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-e {suffix} :: suffix indicating the third-person singular (also used with usted) present indicative of -er and -ir verbs
-e {suffix} :: suffix indicating the first- and third-person singular present subjunctive of -ar verbs
-e {suffix} :: suffix indicating the second-person singular imperative form of -er and -ir verbs
e {letter} :: letter
e {f} :: Name of the letter E
e {conj} :: and
E {letter} :: letter
E {abbr} :: abbreviation of este; east
é {conj} :: obsolete spelling of e
ea {interj} :: come on!, come now! (expressing encouragement)
ea {interj} :: so, and so, now (expressing resolution, preceding a willful resolution)
-ear {suffix} :: forms verbs from adjectives and nouns, equivalent to -ize
easonense {adj} :: Of or pertaining to the people of San Sebastián
easonense {mf} :: Someone from San Sebastián
easy listening {m} :: easy listening
EAU {prop} {m} :: UAE
ebanista {m} :: cabinetmaker
ebanistería {f} :: cabinetmaking, cabinetry
ebanistería {f} :: woodwork (product made of wood)
ébano {m} :: ebony
ebanuz {m} [rare] :: ebony tree, wood
ebionita {mf} :: Ebionite
ebitda {m} :: EBITDA
ébola {m} [pathology] :: Ebola
Ébola {prop} {m} :: Ebola (river)
Ébola {m} [pathology] :: Ebola
ebonita {f} [chemistry] :: ebonite
ebook {m} :: e-book
ebrardista {mf} :: A supporter of Marcelo Ebrard, Mexican politician
ebriedad {f} :: drunkenness
ebrio {adj} :: drunk
ebriosidad {f} :: ebriosity
Ebro {prop} {m} :: Ebro
ebru {m} :: ebru
ebullición {f} :: boiling
ebullición {f} :: agitation, turmoil
ebulloscopía {f} :: ebullioscope
ebúrneo {adj} :: ivory (attributive)
ebúrneo {adj} [poetic] :: ivorylike
eburón {m} :: Eburon
Ecbatana {prop} {f} [historical] :: Ecbatana (city in Iran)
eccehomo {m} :: ecce homo
eccehomo {m} [by extension] :: A person of pitiable, sorrowful or lacerated appearance
eccema {m} [pathology] :: eczema
eccematoso {adj} :: eczematous
ecdisozoo {m} [zoology] :: ecdysozoan
-ececilla {suffix} :: feminine noun of -ececillo
-ececillo {suffix} :: Form of -illo attached to some nouns
-ececita {suffix} :: feminine noun of -ececito
-ececito {suffix} :: Form of -ito. Substituted for "o" at the end of masculine words and names ending in a vowel to denote a diminutive form
-ecer {suffix} :: -esce
Echano {prop} :: surname
echar {vt} :: to throw, toss, cast (to release an object from one's grasp so that it moves through the air)
echar {vt} :: to pour (to cause to flow in a stream from a container)
echar {vt} :: to put in, add
echar {vt} :: to let out
echar {vt} :: to dump
echar {vt} :: to emit, give off, send out
echar {vt} :: to kick out, expel, throw out (to forcibly remove)
echar {vt} :: to expel (to remove from membership)
echar {vt} :: to fire, dismiss (to terminate employment)
echar {vt} :: to play (to participate in a sport)
echar {vt} :: to sprout (to cause to grow from a seed)
echar {vt} :: to take, have (a look at)
echar {vt} :: to mail, post (to send through the mail/post)
echar {vt} :: to give, bestow (a blessing); to put (a curse) on
echar {vt} :: to turn (a key); to slide (a bolt)
echar {vi} :: to start off, begin
echar {vr} :: to throw oneself
echar {vr} :: to lie down (to assume a reclining position)
echar {vr} :: to put on
echar {vr} :: to begin
echar a andar {v} [idiomatic] :: to launch, set up, set in motion
echar abajo {v} :: to break down
echar abajo {v} :: to overthrow
echar abajo {v} :: to bring down (government)
echar agua al mar {v} [idiom] :: to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic
echar al agua {vt} :: to peach on, snitch
echar a perder {v} :: to spoil, ruin
echar carnes {v} [idiom] :: to put on weight
echar con cajas destempladas {v} [idiomatic] :: to kick out; send packing
echar cuentas {v} [idiom] :: to work out; tally up
echar cuentas {v} [idiom] :: to mull over
echar de menos {v} [idiomatic] :: To miss; to feel the absence of
echar el guante {v} [idiomatic] :: to catch, glove, entrap
echar en cara {v} [idiom] :: to reproach
echar en falta {v} [idiom] :: to miss
echar flores {v} [idiomatic] :: to give a posy, to pat on the back
echar humo {v} [idiomatic] :: to blow one's top, to fume
echar la casa por la ventana {v} [idiomatic] :: to push the boat out
echar la papilla {v} [vulgar, idiomatic] :: to puke up
echar las campanas al vuelo {v} [idiomatic] :: to go wild; celebrate
echar las muelas {v} [idiomatic] :: to be hopping mad; to be in a massive rage
echar la soga tras el caldero {v} [idiomatic] :: To throw it all away, to give up
echarle los calzones {phrase} [vulgar, El Salvador] :: to flirt (said of a girl)
echarle los perros {phrase} [colloquial, Guatemala] :: to flirt
echar leña al fuego {v} [idiomatic] :: to add fuel to the fire, to pour gasoline on the fire
echar los perros {v} [idiom] :: to come down on
echar mano de {v} [idiomatic] :: to make use of, put to use
echar papas {v} [idiomatic] :: to fib
echar por tierra {v} [idiomatic] :: to debunk
echarse {vr} :: To lie (oneself) down
echarse {vr} [of birds] :: To sit on eggs
echarse {vr} :: To give in, to yield
echarse al plato {v} :: See:to serve (on an dish, plate)
echarse al plato {v} [idiom, Mexico] :: to eat, eat up, devour; to consume
echarse al plato {v} [idiomatic, Mexico] :: to kill someone or something
echarse a perder {v} :: reflexive of echar a perder
echarse atrás {v} [idiomatic] :: to back out; back down
echarse el pollo {v} [idiomatic, Cono Sur] :: to up and leave
echar una cana al aire {v} [idiomatic] :: to let one's hair down
echar una canita al aire {v} [idiomatic] :: to let one's hair down
echar una mano {v} [idiomatic] :: to lend a hand
echar un cable {v} [idiomatic] :: to lend a hand
echar un polvo {v} [idiomatic, colloquial] :: have a shag; have a fuck
echar un pulso {v} [Latin America] :: arm-wrestle, arm wrestle (to compete in an arm-wrestle)
echar un pulso {v} [Latin America, idiomatic, by extension] :: arm-wrestlearm wrestle (to struggle (with) for dominance)
echar un quiqui {v} [idiomatic, slang] :: To have a shag
echar un vistazo {v} [idiom] :: to glance, have a look
echazón {f} [nautical] :: jetsam; articles thrown from a ship into the water
Echedey {prop} {m} :: given name from the Canary Islands
Echegaray {prop} :: surname of Basque origin
Echevarria {prop} :: surname
Echeverría {prop} :: surname
echona {f} :: sickle
echona {f} :: scythe
echonería {f} [Venezuela] :: boasting, arrogance
Écija {prop} :: A town in the province of Seville, Spain
ecijana {f} :: feminine noun of ecijano
ecijano {adj} :: of, from or relating to Écija, a town in Seville, Spain
ecijano {m} :: Someone from Écija
-ecilla {suffix} :: feminine noun of -ecillo
-ecillo {suffix} :: Form of -illo attached to some nouns
-ecita {suffix} :: feminine noun of -ecito
-ecito {suffix} :: Form of -ito. Substituted for "o" at the end of masculine words and names ending in a vowel to denote a diminutive form
eclampsia {f} :: eclampsia
ecléctica {f} :: feminine of ecléctico
eclecticismo {m} :: eclecticism
ecléctico {adj} :: eclectic
ecléctico {m} :: eclectic, eccentric
eclesial {adj} :: ecclesiastical (pertaining to the church)
eclesialmente {adv} :: ecclesiastically
Eclesiastés {prop} {m} [biblical] :: Ecclesiastes (book of the Bible)
eclesiásticamente {adv} :: ecclesiastically
eclesiástico {adj} :: ecclesiastic
eclesiología {f} :: ecclesiology
eclipsante {adj} :: eclipsing
eclipsar {v} :: to eclipse
eclipse {m} :: eclipse
eclipse {m} :: disappearance
eclipse lunar {m} :: lunar eclipse
eclipse solar {m} :: solar eclipse
eclipsi {m} :: obsolete form of eclipse
eclíptica {f} :: ecliptic
eclogita {f} [geology] :: eclogite
eclosión {f} :: hatching, eclosion
eclosionar {v} :: to hatch
eco- {prefix} :: eco- (forming words concerning ecology or the environment)
eco- {prefix} :: Forming words relating to echos or other reflected waves
eco {m} :: echo
ecoalbergue {m} :: eco-shelter
ecoaldea {f} :: ecovillage
ecoamigable {adj} :: ecofriendly
ecocardiografía {f} :: echocardiography
ecocardiograma {m} [cardiology] :: echocardiogram
ecodiseño {m} :: ecodesign
ecoeficiencia {f} :: eco-efficiency
ecofeminismo {m} :: ecofeminism
ecofenómeno {m} :: echophenomenon
ecoferia {f} :: eco-fair
ecofinanciero {adj} :: ecofinancial
ecofisiología {f} :: ecophysiology
ecografía {f} :: echography
ecoico {adj} :: echoic (of or like an echo)
ecoico {adj} :: echoic, onomatopoeic
ecolalia {f} :: echolalia
ecolocalización {f} :: echolocation
ecolodge {m} :: ecolodge
ecóloga {f} :: (female) ecologist
ecología {f} :: ecology (branch of biology)
ecológicamente {adv} :: ecologically
ecológico {adj} :: ecological
ecológico {adj} [agriculture, Spain] :: organic (grown without agrochemicals)
ecologismo {m} :: environmentalism
ecologista {mf} :: ecological, environmental
ecologista {adj} :: ecological, environmental
ecólogo {m} :: ecologist
ecomuro {m} :: eco-wall
ecomuseo {m} :: ecomuseum
ecomusicologia {f} :: ecomusicology
econacionalista {adj} :: promoting ecologism and nationalism
econacionalista {mf} :: ecologist and nationalist
economato {m} :: company store, commissary
economato {m} :: bursar
económetra {mf} :: econometrician
econometría {f} :: econometrics
econométrico {adj} :: econometric
economía {f} :: economy
economía {f} :: economics
economicamente {adv} :: economically
económicamente {adv} :: economically, financially
economicidad {f} :: profitability
economicismo {m} :: economism
economicista {mf} :: economicist
económico {adj} :: economic
económico {adj} :: economical
economista {mf} :: economist
economizador {m} :: economizer, saver
economizar {v} :: to economize
ecónomo {m} :: interim guardian
ecoparque {m} :: ecopark
ecorregión {f} :: ecoregion
ecorregional {adj} :: ecoregional
ecosistema {m} :: ecosystem
ecosistémico {adj} :: ecosystem
ecosocial {adj} :: ecosocial
ecosocialismo {m} :: ecosocialism
ecosocialista {mf} :: eco-socialist
ecotasa {f} :: ecotax
ecotipo {m} :: ecotype
ecotono {m} :: ecotone
ecoturismo {m} :: ecotourism (tourism involving low-impact visits to natural areas)
ecoturístico {adj} :: ecotouristic
ecozona {f} :: ecozone
ectasia {f} [medicine] :: ectasis
éctasis {f} [phonology] :: ectasis
ectoblasto {m} [dated, biology] :: ectoblast
ectocérvix {m} :: ectocervix
ectodérmico {adj} :: ectodermal
ectodermo {m} :: ectoderm
-ectomía {suffix} [surgery] :: -ectomy
ectomicorriza {f} :: ectomycorrhiza
ectoparásita {f} :: feminine noun of ectoparásito
ectoparásito {m} :: ectoparasite
ectoparasitoide {m} :: ectoparasitoid
ectópico {adj} :: ectopic
ectoplasma {m} :: ectoplasm
ectoprocto {m} [zoology] :: ectoproct, bryozoan
ectotermo {m} :: ectotherm
ecua {f} :: feminine noun of ecuo
ecuación {f} :: equation
ecuación en derivadas parciales {f} :: partial differential equation
ecuador {m} :: equator
Ecuador {prop} {m} :: Ecuador
ecualización {f} :: equalization
ecualizador {m} :: equalizer
ecualizar {v} :: to equalize
ecuánime {adj} :: calm, composed
ecuánime {adj} :: impartial, unbiased
ecuanimidad {f} :: calmness, composure
ecuanimidad {f} :: unbiasedness
ecuatoguineana {f} :: feminine noun of ecuatoguineano
ecuatoguineano {adj} :: Equatorial Guinean
ecuatoguineano {m} :: Equatorial Guinean
ecuatorial {adj} :: equatorial
ecuatoriana {f} :: feminine noun of ecuatoriano
ecuatorianamente {adv} :: In an Ecuadorian manner
ecuatorianidad {f} :: Ecuadorianness
ecuatorianismo {m} :: Ecuadorianism
ecuatoriano {adj} :: Ecuadorian
ecuatoriano {m} :: Ecuadorian
ecuestre {adj} :: equestrian
ecuménico {adj} :: ecumenic, ecumenical
ecumenismo {m} :: ecunemism
ecúmeno {m} :: ecumene
ecuo {adj} :: Aequi
ecuo {m} :: Aequi
eczema {m} :: alternative spelling of eccema
eczematoso {adj} :: alternative spelling of eccematoso
e.d. {phrase} :: es decir
-eda {suffix} :: forms collectives, especially for plants
-edad {suffix} :: Form of -dad used generally for adjectives ending in -io or for two syllable adjectives; Comparable generally to the English suffix -ity
edad {f} :: age
edad {f} :: time since an event
edad {f} [geology] :: age (period of time)
Edad de Bronce {prop} {f} [archaeology] :: Bronze Age (archaeology)
Edad del Hierro {prop} {f} [archaeology] :: Iron Age (archaeology)
edad del pavo {f} [idiomatic] :: puberty
Edad de Piedra {prop} {f} :: Stone Age
Edad Media {prop} {f} [history] :: Middle Ages
Edad Oscura {prop} {f} :: Dark Ages (historic period)
edáfico {adj} [soil science] :: edaphic
edafóloga {f} :: feminine noun of edafólogo
edafología {f} :: edaphology
edafólogo {m} :: edaphologist
EDAR {initialism} :: Initialism of estación depuradora de aguas residuales. In English WWTP wastewater treatment plant
edecán {m} :: aide-de-camp
edecán {m} :: yeoman (clerk in navy or coast guard)
Edelmira {prop} {f} :: given name
edema {m} [pathology] :: edema
edematoso {adj} [pathology] :: edematous
edén {m} :: Eden
Edén {prop} {m} [Bible] :: Eden
Édgar {prop} {m} :: given name; Edgar
Edgardo {prop} {m} :: given name; Edgar
ediacárico {adj} :: Ediacaran
edición {f} :: edition
edicto {m} :: edict
edículo {m} :: a small building; an aedicule
edículo {m} :: shrine, tabernacle
edificabilidad {f} :: buildability
edificable {adj} :: available for building; buildable
edificación {f} :: building, construction
edificador {adj} :: building; edifying
edificador {adj} :: exemplar
edificador {m} :: builder; constructer; edifier
edificadora {f} :: feminine noun of edificador
edificante {adj} :: edifying
edificar {v} :: to build
edificar {v} :: to set a good example
edificarse {v} :: (reflexive of edificar)
edificio {m} :: building
edil {m} [Ancient Rome] :: aedile
edil {m} :: formal title for a mayor
edilicio {adj} [attributive] :: building, construction
edilidad {f} :: aedileship
Edimburgo {prop} {m} :: Edimburgo (city)
edípico {adj} :: Oedipal
Edipo {prop} {m} :: Oedipus
editable {adj} :: editable
editar {v} :: to publish
editar {v} :: to edit
editor {m} :: editor
editora {f} :: feminine noun of editor
editora {f} :: publisher (company)
editor de texto {m} :: text editor
editorial {adj} :: editorial
editorial {m} :: editorial
editorial {m} :: publisher
editorialista {adj} :: editorialist
editorialista {mf} :: editorialist
editorializar {v} [colloquial] :: to editorialize
editorialmente {adv} :: editorially
Edmonton {prop} :: Edmonton (city in Canada)
Edmundo {prop} {m} :: given name
-edor {suffix} :: Form of -dor attached to -er verb stems. Forms (usually agent) nouns and adjectives
-edora {suffix} :: feminine noun of -edor
edredón {m} :: eiderdown
edredoning {m} [neologism] :: Having sex under a duvet
eduardiano {adj} :: Edwardian
Eduardo {prop} {m} :: given name
educabilidad {f} :: educability
educación {f} :: education
educación {f} :: manners, etiquette
educacional {adj} :: educational
educación diferencial {f} :: special education (literally "differential education")
educación especial {f} :: special education
educación física {f} :: physical education
educadamente {adv} :: politely
educadísimo {adj} :: superlative of educado
educado {adj} :: well-mannered, polite
educado {adj} :: educated
educador {adj} :: educative
educador {m} :: educator
educando {m} :: educatee, student
educar {v} :: to educate, instruct
educarse {v} :: reflexive of educar
educativo {adj} :: educational
educir {v} :: to educe, to bring out
educología {f} :: educology
edulcorante {m} :: sweetener, sugar substitute
edulcorar {v} :: to sweeten
-edura {suffix} :: Form of -dura used with -er verbs to form nouns
Eduviges {prop} {f} :: Hedwig
Eduvigis {prop} {f} :: Hedwig
EE. UU. {prop} {mp} :: Estados Unidos (USA, United States, United States of America)
EEUU {prop} {mp} :: Estados Unidos (USA, United States, United States of America)
efe {f} :: letter: f
efebo {m} :: ephebe
efebo {m} :: kid, adolescent, young man
efectismo {m} :: sensationalism
efectista {adj} :: sensationalist
efectivamente {adv} :: effectively
efectivamente {adv} :: indeed, quite right
efectividad {f} :: effectiveness
efectivizar {v} :: to make effective
efectivo {adj} :: effective
efectivo {adj} :: real, true
efectivo {m} :: cash (money in the form of notes/bills and coins, as opposed to cheques/checks or electronic transactions.)
efecto {m} :: effect
efecto dominó {m} :: domino effect, knock-on effect
efecto invernadero {m} :: greenhouse effect
efecto mariposa {m} :: butterfly effect
efector {adj} :: effecting
efector {m} :: effector
efectos especiales {mp} :: special effects
efecto Stroop {m} :: Stroop effect
efectuar {v} :: to carry out
efedra {f} :: ephedra
efedrina {f} :: ephedrine (an alkaloid used as a drug)
efemelenista {adj} :: Of or relating to the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front, a political party from El Salvador
efemelenista {mf} :: A member or supporter of the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front
efeméride {f} :: ephemeris (list of important dates)
efemérides {fp} :: A list of notable occurrences that happened historically on the current date
efemérides {fp} :: A listing of such occurrences for each date of the year
efemeróptero {m} :: ephemeropteran
efeminar {v} :: obsolete form of afeminar
eferente {adj} :: efferent
efervescencia {f} :: effervescence
efervescente {adj} :: effervescent
efesia {f} :: feminine noun of efesio
efesio {adj} :: Ephesian
efesio {m} :: Ephesian
Efesios {prop} {m} [biblical] :: Ephesians (book of the Bible)
Éfeso {prop} :: Éfeso (city)
efeto {m} :: obsolete spelling of efecto
Efialtes {prop} {m} :: Ephialtes (either the ancient Greek statesman or a mythological Giant)
eficacia {f} :: effectiveness, efficiency
eficacísimo {adj} :: superlative of eficaz
eficaz {adj} :: efficacious
eficaz {adj} :: effective
eficazmente {adv} :: effectively, effectually
eficiencia {f} :: efficiency
eficiente {adj} :: efficient
eficientemente {adv} :: efficiently
eficientizar {v} :: to streamline, make more efficient
efigie {f} :: effigy
efímera {f} :: mayfly
efímeramente {adv} :: ephemerally
efímero {adj} :: ephemeral, shortlived
eflorescencia {f} [medicine] :: rash
efluente {adj} :: effluent
efluente {m} :: effluent
eflujo {m} :: efflux
efluvio {m} :: effluvium, outflow
éforo {m} :: ephor
efracción {f} :: break-in
Efraín {prop} {m} [biblical character] :: Ephraim
Efraín {prop} {m} :: given name
Efrén {prop} {m} :: given name
efrit {m} :: ifrit
efugio {m} :: escape from a difficult situation
efundir {v} :: to effuse, pour out
efundir {v} :: to spill
efusión {f} :: effusion, warmth
efusión {f} :: outpouring, gushing
efusión {f} :: bloodshed, shedding of blood
efusivamente {adv} :: effusively
efusividad {f} :: effusiveness
efusivo {adj} :: effusive
egabrense {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Cabra, Spain
egabrense {mf} :: Someone from Cabra
egagrópila {f} :: A food pellet regurgitated by owls and vultures
egarense {adj} :: of or from Terrassa
egarense {mf} :: someone from Terrassa
EGDE {m} [economics] :: initialism of equilibrio general dinámico estocástico
egeo {adj} :: Aegean
egestad {f} :: need, want, poverty
egestión {f} :: egestion
egida {f} :: alternative spelling of égida
égida {f} [Greek mythology, Roman mythology] :: aegis
égida {f} [literary] :: aegis, protection, backing
égida {f} [literary] :: shield
Egidio {prop} {m} :: given name, equivalent to Aegidius
egineta {adj} :: Aeginetan
egineta {mf} :: Aeginetan
egipcia {f} :: (female) Egyptian
egipciana {f} :: feminine noun of egipciano
egipciano {adj} :: Egyptian
egipciano {m} :: Egyptian
egipcio {adj} :: Egyptian
egipcio {m} :: Egyptian (person)
egipcio {m} :: Egyptian (language)
egiptana {f} :: feminine noun of egiptano
egiptano {m} :: synonym of egipcio
egiptano {m} [obsolete] :: gypsy
Egipto {prop} {m} :: Egypt
egiptóloga {f} :: feminine noun of egiptólogo
egiptología {f} :: Egyptology
egiptólogo {m} :: Egyptologist
eglefino {m} :: haddock
égloga {f} [poetry] :: eclogue
eglógico {adj} :: eclogue-like
ego {m} :: ego
egocéntrico {adj} :: egocentric
egocentrismo {m} :: egocentrism
egoísmo {m} :: egoism
egoísta {adj} :: egotistic, selfish
egoísta {mf} :: egotist
egoístamente {adv} :: selfishly
ególatra {mf} :: narcissist
egolatría {f} :: egomania
egológico {adj} :: egological
egomaníaco {m} :: egomaniac
egotismo {m} :: egotism
egregio {adj} :: distinguished
egresado {m} :: In education, an alumnus
egresar {v} :: to egress, to go out
egreso {m} [Latin America] :: departure, leaving
Eguía {prop} :: surname
eh {interj} :: hey! (used to call, draw attention, warn or reprehend)
eh {interj} :: uh, um (space filler in a conversation, expression of hesitation or pause in speech)
Ehpaña {prop} {f} :: pronunciation spelling of España
ehriliquosis {f} :: ehrlichiosis
Eibar {prop} :: Eibar
eibarrés {adj} :: Of or from Eibar
eibarrés {m} :: Someone from Eibar
eibartarra {adj} :: Of, from, or relating to Eibar
eibartarra {mf} :: Someone from Eibar
eicosanoide {m} :: eicosanoid
eider {m} :: eider
eidético {adj} :: eidetic
Eifeliense {prop} {m} :: Eifelian
eigenespacio {m} [linear algebra] :: eigenspace
eigenvalor {m} [linear algebra] :: eigenvalue
eigenvector {m} [linear algebra] :: eigenvector
einstenio {m} :: einsteinium
-éis {suffix} :: Suffix indicating the second-person plural present indicative of -er and -ir verbs
-éis {suffix} :: Suffix indicating the second-person plural present subjunctive of -ar verbs
eje {m} :: axis
ejecución {f} :: execution (the act, manner, or style of executing actions)
ejecución {f} :: execution (the state of being accomplished)
ejecución {f} :: execution (the act of putting to death)
ejecución {f} [legal] :: attachment
ejecutable {adj} :: feasible, practicable
ejecutado {adj} :: executed
ejecutamiento {m} :: execution (killing)
ejecutante {adj} :: executing
ejecutante {mf} :: executor
ejecutante {mf} :: performer
ejecutar {v} :: to execute (enact or carry out)
ejecutar {v} :: to execute (carry out a death sentence)
ejecutar {v} :: to perform (a piece of music, a dance, etc.)
ejecutiva {f} :: feminine noun of ejecutivo
ejecutivamente {adv} :: executively
ejecutivo {adj} :: executive
ejecutivo {m} :: executive
ejecutor {adj} :: executing
ejecutor {m} [legal] :: executor, administrator
ejecutoria {f} [law] :: final judgement, final ruling
ejecutoriar {v} [legal] :: to execute (a sentence)
ejecutorio {adj} :: executive, executory
eje del mal {m} :: axis of evil
ejemplar {adj} :: exemplary
ejemplar {m} :: exemplar, example
ejemplar {m} :: specimen
ejemplar {m} :: sample
ejemplar {m} :: copy
ejemplaridad {f} :: exemplarity
ejemplarizador {adj} :: exemplary
ejemplarizante {adj} :: exemplifying
ejemplarmente {adv} :: outstandingly, in an exemplary manner
ejemplificación {f} :: exemplification
ejemplificador {adj} :: exemplifying
ejemplificar {v} :: to exemplify; to give an example
ejemplo {m} :: example
ejemplo {m} :: instance
ejercer {v} :: to exercise (enforce)
ejercicio {m} :: exercise
ejerciente {adj} :: practicing (actively engaged in)
ejercitación {f} :: exercise, practice
ejercitar {v} :: to exercise, practice
ejercitarse {v} :: reflexive of ejercitar
ejército {m} :: army
Ejército Popular de Liberación {prop} {m} [military] :: People's Liberation Army (army branch)
ejiao {m} :: ejiao (glue)
ejidal {adj} :: Of or pertaining to an ejido
ejidataria {f} :: feminine noun of ejidatario
ejidatario {m} :: A co-op member
ejidatario {m} :: A member of one of the communal land ownership schemes known as ejidos
ejidense {adj} :: Of or from El Ejido
ejidense {mf} :: Someone from El Ejido
ejido {m} :: a common; common land
ejido {m} [Mexico] :: a cooperative farm
-ejo {suffix} :: Forming diminutives; applies a detestable or vile quality to the root
ejote {m} [Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico] :: green bean
Ekaterimburgo {prop} {m} :: Yekaterinburg (city in Russia)
ekranoplano {m} :: ekranoplan
ekuele {m} :: ekwele
el {art} :: Masculine singular definite article; the
el {art} :: Feminine singular definite article used before nouns which start with a stressed /a/:
él {pron} :: he, him, masculine personal third person subject and disjunctive pronoun (used as a subject and after prepositions)
él {pron} :: it, masculine non-personal third-person subject and disjunctive pronoun (used as a subject and after prepositions to refer to masculine nouns)
ELA {f} :: Lou Gehrig's disease
El Aaiún {prop} {m} :: El Aaiún
elaboración {f} :: production
elaboradamente {adv} :: elaborately
elaborador {adj} :: elaborating
elaborador {m} :: elaborator
elaborar {v} :: to elaborate
elaborar {v} :: to process
elaborar {v} :: to work up or work out
elaborar {v} :: to develop
elación {f} :: elation
El Aiún {prop} {m} :: alternative form of El Aaiún
el algodón no engaña {proverb} :: the proof of the pudding is in the eating
elamita {adj} :: Elamite
elamita {mf} :: Elamite
eland {m} :: eland
elanio {m} :: elanine kite
elastasa {f} [enzyme] :: elastase
elásticamente {adv} :: elastically
elasticidad {f} :: elasticity
elasticidad {f} :: resilience
elástico {adj} :: elastic
elastina {f} [protein] :: elastin
elastómero {m} :: elastomer
Elba {prop} {m} :: Elbe (river)
Elba {prop} {f} :: Elba (island)
elbaíta {f} [mineral] :: elbaite
el burro delante, para que no se espante {phrase} :: A phrase used as a reminder that, in a grammatically correct sentence, yo (I) doesn't go at the beginning of a phrase mentioning other subjects
El Cairo {prop} {m} :: Cairo (capital of Egypt)
El Camino Real {prop} {m} :: El Camino Real
Elcano {prop} {m} :: Elcano (village)
Elcano {prop} {m} :: surname of Basque origin, notably borne by:
Elche {prop} :: A city in Spain
El Cid {prop} {m} :: Nickname of Rodrigo (or Ruy) Díaz de Vivar (born circa 1040, Vivar, near Burgos - 10 July 1099, Valencia)
el culo del mundo {phrase} [idiomatic, vulgar] :: bumfuck nowhere, in the sticks, in the middle of nowhere, arse end of nowhere
eldense {adj} :: Of or from Elda
eldense {mf} :: Someone from Elda
élder {m} [Mormonism] :: elder
el día que las vacas vuelen {phrase} [idiomatic] :: that'll be the day; never; when pigs fly
ele {f} :: letter: l
elea {f} :: feminine noun of eleo
eléboro {m} :: hellebore
elección {f} :: choice
elección {f} :: election
eleccionario {adj} [attributive] :: elections
electivo {adj} :: elective
electo {v} :: past participle of elegir
elector {m} :: voter, elector
electora {f} :: feminine noun of elector
electorado {m} [politics] :: electorate
electoral {adj} :: electoral
electoralismo {m} :: electioneering
electoralista {adj} :: electioneering
electoralizar {v} :: to politicize; to make into a political agenda
electoralmente {adv} :: electorally
electorero {adj} [attributive] :: electioneering
electorero {m} :: electioneer
eléctricamente {adv} :: electrically
electricidad {f} :: electricity
electricidad {f} :: electrical current
electricidad estática {f} :: static electricity
electricista {mf} :: electrician
eléctrico {adj} :: electric, electrical
electrificación {f} :: electrification
electrificante {adj} :: electrifying
electrificar {v} :: electrify
electrizante {adj} :: electrifying, electric (emotionally thrilling)
electrizar {v} :: to electrify
electro- {prefix} :: electro-
electro {m} :: electrum
electroacústica {f} [physics] :: electroacoustics
electroacústico {adj} :: electroacoustic
electrocardiografía {f} :: electrocardiography
electrocardiógrafo {m} :: electrocardiograph
electrocardiograma {m} :: electrocardiogram
electrochoque {m} :: electroshock
electrocíclico {adj} [organic chemistry] :: electrocyclic
electrocirugía {f} [surgery] :: electrosurgery
electroclash {m} :: electroclash
electroconvulsivo {adj} :: electroconvulsive
electrocución {f} :: electrocution
electrocutar {v} :: to electrocute
electrodébil {adj} :: electroweak
electródico {adj} :: electrodic
electrodinámica {f} :: electrodynamics
electrodinamómetro {m} :: electrodynamometer
electrodo {m} :: electrode
electrodoméstico {m} :: home appliance, electrical appliance
electroencefalografía {f} :: electroencephalography
electroencefalográfico {adj} :: electroencephalographic
electroencefalografista {mf} [medicine] :: electroencephalographer
electroencefalograma {f} [neurology] :: electroencephalogram
electroenergético {adj} [attributive] :: electric power
electroerosión {f} :: electroerosion
electroestímulo {m} :: electrostimulation
electrofílico {adj} :: electrophilic
electrófilo {adj} :: electrophilic
electrófilo {m} [chemistry] :: electrophile
electrofisiología {f} :: electrophysiology
electrofisiológico {adj} :: electrophysiological
electroforesis {f} :: electrophoresis
electrógeno {m} :: electric generator
electroimán {m} :: electromagnet
electrolinera {f} :: charging station
electrolisis {f} :: electrolysis
electrólisis {f} :: electrolysis
electrolítico {adj} :: electrolytic
electrolito {m} :: electrolyte
electrólito {m} :: electrolyte
electromagnético {adj} :: electromagnetic
electromagnetismo {m} :: electromagnetism
electromecánico {adj} :: electromechanical
electromédico {adj} :: electromedical
electromiograma {m} :: electromyogram
electromotriz {adj} :: electromotive
electrón {m} :: electron
electronegatividad {f} :: electronegativity
electronegativo {adj} :: electronegative
electrónica {f} :: electronics
electrónicamente {adv} :: electronically
electrónico {adj} :: electronic
electronuclear {adj} [physics] :: electronuclear
electronvoltio {m} :: electron volt
electropop {m} :: electropop
electroquímica {f} :: electrochemistry
electroquímico {adj} :: electrochemical
electroretinograma {m} :: electroretinogram
electrorretinografía {f} :: electroretinography
electroscopio {m} :: electroscope
electroshock {m} :: alternative form of electrochoque
electrostática {f} :: electrostatics
electrostático {adj} :: electrostatic
electrotécnico {adj} :: electrotechnical
electroterapia {f} :: electrotherapy (the use of electrical energy as medical treatment)
elefanta {f} :: (female) elephant
elefante {m} :: elephant
elefante africano {m} :: African elephant
elefante asiático {m} :: Asian elephant
elefante blanco {m} [idiomatic] :: white elephant
elefante marino {m} :: elephant seal
elefantiasis {f} [pathology] :: elephantiasis
elefantino {adj} :: elephantine
elegancia {f} :: elegance
elegante {adj} :: elegant
elegantemente {adv} :: elegantly
elegantísimo {adj} :: superlative of elegante
elegía {f} :: elegy
elegiaco {adj} :: alternative form of elegíaco
elegíaco {adj} :: elegiac (relating to an elegy)
elegíaco {adj} :: elegiac; mournful, sorrowful
elegibilidad {f} :: eligibility
elegible {adj} :: eligible
elegido {m} :: chosenness, selectness
elegir {vt} :: to choose
elegir {v} :: to elect
Elejalde {prop} :: surname
elemental {adj} :: elemental
elementalmente {adv} :: fundamentally
elemento {m} :: element (part of which something consists)
elemento {m} [philosophy] :: element (one of four building block of matter)
elemento {m} :: element (group of people with a common characteristic)
elemento {m} :: individual (person considered alone)
elemento {m} :: element (component in electrical equiment)
elemento {m} [chemistry] :: element (one of the simplest chemical substances)
elemento {m} [in the plural] :: element (atmospheric forces)
elemento {m} :: element (place or state that something is best suited for)
elemento celular {m} :: organelle
elemento neutro {m} :: identity element
elemento químico {m} :: chemical element
Elena {prop} {f} :: given name, cognate to English Helen
elencazo {m} :: star-studded cast
elenco {m} :: list, directory
elenco {m} :: cast (group of actors performing a play or production together)
elenco {m} :: work team
eleo {m} :: someone from Elis
eleo {adj} :: of or from Elis
elepé {m} :: LP; record; vinyl
elevación {f} :: elevation
elevación {f} :: lifting, raising
elevadísimo {adj} :: superlative of elevado
elevado {adj} :: high, elevated
elevador {adj} :: lifting
elevador {m} [Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico] :: lift
elevador {m} :: forklift
elevador de la escápula {m} :: levator scapulae
elevador del parpado superior {m} :: levator palpebrae superioris, levator muscle of upper eyelid
elevalunas {m} :: power window
elevar {v} :: to elevate
elevar {v} :: to raise
elevarse {v} :: reflexive of elevar
élfico {adj} :: elvish, elfin
élfico {m} :: Elvish (the language spoken by elves, often referring to Quenya or Sindarin)
el fin justifica los medios {proverb} :: the ends justify the means
elfo {m} :: elf
elginismo {m} :: Elginism
el hábito no hace al monje {proverb} :: You can't judge a book by its cover; literally "The habit does not make the monk."
el hábito no hace al monje {proverb} :: clothes don't make the man
Elías {prop} {m} :: Elijah (Biblical figure)
Elías {prop} {m} :: given name of biblical origin
elidir {v} :: to elide
eligibilidad {f} [US, nonstandard] :: alt form elegibilidad
eligir {v} :: obsolete form of elegir
elijar {vt} :: to boil; seethe
eliminación {f} :: elimination
eliminado {adj} :: deleted
eliminado {adj} :: eliminated
eliminador {adj} :: that eliminates
eliminador {m} :: eliminator
eliminadora {f} :: feminine of eliminador
eliminar {v} :: to eliminate
eliminarse {v} :: reflexive of eliminar
eliminatoria {f} [sports] :: qualifying round
eliminatorio {adj} :: eliminatory
eliminatorio {adj} [sports] :: knock-out
elioteísmo {m} :: heliotheism
elipse {f} :: ellipse
elipsis {f} [grammar, rhetoric] :: ellipsis
elipsoidal {adj} :: ellipsoidal
elipsoide {m} :: ellipsoid
elíptico {adj} :: elliptical (in the shape of an ellipse; oval)
elíptico {adj} :: elliptical (of or showing ellipsis; having words omitted)
Elisa {prop} {f} [Greek mythology] :: Elissa
Elisa {prop} {f} :: given name
Eliseo {prop} {m} :: Elisha [biblical character]
Eliseo {prop} {m} :: given name
elíseo {adj} :: Elysian
Elíseo {prop} {m} :: Elysium (in mythology, the home of the blessed after death)
elisio {adj} :: alternative form of elíseo
elisión {f} :: elision
Elistá {prop} :: Elista (city in Russia)
elite {f} :: elite
élite {f} :: elite
elitismo {m} :: elitism (belief society should be run by elite)
elitista {adj} :: elitist
elitista {mf} :: elitist
elitización {f} :: elitization
élitro {m} :: elytron
elixir {m} :: alternative spelling of elíxir
elíxir {m} :: elixir
Elizaga {prop} :: surname
Elizalde {prop} :: surname of Basque origin
El Juego {m} :: The Game (mind game)
ella {pron} :: she, her (used subjectively and after prepositions)
ella {pron} :: it (used subjectively and after prepositions to refer to feminine nouns)
ellas {pron} :: they, them (used subjectively and after prepositions; can refer to women and feminine nouns)
elle {f} :: Name of the digraph Ll/ll, previously was considered a letter
ello {pron} :: it, neuter third person subject and disjunctive pronoun (used only to refer to facts, sets of things, and indefinite things that have been mentioned before; generally used with prepositions and rarely used as a subject, except in literary style)
ello {m} [psychoanalysis] :: (Freud's concept of) id
ellos {pron} :: they, them (used subjectively and after prepositions; can refer to men, masculine nouns, groups of people or nouns of mixed gender, and (very rarely) groups of neuter nouns)
ellxs {pron} [uncommon] :: they, them
el más pintado {m} [idiom] :: anybody; any old person; whoever
el mundo es un pañuelo {phrase} :: it's a small world
El Niño {prop} {m} :: The Christ child
El Niño {prop} {m} :: El Niño (ocean current)
elocución {f} :: elocution
elocuencia {f} :: eloquence
elocuente {adj} :: eloquent
elocuentemente {adv} :: eloquently
elocuentísimo {adj} :: superlative of elocuente
elodea {f} :: elodea
elogiable {adj} :: praiseworthy, commendable
elogiar {vt} :: to praise, eulogise
elogio {m} :: praise
elogiosamente {adv} :: praiseworthily
elogioso {adj} :: praiseworthy
el ojo del amo engorda al caballo {proverb} :: a watched pot never boils
elongación {f} :: elongation
elongar {v} :: synonym of alargar
Elorriaga {prop} {f} :: surname
elote {m} [Mexico, Central America] :: fresh ear of corn
elotiza {f} :: A meal where elotes are eaten
Eloy {prop} {m} :: given name
el pan de cada día {m} :: daily bread
el pan nuestro de cada día {m} [idiom] :: alternative form of el pan de cada día
El Pardo {prop} {m} :: A neighbourhood in the northwest of Madrid
El Pardo {prop} {m} :: The Royal Palace of El Pardo, a historical building in El Pardo, which was Francisco Franco during his regime as dictator of Spain
El Pardo {prop} {m} [by metonomy] :: Francisco Franco's regime or government
El Progreso {prop} {m} :: El Progreso (department)
el que fue a Melipilla perdió su silla {proverb} [Chile] :: alternative form of quien va a Sevilla pierde su silla
el que no transa no avanza {phrase} [Mexico] :: "he who does not compromise, does not progress"; "he who does not cheat, does not get ahead"
el que sea {pron} :: whichever
el que va a Sevilla pierde su silla {proverb} :: alternative form of quien va a Sevilla pierde su silla
el sábado, sabadete, camisa nueva y polvete {phrase} [idiom, Spain] :: A phrase used to show excitement about the day being Saturday
El Salvador {prop} {m} :: El Salvador
el tiempo dirá {proverb} :: time will tell
el tiempo vuela {proverb} :: time flies
elucidación {f} :: elucidation
elucidar {v} :: to elucidate
elución {f} :: elution
elucubración {f} :: thought
elucubración {f} :: fantasy, imagining
elucubrar {v} :: to reflect (on something)
eludible {adj} :: avoidable
eludir {vt} :: to evade
eluir {v} :: to elute
elurofobia {f} :: ailurophobia
elusión {f} :: elusion
elusivo {adj} :: elusive
elusivo {adj} :: evasive
Elvira {prop} {f} :: given name, equivalent to English Elvira
em- {prefix} :: alternative form of en- used before b or p; em-
emaciación {f} :: emaciation
email {m} :: email
email {m} :: email address
emanación {f} :: emanation, discharge
emanar {v} :: to emanate from
emancipación {f} :: emancipation
emancipador {adj} :: emancipatory
emancipador {m} :: emancipator
emancipar {v} :: to emancipate
Emanuel {prop} {m} :: Immanuel [biblical character]
Emanuel {prop} {m} :: given name, more common in the form Manuel
emarginado {adj} :: emarginate
emasculación {f} :: emasculation
embadurnar {v} :: to daub, coat
embaír {v} :: to cheat
embajada {f} :: embassy
embajador {m} :: ambassador
embajadora {f} :: feminine noun of embajador
embalador {m} :: packer (person whose business is to pack things)
embaladora {f} :: feminine noun of embalador
embalaje {m} :: wrapping, packing
embalar {v} :: to pack
embalar {vr} :: to speed up, pick up speed
embaldosado {m} :: tile flooring
embaldosado {m} :: tile pavement
embaldosado {m} :: tiling (act of setting tiles)
embaldosado {v} :: past participle of embaldosar
embaldosador {m} :: tiler (person who sets tiles)
embaldosadora {f} :: feminine noun of embaldosador
embaldosar {v} :: to tile
embalsadero {m} :: bog, swamp
embalsamador {adj} :: embalming
embalsamador {m} :: embalmer
embalsamamiento {m} :: embalming
embalsamar {v} :: to embalm
embalsamiento {m} :: embalming
embalsar {v} :: to dam
embalsar {v} :: to put on a raft
embalse {m} :: reservoir
embanderar {v} :: to flag, bedeck with flags
embarazadísimo {adj} :: superlative of embarazado
embarazado {adj} [usually in the feminine form] :: pregnant
embarazar {vt} :: to impregnate, make pregnant
embarazar {vr} :: to become pregnant
embarazar {vt} :: to incommode, annoy
embarazo {m} :: pregnancy, childbearing
embarazo {m} :: inconvenience, obstacle
embarazo {m} :: awkwardness in actions or conduct
embarazoso {adj} :: annoying
embarazoso {adj} :: embarrassing
embarcación {f} :: ship, watercraft
embarcación {f} :: embarkation
embarcadero {m} :: embarcadero, jetty, pier, landing
embarcar {v} :: to embark
embarcar {vr} :: to embark, go on
embarcar {v} :: to let down (someone)
embarcarse {v} :: reflexive of embarcar
embargable {adj} :: impoundable
embargante {adj} :: overwhelming
embargar {v} [legal] :: to impound
embargar {v} :: to overwhelm (said of a feeling)
embargo {m} :: embargo
embargo {m} :: trade embargo
embargo {m} :: distraint
embargo {m} :: seizure, freezing (juridical detention of goods)
embargo {m} :: foreclosure
embargo {m} :: repossession
embarque {m} :: boarding
embarrancar {v} :: to run aground
embarrar {v} :: to coat or cover with mud
embarrar {v} :: to stain or dirty with a liquid or pasty, sticky substance
embarrar {v} :: to stain or dirty someone's reputation
embarrar {v} :: to smear or rub with a liquid or pasty, sticky substance
embarullar {v} :: to jumble, to mess up, to bungle
embasarse {v} [baseball, Latin America] :: to get to a base
embate {m} :: bashing, beating
embate {m} [military] :: attack
embaucador {m} :: trickster, swindler
embaucar {v} :: to hoodwink, pull a fast one
embaucar {v} :: to trick
embaular {v} :: to coffin
embaular {v} :: to swallow up
embazar {v} :: To confuse; muddle up
embebecido {adj} :: drunken; blotto
embeber {vt} :: to absorb, to soak up
embejucar {v} :: to cover with bejuco
embejucar {vr} :: to get tangled up
embelecar {vt} :: to deceive
embeleco {m} :: deceit, fraud
embelesar {v} :: to captivate
embellecedor {m} [automotive] :: trim
embellecedor {adj} :: embellishing; beautifying
embellecer {vt} :: to embellish, beautify, gussy up, dress up, make beautiful
embellecimiento {m} :: beautifying, prettifying, beautification
embestida {f} :: charge (violent move)
embestida {f} :: charge (of an animal)
embestida {f} :: onslaught
embestidura {f} [bullfighting] :: charge
embestidura {f} :: attack
embestir {v} [bullfighting] :: to charge
embestir {v} :: to attack, especially to ram (up against)
embetunar {v} :: to shine with shoe polish
embióptero {m} :: embiopteran
emblanquecer {v} :: To whiten
emblema {m} :: emblem
emblemáticamente {adv} :: emblematically
emblemático {adj} :: emblematic
embobar {v} :: to fascinate
embocadura {f} :: mouth (the end of a river out of which water flows)
embocadura {f} :: narrows (narrow part of a river)
embocadura {f} [music] :: mouthpiece
embocadura {f} [music] :: embouchure (shape of the mouth and lips when playing a wind instrument)
embocadura {f} :: bit (piece of metal placed in a horse’s mouth and connected to the reins)
embocar {v} :: To put in one's mouth
embocar {v} :: To put in a hole
embocar {v} [sport] :: to sink, to pot
embodegar {v} :: to store (in a cellar)
embolar {v} [bullfighting] :: to put wooden balls (on the tips of the horns of a bull)
embolar {v} :: to blacken (shoes)
embolar {vr} :: To get drunk
embole {m} [Argentina, colloquial] :: bore
embolia {f} [pathology] :: embolism (obstruction or occlusion of an artery by an embolus)
embolismo {m} :: mess, confusion
embolismo {m} [pathology] :: embolism
embolización {f} :: embolization
émbolo {m} :: piston
émbolo {m} [pathology] :: embolus (an obstruction causing an embolism)
embolotado {adj} [Colombia, slang] :: complicated, uneasy
embolsamiento {m} :: pocketing
embolsar {v} :: to pocket
embolsillar {v} :: To put in one's pockets, to pocket
embolsillar {vr} :: To put in one's pockets, to pocket
embonar {v} :: to make good, better, nice or nicer
embonar {v} [nautical] :: to sheathe
embonar {v} :: to join togther (ropes, cables)
embonar {v} :: to fertilize; manure
emboquillar {v} :: to tip (a cigar)
emboquillar {v} [masonry] :: to point
emborrachacabras {m} :: redoul (Coriaria myrtifolia)
emborrachar {vt} :: to intoxicate, inebriate [with alcohol]
emborrachar {vr} :: to get drunk (emborracharse)
emborracharse {vr} :: to get drunk
emborronar {v} :: to blot
emborronar {v} :: to scribble
emboscada {f} :: ambush
emboscar {v} :: to ambush
embotado {adj} :: dulled, blunted
embotamiento {m} :: dullness
embotar {v} :: to blunt
embotellador {adj} [attributive] :: bottling
embotellador {m} :: bottler (person)
embotelladora {f} :: feminine of embotellador
embotellamiento {m} :: bottling
embotellamiento {m} :: traffic jam
embotellamiento {m} :: bottleneck
embotellar {v} :: to bottle
embotonado {adj} [fencing] :: buttoned
embovedar {v} [architecture] :: to vault
embozalar {v} :: to muzzle
embozamiento {m} :: muzzling
embozar {v} :: to turn up; wrap up (clothing)
embozar {v} :: to block; block up; clog
embozar {v} :: to hide; cloak
embozar {v} :: to halter
embozo {m} :: turnover (of a sheet)
embragar {v} :: to sling, clutch (car)
embrague {m} :: clutch
embravecer {v} :: to make more choppy (a sea)
embravecido {adj} :: choppy, rough
embrazar {v} :: to put one's arm in a strap of a shield
embrear {v} :: to tar
embretar {v} :: to pen in (an animal)
embretar {v} :: to suffocate; choke
embriagado {adj} :: drunk, inebriated; drunken (intoxicated as a result of alcohol consumption)
embriagador {adj} :: intoxicating
embriagante {adj} :: intoxicating
embriagante {m} :: intoxicant
embriagar {v} :: to intoxicate, inebriate, get drunk
embriagarse {v} :: reflexive of embriagar
embriaguez {f} :: inebriation, intoxication, drunkenness (state of being intoxicated or drunk)
embridar {v} :: to bridle
embriofita {f} :: embryophyte
embriogénesis {f} [biology] :: embryogenesis
embrióloga {f} :: feminine noun of embriólogo
embriología {f} :: embryology
embriológico {adj} :: embryological
embriólogo {m} :: embryologist
embrión {m} :: embryo
embrional {adj} :: embryonic
embrionario {adj} :: embryonic
embrollar {v} :: to muddle, confuse
embrollo {m} :: huddle, mess
embrollo {m} :: lie
embrollo {m} :: trouble, hassle
embromar {v} :: to joke (make jokes)
embromar {v} :: to laugh at someone
embromar {v} :: to tease
embromar {v} [Latin America] :: to annoy
embromar {v} [Latin America] :: to entertain, distract
embromar {v} [Latin America] :: to harm someone
embrujado {adj} :: bewitched
embrujar {v} :: to bewitch, haunt
embrujo {m} :: enchantment, spell
embrutecer {v} :: to stultify
embrutecimiento {m} :: callousness
embuchar {v} :: to stuff with ground or minced meat
embuchar {v} :: to bolt down, to gobble (food)
embudo {m} :: funnel
embullar {v} [Colombia] :: excite
embullar {v} [Colombia] :: stir up
embullar {v} [Colombia] :: tell lies
embuste {m} :: a lie, deception, or hoax
embustero {adj} :: lying, mendacious
embustero {m} :: liar, deceiver
embustir {v} [rare] :: to lie; to fib
embutición {f} :: deep drawing
embutido {m} :: sausage
embutido {m} :: cold meat
embutir {v} :: to cram, stuff
embutir {vr} [embutirse] :: to force on, squeeze on
eme {f} :: letter: m
emecista {mf} :: A supporter of the Movimiento Ciudadano
Emelda {prop} {f} :: given name, variant of Imelda
emelecista {adj} :: Of or relating to Club Sport Emelec, a sports club from Guayaquil, Ecuador
emelecista {mf} :: Someone associated with Club Sport Emelec, as a fan, player, coach etc
emergencia {f} :: emergency
emergencia {f} :: emergence
emergente {adj} :: emerging, upcoming
emerger {v} :: to emerge
emeritense {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Mérida
emeritense {mf} :: Someone from Mérida
emérito {adj} :: emeritus (retired but retaining an honorific version of previous title)
emersión {f} :: emersion
emesis {f} [medicine] :: emesis, vomit
Emeterio {prop} {m} :: given name
emético {adj} :: emetic
emético {m} :: emetic
-emia {suffix} [pathology] :: -aemia (forms the names of conditions affecting the blood or the bloodstream)
emigración {f} :: emigration
emigrada {f} :: feminine noun of emigrado
emigrado {m} :: emigrant
emigrante {adj} :: emigrant
emigrante {mf} :: emigrant
emigrar {v} :: to emigrate
Emilia {prop} {f} :: given name, cognate to Emily
emilianense {adj} :: Relating to the Spanish saint Emilian of Cogolla
Emilia-Romaña {prop} {f} :: Emilia-Romagna (region of Italy)
Emilio {prop} {m} :: given name
eminencia {f} :: eminence
eminencia tenar {m} :: thenar eminence
eminente {adj} :: eminent
eminentemente {adv} :: eminently (in an eminent manner)
eminentísimo {adj} :: superlative of eminente
emir {m} :: emir
emiral {adj} :: of or relating to the emirs
emiratí {adj} :: Emirati
emirato {m} :: emirate (a country ruled by an emir)
emirato {m} :: emirate (the office of an emir)
Emiratos Árabes Unidos {prop} {m} :: United Arab Emirates (country in the Middle East)
emisaria {f} :: feminine noun of emisario
emisario {m} :: emissary, messenger
emisión {f} :: emission
emisividad {f} :: emissivity
emisor {adj} :: emitting, that emits
emisor {m} :: emittor
emisora {f} :: radio station
emitir {v} :: to issue
emitir {v} :: to emit, to give off
emitir {v} :: to broadcast
emmental {m} :: Emmentaler
emo {m} :: emo
emoción {f} :: emotion
emoción {f} :: excitement
emocionado {adj} :: moved, excited, touched
emocional {adj} :: emotional
emocionalidad {f} :: emotionality
emocionalmente {adv} :: emotionally
emocionante {adj} :: touching
emocionante {adj} :: exciting
emocionar {v} :: to touch or move (emotionally)
emoji {m} :: emoji (digital graphic icon used to represent a concept or object)
emoliente {adj} :: emollient
emoliente {m} :: emollient
emoliente {m} [Peru] :: A type of medicinal drink
emolientera {f} :: feminine noun of emolientero
emolientero {m} [Peru] :: A seller of emoliente
emolumento {m} :: emolument, renumeration
-emos {suffix} :: suffix indicating the first-person plural present indicative of -er verbs
-emos {suffix} :: Suffix indicating the first-person singular present subjunctive of -ar verbs
-emos {suffix} :: Suffix indicating the first-person singular imperative of -ar verbs
emoticón {m} :: alt form emoticono
emoticono {m} :: emoticon
emotiva {f} :: feminine noun of emotivo
emotivamente {adv} :: emotionally
emotividad {f} :: emotiveness
emotivo {adj} :: emotional, emotive
emotivo {m} :: emotional person, emotionalist
empacador {m} :: baler, packer (profession)
empacador {m} :: baler (machine)
empacadora {f} :: feminine noun of empacador
empacadora {f} :: baler (machine)
empacadora {f} :: packing plant (industry)
empacadora {f} :: baler, packer (worker)
empacar {v} :: to pack, pack away, pack up
empacar {v} [Colombia] :: to anger
empacar {v} [Argentina (Lunfardo)] :: to get together
empacar {v} [Argentina (Lunfardo)] :: to save money
empacar {v} [Argentina (Lunfardo)] :: to deceive or fool in order to get something belonging to another
empacarse {v} :: to pack up
empachar {v} :: to obstruct
empachar {vr} [colloquial] :: to pig out, to stuff oneself (with food)
empacho {m} :: shame, embarrassment
empacho {m} :: empacho
empadronador {m} :: enumerator, census taker (person employed to collect information on a population)
empadronadora {f} :: feminine noun of empadronador
empadronamiento {m} :: registration of residency [in a municipality, as for a census]
empadronar {v} :: to register
empadronar {vr} [Spain] :: To register with the padrón municipal de habitantes, a register of the inhabitants of Spanish municipalities
empalagar {v} :: to sicken (cause to feel sick)
empalagosamente {adv} :: slimily
empalagosamente {adv} :: over-sweetly; repulsively
empalagoso {adj} :: gooey, sticky, slimy, oily
empalagoso {adj} :: sickly sweet (overly sentimental)
empalamiento {m} :: impaling
empalar {v} :: to impale
empalidecer {v} :: to become pale
empalizada {f} :: fence
empalizar {v} :: To fence; stake out
empalmado {adj} [Latin America] :: erect, hard
empalmar {v} :: to splice, to join, to connect or to continue
empalmar {v} :: to overlap
empalmar {v} :: to stay up all night
empalmar {vr} [colloquial] :: to get a hard-on, to go hard
empalmarse {vr} :: to overlap
empalmarse {vr} [vulgar, Spain] :: to get a boner, get a hard-on
empalme {m} :: joint, connection
empalme {m} :: hard-on, boner (erect penis)
empanada {f} :: empanada
empanada {f} [colloquial] :: fraud
empanada arreglada {f} :: A type of empanada made from cornflour, usually filled with cecina, and usually served with cabbage salad
empanadero {m} :: empanada maker
empanadilla {f} :: empanadilla
empanadilla {f} :: dumpling
empanadita {f} :: diminutive of empanada
empanado {adj} [colloquial] :: baffled; confused
empanar {v} :: to bread
empañar {vt} :: to put a nappy/diaper on
empañar {vt} :: to steam up
empañar {vr} :: to steam up, cloud over
empañarse {vr} :: to steam up, to fog up
empañarse {vr} :: to cloud over
empañarse {vr} [of tears] :: to well up
empanizar {vt} [Latin America] :: to bread (to apply breadcrumbs to)
empantanamiento {m} :: stagnation
empantanar {v} :: to flood, to swamp
empantanar {v} :: to ditch, leave aside, to leave unfinished
empapado {adj} :: sodden, drenched (very wet)
empapado {adj} :: soaked
empapar {v} :: to drench
empapelado {m} :: wallpaper
empapelar {v} :: to wallpaper
empapelar {v} :: to throw the book at
empapuciar {v} :: To guzzle; wolf down; stuff
empapuzar {v} :: To guzzle; wolf down; stuff
empaque {m} :: packaging
empaque {m} :: presence; look
empaquetadura {f} :: sealing, packing
empaquetadura {f} :: seal (something preventing leakage)
empaquetamiento {m} :: packaging
empaquetar {v} :: to package
emparedado {m} [Central America, Caribbean] :: sandwich
emparedar {v} :: to wall in
emparedar {v} :: to sandwich
emparejado {adj} :: related
emparejado {adj} :: paired
emparejado {adj} :: engaged (having a partner)
emparejado {adj} :: level, even
emparejamiento {m} [sports] :: pairing, match
emparejamiento {m} :: mating
emparejar {v} :: to pair or match up
emparejar {v} :: to trim
emparejar {v} :: to level, grade (make even)
emparejar {vi} :: to be even with
emparentado {adj} :: Of the same kin; akin
emparentar {v} :: to become related (through marriage, etc.)
emparentar {v} :: to discover relatedness
emparrado {m} :: vines trained on an overhead frame to provide shade in a garden
emparrillar {v} :: to grill
empastado {adj} :: filled with paste
empastar {v} :: to bind (a book)
empastillar {v} :: to package in pill or tablet form
empatar {v} :: to tie, draw (to have the same score or position)
empatar {v} [Canary Islands, Latin America] :: to connect, join
empate {m} :: draw, tie
empate {m} :: dead heat
empate {m} :: standoff
empatía {f} :: empathy
empático {adj} :: empathic
empático {adj} :: responsive
empatizador {m} :: empathizer
empatizar {v} :: to empathize
empatizar {vr} :: to empathize
empavar {v} [Venezuela] :: to jinx
empavesar {v} :: to decorate (a boat)
empecer {v} [obsolete] :: to harm, maim
empecinadamente {adv} :: stubbornly
empecinamiento {m} :: determination
empecinar {vt} :: to smear with mud
empecinar {vr} :: to be stubborn, to insist
empecinar {vr} :: to get (something) into one's head
empecinarse {v} :: reflexive of empecinar
empedernido {adj} :: hardened
empedernir {v} :: to harden
empedrar {v} :: to pave
empedrar {v} [figuratively] :: to strew, to scatter
empeine {m} [anatomy] :: instep
empeine {m} [disease, dermatology] :: dermatophytosis, ringworm
empelar {v} :: to sprout hair
empelar {v} :: to have similar colour fur (said of horses)
empeller {v} :: to push
empellón {m} :: push, shove, jostle
empeloto {adj} [colloquial] :: butt-naked; starkers
empenachar {v} :: to decorate with plumes
empeñadísimo {adj} :: superlative of empeñado
empenaje {m} :: empennage
empeñar {v} :: to pawn (sell something to a pawn shop)
empeñar {v} :: to involve
empeñar {v} :: to pledge
empeñar {vr} :: to make an effort, insist
empeñarse {v} :: reflexive of empeñar
empeñero {m} :: pawnbroker
empeño {m} :: insistence, effort
empeño {m} :: obligation
empeño {m} :: persistence
empeño {m} :: eagerness
empeño {m} :: pawn
empeño {m} [Argentina, Honduras, Mexico] :: pawnshop
empeño {m} :: deposit, container deposit (can or bottle deposit)
empeño {m} :: patron
empeñosamente {adv} :: desperately
empeñoso {adj} :: diligent, industrious
empeoramiento {m} :: worsening
empeorar {v} :: to worsen
empepillar {v} [Dominican Republic, slang] :: dress up
empequeñecer {v} :: to reduce, shrink
emperador {m} :: emperor
emperadora {f} :: The wife of an emperor
emperadora {f} :: feminine noun of emperador: empress
emperatriz {f} :: empress
emperejilar {v} :: To doll up, to sex up, to glam up
emperifollar {v} :: to doll up, sex up, glam up
empero {adv} :: nevertheless
emperrar {v} :: to stick; to jam
empezar {v} :: to start, begin
empezar la casa por el tejado {v} [idiom] :: to put the cart before the horse
empiema {m} [pathology] :: empyema
empinadísimo {adj} :: superlative of empinado
empinado {adj} :: steep
empinar {v} :: to lift
empinar {v} :: to erect
empinar {v} :: to set upright
empinar el codo {v} [idiomatic] :: to tipple (drink alcohol)
empingorotar {v} :: to put (something) atop (something else)
empíreo {adj} :: empyrean; celestial, heavenly
empíreo {m} :: the empyrean; heaven
empíreo {m} [literary] :: visible heavens, the sky
empíricamente {adv} :: empirically
empírico {adj} :: empirical
empirismo {m} :: empiricism
empirista {mf} :: empiricist
empitonar {v} [bullfighting] :: to gore, to impale
emplasto {m} [medicine] :: poultice, dressing
emplatar {vt} :: to plate (to place food on a plate)
emplazamiento {m} :: place, location
emplazamiento {m} [legal] :: summons
emplazar {v} :: to put (in its place)
emplazar {v} [legal] :: to summon
empleabilidad {f} :: employability
empleable {adj} :: employable
empleada {f} :: feminine noun of empleado
empleada {f} :: female employee
empleada {f} :: charwoman, maid (female servant or cleaner)
empleada doméstica {f} :: housemaid
empleadillo {m} :: diminutive of empleado
empleado {adj} :: employed
empleado {m} :: employee
empleador {m} :: employer
empleadora {f} :: feminine noun of empleador
emplear {v} :: to hire
emplear {v} :: to use
emplearse {v} :: reflexive of emplear
emplearse a fondo {v} [idiomatic] :: to pull out all the stops
empleíllo {m} :: diminutive of empleo
empleo {m} :: job, employment
empleomanía {f} :: Desire to be a civil servant
empleomanía {f} :: staff
emplomar {v} :: To lead (cover with lead)
emplumado {adj} :: feathered
emplumado {v} :: past participle of emplumar, feathered
emplumar {v} :: to feather; to decorate with feathers
emplumar {v} :: to punish; to slap a punishment on
emplumar {v} :: to grow feathers
emplumar {v} :: to run away from
empobrecedor {adj} :: impoverishing
empobrecer {v} :: to impoverish, make poor, break financially
empobrecimiento {m} :: impoverishment
empoderamiento {m} :: empowerment
empoderar {vt} :: to empower
empodrecer {v} :: to rot
empollar {v} :: to incubate, brood
empollar {v} [colloquial, pejorative] :: swot (to study hard)
empollón {m} [Spain] :: swot, nerd
empollona {f} :: feminine noun of empollón, female swot
empolvar {v} :: to cover with dust or powder
emponzoñar {v} :: to poison, envenom
emporio {m} :: emporium (large retail store)
emporio {m} :: staple
emporrado {adj} :: high, stoned (from a joint)
empotrable {adj} :: built-in
empotrable {adj} [vulgar, colloquial] :: fuckable
empotrador {m} [climbing] :: nut
empotrador {m} [vulgar, slang] :: fucker, shagger, lay (lover)
empotradora {f} :: feminine noun of empotrador
empotramiento {m} :: imbedding
empotrar {v} :: to embed
empotrar {v} :: to fit, to mount
empotrar {v} [vulgar, colloquial] :: to screw, bang (have sex with)
empozar {v} :: to drop down a well
empozar {v} :: to well up; to hit deep
empozar {vr} :: to stop proceedings
empreñar {vt} :: to impregnate
empreñar {vt} :: to vex, to annoy
emprendedor {adj} :: enterprising, plucky
emprendedor {m} :: entrepreneur
emprendedora {f} :: feminine noun of emprendedor
emprendedorismo {m} :: entrepreneurism
emprendedurismo {m} :: entrepreneurship
emprender {v} :: to undertake
emprendimiento {m} :: enterprise, undertaking
empresa {f} :: company
empresa {f} :: enterprise
empresa {f} :: task, undertaking
empresa mixta {f} :: joint venture
empresaria {f} :: feminine noun of empresario
empresariado {m} :: the business world
empresariado {m} :: leading businesspeople
empresarial {adj} :: business
empresariales {n} :: business studies
empresarialmente {adv} :: In a business-like manner
empresario {m} :: contractor
empresario {m} :: entrepreneur
empresario {m} :: businessman
empresarismo {m} :: entrepreneurship
emprestar {vt} [Latin America] :: to lend
empréstito {m} :: (state) loan
emproblemado {adj} [Latin America] :: troubled; distressed
empujador {m} [mechanics] :: pusher; plunger
empujar {vt} :: to push, to shove
empuje {m} :: thrust
empuje {m} :: boost
empujón {m} :: shove
empujoncito {m} :: diminutive of empujón
empuñadura {f} :: hilt
empuñadura {f} :: grip
empuñar {vt} :: to clutch, grasp or brandish by the handle
empuñar {vt} :: to obtain
emputar {vr} [vulgar, El Salvador] :: to get really angry
emputecer {v} :: to prostitute
Emsiense {prop} {m} :: Emsian
emtricitabina {f} :: emtricitabine
emú {m} :: emu
emulación {f} :: emulation
emulador {adj} :: emulative
emulador {m} :: emulator (someone or something that emulates)
emulador {m} [computing] :: emulator (application that simulates another system)
emuladora {f} :: feminine noun of emulador
emular {v} :: to emulate
emulgente {m} :: emulsifier
emulger {vt} :: To emulsify
emulger {vt} :: To milk out
emulger {vt} :: To drain out
emulger {vt} :: To exhaust
émulo {m} :: rival, competitor
emulsificador {m} :: emulsifier
emulsión {f} :: emulsion
emulsión {f} :: emulsion paint
emulsionante {adj} :: emulsifying
emulsionante {m} :: emulsifier
emulsionar {v} :: to emulsify
emungente {adj} :: That wipes the nose
emungente {adj} :: That blows the nose
emungente {adj} [by extension] :: That softens nasal mucus
emungente {adj} [by extension] :: That causes rhinorrhoea, a runny nose
emungente {adj} [of nasal mucus] :: flowing, discharging, rhinorrhoeic
emungente {f} :: Rhinorrhoeal; agent that causes rhinorrhoea, a runny nose
emungente {f} :: A substance or treatment that helps to soften dried nasal mucus and hard mucus in the nose, such as a saline nasal spray. [See emunger]
emungente {f} :: A substance or treatment that helps to soften some kinds of potential nidus that would eventually lead to the formation of a rhinolith. [See emunger]
emunger {vir} :: To wipe or blow the nose
emunger {vt} :: [by extension, of nasal mucus] To treat with a softening agent, such as a saline nasal spray. [See emungente]
emunger {vt} :: [by extension, of a rhinolithic nidus] To treat with a softening agent. [See emungente]
emunger {vi} :: To have rhinorrhoea, a runny nose
emunger {vi} :: To drip or flow from the nose
-en {suffix} :: Suffix indicating the third-person plural present indicative of -er and -ir verbs
-en {suffix} :: Suffix indicating the third-person plural present subjunctive of -ar verbs
-en {suffix} :: Suffix indicating the third-person plural imperative of -ar verbs
en- {prefix} :: en- (all meanings)
en {prep} :: in, at, on
en {prep} :: in (a time)
en {prep} :: in (a language)
en {prep} :: used after some verbs and translated by various prepositions in English
en {prep} :: in (in various expressions)
-eña {suffix} :: feminine singular of -eño
-eña {suffix} :: feminine noun of -eño
en absoluto {adv} :: no, not at all, absolutely not
en adelante {adv} :: from now on
en agraz {adv} [idiom] :: under development
enagua {f} :: petticoat, underskirt
enajenación {f} :: alienation
enajenación {f} :: rapture, bliss
enajenamiento {m} :: alienation
enajenante {adj} :: alienating
enajenar {v} [legal] :: to alienate
enajenar {v} :: to enrapture
enalmagrar {v} :: to raddle
enaltecer {v} :: to praise
enaltecimiento {m} :: praise
enamina {f} [organic chemistry] :: enamine
enamorada {f} :: feminine noun of enamorado
enamoradísimo {adj} :: superlative of enamorado
enamoradizo {adj} :: tenderhearted (that falls in love easily)
enamorado {adj} :: in love
enamorado {m} :: lover (person in love)
enamoramiento {m} :: infatuation (falling in love)
enamoramiento {m} :: crush (love interest)
enamorar {vt} :: to enamor
enamorarse {vr} :: to fall in love or fall in love with
enamoriscarse {vr} :: to be infatuated; to be twitterpated
enana {f} :: feminine noun of enano; female dwarf
enana blanca {f} [star] :: white dwarf
enana marrón {f} :: brown dwarf
enana negra {f} :: black dwarf
enana roja {f} :: red dwarf
enanismo {m} :: dwarfism
enanita {f} :: feminine noun of enanito
enanito {m} :: diminutive of enano, little dwarf
enano {m} :: dwarf, midget, pygmy
enantiomería {f} [chemistry] :: enantiomerism
enantiomérico {adj} [chemistry] :: enantiomeric
enantiómero {m} :: enantiomer
en aquel entonces {adv} :: then, at that time, back then
en aras de {prep} :: in the interests of; for the benefit of
enarbolar {v} :: to hoist
enarbolar {v} :: to hoist something threatening
enarbolar {v} :: to tree
enarbolar {v} :: to become enraged
enarbolar {v} :: to make a horse empine
enarcar {vt} :: to show disapproval
enarcar {vt} :: to arch (the back)
enardecer {v} :: to inflame, light up, go aflame
enardecimiento {m} :: inflammation, inflaming, provoking
enarenar {v} :: to sand; to cover with sand
enarenar {vr} :: to run aground (on sand)
enartrosis {f} :: enarthrosis
en ascuas {adv} [idiomatic] :: on tenterhooks
en ayunas {adv} :: fasting
en ayunas {adv} :: with an empty stomach
en balde {adv} :: in vain
en bandeja {adv} [idiom] :: on a plate
en batería {adv} :: (parked) at an angle, parallel to others
enbiar {v} :: obsolete spelling of enviar
en bragas {adv} [idiomatic] :: with one's pants down
en breve {adv} :: shortly, soon
en bucle {adv} :: in/on a loop, looping (repetitively endlessly)
en buena parte {adv} [idiomatic] :: mostly, mainly, largely, for the most part
en buen romance {adv} [idiomatic] :: in plain English
encabalgamiento {m} :: enjambment
encabalgar {v} :: to rest upon; lie upon
encabalgar {v} :: to supply with a horse or horses
encabalgar {v} :: to ride a horse
encabalgar {v} [poetry] :: to put in an enjambment
encabar {v} :: to put an end on (a tool)
encabestrar {v} :: to halter (put a halter on)
encabezamiento {m} :: headline
encabezamiento {m} :: preface, headline
encabezamiento {m} :: roll
encabezar {v} :: to lead, head
encabritar {v} :: to upset, bug
encabritar {vr} :: to prance (said of a horse)
encabronado {adj} :: butthurt, pissed off
encabronar {v} :: to bore
encabronar {vr} :: to get angry, very frustrated
encadenamiento {m} :: series, chain, linking
encadenar {v} :: to chain
encadenar {v} :: to bind together, to connect
encadenar {v} :: to brace
encadenar {v} :: to immobilize
encajadura {f} :: insertion
encajamiento {m} :: engagement
encajar {v} :: to insert, put into
encajar {v} :: to fit
encajar {v} :: to push in
encajar {v} :: to make sense, add up, be reasonable
encajar {v} :: to give; deliver (a hit, punch, kick etc.)
encajar {vi} :: to fit in
encajar {vr} :: to fit; squeeze (into)
encajar {vr} :: to pull on; slip on (clothes)
encaje {m} :: fitting
encaje {m} :: lace (in a garment, material, etc.)
encajera {f} :: lacemaker
encajero {adj} [attributive] :: lace
encajero {m} :: lacemaker
encajonamiento {m} :: crating (putting into crates)
encajonamiento {m} :: canalisation (of a river)
encajonar {v} :: to crate or box up
encajuelado {adj} [Mexico, slang] :: Murdered and stuffed into the trunk of an automobile
encalabozar {vt} [colloquial] :: to jail, imprison (especially in a dungeon)
encalabrinar {v} :: (of a smell) to cause (someone) to go dizzy
encalabrinar {v} :: To work up (someone); irritate
encalabrinar {vr} :: to take a liking to (someone)
encalar {v} :: to whitewash
encallamiento {m} [nautical] :: grounding
encallar {v} :: to run aground
encallecer {v} :: to harden, toughen up
encalzar {v} [archaic] :: to chase; to give chase to; to dog
en cama {adv} :: abed; in bed
encamar {v} :: to lay
encamar {v} :: to confine to a bed
encamar {vp} :: to lie down in bed
encamar {vp} [con alguien] :: to lay, to have sex with somebody
encamarse {v} :: reflexive of encamar
en cambio {conj} :: however, but, on the other hand
encaminado {adj} :: headed (going towards a certain direction)
encaminador {m} :: router
encaminamiento {m} :: routing
encaminar {v} :: to put on the right track
encaminar {vr} :: to be on the right track
encaminar {vr} :: to head (towards)
encamisado {adj} :: shirted
encandilador {adj} :: dazzling, stunning
encandilamiento {m} :: dazzling, dazzlement
encandilamiento {m} :: fascination
encandilar {v} :: to dazzle
encanecer {v} :: to grey, go grey
encanecer {v} :: to grow old
encanecer {vr} :: to go grey
encañonar {vt} [of a weapon] :: to aim
encañonar {vt} :: to channel, to guide, to lead
encantado {adj} :: enchanted, pleased
encantado {adj} :: bewitched
encantador {adj} :: captivating, enchanting, charming
encantador {adj} :: delightful
encantador {m} :: charmer
encantadora {f} :: charmer
encantadoramente {adv} :: enchantingly
encantamiento {m} :: enchantment
encantar {v} :: to delight, be delighting to, to charm, enchant
encantar {v} :: to please
encantar {v} [with reversed subject and object] :: to like very much, love, enjoy
encantar {v} :: to bewitch
encantarse {v} :: reflexive of encantar
encanto {m} :: charm
encanto {m} :: spell
encaperuzar {v} :: to put up a hood
encapotado {adj} :: cloudy; overcast
encapotar {v} :: to put on a cloak
encapotar {vr} :: to cloud over
encapotar {vr} :: to frown
encaprichamiento {m} :: infatuation; liking
encapricharse {v} :: to take a liking (to)
encapsulación {f} :: encapsulation
encapsulamiento {m} :: encapsulation
encapsular {v} :: to encapsulate
encapuchado {adj} :: hooded (wearing a hood)
encapuchado {m} :: hooded person, hoodie
encapuchar {vt} :: to cover with a hood
encapuzar {v} :: To hood; to put a hood on
encarador {adj} [Argentina, Chile] :: brave, bold
encaramar {v} :: to raise
encarar {v} :: to confront
encarcelación {f} :: incarceration, imprisonment
encarcelamiento {m} :: imprisonment
encarcelar {vt} :: to imprison, incarcerate
encarecedor {m} :: raising of prices
encarecer {v} :: to raise the price of
encarecer {v} :: to urge
encarecidamente {adv} :: insistently
encarecimiento {m} :: increase in price or cost
encargada {f} :: feminine noun of encargado
encargado {m} :: person in charge
encargado {m} :: chief executive
encargado {m} :: representative
encargar {vt} :: to entrust
encargar {vr} :: to take charge of something
encargar {vt} :: to order (goods)
encargo {m} :: order (a product that is ordered)
encargo {m} :: errand, task
encariñarse {v} :: to get attached to, to grow fond of, to become fond of
encarnacena {f} :: feminine noun of encarnaceno
encarnaceno {adj} :: Of or from Encarnación
encarnaceno {m} :: Someone from Encarnación
encarnación {f} :: incarnation
encarnación {f} :: embodiment
Encarnación {prop} {f} :: given name
encarnado {adj} :: ingrown
encarnar {v} :: to embody
encarnar {v} :: to incarnate
encarnecer {v} :: to put on weight
encarnizadamente {adv} :: fiercely
encarnizado {adj} :: bloody, brutal
encarnizamiento {m} :: fury
encarnizar {v} :: to enrage, infuriate, make cruel
encarnizar {vr} :: to get furious
encarnizar {vr} :: to fight fiercely
encarrilar {v} :: to guide
encartar {v} :: to summon (to court)
encartar {v} :: to tuck into (a publication)
encartar {v} :: to hire; take on (in a company)
encartar {v} [card games] :: to lead
en cartera {adv} [idiomatic] :: in the pipeline
en casa de herrero, cuchillo de palo {proverb} :: the shoemaker's children go barefoot
encasillamiento {m} :: classification
encasillar {v} :: to categorize; to classify, to pigeonhole
encasquetar {v} :: to pull on (a hat)
encasquetar {v} :: to give (a hit)
encasquillar {v} [Latin America] :: to shoe (fit a horseshoe on)
encasquillar {v} :: to frame (incriminate)
encasquillar {vr} [of a gun] :: to jam
encastado {adj} :: thoroughbred
encastar {v} :: To crossbreed (cattle) to improve its cast
encaste {m} :: crossbreeding (of cattle)
encastillar {v} :: to fortify with castles
encastillar {vr} :: to hide or lock oneself up in a castle
encastillar {vr} :: to stick to
encastrar {v} :: To fit, attach
encausamiento {m} [legal] :: prosecution
encausamiento {m} [architecture] :: embankment
encausar {v} :: to prosecute, sue
encauzamiento {m} :: channeling
encauzar {v} :: to channel (a flow of water)
encauzar {v} [figurative] :: to steer in the right direction
encebar {v} :: to feed with barley
encebollado {m} :: encebollado
encefálico {adj} :: encephalic
encefalitis {f} :: encephalitis
encefalización {f} :: encephalization
encéfalo {m} :: cephalon
encéfalo {m} :: encephalon
encefalograma {f} :: encephalogram
encefalomielitis {f} :: encephalomyelitis
encefalopatía {f} [pathology, neurology] :: encephalopathy
encefalopatía espongiforme bovina {f} :: bovine spongiform encephalopathy (bovine spongiform encephalopathy)
enceguecedor {adj} :: blinding
enceguecer {v} [Latin America] :: to blind
Encélado {prop} [astronomy] :: Enceladus (a moon of Saturn)
Encélado {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Enceladus
encelar {v} [obsolete] :: To reveal; uncover
encelar {v} :: To make jealous
encelar {vr} :: To go into heat
en celo {adj} :: on heat, in estrus
encenagado {adj} :: muddy, lutulent
encenagado {adj} :: depraved
encenagar {vr} [usually] :: To get into the mud
encendedor {m} :: lighter (fire making device)
encender {v} :: to light, to ignite
encender {v} :: to turn on, switch on
encenderse {v} :: reflexive of encender
encendido {adj} :: passionate
encendido {adj} :: turned on, switched on
encendido {m} :: ignition (of a car)
encenizar {v} :: To throw ash over
encentador {m} [rare] :: beginner
encentador {m} [rare] :: injurer
encentadora {f} :: feminine noun of encentador
encentar {v} [rare] :: to begin
encentar {v} [rare] :: to injure, wound
encerador {m} :: waxer
enceradora {f} :: feminine noun of encerador
encerar {vt} :: to wax, polish
en cero coma {adv} [Spain, idiom, slang, colloquial] :: in no time; in nothing flat; in a flash
encerrado {adj} :: pent, locked up;
encerrado {adj} :: no longer available, discontinued
encerramiento {m} :: prison
encerramiento {m} :: sit-in
encerrar {v} :: to lock up
encerrona {f} :: ambush, frame, trap
encerrona {f} [bullfighting] :: private bullfight
encerrona {f} :: Oral exam on a topic after having been put in an isolated room to prepare room
encestador {adj} [basketball] :: scoring baskets
encestador {m} [basketball] :: scorer
encestar {v} :: to score a basket
enchapar {v} :: to veneer
enchapopotado {v} :: past participle of enchapopotar
enchaquetado {adj} :: jacketed
encharcamiento {m} :: flooding
encharcar {v} :: to sodden; to soak; to drench (to make or become very wet)
enchilada {f} [Mexico] :: a meal consisting of rolled tortillas baked in a chile sauce, comes in several variations
enchilada {f} [Costa Rica] :: a kind of spicy empanada sold in bakeries
enchilado {adj} :: affected by hot chile, e.g with a red face and irritated eyes and nose
enchilar {vt} :: to add chile (to something)
enchilar {vt} :: to sting
enchilar {vr} :: to become red in the face (due to chile consumption)
enchinar {v} :: to pave (with pebbles)
enchinar {v} [Mexico] :: to curl (hair)
enchinar {vr} [Mexico] :: to get goosebumps
enchiquerar {vt} :: to corral, to pen
enchochado {adj} [colloquial] :: infatuated, having a crush on; having the hots for
enchufable {adj} :: plug-in
enchufadísimo {adj} :: superlative of enchufado
enchufado {m} :: A person who had obtained his job by influence or recommendation, not for his own merits because has connections or friends in high places
enchufar {v} :: to plug in
enchufar {v} [colloquial, Spain] :: to pull strings; to obtain a job by influence or recommendation, not for his own merits because has connections or friends in high places
enchufársela {v} [idiom, vulgar] :: to fuck; get one's end away
enchufe {m} :: electrical outlet
enchufe {m} :: socket, jack
enchufe {m} [colloquial] :: connections (influence allowing one to obtain something, especially giving an unfair advantage over others)
enchufismo {m} [politics] :: cronyism, nepotism, string pulling, getting a job by having friends in high places, to have connections
enchuflar {v} [colloquial, El Salvador] :: to plug
encía {f} [usually plural, anatomy] :: gum
encíclica {f} :: encyclical
enciclopedia {f} :: encyclopedia
enciclopédico {adj} :: encyclopaedic, encyclopedic
enciclopedista {mf} :: encyclopedist
en ciernes {adv} :: in the making
encierro {m} :: confinement, enclosure
encierro {m} :: reclusion
encierro {m} :: prison
encierro {m} :: sit-in (protest)
encierro {m} [bullfighting] :: bull run, encierro
encima {adv} :: on top
encima {adv} :: on oneself
encima {adv} :: over oneself
encima {adv} :: additionally
encima {adv} :: nevertheless, still
encima {adv} :: to top it off, on top of that
encima de {prep} :: on
encimar {v} :: to put up; to store high up
encimar {v} [card games] :: to raise the stakes
encimar {vr} :: to lie above; to be situated above
encimera {f} :: worktop, counter
encimista {mf} [bullfighting] :: A bullfighter who fights close to the bull's head
encina {f} :: live oak, evergreen oak
encinar {m} :: live oak grove
Encinas {prop} :: surname
encino {m} :: alt form encina
encintar {v} :: to bedeck or attach with ribbons
encintar {v} :: to bedeck or attach with tape
encinto {adj} [formal] :: pregnant
enclaustrar {v} :: to cloister, to hide
enclavamiento {m} :: signalling control
enclavar {v} :: to pierce
enclavar {v} :: to nail
enclave {m} [politics] :: enclave
enclenque {adj} :: sickly, unhealthy (frequently ill)
enclenque {adj} :: feeble, weak, delicate
enclítico {m} :: enclitic
enclosetado {adj} :: in the closet
encobijado {adj} :: Wrapped up in a blanket
encobijado {adj} [Mexico, slang] :: Murdered and left in public, wrapped up in a blanket, as a warning
encocado {m} [Ecuador, food] :: A traditional Ecuadorian dish with coconut and shellfish
encofrar {v} :: to plank, to timber
encoger {v} :: to shrink
encoger {v} :: to intimidate
encogerse {v} :: to shrink
encogerse {v} :: to shrug
encogerse {v} :: to crouch
encogimiento {m} :: shrug (of the shoulders)
encogimiento {m} :: shrinking
encogimiento {m} :: shyness
encolar {v} :: to glue
encolerizar {v} :: to anger, annoy
encolumnar {v} [Latin America] :: to fit/slot into place (in an organisation)
encomendar {v} :: to entrust
encomendería {f} :: corner shop; convenience store
encomendero {m} :: supplier
encomendero {m} :: Holder of an encomienda
encomiable {adj} :: commendable, praiseworthy
encomiablemente {adv} :: commendably; praiseworthily
encomiar {v} :: to praise warmly
encomiar {v} :: to commend formally
encomienda {f} :: parcel
encomienda {f} :: order
encomienda {f} :: encomienda
encomio {m} :: encomium; praise, commendation
en común {adv} :: in common
enconadamente {adv} :: angrily
enconamiento {m} :: inflammation
enconar {v} :: to inflame or anger
en concepto de {adv} [idiomatic] :: by means of; by way of; through
enconchar {vr} :: to curl up
en concreto {adv} :: specifically
en condiciones {adj} [idiom] :: fit; suitable (for a purpose)
en consecuencia {adv} :: as a result, consequently
en consecuencia {adv} :: accordingly
encontrado {adj} :: found
en contraposición {adv} :: in contrast
encontrar {vt} :: to meet
encontrar {vt} :: to find, encounter, come across
encontrar {vir} :: to meet, bump into
encontrar {vt} :: to think, consider, find
encontrar {vr} :: to be located
encontrar {vr} :: to feel, be
encontrar la horma de su zapato {phrase} :: to meet one's match
en contraruta {adv} :: against the traffic; the wrong way (down a road)
en contravía {adv} :: Against the flow of traffic, in the wrong lane
en contravía {adv} :: opposing
encontrón {m} :: synonym of encontronazo
encontronazo {m} :: shock, shocking event
encontronazo {m} :: collision, crash
encopetar {vr} :: to be conceited
encopresis {f} :: encopresis
encorazar {v} :: alternative spelling of acorazar
encorbatado {adj} :: wearing a necktie
encordar {v} :: to string up; string
encordar {v} :: to rope together; to fasten with a rope
encordar {v} :: to rope off
encornudar {v} :: to cheat on; cuckold
encorsetar {v} :: to put into a corset
encorsetar {v} :: to confine, to tighten
encorsetar {vr} :: to put on a corset
encorvar {v} :: to curve
encostalar {v} :: to put into a sack
encostarse {v} [nautical] :: To approach the coast
encrespador {m} :: curling tongs, curling iron
encrespar {v} :: to ripple
encrespar {v} :: to curl (hair)
encresparse {vr} :: to become agitated
encriptación {f} :: encryption
encriptador {adj} :: encrypting
encriptadora {f} :: encrypter
encriptar {v} :: to encrypt
en cristiano {adv} [colloquial, idiom] :: in layman's terms
en cristiano {adv} [colloquial, idiom] :: in Spanish
encrucijada {f} :: crossroads
encrucijada {f} [figurative] :: crossroads
encuadernación {f} :: binding, bookbinding
encuadernador {m} :: binder, bookbinder
encuadernar {v} :: to bind
encuadrable {adj} :: includable
encuadramiento {m} :: framework
encuadrar {vt} :: to frame
en cuadro {adv} [idiom] :: with the bosses
en cualquier caso {adv} :: in any case
en cuanto {adv} [idiomatic] :: as soon as (immediately after)
en cuanto {prep} [idiomatic] :: as, while
en cuanto {prep} [idiomatic] :: as (in the role of)
en cuanto a {prep} :: with regard to (concerning)
encuartelar {v} :: to quarter
encuartelar {v} :: to billet
encubamiento {m} :: vatting, barrelling
encubar {v} :: to put into a barrel
encubertado {v} :: past participle of encubertar
encubertar {v} :: to cover
encubertar {v} :: to conceal
encubiertamente {adv} :: hiddenly
encubiertamente {adv} :: fraudulently
encubierto {adj} :: veiled
encubierto {adj} :: undercover
encubridor {m} :: accomplice, accessory (to a crime)
encubridor {adj} :: concealing
encubrimiento {m} :: concealment
encubrimiento {m} [legal] :: complicity
encubrir {v} :: to conceal
en cuclillas {adv} [idiomatic] :: squatting
encuentro {m} :: encounter, meeting
encuentro {m} :: dispute, row
encuentro {m} [sports] :: match, game
encuentro {m} [automotive] :: crash, collision
encuentro {m} [military] :: skirmish, clash
encuentro {m} [anatomy] :: underarm, armpit
encuerar {v} :: to undress
en cueros {adv} [idiom] :: naked, buck naked
en cueros vivos {adv} [idiom] :: naked, buck naked
en cuerpo y alma {adv} [idiomatic] :: with all one's heart
encuesta {f} :: poll; survey
encuesta {f} :: inquiry
encuesta {f} :: inquest
encuestador {m} :: pollster
encuestadora {f} :: feminine noun of encuestador
encuestar {v} :: to poll
en cuestión {adv} :: in question, in doubt
en cuestión de {prep} [idiom] :: of the course of
encular {vt} [vulgar] :: to have anal sex with
encular {vr} [vulgar, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, encularse alguien] :: to have the hots for someone
encumbramiento {m} :: raising (to the throne or leadership)
encumbrar {v} :: to extol
encunetar {v} :: to cause to fall into a ditch
encunetar {vr} :: to get stuck in a ditch
encurtido {m} :: pickled food
encurtir {v} :: to pickle
encurvamiento {m} :: bending; curving
Endaya {prop} :: surname
ende {adv} :: thence
endeble {adj} :: feeble; infirm
endeblez {f} [of a person] :: weakness
endeblez {f} [of an argument, etc] :: flimsiness
endecágono {m} [geometry] :: hendecagon, undecagon
endecasílabo {adj} :: hendecasyllabic
endecha {f} :: dirge
endechar {v} :: To sing a dirge
en definitiva {adv} [idiomatic] :: all in all, all things considered
endemia {f} :: endemia
endémico {adj} :: endemic
endemismo {m} :: endemism (the quality of being endemic)
endemoniado {adj} :: possessed (by the devil)
endemoniado {adj} :: diabolic, devilish
endenantes {adv} [colloquial, Latin America] :: recently
endentecer {v} :: to teethe
enderezamiento {m} :: straightening
enderezar {v} :: to straighten
endeudadísimo {adj} :: superlative of endeudado
endeudamiento {m} :: indebtedness
endeudar {vt} :: to indebt
endeudar {vr} :: to get into debt
endiabladamente {adv} :: devilishly, fiendishly
endiablado {adj} :: damned, devilish, devious
endiablado {adj} :: ugly, ghastly
endiablado {adj} :: tricky, thorny
endiablar {vt} :: to corrupt
endiablar {vt} :: to bewitch, to bedevil
endíadis {f} [rhetoric] :: hendiadys
endibia {f} :: endive
en diferido {adv} :: pre-recorded/prerecorded, recorded, taped [a television broadcast (like a program TV, sporting match) is not broadcasting live (in real-time)]
en diferido {adv} :: rebroadcast [a television broadcast (like a sporting match, program TV) is broadcast again and the original broadcast was live]
endilgar {vt} [colloquial] :: to pass the buck, land (someone) with
endilgar {vt} [colloquial, ] :: to give, inflict
endiñar {v} :: to hit, wallop; whack
endiñar {v} :: synonym of endilgar
endiosamiento {m} :: vanity, haughtiness
endiosar {v} :: to got, deify
en directo {adv} [idiomatic] :: live (in real time)
endivia {f} :: alternative spelling of endibia
endobronquial {adj} :: endobronchial
endocannabinoide {m} :: endocannabinoid
endocarditis {f} :: endocarditis
endocarpio {m} [botany] :: endocarp
endocarpo {m} :: endocarp
endocirugía {f} [surgery] :: endosurgery
endocitosis {f} [cytology] :: endocytosis
endocraneal {adj} :: endocranial
endocrino {adj} :: endocrine
endocrinóloga {f} :: endocrinologist
endocrinología {f} :: endocrinology
endocrinológico {adj} :: endocrinological
endocrinólogo {m} :: endocrinologist
endodermo {m} :: endoderm
endodoncia {f} :: endodontics
endodónticamente {adv} :: endodontically
endodóntico {adj} :: endodontic
endoesqueleto {m} :: endoskeleton
endófito {adj} :: endophytic
endófito {m} :: endophyte
endogamia {f} :: endogamy
endogamia {f} :: inbreeding
endogámico {adj} :: endogamic
endogeneidad {f} :: endogeneity
endógeno {adj} :: endogenous
endometrial {adj} :: endometrial
endometrio {m} :: endometrium
endometriosis {f} :: endometriosis
endomingarse {v} :: to put on one's Sunday best
endomorfismo {m} :: endomorphism
endonucleasa {f} :: endonuclease
endoparásito {m} :: endoparasite
endoparasitoide {m} :: endoparasitoid
endoperidio {m} :: endoperidium
endoplasmático {adj} :: endoplasmic
endoplásmico {adj} :: endoplasmic
endoprótesis {f} :: endoprosthesis
endorfina {f} :: endorphin
endorreico {adj} :: endorheic
en dos {adv} :: asunder; in two
endosante {adj} :: endorsing
endosante {mf} :: endorser
endosar {v} :: to saddle (to burden or encumber)
endosar {v} :: to endorse (to sign a negotiable instrument)
endoscopía {f} :: endoscopy
endoscópico {adj} :: endoscopic
endosimbionte {m} :: endosymbiont
endosimbiosis {f} :: endosymbiosis
endoso {m} :: endorsement
endosoma {m} :: endosome
en dos patadas {adv} [idiomatic] :: effortlessly
endosperma {m} [botany] :: endosperm
endospermo {m} :: endosperm
endospora {f} :: endospore
en dos tiempos {adj} [mechanical] :: two-stroke
en dos tiempos {adj} [Chile, colloquial] :: instantly
endostilo {m} [anatomy] :: endostyle
endosulfán {m} :: endosulfan
endotelial {adj} :: endothelial
endotelio {m} [anatomy] :: endothelium
endotérmico {adj} :: endothermic
endotóxico {adj} :: endotoxic
endotoxina {f} :: endotoxin
endotraqueal {adj} :: endotracheal (within or through the trachea)
endovascular {adj} :: endovascular
endovenosa {f} :: intravenous injection
endovenoso {adj} :: intravenous
endpoint {m} :: endpoint
endrina {f} :: blackthorn, sloe, Prunus spinosa
endrino {m} :: sloe
endrogado {v} :: past participle of endrogar
endrogarse {vi} [Antilles and Venezuela] :: To drug oneself
endrogarse {vi} [Mexico] :: To acquire a debt
endulzamiento {m} :: sweetening
endulzante {m} :: sweetener
endulzar {v} :: to sweeten (make sweeter)
endurantismo {m} :: endurantism
endurecer {v} :: to harden, make hard
endurecimiento {m} :: hardening, tightening
endurero {m} :: enduro racer
enduro {m} :: enduro
ene {adj} [colloquial] :: a huge amount of, lots of, many
ene {adv} [colloquial] :: a lot
ene {f} :: letter: n
eñe {f} :: letter: ñ
eneadecágono {m} [geometry] :: enneadecagon
eneágono {adj} :: nonagonal
eneágono {m} :: nonagon
eneagrama {m} :: enneagram
eneatipo {m} :: enneatype
enebeísta {m} [basketball] :: An NBA player
enebro {m} :: juniper
en efectivo {adv} :: cash, in cash
en efecto {adv} :: in fact, actually
enel {contraction} [obsolete] :: in the
en el acto {adv} :: right away, immediately
en el ajo {adj} [colloquial, idiomatic] :: in the know, in the loop
en el bote {adj} [idiom, colloquial] :: in the bag (virtually guaranteed)
en el candelero {adv} [idiom] :: in the limelight
eneldo {m} :: dill (herb)
en el quinto pino {phrase} [idiomatic] :: in the sticks, in the middle of nowhere, arse end of nowhere
en el reino de los ciegos, el tuerto es el rey {proverb} :: in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king
enema {m} :: enema (injection of fluid into the rectum)
enema {m} :: enema (the injected fluid)
enemiga {f} :: female enemy
enemigo {adj} :: adverse, hostile
enemigo {m} :: enemy
enemistad {f} :: enmity, hostility
enemistar {v} :: to make enemies of
éneo {adj} :: brazen; made of copper or bronze
energéticamente {adv} :: energetically
energético {adj} :: energetic (of or relating to energy)
energía {f} [physics] :: energy
energía cinética {f} :: kinetic energy
energía eólica {f} :: wind power
energía kinética {f} :: alternative form of energía cinética
energía nuclear {f} :: nuclear energy
energía oscura {f} :: dark energy
energía potencial {f} :: potential energy
energía quinética {f} :: alternative form of energía cinética
energía renovable {f} :: renewable energy
energía solar {f} :: solar energy
enérgicamente {adv} :: energetically, vigorously
enérgico {adj} :: energetic
enérgico {adj} :: assertive
energización {f} :: energization
energizador {m} :: energizer
energizante {adj} :: energizing
energizar {v} :: To energize
energúmena {f} :: feminine noun of energúmeno
energúmena {f} :: insane woman, possessed by the devil
energúmeno {m} [pejorative] :: energumen
energúmeno {m} [Chile, pejorative] :: an ugly person
enero {m} :: January
enervante {adj} :: enervating
enervante {m} :: nerve gas
enervar {v} :: to enervate
enésimo {adj} [colloquial] :: zillionth, umpteenth (of an unspecified large number)
en estado {adj} :: expecting, with child (pregnant)
en estado de buena esperanza {adj} :: expecting (pregnant)
enfadadísimo {adj} :: superlative of enfadado
enfadado {adj} :: angry, irate
enfadar {v} :: to anger
enfadar {v} :: to annoy
enfadarse {v} :: to become angry; to be angry
enfado {m} :: anger
enfadoso {adj} :: annoying
enfangar {v} :: to cover with mud
enfangar {vr} :: to get one's hands dirty
enfardar {v} :: to pack
énfasis {m} :: emphasis
enfáticamente {adv} :: emphatically
enfático {adj} :: emphatic
enfatizar {v} :: to emphasize
enfebrecer {v} :: to give fever
enfebrecer {vr} :: to get a fever
enfebrecer {v} :: to infuriate
enfebrecer {v} :: to stir up
enfermar {v} :: to make ill
enfermarse {v} :: reflexive of enfermar To become sick
enfermedad {f} :: illness, disease
enfermedad de Alzheimer {f} :: Alzheimer's disease
enfermedad de Huntington {f} :: Huntington's disease
enfermedad de Newcastle {f} :: Newcastle disease
enfermedad mental {f} :: mental illness
enfermera {f} :: (female) nurse
enfermería {f} :: nursing
enfermería {f} :: infirmary
enfermería {f} :: sickbay
enfermero {m} :: nurse
enfermito {adj} :: diminutive of enfermo, sickly, ailing (somewhat sick)
enfermizo {adj} :: sickly
enfermo {adj} :: sick, ill
enfervorecido {adj} :: fevered
enfervorizador {adj} :: feverish
enfervorizar {v} :: to fire up, to energize (a crowd, etc)
enfeudar {v} :: to enfeoff
enfilación {f} :: putting things into a row
enfilación {f} :: threading
enfilación {f} [nautical] :: leading line
enfilar {vt} :: to line up
enfilar {vt} :: to thread (a needle)
enfilar {vt} :: to string (pearls, beads, etc.)
enfilar {vi} :: to go straight down (a path)
enfilar {vi} :: to head for
enfisema {m} [pathology] :: emphysema
enfiteusis {f} :: emphyteusis
enfiteuta {mf} :: A person holding the right to emphyteusis
enflacar {v} :: to get thin, lose weight
en flagrancia {adv} :: red-handed
enflaquecer {vt} :: to make thin, weaken, emaciate (to cause to become extremely thin or wasted)
enflaquecer {vi} :: to thin out, lose weight (to become less heavy or obese)
enflaquecer {vi} :: to grow weak (to lose one's physical strength)
enfloraje {m} :: enfleurage
enflorar {v} :: to cover or decorate with flowers
enfocar {v} :: to focus
enfogar {v} [obsolete] :: to kindle
enfoque {m} :: focus
enfoscar {v} :: to mortar (fill with mortar)
enfoscar {vr} :: to cloud over
enfoscar {vr} :: to become sulky
enfrascar {vt} :: to bottle, to put in a bottle
enfrascarse {vr} :: to be deeply engaged or absorbed in (work, etc.)
enfrenamiento {m} :: briding
enfrenamiento {m} :: reigning in; curbing
enfrenar {v} :: to bridle (a horse)
enfrenar {v} :: to curb; rein in
enfrentamiento {m} :: clash, face-off
enfrentar {v} :: to confront
enfrente {adv} :: opposite, facing
enfrente {adv} :: (location) opposite
en frente de {prep} :: in front of
enfrente de {prep} :: ahead of
enfriadero {m} :: cold cellar; cooling place; root cellar
enfriador {m} :: cooler
enfriamiento {m} :: cooling
enfriamiento {m} :: chill
enfriamiento global {m} :: global cooling
enfriar {vt} :: to cool, to chill
enfriar {vr} :: to get cold
enfriarse {v} :: reflexive of enfriar
en fuego {adv} :: on fire
en función de {prep} :: according to, depending on
en funciones {adj} [idiom] :: acting (temporarily assuming duties)
enfundar {v} :: to encase
enfundar {v} :: to sheath
enfundar {v} :: to put into a case
enfundar {vr} :: to wrap up
enfurecer {v} :: to infuriate, make irate
enfurruñado {adj} :: annoyed, angry
enfurruñamiento {m} :: a small annoyance
enfurruñarse {v} :: reflexive of enfurruñar
Engadina {prop} {f} :: Engadin (long valley in the Swiss Alps)
engalanar {v} :: adorn, decorate
engalgar {v} :: To coax the greyhound into chasing
engalgar {v} :: to chock
engallarse {v} :: to strut, prance
engañabobos {mf} :: trickster
engañabobos {m} :: trap; trick
engañador {adj} :: fooling
engañar {v} :: to trick or deceive
engañar como a un chino {v} [colloquial, simile] :: to completely fool or trick someone [literally, "to trick like [one tricks] a Chinese person"]
engañarse {v} :: reflexive of engañar
enganchar {v} :: to hook
enganchar {v} :: to get (someone) in one's clutches
enganchar {vr} [slang, engancharse] :: to get high (take drugs)
enganche {m} :: hooking, linking
enganche {m} :: hook, link
enganche {m} :: down payment
enganche {m} :: bounty (money)
enganche {m} [military] :: recruitment (for armed services)
enganchón {m} :: tear, snag
engangrenar {vt} :: to gangrene
engañifa {f} :: trick, rip-off, cheat
engañifle {adj} [Bolivia] :: false, misleading
engaño {m} :: deceit; fraud
engañosamente {adv} :: deceitfully, misleadingly
engañoso {adj} :: deceitful, deceptive; misleading
engarruchar {v} [nautical] :: to hank
engarzar {v} :: to link, connect
engarzar {vr} :: to get tangled
engastar {v} :: to set, mount (a jewel)
engaste {m} :: setting, mounting
engaste {m} :: bezel, groove holding a gem, collet
engaste {m} :: pearl that is flat on one side and round on the other
engatillar {v} :: to pull the trigger
engatusador {m} :: cajoler
engatusadora {f} :: feminine noun of engatusador
engatusar {v} :: to cajole
engavetar {vt} [Latin America] :: to sweep under the rug (to conceal a problem rather than dealing with it)
engendrador {adj} :: spawning
engendrar {v} :: to engender, spawn, beget
engendro {m} :: fetus
engendro {m} :: abortion
engendro {m} :: freak, monster
engendro {m} :: monstrosity
engendro {m} :: evil product, spawn of hell
en general {adv} :: in general
englobar {v} :: to embrace
englobar {v} :: to cover (to dedicate space or time to something)
engolado {adj} :: ruffed
engolfar {v} [nautical] :: to sail into a gulf
engolfar {v} [nautical] :: to sail into the high seas
engolfar {vr} :: to bury oneself (in something); to put all one's attention into (something)
engolfarse {v} :: to become engulfed or involved in
engolondrinarse {vr} :: to be infatuated; to be twitterpated
engolosinamiento {m} :: temptation; enticement
engolosinamiento {m} :: fondness; crush
engolosinar {v} :: to tempt; entice
engolosinar {vr} :: to be fond of
engomar {vt} :: to glue
engominar {v} :: to gel (hair)
engordante {adj} :: fattening
engordar {vi} :: to get fat, grow fat, fatten
engordar {vt} :: to cause to be fatter, fatten
engorilado {adj} [Latin America] :: angry, mad
engorro {m} :: nuisance
engorroso {adj} :: annoying
engramado {m} [Honduras, sports] :: field; pitch
engrampadora {f} [Argentina, Uruguay] :: stapler
engranaje {m} :: gear
engranaje {m} :: gear wheel
engranar {v} :: to mesh
engranar {v} :: to engage
engrandar {v} :: alternative spelling of agrandar
engrandecer {v} :: to enlarge, magnify
engrandecer {v} :: to exalt, speak highly of
engrandecer {v} :: to exaggerate
engrandecimiento {m} :: enlargement
engrapador {m} [Peru] :: stapler
engrapadora {f} [Colombian Atlantic Coast, Mexico, Venezuela] :: stapler
engrapar {v} :: to clamp, to cramp
engrapar {v} :: to staple
engrasador {m} :: greaser; lubricator
engrasar {v} :: to grease
engravecer {v} :: to worsen; make more serious
engreído {adj} :: smug, self-satisfied
engreimiento {m} :: vanity, conceit
engreír {v} :: to spoil
engreír {v} :: to make vain or conceited
engrillar {v} :: to shackle, to fetter
engrilletar {v} [martial arts] :: to lock
engrilletar {v} [nautical] :: to shackle
engrosamiento {m} :: thickening
engrosar {v} :: to swell up, thicken
engrudar {v} :: to glue; paste
engrudo {m} :: paste (an adhesive paste)
engruesar {v} :: alternative spelling of engrosar
engrupido {adj} :: fooled
engrupido {m} :: dupe (person who has been deceived)
engrupir {vt} [Chile, Argentina, colloquial] :: to fool, deceive, trick, con, cheat, beguile (make someone believe a lie)
engrupir {vt} [Chile, Argentina, colloquial] :: to beguile, seduce or convince someone making use of lies
engrupo {m} [colloquial] :: guile, lie
enguantar {vt} :: to glove (to put a glove on someone or something)
en guardia {interj} [fencing] :: en garde
enguatar {v} :: to line with cotton
enguirnaldar {v} :: to festoon; bedeck
engullir {v} :: to wolf, to gulp down
engullir {v} :: to swallow up
enharinar {v} :: to flour
enhebrar {v} :: to string
enherbolar {v} :: to poison (a weapon); to smear with poison
enhiesto {adj} :: erect, upright
enhilar {v} :: to thread
enhorabuena {interj} :: congratulations
enhorabuena {f} :: congratulation
enhornar {v} :: to put into the oven
enigma {m} :: enigma (something that is puzzling)
enigma {m} :: riddle
enigmáticamente {adv} :: enigmatically
enigmático {adj} :: enigmatic
enjabonar {v} :: to lather
enjabonar {v} :: to soap
enjaezar {v} :: to saddle up, harness up (a horse)
enjaguar {v} :: alternative form of enjuagar
enjalbegar {v} :: to whitewash, paint the face
enjalma {f} :: saddlecloth, soft saddle
enjalmar {vt} :: to put on a saddlecloth
enjambrar {v} :: to swarm
enjambre {m} :: swarm (of bees)
enjambre {m} :: crowd, multitude
enjaretar {v} :: to rush through
en jarras {adv} :: akimbo, with arms bent and hands on the hips
enjarre {m} [construction] :: plaster
enjaular {v} :: to cage, to imprison
enjertal {m} :: An orchard of grafted fruit trees
enjerto {m} [botany] :: grafter
enjoyado {adj} :: bejeweled
enjoyar {v} :: To bejewel
enjuagar {vt} :: to rinse
enjuague bucal {m} :: mouthwash
en juego {prep} :: at stake, at issue, at risk
enjugador {adj} :: wiping
enjugador {m} :: clotheshorse
enjugar {v} :: to dry
enjugar {v} :: to wipe, to wipe off, wipe down
enjugar {v} [figuratively] :: to eliminate, to wipe out
enjuiciar {v} :: to indict
enjulio {m} :: warp beam
enjullo {m} :: archaic spelling of enjulio
enjuncar {v} [nautical] :: to put in stops
enjundia {f} :: substance, weight
enjundioso {adj} :: substantial
en justicia {adj} :: by rights
enjuta {f} [architecture] :: spandrel
enjutar {v} :: to dry
enjutez {f} :: dryness
enjuto {adj} :: shriveled
enjuto {adj} :: dry
enjuto {adj} :: withered, skinny, skin and bones
Enka {prop} {f} :: given name
en la cama {adv} [idiomatic] :: in bed (regarding sexual prowess)
en la cancha se ven los pingos {proverb} :: the proof of the pudding is in the eating
enlace {m} :: link, connection
enlace {m} :: bond, relationship
enlace {m} :: union, marriage
enlace {m} [chemistry] :: bond, linkage
enlace {m} [military] :: liaison
enlace {m} :: go-between
enlace {m} [computing] :: link, hyperlink
enlace covalente {m} :: covalent bond
enladrillar {v} :: to pave with bricks
en la flor de la juventud {adv} [idiomatic] :: in the flower of one's youth
en la guerra y en el amor todo vale {proverb} :: all's fair in love and war
en la práctica {adv} :: In practice; in reality
en la punta de la lengua {phrase} [idiomatic] :: on the tip of one's tongue
enlatado {adj} :: tinned, canned
enlatar {v} :: to can
en la variedad está el gusto {proverb} :: variety is the spice of life
enlazador {m} [computing] :: linker
enlazamiento {m} :: connection, linkage
enlazante {adj} :: bonding; link (attributive)
enlazar {v} :: to link
enlentecer {vt} :: to slow down, to hamper
enlentecimiento {m} :: slowing
enlenzar {v} [of wood] :: to strengthen with adhesive tape
en línea {adj} :: online
en líneas generales {adv} [idiomatic] :: generally speaking
enlistamiento {m} :: enlistment
enlistar {v} :: to list
enlistarse {v} :: reflexive of enlistar
enllave {m} :: go-between
enlodado {adj} :: muddied
enlodar {v} :: to cover with mud
en lontananza {adv} [idiomatic] :: in the distance
enloquecedor {adj} :: maddening
enloquecer {v} :: to drive crazy, madden, drive insane, distract
enloquecerse {v} :: to go crazy
enloquecerse {v} :: to run amok
enlosar {v} :: to pave with flagstones
en los huesos {adv} [idiomatic, colloquial] :: skin and bones, skinny (very thin)
en lo tocante a {prep} :: as for, referring to
enlucir {v} :: to plaster a wall or walls
en lugar de {prep} :: instead of
enlutar {v} :: to put into a state of mourning or grief
enmaderar {v} :: to cover in wood
enmallar {vt} :: to cover with a mesh or net
enmanillar {vt} [Bolivia] :: to handcuff
enmarañado {adj} :: tangled
enmarañamiento {m} :: thicket
enmarañamiento {m} :: snarl
enmarañamiento {m} :: tangle, muddle
enmarañar {v} :: to tangle
enmarcamiento {m} :: framing
enmarcar {v} :: to frame
enmarrocar {v} [Peru] :: to handcuff; cuff
enmascaramiento {m} :: disguise, masking
enmascarar {v} :: to disguise
enmasillar {v} :: to caulk
enmedio {m} :: centre; middle
en medio de la nada {m} [idiomatic] :: middle of nowhere, in the sticks, arse end of nowhere
enmendante {mf} :: amender
enmendar {v} :: to correct
enmendar {v} :: to amend
en menos que canta un gallo {adv} [simile] :: in two shakes of a lamb's tail, in a jiffy (very quickly)
enmienda {f} :: correction
enmienda {f} :: amendment
en mi vida {adv} [idiom] :: never (in my life)
enmohecer {v} :: to rust, mildew, go moldy
enmolada {f} [cuisine] :: enchilada con mole [rolled tortillas baked in a mole sauce instead of chili sauce]
enmoquetar {v} :: to carpet (to cover with carpet)
enmudecer {v} :: to go silent, to become mute
enmugrar {v} :: to soil
ennegrecer {v} :: to blacken, go dark, darken
ennegrecimiento {m} :: blackening
en ninguna parte {adv} [idiom] :: nowhere
ennoblecer {v} :: to ennoble, make noble, reach nobility
ennoblecimiento {m} :: ennoblement
en nombre de {prep} :: on behalf of
-eno {suffix} [as an adjective] :: Coming from, related to, or like
-eno {suffix} [as a noun] :: One from, belonging to, relating to, or like
-eno {suffix} [organic chemistry] :: -ene (forms names of alkenes)
eno- {prefix} :: oeno- (forms terms relating to wine)
-eño {suffix} :: [as an adjective] Coming from, related to, or like
-eño {suffix} :: [as a noun] One from, belonging to, relating to, or like
enófila {f} :: feminine noun of enófilo
enófilo {adj} :: oenophilic
enófilo {m} :: oenophile
enojadísimo {adj} :: superlative of enojado
enojadizo {adj} :: tetchy
enojado {adj} :: angry, mad
enojado {adj} :: annoyed
enojar {vt} :: to anger
enojarse {v} :: to become angry
enojo {m} :: anger
enojoso {adj} :: annoying, aggravating
enol {m} [organic chemistry] :: enol
enolasa {f} [enzyme] :: enolase
enolato {m} [organic chemistry] :: enolate
enolismo {m} :: Alcoholism
en olla {adj} [Dominican Republic, slang] :: broke (having little money)
enóloga {f} :: enologist
enología {f} :: The study and science of winemaking
enológico {adj} :: oenological
enólogo {m} :: oenologist / enologist
enorgullecer {vr} :: to be proud of, grow proud
enorme {adj} :: enormous, huge
enormemente {adv} :: enormously
enormidad {f} :: enormity
enormísimo {adj} :: superlative of enorme
enoteca {f} :: enoteca
enoteca {f} :: wine bar
enoteca {f} :: wine shop
en otro tiempo {adv} [idiom] :: formerly, in days gone past
enoturismo {m} :: A specialised tourism directed at viniculture and the winemaking industry
enoxaparina {f} :: enoxaparin
en pañales {adj} [idiomatic] :: in the very early stages of something; still green; wet behind the ears; literally: in diapers
en paralelo {adv} [electricity] :: in parallel
en pelotas {adv} [idiomatic] :: in the buff, nude
enperador {m} :: obsolete spelling of emperador
en persona {adv} :: in person
en plan {adv} [colloquial, idiom, Spain] :: A filler. Implying doing something in a certain way
en plena luz del día {adv} [idiomatic] :: in broad daylight (in a blatant and visible manner)
en pocas palabras {adv} [idiomatic] :: in a word
en polvo {adj} :: powdered, ground
en porreta {adv} [idiom] :: naked, buck naked
en porreta picada {adv} [colloquial, idiom] :: in the buff, in the nuddy
en porretas {adv} [colloquial, idiom] :: in the buff, in the nuddy
en pos de {prep} :: in pursuit of
en primicia {adv} [idiomatic] :: exclusively
en principio {adv} :: in principle, in theory
en pro de {adv} [idiomatic] :: on behalf of
en pro de {adv} [idiomatic] :: in the name of
en público {adv} :: in public
en puertas {adv} [idiomatic] :: coming up; around the corner
en punto {adv} :: o'clock
enquinche {f} :: alternative spelling of enquincha
enquistar {v} :: to isolate, to seal off
enrabietar {v} :: to anger, to irk
enrachado {adj} :: lucky
enracimarse {v} :: to cluster
enraizamiento {m} :: rooting
enraizar {v} :: to take root
enraizar {v} :: to establish
enraizar {v} :: to settle
enramar {v} :: to cover with branches
enranciar {v} :: to make rancid or stale
enranciarse {vr} :: to turn rancid or stale
enrarecer {v} :: to rarefy (make rare)
enrarecimiento {m} :: becoming strange
enrasar {v} :: to level; make level
en realidad {adv} :: actually; in reality
enredadera {f} :: climber, vine (plant that climbs)
enredador {adj} :: prone to cause trouble
enredador {adj} :: naughty; cheeky
enredador {m} :: stirrer; troublemaker
enredador {m} :: naughty person
enredadora {f} :: feminine noun of enredador
enredamiento {m} [obsolete] :: synonym of enredo
enredar {v} :: to entangle
enredarse {v} :: reflexive of enredar
enredo {m} :: confusion, chaos
enredo {m} :: machination
enredoso {adj} :: tangled
en regla {adj} [idiomatic] :: in working order, correctly
enrejado {m} :: lattice
enrejar {v} :: to lattice; to grate
en resumen {adv} :: in summary, in sum
en resumidas cuentas {adv} [idiomatic] :: to sum up, in sum
enrevesado {adj} :: convoluted, complex
enrevesado {adj} :: twisted, shady
enrevesar {v} :: to tangle
enrielar {v} :: to lay rails
enripiar {v} :: to gravel, to add gravel to (a track)
Enrique {prop} {m} :: given name
Enrique {prop} {m} :: The letter E in the Spanish phonetic alphabet
enriquecedor {adj} :: enriching
enriquecer {v} :: to enrich
enriquecimiento {m} :: enrichment
Enriqueta {prop} {f} :: given name, cognate to English Henrietta
Enríquez {prop} :: surname
enriscar {v} :: to put in a high place
enriscar {v} :: to climb (cliffs)
enristrar {v} [fencing] :: to take up (a sword)
enristrar {v} :: to go straight to
enristrar {v} :: to string up
enristrar {v} :: to nail (get something right)
enrocar {v} [chess] :: to castle
enrojecer {v} :: to redden
enrojecer {v} :: to blush
enrojecimiento {m} :: redness; blotchiness
enrolamiento {m} :: enrolment
enrolar {v} :: to recruit
enrolarse {v} :: reflexive of enrolar
enrollable {adj} :: roll-up
enrollado {adj} [Spain, colloquial] :: cool
enrollado {m} [Spain, colloquial] :: A cool, sociable person
enrollamiento {m} :: rolling; rolling up
enrollar {vt} :: to coil up, to wind
enrollar {v} :: to enroll
enrollar {vr} [colloquial] :: to run one's mouth off, run off at the mouth (to talk excessively)
enrollar {vr} [colloquial] :: to get on well with people
enrollar {vr} [colloquial] :: to get it on, get jiggy (to have sexual intercourse)
enrollar {vr} [colloquial] :: to kiss (in teenagers: of two or more people, to touch each other's lips together, usually to express love or affection or passion)
enrollar {vr} [colloquial] :: to get sb involved in sth
enrollar {vr} [colloquial] :: to be a good sport
enronquecer {v} :: to cause to become hoarse
enronquecer {vr} :: to go hoarse
enroque {m} [chess] :: castling
enroscar {v} :: to screw in
enroscar {v} :: to coil; coil up
enroscarse {v} :: reflexive of enroscar
enrostrar {vt} [Latin America] :: to blame, to accuse
enrubiar {v} :: to turn blond
enrumbar {v} :: to put on course or on track
enrutador {m} [telecommunications] :: router
enrutamiento {m} :: routing (setting of a route)
enrutar {v} :: to route
ensacado {v} :: past participle of ensacar
ensaimada {f} :: A type of pastry made from flour, water, sugar, eggs, dough and a kind of reduced pork lard named saïm
ensalada {f} :: salad
ensalada {f} :: a genre of secular polyphonic music popular in 16th century Spain
ensalada {f} :: mix-up; muddle
ensalada chilena {f} [Chile] :: Chilean salad
ensalada rusa {f} [usually uncountable] :: Olivier salad, Russian salad (traditional Russian salad of boiled vegetables with mayonnaise)
ensaladera {f} :: salad bowl
ensaladilla {f} :: diminutive of ensalada
ensalmo {m} :: (magic) spell
ensalzamiento {m} :: praise
ensalzar {v} :: to hail, extol
ensamblado {adj} :: assembled
ensamblado {m} :: assembly
ensamblador {adj} :: assembling, assembly
ensamblador {m} :: assembler
ensamblaje {m} :: assembly (act of assembling)
ensamblar {vt} :: to assemble
ensañamiento {m} :: irritation
ensañar {vt} :: to irritate
ensañar {vr} :: to enjoy causing pain or discomfort
ensanchamiento {m} :: widening
ensanchar {v} :: to widen
ensanchar {v} :: to expand
ensangrentar {v} :: to cover with blood
ensartado {adj} :: skewered
ensartar {v} :: to string or thread (put items on a string)
ensayador {m} :: assayer
ensayadora {f} :: feminine noun of ensayador
ensayar {v} :: to rehearse
ensayismo {m} :: essayism
ensayista {mf} :: essayist
ensayístico {adj} :: essayistic
ensayo {m} :: essay
ensayo {m} :: test or trial
ensayo {m} :: try, attempt
ensayo {m} :: rehearsal
-ense {suffix} :: Used to create adjectives and nouns that denote ethnonyms, like estadounidense, from Estados Unidos
ensebar {v} :: to grease
en seco {adv} :: abruptly
en seco {adv} :: dry (without water, by drycleaning)
en secreto {adv} :: in secret, secretly
en seguida {adv} :: alternative spelling of enseguida
enseguida {adv} :: immediately
ensello {m} :: kit, set
ensemble {m} :: ensemble
enseña {f} :: ensign
enseñable {adj} :: teachable (capable of being taught)
ensenada {f} :: cove
ensenadense {adj} :: of or from Ensenada
ensenadense {mf} :: Someone from Ensenada
enseñador {m} :: teacher, educator
enseñante {adj} :: teaching
enseñante {mf} :: teacher
enseñanza {f} :: teaching
enseñar {v} :: to teach
enseñar {v} :: to show
enseñorear {v} :: To dominate
enseñorear {vr} :: To take over
enseñorearse {v} [formal] :: to take over, take possession (of)
enseres {mp} :: belongings, possessions
enseres {mp} :: things
enseres {mp} :: appliance
enseres {mp} :: gear, equipment
en serie {adv} [electricity] :: in series
en serio {adv} :: seriously, in earnest
ensiforme {adj} :: ensiform
ensillar {v} :: to saddle
ensimismado {adj} :: introverted
ensimismado {adj} :: preoccupied, lost in thought, engrossed
ensimismamiento {m} :: self-absorption
ensimismarse {vr} :: to lose track; to become engrossed or isolated
en síntesis {adv} [idiomatic] :: in sum, to sum up
ensoberbecer {v} :: To cause to be haughty
ensoberbecido {adj} :: proud
ensobrar {v} :: to put in an envelope
ensogar {v} :: to tie up; noose
ensombrecer {v} :: to grow dark, darken, shade
ensoñación {f} :: daydream
ensoñador {adj} :: dreamy (resembling a dream)
ensoñador {m} :: dreamer
ensoñar {v} :: to daydream, dream, fantasise
ensopado {adj} :: drenched
ensopar {v} :: to soak
ensordecedor {adj} :: deafening
ensordecer {vt} :: to deafen
ensordecer {vr} :: to go deaf
ensordecimiento {m} [linguistics] :: devoicing
ensortijado {adj} :: curly
ensortijar {v} :: to curl
ensortijar {v} :: to put a ring into
enstatita {f} [mineral] :: enstatite
ensuciar {v} :: to soil or stain
ensuciar {v} :: to defile
ensuciarse {v} :: reflexive of ensuciar
ensueño {m} :: daydream
ensueño {m} :: dream
en su fuero interno {adv} [idiomatic] :: deep down; in one's heart of hearts
ensullo {m} :: synonym of enjulio
en suma {adv} [idiomatic] :: on the whole, all in all
en su salsa {adv} [idiomatic] :: in one's element
en sus cabales {adv} [idiomatic] :: in one's right mind
entablado {m} :: boarding, planking
entablamento {m} :: entablature
entablar {vt} :: to initiate; to strike up (especially a conversation, relationship)
entablar {vt} :: to cover or reinforce with boards
en tablas {adv} :: in a tie (at the end of a game)
entablillar {vt} :: to splint
entado {adj} [heraldry] :: Joined together at a point
entado en punta {adj} [heraldry] :: enté en point
entalladísimo {adj} :: superlative of entallado
entallador {m} :: sculptor
entallador {m} :: engraver
entalladora {f} :: feminine noun of entallador
entalladura {f} :: notch; slit
entallar {v} :: to tailor, fit
entalpía {f} [physics] :: enthalpy
en tanto {prep} [idiomatic] :: inasmuch as
entapizar {v} :: to carpet
entarimado {m} :: planking, floorboards
éntasis {f} :: entasis
-ente {suffix} :: alternative form of -ante
ente {m} :: being
ente {m} :: entity
entecar {vr} [León] :: to be stubborn
enteco {adj} :: sickly, frail, weak
entelequia {f} :: entelechy
entelequia {f} :: pipe dream
entena {f} [nautical] :: A yard on a lateen
entenada {f} :: stepdaughter
entenada {f} [Nicaragua] :: An illegitimate stepdaughter. A girlfriend’s child sired by a previous boyfriend
entenado {m} :: stepchild, stepson
entenado {m} [Nicaragua] :: An illegitimate stepson. A girlfriend’s child sired by a previous boyfriend
entendederas {fp} :: knowledge, brains
entendedor {m} :: understander (someone who understands (something))
entendedora {f} :: feminine noun of entendedor
entender {v} :: to understand
entender {v} :: to hear
entender {vi} [slang] :: to be queer; to bat for the other team
entender {vr} :: to get on; get along
entender {vr} :: to get it on; do it (have an amorous relationship)
entenderse {v} :: reflexive of entender
entendérselas {v} [idiom] :: to deal with (something); to sort things out
entendible {adj} :: understandable
entendido {adj} :: expert, knowledgeable
entendimiento {m} :: understanding
entenebrecer {v} :: to darken
entente {f} :: entente
enteogénico {adj} :: entheogenic
enteógeno {m} :: entheogen
en teoría {adv} :: in theory, theoretically
enteramente {adv} :: entirely
enterar {vt} :: to inform
enterar {vr} :: to find out
entercarse {vr} :: to become stubborn
enterecito {adj} :: diminutive of entero
entereza {f} :: integrity, strength of character, composure, self-possession
entérico {adj} :: enteric
enteritis {f} [disease] :: enteritis
enterito {adj} :: diminutive of entero
enterizo {adj} :: one-piece
enternecedor {adj} :: touching, moving
enternecer {v} :: to get moved
enternecer {v} :: to be touched
enternecimiento {m} :: act of being moved (to pity etc.)
entero- {prefix} :: entero-
entero {adj} :: whole; entire
entero {m} [mathematics] :: whole number, integer
enterobiasis {m} [cytology] :: enterobiasis
enterocito {m} [cytology] :: enterocyte
enterocolitis {f} :: enterocolitis
enteropatía {f} :: enteropathy
enterovirus {m} [virology] :: enterovirus
enterrado {adj} :: buried
enterrador {m} :: burier; interrer
enterrador {m} [bullfighting] :: One of the matador's assistants, who rings around the bull after it has received the estocada in order to speed up the death
enterramiento {m} :: burial; interment; entombment
enterramiento {m} :: tomb; grave
enterrar {v} :: to bury; to entomb
enterrarse {v} :: reflexive of enterrar
entesar {vt} :: to strengthen
entesar {vt} :: to stretch, to tighten
entibación {f} :: trench shoring
entibiar {vt} [cooking] :: to heat up, to warm
entibiar {vt} :: to cool down, to lessen (emotions, etc.)
entidad {f} :: entity
entierro {m} :: burial, interment
entiesar {v} :: to stiffen
entintador {adj} :: inking
entintador {m} :: inker
entintadora {f} :: feminine noun of entintador
entintar {v} :: to ink
ento- {prefix} :: ento-
en toda regla {adv} [idiomatic] :: by all means, through and through
en todas partes cuecen habas {phrase} :: It's the same thing that happens wherever you go
en todo caso {adv} :: at any rate, in any case
entoldar {v} :: to cover with an awning or similar structure
entoldar {v} :: To cloud over
entoldar {vr} :: to get airs
entomatada {f} :: A type of tortilla fried in tomato sauce. The recipe is from Mexico
entomatar {v} :: to cook or serve with tomatoes
entomatar {v} :: to throw a tomato at
entomo- {prefix} :: entomo-
entomófilo {adj} :: Attracted to or interested in insects
entomófilo {adj} [botany] :: Pollinated by insects
entomóloga {f} :: feminine noun of entomólogo
entomología {f} :: entomology
entomológico {adj} :: entomological
entomólogo {m} :: entomologist
entonación {f} [linguistics] :: intonation (the rise and fall of the voice in speaking)
entonar {v} :: to be in tune
entonar {v} :: to tune up
entonar {v} :: to croon, sing
entonce {adv} :: obsolete spelling of entonces
entonces {conj} :: then; at that time; next
entonces {conj} :: then, therefore, so
entontecer {v} :: to make silly
entoprocto {m} [zoology] :: entoproct
entorchado {m} :: gold braid
entorchado {m} :: victory
entorchar {v} :: to make into a torch
entorchar {v} :: to braid
entornar {v} :: to leave ajar
entornar {v} :: to slightly open
en torno {adv} :: around, in the surroundings
entorno {m} :: surroundings
en torno a {prep} :: about, regarding
en torno a {prep} :: around (approximately)
en torno de {prep} :: around, about (near, in the vicinity of)
en torno de {prep} :: about, concerning, regarding
entorpecer {v} :: to dull, blunt
entorpecer {v} :: to make sluggish
entorpecer {v} :: to delay, obstruct
entorpecido {adj} :: slowed, made torpid
entorpecido {adj} :: befuddled, confused, clouded, deadened
entorpecido {adj} :: hampered, delayed
entorpecido {adj} :: jammed, gotten stuck
entorpecido {adj} :: obstructed
entorpecimiento {m} :: obstruction, hindrance
entorpecimiento {m} :: bluntness, dullness
entorrinal {adj} [anatomy] :: entorhinal
entortijar {v} [obsolete] :: to curl (hair)
en total {adv} :: in total
entourage {m} :: entourage
entrabar {v} [Latin America] :: To lay down obstacles
entrada {f} :: entrance
entrada {f} :: entry
entrada {f} [linear algebra] :: entry
entrada {f} :: ticket
entrada {f} [computing] :: computer port
entrada {f} :: starter, appetizer, entrée (food)
entrada {f} [in plural] :: (area of) receding hairline
entrada {f} :: downpayment
entradilla {f} :: lede
entradito {adj} :: diminutive of entrado
entramado {m} :: framework, structure
entramado {m} [metaphoric] :: Framework of ideas or opinions
entramar {v} [architecture] :: To make a framework for
entrambos {adj} :: both
entrampar {v} :: to entrap
entraña {f} :: bowel
entraña {f} [usually in plural] :: [educated] bowels (seat of emotions)
entraña {f} [usually in plural] :: essence, core
entrañable {adj} :: warm, loving, close, intimate; deep (relationship)
entrañable {adj} :: charming (personality)
entrañablemente {adv} :: deeply, sincerely
entrañar {vt} :: to contain
entrañar {vt} :: to imply (especially risks, dificulties, responsibilities)
entrante {adj} :: incoming
entrar {v} :: to enter, to go into, to start
entre {prep} :: between
entre {prep} :: among, amongst
entreabierto {adj} :: ajar (slightly openend)
entreabrir {vt} :: to leave open or ajar
entreacto {m} :: intermission, entr'acte
entre bastidores {prep} :: behind the scenes (behind the scenery and backdrop area)
entre bastidores {prep} :: behind the scenes (in secret)
entre bromas y veras {adv} [idiomatic] :: half-jokingly
entrecalle {f} [architecture] :: A kind of groove in between molds
entrecano {adj} [of hair] :: greyish, greying
entrecasa {f} :: only in de entrecasa
entrecejo {m} :: glabella (the space between the eyebrows)
entrecerrado {v} :: past participle of entrecerrar
entrecerrar {v} :: to squint (usually succeeded by los ojos)
entrecerrar {v} :: to close halfway, to leave ajar
entrechocar {vi} :: to clank, chatter, clunk
entrechocar {vr} :: to clank
entrecomillado {adj} :: between quotes, between inverted commas
entrecomillado {f} :: the writing between the inverted commas
entrecomillar {v} :: to put in quotation marks
entrecortadamente {adv} :: falteringly, breathlessly
entrecortar {v} :: to intersect
entrecortar {v} :: to interrupt
entrecot {m} [gastronomy] :: entrecôte
entrecruzamiento {m} :: crossover
entrecruzar {v} :: to interweave, to crisscross, to cross over
entrecruzar {vr} :: to crisscross, to cross
entrecubierta {f} :: space between decks
entredecir {v} [archaic] :: to interdict
entredicho {m} :: question, doubt
entredicho {m} :: interdiction, ban
entredientes {adv} :: Literally, "between teeth"; under one's breath; in a murmur; quietly; especially, so as to avoid being overheard, as when saying something disrespectful
entre el montón {adj} [idiom] :: dime a dozen
entrega {f} :: delivery
entrega {f} :: submission
entrega {f} :: installment
entrega {f} :: abandon, devotion
entregable {m} :: deliverable
entregado {adj} :: delivered, submitted
entregado {adj} :: dedicated, devoted
entregar {vt} :: to deliver; hand over
entregar {vt} :: to submit
entregar {vt} :: to turn in (e.g. homework), hand in
entregar {vr} :: to surrender (oneself)
entre gitanos no nos leemos las cartas {proverb} :: Literally: among gypsies we don't read the cards is used to indicate that one knows well somebody's tricks and cannot be fooled easily
entreguerras {f} :: The period of time between two wars
entreguismo {m} :: defeatism
entreguismo {m} :: appeasement
entreguista {mf} :: traitor
entrehierro {m} [physics] :: air gap
entre horas {adv} [idiom] :: between meals
entre la espada y la pared {proverb} :: between a rock and a hard place, between Scylla and Charybdis, caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, be on the horns of a dilemma, up shit creek
entrelazado {adj} :: interlaced
entrelazamiento {m} :: entanglement
entrelazar {v} :: to interlace
entrelínea {adj} :: between the lines
entrelíneas {adj} :: plural of entrelínea
entremedio {adj} :: archaic spelling of intermedio
entremedio {adv} :: in the middle
entremedio {m} :: interval; intermission
entremés {m} :: appetizer
entremés {m} :: humorous and dramatic interlude
entremés {m} :: type of mask, mummery mask
entremeterse {v} :: To meddle; get involved
entremetido {adj} :: nosy, meddlesome
entremezclar {v} :: to intermingle
entrenado {adj} :: trained
entrenador {m} :: trainer
entrenadora {f} :: (female) coach (trainer)
entrenadora personal {f} :: feminine noun of entrenador personal
entrenador elíptico {m} :: elliptical trainer
entrenador personal {m} :: personal trainer
entrenamiento {m} :: training, workout
entrenamiento de fuerza {m} :: strength training
entrenar {vtr} :: to train
entrenarse {v} :: reflexive of entrenar
entreno {m} :: training session
entrenudo {m} :: internode
entreoír {v} :: to hear faintly, to barely hear
entrepalos {m} [nautical] :: staysail
entrepán {m} :: sandwich
entrepaño {m} :: part of a wall
entrepaño {m} :: shelf
entrepaso {m} [of a horse] :: rack
entrepierna {f} :: crotch (area of a person’s body where the legs fork)
entrepiernado {adj} :: lying down with interlocking legs
entrepiso {m} [architecture] :: mezzanine
entre pitos y flautas {adv} [idiomatic] :: among other things
entreplanta {f} :: synonym of entresuelo
entrepuente {m} :: space between decks
Entre Ríos {prop} :: Entre Ríos
entrerriano {adj} :: of or from Entre Ríos
entrerriano {m} :: Someone from Entre Ríos
entresacar {v} :: to pick out
entresemana {adv} :: on a weekday (the days Monday through Friday)
entresijo {m} :: mesentery
entresijos {mp} :: ins and outs
entresuelo {m} :: entresol
entre tanto {adv} :: alternative form of entretanto
entretanto {adv} :: meanwhile
entretanto {m} :: time being; mean time
entretejer {v} :: to interweave, weave
entretela {f} :: interfacing
entretela {f} [figurative, usually in plural in the phrase "de sus entretelas"] :: bosom, heart
entretelón {m} :: big curtain
entretelón {m} :: behind the scenes, backstage
entretención {f} [Latin America] :: entertainment
entretener {v} :: to entertain
entretenerse {v} :: reflexive of entretener
entretenido {adj} :: amusing, entertaining
entretenimiento {m} :: amusement
entretenimiento {m} :: entertainment
entretiempo {m} :: half time
entrevenir {v} [obsolete] :: to intervene
entrever {v} :: to glimpse
entreverado {adj} :: tangled
entreverar {v} :: to mix
entrevigado {m} :: beam filling, beam-fill
entrevista {f} :: an interview
entrevistador {m} :: interviewer (one who interviews)
entrevistadora {f} :: feminine of entrevistador
entrevistar {v} :: to interview
entrevistarse {v} :: reflexive of entrevistar
entripar {v} :: to soak
entrismo {m} :: entryism
entristecer {v} :: to sadden, make sad
entrojar {v} :: to store in a granary
en tromba {adv} [idiomatic] :: en masse
entrometerse {v} :: To meddle; get involved
entrometido {adj} :: meddlesome, intrusive
entrometimiento {m} :: interference, meddling
entronar {vt} :: to enthrone (to give authority or power to)
entroncar {v} :: to join, make a junction
entroncar {v} :: to link, have a link
entroncarse {v} :: to be related to, to have roots in
entronización {f} :: enthronement
entronizar {v} :: to enthrone
entronque {m} :: link
entronque {m} :: coupling (piece connecting two tubes)
entronque {m} :: junction (connection of two roads)
entropezar {v} :: obsolete form of tropezar
entropía {f} :: entropy
entrópico {adj} :: entropic
entrujar {v} :: to store in a granary
entuavía {adv} :: obsolete spelling of todavía
entubación {f} :: intubation
entubamiento {m} :: The putting of piping or tubing into something
entubar {v} :: alternative form of intubar
entuerto {m} :: wrong, injustice
entumecer {v} :: to numb
entumecer {vr} :: to go numb
entumecimiento {m} :: numbness
entumido {adj} :: numb
entumido {adj} :: timid
entunicar {v} :: To put on a tunic
entunicar {v} :: To cover a wall with two layers of lime and sand, done before painting
enturbiar {v} :: to confuse
enturbiar {v} :: to cloud (a situation)
entusiasmado {adj} :: enthusiastic
entusiasmar {vt} :: to excite
entusiasmar {vr} :: to get excited
entusiasmarse {v} :: reflexive of entusiasmar
entusiasmo {m} :: enthusiasm
entusiasta {adj} :: enthusiastic
entusiasta {mf} :: enthusiast
entusiastamente {adv} :: enthusiastically
entusiástico {adj} :: enthusiastic
enucleación {f} :: enucleation
enumeración {f} :: list, enumeration
enumerar {v} :: to enumerate
en un abrir y cerrar de ojos {adv} [idiomatic] :: in the wink of an eye, in the blink of an eye, in the twinkling of an eye
enunciación {f} :: enunciation
enunciar {v} :: to enunciate
enunciativo {adj} :: expository, illustrating
en un decir Jesús {adv} [idiom] :: In a jiffy, in no time at all
en un pispás {adv} :: in a jiffy
en un principio {adv} [idiomatic] :: at the start; at the very beginning
en un santiamén {adv} [idiomatic] :: in a jiffy
enuresis {f} :: enuresis
envainador {adj} :: sheathing
envainar {v} :: to sheathe
envainársela {v} [idiom] :: to take it back
envalentonado {adj} :: encouraged; empowered
envalentonamiento {m} :: boldness, bravery
envalentonar {v} :: to embolden
envanecer {v} :: to make (someone) proud
envanecer {vr} :: to become vain or conceited
envanecer {vr} :: to grow proud of
en vano {adv} :: in vain
envarar {v} :: to (cause to) go stiff
envasador {adj} [attributive] :: bottling
envasador {m} :: bottler
envasar {v} :: to bottle
envase {f} :: bottle, jar
envase {f} :: package, container
envejecer {v} :: to get old
envejecerse {v} :: to age, grow old
envejecido {adj} :: aged
envejeciente {adj} :: aging
envejeciente {mf} :: aging person
envejecimiento {m} :: aging
envenenado {adj} :: poisoned
envenenador {m} :: poisoner
envenenadora {f} :: feminine noun of envenenador
envenenamiento {m} :: poisoning
envenenar {v} :: to poison
envenenar {v} :: to interpret maliciously
envenenar {v} :: to make bitter
en verdad {adv} :: in truth, as a matter of fact
envergadura {f} :: wingspan (of a bird, airplane)
envergadura {f} [nautical] :: breadth, beam (of a boat)
envergadura {f} :: armspan
envergadura {f} [figuratively] :: magnitude, importance
envergar {v} [nautical] :: to attach a sail to the yardarm
envergonzar {v} [archaic] :: to embarrass
envergonzar {v} [archaic] :: to reverence or respect
envés {m} :: back (the reverse side of a leaf, fabric etc.)
en vez de {prep} :: instead of, in place of, rather than
enviable {adj} :: enviable
enviada {f} :: feminine noun of enviado
enviado {m} :: delegate, envoy, emissary
enviar {v} :: to send
enviciador {adj} :: addictive
enviciamiento {m} :: The uptake of a vice
enviciar {v} :: to corrupt
envidar {v} [obsolete] :: to invite
envidar {v} [card games] :: to bid
envidia {f} :: envy
envidiable {adj} :: enviable
envidiablemente {adv} :: enviably
envidiar {v} :: to envy
envidioso {adj} :: envious
envigar {vt} :: to put in beams (into a building)
en vigor {adj} :: in force, applicable
envilecer {v} :: to debase, to devalue
envilecimiento {m} :: degradation, humiliation
en vilo {adv} [idiomatic] :: In the air without subjection or support
en vilo {adv} [idiomatic] :: In suspense, with inquietude; on pins and needles
envío {m} :: shipment, sending
envión {m} :: thrust
envite {m} :: push, shove
enviudar {v} :: to be widowed
en vivo {adv} [idiomatic] :: live (in person, in front of an audience)
en volandas {adv} [idiomatic] :: swiftly, in two shakes of a lamb's tail
en volandas {adv} :: flying
envoltorio {m} :: bundle
envoltorio {m} :: wrapper, wrapping
envoltura {f} :: case, sheath
envoltura {f} :: envelope
envoltura {f} [obsolete] :: swaddling clothes
envolvente {adj} :: surrounding, ambient
envolver {v} :: to wrap
envolver {v} :: to involve
envolvimiento {m} :: wrapping, wrapping up
envolvimiento {m} :: involvement
envolvimiento {m} [military] :: encirclement
en voz alta {adv} [idiomatic] :: Literally "in a high voice"; out loud; aloud; using the voice; not silently
en voz baja {adv} :: quietly (of speaking); literally, in a low voice
envuelto {adj} :: wrapped
envuelto {adj} :: involved
enxiemplo {m} :: obsolete spelling of ejemplo
enyegüecido {adj} [Chile, colloquial] :: smitten, obsessed, hyperfocused; of or relating to love goggles, tunnel vision, love is blind
enyerbar {v} [Cuba] :: to bewitch
enyerbar {v} [Mexico] :: to give someone a poisonous drink
enyerbar {v} [pronomial] :: [said of terrain] to cover with grass
enyesar {v} :: to plaster
enyesar {v} :: to mix with plaster
enzacatar {v} [Central America] :: to cover with grass
enzarzar {v} :: to entangle in brambles
enzarzar {v} :: to push into a fight
enzarzar {vr} :: to get caught up in brambles
enzarzar {vr} :: to get caught up in a fight
enzima {f} [enzyme] :: enzyme
enzimáticamente {adv} :: enzymatically
enzimático {adj} :: enzymatic
-eo {suffix} :: -eous; Used to form adjectives meaning resembling or having characteristics of the related term
-eo {suffix} :: Used to create nouns from verbs suffixed with -ear
EOI {initialism} :: A Spanish network of language schools run by the state
eolia {f} :: feminine noun of eolio
eólico {adj} :: aeolian
eolio {adj} :: Aeolian
eolio {m} :: Aeolian
Eolo {prop} {m} :: Aeolus
eón {m} :: eon, eternity
eón {m} [geology] :: eon
eonaviego {adj} :: Eonavian
eonaviego {m} :: Eonavian
Eos {prop} {f} :: Eos (Greek goddess)
eosinofilia {f} :: eosinophilia
eosinófilo {m} [cytology, immunology] :: eosinophil
epa {interj} :: hey
Epaña {prop} {f} :: eye dialect of España
epanadiplosis {f} :: epanadiplosis
epanalepsis {f} :: epanalepsis
eparca {f} :: eparch
eparquía {f} :: eparchy
eparquial {adj} :: eparchial
epasote {m} :: alternative spelling of epazote
epatante {adj} :: amazing
epatar {v} :: to astonish; to amaze
epatar {v} :: to terrify
epazote {m} :: epazote
epéntesis {f} :: epenthesis
epentético {adj} :: epenthetic
eperlán {m} :: European smelt
epi- {prefix} :: epi- (above, over, on, in addition to)
epibentos {m} :: epibenthos
épica {f} :: The epic genre, epic poetry
epicaricacía {f} :: schadenfreude
epicarpio {m} [botany] :: epicarp, exocarp
epicedio {m} :: epicede, epicedium
epiceno {adj} [grammar, of gender] :: common; epicene
epiceno {m} :: epicene; an epicene word (especially a noun)
epicentral {adj} :: epicentral
epicentro {m} :: epicentre, epicenter
epiciclo {m} :: epicycle
epicicloide {m} [geometry] :: epicycloid
epíclesis {f} [Christianity] :: epiclesis
épico {adj} :: epic
epicóndilo {m} [anatomy] :: epicondyle
epicontinental {adj} :: epicontinental
epicraneal {adj} [anatomy] :: epicranial
epicrisis {f} :: epicrisis
epicúrea {f} :: feminine of epicúreo
epicureísmo {m} :: Epicureanism
epicúreo {adj} :: epicurean
epicúreo {m} :: epicurean
Epicuro {prop} {m} :: Epicurus (ancient Greek philosopher)
epidemia {f} [diseases] :: An epidemic
epidémico {adj} :: epidemic
epidemióloga {f} :: feminine of epidemiólogo
epidemiología {f} :: epidemiology
epidemiológicamente {adv} :: epidemiologically
epidemiológico {adj} :: epidemiological
epidemiólogo {m} :: epidemiologist
epidérmico {adj} :: epidermic, epidermal
epidermis {f} [anatomy] :: epidermis
epidermoide {adj} :: epidermoid
epididimitis {f} [pathology] :: epididymitis
epidídimo {m} [anatomy] :: epididymis
epidota {f} [mineral] :: epidote
epidural {f} :: epidural
epidural {adj} :: epidural
Epífanes {prop} {m} [history] :: Epiphanes (epithet)
epifanía {f} :: epiphany (manifestation or appearance of a divine or superhuman being)
Epifanía {f} [Christianity] :: Epiphany
epífisis {f} :: epiphysis
epifita {f} :: alt form epífita
epífita {f} [botany] :: epiphyte
epífito {m} :: epiphyte
epifonema {m} [rhetoric] :: epiphonema
epífrasis {f} [rhetoric] :: epiphrasis
epigástrico {adj} [anatomy] :: epigastric
epigastrio {m} [anatomy] :: epigastrium
epigénesis {f} [biology] :: epigenesis
epigenético {adj} [genetics] :: epigenetic (of or relating to epigenetics)
epiglotis {f} :: epiglottis
epígona {f} :: feminine noun of epígono
epígono {m} :: follower, imitator
epígrafe {m} :: epigraph
epigrafía {f} :: epigraphy, epigraphics
epigráficamente {adv} :: epigraphically
epigráfico {adj} :: epigraphic
epigrafista {mf} :: epigraphist
epigrama {m} :: epigram
epigramático {adj} :: epigrammatic
epigramatista {mf} :: epigrammatist
Épila {prop} :: Épila (municipality)
Épila {prop} :: Épila (city)
epilepsia {f} :: epilepsy
epiléptico {adj} :: epileptic
epílogo {m} :: epilogue
epimerasa {f} [enzyme] :: epimerase
Epimeteo {prop} {m} [Greek mythology] :: Epimetheus (son of Iapetus and Clymene)
epinefrina {f} :: epinephrine, adrenaline
epineuston {m} :: epineuston
epinicio {m} :: victory song, ode
epipelágico {adj} :: epipelagic
epiplancton {m} [biology] :: epiplankton
epiploico {adj} [anatomy] :: epiploic
epiplón {m} :: omentum
Epiro {prop} {m} :: Epirus
epirota {adj} :: Epirote
epirota {mf} :: Epirote
episcopado {m} :: bishopric
episcopado {m} :: episcopate
episcopal {adj} :: episcopal
episcopalmente {adv} :: episcopally
episiotomía {f} [surgery] :: episiotomy
episódicamente {adv} :: episodically
episódico {adj} :: episodic
episodio {m} :: episode (installment of a drama told in parts)
episodio {m} [medicine] :: attack
epispadia {f} :: alt form epispadias
epispadias {m} [medicine] :: epispadias
epistémico {adj} :: epistemic
epistemóloga {f} :: (female) epistemologist
epistemología {f} :: epistemology
epistemológicamente {adv} :: epistemologically
epistemológico {adj} :: epistemological
epistemólogo {m} :: epistemologist
epístola {f} :: epistle
epistolar {adj} :: epistolary
epistolario {m} :: papal letters (collection)
epitáfico {adj} :: epitaphic
epitafio {m} :: epitaph
epitalámico {adj} :: epithalamic
epitalamio {m} :: epithalamium
epitálamo {m} [anatomy] :: epithalamus (segment of the diencephalon)
epitaxia {f} :: epitaxy
epitelial {adj} :: epitelial
epitelio {m} [anatomy, botany] :: epithelium
epítesis {f} [linguistics] :: epithesis
epíteto {m} :: epithet
epitomar {v} :: to summarise
epítome {m} :: epitome
epítopo {m} :: epitope
época {f} :: epoch, era, age
época {f} :: season, time
época {f} :: period (of time)
época {f} [geology] :: epoch
epocal {adj} :: epoch-making; epochal
epodo {m} :: epode
epoetina {f} :: epoetin
epónimo {adj} :: eponymous
epónimo {m} :: eponym
epopeya {f} :: epic, epic poem
epopeya {f} :: epopee
epopéyico {adj} :: epic
epoxidación {f} [organic chemistry] :: epoxidation
epóxido {m} [organic chemistry] :: epoxide
épsilon {f} :: epsilon; the Greek letter Ε, ε
epulón {m} [Ancient Rome] :: An organiser of feasts
equador {m} :: obsolete form of ecuador
equi- {prefix} :: Meaning equal
equidad {f} :: equity
equidistancia {f} :: equidistance
equidistante {adj} :: equidistant
equidistar {v} :: to be equidistant
equidna {m} :: echidna
équido {m} :: equid
equilátero {adj} :: equilateral
equilibradamente {adv} :: in balance
equilibrar {v} :: to balance
equilibrarse {v} :: reflexive of equilibrar
equilibrio {m} :: balance, equilibrium
equilibrio de Nash {m} :: Nash equilibrium
equilibrio general dinámico estocástico {m} [economics] :: dynamic stochastic general equilibrium
equilibrismo {m} :: tightrope walking
equilibrismo {m} :: balancing act (also figurative)
equilibrista {mf} :: equilibrist
equilibrista {mf} :: balancer
equilibrista {mf} :: tightrope walker
equimolar {adj} [chemistry] :: equimolar
equimosis {f} :: ecchymosis
equino {adj} :: equine
equino {m} :: equine
equinoccial {adj} [astronomy] :: equinoctial
equinoccio {m} :: equinox
equinoccio otoñal {m} [astronomy] :: autumnal equinox
equinoccio vernal {m} [astronomy] :: vernal equinox
equinodermo {adj} :: echinoderm
equinodermo {m} :: echinoderm
equinoideo {m} [zoology] :: echinoid
equipación {f} :: kit
equipaje {m} :: luggage
equipaje {m} :: baggage (portable traveling equipment)
equipal {m} [historical] :: A ground-level seat used by Aztec rulers in the manner of a throne
equipal {m} [Mexico] :: A type of reed or wicker chair with a leather-sheathed seat and back
equipamiento {m} :: equipment, gear
equipar {v} :: to equip
equiparable {adj} :: equatable; comparable
equiparación {f} :: comparison
equiparar {vt} :: to consider equivalent, equate
equipartición {f} :: equipartition
equipito {m} :: diminutive of equipo
equipo {m} :: team
equipo {m} :: equipment
equipo {m} :: device
equipolencia {f} :: equipollence
equipón {m} :: great team
equipotencial {adj} :: equipotential
equis {f} :: letter: x
equiseto {m} [plant] :: horsetail (Equisetum)
equitación {f} :: horseback riding
equitativamente {adv} :: equitably
equitativo {adj} :: equitable
equiuro {m} [zoology] :: echiuran
equiuroideo {m} [zoology] :: echiuran
equivalencia {f} :: equivalence
equivalente {adj} :: equivalent; tantamount
equivalentemente {adv} :: equivalently
equivaler {v} :: to be equivalent, to correspond
equivocación {f} :: error, mistake, slip
equivocadamente {adv} :: mistakenly
equivocado {adj} :: mistaken, wrong
equívocamente {adv} :: erroneously
equivocar {v} :: to mistake, mix up
equivocarse {vr} :: to make a mistake
equivocidad {f} :: equivocation
equívoco {adj} :: ambiguous; equivocal
equívoco {adj} :: erroneous
equívoco {m} :: error
Equuleus {prop} [constellation] :: Equuleus (second smallest constellation of the northern sky)
-er {suffix} :: The infinitive suffix for many verbs
-era {suffix} :: indicates a place or object where something can be found, kept or done
-era {suffix} :: indicates a physical state or disability
-era {suffix} :: forms names of certain plants or trees from the name of their fruit
era {f} :: era
era {f} [geology] :: era
era {f} :: threshing floor
era {f} :: tipple
eral {mf} :: A young bull between two and three years old
éramos pocos y parió la abuela {phrase} [idiomatic] :: if that wasn't enough; things went from bad to worse
erandiotarra {adj} :: Of, from, or relating to Erandio
erandiotarra {mf} :: Someone from Erandio
erario {m} :: treasury (public finance)
érase que se era {phrase} :: once upon a time
érase una vez {phrase} [used at the beginnings of fairytales] :: once upon a time
erasmista {adj} :: Erasmist
erasmista {mf} :: Erasmist
erbio {m} :: erbium
ere {f} :: Name of the letter r
ERE {acronym} :: layoff (A dismissal of employees from their jobs because of tightened budgetary constraints or work shortag)
-eré {suffix} :: Suffix indicating the third-person singular future indicative of -er verbs
Érebo {prop} {m} :: Erebus
erección {f} [physiology] :: erection
erección {f} :: erection (of a building)
eréctil {adj} :: erectile
erecto {adj} :: erect; raised
ere eréa {adv} [Paraguay] :: et cetera, and so on
-eréis {suffix} :: Suffix indicating the second-person plural future indicative of -er verbs
eremita {mf} :: hermit
eremítico {adj} :: eremitic
eremitismo {m} :: hermitism
eremitorio {m} :: hermitage
Ereván {prop} {m} :: Yerevan
ergástula {f} :: ergastulum
ergativo {adj} :: ergative
ergativo {m} :: ergative; ergative case
ergio {m} :: erg (unit)
ergo {conj} :: ergo, therefore
ergonomía {f} :: ergonomics
ergonómico {adj} :: ergonomic
erguir {v} [rare] :: to elevate, lift up, erect
-ería {suffix} :: Turns a noun into a store or restaurant that sells such an item; -ery
-ería {suffix} :: Characteristic of; -ery
ería {f} [Asturias] :: large parcel of subdivided farmland
erial {adj} :: barren, uncultivated, deserted; of wasteland
erial {m} :: uncultivated land, wasteland
ericoide {adj} :: ericoid
Eridanus {prop} [constellation] :: Eridanus (constellation)
erigir {v} :: to build, build up
erigir {v} :: to set up, establish
erigir {v} :: to erect
erina {f} [medicine] :: surgical hook
Eris {prop} {m} [Greek god] :: Eris (Greek goddess of chaos)
Eris {prop} {m} [astronomy] :: Eris (dwarf planet)
erística {f} :: eristic
eritema {m} [pathology] :: erythema
eritematoso {adj} :: erythematous
eritorbato {m} [organic compound] :: erythorbate
eritrea {f} :: feminine noun of eritreo
Eritrea {prop} {f} :: Eritrea
eritreo {adj} :: Eritrean
eritreo {m} :: Eritrean
eritro- {prefix} :: erythro-
eritrocito {m} [cytology] :: erythrocyte, red blood cell
eritromicina {f} [medicine] :: erythromycin
eritropoyesis {f} [biology] :: erythropoiesis
eritropoyetina {f} :: erythropoietin
eritrosa {m} [carbohydrate] :: erythrose
eritrulosa {f} [carbohydrate] :: erythrulose
erizar {vt} :: to bristle
erizar {v} [by extension] :: to become uneasy, tense, nervous
erizo {m} :: hedgehog
erizo {m} :: sea urchin
erizo común {m} :: European hedgehog
erizo de mar {m} :: sea urchin
erlotinib {m} :: erlotinib
ermita {f} :: hermitage
ermita {f} :: An isolated chapel, shrine or other sanctuary, often in the care of a hermit or anchorite
ermitaña {f} :: feminine of ermitaño
ermitaño {m} :: eremite
ermitaño {m} :: hermit
ermitorio {m} :: chapel
ermitorio {m} :: group of chapels
Ernestina {prop} {f} :: given name, cognate to Ernestine
Ernesto {prop} {m} :: given name
-ero {suffix} :: forms occupations and other nouns of agent from nouns
-ero {suffix} :: forms places where a noun generally resides
-ero {suffix} :: forms adjective from nouns
-ero {suffix} :: forms tree names from their fruit
erogación {f} [Latin America] :: expenditure
erogación {f} :: distribution
erogar {v} :: to distribute
erogar {v} :: to pay
erógeno {adj} :: erogenous
eros {m} :: eros; sexual desire
eros {m} [psychiatry] :: libido
Eros {prop} {m} [Greek god] :: Eros (god of love)
erosión {m} [geology] :: erosion
erosionar {v} :: to succumb to erosion; to erode
erosivo {adj} :: erosive
erótica {f} :: eroticism
eróticamente {adv} :: erotically
erótico {adj} :: erotic
erotismo {m} :: erotism
erotizar {v} :: to eroticize (make erotic)
erotofobia {f} :: erotophobia
erque {m} [musical instrument] :: a type of long horn used in northwestern Argentina
errabundo {adj} :: wandering; roaming; nomadic
erradamente {adv} :: mistakenly, wrongly
erradicación {f} :: eradication, removal
erradicar {v} :: to eradicate, eliminate
erraj {m} :: alternative spelling of herraj
errante {adj} :: wandering; nomadic
errante {adj} :: stray
errar {v} :: to miss
errar {v} :: to be wrong
errar {v} :: to wander around
errata {f} :: erratum, typographical mistake
errata {f} :: errata (added page listing the errors which were discovered after printing)
erráticamente {adv} :: erratically
errático {adj} :: erratic
erre {f} :: letter: r
erre {f} :: The name of the digraph rr, sometimes treated as a letter
errejonismo {m} :: Support for Íñigo Errejón, Spanish politician
errejonismo {m} :: The political beliefs of Íñigo Errejón
errejonista {adj} :: Of, supporting, or pertaining to Íñigo Errejón, Spanish politician
errejonista {mf} :: A supporter of Íñigo Errejón
erre que erre {adv} [idiomatic] :: stubbornly, pigheadedly
erróneamente {adv} :: erroneously
erróneo {adj} :: erroneous
erróneo {adj} :: fallacious
error {m} :: error
errorcito {m} :: diminutive of error
ertapenem {m} :: ertapenem
ertzaina {mf} :: A member of the Ertzaintza, police force of the Basque Country
Ertzaintza {prop} {f} :: The police force of the Basque Country
eructar {vi} :: to belch, burp
eructo {m} :: belch, burp
erudición {f} :: erudition, learning
erudita {f} :: feminine noun of erudito
eruditamente {adv} :: eruditely, learnedly
eruditísimo {adj} :: superlative of erudito
erudito {adj} :: erudite, scholarly, learned
erudito {m} :: scholar, learned person
erupción {f} :: eruption
erupción {f} :: (skin) rash
erupcionar {vi} :: to erupt
erupción solar {f} [astronomy] :: solar flare
eruptivo {adj} :: eruptive
ervilla {f} :: vetch
ervilla {f} :: pea
ERYM {prop} {f} :: FYROM (abbreviation of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)
Erzurum {prop} :: Erzurum (city)
-es {suffix} :: suffix indicating the plural of nouns and adjectives ending in certain consonants (most often -l, -r, -n, -d, -z, -j, -s, -x, -ch, with some exceptions)
-es {suffix} :: suffix indicating the second-person singular present indicative of -er and -ir verbs
-es {suffix} :: suffix indicating the second-person singular present subjunctive of -ar verbs
-és {suffix} :: Forms nouns and adjectives of nationality:
-esa {suffix} :: feminine singular of -és
esa {adj} :: feminine singular of ese
esa {pron} :: alternative spelling of ésa
ésa {pron} :: feminine singular of ése
esas {adj} [demonstrative] :: feminine plural of ese those
esas {pron} [demonstrative] :: alternative spelling of ésas those ones
ésas {pron} :: feminine plural of ése; those ones
Esaú {prop} {m} [biblical character] :: Esau (son of Isaac and Rebekah)
esbatimento {m} [painting] :: shadow
esbeltez {f} :: slenderness
esbeltísimo {adj} :: superlative of esbelto
esbelto {adj} :: svelte, thin, slim, slender
esbirro {m} :: henchman, hired thug
esbozar {v} :: sketch (to create a sketch)
esbozo {m} :: stub, outline, sketch
-esca {suffix} :: feminine singular of -esco
esca {f} [dated] :: bait (substance used in catching fish)
escabechar {v} :: to pickle
escabeche {m} :: escabeche
escabeche {m} :: pickle (food preserved by pickling in vinegar)
escabechina {f} :: slaughter
escabel {m} :: footrest
escabiosis {f} :: scabies
escábrido {adj} :: scabrid
escabrosidad {f} :: scabbiness
escabroso {adj} :: rugged, jagged, rough, hard, in bad condition
escabroso {adj} [of land] :: uneven, slippery, hazardous for walking
escabroso {adj} :: dangerous, nearly inconvenient or immoral
escabullimiento {m} :: sneak, sneaking, slipping away
escabullir {vr} :: to sneak out, slip away, slip out
escabullirse {v} :: reflexive of escabullir
escachar {v} :: To smash; squash
escachar {v} :: To tear up
escaecer {v} :: to weaken
escafandra {f} :: diving suit
escafoide {adj} :: scaphoid
escafoideo {adj} [anatomy] :: scaphoid
escajo {m} :: tilling (of a field)
escala {f} :: scale
escala {f} :: stopover
escalabilidad {f} :: scalability
escalable {adj} :: climbable
escalable {adj} :: scaleable
escalabriniano {adj} :: Scalabrinian
escalabriniano {m} :: Scalabrinian
escalación {f} :: escalation
escalada {f} :: increase, rise
escalada {f} [climbing] :: climbing [the sport]
escalada {f} :: climb (act of climbing)
escalada en bloque {f} :: bouldering
escala de piedras {m} :: rock climbing
escalador {m} :: climber
escaladora {f} :: climber
escalafón {f} :: ranking, hierarchy; an echelon
escalafonamiento {m} :: making of a hierarchy, ranking
escalamiento {m} :: climbing
escalamiento {m} [legal] :: robbery or trespassing by scaling a building
escalamiento {m} :: escalation
Escalante {prop} {m} :: surname
escalar {vt} :: to scale, to climb
escalar {adj} :: scalar
Escalda {prop} {m} :: Scheldt (river)
escaldado {adj} :: scalded
escaldar {v} :: to scald
escaldar {vp} :: to get sore, to chafe, to excoriate
escáldico {adj} :: skaldic
escaleno {adj} [geometry] :: scalene (of a triangle, having no sides of equal length)
escalentar {v} [obsolete] :: to heat up
escalera {f} :: stairs
escalera {f} :: ladder
escalera {f} [poker] :: straight
escalera de caracol {f} [idiomatic] :: spiral staircase
escalera de color {f} [poker] :: straight flush
escalera de mano {f} :: ladder
escalera mecánica {f} :: escalator
escalerilla {f} :: stepladder
escalerita {f} :: diminutive of escalera
escalesia {f} :: A type of tree found in the Galápagos, in the genus Scalesia
escalfar {v} :: to poach (as an egg)
escalinata {f} :: ample, fancy staircase
escalinata {f} :: perron (flight of stairs)
escalivada {f} :: A dish consisting of roast peppers, aubergine and other vegetables
escalofriante {adj} :: chilling
escalofriante {adj} :: spooky, creepy
escalofriar {v} :: to chill; to cause to have chills
escalofrío {m} :: goose bumps, shiver or chills, especially those caused by fear
escalón {m} :: step (of a ladder, staircase)
escalón {m} :: grade, rank (in a hierarchy)
escalón {m} :: step, stage
escalón {m} :: drop
Escalona {prop} :: surname
escalonadamente {adv} :: step by step, gradually
escalonamiento {m} :: steps; stairway
escalonar {v} :: to alternate between; to stagger
escalonar {v} :: to add steps or stairs (to a structure)
escalopín {m} :: thin steak fillet
escalpelo {m} :: scalpel
escama {f} :: scale (of a fish or reptile)
escamar {v} :: to remove the scales from
escamar {v} [colloquial] :: to frighten
escamol {m} :: alternative form of escamole
escamole {m} [usually, in the plural, Mexico] :: The larvae of certain ants eaten as a delicacy
escamoso {adj} :: squamous, scaly
escamotear {v} :: to swipe or pilfer
escamotear {v} :: to do out of
escamoteo {m} :: slight of hand, legerdemain
escampar {v} [impersonal] :: to clear (to stop raining)
escampar {v} :: to stop
escampavía {m} :: a particular type of cutter (boat)
escanciador {m} :: A pourer of cider, done in the traditional way (explained at escanciar)
escanciador {m} :: A type of cider-pouring device, which allows the movement of air into the glass by pouring from a height, or that imitates pouring from a height
escanciar {v} :: to pour cider by raising the bottle over one's head and into the glass held tilted by one's waist. The pourer looks blankly forward, not at the bottle or at the glass. It is poured this way to allow air bubbles into the drink, and generally a few drops are spilt on the floor in the process
escanda {f} :: emmer
escandalete {m} :: diminutive of escándalo
escandalizar {v} :: to shock
escandalizar {v} :: to scandalize
escandallo {m} :: sampling (to probe something by taking samples)
escandallo {m} [nautical] :: lead, sounder
escandallo {m} [commercial] :: pricing (act of giving a price)
escandallo {m} :: price tag
escándalo {m} :: scandal
escandalosa {f} [nautical] :: topsail
escandalosamente {adv} :: scandalously
escandaloso {adj} :: scandalous
escandinava {f} :: feminine noun of escandinavo
Escandinavia {prop} {f} [sociopolitics] :: Escandinavia (cultural region)
Escandinavia {prop} {f} [geology] :: Escandinavia (peninsula)
escandinavo {adj} :: Scandinavian (from or pertaining to Scandinavia)
escandinavo {m} :: Scandinavian
escandio {m} :: scandium
escandir {v} :: to scan (as with poetry)
escanear {v} :: to scan
escaneo {m} :: scan
escáner {m} :: scanner
Escania {prop} {f} :: Scania (region of Sweden occupying the southernmost tip of the Scandinavian peninsula)
escaño {m} :: seat (membership in an organization, particularly a representative body)
escaño {m} [dated] :: bench
escantillón {m} [nautical] :: scantlings
escapada {f} :: escape, breakout
escapada {f} :: flight
escapada {f} :: break, trip, jaunt, ramble (short excursion for pleasure)
escapadita {f} :: diminutive of escapada
escapar {v} :: to escape
escaparate {m} :: window, shop window
escaparate {m} :: display cabinet
escaparatista {mf} :: window dresser
escaparse en una tabla {v} [idiomatic] :: to have a lucky escape; to get out of a tight corner
escapatoria {f} :: escape, exit, way out
escape {m} :: escape
escape {m} :: leak
escape {m} :: exhaust pipe, tailpipe
escapismo {m} :: escapism
escapista {adj} :: escapist
escapista {mf} :: escapist
escapo {m} [botany] :: scape
escápula {f} [skeleton] :: scapula
escapular {adj} [anatomy] :: scapular
escapulario {m} [zoology] :: scapular, scapulary
escapulario {m} [Christianity] :: scapular (a short cloak, now often with an embroidered image of a saint)
escaque {m} :: checkerboard
escaquearse {vr} :: to skive
escaques {mp} :: plural of escaque
escaques {mp} :: chess
escara {f} :: scab
escara {f} :: bedsore
escarabajear {v} :: To flit around; faff about
escarabajear {v} :: to doodle; scribble
escarabajear {v} :: to tickle; to have pins and needles
escarabajear {v} :: to worry; to bug
escarabajear {v} :: to squirm
escarabajito {m} :: diminutive of escarabajo
escarabajo {m} :: beetle
escarabajo sanjuanero {m} :: common cockchafer
escaramujo {m} :: rosehip
escaramuza {f} :: skirmish (a brief battle between small groups)
escaramuzador {m} :: skirmisher
escaramuzar {v} :: to skirmish
escarapela {f} :: cockade
escarapelar {vir} :: to have one's hair stand on end; to get goosebumps
escarapelar {v} :: to peel off; to come off
escarapelar {v} :: to bicker; to have a cat fight
escarbadientes {m} :: toothpick
escarbador {adj} :: scraping
escarbador {m} :: scraper
escarbar {v} :: to dig
escarbar {v} :: to dig about; poke about
escarcela {f} :: A type of pouch
escarcela {f} :: A hunter's netted bag or sack
escarcela {f} :: thighplate
escarcha {f} :: frost
escarcha {f} :: rime
escarchar {v} :: to frost
escardar {v} :: to weed out
escardillo {m} :: small hoe
escariar {v} :: to ream
escarificación {f} :: scarification
escarificador {m} :: harrow
escarificar {v} :: to harrow
escarioso {adj} :: scarious
escarlata {f} :: scarlet (color)
escarlatina {f} :: scarlet fever
escarmenar {v} :: to comb (wool)
escarmenar {v} :: to punish
escarmentar {v} :: to punish severly, reprimand, rebuke
escarmentar {v} :: to learn a lesson
escarmiento {m} :: punishment, example
escarnecer {v} :: to mock; to deride; to laugh at
escarnio {m} :: jibe, taunt
escarola {f} :: endive
escarpa {f} :: escarpment
escarpado {adj} :: steep
escarpado {adj} :: craggy
escarpadura {f} :: escarpment
escarpar {v} :: to escarp
escarpia {f} :: meathook
escarpín {m} [diving] :: bootee
escarpín {m} :: slipper
escarpín {m} :: outer sock
escarpín {m} :: ankle sock
escasamente {adv} :: sparsely, scantily
escasear {v} :: to be in short supply, be scarce, be hard to come by
escasez {f} :: shortage, scarcity
escasísimo {adj} :: superlative of escaso
escaso {adj} :: rare
escaso {adj} :: insufficient, scarce
escaso {adj} :: scanty
escatimar {v} :: to use sparingly, to skimp
escatología {f} :: eschatology
escatología {f} :: scatology
escatológico {adj} :: eschatological
escatológico {adj} :: scatological
escavar {v} :: to dig
escayola {f} :: plaster, stucco
escayolar {v} :: to put a plaster cast on
escena {f} :: scene
escena {f} :: stage
escenario {m} :: stage
escenario {m} :: scenario
escénicamente {adv} :: scenically
escénico {adj} :: scenic
escenificación {f} :: dramatization
escenificar {v} :: to stage, to produce on a stage
escenógrafa {f} :: feminine noun of escenógrafo
escenografía {f} :: set (scenery for a film or play)
escenografía {f} :: set design, scenography
escenografiar {v} :: to use scenography
escenográfico {adj} [theatre] :: scenographic
escenógrafo {m} :: stage designer, set designer
escéptica {f} :: feminine noun of escéptico
escepticismo {m} :: skepticism
escepticista {mf} :: Scepticist, skepticist
escéptico {adj} :: skeptical
escéptico {m} :: skeptic
escheriano {adj} :: Escherian
esciencia {f} [archaic] :: alternative form of ciencia
escifozoo {m} [zoology] :: scyphozoan
Escila {prop} {f} [Greek mythology] :: Scylla (personification of the rock)
escindente {adj} :: cutting; dividing
escindir {v} :: to split
escisión {f} :: split
escita {adj} :: Scythian
escita {mf} :: Scythian
Escitia {prop} {f} :: Scythia
esclarajo {m} :: lighter
esclarecedor {adj} :: enlightening
esclarecer {v} :: to clarify, to come to light
esclarecer {v} :: to bring out
esclarecer {v} :: to unravel
esclarecimiento {m} :: unveiling
esclava {f} :: (female) slave
esclava {f} :: bangle
esclavina {f} :: pellegrina
esclavina {f} :: small bangle
esclavismo {m} :: slavery
esclavista {adj} :: proslavery
esclavista {mf} :: one who is proslavery
esclavito {m} :: diminutive of esclavo
esclavitud {f} :: slavery
esclavización {f} :: enslavement
esclavizador {adj} :: enslaving
esclavizador {m} :: enslaver
esclavizadora {f} :: feminine noun of esclavizador
esclavizante {adj} :: enslaving
esclavizar {v} :: to enslave
esclavizar {v} [figurative] :: to put in chains, restrict
esclavo {m} :: slave
escleractinio {m} [zoology] :: scleractinian
esclerénquima {m} :: sclerenchyma
esclerito {m} :: sclerite
esclerodermia {f} [pathology] :: scleroderma
esclerófilo {m} :: sclerophyll
esclerosante {adj} :: sclerosing
esclerosar {v} :: to sclerose
esclerosis {f} [medical] :: sclerosis
esclerosis múltiple {f} :: multiple sclerosis
esclerótico {adj} :: sclerotic
esclerotización {f} :: sclerotization
esclerotizado {adj} :: sclerotized
esclusa {f} :: lock (of canal)
-esco {suffix} :: alternative form of -sco
escoba {f} :: broom, besom (domestic utensil)
escoba {f} :: Spanish broom, broom (bush of the genus retama)
escoba nueva barre bien {proverb} :: a new broom sweeps clean
escobar {v} :: to sweep (clean by sweeping)
Escobar {prop} :: surname
escobazo {m} :: A blow dealt with a broom
escobén {m} :: hawse
escobilla {f} :: brush
escobillón {m} [Chile, Argentina] :: broom
escocer {v} :: to sting, to smart
escocer {v} :: to irritate; get up someone's nose
escocer {vp} :: to chafe (get sore)
escocés {adj} :: Scottish (from or native to Scotland)
escocés {adj} :: Scottish (pertaining to Scotland)
escocés {m} :: a Scotsman
escocés {m} :: the Scottish Gaelic language
escocés {m} :: the Scots language
escocesa {f} :: feminine noun of escocés
Escocia {prop} {f} :: Scotland
escodar {v} :: to hew stones with an edged hammer
escofieta {f} [historical] :: A type of headdress worn by ladies
escofina {f} :: rasp (file)
escogencia {f} :: choice, agency
escoger {vt} :: to choose, select, pick
escogerse {v} :: reflexive of escoger
escogidista {adj} :: Of or related to Leones del Escogido, a baseball team from Dominican Republic
escogidista {mf} :: Someone associated with Los Leones del Escogido
escogido {adj} :: chosen
escogimiento {m} :: choice; the action of choosing
escolanía {f} :: boys' choir
escolapia {f} :: feminine of escolapio
escolapio {m} :: Piarist
escolar {adj} :: scholar; school
escolaridad {f} :: schooling
escolarización {f} :: schooling
escolarizar {vt} :: to school (to educate, teach, or train)
escolasticismo {m} [philosophy] :: scholasticism (school of philosophy combining classical philosophy with Catholic theology)
escolástico {adj} [philosophy] :: scholastic (of or pertaining to scholasticism)
escolástico {m} :: scholastic (a member of the medieval philosophical school of scholasticism)
escólex {m} :: scolex
escolio {m} :: scholium
escoliosis {f} [pathology] :: scoliosis
escollera {f} :: breakwater
escollo {m} :: reef, shoal
escollo {m} [figuratively] :: pitfall, stumbling block
escolopendra {f} :: Any of various centipedes of the genus Scolopendra
escolta {f} :: escort (body of armed men to attend a person)
escolta {f} [basketball] :: shooting guard
escolta {mf} :: bodyguard
escoltar {v} :: to escort
escombrar {v} :: to clear out, clean out
escombreo {m} :: The removal of rubble
escombrera {f} :: dumping site, dump, tip
escombro {m} [usually, in the plural] :: rubble
escombro {m} [fish] :: mackerel
escondelero {m} [El Salvador] :: hide and seek
esconder {vt} :: to hide
escondidamente {adv} :: hiddenly
escondido {adj} :: hidden
escondite {m} :: hiding place
escondite {m} [games] :: hide and seek game
escondite {m} :: hideout, lair
escondrijo {m} :: hiding place
escopeta {f} :: shotgun
escopeta de dos cañones {f} :: double-barrelled shotgun
escopetazo {m} :: gunshot
escopetera {f} :: feminine noun of escopetero
escopetero {m} [military] :: rifleman
escopetero {m} :: gunsmith
escoplear {v} :: to chisel
escoplo {m} :: chisel
escopolamina {f} :: scopolamine
escora {f} [nautical] :: list
escoración {f} :: leaning, tilting, listing
escorar {v} :: to list (as a boat)
escorarse {v} [nautical] :: to rock, tilt
escorbútico {adj} :: scorbutic
escorbuto {m} :: scurvy
escoria {f} :: slag
escoria {f} :: scum
escoria {f} [geology] :: scoria
escorial {m} :: slag heap
escorial {m} :: bed (of lava)
Escorial {prop} {m} :: A royal palace in Madrid
escoriar {v} :: scrape, abrade
Escorpio {prop} {m} [astrology] :: Scorpio (astrological sign)
escorpión {m} :: scorpion
escorpión {m} [astrology] :: Scorpio; someone born under the Scorpio constellation
Escorpión {prop} {m} [constellation] :: Scorpius (constellation)
escorrentía {f} :: runoff (portion of precipitation or irrigation which does not infiltrate)
escorzar {vt} :: to foreshorten
escorzo {m} :: foreshortening
escorzonera {f} :: black salsify
escota {f} [nautical] :: sheet (rope)
escotado {adj} :: low-cut
escotadura {f} [clothing] :: neckline; slit
escotadura {f} :: notch (a V-shaped cut)
escotar {vt} :: to make low-cut clothing
escotar {vi} :: to pay one's share of the cost
escote {m} :: cleavage, neckline
escotilla {f} :: hatch
escotillón {m} :: trapdoor
escozor {m} :: stinging
escozor {m} :: heartache
escrachar {v} [Argentina] :: to knock down; knock over
escrachar {v} [Argentina] :: to give away; rat on
escrache {m} :: public demonstration
escriba {m} :: scribe
escribana {f} :: feminine noun of escribano
escribanía {f} :: office of a notary
escribanía {f} :: notary (profession)
escribanía {f} :: secretary (type of desk)
escribanil {adj} :: scribal
escribano {m} :: scrivener
escribano {m} :: court clerk, notary
escribano {m} :: bunting (bird)
escribano soteño {m} :: The cirl bunting, a small bird
escribidor {m} :: scriptwriter
escribiente {mf} :: scribe
escribiente {mf} :: author
escribiente {mf} :: clerk
escribir {v} :: to write
escribir {v} :: to spell
escribir {vr} :: to correspond
escrito {adj} :: written
escrito {adj} :: Having stains or scratches resembling writing
escrito {m} :: writ
escrito {m} :: A typescript, embossed or pressed manuscript or document
escrito {m} :: A literary or scientific journal entry
escrito {m} :: A legal demand or allegation with regards to a cause or disagreement
escrito {m} :: A ray with a pointed snout, white stomach, reddish-gray back, strewn with white, motted hazel, and black spots
escritor {m} :: writer
escritora {f} :: feminine noun of escritor
escritorio {m} :: a writing desk
escritorio {m} :: a room where writing is done
escritorio {m} [computing] :: desktop (the main graphical user interface of an operating system)
escritura {f} :: document, deed
escritura {f} :: writing
escrituración {f} :: registration of a deed
escritural {adj} [attributive] :: writing
escrivania {f} :: A desk for writing on
escrofuloso {adj} [pathology] :: scrofulous
escrotal {adj} :: scrotal
escroto {m} [anatomy] :: scrotum
escrupulizar {v} :: to scruple
escrúpulo {m} :: qualm, apprehension, doubt, fear
escrúpulo {m} :: scruple
escrupulosamente {adv} :: scrupulously, with care and exactness
escrupulosidad {f} :: scrupulousness
escrupuloso {adj} :: qualmish
escrupuloso {adj} :: scrupulous
escrupuloso {adj} :: fussy
escrutador {m} [politics] :: vote counter
escrutar {v} :: to closely examine; to scrutinize
escrutar {v} [politics] :: to count votes
escrutinio {m} :: scrutiny
escrutinio {m} [politics] :: vote count
escúa ártica {f} :: Arctic skua (seabird)
escuadra {f} :: squadron
escuadra {f} :: squad
escuadra {f} :: set square
escuadrar {v} :: to square
escuadrilla {f} [military] :: squadron
escuadrón {m} :: squadron
escuadronar {v} [military] :: to arrange forces into a squadron or squadrons
escuálido {adj} :: feeble, weak
escuálido {adj} :: skinny
escualo {m} :: shark
escucha {f} :: listening
escucha {f} :: monitoring
escucha {f} :: tapping
escuchador {adj} :: hearing
escuchador {m} :: ear (someone or something hearing)
escuchador {m} :: listener
escuchar {vt} :: to listen to
escuchar {vi} :: to listen
escudar {v} :: to shield or block
escudería {f} :: The occupation of a squire
escudería {f} [motorsports] :: racing team
escudero {m} :: esquire, squire
escudero {m} :: shield-bearer
escudero {m} :: shield-maker
escudero {m} :: nobleman
escudete {m} :: scutellum
escudilla {f} :: bowl
escudo {m} :: shield
escudo {m} :: emblem
escudo {m} :: coat of arms
escudo {m} [geology] :: shield
escudo {m} [numismatics] :: Any of several, mostly historical, currencies including the escudo, écu, and the scudo
escudo humano {m} :: human shield
escudriñador {adj} :: inquiring; investigating
escudriñar {v} :: to scrutinize
escuela {f} :: school
escuela alta {f} [Louisiana] :: high school
escuelacitis {f} [colloquial, humorous] :: schoolitis
escuela normal {f} :: normal school
escuelear {v} [colloquial] :: to tame
escuelita {f} :: diminutive of escuela
escuerzo {m} :: toad (reptile)
escuetamente {adv} :: plainly, bluntly
escueto {adj} :: Plain, simple: with no adornment, with no superfluous detail, without anything unnecessary
escueto {adj} :: Brief, succinct
escuincla {f} :: feminine noun of escuincle
escuincle {m} [Mexico, slang, pejorative] :: kid, little boy
escuincle {m} :: street urchin
escuintla {f} :: feminine noun of escuintle
Escuintla {prop} :: Escuintla (department)
escuintle {m} [Mexico] :: alternative form of escuincle
esculpir {v} :: to sculpt
escultismo {m} :: scouting
escultor {m} :: sculptor
escultora {f} :: feminine noun of escultor
escultórico {adj} :: sculptural
escultura {f} :: sculpture (work of art created by sculpting)
escultural {adj} :: sculptural
escupida {f} [colloquial] :: spittle, spit
escupidera {f} :: spittoon
escupidor {adj} :: spitting
escupidor {m} :: spitter (someone or something that spits)
escupidor de fuego {m} :: firebreather
escupidura {f} [colloquial] :: spittle, spit
escupir {vti} :: to spit (evacuate saliva or another substance from the mouth)
escupitajo {m} [colloquial] :: spittle, spit
escupo {m} :: spit; spitwad
escurialense {mf} :: someone from El Escorial
escurialense {adj} :: of or from El Escorial
escuridad {f} :: obsolete form of oscuridad
escurísimo {adj} :: superlative of escuro
escuro {adj} :: obsolete spelling of oscuro
escurreplatos {m} :: drainer
escurridizo {adj} :: slippery, slick
escurrido {adj} :: narrow
escurridor {m} :: colander, strainer
escurridor {m} :: drying rack
escurrimiento {m} :: surface runoff
escurrir {v} :: to wring
escurrir {v} :: to slip away, escape
escurrir {v} :: to drain
escurrir el bulto {v} [idiomatic] :: to duck out
escusado {m} :: alternative form of excusado
escusar {v} [obsolete] :: to hide
escusón {m} [heraldry] :: escutcheon
escúter {m} :: scooter
es decir {phrase} :: rather, in other words
Esdras {prop} {m} [bible] :: Ezra (the book of the Bible)
esdrújulo {adj} :: Of a word whose antepenultimate (third to last) syllable is stressed: proparoxytone
ese {f} :: letter: s
ese {adj} [demonstrative] :: that
ese {interj} [Mexico, colloquial] :: hello
ese {pron} [demonstrative] :: alternative spelling of ése
ése {pron} :: that one (near you)
ése {pron} :: the former
ése {pron} [Mexico, vocative] :: dude, guy, pal, man
esencia {f} :: essence
esencia {f} :: gist
esencial {adj} :: essential
esencialidad {f} :: essentialness
esencialísimo {adj} :: superlative of esencial
esencialismo {m} :: essentialism
esencialista {adj} :: essentialist
esencialista {mf} :: essentialist
esencializar {v} :: to essentialize
esencialmente {adv} :: essentially
eserista {adj} :: Socialist Revolutionary, of or pertaining to the Socialist Revolutionary Party
eserista {mf} :: Socialist Revolutionary, member of the Socialist Revolutionary Party
Esex {prop} {m} :: obsolete spelling of Essex
Esfacteria {prop} {f} :: Sphacteria
esfalerita {f} [mineral] :: sphalerite
esfeno- {prefix} :: spheno-
esfenocorona {f} [geometry] :: sphenocorona
esfenodonte {m} :: sphenodont
esfenoide {m} [skeleton] :: the sphenoid bone
esfenoide {m} [geometry] :: sphenoid
esfenomandibular {adj} [anatomy] :: sphenomandibular
esfenomaxilar {adj} [anatomy] :: sphenomaxillary
esfenomegacorona {m} [geometry] :: sphenomegacorona
esfenopalatino {adj} [anatomy] :: sphenopalatine
esfenoparietal {adj} [anatomy] :: sphenoparietal
esfera {f} [geometry] :: sphere
esfera {f} [figuratively] :: sphere, area, realm
esfera {f} :: clock face
esfera armilar {f} :: armillary sphere
esféricamente {adv} :: spherically
esfericidad {f} :: sphericity
esférico {adj} [geometry] :: spherical (shaped like a sphere)
esférico {m} [soccer] :: football
esfericón {m} [geometry] :: sphericon
esferificación {f} :: spherification
esfero {m} [Colombia, Ecuador] :: pen (utensil containing ink used to write or make marks)
esfero {m} [Colombia, Ecuador] :: pen (a mark made with ink)
esferoidal {adj} :: spheroidal
esferoide {m} :: spheroid
esférula {f} :: spherule
esfinge {f} :: sphinx
esfinge {f} :: hawk moth
esfinge {f} :: poker face; poker-faced person
Esfinge {prop} {f} :: Sphinx (large monument in Egypt)
Esfinge {prop} {f} [Greek mythology] :: Sphinx (Greek mythological creature)
esfíngido {m} :: hawk moth
esfingolípido {m} :: sphingolipid
esfingomielina {f} :: sphingomyelin
esfingosina {f} :: sphingosine
esfínter {m} [anatomy] :: sphincter
esfollar {v} [Asturias] :: to flay
esforzadamente {adv} :: bravely; gutsiky
esforzado {adj} :: brave, courageous, valiant, energetic
esforzado {adj} :: try-hard, hardcore (having an extreme dedication but little talent)
esforzar {vt} :: encourage
esforzar {vt} :: strain
esforzar {vr} :: strive
esforzar {vr} :: attempt
esforzarse {v} :: reflexive of esforzar
esfuerço {m} :: obsolete spelling of esfuerzo
esfuerzo {m} :: effort
esfumar {vt} :: to soften; to tone down
esfumar {vr} :: to fade out; to vanish
esfumar {vr} [colloquial] :: to slip away (leave unnoticed)
esfumarse {v} :: reflexive of esfumar
esgrafiado {m} :: sgraffito
esgrafiar {v} :: to sgraffito
esgrima {f} [martial arts] :: fencing
esgrimidor {m} :: fencer
esgrimidora {f} :: fencer
esgrimir {v} :: to brandish
esgrimir {v} :: to use (an argument)
esgrimista {mf} :: fencer
esguazar {v} :: to ford (a river)
Esguiçaro {m} :: obsolete spelling of esguízaro
esguín {m} :: a salmon fry that has not yet left the river
esguince {m} :: sprain
esguízaro {m} :: Swiss (person from Switzerland)
esguízaro {adj} :: Swiss (of, from or relating to Switzerland)
eslabón {m} :: link (of a chain)
eslabonamiento {m} :: connection
eslabonar {v} :: to join
eslabón perdido {m} :: missing link
eslalom {m} :: slalom
eslalom {m} :: slalom (skiing)
eslalon {m} [skiing] :: slalom
eslava {f} :: Slav
eslavista {adj} :: Slavistic
eslavista {mf} :: Slavist
eslavo {adj} :: Slavic
eslavo {m} :: Slav
Eslavonia {prop} {f} :: Slavonia (region of Croatia)
esleír {v} [obsolete] :: to elect
esleír {v} [obsolete] :: to choose
eslogan {m} [marketing] :: slogan
eslora {f} [nautical] :: length; length overall; length of a ship from bow to stern
esloti {m} :: zloty
eslovaca {f} :: feminine noun of eslovaco
eslovaco {adj} :: Slovakian (from or native to Slovakia)
eslovaco {adj} :: Slovakian (pertaining to Slovakia)
eslovaco {m} :: a Slovak
eslovaco {m} :: the Slovak language
Eslovaquia {prop} {f} :: Slovakia
eslovena {f} :: feminine noun of esloveno
Eslovenia {prop} {f} :: Slovenia
esloveno {adj} :: Slovene, Slovenian (from or native to Slovenia)
esloveno {adj} :: Slovene, Slovenian (pertaining to Slovenia)
esloveno {m} :: a Slovenian
esloveno {m} :: the Slovene language
esmachar {v} [tennis] :: to smash
esmaltar {v} :: to enamel
esmalte {m} :: enamel
esmalte {m} :: glaze (coating on pottery)
esmalte {m} :: nail polish, nail varnish
esmalte {m} [heraldry] :: tincture
esmarfón {m} :: smartphone
es más {adv} :: furthermore, what's more
esmectita {f} [mineral] :: smectite
esmeradamente {adv} :: carefully
esmerado {adj} :: careful, painstaking
esmeralda {f} :: emerald
Esmeraldas {prop} :: Esmeraldas (city)
Esmeraldas {prop} :: Esmeraldas (placename)
esmeraldeña {f} :: feminine noun of esmeraldeño
esmeraldeño {adj} :: Of or from the province of Esmeraldas Province, Ecuador
esmeraldeño {m} :: An inhabitant of the province of Esmeraldas Province, Ecuador
esmeraldense {adj} :: Of or from the municipality of Esmeralda, Cuba
esmeraldense {mf} :: An inhabitant of the municipality of Esmeralda, Cuba
esmerarse {vrt} :: To painstakingly do something
esmerejón {m} :: merlin (small falcon)
esmeril {m} :: emery
esmerilar {v} :: to emery
esmero {m} :: great care, or diligence
esmético {adj} [chemistry] :: smectic
Esmirna {prop} :: Smyrna (city)
esmirriado {adj} :: skinny, scrawny
esmog {m} :: smog
esmoquin {m} :: tuxedo, dinner jacket
esnifar {v} :: to snort, to inhale (usually a drug) through the nose
esnob {m} :: snob
esnobismo {m} :: snobbery
esnobismo {m} :: snobbishness
esnórquel {m} :: snorkeling
eso {pron} :: neuter singular of ése; that
eso es {phrase} :: that's right, exactly, you got it
eso es vida {phrase} :: this is the life
esofágico {adj} [anatomy] :: oesophageal (of or pertaining to the oesophagus)
esofagitis {f} :: esophagitis
esófago {m} :: oesophagus
esópico {adj} :: Aesopian
Esopo {prop} {m} :: Aesop
eso que {conj} :: used to suggest that something previously mentioned is surprising
esos {adj} :: plural of ese; those
esos {pron} :: alternative spelling of ésos; those ones.
esos {pron} :: those ones
ésos {pron} :: plural of ése; those ones
esotéricamente {adv} :: esoterically
esotérico {adj} :: esoteric
esoterismo {m} :: esoterism
esoterista {mf} :: esotericist
esotra {contraction} [obsolete] :: that other
esotro {contraction} [obsolete] :: that other
espabilar {v} :: to remove any excedent portion of a candle's wick that is charred (to snuff a candle)
espabilar {v} :: to brighten up, to enliven, to make smart or smarter
espabilar {v} :: to wake up
espabilar {v} :: to pay attention, watch out
espabilar {v} :: to hurry up
espabilarse {vp} :: to wake up, get clever (become more aware)
espachurrar {v} [colloquial] :: to squish, squash
espaciadamente {adv} :: seldom; at irregular intervals
espaciador {adj} [attributive] :: space
espaciador {m} [medicine] :: spacer
espacial {adj} :: spatial (pertaining to the dimension of space)
espacial {adj} :: spatial (pertaining to outer space)
espacialidad {f} :: spatiality
espacialización {f} :: spatialization
espacializar {v} :: to spatialize
espacialmente {adv} :: spacially
espaciamiento {m} :: spacing
espaciar {v} :: to space; to spread out
espaciar {v} :: to range (from)
espacio {m} :: space (distance between things)
espacio {m} :: space (physical extent across two or three dimensions)
espacio {m} :: space (physical extent in all directions; the universe beyond the earth's atmosphere)
espacio {m} :: space (the near-vacuum in which celestial bodies are situated)
espacio {m} :: space (the physical and psychological area one needs)
espacio {m} :: space (an area with set boundaries)
espacio {m} :: space (an undefined period of time)
espacio {m} :: space (a gap in text between words, lines, etc.)
espacio {m} [typography] :: space (a piece of metal type used to separate words)
espacio euclídeo {m} :: Euclidean space
espacio exterior {m} :: outer space (the region of space outside the earth's atmosphere)
espacio intervelloso {m} :: intervillous space
espacio propio {m} [linear algebra] :: eigenspace
espacioso {adj} :: spacious
espaciotemporal {adj} :: spacetime (attributive)
espacio-tiempo {m} [physics] :: spacetime
espaciotiempo {m} :: spacetime
espacio vectorial {m} [linear algebra] :: vector space
espada {f} :: sword (long-bladed weapon with a hilt)
espada {f} [usually plural] :: spade (playing card marked with the symbol ♠)
espada {f} [fencing] :: épée (fencing sword of a certain modern type)
espada {f} [heraldry] :: sword (the weapon used as a heraldic charge)
espada {mf} [bullfighting] :: matador (person whose aim is to kill the bull in a bullfight)
espadachín {m} :: swordsman
espadachinas {f} :: swordswoman
espada de Damocles {f} :: sword of Damocles
espada larga {f} :: longsword
espadaña {f} :: bulrush, cattail (Typha latifolia)
espadaña {f} [architecture] :: bell-gable
espadazo {m} :: A strike or cut dealt with a sword
espadera {f} :: feminine noun of espadero
espadero {m} :: bladesmith; swordmaker
espádice {m} [botany] :: spadix
espadín {m} :: sprat
espadín {m} :: smallsword
espadín {m} :: An agave, Agave vivipara
espadista {mf} :: epeeist (one who fences with an epee)
espadista {mf} [slang] :: burglar
espadón {m} :: espadon
espaghetti {m} [nonstandard] :: alternative spelling of espagueti
espagueti {m} [singular or plural] :: spaghetti
espaguetti {m} [nonstandard] :: alternative spelling of espagueti
espalación {f} :: spallation
espalar {v} :: to remove snow with a shovel
espalda {f} :: back
espalda {f} :: backstroke (swimming)
espaldar {adj} :: back, posterior
espaldar {m} :: back (of the body)
espaldar {m} :: shell of a turtle
espaldarazo {m} :: accolade
espaldarazo {m} :: backing, support
espaldera {f} :: trellis
espaldero {m} [Venezuela, Dominican Republic] :: bodyguard
espaldilla {f} :: diminutive of espalda
España {prop} {f} :: Spain
España {prop} {f} :: the letter E in the Spanish phonetic alphabet
espanglés {m} :: Spanglish
espanglish {m} :: Spanglish
español {adj} :: Spanish (from or native to Spain)
español {adj} :: Spanish (pertaining to Spain or to the language)
español {m} :: Spaniard (man)
español {m} :: the Spanish language
española {f} :: feminine noun of español, a female Spaniard
español antiguo {m} :: Old Spanish
españolaza {f} :: feminine noun of españolazo
españolazo {adj} :: patriotically Spanish; pro-Spain
españolazo {m} :: patriotic Spaniard
españolazo {m} :: great Spaniard
españolidad {f} :: Spanishness
españolísimo {adj} :: superlative of español
españolismo {m} :: Hispanicism
españolista {adj} :: nationalistically Spanish
españolista {adj} [football] :: associated with RCD Espanyol
españolista {mf} :: Spanish nationalist
españolista {mf} [football] :: Someone associated with RCD Espanyol, as a fan, coach, player etc
españolización {f} :: Hispanicization
españolizar {v} :: To render Spanish; to Hispanicize
español mexicano {m} :: Mexican Spanish
espantable {adj} :: horrific, awful
espantadizo {adj} :: timorous, timid (easily scared)
espantajo {m} :: scarecrow
espantapájaros {m} :: scarecrow
espantar {vt} :: to scare
espantar {vt} :: to drive away
espantasuegras {m} :: party horn
espanto {m} :: fright
espanto {m} :: ghost
espanto {m} :: horror
espantosamente {adv} :: frighteningly
espantosísimo {adj} :: superlative of espantoso
espantoso {adj} :: horrible, awful
espantoso {adj} :: scary, terrifying
esparadrapo {m} :: surgical tape, medical tape, adhesive tape (US)
esparaguera {f} :: asparagus (plant)
es para hoy {phrase} [colloquial] :: Literally It’s for today. Meaning hurry up, or get a move on
esparaván {m} :: spavin, bone spavin
esparavel {m} :: casting net
esparceta {f} :: sainfoin
esparcidamente {adv} :: candidly; merrily
esparcido {adj} :: festive, merry
esparcido {adj} :: candid
esparcidor {m} :: spreader, promulgator
esparcidora {f} :: feminine noun of esparcidor
esparcilla {f} :: corn spurry (Spergula arvensis)
esparcimiento {m} :: relaxation
esparcimiento {m} :: recreation, amusement
esparcimiento {m} :: scattering
esparcir {vt} :: to scatter, to disperse; fire out
esparcir {vt} :: to entertain, divert
esparcir {vt} :: to circulate, spread (news)
espardeña {f} :: A species of sea cucumber, Stichopus regalis
espárrago {m} :: asparagus
esparsido {adj} :: sparse, scattered
Esparta {prop} {f} :: Sparta
Espartaco {prop} {m} :: Spartacus
espartana {f} :: feminine noun of espartano
espartano {adj} :: Spartan
espartano {adj} :: spartan; austere, resolute
espartano {m} :: Spartan
espartar {v} [Andalusia] :: to cover with esparto
espartiata {mf} :: Spartiate
espartizal {m} :: A field of esparto grass
esparto {m} :: esparto (grass)
esparver {m} :: sparrowhawk
espasmo {m} :: spasm, jerk
espasmódicamente {adv} :: spasmodically
espasmódico {adj} :: spasmodic
espasticidad {f} :: spasticity
espástico {adj} [medicine] :: spastic
espata {f} :: spathe
espato {m} [mineralogy] :: spar
espato de Islandia {m} [mineral] :: Iceland spar
espátula {f} :: spatula (kitchen utensil)
espátula {f} :: spoonbill
espatulado {adj} :: spatulate
especia {f} :: spice
especiación {f} [biology] :: speciation
especiado {adj} :: spiced, spicy (of food)
especial {adj} :: special (distinguished by a unique quality)
especial {adj} :: special (of particular interest or value)
especialidad {f} :: speciality
especialísimo {adj} :: superlative of especial
especialista {mf} :: specialist
especialista {mf} :: stuntman
especialista {adj} :: specialist
especialización {f} :: specialization
especializado {adj} :: specialized
especializar {v} :: to specialize
especialmente {adv} :: specially
especialmente {adv} :: especially
especiar {v} :: to spice
especie {f} :: species
especie {f} :: type, sort, kind
especificación {f} :: specification
especificador {adj} :: specifying
especificador {m} :: specifier
especificadora {f} :: feminine noun of especificador
específicamente {adv} :: specifically
especificar {v} :: to specify
especificidad {f} :: specificity
específico {adj} :: specific
especifidad {f} [usually in plural] :: specific
espécimen {m} :: specimen
especioso {adj} :: pretty
especioso {adj} :: specious
especismo {m} :: speciesism
espectación {f} :: expectation
espectacular {adj} :: spectacular
espectacularidad {f} :: spectacularness
espectacularmente {adv} :: spectacularly
espectáculo {m} :: spectacle
espectador {m} :: spectator (observer)
espectadora {f} :: feminine noun of espectador
espectral {adj} :: spectral
espectrina {f} [protein] :: spectrin
espectro {m} :: spectrum
espectro {m} :: spectre, ghost
espectro electromagnético {m} :: electromagnetic spectrum
espectrofotometría {f} :: spectrophotometry
espectrofotómetro {m} :: spectrophotometer
espectrógrafo {m} :: spectrograph
espectrograma {m} :: spectrogram
espectrometría {f} :: spectrometry
espectrómetro {m} :: spectrometer
espectroscopia {f} :: spectroscopy
espectroscopía {f} :: alternative spelling of espectroscopia
espectroscópico {adj} :: spectroscopic
espectroscopio {m} :: spectroscope
especulación {f} :: speculation
especulador {adj} :: speculating
especulador {m} :: speculator
especuladora {f} :: feminine of especulador
especular {v} :: to speculate, conjecture
especulativamente {adv} :: speculatively
especulativo {adj} :: speculative
espéculo {m} :: speculum
espedir {v} :: obsolete spelling of despedir
espejear {v} :: to glint, glimmer
espejillo {m} :: diminutive of espejo
espejismo {m} :: A mirage
espejismo {m} :: wishful thinking
espejito {m} :: diminutive of espejo; little mirror
espejo {m} :: mirror
espejuelo {m} :: little mirror
espeleología {f} :: speleology
espeleología {f} :: spelunking
espeleológico {adj} :: speleological (pertaining to the study of caves)
espeleólogo {m} :: speleologist
Espeleta {prop} {f} :: surname
espelunca {f} :: cave
espeluznante {adj} :: hair-raising; creepy; horrifying
espeluznantemente {adv} :: horrifyingly; creepily
espeluznar {vt} :: to frighten; horrify
es peor el remedio que la enfermedad {phrase} [idiomatic] :: the cure is worse than the disease
espeque {m} :: handspike
espera {f} :: wait
esperable {adj} :: expected, hoped for
esperadísimo {adj} :: Long hoped-for
esperado {adj} :: expected
esperador {m} :: waiter (someone who waits for something)
esperadora {f} :: feminine noun of esperador
esperancera {f} :: feminine noun of esperancero
esperancero {adj} :: Of or from La Esperanza
esperancero {m} :: Someone from La Esperanza
esperantista {mf} :: Esperantist (supporter or speaker of Esperanto)
esperanto {m} :: Esperanto
esperantóloga {f} :: feminine noun of esperantólogo
esperantólogo {m} :: Esperantologist
esperanza {f} :: hope
esperanza {f} :: expectation, expectancy
Esperanza {prop} {f} :: given name
esperanza de vida {f} :: life expectancy
esperanzado {adj} :: hopeful
esperanzador {adj} :: hopeful
esperanzar {v} :: to give hope to
esperar {vt} :: to hope for, hope to [often with a verb in the subjunctive]
esperar {vt} :: to expect, look for [often with a verb in the indicative]
esperar {vt} :: to wait to, wait for, await
esperar {vi} :: to wait
esperar {vi} :: to hope
esperar {vi} :: to expect [a baby]
esperiencia {f} :: obsolete spelling of experiencia
esperma {mf} :: sperm (cell)
esperma {mf} :: sperm (seminal fluid)
esperma {mf} :: wax (of a candle epsecially liquid)
espermaceti {m} :: spermaceti
esperma de ballena {f} :: spermaceti
espermático {adj} :: spermatic
espermatofita {f} [botany] :: spermatophyte
espermatófita {f} :: alt form espermatofita
espermatofito {m} :: alt form espermatofita
espermatófito {m} :: alt form espermatofita
espermatogénesis {f} :: spermatogenesis
espermatozoide {m} [biology] :: spermatozoid
espermicida {m} :: spermicide
espernible {adj} :: despicable
esperpéntico {adj} :: Of or related to an esperpento (something grotesque)
esperpéntico {adj} :: Of or relating to the esperpento genre
esperpento {m} :: A grotesque act or plot, a spectacle
esperpento {m} :: A horrendously deformed, misshapen, or hideous individual
esperpento {m} :: A genre of theatre and writing defining personal, reality-warping, grotesque writings of Ramón del Valle-Inclán
espesamiento {m} :: thickening
espesante {m} :: thickener, thickening agent
espesar {v} :: to thicken
espesartina {f} [mineral] :: spessartine
espesativo {adj} :: thickening
espesísimo {adj} :: superlative of espeso
espeso {adj} :: dense
espeso {adj} :: thick
espesor {m} :: thickness
espesor {m} :: density (of a fluid)
espesura {f} :: thickness
espesura {f} :: thicket, copse
espesura {f} [in plural] :: slovenliness, messiness
espetar {v} :: to blurt
espetar {v} :: to skewer
espetera {f} :: feminine noun of espetero
espetero {m} :: Someone who sells espetos
espeto {m} [Spain] :: fish cooked on a skewer
espetón {m} :: spit; skewer; iron pin
espetón {m} :: jab; poke
espía {mf} :: spy
espiar {v} :: to spy (act as a spy)
espicha {f} :: A cider-drinking party
espichar {vt} :: to stab; pierce; prick
espichar {vi} :: to kick the bucket; pass on
espicharla {v} [colloquial] :: to croak, snuff it (die)
espicharlas {v} [colloquial] :: to croak, snuff it (die)
espiche {m} :: spike (something resembling a nail)
espícula {f} :: spicule
espiga {f} [botany] :: spike (ear of grain)
espiga {f} :: dowel
espigadera {f} :: synonym of espigadora
espigado {adj} :: willowy
espigado {adj} :: lanky, lofty
espigadora {f} :: gleaner
espigar {vt} :: to glean
espigón {m} :: breakwater
espiguilla {f} :: herringbone pattern
espiguilla {f} :: diminutive of espiga
espiguilla {f} :: annual meadow grass (Poa annua)
espín {m} :: spin (physics)
espina {f} [anatomy] :: spine, backbone, spinal column
espina {f} :: thorn
espina {f} :: fishbone
Espina {prop} :: surname of Catalan origin
espina bífida {f} [pathology] :: spina bifida
espinaca {f} :: spinach
espinado {adj} :: spiny, thorny (having thorns or spines)
espinado {v} :: past participle of espinar
espina dorsal {f} [anatomy] :: backbone (series of vertebrae that encloses the spinal cord)
espina dorsal {f} [figurative] :: backbone (fundamental support, structure, or infrastructure)
espinal {adj} :: spinal
espinar {m} :: hawthorn wood
espinazo {m} [anatomy] :: spine, backbone
Espindola {prop} {f} :: surname
espinel {m} :: trotline (long fishing line)
espinela {f} :: spinel
espineta {f} :: spinet
espinilla {f} :: shinbone
espinilla {f} :: pimple
espinillera {f} :: shin pad
espinillo {m} :: gorse
espinita {f} :: annoyance
espino {m} [botany] :: hawthorn, buckthorn
espinocelular {adj} :: spinocellular
espinor {m} :: spinor
Espinosa {prop} :: surname
espinosáurido {m} :: spinosaurid
espinoso {adj} :: spiny, thorny
espinoso {adj} :: dangerous
espinoso {adj} :: arduous
Espinoza {prop} :: alternative form of Espinosa
espinudo {adj} :: spiny, thorny, prickly
espinudo {adj} :: dangerous, difficult
espínula {f} :: spinule
espionaje {m} :: espionage
espionaje industrial {f} :: industrial espionage
espira {f} :: A single turn of a spiral
espiración {f} :: exhalation
espiráculo {m} :: blowhole, airhole, spiracle
espiral {adj} :: spiral
espiral {f} [geometry] :: spiral
espiralado {adj} :: spirally
espiralmente {adv} :: spirally
espiramicina {m} :: spiramycin
espirar {v} :: to exhale
espiritismo {m} :: Spiritism (a religious and philosophical doctrine concerned with communication with the dead)
espiritista {adj} :: spiritualistic
espiritista {mf} :: spiritualist
espiritoso {adj} :: strongly alcoholic
espíritu {m} :: mind
espíritu {m} :: spirit, soul
espiritual {adj} :: spiritual
espiritual {m} [music] :: spiritual (a Christian religious song)
espiritualidad {f} :: spirituality
espiritualismo {m} :: spiritualism
espiritualista {adj} :: spiritualist
espiritualista {mf} :: spiritualist
espiritualización {f} :: spiritualization
espiritualizar {v} :: to spiritualize
espiritualmente {adv} :: spiritually
espirituano {adj} :: Of or from Sancti Spíritus, Cuba
espirituano {m} :: Someone from Sancti Spíritus, Cuba
espíritu de equipo {m} :: team spirit
espirituoso {adj} :: strongly alcoholic
Espíritu Santo {prop} {m} [Christianity] :: The Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost
espirometría {f} :: spirometry
espiropapa {f} :: potato sliced into a spiral shape
espiroqueta {f} :: spirochete (bacteria of the phylum Spirochaetes)
espirto {m} :: obsolete spelling of espíritu
espirtu {m} :: obsolete spelling of espíritu
espita {f} :: spigot
espita {f} :: spile
espitoso {adj} [colloquial] :: high; buzzing; euphoric (said of a drug)
esplácnico {adj} [anatomy] :: splanchnic
esplanar {v} [obsolete] :: to flatten
esplendente {adj} :: shining; glowing
esplender {vi} [poetic] :: to shine, gleam
espléndidamente {adv} :: splendidly, magnificently
esplendidez {f} :: splendidness, magnificence
espléndido {adj} :: splendid, magnificent
esplendor {m} :: splendour, splendor
esplendorosamente {adv} :: splendidly
esplendoroso {adj} :: magnificent, splendorous
esplénico {adj} :: splenic; splenetic
esplenio {m} :: splenius
esplenitis {f} :: splenitis
espleno- {prefix} :: spleno-
esplenomegalia {f} :: splenomegaly
esplenorrenal {adj} :: splenorenal
espliceosoma {f} [genetics] :: spliceosome
espliego {m} :: lavender
esplín {m} :: spleen (mood)
espodumena {f} [mineral] :: spodumene
espolear {v} :: to spur on; to goad
espoleta {f} :: fuse (for an explosive)
espoleta {f} :: wishbone (of a bird)
espoliar {v} :: alternative spelling of expoliar
espolique {m} :: footman (servant who accompanies his master on foot)
espolón {m} :: spur
espolón {m} :: naval ram
espolón {m} [nautical] :: beakhead
espolón {m} [horse] :: ergot
espolonero {m} :: peacock pheasant
espolvorear {vt} :: to dust, to sprinkle
espondeo {m} [poetry] :: spondee
espondilosis {f} [pathology] :: spondylosis
espongiforme {adj} :: spongiform
espongina {f} [protein] :: spongin
espongocele {m} [zoology] :: spongocoel
esponja {f} :: sponge (marine invertebrate)
esponja {f} :: sponge (piece of porous material for washing)
esponja {f} :: sponge (porous material of sponges)
esponja {f} :: sponge, moocher
esponjar {v} :: to fluff up, make spongey
esponjilla {f} [Colombia] :: steel wool
esponjita {f} :: augmentative of esponja
esponjosamente {adv} :: fluffily
esponjoso {adj} :: spongy
esponjoso {adj} :: foamy
esponsales {mp} :: betrothal
esponsor {m} :: sponsor
espónsor {mf} :: sponsor, patron
esponsorización {f} :: sponsorship
esponsorizar {v} :: to sponsor
espontáneamente {adv} :: spontaneously
espontanearse {vr} :: to open up (to); to pour one's heart out
espontaneidad {f} :: spontaneity
espontáneo {adj} :: spontaneous
espora {f} [botany] :: spore
esporádicamente {adv} :: sporadically
esporádico {adj} :: sporadic
esporangial {adj} [botany] :: sporangial
esporangio {m} [botany] :: sporangium
esporocarpo {m} [mycology] :: sporocarp
esporófito {m} [botany] :: sporophyte
esportilla {f} :: small basket made of grass
esporulación {f} :: sporulation
esposa {f} :: wife
esposa {f} [usually in plural] :: handcuff
esposamiento {m} :: cuffing; handcuffing
esposar {v} :: to handcuff
esposar {v} :: to manacle
esposas {fp} :: handcuffs
esposo {m} :: husband
espray {m} :: aerosol, spray (fine particles suspended in a gaseous medium)
espray {m} :: aerosol can, spray can
espresso {m} :: espresso
esprín {m} [nautical] :: spring (rope to prevent surging)
esprint {m} [sports] :: sprint
esprintar {v} :: to sprint
esprínter {mf} [cycling] :: sprinter
espuela {f} :: spur (implement for purpose of prodding a horse)
espuera {f} :: obsolete spelling of espuela
espuerta {f} :: hamper, two-handled basket (a plaited basket with two handles, usually made from esparto grass or palm leaves)
espulgar {vt} :: to delouse
espulgar {vt} :: to scrutinize
espuma {f} :: foam, mousse
espumante {adj} [of a beverage] :: carbonated, sparkling, bubbly
espumar {v} :: to froth
espumarajo {m} :: spittle
espumear {v} [Mexico, Dominican Republic] :: to foam
espumilla {f} [Latin America] :: meringue
espumita {f} :: diminutive of espuma
espumoso {adj} :: foamy; frothy; filled with or composed of bubbles
espumoso {adj} [wine] :: sparkling
espundia {f} :: a type of ulcer afflicting horses and other equids
espúreo {adj} :: spurious
espúreo {adj} :: illegitimate
espurio {adj} :: spurious
espurio {adj} :: false
esputar {v} :: to expectorate
esputar {v} :: to spit
esqualene {m} [organic compound] :: squalene
es que {phrase} :: because; it is because
esqueje {m} [botany] :: cutting
esquela {f} :: note, letter
esquela {f} :: death announcement
esquelético {adj} :: skeletal (relating to the skeleton)
esquelético {adj} :: skeletal (emaciated)
esqueleto {m} [anatomy] :: skeleton
esqueleto {m} [structure] :: frame (structural elements of a constructed object)
esqueletología {f} :: skeletology
esquelita {f} :: diminutive of esquela
esquema {m} :: sketch
esquema {m} :: outline (a general description, a summarizing statement)
esquemáticamente {adv} :: schematically
esquemático {adj} :: schematic
esquematismo {m} :: schematic
esquematización {f} :: schematization
esquematizar {v} :: to schematize
esquí {m} :: ski
esquiable {adj} :: skiable
esquí acrobático {m} :: freestyle skiing
esquiador {m} :: skier (someone who skis)
esquiadora {f} :: feminine noun of esquiador
esquí alpino {m} :: alpine skiing
esquiar {v} :: to ski
esquicio {m} :: sketch (of picture)
esquí de fondo {m} :: cross-country skiing
esquí de travesía {m} :: cross-country skiing
esquí de travesía {m} :: cross-country ski
esquife {m} [nautical] :: skiff
esquijama {m} :: sleepsuit
esquila {f} :: Small clocklike bell
esquila {f} :: shrimp
esquila {f} :: sea onion
esquila {f} :: shearing
esquilador {adj} :: shearing
esquilador {m} :: shearer, clipper
esquiladora {f} :: feminine noun of esquilador
esquilar {v} :: to shear
esquilar {v} [Cantabria] :: to climb
esquileo {m} :: shearing
esquileo {m} :: shearing house
esquilmar {v} :: to harvest
esquilmar {v} :: to exhaust (resources)
esquilmar {v} :: to fleece (someone)
esquilón {m} :: large bell
esquimal {mf} :: Eskimo
esquimal {adj} :: Eskimo
esquimao {m} :: archaic spelling of esquimal
esquina {f} :: an exterior corner
esquinado {adj} :: unpleasant
esquinado {v} :: past participle of esquinar
esquinal {m} [architecture] :: corner
esquinar {v} :: to be on the corner (of)
esquinar {v} :: to corner, put (something) into a corner
esquinar {v} :: to square off, square
esquinar {v} :: to tick off (annoy)
esquinazo {m} [colloquial] :: corner
esquinero {adj} [attributive] :: corner
esquinzar {v} :: to rip up; tear up
esquiraza {f} :: An ancient square-rigged cargo vessel
esquirla {f} :: (piece of) shrapnel
esquirol {mf} :: strikebreaker, scab (non-unionized worker hired to replace striking workers)
esquisto {m} :: schist
esquistoso {adj} :: schistose
esquistosomiasis {f} [medicine] :: schistosomiasis
esquisúchil {m} :: juanita (Bourreria huanita)
esquite {m} [usually, in the plural, Mexico] :: A saladlike dish of boiled or fried corn kernels seasoned with epazote
esquivar {v} :: to dodge
Esquivel {prop} :: surname
esquivez {f} :: shyness; timidness
esquivez {f} :: unsociability
esquivo {adj} :: disdainful, rough, unsociable
esquizo {adj} :: schizo
esquizoafectivo {adj} :: schizoaffective
esquizofrenia {f} :: schizophrenia
esquizofrénica {f} :: feminine noun of esquizofrénico
esquizofrénico {adj} :: schizophrenic
esquizofrénico {m} :: schizophrenic
esquizoide {adj} :: schizoid
esquizoide {mf} :: schizoid
esquizoparanoide {adj} :: paranoid-schizoid
esquizotípico {adj} :: schizotypic
esrilanqués {adj} :: Sri Lankan
esrilanqués {m} :: Sri Lankan
esta {pron} [demonstrative] :: alternative spelling of ésta This one
ésta {pron} :: feminine singular of éste
estabilidad {f} :: stability
estabilización {f} :: stabilization
estabilizador {adj} :: stabilizing
estabilizador {m} :: stabilizer
estabilizante {adj} :: stabilizing
estabilizante {m} :: stabilizer
estabilizar {v} :: to stabilize
estable {adj} :: stable
establecer {v} :: to establish
establecer {v} :: to set
establecerse {v} :: reflexive of establecer
establecido {adj} :: established
establecido {v} :: past participle of establecer
establecimiento {m} :: establishment
establemente {adv} :: stably
establishment {m} :: establishment (ruling authority)
establo {m} :: stable (building for animals)
estabulación {f} :: stabling (putting animals into stables)
estabular {v} :: to stable (to put in a stable)
estaca {f} :: stake (pointed piece of wood)
estaca {f} :: tent peg
estacada {f} :: fence, fencing
estacada {f} :: stockade
estacar {v} :: to stake
estacar {v} :: to tie to a stake
estacar {v} :: to stay immobile
estacazo {m} :: hit with a stake
estacazo {m} :: tough blow
Estacio {prop} {m} :: Statius
estación {f} :: station
estación {f} :: season (of the year)
estacionado {adj} :: parked
estacional {adj} :: seasonal
estacional {adj} :: stationary
estacionalidad {f} :: seasonality
estacionalizar {v} :: to adjust according the season
estacionalmente {adv} :: seasonally
estacionamiento {m} :: parking [the action of the verb to park]
estacionamiento {m} [Latin America] :: parking lot, car park
estacionar {vt} :: to park (to bring a vehicle to a halt in a specified place)
estacionario {adj} :: stationary
estacionarse {v} :: reflexive of estacionar
estación de esquí {f} :: ski resort
estación de radio {m} :: radio station
estación de servicio {f} :: petrol station, garage, filling station, gas station, service station
estación de trabajo {f} :: workstation
estacionero {m} [obsolete] :: bookseller
estacionero {m} :: Someone from La Estación de Guadix, Spain
estacionero {m} [Paraguay] :: A religious singer during Holy Week
estacionero {adj} :: Of or from La Estación de Guadix, Spain
estación preventorial {f} [history, Spain] :: A type of holiday camp during Francoism, where children learned about health, sport, politics and Francoist ideologies
estación radial {f} :: radio station
estacón {m} :: augmentative of estaca
estadal {m} :: A unit of area in various parts of Spain, equivalent to a hundredth of a marjal, which is 5.2842 m²
estadia {f} :: stay, sojourn
estadía {f} :: stay, sojourn
estadía {f} :: demurrage
estadidad {f} :: statehood
estadificación {f} :: staging (of cancer)
estadígrafa {f} :: feminine noun of estadígrafo
estadígrafo {m} :: statistician
estadillo {m} :: survey
estadio {m} :: stadium
estadista {mf} :: statesman, stateswoman
estadista {mf} :: statistician
estadística {f} :: statistics (the mathematical science)
estadística {f} :: statistic
estadística {f} :: (female) statistician
estadísticamente {adv} :: statistically
estadístico {adj} :: statistic
estadístico {m} :: statistician
estado {m} :: state
Estado de Catar {prop} {m} :: State of Qatar (official name of Qatar)
Estado de Israel {prop} {m} :: State of Israel (official name of Israel)
Estado de México {prop} {m} :: Mexico State; Estado de México (state)
Estado Islámico {prop} {m} :: Islamic State
Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico {prop} {m} :: the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
Estados Unidos {prop} {mp} :: United States, United States of America
Estados Unidos de América {prop} {mp} :: United States of America (country in North America)
Estados Unidos Mexicanos {prop} {mp} :: Mexico (country)
estadounidense {mf} :: citizen of the United States of America; American
estadounidense {adj} :: of the United States of America; American; Usonian
estadual {adj} :: of or relating to a state; federal
estadunidense {adj} [Honduras, Mexico] :: alternative form of estadounidense
estafa {f} :: fraud, con
estafador {m} :: fraud, swindler (person)
estafadora {f} :: feminine noun of estafador
estafar {v} :: to swindle
estafar {v} :: to fraud
estafeta {mf} [Latin America] :: courier
estafilococo {m} :: staphylococcus
estafisagria {f} :: stavesacre (Delphinium staphisagria)
estagflación {f} :: alternative form of estanflación
estagirita {adj} :: Of or from Stagira
estagirita {mf} :: Someone from Stagira
estajanovismo {m} :: Stakhanovite movement
estajanovista {mf} :: Stakhanovite
estajanovista {adj} :: Stakhanovite
estalactita {f} :: stalactite
estalagmita {f} :: stalagmite
estalaje {m} :: stay
estaliniana {f} :: feminine noun of estaliniano
estaliniano {adj} :: Stalinist
estaliniano {m} :: Stalinist
estalinismo {m} :: Stalinism
estalinista {adj} :: Stalinist
estalinista {mf} :: Stalinist
estallable {adj} :: burstable, explodable
estallamiento {m} [medicine] :: rupture
estallar {v} :: to explode, to burst, to pop
estallar {v} :: to crack (a whip)
estallar {v} :: to break out, erupt; said of a revolution, a fire, or similar
estallar {v} :: to break loose
estallar {v} :: to blow up, to blow one's top
estallido {m} :: explosion
estallido {m} :: outbreak
estallo {m} :: burst
estambre {m} [botany] :: stamen
Estambul {prop} :: Istanbul (city)
estambulita {adj} :: Istanbulite
estambulita {mf} :: Istanbulite
estameña {f} :: serge (fabric)
estamental {adj} :: of or pertaining to a social class
estamentario {adj} [attributive] :: social class
estamento {m} :: social class
estamina {f} :: stamina
estaminado {adj} :: stamened
estaminal {adj} :: staminal
estaminodio {m} :: staminode
estampa {f} :: stamp, print
estampa {f} :: appearance
estampación {f} :: printing
estampación {f} :: engraving
estampar {v} :: to stamp
estampar {v} [colloquial] :: to hurl, fling
estampar {vr} [colloquial, estamparse] :: to crash into
estampida {f} :: stampede, flight
estampida {f} :: bang, crack (noise)
estampido {m} :: crack, bang (noise)
estampilla {f} :: postage stamp
estampilla de comida {f} [Louisiana] :: food stamp
estampillar {v} :: to stamp; rubber-stamp
estampita {f} :: diminutive of estampa
estañar {v} :: to tin (to cover with tin)
estancado {adj} :: (of water) stagnant
estancado {adj} :: blocked, deadlocked
estancamiento {m} :: stagnation
estancamiento {m} :: blockage
estancamiento {m} :: deadlock
estancar {v} [of water] :: detain, staunch, or hold back the flow of water
estancar {v} :: suspend, or stop a project or business plan
estancar {v} :: prohibit the free movement of merchandise
estancarse {vr} :: To stagnate
estancia {f} :: large farmstead
estancia {f} :: stay, residence, sojourn
estancia {f} :: room
estancia {f} :: stanza
estanciera {f} :: ranch owner
estanco {adj} :: closed, sealed, watertight, airtight
estanco {m} :: prohibition over free sale
estanco {m} [Spain] :: shop or commercial outlet where controlled items, especially cigarettes, are sold
estanco {m} :: (by extension) tobacconist
estand {m} :: stand (place to stand)
estándar {adj} :: standard
estándar {m} :: standard
estandard {adj} :: standard
estándard {adj} :: alternative form of estándar
estándard {m} :: alternative form of estándar
estandarización {f} :: standardization
estandarizar {v} :: to standardise
estandarte {m} :: flag, banner, standard, colors
estanflación {f} :: stagflation
Estanislao {prop} {m} :: given name
estannita {f} [mineral] :: stannite
estaño {m} :: tin
estaño {m} :: solder (tin alloy used to solder)
estañón {m} :: barrel
estanozolol {m} :: stanozolol
estanque {m} :: pool, pond (small inland body of water)
estanque {m} :: small reservoir, tank
estanque {m} :: kiosk; stand
estanqueidad {f} :: watertightness
estanquera {f} :: feminine noun of estanquero
estanquero {m} :: tobacconist
estanquidad {f} :: watertightness
estanquillo {m} :: diminutive of estanque
estante {adj} :: existing, being
estante {adj} :: permanent
estante {adj} [heraldry] :: statant
estante {m} :: shelf
estantería {f} :: bookcase
estantillo {m} :: diminutive of estante
estaqueamiento {m} :: Stretching out of the skin, as a form of torture
estar {v} :: to be (have a (transient) location in space). Compare ser, quedar
estar {v} :: to be (Denotes a copula, in a transient fashion). Compare ser
estar {v} :: to be (Auxiliary verb for the progressive/continuous aspect) (precedes the gerund of the verb)
estar {v} :: to be (in the passive voice sense)
estar {vr} :: To be, feel (Denotes a copula, in a transient fashion)
estar a la corda {v} [nautical] :: to sail against a head wind
estar al caer {v} [idiomatic] :: to be imminent; to be bound to happen any time now
estar al loro {v} [idiom] :: to watch out; to keep an eye out
estar al pedo {v} [Argentina, colloquial] :: To do nothing; to be idle
estar al quite {v} [idiom] :: to be ready to leap to someone's defence
estar a partir un piñón {v} [idiomatic] :: to get on with; be bosom buddies; to get on like a house on fire
estarcir {v} :: to stencil
estar como un tren {v} [colloquial, idiom, Spain] :: to be hot, to be sexy, to be a sex god
estar con la mosca detrás de la oreja {v} :: alternative form of tener la mosca detrás de la oreja
estar con la mosca en la oreja {v} :: alternative form of tener la mosca detrás de la oreja
estar de capa caída {v} [idiom] :: To be crestfallen; to be down in the dumps
estar de goma {v} [idiom] :: to be hungover
estar de los nervios {v} [idiom] :: To be on edge; to be very nervous
estar de mala uva {v} [idiomatic] :: to be in a bad mood
estar de manga {v} [idiom] :: to be in cahoots
estar de más {v} [idiomatic] :: to be unnecessary
estar de palique {v} [idiomatic] :: to be at it, to talk nonstop
estar de pie {v} :: stand (to be upright, support oneself on the feet in an erect position)
estar de rodríguez {v} [idiomatic] :: to be home alone
estar de Rodríguez {v} [idiomatic] :: to be home alone
estar de vuelta {v} [idiomatic] :: to return
estar en la cresta de la ola {v} [idiom] :: to be on a wave
estar en la higuera {v} [idiomatic] :: to have one's head in the clouds
estar en misa y repicando {v} [idiomatic] :: to have one's cake and eat it
estar en misa y repicando {v} [idiomatic] :: to be in two places at the same time
estar en pedo {v} [slang, idiomatic] :: to be drunk
estar en sus dias {v} [idiomatic] :: To be in one's time of the month
estar entre dos aguas {v} [idiomatic] :: to be in two minds
estar entre Pinto y Valdemoro {adv} [idiomatic, Spain] :: in two minds, undecided
estar entre Pinto y Valdemoro {adv} [colloquial, Spain, idiom] :: to be half gone, to be three sheets to the wind
estar fuera de cuentas {v} [idiomatic] :: to be due (of a woman, to be expected to give birth)
estar hasta la coronilla {v} [idiomatic] :: to have had it up to here
estar hasta la polla {v} [idiomatic] :: to have had it up to here; to be fed up
estar hasta las narices {v} [idiomatic] :: to have had it up to here; to be fed up
estar hasta las pelotas {v} [idiomatic] :: to have had it up to here; to be fed up
estar hasta los huevos {v} [idiomatic] :: to have had it up to here; to be fed up
estar hasta los mismísimos {v} [idiomatic] :: to have had it up to here; to be fed up
estar hasta los ovarios {v} [idiomatic] :: to have had it up to here; to be fed up
estar más fresco que una lechuga {v} [simile, idiomatic] :: To be as cool as a cucumber
estar más fresco que una rosa {v} [idiomatic] :: To be as cool as a cucumber; to be calm and composed
estar más loco que una cabra {v} [idiomatic] :: To be crazy; to be nutty as a fruitcake
estar ojo avizor {v} [idiomatic] :: to be on the lookout, to keep an eye out
estar pendiente {v} [with de] :: to keep an eye on (watch carefully)
estar pendiente {v} :: to pay attention
estar pez {v} [idiomatic] :: to not have a clue
estarse {v} :: reflexive of estar
estar sobre aviso {v} [idiom] :: to be warned
estar sobre aviso {v} [idiom] :: to act carefully
estar sopa {v} [colloquial, idiomatic] :: to be shattered; to be knackered
estar sopa {v} [colloquial, idiomatic] :: to be sloshed; to be drunk
estárter {m} :: starter (an electric motor)
estas {pron} [demonstrative] :: alternative spelling of éstas These ones
éstas {pron} :: feminine plural of éste; those ones
estasis {f} :: stasis
estatal {adj} :: of, or relating to, the state (country)
estatalidad {f} :: statehood
estatalista {adj} :: national
estatalización {f} :: nationalization
estática {f} :: statics
estáticamente {adv} :: statically
estático {adj} :: static
estatificación {f} :: nationalization
estatina {f} :: statin
estatismo {m} :: statism
estatista {mf} :: statist
estatista {adj} :: statist
estatización {f} :: nationalization
estatizar {v} :: to nationalise
estatmina {f} [protein] :: stathmin
estatocentrismo {m} :: state centrism
estatocisto {m} [zoology] :: statocyst
estatolito {m} [biology] :: statolith
estator {m} :: stator
estátor {m} :: stator
estatorreactor {m} :: ramjet; athodyd
estatua {f} :: statue
estatuario {adj} :: statuesque
estatúder {m} :: stadtholder
estatuilla {f} :: diminutive of estatua
estatuir {v} :: to establish, ordain
estatuismo {m} :: The art of being a living statue
estatu quo {m} :: alternative spelling of statu quo
estatura {f} :: height
estatura {f} :: stature
estatus {m} :: status (prestige or high standing)
estatus quo {m} :: alternative form of statu quo
estatutariamente {adv} :: statutorily
estatutario {adj} :: statuary
estatuto {m} :: statute
estaurolita {f} [mineral] :: staurolite
estay {m} [nautical] :: stay
estay mayor {m} :: mainstay
este {adj} :: this
este {pron} :: alternative spelling of éste
este {interj} :: uh (space filler in a conversation)
este {m} :: east
éste {pron} :: this one
estearina {f} [organic chemistry] :: stearin
esteatohepatitis {f} :: fatty liver disease
esteatosis {f} :: steatosis
Esteban {prop} {m} :: Stephen (biblical character)
Esteban {prop} {m} :: given name
Esteban {prop} {m} :: surname
Estefanía {prop} {f} :: given name, equivalent to English Stephanie
esteganografía {f} :: steganography
estegodonte {m} :: stegodont
estegosáurido {m} :: stegosaurid
estegosaurio {m} :: stegosaur
Esteguy {prop} :: surname
estela {f} :: wake (track left behind a boat)
estela {f} :: slipstream
estela {f} :: trail
estela {f} :: stela (monument)
Estela {prop} {f} :: given name, equivalent to English Estella or Stella
estelada {f} :: Estelada (flag)
estelar {adj} :: stellar (of or relating to stars)
estelar {adj} :: stellar, extraordinary, outstanding
estelarísimo {adj} :: superlative of estelar
estelarizar {v} [Mexico] :: to star in
Estelí {prop} :: Estelí (department)
esteliana {f} :: feminine noun of esteliano
esteliano {adj} :: Of or from Estelí
esteliano {m} :: Someone from Estelí
estelionato {m} :: stellionate, fraud in selling
estender {v} :: obsolete spelling of extender
esteño {m} :: Someone from Ciudad del Este, Paraguay
esteño {adj} :: Of or from Ciudad del Este, Paraguay
estenografía {f} :: shorthand; stenography, tachygraphy
estenordeste {m} :: east-northeast
estenoreste {m} :: east-northeast
estenosis {f} :: stenosis, stricture
estent {m} :: stent
estentóreo {adj} :: stentorian, powerful, strident
estepa {f} :: steppe
estepárico {adj} :: steppe (attributive)
estepario {adj} :: Pertaining to or hailing from the steppe
estepilla {f} :: white-leaved rock rose
estequiometría {f} :: stoichiometry
estequiométrico {adj} :: stoichiometric
Ester {prop} {f} :: Esther [biblical character]
Ester {prop} {f} :: the book of Esther
Ester {prop} {f} :: given name
éster {m} [organic chemistry] :: ester
estera {f} :: floor mat made of a thick, rustic fiber
estera {f} :: doormat
estera {f} :: foot mat
esterar {vt} :: to cover with a mat or rug
esterasa {f} [enzyme] :: esterase
estercolar {v} :: to manure
estercolero {m} :: dung heap
estéreo {adj} :: stereo
estéreo {m} :: stereo (stereo music device)
estéreo {m} :: stereo sound
estéreo {m} [obsolete] :: a unit of volume for wood equivalent to a cubic metre
estereoespecificidad {f} [chemistry] :: stereospecificity
estereofónico {adj} :: stereophonic
estereográfico {adj} :: stereographic
estereoisomería {f} [organic chemistry] :: stereoisomerism
estereoisómero {m} [organic chemistry] :: stereoisomer
estereoquímica {f} :: stereochemistry
estereoscopía {f} :: stereoscopy
estereoscópico {adj} :: stereoscopical
estereotipar {v} :: to stereotype
estereotipia {f} :: stereotypy
estereotípicamente {adv} :: stereotypically
estereotípico {adj} :: stereotypical
estereotipo {m} :: stereotype
estereotomía {f} :: stereotomy
estérico {adj} :: steric
esterificación {f} [organic chemistry] :: esterification
esterificar {v} :: to esterify
estéril {adj} :: sterile, infertile
estéril {adj} :: fruitless, unproductive
esterilidad {f} :: sterility (infertility)
esterilidad {f} :: sterility (quality of being from microorganisms)
esterilización {f} :: sterilization
esterilizador {adj} :: sterilizing
esterilizador {m} :: sterilizer
esterilizadora {f} :: feminine noun of esterilizador
esterilizar {vt} :: to sterilize
esterilla {f} :: mat
estérilmente {adv} :: sterilely
esterlina {f} :: sterling
esternito {m} :: sternite
esterno- {prefix} [anatomy] :: sterno-
esternocleidohioideo {m} :: sternohyoid
esternocleidomastoideo {m} :: sternocleidomastoid
esternocleidooccipitomastoideo {m} :: sternocleidomastoid
esternohioideo {adj} [anatomy] :: sternohyoid
esternón {m} :: sternum, breastbone
esternotiroideo {m} :: sternothyroid
estero {m} [Chile] :: brook
estero {m} :: river delta
estero {m} :: shallow lake, pond
estero {m} [Colombia, Venezuela] :: water reservoir
estero {m} :: lagoon
esteroidal {adj} :: steroidal
esteroide {m} :: steroid
esteroideo {adj} :: steroidal
esterol {m} :: sterol
estertor {m} :: death rattle
estertor sibilante {m} :: wheezing
estesudeste {m} :: east-southeast
estesueste {m} :: east-southeast
estesureste {m} :: east-southeast
esteta {mf} :: aesthete
estética {f} :: aesthetic
estética {f} :: aesthetics
estética {f} [Mexico] :: hair salon, beauty shop
estéticamente {adv} :: aesthetically
esteticismo {m} :: aestheticism
esteticista {mf} :: cosmetician
estéticista {f} [Mexico] :: A hair stylist
estético {adj} :: aesthetic
estetización {f} :: aestheticisation
estetizar {v} :: To aestheticise
estetoscopio {m} :: stethoscope (medical instrument)
Estevan {prop} {m} :: alternative spelling of Esteban
estevia {f} :: alternative form of stevia
Esther {prop} {f} :: Esther
Esther {prop} {f} :: given name
Esther {prop} {m} :: the book of Esther
estiaje {m} :: low water level
estibación {f} :: loading (act or effect)
estibador {m} :: docker, dockworker, stevedore [UK], longshoreman [US], wharfie [Australia, New Zealand]
estibadora {f} :: feminine noun of estibador
estibar {v} :: to load (onto ships)
estibina {f} [mineral] :: stibnite, antimonite
estibonio {m} [chemistry] :: stibonium
estiércol {m} :: manure
estiércol {m} :: dung
estiercolero {m} [proscribed] :: alt form estercolero
Estige {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Estigia
Estigia {prop} {f} :: Styx
estigma {m} [botany, pathology, zoology, figuratively] :: stigma
estigmático {adj} :: stigmatic
estigmatización {f} :: stigmatization
estigmatizador {adj} :: stigmatising
estigmatizar {v} :: stigmatize
estilar {v} :: to do (as a custom); to tend to
estilar {vr} :: to be trendy; to be fashionable
estilbeno {m} [organic chemistry] :: stilbene
estilbenoide {m} [organic chemistry] :: stilbenoid
estilbita {f} [mineral] :: stilbite
estilete {m} :: stiletto
estilismo {m} :: stylism
estilista {f} :: distinguished writer
estilista {f} :: stylist, hair stylist
estilísticamente {adv} :: stylistically
estilístico {adj} :: stylistic
estilita {m} :: stylite
estilización {f} :: stylization
estilizar {v} :: to style, to stylize
estilo- {prefix} [anatomy] :: stylo-
estilo {m} :: style (way of doing things)
estilo {m} :: style (grace; fashionable skill)
estilo {m} [botany] :: style
estilo {m} :: stylus
estilóbato {m} [Classical Greek architecture] :: stylobate
estilofaríngeo {adj} [anatomy] :: stylopharyngeal
estilogloso {m} :: styloglossus
estilográfico {adj} :: stylographic
estilógrafo {m} :: fountain pen
estilohioideo {adj} [anatomy] :: stylohyoid
estiloide {adj} :: styloid
estilopodio {m} :: stylopodium
estima {f} :: esteem, or respect
estima {f} :: dead reckoning
estimable {adj} :: esteemed, admirable
estimable {adj} :: estimable (capable of being estimated)
estimación {f} :: estimation
estimadísimo {adj} :: superlative of estimado
estimado {adj} :: dear (formal way of addressing somebody at the beginning of a letter)
estimador {adj} :: estimating
estimador {m} :: estimator
estimadora {f} :: feminine noun of estimador
estimar {v} :: to esteem
estimar {v} :: to estimate
estimar {v} :: to think, to believe
estimativo {adj} :: estimated
estimativo {m} :: estimate
estimulación {f} :: stimulation
estimulador {m} :: stimulator
estimuladora {f} :: feminine noun of estimulador
estimulante {adj} :: stimulating
estimulante {m} :: stimulant
estimular {v} :: to stimulate
estímulo {m} :: stimulus
estío {m} [poetic, literary] :: summer
estipe {m} [botany] :: stipe
estipela {f} :: stipel
estipendiario {adj} :: stipendiary
estipendiario {m} :: stipendiary
estipendio {m} :: stipend
estípite {m} :: estipite
estípula {f} [botany] :: stipule
estipulación {f} :: stipulation, clause
estipular {adj} [botany] :: stipular
estipular {v} :: to stipulate
estirado {adj} :: stretched
estirado {adj} :: stuck-up, snooty
estirado {m} :: stretch
estiramiento {m} :: stretch, stretching (of the muscles)
estirar {v} :: to stretch
estirar {v} :: to extend
estirar la pata {v} [idiom] :: kick the bucket
estirarse {v} :: reflexive of estirar
estireno {m} [organic compound] :: styrene
estirón {m} :: stretch
estirón {m} :: yank, pull
estirpe {f} :: lineage
estivación {f} :: aestivation
estival {adj} :: estival
estival {adj} :: summery
Estix {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Estigia
estocada {f} :: thrust (stab) by a rapier or smallsword
estocada {f} :: wound caused by such thrust
estocada {f} [bullfighting] :: Stab to the bull's spinal cord
estocada {f} [figurative] :: deathblow
estocástico {adj} :: stochastic
Estocolmo {prop} {m} :: Estocolmo (capital city)
estoconazo {m} [bullfighting] :: Effective estocada
esto es chino para mí {phrase} [idiomatic] :: It's all Greek to me; I don't understand any of this
estofado {m} :: stew
estofado {m} :: stewing
estofar {v} :: to stew
estoicamente {adv} :: stoically
estoicismo {m} :: stoicism
estoico {adj} :: stoical
estoico {adj} :: stoic
estoico {m} :: stoic
estola {f} :: stole (religious clothing)
estólido {adj} :: stolid
estolón {m} :: stolon
estoma {m} [botany] :: stoma
estoma {m} [medicine] :: stoma
estomacal {adj} :: stomachic (of or relating to the stomach)
estomagante {adj} [colloquial] :: revolting, horrible
estómago {m} :: stomach
estomatitis {f} :: stomatitis
estomatóloga {f} :: feminine noun of estomatólogos
estomatología {f} :: stomatology
estomatológico {adj} :: stomatological
estomatólogo {m} :: stomatologist
estonia {f} :: feminine noun of estonio
Estonia {prop} {f} :: Estonia
estoniana {f} :: feminine noun of estoniano
estoniano {adj} :: alternative form of estonio
estoniano {m} :: alternative form of estonio
estoniano {prop} {m} :: alternative form of estonio
estonio {adj} :: Estonian (from or native to Estonia)
estonio {adj} :: Estonian (pertaining to Estonia)
estonio {m} :: an Estonian
estonio {m} :: the Estonian language
estopa {f} :: tow (an untwisted bundle of fibers)
estopa {f} [nautical] :: oakum (fibrous caulking material)
estoperol {m} :: stud (for clothes)
estoque {m} :: rapier
estoque {m} :: the tip of a sword
estoque {m} [bullfighting] :: sword used to kill the bull
estoque {m} [botany] :: gladiolus
estoquear {v} :: to stab (to wound with a pointed tool)
estorbar {vt} :: to obstruct, hinder, impede
estorbar {vt} :: to bother, annoy
estorbar {vi} :: to be in the way
estorbarse {v} :: reflexive of estorbar
estorbo {m} :: obstacle
estorbo {m} :: nuisance
estorbo {m} :: impediment
estorboso {adj} :: annoying
estornino {m} :: starling
estornino común {m} :: common starling
estornino europeo {m} :: common starling
estornino pinto {m} :: common starling
estornudar {v} :: to sneeze
estornudo {m} :: sneeze
estos {pron} [demonstrative] :: alternative spelling of éstos, these ones ()
estos {pron} [demonstrative] :: these ones
éstos {pron} :: plural of éste; these ones
estotra {pron} [obsolete] :: This other one
estotro {pron} [obsolete] :: This other one
estozolar {v} [Aragón] :: To kill with a blow to the back of the neck
estrábico {adj} :: crosseyed
estrábico {adj} :: having strabismus
estrabismo {m} :: A defect of vision in which one eye cannot focus with the other on an object because of imbalance of the eye muscles; a squint
estrabismo {m} :: strabismus
Estrabón {prop} {m} :: Strabo (historian and philosopher)
estrada {f} :: road
Estrada {prop} :: surname
estrado {m} :: platform, dais, estrade, stage
estrado {m} [legal] :: court
estrafalariamente {adv} :: extravagantly
estrafalario {adj} :: outlandish, oddball
estragal {m} :: hallway
estragar {v} :: to corrupt, ruin, spoil, ravage
estrago {m} :: damage, destruction
estrago {m} :: corruption
estragón {m} :: tarragon
estrambote {m} [literature] :: Extra lines or verses added to a work
estrambótico {adj} :: outlandish, weird
estramonio {m} :: thorn apple
estrangulación {f} :: strangulation, strangling
estrangulación {f} :: choke [control on a carburetor]
estrangulador {m} :: strangler
estrangulador {m} :: choke (control on a carburetor)
estrangulador {m} :: throttle
estrangulamiento {m} :: strangulation
estrangular {v} :: to strangle
estraño {adj} :: obsolete spelling of extraño
Estrasburgo {prop} {m} :: Estrasburgo (city)
estratagema {f} :: stratagem
estratega {mf} :: strategist
estrategia {f} :: strategy
estratégicamente {adv} :: strategically
estratégico {adj} :: strategic
estratego {m} :: strategus
estratificación {f} :: stratification
estratificar {v} :: to stratify
estratigrafía {f} [geology] :: stratigraphy
estratigráfico {adj} :: stratigraphic
estrato {m} :: layer; stratum
estrato {m} :: stratus (cloud)
estrato {m} :: social class in Colombian society
estratocúmulo {m} :: stratocumulus
estratopausa {f} :: stratopause
estratosfera {f} :: stratosphere
estratosférico {adj} :: stratospheric
estratotipo {m} [geology] :: stratotype
estratovolcán {m} :: stratovolcano
estravagante {adj} :: obsolete spelling of extravagante
estrechamente {adv} :: narrowly
estrechamente {adv} :: tightly
estrechamiento {m} :: narrowing
estrechar {v} :: to narrow (make narrower)
estrechar {v} :: to strengthen (relations etc.)
estrechez {f} :: narrowness
estrechez {f} :: close relationship (kinship)
estrechez {f} :: close friendship
estrechez {f} :: trouble; a problematic situation
estrecheza {f} :: obsolete spelling of estrechez
estrechísimamente {adv} :: superlative of estrechamente
estrechísimo {adj} :: superlative of estrecho
estrecho {adj} :: narrow
estrecho {adj} :: tight
estrecho {adj} :: [of a relative] close, kin
estrecho {adj} :: [of a relationship] close, intimate, strong
estrecho {m} :: strait
Estrecho de Gibraltar {prop} {m} :: Strait of Gibraltar
estrecho de Kerch {prop} {m} :: Strait of Kerch
Estrecho de Mesina {prop} {m} :: the Strait of Messina
estrecho de Taiwán {prop} {m} :: Taiwan Strait
estrechón {m} [nautical] :: flapping (of sails or rigging)
estrechón de manos {m} :: handshake
estregar {v} :: to rub, scrub, scour
estrella {f} :: star (celestial body)
estrella {f} :: star (star-shaped thing)
estrella {f} :: star (most important person in e.g. a film)
estrella {f} [heraldiccharge] :: mullet, star
Estrella {prop} {f} :: given name
Estrella {prop} {f} :: surname
estrella binaria {f} :: binary star
estrella de carbono {f} :: carbon star
estrella de David {f} :: Star of David
estrella de helio {f} :: helium star
estrella de la tarde {f} [astronomy] :: Evening star; the planet Venus as seen in the western sky in the evening
estrella de la tarde {f} [astronomy] :: Evening star; any star seen in the evening, especially the planets Mercury and Jupiter
estrella de mar {f} :: starfish
estrella de neutrones {f} :: neutron star
estrellado {adj} :: starry (having stars)
estrellado {adj} [of glass] :: shattered, crashed
estrellado {adj} [of an egg] :: sunny side up
estrella doble {f} :: double star
estrella enana {f} :: dwarf star
estrella fija {f} [astronomy] :: fixed star
estrella fugaz {f} :: shooting star
estrella gigante {f} :: giant star
estrellar {v} :: to smash, shatter
estrellar {v} :: to crash
estrellar {v} :: to come to nothing
estrellar {adj} :: stellar; pertaining to stars
estrella rezagada azul {f} :: blue straggler
estrellarse {v} :: reflexive of estrellar
estrellato {m} :: stardom
estrellazgo {m} :: synonym of estrellato
estrellero {m} [dated] :: astrologer, astrologist
estrellita {f} :: diminutive of estrella
estrellón {m} [Latin America] :: car crash
estrellón {m} [astronomy] :: a large star
estrellón {m} :: celebrity (famous individual)
estremecedor {adj} :: alarming, shocking
estremecedoramente {adv} :: spookily, frighteningly
estremecer {v} :: to shake, make tremble, make shudder
estremecer {v} :: to thrill
estremecerse {v} :: reflexive of estremecer
estremecimiento {m} :: shudder, shake
estremecimiento {m} :: spasm
estremo {adj} :: obsolete spelling of extremo
estremo {m} :: obsolete spelling of extremo
estrena {f} :: gift, present given as a token of some pleasure, happiness, or benefit received
estrena {f} [rare] :: premiere
estrenar {v} :: to use for the first time
estrenar {v} :: to premiere
estrenarse {vr} :: to premiere, to do something for the first time
estreñido {adj} :: constipated
estreñimiento {m} :: constipation
estreñir {vt} :: to constipate
estreñir {vr} :: to become constipated
estreno {m} :: premiere
estreno {m} :: the first use/show of something, e.g. a piece of cloths, a car
estreno {m} :: a first (something that has never happened before)
estrépito {m} :: noise, clattering
estrepitosamente {adv} :: deafeningly
estrepitosamente {adv} :: spectacularly, epically
estrepitoso {adj} :: deafening
estrepitoso {adj} :: enormous, spectacular
estrepsíptero {m} :: strepsipteran
estrepsirrino {m} :: strepsirrhine
estreptocócico {adj} :: streptococcal
estreptococo {m} :: streptococcus
estrés {m} :: stress
estresado {adj} :: stressed
estresante {adj} :: stressful
estresar {vt} :: to stress
estría {f} :: stretch mark
estriación {f} :: streaking; streaks
estriado {adj} :: striated
estriar {v} :: to striate
estribación {f} [geography] :: spur, ridge, buttress (protruding part of mountains)
estribar {v} :: to originate with, stem from
estribar {v} :: to support, lean
estribar {v} :: to lie, be placed
estribera {f} :: stirrup
estribera {f} :: footrest (of a vehicle)
estribillista {mf} :: someone who writes choruses
estribillo {m} :: refrain, chorus
estribillo {m} :: saying
estribo {m} :: stirrup
estribo {m} :: footrest
estribo {m} [geography] :: spur
estribor {m} [nautical] :: starboard
estricnina {f} :: strychnine
estrictamente {adv} :: strictly
estricto {adj} :: strict
estridencia {f} :: shrillness
estridente {adj} :: strident, shrill; loud (sound)
estridente {adj} :: loud, flashy (color)
estridentismo {m} :: stridentism
estridentista {mf} :: Stridentist
estridor {m} :: stridor
estrigoso {adj} :: strigose
estrilda {f} :: waxbill
estríper {mf} :: stripper (somene who removes their clothing)
estriptis {m} :: alternative form of striptease
estriptís {m} :: alternative form of striptease
estro {m} :: gadfly
estro {m} :: inspiration
estro {m} :: estrus
estrobilación {f} :: strobilation
estróbilo {m} [botany] :: strobilus, cone
estroboscópico {adj} :: stroboscopic
estrofa {f} :: stanza
estrofa {f} :: strophe
estrófico {adj} :: strophic
estrogénico {adj} :: estrogenic
estrógeno {m} :: estrogen
estroma {m} :: stroma
estromal {adj} [anatomy] :: stromal (of or relating to a stroma)
estromatolito {m} :: stromatolite
Estrómboli {prop} :: Stromboli
estromboliano {adj} [geology] :: Strombolian
estroncianita {f} [mineral] :: strontianite
estroncio {m} :: strontium
estrongiloidiasis {f} :: strongyloidiasis
estropajo {m} :: scourer, scrubbing brush
estropajo {m} :: mop
estropajo {m} :: dishcloth
estropajo {m} :: loofah
estropajoso {adj} :: rough (of a surface)
estropajoso {adj} :: ragged (of a person)
estropajoso {adj} :: tough (of meat, food)
estropajoso {adj} :: difficult to understand; unclear (of speech)
estropeado {adj} :: spoiled
estropeado {adj} :: rotten
estropeado {adj} :: impaired
estropeado {adj} :: ruined
estropeado {adj} :: broken
estropear {v} :: to ruin, spoil
estropicio {m} :: smashing, devastation
estropicio {m} :: worry, trouble, fracas
estruchar {v} [Latin America] :: to break into (a building)
estruche {m} :: break-in
estructura {f} :: structure
estructuración {f} :: structuring, organization
estructurador {adj} :: structure
estructurador {m} :: structurer
estructural {adj} :: structural
estructuralismo {m} :: structuralism
estructuralista {adj} :: structuralist
estructuralista {mf} :: structuralist
estructuralmente {adv} :: structurally
estructurante {adj} :: structuring
estructurar {v} :: to structure
estructurista {mf} :: manufacturer of structures
estruendo {m} :: racket, din, roar (loud noise)
estruendosamente {adv} :: loudly
estruendoso {adj} :: thundering, clamoring, roaring, deafening (very loud)
estrujar {v} :: to press, squeeze (so that liquid comes out)
estrujar {v} [colloquial] :: to squeeze, squeeze tight (hug affectionately)
estrujón {m} :: hug, embrace
estuarial {adj} :: estuarial
estuarino {adj} :: estuarian
estuario {m} :: estuary
estucado {m} :: stucco
estucar {v} :: to stucco
estuche {m} :: jewelry box
estuche {m} :: case (for delicate tools)
estuche {m} :: case, pencil case, pencil box
estuche {m} :: case for a single CD (such as a jewel case)
estuche {m} [colloquial, chiefly plural] :: love handle, spare tyre [a large paunch and rolls of fat around the thighs]
estuco {m} :: stucco
estudiado {adj} :: studied, learned
estudiantado {m} :: student body
estudiante {mf} :: student
estudiantil {adj} :: related to students
estudiantillo {m} :: diminutive of estudiante
estudiantina {f} :: college singing group
estudiar {v} :: to study
estudio {m} :: study
estudio {m} :: studio
estudioso {adj} :: studious, bookish (given to study)
estuera {f} :: obsolete spelling of estera
estufa {f} :: stove, oven (to heat with)
estulticia {f} :: stupidity
estulto {adj} [literary] :: foolish, dim-witted
estulto {m} [literary] :: fool, dimwit
estupa {f} :: stupa
estupefacción {f} :: astonishment
estupefaciente {adj} :: narcotic
estupefaciente {m} :: narcotic (class of drugs)
estupefacto {adj} :: stupefied, astounded, flabbergasted
estupendamente {adv} :: stupendously, fabulously
estupendo {adj} :: stupendous
estupendo {adj} :: marvelous, fantastic, great
estúpidamente {adv} :: stupidly
estupidez {f} :: stupidity (the property of being stupid)
estupidez {f} :: stupidity, foolishness, silliness, asshattery, arseholery (stupid thing)
estúpido {adj} :: stupid
estupor {m} :: stupor
estupor {m} :: astonishment
estupro {m} :: rape
estupro {m} :: statutory rape
esturión {m} :: sturgeon
esturión pálido {m} :: pallid sturgeon
esvástica {f} :: swastika
et {m} :: ampersand
eta {f} :: eta; the Greek letter Η, η
etanal {m} [organic compound] :: acetaldehyde, ethanal
etano {m} [organic compound] :: ethane
etanoato {m} [organic chemistry] :: ethanoate
etanoilo {m} [organic chemistry] :: ethanoyl
etanol {m} [organic compound] :: ethanol
etanolamina {f} [organic compound] :: ethanolamine
etapa {f} :: stage, phase
etapa {f} :: stage, stops (on a journey)
etapa {f} [geology] :: stage
etáreo {adj} :: age
etario {adj} :: Of the same age
etarra {adj} :: Relating to ETA (Euskadi Ta Askatasuna)
etarra {mf} :: A member of ETA (Euskadi Ta Askatasuna)
etc. {adv} :: abbreviation of etcétera
etcétera {adv} :: et cetera, and so on
etcétera {m} :: long list
-ete {suffix} :: Added to nouns and adjectives that often adds a diminutive sense to the base
eteno {m} [organic chemistry] :: ethene
etenol {m} [organic compound] :: ethenol, vinyl alcohol
eteochipriota {m} :: Eteocypriot
éter {m} :: ether
Éter {prop} {m} :: Ether
etéreo {adj} :: ethereal; otherworldly
eterizar {v} :: to etherize
eternal {adj} :: eternal
eternalismo {m} :: eternalism
eternamente {adv} :: eternally
eternidad {f} :: eternity
eternizar {vt} :: to eternalize
eternizar {vr} :: To last for ever, to last an age, to drag on
eternizarse {v} :: reflexive of eternizar
eterno {adj} :: eternal
ethnographique {adj} :: ethnographic
ética {f} :: ethic
ética {f} :: ethics; morality
éticamente {adv} :: ethically
eticidad {f} :: ethical behaviour
ético {adj} :: ethical
etilación {f} [organic chemistry] :: ethylation
etilbenceno {m} [organic compound] :: ethylbenzene
etilenglicol {m} [organic compound] :: ethylene glycol
etileno {m} [organic compound] :: ethylene, ethene
etilfeniléter {m} [organic compound] :: ethyl phenyl ether, phenetole
etílico {adj} [organic chemistry] :: ethyl (attributive), ethylic
etilo {m} [organic chemistry] :: ethyl
étimo {m} :: etymon
etimóloga {f} :: feminine noun of etimólogo
etimología {f} :: etymology
etimología popular {f} :: folk etymology
etimológicamente {adv} :: etymologically
etimológico {adj} :: etymological
etimologista {mf} :: etymologist (person who spe