bitter taste)
ryöpytä {v}  :: to cascade, rush
ryöpyttää {v}  :: to make something gush
ryöpyttää {v}  :: to blast, scold
rysä {n} [fishing]  :: fyke net or fyke; a type of fish-trap consisting of tubular nets that are supported by hoops
rysähdys {n}  :: crash (sound)
räyskä {n}  :: Caspian tern, Hydroprogne caspia
ryske {n}  :: crash (series of loud dull sounds such as from a falling tree)
ryskinä {n}  :: alternative form of ryske
ryskyä {v}  :: to crash (to make a series of loud dull sounds like e.g. a falling tree)
Rysälä {prop} [colloquial]  :: A nickname of the city of Brussels
rysän päältä {adv} [idiomatic]  :: red-handed, with a smoking gun
ryssä {n} [derogatory, ethnic slur]  :: Russki, Russkie (Russian person)
Ryssä {prop} [derogatory]  :: Russia
ryssiä {v} [colloquial]  :: To screw up
ryssänrenki {n} [historical, derogatory]  :: A Finnish collaborator with the Russian army that occupied and plundered Finland between 1714 and 1721 during the Great Northern War
ryssäviha {n}  :: Russophobia
ryöstö {n}  :: robbery
ryöstää {vt}  :: To rob, plunder; to loot, sack
ryöstellä {v}  :: to loot, maraud, pillage
ryöstäjä {n}  :: robber
räystäänalunen {n}  :: eavesdrop (space around a house on which water drips from the eaves)
räystäs {n}  :: (singular) eaves
ryöstösaalis {n} [nautical, military science]  :: booty, sack, plunder
räystäspääsky {n}  :: common house martin, northern house martin, Delichon urbicum
räystäspääsky {n}  :: house martin (bird of the genus Delichon)
räystäspääsky {n} [in plural]  :: Delichon (the genus of house martins)
ryöstöviljellä {v}  :: to flog the land
rystylyönti {n} [tennis]  :: backhand drive
rystynen {n}  :: knuckle
ryöstäytyä {vi}  :: ~ käsistä, ~ hallinnasta, etc. to get out of control (with very harmful consequences)
rysy {n}  :: fistfight
rysäys {n}  :: crash (sound)
rysäys {n}  :: stroke, one fell swoop
ryteikkö {n}  :: thicket, copse
ryteikkö {n} [figuratively]  :: tangle, mess
ryti {n} [plant]  :: common reed, Phragmites australis
rytinä {n}  :: clatter
rytistää {v}  :: to rumble
rytökauris {n}  :: hog deer, Axis porcinus
rytäkkä {n}  :: fracas
rytäkkä {n}  :: hustle, rush
Rytkönen {prop}  :: surname
rytky {n} [colloquial]  :: worn out cloth
rytkyä {vi} [of loud sound]  :: To crack
rytmi {n}  :: rhythm
rytmihäiriö {n}  :: arrhythmia, dysrhythmia
rytmiikka {n}  :: rhythmics
rytmikitara {n} [music]  :: rhythm guitar
rytmikäs {adj}  :: rhythmic, rhythmical
rytminen {adj}  :: rhythmic
rytminen voimistelu {n}  :: rhythmic gymnastics
rytmisesti {adv}  :: rhythmically
rytmitys {n}  :: Setting the rhythm or pace of something; timing, pacing
rytövarustus {n}  :: abatis (means of defense made of felled trees)
ryvettyä {vi}  :: to become dirty or soiled (both in concrete and abstract sense)
ryöväri {n}  :: robber
ryväs {n}  :: cluster
ryövätä {vt}  :: To rob, thieve, plunder
ryöväys {n}  :: robbing
ryyni {n}  :: An individual grain of groats (hulled grain)
ryynimakkara {n}  :: sausage made with groats
ryynit {n}  :: grits, groats (hulled grain)
Ryynänen {prop}  :: surname
ryypiskellä {vi}  :: to tipple, drink habitually
ryyppääminen {n}  :: binge drinking, heavy drinking
ryyppy {n}  :: drink, dram, snifter (dose of a strong alcoholic beverage)
ryyppy {n}  :: gulp, sip (amount of drink swallowed, not necessarily alcoholic)
ryyppy {n}  :: primer (quantity of liquid which a centrifugal pump requires to start pumping)
ryyppy {n} [colloquial]  :: choke (control on a carburetor to adjust the air/fuel mixture when the engine is cold)
ryyppylasi {n}  :: shot glass
ryypätä {v}  :: To sip, to drink, to toss off (to have a drink)
ryypätä {v}  :: To drink, to booze, to get drunk (to consume alcoholic beverages in quantity)
ryypytin {n} [colloquial]  :: primer (device)
ryysiä {v}  :: alternative form of ryysätä
ryystää {v}  :: to drink noisily; to slurp
ryysätä {vi} [colloquial]  :: to jostle (to move through by pushing and shoving)
ryysy {n} [pejorative]  :: rag (worn-out or worthless piece of clothing)
ryysyinen {adj}  :: ragged (wearing tattered clothes)
ryysyläinen {n}  :: rag (shabby, beggarly fellow)
ryyti {n}  :: herb, especially one that is used as spice
ryytiseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: A webcap, Cortinarius percomis